Dargate Auction Galleries Llc

1001 TWELVE ARMY NEWSMAPS. WW II era. Six doubled sided informational maps / posters on paper. Issued by the US Govt. Printing Office and made to be distributed to and displayed in Army buildings, to Army personnel for the wartime informational effort. These maps include: "The World Grows Smaller" (extols the vitues of transoceanic flight), "Why We Fight" (description of Nazism, Japanese Imperialism, and Italian Fascism), "Jap Infantry Weapons," Keep 'Em Rolling" (mobile ordnance descriptions and illustrations), "Jap Army Uniforms," and "Luftwaffe Uniforms." Size: 35" h., 46" w. each. Condition: yellowing to all; three vertical and one horizontal creases to all; all have tears at the edges and push pin holes mostly at corners. 400 - 600
1002 RONALD STEWART OIL. Signed lower right. On paper board. A carriage with at least seven people is pulled by two teams. Painted in an illustrative style. Size: 10" h., 12" w. Condition: perhaps touched up on the left side. 150 - 300
1003 JAMES MITCHELL OILS, PAIR. Mitchell, trained at Pratt and the Academy de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris paints marine scenes. These oils show turbulent waves in such close-up as to appear abstract; their tactility is hinted at by the directional brushwork. Size: 9" h., 17" w.; 9" h., 21" w. Condition: no defects. 225 - 325
1004 SPANISH MADONNA & STAND. N/R. Wood. Carved Madonna and Child 20thc. with a green velvet stand. Size: figure: 15"H, 4 3/4"W, 4"D. Stand: 18 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W, 5 3/4"D. Condition: minor wear. 75 - 150
1005 R.SARGENT: OWL PRINT N/R. Artist signed lower left: "Robert Sargent" print on fabric. Large eyed owl sits in a cavity in a tree. bright yellow ground. 28 1/2"Square. Condition: slight water stain at upper right extending down 5 1/2" and across from edge 8 1/2". Not very noticable. 20 - 40
1006 PRADO; ABSTRACT LITHOGRAPH. N/R. Prado, Nadine (contemporary). Pencil signed lower right and dated '72. Limited edition 38/60. Primary color abstract with blue, red, yellow and orange on white ground. Framed with silver metal and under plexiglas. Image on ly 18"x 23 1/4". Entire print with frame 24 1/2" x 32 1/2". Condition: excellent. No tears, or damage to print or frame. 25 - 75
1007 TROMPIZ: PORTRAIT OF GIRL. LITHO. N/R. Trompiz, Virgilio (1927- ). Venezuela. Signed in pencil lower right and dated '86. Limited edition lithograph 36/150. untitled. Portrait of a girl. Typical of the work of contemporary artist Virgilio Trompiz. Pastels of truquoise, green, peach and gray. Beautifully framed with double mat and under glazz. Gilt wood frame with gilt stepped edge. Print is 35" x 23 1/2". With frame 49 3/4"x 37 1/2". Condition: excellent. No tears or damage to print or frame. 200 - 400
1008 TROMPIZ: PORTRAIT OF 2 GIRLS. LITHO. N/R. Tropiz, Virgilio (1927- ). Venezuela. Signed in pencil lower right and dated '88. Limited edition lithograph 95/250. Untitled. Portrait of two girls, one in profile. Typical of the work of contemporary artist Virgilio Trompiz. Pastels of lavender, blue and green. Beautifully framed with double mat and under glass. Mahogany frame with gilt stepped edge. Print is 19 1/2" x29 1/4". With frame 34"x 43 1/2". Condition: excellent. No tears or damage to print or frame. 100 - 200
1009 MOURLOT: CHURCH & VILLAGE LITHO.N/R. Limited edition 231/275. Signed (Fernand)"Mourlot". Landscape scene with church steeple and village. Verso "The Metropolitan Gallery of Fine Art, Inc. Ny.NY. Framed with gilt metal and shatter proof, plexiglas. Image size 15 1/2"c 22 1/4". With frame and mat 23" x 29 3/4". Conditin: excellent. no tears, or damage to print or frame. 50 - 100
1010 MOUNTAIN SCENE, MIXED MEDIA. N/R. Entitled lower left in pencil. "Khumde...." Probably a village in Nepal near Mt. Everest. Pencil, gouache, and crayon drawing of the mountain with a village. Gold tone metal frame and plexiglas. 29 1/2" x 41". Condition: no damage, good color. 25 - 100
1011 MADONNA & CHILD BY MANDGAN. N/R. Oil on canvas. Artist signed indistinctly upper right and dated 1929 "M. Mandgan?". Portrait of Virgin Mary and Christ Child. 23 1/2" x 19 1/2" with frame 29 1/2" x 25". condition: recently cleaned. some age craquelure apparent, but no paint loss. 100 - 250
1012 MADONNA AFTER RAPHAEL. N/R. Oil on canvas, early 20th c. copy after Raphael's " Madonna della Sedia" Virgin with infant Christ and John the Baptist. 30"Square, unframed. Condition: needs cleaning, some paint wear along wooden stretcher line. A couple of other small areas of paint loss, but none in the major areas.. only to the dark ground. 50 - 200
1013 SWANN. AMBERJACK. ETCHING. N/R. Swann, Don. American, 20th c. Baltimore. Signed in pencil lower right by his son Don Swann Jr. to guarantee that this original etching is printed from a plate made by his father don Swan Sr. Entitled: "The Amberjack" A56/300. A single sailboat with four sails on the bay with seagulls flying overhead. the etching 9 1/2" x8".with wooden frame 16 1/2" x 12 3/4". 25 - 75
1014 FRAMED ANGEL PRINT. N/R. Print of an angel with beige mat in gilt frame. 13" x 12 1/4" print only. Framed 22" x 21 1/2". conditin: no damage to print or frame. 20 - 40
1015 WILLIAMS, R. TROPICAL FISH III. N/R. Limited edition lithograph signed by the artist 311/500. With Authenticity certificate Richard E. Williams. entitlted "Tropical Fish III". Emperor angel fish in the water with buttles 19 1/2"x 25 1/4" litho only. Framed 28 1/2" x 34 1/2". condition: no damage to print or frame. 25 - 100
1016 CHINESE TEMPERA ON PAPER. N/R. Two framed pieces. both with vibrant colors of birds, flowers and a smiling lion, deer, etc. One is 26 1/4 x 18 1/2", the other is 29" x 18 1/2" without frames. Framed measurements are 31 3/4" x 23 3/4", NS 32" X 23". Condition: no damage to prints or frames. Good Color. 50 - 100
1017 LA MARK: VENICE DWG. WITH WASH. N/R. Signed lower left " Mark La Mark" pen and ink drawing washed with color. Canal scene with gondolas in the foreground and three gondoliers. 20" x 23 1/2" painting only. 25 1/4" x 29 1/4" with gilt metal frame and plexiglas. Condition: no damage, excellent color. 25 - 75
1018 WOOD: THE HEAVENS ARE TELLING. LITHO. N/R. Signed in pencil lower right "Teresa Dellapiccola Wood" 10/76. Entitled "The Heavens are Telling". Color lithograph, 27 1/2"x 19" print only. With frame 30" x 21 3/4" Under plexiglas with silver metal frame. Condition: excellent. no damage to print or frame. Color excellent. 25 - 75
1019 PLAT MAP OF PITTSBURGH. N/R. Color map of Easst End including Highland Park, Friendship, Shadyside, East Liberty, etc. 34 "x 45 1/2" framed. Condition: map has been folded and crease lines are obvious. No tears, ecellent color. 25 - 75
1020 DALI STYLE PRINT. N/R. Artist signed lower right in pencil. 3/100. Male figure with violin flying over a city and a female. 16 1/4" x 13" image only. 22" x 18" with margins. 25 - 50
1021 CASALS: CHURCH & VILLAGE. LITHO.N/R. Pencil signed lower right: "Casals". Number 174/275. Bright green, truquoise, and blue trees before a tranquil village. Image is 15" x21", with margin 19 3/4" x 25 1/4". Condition: no damage to print. slight discoloration to margins. 20 - 40
1022 T.WILKINSON: SEASCAPE. WATERCOLOR.N/R. Wilkinson, Tom. (19th c. American). Artist signed lower left. "T.H. Wilkinson". Rugged coastal seascape with flying birds and clouds. 12"X 20". Condition: no damage colors very good. With wooden frame and gilt mat, no glass. 50 - 150
1023 NEW YORK CITY POSTER. N/R. Poster mounted on board and lacquered. New York City at night. 36" X 24". Condition: no damage, one tiny corner slightly lifted. 25 - 40
1024 MATSUMOTO: PELICAN PRINT. N/R. Entitled "Series in Grey Number Two" 253/1000. Singed lower right "Ikki Matsumoto" March 1973. 29 1/2" square. Condition: a bit of foxing at the top and side, and some stains at bottom. Wooden frame. 25 - 75
1025 LOS ANGELES SKYLINE POSTER. N/R. \Poster of city skyline and west to east landscape of Los Angeles. Signed lower right " R. Bloomfield" and dated 1981. 31 1/3" x 23 3/4". print only. 41 1/4" x 32 1/2" including wooden frame and mat. Under plexiglas. Condition: excellent with no damage to poster, frame or mat. Excellent color. 25 - 75
1026 DUNOY: FR. LANDSCAPE PRINT. N/R. With printed incsription lower left "A.Dunoy..ou Koulag" and with a copyright P c G. View of a lane in a forest with a bridge and a stream. Inked lines with gouache in shades of green and brown 20 3/4"x 15 1/2"- the print. 31"x 26" with gilt wood frame. Condition: excellent frame, mat, print. 25 - 75
1027 HERON WATERCOLOR ON BOARD. N/R. Unsigned. Originial watercolor on illustration board of standing heron at the shore. 28"X 19 1/2" Showing within mat only 20" x 12 ". With frame 31 1/2"x 23 1/2". Condition: excellent color. no visible damage, small glue stains lower left under mat. Not visible when framed. 25 - 75
1028 RAILROAD PRINT. N/R. Framed and matted print of an engine of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Print 18 x23" framed 28 x 33 1/2" Condition: very good, no damage to print or frame, no glass. 50 - 100
1029 "HERITAGE" FOLK ART PLAQUE. N/R. Folk art wall hanging made from old barn wood, herbs, corn meal, coal, willow wood, etc. all form a charming interior scene with fireplace fit on the back for hanging. This piece was an exhibit winner in Pittsburgh, Pa. Size: 123 1/2" x 21 1/2" Condition: one piece of interior is missing from lower left side,m and dried herbs have crumbled somehat upper right. 25 - 50
1030 THREE EASTERN EUROPEAN O/C. Modern. An impressionistic plein air style. Signed Uopgah and Woumec. One is a cemetery, two others show a village from different vantage points all in winter. Size: 25" h., 32" w.; 22" h., 31' w.; 26" h., 36" w. Condition: no defects. 150 - 200
1031 TWO SLAVIC FIGURE O/C. Signed Wlydo 1972 & 1975. One is scene of traditional dance & the other is a portrait of a woman in traditional dress with mountains behind her. Size: 28" h., 27" w.; 27" h., 35" w. Condition: no defects. 100 - 140
1032 THREE PRINTS. One of an old man after a Seymour Rosenthal watercolor, one of a mirrored face, the third is after a sepia wash drawing. Size: 29" h., 24" w.; 24" h., 17" w.; 11" h., 16" w. Condition: the Rosenthal image is water damaged. 10 - 20
1033 WALLACE NUTTING BLOSSOM TREES. Titled "The Way Through the Orchard." Signed lower right. Copyright 1915. Size framed: 19 1/2" h., 24" w. Condition: water damage to the mat on the bottom edge. 120 - 180
1034 A. SHEMROSKE LITHO OF BOATS. Dated 1969. limited edition lithograph after Shemroske's pen drawing. Certified as a Shemroske on the backing paper. Size: 21" h., 26" w. Condition: no defects. 40 - 60
1035 "DICK SWIVILLER" INK DRG. 19th c. Ink drawing over pencil of Dick Swiviller and the Marchioness, Dickens' characters from "The Old Curiousity Shop." Size: 17 1/2" h., 23" w. Condition: yellow discoloration from top to bottom through the Swiviller character. 85 - 165
1036 FRENCH ETCHING. Early 20th c. Signed illegibly lower right. A group of men examine an artist's paint box among storefronts. Size: framed 9 1/2" h., 11" w. Condition: yellowed, some slight discoloration, mat is old. 25 - 45
1037 KEN BATISTA DRAWING. Dated 1989. Batista, longtime instructor of Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh, here created a geometric rendering of squares, circles, and tangential relationships. With subtle color pencil hues over graphite. This lot comes with a giraffe etching by Loretta Cata and a stencil print of pipers by Frances Brown. Size: (Batista drg) 25" h., 24" w.; the others are small. Condition: some stains on the giraffe etching. 85 - 125
1038 BURCHFIELD & VICTORIAN REPRODUCTIONS. The Charles Burchfield reproduction of a watercolor shows houses and porches; the Victorian image is of three woman examing a string of pearls; the third artwork in this lot is an image similar to cave paintings of animals. Size: (Vict) 32" h., 42" w.; (Burchfield) 22" h., 18" w.; (cave) 15" h., 22" w. Condition: the "cave" print is yellowed, water damaged, and glued to particle board; the Vict. image is fragile, its frame is coming apart. 10 - 15
1039 ANTON KRAJNC PRINT. 1980's. Anton (Tony) Krajnc's "Bird's Eye View" shows a melange of buildings, segmented and distorted as if seen by birds, who are represented flying overhead. Krajnc was taught in Vienna and Urbino and has had a numbetr of exhibitions; he is collected by the Albertina, Vienna and the Brooklyn Museum of Art among others. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Size: 29" h., 23" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 500
1040 DON GRAEB WHISKEY WATERCOLOR. "Inspiration by Cedars" is a Whiskey Painters of America painting of which Graeb is a member. The WPA association will produce their paintings using a shot of whiskey instead of water and this exclusive club gains its members by invitation. The WPA was once featured in an "Artist's Magazine" article. Size: 10" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 40 - 80
1041 BIRD, FLORAL, GIRL PRINTS. The birds are two species of sunbirds, the little girl is after a chalk drawing. Size: (girl) 23" h., 10" w.; the others are small. Condition: all show signs of age. 15 - 25
1042 F. DOMINGO PRINT, ETC. The Domingo image is a print after a watercolor of a Spanish cavalier; also included are a print of a duck and a floral watercolor signed Blendick mounted on cardboard. Size: (Domingo) 22" h., 17" w.; the others are of a similar size. Condition: the Blendick watercolor has many spotty stains. 45 - 65
1043 EASTERN EUROPEAN LANDSCAPES, PAIR. Oils by Woumec and an unidentified artist. Houses in a summer alpine landscape is the Woumec image, and an Orthodox wooden church in winter is the painting by the unidentified artist. Size: 26" h., 33" w.; 24" h., 30" w. Condition: no defects to the winter image; buckled canvas on the Woumec. 100 - 150
1044 WOUMEC BUILDINGS O/C. Done in a slashing, plein air style these two Eastern European paintings show traditional wooden buildings with double pitched roofs (one in winter, one in autumn). Size: (each) 27" h., 32" w. Condition: no defects. 80 - 100
1045 WLYDO AUTUMN O/C. Dated 1974. Painted in bright pastel colors, buildings are seen atop a hill in a walled city. Size: 31" h., 40" w. Condition: some buckling to the canvas. 35 - 45
1046 UOPGAH EAST EUROPEAN HAY SCENE. Dated '94 (1994). A man pitches hay among traditional Slavic wooden tile roofed buildings, with power lines overhead. Very bright colors. Size: 34" h., 36" w. Condition: no defects. 40 - 75
1047 UOPGAH PURPLE BUILDING O/C. Painted in a direct style with large brushwork, a multi-roofed wooden tile building is seen dominating the valley view behind it. Size: 27" h., 45" w. Condition: no defects. 50 - 80
1048 SLAVIC WINTER O/C. Very large and abstractly designed brushwork. Size: 27" h., 38" w. Condition: no defects. 45 - 65
1049 T. JORDAN AUTUMN O/C. Dated 1993. An autumn mountain scene rendered in mostly magenta and lime green. Size: 32" h., 24" w. Condition: no defects. 30 - 50
1050 WOUMEC OIL & CHURCH OIL. The Woumec painting is very brushy and colorful and shows two people on a road next to a building. The other painting is a naive image of a Slavic church in greenish yellows. Size: 27" h., 30" w.; 30" h., 23" w. Condition: no defects to either. 40 - 60
1051 GIRLS IN SLAVIC COSTUME OILS. Two paintings with illegible signatures. Size: 35" h., 27" w.; 30" h., 24" w. Condition: the large image has oil color leaching through to the back of the canvas. 35 - 50
1052 WLYDO OILS, PAIR. Dated 1973 & 1976. A portrait of a man in a white and pink shirt and a painting of a church. A third painting in this lot, by an unknown artist, is of a neoclassical Orthodox church. Size: (man) 34" h., 26" w.; (church) 36" h., 44" w.; (neoclassical church) 36" h., 31" w. Condition: no defects; the priming to the neoclassical church oil is poor with oil leaching through to the back of the canvas. 75 - 120
1053 PAIR OF STATIONS OF THE CROSS SCULPTURE Framed and formed copper Crucifixion; carved wooden Nativity. Size: (crucifixion) 20 1/2" h., 19" w.; (nativity) 20" h., 19" w. Condition: no defects. 40 - 75
1054 THREE ORTHODOX MADONNA ICONS. One is woven yarn, one is painted on a gold paint background and has glass gem incrustations, the third is painted on canvas with repousse faux metal foil decoration and is signed Christina Dockwat 1971. Size: (largest, woven yarn icon) 24' h., 21" w. Condition: some crackes to the faux metal foil decoration of the 3rd icon. 45 - 75
1055 TWO DEVOTIONAL CHRIST IMAGES. One is an enamel composite tile image of the Entombment; th eother artwork is a woodburning of Christ seated on a cross, signed OJ Slivka 1950. Size: (enamel) 17" h., 22" w.; (woodburning) 15" h., 22" w. Condition: no defects to either. 50 - 80
1056 THREE RELIGIOUS IMAGES. ne is a silk embroidery of the marriage between Mary and Joseph; the second is a metal foil repousse of the Annunciation; the third is a poster of an Eastern Orthodox patriarch. Size: (largest, patriarch) 33" h., 19" w. Condition: no visible defects. 40 - 60
1057 ORPHREY PANEL. Silk. Cherubim above and below Mary and Jesus on gold threads in a gothic archway with floral decor. Size: 40" h., 10" w. Condition: no defects. 60 - 80
1058 COPY OF DOWRY CHEST PAINTING. A Florentine image from the 1400's photomechanically printed on paper and adhered to old wood. Likely an illustration that in its original purpose served as the painting on the lid of a dowry chest. Size: 11" h., 39' w. Condition: adhered to an old, insect riddled piece of wood. 35 - 50
1059 POSTERS. Sonia Delauney image, George Riecke "Rest by the Way," and the third artwork in this lot is a watercolor and ink drawing of a house by Susan Gaca. Size: (largest, Delauney) 38' h., 25" w. Condition: buckling and stains to the Riecke. 15 - 20
1060 PAIR OF OILS: FRUIT & ALPINE SCENES. N/R 19th /early 20th c. Oil on board, each. One is an alpine scene with a vertical view up a road, past a chalet to craggy snowmasses beyond. The other oil is a fruit painting signed E. Forster (?); various purple and white grapes are with a lemon. Size: (alpine) 12 1/4" h., 9" w., framed 18 1/4" h., 15 1/2" w., (fruit) 8" h., 12" w., framed 12" h., 16" w. Condition: mold spots on the alpine scene and its board is warped; abrasions on the lower left corner of the fruit painting and general minor wear to the surface . 120 - 180
1061 CARL RUGGIERO WATERCOLOR. A barn and silo is seen among a few birch trees. Signed lower right. Size: 29" h., 38" w. Condition: no defects. 75 - 100
1062 ERICK HAECKEL CARINTHIAN OIL. A tower in the Austrain province of Carinthia is pictured. Haeckel was not a professional artist but rather a medical doctor. Size: 31" h., 23" w. Condition: dirty varnish. 35 - 50
1063 PAIR OF MEDIEVAL STYLE LETTERS. Showing the letters O & E. O shows dice players and has a lengthy Latin inscription. Size: 17" h., 14" w. each. Condition: some yellowing. 15 - 25
1064 PJ EDMONDS OIL ON BOARD. Dated 1961. A naive style image of a woodcutter and his son bringing a Christmas tree home. Size: 20" h., 24" w. Condition: dirty yellowed varnish. 20 - 30
1065 MILLIKEN W/C OF GROUSE & LAKE SCENE. The lake scene is an offset lithograph in almost technicolor unreal oranges and greens. Size: (Milliken) 23" h., 19" w. Condition: the glass is broken on the grouse image. 10 - 12
1066 CHINESE WOMAN IN COSTUME. The woman's face is a photograph, her costume is opaque watercolor. Size: 38" h., 28" w. Condition: yellowed paper. 15 - 20
1067 PAIR OF GORDON ROSS PRINTS. Dated 1925. Lithograph in sepia ink with handcoloring. Both images are views of fox hunters on their respective horse; tiny hunt scenes are illustrated in the back. One is "Thomas Asheton Smith, Esquire" in a red coat, and the other is "Yours truly, Nimrod" in a green coat. Both are signed in plate and in pencil Gordon Ross. Ross (1873-1946) was a New Jersey illustrator who died in NYC. Size: (paper) 25" h., 19" w., framed 27 1/2" h., 21 1/2" w. Condition: the Thomas Smith framed print has no glass and the paper is yellowed; there is a water stain to the other print. 250 - 500
1068 LIEBERMAN WOODCUT / KATZ OIL. Renee Lieberman's "Forest Primeval" artist proof in greens and yellows and Morris Katz's (b. 1932) impasto floral oil on masonite. Size: (woodcut) 20" h., 16" w.; (Katz) 16" h., 12" w. Condition: chips to the edges of the Katz painting. 60 - 100
1069 CHINESE STYLE INK DRAWING. Showing happy village life. Size: 19" h., 15" w. Condition: yellowed. 10 - 15
1070 H. ALKEN "THE STARTING FIELD." Fore's Steeple Chase Scene. Engraved by J. Harris, this is a lithograph after that engraving. Colored. Size: 17" h., 21" w. Condition: no defects. 65 - 100
1071 TRINITY OIL ON TIN. 18th c.? Christ in blue, Holy Ghost in red, and God the Father in white. Size: 16" h., 13" w. Condition: bent; cupping to tin and rust on verso, loss of paint film to red cloak. 250 - 300
1072 L. STEPHAN LANDSCAPE O/C. Painted in a Corot-esque manner with bright tones, this oil painting shows a woman near a copse of trees with factory buildings in the background. In a new, ornate frame. Size: 23" h., 28" w. Condition: two cracks to the paint film in the sky. 75 - 100
1073 THELMA FIELDER "OHIO RIVER" O/C. Locally produced version of Pittsburgh's largest river with a tugboat and barge on it. Size: 14 1/2" h., 37" w. Condition: some paint flaking and abrasion. 50 - 75
1074 PAIR OF FLORAL ENGRAVINGS. Both are old bookplates, matted and framed. One is a begonia, the other is a variety of flowers. Size: 18" h., 14" w. each. Condition: some wrinkling and foxing on both. 25 - 45
1075 H.PASSIER, OFFSET LITHOS OF. After two Passier images of Dutch canal life, male and female. Size: 11" h., 19" w. Condition: faded to greenish tone. 8 - 12
1076 PRINT ON CANVAS OF 18TH C. OIL. Photomechanical transfer on canvas from a likely French source: the pastorale among Roman ruins, a la Hubert Robert. Size: 39" h., 33" w. Condition: no defects. 60 - 80
1077 LETTERMAN GEOMETRIC ACRYLIC PAINTING. Successive tone and intensity study of orange rectangles. Signed Letterman. Size: 37" h., 38" w. Condition: dirty, some cracks to the paint film in the upper right. 25 - 45
1078 ERTE "UNFEELING HEART" PRINT. Erte produced this image as a cover to a 1918 Harper's magaazine. It shows two fencing duelists behind a scrim curtain, in front of which is an elegant woman. 750 - 1,250
1079 OTSUKA BUDDHA PRINT. Otsuka, a Japanese-American living in Hawaii, produces decorative images of traditional Japanese themes or figures. This image shows a Buddha between two large female faces who lips touch the Buddha as if in a kiss. 400 - 600
1080 FOUR ARTWORKS. One is a modern iconic image of three archangels; one is a formed repousse copper foil relief of "Ecce Homo" or some similar theme; one is a cloissonne Mary & Jesus; the last is a portrait of an old man dated 1952 and signed illegibly. Size: variable, but all are small. Condition: a white paint splatter is on the portrait, near the face. 60 - 75
1081 JAN JENSEN SEASCAPE O/C. Size: 30" h., 44" w. Condition: no defects. 45 - 75
1082 BLAEU WALL MAP OF THE WORLD. Reproduction on golden foil. Size: 23" h., 27" w. Condition: no defects. 25 - 40
1083 NORMAN ROCKWELL OFFSET LITHOGRAPH. Issued after the painting entitled "Secrets," this is no. 359 / 750 and is signed by the artist. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from Art Focus Inc. Size: 37" h., 29" w. Condition: loose in the frame and has shifted. 65 - 125
1084 EMIL WEDDIGE LITHO & AUDUBON BIRD PRINT "Les Marionettes" shows a clown controlling marionettes. Weddige is a listed Michigan artist/printmaker. The Audubon image is after the Birds of North America series. It is a lithographic reduction of the Havell engraving. Size: 23" h., 17" w.; (Audubon) approx. the same as Weddige. Condition: some sun yellowing to the Weddige print. 100 - 200
1085 REPRODUCTION OF SEAGULL. Print from the painting of a seagull in flight. Size: 25" square. Condition: no defects. 10 - 12
1086 JOHN BUNDY WATERCOLOR. Late 19th or early 20th century. Watercolor on paper. John Elwood Bundy (1853-1933) was part of the Richmond School of Indiana painters. Besides landscape, Bundy also created etchings and portraits. This image is a moody marsh scene with trees and a city in the far background. Signed in the lower right "JE Bundy." Size: 9 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., framed 22" h., 26 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 800
1087 DANIELS FLOWER PAINTING. Contemporary. Oil on canvas. Pink roses in a green vase. Painted with a palette knife. Size: 24" h., 29" w., framed 32" h., 38" w. Condition: the frame and canvas are slightly warped. 50 - 80
1088 TERI SUZUKI FISH O/C. N/R. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. A bass is being caught on a fisherman's line. Size: 12" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 19" h., 22 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 120 - 180
1089 GEORGE HETZEL W/C, MANNER OF. Dated 1901. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left in monogram GTH 1901. Bright green trees and a calm stream are seen. The frame is an opulent plaster and wood with a pierced leaf design. Condition: foxing (?) mark on right side; vertical yellow band of discoloration on right side; chips to frame. 200 - 400
1090 IMPRESSIONIST STYLE URBAN TREES O/C. N/R Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Done in an imprseeionistic manner, this scene shows trees that line a street and which are in yards. The picture recedes into one point perspective. Size: 23 1/2" h., 19" w., framed 29" h., 26" w. Condition: one tear 1" long, an attempt to cover it up was once made with gold paint; white spots and paint flaking; fragile condition. 120 - 150
1091 G. HETZEL WATERCOLOR, MANNER OF. N/R. Dated 1901. Watercolor on paper. Signed "G. Hetzel 1901." George Hetzel, prominent Pittsburgh landscapist died in 1899. Trees and a rocky stream are shown. The frame is a opulent plaster and wood gilded contruction. Size: 15" h., 20" w., framed 28" h., 34" w. Condition: acid burns (yellow discoloration) most evident in the sky; acidic brownish yellow mat; chips to frame. 200 - 400
1092 MIXED PROCESS PRINT. Signed Charles Momion (?) in pencil, lower right. This lithograph after an etching of the Paris Opera combines roulette work, soft ground textural etching and traditional line etching, with color. Size: 13" h., 16" w. Condition: yellowing and staining to the left side of the paper. 25 - 45
1093 METAL SHIELD. Cast metal, done in a repousse manner with verdigris patina showing a Dutch barroom scene of men playing chess, a foot warmer, dog and ceramic tiled fireplace. Size: 24 1/2" dia. Condition: no defects. 15 - 25
1094 LEE REYNOLDS PAINTING. Acrylic (?) on canvas. Reynolds, born 1936, is a Californian artist who has an eclectic, decorative style. This work shows a butterfly & a pagoda. Size: approx. 44" h., 52" w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1095 OTSUKA "LADY MIEKO" FALL PRINT. Otsuka, a Japanese-American artist living in Hawaii, produced two mirror images of a kimono clad woman, this one is in yellow and represents "Fall." 400 - 600
1096 OTSUKA "LADY MIEKO" WINTER PRINT. See lot 1095. This is the artist's version of winter. 400 - 600
1097 WERNER BRATTIG RELIEF PRINTS. Six quasi representational multi-colored prints in a portfolio entitled "Schatten & Schritten(Shadows and Imagination)." Brattig is a German artist from Solingen. Dates to the 1960's. Size: 18" h., 10" w. Condition: some slight yellowing to the edges of the prints. 15 - 25
1098 BOB ZOLLER CARDS, BOOK. Mr Zoller, longtime Penn State artist, created personalized pen & ink cards and also included in this lot is a slipcased book about Zoller's art entitled "From a Painter's Notes." Size: variable, all small. Condition: no defects, the cards are used. 30 - 50
1099 PAIR OF TABA OILS. On board. Tropical harbor scenes signed in the lower right Taba. Purchased in South America. Size: 14 1/2" h., 19" w. each. Condition: yellowed varnish on both. 40 - 80
1100 OTSUKA "HARMONY" PRINT. This shows a bird of paradise kissing a woman; Otsuka is a Japanese-American artist living in Hawaii who produces decorative images of traditional themes with modern stylizations not very different from Art Nouveau. 400 - 600
1101 SWEDISH TEAKWOOD TABLE, 6 CHAIRS. N/R. Teakwood. Swedish teakwood extension dining room table, made in Tibro, Sweden, with two extra leaves, trestle base, plus six Scandinavian designed dining room chairs, backs and seats upholstered in natural burlap, mfged by Happy Viking. Size: table 28 1/2"H, 71"W, 35 1/2"D., each leaf 22"W, 35 1/2"D. Chairs: 32"H, 19"W, 19"D. Condition: minor scratches, minor wear. 300 - 450
1102 CUSTOM BIRCH WALL CABINET. N/R. Birch, rosewood. Custom designed birch wall cabinet, 20th C. two sliding doors with rosewood fronts. Size: 36"H, 51 1/8"W, 9 1/4"D. Condition: minor stains on top, minor wear to wood. 75 - 125
1103 3 MODERN CHAIRS. N/R. Modern black wooden chairs with woven seats, two horizontal back slats, turned stretchers. Size: 33 1/2"H each. condition: good with signs of wear on wood and seats. 30 - 60
1104 CHINESE ALTAR TABLE. N/R. Early 19th c. Pine-like wood, two drawers. Condition: attractive appearance. 0 - 0
1105 VICTORIAN ROCKER. N/R. Late 19th c. Later brown upholstery. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1106 VICTORIAN UPHOLS. ROCKER. N/R. LATE 19TH C.Later brown upholstery, arms terminating in swan's heads. Condition: some wear. 50 - 100
1107 CHAIR SIDE MAGAZINE RACK. N/R. IST. HALF 20TH C. Walnut, faux bamboo style. condition: minor scratches. 0 - 0
1108 ENGLISH WINE TABLE. N/R. 19th c. Round with carved rim on tripod legs, Condition: legs bowed, with split 0 - 0
1109 PINE TABLE. N/R. Size: 30 1/2"H, 27 1/2"W, 19"D. Condition: bruises on top. 20 - 40
1110 BRASS COAT RACK. N/R. 20th c. Victorian style, Condition: needs polishing, else good. 72 1.2"H. 0 - 0
1111 PAIR UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS. N/R. C.1980. hardwood with dark cherry stain, upholstered in light blue, Condition: scratches, minor wear. 0 - 0
1113 THREE PANEL LEATHER SCREEN. N/R. Early 20th c. Hand painted landscape with a cottge and a river on the front. 0 - 0
1114 FOUR BENTWOOD CHAIRS. N/R. Ice cream chairs, condition: needs new finishing on seats. 0 - 0
1115 MISSION OAK BENCH. N/R. C/1900. Open arms and upholstered seat and back in blue. condition: some wear. 0 - 0
1116 MISSION OAK BENCH. N/R. C.1900 Open arms and upholstered seat and back in blue. condition: some wear. 0 - 0
1117 LAZY BOY CHAIR. N/R. Aqua upholtery, very good condition. 50 - 100
1118 ADJUST.ELECTRONIC BED. Double bed with Original Mattress Factory mattress and springs, remote control. 0 - 0
1119 CHROME FRAMED GLASS TABLE . N/R. Good condition. size; 36 1/2"H. 60 1/2"W, 20 1/2"D. 40 - 80
1120 3 BOXES OF BOOKS. N/R. Hard and soft cover books. Condition: good to excellent. 10 - 20
1121 PR. CHROME AND GLASS SHELVES. N/R. 20TH c. Chrome frame, three glass shelves. Condition: one shelf missing. 0 - 0
1122 CHINESE CARVED JEWELRY BOX. N/R. c.1975, habd carved box with two doors over one drawer. The upper drawers open to reveal four additional drawers. All lined with red velvet. Brass plated hinges and clasps. Size: 13"H, 12"W, 8 1/2"D. Condition: excellent. A few minor nicks consistent with age, also one metal pull missing from top drawer on interior. original lock piece missing from doors. 25 - 75
1123 VICTORIAN ROCKER. N/R. Late 19th C. later blue upholstery. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1124 RACK OF THREE TV TRAYS.N/R. Oriental scenes and flowers. condition: very good. 0 - 0
1125 BLANKET CHEST. N/R. 25 - 50
1127 SEVENTEEN HARD STACK CHAIRS. N/R. Hard seat stack chairs, condition: very good. 200 - 400
1128 METAL CABINET. N/R. 20TH C. Two side by side doors concealing five shelves. Condition good. 25 - 50
1129 INDONESIAN LOW TABLE. N/R. 20TH C. Made of unusually heavy ironwood. condition: marks and scratches. 0 - 0
1130 PINE FRAMED BEVELED MIRROR. N/R. Rectangular with a coved frame. 30 x 22 including frame, condition: very good. 0 - 0
1131 UPHOLSTERED SOFA BED. N/R. blue floral decor on a beige ground. condition: wear to fabric, but still attractive. Size 85"W. 0 - 0
1132 ANT. ENGLISH COAL HOD. N/R. Hinged with dated Registry number 231383 1894. Dar wood hod with brass trim and loop handle. Has metal liner. Size: 11"H, 16"D, 13"W. Condition: various dents to surface from decades of use. LIner and brass trim all good. 100 - 200
1133 AUSTRIAN WALNUT TABLE. N/R. Walnut. Austrian chair-side table, early 20th c. rectangular form with hinged lid opening to a velvet lined interior, the lid is inlaid with concentric rectangles on short cabriole legs. Size: 8"H, 16"W, 11 3/4"D. Condition: one wood panel on lid loose, paint worn, crack in one leg join. 75 - 125
1134 THREE LEGGED LEATHER STOOL. N/R. Triangular leather seat on three crossed wooden legs. Size: 19"H, 15"W, 15"D. Condition: seams ripping on one corner, signs of wear. 30 - 60
1135 TEA CART AND COFFEE TABLE. N/R. Mid 20th c. Tea cart of ebonized wood, with two glass shelves, on casters; tubular metal coffee table with brass corners, glass insert top. Size: tea cart: 25 1/2"H, 26"W, 17 1/4"D; coffee table: 15"H, 55"W, 21"D. Condition" tea cart- good; coffee table- metal worn. 50 - 75
1136 2 IKEA CHAIRS & FOOT RESTS. N/R. Two wood and fabric chairs from Ikea. Cushions worn, faded, foot rest cushions, missing. Conditions: signs of wear, missing elements. 20 - 40
1137 PAIR STEEL & GLASS TABLES. N/R. Mid. 20th C. Contemporary stainless steel and glass lamp tables, square top on square legs, conforming smoked glass inserts. Size: 18"H, 21 3/4"W, 21 3/4"D. each. Condition: brushed steel has some staining, scratches on glass. 100 - 150
1138 GERMAN CUSTOM SOFA MID. 20TH C. N/R. German custom designed sofa, mid 20th c. canted arms, turned legs, three loose back cushions, three seat cushions and two arm cushions, covered in gray raw silk from India. Size: 28 1/2"H, 90"W, 34"D. Condition: fabric is worn and sun faded. 200 - 350
1139 SCANDINAVIAN COFFEE TABLE. Wood, Contemporary style hard wood coffee table made by ASKO, made in Finland. Size: 17 3/4"H, 59"W, 28 1/4"D. Condition: minor stains on top of table, minor wear to legs. 75 - 150
1140 DREXEL QUEEN ANNE DINING ROOM 9 PIECES Wood. Queen Anne style dining room, table w. Queen Anne legs with carved shell tops decoration with center support legs, chairs: 5 side and 1 arm, with pierced plat back, finger molded crest rail, Queen Anne legs with carved shell caps, red upholstery,; sideboard with bowed center with two drawers, two side compartments, Queen Anne front legs with shell caps, batwing brass pulls; cupboard with bonnet top, shell finial, upper section has three shelves behind glass doors, key locked; below two doors swing open to reveal two shelves, key locked, on pad feet; signed by Drexel. Size: chairs 39"H, 20"W, 17"D, table 30"H, 60"W, 42"D, sideboard 37"H, 66"W, 22"D, china cupboard 76 1/2"H, 33 1/2"W, 16 1/2"D. Condition: table top badly stained, scratched, veneer peeling, feet badly scratched and worn; sideboard top scratched, one side door loose, feet worn and scratched, cupboard veneer missing, major scratching on front, feet worn and scratched, arm chair has one loose arm, all chairs some signs of wear. 300 - 500
1141 IRON BED HEADBOARDS. Iron, brass. Tubular iron and brass headboards,with center medallions, painted black metal with abrass decorative elements, used together to form one large headboard. Size: 62 1/2"H, 38"W, 2 1/2"D (each). Condition: center medallions are worn, and rusting, other wear to metal. 100 - 300
1143 CHIPPENDALE DISPLAY CABINET. Mahogany. Center door opens on three shelves, two side glazed areas each have two shelves, gadrooned top and bottom decoration on six ball and claw feet, top crest rail with shell center finial, oval wood decoration on glass doors, oval panel in center of wooden door,all key locked. Size: 57 1/2"h, 60"w, 17"d. Condition: wear on feet, center door has major cracks in veneer, minor wear on top, keys missing. 200 - 400
1144 CHIPPENDALE HUMPBACK SOFA. Wood. Chippendale style humpback sofa, single cushion, flamestitch upholstery, four square stretcher legs, made by Burlington House Furniture. Size: 35"H, 80"W, 32"D. Condition: wear to upholstery, wear on legs. 100 - 300
1145 ROCOCO REVIVAL PETITE SETTEE. Wood. Humpback petite settee in rococo revival style with button tufted back, three pierced carvbed crest rail finials, serpentine front, orange and green upholstery. Size: 31 1/2"H, 55"W, 26"D. Condition: recently reupholstered, minor scratches. 200 - 400
1146 LOUIS XV STYLE SIDE CHAIR. Wood. Louis XV style side chair with caned back and seat, cabriole legs, carved chair rail, fan shaped carved back with carved crest rail. Size: 34"H, 17"W, 20"D. Condition: caning on back separating, minor wear elsewere. 75 - 150
1147 ICE CREAM PARLOR TABLE. Marble, cast iron. Cast iron marble top table, Louis XV style metal base, marked Pierre Duvrien Paris G. Ringbet Si.in metal. Size: marble 24"Diam. Base 27 3/4"H. Condition: minor wear to marble, base good. 100 - 300
1148 JACOBEAN STYLE CHAIR. N/R. Wood. Two caned back panels, upholstered seat, scroll open arms, spanish feet with stretcher, scrolled crest rail with shell center decoration, gilded highlights on carving. Size: 41"H, 26"W, 23"D. Condition: crest rail loose, feet worn, minor wear to wooden surface, upholstery worn. 200 - 400
1149 CHILD'S ROLLTOP DESK & CHAIR. N/R. Oak. Desk with straight legs with stretchers, roll top opens to reveal five compartment shelf, roll top has brass knob, paper label on back marked: George A. Tho...Louisville, Ohio. Swival chair on four splayed legs, with 5 spindle open back. Size: desk 32"H, 21 3/4"W, 15"D. Chair: 28 3/4"H, 14 1/4"W, 14"D. Condition: desk shows signs of wear, chair shows signs of wear. 150 - 250
1150 SPANISH STYLE ARMCHAIR. N/R. Highback open armchair, scrolled arms, turned cup supports, X stretcher base with center turned finial, scroll feet, yellow and brown upholstered back and seat, w. upholstery tack construction. Size: 46 1/2"H, 27"W, 27"D. Condition: upholstery worn and torn, wood worn with scratches. 60 - 120
1151 SPANISH STYLE LOVESEAT. Wood. Multi colored striped velour upholstery, double humpback shape, single cushion seat, open scroll arms and supports, pierced carved apron, turned stretcher, scroll carved legs. Size: 37 1/2"H, 49"W, 31"D. Condition: new upholstery, minor scratches on wood. 100 - 300
1152 VICTORIAN PIANO BENCH. Wood. Pink brocade button tufted upholstery, painted veneer top rail, four carved legs, leaf and knob carved join, hairy paw feet. Size: 23"H, 39"W, 16"D. Condition: upholstery new, some wear on wood. 100 - 300
1153 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND. N/R. Wood. Octagonal top, rose marble insert, pierce carved floral apron, front carved cabriole legs, "X" cross stretcher, red mahogany finish. Size: 36"H, 15"W, 15"D. Condition: minor scratches. 300 - 600
1158 CARVED WOOD BOX TABLE. N/R. Carved wood lidded box table, carved legs and stretcher shelf. Allover carved design of birds and leaves. 25"H, 20"W, 15"D. Box interior 3"H, 16 1/4"W, 12"D. Slightly wobbly; otherwise very good condition. 200 - 400
1159 ADAM STYLE MIRROR. Gilt framed mirror with urn corner finials, floral center finial, bordered with mirror squares. Size: 40 1/4"H, 25"W. Condition: many mirror squares missing, center top finial has broken and missing elements. 100 - 200
1160 CHIPPENDALE HUMPBACK SOFA. Chippendale style humpback sofa, single cushion, square stretcher legs,blue velvet upholstery,made by Franklin Furniture Co., Columbiana, Ohio. Size: 35 1/2"H, 86"W, 33"D. Condition: upholstery stained and soiled, wear to legs. 75 - 150
1161 CHIPPENDALE WINGBACK CHAIR. Chippendale style wingback upholstered chair, stretcher legs, salmon brocade fabric, made by Hickory Chair Co. N.C. Size: 43 1/2"H, 34"W, 34"D. Condition: upholstery badly worn, stains of one arm, seat cushion stained. 50 - 100
1162 QUEEN ANNE STYLE DINING ROOM. Wood. Queen Anne style dining room : sideboard with six drawers, batwing pulls, cabriole legs with shell caps, fluted corners; table: oval extension table, cabriole legs, sun ray inlaid veneer top, includes heat pads; chairs:two arm chairs, four side chairs; front cabriole legs, back splat, red leather upholstery; all by Hickory Chair Co. Size: sideboard: 34 1/2"H, 68"W, 20"D; table 29 1/2"H, 66"W (86"W with leaf) 44"D; arm chairs 38 1/2"H, 24"W, 20"D; side chairs 38 1/2"H, 21"W, 20"D. Condition: sideboard has several scratches on top and other marks on top; table has minor stains and scratches; chairs have minor wear and scratches. 300 - 500
1163 HARDEN CHIPPENDALE CREDENZA. Wood. Three drawer credenza with brass hardware, bracketed fluted legs, in Chippendale style by Harden Furniture Co. Size: 27 1/2"H, 52"W, 17"D. Condition: minor wear, original tags, major scratch on top surface. 75 - 150
1165 QUEEN ANNE STYLE TEA TABLE Wood.Tea table with Queen Anne style legs, pad feet, two candle slides, shell carving, made by Hickory Chair Co. Size:25 1/2"H, 28 1/4"W, 18"D. Condition: minor wear and scatches on top. 75 - 150
1166 QUEEN ANNE STYLE ARMCHAIR. Wood. Queen Anne style armchair with striped cream upholstery, brass tack edging, Queen Anne legs, open wooden gooseneck arms. Size: 43"H, 24"W, 24"D. Condition: upholstery stained and dirty, minor scratches on wood. 75 - 150
1167 QUEEN ANNE STYLE CARDTABLE. Wood. Card table with one drawer, batwing pull, cabriole legs, curved corner, maker: Statton Trutype Furniture. Size: 28 3/4"H, 33 1/2"W, 33 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear on top, one side has some scratches, minor wear on legs. 50 - 150
1168 CANEDBACK SIDE CHAIRS. Wood. Pair of caned back Queen Anne style side chairs, with full caned backs, cabriole legs, red leatherette upholstery, from: Colonial Art Furniture Co. Size: 39 3/4"H, 20"W, 20"D. each. Condition: caning on one chair is worn, minor wear on both. 50 - 150
1169 LIQUOR CABINET, WOOD. N/R. Mahogany. Chippendale style liquor cabinet, lift top with two front doors, key locked, fluted bracket legs on wheels, interior cut outs for glasses and alcohol. Size: 38 3/4"H, 26 1/2"W, 16 1/4"D. Condition: key missing, top stained, front badly scratched, wood rubbed, interior top, replacement metal liners, interior worn and stained. 25 - 50
1170 PR. ALABASTER LAMPS. N/R. Pair of alabaster table lamps, 20thc. baluster-shape with square base, come with cream colored shades. Size: lamp 14 1/2"H, 5"W, 5"D. Shades 10"H. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 75
1171 FLORENTINE CERAMIC LAMP. N/R. Florentine ceramic pillar-form table lamp, mid 20th C. hand painted leaf motifs on black ground. Size: 24"H. 6 1/8"Diam. at base. Condition: base has been repaired. 25 - 35
1172 EASTLAKE MARBLE TOP DRESSER. N/R. Wood. Five drawer dresser, burled wood inlaid panels, metal and wooden pulls, brown marble top. Size: 29"H, 48"W, 21"D. Condition: wear and chips on marble, wear and scratches on wood. Casters missing. 150 - 300
1173 3 DRAWER DRESSER. N/R. Wood. Three drawers with wooden pulls curved paneled corners, paneled sides, curved apron, on casters, white marble top. Size: 32"H, 51"W, 30"D. Condition: one pull missing, wear and scratches to wood. Stains and chips in marble. 150 - 300
1174 NEEDLEPOINT SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Gilt wood Louis XV style side chair, shaped back, floral carved finial, carved apron, cabriole legs, rose medallion needle point upholstery. Size: 35"H, 18"W, 18"D. Condition: wear on upholstery, wear on wood. 100 - 200
1175 SPINNING WHEEL. N/R. Wood spinning wheel; 4 spindles, 2 spools. 19th century(?) Very good condition. 50 - 100
1176 PR. LOUIS XV STYLE CHAIRS. N/R. Pair of open armchairs, Louis XV style, round upholstered back, bow top finial, open padded arms, carved arm supports and apron, cabriole legs, scrolled feet, pink striped upholstery. Size: 40 1/2"H, 24"W, 24"D. Condition: wear to upholstery and wood, upholstery on arms worn thin, one arm broken and support split. 200 - 300
1177 EBONIZED OPEN ARM CHAIR. N/R. Ebonized wood with gilt highlights. Acanthus top scrolled arms, fluted spade feet, pierced feather medallion back, yellow upholstery, Empire style. Size: 35"H, 23 1/2"W, 24"D. Condition: upholsltery sprung and worn, wear on wood edges. 75 - 150
1178 ROUND MARBLE TOP TABLE. N/R. Empire style round brown veined marble top, round wood support, turned ebonized wood column, triangular wood base with ebonized hairy paw feet. Size: 29 1/2"H, 36"Diam. Condition: worn on corners of marble, worn on corners of wood, some scratches. 150 - 300
1179 BENTWOOD HIGH CHAIR. Bentwood high chair with hinged table top, paper label marked: Bentwood Austrian Furniture... Size: 37"H, 16"W, 20"D. Condition: wood finish worn, replacement seat, back caning missing.scratches. 500 - 100
1180 4 PIECE BEDROOM SUITE. N/R. Italian baroque style, green painted with pink mottled marble tops. (1) King size bed, headboard with C scroll edge with three medallion finials, beaded inner border, on cabriole legs. Size: 61"H, 62"W, 80"D. (2) Marble topped dresser, double bow front, six drawers with inset carved decoration, metal handles, molded sides to emulate front drawer profile, shaped marble top. Size: 35 1/2"H, 62"W, 23 1/2"D. (3,4) pair of marble top night stands, bowed front, three drawers, inset carved decoration, carved corners, cabriole legs, shaped marble tops. Size: 29"H, 17 1/2"W, 25"D. Condition: all pieces show signs of wear, green finish rubbed in several areas. 600 - 1,200
1181 LOUIS XV STYLE MIRROR. N/R. Ladies free standing three way mirror, Louis XV style, gilt wood frame, two side drawers with red veined marble tops, supported by cabriole legs. Size: 68"H, 58"W, 11"D. Condition: wear on edges, chips and scratches on gilding. 150 - 300
1182 GILT ROPE CARVED BENCH. N/R. Gilt rope carved bench/ottoman, carved wood legs, tassel feet, with X stretcher, tufted upholstered top. Size: 19"H, 22"D. Condition: repair on stretcher, two small elements missing, fabric worn and shreaded. 40 - 80
1183 LOUIS XV STYLE SOFA. N/R. Louis XV style one cushion seat sofa, four cabriole legs front, button side upholstery, silk brocade upholstery. Size: 34"H, 80"W, 31"D. Condition: upholstery badly damaged. wear on wood. 50 - 100
1184 EMPIRE STYLE TWIN BED. N/R. Ebonized wood with gilding. Twin bed headboard and foot board, carved gold swag drapery, spade feet. Size: 36"H, 31"W. Condition: badly worn edges, scratches and wear. 50 - 100
1185 F.DOERNER CHAIR & OTTOMAN. N/R. Modern leather, wood, metal chair and ottoman designed by Frank Doerner. Molded plywood, chair, head piece, ottoman, on metal feet, supports, button tufted leather padded, seat, arms, headrest, ottoman. Marked Frank Doerner, Northfield Metal Products, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Size: Chair: 40"H, 31"W, 31"D. Ottoman: 15"H, 21"W, 17"D. Condition: chair has scratches, one button missing, ottoman has burn hole in leather, over wear and scratches. 75 - 150
1190 REN.REVIVAL TABLE. N/R. Rectangular table, apron with machine carving, four X stretcher legs, on casters, center turned pendant and finial. Size: 19"H, 28"W, 19 1/2"D. Condition: top stained, wear and scratches over all, all four legs, sawn and rejoined. 50 - 100
1191 CHERRY DROP LEAF TABLE. N/R. Cherry table, turned legs, two drop leaves, table top two separate planks, wood turn levers to support leaves. Size: 28 3/4"H, 36"W, 19 1/4"D closed, 36"W, 44 1/2"D open. Condition: top has stains and scratches, paint drips, worn corners. 75 - 150
1192 CHERRY GATE LEG TABLE. N/R. Cherry. Gate leg table with six turned spool legs, on casters. Size: 29"H, 43"W, 20 3/4"D. folded, each leaf is 16 1/4"W. Condition: Wear on top surface, scratches, knicks. 150 - 300
1193 WINSTED SILK CO. CASE. N/R. Thread display case, four glass front shelves with one pull each, one wood front shelf with two pulls, front marked: "Potter's Silk" sides marked " Winsted Silk Co. Winsted, Conn." Size: 13"H, 23"W, 19"D. Condition: overall wear, one glass front drawer has chipped glass, one glass front drawer has cracked glass, knobs on wood drawer are tarnished, wear and age on wood, base boards are separating at corners. 150 - 300
1194 MAHOG.SHEET MUSIC STAND. N/R. Mahogany. Eclectic style case, rectangular form, free standing side acanthus decorated columns, urn decorated door, brass door pull, carved apron, cabriole legs resting on a turned stretcher support, turned finial and pendant decoration.Maker: paper label darkened and unreadable. Size: 43 1/2"H, 21"W, 16 3/4"D. Condition: major scratches on front, wear, dirt buildup. 50 - 100
1195 MARBLE TOP DRESSER. N/R. Three drawer dresser, burled wood sectioned decoration on each drawer, brass and wood drop pulls, keyholes, straight skirt, marble top. Size: 29 1/2"H, 30 1/4"W, 16 1/4"D. Condition: holes in marble top indicate missing backsplash or other element. Wood is worn and scratched, one drawer sticks. 75 - 150
1197 TABLE & FOUR CHAIRS. N/R. Oval table with three extensions, "S"scroll legs, side metal medallions, shell cap platform base, Mt. Airy Furniture Co.with Head pad. Four klismos style chairs, lyre splats, sabre legs, upholstered in orange spotted material (matches upholstery in lot 1198.) Size: table 29 1/2"H, 42"W, 42"D closed, 94" extended (three extentions or 18"each. Condition: wear and chips in wood on chairs, wear on table. 150 - 300
1198 6 NEO CLASSICAL CHAIRS. N/R. Set of upholstered chairs, two arm chairs, four side chairs, scrolled arms, sabre legs, pierced back splat, orange spotted upholstery. ( Lot 1197 has matching upholstery).Neoclassical style. Size: arm chairs: 35"H, 20"W, 22"D. Side chairs: 34"H, 18"W, 20"D. Condition: signs of wear and scatches. 80 - 160
1199 EASTLAKE STYLE TOP. N/R. Eastlake style top from sideboard, turned and incised decoration, two side shelves, inset framed area (for Mirror), top row of turned spindles. Size: 57"H, 53"W, 8"D. Condition: worn edges, some edges damaged, finish worn. 50 - 100
1200 PAIR PEMBROKE TABLES. N/R. Mahogany, drop leaf tables, banded top, spade legs, curved front and back, banded single drawer with wood pulls, opens to oval shape, pair. Size: 28 1/2"H, 14"W, 27"D closed, 32"W, 27"D. opened. Condition: wear and marks on top surface, wear and scratches. 75 - 150
1201 2 FOLDING TABLES. N/R. #1 - Red-painted wood folding table, scalloped top with gold border design of apples and grapes. 21"H, 21"W, 21"D.Top has some scratching; otherwise good condition. #2 - Plain light green folding table, square top. 27" H, 27" W, 27" D. Few scratches, stains to top; otherwise good condition. 25 - 35
1202 4 WOOD BAR STOOLS. N/R. 4 bentwood bar stools, cane seats, tie-on cushions.Marked Italy. Size: 32" H, seats 18" D. 1 seat needs recaning; foot rungs worn; otherwise very good. 30 - 60
1203 2 CERAMIC JARDINIERES. N/R. 2 colorful pottery jardinieres, marked "Italy." Applied leaves and grapes at top, painted flowers on sides. 18"H, 13" W, 6 1/2" at opening.Very good condition. 60 - 100
1204 IRON TRIPOD & STAND. N/R. 1 - White-painted round iron tripod stand, 3 covered openings, apparently for cooking over an open fire. Marked "CON." 9 1/2" H, 14 1/2" D. Good condition. 2 - white-painted iron skirt or stand, 5 1/2" H, 27" w, 10 D. Good condition. 15 - 25
1205 WOOD COFFEE TABLE. N/R. Rectangular wooden coffee table, rounded corner extensions, carved apron, pad feet. 17 1/2" H, 35 1/2"W, 22" D. Very good condition. 15 - 30
1206 2 CROCKS. N/R. 1 - open 5 gal. crock, dark brown interior and top band.Very good condition. 2 - covered 6 gal. crock, metal and wood handles.Marked "White Hall, Illinois" and "S.P. & S. Co." Very good condition. 50 - 100
1207 FOOTSTOOL; RACK; CABINET. N/R. 3 pcs.: 1 - round footstool, wood, striped fabric top.8" H, 14" D.Some wear; overall good condition. 2 - glass-front wood hanging display cabinet, 3 glass shelves. 28" H, 21" W, 5" D. Very good condition. 3 - red wood folding luggage rack, patterned canvas straps. 27 H, 21" W, 21" D. Very good condition. 60 - 75
1208 2 LAMPS. N/R. 1 - wood and brass lamp. Classical head brass handles. 39" H, with harp.Wood body scratched; no shade; otherwise good condition. 2 - Brass lamp on marble base, with opaque glass shade. 24" H. Very good condition. 40 - 60
1209 2 LAMP BASES. N/R. 2 matching columnar brass lamp bases, no shades.17" H. Good condition. 20 - 40
1210 2 LAMPS. N/R. 1 - Metal lamp with attached metal shade, in form of candleholder. 19" H. Shade rust-spotted; otherwise good condition. 2 - Metal lamp made out of a tea-canister, pseudo-Oriental scenes on sides.No shade. 15" H. Very good condition. 20 - 30
1211 DROP-LEAF TABLE. N/R. Drop-leaf wood table, with leaf and cover pads. 30" H, 36" W, 54" D with leaf. Good condition. 30 - 50
1212 TABLE; CHAIR; 2 RACKS. N/R. 1 - small oval wooden coffee table with removable wood-framed glass top. 19" H, 26 1/2"W, 18" D.Some surface wear; otherwise good condition. 2 - small wooden side chair, 28" H, 14" W, 11 1/2" D. Very good condition. 3 - wooden magazine rack, spindled sides & handle. 24 1/2" H, 20" W, 10" D. Very good condition. 4 - wooden luggage rack, canvas straps, 17 1/2" H, 22" W, 14" D. Very good. 50 - 75
1213 DINETTE TABLE, 3 CHAIRS. N/R. Oval wooden dinette table with leaf and 3 wooden side chairs. Table 30" H, top 47" W, 36" D; extends to 56 1/2" with leaf. Chairs 35" H, seats 16 1/2 square. Very good condition. 35 - 65
1214 PAIR BRASS TORCHERES. N/R. Round base, tall shaft, urn supporting flared top light. On/off switch on shaft. Size: 72"H. Condition: minor wear, scratches. 30 - 60
1216 EASTLAKE CHAIR FRAME. N/R. Wooden eastlake style chair frame, incised decoration, no upholstery, seat springs intact, front casters. Size: 37"H, 28"W, 30"D. condition: need reupholstered. wood shows wear and scratches. 50 - 100
1217 ROLL-TOP DESK, CONTEMPORARY. N/R. Double-pedestal wooden desk, 7 drawers; pigeonholes above and inside roll-top. Very good condition. 80 - 100
1218 4 WOODEN CHAIRS, CA. 1900. N/R. 4 odd wooden chairs. 1. Green painted side chair, stencilled back. Seat missing; frame very good. 2. Upholstered wooden armchair, carved upped back. fabric soiled, paint stain on arm; otherwise good. 3. & 4. Matching side chairs, leather seats. Pressed wood upper backs, spindles. Both seats rotted; 4 spindles missing from one, paint stains on the other. 100 - 200
1219 PORTABLE TV. N/R. Portable Sony TV. As is. 10 - 15
1220 RECLINING CHAIR. N/R. Upholstered reclining chair, contemporary. Very good condition. 75 - 150
1221 WOODEN CHAIRS, 5 PCS. N/R. 1. Wooden armchair rocker, leather seat, beaded back spindles. One spindle missing from back, seat scarred. 2. Wooden side chair, fabric seat. Fabric faded, otherwise good. 3. Redwood side chair, seat missing; frame good. 4. Wooden child's chair. Very good. 5. Wide seat wood side chair, leather seat.. Carved back & apron, pad feet. Very good. 100 - 200
1222 ARMCHAIR & OTTOMAN. N/R. Bentwood armchair & ottoman, contemporary.. Light wood, white removable padding. IKEA. Very good. 35 - 65
1223 BEDROOM STORAGE SET. N/R. 4 pcs. contemporary bedroom storage set. Natural stained knotty pine wardrobe, 2 night stands, chest of drawers; porcelain pulls.Very good condition. 75 - 150
1224 GAME ROOM FURNITURE. N/R. 11 pcs. white-painted wood composition game room furniture. Round table; computer desk; cabinet; 3 stands; 2 side chairs; 3 stools; also miscellaneous pcs. Very good condition. 60 - 100
1225 BEDROOM STORAGE SET. N/A. 4 pcs. contemporary wood bedroom storage set. 1. Open bookcase headboard. 2. & 3. Wall-standing storage pieceswith desk, open shelves. 4. Clothes storage piece with cupboards and shelves. All pieces very good condition. 75 - 150
1226 TALL CASE CLOCK. N/R. Tall case clock, marked "W. L. Mohler, Hartville, Ohio, 1967." Very good condition. 100 - 200
1227 METAL LAMP WITH SHADE. N/R. Decorative metal lamp, 3' H including harp. Bronze-toned steel, partly enameled; fabric shade. Very good condition. 15 - 30
1228 TABLE, CHAIRS, BREAKFRONT. N/R. Mid-20th century oval table, polished wood, with carved apron. 6 chairs (2 armchairs, 2 side chairs), carved wood frames, cane backs, pad feet, fabric seats. Carved wood breakfront, glass panels front and sides, 3 glass shelves; one small cupboard and one double-width cupboard below. All pieces very good. 300 - 500
1229 DINETTE TABLE & 6 CHAIRS. N/R. Round wooden table top on metal pedestal, 6 plastic swivel chairs on metal pedestals. Good condition. 50 - 100
1230 SMALL ARMCHAIRS, 2 PCS. N/R. 2 small wooden armchairs, cane arms, gold plush backs and seats. Contemporary. Very good condition. 50 - 100
1231 FOLDING CHAIRS, 3 PCS. N/R. 3 folding chairs, white painted wood and steel, slatted seats. Some rust; otherwise good condition. 15 - 25
1232 ARMCHAIR, U. OF TENN. N/R. Wooden armchair, painted black with natural wood-tone armrests; spindle back, arms and legs. Gold bands on back, arms, and legs. Gold logo of U. of Tenn. on back. Very good condition. 15 - 30
1233 STORAGE PIECE. N/R. Natural wood composition storage piece, contemporary. 3 drawers, 2 open shelves. Casters. Very good condition. 20 - 35
1234 SHORT LONG CASE CLOCK. N/R. Short long case clock, contemporary. 4'H. Label "Ridgeway." Very good. 100 - 200
1235 CHEST OF DRAWERS. N/R. Chest of drawers, gold-painted, bombe front, curved sides and legs. 3 drawers, decorative metal pulls. Paint cracked, peeling. 50 - 100
1236 DISPLAY TABLE. N/R. Wood and glass covered display table, contemporary. Red velvet lined. Curved legs, pad feet. Very good condition. 50 - 100
1237 SINGLE-PEDESTAL DESK. N/R. Single-pedestal wooden desk, 2 drawers. Top scarred. 10 - 25
1238 CARVED WOOD SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Carved wood side chair, cane back, plush cushioned seat. Spiral turned legs & crossbar. Very good condition. 20 - 40
1239 OAK SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Oak side chair, splat back. Early 20th century. Seat beginning to split. 10 - 20
1240 PIANO STOOL. N/R. Wood piano stool. 4 carved legs and entral pedestal. Very good condition. 25 - 35
1241 OCCASIONAL CHAIR. N/R. Occasional chair. Wood, flowered fabric seat. Carved splat back. Ca. 1890. Very good condition. 100 - 200
1242 SUNSTRAND ADDING MACHINE. N/R. Sunstrand adding machine, on stand. As is. 30 - 50
1243 ARMCHAIR ROCKER. N/R. Wood and cane armchair rocker. Seat and back wicker; upper back wood with design of 7 pierced quatrefoils. ca. 1900. Mildewed; otherwise good condition. 25 - 45
1244 TABLES & STOOL. N/R. 1. Wood pedestal table. Pedestal has 4 carved legs with metal claw feet. Rectangular top, finish worn. 2. Very small wood table or stand,17"H, 14 1/2"W, 10 1/2" D. Color inlay scene and design on top; curved legs. Inlay worn; otherwise good condition. 3. Fabric-covered wood footstool. Fabric somewhat faded; otherwise good condition. 50 - 75
1245 TABLES & SHELF. N/R. 1. 3 small nested tables, shield-shaped, early 20th century. Black paint, gold edging. Carrying handle through hole in centre of tables. Mildewed. 2. Low wood pedestal table with scalloped round top, 4 carved legs with hooved feet. Verygood. 3. Wood hanging shelf, carved back with appliqued metal decorative garland, nail-studded carved supports. Very good condition. 45 - 60
1246 WOOD ROCKER. N/R. Sideless wood rocker, spindle back. Early 20th century. Very good condition. 40 - 60
1247 2 CHAIRS. N/R. 1. Green painted wood side chair, cane seat. Slat back. Some wear; otherwise good condition. 2. Wood side chair, loosely woven wide cane strip seat. Wood was painted green over red; all paint now crackled and worn, cane frail. 25 - 35
1248 3 STOOLS. N/R. 1. Small 4-legged wood footstool, fabric top. Very good condition. 2. Piano stool, round velvet-covered top, wood pedestal, 3 curved cast-iron legs, pad feet. Very good condition. 3.Round wood footstool, leather top with star design. Leather worn; otherwise good condition. 35 - 50
1249 WOODEN STANDS, 2 PCS. N/R. 1. 3-legged wood stand, round top marked with concentric carved circles, 5-pointed star in centre. Stars on both sides of tripod legs. 2 small holes in table centre - possibly missing attachment. 2. Small square-topped stand, spindle legs, small lower shelf. Finish worn. 30 - 40
1250 2 WOODEN CHILD'S ROCKERS. N/R. 1. Wood armchair rocker, spindle back, fabric seat. Early 20th century. Applied decoration on back, partly broken off. Mildewed. 2. Wood armchair rocker, spindle back & sides. Early 20th century. Seat starting to split. 45 - 65
1251 3 VICTORIAN BEADED CUSHIONS. N/R. (1) Turtle shaped cushion,.hand beaded decoration, Size: 9"L x7"W. Condition: signs of wear, fading, losses. (2) Arrow shaped cushion, with hand beaded decoration. Size: 11 "Lx 11"W. Condition: signs of wear, fading, losses. (3) Arrow shaped cushion, with hand beaded decoration. Size: 9 1/2"L x 9 1/2"W. Condition: signs of wear, fading, losses. 50 - 150
1252 VICTORIAN BEADED CUSHIONS ETC. (1) Red floral beaded cushion, size: 6 1/2"L x 7"W. Condition: minor losses, signs of age. (2) Red geometric design beaded cushion, size: 7"L x 10"W. Condition: minor losses, signs of age. (3) Mirror with fabric case, cloth of gold tassel. Size: mirror and handle 21 1/2"L x 8"W. Cord and tassel 26"L. 50 - 150
1253 3 VICTORIAN BEADED CUSHIONS. N/R. (1) Grey and white floral design beaded cushion. Size: 8 "L x 6 1/2"W. Condition: signs of wear. minor losses. (2) Floral still life design beaded cushio. Size: 9"Lx 7"W. Condition: badly damaged, lose of beads. (3) Geometric pattern on zippered pillow with beaded strap. Size: 18"L x 8 1/2"W. Condition: good, minor wear. 50 - 100
1254 5 BEADED PIECES. (1) Small shoe. (2) small arrow. (3) small bag, (4) small horse shoe, (5) case for glasses, (+) container of loose beads. Condition: age and condition varies, older pieces have wear on minor losses. 30 - 50
1255 3 CHILD'S CHAIRS. N/R. 1. Child's red-painted wooden armchair rocker, slat back. Composition replacement seat. 2. Small wooden red-painted child's or doll's rocker, spindle back. Paint worn. 3. Beige painted wooden doll's high chair. Spindle back & sides. Very good. 30 - 50
1256 WICKER DOLL CARRIAGE. N/R. Wicker doll carriage, with canopy. Early 20th century. Steel undercarriage and canopy attachments. Metal rusted; wicker very good condition. 40 - 65
1257 3 WOODEN CHAIRS. N/R. 1. Wooden armchair, barrel back, all-around spindles. Seat beginning to split. 2. Child's armchair rocker; splat back. Mildewed. 3. Corner armchair, round-fronted fabric seat, open barrel back. Very good. 45 - 60
1258 ARMCHAIR ROCKER. N/R. Wood and cane armchair rocker. Cane seat and lower back; spindled upper back. Decorative metal studs. Arms, back and spindles of alternating dark and light wood. Ca. 1900. Right side cracked at arm. 35 - 65
1259 WOOD SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Wooden side chair, wicker seat. Early 20th century. Spindle back with carved top. Very good. 20 - 35
1260 STANDS, 2 PCS. N/A. 1. Wrought iron plant stand. Curved body and legs, plant form. Very good condition. 2. 3-tier wooden stand. Octagonal tiers, carved edges; carved tripod pedestal, ball & claw feet. Very good condition. 30 - 45
1261 PAINTED WOOD CHAIR. N/R/ Painted wood side chair, leaf design on slat back. Cane seat. Good condition. 20 - 35
1262 2 WOOD/CANVAS FOLDING CHAIRS.N/R. Early 20th century wood folding chairs, canvas seats. "MacLeod" stenciled on back of frame. Canvas seats rotting; frame good. 30 - 45
1263 WOOD ROCKER. N/R. Sideless wood rocker, slat back. Early 20th century. Very good condition. 40 - 60
1264 DROP-FRONT DESK. N/R. Drop-front desk, glass-fronted cupboard at top; ball & claw feet. Shelves missing. Appliqued wood decoration on glass doors, applique broken on left-hand door. 50 - 100
1265 DROP-FRONT DESK. N/R. Drop-front desk, wood veneer. 3 drawers. Hooved feet. Veneer chipped; lock face broken on top. 50 - 100
1266 CORNER CABINET. N/R. Curved front glass and wood lighted corner cabinet. One shelf missing; glass loose in right-hand door. 100 - 200
1268 2 NESTED TABLES. N/R. 2 small nested tables, gold-decorated leather tops. very good condition. 25 - 40
1269 WOOD STORAGE UNIT. N/R. Small wood storage unit, with side shelves. 24 1/2"H, 24"W, 14"D. Very good condition. 25 - 35
1270 PINE CORNER CUPBOARD. N/R. Pine cupboard with one lower door revealing 2 shelved, one small center drawer, three open top shelves painted robins egg blue. Size: 76"H, 40"W, 20"D. condition: signs of wear. 200 - 400
1271 COUNTRY CHINA HUTCH. N/R. Dark stained wood, two door lower section with wooden latch closures, two center drawers, three open top shelves. Size: 72"H, 42"W, 19"D. Condition: signs of wear. 200 - 400
1272 AMERICAN CHESTNUT DRY SINK. N/R. Two door bottom, two drawers with porcelain pulls, dry sink to left, top shelf and shaped crest rail. Size: 50"H, 44"W, 18"D. Condition: stains and wear on wood. splitting of wood.` 150 - 300
1276 SETH THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Seth Thomas Mantel clock, key wind pendulum, hour strike. Reverse painted bird on glass door. Size: 14 1/2"H, 10"W, 4 1/4"D. Condition: veneer missing from part of door, exterior restored, sold as is. 75 - 150
1277 ROCOCO REVIVAL SETTEE. N/R. Low settee in the rococo revival style, scrolled crest rail with carved floral decoration, serpentine front apron, scrolled legs, solid upholstered body, no separate cushions. (upholstery matches Lot: 1285). Size: 33"H, 75"W, 32"D. Condition: signs of wear, scratchs, crest rail loose, wear to upholstery. 100 - 300
1278 2ND EMPIRE LOVE SEAT. N/R. Carved crest rail with center carved finial, curved apron and legs, armless, upholstered seat and back. Size: 36"H, 46"W, 28"D. Condition, wear to wood, minor stains to upholstery. 150 - 300
1279 OVAL ADAM STYLE MIRROR. N/R. Oval mirror with metal scroll, leaf and flower top and bottom decoration. Size: 35"H, 17 1/2"W. Condition: some damage and breakage to the metal top decoration. 50 - 100
1280 FEDERAL STYLE MIRROR. N/R. Mirror with jigsaw cut molding. Size: 30 1/2"H, 18 1/4"D. Condition: mirror fogged, wear on wood. 50 - 100
1281 SHAVING MIRROR. N/R. Victorian style shaving mirror with areas for shaving accoutrements. Encised line decoration, two metal caps, hinged lidded compartment, open shelf, cut and pierced top. Size: 31 1/2"H, 16"W, 8"D. Condition: mirror has minor flaws, element broken from top center pediment, signs of wear. 50 - 100
1282 BALLOON BACK ROCKER. N/R. Balloon back rocker with carved crest rail, turned stretcher base, button tufted rose upholstery. Size: 35"H, 21 1/2"W, 30"D. Condition: Wood shows signs of wear, scratches, wood splitting on side of balloon back, upholstery signs of wear. 75 - 150
1283 EMPIRE STYLE ROCKER. N/R. Empire style rocker, swans neck arm supports, green silk asian pattern upholstery. Sie: 41"H, 24"W, 36"D. Condition: worn with scratches, rocker joins repaired, arms worn. 100 - 300
1284 WIG STAND WITH DRAWERS. N/R. Wig stand with brass insert top, two triangular center drawers with brass pulls, S scroll legs, three pad feet. Size: 33"H. Conditon: bottom insert missing, wear and scratches. 50 - 100
1285 VICTORIAN LOVE SEAT. N/R. Rococo style loveseat with curved crest rail with rocaille decoration, scrolled arms, with pierced looped decoraton, cabriole legs, cream button tufted upholstery, with upholstery tacks. (upholstery material matches lot 1277). Size: 38"H, 37"W, 24"D. Condition: feet worn, back rail has minor splitting. Upholstery minor wear. 100 - 300
1286 BALLOON BACK CHAIR. N/R. Open back chair, finger molded back and elbows, slight cabriole front legs, red upholstery. Size: 34 1/2"H, 19"W. 19"D. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1287 MILK CAN. N/R. Metal. Milk can , painted orange with decal and stenciled "Americana" decorations. Size: 25"H, 14"Diam. Condition: lid stuck, dents and scratches. 40 - 80
1288 EASTLAKE PLATFORM ROCKER. N/R. Eastlake style platform rocker, incised line decoration, shell finial on crest rail, front casters. Size: 39"H, 26"W, 33"D. Condition: one leg splitting, wear and scratches on wood, yellow diamond pattern upholstery has some stains. 100 - 300
1290 HENREDON BEDROOM SET. N/R. 7 pieces including (1) headboard with twisted pierced design 39"H, king size. (2) dresser with mirror 33"H, 62"L 20"D, mirror 43 x 33", (3) high dresser 45"H, 46"W, 19"D, (4,5) two night stands, grilled lower doors 25"H, 18"W, 25"D. (6) upholstered chair, (7) matching upholstered bedcover, pillows ( pink floral material). Condition: signs of wear, scratches, top surfaces stained. 300 - 600
1292 CAPODIMONTE UMBRELLA STAND. N/R. Three dimensional frieze of putti and garlands on ceramic umbrella stand, Size; 22 1/2"H, 10"Diam. Marks: K B made in Italy Capodimonte. Condition: good, minor wear. 50 - 150
1294 4 PCS. PATIO FURNITURE. N/R. Loveseat and 2 armchairs, metal frame, cabriole legs, open arms; cushions. Glass-topped table, decorative metal supports, 18 1/4"H, 20 1/2"W, 16 1/4"D. All very good condition. 100 - 200
1295 CHIPPEND. STYLE TABLE. N/R. Chippendale style pie crust table, dished top, turned center column, tripod base with acanthus topped knees and scrolled feet. Marked: Elite Tables, elite Furniture Co. Jamestown, N.Y. Size: 28 1/2"H, 25 3/4"Diam. Condition: scratches and wear, some discoloration of top finish. 75 - 150
1297 COPPER CAULDRON, STIRRER. N/R. Copper cauldren in iron 3-legged base, iron handle. 23 1/2"H, 25 1/2"D. With long-handled perforated wood paddle-foot stirrer. Cauldron dented; patch of verdigris on interior. 100 - 300
1298 3 BRASS BUCKETS. N/R. 3 Brass buckets, iron handles. 1. 10"H, 16"D. Very good condition. 2.8 1/2H, 13"D. Verdigris in interior. 3. 8"H, 15"D. 2 handles, very heavy. Very good condition. 150 - 200
1300 HIGHLY CARVED ARMCHAIR. N/R. Heavily carved with fruit filled cornucopia, shells, s-scrolls, and acanthas. 200 - 400
1304 SALT GLAZE PITCHER. N/R. Salt glaze pitcer, with stenciled acrons and leaves, relief decoration around rim. Size: 7"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1305 ROYAL DOULTON ROWENA FIGURINE. N/R. Porcelain. Royal Doulton figure "Rowena" copyright 1950, handsigned on bottom. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1306 ROYAL DOULTON FIGURINE. N/R. Porcelain. Royal Doulton "A Child from Williamsburg". marked HN 2154, copyright 1963. Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1307 2 ROYAL DOULTON FIGURES. N/R. Porcelain. (1) Royal Doulton figurine "Dinky Do". marked HN1678 copyright 1935. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Royal Doulton figurine "Wendy". marked HN2109 copyright 1952. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1308 ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE. N/R. Porcelain. Royal Doulton figure "Delight" AN 1772. Size: 7"H. Conddition: repaired and waist and arms. 50 - 100
1309 7 ART POTTERY TILES. N/R. Ceramic.1886-1906. Seven Beaver Falls Art Tile Co. tiles, flowering tree branch motif, continuous patter to next tile (all identical) in shades of brown. Size: 6"x6". Condition: most tiles have rough edges, some crazing. 100 - 250
1310 2 PORCELAIN FIGURINES. N/R. Callot type figure dressed as 17th C. Italian Comedia dell Arte figures, blue factory mark on bottom (unknown). (1) Hunchback figure with swords. 3 1/2"H, both swords broken, other chips and losses.. (2) Pantalooned figure, 3 1/2"H. Object in hand broken off, other chips and losses. 50 - 100
1311 H/P PORCELAIN PITCHER. N/R. Porcelain. C scroll handle, wavy top, cobalt handles and edges, five hand painted floral segments along center, heavy gilding, both flat and beaded, no marks. Size: 6 1/4"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: minor wear on edge, minor wear to gilding on lower section. 40 - 80
1312 19TH C. OXFORD PLATE. N/R. C.1820. Christ Church, Oxford, from "College Views" by J & W Ridgway. Soup plate with border medallions of goat and cherubs, stamped on back "Christ Church, Oxford" J & W Ridgway. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: war and minor chips on rim, crazing on back. 100 - 200
1313 2 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. N/R. (1) 19thc. View of church in landscape with flower and berry border, stamped on back in blue "Cashiobury, Hertfordshire" incised Enoch Wood & Sons, Burslem. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: several firing bubbles on front. (2) 19th c. Landscape with boaters and bridge, wild rose border, no marks on back. Size: 8 5/8"Diam. Condition: minor stains on front, crazing on back. 40 - 80
1314 PAIR FLOW BLUE PLATES. N/R. 19TH C.Still life subject of dead birds in hexagonal egg and dart frame, wide border floral and landscape, dark blue. No marks on back. Size: 10"Diam. each. Condition: (1) chip in rim, 2 glaze bubbles on front, minor stains on back. (2) several glaze bubbles, chip on bottom inner rim. 75 - 150
1315 2 FLOW BLUE PLATES. N/R. (1) Fruit still life with wide floral border, dark blue, no marks. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: several glaze bubbles, scratches on center design, wear on rim. (2) Temple scene, scene fills entire field, scalloped edge with white gadroon decoration, dark blue color overall. Size; 10 1/8"diam. Condition: chips on edge, glaze bubbles, staining, chips on bottom rim. 50 - 100
1316 PAIR STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. Mulberry transfer ware, c. 1842-1867, castle scene with figures, floral border. Marked on back "Ardennes" E. Challinor Ironstone. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1317 2 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. N/R. (1) Castle scene with fruit and floral border, painted gadroon rim, bright blue, marked "Wellcombe" Warickshire., incised #5. Size: 10" diam. Condition: scratches on surface, minor stains on back. (2) Shepherds family in landscape, fruit and flower border, bright blue, no marks. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: glaze bubbles on rim, chip on rim, minor stains on back. 50 - 100
1318 2 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. N/R. (1) Windmill scene with windmill border, red transfer decoration, marked on back: Ironstone, Registrymark, EON G. Wooliscroft. Size: 8 3/4"Diam. condition: front and back minor staining. (2) Blue transfer landscape scene with floral border, light blue color. Marked on back : Copeland, Spode's Tower, England, incised Copeland" M98. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: scratches and flaws on front, chips on rim, staining on back. 30 - 60
1319 2 TEA BOWLS & SAUCERS. N/R. (1) bowl and saucer in "Waverly" pattern, pale blue. Saucer marked "Waverley T.E.". Size: bowl 4"Diam. 2 1/2"H. Saucer: 5 1/8"Diam. condition: bowl has minor stain in cup, crazing on exterior, saucer has staining in bottom. (2) Brown transfer ware, saucer has castle and figures in mountain, marked on back "Tyrolean" W R & C. Brown transfer bowl is different pattern, unmarked, with peacock center and floral lattice border. Size: bowl 3 3/4"Diam. 2 3/8"H, saucer 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: bowl: minor wear, saucer one major stain inside, crazing on bottom. 30 - 60
1320 2 FLOW BLUE PLATES. N/R. (1) "Osborne" pattern, medium blue with floral border and beaded edge, marked "Osborne" W.H. Grindley & Co. England. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: 3 firing marks on back, some wear. (2) "Oregon" pattern, dark blue floral border, marked: "Oregon" Johnson Bros. England. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: wear on rim, 3 firing marks on back, some staining. 40 - 80
1321 PORC. TEA SET & TRAY. N/R. (1) Tray, hexagonal, rounded tray with gilt decoration and border, marked E. Boiurgeois 21 Rue Drouot Paris Importe de Saxe SizeL 11 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (2) Tea pot. Lidded tea pot on base, urn shape, C scroll handle, knob top with hand painted flowers and leaves, Marked: SI & M MF'G. Size: 6 1/2"H, 6"W, 3 1/2"D. Conditon: crack in body. (3) Creamer, same decoration. Size: 4 1/2"H 4"W, 3"D. Conditoiin: chip in rim, crack in spout and body. (4) Covered sugar, same decoration. Size: 5 1/2"H, 5"W, 3"D. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
1322 3 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1)Apple Tree Girl, 1960-72. Size: 4" Condition: tree branch badly repaired. (2) Bird Duet, 1960-72. Size: 4"H. Condition:Something broken off hand by music sheet. (3) Brother. 1950-55, incised 95 17. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1323 3 BELLEEK PIECES. N/R. (1) Tree trunk vase with green painted shamrocks. Marked Belleek (green mark) 1946-1980. Size: 6 1/4"H, 4 1/2"W, 3 1/4"D. Condition: good. (2) Vase, bulbous lower section, tall neck with raised decoration, painted green shamrocks. Marked Belleek Ireland ( brown mark) 1980-1992) Size: 5 1/4"H. 3"Diam. condition: good. (3) Lidded Barrel, with painted shamrock decoration. Marked Belleek Ireland (Green mark) 1946-1980. condition: good. 50 - 150
1324 ROYAL VIENNA PLANTER. N/R. Ceramic. Female resting beside a large shell, pink and green dress with gold and blue hand painted highlights, marked Royal Vienna Wahliss, 4876 16. size: 4 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: minor chip on toe, not visible, fleabite on hair, signs of wear. 75 - 150
1325 4 BIRD CERAMICS. N/R. (1) Meadowlark by Andrea. Marked 9386, "Andrea by Sadek" made in Japan" label. Bird on a branch with blossoms. Size: 6"H, 4 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: good. (2) Blue Bird, in tree with blossoms.Marked on bottom: Bluebird 6/78. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5"W., 3"D. Condition: chp on wing, petal of flower broken. (3) Two blue birds on branch with blossoms. Marked: Lefton China, Hand Painted, Blue Birds KW 1467. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5"W, 3"D. Condition: several blossoms broken. (4) Blue Bird with blossoms. Marked Lefton China, Hand Painted, Blue Bird NC KW 464. Size: 4"H, 3"W,3"D. Condition: petals of blossoms broken, tail broken and repaired. 40 - 80
1326 3 ROYAL DOULTON PIECES. N/R. (1) Square dished tray, hand painted boating scene with yellow background, dark green border. Size: 1 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W, 8 1/2"D. Condition: Crazing, minor wear. (2) Creamer, with matching scene of fishermen and boats, yellow background, dark green border. Size: 3"H, 3 1/3"Diam. Condition: crazing, minor wear. (3) Covered sugar bowl, with matiching scene of boats, yellow background, dark green border. Size: 4 1/2"H, 4 5/8"Diam. Condition: crazing, minor chips on bottom rim of cover, minor chips on opening where cover fits. 75 - 150
1327 6 WEDGWOOD PLATES. N/R. Black transfer ware plates with radiating ribbed border, circular black line edging. Center three different views (2 classical ruins, 1 medieval ruins). Marked Wedgwood, Etruria England, Made in England. Size: 9"Diam. Condition: wear to black line decoration, 3 plates one secene, 2 plates a second scene, one plate third scene. Minor wear overall. 30 - 60
1328 2 WEDGWOOD,2 OTHER CERAMICS. N/R. (1) Wedgwood green jasperware small oval dish, center frieze of putti in white, marked: Wedgwood made in England R62. Size: 5/8"H, 4 1/4"W, 3"D. Condition: good. (2) Wedgwood green jasperware round ash tray, center decoration of royal crest (Canadian) , marked Wedgwood, Made in England. Size: 3 5/8Diam. Condition: good. (3) Salt glazed Dandy Vase. No marks, Size: 5"H. Condition: Good. (4) Hand holding container, glazed ceramic, no marks, Size: 2 1/2"H, 4"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1329 CERAMIC MADONNA. N/R. Black pottery Madonna, front robe and cape w. decorative detail, pierced crown, hole in top for possible missing insert, possibly Mexican. Size: 12"H, 9 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1330 6 ROYAL CROWN DERBY KNIVES. N/R. Six metal knives with porcelain handles, each hand painted and gilded. Each knive marked Royal Crown Derby, Made in England. In leather presentation case marked T.Goode & Co. Ltd. London W. Size: each knive 7"L. 3"porcelain section. Leather Box 8 3/8"x 7 3/4". 50 - 100
1331 2 ROYAL CROWN DERBY PLATES. N/R. (1) Hand painted Imari ware plate, rectangular, with octagonal border, 6 center sections, gold, blue and orange, marked Royal Crown Derby England 112B L. Size: 8 7/8"Diam. Condition: good. (2) Round Imari ware plate, wide paneled border, four center decorations, marked Royal Crown Derby England, 2451, incised Derby. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1332 HABSBURG CHINA, PART. SET. N/R. 74 pcs., partial set Habsburg China (Austria). 1 large meat platter; 1 open oval serving dish; 1 round covered serving dish; 1 oval covered 2-handled serving dish, lid broken, spider crack on side; 1 gravy boat on base; 1 covered sugar bowl, chip on inside rim; 1 cream pitcher, chip in rim, hairline crack down side; 7 bone plates; 5 dessert bowls, 4 chipped or cracked; 5 cups, 1 chipped; 12 saucers; 10 bread/butter plates; 10 salad plates, 1 chipped, 1 with hairline crack; 9 luncheon plates; 9 dinner plates, 1 chipped. 100 - 200
1333 PORCELAIN DINNERWARE. N/R. 36 pcs. gold-rimmed porcelain dinnerware. 1 large meat platter, Cauldon, Stoke-on-Trent, England; 8 soup bowls, Haviland, 2 chipped; 11 bread/butter plates, Limoges "Elite"; 16 dessert bowls, Limoges, "T & V" 30 - 60
1334 MASON'S RED TRANSFER WARE. N/R. 33 pieces of red transfer dinner ware, Mason's "Vista England" pattern, with wide borders and views of England. Set consists of: 4 Dinner plates, (good), 5 soup bowls, (good), 8 cereal bowls ( good), 8 saucers, (good), 8 coffee cups, ( 4 good, 4 with crazed interiors). 25 - 50
1335 H/P CHOCOLATE POT. N/R. Porcelain. Hand painted chocolate pot with roses on front and back, gilt border decoration. Marked Hand Painted Nippon (blue mark). Size: 9 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 5"D. Condition: minor wear, no chips. 40 - 80
1336 3 WALL POCKETS FROM JAPAN. N/R. (1) Double bird wall pocket with lustre glaze, marked Noritake M Hand Painted (brown mark). Size: 7"H, 4"W. Condition" one glaze bubble on rim. (2) Flower and butterfly wall pocket, marked Hand Painted , Made in Japan. Size: 6 1/2"H, 3"W. Condition: good. (3) Flowers and geometric design with lustre glaze, marked Made in Japan. Size: 6 1/4"H, 4"W. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1337 H/P LIMOGES CUPS & SAUCERS. N/R. Porcelain. Hand painted Limoges cups and saucers, with double gilt band borders, centered with pink roses and leaves, gilt handles, same design repeated on saucers. Marked on bottom: Ahrenfeldt Limoges, pour Reizensteins, Pittsburgh-Allegheny. Size: cups: 2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Saucers 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: two cups with hairline cracks, all w. slight signs of wear. 40 - 80
1338 FR. GOTHIC REVIVAL URN. N/R. Ceramic,19th c. Large handled vessel, blue upper field, white lower field, elaborate gothic tracery band with ogee arches and sprockets, top rim with pendant border, scrolled acanthus leaf handles, copper lustre finish. Incised on back "Furnivaia" "4". Size: 12 1/2"H, 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear, some wear on pattern. 100 - 300
1339 "ADAMS" PITCHER. N/R. Adams pottery transfer ware pitcher, Medallion, swags & scrolls Pattern, c.1864-1892, with neo classical border, leaf garlands and portrait medallions, decoated handle. Inscibed "Wedgwood" stamped "Adams" *1 W (in blue). Size: 11"H, 11"W, 7"D. Condition: minor chipping on rim, signs of wear. 100 - 300
1340 LOTUS WARE LEAF DISHES ETC. Two leaf dishes, one plain, one with Pittsburgh Commandery No. 1 K.T. with cross and crown with raised beaded decoration. Both marked Lotus Ware K.T.K.Co. (1891-1896). Size: 2"H, 5 1/2"W, 5 1/4"D. Condtion" signs of wear. One Royal Bayreuth Plate, scene of two girls doing laundry, marked on back Royal Bayreuth P.T. Bavaria. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: minor wear on rim, some wear on surface. 60 - 120
1341 2 FRENCH PORCELIAN PIECES. N/R. (1) Hand painted Saskia dish, portrait of Rembrandt's wife Saskia, no marks. Size: 5"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. (2) Rectangular tray with female portraits, cobalt field with white center, decals of three 18th c. female French portraits on tray, no marks. Size: 1/2"H, 10 3/4"W. 8"D. Condition: gild worn, chips on bottom edge of outer rim. 30 - 60
1342 ROSEVILLE COW PITCHER. N/R. Ceramic, before 1916. Brown cow on green to yellow background. No marks. Size: 7 m1/2"H. Condition: badly crazed interior, chips and cracks along rim, exterior crazing. 50 - 100
1343 6 CARLSBAD PLATES. N/R. Porcelain.Plates with raised decoration, wavy edge, gilt edging, five hand painted flowers or leaves on each plate, each plate slightly different configuration.Marks: Carlsbad B F H S China, Made in Austria. Size: 7 1/8"Diam. Condition: Two mint, three with chips on rim, one with crack, all with wear to gilt edges. 25 - 50
1344 GOEBEL: FORGING WESTWARD. N/R. Porcelain group: Forging Westward. on wooden base with certificate of authenticity. Group of three men working on railroad. Depicts the westward growth of America and the importance of the railroad. Sculpted by Gerhard Bochmann for W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik: no 131 of 400. Size: 13"H, 17"W, 9"D including base. 100 - 200
1345 ENCROACHMENT PORCELAIN GROUP. N/R. Porcelain. Sculpted by Lowell Davis, manufactured by Kaaiser Porcelain Bavaria. No. 135 of 950. Comes with documents. Size: 8"H, 10"W, 7"D. on wooden base. Condition: the deer's antlers are separate and fit into the sculpture. slight wear. 100 - 300
1346 CHINESE ANCESTOR FIGURE. N/R. Chinese ancestor figure, 11 1/2"H, seated, holding scroll, blue robes. Very good condition. 150 - 300
1347 CERAMIC FOO DOGS. N/R. 2 Chinese ceramic foo dogs. Front tooth missing on one; otherwise very good condition. 100 - 200
1348 PLATEAU CENTERPIECE. N/R. Plateau centerpiece, Coimbra, Portugal. 4 curved end pieces, 4 side pieces, 4 lidded candlesticks. Greek key and floral decoration. 2 1/4"H, 16"w, 9 1/2"D; lidded candlesticks 6"H. Numerous cracks and chips. 35 - 60
1349 BAVARIAN DEMITASSE SET. N/R. 17 piece porcelain set, white with gold rims. Consists of lidded pot, creamer and covered sugar, five cups and saucers, all marked Bavaria: Western Germany 48. Lot also includes two cups (with monograms) with saucers not original to set but similar design. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1350 ASSORTED SILVER PLATE. N/R. Six pieces, includes (1) footed well and tree platter with gadrooned rim 14 1/4" x 19" (2) an antique toast rack, marked " R.P.M. & J.N.S." 3 1/2"L. (3) Newport Silverplate cover & vegetable dish with handles (each part can be used separately as a serving dish) 11"L 8"W, (4) Wm Rogers bread tray 13 1/2" x 7 1/4" and (5) small card tray with rococo edge inscribed " Mon and Dad 1977" 5 X 7 ". Condition: well and tree platter and card tray have 10-15%% los of silver plate and bear scratches from use, other pieces very good. 25 - 50
1351 DELFT & FLOW BLUE PLATES. N/R. (1) Delft plate with landscape scene, raised border decoration, blue and white, marked R.C. Delft, R.C. Sanssouci, Germany. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear on rim. (2) Flow Blue plate, floral blue border, white center. Marked: St. Louis Pattern, Johnson Bros. England. Size: 8 3/4"Diam. Condition: three large chips in back. 40 - 80
1352 3 DECORATED PLATES. N/R. (1) Porcelain plate with decaled center decoration of woman smelling roses in gilt quatrafoil framework with gold beading, luster background with gilt decoration. Marked: Prov. Saxe E.S. Germany. 1231/7723/20Size: 11 1/4"Diam. Condition: chips on rim, one small crack. (2) German hand painted plate, flower center, raised floral border, pierced handles. Marked: S & T R S Germany.Size: 11"Diam. Condition: minor wear on rim, minor wear on surface. (3) Water lily majolica plate, shaped rim, raised detail, white flowers with green leaves on pink background. Marked: incised VB S T 1789. Size: 11 3/4"Diam. Condition: hole in back rim for hanging, chip on bottom inner base. 75 - 150
1353 CLASSICAL FEMALE FIGURE. N/R. Metal. Seated female figure in classical costume with wreath in hair holding a sphere, green patina finish, on black painted wooden round base. No marks. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5"diam. base. Condition: base has chipped and worn paint in many places. Holes in right hand indicated she once held something, wear on metal. 50 - 150
1354 4 GREEN MAJOLICA PIECES. N/R. (1,2) Green cabbage leaf teapots with lids, no marks. Size: 5"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: good. (3) Small Cabbage leaf sauce boat, marked: Gourmet Ware, Stokes on Trent, England. Size: 2"H, 5"W, 2"D. Condition: chip in rim. (4) Cabbage leaf underplate for sauce boat, marked: Gourmet Ware, Stokes on Trent,England. Size: 4 3/4"L, 3 1/2"W. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1355 MAJOLICA PITCHER & PLATE. N/R. (1) Pitcher marked "Etruscan Majolica". Size: 7 1/4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: crack in rim, repair in rim. (2) Majolica plate with geometric design, set in wire basket surround.Marked with incised "K". Size: 6"Diam.plate in 8 3/4"Diam. wire basket. Condition: good, wire is old and shows wear. 30 - 60
1356 7 GREEN MAJOLICA PLATES. N/R. Majolica. Plates with green leaf design, basket weave edges. No marks, Size: 8 " diam. Condition: Three good, four with chips. 25 - 50
1357 2 PIECES MAJOLICA (1) Leaf dish,with stem handle, marked: Etruscan Majolica. Size: 1 1/2"H, 12"W, 9 1/4"D. Condition: chip in rim, unseen from front, other minor wear. (2) Grape dish, with stem handle.Marked: Goodfriend Spain: Size: 1"H, 7 3/4"W, 5 1/4"D. Condition: Good. 40 - 80
1358 YELLOW WARE CORN MOLD. N/R. Ceramic, yellow ware . Size: 4 1/4"H, 9"W, 7 3/4"D. Condition: firing cracks in base, one top edge darkened. 50 - 100
1395 ART DECO ETCHED GLASS PANEL. Glass panel featuring a standing woman in flowing gown and a panther. Etched glass on black ground. Size: 29 1/2" x 19 1/2", within gilt frame 33.3"x 22 1/2" framed. Condition: some fading to black ground, framed with small chils, no cracks or chips to glass. 100 - 200
1396 MEXICAN DECORATED VASE. N/R. C.1970 Hand painted clay vase with flared rim, floral decoration. Condition: excellent. 10 - 30
1397 MIDDLE EASTERN VASE.N/R. 20th c. Clay in green to gray tones w. brown accents, geometrically incised. 10 - 30
1398 MIDDLE EASTERN VASE. N/R. 20th c. clay in green to gray tones superimposed wtih brown and dark red relief. 10 - 30
1399 MIDDLE EASTERN VASE. N/R. 20TH C. clay vase wtih mottled green glaze, with incised and releif floral and animal decoration. 10 - 30
1400 NIPPON BUTTER TUBS & DISH. N/R. Three pieces (1890-1930). all marked "hand painted " Nippon and "M" includes: (1) hexagonal butter tub with gilt rim and geometric handles decorated with roses and gilt bed work, aqua mark. 2 1/2"H 4 3/4"W (2) round butter tub with retangular handles decorated wtih roses and gilt motif. Green mark. 2"H, 5"Ddiam. (3) pinched oblong dish with scrolled handles, decorated with roses on a shaded ground. 1 1/2"H 4"W, 7 3/43"L. Conditin: no chips cracks or crazing on any of the three, gilt worn on handles. 25 - 50
1402 NORITAKE GILT DISH. N/R. Noritake, Nippon hand painted piece. ( 1890-1930). 40 - 80
1403 NIPPON FLORAL PLATES. N/R. Two (1890-1930) both marked "hand painted" "Nippon" with "M" in a wreath (1) round plate with gilt beaded rim and lines interspersed with hand painted apple blossoms and leafage on white groun. Purple mark, 7 3/4"Diam. (2) round with scrolled gilt handles and lavish gilt rim and beads, hand painted polychrome flloral sprays throughout on pale ivory ground with white center reserve, Mark: green mark D63 Size: 7 1/4" diam. not including handles. Condition: no defects or detractions. 25 - 50
1404 NIPPON TUREEN & HANDLED DISH. N/R. Two (1890-1930) both marked " hand painted" "Nippon". (1) sunrise mark in aqua. Miniature handled tureen with lid, ladle, and attached underplate. White ground. The lid and body with alternating beige leaves and mauve and pink roses. studded with tiny aqua beads. 3"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: tiny chip (1/8"w. on underside of underplate rim. (2) Blue circle mark of 1910. Oblong boat shaped dish with rectangular handles pierced with ovals. Lavishly embellished with gilt lines in relief and floral reserves. 1 1/2"H, 8 1/2"L 4 3/4"D. Condition: no chips, some wear to gilt lining, a few beads missing. 25 - 50
1406 NIPPON PLATES AND BOWL. N/R. (1890-1930) three pieces (1) bowl on three ball feet decorated with apple blossoms in pink on softly shaded ground. Gilt rim and feet, 2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. (2) handled dish of similar motif 7 3/4"W including handles, 6 3/4"Diam. both bowl and dish have "Hand painted Nippon" rising sun mark in blue (3) scalloped plate decorated with lavender violets on white ground. 7 1/2"D 25 - 50
1407 ENGLISH BONE CHINA SHOES & BASKETS. N/R. Four pieces. Includes Coalport white basket with tiny blue flowers 3 1/2"H, "Aristocrat" white basket with pink roses 4"H, and two "Georgian" white high heeled shoes- one with pink dogwood, the other with white and purple lily type flowers, both 2"H, 2 1/2"L. Condition: no chips,cracks or crazing. 20 - 40
1408 NIPPON CELERY TRAY W. OTHER NIPPON. N/R. Four pieces (1890-1930). All marked " Hand painted Nippon with blue circle mark. 50 - 100
1409 ROSENTHAL & BAVARIAN PLATES, SALT & PEPPER. N/R. Four pieces (1) 1901-1933) Green mark "R.C. Versailles & Bavaria" (Rosenthal of Kronach, Bavaria). Scalloped plate hand painted with pink dogwood blossoms on shaded blue/green ground. 8"diam. Glaze crack on bottom of plate. (2) Dated 1915. Green mark "Bavaria" and artist signed "M.F. Fuhl'15". Round plate hand painted with pink roses on pale blue/yellow shaded ground 7 3/4"diam. (3) unmarked pair of salt and pepper shakers hand painted with roses, and with gilt tops. 2 1/2"H. condition: no cracks or chips, very little wear. 25 - 50
1410 AUSTRIAN HAND PAINTED PLATES. N/R. (1) 1899-1918 Mark "O & E.G." "Royal Austria" (Oscar & Edgar Gutherz mfs. Altrohlau, Bohemia) in green Pink roses on shaded peach ground wtih gilt scalloped rim. 7 1/2"Diam. (2) 1895-1917, Mark LS&S Carlsbad Austria in mauve circle. Lewis Straus & Sons N.Y. N.Y. Flying game birds and nest in the center surrounded by floral sprigs and gilt spappter on white ground 8 1/2"Diam. Condition on both, no chips, crazing or cracks. 2 - 50
1411 19TH C. ASHWORTH PLATTER. N/R. England. Mark: red "Real A. Bros. Ironstone china". (also impressed) and "B3101" Small oval platter with black flange and white center. Polychrome floral motifs and gilt embellishments on rim. 8 1/4" x 10 3/4". condition: no chips, cracks, some wear to gilt. 25 - 50
1412 FR. LIMOGES PORCEL. PLATES. N/R. Two, (1) mark: J.P.L. France. Hand painted red roses and buds on shaded ground. gilt scalloped edges, 8 1/4"Diam. Condition: no chips, cracks or crazing. (2) Green mark "Limoges France" and a bird. Hand painted rose buds on shaded ground with gilt scalloped rim. 8 1/2"Diam. condition: no chips, cracks, or crazing. 25 - 50
1413 19THC. CONT. H/P EWER. N/R. Mark: impressed 3474 45. Pale pink shaded ground with hqnd painted magnolia and forget me nots. Gilt handle and gilt lines highlihgt the motif. Size: 15"H. Condition: no chips, cracks or crazing. 25 - 50
1414 NORITAKE PLATE, HAND PAINTED BOWL. N/R. Two: (1) c. 1911 green mark "Noritake hand painted made in Japan" and "M" art deco plate with black and white scroll handle, central floral reserve, and floral sprigs on pale ivory ground, 7 1/2"Diam. without handle. Condition: no chips, cracks or crazing. (2) mark "Japan: in aqua scalloped bowl with lavender hibiscus on shaded green ground. Gilt rim with small white beads. 2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: no chips, cracks, crazing. slight wear to gilt, and a few beads missing. 25 - 50
1415 LIMOGES CHOCOLATE POT. N/R. Mark: green star and "Limoges" (1887-1924). also "Coronet" green crown (George Borgfeldt of New York). Hand painted with pink roses on shaded white to mint green ground. embellished with gilt beads and scrolls in relief. Gilt spout, handle and finial. Condition: very little wear to gilt, no chips, cracks or crazing, however, handle of lid is broken off, and needs repair. Size: 9"H, 73/4"W. including handle and spout. 40 - 80
1416 WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE CACHE POT. N/R. Wedgwood blue jasperware cache pot, marked Wedgwood R. Made in England. Size: 4 1/4"H, 5"D. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1417 ROYAL DOULTON WENDY. N/R. HN 2109 Blue dress and bonnet with pink ribbon and with pink shoes. Size: 5"H. Condtion: a flower chipped off from basket, otherwise perfect. 25 - 50
1418 SWEDISH BOURELIUS ART POTTERY. N/R. Mark: Elsi Bourelius. Male and female figure with unglazed faces and bodies glazed speckled blue, black and gray. Size: 8 3/4"H 7 1/4"WW. condition: no cracks chips or crazing. 25 - 50
1419 LENOX PORCELIAN BOWL. N/R. Gold Lenox mark on base. Round with two roses of cut out hearts on upper gilt lined rim. Embosed rose in the middle of bowl. Size: 3 1/4"H. 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: no chips, cracks or wear to gilt. 25 - 45
1420 JOHN PERRY PELICAN SCULPTURES.N/R. Two molded sculptures by Marine sculptor John Perry, one with metal "John Perry" plaque. The material used for the mold is one of John Perry's own design, a resin compound called Pellucida TM. Mounted on manzanita burlwood. (1) a single pelican placed on burl wood. 6"H 6"L. (2) two small pelicans sitting on burl wood signed on the base "John Perry" 3"H, 6"L. Condition: no chaps, cracks or other detractions. 25 - 50
1421 MEXICAN FLOK ART CAT & BIRDS. N/R. Three pieces. c. 1980. A seated cat and a pair of birds all in grey/beige glazed pottery. Hand painted with brown,blue and black. Cat. 9"H, 7"W. Birds are 4 3/4"H, 8 1/2"L. Condition: no cracks, chips or crazing, Tiny flake off one bird's tail. 25 - 45
1422 ART POTTERY BULL. N/R. Unsigned. Standing bull with a handle on his back. glazed in textured beige, gray, and white flecks. Size: 8 1/2"H, 9 1/2"L. Condition: no chips, cracks or crazing. 25 - 50
1423 ICELANDIC HORSE AND VIKING PORCELAIN. N/R. Mark on base incised "Iceland" and "Hand Painted" "handunnid" two figures, one of a Viking with crossed arms, the other of a boy on an Icelandic horse with his dog. Both hand painted in gray tones. Viking is 8"h 4"w. The boy on horseback is 8"H, 8"l. condition: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 50 - 100
1424 CHINESE POTTERY DIGNITARY. N/R. Numbered on the base 4124111. hand painted standing figure of a man in bright red robe holding a slipper in his left hand, and a stick in his right. Figures face, body ,foot, and hand are unglazed. Robe is glazed. Embellished with gilt. Size: 13"H, 6 1/2"W. Condition: no chips, cracks or crazing. 25 - 40
1425 MC COY PELICAN PLANTER. N/R. Mark: impressed with the McCoy mark and USA Standing figure with one wing raised and open mouth. 5 1/2"H, 8 1/2"L Condition: no chips, cracks or crazing. 25 - 50
1426 PR. SWISS DOVES /HAND CRAFTED. N/R. Basel,Switzerland. c.1985. mark: "Leroy" + an impressed bird. Gand crafted pair of mourning doves in grey with mauve tail. Size:6"H, 9 1/2"L. Condition: mint. 25 - 50
1427 MEXICAN PELICAN & DONKEY. N/R. Two pieces. Both hand painted. The seated pelican has unglazed body with enameled floral motif in cobalt blue and brown. He is artist signed "Tonalo J. Santana" "Mex" 7 1/2"H 11 1/2"L. The donkey c. 1980 is glazed grayground with black, turquoise, pink yellow and tan hand painted decorations. 9"H.8"L. Condition.good. 25 - 50
1428 SCANDINAVIAN PELICAN FAMILY. N/R. three all with incised mark on the base, one small and two larger pelicans all with glazed wings and unglazed feet and bodies. Two are 2 1/2"H one is 1 3/4"H. Condition: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 25 - 50
1429 MEXICAN HAND PAINTED FISH. N/R. Signed on back "Villlllanueva, Mex". curved tail and hand painted with shades of brown, black and gray. 6"h.20"l. Condition: mint. 25 - 50
1430 PELICAN SCULP. BRASS/QUARTZ. N/R. Unsigned. Pelican sits on a buoy beneath a flag attached by a chain to a heavy quartz weight. 23"H, quartz base is 4 1/2"H, 5"W. 5 1/4"D. Condition: no defects or detractions. 50 - 100
1431 MC COY PELICAN PLANTER. N/R. Ceramic. Mark impressed with McCoy mark and U.S.A. Standing figure with one wing raised and open mouth. 5 1/2"H 8 1/2"L. Condition: no chips, cracks, crazing. 25 - 50
1432 J. PERRY DOLPHIN SCULPTURES. N/R. Two molded sculptures by Marine sculptor John Perry. both have metal " John Perry" plaque. The material used for the molds is one of John Perry's own design, a resin compound called Pellucida TM. Mounted on manzanita burlwood. (1) a single dolphin placed on burl wood. 7"H, 7"L. (2) trio of dolphins mounted on a black snynthetic base. Base is 3 3/4"x 7 3/4". Sculpture is 7"H. (not including base). 9 3/4"L. Condition: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 40 - 60
1433 JOHN PERRY PELICAN SCULPTURE. N/R. Molded sculpture by Marine sculptor John Perry with metal "John Perry" plaque. The material used for the mold is one of John Perry's own design, a resin compound called Pellucida TM. Mounted on mananita burlwood. A single pelican placed on burl wood. Size: 13 "H, 8"L. condition: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 50 - 75
1434 JOHN PERRY PELICAN SCULPTURE. N/R. Molded sculpture by marine sculptor John Perry with metal Joh Perry plaque. The material used for the mold is one of John Perry's own design, a resin compound called Pellucida TM. mounted on manzanita burlwood. A single pelicanplaced on burl wood. Size: 10 1/2"H, 8"L. Condition: good. 50 - 75
1435 ROSEPOINT CAMBRIDGE GLASS BOWL. N/R. c.1935. Rosepoint Cambridge depression glass bowl with four scalloped lobes. Stands on four molded paw feet. size: 6"H, 13 1/4"diam. at widest point. Condition: excellent, minor table wear to bottom of feet, no chips, scratches cracks. 50 - 100
1436 ROSEPOINT CAMBRIDGE GLASS CUPS AND SAUCERS. N/R. C.1935, two cups, two saucers. Rosepoint Cambridge depression glass. Size: 2 3/4"H, 4 1/4"Diam. at widest point. Condtion: excellent, no chips, cracks or scratches. 25 - 50
1437 ROSEPOINT CAMBRIDGE CREAMER/SUGAR. N/R. c.1935 Rosepoint Cambridge depression glass, matching footed creamer and sugar. Creamer is 4 1/4"H to top of spout, sugar is 5 1/2"W handle to handle. condition: excellent, no chips, cracks or scratches. 25 - 50
1438 CAMBRIDGE GLASS SUGAR / CREAMER. N/R. c.1935 Cambridge depression glass matching creamer and sugar, similar to Rosepoint pattern, Size: creamer 2 3/4"H at creamer spout, sugar 4 1/2" w. from handle to handle. Condition: excellent, no chips, cracks or other scratches. 35 - 50
1439 ROSEPOINT CAMBRIDGE SUGARS. N/R. c. 1935 two sugars , Rosepoint Depression glass , larger one is 3 1/8"H, smaller one is 2 1/4"H. condtion: excellent, no chips, cracks or other scratches. 25 - 50
1440 ROSEPOINT CAMBRIDGE BOWL. N/R. c. 1935. Rosepoint Cambridge depression glass round bowl with open handles, Size: 2 1/2"H, 8 1/2" handle to handle. Condition: excellent, no chips, cracks or scratches. 25 - 50
1441 ROSEPOINT CELERY AND PLATE. N/R. c. 1935 Rosepoint Cambridge depression glass oblong celery dish 11 1/2"L 5"W, and a plate 7"Diam. Conditin: excellent. no chips, cracks, or scratches on celery. A few minor scratches to plate. 25 - 75
1442 AMER. BRIL.CUT GLASS DECANTER. N/R. Deep miter cut decanter with hob stars, fans, and cross hatches. Notch cut and ringed flared neck. Size: 9 "H without stopper, 3 1/2"diam. at base. Stopper is faceted. Condition: tiny flecks and nicks here and there consistent with age. Unclear as to whether stopper is original with this decanter. Stopper also has a couple of small nicks on bottom. 50 - 75
1443 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. N/R. Mark: K & Co. "Victoria" registry code 69163 (1922). Pottery platter with transfer print hand painted with gilt highlights. Decorated wtih flowers and butterflies. 12 3/4" x16". Condition: one small chip 1/4" on rim. Gilt on rim worn. 25 - 75
1444 POTTERY FISH TUREEN. N/R. Hand painted, unmarked, probably made in Denmark. Purchased at antique store in Copenhagen in the 11980's. Handpainted with scales, mouth, eyes, tail in relief. Fruit handle on lid. 9"h. 15"L. conditon: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 25 - 75
1445 SPODE CHRISTMAS BUD VASE. N/R. Spode bud vase with Christmas pattern, 7 3/4"H, 3 1/2"D. Condition: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 20 - 40
1446 MOORCROFT POTTERY BOWL. N/R. Mark: "Moorcroft and Made in England" Green ground with anemone. 3 3/8"Dia. 1 1/4"H. Condition: no chips, or cracks. Craquelure surface typical of the age of this piece. A couple of minute glaze imperfections on rim, however, this is not s "Second". 50 - 75
1447 CUT CRYSTAL PITCHER. N/R. Un,marked. c.1920. Cut with flowers with ten petals each on either side plus leafage. Mitered star at the base. Applied handle. 8 3/4"H. 8"W. from spout to handle. condition: no cracks or chips, very light surface scatches on base. 25 - 50
1448 GERMAN PORCELAIN CLOCK N/R. Quartz clock entitled "Angel" encased within a hand painted porcelain clock adorned by two turtle doves. Cobalt and gilt accents on white ground. Gold tone face. 9"H, 6"W.3 1/8"D. Condition: no chips, or cracks. gilt not worn, clock runs. 25 - 50
1449 ALABASTER VASE. N/R. Pale green baluster shaped alabaster vase on round foot. flared rim, brown and ivory streaks in the ground. Size: 5 3/4"H. Condition: excellent. no chips, cracks or detractions. 20 - 40
1450 MONK'S SPIRIT BOTTLE. N/R. Standing figure of a toasting monk, entitled " Barsottini Vino Rosso" of Italy. 25 - 50
1451 PIITCHER AND SALT CELLARS. N/R. Small pressed glass antique pitcher and four vintage crystal salt cellars. 25 - 50
1452 GLASS BIRD & SQUIRREL COLLECTION. N/R. Seven molded pieces including a squirrel, a covered duck dish, an open backed pelican, a long tailed bird, an opaque blue glass bird, and a small stone bird. Largest piece is a pelican 5 1/2"H. condition: no chips, cracks, or other detractions. 20 - 30
1453 FRENCH ANTIQUE H/P PHEASANT. N/R. Mark Crossed swords, probably Bloch & Cie 1897-1900 Standing figure elaborately hand painted in coral, yellow gray and mauve, a small worm crawls between the striped legs in the front, and a brown beetle stands between the hind legs at the back. 18"H, 12"L to tip of tail, 4 3/4"Diam. at the base. Condition: beak is broken off at the tip in the front, there is a jingling inside the body, which is a result of a small screw which was evidently, accidentally dropped through the air hole at the base, all else is perfect. 50 - 100
1454 GREEK CERAMIC CACHE POT. N/R. C.1980. An art pottery greek ceramic pot in the classical style.Size: 5"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: mint. 20 - 40
1455 POTTERY CHARGER. HAND PAINTED. N/R. Signed "Bruhes Buir". continental ceramic charger hand painted with flowers and leav4es. Size:14 1/4"Diam. Fitted with metal hanger. Condition: no chips or cracks. 25 - 50
1456 ART DECO HAEGER VASE. N/R. C. 1935 Mark: remainder of small green and gold Haeger seal on base. White two handled vase. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
1457 HUTSCHENREUTHER, ETC. PLATES. N/R. Collection of four. Largest plate by Lefton China. Hand painted and with original foil tags, verso. Lattice work rim and violets. 8"Diam. Plus three small pin trays. Royal Copenhagen #5025 2800 with hand painted flower, craquelure finish and gilt highlights 4"diam. Square tray with hand painted brown bouquet by Hutschenreuther. Impressed "A-9-9" and a Royal Windsor scalloped tray with transfer print of violets and gilt rim. 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: no chips or cracks, except snall nick on gilt edge of Copenhagen piece, and tiny fleck on Hutschenreuther rim. All else perfect. 20 - 40
1458 JAPANESE PORCELAIN BOWL. N/R. Mark: Japanese characters on the base and a foil sticker. Transfer print of flowers with hand painted gilt highlights on eight panels in the Imari palette. Size: 4 1/2"H. 8 3/4"Diam. Condition: no chips or cracks, wear to gilt or other detractions. Like new. 15 - 25
1459 ROMAN GLASS HANDLED VASE. N/R. Mark on base "IM" quality hand blown reproduction of a 1st to 3rd century Roman glass jar. Graceful, light blue-green aqua glass with twin opposing ear shaped handles applied at the neck. Zig zag thread decoration surrounds the spherical body. Flattened base and wide mouth, Size: 3"H, 4"W,including handles. Condtion: no chips, cracks or scratches. 50 - 100
1460 ROYAL DOULTON BUD VASE. N/R. Mint Royal Doulton crystal bud vase with porcelain hand painted rose bud. Size: vase is 6 3/4"H rose bud is 8 1/2"L including stem. Condtion: mint with original sticker. 10 - 20
1461 SOAPSTONE MONKEY CANDLEHOLDER. N/R. Hand carved monkey holding a candle mold. Loght beige standing monkey on a darker base. Size: 3 3/8"H, 4 1/4"W, 1 1/8"D. Condtion: no breaks or cracks. 15 - 25
1462 DAVENPORT CERAMIC PLATTER (ANTIQUE) Mark: impressed Davenport anchor mark with date "40 (1840). Staffordshire Potteries (c.1793-1887). Oval platter hand painted with blue and green leaves and red flowers Size: 13 1.2" x 16 1/2". condition: worn surface, paint good. Tiny chip approx. 1/4" on underside of rim. small old repair at one end 1"L. 25 - 100
1463 STANGL WOOD DUCK ASHTRAY. N/R. Marked on back "Stangl Pottery Trenton, N.J. 3926H Wood Duck Made in U.S.A." Pale gray ground with colorful hand painted swimming wood duck. Size: 11"L. 8"W. Condition: excellent. no chips, scratches cracks or other detractions. 20 - 40
1464 DENBY LIDDED SOUP CROCKS. N/R. Mark: Denby Made in England, set of six (20 pieces) crockery bowls witgh saaucer and lids in Regency green. Two extra souchers and two extra lids. Condtion: no chips or cracks, very slight color variation from piece to piece. 20 - 40
1465 ORIENTAL ELEPHANT. N/R. 20th C. ceramic White elephant carrying a green glazed seat. 0 - 0
1466 PRESSED GLASS DECANTER. N/R. Glass. square shaped, with diamond and fan pattern decoration, jewel faceted stopper. Size: 10"H with stopper, 3 3/4"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: decanter top rim is rough, stopper is chipped on ground edge. 40 - 80
1467 5 GLASS PERFUME BOTTLES. N/R. (1) Rectangular bottle with ground stopper inside metal screw on lid, Size: 3 3/4"H, 2 1/4"W, 1 1/4"D. Condition: minor wear, chips on stopper, stopper stuck, plating worn on lid, crack in glass. (2) Glass bottle, ground bottom, flaring neck, with long wand stopper (stopper 6"L.) Size: 6 3/4"H w. stopper, 4"Diam. Condition: many scratches all over bottle. (3) Glass bottle, bulbous shape, ground bottom, large round stopper with air trapped bubble. Size: 5 1/2"H with stopper, 2"Diam. Condition: rim badly chipped. (4) Round bottle with elongated stopper, ground end. Size: 5 3/4"H with stopper, stopper is 3 3/4"Long. 2 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor scratches. (5) Octagonal faceted bottle, ground bottom, octagonal pyramidal stopper, ground base, marked on bottom CCA. Size: 4 1/2"H with stopper, 2"D. Condition: large chip on top of bottle, chip on tip, chip on bottom rim of stopper. 25 - 50
1468 2 GLASS & METAL OBJECTS. (1) Bohemian 1.2 liter glass stein with pewter hinged cover (metal is cracked) cut design on glass, early 20th c. Size: 9 3/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. Condition: wear on rim and base, metal hing to lid cracked. (2) Glass jar with sterling pierced casing and lid, marked Sterling Mexico. Size: 4 1/2"H, 2 1/4"Diam. Condition: metal dented. 75 - 150
1469 8 CRYSTAL GLASSES. N/R. 8 clear glass glasses with petaled bases, no marks. Size: 4 3/8"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: one with chip in rim, others good. 20 - 40
1470 LOT 10 TUMBLERS. N/R. Seven pressed glass tumblers, diamond and fan pattern ( one with chip in rim), Size 4"H. Three cut glass tumblers, diamond and petal pattern (all good). size: 3 1/4"H. 20 - 40
1471 BLUE GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Mold Blown pitcher, blue with white swirls and spot decoration, fluted and crimped rim, applied handle, no marks. Size: 9 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1472 BLUE GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Blown glass pitcher with white threaded draped decoration, applied clear blue handle,marked PMA 1976. Sie: 6 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: one fleabite on edge of base, scratched on bottom. 40 - 80
1473 DEPRESS.GLASS STEMS & PLATES. N/R. 29 Pieces of Depression glass stemware and matching plates, all with matching acid etched floral and scroll decoration. 9 water goblets ( one with chip in rim), 5 champagne glasses ( 1 good, 2 with fleabites on rim, 2 with chips on rim), 7 small wine glasses ( 1 good, 1 with chip, 5 with flea bites on rim), 7 plates (7"diam.) (2 with slightly larger version of same pattern) (all good). Clear Glass. 100 - 300
1474 HEISEY BOWL N/R. Glass. Oval bowl with star cut base, cut leaves and flowers on sides, ground bottom, marked Heisey. Size: 3"H, 9 1/2"W, 8"D. Conditon: scratches on bottom, large scratch in bowl. 40 - 80
1475 1967 COCA COLA WORLD DISH. N/R. Glass. Smoked glass with red and gold highlights, 8 counties and nationalities represented. Size: 7"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1476 6 PCS. DEPRESSION GLASS. N/R. 5 stemmed sherberts, yellow-brown flashed; 1 small matching wide-rimmed dish. All good condition. 30 - 60
1477 DEPRESSION GLASS STEMWARE. N/R. 16 pcs. Depression glass stemware, green, clear foot. 8 water goblets; 8 sherbets, 2 chipped at rim. 50 - 100
1478 2 CUT GLASS PICES. N/R. (1) Bowl with round raised base, lower clear band, center band of stems, leaves and flowers, line cut scallop border along rim, no marks. Size: 4"H, 12 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor chip on bottom rim, scratchs on bottom, minor wear overall. (2) Tall cut glass vase, top and bottom band of octagonal cross hatched medallions, center vine, leaf and flower decoration, top edge cut dentilation, no marks. Size: 14"H, 5 1/2"Diam. at top. Condition: minor wear, scratches on base. 40 - 80
1479 3 PIECES GLASS. N/R. (1) Cut glass compote, star cut base, faceted stem, dished top with fluted edge, diamond and fan cut decoration, no marks. Size: 6 1/4"H, 9"diam. Condition: chips in the top rim. (2) Pressed glass cake plate. Octagonal base, faceted stem, dished top with decorative edge, no marks. Size: 6 1/2"H, 9 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. (3) Early Pittsburgh glass footed bowl, eight paneled sides, no marks. Size: 5 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: lid missing, many chips in base, chips in rim, scratches. 50 - 100
1480 AUSTRIAN DRESSER BOTTLES. ETC. N/R. Set of Austrian silver mounted crystal dresser bottles, with additional lids, and non matching silver plate tray. Two bottles with glass stoppers and metal screw on lids, one long lidded crystal box, one tall lidded bottle. All crystal bottles have engraved classical ribbon, swag and wreath decoration. All are marked A.H. C. 1900. Non matching silver plate tray has gadrooned edge, pierced border band, bright cut decoration center band. Size: 2 bottles w. glass stoppers and metal lids 4 1/2"H, 2 1/2"W, 1 3/4"D. 1 long box shaped container 1 1/2"H, 3 1/2"W, 1 3/8"D. 1 tall bottle 7"H, 1 1.2"Diam. Tray 15"Diam. Condition: bottle with glass stoppers, stoppers chipped, all have signs of wear on bottom. 150 - 250
1481 3 CLEAR GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Crystal. Ribbed fan plate, marked: c. Lenox r. Size: 1 1/2"H, 13"W, 9 1/2"D. Condition: good. (2) Footed cake plate, clear glass, no lid. Size: 5"H, 11"Diam. Condition: good. (3) Glass Candy dish on four pad feet, with decorated handles, no marks. Size: 1 1/2"H, 6"W, 8"D. condition: good. 25 - 50
1482 MISC. GLASS & METAL LOT.N/R. (1) Three wine glasses, cut, acid etched and gilded, no marks, Size: 5 1/2"H, 2 5/8"Diam. Condition: one with chip in rim. (2) Pressed glass Carraige vase, no marks. Size: 7 1/2"H, 2"Diam. Condition: good. (3) Double sided metal handled server, pierced side decoration, no marks. Size: 10 1/2""H, 9"W, 4"D. Condition: finish worn, inserts missing. (4) Glass soda syphon with metal lattice cover, glass marked 573. Size: 11 1/4"H, 4"Diam. Condition: no top for soda syphon, metal is rusting. 40 - 80
1483 8 PCS. MISC. GLASSWARE. N/R. 4 small wine glasses, pressed/cut glass, hexagonal stem; 1 cut/pressed glass rose bowl; 2 covered pressed glass jars, 5 1/2"H, 3 1/2"D, 1 chipped on rim, both chipped on lid; 1 cut glass jar, missing lid, damaged at rim. 40 - 80
1484 4 GLASS VASES. N/R. 2 heavy glass vases, polished base, ribbed sides, 6 1/4"H, 5 1/2"D. 2 blown/molded vases, ringed stem, flared rim, 10 1/4"H, 6 1/4"D,1 chipped, 1 has flea-bites. 40 - 80
1485 4 MISC. GLASS PCS. N/R. 1 cut/pressed glass round footed vase; 1 pressed glass dish cover; 1 footed pressed glass candy dish, small chip to rim; 1 cut-glass compote, chip to rim. 30 - 60
1486 3 BLUE GLASS VESSELS. (1) Footed vase, blue irridenscent bowl, clear base, hand painted flowers and bead decoration. No marks. Size: 6 1/4"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (2,3) Pair of urn shaped vases, fluted tops with hand painted decoration. Size: 8 1/4"H, 5"Diam. each. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1487 DEPRESSION GLASS STEMWARE. N/R. 10 pcs. Depression glass stemware, lime green shading to brown foot. 5 water goblets, 5 sherbets, all chipped at rim. 10 - 20
1488 BLUE GLASS VASE. Blue glass molded vase, four paneled floral sections, fluted top, marked: Imperial Glass. Size: 12"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 75
1489 COBALT PITCHER. Cobalt glass pitcher, molded decoration, applied handle, marked: CB on base. 50 - 100
1490 COBALT FAN VASE. Cobalt glass, fan shaped footed vase, ribbed body, S scroll handles, no marks. Size: 7 1/2"H, 6"W, 3 1/4"D. Condition: minor chip in handle. 100 - 150
1491 BESWICK SQUARE BOWL. Ceramic square bowl with raised decoration, hand painted decoration, gold outline and gold beaded decoration, fluted edges, marked: Beswick Ware, Made in England. Size: 2"H, 12"W, 12"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1492 COBALT FOOTED BOWL. Cobalt assymetrical footed bowl, ribbed body, scrolled handles. NO marks. Size: 5"H, 10 1/2"W, 8"D. Condition: good. 95 - 180
1493 GILT NIPPON BOWL. Porcealn bowl, gilt border, raised gilt chrysanthemum decoration. Marked: Hand Painted Nippon. Size: 2 1/2"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 60 - 120
1494 CHINTZ PATTERN PLATTER Overall floral transfer ware design platter "Chelsea" pattern. Marked: ER INC, Erphila, Czechoslovakia, est. 1826, "Chelsea" Size: 15 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 90 - 180
1495 GLASS PLATE W. SILVER DEC. Round glass tray with center decoration of frosted glass grape cluster decoration, waffle radiating pattern to underneath edge, top edge and border of silver grape and vine decoration. Size: 18 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor chips on bottom rim. 80 - 160
1496 GREEN/ BLUE GLASS VASE. Blown glass vase, polished bottom, blue base shading to green, ribbed form, no marks. Size: 16 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: minor flea bites on base. 100 - 150
1497 BLUE GLASS COVERED DISH. Blue pressed glass covered dish, Eastlake style decoration, lid and base marked: Imperial Glass. Size: 5 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 60 - 120
1498 CUT GLASS BELL & BOWL. N/R. (1) Cut glass bell, diamond and fan pattern cutting, fluted rim, no marks, Size: 6"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: chip on top of handle, wear to rim. (2) Cut glass bowl, four divided quadrents of floral and leaf decoration: wide band of hobstar cutting, dentilated top, no marks. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8"Diam. Condition: chips on teeth, minor wear overall. 25 - 50
1499 REED & BARTON PICKLE CASTER. N/R. Silver plate pickle caster, glass container with silver plate lid, silver plate pickle fork, and handled pickle caster holder. Marked: Mfd. and Plated by Reed & Barton. size: 9"H, 4 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: metal needs replating, glass has minor fleabites, glass could be replacement. 30 - 60
1500 LARGE WOODEN DOLL HOUSE. N/R. 20th C. in process of restoration, accompanied by restoration materials, size: 32"H. 50 - 100
1502 DELFT GINGER JAR. Blue and white ceramic ginger jar with no lid, Marked: Made for Royal Sphinx Holland, by Boch Belgium, "Delfts". Size: 10 "H. 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: worn at base. 40 - 80
1503 MERCER CERAMIC TUREEN. Blue and white floral transfer ware with gilt highlighting. Marked: Mercer Semi-Vitreous. Size: 6"H, 12"W, 8"D. Condition: lid crazed with spider crack, gilt worn on edges. Tureen: crazing and staining, cracks, interior and exterior. 60 - 120
1504 25 PIECES MERCER CERAMICS Pieces from blue & white transfer ware (matches Lot: 1503). Pieces include: 3 dinner plates (gilt worn edges, crazing, one with crack), 6 soup bowls (gilt worn edges, 2 with cracks), 6 saucers ( gilt worn edges, one with crack, two with crazing), 6 cups (gilt worn edges, two with cracks, all with crazing), 2 small bowls ( gilt worn edges, one with crack), 2 butter pats ( gilt worn edging) 80 - 160
1505 H/P PILLOW VASE. Porcelain vase with hand painted poppies front and back, signed "Sadi", no marks on bottom. Size: 7 1/2"H, 7"W, 3"D. Condition: good, minor wear. 60 - 120
1506 7 PIECE LUNCHEON SET. Painted and gilded glass luncheon set, underneath decoration, orange panel, gilt and black band borders, top surface basket and beaded garland in black above orange ground. Set includes (1) octagonal serving dish, (6) luncheon plates. Size: serving dish 9 3/4"Diam. Luncheon plates 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: gilding worn to varying degrees on each plate. 80 - 160
1507 5 COALPORT PLATES. Five dinner plates, floral centers, raised border embossing, painted blue rim, marked: Coalport England AD 1750 Kings Ware. Size: all 10 1/2" diam. Condition: all with crazing and staining. 100 - 150
1508 H/P VASE WITH GILDING. Conical shaped ceramic vase with hand painted flowers, with raised gilt decoration, marked: Furnival, 1323. Size: 8 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Condition: minor wear, minor crazing. 95 - 180
1509 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins. 25 - 40
1510 BEADED PURSE N/R. The purse has a crocheted drawstring opening. It is heavily beaded depicting a floral motif in hues of dark blue, purple, red, green and yellow. Condition: some beads are missing on the front, back, and sides. 50 - 75
1511 FRENCH BEADED PURSE N/R. The purse has a gold metal and beaded top closure. It is heavily beaded in hues of gold, blue, pink with an overall floral motif. Condition: needs cleaned. 25 - 50
1512 WHITING & DAVIS MESH PURSE N/R. The purse has a gold metal closure with a painted mesh body. It is marked " Whiting & Davis Co.; mesh bags". The purse has a painted on design in hues of pink, orange, blue, and purple. Condition: some metal links are missing and or need reattached to the bottom and side of the purse. 75 - 100
1513 BEADED BAGS & JEWELRY ROLL N/R. Lot consists of two beaded evening bags and a jewelry storage roll. One bag has a gold metal closure and chain. The body is comprised of a brocade material in a floral pattern. There is gold beading overall. The other bag is comprised of material and white beads in a floral pattern. It is marked " Bags by Josef; hand beaded in France". The jewelry roll is of a silk material and has three zippered compartments for storage and a ring holder. Condition: The gold bag has a few beads missing; the jewelry roll has a slight stain; the white bag doesn't appear to have any defects. 25 - 50
1514 THREE BEADED BAGS N/R. One bag is heavily beaded in hues of dark blue and purple with a floral pattern. One has a gold metal closure decorated with faux gemstones and chain strap. The body is comprised of a gold woven material and blue beads in cascading rows. One is a small tassel style bag with overall beading in garnet and silver. Condition: all three bags are good except for some torn liner fabric on the first one described. 75 - 100
1515 ART DECO BAG & PIN N/R. It has a faux horn closure and beaded strap. The body depicts an Egyptian pharoah in beaded hues of black, red, blue, grey and yellow. The bag is marked "Made in France". The gold metal pin has an Egyptian motif with a green center scarab. It is marked "Pat. 2066969". Condition of the bag: good, except the lining on the strap is coming off. 25 - 50
1516 FOUR PURSES & GLOVES N/R. Lot consists of four purses and four pairs of kid gloves. One hand bag is comprised of a brown velveteen material. It has two different straps; one is matching, while one is a gold and wood chain strap. One handbag is comprised of a brown velveteen material and leatherette sides and strap. One handbag is comprised of a red velveteen material with black accents and a matching strap. One is a black velvet and beaded evening bag. Condition: good for the bags; the gloves show signs of wear; have stains and need cleaned. 25 - 40
1517 ASSORTED DECORATIVE ITEMS N/R. Lot consists of a pair of white ceramic vases with green leaf accents; an oriental style planter with pale pink glass roses and green leaves marked "Gump's"; a small oval shaped semi-porcelain tureen in a blue and white floral motif marked "Berlin Garland; Anthony Shaw & Son"; and a blue ceramic "Rene Briand" cognac bottle. Also, the lot includes a pair of silver metal grape scissors. Condition: some of the petals on the planter piece are broken. 25 - 50
1518 HOLY BIBLE N/R. c. 1891-93. The illustrated Holy Bible is leather bound with a gold metal closure. It contains the Old and New Testaments as well as a Family Register. 25 - 40
1519 OCEAN LINER MENUS N/R. c. 1950's. Lot includes nine ocean liner menus from a French line. Condition: some stains possibly due to water damage. 10 - 25
1520 CORONATION CLOTH N/R. c. 1937. The cloth is a commenorative tribute to a British monarch. It is embroidered with icons relevant to the monarchy. Condition: some rust stains. 10 - 20
1521 ASSORTED CHILD'S CHINA N/R. Lot includes five cups and saucers marked "Hancock's China; England". A pair of Royal Adderley cups and saucers marked "Fragrance". Also, a small pitcher and dish. All have a floral design. Condition: no visible chips or breaks. 25 - 50
1522 ASSORTED CHILD'S TABLEWARE N/R. Lot has a porcelain tea set that includes the following: three cups and saucers, one sugar and creamer, one serving platter, and four plates. Also, two different matching sugar and creamer sets as well as miscellaneous glass and white ceramic pieces. Condition: no visible chips or breaks. 20 - 40
1523 HEN & ROOSTER DISHES N/R. Lot includes two covered glass dishes. One is a Fenton glass multi-colored sitting hen; the other is a Westmoreland glass purple and white swirl standing rooster. Condition; good; no visible chips or cracks. 25 - 50
1524 ASSORTED BUTTONS N/R. 10 - 25
1525 ASSORTED HEN DISHES N/R. Lot includes nine sitting hen covered dishes: three clear glass; five milk glass; one colored and one metal rooster bank. Condition: no chips, but need cleaned. 10 - 25
1526 ASSORTED CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS N/R. Lot includes five plastic reindeer, a plastic santa on a ring, a plastic monkey on a ring, two glass Santas, and a glass clip-on bird. Condition: bird has a broken tail; one glass Santa has some paint flaking; all need cleaned. 20 - 40
1527 MASONIC PENDANT & WATCH N/R. Masonic pendant is gold metal and opens to show three different masonic degrees. The front is embossed with an eagle and the no. 32. The back is embossed with a crown and cross. It is marked "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES". The watch has a 14K gold mesh band and the face is marked "Omega automatic". It is Swiss made and the back is engraved. Condition: no visible defects; appears to be in working order. 50 - 75
1528 GLOBE ON METAL STAND. N/R. Globe 12 in. diam. on 44 "H tand, metal three legged stand with hairy paw feet. Manufactured by Replogle Globes Inc Chicago, Ill. Condition: wear and marks on the globe, metal shows signs of wear. Provenence: From the Gadberry Estate Sewickley. 100 - 200
1529 VINTAGE ART DECO FABRIC. N/R. Vintage French blue cut velvet fabric, stylized flower and leaf design, C. 1925-1930's. Size: approx. 4 yards. Condition: signs of wear, one end yard has some stains. 40 - 80
1530 VINTAGE FRENCH SILK FABRIC. N/R. French floral silk material shot with gold thread. C. 1930's. Size: approx. 6 ft. Condition: signs of age and wear. 20 - 40
1531 SILVER POCKET WATCH N/R. Silver case is marked with a lion emblem and "CR". The inside is a gold metal with an ornate pattern. It is marked "Robinson; London, 9197, FS". 75 - 100
1532 SILVER POCKET WATCH N/R. Small watch has an open face. The back of the case is engraved with a floral motif. It is marked "Cylindre 10 rubis; 103875". 40 - 60
1533 CULTURED WHITE PEARL NECKLACE N/R. The small pearls are in alternating rows. The necklace is approximately 29.5" in length. 50 - 75
1534 18K OPAL PENDANT N/R. The pendant has a large oval cut opal in an 18K gold setting. 200 - 250
1535 18K OPAL RING N/R. The oval cut opal is mounted in a 18K gold setting. 150 - 175
1536 18K GOLD BRACELET N/R. The bracelet is comprised of Arabic gold and fashioned in an interlocking chain link style. It is approximately 7" in length. 80 - 100
1537 GOLD CHAIN LINK BRACELET N/R. The alternating chain link bracelet is comprised of Arabic gold. It is marked "750". It is approximately 7.5" in length. 80 - 100
1538 22K GOLD BRACELET N/R. The designer style bracelet is comprised of Arabic gold. The bracelet has gold mesh strands flanked on either side by interlocking chain links. It is approximately 7.5" in length. Condition: two links are twisted out of shape on one side. 100 - 150
1539 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. The lot includes three semi-precious stone necklaces; a marcasite tiara; a marcasite and enamel bird lapel watch, as well as pins, pendants, bracelets, rings, and a watch. It also comes with a floral papier mache jewelry box. 75 - 100
1540 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. The lot includes a Victorian style slide bracelet, and a large rhinestone flower pin as well as other crystal, pearl and gold designer pieces. 75 - 100
1541 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. The lot includes numerous pearl necklaces, a hair comb, and a pink crystal set as well as miscellaneous pieces. 75 - 100
1542 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins and wristwatches. 75 - 100
1543 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins. 75 - 100
1544 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. The lot includes crystal necklaces and pins, gold and rhinestone belt buckles, gold bracelets and an Oriental style metal work bracelet. 75 - 100
1545 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. The lot includes vintage bracelets, pins, medals, earrings, and pendants. 75 - 100
1546 NO LOT.
1547 NAUTICAL COMPASS N/R. c. 20th century. Nautical compass manufactured by Wilcox, Crittenden & Co., Inc. Metal compass is suspended in a wooden box. Size of box: 3 1/8" l. x 5 1/4" w. Size of compass face: 3 1/2" l. x 3 1/2" w. Codition: wooden box has some wear; compass glass needs cleaned. 200 - 400
1548 ASSORTED DECORATIVE ITEMS N/R. The lot consists of one ceramic American eagle head, one carved wooden duck, one carved wooden bird, one floral glass paperweight and six painted eggs. 25 - 50
1549 FOUR PC. AMBER SET N/R. Set is comprised of a large amber pendant, two bracelets, and a pair of pierced earrings. 75 - 100
1550 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Includes thirteen pairs of clip-on earrings(one gold tone Trifari, one blue rhinestone Weissner, one pearl Marvella, ten unmarked); five necklaces, two old quartz watches(one Timex, one Consort); a bracelet, and two chains with pendants. 25 - 50
1551 VINTAGE TRIFARI SET N/R. c.1950. Vintage silver tone necklace with blue rhinestones and faux diamonds and matching clip-on earrings. Necklace measures 8" in length from clasp to bottom of lowest blue stone. Earrings are 1 1/8" in length. Condition: no chips or cracks; one stone is missing on one earring. 20 - 40
1552 ASSORTED VINTAGE PINS N/R. Vintage collection of two dozen pins. One sterling silver Corocraft thistle pin comes with a matching pair of screw back earrings. Lot includes a Marvella seven leaf, a Strauss bow with amber jewels, three Trifari, and unmarked pins. Condition: stones are missing from some; three from Strauss; Trifari and Corocraft are excellent. 25 - 50
1553 ASSORTED TRIFARI JEWELRY N/R. Vintage collection of a necklace and six pairs of clip-on earrings. Condition: necklace is missing one stone; earrings are excellent. 25 - 50
1554 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS N/R. Lot includes one leather wallet, one musical artbox, seven tie tacs, a silver and grey stone keychain, cuff links, and a money clip; two small embossed glass dishes, a hair comb and a small clump of multi-colored stone grapes. 25 - 50
1555 GLAZED PITCHER SET N/R. The pitcher and six matching cups are glazed in tones of brown, cream, and green. The interiors of all pieces are glazed in a bright sea green. The lot also includes ten ice cream forks with blue Bakelite type handles and a Victoria china dish depicting a war scene. Condition: the pitcher has a slight chip on its spout. 25 - 50
1556 ASSORTED DECORATIVE ITEMS N/R. Lot includes one small wooden box with a pointed lid, one carved wooden three piece round box with a frog lid, one carved faux horn box with a frog lid, one burled wood box, one Ambrotype, two round wooden display stands, a pair of spectacles in a case marked "Field Jewelry Co.", and a white marble paperweight with a carved flower motif. 25 - 50
1557 History for Ready Reference. 7 vols. Springfield, MA.; 1895. Red cloth binding, paper labels. Some hinges starting; otherwise good to very good condition. 25 - 35
1558 The Library of Historic Characters & Famous Events. 12 vols. Philadelphia, 1895. 3/4 leather, marbled boards. Condition: interiors very good; leather deteriorated, some spines missing or detached. 35 - 60
1559 The Story of Civilization. Will Durant. 9 vols. N.Y., 1954; Simon & Schuster. Book club edition. Red cloth bindings; no dust jackets. Condition: very good. 45 - 85
1560 Days of the Dandies. 15 vols. London, The Grolier Society. n.d. (ca. 1900). #145 of 1000 sets. Green cloth bindings, paper labels, top edges gilt. Partly unopened. Condition: very good. 35 - 65
1561 The World's Great Classics. 18 vols. N.Y. & London, 1901.3/4 leather, marbled boards; top edge gilt. Condition: interiors very good; leather deteriorated, some spines detached or missing. 35 - 65
1562 The World's Famous Events. 10 vols. N.Y., 1913. "The Story of the Greatest Nations." Illustrated world history. Green cloth bindings, all edges gilt. Condition: very good. 40 - 80
1563 National Cyclopedia of American Biography. 14 vols. N.Y., 1898. 3/4 leather, marbled edges & endpapers. Condition: interiors very good; covers cracked or detached, leather deteriorated. 35 - 50
1564 Jackson, Lady. 14 vols., French history. Paris & Boston, Grolier Society. N.d. (ca. 1890). Green cloth binding. Condition: very good. 25 - 50
1565 Columbian Historical Novels. 4 odd vols.N.Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1895. 3/4 leather on marbled boards. Condition: interiors very good, leather deteriorating. 12 - 24
1566 Beaux & Belles of England. 14 vols. Grolier Society, n.d. (ca. 1890) Green cloth binding. Condition: spines slightly faded, interiors very good. 35 - 70
1567 WORKS OF SCHILLER & GOETHE. N/R. 4 odd vols. Philadelphia, 1883. All edges gilt, 3/4 leather. Condition: interior very good, leather on binding deteriorating. 20 - 40
1568 THE ROXBURGHE CLASSICS, 27 VOLS. N.Y. & London, 1904. 27 vols. of set of 30, ltd. to 1000 sets. Green cloth binding. Condition: very good. 50 - 100
1569 LAW, J.HISTORICAL ROMANCES 20 VOL. N/R. Phila.n.d. (ca.1890) No. 97 of 1000 sets, red cloth binding, partly unopened. Condition: very good. 50 - 100
1570 SUE, EUGENE: 20 VOLS. BOSTON,1899; large paper edition; #162 of 1000 sets. Mysteries of Paris, 6 vols.; The Wandering Jew, 6 vols.; Arthur, 2 vols.; Pride, 2 vols.; Avarice & Anger; Envy; Luxury & Gluttony; The Knight of Malta.Condition: very good. 50 - 100
1572 BLINKING EYE SAMBO CLOCK. N/R. Metal. Reproduction of original Sambo Connecticut clock c. 1860. Reproduction has quartz movement clock, red hat and vest, green pants. Size: 15 1/4"H, 10"W, 4"D. Condition: eyes don't blink, sold as is. 100 - 200
1573 GIANT POCKET WATCH WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind wall clock shaped like giant pocket watch, frosted glass face with enamel numbers, faced marked "Henri Lagin, Fils et Cie". Giant brass chain. Size: 12 1/2"Diam. face on watch. 2"D, 43"Chain. Condition: wear on face, wear on chain, sold as is. 200 - 400
1574 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind pendulum 1/2hr. strike, reproduction wall clock. Ebonized decoration, enamel and brass face, enamel and brass pendulum. Size: 26"H, 8 1/4"W, 6"D. Condition, no wear, sold as is. 100 - 200
1575 GERMAN MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Metal, c. 1890. Key wind 1/2 hr. strike, large alarm clock shaped clock.Size: 19"H, 13 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: metal clock face pitted, name "Big Ben" applied later, metal surface worn. 200 - 400
1576 ANSONIA WALL CLOCK REPRODUCITON. N/R. Wood. Reproduction of Ansonia Wall clock, key wind, pendulum, 1/2 hr strike, octagonal case for clock face, paper face, separate pendulum door, kmarked regulator, paper label reads :Ansonia Clock Co. MFG. N Y USA. Factory Brooklyn N.Y. USA. Size: 32"H, 17 1/2"W, 5"D. Condition: no wear, sold as is. 100 - 200
1577 STANDARD TIME WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind, pendulum weight driven wall clock, Ren.revival style case, Marked E.N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, C. USA. Reproduction. Size: 64"H, 19 1/4"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: some wear, hands of clock are loose, second hand missing, sold as is. 150 - 300
1578 BANJO WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Reproduction key wind pendulum clock with weights, round face, pendulum window with gold, red and black paint.\, marked Foster S. Sampos, Pembroke, Mass. Size: 29"H, `2"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear, sold as is. 100 - 200
1579 HOWARD MILLER WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Signature series, Key wind pendulum, 1/4 hr. strike, chime, bonnet top with shell finial, fluted side columns, model 613-116., chime option: silent, Whitt. St. Mich. Westmin. size: 37"H, 16 1/2"W, 7 1/4"D. Condition: little wear, sold as is. 150 - 300
1580 SETH THOMAS SWING CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Seth Thomas swing clock, marked Seth Thomas 4 jewels, made in USA on clock face, paper label underneath marked: Boudoir #1, Seth Thomas Clock Co. Thomaston, Conn. Established 1813, New York, Chicago, San Francisco. Size: 8"H, 7 3/4"W, 4"D. Condition, worn, sold as is. 100 - 200
1581 FIVE SMALL CLOCKS. N/R. l. Seth Thomas miniature humpback mantel clock, Wooden case, spring wind. Size: 4"H, 9"W. 2 3/4"D. Condition: worn, sold as is. 2. Seth Thomas square spring wind clock, cherry color case. Size: 4 1/4"H, 4"W, 2"D. Condition: worn, sold as is. 3. Swiza candle flame shaped clock on candle stand base, brass, spring wind, 7 jewels, alarm clock. Size: 5 1/4"H, 3"Diam. Condition: worn, clock loose on base, sold as is. 4. Sessions pot metal framed clock, spring wind. Size: 4"H, 4 3/4"W, 2"D. Condition: worn, sold as is. 5. Gilded metal, Victorian style spring wind clock. Size: 5 1/2"H, 3 1/2"W, 2"D. Condition: worn, sold as is. 200 - 400
1582 CARRAIGE CLOCK. N/R. metal, glass. Key wind in rear, marked "Maut, made in Germany" Glass sides. Size: 7"H, 5 1/4"W, 3 3/4"D. condition: metal work, gilding rubbed, sold as is. 200 - 400
1583 BANJO WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind, pendulum banjo clock, hour strike, three part front openings, clock works marked West Germany, Case Marked: assembled in Korea, Mfg. wonpoong Junggong, Co. 1979. Size: 43 1/4"H, 16"W, 4 3/4"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1584 WALTHAM CLOCK / THERMOMETER. N/R. Ribbon top vertical wood case with pincone drop bottom decoration, ebonized and gilt wood, key wind clock marked Waltham USA thermometer marked Paul A Meyrowitz, Optician, New York, Rochester N.Y. Size: 42"H, 11 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: ribbon top cracked and repaired. Wood and paint worn. 200 - 400
1585 NEW HAVEN WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind pendulum clock with barley twist engaged columns at clock face, blue, gold and black painted pendulum window, Ren. revival bottom decoration with turned finial. marked New Haven Clock Co, New Haven, Conn. on clock, standard time on pendulum window. Size: 60"H, 19"W, 7"D. Condition: top decoration loose, signs of wear. 150 - 300
1586 DOMED MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind pendulum clock, 1/2 hr and hr. strike, enamel and brass face, with wide floral leaf brass rim, glas dome and wooden base. size: clock 12"H, 5 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Dome: 13 1/2"H, 7"W, 5"D. Condition: some wear, sold as is. 100 - 200
1588 GOTHIC STYLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind 1/2 hr strike, vertical lancet shape with four corner crockets, round face, painted inlaid decoration, marked Wm L. Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted Conn. Size: 9 3/4"H, 8 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: wear to surface, back panel warped, sold as is. 100 - 200
1589 FIGURAL MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Metal. Eighteenth century dressed male figure, dark patina metal, gilt metal base with marble insert, keywind striking clock movement. Size: 11"H, 15"W, 4"D. Condition: repairs and replacement back door, glass clock face cover missing. 600 - 1,200
1590 SUNBEAM SHIPS CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Sunbeam battery quartz clock in square lidded box holder wtih stabilizing mechamism for boats, carved ship on front, banded corner decoration. Size: 5"H, 6 1/4"W, 6 1/4"D. Condition: minor wear, sold as is. 50 - 150
1591 JAPANNED MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Japanned wood. Keywind 1/4 hr.1/2hr.and hour chimes, case signed Sligh, Holland Michigan, Made in USA, movement signed : Franz Hermie, 2 jewels, made in W. Gemany 1050-021. Chimes, silent, Whitt. St., Mich,. Westmin. Size: 16"H, 10 1/2"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: good., sold as is. 100 - 200
1592 SETH THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Veneered wood. Gothic style key wind pendulum clock, 1/4 hr. strike, silvered face, vertical lancet shaped body. Size: 15"H, 10 1/4"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: wear to case, sold as is. 200 - 300
1593 INGRAHAM CO. MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Walnut. Eastlake style key wind, pendulum 1/2 hr. strike mantel clock, with incised and carved decoration, peaked roof, marked: Tontine, E. Ingraham Co. Bristol. Conn. Size: 16 1/4"H, 15"W, 6 3/4"D. Condition: case worn, label worn, sold as is. 200 - 300
1594 GERMAN ARCHITECTURAL SHAPED CLOCK. N/R. Walnut. Key wind pendulum, 1/2 hr. strike mantel clock, wooden case, carved shingled roof, three finials, bun feet, marked: paper label: HAC 14 day strike made in Wurttemberg. No 3052 SN 5940. Size: 15"H, 10 1/4"W, 6 1/4"D. Condition: original finials are missing, case is worn, sold as is. 200 - 400
1595 SETH THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Veneered wood. Key wind pendulum clock, 1/2 hr. strike, vertical format, two window front door, gold and black painted pendulum window. Size: 13"H, 9 1/4"W, 9 3/4"D. Condition: worn case, strike mechanism bent, back missing veneer, sold as is. 100 - 200
1596 NEO CLASSICAL MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind pendulum clock, vertical wooden case, with 2 ionic columns,silvered face, beveled glass cover, maker Berry & Whitmore Co. Wash. D.C., movement marked: Merschede Cincinnati 1186. Size: 11 3/4"H, 8 1/4"W, 5"D. Condition: wear in wood, sold as is. 200 - 400
1597 CLOISSONE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Brass, glass, cloissone enamel. Battery operated three ball perpetual clock, four beveled glass sides, Louis XV style base and top, urn finial. Size: 15 1/2"H, 8"W, 7"D. Condition: battery holder inside corroded, metal tarnished, sold as is. 150 - 300
1598 URGOS WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind, pendulum clock, 1/4 hr. strike, bonnet top with finials, open pendulum case, face marked "TEmpus Fugit" maker name "Urgos", movement marked made in Germany. Size 22"H, 11 1/4"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear, key wound tight, sold as is. 100 - 200
1599 SETH THOMAS WALL CLOCK. N/R. Oak. Keywind, pendulum clock, octagonal top, large glass pendulum window, brass stud decoration. Size: 26"H, 16 1/2"W, 5"D. condition: wear to exterior, some restoration work, sold as is. 200 - 300
1600 MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood, c.1920. Key wind pendulum clock 1/2 hr and hour strike, classical shape, ebonized and faux marble wood, incised line decoration, metal hairy paw feet, side lion knocker decoration. Size: 10 1/2"H, 15 3/4"W, 7"D. Condition: wear on surfaces, label worn on back, sold as is. 100 - 200
1601 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK. N/R. Ebonized wood, brass. Pendulum weight driven cog clock, pendulum with face, brasss clock case wtih black glass face on ebonized wood panel, marked SO. Size: 16"H, 9"W, 3"D. Condition: some decorative elements from front are missing, sold as is. 100 - 200
1602 FR. MARBLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Marble, c.1900. Key wind pendulum hour strike clock, case black marble with veined marble accents, incised decoration in marble, neo classical style, marked inside on movement: Japy Freres & Cie. Med. d Honneur 4322 46. Size: 10 1/4"H, 10 3/4"W, 6"D. Condition: minor knicks on corners of marble, overall wear, sold as is. 300 - 600
1603 SMALL MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Spring wind, horizontal mantel clock with eight day movement, marked on back G in a diamond shape, case marked 4228. Size: 6 1/2"H, 12 1/2"W, 2 3/4"D. Condition: minor wear, sold as is. 50 - 100
1604 NEO CLASSICAL WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Neo classical mantel clock with inlaid Adam decoration, silver face on clock, 1/4 hour chim, signed Unghans 9.14, DRPa Germany. Size: 14"H, 19 3/4"W 8"D. Condition: silver face worn, glass face cover missing. 200 - 300
1605 NEOCLASSICAL MANTEL CLOCK.N/R. Veneered wood. C. 1900. Neoclassical mantel clock, key wind, pendulum, half hour strike, neo classical shape, movement by Lenzkirch AG U 1 Million 30 6440, front plaque states: James Lithgow, on his marriage, from the , Misses Burns of Wemyss House, 1905. Size: 14"H, 10 1/4"W, 6 1/4"D. Condition: wear to veneer, wear overall, sold as is. 200 - 400
1606 JAPANNED MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Japanned wood case. Key wind 1/4, 1/2 and hour chime. Case marked Sligh, Holland Michigan, made in USA, movement marked Franz Hermie 2 jewels, made in Germany 1050-021, model 0513-1-BD Mov. 2962, chimes silent, Whitt. St. Mich. Westmin. Size: 16"H, 10 1/2"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: good. 50 - 150
1607 GEORGIAN STYLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Case with domed top and turned corner front half columns, applied metal decoration, three top finials, on flat bun feet, old works replaced by battery operated movement. Size: 20"H, 12"W, 7"D. Condition: originial movement gone, replacement finials, wear all over, sold as is. 100 - 200
1608 EASTLAKE STYLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Walnut, c.1900. Case with turned and chip carved decoration, clock works removed and replaced with battery operated works. Size: 16 1/2"H, 10"W, 4 1/4"D. Condition: face worn, top turned decoration damaged, clock face plate cover missing, works replaced by battery operated works. 100 - 200
1609 MILLER MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. 1920-30s. Key wind pendulum clock, 1/4 hr. strike, case canted shape with gadrooning above legs and apron, floral inlaid top, basket and drape inlay below face, silver finished face, case marked "Herman Miller Clock Co." clocks of Character, Zeeland Michigan; face and movement marked Miller Germany. Size: 14"H, 9 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: minor wear, no key. 200 - 300
1610 LOUIS XV STYLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Painted wood, brass. Key wind pendulum clock, 1/2 hr. and hr. strike, pail green painted wood case with hand painted floral decoration, brass rocaille decoration, sun burst pendulum , enameled numbers on dial, marked FHS Germany 150-080 221cm./ 148. Size: 22 1/4"H, 11"W, 6"D. Condition: top of case has some wood cracking, minor wear overall, sold as is. 300 - 500
1611 PENDULUM WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind pendulum clock, round body, with carved leaf scroll pendulum case, curved bottom, open window, no marks. Size: 18"H, 14"W, 4 3/4"D. condition: wear to surface, sold as is. 100 - 200
1612 HOROLOVAR CLOCK. N/R. Wood, metal. Gorolovar Gravity magnetic swing clock, marked Horolovar Co. Bronxville, NY made in Germany, Pat Oct. 9, 1883, Jerome and Co. West Germany. Size; 10"H, 6 1/4"W, 3"D. Condition: some wear, sold as is. 150 - 300
1613 PR. OVAL SWING CLOCKS. N/R. l. larger clock: Waltham key wind, carved legs, with raised base, Size: 11"H, 10 1/4"W, 3 1/4"D. Condition: sold as is. 2. smaller clock: Seth Thomas, 7 jewels, made in USA, spring wound, on squared arms, stepped base. Size: 8"H, 8"W, 3"D. condition: sold as is. 100 - 200
1614 SETH THOMAS WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind pendulum clock, bottom door for pendulum access. Round shape. Size: 16 1/2"Diam. 4 1/2"Deep. Condition: wear to metal, sold as is. 100 - 200
1615 REVERE TELECHRON CLOCK. N/R. Veneered case. Revere two chime Telechron motored mantel clock, classic humpback shape, gadrooned border on ogee feet, ribbon molding on front, drop leaf side decoration, top finial, marked Telechron Synchronous motor, Warren Telechron Co., with Canterbury and Westminster chimes. Type BC. Size: 17"H, 19 3/4"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: wear to case, replacement finial, sold as is. 200 - 400
1616 WATERBURY WALL CLOCK. N/R. Oak. Key wind pendulum clock , octagonal case for clock face, window for pendulum. Paper Label on back : Waterbury Clock Co. Waterbury, Conn. Size: 19 1/4"H, 12 1/4"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: face worn. Sold as is. 100 - 200
1617 REN. REV. STYLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Renaissance revival style, key wind pendulum , half hour strike, with incised decoration, for corinthian columns with metal capitals and bases, painted black and gold pendulum window, no marks. Size: 15 1/2"H, 14"W, 5 1/2"D. condition: one exterior column loose, back plate broken, sold as is. 100 - 200
1618 BURL VENEER MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Burled veneer, ebonized wood. Key wind, pendulum clock, 1/2 hr. strike, carved leaf top, carved bottom apron. Size: 13"H, 10 1/4"W, 5"D. Condition: wear on face plate, face plate glass missing, works have been replaced, scratches, sold as is. 100 - 200
1619 HERSCHEDE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Key wind, pendulum, half hour strike, humpback mantel clock with bird's eye maple inset decoration, silvered face, movement marked Herschede Cincinnati 72675,, back plate marked: Herschede Hall Clock Co. Cincinnati Ohio USA, Pan Pacifix International Exposition 1915 Grand Prize. Size: 8 3/4"H, 17 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: Wear to wood, sold as is. 200 - 400
1620 HAMILTON MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Keywind 1/4, 1/2, hr. chime, rotating moon plate, wooden case with brass feet, finials, handle, chimes silent, Whitt. St. Mich. Westmin. Size: 16"H, 11 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: good, some wear, sold as is. 100 - 200
1621 COTTON H/M QUILT. N/R. hand made quilt entirely hand stitched, color squares joined. Conditon: some age, wear. 200 - 400
1622 VINTAGE COTTON QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt of double wedding ring motif, entirely hand stitched. Condition: signs of wear. 200 - 400
1623 VINTAGE COTTON QUILT. N/R. Quilt of over 2000 hand made bobbins of colorful calico cotton, no backing. Condition: signs of wear and age. 200 - 400
1624 VINTAGE QUILT. N/R. Vintage silk and satin, entirely hand stichted, purple ground with six pinwheel motif. Conditon: wear,and age. 200 - 400
1625 VINTAGE CROCHET SPREAD. N/R. Ivory cotton hand crochet spread with 340 webs ( 17x20. Condition: few stitches, pulled, loose., signs of wear. 200 - 400
1626 TWO CLOCKS. N/R. (1) Seth Thomas Gilt clock, rococo base, putti shaft holding up round clock in rocaille surround, beveled glass face cover, winding mechanism. Marked: ST USA. Size: 11 1/2"H, 4 1/4"W, 3"D. Condition: gilt worn from clock, sold as is. (2) Westclox Alarm Clock, painted black metal case, raised front decoration, lined sides, stepped base. Marked Westclox La Salle Ill. USA. Size: 5 1/2"H, 4 1/4"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: paint work on case, some missing, sold as is. 40 - 80
1627 4 COPPER OBJECTS. N/R. (1) Handled pot with lid and spout, no marks. Size: 6"H, 14"W, 6 1/2"D. (2) Handled pot with spout, no marks. Size: 4"H, 8"W, 3 1/4"D. (3) Lidded pot with swing handle, no marks. Size: 6 1/2"H, 6 1/2"diam. (4) Tall grinder, marked: Original Mocca K & M. Size: 9"H, 2"Diam. Condition: all worn and with dents. 60 - 120
1628 4 PIECE COPPER TEA SET. N/R. Copper with Brass Trim. (1) Oval tray, dished center, convex hammered lozenges, brass edge and handles, no marks. Size: 1"H, 22 3/4"W, 14"D. (2) Tea pot, copper body, hammered bulbous body, brass spout, handle and top finial. Size: 9 1/2"H, 9"W, 5"D. (3) Creamer, copper body, hammered bulbous body, brass handle. Size: 6 3/4"H, 6"W, 3 3/4"D. (4) Covered sugar, copper body, hammered bulbous body, brass handle and top finial. Size: 6 3/4"H, 6 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: all have dents and scratches. No marks on any piece. 75 - 150
1629 THREE WOMEN W. GARLAND. N/R. Metal, three women stretching a garland among them to form a triangular form on triangular base. Possibly the top to an art Nouveau ceramic or glass pieces. No marks. 2 3/4"H,6 1/2"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: brown patinated finish. 50 - 150
1630 SMALL BRONZE ARAB SMOKING. Arab standing on a Persian rug smoking. Cold painted bronze. Size: 3 3/4"h, 3 1/4"W, 2"D. Condition: wear to surface, pipe is bent, wear to paint. 75 - 150
1631 ART DECO WALL BRACKET. N/R. Metal wall bracket with removable swing out round holder, figure of Pierrot holding a stringed instrument with pierced background, green patina. Marked on back "Verona" Pat. Pend. 779. Size: 11"H, 5"W, 6"D. Condition: ring bracket has some rusting.. 75 - 150
1632 54 PIECES SILVER PLATE. 54 pieces of Holmes & Edwards International Silver Co flatware,silver plate. 8 knives, 8 cream soup, 8 dinner forks, 8 salad forks, 16 teaspoons, 6 serving pieces. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1633 UMBRELLA STAND. N/R. Ceramic. Raised rose pattern umbrella stand. Size: 17 1/2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: crack and chip on top. 25 - 50
1634 9 SWING ARM GAS LIGHT FIXTURES. N/R. Metal. Four white, two green patinated, 3 dark patina. Four come with wall backet holders. Victorian pierced work decoration. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. 50 - 150
1635 METAL CANDLE SCONCES. N/R. Metal, medieval style wall sconces to hold candles. Size: 9"H, 9"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: wear and rust. 40 - 80
1636 PHOTO ALBUM. N/R. Tall velveteen-covered photo album, ca. 1900, applied metal decoration; 21 photos and cartes-de-visite. Fabric and metal worn, clasp broken; cartes-de-visite good condition. 40 - 80
1637 DEPRESSION GLASS PLATE. N/R. 2-handled pink Depression glass plate. Good condition. 20 - 40
1638 DEPRESSION GLASS PITCHERS. N/R. 2 pink Depression glass footed pitchers, raised flower & leaf design. One has chips to base; one has crack in body at handle attachment. 20 - 40
1639 ORIENTAL STYLE DAY BED. N/R. Wood. with pierced side, back rail, on oriental feet. With matress box springs, pillows, and bed spread. Size: 225 1/2"H. 78"W, 33"D. condition: good with minor wear and scratches. 100 - 300
1640 3 LAMP BASES. N/R. 1. Ceramic cylindrical lamp base, floral decoration. Good condition. 2. Pierced leaf-form metal base, spiral shaft. Some corrosion of metal base. 3. Steel lamp base, double shaft. Shows wear. 15 - 30
1641 CONVERTED OIL LAMP. N/R. Converted oil lamp, heavy milk glass stemmed base, decal of Betsy Ross on glass shade.Very good condition. 40 - 80
1642 OIL LAMP. N/R. Oil lamp, clear glass pedestal base, floral decals on ribbed milk glass shade; clear chimney. Very good condition. 40 - 80
1643 CONVERTED OIL LAMP. N/R. Converted oil lamp, square iron base, hand-painted pedestal, hobnail glass shade; clear chimney. Very good condition. 50 - 100
1644 CLOISSONNE VASE. N/R. Metal. Cloissonne enamel vase cylindrical shape, front cartouche of vases and flowers set in dark blue field, light blue interior, decorated top and bottom edge, with wooden base. Size: vase 10"H, 4 1/2"Diam. condition: good. 100 - 0
1645 TWO MEISSEN CUPS & SAUCERS Applied floral decoration, graduated sizes. Condition: major losses over the cups and saucers, chips on flowers and leaves, losses of vine decoration. 75 - 125
1646 THREE PORCELAIN FIGURINES. N/R. Porcelain. 1. Seated Girl with doll, marked Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, , 1938. Size: 5"H. Condition: good. 2. Spanish girl with oranges, marked LLadro, 4841. Size: 6 3/4"H. Condition: head has been broken and reattached. Girl with flower, marked LLadro, 5375. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: flower in girl's hand is broken something in other hand may be broken as well.. 75 - 150
1647 4 PCS., MISC. LOT. N/R. 1. Oval wood tray, metal feet & rail & centre medallion; 3"H, 22"W, 15"D. Shows some wear. 2. & 3. Rectangular silverplated ashtrays, "Made in England," decorative rims. Very good. 4. Silverplate tripod stand holding mismatched pressed glass bowl; good condition. 25 - 50
1648 BRASS BUCKET. N/R. Wide-mouth handled brass bucket. Good condition. 30 - 60
1649 NO LOT 0 - 0
1650 NO LOT 0 - 0
1651 NO LOT 0 - 0
1652 PAIR BRASS CANDLESTICKS. Brass. Pair of footed candlesticks with push up botton in bottom to lift candle from holder. Sie: 9 1/2"H, 4"Diam. at base. Condition: finish worn. 75 - 150
1653 TWO JENNINGS METAL BOXES. (1) Lidded box with Egyptian style draped female smoking a cigarette, water and floral pattern sides and top, marked J.B. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: finish tarnished. (2) Lidded metal box with scene from antiquity on the lid, warrior and women, side decoration frieze of classical design elements, blue velvet lining, marked J.B. Size: 2 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: finish worn. 300 - 400
1654 AMBER GLASS JEWEL BOX. Five sided box of pentagonal shaped beveled amber glass, brass filigree joins, hinged lid, ball feet, velvet studded interior. Size: 4"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 60 - 120
1655 BONE OVAL LIDDED BOX. Pieced bone oval box, brass inlaid decoration, brass hinge, blue velvet lining. Size: 2 3/4"H, 6"W, 3"D. Condition: good. 50 - 75
1656 HAIR RECEIVER. Pressed glass hair receiver with silver plate lid, ground bottom, from dresser set. No marks. Size: 3 1/4"H, 4 1/2"D. Condition, plating is worn. glass good. 50 - 75
1658 JEWELRY BOX. Wooden box with brass decoration and locks, ivory inset panel in lid, blue silk lining, brass locking pieces in box. Size: 3 1/2"H, 7"W, 4 1.2"D. Condition: minor wear. 75 - 100
1659 PICKLE CASTER. Silver plate pickle caster, footed stand with looped handle, embossed grape pattern on handle, cut glass container with metal lid. Marked: Hartford Plate. Size: 9 1/2"H, 4"D. Glass container and spoon are replacement. Metal finish worn. 100 - 150
1660 PERSIAN CARPET. N/R. Persian carpet, approx. 7'x 4'4". 4th quarter of 20th century. excellent condition. 100 - 200
1661 PERSIAN MIR RUNNER. N/R. Persian Mir runner, approx. 11'6" X 2'7". 4th quarter pf 20th century. Excellent condition. 60 - 120
1662 PERSIAN CARPET. N/R. Persian carpet, approx. 6'4" x 4'11". 3rd. quarter of 20th century. 100 - 200
1664 ERSARI RUG. N/R. Ersari rug, approx. 5'4" x 3'10". 1st. quarter of 20th century. Shows some wear. 75 - 100
1665 KILIM RUNNER. N/R. Kilim runner, approx. 19'5" x 3'10". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 60 - 120
1666 PERSIAN BIDJAR (?) CARPET. N/R. Approx. 6'7" x 4'10". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 100 - 200
1667 TRIBAL SUMAC. N/R. Tribal sumac rug, approx. 8'4" x 4'9". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 100 - 200
1668 PERSIAN HERATI CARPET. N/R. Persian Herati carpet, approx. 6'5" x 4'1". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 100 - 200
1669 PERSIAN BIDJAR CARPET. N/R. Persian Bidjar carpet, approx. 9'8" x 6'1". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 150 - 200
1670 BAKHTIARI GARDEN CARPET. N/R. Bakhtiari garden carpet, approx. 9'9" x 5'5". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 125 - 200
1671 ORIENTAL GEOMETRIC CARPET. N/R. Geometric Oriental carpet, approx. 7'3" x 4'4". 4th quarter of 20th century. Some wear. 100 - 150
1672 PERSIAN CARPET. N/R. Persian carpet, approx. 4'6" x 3'1". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 75 - 100
1673 PERSIAN MIR CARPET. N/R Persian Mir carpet, approx. 7'4" x 4'8". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 100 - 125
1674 PERSIAN MIR CARPET. N/R. Persian Mir carpet, approx. 4'9" x 2'4". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 50 - 100
1675 PERSIAN KASHAN RUNNER. N/R. Persian Kashan runner, approx. 12'2" x 2'7". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 60 - 120
1676 PERSIAN CARPET. N/R. Persian carpet, approx. 3'8" x 3'4". 19th century. Worn, but still attractive. 100 - 125
1677 PERSIAN KASHAN CARPET. N/R. Persian Kashan carpet, approx. 12'11" x 9'2". 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 200 - 400
1678 PERSIAN KASHAN CARPET. N/R. Persian Kashan carpet, approx. 10'4" x 8'2". 4th quarter of 20th century. Two mold spots. 200 - 400
1679 PERSIAN MESHED CARPET. N/R. Persian meshed carpet, approx. 10'4" x 7'. 4th quarter of 20th century. Excellent condition. 0 - 0
1680 PR. ECCLES.CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Brass. Ecclesiastical candlesticks, hexagonal base, incised decoration, hexagonal shaft, hexagonal top, lacquered brass finish. (This type is still available in retail shops $400.00 each.) Size: 24"H, 7 1/2"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear and scratches, especially on top. 200 - 400
1681 LEADED GLASS LAMP. N/R. Metal round raised base, bulbous stem, metal cap and finial. Carmel slag glass shade with rectangular red and green mottled glass highlights set in border. Size: 21"H, 9"Diam. base, shade 16"Diam. Condition: wear on base, glass good. 100 - 300
1682 BRASS DESK LAMP W. SHADE. N/R. Brass adjustable lamp with irridescent glass shade, shade in gold and pink tones, not marked. Size: lamp 18"H, shade 4 1/2"H, 5"Diam. Condition: metal worn, glass good. 50 - 100
1683 DECO STYLE FIGURAL LAMP. N/R. Cast metal, gold finish, reclining woman supporting light fixture, blow glass shade, mottled colors.Reproduction. Size: 11"H, 10 1/2"W, 5"D. Shade: 5'H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: like new, sold as is. 30 - 60
1684 DECO STYLE FIGURAL LAMP. N/R. Cast metal reclining female figure, dark patina, supporting a blown glass shade, pink and orange tones. Reproduction. Size: 19 1/4"H, 10 1/2"W. 5"D. Shade 4 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: New sold as is. 30 - 60
1685 DECO STYLE EAGLE LAMP. N/R. Cast metal lamp base, stylized eagle with suspended art glass shade, shade in gold irridescent colors. Reproduction. Size: 18 1/2"H, 10"W, 5 1/2"D. Shade 5"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. Sold as is. 40 - 80
1686 DECO STYLE EAGLE LAMP. N/R. Cast metal base, stylized eagle with suspended shade, shade in the reverse painting style, but painted and relief on outside of shade, a cottage scene with trees. Reproduction. Size: 18 1/2"H, 10"W, 5 1/2"D. Shade is 5 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Condition: good. Sold as is. 40 - 80
1687 PR. DALE TIFFANY LAMPS. N/R. Pair leaded glass boudoir size lamps, leaded glass shades, pink, yellow, green floral design, pot metal tree trunk base. Made by Dale Tiffany Co. Size: 13 1/2"H, shade 6"H, 8"Diam. Condition: new from box, sold as is. 40 - 80
1688 GONE WITH THE WIND LAMP. N/R. Oil lamp converted to electricity, metal fittings, red glass base and globe, clear and frosted red glass with raised iris design, lamp marked: Made in the US of America. Size: 26"H with globe, globe 10 1/2"H, 11"Diam. Condition: minor wear, could be reproduction. 100 - 200
1689 BLUE CERAMIC LAMP BASE. N/R. Two light lamp, blue ceramic cylindrial base, blue glass finial, no shade. Size: 25"H, 5"Diam. 3 1/2:Diam. ring for shade. Condition: metal worn, signs of wear. 40 - 80
1691 2 ARAB METAL OBJECTS. N/R. (1) Arabic jeweled brass traveling ink stand, 19thc. rectangular form, one side embellished with applied metal filigree, attached inkwell, blue and red stone decoration, long section to hold writing instrument. Size: 1 3/4"H, 10 1/4"L, 2 1/2"D. Condition: filigree missing, stones missing, major dents in metal. (2) Copper pot, lidded with applied and hammered decoration, dragon side decorations, removable lid. Size: 10 1/4"H, 9"w, 5 1/2"D. Condition: chain linking lid with handle needs reattached, minor wear. 75 - 150
1692 PR. GINGER JAR LAMPS. N/R. Pair of gilt ceramic ginger jar shaped lamps with shades, hexagonal black pedestal support for gilt ginger jars with painted flower and leaf decoration. Size: lamp 31"H, 10"W, 10"D. Shades 12"H, 19"Diam. Condition: minor wear to lamp bases, shades have torn linings. 50 - 100
1693 MYFORD & DOUG HILLS SCULPTURES. N/R. (1) abstract aluminum oval form sculpture on plastic base with felt bottom. Signed Myford. Size: base 5"X 3 3/4", sculpture 11"H, 8"W, 1 3/4"D. Condition: minor pitting in metal, base scratched. (2) aluminum cast metal sculpture with cast stone base, a pair of split heads with wing like protrusions, constrasting smooth exteriors with rough interior surfaces, marked under base: Doug Hills, slippery Rock State College. Size: base 2"H, 11 1/2"W, 11 1/2"D. Sculpture: 10 1/2"H, 13 1/2"W, 14"D. Condition: minor pitting of metal, wear and scratches on stone base, sculptures loose in base. 200 - 400
1694 PAIR FIGURINE LAMPS. N/R. (1) Ceramic 18th C. style couple on metal base, no shade. Size: 11 1/2"H. Condition: figures good, metal worn. (2) Pair of ceramic 18th c. style figures on one metal base, no shade. Size: 19"H. Conditon: figures good, base worn. 20 - 40
1695 LAMP WITH ASIAN FIGURE. N/R. Ceramic Figure of Asian on lotus holding a fish basket, on metal base with ceramic painted finial. Not Marked. Size: lamp 30 1/2"H, figure 13"H. Condition: metal worn, top of figure has minor wear and damage. 30 - 60
1696 ART CRAFT LAMP BASE. N/R. Cast metal base, handled urn shape with raised floral decoration, has finial but no harp, marked" Art Craft Products Co. Chicago". Size: 15"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1697 ARTS & CRAFTS METAL LAMP. N/R. metal stylized leaf base with petaled holder for light fixture, conical shaped metal hanging hood. Brown patina, no marks. Size: 10 1/4"H, 6"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear, old wiring. 50 - 100
1698 2 GLASS OIL LAMPS. N/R. Glass functioning oil lamps, marked #2 Queen Anne, with clear glass chimneys with a white frieze of classical ornaments including ribbons, wreaths and torches. Size: 13"H with chimneys, 5 1/2" diam. lamps. Condition: chimneys are replacements, some dried oil and real oil in the lamps. 40 - 80
1699 NO LOT 0 - 0
1700 NO LOT 0 - 0
1701 METAL PELICANS. N/R. Seven pieces including six assorted vintage metal pelicans and one iron duck. Two are mounted on marble. Two are Signed: seated brass pelican signed "Nelles" and smalled brass pelican signed "St. Petersburg, Fla. Florida".Others are unsigned. Sizes range from 2"H to 4"H. Condition: no chips cracks or other detractions. 50 - 100
1702 WOODEN PELICAN & FISH. N/R. Two pieces, the wall mount pelican within a ship's preserver, and the wall mounted fish hand incised and painted in pale aqua and pink. Pelican 19"H, 15 1/2"Diam. Fish 12"L. Conditon: no chips, cracks or paint loss. 25 - 50
1703 JAMAICAN WOODEN SCULPTURE. N/R. Unsigned. Head of a bald Jamaican bearded man carved from one piece of hardwood.Size: 12"H, 6"Diam. at base. Condition: age cracks. 25 - 50
1704 WOODEN PELICAN HAND CARVED. N/R. Unsigned. Standing pelican carved from one piece of hardwood. Polished 9 1/2"H, 4 1/2"W. Condition: no chipscracks or other detractions. 25 - 50
1705 Artist signed on base in pencil. "Colored Heheya and Bertreder" standing figure painted in white, black, red, turquoise, with white feather hat, round base. 14"H, Condition: no cracks, or chips, excellent. 100 - 200
1706 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS. N/R. Four vintage baskets and one extra finely woven lid. The baskets are of various materials including porcupine quilles, birch bar and sweet grass. conditon: there is wear to these baskets with quills missing, and handle broken on the wooden basket weave round box. 25 - 35
1707 R.NEFF. CARVED PELICAN. N/R. Dated verso 1992. Hand carved wooden pelican fitted for hanging, artist signed "Richard K. Neff: Hand painted highlights in ivory mauve, and green signed by artist "Blanche Neff". Glass eyes, Size: 21"H. 7"W. Condition: no chips, cracks or other detractions. 20 - 30
1708 CHRISTMAS NUTCRACKERS. N/R. Collection of seven, 20th c. Polychrome wood. Condition :one with paint loss. 0 - 0
1709 OLD NEON BEER SIGN. N/R. 21"h, 25"w, 6"d. 100 - 200
1710 RUPPERT KNICKERBOCKER SIGN. N/R. sIZE; 12"h, 24"w, 6"d. 100 - 200
1711 BALLENTINE ELECTRIC SIGN. N/R. Vintage, works. 37"W,7"H, 4"D. Sold as is. 25 - 50
1712 STANDING FLOOR MAGNIFIER. N/R. Illuminated wtih adjustable arm, works. 60"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1713 BROWN GLASS BEER BOTTLE. N/R. The Victor Brewing Co. Jeannette, Pa. Conditoin: label losses. size 20"H. 25 - 50
1714 6 VINTAGE HORSE BRASSES. N/R. Collection of six purchased as vintage from antique dealers in England in the c. 1975. Includes (1) seated greyhound, (2) windmilll (3) seated cat, (4) Jenny Jnes) (5) Longshi[ps lighthouse Land's end (6) a snowflake. Size: vary from 2 3/4" to 3 3/4"diam. Condition: worn. 50 - 150
1715 CAST CONCRETE PELICAN. N/R. 20TH C good appearance, some imperfections. size; 21"H. 25 - 50
1716 RADIO SHACK REMOTE. N/R. With camera, works. 20 - 40
1717 PAIR OF SUBWOOFERS,; N/R. 1997 model SUB 40V Cherry veneer cabinet, curved corners, flush back fabric grill. 0 - 0
1718 SONY 36" COLOR TV. N/R Trinitron color tv. manufactures in Jan. 1997. Model 35V35 with remote. Condition: sold as is. 0 - 0
1719 RCA 32" TV WITH CABINET. N/R. Model 32645 Manufactured in Jan. 2000, works with remote. sold as is. 0 - 0
1721 SONY 32" COLOR TV N/R. sold as is. 0 - 0
1722 SONY 27' TV. N/R. MANUFACTURED in Dec. 1996. Model #KV-27520. with remote, black case. works. sold as is. 0 - 0
1723 KENMORE PORTABLE DISHWASHER. N/R. Gray top, white enamel front and sides. works perfectly, Size; 36"H, 27"D, 19"W. sold as is. 0 - 0
1724 DAEWOOD MICROWAVE OVEN. N/R. Daewoo Ewave 1.3 cubic feet capacity. White enamel finish. with instruction booklet. 0 - 0
1725 AMUSEMENT CLAW MACHINE. N/R. "kramer Krane" with dozens of extra soft toys, Condition: very good, works, Size: 78"H, 26"W. 200 - 400
1727 KNAPP MONARCH REDI-BAKER. N/R. VINTAGE, works. 5 1/2":H. 7 1/7"W, 11"D. Sold as is. 10 - 20
1728 HAMILTON BEACH VINTAGE MIXER. N/R. Vintage, does not work. 14"H, Sold as is. 10 - 20
1729 JVC 27" COLOR TV. N/R. Manufactured in Oct. 1991. Model #AV 27819 black case. Works. sold as is. 0 - 0
1730 NO LOT 0 - 0
1731 NO LOT 0 - 0
1732 PR. OF ARTIFICIAL PLANTS. N/R. 20th c. 6-7ft. plans in large fabricated decorative pots. Condition: very good. 0 - 0
1733 VARIOUS CAMPING EQUIPMENT. N/R. Includes a Colman lantern, a Colman stove, a ding canopy, etc. conditin good. 100 - 200
1734 FOUR IRON DOORSTOPS. N/R. 3 late 20th c. One vintage, but repainted. two matching tulip bouquets, a basket and a sheep. Conditon: good. 75 - 150
1735 VINTAGE SHEET MUSIC (225) PIECES. N/R. Approx. 225. pieces. Most are from the 30's and 40's a few from the 50's and 60's nearly all have colorful covers or photos of the singer. Early photos of Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Glen Miller, Wayne King, Paul Whiteman, Maurice Chevalier, Frances Langford, Rudy Vallee, Guy Lombardo, et al. Only a couple of "black and White covers" Condition: many but not all have written signatures of original owners. 100 - 200
1738 REED & BARTON VINEGRETTE. N/R. Silver plate with five cut glass vessels. Loop handle, center holder with Renaissance style frieze of putti, birds, and drapery on round slanted base. Three shaker topped glass vessels, two glass stopper topped glass vessels, each with cut and acid etched decoration, bottom marked #3410, mfd & plated by Reed & Barton. Size: 13 1/2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. each glass vessel 7"H. Condition: Silver worn, two shaker topped vessels good, one shaker topped vessel has chip in base,one stopper topped vessel has neck repair and two chips on rim, one stopper topped vessel has section of rim missing, and other chips to the rim. 50 - 100
1739 PR. STERLING CANDELABRA.n/r. Sterling. Pair of three light table candelabra, urn shaped cups, dished bobeches, outscrolled threaded arms, tapered foliated and beaded standard, terminating on circular stepped weighted base, marked "M" Sterling, reinforced with cement and steel #349", Mandalian Silver Co. Size: 7 3/4"H, 10"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: denting where standard attaches to base on both candelabra. 150 - 350
1740 PR. STERLING COMPOTES. N/R. Sterling. circular shape, scalloped gadroon rim, pierced guilloche border, dished interior, terminating on tapered baluster standard with stepped dome weighted base,marked sterling: Size: 6 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. each. Condition: dents in bases and dents in bowls. 60 - 120
1741 3 STERLING TRUMPET VASES. N/R. Sterling. (1) circular scalloped flared rim, tapered body, terminating on circular step weighted base, M. Fred Hirsch #07,Marked H Sterling 07. Size: 7 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Condition: dents in base, stem and top. (2) Tapered cylindrical shape, with flared gadroon rim, plain body, terminating on circular stepped gadroon weighted bass, marked "Lord Silver Inc. Sterling, Weighted".Size: 8"H. Condition: Dents in base, dents on body, dents in top rim. (3) Tapered cylindrical shape, plain body, terminating on circular weighted base, marked International Silver #7618. Size: 8"H. Condition: Dents on base and body, badly dented on top. 70 - 140
1742 3 PIECES STERLING. N/R. (1) Sterling footed compote, circular shape, molded gadroon rim, dished and threaded interior, terminating on circular stepped weighted base, Marked sterlin #151. Size: 3"H, 6"Diam. Condition: minor dents on lower rim, minor dents in body. (2,3) pair low table candelsticks, urn shape grease cups, short knop standard, terminating on ring decorated weighted base, marked sterling, #103. Size: 3 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. condition: minor dents on rims. 50 - 100
1743 STERLING SUGAR & CREAMER. N/R. Sterling. Footed sugar and creamer, globular shape, with molded rim, band decorated body with arched threaded handles, ending on weighted base.Marked Sterling 532. Size:3 1/4"H. 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: Creamer: dented base, dents in bowl, Sugar: dents on lower rim, dents in bowl, bent handle. 30 - 60
1744 3 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1)Sterling bon bon dish, circular shape, molded rim, pierced guilloche border, dished interior, marked Webster Sterling 2706. Size: 7"H. weight 3 1/2oz. Condition: minor wear. (2) Sterling cake plate, circular shape, molded gadroon rim, pierced guilloche decorated border, dished interior, marked sterling. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: Wear, dented area. (3) Sterling footed compote, circular shape, with molded foliate rim, pierced guilloche border, with interupted scroll decoration, baluster standard, terminating on circular stepped weighted base.Marked Mandalian Silver Sterling #668. Size: 5 3/4"H, 6 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor dents in lower rim. 250 - 500
1745 GORHAM & KIRK STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1) Kirk repousse coaster, marked S. Kirk & Sons, Sterling #24. Size: 4"Diam. Condition: minor pitting. (2) Kirk two tine fork, marked S. Kirk & Sons Sterling. Size: 4 1/2"L. Condition: good. (3,4) Gorham Salt and pepper shakers, marked Gorham Sterling 1178. Condition: minor dents. (5). Gorham sugar sifter spoon, marked Gorham Sterling Pat. Size: 4 5/8"L. condition: good. (6), Gorham pickle fork, marked Gorham Sterling Pat. Size: 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. 100 - 250
1746 12 STERLING FOOTED CUPS. N/R. Sterling. 12 footed cups (sherbert cups?) all marked sterling, all 12 are not a perfect match, several slightly different size. Average size 2 1/2"H. Condition: most have minor dents. 100 - 300
1747 13 STERLING & GLASS COASTERS. N/R. Sterling. (8) Monogramed "T" coasters, raised glass decorated centers, marked: Frank M. Whiting & Co. Sterling, 04.Pat.Pend. Condition: good.some wear. (5) coasters with pierced side bands in sterling with cut glass centers, marked Sterling and W with arrow. Condition: good, some wear. 30 - 50
1748 17 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (11) individual sterling table ash trays: 2- oval shape, marked International Sterling, 2 circular beaded, ring decorated, marked Farmington, Sterling, 2 circular, monogramed, marked MFH sterling, 2 plain round, marked sterling, 2 straight gadroon decorated, marked Fisher Sterling, 1 engraved with armorial crest, marked sterling. (1) cigarette urn, side handles with gadroon rim, marked Columbia Silver Co. Sterling. Size: 2 3/4"H. (2) cigarette urns with beaded top rim and beaded base, one monogramed "M", marked Farmington Sterling. Size: 3"H.each (1) sterling low candlestick, marked sterling. (1) sterling low candlestick, marked sterling. (1) sterling rimmed round black plastic tray, marked "Birks Sterling". Size: 14Diam. Condition: ashtrays show some wear, handled cigarette urn has major dents, all other pieces have minor dents. 100 - 200
1749 4 STERLING CANDLESTICKS. N/R. (1) Pair of sterling candlesticks, gadrooned base and top, marked Sterling 905, weighted reinforced. Size: 3 1/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. Condition: dents in rims and bases. (2) Pair of sterling candlesticks, decorated base and top, Marked: :Lamerie Sterling 900, weighted reinforced. With added cut glass hurricane shaded with sterling inserts. Marked Sterling. Size: 3 1/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. 10 1/2"H with shades. 50 - 150
1750 20 PIECES MISC. STERLING. N/R. Sterling forks and spoons, inculdes teaspoons, slotted spoons, pickle forks, dessert forks, one soup spoon, various makers, Size: 5-7"L. Condition: Worn, a few w. minor damage. 25 - 50
1751 3 COVERED CHAFING DISHES. N/R. (1) Footed chafing dish with burner and pyrex glass insert and handled lid. Size: 8 1/2"H, 17"W, 9"D. Condition: insert not original, minor wear. (2) Footed chafing dish with pyrex insert and handled lid. Size: 7 1/2"H, 17"W, 9"D. Condition: insert not original, minor wear. (3) Footed chafing dish with pyrex insert and handled lid. Size: 8 1/2"H, 19"W, 10"D. Condition: insert not original, minor wear. 40 - 80
1752 2 COVERED SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Handled chafing dish with burner, platform with burner on three raised legs, turned wooden handle, lid with handle. Size: 11"H, 12"W, 20"D. Condition: signs of wear. (2) Electric Silver plated covered warming dish, with tree and well, marked Eton Silver Co. 120 voltes AC Only, with cord. Size: 10"H, 18"W, 13"D. condition: signs of wear. 30 - 60
1753 3 COVERED SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Oval covered server, gadroon sides with center medallions, two handles lid, Marked Community Plate "Georgian". Size: 3 1/2"H, 9 1/2"W, 14 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. (2) Rectangular covered server, grape design border, two handled lid, divided dish interior, marked Wm. A.Rogers Old English Reproduction, S P Copper 6141. Size: 3"H, 12"W, 10"D. Condition: Signs of wear. (3) Rectangular Covered server with bun feet, scalloped edge, lid with ornate handle, sits inside rectangular footed base with burner. Marked M Crown CSC. Size: 11 1/2"H, 16 1/2"W. 10 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1754 4 S/P BEADED EDGE PIECES. N/R. (1) Waste bowl, silver plate, ovoid shape, w. scalloped beaded rim, applied scrolled handles, lobe decorated body, monogramed, terminating on molded scrolled and pierced base with ooutscrolled legs, marked: Adelphia Silver Plate Co. N.Y. Quadruple Plate. Size: 4"H, 7 1/2"W, 3 3/4"D. (2) Creamer, silver plate, ovoid shape, w. scalloped beaded rim, applied scrolled handles, lobe decorated body, monogramed, terminating on molded scrolled and pierced base with outscrolled legs, marked: Adelphia Silver Plate Co. N.Y. Quadruple Plate. Size: 4"H, 7"W, 3 1/2"D. (3) covered sugar, silver plate, ovoid shape, w. scalloped beaded rim, applied scrolled handles, lobe decorated body, monogramed, terminating on molded scrolled and pierced base with outscrolled legs. Marked: Adelphia Silver Plate Co. N.Y. Quadruple Plate. Size: 5 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W, 4 1/2"D. (4) Silver plate footed bowl, beaded rim and top edge, marked James W. Tufts, Boston, Quadruple Plate 4504. Size: 3 1/4"H, 6 1/4"D. Condition: all show signs of wear, scratches. 100 - 200
1755 3 SILVER PLATE SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Oval covered server, gadroon border with center medallions, lid with leaf decoration, gadrooned handles, marked: SP Copper with incised Urn. Size: 5 1/2"H, 10 3/4"W, 8 1/4"D. Conditoin: signs of wear. (2) Round serving tray, gadrooned edge, band of bright work decoration center monogram, Marked: EPC 071. Size: 14 1/2"Diam. 1"H. Condition: signs of wear. (3) Footed round tray with scrolled end, fleur de lis feet, pie crust dished interior with incised decoration. marked Wallace 1116. Size: 1 1/2"H, 16"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 150
1756 5 SILVER PLATE PIECES. N/R. (1) Silver plate gravy boat, three pad feet, scalloped edge, C scroll handle. Marked Made in England, Regis Plated E.P. N.S. Hand Soldered N1-206 5/8 pint. Size: 4 1/2"H, 7"L 4"W. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. (2) Silver plate oval underplate for gravy boat. Marked Made in England, Regis Plated E.P.N.S. 5/8pint. Size: 1/2"H, 7 5/8"W, 5 3/8"W. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. (3) Silver plate oval tray, rolled edge, dished interior, bright work decoration, marked: EPCA Poole Silver Co. Taunton Mass 2500. Size: 1/2"H, 11 1/2"W, 7"D. Condition: signs of wear, plate badly worn, scratches. (4) Silver plate oval tray, gadrooned edge, marked L.B.S. Co. 932, Superfine with Hallmarks. Size: 1/2"H, 11 3/8"W, 17 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear, scratchs. (5) Silver plate oval tray, diamond leaf border, dished interior, two open handles, marked: Gorham Y949 22 1/4". Size: 1"H, 16"W, 22 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. 100 - 200
1757 ENGLISH S/P SERVING TRAY. N/R. Silver Plate rectangular shape, serving tray, four shell feet, scrolled handle with acanthus decoration, molded straight gadroon rim, interior, bright etch decoration of shell and foliate decoration, monogramed reserve, monogram "G". marked "Made in England" Size: 1"H, 16"W, 22 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. 100 - 200
1758 FOOTED SERVICE TRAY S/P.N/R. Silver plate rectangular shaped service tray, scallop threaded and shell decorated rim, plain border, arched scroll handles, interior bright etched decoration of flowers and foliate and shell motifs, marked W.S. B. McKinton Victoria 130. Size: 1 1/2"H, 28"W, 17 1/2"D. condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
1759 4 S/P SHELL SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Large shell with candle stick mount on handle, two paw feet, silver plate Marked: Sheridan Fine Silverplate.. Size: 3 1/2"H, 12 1/2"L, 10"W. Condition: signs of wear. (2) Small silver plate shell dish, handle with armorial mark.Marked: Shamrock with three star hallmark, "Made in England. Size: 1"H, 5"W, 5"D. Condition: signs of wear. (3) Small silver plate shell dish on three ball feet. marked: Lead Mts. E.P. Copper 751. Size: 1"H, 5"W, 4 3/4"W. Condition: signs of wear. (4) Silver plate shell shaped dish, with monogram handle, marked: Elkington Plate 8561 L. Size: 3/4"H, 5"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
1760 17 SILVER PLATE PIECES. N/R. (1) Twelve silver plate bread & butter dishes, threaded border, faint mark, Size: 6 "Diam. Condition: signs of wear. (2) one silver plate bread tray, floral pierced handle, center border medallions, marked: "Eternally Yours" 1847 Rogers Bros. IS E P N S 9719. Size: 1"H, 14"W. 7 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. (3) one silver plate baroque style footed bowl, marked F B Rogers Silverplate. Size: 3 1/2"H, 5"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. (4) Silver plate Revere bowl, maker: J. Starvish, Hampton Falls, N.H. Size: 2 3/4"H, 4 1/8"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. (5) Silver plate Revere Bowl, marked : Reed & Barton 102. Size: 2 3/4"H, 5 1/4"D. Condition: signs of wear. (6) Silver plate Revere Bowl, marked: Paul Revere Reproduction, Oneida Silversmiths. Size: 2"H, 4"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 30 - 60
1761 6 METAL SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Vase with hammered decoration, no marks. Size: 10"H, 4 3/4"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. (2) Silver plate ladle, fluted bowl, marked A E Lewis & Co. Sheffield England "Floraine". Size: 15"L. Condition: signs of wear. (3) Silver plate meat carving fork, noo marks. Size: 9 1/2"L. Condition: signs of wear. (4) Silver Plate salad fork/spoon combo, marked: F.B.Rogers, Silverplate Italy. Size: 9 1/2"L. Condition: signs of wear. (5) Round pierced serving plate, marked Krome Kraft Faber Bros. N.Y. Size: 10"Ddiam. Condition: signs of wear. (6) Rectangular footed dish wth pierced work rim, marked: Yeoman Plate EPNS made in England. Size: 2"H, 12"W, 9"D. Condition: signs ofwear. 20 - 40
1762 30 PIECES SILVER PLATE. N/R. Silver plate ladles, pickle forks, souvenir spoons, sugar spoons, etc. various makers, various sizes, all plate. Condition: signs of wear and damage to some pieces. 20 - 40
1763 SILVER PLATE TEA SET. N/R. 7 piece silver plate set, all with scrolled handles, bulbous ribbed body, floral finial, marked :Silver on Copper, BSC Reg. Set consists of:(1) Footed teapot w. hinged lid. Size: 10 1/2"H, 10"W, 6"D. (2) Footed Creamer. Size: 6"H, 6"W, 4"D.(3) Footed Coffee pot with hinged lid. Size: 11"H, 11"W, 6"D. (4) Footed sugar with lid. Size: 7 1/2"H, 7"W, 4"D. (5) Footed waste bowl. Size: 5"H, 4 1/4"W, 4 1/4"D. (6) Footed hot water urn with heating element. Size: 16"H, 10"W, 9"D. (7) footed handled tray with cut work decoration and pierced border decoration. Size: 1 1/2"H, 30"W, 19"D. Condition: all pieces in good condition. 150 - 300
1764 AUSTRIAN TEA & COFFEE SET. N/R. 5 piece silver plate set, early 20th c. pear shaped with engine-turned decoration, monogramed OE, Marked: Art Krupp Berndorf. Set consists of Tea pot, coffee pot, mocha pot, hot water pot, cream jug. Size: Tea pot 6 1/2"H, 0"W, 5"D. Condition: interior stains. Coffee pot: 8"H, 8"W, 4"D. Condition: exterior staining, interior stains, handle loose. Mocha pot: 5 1/2"H, 5"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: interior staining. Hot Water Pot: 6 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: interior staining. Cream Jug: 3"H, 4 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 300
1765 8 PIECES MISC. SILVER. N/R. 1. Sterling egg cup, 3 3/4"H. 2. Sterling miniature funnel, 3 1/2"L. 3. sterling footed dish, 2"H, 3"Diam. 4. silver plated tray. 5. silver plate footed gravy boat. 6. silver plated demi tasse spoon. 7. Insico pewter ash tray. 8. Enameled handled brass cup made in China. condition: all with signs of wear, tarnishing. 40 - 80
1766 2 VICTORIAN NAPKIN RINGS. N/R. (1) Chick with broken egg shell, inscribed "Best Wishes RJR". Marked: Rogers & Bro Triple Plate 335. Size: 2"H, 3"W, 2"D. Condition: plate worn. (2) Squirrel pulling a ring, ring with incised decoration, no marks. Size: 2"H, 3 1/2"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: plate worn. 40 - 80
1767 2 ART DECO CHROME PIECES. N/R. (1) Penguin Hot / Cold Server, designed by Alfred F. Ramsthal, revised by R. N. Kirchner, 1941 design, marked West Bend Co., West Bend, Wisc. Made in U.S.A. Pat. Size: 8"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. (2) Footed compote. Chrome and plastic, low bowl with notched edge, round raised base, fluted plastic column, marked :Farberware, Brooklyn, N.Y. Size: 4"H, 10"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1768 METAL LAMPS AFTER ANTIQUE. N/R. (1) Brass three light oil lamp, after antique, with shield and implements.Size: 14"H, 4"Diam. (2) Bronze finger lamp, looped wire handle, end of double eagle cartouche, hinged cover with double eagle cartouche. Size: 2 1/2"H, 4 1/2"W, 2 1/2"D. (3)Hanging oil lamp, metal, suspended from chain. Size: 4 1/2"H, 7"W, 3"D.Chain is 7"L. Condition: all show signs of wear. 50 - 150
1769 CHROME TUMBLER CARRIER N/R. Chrome carrier holds a small glass inside that pops up when two side buttons are depressed. Carrier is marked "Baldwin's Tumbler Carrier; Boston, Mass. Patents Pending". Condition: glass is chipped at the bottom; carrier has some dings. 10 - 20
1770 THIRTEEN STAR AMERICAN FLAG N/R. Condition: material is stained in places. 25 - 50
1771 ASSORTED POLITICAL BUTTONS N/R. Collection of political pins from presidential, state and local elections spanning decades. 25 - 50
1772 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS N/R. Lot includes a wind-up wooden music box with a painted lake scene on top; two pen knives with wooden handles; two metal butter molds; a tin marked "Will you help to repay our debt to France?" and an African snakeskin from Kenya. 25 - 50
1773 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS N/R. Lot includes a Poor Richard's Almanac reproduced from the 1700's; a small silver heart with a published reward for its return from 1900; two boot hooks (one sterling); a poison heart locket; a sample perfume bottle; and tickets from the 1840's. 25 - 50
1774 TINTYPES & CARTE VISTAS N/R. Collection includes tintypes, carte vistas, and prints; all are unframed. 20 - 40
1775 NEWSPAPER HEADLINES N/R. Lot includes newspaper headlines from local, national and international historical events. Highlights include the Pittsburgh flood of 1936; War headlines from 1944, and King Edward's abdication in 1936 among many others. Also includes a land deed from 1837 and a pack of old playing cards. 10 - 20
1776 ASSORTED METAL PIECES N/R. Lot includes small metal posts and miscellaneous pieces. Also, a small iron shaped trivet and small hanging oil lamp. 20 - 40
1777 STEREOPTICAN & CARDS N/R. Lot consists of a wooden stereoptican and viewing cards depicting persons, places and things of interest. 50 - 75
1778 TWO BOOKS N/R. One book is an Automobile Club of Pittsburgh Tour Book with local routes and a key map published in 1928. The other is a Webster's Countinghouse Dictionary of the English Language (copyright 1896). Condition: the tour book is good; the dictionary is falling apart. 10 - 20
1779 ASSORTED STAMPS & LETTERS N/R. Lot includes stamp albums from the 1920's; U.S. postage stamp information books; and Civil War era letters as well as stamps from virtually every decade. Also, includes assorted post cards. 20 - 40
1780 CHILD'S TEA SET N/R. The set includes the following: one teapot, two serving platters, one serving dish, one pitcher and three cups and saucers. THe china set is unmarked and has a floral pattern. Condition: good except the serving dish has two small chips. 25 - 50
1781 AZTEC NECKLACE N/R. Necklace was found by explorers Zimmerman and Holmes of the National Museum in Washington, D.C. in 1923. 50 - 75
1782 MILK GLASS ETC. 7 pcs. glass, mostly milk glass. 1. miniature oil lamp; very small chip in base. MILK GLASS ETC. 7 pcs., mostly milk glass. 1. Miniature oil lamp; very small chip in base. 2. Scalloped -edge pin tray. 3. Miniature tomahawk. 4. Small covered footed pineapple-form container. 5. Footed cup, embossed forest scene. 6. Large blown glass Easter egg, red & green decoration. 7. Small blown glass Easter egg, decoration mostly worn off. 35 - 70
1783 MILK GLASS, 5 PCS. N/R. 5 pcs. basketweave design milk glass. 1. Covered cream pitcher; small chip in lid. 2. Egg cup. 3. 2-handled footed open cup. 4. Miniature handled footed cup. 5. Small 2-handled basket-shaped toothpick holder. 25 - 50
1784 MILK GLASS, 4 PCS. N/R. 1. Syrup pitcher, metal top; grape and leaf design, milk glass. 2. Covered candy dish, milk glass. 3. Covered scallop-top container, milk glass. 4. Ironstone miniature pitcher & basin (China). 45 - 90
1785 LITHOPHANE OIL LAMP. N/R. Round brass oil lamp with four landscape porcelain lithophane scenes set in brass base with pierced brass lid. No Marks. Size: 4"H, 5"diam. Condition: handle loose, brass tarnished and worn. 50 - 150
1786 PRESSED GLASS, 6 PCS. N/R. 6 pcs. miniature pressed glass pcs. 1. & 2. Miniature pitchers, 1 cracked. 3. Scalloped top toothpick holder. 4. Small saucer. 5. Small open bowl, scalloped top. 6. 2-handled open sugar bowl. 30 - 60
1787 BRASS CHAMBER STICK. N/R. English brass push up chamber stick with snuffer. Sie: 5"H, 6"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: has some dents. 150 - 250
1788 TWO PEWTER CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Pair of pewter candlesticks with round bases, bulbous shafts, nice patina. Size: 9 3/4"H, 4 7/8"Diam. Condition: some dents. 75 - 150
1789 PR. CANDLESTICKS & CHIMNEYS Spring loaded push up candlesticks with white milk glass chimneys, bottom marked with anchor and star in circles. Size: 10 2/4"H, 6"H chimneys. Condition: signs of wear, chimneys worn on edges. 50 - 150
1790 3 JADITE SHADES. N/R. Three green molded artichoke shaped glass shades. Size: 4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: wear and chips on the rim where they fit into light. 60 - 150
1791 7 GLASS PIECES. N/R. 1. Small milk glass handled double basket. 2. Large milk glass chicken on nest; one glass eye needs re-gluing. 3. Small chicken on nest, milk glass. 4. Miniature chicken on nest, milk glass. 5. Miniature chicken on nest, pink glass. 6. Miniature chicken on nest, blue glass. 7. Miniature chicken on nest, beige glass; small chip in rim of base. 45 - 90
1792 MISC. SALT/PEPPER SHAKERS. N/R. 8 pcs. miscellaneous salt & pepper shakers, milk glass with metal tops; painted scenes or designs. Several metal tops dented or rusted; glass good condition. 25 - 50
1793 ROYAL ALBERT CHINA, PART. SET. N/R. 4 dinner plates; 9 salad plates; 4 bread/butter plates; 8 saucers; 4 cups, round rims; 2 cups, octagonal rims; 1 dessert plate; 1 gravy boat, attached base; 1 cream pitcher; 1 candy dish. All very good condition. 45 - 90
1794 MILK GLASS, 3 PCS. N/R. 1. Openwork footed bowl, flower design in centre. 2. Footed cake plate, flower design in centre. 3. Covered footed dish, basketweave; few chips in underside of lid. 50 - 100
1795 YELLOW WARE POT. N/R. Bulbous covered yellow ware pot, chicken-wire decoration, one handle. Lid chipped at edge. 30 - 60
1796 CAPRONI CASTS FIGURES. N/R. Pair of Deco figures holding cornucopia filled with flowers, figures are nude with stylized hair, done in cast plaster. Pieces are marked:Caproni Galleries Inc. Boston. Caproni Casts, made in the USA. Size: 1 1/2"H. condition: both figures have numerous chips. 50 - 100
1797 ROYAL DOULTON TOBY MUG. N/R. Royal Doulton "John Philpots" toby mug, green mark. Size: 6"H, Condition: exterior good, interior corrosion. 50 - 100
1798 ROYAL DOULTON & THORLEY FIGURES. (1) Royal Doulton "Tony Weller" toby mug, green mark. Size: 3"H. (2) Thorley Bone China, made in England, Stafforshire, "Long John Silver" pitcher. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: both good. 50 - 100
1799 ROYAL DOULTON TOBY MUG. N/R. Royal Doulton "Old Charley" toby mug, green mark. Size: 6"H, condition: good exterior, corroded interior. 50 - 100
1800 CAST IRON BULL DOG. N/R. Painted metal bull dog. Size: 9 1/2"H, 9"W, 5"D. Condition: paint worn in many places. 30 - 60
1801 2 ROYAL DOULTON FIGURES. N/R. 1. Royal Doulton "Bedtime" figure copyright 1945. Size: 5 1/2"H. 2. Royal Doulton "Darling" figure copyright 1945. Size: 5 1/3"H. Condition: both good. 50 - 100
1802 HAVILAND DISHES, PART. SET. N/R. 29 pcs. Haviland china, gold edged, pink roses. 7 cups, all good condition. 8 saucers; 3 have chips to edge. 8 bread & butter plates. all good condition. 6 salad plates; 5 chipped. 40 - 80
1803 MCKINLEY FUNERAL STEROPTYCON. N.R/ Lot with two stereoptycons ( one damaged) and over 60 cards, including: 12 President McKinley Funeral views, Keystone View Co. Meadville, Pa. c. 1901. 1 American Indian view. 1 Pan American Exposition view, several European views, Victorian genre. Many cards dusty and dirty. 100 - 200
1804 LOT 12 PIECES STERLING. N/R. Misc. lot of sterling. Pair sterling candlesticks marked B & M Sterling, 2 sterling spoons, one sterling knife, five individual sterling salt shakers, 2 sterling monogramed coasters. Condition: tarnished, salt shakers have dents. 30 - 60
1805 3 ITEMS, MIXED LOT. N/R. 1. Brass coal bucket. 2. Covered iron-bound wooden bucket. 3. Steel milk-bottle carrier, 1 glass milk bottle. 50 - 100
1806 BOOK STAND & SCRIMSHAW. N/R. 1. Gessoed folding painted wood book stand, baroque; paint wearing off. 2. Reproduction scrimshaw, ship & flag on one side, 19th century couple & cornucopia on the other. 30 - 60
1807 COPPER DOUBLE BOILER. N/R. Copper double boiler with heating element. Size: 8"H, 11 1/2"W, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear and dents. 20 - 40
1808 "MING" GERMAN POT AND BASE. N/R. "Ming" pattern ceramic pot/bowl. Marked "Kaiser in Germany" and " MING ". comes with wooden stand. Sie: stand 2 1/2"H, pot 7"H, 10"diam. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1809 H. MULLER: BUST OF FRANKLIN. N/R. Green patinated bust of Franklin on brass base, signed H. Muller. Size: 7 1/2"H total (bust 4 1/4"H). condition: patina on nose rubbed. 75 - 150
1810 PAIR METAL EWERS. N/R. Cast metal ewers, classical decoration pierced C scroll handles. Mo marks. Size" 13"H, 6 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: finish worn and pitted. 40 - 80
1811 EPERGNE TRUMPETS AND POTS. N/R. Seven metal epergne trumpets, one large, six smaller. Two handled pots, one with lid, one with open lipped spout. Condition: minor wear and scratches, minor dents. 40 - 60
1812 DOMINION OIL LAMP. N/R. Bullseye Sof detail oil lamp, 1913, made by Dominion Glass Co. Montreal, original collar, original burner c. 1899 by Ontario Lantern Co. of Hamilton. Clear chimney probably replacement. slight pink cast to oil lamp glass. Sie: 19"H. condition: good. 75 - 150
1813 2 ARMORIAL PLATES. N/R. Chinese export style plates by Edme Sampson, floral gilded with armorial centers, Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: one with several chip in rim. 100 - 200
1814 9 BLUE & WHITE CHINA PIECES. N/R. 1. Onion pattern coffee pot by Meakin. Good, minor wear. 2,3. Flow blue oval wall plaques, marks unreadable. Good, minor wear. 4. Flow blue plate, with chip. 5,6. Wedgwood "Blue heritage" patern plates. Good. 7. Blue onion pattern platter, good. 8. Calico pattern plate. Good. 9. flow blue platter, with chip. 50 - 150
1815 TWO ROYAL DOULTON FLAMBE ANIMALS Fox and duck. Size: largest dimension under 5" on both. Condition: no defects. Estimate: $160-260. 160 - 260
1817 COATS, SUITS, ETC. N/R. 5 men's suits; mohair tuxedo (London, Austin Reed); 1 tie; 2 women's coats (1 black wool, London, Harrod's; 1 brown leather, Barcelona, Gamolin); wood-handled umbrella. All very good condition. 95 - 175
1818 18 PCS. WOMEN'S CLOTHING. N/R. 1. Green 2-pc. dress, design in gold thread. 2. Green button-front dress, 3/4 sleves, matching long beaded coat. 3. Blue damask long dress, rhinestaone & metal buttons. 4. Sleeveless long wool dress, blue & green pear pattern. 5. Sleeveless beige long wool open dress, brown spiral design, with matching skirt. 6. Heavy wool multicolored striped skirt. 7. Beige check heavy wool skirt. 8. Heavy wool green/blue/brown check skirt. 9. Short jacket, brown & white, gold thread. 10. Gray wool suit, short jacket. 11. Red wool suit, belted jacket. 12. Brown velveteen skirt. 13. Black skirt, bottom applique bands of orange, green, purple. 14. Light green button-front dress, long sleeves, matching belt with rhinestone buckle. 15. Light brown sleeveless blouson dress. 16. Round-necked brown chiffon dress, long sleeves. 17. Long turquoise dress, long sleeves, gray silk vest. 18. Orange & black long silk dress, sleeveless matching vest,separate matching short skirt. All items very good condition. 265 - 350
1819 MEN'S HATS; TRAVEL BAGS. N/R. Four men's hats: 1. Tyrolean hat, with brush. Salzburg. 2. Tyrolean hat, with brush. Austria. 3. Black hat with feather. Pierre Cardin, Paris. Four travel bags for clothing. All items very good condition. 60 - 85
1820 WOMEN'S SHOES, N/R. 12 pairs women's shoes, dress and casual, in boxes. All very good condition. 60 - 75
2000 LATE17TH/EARLY 18TH C.TAPESTRY. Late 17th/early 18th century. Low country weaving of the tapestry tradition designed to be a panel or table rug depicting the mythical scene of paradise. Wool and linen on wool warp and stiched, natural and dyed threads. Provenance: Gadbery estate; Sewickley, PA. Condition: Professionally cleaned (so colors are bright and intense) and backed with a heavy cotton to support the weight of the tapestry. Most edges are worn and frayed, some repairs. Size: 47" W, 88" D. 3,000 - 5,000
2001 LOUIS XV STYLE LADY'S WRITING DESK. N/R. Louis XV style writing desk with vernis Martin finish, cabriole legs,brass decorated knees and feet, center draer, five top drawers, center open space, slide out writing surface, velvet covered, brass pulls. Painted decoration: front drawer, three landscape scenes, five top drawers with painted flowers, top surface above drawers, putti, top edge, floral decoration, sides: sheep scenes, back: two lovers one playing lute. Size: 46 1/4"H, 39"W, 26"D. Condition: brass is loosse, top brass cartouche finial loose, velvet worn, looses to gesso gilding and finish. Wear and cracks. 2,500 - 5,000
2002 LOUIS XV STYLE GAMING TABLE. N/R. Louis XV stylegaming table with Boulle brass inlay on ebonized wood. Flip top card table, cabriole legs, green felt top on open table, open top with brass inlaid surround. Size: 30"H, 36"W, 18"D closed), 36"D opened. Condition: wood damaged on top, inlaid interior has brass lifting badly, poorly taped down, inlay and wood missing on leg. 2,000 - 4,000
2003 BOULLE WRITING DESK LOUIS XV STYLE. N/R. Boulle Louis XV style ladies writing desk with brass and tortoise shell inlay on ebonized wood. Pierced brass gallery, two door top with 2 shelves inside, twosmall drawers, flat writing surface, lower drawer on four cabriole legs. Size: 50"H, 28 1/2"W, 20"D. Condition: doors with loos inlay, one large strip of brass off, needed reattached, edges rough, whole sections of brass missing, 46" of brass edging missing from top edge of desk, inlaid wood side panels have brass loose. 2,000 - 4,000
2004 BOULLE STYLE CABINET. N/R. Louis XIV style cabinet wtih Boulle brass and tortoise shell inlaid decoration, shaped white marble top, top with gadroon brass edging, two level interior, front, top horizontal band of decoration, door with center oval medallion and four corner quadrants of Boulle decoration, metal gadrooned apron, round front legs, back legs missing elements, side corners with elegant cast brass female ornaments. Size: 42"H, 31"W, 15 1/2"D. Condition: marble top has rough edges, top center band of decoration has brass and tortoise inlay missing, center oval medallion has brass and tortoise inlay missing, four quadrants around center medallion have brass and tortoise inlay missing. 1,500 - 3,000
2005 BOULLE STYLE CABINET. N/R. Louis XIV style cabinet with Boulle brass, tortoise shell inlay on ebonized wood. Two interior shelves, front door with central oval medallion, sides with brass ornaments, side inlay brass banding, lower level brass ornamentation. Size, 43"H, 33"W, 15 1/4"D. Condition: scratches to surface, losses to inlaid surface, lower left section below medallion has loss of metal and tortoise shell inlay, cracks in lower and upper level of door, tortoise inlay missing top left of front panel, l. front side metal and tortoise missing from inlay, metal loos, front right side, loss of metal and tortoise. 1,500 - 3,000
2006 BOULLE STYLE WRITING TABLE. N/R. Louis XV style Boulle decorated writing table, turtle shaped top, brass banded border, ebonized band, inlaid brass and tortoise shell decoration, center classical scene, center drawer with no key, serpentine apron with four round ebonized wood medallions with classical head decoration, cabriole legs with classical reliefs on elbows and brass mounted feet. No marks. Size: 29 1/2"H, 59"W, 35"D. Condition: scratchs on wood, masking tape dried over several areas, inlay raising in several areas, metal trim raised in several areas. 2,000 - 4,000
2007 BOULLE STYLE WRITING TABLE. N/R. Louis XV style writing table with brass, tortoise inlaid on ebonized wood, turtle shaped top, metal edged decoration, ebonized band, Boulle inlay with inset shaped glass top,serpentine apron with four round center ebonized medallions with brass decoration, cabriole legs with female brass knee decoration and brass mounted feet.center drawer with key, Size: 30"H, 51"W, 29"D. Condition: minor losses to brass on top, wear to brass and tortoise inlay. 2,000 - 4,000
2008 BOULLE PORTABLE INKWELL, HOLDER. N/R. Brass, tortoise shell, ebonized wood. Portable inkwell and pen holder in Boulle style. Rectangular double inkwell and double pen tray on metal bun feet, center metal handle with double acanthus decoration. Mold blown and cut crystal ink wells, round metal lids with boulle inlaid centers. Center rectangular removable lid below handle for stamps (lid lined with red velvet. Two rectangular concave sections to hold pens, possible center comparment, could not fine opening. Size: 7",13 1/2W, 10 3/4"D. Condition: finial missing from center lid, inkwell (1) chips on rim, chips in base, chips in side,(2) more chips than inkwell 1, cork stoppers badly decayed, top surface of boulle inlay good side pieces missing, pieces missing especially around bottom curving edge. pone foot very loose, one corner join has two sections of inlay fallen off, they are ready to be reapplied. 600 - 1,200
2009 BOULLE PORTABLE WRITING DESK. N/R. Brass inlay, ebonized wood. 19th c. Portable writing desk with rectangular base, side brass flush handles, peaked raised back lid on hinges,1/4 turned wood edging,lid opens to reveal 7 compartments (lids missing for individual compartments), front compartment opens to reveal leather tooled writing surface, tab on top writing surface lifts to reveal letter rack and storage area, felt lined base. Floral and leaf brass inlay on borders and interior and exterior surfaces. Size: closed 8"H, 14"W, 11 1/2"D, open 14"W, 18 1/2"D. Condition: Segments of brass and inlaid wood missing throughout, interior inlay and wood damaged, key missing, wood on top surface has some cracking, wood on back has some cracking, interior leather worn. 300 - 600
2010 CARVED AND UPHOLSTERED SCREEN French or Italian, late 19th century oak, carved partition screen. the crest, medial and base rails bear the motifs of scrolls, feathers and bell flowers. The upper panels are of caning with hand painted center medalions depicting the four seasons. The lower panels are upholstered in dark cream fabric. Condition: fabric faded, stained and worn, caning has breaks and wear, scrapes on surface of uprights. Feet removed. Size: 87" H, 92" W. 500 - 800
2011 ITALIAN CARVED CHEST OF DRAWERS. Walnut. Italian carved Louis XV style chest of drawers, hand constructed from old materials, serpentine front case fitted with four drawers- two short over two long; hand carved drawer fronts, valanced apron, cabriole legs, metal pulls. Provenance: From Rucellai Palace, purchased in Florence, Italy. Size: 35 1/2"H, 40"W, 19 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear. 1,000 - 1,500
2012 18TH C. PORTUGUESE CABINET.N/R. Wood. 18th C. Portuguese two-part cabinet, parts of 18th c. origin, carved, gessoed and parcel gilted olive-green two part cabinet, the upper section having an opened, arched front embellished with carved and gilted bellflower motifs, rosette corner motif, the lower section having two doors flanked by carved and gilted panels. Size: 76"H, 44"W, 15 1.2"D. Condition: gesso chipping. 2,000 - 3,000
2013 GERMAN LOLLING CHAIR. N/R. Birch. German Georgian style lolling chair, carved birch frame, early 20th c. serpentine crest rail and seat rail, cabriole legs connected by X-stretcher, the frame carved with shells, scrolls and bellflowers, tapestry upholstery. Size: 42 1/2"H, 28"W, 30"D. Condition: upholstery worn, minor wear to wood. 300 - 500
2014 PORTUGUESE GILT WALL BRACKETS. N/R. Gilt wood. Portuguese carved and gilted wall brackets, rectangular shaped shelf supported by a floral blossom and leaf bracket. Size: 8 1/2"H, 10"W, 3 1/4"D. each. Condition: minor chipping of gesso. 100 - 150
2015 SCOTTISH CARVED CHAIR. N/R. Wood. Carved upholstered armchair, pierced carved back with leaf, flower and vine decoration, lozenge upholstered back rest below oval carved armorial crest with lions, birds, cross, arms pierce carved with flowers and acanthus leaf decoration, seat rial and apron also elaborately carved, acanthus leaf clustered feet on front castors. Size: 56"H, 27"W, 26"D. Condition, upholstery good, some cracks in the carving. 1,000 - 1,500
2016 PORTUGUESE GILT WALL SHELF. N/R. Wood. Portuguese carved and gilt hanging wall shelf, in the rococo manner, the arched back panel centers on angel head surrounded by gilt scrolls, the shaped shelf having a gadroon border, all against an olive green ground. Size: 35"H, 24"W, 9"D. Condition: minor wear. 400 - 600
2017 SPANISH SANTOS OF EGENIO Wood. Spanish carved and polychromed santos of Bishop Egenio, standing figure with book in left hand. Size: 23"H, 6 1/2"W, 5"D. Condition: some wear. 500 - 800
2018 SWISS CARVED 1659 CHEST. N/R. Walnut. Swiss carved and inlaid walnut six-board storage chest, front panel inlaid 1659, center panel inlaid with cross and IHS flanked by two carved panels showing equestrians, on bun feet, with key. Provenance: Gallierie Madame Albini, Sion, Switzerland. Size: 19 1/4"H, 45"W, 16"D. Condition: wear to wood. 400 - 600
2019 AUSTRIAN WALNUT WRITING DESK. N/R. Walnut. Austrian burled walnut lady's writing table, late 19th c. three frieze drawers, cabriole legs. Size: 30 1/2"H, 38"W, 25"D. Condition: wood is splitting on top. 400 - 600
2020 SWISS HANDCARVED CHEST. N/R. Walnut. Key locked hinged top chest, front carved skirt, front carved date 1798, two arched areas with leaf decoration between vertical leaf decoration, sides incised and carved flower decoration, top compass incised circle decoration and star line decoration, metal lock and key. Size: 34"H, 25"W, 18"D. Condition: small missing piece on one side, wear and staining on top. 400 - 600
2021 SWISS CARVED ALTAR CANDLESTICK. N/R. Gilt wood. Mid 19th c. Swiss carved and gilted altar candlestick, turned standard with acanthus leaf border, three paw feet, headed by acanthus leaf. Size: 31"H, 9"W, 9"D. Condition: gesso flaking, one acanthus on feet broken. 150 - 250
2022 SWISS CARVED ALTAR CANDLESTICK. N/R. Silver gilt wood. Swiss carved and silver gilded Baroque style altar candlestick, bulbous-turned standard, tripod base, wired for lamp, fictive was candle top cracked and broken. Size: 29 1/2"H, 6"W, 6"D. Condition: gesso is flaking off, wax top is cracked and broken. 150 - 250
2023 TWO DRAWER TABLE. N/R. Wood. Small two drawer table , each drawer with three raised carved rectangles, iron pulls, turned legs, lower open shelf, no marks, European. Size: 21"H, 23 1/2"W, 14 1/2"D. Condition: wear to surface, some distress marks on edge. 100 - 250
2024 TRESTLE DESK WITH PAW FEET. American C.1890 Mahogany, veneer with pine and poplar secondary woods. Classical revival style with gadrooned trim and achanthius leaf decoration on trunings and corners. Four drawers on both sides with brass pulls. Condition: surface scratches, wear on corners and feet, one pull missing. Size: 30" H, 48" W, 30" D. 600 - 800
2025 ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT TABLE C.1910 Cherry wood with rope twist moldings, twist turned splayed legs ending in ball and claw feet. Medial stretcher/shelf, patinated copper corner guards. Condition: surface scratches, drawer pull added one foot repaired. Size: 29" H, 41" W, 28 1/2" D. 300 - 600
2026 VITORIAN PARLOR SUITE OF SOFA AND TWO CHAIRS American C.1870 walnut sofa and walnut with birds eye maple inset chairs. Rennaissance Revival style, sofa carved with animal heads, fruit swags and busts of female figures, flat surfaces inscissed with line tracery. Seat, arms and three panels on back upholstered and tufted. The two chairs are one arm and one side, carved rosettes, fruit and female and male busts, flat surfaces inscissed with line tracery and birds eye maple insets. The legs on all three pieces are the same with brass castors on the sofa and iron and wood on the chairs. Condition: Sofa refinished and reupholstered noother detractions. Chairs, side, chip on right leg and crest rail, arm, bust missing from medalion and chip on crest rail left side. Sizes: sofa, 47" H, 80" W, 26" d, chairs, 39" H, 27" W, 24" D. 1,500 - 2,500
2027 CARVED TEAK STAND Late 19th century lantern stand made for the western market, motifs of prunus flowers, bamboo and dragons on tripod legs with dragons heads and paw feet. Condition: legs splayed from column, brackets missing pieces of carving. Original finish. Size: 51" H, 17 1/2" W, 17" D. 300 - 500
2028 VICTORIAN ROCCOCO CARVED SOFA American, C.1865 walnut in the Belter tradition,with floral and fruit motifs. Old fabric over early muslin and padding. Condition: wear tears and staining/fading of fabric, wear to front feet and legs. Size: 42" H, 76" W, 28" D. 800 - 1,200
2029 VICTORIAN WALNUT HALL TREE American C.1890. Fitted to hold hats on turned pegs and canes/umbrellas with iron drip pans in the base. Round mirror in center, key hole above. Condition: original finish, no detractions. Size: 83 1/2" H, 26" W, 14" D. 200 - 500
2030 VICTORIAN ETAGERE C.1880 Mahogony and burl with marble shelf and mirror back. Applied wood carving and fret work, five shelves, drawer below marble section. Condition: glue joint seperations on back, staining on marble, no other detractions. Size: 72" H, 44" W, 17 1/2" D. 500 - 900
2031 CHERRY SECRETARY/BOOKCASE TOP American last half 19th century. Carved anthemion and applied decoration, heavy moldings, glazed doors with arched tops, three shelves interior. Condition: turned upside down, top applied, keystone decoration added, chips on moldings. Size: 5" H, 44" W, 14" D. 200 - 400
2032 DUTCH MARQUETRY SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Dutch marquetry style side chair, high back, inlaid splat, top rail, side rails. apron and legs, inlaid front and back, cabriole front legs, ball and claw feet, upholstered shaped removable seat. Size: 45"H, 19 1/2"W, 19"D. Condition: stains on upholstery, minor wear and scratches on wood. 250 - 500
2033 NEOCLASSIC CARVED ALABASTER URN. N/R. Carved with a lyre terminating in lions heads, above crossed cornucopia spouting flowers. Size: 24" H, 14" dia. Condition: light weight, no detractions. 200 - 400
2034 PR. CLASSICAL CANDELABRA. N/R. Brass, alabaster, 19th c. Pair of candelabra, tripod base with bulbous alabaster center drop, three flaring legs, topped by candelholders, center shield decoration on legs, terminating in hooved feet. Each Candleholder is in a black finish with raised gold bead swags, center finial supports musical figure in gold finish, chain and bead swags suspend from top and drape around each candleholder. Each is incised on bottom (1) H. Picard 2 (2) H. Picard 22. Condition: one top sculptural figure is bent, one alabaster drop has missing bottom finial, one top mounting slightly bent, one join to candleholder has broken, minor chipping to alabaster, chain swags on one have tangled, other general signs of wear. 250 - 500
2035 FOLK ART CARVED DESK. C.1890. Carved by a prisoner. Egyptian revival style mahogany, veneer, basswood and pine. Kneehole desk with enclosure for two drawers, four doors on the exterior. Heavily carved with fan/rays and dates. Condition: damage to veneer, drawers, doors and trim. Original hardware. Size: 31 1/2" H, 49" W, 30" D. 500 - 800
2036 OCTAGONAL TABLE IN ADAMESQUE STYLE English, mahogany and veneer with oak and pine secondary woods. Carved, reeded and fluted decoration, two drawers between carved panels. Condition: scratches in finish, chips on trim and legs. Size: 30" H, 48" W. 300 - 500
2037 CARVED VICTORIAN LOVE SEAT C.1880 possibly West Indies. Carved hardwood frame with fruit motif on crest rail, roccoco revival style. Condition: re-upholstered in cream brocade fabric, channels and buttons. Size: 35" H, 57 1/2" W, 27" D. 600 - 850
2038 SMALL VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIR American C.1870 Walnut and burl veneers, turned and carved frame, medalion on crest rail, upholstered seat and back. Condition: refinished and re-upholstered, no other detraction. Size: 36" H, 20" W, 18" D. 350 - 500
2039 CARVED VICTORIAN ARM CHAIR American C.1870 roccoco revival style carved walnut frame, upholstered seat arms and oval back. Condition: refinished and re-upholstered, similar to item 2040. Size: 42 1/2" H, 23" W, 22" D. 500 - 800
2040 CARVED VICTORIAN ARM CHAIR American C.1870 roccoco revival style carved walnut frame, shield on crest rail, upholstered back arms and seat. Condition: refinished and re-upholstered. Size: 41" H, 22" W, 21" D. 500 - 800
2041 CARVED VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIR American C.1870 roccoco revival style carved walnut frame with needle point upholstery. Condition: refinished and re-upholstered no other detractions. Size: 41" H, 21" W, 21" D. 450 - 800
2042 VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIR American C.1870 roccoco revival style, carved walnut frame with cartouche shaped back, upholstered seat and back. Condition: refinished and re-upholstered similar to items 2040 and 2039. Size: 36 1/2" H, 20" W, 20" D. 300 - 550
2043 VCITORIAN SLIPPER CHAIR American C.1850 Walnut and hard wood, carved crest rail with floral motif, turned spindles, stiles, legs and stretchers in bead and reel and vaseform decorations. Needle point upholstery on seat. Condition: crest rail loose, medial stretcher missing, re-upholstered. Size: 35 1/2" H, 17" W, 15" D. 250 - 350
2044 GILT FEDERAL MIRROR. N/R. Breakfront top with pendant spherules over eglomise panel showing landscape. Mirror flanked by turned pilasters. Size: 36" H, 21" W. Condition: handpainted eglomise panel cracked, mirror replaced, gilt repainted. 200 - 400
2045 SMALL COUNTRY CORNER CUPBOARD Pennsylvania C.1830 Pine and poplar with red wash, four shelves interior, paneled door, moldings on top and bottom, single board backs. Condition: scratches on surface, old refinish and old eschuteon and butt hinges. Size: 42" H, 28" W, 17" D. 300 - 500
2046 DOUGH BOX Combination of woods, two board top, splay legs. Condition: assembled from old parts and old wood, heavily refinished and nailed. Size: 27" H, 31" W, 19" D. 100 - 200
2048 CHEVAL MIRROR. N/R. Brass, glass. Brass mirror stand with pincone acanthus finials, seach side arm with double candle sticks on "S" curved arms, set on two sets of triple pad feet bases. Size: mirror 60 1/2"H, 32"W. Stand 73"H, 37"W, 14"D. Condition: some brass is worn. 300 - 500
2049 SET 6 LOUIS XVI STYLE CHAIRS. N/R. Wood. Set of Louis XVI style chairs, 2 armchairs, 4 side chairs, in pickled wood finish, half fluted spade feet, carved crest rail, columnar side decoration, upholstered in cream vinyl with gilt lattice stitching. Maker Meyer-Gunther-Martini.Size: armchair 42 1/2"H, 23"W, 24"D. sidechair 42 1/2"H, 19"W, 22"D. Condition: some minor wear on upholstery. 400 - 800
2050 SET 6 LOUIS XVI STYLE CHAIRS. N/R. Wood. Set of Louis XVI style chairs, 2 armchairs, 4 sidechairs, with pickled wood finish, half fluted spade feet, carved crest rail, columnar side decoration, upholstered in cream vinyl with gilt lattice stitching. Maker Meyer-Gunther-Martini. Size: armchair: 42 1/2"H, 23"W, 24"D. sidechair: 42 1/2"H, 19"W, 22"D. Condition: some minor wear on upholstery. 400 - 800
2051 PR.GLASS TOP DININGROOM TABLES. N/R. Brass, glass. Pair of Neo-Classical style tables, polished and ebonized brass base, rectangular with four columns, ebonized brass legs with polished brass capitals and feet, with curved X shaped polished stretchers, square bracketed top rails, beveled 3/4"plate glass tops. Size: 29 1/2"H, 84"W, 42"D. each. Condition. Bases good, tops: one good, one damed on three corners, minor scratches in the glass. 2,000 - 3,500
2052 "TRAVAIL" CONSOLE TABLE Marble, wood. Louis XV style marble top console table with carved wood base, Italian made, black marble top with carved finger roll edge, base of carved wood with "S" scroll legs, leaf and rocaille decoration, carved apron, "X" stretcher with floral carved finial, pickled wood finish. Size: 35"H, 61"W, 24 1/4"D. Condition: stains on marble top, base good. 1,200 - 2,400
2053 "TRAVAIL" CONSOLE TABLE. Marble, wood. Louis XV style marble top console table with carved wood base, Italian made, black marble top with finger roll edge, base of carved wood with "S" scroll legs, leaf and rocaille decoration, carved apron, "X" stretcher with floral carved finial, pickled wood finish. Size:35"H, 61"W, 24 1/4"D. Condition: minor stains on marble top, base good, minor wear. 1,200 - 2,400
2054 BONNET CHAIR. N/R. Distressed wood. Upholstered bonnet chair with open arms, Savonarola front legs, "X" stretcher, with button tufted cushion, diamond brocade fabric, with tassel decoration. Size: 57"H, 25"W, 28"D. Condition: some wear on right arm, some scatched on legs. 200 - 400
2055 JAPANNED WALL CLOCK. N/R. Painted black wood. Octagonal face, fictive pendulum case, with stepped base, painted black finish with gold numerals, brass hands, gold painted Oriental scene. Marked made in Spain. Size: 46"H, 24"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 200 - 300
2057 PUFE (OTTOMAN). N/R. Wood. Round pufe (ottoman) with pink cloud brocade, button tufted top with box pleated skirt. Size: 17"H, 38"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2057 WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL. N/R. Five piece white marble pedestal with metal rod attachment. Nine sided base, straight fluted drum, two spiral fluted drums, square top with cut corners. Size:43"H, 11 1/2"Top diam. 250 - 500
2058 BAKER CO. PUFE (OTTOMAN). N/R. Wood. Round pufe (ottoman) cream brocade upholstery, button tufted top, with skirt and 9" black fringe. Size: 15"H, 38"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2059 BRUSHED STEEL & BRASS SHELVES. N/R. Brushed steel and brass. Neo Classical shelving unit, six glass shelves, brass ram's head finials, brass hooved feet, 1 levels of cross bracing with brass center medallion. Size: 77 1/2"H, 18 W, 12D. Condition: 3 glass shelves have minor chips on edge. 100 - 200
2060 NEO CLASSICAL DAY BED. N/R. Steel, brass. Neo Classical brushed steel daybed with brass decoration, scrolled arms with brass floral caps, cross braced lower level with floral caps, brass feet, brushed steel rails, with mauve corona, drapery, pillows. Size: 30 1/2"H, 85"W, 34 1/2"D. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2061 ART DECO STYLE DRESSING TABLE. N/R. Wood, faux granite. Three drawer Art Deco style dressing table, grey faux marble finish with pink faux marble inset top, canted legs. Size: 30"H, 56"W, 28"D. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2062 EARLY TIGER MAPLE ROPE BED. N/R. Size: 53" wide. 200 - 400
2063 EARLY TIGER MAPLE&CHERRY DRESSER. N/R. American Empire, first half 19th century. Generous top drawer overhangs three drawers flanked by turned pilasters. Size: 46" H, 43" W, 21" D. 300 - 600
2064 TRAMP ART FRAME. N/R. Wood. C. 1910. Intricate pieced wood puzzle frame, hand made. Size: 16 1/2"H, 18 1/2"W, 4 3/4"D. Condition: lower left corner is missing one element to complete frame. 150 - 300
2065 EARLY TIGER MAPLE BED. N/R. Single bed with tulip form posts and quilt rail on the foot board. Size: 43" W. 100 - 200
2066 VICTORIAN CHAIR AND LOVESEAT American, late 19th century, mahogany frame loveseat with carved crests and walnut frame arm chair with carved crest. Both upholstered with white fabric, tufts and channeling. Original iron and wood casters. Condition: re-upholsterd and refinished, no other detractions. Size: loveseat, 34" H, 58" W, 22" D, chair, 41 1/2" H, 22" W, 23" D. 400 - 800
2067 EMPIRE STYLE CLOTHES PRESS Marked "Dauler, Close & Johns, Furniture, Pittsburg, Pa." C.1910. Mahogany and veneer, three drawer over two doors with unengaged columns and paw feet. Interior houses seven drawers and a small secret door. Condition: refinished, astrigal replaced, no other detractions. Size: 54" H, 50" W, 25" D. 200 - 400
2068 OAK RENNAISSANCE REVIVAL SIDE BOARD C.1890 Carved with naturalistic birds, flowers, fruit and human figures. Upper display shelf with crest rail, over three drawers and doors in body of case. Condition: glue crack through display shelf, surface scratches and tip of griffin wing missing. Size: 64" H, 66" W, 28" D. 1,200 - 1,700
2069 CHERRY AND BIRDSEYE MAPLE CHEST OF DRAWERS American C.1850 Cherry case with birdseye maple drawer fronts, poplar secondary wood. Two recessed drawers over four, shaped crest board, brackets at feet and base of side panels. Wooden mushroom pulls, brass keyhole guards. Condition: stripped and not refinished, no detractions. Size: 47" H, 42 1/2" W, 18 1/2" D. 250 - 600
2070 PAIR DIRECTOIRE STYLE ARM CHAIRS WITH CANE BACKS Continental carved soft wood covered in gesso and painted, cane backs and seats with fitted cushions. Condition: caning broken,paint flaking, seats reinforced with plywood, carving on knuckles worn. Size: 31" H, 21 1/2" W, 19" D. 75 - 125
2071 BAROQUE STYLE MIRROR TOPPED TABLE. N/R. Smoky mirror top in guilloche edged frame raised on a triform base with fruit festoons. Size: 28" H, 25" diameter. Condition: mirror is not clear, some flaking to the gilt. 150 - 250
2072 ROCOCO REVIVAL LOVESEAT. N/R. Wood. Hump back, button tufted upholstered back, single cushion seat, upholstered open arms, finger molded crest rail and apron, rose carved center finial, cabriole legs, upholstered in floral print fabric. Size: 39"H, 64 1/2"W, 30"D. Condition: newly reupholstered, holes in legs for casters, slight wear on wood. 150 - 300
2073 VICTORIAN WALNUT PARLOR ARM CHAIR American C.1870 carved walnut frame with fruit and nuts motif on crest rail, roccoco revival style. Condition: old fabric, original casters and finish. Size: 43" H, 26" W, 24" D. 350 - 550
2074 MARBLE TOP CENTER TABLE. N/R. Marble, wood. Victorian style marble top center table, on turned center column with turned bottom finial, "C" curved scroll legs on casters, grey veined marble top. Size: 29 3/4"H, 42"Diam. Condition: minor stains on marble, some wear to wooden legs. 250 - 500
2075 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND.N/R. Wood, marble. Octagonal top, rose marble insert, insect and floral pierce carved apron, brown wood finish, front carved cabriole legs, "X" stretcher, top beaded border. Size: 36"H, 15"W, 15"D. Condition: wear to marble, wear to wood. 300 - 600
2076 WOVEN RATAN STAND WITH LIDDED BASKET TOP C.1920 Natural tones varnish finish, shelf below, basket with bail handle. Condition: no detractions. Size: 35 H, 16" W, 13" D. 75 - 150
2077 WOVEN RATAN STAND WITH OPEN BASKET TOP C.1920 Natural varnish finish, shelf below, bail handle on basket, similar to #2076. Condition: no detractions. Size: 35" H, 17" W, 13" D. 75 - 100
2078 MARBLE TOP CENTER TABLE. N/R. Veneered wood white marble top table, curved apron with beaded edge, center shell decoration, acanthus topped S scroll legs, center stretcher wtih center shell decoration on casters. Size: 30"H, 45 1/2"W, 25 1/2"D. Condition: one side top wood finish removed. Marble top stained one large chip on edge of marble. Wear and scratches on wood. 150 - 300
2079 VICTORIAN ROLL FRONT SECRETARY American C.1860 walnut and burl veneer case, brass pulls and hardware, glazed doors on upper section, four drawers and door on lower section, pull out writing surface, fitted interior, carved, turned and scalloped cornice. Condition: damage to one drawer rail, no other detractions. Size: 92" H, 43 1/2" W, 21" D. 1,500 - 2,500
2080 VICTORIAN DROP FRONT SECRETARY American C.1880 Walnut and burl veneer case, poplar secondary wood, glazed doors upper, fitted interior, three drawers lower section, brass hardware, molded cornice, carved keyhole eschuteons. Condition: castors and knob replaced, ware around the keyhole on writing surface. Size: 86" H, 38 1/2" W, 17 1/2" D. 1,200 - 1,800
2081 TWO FINE FEDERAL CHAIRS. N/R. Finely executed, probably Boston. Curule form splats with reeded stiles and cross member. Crest rail and central diamond shape are either triple line inlaid or carved. Raised on turned legs. Size: 33" H, 20" W, 20" D. Condition: original finish, fabric ripped off from one, one crest rail has been screwed on from the front. 300 - 500
2082 SET OF FOUR DIRECTOIRE STYLE CHAIRS Two arm and two side chairs, painted black with gold highlights, gray fabric with contrasting stripes. Condition: repainted and re-upholstered. Size: 38" H, 22" W, 20" D. 100 - 300
2083 ART DECO STYLE TABLE. N/R. Square Art Deco style table, faux animal skin top ( greys with white banded decoration.) Black spade legs with two upper and lower silver metal inset bands. Sie: 29"H, 38"W, 38"D. Condition: good, minor wear. 300 - 600
2084 CHINESE CHIPPENDALE LOVESEAT. N/R. Off white tone on tone cotton fabric raised on chinese fretwork legs painted cream. Size: 39" H, 59" W, 30" D. Condition: like new, no detractions. 200 - 400
2085 CHIPPENDALE STYLE CHAIR. N/R. Wood. Pierced splat back chair, squared legs, white/cream upholstery. Marked: made in China. Size: 39"H, 26"W, 25"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2086 BIELECKY BROS. BASSINET. White wicker bassinet, c.1920-1930 By Bielecky Bros. Inc. Top section lifts out, bottom section on casters. Size: 36"H, 35"W, 21"D. Condition: good, possibly repainted. Note: company states that this type was in their 1920-1930 line, to recreate one today would cost between $4000-5000. 1,200 - 2,400
2087 4 BRANCH CANDELABRA. N/R. Black metal leaf base, shaft with putto supporting candleholders, three branches and one center with gilt metal radiating leaf supports under black candleholders. No marks. Size: 15 1/2"H, 8"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2088 PR. 5 BRANCH CANDELABRA. N/R. Brass. Elaborately decorated base, scrolled legs, balaster stem, fluted candleholders, no marks. Size: 18 1/2"H, 9"W, 9"D. each. Condition: minor wear, age , one arm loose on each candelabra. 200 - 400
2089 ROCOCO STYLE MIRROR. N/R. Gilt gessoed mirror, rocaille crest rail, side pierced gessoed floral decoration, bottom corner cornucopia decoration. Size: 41"H, 27"W. Condition: top crest piece is cracked through, minor damage to side decoration. 100 - 300
2090 STICKLEY DROPFRONT DESK. N/R. Oak. Dropfront desk on square feet with lower open shelf, desk opens to reveal 10 openings and one small drawer, larger drawer below dropfront, paper label on back badly worn, label believed to be Gustave Stickley. Size: 43 1/4"H, 30"W, 14"D closed, 27 1/2"D opened. Condition: badly stained inside, badly stained top, veneer damaged on drop front, one old repair of veneer, hardware missing, key missing, signs of wear. 200 - 400
2091 MISSION COAT TREE/UMBRELLA STAND. N/R. Oak. Arts and Crafts coat tree and umbrella stand in dark finish, tall canted form with two shelves and chain surround, not signed. Size: 67 1/2"H, 17"W, 14 1/2"D. Condition: one upper hook missing, bottom umbrella insert missing, signs of wear. 150 - 300
2092 MISSION TABLE/CHAIR COMBO. N/R. Oak. Arts and Crafts convertable table/ chair with one side drawer under seat, upholstered back and seat, no marks. Size: table 30"H, 34 3/4"W, 27"D, chair 37"H, 27"W, 27 1/2"D. condition: signs of wear on wood and upholstery. 250 - 500
2093 MISSION UMBRELLA STAND. N/R. Oak. 1914. Arts and crafts style umbrella stand, signed Oscar Cohen, A.H.S. Sept. 9, 1914. Size: 30"H, 12"W, 12 1/4"D. Condition: signs of wear, bottom pan missing, heavy scratching on one side. 100 - 300
2094 ARTS & CRAFTS TAMBOURET. N/R. Oak. Hexagonal top, three splayed legs with cut out of inverted heart, with lower shelf, dark original finish, not signed. Size: 18 "H, 11 1/8"W, 11 1/8"D. Condition: stains of top, wear on edges. 150 - 300
2095 ARTS & CRAFTS ARMCHAIR. N/R. Oak. Four splat back, open sides, leather seat, marked 515 1/2 , attributed to Stickley Bros. of Grand Rapids, Michigan ( same glue block design.) Size: 37"H, 26 1/2"W, 21"D. Condition: seat worn, white paint marks on lower left front, seat reupholstered, signs of wear. 200 - 400
2096 STICKLEY & BRANDT ROCKER. N/R. Oak. Original dark finish, original leatherette seat cushion, signed: original decal: Stickley & Brandt, metal tag: Kaufmann's The Big Store, Pittsburg. Size: 34"H, 25 3/4"W, 28"D. Condition: one rocker spliting at join, cushion badly worn, edges of wood worn. 400 - 600
2097 MISSION TABLE/ DRINK STAND. N/R. Oak. Arts and crafts table, drink stand, or plant stand, octagonal top with cut out raised leg tops, square legs, lower shelf, not signed. Size: 33"H, 13"W, 13"D. Condition: signs of wear, staining around bottom legs. 150 - 300
2098 ARTS & CRAFTS ROCKER. N/R. Oak. Seat and back cushions with old Morris style fabric, not signed but similar to Stickley and Brandt pieces upholstery tacks along top chair rail. Size: 32"H, 26"W, 28"D. Condition: fabric worn, one front rocker chipped, back vertical rails show upholster nails, several tacks missing across top chair rail. 300 - 500
2099 ARTS & CRAFTS ARMCHAIR. N/R. Oak. Three splat back armchair, marked 9027. Size: 36 3/4"H, 26"W, 23"D. Condition: cushion missing, plywood insert in seat, signs of wear. 100 - 200
2100 ARTS & CRAFTS ARMCHAIR. N/R. Oak. Pegged arms with triple splat supports, removable leather cushion, not signed. Size: 36 1/2"H, 23"W, 23"D. Condition: signs of wear, repair on back chair rail. 200 - 400
2102 LEATHER SLING CHAIR. N/R. Modern leather sling chair, sewn leather segments on black metal frame. Size: 34"H, 32"W, 28"D. Condition: leather is worn, one corner has ripped stitching. 100 - 200
2103 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND. N/R. Wood, marble. Shaped top, inset pink marble panel carved legs, apron, stretcher, ball and claw feet. Size: 18 1/2"H, 15 1/2"W, 15 1/2"D. condition: good, some wear. 200 - 400
2104 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND. N/R. Wood, marble. Round petaled top, pink marble insert, carved apron, legs and stretcher, ball and claw feet. Size: 15 1/2"H, 15"Diam. Condition: one stretcher join is broken, wear to wood. 200 - 400
2106 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND.N/R. Wood, marble. Round stand with round marble insert, pierced apron with carved birds and blossoms, carved legs, carved stretcher shelf, size: 13"H, 14"D. Condition: wear to wood. 20 - 400
2107 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND. N/R. Wood, marble. Round plant stand, round marble insert in top, carved legs, stretcher shelf,carved apron (1/2 quadrant missing) Size: 12"H, 10 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: signs of wear, missing apron segment. 40 - 80
2108 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND. Wood. Round top with red marble insert, carved pierced apron, bamboo and floral motif, X stretcher, cabriole legs with carved fronts. (similar to Lot: 2019) Size: 36"H, 14"Diam. Top 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor repair to carved apron, minor overall wear. 250 - 500
2109 ORIENTAL PLANT STAND. N/R. Wood. Round top with round brown marble insert, carved pierced apron, bamboo and floral motif, X stretcher, cabriole legs with carved fronts, no marks ( similar to Lot: 2018). Size: 36"H, 14"Diam. Top: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: two feet with minor damage, one leg has small crack. 250 - 500
2111 PAIR UPHOLSTERED LOVESEATS. N/R. Upholstered loveseats, two cushion back, short upholstered arms, box pleated skirt, floral design on cream fabric, down filled cushions. Pair. Size: 32"H, 52"L, 30"D. each. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2112 UPHOLSTERED SOFA. N/R. Upholstered sofa, two cushion seat, upholstered arms, serpentine wood bottom rail with cabriole front legs, floral design on cream fabric. three matching throw pillow, down cushions. Size: 32"H, 72"W 35"D. Condition: good,minor wear and scratches on wood. 150 - 300
2113 LOUIS XVI STYLE MANTEL. N/R. Center panel showing putti holding festoon, mantel shelf held by two acanthus leaf corbels with festoons and dropped belle flowers. Size: 52"H, 63"W, 11 1/2"D. Condition: no missing decoration. 200 - 400
2114 TURN OF CENTURY MANTEL. N/R. Faux mahogany grained mantel, spiral columns, panel with a face mask. Size: 74"H 5'W, 13"D. Condition: Very good no missing ornament, no detractions. 250 - 500
2115 DECKER BROS., N.Y. PIANO. N/R. Rosewood case on rococo legs. Patent June 1863. 600 - 1,200
2116 PARISIAN PUMP ORGAN. N/R. Metal label reads "Exposition Universelle De 1855 Industrie, Medaille D'Honneur A Alexandre Pere & Fils, Paris. Paper label reads "Agent en chef, Londres; Chappell, 50, New Bond Street; Percussion Systeme; Martin de Provins. Condition: top is sun faded. 600 - 1,200
2117 CORNELIUS & BAKER, PHILA. LAMP. Metal label "CORNELIUS & BAKER, PHILADELPHIA". Period shade and crystal pendants supported on metal font rests on glass baluster base sitting on white marble. Size: 22 1/2" H, 8" diameter. Condition: no chips to globe, has been electrified. 400 - 800
2118 GILT LOUIS XV STYLE MIRROR. Gilt wood, glass.c.1920s Gilt gessoed frame for mirror with C scrolls, pierced top with floral and leaf decoration, and pierced bottom. Size: 46"H, 30"W. Condition: good mirror, few cracks in gilding. 110 - 300
2119 HILTON & HILTON PIANOFORTE. N/R. Burled black walnut case. Condition: out of tune, keys stick. 100 - 300
2120 BABY SLED WITH PUSHER HANDLE. N/R. Wooden sled, metal trimmed runners, swan's neck metal front decoration, early 20th C. Size: 36"H, 38"W, 16"D. condition: runners worn, pusher handle has some repairs, top rail of handle broken. 100 - 300
2121 WOODEN WAGEN. N/R. Red and green wooden wagen with red metal and rubber wheels, three board bottom. Size: 13"H, 42"L, 16"D. Condition: overall wear, some repainting, wooden board bottom has splitting rails. 100 - 200
2122 FLAT TOP WAGON. N/R. Wood.metal. Early 20th c. Wooden wagon bed, holes for upright sides, (sides missing) wooden spoked wheels with metal rims. Size: 12"H, 42"W, 13"D. Condition: great signs of wear. 100 - 300
2123 HAYWOOD WAKEFIELD DOLL CARRAIGE. N/R. Haywood Wakefield paper label baby doll carraige. Wicker with black wood turned handle, brown painted wicker. Marked: Haywood Wakefield, Gardner, Mass. Size: 26"H, 26"W, 14"D. Condition: wicker splitting at rim, back separating, some wire reinforcing for wicker at rim, wear to paint and wicker. 100 - 300
2124 BABY DOLL. N/R. Cloth body, compostion face with hand painted detail, glued wig, vintage clothing and hat. Size: 30"H, Condition: face worn. 75 - 150
2125 WICKER DOLL ROCKER BED. N/R. Painted white wicker doll bed on rocker feet. No marks. Size: 18 1/2"H, 26"W, 20"D. Condition: repainted, one wicker spindel damaged. 75 - 150
2126 SCHOENHUT TOY GRAND PIANO. N/R. Wood. Black toy grand piano, 15 keys, all keys work. Marked: Schoenhut. size: 6 1/2"H, 13"W, 13"D. condition: one piece of wood loose, one leg reset in base, wear and scratches on wood. 50 - 100
2127 STEIFF BEAR ON TEETER TOTTER. N/R. Early teddy bear and monkey on metal teeter totter. Teeter totter is metal with wooden wheels. Bear is 5 1/2" H with Steiff button in his ear. Monkey opposite him is 6"H. Both amimals are sew on to the teeter totter with thread. Teeter totter is 5"H, 15"L, 5"W. Condition: wear on the bear and monkey, dirty. 200 - 400
2128 HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE TOY. N/R. Tin litho toy motorcycle, marked TN Made in Japan. Size: 4 1/2"H, 9"W, 2"D. Condition: wear to metal, some corroding of metal. Wear and scratches. 50 - 100
2129 BLACK DOMINOES IN BOX. N/R. Double 12 Black dominoes in original box, box lid marked: Mfg. by The Embossing Co. Pat. 1869, 1879, 1884. Printing and image good, box and dominoes good. Condition: scotch tape on edges of box lid, lid edges torn. Wear and age. 50 - 100
2130 CHEIN TIN HELICOPTER. N/R. Tin helicopter with litho red white and blue decoration, marked: J. Chein & Co. Size: 5"H, 13"L, 3"W. Condition: minor dents, scratches, wheels turn, propeller turns. Sold as is. 40 - 80
2131 LOT BLOCKS & SKITTLES. N/R. 9 Skittles with two balls, wood. 12 large square blocks with incised letters, printed numbers, printed animals blocks. 1 3/4"Square. 6 small blocks, misc. dominoes, and flat squares. Condition: signs of wear.scratches. 40 - 80
2132 OLD VIEW MASTER & REELS. N/R. View Master marked: M. Sawyers View Master, Portland Ore. plus 15 reels including 1949 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, 1950 Hopalong Cassidy. Condition: view master has wear, scratches. reels have wear. 50 - 100
2133 CAT & GLOBE WIND UP TOY. N/R. Key wind cat, globe and movable tail toy, marked: GES GESCH. Germany, monogram GK. Tin litho toy. Size: 2"H, 4"W, 3"D. Condition: key missing, sold as is, some wear and scratches. 30 - 60
2134 HUBLEY METAL TRACTOR. N/R. Painted red tractor with rubber wheels, steering wheel turns front wheels, marked Hubley. Size: 5 1/2"H, 9"W, 5"D. Condition: some wear, scratches. 50 - 100
2135 TOY TRAIN AND TRACK. N/R. Large metal engine and car, some assembly is required, train track and wooden train tressel, track is 4 1/4"w. on wooden rails. Includes a wooden train tressel 73"L, 34"H on platform base. Size: Engine 13"H, 40"L marked Fred J. Limbach. Condition: engine and car requires some assembly. All parts are included. 250 - 500
2136 METAL DIESEL CEMENT ROLLER. N/R. Orange painted metal, cast body, steering works, no marks. Size: 3 1/2"H, 10"W, 4"D. Condition: paint worn, front wheel loose. 40 - 80
2137 HUBLEY FLINTLOCK. N/R. Hubley flintlock double barreled gun, plstic handle, Size 9"L. Conditon: one hammer wear, sold as is. 50 - 100
2138 HUBLEY COLT 45'S PAIR. N/R. Metal and plastic, Colt 45's with turning chamber, trigger works. Marked Hubley Made in the USA Pat. Pend. Size: 13 1/2"L. Condition: metal worn, plastic worn scratches and stains. 100 - 200
2139 BONANZA GUN AND HOLSTER. N/R. Belt and holster marked Bonanza. Belt with 10 plastic bullets, room for 2 more. Gun marked "H" Bonanza. SiZe: 11"L. Condition: wear. gun has metal worn parts. 150 - 300
2140 2 TOY TRAIN CARS. N/R. (1) ENGINE made by american Flyer Co. Chicago, Ill. Size: 7 1/2"L condition: broken parts, paint worn. (2) Dorfan Line "american Railway Express" car #492. green with red doors. condition: paint chipped, dents. Size: 10"L (3) Dorfan Line "Boston" passanger car #496. green with red doors. Size" 10"L. Condition: paint chipped, dents. 60 - 120
2141 2 MECHANICAL ROCKET BANKS. N/R. 1. Rocket shoots coin to moon, painted metal, marked: Peoples Union Bank, McKeesport, Pa. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W. 3"D. condition: some wear, closure at bottom loose, sold as is. 2. Mercury rocket bank, painted metal, marked: Eureka Federal Savings and Loan Pittburgh 13, Pa. SiZe: 2 1/2"H, 8"W, 2"D. Condition: key missing,paint worn, sold as is. 50 - 100
2142 VINTAGE EMPIRE CHANDELIER. Cast metal black fixture with four swan figure branches holding two candle shafts each. Winged lions, their bodies trailing off into acanthas leafage, in between the swan branches. Provenance: purchased years ago at Frederick Blair Antique Lighting, S. Craig St. Pittsburgh, PA. The late Mr Blair was well known for having quality lighting. Size: 34" H, 32" diameter. Condition: no detractions. 2,500 - 3,500
2142 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2143 ANTIQUE PORTABLE WRITING DESK. N/R. Veneered wood portable writing desk, outside oversized gothic style brass hinges, monogramed MS. Top opens to reveal top area of 4 compartments, 2 ink wells with cut glass ink bottles with brass screw lids. Writing surface opens to embossed purple velvet writing surface surrounded by tooled leather band. top of writing surface lifts to reveal storage area. Concave pen rest lifts to reveal storage for pens. lidded compartments at top have small knobs. Size: 4"H, 14"W, 10"D, 15 1/2"D opened. Condition: No key, glass ink wells have minor chips, velvet work, some areas of wood are cracking. 200 - 300
2144 AMERICAN WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. N/R. Early 19th c. Shped crest, arms and seat, turned splayed and turned legs, Size: 38 1/2"H, 24"W, 20"D. Condition: wear and scratches on wood. worn surfaces. 200 - 400
2145 PR. BOULLE DEC. PEDESTALS. N/R. Ebonized wood, brass and tortoise shell inlay. Round wooden compotes on boulle decorated pedestal bases, brass corner ornamented legs, front brass apron. Size: 8"H, 5"x 5" base, 6"diam. top. Condition: brass corner decorations are loose, boulle decoration good, wood has wear and scratches. 100 - 300
2148 BOX LOT OF PIANO ROLLS. N/R. Box of approx. 63 rolls. Condition: age. 60 - 100
2149 BOX LOT PIANO ROLLS. N/R. box of original piano rolls in originial boxes. approx. 40 rolls. Condition: signs of wear. 60 - 100
2150 BOX LOT OF PIANO ROLLS. N/R. Box of vintage piano rolls in original boxes. approx. 40 rolls in lot. Condition: signs of wear. 60 - 100
2151 TAPESTRY WALL HANGING. N/R. With hanging rod. Trumpeter riding an elephant with a baldichino and exotic birds etc. Size: 58" h, 44" w. Condition: like new. 200 - 400
2152 REVERSE PAINTED CLOCK. N/R. Reverse painted clock, broken pediment top with finial, floral and bee hive painted clock face, double window opening, reverse painted classical architecture scene and fruit and flower still life. Case veneered and ebonized wood. Interior marked: Hopkins & Alfred, Harwinton, Con . 19th c. Condition: pendulum missing, wear to reverse painting, replacement finial, sold as is. 500 - 1,000
2153 ORNATE WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind weight driven wall clock with 3 glass sides, turned side decoration, top finial, signed G B with anchor. Size: 40"H, 20"W Condition: one side glass cracked. 200 - 400
2154 WALL CLOCK. Key wind, weight driven wall clock, enamel face, side door opening, turned and carved wood decorated cabinet. Size: 36"H, 15"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: clock case, minor wear scratches. Clock sold as is. 200 - 400
2155 VICTORIAN BAROMETER. N/R. Carved Ren.Revival wood case with thermometer and barometer, beveled glass face plate, face inscribed Fahrenheit and Strong---to--Very Dry. Size: 20"H, 11 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: Chips on wooden decoration, scratches on the glass. Sold as is. 300 - 600
2156 COLONIAL WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind, weight driven clock with carved and turned wood case, three glass sides, marked "Colonial". Size: 50"H, 13"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: wear to exterior, sold as is. 150 - 300
2157 REN. REVIVAL STYLE WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind weight driven wall clock, turned and carved ren.revival style decoration on case, enamel face. Size: 54"H, 20"W. Condition: wear to case, sold as is. 200 - 400
2158 ORNATE WALL CLOCK. Key wind pendulum clock, 1/4 hour strike , face marked "Tempus Fugit", elaborate top finial, brass florette decoration, with key and pendulum. Size: 42"H, 17 3/4"W, condition: wear to wood, sold as is. 150 - 300
2159 OLD BAROMETER/ THERMOMETER. N/R. Carved wood case for Aneroid Barometer. Thermometer reads Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Size: 34"H, 12"W. Condition: wear to case, sold as is. 150 - 300
2160 REGULATOR WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind pendulum clock weight driven, pendulum window has black glass with gold decoration. Size" 35"H, 14"Diam. face. Condition: minor wear, sold as is. 150 - 300
2161 HOWARD MILLER WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind weight driven pendulum clock, pendant window with beveled glass, Size: 47"H, 22"Diam. face on clock. Condition: good, sold as is. 150 - 300
2162 ORNATE WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind weight driven, pendulum wall clock turned and carved case decoration, front swing door, two glass slides. Size: 56"H, 15"W, 6"D. condition: wear to case, sold as is. 200 - 400
2163 BAROMETER/ THERMOMETER. N/R. Carved acanthus leaf decorated case, barometer and thermometer which reads Fahrenheit and Centigrade, Size: 39"H, 14"W, 2"D. Condition: thermometer broken, face plate glass missing, one decorative element from case missing. 100 - 300
2164 CLOISSONNE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind, pendulum, half hour, hour strike clock, four sided beveled glass case for clock, enameled pendulum, set in 12 column curved arcade setting, cloissonne feet, finials, center top dome and urn finial. Size: 20"H, 22 1/4"W, 6 1/4"D. Condition: sold as is. 1,000 - 2,000
2165 HOWARD MILLER TALLCASE CLOCK. N/R. Oak case with swan neck and fluted columns. Brass works play St. Michael, Whittington, and Westminster chimes. Size: 82" H, 10" W, 13" D. Condition: no detractions, like new. 400 - 800
2166 WILLIAMSBURG SIDEBOARD BY BAKER CO. Historic Williamsburg reproduction sideboard by Baker Co. Serpentine Hepplewhite style sideboard with line and quarter fan inlay on all doors and drawers, and bottle drawer. Raised on square tapering legs with drop bell flower inlay and cuff banded. Size: 42" H, 69 1/2" W, 27" D. Condition: like new, minor scratching (not through the finish) through careful use. 3,000 - 4,000
2167 HOWARD MILLER TALLCASE CLOCK. N/R. Mahogany case with swan neck pediment, finial, fluted columns, all raised on ogee feet. Inlaid with quarter fans. Open work brass and silver face, brass works, plays Westminster, St. Michael, and Whitting chimes. Size: 88" H, 26" W, 16" D. Condition: like new. 500 - 1,000
2168 HERSCHEDE GRANDFATHERS CLOCK. N/R. Made in USA. Westminster, Canterbury, and Whittington chimes. Brass works with moon phase housed in mahogany case with reeded columns with brass capitals and bases. Size: 88" H, 27" W, 17" D. Condition: no detractions, like new. 400 - 800
2169 HOWARD MILLER INLAID GRANDFATHER CLOCK. N/R. Dutch colonial style. Case with reeded columns has burled walnut veneer and inlay of paterae and quarter fans. Brass works with Westminster, Canterbury, and St Michael chimes played on nine seemless tubes. Has constellations on the dial. Size: 86" H, 27" W, 16" D. Condition: like new, no detractions. 500 - 1,000
2170 NEO CLASSICAL MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Gilt Bronze. 19th C. Key wound hour and half hour strike, neoclassical base, scrolled front feet, raised platform with three rosette wreaths with arrow and ribbon decoration, figural group of resting woman with book, dog and basket, clock face on incised block tower, topped by trailing ivy.Comes with glass dome. Pendulum marked #2008, no other marks. Size: 18 1/2"H, 11 3/16"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: finish is worn, three minor elements are missing from the figural group, no key, glass clock face cover is missing, sold as is. 1,000 - 2,000
2171 FRENCH CUPID CLOCK. N/R. Bronze, marble. Key wind mantel clock with red and back marble and gilt bronze Louis XV style base, round enameled clock face in drum base, topped wtih green patinated bronze figure of cupid with arrows, chmes 1/2 hour and hour, domed glass face cover, signed on face Paul Gruvelins with other rubbed words below. The inside clock works are signed Lemerle Charpentier, Fant de Bronzes 292 Paris. Size: 18"H, 8"W, 8"D. Condition: 2 small chips on front marble base, other small chips in marble, arrow Cupid is shooting is broken. 600 - 1,200
2172 TIFFANY & CO. MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Gilt Bronze. 19th C. Key wound hour and half hour strike Louis XIV style clock, topped by group, Cavalier and woman playing lute in 17th C. costume, clock face has wheel ground surface, incised on back Tiffany & Co. Paris, inside clock works marked #136. with a glass dome and wooden base. Size: 17"H, 12"W, 45 3/4"D. Condition: gilt finish is worn on both side panels, clock works sold as is, back plate is missing, female figure and lute are loose, glas dome is cracked and woden base is damaged. 1,000 - 2,000
2173 18TH CENT. THOS.FAYRER,LANCASTER CLOCK. N/R. Swan neck pediment with urn finials on plinths. Convex door flanked by columns conceals handpainted face. Shapely weight door flanked by reeded pilasters. Raised on ogee bracket feet. Has weights, pendulum and key. Size: 91" H, 21" W, 10" D. Condition: two shrinkage cracks in pediment, minor cracking in veneer. 2,000 - 4,000
2174 CONCERTA MUSIC BOX BY IDEAL. N/R. Ornately inlaid music box has four cylinders in all. Last patent date is 1888. Size: 7 1/2" H, 26" W, 11" D. Condition: professionally cleaned, plays beautifully, great tune. 1,500 - 3,000
2175 ORGAN FITTED IN CHILDS DESK American labled "THE GEM ROLLER ORGAN" patent 1887. Organ is painted brown with gold decoration, iron and brass works, two bellows crank controlls speed. Has fifteen rolls, names of tune written on rolls. Slant top desk oak and cherry, turned legs. Condition: organ plays, no detraction. Desk has damage to finish on top and legs. Size: 24" H, 31" W, 17" D. 450 - 850
2177 GREYHOUND RACE TRACK. N/R. 20TH C. Toy track with six animals racing in a straight line, with lights and wheel driven figures. Size: 5 3/4"H, 20 1/2"W, 7"D. Condition: several lights missing, some wear to surface, sold as is. 400 - 600
2179 WOODEN ROCKING HORSE. N/R. Painted wooden rocking horse, early 20th c. wood, metal, leather saddle, on wooden base. Size: 28"H, 31"W, 11 1/2"D. Condition: horse repainted with silver paint, front wooden support damaged and repaired, head repaired. 100 - 300
2180 HUBLEY TOY FIRE TRUCK. N/R. Painted metal. 1950's. Hubley Fire Department ladder truck with movable parts, original red paint and tires, ladder extends to 18" marked Hubley Kiddie Toy Lancaster Pa.made in USA #520. Size: 4 1/2"H, 16"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: paint worn, one screw on ladder worn. 100 - 300
2181 BUCK ROGERS DISINTEGRATOR GUN. N/R. Pressed steel with copper finish. 1930's Disintegrator gun, marked Buck Rogers 25th Century, Daisy Mfg. Co. Plymouth, Michigan, U.S.A. Pats. 1666771-1779892-1240990 D51748-others pending. Originally produced sparks. Size: 9 1/2"L 6"H. Condition: trigger works, metal finish good, all rings good, sparks do not work. 150 - 300
2182 BIG BANG ARTILLARY WEAPON TOY. N/R. Metal. 1940-50s. Painted metal cannon with red wheels, top portion opens for charge placement. Marked: Big-Bang Patented. NO 10 CCcharger for NO 10 FC and No 10 AC. Keep closed. Size: 5 1/2"H, 17"W, 4 3/4"D. Condition: Worn paint and scratches. 100 - 200
2183 DOPEY FROM SNOW WHITE. N/R. Hard composition body, from 1940-50's, no marks, 6"H, Condition: wear on nose and hands, overall wear to paint, crazing. 40 - 80
2184 TOY METAL CAR. N/R. Painted metal. 1940's. Key wind metal car, painted red with rubber wheels, no marks. Size: 4 1/2"H, 14"W, 5"D. Condition: key missing, weat to paint. 0 - 100
2185 LITTLE GIANT ZEPPELIN TOY. N/R. Metal. 1930-40. Metal zeppelin with three wheels, propellers are driven by wheels turning, with decals of Little Giant Zeppelin. Size: 7"H, 26 1/4"W, 6"D. Condition: Tip damaged, one propeller damaged, badly welded rear wheel support, decals worn. 100 - 300
2186 GRAF ZEPPELIN BY STEELCRAFT. N/R. Steel. 1930's. Metal toy version of the Graf Zeppelin by Steelcraft. Size: 6 1/2"H, 25"W 6 1/2"D. Condition: one wheel replaced, Graf Zeppelin decals badly rubbed, surface pitted and worn. 175 - 375
2187 SHOOFLIES DOG ROCKER. N/R. Dog rocker with rocker and wheel, adjustable seat, flip up box holder, original paper instructions on bottom, marked "Animal Shooflies" Size: 20"H, 39 1/2"W, 12 1/2"D. Condition: reupholstered, paint worn, possible repainting. 100 - 300
2188 TOONORVILLE TROLLEY. N/R. Hand made trolley, 2 cars, original drawings, misc. parts. Marked Dewey's Toonorville Trolley on drawing. Size: 12"H, 9"W, 3 1/2"D. each car. Condition: wear and scratches. 75 - 150
2189 MARX BUMPER CAR. N/R. Metal. 1930s. Marx Bumper Car, streamlined design with red finish, stamped Made in USA Marx Toys. Size: 3 1/2"H, 16"W, 4"D. Condition: one wheel missing, key missing, bumpers bent, paint worn. 100 - 300
2190 TOY METAL SUBMARINE. N/R. Painted metal. Mid 20th C. Key wind propeller driven submarine, no marks. Size: 3"H, 13"W, 3"D. Condition: key missing, body repainted, sold as is. 50 - 100
2191 MARX METAL TOY AIRPORT. N/R. Lithographed metal. 1940-1950. Trans American Airways "City Airport" with driveway, two hanger openings, gas pump; city airport building includes weather bureau, radio room, air service, ticket office, signed Marx Toys made in U.S.A. Size: 3 1/4"H, 12"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: some wear to litho surface, some rust on roof, wear on corners. 100 - 300
2192 ELEKTRO TOY RANGE. N/R. Metal. 1940's. Grey and black metal electrical toy stove with front hinged oven door and two burners, marked Elektro Electric toy range, the Elektro Mfg. Co. Chicago, no. 11529. Size: 16 1/2"H, 10 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: top bent, metal pitted, electric cord missing. 150 - 300
2193 TOY METAL KEY WIND CAR. N/R. Painted metal, 1930-40. Green cream and orange painted key wind car with original paint, wheels, battery operated headlights, no marks. Size: 5 1/4"H, 14"D, 5"W. Condition: paint shows wear, sold as is. 150 - 300
2194 TOY SPEED BOAT AND RACER. Lithographed metal. River Star speed boat and racer marked E T CO Japan, with two wheels on bottom. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8 1/4"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: paint worn on bottom, one element missing from back of boat. 50 - 100
2195 TURNER TOYS METAL DUMPTRUCK. N/R. Painted metal. 1930's. Turner Toys painted metal dump truck, original rubber wheels, original paint, dumping mechanism operates. marked on wheels: Turner Toys. Size: 8 1/2"H, 20 1/2"W, 7"D. Condition: paint badly worn, tires worn. 150 - 300
2196 TOY GENERAL GROCERY STORE. N/R. Lithographed tin, 1930's. Metal store opens with two wings, metal awning and three built in shelfs. Shelfs filled with miniature food products: Brillow, Ralston shredded wheat, Domino cane sugar, Worcester Salt, Junket Rennet powder, Bon Ami powder, Jackie Coogna Spanish salted peanut bag. Side wings show boy and girl shopping, free standing lithographed counter with images of food, a freestanding scale and free standing butcher paper roll. Size: closed 9 5/8"H, 10 1/8"W, 2"D, each wing opened 9 5/8"H 5"W. Condition: minor signs of wear. 200 - 400
2197 TOY METAL KITCHEN SINK. N/R. Metal. 1940s. Toy metal kitchen sink in red and cream colored metal, with three dimensional faucets and soap dish, made by Wolverine Supply and Mgs. Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. Size: 9 3/4"H, 10 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: minor scratches. 150 - 300
2198 TUDOR ZYLAPHONE. N/R. Metal zylapone with 8 strikable bars, marked C D E F G A B C . gold bars on a red and gold metal stand. Marked: Tudor Pat. New York, USA. Condition: overall wear. each bar has pencil and pen marks. Scratches. 40 - 80
2199 CAST LEAD AMISH FIGURES. N/R. Painted lead, 20thc. Group of three lead Amish figures, a father, mother and child on a swing. Size: Father 4 3/4"H, mother 4 3/4"H, child on swing, 5"H. Condition: some wear to paint surface, strings on swing worn and weak. 60 - 120
2200 ENGLISH BEAUX ART BUFFET. c.1890 Oak, walnut and burl veneer case with poplar and pine secondary woods. Interior stained mahogany, zinc lined ice drawer lower right side. Shelves and bevaled mirrors upper portion, applied carving on brackets and doors, gilt hardware. Condition: glass ring on finish left shelf, right lower door loose and inner leg loose two tears in zinc liner. Size: h. 87", w. 72", d. 24 1/2". 1,200 - 2,000
2201 STERLING COFFEE & TEA SET. N/R. 5 piece sterling coffee and tea set by Woodward & Lothrop. Footed vase shape, hinged dome top, knop finial, "C" scrolled shell decorated handle, molded conforming swanneck spout, upper half of body is hand chased scroll decorated, lower half with interupted conforming lobed reserves, terminating on a circular stepped scroll base. Each piece marked: Woodward & Lothrop, Sterling, 555, hand chased. Size: Coffee pot: 11"H. weight 24 1/2oz., teapot: 9 1/2"H weight 23 1/2oz., double handled lidded sugar: 7 1/2"H, weight 11oz., Creamer: 6"H. weight: 7 1/2oz., Waste bowl: 3 3/4"H, weight 5 1/2oz. Condition: good, slight wear, coffee pot handle is loose. 2,200 - 4,400
2202 STERLING WATER PITCHER. N/R. Sterling. Helmet shape, with molded rim, dished conforming spout, applied "C" shape handle, upper half of body foliate decorated with monogrammed reserve, terminating on circular base, marked Durgin Silver #0246 Retailed by Harrison Shaffer 4 1/2 pints. size: 8 1/2"H. weight 23 oz. Condition: minor dents. 500 - 1,000
2203 TOWLE STERLING FLATWARE. N/R. Towle "Royal Windsor" Pattern. Pat. 1935. 47 pieces plus 7 misc. sterling teaspoons, plus 1 silver plate spoon. Royal Windsor pattern includes: 6 butter knives, plus one similar butter knife, 6 dinner knives, 7 dinner forks, 3 large serving spoons, 6 salad forks, 13 teaspoons, 1 pickle fork, 1 sugar spoon, 1 jelly spoon, 1 gravy ladle, 1 berry spoon. All pieces in a Towle wooden storage chest. Condition: wear and scratches. 350 - 700
2204 PR. SILVER PLATE CANDELABRA. N/R. Pair of four branch candelabra, fluted scroll arms, trumpet decorated shaft, decorated base, with urn shaped grease cups and dished bobeches, marked "Made in England" in grease cups. Size: 16"H, 14"W. 14"D. each. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
2205 S/P GRAPE DISH WITH SISSORS. N/R. Silver plate shell base with metal grape vine support on handle, hanging sissors rest on grape vine support, shell marked "BenetFink & Co. Cheapside", sissors hallmarked WH & S B. Size: 11"h, 11 1/2"W, 9 1/2"D. Sissors 7 1/4"L. Condition: plate worn, signs of wear. 40 - 80
2206 VICTORIAN SILVER PLATE COMPOTE. N/R. Compote with pierced rim, bowl supported by putti column on raised base with three hairy paw feet, incised decoration on bowl and base, comes with pressed glass lid (no originial). Size: 13"H, 16"H with lid., 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear on base, chips on pressed glass lid. 50 - 100
2208 STERLING VASE. N/R. Sterling. Tall vase with top and bottom continuous leaf decoration, shaft and base haave incised Adam decoration, shaft monogramed RBW", marked "F Sterling 2462 weighted base". Size: 12"H, 3 7/8"Diam. at base. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
2209 NO LOT 0 - 0
2211 8 STERLING WATER GOBLETS. N/R. Sterling, thimble shape top, monogramed, terminating on circular flared base, marked with lion & E Sterling 044. Size: 6 5/8"H. each, total weighable ounces 28. Condition: good, some wear. 700 - 1,400
2212 8 STERLING CORDIAL GLASSES. N/R. Sterling, vase shaped, flared rim, plain body, terminating on circular base ( 6 identical, 2 slightly different base). Size: 3"H each, total weighable ounces 8. Condition: good, slight wear. 200 - 400
2213 FOOTED STERLING BOWL. N/R. Sterling. Circular shape, scalloped beaded rim, pierced guilloche border, dished interior, plain body, terminating on circular steped weighted base, marked: "Sterling reinforced with cement". Size: 3 3/4"H, 8 3/4"Diam. Condition:dents in bowl, dents on rim of base. 50 - 100
2214 NO LOT 0 - 0
2214 200 PC. AUSTRIAN S/P FLATWARE. N/R. Manufactured by Berndorf, Austria. 2nd quarter of 20th c. Silver plate. Comprising: 12 dinner knives, 12 luncheon knives, 12 fish knives, 12 soft cheese knives, 12 butter knives, 12 hard cheese knives, 12 dinner forks, 12 luncheon forks, 12 fish forks, 12 chesse forks, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert spoons, 6 soup spoons, 7 ice tea spoons, 12 cereal spoons, 12 coffee/tea spoons, 4 relish forks, 3 large serving spoons, 3 large serving forks, 1 berry spoon, 1 pie server, 1 cake server, 1 soup ladle (large), 1 soup ladle (small) , 2 sauce ladles, 1 pair sugar tongs, 1 pair sandwich tongs. Condition: signs of wear. 300 - 500
2215 STERLING BREAD TRAY. N/R. Rectangular shape, molded rim, plain border, dished interior, marked Wallace sterling #28400. Size: 11 1/2"L. weight 6oz. Condition: one dent in border, scratches. 150 - 300
2216 4 19TH C. COIN SILVER SPOONS. N/R. American coin silver, 19thc., (2) 19thc. coin silver soup spoons, fiddle backs, inscribed"M.Tenney" marked on back " N. Harding & Co. Size: 8 1/2"L. weight total 2 3/4oz. (1) American fiddle back soup spoon, monogramed, marked on back " Jones Lows & Ball". Size: 9"L weight 1 1/2oz. (1) Anmerican 19thc. coin silver tea spoon, marked on back "A.E.Warner" maker. Size: 5 3/4"L. weight 3/4oz. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 250
2217 5 LIGHT S/P CANDELABRA. N/R. Silver plate. five light candelabra, lobe and scroll decorated grease cups, dished bobeches, baluster foliate decorated standard, supporting four outscrolled arms with matching grease cups, terminating on a domed swirl ball shall decorated base with outscrolled feet.Size: 9"H, 12"W, 12"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
2218 8 STERLING BREAD & BUTTER PLATES. N/R. Sterling. Circular shape, molded gadroon rim, plain border, dished interior, marked: Sterling MFH 1259. Size: 6"diam. each. total weighable ounces 24. Condition: slight wear. 500 - 1,000
2219 STERLING WATER PITCHER. N/R. Sterling, bulbous form with scroll handle, marked : Fisher Sterling 2026. Size: 8 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. condition: minor wear. 75 - 150
2220 STERLING PLATE. N/R. Sterling, round plate with straight gadroon border, beaded inner border, front engraved: Phyllis and Dan Dec. 6. 1965, back engraved: Caroline & Sue. Marks on back: Fisher Sterling 2150. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear, several dents. 50 - 100
2221 ROYAL DANISH STERLING FLATWARE. Sterling: 88 pieces of International : Royal Danish pattern. Set includes: (1) master butter knife, (8) butter knives, weighted handles, (12) place forks, (12) dinner knives, (12) salad forks, (3 serving/table spoons, (1) gravy ladle, (12) teaspoons, (6) cream soup spoons, (8) iced beverage spoons, (1) dressing spoon, (5) demitasse spoons, (1) sugar spoon, (1) jelly spoon, (1) pickle fork, (3) roast carving set: knife, fork, steel, with weighted handles, (1) cheese spreader with weighted handle. Approx. weight 80oz. Condition: signs of wear. 2,000 - 5,000
2222 NO LOT 0 - 0
2226 BRASS AND COBALT PORCELAIN LIDDED URN Modern Oriental porcelain urn with bronze lid, handles and base. Condition: no defects. 100 - 200
2227 NO LOT 0 - 0
2246 NO LOT 0 - 0
2246 VENETIAN GLASS MIRROR. N/R. Venetian style glass mirror, octagonal body, eetched decoration, beveled mirror glass flowers and finial. Marked on back. Made in France. Size; 34"H, 19"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: good, minor wear. 200 - 400
2247 ART DECO CHASE NAPKIN HOLDER. N/R. Chromium and bakelite. Chase polished chromium napkin holder with bakelite handles, designed by Harry Laylon. Size: 3 1/4"H, 6"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: minor scratches. 40 - 80
2248 CHASE ELECTRIC SNACK SERVER. N/R. Polished chromium, plastic knobs. 1935. Electric snack server was designed by Howard Reichenbach for Chase, three one quart pyrex dishes were suspended in a chamber of electrically heated water. Size: 6"H, 13"D. Condition: power cord missing, all else good. 100 - 150
2249 CHASE CORONET COFFEE URN SET. N/R. Chromium, plastic. 1938 Coronet Coffee Urn Service designed by Walter Von Nesson for Chase. Size: Coffee urn 12"H, 10"W, 11"D; sugar 4 1/4"H, 3 1/2"D; creamer 3 1/4"H, 3 1/2"D. Condition: all elements are with the coffee urn, a 1"dent in the top front of the urn, minor scratches in metal. 300 - 500
2250 NORMAN BEL GEDDES SODA BOTTLE. N/R. Metal. 1930-40's. Soda King Syphon by Walter Kidde Sales Co. Inc.,Bloomfield, N.J. Designer Norman Bel Geddes, pat.20535, others pending. Polished metal bottome, black enameled top, streamline shape. Size: 10"H, 4"Diam. Condition: interior has some pitting, exterior good, all interior pieces intact. 100 - 300
2251 ART DECO CHILD'S FOOD DISH. N/R. Chrome, ceramic, bakelite. 1944. Divided ceramic dish with screw cap to insert hot water, scene of Little Bow Peep, a cat and a dog, set in a chrome holder with a chrome lid with bakelite handles, marked Bartsch Mfg. Co. Chicago, Pat. 7-11-44. Size: 5"H, 8"Diam. Condition: minor scratches to metal. 75 - 150
2252 NO LOT 0 - 0
2270 NO LOT 0 - 0
2271 IVORY CARVED EMPEROR & EMPRESS. 20th century. Ivory. Size: approx. 15" tall figure on a 1 3/4" base. Condition: empress has a 4" split due to dryness forming. 1,000 - 1,500
2272 2 METAL EWERS WITH BASES. N/R. Classical cast metal ewers, handle with rosette top attachment, no marks, on separate round marble drum bases. Base marked with paper label: Trouvailles Inc. Condition: urns good, bases have some scratches. 200 - 400
2278 NO LOT 0 - 0
2279 THREE OIL LAMPS N/R. c. 19th century. Lot includes three American oil lamps. All are constructed of metal. 60 - 80
2280 CAST METAL LAMP N/R. Cast metal lamp reputed to be found in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy. 300 - 400
2283 FIREMAN'S HELMET. N/R. Wilson leather fireman's helmet, molded leather with metal eagle crest, floral embossed border decoration, front design: Rescue 1 F.J. with hook and ladder design,marked with embossed logo: Wilson Maker 135 Bowry New York. Size: 9"H, 10 3/4"W, 15 1/4"D. Condition: signs of wear. sweat band stained, eagle tarnished. 200 - 400
2284 FIREMAN'S HELMET. N/R. Wilson leather fireman's helmet, eagle finial, floral embossed border decoration, front: Eagle Hose 1 F.C. in white, red and black leather, paper label inside: ...lso.. 135 Bowry N.Y. Size: 9 3/4"H, 10 3/4"W, 14"D. Condition: good, signs of wear, sweat band stained. 300 - 500
2285 STEINBECK:GRAPES OF WRATH,1ST.N/R. Steinbeck, John. Grapes of Wrath. N.Y. Viking Press, c. 1939. "First Published in April 1939." "First Edition" on lower front dust jacket flap. Dust jacket corners clipped; Ink name and date on front free endpaper; slight soiling to lower front page edges; dust jacket lightly rubbed; tiny chip in top front corner of dust jacket; otherwise very good condition in good+ dust jacket. 2,000 - 5,000
2286 INDIAN ARTIFACTS N/R. Two American Indian ceremonial sticks. The wood sticks are heavily beaded. One has shells beaded on both sides. Lot also includes a pipe bowl carved from pipestone and an unknown engraved reed. 100 - 150
2287 CIVIL WAR ARTIFACTS N/R. Lot includes a metal belt buckle marked "U.S."; a bullet mold and a suede pouch filled with bullets. 100 - 150
2288 RUSSIAN ICON N/R. c.1900's. Wooden carved icon of a Russian man was made by royal carvers. 30 - 50
2289 PAIR OF POWDER HORNS N/R. Colonial era animal horns used to store gunpowder for muskets. 15 - 25
2290 TWO IVORY PENS N/R. Lot includes two writing pens with ivory handles. One is in a box that is marked "No. 1 Gold Pen 571: Amber Twistholder 1600". The other pen is in a leather box marked "Leroy W. Fairchild Co." 25 - 50
2291 AMERICAN INDIAN TOMAHAWKS N/R. Lot includes three tomahawks, one possibly a trade tomahawk. One was found on Blanket Hill Battlefield. Also includes a Colonial era axe head. Condition: one tomahawk head has been reattached with wire. 100 - 150
2292 ASSORTED INDIAN ARTIFACTS N/R. Lot includes numerous arrowheads, an axe head, a pounding stone, a pair of boot pulls etc. 25 - 50
2293 SPECTACLES, EARLY 1800'S. N/R. Spectacles, shield-shaped lenses, with another pair of lenses hinged to temples to provide add for reading. Sliding temple extensions, oval loop ends. Silver (?) Marked "MAYSENHOLDEP." and "PHILA." In later shell case. Very good condition. 50 - 200
2294 SIGNED McKINLEY PHOTOGRAPH N/R. Photograph of President McKinley is unframed and signed. Photograph is marked "Coprighted By Courtney, April '96, Canton, Ohio. 75 - 100
2295 ASSORTED SILVER ITEMS N/R. Lot includes a Art Nouveau silverplate change purse; a match safe marked "Columbian Fair Souvenir 1492-1892"; and a Dolphin oil lamp. 50 - 75
2296 14K GOLD POCKET WATCH N/R. Watch has an open face and is marked "Howard". The interior case is marked "Howard; 14K;105330". The other side of the case is engraved as is the back. Comes in a velvet lined wood case. condition: no visible defects; appears to be in working order. 75 - 100
2297 PAIR OF MINIATURES N/R. Miniatures are painted on ceramic and framed in wood under glass. One is of Marie Antoinette and signed "Grassi". The other is of an unknown woman and is signed "Lucci". Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2298 TWO DAGUERROTYPES N/R. Daguerrotypes are framed in leather cases. Size of both: 3 3/4" l. x 3 1/8" w. condition: metal around pictures has some spotting; cases have some wear and have come apart. 60 - 120
2299 AMBROTYPE & DAGUERROTYPE N/R. Both are framed in leather. Size of both: 3 5/8" l. x 3 1/8" w. Condition; pictures show some warping; leather cases are worn. 60 - 120
2300 ASSORTED AMBROTYPES N/R. Lot includes four ambrotypes; three are framed in leather cases. One is undeveloped. Size of all: 3.0" l. x 2 3/8" w. Condition: one picture has some warping; leather cases are worn. 60 - 120
2301 ROSE MEDALLION GARDEN SEAT. Pierced top and sides, fourlarge side panels, 2 with figures, 2 with flowers and birds. No marks. Size: 18"H, 14"Diam. Condition: gilding worn on raised beaded decoration. 1,500 - 3,000
2301 NO LOT 0 - 0
2302 HERRING GULL BY KAISER. N/R. Porcelain figure of Herring Gull on wooden base. Marked Kaiser: Herring Gull limited edition: 426 of 1500. Made in Germany. Size: 17 1/2"H, 10"W, 10"D. Condition: tip of the bird's wing has been broken, one other minor chip. 300 - 600
2303 MOSES BY L. IPANKEY. N/R. Porcelain figure of Moses by Laszlo Ipankey for Goebel. Marked: Goebel Crafts of North America, by Laszlo Ipankey No. 213 of 350. Size: 19"H, 10"W, 7"D. condition: good. 400 - 800
2304 SEVRES PLATE IN ROCOCO FRAME. N/R. Hand painted Sevres porcelain plate, figure of a woman with roses in her hair, wide cobalt blue border with gold poppies . Plate is signed B.C. Gerard on front. Back of plate is marked "Tempos" 78 Dore a Sevres. Plate 9 1/2"Diam. Plate is set in an elaborate gessoed and gilded rococo style frame. Condition: plate has minor wear, frame has several sections broken off, all pieces are available. 1,000 - 1,500
2305 CAPODIMONTE SHIELD. N/R. Capodimonte ceramic shield, marked with blue crown on bottom edge, center medallion 7" with raised female head, perhap Helen of Troy, surrounded by four oval historical scenes 5 1/2"W, scenes of Lapiths and Centaurs and Greek female figures; scenes could depict, battle of Lapiths and Centaurs, Centaurs take off with the women of Lapith, Centaur Eurytion tries to steal bride at wedding, Theseus stops Eurytion, or Hercules battling centaur. 2 1/2"outer border, raised gilt and painted decoration with four portrait busts in shells. 19th c. Sie: 22 "Diam. Condition: back shows several major breaks, repaired with staples, early good repair job. 500 - 1,000
2306 ITALIAN MAJOLICA CHARGER. N/R. Italian Renaissance stylecharger with young warrior in center with knife and shield, perhaps the young King David., wide band of antique hermes and dragons, border includes letters, possibly ISRS. Lustre finish, possible mark hidden under wide metal hanging devise. Size: 15"""Diam. 1 3/4"H. condition: plate is set in four prong metal holder, several minor firing flaws and glaze runs on the back. Edges good. 250 - 500
2307 WEDGWOOD CHINA, 85 PIECES. 85 pieces of Wedgwood bone china, "Charnwood" pattern ( flowers and butterflies).Set includes: (1) round serving plate, 13"Diam.,(23) dinner plates, (13) salad plates, (11) bread and butter plates, (17) coffee cups, (19) saucers, (1) gravy boat. Condition: Round serving plate has scratches on surface, dinner plates ( 16 have bright green leaves on decoration, 7 have faded green leaves on decoration), salad plates ( two have chips, six have faded green leaves on decoration), bread and butter plates ( one has faded green leaves on decoration), cups (one has cracked bowl, one has chip on rim, three have faded green leaves on decoration)., saucers ( 9 have faded green leaves on decoration), gravy boat has flea bite on pouring rim. 700 - 2,000
2308 8 ROYAL DOULTON H/P PLATES. N/R. (7) "Curnock Rose" disign plates, hand painted center decoration of a large rose, with small blue, purple and yellow flowers, each hand signed "P.Curnock" each with 1/4" gold beaded edge, each with a different colored border (1. narrow cobalt and gold border,1.wide rose colored border, 1. wide apple green border, (2) with wide cream colored border, 1. wide pale blue printed border, 1. wide blue/grey border). (1) with smaller floral bouquet center decoration, not signed on front, initial "B" on back, 1/4 gold beaded edge, wide pink border, gilt continuous leaf inner border around floral center. All plates 10 3/4"Diam. Condition: all are in good condition, with slight wear. 150 - 300
2309 LOTUS WARE BOWL. N/R. Hand painted porcelain. Oval bowl with applied branch handles, pie crust fluted top with gilt rim, hand painted yellow roses on both sides, each side different, artist signed on bottom "A.M.G." produced between 1891 and 1896. Maker: K.T.K.Co. Lotus Ware (Knowles, Taylor, Knowles). Size: 4 3/4"H, 10 1/2"W, 8 1/2"D. condition: some wear to gilding on rim, several minor chips on rim. 300 - 500
2310 CHINESE PORCELAIN TABLE LAMP. N/R. Porcelain cylindrical vase with yellow field and blossom and vase decorations, set in metal base and cap with silk bell shaped shade with fringe, no marks. Sie: porcelain vasee 17"H, 8"Diam. Lamp: 31"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: metal worn, shade old and stained. 250 - 500
2311 ROOKWOOD VASE. N/R. Yellow Rookwood vase with raised bird and flower design, marked: 1935 #6459. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: minor chip on base, one fleck of green paint on surface. 40 - 80
2312 VAN BRIGGLE VASE. N/R. Blue and green matte finish floriform vase, Shape #841. Marked: incised mark, Van Briggle Colo. Spgs.1920's Condition: vase surface has some minor marks. 100 - 200
2313 ROSEVILLE VASE. N/R. Roseville "Rosecraft Hexagon" pattern (1924) vase, green with orange highlights and interior, marked with RV stamp.Size: 4 1/8"H. Conditon: good. 150 - 300
2314 ROSEVILLE VASE. N/R. Roseville "Rosecraft Hexagon" pattern (1924) vase, green with yellow highlights, marked with RV stamp. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: one small fleabite on base, two firing flaws top of one panel. 100 - 200
2315 ROSEVILLE WALL POCKET. N/R. Roseville wall pocket, cream with green highlights, stylized lotus with angular Deco shape, no marks on back. Size: 14 1/2"H, 7"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: wear to top edge of hanging hole, chip back top, not noticable from front. 200 - 300
2316 ROSEVILLE VASE. N/R. Roseville "La Rose" pattern (1924) vase, cream body wtih swags of green with flowers. Marked RV stamp. Size: 6 1/2"H, 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: some crazing. 75 - 150
2317 ROSEVILLE FUSCHIA VASE. N/R. Roseville "Fuschia" pattern (1938) handled vase, blue ground pink fuschia with green leaves, Marked: incised Rsoeville 395-7. Size: 7 1/4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2318 2 ROSEVILLE ZEPHYR LILY PIECES. N/R. (1) Handled vase, green background, pink lily, marked incised: Roseville ...-6. Size: 6 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (2) Low bowl, green with pink and yellow lilies, marked: Roseville USA 474-8, size: 2 1/2"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2319 WELLER WOODCRAFT WALL POCKET. N/R. Weller "Woodcraft" pattern (c.1920) owl wall pocket, marked: incised Block letter "WELLER". Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition; minor chip on nose of owl, minor chip on end of branch. 200 - 400
2320 PAIR WELLER FOREST VASES. N/R. Pair Weller "Forest" pattern (1915-20) footed vases, no mark. Size: 8"H, 5 1/2"W, 3"D. Conditon: each has minor chip on base. 100 - 200
2321 WELLER BLUE DRAPERY VASE. N/R. Weller "Blue Drapery" pattern (c.1915-20) vase with red, pink and white flowers. Mark: inised block WELLER. Size: 6 1/2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: one chip in base. 50 - 100
2322 WELLER SICARDO VASE. Weller "Sicardo" pattern vase, irridescent glaze, triangular shape, marked: one side "Weller" one side "Sicard.". Size: 4"H. Condition: 7 small chips in rim. 50 - 150
2323 WELLER CLINTON IVORY VASE. Weller "Clinton Ivory" pattern (before 1914) vase. Incised block WELLER mark. Size: 10"H. Condition: crazing and cracks in rim, 3/8 "hole plugged by cork in lower section. 40 - 80
2324 PAIR WELLER CORNUCOPIA VASES. N/R. Pair of Weller "Lido" pattern (1935 cornucopia vases, blue and green matte glaze, incised: Weller Pottery in script. Size: 5"H, 7"W, 4"D. Condition: one good, one with chip. 75 - 150
2325 WELLER WILD ROSE VASES PAIR.N/R. Pair of Weller " Wild Rose" pattern (mid.1930s) vases, green with white flowers, marked: incised script WELLER. Size: 6 1/2"H, 34 1/4"W, 3 1/4"D. Condition: good. 100 - 150
2326 WELLER BASKET VASE. N/R. Weller "Floral"? basket vase, incised: Weller Potter Since 1872 G. Size: 6 1/2"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2327 WELLER VASE.N/R. Weller "Bouquet" pattern (late 1920's) vase, green with white lily ofthe valley flowers, marks: incised script: Weller Pottery since 1872 B-5. Sie: 6"H, 8 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2328 WELLER OAKLEAF VASE. N/R. Weller "Oakleaf" pattern (before 1936) cornucopia vase, green with brown leaves, marked: script WELLER. Size: 4"H, 10"W, 4"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2329 WELLER CORNISH BOWL. N/R. Weller "Cornish" pattern (1933) handled bowl, yellow and orange with blue and black buds, marked incised Weller. Size: 4 1/2"H, 7"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: Good. 75 - 150
2330 2 WELLER & 1 HULL VASES. N/R. (1) Weller "Cameo" pattern vase, blue with white flowers, mark: inscript Weller. Sie: 7 1/2"H, 5"W, 5"D. condition: good. (2) Weller "Patra" pattern (late 1920's) vase, marks: inscibed script "Weller Pottery". Size: 5 1/2"H, 6"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: major roughness along top rim. (3) Hull vase with raised tulip decoration, blue to cream color. Mark: inscribed Hull.... Size: 7"H, 3"W. 3"D. Condition: good. 100 - 150
2331 48 ROYAL DOULTON SERVICE. N/R. Royal Doulton bone china service for eight, white ground, embossed gold rim. Service includes: 8 coffee cups and saucers, 8 demitasse cups and saucers, 8 dinner plates ( 10 1./2"Diam.), 8 salad plates ( 8"Diam.). Condition: one coffee cup has a crack, all other pieces good. 300 - 500
2332 CAPODIMONTE FOOTED PLATE. N/R. Octagonal base, round stepped decorated column, round plate with raised straight gadroon doecoration, center medallion " Tempe Rantia" with four oval scenes, one male three female, separated by four hermes, marked with crossed line and incised 198. Sie: 4 1/8"H, 9 1/4"D. Conditon: good. 100 - 200
2333 PAIR CAPODIMONTE LAMPS. N/R. Tall ceramic vases with frieze of classical women and satyrs, pink decoration at base and top, arrow and banded laurel leaf decoration, metal light fixtures with adjustable pole for shades, no marks. Size: ceramic 13"H, lamp 30 "H. Condition: minor wear on metal and ceramic, one finial missing. 200 - 400
2334 ENGLISH PORCELAIN LEAF DISH. N/R. Ceramic. 19th c. Leaf shaped dish, gilt edge,grey border, gilt outline of center scene, hand painted center botanical group, gilt pierced handle, no marks on back. Size: 1 3/4"H, 9 7/8"W, 9 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear on painted flowers, edge good, gilding good. 50 - 150
2335 ROSE MEDALLION TRAY. N/R. Ceramic, 19th c. Rectangular tray with horizontal center scene of birds, butterflies in floral landscape, rich gilt and colored border in side, painted outside border, no marks. Size: 3/4"H, 9 3/4"H, 7"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 150
2336 3 GAUDY DUTCH PIECES. N/R. Ceramic, England, 1800-1820. Three pieces, (1) low bowl, scene with vase and flower, segmented painted border, Size: 1 1/3"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor chips on outer rim, one visible crack, chips on bottom rim, some crazing. (2) low bowl, blue border, scene of large plant with blossoms . Size: 1 1/4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: major chip, one visible crack, crazing on back. (3) Tea bowl, outer decoraton vase with flowers, inner segmented border of flowers, center medallion of leaf and blossom. Size" 2 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: major chip out of rim, several visible cracks. 50 - 150
2337 1ST. C. BC. TERRA COTTA EWER. N/R. Classic Greek terra cotta ewer, 1st. C. BC , possibly colonial Greek , traced of painted decoration. Size: 6"H. Condition: repaired. 100 - 150
2338 1ST. C. BC. TERRA COTTA MASK. N/R. Colonial Greek or Etruscan terra cotta mask, 1st. c. BC. Size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: well preserved. 100 - 150
2339 1ST C. BC TERRA COTTA FIGURE. N/R. Classic Greek terra cotta standing figure, 1st. c. BC. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: repaired. 100 - 150
2340 FULPER VASE. N/R. Ceramic, 1920's. Fulper shape # 643, shouldered and handled vase, with cat's eye flambe glaze, marked with ink stamp, vertical "racetrack" mark used 1922-1928. Size: 7 3/4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: two fleabits on back center of vase. 300 - 600
2341 ART POTTERY EWER. N/R. Ceramic. c.1910. American art pottery handled vessel with spout, standard brown glaze with nastursium flowers and leaves under the glaze, no signature, marked incised "X" 3 3 . Size: 7 1/2"H, 7"Diam. Condition: fleabites on rim, minor chip on rim. 100 - 300
2342 ART POTTERY VASE. N/R. Ceramic.c.1910. hand thrown under the glaze decorated, brown background shading to green with hand painted flowers and buds, no signature, no marks (possibly early McCoy).Size: 10 1/2"H, 7"Diam. Condition: minor scratches, 2 firing marks on rim and arm. 100 - 300
2343 MEISSEN TABLE LAMP. N/R. German porcelain, Meissen, mid 20th c. rococo silver candlestick form, decorated with iron red dolphin forms. Size: lamp base 9 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. , lamp w. shade 19"H. Condition: good. 150 - 225
2344 R.P.M. PORCELAIN PLAQUE. Porcelain. 20th C. Porcelain plaque decorated with reproduction of Murillo's "Holy Family", decal on porcelain, marked on back R.P.M. Germany, incised 7972. Set in a gilt wooden frame. Plaque size: 9 1/2"H, 7 1/4"W. Frame size: 11"H, 13 1/4"W. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2345 TRANSFER WARE TUREEN. N/R. Ceramic. 19th C. Blue transfer ware tureen with pastoral bridge scene, floriform handles, fleur de lis border, dark blue handles and knob, not for ladle, marked with blue "5". Size: 13"H, 16"W, 10"D. Condition: crazing on surface of tureen, crazing on interior, lid has wear on rims. 500 - 800
2346 FLOW BLUE PLATTER. N/R. Ceramic. 19th C. Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden New York 16 August 1824, flow blue platter , impressed mark on back "Clews Warrented Stafforshire". Size: 1 1/2"H, 19"W, 14 1/2"D. Condition: 9 inch crack runs below main scene, 1 1/4 inch chip in rim upper right. 100 - 300
2347 FLOW BLUE PLATTER DUBLIN. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. View described: Post Office Dublin, full plate image with gadroon border, dark blue transfer ware, Incised on back Iam Anderson & Iams, Warrented Staffordshire. Size: 2"H, 17"W, 13 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear to rim, minor wear on back, some crazing on back. 500 - 800
2348 HARVARD COLLEGE PLATTER. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. View of Harvard College, medium/dark blue transfer ware with fruit border, mo marks, attributed to: Ralph Woods, Staffordshire. Size: 1 7/8"H, 16 5/8"W, 13 3/8"D. Condition: crazing on front, wear on edges, glaze bubbles in front, wear on back. 500 - 800
2349 CLEWS "HUDSON RIVER" PLATTER. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. Brown transfer ware platter with scene of "Picturesque Views Newbury, Hudson River", marked Clews Staffordshire. Size: 1 3/4"H, 18"W, 14 3/4"D. Condition: wear marks on bottom, minor wear on edges. 500 - 800
2350 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. Pastoral scene with rose border, medium blue transfer ware, no marks. Size: 2"H, 19 2/8"W, 14 3/4"D. Condition: wear on edge, chips on edge, glaze bubble in scene, wear and scratches on back. 400 - 600
2351 TRANSFER WARE MEAT PLATTER. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. Staffordshire transfer ware, platter with tree drain and well, pastoral scene with floral border, no marks. Size: 2 7/8"H, 19 3/4"W, 16"D. Condition: front edges rough, stained, back crazing, wear and staining. 200 - 400
2352 FLOW BLUE PLATE. N/R. Ceramic, 19thc. Dark blue transfer ware with wide border and center medallion still life of fruit, no marks on back. Size: 10"diam. condition: wear on surface, several glaze bubbles, crazing on back. 75 - 150
2353 STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES (2). N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. 1. Pastoral boating scene with rose border, medium blue transfer ware, no marks. Size: 8 5/8Diam. Condition: good. 2. Hunting scene, dark blue transfer ware, signed Enoch Wood and Sons,...urslem, with eagle and shield impression. Size: 8 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2354 TRANSFER WARE TUREEN. N/R. Ceramic. 19th C. Covered tureen with notch for ladle, rustic castle scenes, medium blue transfer ware, embosted leaf design on feet and handles, flower handle on lid, no marks. Size: 10 1/4"H, 14"W, 10"D. Condition: lid good, minor wear to bowl, wear on feet and handles.. 500 - 800
2355 RED TRANSFER PITCHER. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. Newbury New York on the Hudson River landscape scene in red transfer ware with transfer borders inside and out of pitcher, not marked but attributed to "Clews". Size: 9"H, 9 1/4"W, 6"Diam. Condition: crazing on all surfaces, inside and out. 200 - 400
2356 STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURINES PAIR. N/R. Ceramic. Pair of women on goats, mirrored pair, painting on dresses differs, no marks. Size: 5 3/4"H, 4 3/4"W, 2 1/4"D, each. Condition: minor loses on rough areas. 60 - 120
2357 R. HALL'S STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. Dark flow blue plate with wide fruit and flower border, marked R. Hall's select views " Pains Hill, Surrey" stone china. Size: 10"diam. Condition: one glaze bubble, one missed transfer spot, slight wear. 100 - 300
2358 ADAMS STAFFORDSHIRE BOWL. N/R. Ceramic, 1804-1829. Blue transfer ware scene called "Milking Time" aka Thatched Cottage, with wide landscape border, marked on back "Adams Warrented Staffordshire" incised with crown. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2359 WEDGWOOD PLATES (2). N/R. 1.1895. Old Boston Theatre, corner Federal & Franklin St. 1794, dark blue transfer ware with rose border, gold rim, marked on back with identification of scene and Wedgwood Etruria England 1895.Size: 9 1/8"Diam. Condition: slight wear to rim, staining on back. 2. 1895. State St. and Old State House, 1880, dark blue transfer ware,rose border, gold trim, marked Wedgwood Etruria England, 1895. Size: 9 1/4"Diam. Condition: slight wear in rim, minor crazing on back. 200 - 400
2360 CLEWS: DR. SYNTAX PLATES. N/R. 1. 1820's Dr. Syntax Reading his Tour,from 32 scenes after Thomas Rowlandson drawings,dark flow blue marked with incised "Clews Warrented Staffordshire". Size: 9"Diam. Condition: several glaze bubbles, staining on back. 2. 1820's Dr. Syntax Returning from his Tour,from 32 scenes after Thomas Rowlandson drawings, medium/dark flow blue marked with incised " Clews Warrented Staffordshire". Size: 9"Diam. Condition: wear on edges, crazing on back. 500 - 800
2361 RED TRANSFER WARE PLATE. N.R. Ceramic. 19th C. View of Hancock House, Boston, red transfer ware with wide flower border, marked "Hancock House Boston, Jacksons Warranted". Size: 7 7/8"Diam. Condition: some wear, some rough edges. 75 - 150
2362 CONWAY, NEW HAMPSHIRE PLATE. N/R. Ceramic, 19th C. Red transfer plate with floral border, marked on back "View new Conway, N. Hampshire, U.S. " Size: 9"Diam. Condition: minor wear on surface and edges. 100 - 300
2363 NO LOT 0 - 0
2364 PR.WEDGWOOD LIDDED CONTAINERS. N/R. Blue jasperware. Two lidded containers, round vessels with classical women in relief with trees, white on blue, each with diferent group of figures. Incised Wedgwood England. Size: 6 3/4"H, 3"Diam. each. condition: minor wear. 150 - 300
2365 WEDGWOOD PITCHER. N/R. Blue jasperware. Handled pitcher with spout, three classical scenes, white in relief, separated with stylized classical decorations, belle flower in white on handle. Marked Wedgwood, GWT 12. Size: 5 3/4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 250 - 500
2366 WEDGWOOD TRAY. N/R. Blue jasperware. Tray with classical decoration in the center, border of raised white olives and leaves, incised on bottom Wedgwood England. Size: 1"H, 10 1/4"W, 7 3/4"D. Condition: chip on rim. 100 - 200
2367 GERMAN PORCELIAN FIGURE. Porcelain. Figure of an actor with feathered hat, sword, flying cape, in dramatic pose, marked Hutschenreuther Selb, L.H.S. Germany Kunstabteibung, incised with K.Tutter and gold artist's mark. Size: 9 1/2"H, 6"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2368 TILE & METAL FIRE PLACE INSERT. Arts & Crafts style fire place insert. Metal fire place insert with floor panel, and two metal center panels with handles, one with screens and one without. The metal framework holds several art pottery tiles marked "Trent" possibly refering to Stokes on Trent, England. The set includes 6 square floral tiles, 2 vertical rectangular tiles with musical putti, and 2 square tiles with Elizabethan heads. The metal framework is marked: Pat. Dec. 28, 1886. Size: 28 1/2"H, 31 3/4"W. floor panel is 19"W, 8"D. Condition: tiles have grime and paint in some places, the metal is old, rusted in spots and areas of soot and dirt, major pieces need to be reassembled in fireplace. 1,000 - 2,000
2369 LLADRO "THE HELMSMAN." Painted porcelain. A shirtless fellow mans a quite decorative ship's wheel. He is dressed in purple pants, stands on an oval base decorated as planks; all of which rests on an oval wooden base. Comes with a signed plaque. Size: 20 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., 6 1/2" deep. Condition: a slight discoloration on the man's left shoulder. 2,500 - 3,500
2370 IMARI BOWL ON STAND. Decorated with vases, birds and bamboo. No marks. on wooden stand. Size: 3"H, 10"Diam. Condition: good. 600 - 800
2371 TWO IMARI BOWLS. N/R. 1. figural and landscape decorated interior, blue and gold exterior. Size: 2 1/2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. condition: chip on rim. 2. eight decorated panels interior, blue and gold decorated exterior. Size: 2 3/8"H, 6 1/2"Diam. condition: firing flaw visible both inside and outside the bowl. 200 - 300
2372 PAIR IMARI TEA BOWLS. Pair of Japanese Imari teabowls and low saucers with Ming marks. Sie: 2 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Conditoin: good. with stands. 250 - 350
2373 FAMILLE ROSE TEAPOT. N/R. Bird and flower decoration of teapot with lid. Size: 4"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: wear to gilding. 150 - 250
2374 CLOISSONNE VASE. N/R. Japanese cloissonne vase with butterfly decoration. Size: 4 3/4"H, 2 1/2"D. Condition: minor losses to enamel surface. 250 - 350
2375 CLOISSONNE VASE W. LID. N/R. Japanese ovoid shaped vase with three metal feet, butterfly and floral decoration. No mark. Size: 5"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: lid is dented, loss of enamel at edges, top finial loose. 350 - 500
2376 CLOISSONNE BOX WITH LID. N/R. Japanese cloissonne shaped box with lid, blue and green decoration predomniate. Size: 3 1/2"H, 4"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: great loss of enamel along top end with corresponding interior cracks. 200 - 300
2377 JADE BOAT ON STAND. N/R. Chinese green jade boat on wooden pierce carved stand. Size: 3 1/2"H, 4"W, 1/2"D. condition: minor damage to base. 200 - 300
2378 IVORY CARVING OF WARRIOR. N/R. Double headed image on squared base. Size: 3 1/2"H, 3"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: wear on bottom, cracking of ivory. 200 - 300
2379 IVORY CARVING OF HEAD. N/R. Head of a female African with braided and looped hair decoration, marked L L on bottom. Size: 4"H, 1 1/4"W, 2"D. Condition: wear to one side of face. 150 - 200
2400 NO LOT 0 - 0
2401 LALIQUE BACCHUS VASE. N/R. Crystal, 20th C. Clear frosted vase with Bacchus and grapes on front and back, signed bottom, acid etched LALIQUE in block letters. Size: 11 1/4"H, 7 1/4"W, 6"D. Condition: several scratches on bottom, all else good. 600 - 1,200
2402 BACCARAT CRYTAL DECANTER. N/R. Crystal decanter acid etched decoration in the Renaissance style, decanter, round bulbous form with fan shaped stopper, marked Baccarat France, stopper and bottle both marked 619, comes with red presentation box marked Made in France Ateliers I.C.A. Paris. Includes one signed Bacarat brandy snifter: Size: decanter 6 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. with stopper 9"H. Condition: excellent glass. box worn. 150 - 300
2403 MULLER FRERES LAMP. Cameo art glass lamp, acid cut landscape scene, several colored layers of blue, wiring and metal fixtures new. Signed in glass : Muller Fres Luneville. Size: 13"H, 8 3/4"Diam. shade. Condition: good, minor wear. 2,000 - 4,000
2404 STEUBEN SHADE ON LAMP BASE. N/R. EARLY 20TH C. Feathered aurene shade with gold tones, marked with fleur de lis of Steuben glass on bottom rim, on metal candlestick base with switch and old cord. Size: shade 6"H, 4 1/4"Diam.at top, base 10 1/2"H, 3 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: minor chips on shade where it is screwed into lamp, base has one replacement screw to hold shade into place, base metal worn. 250 - 500
2405 MOLD BLOWN GLASS VASE. N/R. Mold blown glass vase, ground bottom, ribbed inner body fluted edge, rocaille raised gilt decoration on body, gilt rim. No marks. Size: 7"H, 7"D. Condition: scratches on bottom, gilt worn on edge. 150 - 300
2406 LEGRAS CAMEO ART GLASS VASE. N/R. Tall cameo glass vase with acid cutting, polished bottom, bulbous triangular body, red cut to pale leaves and branches, signed "LEGRAS". c. 1900-1930. Size: 16 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: minor chips along bottom rim. 1,000 - 2,500
2407 DAUM PATE DE VERRE LEAF DISH. Pate de verre (molded glass) leaf plate with snails and flowers, molded multi colored glass, green, brown, yellow, purple, with 3 dimensional leaves, snails, and flower petals, some rough finish, some polished, in an Art Nouveau organic style. Marked: Daum France, Size: 4"H, 14"W, 14"D. condition: good. 1,500 - 3,000
2408 DAUM PATE DE VERRE BOWL. Pate de verre (molded glass) footed bowl, clear purple glass bowl resting on a molded glass base, green shading to purple, base of grape leaves and grapes, stem of two heads, grapes and leaves. Marked Daum France on bottom. End of 20th C. Size: 8"H, 12 " diam. bowl. Condition: good. 1,500 - 3,000
2409 4 DAUM FOUR SEASONS PLATES. Four molded and polished glass plates, backs are rough to create texture seen through polished front, centers are rough with polished highlights. Each plate lists sculptor and maker plus date. (1) Printemps (Spring) green, Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1970, (2) Ete (Summer)brown Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1970, (3) Automne (Fall) purple, Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1969, (4) Hiver (Winter) blue, Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1970. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good. 1,250 - 2,500
2410 ORREFORS GLASSES 43 PIECES. N/R. 43 pieces of Orrefors Swedish crystal, not marked, mid 20thc. spiral twist stems. Lot consists of : 9 cordial glasses 4"H, 2 1/8"Diam. 18 dessert wine glasses 4 1/4"H, 2 1/2"Diam., 17 white wine glasses 4 5/8"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: cordial glasses good, dessert wine glasses one with flea bite on rim, one with flaw in glass, white wine glasses good. 150 - 300
2411 ORREFORS CHAPAGNE GLASSES. N/R. 16 Champagne glasses, Orrefors crystal, Swedish, not marked, mid 20th C. sprial twist stem. Size: 4"H, 3 5/8"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2412 ORREFORS RED WINE GLASSES. N/R. 14 red wine glasses, Orrefors, Swedish, not marked, mid 20th c., spiral twist stem, Size: 5 1/4"H, 3"Diam. Condition: one with chip in the base, others good. 150 - 300
2413 ORREFORS WATER GLASSES. N/R. 14 water glasses, Orrefors, Swedish, no marks, mid. 20th c. , spiral twist stem. Size: 5 1/2"H, 3 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2414 CASED GLASS VASE.N/R. Glass vase, white interior with exterior cased glass top red shading to yellow, puntle mark at bottom, amberina type colors cased over white,no marks. Size: 8"H, 5"Diam. Conditon: tiny flea bite scratch on rim. 150 - 300
2415 CASED GLASS DISH. N/R. Pink and green cased satin glass dish, fluted edge with gilt leaf and floral decoration. No marks. Size: 2 1/2"H, 9 1/4"W, 7"D. Condition: one fleabite on rim. 100 - 300
2416 LALIQUE FROSTED SPARROW VASE. Crystal. 20thc. Urn shaped clear glass with surround of frosted glass sparrows, signed bottom in script Lalique France. Size: 4 3/4"H, 4 3/8"Diam. Condition: minor scratches on bottom. 250 - 350
2417 CLARET JUG, S/P & CRYSTAL. N/R. Silver plate and cystal. Vase shape, with hinged flat top, urn finial, "C" scrolled handle, moulded short spout, upper half decorated with bands of scroll work, lower half 3with faceted cut crystal and thumb print quilt decorated body. Size: 9 1/2"H, 5"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 75 - 150
2418 CUT CRYSTAL DECANTER. N/R. Crystal, diamond cut center band, faceted decoration, two ringed faceted neck, jewel faceted stopper., Size: decanter 8 1/4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. With stopper 11 1/2"H. Condition: wear on base, old chip on bottom rim ground down. 50 - 150
2419 8 WATERFORD TUMBLERS. N/R. Cut glass. Waterford tumblers, cut with quilt and miter cut decoration, unmarked. Size: 5"H, 3 1/8"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2420 12 WATERFORD OLD FASHION GLASSES. N/R. Cut glass. Waterford old fashion glasses, quilt and miter cut decoration, unmarked. Size: 3 1/2"H, 3 1/8"Diam. Condition: two with minor chips on rim. 300 - 600
2421 8 WATERFORD WATER GLASSES. N/R. Cut glass. Waterford crystal water goblets, diamond and fan cut decoration, unmarked. Size: 5 1/2"H, 3"Diam. Condition: one with chip in rim, one with rim ground down to 4 7/8"H. 200 - 400
2422 WATERFORD CRYSTAL GLASSES. N/R. Cut crystal. Four Waterford footed wine glasses. Diamond and fan decoration, unmarked. Size: 7 3/8"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Conditon: good. 80 - 160
2423 LALIQUE TUMBLERS (13). N/R. Glass 20th C. Set of 13 Lalique tumblers, clear glass with woven designed base, each with five colored glass buttons applied to base, all signed Lalique France, 9 Kelly Green decoration, 2 apple green decoration, 2 turquise decorations. Size: 4 1/2"H, 4"diam. Condition: good, minor scratches on some bases. 650 - 1,300
2424 REVERSE PAINTED LAMP. N/R. Shade reverse painted with sheep in a landscape with stream, no signature. Lamp base cold painted metal, incised floral and leaf decoration, gold with green highlights, no marks. Size: lamp 22"H, shade 7"H, 17"Diam. Condition: shade: minor chips on rim.Lamp: old cord, 2"crack in stem of lamp base, sold as is. 250 - 500
2425 REVERSE PAINTED LAMP. N/R. Shade: repeated pattern of three people fishing with landscape background, no signature. Lamp base: metal organic form base, brown patina, no marks. Size: lamp base 20 1/2"H, shade: 7"H, 14 5/8"Diam. Condition: shade shows minor wear, base, metal patina worn on base. 400 - 600
2426 D.TIFFANY FLOOR LAMP. N/R. Lotus leaf leaded glass shade, copper foil soldered, shades of green to yellow, marked with "Dale Tiffany Inc." metal strip on shade. Base is three light elongated floriform shape, green patinated metal, base unmarked. Size: Base 66"H. Shade 25"Diam. Condition: good, lamp sold as is. 400 - 800
2427 TIFFANY STYLE TABLE LAMP. N/R. Tiffany style trumpet blossom shade, orange blossoms, green leafs, (possibly Dale Tiffany). Shade not marked. Green patinated tree trunk base with two lights, base not marked. Size: base 30"H, shade 14"H , 18"Diam. Condition: good.base sold as is. 400 - 800
2428 LEADED GLASS SHADE. N/R. Stained glass shade, floral design in reds, orange, pinks on yellow field, background shading to white, copper foil solder construction, unmarked but probably Wilkinson Leaded glass shade. Size: 6"opening for lamp, 10"H, 27"Diam. Condition: minor wear, two glass panels cracked. 300 - 600
2429 LEADED GLASS LAMP. N/R. Stained glass shade of pink blossoms and leaves , copper foil solder shade on Phoenix metal lamp base, base two armed shape with raised leaf decoration, not marked. Size: lamp base: 23"H without finial, shade: 7 1/2"H, 18 1/2"diam. 3 1/2"opening for lamp base. Condition: base old, signs of wear, finial missing, shade newer, good condition. 200 - 400
2430 PAIRPOINT LAMP BASE. N/R. Metal base and cap with urn shaped glass insert, glass painted green with geometric band of lines and flowers. Stamped on bottom: "Pairpooint Mfg. Co. C3067". Size: 20"H, 7"Diam. Condition: signs of wear on the glass, signs of wear on the metal base, sold as is. 250 - 500
2431 ART GLASS LAMP BASE. N/R. Metal, glass. Octagonal footed metal base with acanthus decoration, urn shaped irridescent art glass vase with threading, capped with metal threaded and acanthus leaf cap, two light. Glass similar to Loetz or Durand, base marked M.S. Co. Des.Pat. #C154. Size: 26"H, 6"Diam. Condition: base signs of wear. Glass: two hairline cracks in glass, minor damage to threading. Lamp sold as is. 200 - 400
2432 CRANBERRY FLASHED BOWL. N/R. Glass, 20th C. Round bowl with 10 clear panels with gold borders, scalloped edge with gold decoration, star cut bottom. Size: 4"H, 8"Diam. Condition: minor scratches. 50 - 100
2433 M.GREGORY PITCHER & GLASSES. N/R. Hand painted glass. Mary Gregory style painting on pitcher and four glasses. Hand blown pitcher with applied handle, ground bottom, with gold deer in white winter landscape, gold rim. Marked on bottom #159 in white paint. Four glasses all have same motif, gold deer with white trees. Size: Pitcher: 7"H, 6"Diam. Condition: some losses on deer, minor scratches on bottom. Glasses: various condition: one good decoration, two some wear on deer, one deer almost missing, glass good. 150 - 300
2434 HAWKES GLASS VASE. N/R. Glass. Tall cylindrical vase with diamond shaped bottom panels, hand painted band of gilding, flowers, and leaves, and gold rim, ground bottom, signed "Hawkes" with symbol on bottom, Size: 11 1/2"H, 6"Diam. condition: flea bit on top rim, scratchs on bottom, minor wear. 100 - 200
2435 ART GLASS SHADE. N/R. Art glass shade, bell shaped with ribs, irridescent finish shading from gold to pink, c.1910-20, Mark: indistinct mark on inner rim. Size: 4 3/4"H 5"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2436 3 ART GLASS SHADES. N.R. Three art glass shades, c.1910-20 Bell shaped with cut floral and leaf decoration, irridescent finish, gold and rose tones, no marks. Size: All 4 3/4"H, one 5 1/2"Diam., one 5 5/8"Diam. one 5 7/8"Diam. Condition: minor wear overall. 100 - 300
2437 ARTS AND CRAFTS LAMP. N/R. Hammered copper lamp, two light, bulbous base, double handles, stepped top, no shade, brown patina. No marks. Size: 17"H, 9"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 300
2438 GONE W. THE WIND LAMP. N/R. Oil lamp converted to electric, base and globe hand painted, pink and white flowers on blue green background, marked "Made in US of America". Size: total height 25", 11"Diam. Globe 11"H. Condition: no chimney, metal tarnished, signs of wear on glass. 200 - 400
2439 BRASS DOUBLE OIL LAMP. N/R. Adjustable height, center oil reserve, round base with double twisted rope bands, lamps with twisted rope border, acorn pendant finials, glass chimney, ribbed molded milk glass shades wtih cream colored exterior, electrified.Marked: M.B, Co. New York. Size: 21"H, 26"W, 13"D. Shade 10"Diam.24 1/2"H. with chimney. Conditoin: good, minor wear. 600 - 1,200
2440 DOUBLE BRASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Adjustable height double oil lamp, center oil reserve container with urn shape and finial, two burners with pendant finials, clear chimneys, milk glass shades, cream exterior with decaled floral and hand painted bead decoration, electrified. Marked E.M.Duplex. Sie: 20 1/4"H, 28"W, 10"D. Shade with 10"Diam. Condition: one chimney missing, join at base has finish worn, finish worn elsewhere. 600 - 1,200
2441 BRASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Round base, adjustable height, light on one arm, oil container on other, clear glass chimney, pink cased glass shade, electrified, no marks.Size: 21 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. base, 6"Diam. shade. Condition: minor dents in base rim. 300 - 600
2442 BRASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Brass oil lamp, pierced base decoration, with clear glass chimney, milk glass molded shade, light brown exterior, with decaled flowers and hand painted beaded decoration. Electrified. Marked: Mantle Lamp Co. Model 12, Aladdin, Patented Chicago Ill. Made in USA. Size: 20"H. with chimney, 10 1/2"Diam. base, Shade 10"Diam. condition: good, wear to metal. 300 - 500
2443 BRASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Brass oil lamp, clear glass chimney, milk glass shade with decaled flowers and hand painted bead decoration, pierced decoration on metal base, marked: Mantle Lamp Co. Model 12 Aladdin Patented. Chicago, Ill, Made in USA. Size: 20"H with chimney, 10 1/2"Diam. base, Shade 10"Diam. Condition: good. minor wear to metal. 300 - 500
2444 DOUBLE HANGING ANGLE LAMP. N/R. Double hanging oil lamp by Angle Mfg.Co. N.Y. (marked) . Central oil storage well with two angled oil burners with clear glass lower globes, milk glass fluted chimneys. Size: 18"H, 21"W, 8 1/2"D. Chimney 9"H, 7"D. condition: metal tarnished, pitting, glass globes have fleabites and minor chips on edge. 250 - 500
2446 NO LOT 0 - 0
2450 NO LOT 0 - 0
2455 PR. HANGING ANGLE LAMPS. N/R. Pair of functioning oil lamps with metal body with oil well, clear glass lower globes and white milk glass fluted chimneys. Marked Angle Mfg. Co. N.Y. size: lamps: 9"H, 13"W, 5"D. Chimney: 9"H, 7"Diam. Condition: working order, chipps on milk glass rims. 150 - 300
2458 NATIVE AMERICAN RUG. Tightly woven rug with grey and brown forms on a mustard yellow field. This rug has won awards in exhibitions. Size: 48 x 32" approx. condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
2459 RELIQUARY MONSTRANCE. N/R. German monstrance later used as a reliquary to hold the relics of St. Nicolai Epis. Myrna, St. Jacob Major, Apostle, and St. Basil Episc. Doctor. The monstrance base is inscribed with the words "Ecce panis angelorum factus cibus viatorum" words refering to its use as a monstrance to display the Blessed Sacrament. The monstrance is inscribed on the bottom: Joh. Alois. Bruun, Munster V/W. Size: 19 1/2 H, 11 1/2"W, 8"D. Condition: the monstrance is decorated with several stone, mother of pearl, lapis, malachite, and pink stones. Several pieces of decoration are missing, includeing the top and left side finials. Gilding is worn in several areas. (relics contained inside are not sold via auction but given to the high bidder for the reliquary/ monstrance.) 100 - 300
2460 TWO MODERN RELIQUARIES. N/R. 1. Cross shaped reliquary, with incised decoration. no relics inside. Size: 8"H. Condition: minor wear. 2. Small round reliquary on stand, Floral surround to contain relic. Relic of St. Ambrose enclosed. 3 3/4"H. Condition: minor wear. (the relic enclosed is not being sold but will be given to the high bidder of the reliquary container.) 40 - 80
2461 METAL AND WOOD TRIPTYCH. N/R. Nativity of Christ in center, angels holding cross and crown below, triptych wings with angels playing musical instruments, all in repousse metal, set in wooden framework. Size: 11"H, 5 1/4"W closed,1 3/4"D. open 10 1/2"W. Condition: exterior of the triptych has residue of tape on wood. 50 - 100
2462 METAL AND ENAMEL CRUCIFIX. N/R. Metal, enamel, jewel studded crucifix, metal body with enameled drapery, enameled cross backgroun, metal casing with various colored stones set in marks. metal wood grained back. SiZe: 10 3/3"H, 8 1/4"W, 1 1/4"D. condition: minor signs of wear. 100 - 300
2463 ENAMELED CRUCIFIX. N/R. Enameled crucifix with metal mount, imitation ivory corpus, and set colored stone. Size: 12"H 8 3/4"W, 2"D. Cross done in imitation of early medieval style ivory cruficixes. Condition: good, minor wear. 75 - 150
2464 2 CRUCIFIXES. N/R. 1. Brass Orthodox form crucifix, figure in relief, marked "Germany". size: 10 1/2"H, 5 1/4"W. Condition: good. 2. Enameled crucifix on wood background, marked Made in Holland. Size: 8 x 6 1/2". conditin: good. 40 - 80
2465 2 WOODEN CROSSES. N/R. 1. Geometric painted wooden cross, marked with Cyrilic lettering and 1995. size: 15 3/4"H.12"W. Condition: good. 2. Wooden cross with incised decoration, using a wood burning technique, four quadrants of the cross decorated with flowers and Eucharistic symbols of wheat and grapes, body of Christ decorated the center of the cross. Size: 24"H, 15 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. Marked on the back : Rev. Joohn Slivka - 1934 -. 40 - 80
2466 RISEN CHRIST SCULPTURE. N/R. Hand carved hanging figure of the Risen Christ with Bandarol. Size: 36"H, 11"W, 6"D. Condition: Christ's right hand is missing, the staff of the Bandarol has been broken, signs of wear. 50 - 100
2467 2 MADONNA AND CHILD WALL SCULPTURES. N/R. 1. hand carved hanging Madonna and Child. Polychromed wood, not marked. Size: 23"H, 8"W, 4"D. Condition: signs of wear. 2. Small hand carved Madonna and Child, probably V.D.F. hand carved in Italy. Size: 15"H, 6"W, 2"D. Condition: the tag from the carver is missing. 50 - 100
2468 ST. JOSEPH WOODEN SCULPTURE. N/R. Hand carved hanging wooden sculpture of St. Joseph. Marked: V.D.F. Hand carved in Italy. Size: 36"H, 10"W, 6"D. condition: good. 100 - 200
2469 HOLY FAMILY (2 SCULPTURES) N/R. Hand carved sculpture ( 2 pieces). Madonna and child with figure of St. Joseph behind. Marked: Hand Carved V.D.F. Italy. SiZe: Joseph 21"H, Madonna 13 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2470 ST. PETER, SCULPTURE WOOD. N/R. Wooden hand carved sculpture of St. Peter, wood with gilt highlighting. Marked V.D.F. hand carved in Italy. Size: 36"H, 12"W, 6"D. condition: wood splitting on St. Peter's shoulder.. 100 - 200
2471 HAND CARVED MADONNA & CHILD. N/R. Hand carved wooden Madonna and Christ Child. Marked V.D.F. hand carved, Italy. Size: 31"H.8"W. 7"D. Condition: minor rubbing on base. 50 - 100
2472 CUT WORK TABLE CLOTH. N/R. White with blue outlined cutwork. Size: 68 x 100". condition: no tears, no wear, overall good condition. 20 - 40
2473 HAND MADE COVERLET, ANTIQUE. N/R. Fabric donuts sewn together to make coverlet. Condition: clean, no detractions Size: approx. 6' x 88".. 60 - 120
2474 CHINTZ COVERLET. Muted floral chintz with robins egg blue skirt. Condition: just dry cleaned. Provenence: Gadberry Estate, Sewickley. 20 - 40
2475 MOIRE AND PLAID CURTAINS. N/R. Apple green moire with madras borders and ties. Custom made. Just been drycleaned. Size: approx. 8'tall. Condition: good.Provenence: Gadberry Estate, Sewickley. 40 - 80
2476 TAPESTRY BENCH PAD. N/R. Tapestry band with red borders and velcro tabs. Size: 17 x53". Condition: very clean, no damage, no tears. 40 - 80
2477 SCULTURED CHINESE ROOM SIZE RUG. Red background. Condition: needs to be cleaned.Size: 8'x10. Red background with Chinese design, has spots. 75 - 150
2478 MACHINE MADE AREA RUG. N/R. Avacado green with burnt red designs. Size: 6'x9'. Condition: no tears, no moth damage. 50 - 100
2479 SILK AREA RUG. N/R. Robin's egg blue ground with birds and flowers border, like new. Size: 6' x 9'. Condition: like new. 100 - 200
2480 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. N/R. Machine made, kirman pattern, rust and beige and reds. Size: 4'x6'. Condition: no tears, no war, overall good condition. 50 - 100
2481 SCULPTURED AREA RUG. N/R. Royal blue background with floral border and central medallion. like new. Size: 6' x 9'. No tears, no holes. 30 - 60
2482 PR. SILK SCATTER RUGS. N/R. Silk, hand woven, beige background with blue and brown overall designs. Size: each 2' x 3'. condition: no wear, no tears, no moth damage. overall very good condition. 100 - 200
2483 HAND WOVEN BOKHARA RUNNER. N/R. Overall geometric design, shades of brown and black. Size: 2' x 5'6" Condition: like new, no tears. 40 - 80
2484 SCULPTURED SCATTER RUG. N/R. Salmon background with rose decoration. Size: 2' x 4'. condition: like new. no tears. 50 - 100
2485 SCULPTURED RUNNER. N/R. Black field with beige border and floral decoration. Size: 2'x6'. Condition: good, slight wear. 50 - 100
2486 SCULPTURED AREA RUG. N/R. Wool area rug with black background, beige medallion and floral decoration. Size: 3'9" x 5'9". Condition: like new, no tears, stains,. 50 - 100
2487 SCULPTURED AREA RUG. N/R. Ruby background with floral pattern. Size: 4'x6'. Condition: like new, no wear. 50 - 100
2488 MACHINE MADE HOOKED RUG. N/R. Beige background with floral design. Size: 4'6" x 6'5". condition: minor wear, overall good condition, no tears. 50 - 100
2489 SCULPTURED AREA RUG. N/R. Blue background, floral border, Size: 5'6"x 8'6". Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2490 SCULPTURED AREA RUG. N/R. Beige background with border of deer and birds. Size: 3'x5' like new. 50 - 100
2491 ORIENTAL SILK AREA RUG. N/R. Silk oriental area rug, hand woven, salmon and powder blue borders, with overall design. 100% natural silk pile, Size: 4'x6'. Condition: like new. 300 - 600
2492 PALACE SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. N/R. Antique hand made all wool, palace size rug with overal decoration. Size: 13'x26'. Condition:fringe is worn, edges are worn, some spots, overall good condition. 1,500 - 3,000
2493 ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. N/R. Machine made, sold by Sears, blue kirman pattern, blue background with beige border and medallion. Size: 8'x10'9". Condition: no moth damage, no tears, could use a cleaning. 40 - 80
2494 HAND KNOTTED PERSIAN RUG. N/R. Kirman pattern beige ground with light green floral border and central medallion, Size: 9'6"x 15'6". Condition: no moth damage, no tears, . 200 - 400
2496 KARISTAN ROOM SIZE RUG. N/R. Kirman rug by Karistan. size: 9'x12' ivory background, with powder blue and pink borders, and overall floral design. Condition: some staining, some wear on edge, 100 - 200
2497 INDO CHINESE ORIENTAL RUG. N/R. Room size mustard yellow background, with robins egg blue border, with sculptured floral design. All wool. Size: 9'x 12' Condition: some spotting on the border. 60 - 120
2498 WOOL AREA RUG. N/R. Hand made wool, size:approx. 6'x 9' , ivory ground with light blue border, overall floral design, Condition: never used. 50 - 100
2499 ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. N/R. Machine made by Wilton, navy background with overal beige floral design, Size: 8'x10'4". Recently professionally cleaned, no moth damage, no holes, good condition. 35 - 70
2500 ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. N/R. Machine made by Wilton. Navy blue background with beige overall floral design. Size: 9' x 16' Condition: recently professionally cleaned, no moth damage, no holes, good condtion. 60 - 120
2501 FOREST WATERCOLOR. Late 19th / early 20th c. Watercolor on paper. No visible signature. Large trees are shown sprouting blossoms, a red dressed woman carries a bundle of sticks; a stream and spring grass complete the composition-- all areas of which are painted with delicacy. Size: 10 1/2" h., 16" w., framed 15 1/4" h., 21" w. Condition: some fading to the paper. 150 - 200
2502 ROBT. FOLEY "BRITTANY" O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Robert Foley (British Royal Academician) painted this scene of a Breton canal town dominated by a Gothic cathedral in the background. A dirt landing has several boats on it, many people bustle about, and the general brown-ness gives the impression of an exotic & primitive area with a medieval character kept intact. Foley's style is reminiscent of some aspects of Constable and Gainborough's landscape techniques: close tonal values and liquidy brushwork. Size: 19" h., 29" w., framed 34" h., 41" w. Condition: both old & new repaainting in the sky, along buildings and an entire boat. 1,500 - 2,500
2503 SPANISH ANTIPHONAL 14/15TH C. N/R. Vellum, leather binding with wrought iron mounts. C.14th/ 15th c. Choir size antiphonal, approximately 152 pages, hand illuminated Gregorian Chant square notes on five line staff, Latin texts, begins with fist Sunday of the liturgical year " Dominica Prima : Adventus Ad. Vesperus", with embellished calligraphy initials on some pages. Size: cover 25 1/2"H, 17"W. each page 24"H, 15 1/2"W. Condition: cover worn, some pages have old repairs ( sewn repairs) (vellum patches). 3,000 - 5,000
2504 V.ZADKINE: STILL LIFE. O/C. Prax-Zadkine, Valentine ( Algerian/French 1889-1981). signed lower right and dated '30. Oil on canvas. Wife of sculptor Ossip Zadkine for 457 years.Influenced by her sculptor husband resulted in works like this one having an appearance of sculptural mass. Canvas 25" x 31 1/2" (63x80.1cm) With frame 31" x 38" (78.7 x96.5cm.) Condition: slight 2" square (5.08cm) craquelure at center top. A few small areas of paint loss. No relining. No holes or repairs to canvas. No repainting, colors vibrant, could use a light cleaning. sime chips to paint on frame. 2,500 - 5,000
2505 LOFT: AQUARIUM FISH. O/C. N/R. Signed lower right "C. Loft". oil on canvas. Emperor Angel fish and other sea life within a coral reef. Bright lues, yellows, and green tranquil but vibrant scene. Ornate gilt gesso frame is 3 1/4" deep, 6" wide. Painting is 19 1/2" x 23". With frame 28 1/2" x 32 1/4". condition: no damage to painting or frame. Excellent condition. 250 - 500
2506 PURDY: PEASANT WOMAN. O/B. N/R. Purdy, Donald (American 1927- ) Entitled " Peasant Woman" verso. Oil on board. Intuitive impressionistic profile of a woman with scarf on her head. 17 1/4" x 13 1/2" image. With frame 25 1/4" x 21 1/4". Condition: excellent. No paint loss or damage. (Purdy was influenced during his student days by the Barbizon School, French and post impressionists and American 19th C. painters. ) He has received numerous awards and is exhibited in a number of well known collections including the Chrysler Museum, Butler Institute of Art, New Britain Museum of Connecticut and the Colby Museum of Maine.. Among others his awards include: Gold Medal-Allied Artists of America and first prize in the Silvermine Annual. Additionally, he is represented in New YOrk galleris including Berman, Chase Manhattan and Hamamer, plu the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, Condition: excellent, no paint loss or repairs. 1,000 - 2,000
2507 G. QUASTLER METAL FISH. N/R. Quastler, Gertrude. (Austrian/American. 1909-1963). Interwoven metal sculpture of a fish mounted on a board. Board 29" x 5 3/4". Fish 25" L. Condition: excellent. 50 - 150
2508 14/15TH C. SPAN.MSS. PAGE. N/R. Spanish monk's hymn parchement, 14/15th century. Toledo, Spain. Found in the attic of a Spanish hospital in the 1970's. Painted on both sides of the parchment page. Frame is double glazed with glass and is gilt and carved wood. 27" X 19 1/4". With frame 32 1/2" x 24 1/2". Condition: page is wrinkled with some stains and a bit missing from the top. Lettering and Nativity Scene in upper left corner very colorful and birgfht. Silver highlights. About a dozen small holes here and there. Rough edge, frame in excellent condition. 400 - 500
2509 G. QUASTLER. TREES. O/C. N/R. Quastler, Gertrude (Austrian/American, 1909-1963). Oil on canvas. Vibrant tree branches before a green and blue ground. 28 1/2" x 36". Condition: excellent, no paint loss, no tears. 100 - 500
2510 TORINO: SEASCAPE PTG. N/R. Signed upper right " A.A. Torino". Oil on canvas. Figures before a seas scape at the base of a high dune with sail boats in the distance (Cape Cod?) impressionistic style. 29 1/2" x 23 1/4". Canvas only. With gilt gesso frame 36 1/2"x 30". Condition: excellent. No paint loss or damage to canvas or frame. 50 - 150
2511 PETER MAX: MICK JAEGER. N/R. Max. Peter ( American) silk screen by Peter Max substanitally enhanced with paint by Peter Max, of Mick Jaeger, Framed. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
2512 GERTRUDE QUASLER SCULPTURE. N/R. Quasler, Gertrude (American 19090-1963) Goose on a wooden platform with egg. Condition: good, some wear. 200 - 400
2513 OTTO GEBLER, MANNER OF. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Otto Gebler (signature does not match). A boy sleeps in a barn with a dog, sheep are nearby and his sketches and graffitti decorate the wall planks. The subject matter is similar to Gebler's. Size: 27 1/2" h., 39" w., framed 36" h., 47" w. Condition: in the horizontal midsection there are numerous small inpainted spots. 5,000 - 7,000
2514 G. WALTER DOG OIL. 19th c. Oil on board. Signed in lower right. An old nameplate on the frame also reads "G. Walter 1836." Two hunting spaniels are pointing towards an unknown quarry. Their silky coats are finely painted and the minute details of anatomy, foliage and atmosphere are acutely observed. Size: 15" h., 20 1/4" w., framed 21" h., 26 1/2"w. Condition: minor specks of inpainting in the sky and the upper right corner; craquellure. 6,000 - 8,000
2515 THEO VAN SLUYS SHEEP O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right"Th van Sluys." Van Sluys, a listed artist, shows sheep in various gestures of repose. Ducks and chickens complete the barnyard pastorale. The artistry is particularly evident in the many textures that are convincingly rendered by virtue of a delicate touch and attention paid to all areas of the picture. On the verso is a handwritten inscription by the artist that reads "I declare that this painting has been painted by myself to the order of (name expunged with paint) esq. of New York. The van Sluys." Size: 15"h., 23" w., framed 27" h., 34" w. Condition: old inpainting inder the chin of the forward facing standing sheep and various small spots of inpainting throughout. 3,000 - 5,000
2516 FRAKTUR DATED 1816. N/R. Hand calligraphed, hand colored fraktur, wood block printed decoration which the artist enhanced with color, bird and flower border. Fraktur lists parents Johnnes and Elizabeth Diller commemorating birth of daughter Magdalena Oct. 5, 1816. Calligraphy in red ink. Size: 13 1/2" x 15 1/2", in frame: 17" x 19". Condition: fraktur laid on backing under glass, some foxing, name Magdalena crossed off and the name Martha added in pencil at a later date. Probably framed in the 1950's or 1960's. Wood frame with center gold painted inner rim. 250 - 500
2517 RACHEL MCCLELLAND SUTTON OIL. Dated 1932. Signed and dated in the lower right. On the verso is a handwritten tag that reads "Fifth & Wilkins Aves." This well known Pittsburgh artist has produced a commanding view of the city and part of the eastern residential area, punctuated by a rhythmic drawing of the houses, trees and buildings in ultramarine blue. Among the Downtown buildings identifiable there are the Frick Building and the Allegheny County Courthouse. Size: 29 1/2" h., 25" w., framed 35" h., 30" w. Condition: some craquellure in the sky where the paint is thickest; slight buckling at the lower left edge. 800 - 1,200
2518 RAMET SHEEP O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "J Ramet" lower right. Sheep are shown in agolden hued barn interior. The woolly texture is portrayed by the judicious use of imapsto. Size: 23 3/4" h., 28" w., framed 31" h., 36' w. Condition: dirty, some likely inpainting on th eleft side and minor craquellure lower edge. The frame is likely original and has loss of gilding. 1,000 - 1,500
2519 MALE PORTRAIT. N/R. Early 19th c. Oil on canvas. A man in dress of the 1840s or 1850s is shown; he wears a golden waistcoat and black overcoat. Unsigned. Size: 23 3/4" h., 19 1/2" w., framed 30" h., 26" w. Condition: relined; some repairs; inpainting on three large spots of the face (under eye, temple, and entire forehead). 400 - 800
2520 A. BRYAN WALL SHEEP SKETCH. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on board. Signed in the lower right. Wall (1861-1935) created this loose sheep and man oil sketch at the Eichleay farm in Ligonier. See lot 2556. The man appears to be the same man as in lot 2556, but in this interpretation of the scene, Wall rotated 180 degrees and now a barn is visible. Loosely painted with some delineation made with the butt end of the brush and broad strokes give this painting vivacity and immediacy. Size: 13 3/4" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 12" w. Condition: small inpainted strokes along the tree branches and some leaves. 1,000 - 1,200
2521 A. BRYAN WALL SHEEP O/C. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on board. Signed in the lower left. Wall (1861-1935) was a Pittsburgh artist from a family of artists (father Alfred and uncle William Coventry) who created impressionistic landscapes, usually populated by sheep. This small image came from the Eichleay farm in Ligonier; a tag on the back indicates "Mrs Margaret Storer, Happy Birthday, Uncle Harry." It shows a man with a cane leaning against a tree among sheep. Size: 7" h., 8" w., framed 10" h., 11" w. Condition: the entire right side of the sky has been repainted. 1,000 - 1,200
2522 HECTOR NAVARRO "GOYESCA." 1986. Paint, gold leaf, and modelling paste on canvas. Signed in monogram HN. Navarro (Mexican born 1932) is an artist whose imagery reinterprets famous artowrks of the past. This painting follows Goya's nude of a woman (the image that he also produced a clothed version of). Done in a manner of squares, scratches, and sgraffitti. His works are shown in Guadalajara, Mexico. Size: 33 1/2" h., 55" w. Condition: no defects. 750 - 1,000
2523 ROSANNA KISCHER, PORTRAIT OF. 1842. Oil on canvas covered board. Unsigned. Portrait of a young woman with a black dress and garnet brooch. An old partial inscription on the verso, attached backing paper reads "Rosanna Kischer, age 17 1842, daughter of Nicholas and Catharine. Washington County, MD, Hagerstown, Born Aug. 20, 1825 Died Aug. 27, 1906. Came to Pittsburg 1843, wife of John Bolt." Size: (oval) 27" h., 21" w., framed 33" h., 27' w. Condition: craquellure on the face, some various small inpainted spots on the background. 800 - 1,200
2524 WOMEN AT PRAYER O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Nuns and an opulently dressed young woman are at prayer. Size: 14 1/2" h., 17" w., framed 19" h., 22" w. Condition: relined; perhaps cut down; inpainted areas at top edge, large spot on right side, spots throughout the picture. 250 - 450
2525 MIXED MEDIA PANEL. Late 19th / early 20th c. Varied paint materials (unidentified) covered by an acrylic coating on wood. A man and a woman are shown before a fireplace with a dog and a cat at their feet. The style is a curious mix of proto-Renaissance facial styles and modern decorative appeal. Size: 60 1/2" h., 17" w. Condition: cracked and pierced acrylic coating. 200 - 350
2526 G. HALL (ATTRIB) COWS O/C. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in pencil lower left "G. Hall." Three cows are seen by a river side with two people in a boat nearby. It comes attributed to George Hall, an American who settled in New York in later life, whose painted subjects ranged from flower paintings to imagery and portraits of exotic African scenes. Size: 15" h., 33" w., framed 23" h., 39" w. Condition: lacunae near cows, one patched repair; frame has damage to the molding. 400 - 700
2527 ELDERLY COUPLE O/C. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. An elderly couple, now grown old to look like each other, together gaze into a mirror and smile. Size: 9" h., 11" w., framed 14" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: at the woman's head is one large chip of missing paint, showing canvas. 150 - 225
2528 RICHARD BOAT WATERCOLOR. Dated 1947. Watercolor on paper. A rowboat is seen beached near three buildings. Size: 14" h., 20 1/2" w., 25" h., 31" w. Condition: the mat is very dirty. 40 - 80
2529 COL. MORDAUNT'S COCK MATCH. N/R. 19th c. Lithograph with color. After Johann Zoffany's painting of the 18th c. Various European and Indian people are gesticulating amid the excitement of a cock match. Size: 22" h., 28 1/2" w., 25' h., 32" w. Condition: yellowed, foxing; white lacunae mostly at the edges. 125 - 180
2530 ARTHUR COX MEZZOTINT & AUDUBON PRINT.NR Early 20th c. Colored mezzotint. Signed in pencil "Arthur Cox." After a Rococo painting of two women in voluminous blue costume. The Audubon is a modern lithograph of two herons. Size (Cox): 16 1/2" h., 12 1/2" w., framed 22 1/2' h., 18" w. Condition: some yellowing to the paper of the Cox. 150 - 275
2531 MUNICH SCH. CASTLE & LANDSCAPE OIL. 19th c. Oil on canvas board. A bright and varied landscape with a river and a hilltop castle. Size: 7" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 12" h., 14" w. Condition: some abrasions wear to the canvas board recto. 750 - 1,000
2532 M. KAUER "CHIMSEA LAKE" OIL. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. Kauer painted a scene of this lake south of Munich, in the center of which is shown an island and its village. Size: 11" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 16 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: several small chips of paint missing from the sky. 750 - 1,000
2533 O. LEBODA VILLAGE SCENE OIL. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on wood. Leboda (Czech?) painted this scene of a village with wooden roof tile buildings nestled in a verdant, hilly landscape. Size: 10" h., 19" w., framed 16" h., 24" w. Condition: no visible defects. 750 - 1,000
2534 PORTRAIT OF A MAN. Late 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned, but on the verso is written "Harvey Joiner, KY 1893." A stern man with neatly combed hair and a moustache looks out indirectly. The frame is an opulent construction of wood, plaster scrolls, and running leaf designs. Size: 27" h., 21 1/2" w., 36" h., 31" w. Condition: extensive repainting of the face and areas of the background; chip of paint missing from the top; the frame has some chips missing on all sides. 300 - 600
2535 M. NOBLE WATERCOLOR. Dated 1919. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left. Wattle and daub houses are shown with a cursory notation of a woman, a man, and a flock of birds. Size: 7 1/4" h., 10" w., framed 13" h., 16" w. Condition: at the bottom right edge there are abrasions and a small tear to the paper that has covered over with w/c paint; yellowed. 100 - 150
2536 SAILING SHIPS IN HARBOR OIL. Dated '91 (1891). Oil on board. Signed in the lower left in monogram FS 91. This is a moody, evocative illustration of a large masted ship meeting a sailboat escort coming into a bay. A buoy is in the middle ground to indicate the end of the journey, while purple clouds strafe a yellow sky. Size: 20 1/2" h., 13" w., framed 23 1/2" h., 16" w. Condition: extensive repainting of the lower right corner; areas of the ocean near the boats and three patches in the sky; cupping to the board. 100 - 200
2537 JULIUS HAWES CONCRETE BRIDGE OIL. Dated 1939. Oil on board. Signed "Jul. Hawes Leveur 1939." A single span, reinforced concrete bridge is shown through an alpine setting and over a rocky river. Size: 13" h., 19" w., framed 17" h., 23" w. Condition: several tiny specks of paint missing from the sky. 180 - 250
2538 FJ SCHENK OIL OF SHEEP. 19th c. Oil on board. Signed lower right. This is a scene evocative of Switzerland or Austria; shows a shepherd and his dog surveying the movement of a flock of sheep past the wooden tile roofed farmhouse. Size: 12" h., 16" w., framed 20" h., 23" w. Condition: numerous small chips of paint missing revealing the pressboard below; two large lacunae (in the sky and at the bottom edge). 180 - 250
2539 DONATUS BUONGIORNO OIL OF MAN. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right "D. Buongiorno" An elderly seated man hunches over as he repairs a shoe. Nearby are the cobbling tools of his trade and other shoes. The artist is identified as a San Franciscan. Size: 14" h., 11" w., framed 17' h., 14" w. Condition: relined, dirty varnish; old inpainting along his apron, bottom edge, old deep scratch through the torso is visible. 150 - 250
2540 JF HEISTAND OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. A tag on the verso reads "Man Chained to His Environment." Painted in a vigorous, if orderly, way with much palette knife paint application, a city is seen behind a cut away view of a cellar or dungeon in which a shackle is dangling. The incipient feeling of a human presence is felt. Size: 24" h., 36" w., framed 25 1/2" h., 37" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 300
2541 WILLIAM ARNTZ AUTUMN TREES O/C. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Arntz (German) painted a panoply of trees, each displaying an effulgence of autumn colors: crimson, lime green, peach and burnt orange coalesce in an image that effectively uses imapsto brushwork to convet the texture and depth of the forest. Size: 26 3/4" h., 33' w., framed 33" h., 40" w. Condition: the canvas is loosely buckled at the top (could be restretched); needs cleaning, one small puncture in the center. 150 - 300
2542 DE PEYSTER AMSTERDAM OIL. N/R. Early 20th century. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower right "dePeyster." An Amsterdam canal is shown with residential buildings in the foreground and a cathedral shown atmospherically obscured in the background. Size: 23" h., 35" w., framed 30" h., 41" w. Condition: apparently restretched on newer stretchers, there is buckling on one edge and at the upper left corner; craquellure and staining. 300 - 500
2543 ANDREW KAROLY ETCHING. 20th c. Monochrome etching. Signed lower right in pencil. "Clock Tower at Rouen." Karoly (Hungarian, naturalized American) presents a tightly rendered representation of the architecture of the tower, the Baroque facade near it and the various townspeople going about their business. A brief biography of Karoly is attached to the verso; he is represented in the Nat. Museum, Budapest and the Bellevue Hospital, NYC. Size: 13" h., 9 1/4" w., framed 20" h., 16" w. Condition: some yellowing at the edges. 85 - 175
2544 HADFIELD CUBLEY WATERCOLOR. 19th/20th c. Watercolor on paper mounted on board. Signed lower left. Henry Hadfield Cubley (British) painted this loose scene of a woman and her child on a sidewalk near a half timber building. Size: 15" h., 10" w., framed 20" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 250
2545 W. COLLINS GOUACHE PAINTING. Gouache (opaque watercolor) on illustration board. A waterfall among autumn trees and mountains is seen. Size: 14' h., 9 1/2" w., framed 22" h., 18" w. Condition: spotty discoloration. 80 - 120
2546 GYULA GUTAHAZY NEMETH OIL. Late 19th c. Oil on board. Nemeth (Hungarian) painted this scene of a girl lifting gourds to a woman on a horsecart in a careful andf concise style; tones are definite and the color is entirely local. Written on the back "Gyula Gutahazy Nemeth Budapest um 1880." Size: 8 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 11 1/2" h., 16 1/2" w. Condition: some craquellure, inpainting on the brown horse, the sky and the thatched roof. 400 - 600
2547 STATUE OF DANTE. N/R. 19th / 20th c. Cast copper. The author is shown in a pensive pose. Unmarked, unsigned. Size: 31" h., 8" w., 8" deep. Condition: some pitting and dirt. 200 - 300
2548 STATUE OF VIRGIL. N/R. 19th / 20th c. Cast copper. Virgil, Roman author and Dante's guide through Hell, is standing with scroll in hand and laurel leaves around his head. Unmarked, unsigned. Size: 31" h., 8" w., 8" deep. Condition: some pitting and dirt. 200 - 300
2549 NAPOLEON, SHEET METAL BUST OF. N/R. 20th c. Sheet metal (over unidentified hollow core material?). Heroically sized bust of Napoleon in a brown and green patina. Size: 21" h., 10" w., 9" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 250
2550 J. VAN LINDE SHEEP OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. A lowland panorama with several foreground trees, a house and two people with some sheep are seen. Linde was a Dutch artist (1864-1945). Size: 15 1/2" h., 31" w. framed 21 1/2" h., 36' w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 350
2551 ISLAMIC ILLUSTRATION. Ink & watercolor on paper. Verse is on one side and a figurative illustration is seen on the other side in full color. Size: 10" h., 6" w., framed 13" h., 9" w. Condition: very fragile with many losses to the paper. 250 - 450
2552 HENRY MOSLER LANDSCAPE. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in monogram "HM 09" lower right. Mosler (American,1841-1920) was a Jewish artist born in Silesia who came to the United States at age eight. Mosler worked as a Civil War correspondent, trained in Munich, and held a studio in Paris. His style bridged a gap between realism and impressionism; his brushwork is lively and descriptive and this particular landscape is no exception. Two houses are seen with a yellow road and foliage with vigorously brushed in trees and clouds also indicated. Size: 9 3/4" h., 15 1/4" w., framed 12 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: minor craquellure. 2,200 - 3,500
2553 WENNERWALD HIGHLAND LAKE O/C. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "Finn Wennerwald" lower right. Wennerwald (1896-1969) was a listed Danish artist who studied with his artist father Emil Wennerwald, was active in Copenhagen and exhibited throughout Europe. His style is realist with certain impressionistic techniques: descriptively directional brushstrokes, loaded brushwork, bright color key, and impasto texture. This highland lake scene features all of these techniques to picture a windy, solitary though cheery landscape. Size: 15" h., 19" w., framed 20" h., 23 3/4" w. Condition: no visible defects. 325 - 475
2554 HENRY MARTIN CASTLE WATERCOLOR. 19th c. / early 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed "H. Martin." English. Henry Martin here presented a lakeside castle with sailboats docked and people congregating near the water. Size: 14" h., 20 1/2" w., framed 23" h., 30" w. Condition: the paper has been torn in two, with the tear bisecting the castle. 250 - 450
2555 EC TERRY PAINTING. N/R. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in lower right. This is an autumn landscape at sunset. Size: 12 3/4" h., 17 3/4" w. Condition: no visible defects. 800 - 1,200
2556 RS AUSTIN PASTORAL SCENE OIL. N/R. Dated 1920. Oil on board. Signed on the recto, on the verso is seen "In the Berkshire Hills, the Road to the Farm." Size: 12 3/4" h., 17" w., framed 16 3/4" h., 21" w. Condition: some inpainting in the sky, slightly soiled. 400 - 600
2557 BOUDAN O/C OF DOMESTIC SCENE. N/R. First quarter of the 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Boudan in the lower left. This scene is one of domestic, motherly tranquility: a woman knits amidst her young children. The style is realist with sweet sentiments. Size: 24" h., 30" w., framed 32" h., 36" w. Condition: under glass. 6,000 - 8,000
2558 TOYOKUMI WOODCUT. c. 1850's. Color woodcut diptych. Depicts two samurai preparing to fight. Size: 14 1/4" h., 19 1/4" w. Condition: no visible defects. 800 - 1,000
2559 JM DUCKER RED MOUNTAINS O/C. 19th / 20th c. Oil on canvas. John Ducker was a British landscape artist. This painting shows massive mountains illuminated by a sunset, making the rocks appear dramatically and fiery red. The composition is evidently imaginary, much like fellow Englishman John Martin's invented landscapes. Size: 15" h., 23" w., framed 23" h., 30" w. Condition: one patched area, the patch being about 4" w. & 2" h., with appropriate inpainting on the recto; numerous inpainted areas throughout the grass, sky and water amounting to about 10% of the entire surface. 500 - 800
2560 GJ. ROERMEESTER WATERCOLOR. Late 19th c. /early 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed in the lower left. Gerardus Johannes Roermeester (1844-1936) was a Dutch watercolorist and painter, who produced native scenes. This image is of a cottage and a haycart, painted in a very liquidy and hazy manner. The image is a play between soft greens and earthy reds. Size: 12" h., 17" w., framed 23" h., 27" w. Condition: one tear through the lower right corner; a tear in the middle right; diagonal scratches in the center and at the left edge. 225 - 350
2561 SYDNEY JOHNSON LANDSCAPE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in sgrafitto "SY Johnson." Sydney Yates Johnson (British 19th-20th c.) created numerous paintings of the British landscape, including scenes in Cornwall, along the coast, etc. This painting is a dramatic rendering of a highland valley, complete with a rocky precipice, misty river and sentinel-like trees that lord over a tiny image of a shepherd and his flock. Size: 11 1/2" h., 23 1/2" w., framed 17 1/2" h., 29 1/2" w. Condition: one patch on the verso and corresponding inpainting of less than 1/2" square on the recto in the base of the mountain; craquellure. 900 - 1,200
2562 AMERICAN TWINS OIL PORTRAIT. N/R. 19th c. Oil on board. Unsigned. Two little girls are shown in dress consistent with the 1820's or 1830's. The wood board appears to be pine. Size: 24" h., 20" w., framed 29" h., 25" w. Condition: wormholes; one check in the recto (filled partially with glue); many small paint film losses where the resinous pine grain is--needs restored. 3,000 - 5,000
2563 WILLY POGANY FLORAL OIL. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed in monogram "WP 43." Pogany (American, born Hungary 1882-1955) was a designer, painter and illustrator who provided the covers and interior illustrations for such books as "Children's Odyssey by Homer" and Eliot's "Sacred Wood." Pogany exhibited widely and won several awards; he authored numerous art instruction books and served as a movie art director for ten years. This Pogany painting is unusual in that it does not feature figures, but instead is a gentle, quiet rendering of tulips. The attention to contour and local color is evident. Size: 11 1/4" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 21" w. Condition: the entire background appears to have been altered by subsequent glazing at a later time. 500 - 700
2564 MALVIN ALBRIGHT NIGHT SEASCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "Albright" in the lower right. Malvin Marr Albright (American, 1897-1983) was the brother of Ivan LeLorraine Albright, known for his obsessive detail in paintings. Malvin, on the other hand, is a listed artist known for Maine seascapes. He studied at PAFA and exhibited widely. He also signed his work "Zsissly." This nocturnal seacape shows the waves breaking on the beach under the moonlight. Size: 18" h., 32" w., framed 22" h., 36" w. Condition: loose on its stretcher; a repainted spot in the lower right; and some abrasions down to the canvas. 600 - 900
2565 LOVIS CORINTH LITHOGRAPH. Early 20th c. Black and color lithograph. Signed in pencil "Lovis Corinth." Corinth (German,1858-1925) was a transitional figure in German painting, having studied under the academic Bougeureau, but asserting himself in a style that mixes Impressionistic and Naturalistic techniques and subject matter. Portraits and landscape were fertile subjects for Corinth. His work resides in many major collections including the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC and the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Arts. Often his manner shows an attention to specific features of a person, but with slight distortion. Undated and no edition number is given. Size: 11 1/2" h., 10" w., matted 21" h., 19" w. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 700
2566 PAIR OF COLOR WOOD ENGRAVINGS. N/R Late 19th century. Colored wood engravings from magazines. One is "Summer" from a drawing by A. Hunt; the other is "An Attack" after JW Bottomly. "Summer" shows people resting from pitching hay; "An Attack" shows girls being accosted by geese. Size: 9 1/4" h., 14" w., framed 16" h., 21 1/4" w. Condition: no visible defects. Estimate: $125-200. 125 - 200
2567 WEISZ OIL PAINTING OF A WOMAN. 19th century. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower left "A. Weisz." Adolphe Weisz (naturalized French 1868-?) was a portraitist and genre painter born in Budapest. A student of Charles Jalabert, Weisz won numerous awards throughout his career. His style is academic. This painting shows a woman painting en plein air atop a seascape plateau. A large dog rests near her. A modern tag on the verso indicates the title as "L'artiste au bord de la mer." Size: 34" h., 39" w., framed 44 1/2" h., 49" w. Condition: one large repainted stripe at the left of the woman beginning from the sea and extending through the grass; several old vertical inpainted areas in the sea along old craquellure lines and several inpainted areas in the sky of less than 2" square and some minor craquellure. 15,000 - 25,000
2568 JOHN I. WILLIAMS PORTRAIT. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "John Insco Williams." John Insco Williams (American, 1813-1873) was an Ohio portrait and scene painter. He studied in Philadelphia with Thomas Sully, was active in Cincinnati, and became a panorama painter who enjoyed much fame for his large, traveling artworks. This portrait carries an attribution of Laurel Williams, John I. Williams' daughter, who herself later became a painter. Laurel is shown in an ideal landscape, resting on a hat. Framed in an ornate 19th c. gilt frame with rose vignettes. Size: (oval opening) 35" h., 28" w., framed 46" h., 39" w. Condition: relined; on new stretchers; many small inpainted areas on the girl's body with the neck being almost entirely repainted. 15,000 - 25,000
2569 WERNER SEEHOLZER BEACH SCENE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Werner Seeholzer in the lower left. Seeholzer (American, 20th c.) painted this beach scene in a bright, direct style. This image shows a looming & grass covered precipice dominating a sandy cove, upon which many brightly colored boats are beached. It is forcefully & descriptively painted with great attention shown to cool & warm shadows. Size: 25" h., 31" w., framed 31" h., 37" w. Condition: some craquellure, some water staining on the verso, several losses of paint film in the upper right & left corners of less than a square 1/2" apiece. 400 - 700
2570 A. BERKES "PARIS" OIL. N/R. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed lower left. Antal Berkes (1874-1938) was known for European street scenes. Street scene in rain. Size: 9 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 14" h., 18" w. Condition: craquellure and paint chips missing from the top right corner and the lower left corner. 2,000 - 3,000
2571 ROBERTO MATTA ETCHING. Late 20th c. Multi color etching. Signed in monogram and numbered 93/100. Matta (Chilean, 1911-2002) shows two motorcyclists speeding on their sport bikes. The black line work is casual; the many other colors from several metal plates shows much aquatint and burnished effects & deep bitten line technique (the white squiggles show this). Size: 10 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., matted 20 1/2" h., 24" w. Condition: one tear at the top edge where the print is mounted against its foamcore backing with an adhesive, otherwise no visible defects. 400 - 600
2572 F. ENGELTEIT OIL PAINTING. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in sgrafitto in the lower left "F. Engelteit." A rocky harbor & sandbar scene with sailboats is shown. The style is en plein air and exhibits gentle and harmoniousblue & purple color chords. Size: 10 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 16" h., 19" w. Condition: minor craquellure in one rock's impasto areas. 250 - 400
2573 AUDUBON OCTAVO SHEARWATER. 19th c. Lithograph with colors. JJ Audubon created an elephant sized folio in the mid 1800's of the Birds of North America; several years later a small, octavo edition was lithographically produced after the original Havell engravings. This image "Wandering Shearwater" is no. 92, pl. 436 and has a tag on the verso that indicates 1857. Size: 6" h., 9" w., framed 12 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: some slight foxing and yellowing to the print around the mat opening. 200 - 350
2574 AUDUBON OCTAVO PURPLE SANDPIPER. 19th c. Lithograph with colors. JJ Audobon's famous Birds of North America, published in the mid 19th c. as an elephant sized folio of engravings, was reissued in the 1850's in an octavo sized edition. "Purple Sandpiper" is no. 66, pl. 330 and was "Lith, Printed, & Col. by JT Bowen of Philad." after the image originally drawn from nature by JJ Audubon. A tag on the back indicates "1857." Size: 6" h., 9" w., framed 12 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: some slight foxing and yellowing to the print around the mat opening. 200 - 350
2575 WATERCOLOR OF SHEEP & BARN. N/R. 20th century. Watercolor on paper. Signed Williams. Several sheep are shown in a field with a barn and a morning sky. Size: 7" h., 11 1/4" w., framed 13" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: the paper appears faded; the mat is modern matboard but not archival and shows ageing. Estimate: $100-150. 100 - 150
2576 MORRELL SAILBOAT AT NIGHT OIL. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed Morrell. A sailboat is seen on a calm lake by moonlight. Size: 8" h., 11 1/2" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 17 1/4" w. Condition: the sky is extensively repainted around the moon; vertical concavities and subsequent craquellure correspond to that repainted area. 175 - 350
2577 ERTE BRONZE VASE "FANTASY." Late 20th century. Bronze with blue-green patina in parts and gold painted accents. Erte (Roman de Tirtoff) had this bronze vase issued in 1985 by Con-Ker Fine Art, cast by Joel Meisner & Co. Foundry; "Fantasy" is based upon a Harper's Bazaar drawing Erte made in 1921. Three women in elegant, flowing robes are shown in colored relief while the heads of top hatted men are between them in intaglio. A signature stamp was made from the wax and Erte approved the proof, the casting and the stamping of his signature on this edition. The copyright and foundry mark appear on the vase. Number 97 of 275. Size: 13 7/8" h., 5 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 2,500 - 3,500
2578 L. SCHMITZ NAIVE STYLE OIL. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower right. A landscape of foothills, lakeland and tall birch (?) trees are seen among a village. In the forground a road functions as a repousse device leading the eye backward, past two conversing women. The style, though naive, indicates the artist was aware of traditional compositional devices. Size: 17" h., 25" w., framed 23" h., 30" w. Condition: buckled canvas, very dirty. 300 - 450
2579 PARSON OIL OF HORSE & DOG. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed lower right "Parson." This painting shows a chestnut colored horse with a spaniel gazing up at it. The brushwork is loose in the foliage and sky and quite descriptive of the horse's face. A golden tone harmonizes the whole painting. Size: 15" h., 20" w., framed 26" h., 30" w. Condition: some craquellure; the frame is a very ornate, heavy composition frame of a brushed coppery-gold finish. 200 - 300
2580 LION IN DESERT OIL. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. A lion sits on a rocky desert bluff surveying a bleak landscape and the sun hanging low in the sky. The image continues a tradition of topographical, atmospheric African desert / animal paintings popularized by painters such as Gerome and George Hall. Size: 7 1/2" h., 15" w., framed 11 1/4" h., 18 1/4" w. Condition: numerous craquellure; some paint chips missing on and below the lion; repainted areas on old flaking paint (entire bottom edge). 300 - 500
2581 F. FRANK SAILBOATS OIL. 1st half of 20th c. Oil on board. This image shows a family aboard a sailboat. Painted in a direct way with liquidy brushstrokes and with variety of blues and greens. Size: 8 3/4" h., 11 1/2" w., framed 14 1/2" h., 16 1/2" w. Condition: cleaned and revarnished; some previous panit flaking at left edge, along one sail lower right edge; one scratch below sail. 250 - 475
2582 DENIS LUNDY SEASCAPE OIL STUDY. Dated '58 (1958). Signed in monogram DL & "Kinneredge." In the manner of an oil sketch, this plein air painting on board is of a rocky coast line and ocean. Size: 7 1/4" h., 10 1/4" w., framed 15" h., 17" w. Condition: old letters were scratched in the top of the painting; spotty yellow varnish. 125 - 200
2583 THREE ARTWORKS. Watercolor of finch, two botanical prints in maple frames. Size (each approx.) framed 16" h., 12" w. Condition: the prints show some discoloration. 25 - 45
2584 JOHN WARKUP SWIFT MARINE SCENE. Mid to third quarter 19th century. Oil on canvas. Smith (1815-1869) was a British painter of marine scenes. Here he has presnted a dramatic rendeering of a capsizing ship and her crew fleeing by lifeboat while a gale rages arouns them. Size: 19 1/2" h., 29 1/2" w., framed 29" h., 39" w. Condition: the frame is in a fragile state with numerous losses of its applied plasterwork; craquellure had been halted by an old restorative process of waxing both sides of the canvas--this waxy finish is plainly visible. 2,500 - 4,000
2585 REMINGTON REPRO ON RESIN. Modern. Photomechanical print after a wood engraving on a resin slab. "An Apache Indian" is a reproduction of an engraving by Tucker after Remington's drawing or painting. This modern (1994) reproduction is number 251 of 7500. Size: 9 3/4" h., 14" w., framed 19" h., 22" w. Condition: no defects. 100 - 150
2586 JD LIDDELL OIL OF COWS. 19th c. Oil on illustration board. Signed lower right. Long haired cows are seen in a highland setting. Size: 11" h., 16" w. Condition: much spotty discoloration on the surface, perhaps caused by mold and moisture damage to the verso paper board. 150 - 250
2587 G. FERRCIO OIL. 19th/ early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. Done in a vigorous and sometimne heavy imapsto. A shepherd and four sheep are shown in an alpine setting. Size: 15" h., 19" w., framed 24' h., 27" w. Condition: craquellure throughout; one tear in the sky, loose and buckled canvas. 180 - 250
2588 LUCIO ROSSI PRINTS. N/R. 19th /20th c. Photomechanical reproductions of intaglio prints (original intaglios touched with paint). Pair of Rossi (1846-1913) prints of romantic themes, the style of which is firmly academic 19th c. even though the subject matter is 18th c. Rococo. Each comes in an ornate frame of carved wooden garland decoration. Size: (each) 10 1/2" h., 8" w., framed 17' h., 13 3/4" w. Condition: some fading to the prints; one frame's finial decoration is broken, but remains tenuously attached. 200 - 350
2589 PORTRAIT OF USAAF PILOT. 1940's /1950's. Oil on canvas. Signed CJ Fox. Unidentified 1st Lt.; winner of flying cross is shown in uniform. Size: 29" h., 22" w. Condition: white stripe on the left edge. 75 - 150
2590 AW FORTIS (?) ETCHING. N/R. 19th/20th c. Etching on silk. Signed lower right in pencil. This is a canal scene with houses and trees. The frame has a quarter sawn oak veneer finish. Size: 12" h., 7 1/2" w., framed 20 1/4" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed and some liquid stains at the bottom; spotting in the sky. 50 - 75
2591 STATUETTE OF A BOY ON A BULL. N/R. 20th c. Cast and patinated brass. A Chinese boy is studying from a book while he rides a bull. Unsigned, unmarked. Size: 7"h., 9" w., 5" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 80 - 120
2592 BRASS HAND SCULPTURE. N/R. 20th c. Brass. A female left hand with a wedding band on a sculpted base. Size: 3" h., 6" w., 10" deep. Condition: no defects. 20 - 45
2593 BRONZE MASK OF DANTE. N/R. 19th / 20th c. Bronze on travertine (?) base. A hollow mask of the famous Italian author. Size: (with base) 15" h., 6 1/2" w., 5 1/2" deep. Condition: no defects to the bronze; dirty stone base. 100 - 150
2594 CYMBALS PLAYER BRASS STATUETTE. N/R. Late 18th/ 19th c. Brass. A reduced copy of the Classic Greek statue the "Cymbals Player." Attached to a brass base. Size: 10" h., 4" w., 4" deep. Condition: a geat deal of blueish-green oxidation; abrasions to the patina (probably deliberate abrasions using sandpaper) revealing the yellow brass underneath; loose on its base. 350 - 500
2595 PAN WITH PIPES BRONZE STATUETTE. N/R. 19th / early 20th c. Bronze fitted into wooden base. Unmarked, unsigned. The mythical pan plays his pipes while seated. The figure displays a gentle contrapposto. Size: (with base) 10 1/4" h., 9" w., 6" deep. Condition: one leg has been broken off and reattached; crack in the left arm; pitting on the left shoulder. 150 - 300
2596 TREE & RIVER OIL. Contemporary. Oil on canvas. Signed illegibly. A brightly colored quasi-pointillist / impressionist landscape. Size: 30" h., 40" w., framed 38" h., 47" w. Condition: like new. 80 - 120
2597 TWO 17TH C. MAPS. N/R. Paper. "Galliae Narbonensis" and "Sabaudiae et Burgundiae" (both parts of France). Size: 14" h., 18' w., framed 21" h., 24" w. Condition: cut down; some yellowing and foxing on both maps' inner edge where they touch each other. 75 - 125
2598 VAUGONDY MAP OF AMERICAN COLONIES. N/R. Dated 1765. Paper. Showing the colonies from Nouvelle Angleterre (New England) to the Carolinas. Size: 20 1/2" h., 25 1/2" w., framed 28" h., 33" w. Condition: some acid yellowing to the edges where there is mat contact. 150 - 250
2599 DEVITY OIL OF PARIS. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Antonio DeVity (Italian 1901-1980) produced this lively painted image of a 19th c. Parisian boulevard. His work continued a Parisian school of Impressionism in attitude, though the technique is not as optically based or coloristically informed as his artistic forebears. Size: 24" h.,36" w., framed 31" h., 43" w. Condition: small puncture in upper left quadrant, needs cleaned and revarnished. 125 - 225
2600 GEISHA WATERCOLOR ON SILK. 20th c. Silk, framed and matted. A woman in an orange dress with blossom decoration and with a brown peacock feather designed blanket is seen looking over her shoulder. Size: 30" h., 19" w., framed 39" h., 28" w. Condition: some yellow spotting throughout. 140 - 225
2601 HASUI WOODBLOCK PRINT. 20th c. Color block print on paper. A lake by moonlight is seen with alone fisherman walking on shore. Size: 15" h., 10" w., framed 21" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
2602 KOITSU WOODBLOCK PRINT. 20th c. Color woodblock on paper. A Japanese temple is seen by moonlight. Signed with a stamp and script. Size: 16" h., 11" w., framed 21" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
2603 TIBETAN SILK THANGKA. From the Ghanden Monastery. Silk wall hanging showing the refuge tree. Size: 58" H, 40" W. 3,000 - 4,000
2604 JAPANESE CROW BLOCK PRINT. 19th c. Woodblock print on paper with watercolor. Artist unknown. A crow in descent chases a falling red maple leaf. Size: 10 1/2" h., 8" w., framed 17" h., 15' w. Condition: foxing. 200 - 400
2605 SUMI COCK & CHRYTHANSEMUM. N/R. 19th c.? Sumi ink and watercolor on paper mounted on watercolor paper. Size: 48 1/2" h., 10 1/4" w., framed 56" h., 17" w. Condition: several tears, now laid down on paper; faded and yellowed. 85 - 180
2606 JAPANESE PAINTING ON SILK. N/R. Early 20th c. Sumi ink and watercolor on silk. Matted in watered silk and a black lacquered frame. A house and resident are shown in a restful "wandering eye" vertical landscape. Some of the traditional brushstrokes are evident in this lot. Size framed : 49" h., 20" w. Condition: faded and warped slightly. 100 - 150
2607 CHINESE ANCESTOR PORTRAIT, ETC. N/R. 19th c. Watercolor on paper. Red costume. Also there are three watercolors on silk by Lin Sheng (Chinese 20th c.) of birds: "The Sound of Birds & Fragrance of Flowers;" Happines is a Moonlit Evening;" and "Contemplating Leaves from a High Perch." Size: (ancestor) 42" h., 25" w., (Lin Shengs) 31" h., 11" w. (each). Condition: some yellowing to ancestor portrait. 150 - 250
2608 SHOTEI WOODBLOCK PRINT. N/R. c. 1930's. Color block print on paper. Takahashi Shotei (died 1945) produced this "Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Toshigo Shrine." Size: 14" h., 6" w., framed 21 3/4" h., 10" w. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 900
2609 TOKURIKI WOODBLOCK PRINTS, PAIR. N/R. 20th c. Color print on paper. Temples and shrines are shown among several trees. Broadly designed and cut simply. Size: (each) 10 1/4" h., 9 1/4" w., framed 18" h., 17' w. Condition: some yellowing to the paper, acidic mats. 60 - 100
2610 SADANUBA III PRINT. N/R. c. 1955. Color woodblock print on paper. A woman in a blue and orange kimono is shown by Sadanuba III (1881-1965). Size: 14" h., 9" w., framed 18 3/4" h., 14 3/4" w. Condition: some yellowing to the paper. 175 - 225
2611 SADANUBA III PRINT. N/R. c. 1950's. Color block print. A woman is shown in yellow and red kimono. Size: 14" h., 9" w., framed 18 3/4" h., 14 3/4" w. Condition: yellowing and some foxing on the right edge. 175 - 225
2612 KOKO SHODO PEONY PRINT. N/R. c. 1930's. Color woodblock print on paper. Signed in pencil in the European way "Koko" and "Peony in Rain." Size: 9 1/2" h., 7" w., framed 16" h., 12" w. Condition: yellowed with original yellowed mat. 150 - 275
2613 TOKURIKI CARP. N/R. 20th c. Blcok print. Three carp are seen. Signed in Roman letters "T. Tokuriki." and in Japanese characters. Size: 11 1/2" h., 9" w., framed 19" h., 15" w. Condition: no defects. 60 - 120
2614 VINCENT NESBERT NUDES. N/R. 20th c. Oil on canvasboard. Signed V. Nesbert. Six nudes are seen in various poses. This artist is known for his murals in the Allegheny County Courthouse and for his teaching. Size: 25" h., 19" w. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
2615 NUDE PRINT ON FABRIC. A woman walks from a pond and a 1899 calendar is pegged to a nearby tree. Size: 35" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: faded, one snag upper right. 60 - 80
2616 DANTE BRONZE BUST. N/R. 19th / 20th c. Bronze head on shoulders. Inscribed "Italy" and Dante. On a black resin base. The author is hsown with his Florentine cap. Size: 14" h., 18" w., 9" deep. Condition: two holes (in top of his head and at his temple), perhaps there for the attachment of something extra. 150 - 250
2617 CLASSICAL BRONZE NUDE. N/R. 19th / 20th c. Yellow bronze or brass painted black. A figure with boots and a deer skin over his shoulder poses nude. Perhaps the mythological figure Actaeon. Size: 25" h., 10" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
2618 FOSTER BROS. FRAME. Late 19th / early 20th c. Wood and gilding. Foster Bros. of Boston were Arts & Crafts period framemakers who followed the lead of prominent architects and designers who changed the framing design industry, moving away from the heavy and ornate constructions of the Victorian era; Foster Bros. chose to incorporate early Dutch frame design in to their new aesthetic. This frame, which conatins an oversized reproduction of the Mona Lisa, has floral decoration that spansd each mitered corner; the top and bottom pieces also have an open, extended cartouche; the whole has been gilded. A disintegrating sticker on the back reads "Foster" and "ictu" and "Order No." Size: 37 3/4" h., 26 1/2" w.; holds a 32" x 21" canvas. Condition: some knicks and wear to the edges revealing bole and in some cases wood below. 800 - 1,200
2619 CHINESE FENG SHUI TAPESTRY. Silk needlework depicting the goddess of longevity. Size: 8'H, 58" W. 500 - 700
2620 CASTLE IN LAKELAND W/C. Unsigned. A detailed rendition of a castle by a lake is shown amidst large trees and an aqueduct. Condition: some fading to the paper and likely to the green pigments; the frame is fragile with paint splatters on its glass. 175 - 300
2621 ETCHING AND CHINESE WATERCOLOR. N/R. The etching on paper in brown ink is of a woman putting feed in a trough; the watercolor is of a flower and pine needles. Size: (framed) approx 17" h., 14" w. each. Condition: both yellowed, acidic mats. 100 - 125
2622 PAIR OF TAVERN SCENES. N/R. 19th c. ? Paint over lithograph on wood. Two scenes of smiling barmaids and the inebriated men who pay them attention. Size: (framed) each 5" h., 7" w. Condition: some scratches and minor lacunae to each; both have worn frames. 15 - 35
2623 CAMEOS OF GEO. & MARTHA WASHINGTON. N/R. Wax (?) mounted on cardboard. Profile cameos of the President and his wife. Size: approx. 2 1/2" h., 1 1/2" w., framed 7" h., 8" w. Condition: George's head is broken in two at the top of his nose to his wig, the piece is loose; two other cracks near the break. 50 - 75
2624 BOX OF FOUR ARTWORKS. N/R. Lithograph of trees by Kipuur (?), acrylic on canvas "Ribbon Candy" by G. Coyle; "Daybreak" intaglio/embossing; barn painting (oil on masonite) by Carter. Size: all small (under 15" h., 12" w.) Condition:Carter oil is yellowed and its frame is worn; Coyle painting has a poorly mitered frame. 20 - 40
2625 PRIESTS PRAYER RUG. Late 19th/ early 20th c. Chinese. Five claw dragon indicating higher family status. With red border, padded blue bottom. Size: 30" by 32." Condition: some separation of the woven rug from its red padded border; could be cleaned. 500 - 700

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