Dargate Auction Galleries Llc

1 LOT EYEGLASSES. Eyeglasses, 6 prs., 3 cases, + broken pieces. 1. White metal frame eyeglasses, curved earpieces, ca. 1900. 2. Gold-tone frame eyeglasses, curved earpieces, ca. 1900. 3. Steel frame eyeglasses, straight earpieces. Ca. 1880. rusty. 4. Rimless pince-nez in hard case, ca 1900. One lens chipped, case worn. 5. Gold-tone frame eyeglasses, straight earpieces, ca. 1880, in case marked Dickinson Graduate Optician Conneaut Ohio. 6. Rimless pince-nez with gold chain and curved gold wire to fit around ear, in hard case. Ca. 1890. 7. Rimless pince-nez, ca. 1900. 8. 2 pairs glued-on bifocal eyeglasses, 1 pair missing earpieces, 1 pair broken at nose piece. Ca. 1900. 40 - 80
2 2 PAIRS OXFORD EYEGLASSES. 2 pairs white metal Oxford eyeglasses in Art Deco hard cases. One pair has attached neck chain, one has separate pin.Ca. 1920-1930. 30 - 60
3 TWO CIVIL WAR ERA MEDALS N/R. One is a ribbon medal marked "Daughters Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War 1861-1865; one is a button medal marked " Grand army Of The Republic 1861 Veteran 1866. 50 - 100
4 CONVENTION MEDAL N/R. Ribbon medal is marked "Amalgamated Assoc. Of Street And Electric Railway Employees Of America, Organized Sept. 15th 1892, Franklin Division, No. 470 A.A. Of St. & E.RY.E. Of A., Franklin, Penna. 25 - 50
5 14K GOLD & DIAMOND LAVALIERE N/R. The .65 ct. solitaire round cut diamond is suspended from a 14.5" chain. 25 - 50
6 18K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND RING N/R. The .20 pt. mine cut diamond is mounted in a filigree setting. 75 - 100
7 14K GOLD DIAMOND RING N/R. The cluster of seven mine cut diamonds are mounted in a Victorian setting. Total diamond weight is approximately .60 ct. 75 - 100
8 PAIR OF 14K GOLD BAROQUE EARRINGS N/R. The gold toned pearls have pierced backs. 25 - 50
9 ASSORTED GOLD JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one red stone ring, pair of amethyst earrings, five chains, one cross and one heart pendant. 10 - 25
10 STERLING & CRYSTAL CHOKER N/R. The drop pendant choker is comprised of pink and white crystals. Choker length: 14.5". Pendant length: 3.0". 25 - 50
11 ASSORTED STERLING RINGS & PENDANTS N/R. Lot consists of five rings with jade, onyx, turquoise and two pendants. 20 - 35
12 ASSORTED RINGS N/R. Lot consists of seven rings. Condition: one ring is missing a stone. 10 - 20
13 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one cabachon blue stone ring; one blue stone and filigree pin with matching earrings. 10 - 20
14 ASSORTED RHINESTONE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one pair of purple screw back earrings; three white rhinestone chokers; two black and white chokers; and one white bracelet. 20 - 30
15 STERLING FILIGREE SET N/R. Set includes a necklace and bracelet in a floral design. Necklace length: approximately 17.5". Bracelet length: approximately 7.5". 25 - 35
16 VENETIAN GLASS JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a necklace and earrings set with round beads in tones of green, yellow and blue; one triangular green bead necklace; and one round gold bead necklace. Necklace length: approximately 17.5" for all three. 25 - 50
17 STERLING JEWELRY N/R. Lot consists of one bracelet; one shell motif necklace and one turquoise stone filigree pendant on a chain. Necklace length: approximately 17.5". Bracelet length: approximately 6.0". 25 - 50
18 TORTOISE SHELL SET N/R. Set is comprised of two sterling and tortoise shell bracelets with a pair of drop pierced earrings. 25 - 50
19 WATERFORD CRYSTAL PENDANTS N/R. One pendant is heart shaped with a approximately 21.0" silver chain; the other is an etched "partridge in a pear tree". It does not come with a chain. 20 - 30
20 RHINESTONE SET N/R. The set is comprised of a white rhinestone necklace and matching screw back earrings. Necklace length: appoximately 22.5". 25 - 35
21 HANDMADE HARD STONE NECKLACE N/R. The double stranded necklace consists of multi-colored hard stones on a woven black cord. Necklace length: approximately 26.0". 25 - 50
22 SILVER JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes seven rings; one bar pin; one pair of pierced earrings; a single moonstone earring; and a single blue stone earring. 20 - 30
23 LADIE'S WATCH & PENDANT N/R. The open door watch is silver filigree and marcasite. The diamond chip pendant is suspended on a box link chain. Necklace length: approximately 16.0". Condition: the watch does not appear to be in working order. 10 - 20
24 THREE PC. JEWELRY LOT N/R. Lot includes one man's 10k gold brown stone and diamond chip ring; one pair of green stone drop pierced earrings; and one gold nugget and diamond chip tie clasp. 10 - 20
25 PAIR OF BLACKAMOOR PINS N/R. The blackamoor figures are encrusted with pink rhinestones and measure approximately 2.0" each in length. 25 - 35
26 ASSORTED JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one 10K gold opal stick pin; one 14k gold diamond and black pearl ring; one Victorian paste diamond ring. 25 - 35
27 THREE PINS N/R. Lot includes one sterling pin (c. 1890's) marked "Salzburg" on front; one gold bar pin with diamond and elk's tooth center; and one gold filled Victorian drop pendant with cross. 25 - 35
28 BAKELITE JEWELRY N/R. Lot consists of a pin, pendant and a pair of earrings. The Art Deco pin is black; the tear drop shaped pendant is black with a rhinestone design; and the earrings are amber colored with clip-on backs. 25 - 35
29 14K FILIGREE BRACELET N/R. The bracelet is white gold with a center diamond and flanked by two dark blue stones. 25 - 50
30 MEXICAN SILVER BRACELETS N/R. One bracelet has an interlocking link design and the other is a cuff style with a basket weave design. 25 - 35
31 CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE N/R. The necklace is approximately 20.5" in length. 20 - 40
32 CARVED LAVA CAMEO SET N/R. The set consists of a bracelet and a matching pin. The bracelet is comprised of a series of carved faces. 20 - 30
33 CAMEO JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one 10K gold cameo pin whose frame is laced with seed pearls; one violet Wedgwood pendant on a 17.5" sterling chain; one park blue Wedgwood pendant on a 17.5" sterling chain and a pair of sterling sea horse cuff links. 25 - 50
34 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one silver charm bracelet; one convex equestrian pin; one Trifari necklace and earrings set; one Parklane pin and earrings set; one Regency pink rhinestone butterfly pin and one 14k gold red stone ring. 20 - 30
35 STERLING JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one Danish bracelet signed "AEK"; one Danish pin signed "Folmer"; one enamel and marcasite oyster shell pin and one marcasite and garnet butterfly pin. 20 - 30
36 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one antique hair comb; one 14k gold jade oriental bamboo pin and earrings set and a reversed carved and painted Bakelite toggle. 20 - 30
37 GLASS BEAD NECKLACES N/R. Lot consists of clear, frosted and multi-colored bead necklaces. They range from choker to opera in length. 50 - 100
38 GLASS BEAD NECKLACES N/R. Lot consists of clear and multi-colored beads strung with metal and cord. They range from choker to opera in length. 50 - 100
39 GLASS BEAD NECKLACES N/R. Lot consists of clear and multi-colored bead necklaces and one bracelet. They range from choker to opera in length. Condition: bracelet is missing some beads; one necklace needs re-strung. 50 - 100
40 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes glass, wood, and shell bead necklaces; one pair of clip-on seashell earrings; two bracelets and a cat and mouse toggle. 25 - 50
41 ASSORTED VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a mother-of-pearl parasol handle; four pins; three bracelets; a pair of earrings; a letter opener; rosary beads and a double-stranded pearl choker. 50 - 100
42 PAVE DESIGNER RING N/R. Ring consists of red, white and blue glass in a silver setting. 20 - 30
43 ASSORTED GOLD JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes one 14k gold and double blue stone ring; one braided band; one 10k white gold black stone ring; one elephant pendant; one necklace with charms; one pair of gold filled black stone earrings and one rhinestone pin. 10 - 20
44 TWO PINS N/R. Lot includes two 18k gold and silver pins with Peruvian themes. One pin is marked " Peru 925 18K ". The smaller one is marked " 18K 925". 20 - 30
45 ASSORTED EARRINGS N/R. Lot consists of one pair of pierced 14k gold blue enamel and cabachon purple stone earrings; one pair of clip-on jade and black earrings; one pair of Christian Dior purple stone earrings and one pair of clip-on blue and white stone earrings. 20 - 30
46 JAPANESE PAINTED BRACELET N/R. Metal bracelet has painted Oriental scences on eight possibly mother-of-pearl panels. Condition: some paint has worn off on all panels. 20 - 30
47 SORRENTINO NECKLACE N/R. Stone pendant is signed "Sorrentino" and suspended from a 14.5" gold chain. 25 - 35
48 ASSORTED GOLD JEWELRY N/R. Lot consists of a double wishbone and red stone stick pin; a block stick pin; a small bar pin and a 10k gold cameo ring. 20 - 30
49 MEXICAN ARTIFACTS N/R. Lot consists of a carved stone head; six small amber colored and one opal-like stone; an Indian brass and steel knife; a metal letter opener marked "The Franklin Life Insurance Co., Springfield, Illinois". 10 - 20
50 ELK LODGE MEDALS N/R. Lot consists of four medals. One is marked "Brooklyn Lodge, Detroit 1910, Cervus Alces; one is marked "Cleveland, Cincinnati, 1904, Our Needs 18, Benevolei, Protect, Elks Order; one is marked "Buffalo, N.Y., 1905, Benton Harbor lodge, No. 544, B.P.O.Elks; one is marked "Cervus Alces, Cincinnati 1904, Ashtabula Lodge 208, B.P.O. Elks State. 50 - 75
51 THREE FIRE DEPT. MEDALS N/R. One medal is marked "30th Penna. State Firemens Convention, Delegate, Oil city Oct. 5-8 1909; one is marked "1887 Bradford PA.,Compliments Of Citizen: Hose No.2; one is marked "Oil City Fire Dept., Member Of Oil City Fire Dept. 50 - 75
52 SILVER VANITY ITEMS N/R. Lot consists of a Rogers silver tray; an engraved sterling card case; four sterling match boxes; two glass and sterling overlay perfume bottles; a sterling pill holder; one engraved silver lighter and one ceramic and gold topped match box. Size of tray: approximately 9.5" l. x 5.5" w. Condition: tray, card case match boxes and pill box have small scratches: sterling pieces are tarnished. 75 - 100
53 BRASS DESK ITEMS N/R. Lot consists of an inkwell with a white ceramic insert; an engraved stamp holder and a pen marked "C.S. Freer, New York. Size of card case: 3 5/8" l. x 2 5/8" w. Size of inkwell: 4 1/4" l. x 3 3/4" w. x 2.0" d. 50 - 75
54 JEWELRY BOXES N/R. Lot consists of six jewelry boxes. One is blue and white enamel on metal; three are gold metal; one is white plastic and one is plastic with a white background and Victorian decorations. Condition: some discoloration on the metal boxes; white plastic box has stains and some cracks; fabric interiors need cleaned. 10 - 20
55 ASSORTED VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes pins, braclets, necklaces, earrings, and buttons. 50 - 75
56 ASSORTED VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes multiple crystal, stone, bead, and plastic screw back and clip-on earrings; two coin bracelets; one religious charm bracelet; one bangle bracelet; four pins; one beaded choker and two two buttons. 50 - 75
57 VINTAGE & CAMEO JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes eight cameo pins; two cameo necklaces; a pair of cameo earrings; assorted pins; two beaded medallions and two stop watches. One stop watch is marked "Silveroid 3297620". The face is marked "Elgin Natl. Watch Co.". The other is a gold engraved watch marked "Polver". Condition: the Elgin watch's top ring is broken off; second hand works when wound; Polver watch has the top screw and crystal missing and does not appear to be in working order. 75 - 100
58 VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes multiple pins, pendants, bracelets, two hair combs, and a ceramic hat pin holder with pins. 25 - 50
59 VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes bracelets, necklaces, pins, an eyeglass case and a small metal clip-on purse. 50 - 75
60 ORIENTAL VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot consists of bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings. Most of the pieces have an Oriental theme. Many are constructed of an ivory like composite. 50 - 75
61 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings. Condition: two necklaces need re-strung. 25 - 50
62 SILVER JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes seven Danish and Mexican silver bracelets and one necklace. 25 - 50
63 SILVER JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes bracelets, earrings, pins and a belt. 25 - 50
64 1933 WORLD'S FAIR MOMENTOS N/R. Lot includes momentos from the 1933 World's Fair held in Chicago. There is a photo of an electric building marked "A Century Of Progress 1833-1933"; a metal crumb catcher marked "Fort Dearborn, Century Of Progress 1933"; a metal crumb catcher engraved with buildings of interest and Soldier's Field; and a spoon marked "Administration Bldg. Chicago 1933 A Century Of Progress" . 20 - 30
65 GLASS CANDY HOLDERS N/R. Lot includes six Scottie dog, three Hush Puppy, and one bunny clear glass candy holders. Also, clear glass miniatures of a duck, squirrel, dog and bird. 20 - 30
66 ASSORTED OLD TOOLS N/R. c. Early 20th century. Lot includes four plier type tools and one cutting tool with blade. 25 - 50
67 THREE OLD RULERS N/R. c. Early 20th century. Lot includes wood ruler with leveler; a wood folding ruler and a metal folding ruler. 25 - 50
68 STERLING SILVERWARE N/R. Lot includes three footed compotes; one set of salt & pepper shakers; six matching salt shakers and a boxed set of engraved spoons. Spoons are marked "EPNS A1". Size of one compote: 6 3/8" h. x 3.0" w.(at the base) x 6 3/4" d. Size of one compote: 2 5/8" h. x 2.0" w. x 6 1/8" d. Size of one compote: 3 1/8" h. x 2.0" w. x 7 1/8" d. Condition: first one described has a small ding on the right side. 20 - 30
69 NIAGARA FALLS MOMENTOS N/R. Lot includes a Niagara Falls Riley's toffee tin; a ceramic mug and shaker with paintd on "Falls" scenes; three plates with painted on "Falls" scenes and one beaded velvet "Good Luck" horseshoe. 20 - 30
70 NIAGARA FALLS MOMENTOS N/R. Lot includes three plates with painted on "Falls" scenes; a glass paperweight with a black and white photo of the "Falls" and four spoons. 20 - 30
71 BISQUE DOLLS N/R. Lot includes seven dolls. Six of the dolls are marked "Made in Japan". One is a "kewpie" doll. All but one have moveable arms. Condition: good overall, but need cleaned. 100 - 200
72 ASSORTED STONE FRUIT N/R. Lot includes four peaches with pits; one pitless peach; one lemon; one pear and grapes on the vine. 20 - 30
73 ASSORTED SILVERWARE N/R. Lot includes two small sterling compotes; twelve sterling shakers; miscellaneous spoons, forks, and serving pieces. Condition: one compote is missing a leg. 20 - 30
74 BOXED KNIFE SETS N/R. Both sets have silver overlay and white handled knives. One set has eight knives and is marked "Griffin Cutlery". One set has twelve knives and is marked "Carvell Hall by Bidwell". Condition: the set of twelve has some of the overlay peeling off. 25 - 50
75 VINTAGE PURSES N/R. Lot includes three purses. One is a small mesh purse with tones of blue, brown and yellow; one is a small mesh purse with a yellow background and pink floral design. It is marked "Mandulian Mfg. Co." One is a beaded purse with tones of gold, silver and green. It has an overall floral design and beaded fringe. 50 - 100
76 VINTAGE PURSES N/R. Lot includes four purses. One is a pouch style with a navy crocheted body and beading overall; one is a black pouch style that is heavily beaded overall; one is a zippered purse with a cream cloth body and overall beading in tones of white and silver and one heavily beaded purse with an embroidered floral motif. Condition: the navy purse has some interior fabric deterioration; the floral motif purse is missing a white stone in its clasp. 50 - 100
77 ASSORTED SILVERWARE N/R. Lot includes miscellaneous spoons, forks, and knives; a serving set marked "Frazzini"; grape scissors, two nut crackers; and a set of serving forks. 20 - 30
78 LADIE'S VINTAGE ACCESSORIES N/R. Lot includes a silver mesh evening bag marked "Whiting & Davis Co."; a gold metal purse size photo album and a gold metal compact. Condition: both the photo album and compact have some scratches and discolorations. 25 - 50
79 SET OF SUNDAE DISHES N/R. Lot includes a set of six clear glass footed double scoop ice cream sundae dishes. Size: 3.0" h. x 4.5" w. x 5.0" d. 10 - 20
80 TWO COMPOTES & A CAT. Lot includes two sterling footed compotes and a frosted glass Goebel cat figurine. The filigree edged compote measures 6.5" h. x 2.5"w.(at its base) x 6.0" d. The fluted edged compote measures 6.0" h. x 2.5" w. x 6.0" d. The cat measures 4 1/4" h. x 3.0" w. (at its widest point). 50 - 100
81 FOUR FANS N/R. Lot includes one fabric fan with a painted on floral motif and sequins. It measures (when open) 13 1/4" h. x 25" w. One fan is made of a cream colored composite. It measures (when open) 7.0" h. x 10.5" w. One fan is fabric with a floral and bird motif. It measures (when open) 6.0' h. x 9.0" w. One fan is fabric with a floral and lace motif. It measures (when open) 8.0" h. x 11.5" w. Condition: good for the first fan; the second fan is broken; the third has rust stains and the last has fabric tears. 20 - 30
82 PIPE & HOLDER N/R. Lot includes a wood bowl pipe with a silver top and removeable stem. The holder is ceramic and can hold four pipes. 20 - 30
83 PERFUME BOTTLES N/R. Lot includes nine stoppered bottles and four atomizers. 20 - 30
84 EASTER EGGS N/R. Lot includes four milk glass Victorian easter eggs. The eggs have painted on Easter floral themes. Condition: some paint is worn off. 25 - 50
85 SILVER SERVEWARE N/R. Lot consists of four silver and glass coasters in a holder; a Rogers Bros. tray; a silver rimmed glass bowl; a toast holder; an embossed bowl with a fluted edge and a pair of matching footed shell-edged butter dishes. 25 - 30
86 ASSORTED STERLING ITEMS N/R. Lot includes three small urns; three handled cup holders; and two engraved cigarette holders. Condition: a handle is missing from a cup. 20 - 30
87 SILVER VANITY ITEMS N/R. Lot includes two sterling picture frames; one sterling hair brush; one sterling trimmed comb; one small silver brush; a pair of sterling scissors and three silver mirrors. Condition: all are tarnished; some dings and scratches on the mirrors and brushes; all need cleaned. 20 - 30
88 STERLING SERVEWARE N/R. Lot includes a pair of candlesticks; two pitcher and creamer sets and two footed compotes. Condition: one candlestick has two dings; all are badly tarnished and need cleaned. 20 - 30
89 ASSORTED BEADED ITEMS N/R. Lot consists of beaded and fabric table doily and two holders. Condition: some beads have come off of the doily; one holder has some worn fabric; all need cleaned. 10 - 20
90 SILVER SERVEWARE N/R. Lot includes one round sterling dish; one sterling leaf design dish; four sterling dishes embossed with a floral design; one garland and bow embossed open weave boat-shaped bowl; a set of glass silver trimmed small coasters; a silver edged engraved bowl and a small embossed tavern scene ashtray. 25 - 50
91 PIPE, PIPE STEM & CARD CASE N/R. Lot includes an engraved sterling card case, a pipe with a man's carved head bowl and a carved pipe stem. 20 - 30
92 SILVER SERVEWARE N/R. Lot includes a pair of bird shakers; a sterling bowl and two serving spoons. 20 - 30
93 GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS N/R. Lot includes eleven paperweights. Some are flat with a print depicting an item of interest; some are blown glass globes infused with various colors and motifs. 25 - 50
94 ASSORTED GLASS ITEMS N/R. Lot includes four blown glass paperweights and a pair of matching sterling footed etched glass bud vases. 20 - 30
95 THREE CAMERAS N/R. Lot includes a Six-16 Brownie; A VAG box camera and an Argus Model A 35 mm camera in a leather case with instructions. 20 - 30
96 ZEISS IKON CAMERA N/R. Camera comes with a brown leather case; no instructions. 50 - 75
97 TWO CAMERAS N/R. Lot includes a Konica Hexanon Auto S1.6 35mm camera in a black leather case and a Pentax MX 35mm camera in a black leather case. Condition: cases are worn; no instructions with either camera. 35 - 50
98 TWO CAMERAS N/R. Lot includes a Raven camera. it is marked "Made in England, Kershaw Anastigmat". The other is a Polaroid One Step Close Up camera. Condition: no instructions with either camera. 20 - 30
99 POLAROID LAND CAMERA 220 N/R. The camera comes with a cold clip and flash attachment. Condition: good; but no instructions. 10 - 20
100 ZEISS CAMERA & LENS N/R. Lot includes a Zeiss VX 1000 35mm camera and a Telistar telephoto lens in a leather pouch. Condition: no carrying case and no instructions. 50 - 75
101 7 RED HOBNAIL GLASSES. N/R. Seven red hobnail decorated glasses. no mark. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
102 5 COBALT BLUE GLASSES.N/R. Five cobalt blue tumblers by Imperial Glass Co. no mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: 2 with fleabites on rim. 40 - 80
103 4 PURPLE GLASSES. N/R. Purple glasses with blue, yellow and white enamel decoration. No mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: good, some wear to decoration. 25 - 50
104 6 GREEN DEPRESSION GOBLETS. N/R. Six green depression glasses with paneled body. no mark. Size: 5 3/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
105 6 GREEN DEPRESSION GLASSES. N/R. Six small green depression glasses with stepped design. No mark. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: one with fleabite on rim. 40 - 80
106 6 RUBY GLASS TUMBLERS. N/R. Six ruby glass tumblers with swirl design. no mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
107 6 GREEN DEPRESSION GLASSES. N/R. Six green glasses with diamond pattern bases. no mark. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
108 6 AMBERINA GLASSES. N/R. Six pressed glass tumblers with amberina shading red to yellow. no mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
109 6 CUT GLASS TUMBLERS. Six glasses, cut with pinwheel design. no mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: two with fleabites on rim. 35 - 50
110 4 PINK SHERBET GLASSES. N/R. Four pink glasses "Hobnnail" pattern by Hocking Glass co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1936. Size: 3 1/2"H each. conditoin: one with rough rim. 25 - 50
111 4 CUT GLASS GLASSES. N/R. Diamond cut bases, leaf band top decoration, no mark. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condtion: one with fleabite on rim. 25 - 50
112 5 RUBY GLASSES. N/R. 5 footed ruby glasses, size: 3 1/2"H. Conditon: Good. 25 - 50
113 7 COLORED WINE GLASSES. N/R. Seven wine glasses with twisted stems and colored bowl and base. (2) blue, (1) green, (1) pink, (1) yellow, (1) purple, (1) smoke. Size: 6 1/4"H. Conditon: good. 2 - 50
114 19TH C. BARN DOOR HINGES. N/R. Weathered wooden barn door hinges with leather washers. Size: 22"L, 14"H. Condition: various nail holes, some splitting of the wood. Two hinges. 50 - 100
115 3 SPONGEWARE BOWLS. N/R. Three blue and white spongeware bowls, the smallest with a blue band of color. (1) 14"Diam. 6 3/4"H. Condition: chip in bottom. (1) 10"Diam. 4 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. (1) 7 1/2"Diam. 3 1/4"H. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
116 7 PIECE NIPPON NUT SET. N/R. Set is white with green border and raised gold decoration. All pieces have pierced handled sides. Large bowl 7"L. Condition: good. 6 smaller bowls 3 3/4"L. Condition: some wear to gilding. 40 - 80
117 METAL CLOWN BANK. N/R. metal bank , movable hand to put coin in mouth. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: sold as is, has been repainted. 40 - 80
118 NILOAK VASE AND OTHER. (1) Niloak vase, swirled blue, brown and cream clays, glazed interior, marked: Niloak Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Ash tray, swirled clay body, glazed interior. marked: Silver Springs Fla. Condition: good. 75 - 150
119 NEMADJI POTTERY VASE. N/R. Pottery vase with orange and green swirled clay exterior, marked: Nemadji Pottery USA Size: 5"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
120 2 IRIDESCENT BOWLS. N/R. (1) Stretch glass marigold iridescent bowl. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. 3 1/2"H. Conditoin; good. (1) Green iridescent bowl with gold floral band. No mark. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. 3"H. Conditon: good. 40 - 80
121 SATO CLOISONNE VASE. N/R. Red background, rooster in flowering tree branch, metal edging. Marked: Japan Sato cloisonne. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
122 WHEEL THROWN GREEN PLATE. N/R. Wheel thrown plate, green and brown glaze, pie crust edge. no mark. Size: 15"Diam. Condition: several chips on edge. 40 - 80
123 VICTORIAN METAL FRAME. N/R. victorian gilt metal frame with swing leg for standing, oval opening with glass. no mark. Size: 13"H. Condition: gilt worn. 30 - 60
124 2 JAPANESE PORCELAIN PIECES. N/R. (1) two handled vase, square body, painted landscape scene. Marked: Hand Painted Japan, Size: 6 1/2"H. Condtion: good. (1) Lidded pot, Geisha girl decoration, orange handle and trim, marked: made in Japan. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: inside base of lid broken, wear to decoration. 0 - 30
125 BUST OF QUEEN NEFERTITI. N/R. Colored ceramic model of Queen Nefertiti bust. on separate wooden base. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good, cast with original loses. 30 - 60
126 HEISEY BOWL. N/R. Large bowl paneled sides, scalloped edge, ground bottom, marked: Heisey (H). size: 4 1/2"H, 12"Diam. Condition: small chip on ground bottom. 50 - 100
127 16 HEISEY PLATES. N/R. Radiating design, polished bottom,marked Heisey . Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
128 HEISEY CHEESE BELL & PLATE. N/R. Petaled base, cheese bell with knob, marked Heisey . Size: 6 1/2"H, 8"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
129 HEISEY TRUMPET VASE. N/R. Trumpet vase, petaled sides, no mark. Size: 12"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
130 10 HEISEY PLATES. N/R. (6) Plates with star centers, ground bottoms, marked Heisey size: 8 1/4"Diam. Condition: two with fleabites. (4) Plates with star centers wheel engraved leaf border. marked Heisey . Size: 4 3/4"Diam. Conditon: good. 50 - 100
131 4 HEISEY & 11 OTHER ITEMS.N/R. (4) Bowls with plain 1/8" wide gold bands, marked Heisey Size: 6 5/8"Diam. Conditon: gold worn. (11) plates with 1/2" raised gold borders, polished bottoms, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear to gold borders, some heavy. 40 - 80
132 HULL PITCHER. N/R. Blue and green glazed pitcher with raised rose decoration. Marked: Hul USA A 50. size: 6 3/4"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
133 2 CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. Two blue and white decorated cloisonne vases, c. 1930s, marked: China. Size: 6 1/2"H. each. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
134 ART POTTERY PLANTER. N/R. Green and blue glazed art pottery planter with raised floral decoration, no mark. Size: 6"H. Condition: signs of wear. 30 - 60
135 4 GREEN & WHITE OPALESCENT PIECES. N/R. (1) bowl with wide opalescent crimped and fluted edge, no mark. Size: 4"H, 6 1/2"Diam. Conditon: good. (1) Footed bowl with exterior grape pattern, green with white opalescent edge. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. Conditon: good. (1) Swung vase, ribbed green and white opalescent edge. no mark. size: 11"H, Condition: good. (1) White stripe on green vase with white opalescent edge, no mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
136 2 GREEN & WHITE OPALESCENT DISHES. N/R. (1) Fenton 2 handled bon bon , waterlily and cattail pattern, green opalescent, no mark. Size: 4", 7 1/2"Diam. condition: good. (1) Bowl with cased white on green decoration. Size: 3"H, 8 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
137 VICTORIAN PHOTO ALBUM. N/R. Red velvet photo album with over 30 photos inside, with metal clasp. Size: 8 x 11" Condition: worn, some pages empty. 50 - 100
138 VICTORIAN PHOTO ALBUM. N/R. Brown leather photo album from old Pittsburgh family, with 14 photos inside. metal clasp. size: 8 x 11". Condition: cover worn, some pages empty. 40 - 80
139 HARP PATTERN CAKE PLATE. N/R. Jeannet Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. Harp pattern 1954-57. Pedestal cake plate with gold beaded border. Size: 10"diam. 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
140 ROSEVILLE SHELL BOWL. N/R. Green glazed shell bowl, marked: Roseville, C 1120 12". Size: 13 1/4 x 13". Condition: small chip in rim. 25 - 50
141 BLATZ BEER ADVERTISING. N/R. Blatz waiter carrying a glass a beer on a tray.No mark. Metal figure 16 1/2"H. Condition: some wear. Beer glass is loose. 75 - 150
142 BISQUE VIRGIN MARY. N/R. Bisque statue of the Virgin Mary on a dark stone base. No Mark. Size: 15"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
143 PAIR BISQUE FIGURES. N/R. Pair of bisque figures, shepherd and shepherdess in 18th c. costume on oval decorated bases. No mark. Size: 14 1/2"H each. Condition: good. 75 - 150
144 EQUESTRIAN GEORGE WASHINGTON. N/R. Cast metal figure of George Washington on horseback. no mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. conditon: wear and discoloration ofmetal., once part of larger item. 50 - 100
145 LE RETOUR SCULPTURE. N/R. cast metal sculpture of French soldier, marked Le Retour. 4K inscribed on tree stump, no other mark. Size: 11"H, Conditon: object missing from left hand, right hand damaged. 50 - 100
146 WARRIOR ON HORSEBACK. N/R. cast metal figure o horseback, no mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: signs of wear,. possibly taken from a clock. 50 - 100
147 OLD TELEPHONE. N/R. Old telephone with no rotary dial. telephone body marked DI USA, receiver marked: Western electric Co. USA FIW. Size: 5"H, 9"L.5"D. Condition: signs of wear. comes with cord cut from wall 50 - 100
148 2 PETALWARE PIECES. (1) Petalware plate, MacBeth Evans glass co. Charleroi, P. 1930-40. Plate 8" H. with metal footed base and handle. (1) petalware platter, 13"L. Condition: both pieces good. 25 - 50
149 BRONZE NAPOLEON PROFILE.N/R. Bronze profile of Napoleon on red marble backing, signed DeFranoz. Size: 4 1/4"H, 3 1/2"W. Condition: marble backing has some chipping, one screw missing from metal backing. 75 - 150
150 FLAPPER BOUDOIR LAMP. N/R. Painted porcelain lamp base, marked: 6117. Size: 9 1/2"H. conditon: good. 25 - 50
151 CHILD'S DISHES, 3 PIECES. Three pieces of child's tableware. 1. Deep dish, 6". Royal Doulton, England; "Bunnykins." Scene of rabbits in chicken-drawn cart. Signed "Barbara Vernon." Running rabbits round rim. 2. Deep dish, 6". Falcon Playtime, "Made in England." Scene of koalas playing cricket, kangaroos and trees around rim. 3. Mug, scenes of teddy bears working in the garden, bear cubs running round edge. 35 - 70
152 CHILDREN'S DISHES, 3 PIECES. Three items of children's tableware. 1. Ceramic deep dish, 7 1/2". Lithographed scene and verse, "Little Miss Muffet."Royal Bayreuth, Bavaria." 2. Divided plate, clear glass, 8 1/2" Scenes from nursery rhymes in center, parts of verses on rim. 3. Clear glass mug, "Humpty Dumpty" on one side, "Tom Tom the Piper's Son" on the other. 50 - 100
153 CHILDREN'S DISHES, 3 PIECES. 3 items of children's tableware: 1. 3-part plate, 7 3/4", orange lustre rim, rabbits and flowers; "Is Dinner Ready?" on rim. Cracked. 2. Matching mug, "Is Dinner Ready?" around rim. 3. Deep dish, 7", marked "Baby's Plate." Lithographed scene, "Hickory Dickory Dock." "Good luck to Baby, S. M. See & sons, Housefurnishers" stamped under scene. 30 - 60
154 CHILD'S DISHES, 5 PIECES. 1. 3-compartment warming plate, porcelain, metal base, composition handles. Scenes of Little Bo-Peep, dog, and cat. 2. Pottery cereal bowl, scene of lamb with flowers; "Aunt Bernice, 1951" in gold script on base. 3. White mug, "Ann's cup" in gold script on side, "Aunt Bernice, 1951" in gold script on base. 4. Mug with Victorian-style decal scene of children with sleigh. 5. Mug with Victorian-style scene of boy pushing little sister in a cart. 40 - 80
155 CHILDREN'S DISHES, 3 PIECES. 1. Divided plate, 5"; Mickey Mouse and Pluto. SC Co. Patriot China, "Made in U.S.A., by permission Walt Disney Enterprises." Chipped. 2.Flat-bottomed bowl, 7", scene of children and stork, ca. 1930's. "PK Unity, Germany." Cracked. 3. Handled plate, 8 3/4" x 7 1/4". Scene of child feeding teddy bear. No mark. 25 - 50
156 CHILDREN'S ITEMS, 5 PIECES. 1. Ceramic dish, 7 1/4". Decal of fanciful animals. W. S. George, East Palestine, Ohio. "Made in U.S.A. 180A" 2. Plate, 6 3/4". Decal scene, Red Riding Hood meets the wolf. 3. Plate, scalloped edge, 6". Decal of Palmer Cox-type Brownies. Small hairline crack on back, not visible at front. 4. Stylized Humpty Dumpty planter, 4 1/4" H. "AR 5882." 5. Steel musical toy in the shape of an Easter egg, lithographed rabbit and flowers. Plays "Here comes Peter cottontail." Mattel, Inc. A few scratches. 50 - 100
157 CHILDREN'S DISHES, 3 PIECES. 3 items of children's tableware. 1. 2 cereal bowls, different scenes of Hopalong Cassidy and his horse; one marked "Hopalong Cassidy by W. S. George," cowboy boot logo; the other unmarked. 2. Mug, decal of Uncle Wiggily and Grandpa Goosey Gander. Marked "Uncle Wiggily Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Copyright 1924 by Fred A Wish, Inc. Licensed to Sebring Pottery Co. Manufactured for The Wander Co. Chicago, Makers of Ovaltine." 40 - 80
158 CHILD'S WINNIE-THE-POOH DISH. Oval dish, 8 3/4" x 6 1/4", wide flat rim. Shepard-style scene of Winnie-the-Pooh party, text around rim. Bavaria, Schumann, rampant lion mark. "A. M. Milne Winnie-the-Pooh made in Germany. Richard G. Krueger N.Y., fully protected U.S. Pat. Off. Stephen Slesinger Inc." 40 - 80
159 DOLL HOUSE FURNITURE, 5 PIECES. 1. Wooden corner cupboard, 6 3/8" H; 2 shelves, 2-door cupboard. 2. 3 upholstered wooden side chairs, 3 1/2" H. 3. 2 brass andirons, 1 5/8" H. 40 - 80
160 GROUP OF TOYS, 9 PIECES. 1. Lithographed steel perambulator, sides show scene of children playing. 6 3/4"H x 8" L x 3 1/2" W. Some rust, otherwise good condition. 2. Small steel perambulator, 4 3/4" H x 5" L x 2 1/4" W, red with green hood, yellow wheels. Some rust to handle, otherwise good condition. 3. Small steel perambulator,4 3/4" H x 5" L x 2 1/4" W, pink with blue hood, black wheels. Rusty. 4. Toy washboard, some rust. 5. Toy food grinder, cast iron. 6. Miniature sadiron, cast iron. 7. Miniature wooden roling pin. 8. Toy spatula. 9. Miniature pottery mixing bowl. 100 - 200
161 SHIRLEY TEMPLE CREMERS & BOWL.N/R. Two Shirley Temple Blue glass creamers with image, 7 1/2"H. Condition: image worn on each. One Shirley Temple blue glass cereal bowl. no image, 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
162 PR. OPALESCENT CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Pair of opalescent custard candlesticks. no mark. size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
163 2 PRESSED GLASS CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Swirled base design, diamond pattern stem, screw off top on metal rim. no mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. condition: good. 40 - 80
164 PR. ACID ETCHED CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Pair of glass candlesticks with acid etched decoraiton. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: one good, one with repaired top. 25 - 50
165 6 BLACK GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Handled trophy vase, Size: 8"H. condition: good. (1) pedestal bowl, size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) three footed bowl, size: 3"H. Condition: good. (1) three footed plate, size: 2"H, condition: good. (1) Candlestick, size: 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Small vase, size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: good. 80 - 160
166 2 CZECH ORANGE & BLACK GLASS. N/R. (1) Blown glass candlestick, orange with black trim, ground puntel. no mark. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. (1) Orange trumpet vase, on center black ball, no mark. Size: 8"H. Condition: 2 black marks along bottom base of vase. 50 - 100
167 BLOWN GLASS MULTI COLOR VASE. N/R. Satin glass blown vase with blue and black incorporated into orange field, no mark. size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
168 2 DEPRESSION GREEN BOWLS. N/R. (1)Footed bowl with radiating engraved stripes, leaf and flower pattern across stripes, no mark. size: 4"H. 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Rolled edge center bowl with similar decoration, no mark. Size: 2 1/2"H, 13"L, 11"W. Condition: good. 50 - 100
169 DEPRESSION GREEN PLATE.N/R. Oval handled green plate with acid etched decoration, no mark. Size: 5"H, 11 1/2"L, 9 1/2"W. Condition: good. 30 - 60
170 DEPRESSION COMPOTE. Acid etched decoraton on footed compote, no mar. Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
171 CAMBRIDGE ROSEPOINT PLATE. N/R. Cambridge "Rosepoint" pattern (1936-53) plate with rolled edge, footed, 13"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
172 CAMBRIDGE ROSEPOINT DISH. N/R. Cambridge "Rosepoint" pattern (1936-53) covered handled dish with acid etched decoration. Size: 4"H, 7"L. 6"W. condition: good. 40 - 80
173 DEPRESSION COIN PATTERN PITCHER. N/R. Coin pattern red pitcher. Size: 6 1/2"H. conditon: good. 40 - 80
174 DEPRESSION 5 COIN PATTERN PIECES. N/R. (1,2) Coin pattern, red salt and pepper shaker, Condition: good. (3) coin pattern red sherbet, Condition: good. (4) Coin pattern red creamer, condition: good. (5) Coin pattern red covered sugar, condition: good. 75 - 150
175 DEPRESSION COIN PATTERN 3 GREEN PIECES. N/R. (1) Coin pattern, green covered candy box, Condition: good. (1) coin pattern, green covered candy jar, condition: good. (1) Coin pattern, green sherbet, condition: good. 75 - 150
176 DEPRESSION COIN PATTERN 2 PIECES. N/R. (1) Coin pattern, amber covered jar, 8"H. Condition: good. (1) Coin patern, crystal sherbet, 3 3/4"H. Conditoin: good. 30 - 60
177 4 PRESSED GLASS PIECES. N/R. All in diamond pattern, no mark. (1) pitcher, 8 1/2"H, (1) large bowl, 9"Diam. 4"H. (1) covered jar. 7"H., small vase, 6"H. condition: all good. 40 - 80
178 ICE BUCKET AND PLATE. N/R. pressed glass ice bucket with brass colored top and ring handles. Size: 8 1/2"H. plate 6"Squre. no marks. all good. 30 - 60
179 MOSER CUT GLASS VASE. N/R. blue flashed glass cut glass vase. Signed: Moser Karlsbad. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
180 LOETZ TYPE VASE. N/R. Cased glass, white inside, opalescent outside, bulbous body, lobed shaped, with metal cap and wire mesh top. No mark. Size" 4"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
181 3 PRESSED GLASS OIL LAMPS. N/R. Three pressed glass oil lamp bases, one green, two clear glass. No mark. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
182 2 GREEN GLASS CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. Green glass candleholders with wheel cut floral decoration. No mark. Size: 3"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
183 2 MILK AND AMBER GLASS PIECES. N/R. Two pieces of milk glass trimmed in amber glass.. (1) bowl with fluted amber edge. no mark.7"diam. (1) under plate with crimped amber edge. no mark. Size: 9"Diam. condition: both good. 50 - 100
184 FIGURAL STEM GLASS. N/R. round bowl resting on frosted glass Baachus figure on clear base. no mark. Size:7"H. condition: good. 40 - 80
185 HAND BLOWN PURPLE BOWL. Hand blown bowl. no mark. Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
186 PURPLE BOWL. N/R. hand blown purple bowl, fluted edge, ground bottom. no mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
187 PURPLE GLASS DECANTER & GLASSES. N/R. purple glass decanter and five glasses. Decanter 11"H. Glasses 5 1/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
188 3 PURPLE GLASS PIECES. N/R. lot includes: candlestick, basket, and vase. No mark. Condition: good. 30 - 60
189 CZECH GLASS CANDLESTICKS. N/R. pair of Czech glass candlesticks purple and yellow glass, with drop pendants. no mark.Size: 9 1/4"H. Condition: one drop pendant missing. 50 - 100
190 6 NEWPORT DINNER PLATES. N/R. 6 Newport Pattern (Hazel Atlas Glas co. Clarksburg W. Va. 1936-40) amethyst dinnerplates. Size: 8 13/16"diam. conditoin: good. 75 - 150
191 4 MODERNTONE LUNCHEON PLATES. N/R. 4 "Moderntone" pattern (Hazel Atlas Glass Co. Clarksburg, W. Va. 1934- early 50's) amethyst luncheon plates. no mark. Size: 8"diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
192 4 MOROCCAN AMETHYST PLATES. N/R. 4 dinner plates Moroccan Amethyst pattern ( Hazel Ware) div. Continental Can. 1960s. no mark. Size: 9 3/4"diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
193 3 CUSTARD GLASS MIXING BOWLS. N/R. Three mixing bowls, one large, 9"diam. two smaller mixing bowls with pour spouts, 7"Diam. All marked: Hamilton Beech, Racine, Wisconsin. Condition: all good. 40 - 80
194 FROSTED PRESSED BOWL. N/R. Pressed glass frosted bowl with lotus flower and leaf pattern. No mark. Size:4 1/2"H. 11"Diam. Conditon: good. 30 - 60
195 BASKET WEAVE PRESSED PIECES. N/R. (1) Pressed glass basket weave water pitcher, c. 1880. no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. (1) Pressed glass basket weave tray with scenic center, c. 1880. no mark. Size: 12"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 150 - 300
196 CARNIVAL GRAPE BOWL. N/R. Carnival glass bowl, exterior and interior grape pattern, clear ground, marigold iridescence.No mark.Size: 3 3/4"H. 9"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
197 EARLY PRESSED GLASS CELERY. N/R. Geometric pattern celery, no mark. Size: 13"L. Condition: good. 25 - 50
198 2 PIECES CUT GLASS. (1) Cut glass bowl on dolphin footed metal base. mo mark. Size: 9""Diam. 5 1/"H. Condition: large chip in rim discoloration under bowl. (1) Cut glass blow with flower wheel cut decoration. no mark. Size: 8 1/4"Diam. 2"H. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
199 CUT GLASS PERFUME. N/R. Cut glass perfume with pyramidal base, tall leaf stopper, diamond cut surface, polished bottom. no mark. Size; 6"H. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
200 PR. BLOWN GLASS BLUE VASES. N/R. Pair of mold blown ribbed vases, blue iridescent, no mark. size: 7"H each.Condition: good. 25 - 50
201 2 ROSENTHAL STUDIO LINE VASES. N/R. white porcelain vases, marked: Rosenthal Studio Line Germany. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
202 2 NOVELTY TEAPOTS. N/R. (1) Computer desk teapot , handcrafted in Thailand. Size: 10"L, condition: good. (1) Dragon teapot, marked: Henriksen, Japan, Size: 9"L. Condition: good. 30 - 60
203 37 PIECES CORONATION CHINA. N/R. 37 pieces of dinnerware, green with flower decoration, made by Coronation China, Japan. Set includes: 1 oval platter, 9 saucers, 4 fruit bowls, 11 dessert plates, 12 dinner plates. Condition: several with minor chips. 50 - 100
204 5 BLUE SALT GLAZE ITEMS. N/R. Includes: one Crock 6"Diam. marked; Burley Winter Pot. Co., one hanging round salt crock, no lid, no mark. 6"Diam., one Daisy and Waffle pattern round crock, 5 1/2"Diam. no mark., one mixing bowl 8"diam. marked: Pat. Nov 1904., and one low mixing bowl, reversed picket fence decoration, 12"Diam. no mark. Condition: all w. signs of wear, no cracks. 100 - 200
205 ROCKINGHAM TYPE PITCHER. N/R. Mottled brown glaze pitcher, no mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: chip on rim. 40 - 80
206 BROWN GLAZED PITCHER.N/R. Pitcher with brown, green, yellow mottled streaked glaze pitcher. No mark. size: 11"H. Condition: roughness to rim. 40 - 80
207 SPONGEWARE PITCHER. N/R. Yellow and brown decorated spongeware pitcher, no mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
208 3 SPONGEWARE PIECES. N/R. (1) Spongeware bowl, dark brown glaze, no mark. Size: 5 1/4"H, 11"Diam. conditoin: good. (1) spongeware bowl, dark brown glaze, no mark.Size: 4"H, 9"Diam. condition: good. (1) spongeware pie plate, dark brown glaze. 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 60 - 120
209 4 SPONGEWARE PIECES. N/R. (1) bowl, 3"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Bowl, 2"H, 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) bowl, 2 3/4"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) pie plate, 1 1/4"H, 8"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
210 13 SPONGEWARE BOWLS. N/R. 13 spongeware bowls, brown and yellow glaze. Size: all approx. 2"H, 5"Diam. condition: good. 60 - 120
211 6 SPONGEWARE CUSTARD CUPS. N/R. brown and yellow glazed spongeware custard cups, Size: 2 1/4"H 3"Diam. condition: good. 30 - 60
212 MIXING BOWL. N/R. Mixing bowl with fruit and leaf raised exterior decoration, dark brown glazed interior. Marked: Cook Rite Cookin ware. Size: 5 1/2"H, 10"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
213 KITCHENWARE 3 DARK BROWN GLAZE. N/R. (1) Pie plate, 101 /4"Diam. roughness on rim. (1) Mixing bowl ringed sides, marked USA, 9"Diam. 4 1/32"H. signs of wear. (1) Bowl with dark outside, light inside. 8"diam. 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
214 2 MIXING BOWLS. N/R. Graduated size mixing bowls, Brown glaze, girl with watering can repeat pattern, flower top border. Marked USA 166. Size:6"Diam. and 7"Diam. bowls. Condition: staining and crazing in larger bowl. smaller bowl chip in rim. 30 - 60
215 ROSEVILLE MIXING BOWL. N/R. Roseville mixing bowl, with green stripe exterior, "R" stamp underneath,Size: 4"H. 7"Diam. Conditoin: good. 30 - 60
216 2 WHITE GLAZED MIXING BOWLS. N/R. (1) Glazed white mixing bowl, reversed pyramids and reversed picket fence exterior decoration, Size: 5 1/4"H, 10"Ddiam. Condition: good. (1) Glazed whtie mixing bowl, double reversed pyramids exterior decoration. Size: 5 1/4"H, 10"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
217 DAISY & WAFFLE BUTTER HOLDER. N/R. salt glazed covered container, Daisy & Waffle pattern butter holder, green and cream glaze. Size: 7"Daim. 4 1/2"H. Condition: minor chips on lower rim of lid. 75 - 150
218 3 CREAM GLAZED MIXING BOWLS,. N/R. 3 cream glazed mixing bowls with banded decoration, includes: (1) 12"Diam. 5 11/2"H. Cracked (1) 11"Diam. 5"H, Cracked. (1) 5 1/4"Diam. 2 1/2"H. Chip on rim. 25 - 50
219 3 BROWN GLAZED MIXING BOWLS. N/R. (1) double reverse pyramid decorated bowl, 5"H, 10"diam. Condition: Cracked. (1) Resverse pyramid and reverse picket fence decorated bowln, Marked SA Size: 5"H, 10"Diam. Condition Good. (1) Double reverse pyramid decorated bowl,, no mark. Size: 4"H, 8 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
220 5 VINTAGE ROLLING PINS. N/R. (1) Clear glass rolling pin with screw off metal end. 14 1/4"L. (1) porcelain rolling pin with cork end. 15"L. (1) porcelain rolling pin with cork end (no cork) 15"L. (1) porcelain body, wooden handle rolling pin, 18 1/2"L (1) carved wood, square designs rolling pin, 15 1/2"L. All with signs of wear. 200 - 400
221 JADITE COFFEE CANISTER. N/R. Jeannette Glass 40 oz. coffee canister, marked on bottom 2114-5 and J for Jeannette glass. Size: 7 3/4"H. condition: lid is dented. 100 - 200
222 GREEN GLASS HATPIN HOLDER. N/R. Green grape pattern pressed glass hat pin holder, with three hat pins, Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
223 12 JADITE PIECES. N/R. (1) Fireking Jadite Vase, 5 1/4"h. (6) McKee Glass "Laurel" pattern fruit bowls, 4 1/2"Diam. (2) Anchor Hocking "Sheaves of Wheat" pattern dessert bowls, 4 1/2"Diam. (1) McKee glass scalloped serving bowl, 8 1/4"Diam. (1) jadite bowl 8 1/4"Diam. (1) three footed bowl, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: all are in good condtion. 0 - 100
224 5 DARK JADE GLASS ITEMS. N/R. (1) Footed compote, 5"H. (3) bowls, 7"Diam. (1) candlestick with gilt handle, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: all items in good condition. 25 - 50
225 10 JADITE PIECES. N/R. (2) Jeannette Glass vases, 6 1/4"H. (3) Jeannette glass egg cups, 3"H. (2) McKee Glass sherbet glasses, 3 1/2"H. (2) double egg cups, 4"H. (1) footed custard, 3 1/2"H. Condition: all good, signs of wear. 50 - 100
226 4 JADITE SHAKERS. N/R. 4 Jeannette Glass ribbed shakers ( one salt, one pepper, two flour) each 4 3/4"H. All wtih dented lids. no other detractions. 50 - 100
227 JADITE KITCHEN PIECES. N/R. (1) Jeannette Glass covered "Tea" canister ( chip on one corner of lid) (1) Jeannette Glass reamer top (1) McKee Glass 2 cup measure (3) Jeannette Glass measuring cups 1/4 cup (fleabite on handle) 1/3 cup 1/2 cup (1) McKee glass rectangular pan ( no lid) 5 x 8 x 2 1/4. (all in good condition except where noted) 100 - 200
228 MCKEE GLASS KITCHENWARE. N/R. (1) Lidded McKee glass box, Size: 2 1/2"H, 5"W, 4"D. (3) McKee glass square shakers with block printed titles: Salt Pepper Flour. Size: 5"H. Condition: some signs of wear. 50 - 100
229 DELPHITE AND OTHER KITCHEN. N/R. (1) Jeannette Glass Delphite square shaker. (2) Mckee glass square blue shakers. (1) Jeannette glass Delphite match container. (2) black salt and pepper shakers. (1) white round salt shaker (1) white square sugar shaker Condition: all good, signs of wear. 60 - 120
230 KITCHEARE GERMAN SALTBOX. N/R. Round salt box with original hinged wooden lid, marked: Germany size: 6"H, 6"W, 6"D. Condition: chip on bottom rim. 25 - 50
231 METAL & GLASS KITCHENWARE. N/R. (1) Wagner Ware cast metal 8 muffin pan, marked Wagner Ware, 7 1/2X 8 1/2" Condition: some rust. (1) Miracle Maize glass corn muffin dish, six muffins, size: 12" x 6 1/4" Condition: one small chip (3) small wooden push stamps. (1) Regal miniature Grinder with screw to attach to table top, Size; 7"H. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
232 7 DEPRESSION FLOWER FROGS. N/R. Includes: (1) pink 4 3/4"Dima. (1) green 4 1/4"Diam. (1) green 3"Diam. (1) clear 2 1/2"Diam. (2) black 4 1/4"Diam. (1) carnival marigold 2 3/8"Diam. Condition: only carnival pieces has chips on rim. 40 - 80
233 3 AMBER GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) electrified amber glass oil lamp base. 11"H. (1) pressed glass amber creamer geometric pattern 4 3/4"H (1) pressed glass amber sugar bowl geometric pattern 3 1/2"H. Condition: all good. 25 - 50
234 AMBER GLASS PIECES 16. N/R. Includes: (5) octagonal plates , size: 8"Diam. (1) reamer (2) low candleholders, (6) round plates, 8"Diam. (2 round bowls Condition: all good condition 30 - 60
235 8 GLASS BONE PLATES. N/R. Crescent shaped clear glass bone plates, ribbed sides, no mark. Size: 8 1/4"L. Condition: good. 25 - 50
236 PORCELAIN DINNERWARE 16 PIECES. N/R. Lot consists of 2 dinner plates, 10"Diam. , 8 dessert plates 7 1/2"Diam. , 6 bread plates 6"diam. decaled pink flowers with gilt trim. Marked: Porcelana Steatita Parana Made in Brazil. Condition: good, minor wear. 25 - 50
237 ENGLISH PORCELAIN, 5 PIECES. 2 soup bowls, Wedgwood, England, Rich & Fisher, N.Y. Bird, flowers, and cornucopia design. 2 plates, Mintons CRA. Yellow, border of leaves and flowers. Both have hairline cracks. Covered egg dish, metal lid. Royal Worcester Porcelain, "Made in England." 25 - 50
238 LOT PORCELAIN TEAPOTS, CREAMERS. N/R. (1) Teapot with floral, cobalt and gold decoration, marked: R. Bavaria, made in Germany. Size: 8"H, Condition: good. (1) creamer with floral,cobalt and gold decoration, marked R. Bavaria made in Germany, Size: 3 1/2"H, conditon: good. (2) ceramic teapots with pink floral decal decoration, no marks, size: 4"H each. Condition: good, some signs of wear. (1) Lidded container on attached base, marked: Nippon Hand Painted, made in Japan. size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Flow Blue creamer, "Syrian" pattern, made in England. Size: 4"H. Condition: chip and repair in base. (2) creamers with decaled floral decoration, no marks, Size: 3 1/2"H each, condition: good. (1) creamer with decaled floral decoration, marked: porcelain, size: 5"H, condition: good. (1)Vase with decaled decoration, unknown mark, Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
239 5 HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN PIECES. N/R. (2) Salt and pepper shakers, with hand painted roses. Marked: Austria. Size: 2 1/2"H each, condition: good. (1) Bowl with hand painted violet floraldecoration, raised bead enamel decoration. Marked: Hand Painted Nippon, Size: 8 1/2"Diam.Condition: good. (1) Plate with slit handles, decaled grape decoration, Marked: Konigszeit Selesia. Size: 9"Diam. conditionL good. (1) Plate with hand painted floral decoration, signed Remy, marked Limoges France. Size: 10 3/8"Diam. condition: good. minor wear. 40 - 80
240 8 PIECE BREAKFAST SET.N/R. Eight pieces of "Ye Olde English" pattern breakfast set, made by Grovsenor China, Jackson & Gosling, Longton England. Includes cup saucer, covered dish, bowl, misc. plates. Condition: the cup has crack. Some of the decoration is worn. 30 - 60
241 BLUE AND WHITE WALL POCKET. N/R. Blue and white wall pocket, Asian style, raised cherry blossom decoration under the glaze, no mark. Size: 12"L. Condition: crack and small flaw on back of wall pocket. 50 - 100
242 2 MOTHER'S DAY PLATES. N/R. (1) Mors Dag 1976 plate by Royal Copenhagen, scene with mermaids, size: 6"D. Marked: Royal Copenhagen. condition: good. (1) Mors Dag 1977 plate by B & G. scene with squirrels, size: 6"Diam. Marked Bing & Grondahl, Condition: good. 30 - 60
243 s1087 6 PORCELAIN PLATES. N/R. 6 porcelain plates with floral decal decoration, gold classical border decoration, no mark. Size: 8"diam. Condition: good. 30 - 60
244 RECTANGULAR FISH PLATE. N/R. rectangular low plate with hand painted fish and other scenes on blue ground with green floral decoration, no mark. Size: 9" X7"x 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
245 SIX SIDED INLAID TABLE. N/R. Middle eastern six sided table with inlaid mother of pearl and wood, no mark. Size:M 14"H, 9"Diam. top. condition: some inlay missing, signs of wear on corners. 40 - 80
246 FRENCH PLATES W. FEMALE HEADS. N/R. Set of French decaled plates with classical female head in the center of each, 6 plates 9 1/4"Diam. one serving plate 10 1/4"Diam. Each with green beaded border. Marked OCCO Limoges Porcelain. Condition: minor wear and scratches. 50 - 100
247 11 PIECES ENGLISH IRONSTONE. N/R. (6) Small bowls, "Simlay" pattern, Ridgeway Stokes on Trent, England. Size: 5"Diam. Condtion: good. (1) large bowl, "Simlay" Pattern,Ridgeway Stokes on Trent, England. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (4) Soup bowls, "Majestic"Pattern, John Maddock & Sons, England. Size: 9"Diam. Condition: one with chip in rim. 25 - 50
248 6 HAND PAINTED NIPPON PLATE. N/R. 6 plate with hand painted Asian scenes with gilt highlighting. marked: Hand painted t. Nippon. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear to the gilding. 40 - 80
249 ALABASTER COVERED BOX. Round box, alabaster, 6". Handpainted lady with parasol on lid. 20 - 40
250 CAPODIMONTE LIDDED CONTAINER. N/R. Oval lidded container, side frieze of putti, pink border with gilding, putti finial on lid. Marked: 1498/955 Italy. Size: 6 1/2"H. 10"L, 8"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
251 2 TRAIN MUGS. N/R. (1) White ceramic mug with decale of train car LS & MS. with the name E.F.Smith in gold letters. Marked: Limoges France. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: Signs of wear. some gilt worn. (1) Railway mug with 5 car train in yellow red green and black transfer, marked: Railway Pattern, North Staffordshire Pottery Co. size: 4"H. Condition: exterior good, some staining on inside of cup. 40 - 80
252 3 GOEBEL FRIAR TUCK ITEMS. N/R. (1) Friar Tuck miniature creamer, 2 1/2"H, condition: chip in rim. (1) Friar Tuck head stopper bottle with white V on habit. 4 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Friar Tuck lidded container, 4 1/2"H. marked: 237 Full Bee mark over V. Condition: chip top front lid rim. 60 - 120
253 HUMMEL STORMY WEATHER. N/R. Stormy Weather by Hummel, marked: 71 stylized bee big V Western Germany. Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: chip in corner of base. 80 - 160
254 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. (1) Photographer, 5"H. marked: 178 Full bee over V, by W. Goebel, Germany. Condition: chip on top of hair. (1) School Boy, 5 3/4"H. marked: full Bee over V. Germany 82/0. Condition:good. 60 - 120
255 LENOX VASE. N/R. Lenox footed vase, gold trim. Marked: Lenox, made in USA. Size: 9"H. 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
256 1354 PEACH BLOW TYPE ROSE BOWL. N/R. Glass. Cased white and peach blow type blown glass rose bowl with ruffled top and side dimples., no marks. Size: 5"H, 6"D. Condition: one small firing flaw in side. 100 - 200
257 MEXICAN SCULPTURE & GLASS HORSE. N/R. (1) Black marble figure on square onyx base, no mark. possibly Mexican. Size: 9"H. condition: fleabite on ear. (1) glass horse with green highlight. no mark. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
258 BLACK GLASS BOWL. N/R. Mold blown vase with raised floral decoration. no mark. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
259 ASIAN ROUND LIDDED CONTAINER. N/R. Ceramic lidded container, Asian figural decoration inside and outside. no mark. Size: 5 1/4"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
260 1495 MOLDED GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Victorian style. Clear green glass with subtle ribbed sides and ruffled Victorian style spout. Applied green glass handle. Gilt band and trim on top edge. 9 1/4"h.,8" dia. Condition: no chips or cracks. Gilt is worn on center band and top rim. 25 - 50
261 LAKESIDE CLASSICS, 3 VOLS. 1. From Mexican Days to the Gold Rush. Memoirs of James Wilson Marshall & Edward Gould Buffum Who Grew Up with California. 1993. 2. Sewall, John S. Logbook of the Captain's Clerk. 1995. 3. Hart, William S. My Life East and West. 1994. 45 - 90
262 2 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1) small tray wtih raised fluted edge, marked: Sterling 194. size:6"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Large tray with pierced and gadrooned edge, marked Sterling638, Size: 10 1/2"Diam. condition: monogramed, good. 40 - 80
263 3 SILVER PLATE PIECES. N/R. (1) Water pitcher, marked Leonard Silver Plate, Size: 8 1/4"H. Condition: some pitting on metal. (1) Lidded teapot, marked: Hecworth EPNS I Size: 8 1/4"H. condition: good. (1) Lidded creamer, marked: Gorham Silver solder, Property of Hospital Good Samaritan. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
264 CLOWN COOKIE JAR. N/R. black ceramic clown with drizzled glaze, colored decoration, no mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: wear and chips at rim. 25 - 50
265 SILVER PLATE SERVING PIECES. N/R. Two chafing dishes, one marked Sheffield silver co. (Reed and Barton), one unmarked. One covered gravy boat, marked Reed and Barton silver solder. Condition: wear on all pieces. 25 - 0
266 6 HAMMRED ALUIMINUM PIECES. N/R. Five pieces of Rodney Kent Silver Co. Hand Wrought: Tulip pattern. (1) plain tray, size: 11 1/2X 16 1/2" (1) handled tray, size: 11 1/2" X 16 1/4" (1) Large handled tray, size: 14 x 20" (1) napkin holder, size: 4 1/2"H, 6"W. (1) Oval handled tray, size: 13 1/2"L 8"W. all in good condition (1) unmarked alumium butler's helper. with fox scene on lid. Size: 6 1/4 x 9". Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
267 2 CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. Two handled vases with rings in handles, one center yellow field, one center green field, with flower and bird decoration. No mark. Size: 13"H each. Condition: signs of wear. 150 - 300
268 1182 CIRCULAR STERLING TRAY Maker: B&M. Condition: light scratching and small dent. 100 - 125
269 1847 ROGERS BROS. SILVER PLATE. Partioal set of 6 dessert forks, 12 teaspoons, 1 cake server, all with "S" monogram, plus 6 other soup spoons and one other ladle. in storage chest. Condition: good., wear on chest. 25 - 50
270 PRESTIGE PLATE & CHEST. Prestige silver plate and storage chest. Set includes: (8) dinner forks, (8) salad forks, (8) knives, (8) butter knives, (8) soup spoons, (8) ice tea spoons, (7) serving pieces, (15) tea spoons. condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
271 NATIONAL SILVER CO. 66 PIECES. N/R. 66 pieces of National Silver co. Trimple Plate Plus. with box includes: (7) consumme spoons (7)Knives (3) butter knives (6) servingpieces (2) demitasse (2) sugar spoons (12) teaspooons, (7) dessert forks (7) dinner forks (8) ice tea spoons plus carving knive and 4 other pattern pieces. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
272 2 BUNK BEDS. 2 bunk beds, 4 drawers to fit underneath. 2 metal dowels missing. 40 - 80
273 DRESSER WITH MIRROR. Walnut dresser, ca. 1890's; marble insert; oval swinging mirror; 3 large drawers, 3 small drawers. 1 drawer knob nailed on; top of small drawer split, knob chipped. 75 - 150
274 CHEST OF DRAWERS. Mahogany double-bow front chest of drawers. 35" H x 54 3/4" W x 21" D. 6 drawere. 75 - 150
275 CHEST OF DRAWERS. Mahogany chest of drawers. 6 drawers, bow front. 49 3/4" H x 34 3/4" W x 20 1/2" D. Surface scratched. 50 - 100
276 OAK SIDEBOARD. Light-stained oak sideboard, double cupboards; 2 silverware drawers. 34" H x 73" W x 18 3/4" D. 50 - 100
277 FOOTSTOOL. Fabric-topped wood footstool, curved feet. Fabric faded and worn, wood scuffed. 20 - 40
278 LOT OF 35 MM. & 16 MM. FILMS . N/R. Lot includes: The Great Gatsby., Von Ryans Express, Manchurian Candidate., Cool Hand Luke, Goldfinger, Duck Soup. and others. Condition. Some reels loose in box, some in Film cannisters. Sold as is. 50 - 100
279 SMALL PAINTED BOOKCASE. Small off-white painted wood bookcase. 42 1/2" H x 12 1/2" W x 8 1/2" D. 3 shelves. Areas of paint peeled off. 20 - 40
280 PAINTED CHEST OF DRAWERS. Painted wood chest of drawers, curved front marble top. Mirror missing. 3 drawers, curved applied wood decoration; glass drawer pulls. 29 1/2" H x 33 1/2" W x 21" D. 40 - 80
281 SINGLE PEDESTAL DESK. Dark-stained wood single pedestal desk. 30 1/2" H x 36" W x 26" D. 2 drawers. Surface scratched, scarred. 35 - 70
282 CHEST OF DRAWERS. Dark-stained wood chest of drawers, 48" H x 31 1/2" W x 18 1/2" D. 4 large drawers, 2 small. Surface scratched, scuffed. 40 - 80
283 WALNUT SPOOL BED. Walnut spool bed, headboard and footboard; 44 1/2" H, 49" W. Some scuffing. WALNUT SPOOL BED. Headboard and footboard for walnut spool bed, 44 1/2" H, 49" W, some scuffing. 50 - 100
284 DROP LEAF TALL DESK. Drop leaf desk with glass-fronted bookcase. 68 3/4" H x 31 1/2" W x 15 3/4" D; drop leaf comes out a further 12 1/2". Pigeonholes, small drawers and small closed cubbyhole in desk; 4 double-bowed front drawers below leaf. Wood fretwork on bookshelf glass doors. 150 - 300
285 OAK ROLL TOP DESK. Oak roll top desk, as is. 43" H x 60" W x 25 3/4" D. 50 - 100
286 PAINTED WOOD CHEST. Green "antiqued" painted wood chest, 17 3/4" H x 27 3/4" W x 14 1/4" D. Surface scuffed. 20 - 40
287 3 CHAIRS. Three chairs. 1. Low rocker, cane back and seat. Back 34" H, oval seat 13 1/4" H x 19 1/2" W x 18 1/2" D. Open arms. Ca. 1890. 2. Solid wood side chair, back 36" H, seat 17" W x 16 1/4" D. Splat back, curved legs. 3. Wood occasional chair, fabric seat and back insert. 33 3/4" H, seat 18" W c 17" D. 30 - 60
288 2 END TABLES. 2 matching end tables, raised shelf. 25 1/2" H at shelf, 15" W x 24 1/2" D. Gold-bordered inlay on front and on shelf top; drawer in front. Corners slightly scuffed. 30 - 60
289 UPHOLSTERED ARMCHAIR. Open-arm upholstered armchair, ball & claw front feet, carved leaf design. Left arm broken. 35 - 70
290 2 WOODEN CHILD'S ROCKERS. N/R. 1. Wood armchair rocker, spindle back, fabric seat. Early 20th century. Applied decoration on back, partly broken off. Mildewed. 2. Wood armchair rocker, spindle back & sides. Early 20th century. Seat starting to split. 45 - 65
291 DAYAK BEADED BABY CARRIER. Indonesia. Mid 20th century. Stiff, woven rattan Ba' from Kalimantan (West Borneo) with wood base. Used for carrying a baby on the back. Decorated with old trading beads, discs of cone shell bottoms, three bronze pellet bells, and two pair of animal teeth charms. The colorful beaded motif of black beaded ground is centered with an opened mouthed dragon in yellow, and blue, white and green, anthropormorphic figures on the perimeter. The dragon symbolizes protection for the baby from harm. As the mother walks, the rattling of the shells, teeth, and other amulets repel harmful spirits. 13"h., 13"w. at the top, 15" at the bottom, 6 3/4" deep. Good condition. No missing beads. Estimate: $300-600. 300 - 600
292 PIANO BENCH. Mahogany piano bench, 21" H x 37 5/8" W x 14 3/4" D. Columnar legs; support rail. Surface scratched, legs & rail mildewed. 25 - 50
293 ARTS & CRAFTS OAK DESK. Arts & Crafts period oak desk, ca. 1900. 31" H x 48" W x 28" D. 2 shelves on either side. Centre drawer pulls out into a small covered writing desk, pigeonholes inside. 150 - 300
294 MARBLE FEMALE BUST. Recent. In a robe with roses in her hair. Size: 16" h., 13" w., 8" d. Condition: like new. 0 - 0
295 MARBLE BUST OF A WOMAN. Recent. Semi-nude. Size: 20" h., 17" w., 10" d. Condition: like new. 0 - 0
296 SMALL PEMBROKE TABLE. Glass-topped dropleaf Pembroke table, 26" H x 26 3/4" W x 20 5/8"D. Straight legs. 1 1/2" chip in glass; 1" chip out of wood edge. 40 - 80
297 DINING ROOM SET. 1. Sideboard, ca. 1920-30. 39" H x 60" W x 19 3/4" D. Top drawer 55" W, 2 lower drawers 26 3/4" W. 2 side cupboards. Inlaid design on back, top drawer, and cupboard doors. Some scuffing. 2. Table with split centre leaf, veneered. 6 turned legs. 31" H x 72" W x 40" D. Veneer peeling off leaf; surface of table scarred. 3. 6 chairs: 5 side chairs, one with open arms. Upholtered seats, turned front legs. 75 - 150
298 CHEST OF DRAWERS. Oversize chest of drawers, mahogany. 58 1/4" H x 47 1/4" W x 23" D. Front slightly bowed. 4 large and 2 small drawers. Few scratches, varnish starting to crackle. 50 - 100
299 MARBLE STATUETTE OF A CHILD. Recent. Nude child reading a book. Size: 18" h., 9" w., 9" d. Condition: like new. 350 - 500
300 ARTS & CRAFTS STOOL. Square oak stool, Arts & Crafts period. 15" H x 16" W x 16" D. Top split. 50 - 100
301 BLANKET CHEST. Mahogany blanket chest, 20" H x 51 1/4" W x 22" d. Wooden side handles. Some scuffing; varnish beginning to crackle. 50 - 100
302 SHAVING MIRROR. Mahogany shaving mirror, one drawer. 25" H to top of mirror, base 5 1/2"H x20 1/2"W x 9 1/4" D. Paper label: "No. 70 chest mirror, color Salem." 75 - 150
303 DRESSER. Mahogany dresser, mirror missing. 33" H x 42" W x 21" D. 2 small drawers, 2 large drawers. Surface scuffed. 35 - 70
304 ELECTRIFIED PUMP ORGAN. "Esten Organ Co." electrified pump organ. Brattleboro, VT, U.S.A. Ca. 1880. Wood frame of one pedal breaking; holes on top and side indicate missing pieces. As is. 150 - 300
305 3/4 SIZE WOODEN BED. Oak headboard and footboard for 3/4 size bed. Oval inlay in centre of headboard. Top of headboard broken off, and broken, but present. 150 - 300
306 FRAMED MIRROR. Mahogany framed mirror, frame 37 1/2" H x 44" W. Carved design at top. 50 - 100
307 MAHOGANY DOUBLE DRESSER. Georgian style; swan neck pedimented mirror on double chest, raised on ogee bracket feet. Size: 76" h., 52" w., 20" deep. Condition: minor scratches through normal use. 125 - 200
308 STOOL AND TILED STAND. 1. 4-legged upholstered stool. Needlepoint seat shows two squirrels and the sentiment: "Do you walk and sleep and live with me beside you as I do you." 18 1/2" H x 17 1/2" D. 2. Wrought iron stand, top formed by 6 tiles showing birds and flowers. 18 1/2" H x 16" w x 10 3/4" D. 35 - 70
309 3 CUSHION SOFA. 3 cushion sofa, elaborately carved frame. 2 side cusions + one extra. 33" H x 75" W x 38" D. Wood somewhat rubbed, upholstery lightly worn. 301 - 500
310 UPHOLSTERED ARMCHAIR. R. Upholstered armchair, gold velvet; elaborate carved frame, matching #309. 35" H x 32 1/2" W x 23" D. Upholstery moderately worn, soiled. 200 - 400
311 2 NIGHTSTANDS. 2 dark-stained nightstands. One drawer, open shelf space. 30 1/2" H at back rail, 20 1/2" W x 15" D. 40 - 80
312 DRESSING TABLE. Wood dressing table, covered centre compartment, 2 side drawers. 29 1/2" H x 39 1/2" W x 18" D. Mirror missing from centre compartment. 25 - 50
313 MAHOGANY VENEERED TABLE. Mahogany veneered table, 3 drawers, curved legs, stretcher. 31 1/4" H x 47" W x 22" D. Holes in back indicate missing mirror. 50 - 100
314 BRASS LAMP. Brass lamp on darker metal base. 36 1/2" H with shade, base 6" D. 25 - 50
315 BRASS LAMP. Brass columnar lamp on brass-toned steel base. 31 1/2" H with shade, base 7" D. 25 - 50
316 PAIR JAPANESE STYLE LAMPS. Pair of Japanese-style lamps, urn-shaped, on wood stands. 30" tall with shade; base 9 1/2" D. Design of Japanese people in a garden. 25 - 50
317 PAINTED DRESSER. Off-white painted dresser, 3 horizontally-placed drawers; mirror in ornate frame. Dresser 31 1/2" H x 46" W x 20 1/4" D; mirror frame 38 1/2" H x 24" W. 35 - 70
318 CHINESE STYLE LAMP. Brass lamp in the firm of a Chinese incense burner, on wood base. 19" H with shade, base 6 1/4" W x 4 1/2" D. 25 - 50
319 ROUND TABLE & WICKER ARMCHAIR. 1. Round wood table, painted off-white. 30" H x 27" D. Paint cracking. 2. Wicker armchair, painted off-white. 35" H x 27 1/2" W x 17" D. Seat repaired; arms breaking. 25 - 50
320 2 SIDE CHAIRS. 1. Wooden side chair, spindle back, wicker seat. 32 1/2" H x 17" W x 16" D. 2. Off-white painted side chair, flower decal on top rail, spindle back, wicker seat. 33" H x 16 3/4" W x153/4" D. Paint slightly chipped. 30 - 60
321 ARMCHAIR WITH FOOTREST. Wood-framed open-arm chair with sliding arms and footrest. Early 20th century. 42" H x 24" W, 31" D with footrest extended.Arms coming loose. 40 - 80
322 SMALL DESK. Small off-white painted desk, 1 drawer. Holder for letters at back, 2 holes for inkwells. 31: H at back rail, 28" H at writing surface; 21" W x 15" D. 25 - 50
323 MARBLE TOP STAND. Metal stand, gilded, paw feet, curlicue decoration; square wooden top and shelf; marble insert on top. 31" H x 18" W x 18" D. Marble broken. 25 - 50
324 WOODEN BOWL ON STAND. Large wooden bowl fastened to a stand consisting of 4 ornate legs and a centre post. 27 1/2" H, bowl 20" D. 25 - 50
325 NIGHT STAND. 2-drawer mahogany night stand, ball & claw feet. 27" H x 16" W x 12 1/2" D. Top surface very worn. 25 - 50
326 OVAL WORK TABLE. 3-drawer oval wood work table, covered storage compartments on each side. 29 1/2" H x 27" W x 141/4" D. Surface worn. 25 - 50
327 WOOD ARMCHAIR. Solid wood chair, spindle back, semicircular arms. 37 1/2" H x 25" W x 17" D. Finish somewhat worn. 25 - 50
328 2 WOODEN ARMCHAIRS. 2 wood frame captain's chairs, wicker seats, spindle back & arms. 1. Solid top rail, decorative perforation. 30" H x 19" W x 18 1/4" D. 2. 2 rails separated by spindles; 31 1/2" H x 18" W x 17 1/2" D. 40 - 80
329 DESK & STORAGE UNIT. Side-by-side oak drop-front desk, above 3 drawers, and 4-shelf storage unit, with plastic replacement insert in door. Carved and applied decoration on drop-front; ornate metal keyholes. One shelf missing from storage unit. 50 - 100
330 SMALL WOOD ROCKER. Small wood rocker, open arms, wicker seat; spindle back. 34 1/4" H, seat 17 1/4" W x 17 1/4" D. 30 - 60
331 CARVED OPEN ARM CHAIR. Heavy carved mahogany open-arm chair, upholstered seat and back. Carved lion heads on arms. Late 19th century. 39" H, seat 23" w x 21" D. 65 - 130
332 SMALL CHEST OF DRAWERS. Small 6-drawer oak chest of drawers. Decorative brass drawer pulls. 35" H x 22" W x 19" D. Some white paint splashes. 35 - 70
333 LOUIS XVI STYLE BED BY J. BODART. N/R. French bed made by Jacques Bodart. Veneer & solid wood. Louis XVI style, curved crest rail with urn and leaf center decoration, fluted side columns with fluted feet, mirrored veneer panels with decorated moldings. Size: 50"H, 59"W, 80"D. Condition: some decorative detils missing from bottom rail, scratches, paint drips, loose strip lower front. 150 - 300
334 SMALL CHEST OF DRAWERS. Small chest of 5 drawers. 32 3/4" H x 16" W x 12 1/2" D. Gold-toned steel pulls. 25 - 50
335 2 OAK FILE CABINETS. 2 oak-veneered filing cabinets, for small parts. 50 drawers in each. 38" H x 21 3/4" W x 11" D. One cabinet paint-splashed, one has chipped veneer. 100 - 200
336 4 PCS. BEDROOM SET. 1. Twin bed, headboard, footboard & slats. "Morganton." 2. Bow-front glass-topped dresser with framed mirror. 12 drawers: 6 large, 2 medium, 4 small. Mirror 33 1/2" H x 44" W; dresser 36 1/2" H x 56" W x 20 1/2" D. 3. Bow-front glass-topped chest of drawers: 3 large drawers, 4 small, 1 small deep centre compartment. 48" H at back rail, front 40" W x 20" D. 4. Glass-topped night stand, 2 drawers, open shelf. 31 1/2" H at back rail, 20" W, 14 1/2 D at lower drawer. 100 - 200
337 HEADBOARD FOR TWIN BED. Carved openwork headboard for twin-sized bed. "Kindel, Grand Rapids." 39 1/2" H x 38" W. 25 - 50
338 OVAL FRAMED MIRROR. Oval mirror set into stand consisting of gilded carved flowers holding the sides and bottom of the glass. 17" H x 14 1/4" W. 25 - 50
339 PAIR PORCELAIN LAMPS. Pair porcelain lamps on wood bases, design of irises and butterflies. 26" H with shade; wood bases 8 1/2" D. 35 - 70
340 KETTLE ON STAND. Small brass kettle hung on ornate iron stand, which also holds a small heating unit. Bail handle. Stand 15 1/2" H. 25 - 50
341 ART DECO LAMP. Art Deco table lamp, torchier style. Funnel-shaped glass lamp on brass base, open top, four elongated leaf-shaped drops set on rim. 15 1/4" H, 8 3/4" D. 100 - 200
342 2 CHAIRS. 1. Library-style oak swivel chair, slat back, open arms. 33 1/2" H x 20 1/2" W x 18 1/2" D. 2. Wood side chair, spool back, wicker seat. 32 1/2" H x 17" W x 15 1/2" D. Veneer chipped. 30 - 60
343 SET 3 NESTING TABLES. 3 small nesting tables; largest one has drop leaves. Largest table 26" H, 33" W (with leaves extended), 13" D; smallest 24" H x 16 1/4" W x 13" D. 40 - 80
344 SET 3 NESTING TABLES. 1. Solid wood table, raised edge. 25 1/4" H x 22" W x 16" D. 2. Glass-topped table, wood frame. 23 1/4" H x 19" W x 16" D. 3. Glass-topped table, wood frame. 22 1/2" H x 16" W x 15" D. 40 - 80
345 WOOD PEDESTAL. Solid wood turned columnar pedestal stand. 34 1/4" H, top 12 1/2" D. Surface rough. 25 - 50
346 BREAKFRONT. Glass-fronted breakfront, wood-decorated glass centre doors, 2 curved glass side doors; 6 drawers, 2 side cupboards. 72" H x 47 1/2" W x 14" D. 100 - 200
347 DRESSER. Wood 3-drawer dresser, 2 marble inserts on top. Applied wood drawer pulls in the form of fruit & leaves. Late 19th century. 36" H x 41" W x 19" D. Mirror missing. 100 - 200
348 OPEN ARM CHAIR. Wood frame upholstered armchair, open arms. Wood finish shows some wear. 33 1/4" H, seat 23" W x 17" D. 25 - 50
349 2 CANE BACK CHAIRS. 2 cane-back side chairs, red leather seats, pad feet. 39 1/2" H, seat 20" w x 16" D. 25 - 50
350 PAINTED METAL LAMP. Painted iron lamp in the form of a flower arrangement in dish, on wood base. 25" H with shade; base 6 1/4" W x 4 1/2" D. 25 - 50
351 ARTS & CRAFTS BOOKCASE. Oak 4-shelf open bookcase, slatted sides, open back. Arts & Crafts period. 39" H x 18" W x 12" D. 75 - 150
352 2 NESTING TABLES. 2 nesting tables. 1. small wood table, gold-decorated leather insert, 4 columnar legs. 24 1/4" H x 20" W x 17 1/2" D. 2. solid mahogany table, columnar pedestal, 4 curved legs. Small drawer. "Imperial, Grand Rapids, Mich." "Genuine Mahogany." 23" H x 16 1/2" w x 16" D. 50 - 100
353 PIECRUST TABLE. Piecrust table, columnar pedestal, 3 legs, brass claw feet. 27" H x 25 1/2" D. 35 - 70
354 WOOD FRAME LOVE SEAT. Splat-bck loveseat serpentine crest rail, cornucopia side splats. Curved splat arms. Rose upholstery, with 2 side bolsters. 36" H x 47" W x 20" D. 75 - 150
355 3 MIRRORS. 1. Brass-framed round mirror on stand. 12 1/2" D. Stand unsteady. 2. Mirror in wood frame, rounded top; applied decoration to frame. Late 19th century. Frame 27" H x 17 1/2" W. Gold wood strip inside frame chipped. 40 - 80
356 CHIPPENDALE MIRROR. N/R. Chippendale style mirror, wood cutout frame. Size: 25"H, 14"W. Condition: one piece of frame broken off, lower right. 30 - 60
357 CHAISE LONGUE. N/R. blue upholstered chaise longue. Size: 30"H, 63"L. Condition: minor wear. 75 - 150
358 2 VICTORIAN CHAIRS. N/R. (1) balloon back chair, maroon upholster. 33"H, condition: upholstery worn .wood worn,scratched. (1) Needlepoint seat side chair with carved rose crest rail. Size: 33"H. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
359 HANGING LAMP. Wrought iron hexagonal hanging lamp, spiral and stylized plant form design, yellow plastic inserts. 30"H x 9" D. 25 - 50
360 3 PCS. FLOWER ARRANGEMENT. 3 painted iron flower arrangements, 1 inset in dish, 2 loose. Paint chipping on loose pieces. 25 - 50
362 6 BAMBOO STYLE CHAIRS. N/R. Charis with lattice pattern bamboo backs, two arm chairs, 4 side chairs, all with leather like upholstery. Size: 36"H. Condition: minor scratches through everyday use. 75 - 150
363 TEA CART. N/R. Wooden tea cart with painted floral decoration. Size: 28"H, 27"W, 17"Deep, drop leafs on each side. 12"w. Condition: wear and scratches, handle repaired. 40 - 80
364 BRASS BUCKET. N/R. brass bucket with two handles, . Size: 11"Diam. Condition: dents in bucket, two holes in bottom. 25 - 50
365 BELLOWS. N/R. functioning bellow, wood with vinyl material. Size: 22"L. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
366 TWO THEATRE SEATS. N/R. Two theatre seats, maroon upholstery, elaborate polychromed metal ends, wooden armrests. no marks. Size" 33"H, 45"W. condition: upholstery faded and worn, one seat sprung. other signs of wear. 50 - 100
368 2 CHIPPENDALE NIGHT STANDS. N/R. Mahogany , 3 drawers, with bat wing pulls, ogee feet. No mrk. Size: 26"H, 16 1/2"W, 14"D. Condition: signs of wear.one with sticky drawer edges. 50 - 100
369 VICTORIAN SLEIGH BED. N/R. Veneered Victorian Sleigh bed, mahogany. Size: 39"H, 57"W, 66"side rails. Condition: signs of wear, scratches, losses. 150 - 300
370 BRASS FIREPLACE FENDER. N/R. brass fireplace fender, two pierced rows topped by tubular brass top, three paw feet. Size: 14"H, 36"W, 12"D. Conditioin: metal worn, one cap on top rail missing. 40 - 80
371 2 PINE NIGHTSTANDS.N/R. Two pine nightstands, each with one drawer, 2open shelf areas, metla pull, marked: Taylor Made, Prestige Furniture by Jmestown Table co. Jamestown, N.Y. condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
372 WOODEN BOOKSHELF. N/R. Varnished wood bookshelf with four shelves. Size: 44 1/2"H, 30"W, 10"D. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
373 HUMPBACK TRUNK. N/R. humpback trunk with raised metal decorative panels, four wooden top splats, metal decoration. Size: 34"W. 23"H, 19"D. Condition: one side handle broken, other signs of wear. 75 - 150
374 4 CANED SIDE CHAIRS. N/R. Side chairs with turned legs, caned round seats, no mark. size; 32"H, 17"W, 19"D. Condition: one chair crest rail repaired. other signs of wear, caning good. 80 - 160
375 CHERRY WASH STAND. N/R. Wash stand with turned legs, metal pull,one drawer, no mark. Size: 27"H, 23"W, 20 1/2"D. Conditoin: signs of wear. 100 - 200
376 MAHOGANY MUSIC CABINET. N/R. One door mahogany music cabinet, four interior shelves, metal closure. Size: 33"H, 18"W, 22"D. Condition: chip on top left corner, veneer peeling on back. 40 - 80
377 PAIR OF BRASS FLOOR LAMPS N/R. Lamps come with white glass shades. Size: 5.0' h. x 7.5" w. (base) x 5.5" d. (top). Shades: 6" h. x 2.5" w. (base) x 14" d. 25 - 50
378 CURVED GLASS CHINA CABINET. N/R. Curved glass china cabinet, 4 removable shelves, top shelf with mirrored back, hairy paw feet, oak. no mark. Size: 62 1/2"H, 37"W, 14 1/2"D. Condition: worn and dirty, glass good. 150 - 300
379 CHERRY WASH STAND. N/R. Cherry wash stand with turned legs, one drawer, backboard, porcelain pull. No Mark. Sizez: 31 1/2"H, 22"W, 17"D. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 300
380 PINE WASH STAND. N/R. Pine wash stand with turned legs, one drawer, porcelain pull. no mark. Size: 27 1/2"H, 20"W, 17 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
381 JACOBEAN REVIVAL CANED CHAIR. Wood. 19th C. Carved Jacobean Revival chair with oval caned back surrounded by pierced carved leaves and flowers, carved crest rail with putti and center basket, barley twist back supports, carved and finger molded arms with medallion finials, caned seat with carved surround, carved apron, barley twist legs and stretcher. Size: 49"H, 24 1/2"W, 24"D. Provenence: E. Gadberry Estate, Sewickley, purchased 9-1990 Church Day on the Lawn auction, donated by B.F.Jones Jr. and Betty. Condition: Caning good, wood shows age, minor scratches. 250 - 500
382 CLASSICAL STYLE ARM CHAIR. N/R. Classical style armchair, black and gold trim, linked ring back, needlepoint seat, (style matches Lot 383). Size: 35"H, 21"W, 20"D. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
383 4 CLASSICAL STYLE CHAIRS. N/R. Black and gold trimmed classical style chairs, linked ring back decoration, sabre legs, yellow floral upholstered seats. no mark. Size: 33"H, Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
384 no lot 0 - 0
385 FIGURAL FERN STAND. N/R. Recent. Open basket resting on three horse heads. Condition: good with minor scratches. 40 - 80
386 QUEEN ANNE DROP LEAF DESK. NR. Mahogany Queen Anne style drop leaf desk. serpentine front, three drawers, batwing pulls, ogee feet, marked: Jasper Cabinet. Size: 38"H, 30 1/2"W, 17"D. Condition: signs of wear. 150 - 300
387 TWO FLOOR LAMPS N/R. One lamp has a brass base with green marble and glass accents; the other is brass with stone and meatal animal accents. Both have fabric shades. Size of first lamp: 5' h. x 8' w. (base). Size of second lamp: 61" h. x 10.5" w. (base). Condition of shades: one is badly torn; both need cleaned. 25 - 50
388 SPANISH STYLE PHONE STAND. N/R. Mahogany open shelf stand with stretcher legs. No mark. Size: 32"H, 20"W, 13 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear, finish worn on top. 50 - 100
389 PR. LEATHER TOP END TABLES. N/R. Canted body, sabre legs, gilt leather tops, drawer with metal pull. Wood banded edging. No mark. Size: 25"H, 18"W, 22"D. Condition: signs of wear. 150 - 300
390 MATCHING BRASS LAMPS N/R. Desk lamps are completely brass with matching brass shades. Size of each: 13" h. x 8.5" w. x 5 3/4" d. size of shades: 5 1/4" h. x 8 1/4" w. x 3" d. 25 - 50
391 REN. REVIVAL TABLE. N/R. Marble top Renaissance Revival table , turned and bowled center support, 4 legs on porcelain casters, carved table rail, white marble top. Size: 31"H, 23"W, 17"D. Condition: signs of wear. 150 - 300
392 ROUND MARBLE TOP TABLE. N/R. Round marble top table, turned support, 4 C scroll legs, with grey marble top. Size: 14"Diam. top, 19"H. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
393 HAND PAINTED COFFEE TABLE. N/R. Coffee table with center floral decoration and green outer stripe, X legs with brass hairy paw caps, turned stretcher. Marked Imperial, Grand Rapids. Size: 17"H, 35"W, 19"D. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
394 PIANO BENCH. N/R. Piano bench with needlepoint top, fluted legs with brass bottom caps, marked: Manual Arts Furniture Co. Cincinatti, Ohio. Size: 19"H, 30"W, 14"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
395 DUTCH STYLE SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Dutch style side chair with turned stretcher, marked: Crocker Chair co. Size: 29"H, 13"W, 14"D. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
396 MIRRORED TABLE. N/R. Rectangular mirrored table, mirrored top, sides, legs. Size: 23 1/2"H, 27"W, 21 1/4"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
397 PAIR OF MATCHING TABLE LAMPS N/R. Lamps have a ceramic green leaf and purple flower design on the stem with a brass base. They come with white pleated shades. Size of each; 15 1/4" h. x 4" w. Size of shades: 5.5" h. x 6 1/8" d. 25 - 50
398 MATCHING TABLE LAMPS N/R. Lamps have papier mache bodies resting in footed metal holders. The shades are black paper. Size of each: 30" h. x 10" w. x 11 1/4" d. Size of shades: 7" h. x 11" w. x 10" d. 25 - 50
399 2 OCTAGONAL MIRRORED TABLES. N/R. pair of octagonal tables, beveled mirror tops, mirrored sides. Size: 24"Diam. 20"H. Condition: each has one mirrored panel missing. each has damaged side panels. 40 - 80
400 ART DECO DISPLAY CABINET. N/R. Veneered serpentine front, 11 front glas panels ( 4 damaged), center panel with geometric etched decoration, two glass shelves, on four feet. no mark. Size: 49"H, 45"W, 14"D. Condition: 4 glass panels damaged, back separating from piece. 150 - 300
401 MAHOGANY 5 DRAWER DRESSER. N/R. 5 Drawer dresser with batwing pulls, key lot top draer, side fluted columns, 4 pad feet, glass top, marked: West Michigan Furniture Co. Hollnd Michigan. size: 50"H, 36"W, 22"D. condition: top badly stained, other signs of wear. 150 - 300
402 NO LOT. 0 - 0
403 FRENCH BAKERS RACK. N/R. French bakers rack with graduated width shelves, black iron frame with brass front rails and brass decorative elements, three glass shelves for rack. No mark. Size: 80"H, 48"W, 23"D. Condition: one glass shelf has broken corner. 200 - 400
404 BRASS KEROSENE LAMP N/R. Lamp has a brass and white glass base and a white balloon glass shade. Size: 17" h. x 5" w. x 3" d. Condition: three cracks in the metal base. 25 - 50
405 REN. REVIVAL STYLE PEDESTAL. N/R. black painted pedestal on turned support and four legs. no mark. Size: 37"H, 18"W, 16"D. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
406 1195 CHANDELIER WITH CLASSICAL BUSTS. N/R. Metal. Round chandelier with six male and female classical busts and six candle bases for lights. Condition: some wear. 200 - 400
407 VICTORIAN CLOTHES CLOSET. N/R. walnut and burled walnut clothes closet, 2 large doors, 2 lower drawers with carved leaf pulls, carved Eastlake style top rail. Whole closet, collapsable for easy moving. No mark. Size: 100"H, 53"W, 18"D. Condition: signs of wear to surface. 300 - 600
408 5 PIECE FR. PROVINCIAL BEDROOM. N/R. Set includes: Dresser, with six drawers 34"H, 59"W, 21"D. Hanging Mirror, 31"H, 42"W. Full Bed, 57"W, 41"H. 2 Night stands, with two drawers and lower shelf, 28 1/2"H, 16 1/2"D, 22"W. Condition: signs of wear. 250 - 500
409 DROP FRONT OAK DESK. N/R. Drop front oak desk with 2 lower shelves, carved leaf decortion. no mark. Size: 48"H, 20"W, 12"D. closed. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
410 ROUND TABLE 4 CHAIRS.N/R. Round pedestal table, picked finished pedestal base, wood top, 42"Diam. top. Four Klismos shaped chairs, blue striped upholstery. Chairs 29"H. Condition: signs of wear. 150 - 300
411 BALLOON BACK ROCKER. N/R. Ballloon back rocker with caned seat and back, rose carved crest rail. no mark. Size: 35"H, condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
412 LACQUERED ROUND TABLE. N/R. Inlaid lacquered Oriental table, black with mother of pearl inlay and colored lacquer decoration. on carved feet. size: 36"Diam. 13"H. Condition: Damage to lacquer surface, one large area of loss, many spider cracks. 50 - 100
413 TWO OVAL MIRRORS. N/R. Two oval mirrors each slightly different in size. Gilt floral and laurel leaf decoration on edge, mahogany framing, gold inner filet. No mark. Size: one: 14"H, 22"L, one 15"H, 21"L. Condition: backs have been repapered with contact paper. Frames are good. 50 - 100
414 TABLE AND 5 CHAIRS. N/R. Double pedestal table and five chairs. 4 side chairs and one arm chair, shield back design. Table size: 62"L. 40"W. chairs 38"H. Condition: scratches and niches on all pieces. 150 - 300
415 CLASSICAL SIDEBOARD. N/R. Classical sideboard with three drawers and 3 lower storage areas. No mark. Size: 36"H, 59"W, 20"D. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. 100 - 200
416 4 SILVER PLATE SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Water pitcher, (1) small oval pierced gadrooned tray, (1) double rectanglar serving tray w. gadrooned edge, (1) footed meat platter w. gravy tree and well. Condition. Signs of wear. 50 - 100
417 GEORGIAN STYLE MANTEL CLOCK. N/R. Wood. Case with domed top and turned corner front half columns, applied metal decoration, three top finials, on flat bun feet, old works replaced by battery operated movement. Size: 20"H, 12"W, 7"D. Condition: originial movement gone, replacement finials, wear all over, sold as is. 100 - 200
418 ARTS AND CRAFTS BENCH. N/R. Bench, Mark: paper label, badly torn. unreadable. Size: 22H, 21"W, 11"D. condition: signs of wear, scratches. 40 - 80
419 STORAGE CHEST. N/R. Small chest with brass handles, large batwing brass hinges. Size: 21"W, 14"H, 12"D. Condition: finish on the wood has buckled. 40 - 80
420 PINE CEDAR CHEST. N/R. Pine plank cedar chest, brass strap hinges, key lock on casters. CSize: 17"H, 39"W, 18"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
421 BLACK WICKER STAND. N/R. Black wicker stand, three shelves and two side storage areas. no mark. Size: 28 1/2"H, 24"W, 12"D. Condition: signs of wear, repainting. 40 - 80
422 HAND PAINTED STORAGE CABINET. N/R. Cabinet with one door, inside 2 drawers with divided storage areas. Hand painted floral decoration on yellow and green field. Side quatrafoil cutouts. size: 34"H, 17"W, 16"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
423 VICTROLA IN CABINET. N/R. Crank Victrola record player in mahogany cabinet, turned feet, two side storage areas, side crank handle. Marked Victrola VV 4-4 -65961/ comes with packet of needles. Size: 34"H, 34"W, 21"D. Condition: cabinet, signs of wear, sold as is. 150 - 300
424 GROUP OF FOUR CHAIRS. N/R. (1) Eastlake upholstered side chair, maroon upholstery, carved crestrail, burled veneer decoration. Size: 38"H, condtion: signs of wear. (1) Klismos chiar with needlepoint seat. Size: 33"H. condition: signs of wear. (1) Spindel back chair with woven seat. No mark. size: 34"H. Conditoin: signs of wear. (1) Arts and Crafts wooden portable potty chair. Fold down back to convert to seat. comes with blue enamel potty and lid. Size: 22 1/2"H with back down. Conditoin: signs of wear. 100 - 200
425 WALNUT OVERMANTLE. N/R. Eastlake style decorated overmantle or sideboard top. no mark. Size: 36"H, 43"W. condition: signs of wear. 100 - 300
426 BRICKWEDE CHINA CABINET. N/R. Mahogany china cabinet, two drawers and two doors below, two sliding glass doors on top. Top section has two shelves. Marked: Brickwede. Size: 63 1/2"H 42"W, 18"D. Condition: signs of wear, scratches. 100 - 200
427 BRASS FLOOR LAMP N/R. Lamp has a brass body with an ornate brass base. It has a beige fabric shade. size of lamp: 5' h. x 8" w. Size of shade: 13" h. x 12" w. x 10" d. Condition: shade needs cleaned. 25 - 50
428 EMPIRE SIDE CHAIR. N/R. mahogany empire side chair. Conditon: wear and scratches. 30 - 60
429 MAHOGANY SIDE CHAIR. N/R. mahogany side chair, spindle back. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
430 UPHOLSTERED BENCH WITH PAD. Bench with paw feet, and brocade pad. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
431 CREDENZA. N/R. Green painted credenza, with floral panels. Size: 32"H, 41"W, 17"D. Condition: minor wear, scratches. 100 - 200
432 TEA TABLE W. TIFFANY GALLERY. N/R. Three leged tea table with inlaid wood top, Tiffany sterling gallery around top. Marked on bottom rim: Tiffany & Co. 17203B makers 6509 Sterling silver. 925-1000. Size: 23"H, 12"Diam. top. Conditon: some wear to wood, dents to the silver gallery . 150 - 300
433 2 DOOR STORAGE CABINET. N/R. Cabinet with two doors, modern linenfold design. Size: 29"H, 30"W, 17"D. Condition: wear and scratches. 75 - 150
434 2 LOTS OF FURNITURE. N/R. (1) needlepoint covered bench,, size: 15 1/@"17"W, 12"D. Condition: needlepoint worn, torn. (1) Square table with cabriole legs, Size: 118"H, 16"W,16"D. Condition: nicks and scratches. 25 - 50
435 QUEEN ANNE DRESSER. N/R. mahogany, brass pulls, cabroile legs. Glass top. size: 30"H, 42"W, 18"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
436 SINGLE BED. N/R. mahogany single bed with wooden side rails. Condition: wear and scratches. 50 - 100
437 CHIPPENDALE FULL SIZED BED. N/R. Chippendale mahogany bed with turned columns and brass casters..Size: 55"W, 46"H. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
438 DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE. In William & Mary style case. 35 - 70
439 HEPPLEWHITE STYLE CURIO. Walnut with burled walnut veneer. See lot 2647 for matching table and chairs. One glazed door above one shallow door. Raised on tapered legs with spayed feet. 150 - 300
441 MAH JONGG SET N/R. Set comes in brown case with official hands and rules. Condition: set is good; case has some wear. 50 - 100
442 ADMIRAL RADIO / PHONOGRAPH. Walnut cabinet. 50 - 100
443 TAPESTRY. N/R. Tapestry depicting 18th C. genre scene, with looped cord attached for hanging. Size: 36"H, 54"W. Condition: worn material, worn thread, faded cloth, staining on front and back. 50 - 100
444 SWORD IN SHEATH. 60 - 120
446 INLAID MARBLE COFFEE TABLE. Recent. Inlaid table with floral designs in semi-precious stones on supports carved with design of flowers in a vase. Size: 18"h., 35 1/2"w., 24"d. Condition: like new. 300 - 500
447 INLAID WHITE MARBLE TABLE. Recent. Table top inlaid with floral border and scattered floral sprays in semi-precious stones supported by plain white marble plinths. Size: 18"h., 36"w., 18"d. Condition: one chip out of corner of plinth. 350 - 500
450 REVERSE PAINTED CLOCK. N/R. Reverse painted clock, broken pediment top with finial, floral and bee hive painted clock face, double window opening, reverse painted classical architecture scene and fruit and flower still life. Case veneered and ebonized wood. Interior marked: Hopkins & Alfred, Harwinton, Con . 19th c. Condition: pendulum missing, wear to reverse painting, replacement finial, sold as is. 500 - 1,000
451 EASTLAKE VICT DRESSER. Walnut with marble insert and two glove drawers. 75 - 125
452 FEDERAL STYLE SOFA. N/R. Federal style sofa with scroll arms, carved crest rail, winged hairy paw feet, three cushion seat, maroon striped upholstery. Size: 35"H, 84"L 32"D. Condition: signs of wear. 200 - 400
453 QUEEN ANNE STYLE MIRROR. Cherry with fretwork top with gilt leafage. Size: 4' h., 18" w., 1" deep. Condition: like new. 60 - 120
454 HARVEST DROP LEAF TABLE. N/R. Pine. Size with 10"leaves down: 30" h., 21" w., 53" long. 50 - 100
455 SPOOL BED. Headboard and footboard for 3/4-size spool bed. 50 - 100
457 PAISLEY LOOMED FABRIC. N/R. Paisley pattern loomed fabric, orange and black predominate, Size: 128"X 61". Condition: wear, one hole in fabric. 75 - 150
458 BULLSEYE MIRROR. Gessoed wood. With eagle surmount and spherules around the mirror. Size: 32" h., 22" w., 2" deep. Condition: minor cracking in gesso. 50 - 100
459 GILT TRIMMED WALL MIRROR. N/R. Mirror with gilt cartouche and roses at the top and rope twist and roses outlining bottom. Size: 27" h., 13" w. 20 - 40
460 DECO TABLETOP MIRROR. Walnut and ebonized base. 15 - 30
461 ETCHED WALL MIRROR. c.1920. Etched mirror in silvered frame with leaf decoration. Size: 28" h., 16" w., 1" deep. Condition: hazing to mirror, minor flaking to frame. 15 - 30
462 CARVED WOODEN PANEL. Pine. Panel carved with grapes and grape leaves. Size: 3' h., 21" w. Condition: slightly warped. 25 - 50
463 GLASS TABLETOP DISPLAY CASE. Has one interior shelf. Size: 18" h., 33" w., 20" deep. 150 - 200
464 MAHOGANY COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA. In desk shaped cabinet. Raised on paw feet. Size: 32" h., 46" w., 29" deep. Condition: minor scratches to top. 1,000 - 1,800
465 SET OF FOUR DIRECTOIRE STYLE CHAIRS. Two arm and two side chairs, painted black with gold highlights, gray fabric with contrasting stripes. Condition: like new. Size: 38" H, 22" W, 20" D. 450 - 800
467 WOODEN YOKE. With leather straps. 80 - 160
468 ART DECO STYLE TABLE. N/R. Square Art Deco style table, faux animal skin top ( greys with white banded decoration.) Black spade legs with two upper and lower silver metal inset bands. Sie: 29"H, 38"W, 38"D. Condition: good, minor wear. 400 - 800
469 R.J.ROBERTS NEEDLES BOX. N/R. R.J. Roberts Needles, display box for sewing supplies. Box marked: R.J Roberts Needles. Size: 12"W, 3 1/2"H, 8"D. Condition: dents and scratches to surface. 40 - 80
470 WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL. Grape designs on shaft, scrolling leaves on base. Size: 31"h., 16"d. Condition: like new. 250 - 350
471 WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL. Grape design on shaft, scrolling leaves on base. Size: 31"h., 16"d. Condition: like new. 250 - 350
472 MAHOGANY CONFERENCE TABLE. N/R. Enormous conference table with rounded ends. Condition: minor scratching through normal use. 29"H, 54"W, 16'L. 300 - 600
473 MAHOGANY CONFERENCE TABLE. N/R. Enormous conference table, oval shape. Size: 29"H, 6'W. 14' L. Condition: minor scratching through normal use. 300 - 600
474 WICKER PLANT STAND N/R. Wicker and wood. Bar Harbor weave rectangular plant stand with bracing and stretcher supports, original Nantucket Blue. Size: 31 1/2"H, 30"W, 10 1/2"D. Condition: original paint, top corners badly rubbed, paint worn in many areas. 60 - 100
475 CHIPPENDALE NIGHTSTAND. N/R. Chippendale style nightstand, two drawers, brass pulls, no mark. Size: 27"H, 18"W, 14"D. condition: signs of wear, scratches. 25 - 50
476 FIREPLACE SCREEN & TOOLS. N/R. Fireplace screen (32"H) and fireplace tools (28"H). Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
477 BRASS ANDIRONS AND TOOLS. N/R. Brass andirons and tool set (28"H) and wrought iron fork (38"H). Condition: signs of usage and wear. 40 - 80
478 FIREPLACE SCREEN. N/R. Fireplace screen marked: Flexscreen, Norich, N.Y. Size: 30"H,32"W. 30 - 60
479 CAMPAIGN CHEST. N/R. campaign chest, lightwood with brass handles, and corner fittings, some recessed hardware. Size: 19"H, 19 1/2"D, 37"W. Conditoin: signs of wear, top bowed and ill fitting on body of chest. 100 - 200
480 THREE NESTING TABLES. Three nesting tables, turned legs, serpentine stretchers. Size: 29 1/2"H, 25 1/2"W, 15 1/2"D. largest size. Conditoin: signs of wear. 50 - 100
481 TABLE W. WROUGHT IRON LEGS. N/R. Wooden table top with wrought iron base. no mark. Size: 22 1/2"H, 19 1/2"W, 13"D. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
482 VICTROLA CABINET. N/R. Ebonized and wood grain cabinet, once housing a Victrola . Victrola removed and now functioning s storage unit behind two doors, metal screen bottom front. Size: 40"H, 29"W, 16"D. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
483 COLONIAL STYLE TABLE. N/R. Table with four stretcher base. Size: 18"H, 18"W, 27"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
484 PAIR OF WOODEN AND METAL SHOES. N/R. Black wooden shoes marked: Erindring and Am Gjenner. Size: 12"L. Condition: minor wear Metal slip on shoe covers, brass. 10"L. Condition: one slightly shorter than the other.. 50 - 100
485 CARVED COFFEE TABLE. With glass inset top. 250 - 500
486 CHIPPENDALE STYLE CHAIR. Carved cabriole legs with ball & claw feet. 40 - 80
487 MAH JONGG SET N/R. Set comes in a green case. 50 - 100
489 EARLY DRY PINE SINK N/R. 300 - 600
490 BIRD'S EYE MAPLE VANITY. Mirror pivots in wishbone frame. Raised on cabriole legs. 150 - 300
491 4FT 11 x 3FT ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Green and pink. Size: 4'11" x 3' 5 - 10
492 6ft 4 X 3ft 6 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall color: Maroon and blue. 40 - 80
493 5ft X 2ft 9 FLORAL HOOK AREA RUG. Overall color: Aqua, light blue, beige, and tan. 30 - 50
494 5ft 5 X 3ft ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Light and dark brown, red, and cream. 30 - 60
495 5 ft 10 X 3ft 2 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall color: Salmon, and aqua. 30 - 60
496 3ft 9 X 2ft 4 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall colors: Light brown, dark and light blue. 0 - 0
497 6ft 8 X 3ft 11 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall color: Rust, and blue. 0 - 0
498 4ft 3 X 2ft 4 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall color: Dark bown, light blue. 0 - 0
499 5ft X 3ft 7 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Dark blue, rust. 0 - 0
500 4ft 10 X 3ft 10 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: rust and dark blue. 100 - 200
1001 FOUR HARPER'S WEEKLY PRINTS. 19th c. Includes 1887 Zogbaum wood engraving with color of "Firing a Gun in an Old Casenate Fort," The Work of the Tornadoes in Pittsburgh, Reading, Brooklyn, & Niagara," litho of Beaver County residences and buildings. Size: variable, but large. Condition: two engravings have vertical medial creases. 45 - 65
1002 THREE HARPER'S WEEKLY PRINTS. 1870's-1880's. Color over black & white wood engraving or lithograph. Map of Pittsburg, Cincinatti & St. Louis RR Panhandle Route; "The Great Strike in Pittsburgh and Wall Of Fire at the Penn RR Depot," "Soldier's Orphan School, Phillipsburg, Beaver County, Penna." Size: variable, but large. Condition: yellowed, some tears at edges, matted, crease repairs to one. 30 - 50
1003 MAPS OF PITTSBURGH. 1870's or 1880's. Color and black line on paper. These maps show the property names and dimensions of the following Pittsburgh wards: 2nd, 4th, 6th (2 copies), 11th, 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th, and 21st (2 copies). The second ward shows what is now "Uptown" Pittsburgh, beyond Grant Street, as it once was with large property holders and little street development. By comparison that same map reveals what was below Grant Street was known as the "Town of Pittsburgh." Size: variable. Condition: fragile, yellowed, tears and losses at edges to all, handwriting on some. 175 - 250
1004 MAPS OF WESTERN PA COMMUNITIES. 1880'S-1890'S. South Versailles, North Versailles, Highland Twp., Smithland. Mt. Pleasant, Sligo Branch Coal Works (Madison Twp.), Limestone,Clarion County; Indiana, Harmar, O'Hara, Allegheny County; West Pittsburgh and Union Twp. Size: variable. Condition: yellowed and torn edges to all. 80 - 120
1005 3 PRINTS IN ANTIQUE FRAMES. Late 19th c. The prints include a multicolored litho of peaches and strawberries (copyrighted 1893 by J. Hoover, Phila.) in an old ornate frame; baby & dog print; woman & child print in an oak with gold decor frame. Size: (framed) Peaches 24" h., 26 1/2" w.; Baby 17 1/2"h., 21 1/2" w.; Woman 23 1/2" h., 31 1/2" w. Condition: image loss to baby print, glass cracked; mold and gilding loss to peaches frame; moldy mat to woman & child print. 60 - 100
1006 THREE CURRIER & IVES LITHOS. 1870's. Lithographs with color. Includes "The Old Oaken Bucket (small version)," "Baptism of Jesus Christ," & "Little Flora." Size (framed): Oak Bucket 13 1/4" h., 17" w.; Jesus 18 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w.; Flora 18" h., 14" w. Condition: yellowed, foxing, dirty acid burns from cardboard backing; large tear at left edge of "Old Oak Bucket." 160 - 225
1007 3 PRINTS IN RUSTIC FRAMES. 19th c. Includes one Currier & Ives black lithograph of a boy in a velvet costume "proposing" to a little girl who stands on a chair. This frame features plain carpentered corners made of grooved slats (at the corners are faux pearls). The other two frames hold non-descript images but are themselves plain corner frames (non mitered) with leaf designs at each corner. Size: framed 17"h., 15" w. (Currier & Ives plus another) and 15 1/2" h., 13" w. Condition: knicks amd mold to the two leaf frames; the Currier & Ives print is yellowed with acid damage. 60 - 80
1008 NUTTING "TABITHA." Dated 1916. Handcolored photograph. Signed Wallace Nutting in pen on the mat, also signed "Tabitha." A woman in an elegant coiffure and costume is shown in her bedroom. Size: 4 1/2" h., 6 3/4" w., framed 12" h., 15" w. Condition: fading to photo, water staining on right side of mat, yellowing. 100 - 125
1009 NUTTING "EARLY JUNE BRIDES." N/R. Early 20th c. Handcolored photograph. Signed Wallace Nutting in pen on the mat, also signed "Early June Brides." Blossoming fruit trees are seen facing each other with a road & stone fence separating each row. Size: 5" h., 13 1/4" w., framed 13 1/3" h., 21" w. Condition: yellowing to photo and mat. 125 - 175
1010 CURRIER & IVES ABBEY OF HOLY CROSS. N/R. 19th c. Black lithograph with color. "Abbey of the Holy Cross, Tpperary, Ireland." Shows the structure near a lake by moonlight. Also included in this lot is a print by H. Alkan entitled "Hunting Incidents - Taking it Cleverly" and it resembles an aquatint etching. Size: (C & I) 10 1/4" h, 14 1/4" w., framed 13" h., 17" w.; Alkan 10" h., 14 1/4" w., framed 13" h., 17" w. Condition: foxing and acid burns on each. 50 - 70
1011 MOONLIT SCENES, DRAWINGS. N/R. 20th c. Watermedia and chalk on paper. Both unsigned. One scene shows sailboats on a lake with scuttling clouds by silver moonlight; the second image is of a windmill by moonlight. Size: 9 1/2" h., 12 1/2" w., framed 14 1/4" h., 17 1/4" w.; (windmill) 7" h., 11" w.; 12" h., 15 3/4" w. Condition: acidic backing paper tha is fully apart in the lake scene. 60 - 100
1012 WINTER WOODCUT. Dated 1906. Color & black line woodcut. Signed "Br... J. Orson Montfeld (?), no. 50, 1906" in pencil. Two figures in parkas have crossed a footbridge. Done on Japanese paper as a chine colle on another type of Japanese paper. Size: 14" h., 13" w., framed 16" h., 15" w. Condition: severe acid burns. 25 - 40
1013 EDSON FLINT W/C; 2 OTHER ARTWORKS. N/R. 20th c. Watercolor on paper. The Edson Flint scene is signed in the lower right, painted in gouache of a stream and trees. The second w/c is of roses; the third artwork is an oil pastel of a Greek or Italian coastal town in bright colors. Size: (largest: Edson Flint) framed 17" h., 21" w. Condition: acid burns at all edges of the rose w/c; no visible defects to the Flint (it may be glued to its backing mat) but the frame is damaged; no visible defects to the oil pastel. 100 - 125
1014 THREE LITHOGRAPHS. N/R. 19th/20th c. One is from an old poster showing men cutting wheat. Inscribed on the back "Compliments of CC Hanscom." The second print is a cut down reproduction of Audubon's Ruffed Grouse in a faux burled walnut frame. The third print is a photomechanical litho with foil stamping perhaps after LeBrun's Chariot of Apollo from Versailles. Size: (largest, Cutting Wheat) 23 1/2" square. Condition: Cutting Wheat is cut down, acid burnt, glued to its front mat; Ruffed Grouse is cut down, yellowed; Apollo's Chariot is slightly buckled and slightly faded. 50 - 75
1015 COVERED WAGON AT SHORE O/C. N/R. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Written on the stretcher bars in pencil is "This painting such as it is to G. Derickson from Shirly." Evidently the work of a talented amateur, this covered wagon and team of horses is painted in a broad style in which the colors and tones of the sky and land merge. Size: 13" h., 11" w., framed 17 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: dirty, unvarnished; the homemade frame appears to be crown molding that is nailed directly into the painting. 150 - 200
1016 CURRIER & IVES "SUMMER MORNING." N/R. 1838-1872. Black lithograph with color. A bucolic boating party is seen by a stream near a mill. Size: 9 3/4" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: tears, foxing, white mold (?), acid burns. 150 - 175
1017 CURRIER & IVES OLD OAKEN BUCKET. N/R. 1838-1872. Black litho with color. "The Old Oaken Bucket" shows country life, it is the same as lot 1006. Condition: yellowed, foxing. 120 - 150
1018 THREE CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. N/R. 1838-1872. Black lithographs with watercolor. "The Washington Family (b & w)," Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Vicksburg 1863," & " My Gentle Dove." Size: (Wash.) same dimensions as lot 2523; (Grant) 14" h., 9" w., framed 17" h., 12" w.; (Dove) 14 1/2" h., 10 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 13" w. Condition: the Washington is on greensish paper and has stains; Grant is creased, has water damage, foxing and an illegible pencil inscription; My Gentle Dove has color bleed, foxing, tears at all edges, lacuna at left edge. 150 - 220
1019 TWO CIVIL WAR CURRIER & IVES. N/R. After 1860. Black lithographs with color. "The Soldier's Home-The Vision" showing a wife dreaming of her commander husband with a verse inscription below her. "The Soldier's Dream of Home" shows the commander lying down in camp dreaming of his wife and children (again, there is a verse inscription). Size: (each) 9 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 11" h., 14 1/2" w. Condition: (Vision) water damage, yellowed, acid burns upper left, foxing; (Home) severe water damage, yellowed. 150 - 180
1020 PAIR OF CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. N/R. 1838-1872. Black lithograph with color. "The Funeral of Daniel O'Connell" and "Winter" showing a velvet dressed woman with a mask in her hand. Size: (O'Connell) 9 1/2" h., 13 1/4" w., framed 12 1/2" h., 16" w.; (Winter) 13 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: O'Connell is yellow; Winter is water damaged and has dark foxing or stains on the right side. 80 - 140
1021 CURRIER & IVES RELIGIOUS PRINTS, PAIR. 1838-1872. Black lithograph with watercolor. "Abbey of Clare Galway" and "Sacred Heart of Mary." Size: (Abbey) 10 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 12" h., 15" w.; (Mary) 13 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 16" h., 12" w. Condition: both yellowed. 50 - 75
1022 PAIR OF CURRIER & IVES GIRLS. 1872-1874. Black lithograph with watercolor. "My Highland Girl" and "The Two Beauties." Size: (Girl) 14 1/2" h., 11 1/2" w., framed 16 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w.; (Beauties) 16" h., 11 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 13" w. Condition: (Girl) one 1" tear at the bottom, yellowed, foxing, abrasions; (Beauties) wrinkle, yellowed, water damage, missing left corner. 100 - 150
1023 SUMMER EVENING CURRIER & IVES. 1838-1872. Black lithograph with watercolor. Shows a man leading his cows across a wooden bridge. Size: 12" h., 16" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, some water stains on the bottom. 125 - 175
1024 SALE OF THE PET LAMB CURRIER & IVES. 1872-1874. Black lithograph with color. Size: 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, some foxing, broken glass. 100 - 150
1025 WASHINGTON FAMILY PRINT. Late 19th c. Handcolored black lithograph. Similar to Currier & Ives representation but different in that the servant is not shown with the family. Size: 9 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: deep creases along left and right edges. yellowing, brown spotty discoloration in upper right corner. 100 - 150
1026 THREE CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. Late 19th c. Black lithograph with watercolor. "The Morning Prayer," "Sarah," "Little Mary and Her Lamb." Size: (Prayer) 13 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 16" h., 12" w.; (Sarah) 13 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 15" h., 11" w.; (Little Mary) 13 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 15" h., 11" w. Condition: all are yellowed, some buckling, a hole in the left corner of Little Mary, some creases and stains. 185 - 220
1027 PAIR OF CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. 1838-1872 & after 1898. Black lithographs with watercolor. "Little William and Mary" (1838-1872) and "Gen. Z. Taylor - Hero of the Rio Grande" (after 1898). Size: 13 1/2" h., 10 1/2" w., framed 15 1/2" h., 12 1/2" w.; (Taylor) 14 3/4" h., 10 3/4" w., framed 18" h., 14" w. Condition: yellowed; severe water stains on the Zachary Taylor print. 100 - 120
1028 CIAPPA SMOKING MAN OIL PAINTING. Late 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas glued to board. Signed lower right in pencil "Ciappa." A man in European costume (white shirt, red beret, and green vest) is shown smoking a long pipe. Sevral listed Italian artists share the last name Ciappa; which Ciappa this is is not known. Size: 12 1/4" h., 8 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 13" w. Condition: dirty. 150 - 300
1029 FLORAL OIL. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Roses in a vase. In an oak & acorn decorated frame. Size: 19 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 27" h., 22" w. Condition: this painting is cut down and tacked over an existing painting; dirty. 200 - 300
1030 TWO ENGRAVINGS. 19th c. Black ink on paper. "The Empty Sleeve" shows a returned Civil War era veteran holding his baby who peers into armless sleeve; it was drawn by Miss A R Sawyer, published by JC Buttre, NYC. "Little Duckling" shows a similar cherubic little girl feeding ducklings. Both are exemplars of nineteenth century sentimentalism. Size: (armless vet) 20" h., 16" w., framed 24" h., 20" w.; (duckling) 19" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 21 1/2" h., 18" w. Condition: both have obvious acid burns, large tears and in the case of The Empty Sleeve there is a missing portion of the print in the left and top edge. 100 - 200
1031 FIVE PRINTS OF FEMALES. 1860's -1870's. Black lithographs with color. "Innocent Affection" (with a pencil inscription that reads Uncle Israel Rollins bought this for me... 1864); "The Evening Star," two versions of "Which One of Us Will You Marry?," and "The Sisters." Size: (average of each framed) 17" h., 14" w. Condition: Innocent Affection is yellowed and acid burnt; foxing or brown stains to the two Will You Marry; no visible defects to the Evening Star or the Sisters. 225 - 325
1032 COLOR ETCHING OF DUTCH CANAL TOWN. 20th c. Multi-plate color etching. Signed and titled indistinctly. Size: 10 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 12" h., 15" w. Condition: yellowed due to acidic hardboard backing. 40 - 60
1033 19TH C. PENCIL DRAWING. Unsigned. Pencil on paper. A scene of a stone bridge and a lake with a sailboat. Probably German or English in origin due to the style and compositional conventions. See lots 1034 & 1035. Size: 9" h., 11" w., framed 14" h., 17" w. Condition: glued to mat, yellowed; ornate frame with some damage. 60 - 120
1034 19TH C. PENCIL DRAWING. Unsigned. Pencil on paper. Woodcutters and a lake; sailboats and a large mansion are also seen. Evidently by the same artist as lots 1033 and 1035. Same dimensions and condition as lots 1033 and 1035, execept that this lot's frame has many chips and losses of plaster decoration. 60 - 120
1035 19TH C. PENCIL DRAWING. Unsigned. Pencil on paper. Evidently done by the same hand as in lot 1033 and 1034. A copse of trees and two men with a stick, a bonnet headed lady and a ruined castle keep. Same dimensions and condition as in lot 1033 & 1034. 60 - 120
1036 TWO CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. 19th c. Black lithographs with color. "Little May Queen" and "Day Before Marriage: The Bride's Jewels." Size: (approx. each framed) 18" h., 14" w. Condition: yellowed, wrinkles, creases, tears (at the top of Litlle May Queen). 120 - 160
1037 PAIR OF WALLACE NUTTING IMAGES. Early 20th c. Tinted photographs. Signed in pen. "A Sip of Tea (1907)," and an untitled landscape. Size: (Tea) 7 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 15" h., 18" w.; (untitled landscape) 2" h., 3" w., framed 6" h., 7" w. Condition: the mats have water damage and/or yellowing. 225 - 300
1038 E. LIDER (?) LANDSCAPE. Late 19th / early 20th c. Oil on pressboard. Signed in pen lower right. A tree is shown in fall by a lake. Autumn colors close in on the foliage: purples, oranges, and yellows. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: dirty, abrasions to the surface and edges. 80 - 150
1039 NAIVE HOUSE AND HORSERIDER OIL. Late 19th c. Oil on "Academy Board." Unsigned. A yellow house and female rider are seen. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: spotty discoloration, missing upper left and right corners, uneven right edge. 100 - 125
1040 LAST SUPPER PRINT. 19th c. Black & white lithograph after DaVinci's painting. Size: 13 1/4" h., 27 3/4" w, framed 19" h., 33" w. Condition: some abrasions and image loss to the surface of the print. 40 - 60
1041 FLORAL OIL. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Peonies. Size: 29 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., framed 35" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: white moldy bloom; dirty; craquellure especially among the red peonies and the frame is damaged. 100 - 150
1042 PAIR OF FASHION PRINTS. 19th c. One is a Godey's Ladies Book page for June 1865, the other is La Mode Illustre; the third print is a color image of a girl on a pier near marshy land. Size (largest), framed: 19" h., 16" w. Condition: Godey's is creased in several spots, yellowed; La Mode is also yellowed. 40 - 80
1043 VIBERT COLOR ETCHING. 19th c. Black line etching with color. An etching of an alchemist (?) by JG Vibert, etched by A Barry. Size: 9" h., 6 1/4" w., framed 17" h., 14" w. Condition: severely yellowed and stained mat; broken glass. 75 - 150
1044 THREE 19TH C. PRINTS. 1860s-1870s. Black litho with color. "California Scenery," "St. Patrick," and "William Tell." Size (largest, California Scenery) framed: 14" h., 18" w. Condition: yellowing, water stains and / or acid burns to all three. 90 - 150
1045 TWO SILHOUETTES. 20th c. Black paper cutouts of cupid driving a carriage with a man proposing to a woman inside and galleons. The galleons are signed "Blecker." Size (largest, Carriage) framed: 11" h., 13" w. Condition: yellowed, buckled, small tears in the carriage scene. 50 - 80
1046 PASTEL DRG.; "INNOCENCE" PRINT. 20th c. Pastel on paper and a facsimile print after a Nicolas Lancret painting "Innocence." The pastel is of cows and a pond. Size (largest, Lancret) framed: 12" h., 10" w. Condition: the pastel has a tear / puncture in the lower left; the Innocence print is yellowed. 40 - 80
1047 HUMMEL POSTER; BIRD PRINT. 20th c. Color photomechanical lithographs. Two little children with an umbrella; the original image is dated 1936; the bird image is of a waxwing looking at fruit. Size (largest, Hummel) framed: 16" h., 13" w. Condition: both are dirty; stained. 20 - 40
1048 MISS ADA GRAY LITHOGRAPH. 19th c. Black lithograph. By the HA Thomas Studio, NYC. This is an image of this lady. Size framed: 25" h., 20' w. Condition: foxing; broken glass. 50 - 80
1049 THE LORD'S PRAYER LITHOGRAPH. Dated 1871. Color lithograph. Self-explanatory. With lettering illustrative of the concepts in the prayer. Size framed: 22 1/2" h., 16 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed. 50 - 80
1050 SACRED TO MEMORY CURRIER & IVES. Dated 1846. Black lithograph with color. Memorial to dead person -- this print is completed in faded ink: "Obed W. Morrill, died Sept. 19th 1830, Aged 1 year, 3 months..., etc." Posthumously filled out with this information. Size framed: 16" h., 12" w. Condition: slightly yellowed. 60 - 100
1051 GOTHIC MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Small gothic shaped mantle clock with inlaid wood decoration, no mark. Size: 8 1/4"H. Condition: back will not open, sold as is. 25 - 50
1052 SMALL WOOD MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. elaborate wood case, enamel face, marked: inside J Inghans. Size: 11"H, 6"W, 4"D. condition: sold as is., some missing element from case 40 - 80
1053 NEW HAVEN MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Wooden cased mantle clock, key wind, half hour strike, pendulum clock, low scrolled wooden case, marked: New Haven Clock Co. Size: 9"H, 19"W, 5"D. Condition: sold as is. 75 - 150
1054 SETH THOMAS MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. KEY wind pendulum, half hour strike, in classical wooden case, original directions inside. Size: 11 1/2"H, 8"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: wooden case stripped , sold as is. 25 - 50
1055 LARGE BRASS CARRAIGE CLOCK. N/R. Large oval brass carraige clock with beveled glass sides and doors, key wind half hour and hour strike, mercury pendulum, no mark. Size: 13 3/4"H, 9"W, 7"D. condition: sold as is. one connection for pendulum is missing. 100 - 300
1056 GLASS DOMED CLOCK. N/R. Glass domed clock, unusual rotating pendulum weight, marked: Angelmeldet: Patent. Size: 12"H. Sold as is. 25 - 50
1057 SETH THOMAS MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Keywind, pendulum clock, half hour and hour strike, green faux marble top, faux marble corinthian columns, metal feet, lion side finials, original paper labels on back. Size: 11"H, 19"W, 7"D. Condition: sold as is. 150 - 300
1058 SCHATZ GLASS DOME CLOCK. N/R. Metal clock with ball pendulum, keywind under glass dome, marked: Schatz Clock 1000 day. w. round glass dome. Size: 17"H, 9"Diam. Condition: sold as is. 100 - 200
1059 AESTHETIC MOVEMENT CLOCK. N/R. Aesthetic movement wooden clock case, stenciled decoration on glass, key wind, pendulum clock, paper label on back unreadable. Size: 16"H, 11"W. 4 1/2"D. condition: clock is dirty, sold as is. 100 - 200
1060 ALABASTER CLOCK IN GLASS DOME. N/R. Key wind, pendulum clock , alabaster body, urn top, under oval glass dome, back plate missing,.Size: 13 1/2"H, 11 1/2"L, 6"D. Condition: sold as is. 100 - 200
1061 DOMED PENDULUM CLOCK. N/R. Gilt metal clock with rotating pendulum, under glass dome, marked: DR US. Size: 16"H, 10"W. Condition: metal gilding worn, sold as is. 7 - 150
1062 GE ELECTRIC NAUTICAL CLOCK. N/R. electric nautical theme clock, green onyx and black marble base, ship's steering wheel around clock face, Size: 9"H. Condition: damage around the clock face, one handle missing from wheel, sold as is. 25 - 50
1063 EASTLAKE MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Eastlake mantle clock, wooden case, gilt decoration on glass door, key wind, pendulum, half hour strike, smaller bell strike inside, paper label instructions still inside, no marker, Size: 23"H, 15"W, 5"D. Condition: wood stain bubbling, top decoration broken off. Sold as is. 100 - 200
1064 CLOISONNE CARRAIGE CLOCK. N/R. Cloisonne enamel carraige clock, with female head on side, battery operated, marked: Made in Peoples Republic of China Tianjin. Size: 7 1/2"H, 3 3/4"W, 3 1/8"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1065 CLOISONNE CARRAIGE CLOCK. N/R. Cloisonne enamel carraige clock, female side portraits, 2 exterior back columns, veveled glass front, battery operated, marked: made in Peoples Republic of China. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W. 3"D. Condition" sold as is. 50 - 100
1067 MISSION STYLE WALL CLOCK. N/R. Wooden mission style wall clock ith exposed wood and brass pendulum, arts and crafts style metal numbers, no mark. Key wind half hour and hour strike. Size: 24"H. 13"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: dirty and dusty, sold as is. 150 - 300
1068 ANSONIA ROCOCO STYLE CLOCK. N/R. Metal rococo style case, with putti with artist's palette finial, key wind, pendulum clock, half hour strike, marked: Ansonia clock Co. New York. Size: 12 1/2"H, Condition: face damaged, glass face cover broken, gilt worn on case, sold as is. 75 - 150
1069 SMALL PORCELIAN CLOCK. N/R. Small porcelain clock, spring wind, no mark. Size: 5"H, 6"W, 2"D. Condition: sold as is. 25 - 50
1070 PORCELAIN MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Flattened round porcelain body on stem base, metal trim. Key wind, hand painted with gilt decoration, metal finial, lion head sides, decorated base no mark. Size: 11H, 7"W, 4"D. condition: sold as is., 75 - 150
1071 SETH THOMAS MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Key wind, pendulum, half hour strike, ebonized wood case wtih florl decoration, metal feet, instructions on back. Size: 11 1/2"H, 12"W, 5 1/4"D. Condition: loss of painted decoration on front, glass clock face is missing, sold as is. 75 - 150
1072 SETH THOMAS MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Key wind, pendulum half hour and hour strike, neo classical wooden case, corinthian attached columns, Size: 11"H, 10"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1073 GERMAN PENDULUM CLOCK. N/R. German gliding pendulum clock, in glass dome, marked: Kieninger & Obergfel, made in W. Gemany 6 jewels. Size: 8 1/4"H, 9"W, 5"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1074 HAND PAINTED ANSONIA CLOCK. N/R. Key wind pendulum clock, hand painted porcelain case marked: Royal Bonn Germany "LaRambla", works marked: Ansonia Clock Co. New York. Size: 12"H, 10"W. 4 1/2"D. Condition: glass face missing, sold as is. 100 - 300
1075 HERSCHEDE ELECTRIC MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Herschede electric mantle clock, westminster chimes, round top wooden case, marked: Herschede electric westminster chime clock, Cincinnatti, Ohio. Size: 7"H, 7"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: sold as is. 75 - 150
1076 ELECTRIC BANJO CLOCK. N/R. Electric banjo clock marked: Sessions made in USA, with eagle finial and Mt.Vernon scene in glass over pendulum window, Size: 22"H, condition: sold as is. 40 - 80
1077 INGRAHAM BANJO CLOCK. N/R. Banjo wall clock, reversed painted glass shaft, windowed pendulum, key wind half hour strike clock marked: Ingraham. Size: 24"H. condition: sold as is. 100 - 200
1078 SETH THOMAS WALL CLOCK. N/R. Seth Thomas wall clock, key wind pendulum, octagonal top, round window for pendulum. Size: 17 111/2"H. condition: sold as is. 25 - 50
1079 WATERBURY CLOCK. N/R. Waterby skeleton movement clock, in veneered case, key wind weight driven, hour strike, with reverse painted decoration on pendulum window. with weights ( 2 weights included) Marked: Waterbury Clock Co. Size: 26"H, 15 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: veneer chipping and lost, reverse glass painting worn. sold as is. 200 - 400
1080 MANDOLIN. N/R. mandolin with no mark. Size; 24"L. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1081 BAVARIAN HARP. N/R. Bavarian harp marked, W. S. Nace Mfg. Co. Norwood Pa. Pat. 1894. Size: 20"L, 11"W, 2"D. Condition: all strings good. Minor wear to surface. 75 - 150
1082 SAXAPHONE. N/R. Brass saxaphone by Bundy Selmer Co. in case. condition: minor use. 50 - 100
1083 SAXAPHONE. N/R. saxaphone by Bundy Selmer co. , coated metal. with case. condition: minor wear and use. 40 - 80
1084 SIX STRING GUITAR. N/R. Guitar with inlaid mother of pearl decoration, in case. size: 38"L, Conditoin: crack on front body of guitar. 50 - 100
1085 MANDOLIN IN CASE. N/R. mandolin in case, mandolin marked: Criterion. Size: 23 "H. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1086 3 BRASS SCHOOL BELLS. 3 brass school bells, wooden handles. 1. 11" H, 6 1/2" D. 2. 10" H, 5 1/2" D. 3. 9 1/2" H, 4 1/2" D. 75 - 150
1087 CAST IRON BELL. Diameter 16", 12" h. 50 - 100
1088 LARGE BRASS BELL. Large brass bell, wooden handle. 15 1/2" H, 6 3/4" D. 50 - 100
1089 4 BELLS. 1. Brass handbell, wooden handle. 2. Brass handbell, wooden handle damaged at top. 3. Brass handbell, handle missing. 4. Iron cowbell. 40 - 80
1090 2 BRASS BELLS. 2 brass bells, metal handles. 1. Brass bell, marked "Colonial 1832, Colonial 1921." 2. Brass bell, marked "Colonial 1887, Colonial 1913." 75 - 150
1091 BRASS BELL. Brass bell, iron handle and clapper, marked "Chiantel Fondeur" and "1878 Saignelecier." 75 - 150
1092 4 SETS SLEIGH BELLS. 4 lengths of sleigh bells on leather straps. 1. 7 1/2' of leather strapping, 2 1/2' separated; total of 24 bells present (some empty spaces), including bunch of 5 wired together at one end. Leather deteriorated. 2. Double strip of 2 1/4" leather holding 4 - 3" closed bells. Leather deteriorating. 3. Single 3" closed bell on short buckled leather strap. Buckle rusted, leather deteriorated. 4. 3 leather strips wired together, 10 open brass bells. Leather deteriorated, bells pitted and discolored. 80 - 160
1093 2 GLASS BELLS. 1. Millefiore glass bell. Large red & blue enameled flowers on white. 2. Cased confetti glass bell, multi-colored. 40 - 80
1094 3 GLASS BELLS. 1.Small plique-a-jour glass bell, floral design, gold handle. 2. Hand-painted ruby glass bell, floral design, gold rim and handle. 3. Gold-banded cobalt glass bell. 40 - 80
1095 7 BELLS. 1. Goebel Kristallglas bell, West Germany. Marked "1980 Mother's Day." Flower shape, bird handle. 2. Clear glass bell, silver rim. Marked "25th Anniversary." 3. Wooden bell, metal insert and clapper. 4. Gorham fine china bell, marked "Chilly Reception 1980." Norman rockwell decal design, wooden handle. 5. Porcelain bell, marked "Made in Japam." Flower design, gold rim and tip of handle. 6. Porcelain bell, marked "House of Goebel, Bavaria, W. Germany." Owl design, glass clapper. 7. Porcelain bell, marked "1976." Poinsettia design. 40 - 80
1096 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1100 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1101 COLONIAL REVIVAL TRUNK. Reproduction Massachusetts chest. Front decorated with crosseted panels and half spindles. Raised on William & Mary feet. Size: 30" h., 45" w., 20" deep. Condition: 5" chunk out of front lid moldong; all else good. 200 - 400
1102 VICT BAMBOO SHELVING. Burnt bamboo with ball finials. Size: 46" h., 19" w., 9" deep. 60 - 120
1103 CANDLESTAND. Condition: leans to one side. 15 - 30
1104 BIRD'S EYE MAPLE VANITY SEAT. N/R. Bird's eye maple vanity seat, serpentine top, turned stretchers, no mark. Size: 18"H, 22"W, 15 1/2"D. condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1105 WICKER PLANTSTAND. Paper twist wicker square stand. 10 - 20
1106 VICT FERNSTAND. Walnut. 45 - 90
1107 PAIR OF FERN STANDS. Walnut. 60 - 120
1108 GATELEG DROP-LEAFED TABLE. Mahogany topped with inlaid corners. 60 - 120
1109 CLAW FOOT PIANO STOOL. Adjustable height. Feet are cast metal claws, grasping glass spheres. 60 - 120
1111 VICT MARBLETOP TABLE. Walnut and burled walnut veneer with brown marble top. 125 - 250
1112 VICT INLAID TABLE. Inlaid round tray top on turned pedestal with four splayed legs with ball finials. 200 - 400
1113 REPRODUCTION SPIDER LEG CANDLESTAND. Mahogany. Size: 25" h., 13" w., 16 1/2" deep. Condition: finish as is. 45 - 90
1114 DISPLAY ETAGERE. Mirrored back, finish as is. 50 - 100
1115 WALNUT ENDTABLE. Three tier. 30 - 60
1116 DROPLEAF SOFA TABLE. N/R. Lacking drawer, finish as-is. 35 - 70
1117 5 LEVEL CORNER ETAGERE. N/R. Cherry five level corner etagere, double bow front, turned supports. Size: 51"H, 29"W, 20"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1118 VICT SHAVING MIRROR. Mirror pivots between turned posts, one drawer below. 40 - 80
1119 BARRISTER BOOKCASES. Made by the Globe-Wernicke, Cincinati Oh. Four tiers. Mahogany. Size: 63 1/2" h., 34" w., 14" deep. Condition: no detractions. 300 - 600
1120 VICT EASEL. 40 - 80
1121 PAIR OAK SPINDLEBACK CHAIRS. One wooden insert seat crack. 70 - 140
1122 VICT METAL FERNSTAND. Ornate metal shelves with marbel insert. 75 - 150
1124 BIRCH PARLOR TABLE. Birch stained as mahogany. 35 - 70
1125 VICT MARBLETOP TABLE. 250 - 500
1126 VICT SIDE CHAIR. Has blue and floral needlepoint seat. Top red cushion not included. 20 - 40
1128 2 CANED SEAT CHAIRS. N/R. Chairs with cane seats, turned legs. Size: one 30"H, one 32"H. Condition: both with signs of wear. 50 - 100
1129 OAK COUNTRY TABLE. N/R. Oak country table, turned legs, Size: 30"H, 39"W, 24"D. Condition: major wear and use, scratches. 50 - 100
1130 BLUE DECORATED CROCK. Gray ironstone crock with blue floral design. Size: 20" h., 11" dia. Condition: very large spider crack on one side; spider crack in the back. 100 - 200
1131 TWO IRONSTONE CROCKS. Gray crockery, one with blue sgraffito, the other incised "Miller." Size: both approx. 14" h. Condition: appears that the glaze has turned brown (possibly due to heat?). 40 - 80
1132 MINIATURE CURIO. N/R. Miniature curved glass china curio. Birch stained as walnut. Size: 23" h., 13" w., 7" deep. Condition: no detractions. 20 - 40
1133 OAK COUNTRY TABLE . N/R oak country table with drawer, mushroom pull, Size: 30"H, 45"Wm 23"D. Condition: signs of age and wear. 75 - 150
1134 ATWATER KENT RADIO. N/R. Atwater Kent humpback radio, with original material, tubes. Size: 14"H, 12"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: wear, scratches, sold as is. 100 - 200
1135 4 CHAIRS W. CANE SEATS. N/R. Four chairs with cane seats. Condition: caning good. 100 - 200
1136 MOTOROLA CABINET RADIO. N/R. Motorola radio, model 6 Y, Trype No. 6-2. In wooden floor cabinet, original fabric covering over speaker, tubes in back. Size: 39 1/"H. 21"W. Condition: signs of wear, back dirty. sold as is. 100 - 200
1137 OAK PEDESTAL TABLE. Round with claw feet. 200 - 400
1138 ORNATE WROUGHT IRON OIL LAMP. N/R. Top of lamp is a kerosene lamp that has been electrified. Shade is missing. Size: 55" h. x 20" w.(base) x 6" w.(top). 25 - 50
1139 VICT NIGHT CABINET. 40 - 80
1140 EASTLAKE VICT CHEST. Finish as is. 40 - 80
1142 METAL CAMPAIGN ENDTABLE. Size: 24" h., 22" w., 16" deep. 50 - 100
1143 CARVED WOOD SEWING STAND. N/R. Carved wood lidded box table, carved legs and stretcher shelf. Allover carved design of birds and leaves. 25"H, 20"W, 15"D. Box interior 3"H, 16 1/4"W, 12"D. Slightly wobbly; otherwise very good condition. 200 - 400
1144 VICT. DRESSER. Walnut with burled walnut panels and mushroom pulls. Corners are canted with applied turned spindles. Size: 35" h., 40" w., 18" deep. Condition: two pulls are off, finish is good. 150 - 300
1145 CHERRY DROPLEAF TABLE. N.R, Cherry dropleaf table with gateleg, turned legs, Size: 28 1/2"H, 42"W, 21 1/2"D. closed, each dropleaf 17". Condition: signs of wear and scratches. 100 - 200
1147 EARLY ARROWBACK BENCH. Mixed woods. Rabbit earred stiles with arrowback backtrest and ringturned arms. Size: 34" h., 74" w., 22" deep. Condition: crest rail has 3" crack; arrowbacks have come undone; finish as is. 300 - 600
1148 CHERRY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. Size: 74" h., 45" w., 23" deep. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1149 MISSION STYLE BOOKSHELF. Oak. Four tiers with slat sides. Size: 33" h., 25" w., 12" deep. Condition: finish as is. 70 - 140
1150 CHERRY WAIST HIGH CHEST. Raised on ogee barcket feet. 60 - 120
1151 GAMING TABLE. N/R. Gaming table, gate leg, with spade feet, Size: 31"H, 36"W, 18"D closed. Condition: open surface marred and scratched. other signs of wear. 100 - 300
1152 OAK DISPLAY CABINET N/R. With applied carving and two curved glass doors. 150 - 300
1153 VICTORIAN HAT RACK N/R. Ornately carved top. Marble over a single drawer. 150 - 300
1154 2 DRAWER CHEST. N/R. Cherry chest, 2 drawers with brass pulls, on caster feet. Size: 25"H, 44"W, 20"D. condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1155 4 OAK COUNTRY CHAIRS. N/R. Plank seats, spindle backs, oak. Size: 32"H each. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1156 VICT CABINET. Applied carving to backsplash, large brass hinges. 40 - 80
1157 TIGER MAPLE CHAIR. N/R Tiger maple chair with cane seat. Size: 35"H. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
1158 TWO QUILT RACKS. One is painted white, one mahogany. 10 - 20
1159 QUILT TOP. N/R. block design, red. Size: 84"X 60". condition: good. 75 - 150
1160 DAISY QUILT. N/R. Quilt in daisy pattern, Size: 82"X 76". Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1161 QUILT TOP. N/R. unfinished quilt top. Size: 86"X 40". Conditoin: good. 40 - 80
1162 QUILT TOP. N/R. Cream and white diamond design. Size: 88" x 84". condition: good, minor wear. 100 - 200
1163 LOG CABIN BABY QUILT. N/R. log cabin design, baby quilt, size: 44"X 33". Condition: quilt has hole in it. 75 - 150
1164 QUILT TOP TRIANGULAR BLOCK. N/R. Triangular block design quilt top. Size: 53 x 57". condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1165 QUILT TOP. N/R. red and white diamond cross pattern. Size: 83"X 84". Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1166 LOG CABIN QUILT. N/R. Red centers, brown back. Size: 75" x 60". condition: good. minor wear. 150 - 300
1167 QUILT TOP. N/R. block diamond pattern, quilt top. size: 63"X 70". Conditon: good. 100 - 200
1168 QUILT TOP: FLOWER BASKET DESIGN. N/R. Flower basket design, Size: 64"X 72". Condition: stains throughout. 100 - 200
1169 CRAZY QUILT.N/R. Crazy quilt, red border and red backing. Size: 64"X 70". Condition: good,slight wear. 150 - 300
1170 EMBROIDERED SHAWL. N/R. Embroidered shawl with colorful decorative pattern, long fringe. Size: 50"Square not counting fringe. Condition: signs of wear and age. 40 - 80
1171 QUILT TOP W. ROUND FLOWERS. round radiating material forming large round flowers, same material strips for edging. Size: 110 x 90". Condition: some age, signs of wear. 100 - 200
1172 QUILT TOP, BLOCKS HAND SIGNED. N/R. Geometric design, white, brown with red centers, each block signed by a different woman in pen. Size: 70 x96". Condition: stored folded for many years. 150 - 300
1173 BABY QUILT. N/R. Pruple and yellow blocks. Size: 54"X 40". Conditon: stains on edges, and back. 50 - 100
1174 BABY QUILT. pink and yellow on white ground, Size: 52 x 36". Condition: some staining. 40 - 80
1175 OAK BOOKCASE. N/R. Oak bookcase with two glass doors, 6 interior shelves, on ogee feet, side carved leaf decoration. no mark. SizeL 63"H, 45"W, 13"D. Condition: signs of wear, tape put on by own, could effect finish when removed. 150 - 300
1176 4 DRAWER DRESSER. N/R. 4 Drawers with mushroom pulls, turned side column, with back board on casters. Size: 46"H, 42"W, 22"D. condition: piece had been stripped some stains on wood. 75 - 150
1177 VICTORIAN SIDE BOARD. N/R. Five drawer side board, two bottom doors with interior shelves, ornate brass pulls above, glass pulls on doors, set on casters. Pink marble top. Size: 54 1/2"W, 22"D, 39"H. Condition: one leg loose, dirt and grim overall, marble has minor staining. 200 - 400
1178 OAK BOOKCASE. N/R. Oak bookcase with 2glass doors, glass sides, 3 shelves, key lock. Size: 60"H, 33 1/2"W, 15"D. Conditon: signs of wear. 100 - 200
1179 BIRD'S EYE MAPLE CHEST. Tall chest with oval mirror and wishbone frame. Condition: few scratches and minor losses to veneer. 125 - 200
1180 BIRCH SERPENTINE CHEST. N/R. Chest having ornate, reticulated brasses. Size: 48" h., 27" w., 19" deep. Condition: finish should be built up, as it is thin. 60 - 120
1181 BIRD'S EYE MAPLE TALL CHEST. N/R. c.1900. Oxbow front. Applied carving to backsplash. Size: 54" h., 33" w., 19" deep. Condition: veneer lifting on top, needs to be refinished. 75 - 150
1182 SQUARE TABLE. N/R. Square table with double opening drawer, metal paw feet, arched opening. size: 30"H, 22"W, 22"D. Condition: signs of wear, decorative elements loose. 50 - 100
1183 FIVE PC. STACKING BEDROOM SET. Chippendale style bedroom set includes two twin beds with spiral finials. Constitution mirror, dresser, kneehole desk. Raised on ogee bracket feet with brass pulls. Condition: very few scratches; no detractions. 350 - 700
1184 HITCHCOCK CHAIR. N/R. Hitchcock chair with arrow backs and stenciled decoration. Marked: L. Hitchcock.Hitchcocksville, Conn. Size: 32"H. Condition: newer chair in good condition. minor wear. 100 - 200
1185 TWO BOOKCASES. Birch stained as mahogany. Four shelves flanked by reeded columns. Size: 45" h., 24" w., 10" deep each. Condition: minor scratchings. 60 - 120
1187 TOOLBOX ON LEGS. N/R. In paint (does not include any tools). 30 - 60
1188 CLASSICAL LAMP & CAST FIGURE. N/R. (1) metal classical lamp base, no. mark. Size; 25"H. Condition: sign of wear. (1) Cast figure of Putti, black finish. no mark. Size: 31"H. Condition: chips on surface. 50 - 100
1189 ROUND MARBLE TOP TABLE. N/R. marble top table with one open shelf. Size: 23 "H, 24"Diam. top. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1190 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1191 CHIPPENDALE STYLE MIRROR. N/R. Chinese Chippendale style frame, gilt gesso, Size: 27"H. Condition: some of gilt is rubbing off gesso. 40 - 80
1192 CAMELBACK SOFA. N/R. 1st half 20th c. Chippendale style with ball & claw feet, upholstered in a nubby blue-green fabric. Size: 35" h., 80" w., 30" deep. Condition: faded upholstery, strong frame and all else good. 200 - 400
1194 DOLLS HIGHCHAIR. Hoopback. 10 - 20
1195 31 QUILT TOP SQUARES. Some with stains. 50 - 100
1196 OAK WALL HANGING HAT RACK. N/R. Turn of the 20th c. Small beveled mirror and oak frame with ball finials and overhead shelf, mounted with ten individual hooks. Size: 15" h., 36" w., 8" deep. Condition: one ball finial missing, one hook is broken. 30 - 60
1197 PINE TRUNK. Cedar lined with copper strapping. 10 - 20
1198 MINIATURE TRUNK. Humpback. Size: 12" h., 14" w., 10" deep. Condition: interior without tray because the bottom is broken through. 10 - 20
1199 CORTICELLI SPOOL CABINET. N/R. Turn of the 20th c. Walnut (?), seven drawers. Size: 17" h., 23" w., 16 1/2" deep. Condition: case needs to be refinished. 200 - 400
1200 TWO YOKES. One is missing both neck yokes. 80 - 120
1201 GLASS LAKE PAINTING. Paint on glass in an ornate, pierced acanthus leaf decorated frame. A lake and small waterfall are shown with chips of mother of pearl in the rocks. Size framed: 22 1/2" h., 26" w. Condition: some paint flaking; dirty frame. 60 - 150
1202 SWISS LAKE LITHOGRAPH. 19th c. Black lithograph with color. "Lake in Switzerland" printed by Fishel, Adler & Schwartz, NYC. Size framed: 21 1/2" h., 27" w. Condition: vertical acid burnt stripes, dirty. 100 - 125
1203 CHAS. ALLEN THATCHER WATERCOLOR. Dated 1928. On paper. A woman with flowers. Size: 18" h., 14" w., framed 25" h., 21" w. Condition: yellowed; solid oak frame. 80 - 120
1204 19TH C. MARRIAGE LICENSE. Print is dated 1882, the license information dates to 1889. Color engraving on paper. Daniel MacKinson mariied Ida Ferrer in Wrightsville, PA. Size framed: 23" h., 19" w. Condition: the glass is broken, print is yellowed, acid burnt from backing. 120 - 200
1205 B. TANIS FLORAL WATERCOLORS, PAIR. Mid 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Pair of pink floral bouquets are shown. Signed lower right B. Tanis. Size: 8 1/2" h., 6 1/2" w., framed 16" h., 13 1/2" w. Condition: mats are yellowed; tape residue can be seen on one painting. 25 - 75
1206 SCHOONER, "SETH PARKER" PRINT. 1920s or 1930s. Color print. Made for Frigidaire Corp. as a promotion (?), this print shows that schooner drawn by Edward J. Wilson. Size framed: 17" h., 20" w. Condition: the print is yellowed; the frame and glass are loose. 50 - 75
1207 TWO CURRIER & IVES PRINTS. 19th c. "Lover's Return" and "The Lincoln Family." Size framed each: 17" h., 13" w. and 12" h., 16" w. Condition: Lover's Return is missing its entire left corner and has an obvious and bad insertion in that spot; yellowing and foxing to both. 100 - 175
1208 EMBROIDERY AFTER CURRIER & IVES PRINT. Probably 19th c. Threads and fabric. This is a copy of the well-known and popular "Winter." Size framed: 11" h., 16" w. Condition: moldy mat; mildew damage. 100 - 125
1209 TODDLERS PRINT. 19th c. Photomechanical color print. Nannies and toddlers. Size framed: 17" h., 22" w. Condition: old yellowed mat. 40 - 60
1210 FARM PRINT. 19th c. Black lithograph with color. Sheep and a farmhouse. Size framed: 14" h., 20" w. Condition: cut down, yellowed. 30 - 50
1211 CAVALRY MAN PRINT. 19th c./ early 20th c. Photomechanical print after a watercolor (?). A cavalry man feeds his horse. Size: 11 1/2" sq., framed 21" sq. Condition: yellowed mat; chips to the frame. 50 - 75
1212 RUSTIC PRINTS, PAIR OF. 19th c. Photomechanical color lithograph and a black lithograph with color. The photomechanical print is a J. Hoover of Philadelphia, 1893 alpine forest and lake scene. The second image is an 1870s Currier & Ives-esque image of a cleared forest. Size (largest-alpine scene) framed: 20" h., 24" w. Condition: minor yellowing to both prints; black mold discoloration on th eornate frame of the Hoover alpine scene. 100 - 150
1213 THREE ARTWORKS. 19th/20th c. Sheep print, Macbeth illustration, and an unsigned watercolor of a windmill and canal. Size: all small. Condition: yellowing to the first two. 30 - 60
1214 TWO ARTWORKS. Galleon image and Chinese watercolor of swallows chasing a bee. Size: both small. Condition: severe yellowing to the watercolor. 30 - 50
1215 WILHELM LEHMANN PORTRAIT. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower right. Portrait of an old man. Lehmann (German 1906- ?), a Buchenwald survivor, was an autodidact who painted figurative scenes and landscapes. Size: 20" h., 16" w., framed 23" h., 19" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 175
1216 NAIVE HOUSE PAINTING. Late 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas covered board. Unsigned. A Federal style house is seen with a fruit stand outside its front door. Size framed: 12 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w. Condition: slightly dirty. 50 - 75
1217 DEAD DUCKS PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed indistinctly. Two ducks hang from a nail; the subject matter recalls famous trompe l'oeil game painters. Size framed: 26" h., 17" w. Condition: flaking paint, cupped and warped surface; broken frame. 20 - 25
1218 BIRD IMAGERY. 20th c. A photograph and a painting on wood. The photo is a Mark Thomas picture of a bald eagle; the painting is on a 2 x 4 and shows flying ducks. Size: both are small. Condition: no visible defects. 10 - 15
1219 ZVI MILSHTEIN COLOR ETCHING. Dated 1968. Deep bitten etching with engraving. Zvi Milshtein (Israeli) is a listed artist whose oeuvre includes many prints. This face is of an edition of ninety; the number of this one is unknown. Size framed: 27" h., 18" w. Condition: water / liquid stained on the bottom edge, framed but no glass; the frame's corner are separated. 125 - 200
1220 PAIR OF ARTWORKS. 20th c. "Jacob's Goat" watercolor by Ed Gifford and a framed needlepoint of roses. Size framed both: 13" h., 14" w. Condition: no visible defects to either. 20 - 25
1221 DALI COLOR ENGRAVING. N/R. 1960s or 1970s. Color engraving and planographic color print on Japanese paper. Signed in pencil "Dali" and E.A. (epreuve artiste/artist's proof). Two faces touch tenderly amidst a miniscule landscape. Golden micaceous blobs are overprinted to decorate the image in a whimsical, melodic style. Size: 17 1/2" h., 10 1/2" w., framed 25" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1222 ERNEST TROVA PRINT. 20th c. Silver foil on red colored paper. Trova's famous "Falling Man" sculpture spawned this image. Size framed: 11" h., 9" w. Condition: some yellowing to backing paper. 20 - 45
1223 ITALIAN COAST SCENE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right illegibly. A fisherman with his net is seen at the shore, a boy is with him, coastal hill town buildings are seen. Size: 11" h., 16" w., framed 14" h., 19" w. Condition: buckled, some dirt. 150 - 225
1224 GEORGE INNESS POSTER. 19th c. Photomechanical poster. "Landscape Near Mountain." Size framed: 25" h., 35" w. Condition: dirty, buckled. 20 - 25
1225 PAINTING ON WOODEN TILE. 19th/ 20th c. Oil on wood. Frameplate reads "T. Ostade." Done in a Dutch 17th c. manner, this shows an old man who appears to be an alchemist or an artist with an assistant and various containers around them. Size: 6" h., 5" w., framed 10" h., 9" w. Condition: very minor craquellure. 150 - 250
1226 CARTOONISH 19TH C. FEMALE. 20th c. Paint on canvas. Signed in marker illegibly. This cartoonish imnage is of a woman in a huge black hat and driving wrap. Next to her are the words "Grace: Those automobile coats haven't any shape. Blanche: No. They're just the thing for wearers who haven't any." Size: 12" h., 9" w., framed 13" h., 10' w. Condition: a chip of paint is missing from the bottom edge. 20 - 40
1227 ITALIAN HARBOR SCENE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower left illegibly. An Italian lake scene is shown: a spit of land, a boat with three fishermen and a smoking volcano. Size: 11" h.,. 16" w., framed 14' h., 19" w. Condition: minor craquellure, some dirt; under glass. 150 - 225
1228 M. PILLET SCREENPRINT. 20th c. Signed lower right. 97/100. Six colored crayons explode color upward. Size: 27" h., 18" w. Condition: no visible defects. 10 - 20
1229 JOHN SUCHY 3-D OFFSET LITHOGRAPH. 1986. Signed in pen. Suchy (b. 1946) creates architectural, whimsical renderings of New York City, often featuring taxicabs. In 1980 he added three dimensional aspects to his prints-- flat images are glued on cardboard and then attached to the image behind. This one shows taxis and the Statue of Liberty. Suchy's exhibitions have been mostly in the New York area. Size: 20' h., 30" w. Condition: slightly buckled. 50 - 60
1230 LESZAK STANKO LANDSCAPE. 1972. Oil on canvas. Stanko (Czech) painted a scene of a forest cabin, cut trees and mountains. Size: 20" h., 23" w, framed 24" h., 27" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 80
1231 BEAUTIFUL BRUNETTE/EVENING PRAYER C & IVES. 1838-1874. Black lithos with color. Size: 15" h., 10" w. and 13" h., 9" w. Condition: they have holes, foxing, are cut down; Brunette has tape on it. 55 - 100
1232 CLARA & EVENING PRAYER CURRIER & IVES. 1838-1872. Black lithos with color. Size: 15" h., 10" w., approx. the same for both. Condition: Evening Prayer is cut down, has a hole, yellowed; Clara has tape residue, tears and losses at all edges and water damage. 80 - 125
1233 THE DEATH SHOT CURRIER & IVES. 1872-74. Black litho with color. A deer has gone down by a bullet. Size: 13 1/2" h., 16 1/2" w. Condition: acid burnt, much foxing, creases, no right corner. 140 - 180
1234 LITTLE DAISY CURRIER & IVES PRINT. 19th c. Black lithograph with color. Size: 16" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: acid burnt, yellowed. 30 - 40
1235 HOME OF WASHINGTON CURRIER & IVES. 1872-1874. Black litho with color. Size: 10 1/2" h., 14" w, framed 15" h., 19" w. Condition: tape bleed-through, acid burnt, some water damage. 140 - 200
1236 DALI FACSIMILE. Published 1994. Photomechanical print. "Manhattan Skyline." Published by Visual Art Publisher. Size framed: 41" h., 32" w. Condition: like new. 50 - 75
1237 PICASSO FACSIMILE. Published 1998. Photomechanical print. "Corrida" shows a bullfighter in a sparsely and abstractedly rendered arena. From an original that dates to 1957. Size: 34" h., 40' w. Condition: like new. 50 - 75
1238 CHAGALL FACSIMILE. Published 1993. Photomechanical print. "Exodus -Star.' Published by United Litho. Various Jewish devices and symbols are combined with figures in a dreamy composition. Size framed: 36" h., 30" w. Condition: like new. 50 - 75
1239 CHAGALL FACSIMILE. Published 1998. Photomechanical print. "Sur la Route du Village" from the painting - a man and a pink horse, a woman and a child. Size framed: 44" h., 35" w. Condition: like new. 50 - 75
1240 M. FAIRCHILD SHEPLER PRINT. 20th c. Multicolor lithograph. Signed, titled. Number one of eight. This is a crazy face. Size framed: 32" h., 26" w. Condition: no defects. 30 - 50
1241 CHINESE ANCESTOR PORTRAIT. Watercolor on paper. A man in dark blue robes with a stork design is shown. Size framed: 38" h., 27" w. Condition: slightly yellowed. 30 - 75
1242 DORIE MARDER VILLAGE STREET O/C. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed. This is a very gestural and energetic painting of two buildings done in a style reminiscent of Max Beckmann. Marder (American born 1916) was born in Poland but based herself in New York City. She studied at the Sorbonne, the New School for Social Research and with Morris Kantor. Marder exhibited widely throughout the United States. Size: 29" h., 14" w., framed 36' h., 22" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 400
1243 ABSTRACT WOODCUT. Dated 1966. Black ink woodcut. Signed illegibly. It bears the inscription "To George for His Birthday." Done with gouges and brushing at the wood to raise the grain. Size framed: 24" h., 29' w. Condition: dirty mat. 20 - 40
1244 NUBEVICA LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. This is a very bright and colorful image of a stucco and log house of perhaps a Central European style. Size: 22" h., 31" w., framed 28" h., 37" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 80
1245 SK VARCH MORNING SHADE PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed. Two rusty milk cans and a drum are seen in string sunlight. Size: 14' h., 22" w. Condition: mat is aged. 20 - 25
1246 J. SHIPLEY SPIDER WEB PAINTING. 20th c. Paint on paper adhered to wood. Signed. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: slightly dirty. 15 - 20
1248 E. BIRK LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Rolling hills covered with purple thistle give structure to this expansive and bright land and skyscape. Size: 24" h., 36" w., framed 32" h., 45" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 150
1249 RACHEL MCCLELLAND SUTTON OIL. Dated 1932. Signed and dated in the lower right. On the verso is a handwritten tag that reads "Fifth & Wilkins Aves." This well known Pittsburgh artist has produced a commanding view of the city and part of the eastern residential area, punctuated by a rhythmic drawing of the houses, trees and buildings in ultramarine blue. Among the Downtown buildings identifiable there are the Frick Building and the Allegheny County Courthouse. Size: 29 1/2" h., 25" w., framed 35" h., 30" w. Condition: some craquellure in the sky where the paint is thickest; slight buckling at the lower left edge. 2,500 - 3,000
1250 V.ZADKINE: STILL LIFE. O/C. Prax-Zadkine, Valentine ( Algerian/French 1889-1981). signed lower right and dated '30. Oil on canvas. Wife of sculptor Ossip Zadkine for 457 years.Influenced by her sculptor husband resulted in works like this one having an appearance of sculptural mass. Canvas 25" x 31 1/2" (63x80.1cm) With frame 31" x 38" (78.7 x96.5cm.) Condition: slight 2" square (5.08cm) craquelure at center top. A few small areas of paint loss. No relining. No holes or repairs to canvas. No repainting, colors vibrant, could use a light cleaning. sime chips to paint on frame. 2,500 - 5,000
1301 FRANCISCAN WARE. Franciscan Ware, Desert Rose; coffee pot, creamer, & lidded sugar bowl. Creamer spout chipped. 200 - 300
1302 FRANCISCAN WARE. Partial set Franciscan Ware, Desert Rose pattern. 59 pcs. 1. 12 cups, 1 chipped, 1 cracked. 2. 12 saucers. 3. 11 fruit bowls. 4. 8 bread and butter plates. 5. 4 luncheon plates. 6. 12 dinner plates, 1 chipped. 200 - 400
1303 FRANCISCAN WARE. Franciscan Ware, Desert Rose pattern, 8 serving pcs. 1. Round platter 2. Large salad bowl. 3. Small bowl. 4. Handled round vegetable bowl, with lid. 5. Small oval serving dish; small chip. 6. Gravy boat. 7. Celeray or pickle dish. 8. Salt and pepper. 200 - 300
1304 NORITAKE LUNCHEON SET. Noritake luncheon set, marked "Made in Japan." Hand-painted orange lustre ware, bird and blossom design. 1st. half 20th century. 20 pcs. 1. 6 cups. 2. 6 saucers, 1 chipped. 3. 6 luncheon plates. 4. creamer and covered sugar bowl. 75 - 150
1305 MINTON: THE FISHERMAN. N/R. Man with net and rope, part of Minton's BRONZE AND IVORY COLLECTION, designed by Eric Griffiths, made of ivory colored bone china and cold cast bronze. Designed 1978, withdrawn 1984. Marked Minton Fine Bone China, made in England, copyright 1978. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1306 MINTON: THE SHEIKH. N/R. Man with a falcon, part of Minton's BRONZE AND IVORY COLLECTION, designed by Eric Griffiths, ivory colored bone china and cold cast bronze, begun 1978, withdrawn 1984. The Sheikh marked: Minton MS3, Minton Fine bone China, made in England 1978. Size: 9 3/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1307 MINTON: THE SAGE. N/R. Seated figure with book, part of Minton's BRONZE AND IVORY C0LLECTION, designed by Eric Griffiths, made of ivory colored bone china and cold cast bronze, made in 1978, withdrawn 1984. Marked: Minton Fine Bone China, Made in England,MS25 copyright 1978. Size: 6 3/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1308 MINTON: TRAVELLERS TALES. N/R. Figure from the BRONZE AND IVORY COLLECTION, designed by Eric Griffith, made of ivory colored bone china and cold cast bronze, designed in 1978, withdrawn 1984. Marked Minton MS1, Fine Bone China, Made in England. copyright 1978. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1309 MINTON: GRECIAN DANCER N/R. Classically draped female figure, part of Minton's BRONZE AND IVORY COLLECTION, designed by Eric Griffith, made of ivory colored bone china and cold cast bronze. designed 1979, withdrawn 1984. Marked: Minton MS6 Fine Bone China, c.Royal Doulton, Tableware Ltd.1979. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1310 3 WEDGWOOD PIECES. N/R. (1) Embossed Queensware blue and white creamer, frieze of classical figures, band of grape vines at top. Stamped: Wedgwood Embossed Queens Ware of Etruria & Barlaston. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Green jasperware plate, center medallion of Night riding her chariot, w. band of grape leaves around outer edge. Incised: Wedgwood, Made in England. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (3( Green jasperware plate, kcenter medallion of two women with Amor, band of grape leaves around outer edge. INcised: Wedgwood, made in England. Size: 4 11/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1311 BLUE MOLD BLOWN VASE. N/R. Blue mold blown vase with raised floral decoration on body, fluted edge, raised decoration painted, gilt bands also applied. Size: 10"H. Condition: paint worn on decoration, gilt bands worn. 40 - 80
1312 PAIR BRISTOL BLUE VASES. N/R. Pair of blown glass blue vases with gilt and enamelled floral decoration. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: gilt worn, painted decoration worn, stoppers: one missing, one broken off in vase. 40 - 80
1313 PAIR BLUE BLOWN GLASS VASES. N/R. Pair of blue blown glass vases, painted floral decoration of pansies, lily of the valley, and other flowers, gilt highlighitng. Size: 6"H each. Condition: gilding worn, gilt band missing on bottom of one vase. 40 - 80
1314 PR. BLUE AND AMBER GLASS VASES. N/R. Blown blue glass egg shaped vases on applied amber glass four footed base. Size: 5"H each. Condition: chip on one foot of each vase. 25 - 50
1315 5 PRESSED GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD" plate, clear pressed glass. Size: 11 1/4"Diam. Condition: several chips on rim. (2) Pressed glass spooner with ancient wonders including: Pyramid, Sphinx, Parthenon. Size: 5"H. Condition: good. (3) Creamer, pressed glass with frieze of flowers. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: chip in top rim. (4/5) 2 Coudersport glass "Trailing Vine: spooners. Size: 3 3/4"H each. Condition: one with chip in base. 50 - 100
1316 PRESSED GLASS PITCHER & GLASSES. N/R. Pressed glass thistle pattern pitcher and 5 matching glasses, all with raised mark: Near Cut. Size: pitcher 7 3/4"H. Glasses 4"H. Condition: good with minor wear. 60 - 120
1317 3 FACE SALT SHAKER. N/R. Pressed glass three face salt shaker, slight purple cast, metal screw on cap. Size: 2 3/4"H. Condition: fleabite on bottom rim, metal cap is discolored, chip in top rim under metal cap. 40 - 80
1318 PRESSED GLASS PITCHER & MUG.N/R. Amber pressed glass pitcher and one matching pressed glass mug. Size: pitcher 9 1/4"H Condition: good. mug 3 3/4"H Condition: good. 40 - 80
1319 3 PRESSED THISTLE PATTERN ITEMS. N/R. (1) Pressed glass thistle pattern pitcher, alternating panels of thistle and radiating stars, with raised Bee mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. (2) Pressed glass thistle pattern sugar bowl with 2 handles, alternating panels of thistle and radiating stars, no mark. Size: 4"H, 4 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor flake on base. (3) Pressed glass thistle patern low bowl, aternating panels of thistle and radiating stars, with raised Bee mark. Size: 1 3/4"H. 4 3/4"Diam. Condition: chip in top rim. 30 - 60
1320 TECH BEER ADV. SIGN. N/R. Metal Tech Beer advertising sign, Fall hunting scene with text: Too Good to Forget: Tech Beer. Designed by Hy Hintermeister for Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. Size: 26 3/8"L, 18 3/8"H. Condition: rubbing, wear and scratches along border. 50 - 100
1321 METAL RELIEF OF HORSE IN FRAME. N/R. Metal 3 dimensional horse's head with briddle on metal background and wooden frame. No mark. Size: image 11 1/2"H, 8"W. Frame: 16 1/2"H, 13 1/4"W. Condition: wear to metal, wooden frame worn on edges. 40 - 80
1322 OVAL TRAY. N/R. Oval decaled tray with elderly couple drinking coffee and reading news paper. Marked No 44. Size: 16 1/2"L, 135/8"W. Condition: wear and scratches. 25 - 50
1323 STEIN AND PITCHER. N/R. (1) German stein, blue and grey salt glaze, genre scene with banded decoration, .5L, incised Germany. Size: 5 3/4"H condition" minor wear. (2) Blue and grey salt glazed pitcher, decorated with word Gesundheit and an Asian scene as well as two butterflies. no mark. Size: 9"H, 6"Diam. Condition: 4inch crack near spout. 75 - 150
1324 3 BEER STEINS.N/R. (1) Lidded stein, metal lid, three multi colored scenes, 2 landscape, 1 genre, texts states in German (Had Adam Bavarian beer drunk, Had he the apple not eaten). Marked on bottom 3037 21 Made in West Germany. Size: 8"H. condition: good. (2) Portrait stein, bust of "Deckmann" in shield, flanked by gnomes with hops and barley, maroon and blue on yellow ground, no mark. Size: 4 1/4"H, condition: good. (3) Open stein, top rim lettering : Greetings from Garmisch. Text in German states: A good drink makes all young. and Prosit. Genre scene in center. Marked: made in Germany 8103. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1325 STONEWARE BEER BOTTLE. N/R. Stoneware beer bottle incised: Bush & Batchelder, ...nia Beer. 12 paneled sides, smooth glazed top. Size: 11"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good, some wear around opening. 50 - 100
1326 ERIE BREWING ADV. TRAY. N/R. Metal advertising tray, decaled decoration of woman with rose, jewels in hair with Art Nouveau floral border, marked on back: Erie Brewing Co. Purity Age Strength Brewer and Bottler of Lager Beer, Ale and Porter, Erie, Pa. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: scratches and wear to decorated surface. 50 - 100
1327 CHAMELLION ADV. PIECE. N/R. Bronze chamellion advertising piece marked: The Sherwin Williams Co. Paints & Varnishes, Dark patina bronze, Size; 8"L, 9"W, 1 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1328 BANK DOUBLE INKWELL. N/R. Bank double inkwell, plate glass base, beveled top edge, 2 octagonal glass inkwells with metal hinged lids and ink holder inserts, 2 pen holders, dark rubber material. Inkwells marked 57.S Size" 12 1/8"L, 4 5/8"W, 3 1/4"H. Condition: wear and scratches to the glass base. One pen holder damaged, corrosion to inkwell lids. 50 - 100
1329 2 GLASS INKWELLS. N/R. (1) Pyramidal glass inkwell, hinged top, beveled edges, no mark. Size: 4 1/$"H, 3 x3" base. Condition: chip on top, fleabites on lower edge, several other chips. (2) Glass and brass inkwell and pen rest, hinged cut glass top, no mark. Size: 3"H, 2 1/2"W, 3 1/4"D. condition: several minor chips overall. 40 - 80
1330 FIGURAL INKWELL/LETTER RACK. N/R. Pot metal inkwell/letter rack with inkwell in the form of a lidded woven basket with milk glass insert, nude female crouching figure with a sickle, brass 2 section letter rack attached. Marked on bottom #6672. Size:4 1/2"H, 7 3/4"L, 4 1/2"D. Condition: metal surface worn, figiure loose on base. 50 - 100
1331 ARTS & CRAFTS DESK SET ITEMS. N/R. (1) Inkwell and pen rest, copper with raised Arts & Crafts decoration, multicolored enamel inserts front and top, brasss feet and bottom rails, green glass insert for inkwell, hinged lid on inkwell. No mark. Size: 3"H, 3 3/4"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: glass rim of inkwell chipped, metal worn. (2) Stampbox, copper with raised Arts & Crafts decoration, multicolored enamel insert in top, brass feet and bottom rail, no mark. Size: 1 1/2"H, 4 1/4"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: missing element in back of stampbox, metal worn. 75 - 150
1332 CERAMIC PEN REST & PENCIL BOX. N/R. (1) Ceramic pen rest, green glazed ceramic with raised crocodile decoration, marked: The National Tile Co. Anderson Ind. Size: 1 1/2"H, 4 3/8"L, 3"W. Condition: some chips on corners, edges, and crocodile. (2) Wooden pencil box with key. c. 1900 morning glory design on lid, black lacquer interior. Size: 10"L, 3"W, 2"H. Condition: signs of wear, some buckling of surface. 50 - 100
1333 VICTORIAN MAGNIFYING BOX. N/R. Victorian magnifying box, ebonized wood, 2 hinged sides, with incised decoration, round magnifying lens, interior compartments for holding objects before lens, adjustable interior easel back for raising device. No mark. Size: 3"H, 9 "L, 5 3/4"W. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1334 3 HALLOWEEN ITEMS. N/R. (1) Skeleton candy holder, glazed ceramic, marked: Patent 57015 Made in Japan. Size: 3 1/2"H, 2 1/4"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: minor flake on foot. (2/3) Halloween pumpkin lanterns. battery operated (2 C cells each) screw off bottoms, glass pumpkin tops, wire handle. Marked Made in Hong Kong. size: 5 1/2"H, 3 1/2"W. Condition: rust and wear on metal. One glass pumpkin has flaking paint. 50 - 100
1335 2 COBALT DECORATED PIECES. N/R. (1) small vessel with metal rimmed spout, hand painted floral and beaded enamel decoration, gilt top edge, no mark. Size:7"H, 5"Diam. Condition: wear to gilding and painting. (2) Small cobalt blue vase with orange and white enameled grape decoration. Size: 5"H. Condition: some wear to decoration. 40 - 80
1336 2 CAMEO TYPE GLASS ITEMS. N/R. (1) Vase, cased blue over white cameo style glass vase, peony and bird decoration. no mark. Size: 8 3/4"H. Condition: good. (2) low bowl, cased blue over white cameo style glass, bird and flower decoration. Size: 2 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1337 IRIDSCENT GLASS VASE. N/R. Iridescent blown glass vase, polished bottom, fluted edge, threaded and swirled decoration, blue and purple. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1338 IRIDESCENT BLOWN GLASS VASE. N/R. Iridescent blown glass vase, draped decoration, 6 applied puled decorative elements, flared base, rolled rim with stretch decoration. no mark. Size: 6"H. 6 1/2"Diam. Condition:good. 40 - 80
1339 IRIDESCENT FOOTED VASE. N/R. Iridescent blown glass vase with draped decoration, six applied pulled decorative elements, flared base, folded rim with stretch decoration, no marks. Size: 6"H, 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1340 BLOWN GLASS AMBERINA BASKET. N/R. Blown glass 8 ribbed bassket, clear applied handle, shading pale yellow to red, 8 small feet, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1341 AMBERINA SATIN GLASS VASE. N/R. Handblown amberina satin glass vase, fluted edge, applied yellow satin glass decoration at neck. no mark. Size: 5"Diam. 5 1/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1342 BLOWN GLASS VASE. N/R. Blown glass vase with red feathers pulled into body, pale green top rim. No mark. Size: 9"H, 6"Diam. Condition: one black spot on rim. 40 - 80
1343 BLOWN GLASS BOWL. N/R. Blown glass bowl, white glass body, applied pink handle, ground bottom, no mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 7"W. 8 3/4"L. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1344 BLOWN BLUE STAIN GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Blown blue satin glass pitcher, blue diamond pattern cased over white, white satin glass threaded applied handle, crimped and fluted top. No mark. Size: 9 1/4"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1345 BLOWN GLASS IRIDESCENT VASE.N/R. Blown glass pink iridescent vase, with ribs, confetti glass decoration lower half, scalloped rim, no mark. Size: 8"H. 7 1/2"Diam.Condition: one green stain near base of vase. 50 - 100
1346 FENTON PINK SATIN GLASS VASE. N/R. Pink satin glass vase, dark to light pink ribbed body, fluted top, paper label: Authentic Fenton Handmade. Size: 11 1/2"H, 5"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1347 CASED GLASS VASE. N/R. Cased glass vase, pink diamond over white, bulbous ribbed body, slender neck. no mark. Size: 6"H. Condition: chips in top rim. 40 - 80
1348 MOLD BLOWN CRANBERRRY BOWL. N/R. Mold blown cranberry bowl, ribbed diamond pattern body, fluted and crimped rim. no mark. Size: 5"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1349 PURPLE MOLD BLOWN VASE. N/R. Purple mold blown vase, ribbed diamond pattern body, pie crust top rim in clear, no mark. Size: 4"H, 4"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1350 AMBERINA CUP. N/R. Amberina cup with diamond pattern bowl, shading yellow to red, applied ribbed yellow handle, no mark. size: 2 1/2"H. Condition" minor wear to bottom. 50 - 100
1351 OPALESCENT BOWL AND UNDERLINER. N/R. Pink threaded opalescent glass, bowl with crimped edge, shading pink to white opalescent, matching underliner, ground bottom. No mark. Size: bowl 3"H 5"Diam. Condition: one flake on interior bottom of bowl. Size: underliner: 1"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1352 ART GLASS BASKET. N/R. Art glass basket, milk glass body, yellowedging and leaf decoration, twisted yellow handle, applied flower, no mark. Size: 7 1/4"H, 5 3/4"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1353 BLUE/GREEN BLOWN GLASS VASE. N/R. Blue/green blown glass vase, stepped base, long body, crimped and fluted top, white enamel floral decoration on body, gilt leaf decoration. Size; 8 1/2"H, Condition: gilding worn. 40 - 80
1354 BLOWN MERCURY GLASS VASE. N/R. Blown vase with satin finish body, floral painted daffodil decoration, three painted bands on neck. Size: 10 1/2"H, Condition: good, minor wear, band on neck worn. 50 - 100
1355 BLOWN COBALT VASE. N/R. Blown cobalt vase with crimped top edge, painted and enamelled floral and leaf decoration, gilt top edge and bottom band. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: gilt worn, painting worn. 30 - 60
1356 3 BLOWN GLASS GREEN VASES. N/R. (1) Green blown glass vase, ribbed body, painted thistle decoration, gilt band at bottom and top. Size: 12 1/2"H. Condition: 2 chips in top rim, top gilt ring warn. (2) Green blown glass vase, low bulbous form, slender shaft. Size: 12"H. Condition: good. (3) Green blown glass vase, bulbous body, slender neck, enamelled flower decoraiton on lower body of vase. Size:7"H. Condition: enamelled flowers worn. 40 - 80
1357 2 GREEN BLOWN GLASS VASES. N/R. 2 green blown glass vases with low bulbous base and slender neck, crimped top. (1) with white enamelled floral decoration, gilt highlights. size: 8"H. Condition: gilt worn. (2) with blue, white and red floral decoration, gold painted leaves and highlights, gilt band at base and top edge. Size: 8"H. Condition: floral decoration chipping, gilt top worn, gold decoration worn. 30 - 60
1358 GREEN GLASS LIDDED BOX. N/R. Round lidded glass box, ribbed interior, smooth exterior of glass, copper colored enamel floral decoration with black inpainting on top, copper colored enamel beaded border on bottom. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. 3 1/4"H. Condition: some enameled decoratoin is worn, some black painting is worn. 50 - 100
1359 BLOWN CASED GLASS VASE. N/R. Blown cased glass vase, clear over red with streaks of other color threaded throughout. Mo mark. Size: 6"H. Condition: chip in rim. 30 - 60
1360 BLOWN GLASS VASE W. CONFETTI DEC. N/R. Blown cased glass vase, pink over white, lower portion multicolor confetti glass, stretched along the bottom half. No mark. Size: 8"H. Condition: chip on top rim. 30 - 60
1361 MOLD BLOWN CASED GLASS VASE. Mold blown swirled rib vase, cased clear over confetti glass, fluted top, no mark. Size: 7 3/4"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1362 CASED DRINKING GLASS. N/R. Blown cased glass, clear and marblized red, blue, and green color over white, with gold shot throughout. No mark. Size: 3 5/8"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1363 2 DECO FROSTED GLASS VASES. N/R. (1) mold blown Art Deco 2 handled vase, stylized flowers in body, stepped neck, angular handles, frosted glass. Size: 7"H. Condition: crack in base. (2) Frosted glass basket weave pattern vase in gilt metal mounts. Size: 7 1/4H, 5 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: gilding worn on metal. 40 - 80
1364 PR. VICTORIAN FAN VASES. White ceramic vases with gilt decoration, vases on raised bases with floral and vine side decoration, raised center decoration of leaves and flowers with gilding. Size: 6 1/2"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. each. Condition: gilding worn, minor chips on center front flowers and leaves of each vase. 40 - 80
1365 2 AIR TRAPPED BUBBLE PIECES. N/R. (1) Green and clear cased glass basket with air trapped bubbles, ground bottom, no marks. Size: 6 1/2"H, 7"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: good. (2) Clear and grey cased glass fish with air trapped bubbles, shot with gold. Paper label: Made in Italy, Camer Glass, New York Venice. Size: 6"H, 4 3/4"W, 2"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1366 VENETIAN STYLE GLASS FIGURE. N/R. Blown glass vigure of courtly gentleman, blue glass costume, red threading on legs; head, ruff and base shot with gold. No marks. Size: 12"H. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
1367 AIR TRAPPED BUBBLE VASE. N/R. Amber bowl on clear round air trapped bubble base. Possibly Erickson, no marks. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1368 VICTORIAN CASED GLASS VASE. N/R. Yellow cased glass over white, low bulbous body, slender neck, ringed decoration, pink enamelled and beaded decoration. Size: 9"H. Condition: some wear to decoration. 75 - 150
1369 GREEN & WHITE CASED VASE.N/R. Green and white cased glass vase, green outer, white inner, fluted top. no marks. Size: 7 1/2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition:good. 30 - 60
1370 BLOWN MILK GLASS VASE.N/R. Blown milk glass vase with crimped fluted top, body toned and hand decorated with gold and red flowers and leaves, gilt banded neck and top rim. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: gilding on top worn, painted decoration worn. 25 - 50
1371 PR. VENETIAN FOOTED COMPOTES. N/R. Blown glass footed compotes, base, stem and body green glass shot with gold; base edge, top edge and scrolled handles pink shot with gold. Size: 7"H, 9 1/2"L. 5 1/4"D. each. Condition: minor flaking on edge of one compote. 80 - 160
1372 13 CLEAR GLASS CURTAIN TIEBACKS. N/R. (2) clear glass with pointed end leaf design. Size: 4"L, 2 1/4"W, 3"D. Condition: good. (11) clear glass with curved scroll end leaf design. Size: 4 1/2"L, 3"W, 3"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1373 11 PINK GLASS CURTAIN TIEBACKS. N/R. 11 pink glass curtail tiebacks in leaf design. Size: 4 1/2"L, 2 1/2"W, 2 3/4"D. condition: good. 40 - 80
1374 15 DEPRESSION GLASS PULLS. N/R. Pink green and aqua curtain tiebacks or pulls. includes: (7) green floral pulls with metal mounts. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. (2) pink floral pulls with metal mounts, Size: 3 1/2"Diam. (4) small green floral pulls with metal mounts. Size: 2 1/4"Diam. (2) aqua glass floral pulls with metal mounts. Size: 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: all good except one aqua pull with chip out of rim. 50 - 100
1376 PINK HOBNAIL BASKET & PLATE. (1) Pink hobnail basket, shading clear pink to opalescent white, clear applied handle, crimped edge. no mark. Size; 7 1/2"H, 7"W, 6"D. Condition: good. (1) pink hobnail plate, shading clear pink to opalescent white, crimped edge, no mark. Size: 3"H, 6 3/4"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1377 5 GLASS TREE TRUNK VASES. N/R. (1) clear glass tree trunk vase, base of 5 pulled glass roots, 4 glass hooks near top ( one broken) Size: 10"H. Condition: one broken hook. (2,3,4,5) four smaller clear glass tree trunk vases, two with 6 root bases, 2 with 5 root bases, each with one hook near top. Size: all approx. 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. signs of wear. 75 - 150
1378 2 ROYAL COPENHAGEN DECANTERS. N/R. Pair of blue and white porcelain stoppered decanters, front center view of Rosenborg Castle, back center Royal Copenhagen logo. Each marked Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, 4378 KHX. Size: 9 3/4"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1379 BLOWN GLASS PITCHER & 5 GLASSES. N/R. Blown glass pitcher, fluted petal rim, applied ribbed handle, aqua blue painted band, white enamel decoration. no mark. Five matching glasses, aqua blue band and white enamel decoration. no mark. Size: pitcher 9 1/2"H. glasses 4"H. Condition: pitcher white enamel decoration worn. Glasses: 4 good, one with crack in body. white enamel decoration worn. 50 - 100
1380 CUSTARD GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Custard glass pitcher, beaded band and beaded rim painted and enameled decoration, blue flowers with orange enamel dots. no mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good, minor wear to painting. 75 - 150
1381 CUSTARD GLASS CREAMER. N/R. Custard glass creamer, beaded band and beaded rim, gilt decoration on beads, front has " Grand Forks N.D." in red. No marks. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good, signs of wear. 30 - 60
1382 3 STERLING DRESSER PIECES. N/R. (1) Round hand mirror in elaborate raised decorated frame, torch arrow and wreath top center decoration, marked Sterling 100. Monogramed EPA. Size: 8"L Condition: signs of wear. (2) Handled brush with decoration matching the round hand mirror. Size: 9"L Condition: signs of wear. (3) Smaller brush with elaborate raised decoration, monogramed LM marked Sterling. Size: 6"L Condition: signs of wear, bristles loose. 50 - 100
1383 3 FOLD ART NOUVEAU MIRROR. N/R. 3 fold portable shaving mirror, 3 beveled mirrors in folding wood frame, ball feet, chain hanger, each mirror backed by embossed Art Nouveau floral design. Size: each panel 8"H, 6"W. Condition: good, minor wear. 75 - 150
1384 3 ART NOUVEAU PIECES. N/R. (1) Oval leather box with raised floral decoration, green lining, no mark. Size: 2"H. 5 1/4"L, 4"D. Condition: wear to leather. (2) Lidded metal box wtih female head and floral decoration on lid. Marked : Victor Silver Co. Quadruple Plate 5107. Size: 1 3/4"H, 4"L, 3"D. Condition: metal worn, plate worn. (3) Silver overlay style metal stoppered bottle. Raised floral decoration, marked: Rogers Silver Plate NB Danbury, Conn. Size: 3"H, 3"Diam. Condition : metal and plate worn. 40 - 80
1385 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE BASKET. N/R. Basket with clear applied handle, Moonstone pattern, Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio 1941-46. Crystal with opalescent hobnails. Size: 10"H, 101/2"W, 8 1/4"D. condition: good. 50 - 100
1386 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE 4 PIECES. 4 pieces of Moonstone pattern, Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster Ohio, 1941-46.Crystal with opalescent hobnails. Pieces include: (1) small ruffled vase. Size; 3 3/4"H. condition: good. (1) Covered cigarette box. Size: 2 1/4"H, 4 3/4"L, 3 1/2"D. condition: lid has minor flake inside. (1) Round puff box with lid. Size: 2 1/2"H. Conditin: good. (1) Covered candy dish with handles. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6"Diam. condition: chip on lid. 40 - 80
1387 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE 10 PIECES. N/R. 10 pieces of Moonstone Pattern, Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1941-46. Pieces include: (1) mini sugar Size: 2"H, condition: good. (2) divided relish Size: 1 1/2"H, 7 7/8"Diam. Condtion: good (2) Round perfume (?) with no stopper Size: 5"H. Condition: good. (1) Cruet with stopper Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Small vase with round top size: 3 3/4"H condition:good. (1) round bowl with fluted edge Size: 1 3/4"H, 7 3/4"Diam. Condition: good (1) round jar no lid, Size: 2 1/8"H, 5"Diam. condition: good. (1) round jar no lid Size: 2"H, 4 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 80 - 160
1388 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE 10 PIECES. N/R. 10 pieces of Moonstone pattern made by Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster Ohio, 1941-456. crystal glass with opalescent hobnails. Pieces include: (5) cups Size: 32 1/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. condition: good. (5) Sherberts Size: 3 1/2"H, 3 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1389 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE 6 PIECES. N/R. 6 pieces of Moonstone by Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio 1941-46. Crystal glass with opalescent hobnails. pieces include: (1) Creamer Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) sugar Size: 3 1/4"H. condition: good. (4) goblets Size: 5 1/2"H condition: good. 60 - 120
1390 RED TRANSFER TEA SET. N/R. 3 pieces of Johnson Bros. England "Old Britain Castles" series. Set includes: (1) teapot. Size: 5 1/2"H 10"L, 5 1/2"W. (2) creamer. Size: 3"H, 6 1/2"H. 3 3/4"W. (3) lidded sugar. Size: 3"H, 6 1/4"L, 3 3/4"W. Condition: teapot, creamer good, minor wear. sugar has minor crazing on exterior and interior. 30 - 60
1391 5 GERMAN KITCHEN CANISTERS. N/R. Five kitchen canisters with blue, yellow and black geomentric band decoration and black lettering. Series includes: Tea, Flour, Barley,Coffee, Sugar. Marked inderneath: incised: FRIDA, stamped: Germany. Size: 7 1/2"H, 3 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: 2 lids with chips, 1 canister has a damaged bottom and interior (Sugar). 50 - 100
1392 12 SPODE PLATES. N/R. 12 plates with overall floral pattern. larger colored flowers on black leaf background. Marked :Copeland Late Spode England (matches lot #1393). Size: 9"diam. each. condition: good. 50 - 100
1393 SPODE FOOTED BOWL. N/R. Footed and handled bowl with overall floral pattern, larger colorful flowers on a black leaf pattern. Marked: Copeland Late Spode England. (Matches lot #1392). Size: 10"Diam. bowl, 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1394 2 GREEN & WHITE CAMEO STYLE VASES. N/R. Pair of green and white cameo style glass vases, green over white decoration, with cranes and pine trees. no mark. Size: 13"H, 6"Diam. each. Condition: good with minor wear. 100 - 200
1395 PRESSED PITCHER AND FOUR GLASSES. N/R. Pressed glass pitcher, arched diamond pattern lower portion, panelled upper decoration, with four matiching glasses. Glasses have ground bottoms. No mark. Size: Pitcher 10 1/2"H, Glasses 4"H. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1396 COBALT PITCHER. N/R. Blown glass cobalt pitcher with swirled pattern, fluted top, applied handle. No mark. Size: 10"H. condition: good. 40 - 80
1397 2 TIFFIN CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. Two Tiffin royal blue candleholders, with twisted stems. no mark. Size: 8"H each. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1398 5 COBALT PIECES. N/R. (1) Blown glass cobalt bowl. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Round bowl with white enamel floral decoration. Size: 4 3/4"H. Conditin: 2 fleabites on rim. (3) Molded vase with fluted top Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: rough edge at top. (4) Small blown vase with fluted neck, crimped edge. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (5) Blown vase with swirled sides, fluted top. size: 2 1/8"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1399 COBALT CREAMER & SUGAR. N/R. Cobalt creamer and sugar with chevron pattern decoration. no mark. Size: creamer 3 1/2"H, Sugar 3"H. Condition: flake on corner of sugar bowl handle. 40 - 80
1400 2 MELON GLASS VASES.N/R. (1) Pale blue four section melon vase, on three ball feet, ground glass top, no mark. Size: 6"H, 6"D. Condition: chip in rim. (2) Iridescent clear glass four section melon vase, on three scrolled feet, ground top, no mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 8"Diam. Condition: several chips in rim. 30 - 60
1401 2 LIGHT BLUE GLASS ITEMS. N/R. (1) Pinched center vse, fluted top. no mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. (2) Light blue glass candlestick. no mark. Size: 10 1/8"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1402 12 CAULDRON PLATES. N/R. 12 botanical plates by Cauldron. Each with wide raised decorative band and center botanical design, four each of rose(No.9), Chrysanthemum ( NO. 1) and lily (No. 2). Each marked : Cauldron Est. 1774 Made in England. Size: 10 1/4"Diam. each. Condition: each has crazing on the center section. 50 - 100
1403 YELLOW TEAPOT. N/R. Yellow ceramic teapot with a band of floral decoration against a black background. No mark. Size: 6 1/2H, 11"L, 7"D. Condition: signs of minor wear. 25 - 50
1404 FRY "OVENGLASS" CASSEROLE W. HOLDER. N/R. Opalescent glass covered casserole , wheel cut flowers on lid, in metal holder decorated with windmills and hunt scenes. Marked Fry. #1932-8. size: 6 1/4"H, 10"L, 6 1/4"D. Condition: minor wear, three chips on rim of lid. 40 - 80
1405 FRY "OVENGLASS" PIE PLATE. N/R. Opalescent glass pie plate marked Fry, #1916-10-D. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: fleabite on rim. 25 - 50
1406 6 FRY OPALESCENT PLATES. N/R. Fry opalescent glass plates with ground bottoms. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: sign of wear. 50 - 100
1407 FOSTORIA "MAYFAIR" DISHES (25 PIECES) N/R. Fostoria green "Mayfair" pattern dishes, 1930's with square shaped plates and squared cup handles. Set includes: (8) plates with ground bottoms Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good (8) saucers with ground botoms Size: 5 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (7) cups, Condition: good. (1) Creamer, Condition: good (1) Sugar, Condition: good. 200 - 400
1408 VICTORIAN VASE A. KAUFMANN DEC. N/R. Victorian vase with Angelica Kaufmann figural scene. Decal decoration marked Kaufman, ornate pierced handles. Marked: Victoria Carlsbad Austria. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1409 ROYAL BONN VASE. N/R. Royal Bonn hand painted vase with bulbous body, small neck. hand painted roses and leaves on body, marked : Royal Bonn Germany C5788 5825 M2581. Size: 8 1/2"H, 5"Diam. Condition: neck has been repaired. 25 - 50
1410 NIPPON HAND PAINTED VASE. N/R. Hand painted and gilded round vase with three feet and gilt handles, whwite with green gilt highlights, small flowers. size: 5 1/2"H. Signed: Hand Painted Nippon with blue leaf mark. Condition: gilt worn. 40 - 80
1411 SUTHERLAND ART WARE VASE. N/R. Hand painted pottery vase, tall body, green lower, landscape upper scene, marked: A bit of the Old Country Frank Beardmore & Co. Fenton Sutherland Art Ware. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: good. 10 - 200
1412 ART NOUVEAU VASE. N/R. Molded vase with applied flower, cherry, and leaf decoration, Marked: P D M with acorn. Size: 10 "H. Condition: minor chips to ends of flowers and leaves. 100 - 200
1413 AUSTRIAN VASE. N/R. Vase with molded and applied decoration, cherries and leaves applied to a bark like surface with twig shaped handles. Marked: Turn Vienna EW Made in Austria. Size: 11 "H. Condition: damage to leaves and cherries. 50 - 100
1414 ENGLISH HAND PAINTED EWER. N/R. Ceramic ewer with hand painted floral decoration, with gilt highlights. Marked: SF & Co Royal Tudor England. Size: 13"H. Condition: good, some wear to gilding. 50 - 100
1415 VICTORIAN VASE. N/R. Brown with decaled female bust, pierced cherry branch handles, gilt highlights. Marked: Austria. Size: 7"H. Condition: Gilt worn, small flake on front. 40 - 80
1416 HAND PAINTED EWER. N/R. hand painted blank with roses and thorns, shading brown to blue. Signed on bottom C Phelps. Size: 10"H. Condition: lid missing. 25 - 50
1417 WHEELING POTTERY VASE.N/R. Handled vase with decaled rose decoration, gilt highlights. Maker: The Wheeling Potery Co. Size: 7"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear to gilding. 50 - 100
1418 R S PRUSSIA 2 COVERED BOWLS. N/R. (1) Round footed bowl with lid, floral decoration, gilt highlights. Marked RS Prussia. Size: 5"H, 7"Diam. Condition: fleabite on rim of lid, gilding worn. (2) Footed bowl with lid, fluted scalloped border on four leaf feet. Blue and pink floral decoration with gilt highlights. Marked RS Prussia. Size: 7"H, 7"Diam. Condition: signs of wear, gilding worn. 50 - 100
1419 SILVER LUSTRE VASE. N/R. Urn shaped vase, 2 handles, silver lustre body, yellow lustre handles, 2 center medallions of roses. Marked R S Tillowitz Germany. size: 6"H. condition: good. 40 - 80
1420 24 K DECORATED PLATE. N/R. Bavarian plate with center decal of bagpiper and woman in landscape, wide band of raised gold decoration, small band of cream and gilt decoration on edge. Marked: PA Arzberg Bavaria 24 Karat Incrusted Gold. Size: 8 1/4"Diam. Condition: some wear to gilding. 30 - 60
1421 FLORAL GILT PLATE. N/R. Hand painted and gilt decorated plate, two pierced handles no mark. Size: 10"Diam. Conditin: wear to gilding and painting, 1 1/4" crack in rim. 20 - 40
1422 NORITAKE DEMITASSE SET. N/R. 16 piece set of Noritake, round tray 12" diam. Chocolate pot (7"H), Creamer )3"H), sugar (3 1/2"H), 6 cups (2 1/8"H) and 6 saucers (4 5/6"Diam.) Marked: Noritake M Hand Painted Japan (brown mark). Condition: good. 50 - 100
1423 ROSE MEDALLION BOWL. N/R. Hand painted and gilded bowl. Chinese marks on bottom. size: 9"Diam. 4"H. Condition: gilt worn. 30 - 60
1424 ROSE MEDALLION PLATE, CUP SAUCER. N/R. Hand painted plate, Size 9 1/2"Diam. Hand painted cup and saucer, size: 4 3/8"Diam. 2"H. condition: all pieces good. 30 - 60
1425 PORCELAIN INKWELL. N/R.\ Footed and handled inkwell, with lidded center section, inkwell and other compartment, pierced twig handles, gilt and floral hand painted decoration, no mark. Size: 11 1/4"L, 4"H, 4"W. Condition: damage to center lid handle, damage toinkwell lid handle. other wear. 40 - 80
1426 PINK LUSTRE PITCHER. N/R. Pink lustre pitcher with classical scenes, gilt highlights, no mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, Condition: gilt worn. 25 - 50
1427 TWO CERAMIC PIECES. N/R. (1) Pedestal plate, blue and white quadrants, with floral and gilt decoration, pierced edge, Marked: Royal Halsey Very Fine. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. 4"H. condition: gilt worn. (2) 3 section handled dish, decaled floral decoration and gilding. Marked: "R" Fine China, Made in Germany. Size: 3"H, 7"Diam. Conditon: good. 30 - 60
1428 CASED GLASS BOWL. N/R. Blown cased glass bowl with white and red cased glass, fluted crimped edge, no mark. Size: 11"Diam. 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1429 BLENKO BOTTLE AND STOPPER. N/R. Green glass bottle with blue threaded decoration on neck, long stopper. No mark. Size: 19 1/2"H. Condition: wear at neck where stopper enters. 50 - 100
1430 BLENKO AMBERINA BOWL AND BALLS. N/R. Blenko amberina shaded fluted edge bowl, filled with multi colored glass balls. Origninal Blenko paper label. size: 6 1/2"H, 15"Diam. condition: good. 100 - 200
1431 CLOISONNE PLATE. N/R. Dragon and Phoenix center, geometric border decoration, no mark. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: back is cracking. 25 - 50
1432 CLOISONNE BOWL. N/R. Cloisonne enamel bowl, no mark. Size: 6"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: small damage to top outer surface on one side. 25 - 50
1433 CLOISONNE FOUR SIDED VASE.N/R. Cloisonne four sided vase, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: dented rim. 25 - 50
1434 CARNIVAL PITCHER & BASKET. N/R. (1) Pitcher with geometric hobstar arch pattern, red ground, purple iridescence, no mark. Size: 8"H. Condition: good. (1) Basket with applied handle, red ground purple iridescence, no mark. Size: 11"H, 12"W, 8"D. condition: good. 80 - 160
1435 CARNIVAL IMPERIAL HEAVY GRAPE PITCHER. N/R. Imperial "Heavy Grape' pattern water pitcher, purple base, purple iridescence, no mark. Size; 8 1/2"H. Condition: three grapes on exterior damaged, 1" stress crack, chip in body, chip in base. 70 - 140
1436 CARNIVAL PITCHER. N/R. Water pitcher with paneled rose decoration, marigold iridescence, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1437 CARNIVAL WATER PITCHER. N/R. "Floral & Grape" pattern water pitcher, clear ground, marigold iridescence, fluted crimped edge, no mark. Manufactured by Lee Mfg.Co. Chicago Ill. size: 9 1/4"H, condition: good. 70 - 140
1438 CARNIVAL IMPERIAL HEAVY GRAPE. N/R. Imperial "Heavy Grape" pattern water pitcher, clear ground, marigold iridescence, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1439 ROYAL HAEGER DUCK VASE. N/R. Royal Haeger duck vase, raised wing, green with white banded neck. Marked: Royal Haeger R 839. Size: 17"H. Conditoin: good. 50 - 100
1440 WOODEN BEAR INKWELL. N/R. Wooden bear inkwell and pen rest, tree stump lifts to reveal inkwell, no mark. Bottle in inkwell marked: Coopers Liverpool & London. Size: 5 1/4"H, 8"L, 5"D. Condition: Wear and paint drips on inkwell. 50 - 100
1441 CENTERPIECE & 2 CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Cast material centerpiece compote w. grape design interior, putti stem, and two candlesticks, with putti stems. Size: centerpiece 8 3/4"H, candlesticks 7 1/4"H. condition: good. 50 - 100
1442 2 GINGER JARS WITH LIDS. N/R. Hand painted decoraiton, no marks. Size: 12"H 7"Diam. each. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1443 KAISER GINGER JAR & DISH. N/R. 2 pieces of Kaiser " Yokohama Design" pieces, a ginger jar ( 10"H, and a dish 3"H, 8"Diam. Both marked: Kaiser, Yokohama Design, Echt Kobalt. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1444 GILT LEAF DISH. N/R. Overall raised gilt floral decoration, marked Wheeling Gold China, Wheeling West Virginia. Size: 10 3/4"L. 6 1/8"w, 1 1/4"h. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
1445 SATSUMA TYPE VASE. N/R. Raised figural decoration, crackle background, beaded and gild decoration, Marked: made in Japan. Size: 10"H, 7"Diam. Condition: staining at base, gilding worn. 40 - 80
1446 KAISER "THEBAN" VASE. Porcelain body with 3"wide band of Egyptian figures, Marked: Kaiser "Theban" ..vividly portraying scenes from the days of Pharaoh Tut Ankh Amun. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1447 3 FROSTED GLASS PIECES. N/R. Three apieces consisting of 2 stoppered bottles, one lidded dish, each white frosted glass with hand painted pink flowers. no mark. Size: bottles 7"H, lidded dish 5"H. Condition: signs of wear, one bottle chipped on rim. 40 - 80
1448 JAPANESE VASE. N/R. Vase with vignettes of animals and plants in rectangular sections on a background shading blue to brown. Japanese calligraphy marks on base. Size: 7"H. Conditon: good. 40 - 80
1449 EASTLAKE STYLE MIRROR. N/R. Ebonized wood wtih incided decoration, 5 1/2" square beveled mirror, no mark. Size: 16"H, 9 1/2"W. Condition: chips and flakes on mirror frame. 40 - 80
1450 AESTHETIC MOVEMENT FRAME. N/R. Ebonized wood with incised decoration, framed reproduction, window size 9 1/2"H 7 1/2"W. Frame size: 16"H, 9 1/2"W. Condition: chips and flakes off frame. 50 - 100
1451 WOVEN BASKET TRAY. N/R. Glass lined tray with woven edge and handles. Dried flowers and preserved butterflies under the glass. no mark. Size: 12"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
1452 AESTHETIC MOVEMENT PLATTER. N/R. Oval platter with brown transfer decoration, marked on back: Stratford H. Alcock & Co, Cobridge, England. Size: 14 1/2"L, 9 1/2"W. 1 3/4"H. Condition: crazing and stains on surface. 25 - 50
1453 6 WEDGWOOD TYPE PIECES. N/R. (1) Green and white ashtray with female head, no mark. Size: 2 1/2"Square, Conditon: chip (1) Blue and white ashtray with crocodile, no mark. Size: 5 1/2"L Condition: good. (1) Green and white dish with child with flower basket. No mark. Size: 4 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Blue and white plaque with bird in tree. No mark. Size: 5"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Green and white plaque with St. Barbara Mission church. No mark. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Green and white plaque with Temple Block Salt Lake, no mark. Size: 6"Diam. condition: good. 50 - 100
1454 ART GLASS VASE. N/R. Art glass vase with cased body, blue interior, rose exterior, applied amber glass leaves, blue and white flower, applied glass four fott base, no mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. condition: good. 150 - 300
1455 ART GLASS VASE. N/R. Art glass vase with applied glass lemons and leaves on body, applied glass 4 foot base, cased glass body, pink interior, blue exterior, diamond pattern, crimped and flutede edge, no mark. Size: 13"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1456 ART GLASS VASE. N/R. Art glass vae with cased green glass over rose glass. applied green glass leaves and cased flowers, amber glass applied feet, fluted edge. no mark. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1457 RUSSELL WRIGHT PITCHER. N/R. American Modern Dinnerware Water Pitcher, canteloupe color, marked Russell Wright. Made by Steubenville Pottery Co. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1458 2 MC COY POTTERY VASES. N/R. (1) Grape cluster vase, white green and brown, marked with raised McCoy mark. Size: 9 1/4"H. Condition: minor chip in top rim. (1) Double Tulip Vase, pink flowers with green leaves, marked with raised McCoy mark. Size: 8 1/4"H. Condition: minor signs of wear. 50 - 100
1459 GREEN GLASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Green glass oil lamp, mold blown green floral glass base with metal mounts, no mark. no chimney. Size: 12"H, Condition: signs of wear, metal discolored. 40 - 80
1460 MOLD BLOWN VASE. N/R. Mold blown vase, pale amber color, 10 ribbed sides, ground bottom, no mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1461 2 GLASS VASES. (1) Cased glass vase, low bulbous form, clear, white and amber glass, white diamond pattern in body, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Amber molded vase, no mark. Size: 11"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1462 DON QUIOTE SCULPTURE. N/R. Hollow cast metal sculpture on compo base, no mark. size: 13 1/2"H. Condition: wear to sculpture, sides separating on base. 40 - 80
1463 DON QUIOTE SCULPTURE. N/R. Wooden sculpture, figures with shield and sword, stamped on base, OURO Made in Spain. Sword is removable. Size: 13"H. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1464 MATADOR WIRE SCULPTURE. N/R. Wire sculpture of matador with cap and raised hat, no mark. Size: 15 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. 30 - 60
1465 HARDSTONE FLOWERING BRANCH. N/R. Hardstone flowering branch in stone container, on wooden base. Blossoming branch with cut stone blossoms and leaves, green stone container, ebonized wooden base. No mark. Size: 14"H, 12"W, 6"D. Condition: minor wear and roughness. 40 - 80
1466 CORN TEAPOT. N/R. Corn decorated tea pot, white with green leaves and brown accents, marked on bottom USA, possibly "Corn" line by Shawnee. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1467 4 CORN SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS. N/R. (1) Shawnee "Queen Corn" salt shakr with white kernals, dark green leaves, Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: flake in base. (1) Smaller corn salt shaker, yellow and green, no mark. Size: 2 3/4"H. Condition" 2 chips in base. (2) small salt and pepper shakers, marked Japan. Size: 2"H each. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1468 SHAWNEE KING CORN MUGS. N/R. Two Shawnee " King Corn Line" mugs with yellow kernals and medium green leaves, marked Shawnee, USA. Size: 3 1/2"H each. Conditoin: good. 50 - 100
1469 CARNIVAL 3 NORTHWOOD PIECES. N/R. (1) Footed bowl, purple ground, blue iridescence, exterior pretzel pattern, interior flower pattern, marked N for Northwood. Size: 3"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Northwood "Memphis" pattern punchcup purple ground, blue iridescence. marked N for Northwood. Size: 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Bowl with fluted edge, purple ground, purple iridescence. Plain exterior, Ribbed interior. Marked N for Northwood. Size: 3 1/4"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1470 CARNIVAL 3 NORTHWOOD PIECES. N/R. (1) Fluted vase, clear base, marigold iridescence, clear base, threaded and paneled exterior, fluted edge, marked N in circle. Size: 5 1/2"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (2/3) Creamer and sugar, clear ground, marigold iridescence, ribbed sides, banded decoration, marked N in circle. Size: Creamer 3"H, sugar 2 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1471 CARNIVAL BOWL. N/R. Bowl with purple ground, blue iridescence, outside floral and bead decoration, interior honeycomb decoration, crimped fluted rim. no mark. Size: 2 1/2"H, 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1472 CARNIVAL 3 PIECES. N/R. (1) Candlestick, green iridescence, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"H, Condition: good. (2/3) Pair bud vases, three root base, sawtooth tops, purple iridescence, no mark. Size: one 9"H, one 9 1/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1473 CARNIVAL FENTON ORANGE TREE. N/R. Fenton "Orange Tree" pattern bowl, red ground, blue gold iridescence, exterior decoration "Berry" interior decoration "Orange Tree". no mark. Size: 2 1/2"H, 8"Diam. Condition: good. 60 - 120
1474 CARNIVAL FENTON ORANGE BOWL. N/R. Fenton Crimped orange bowl clear ground, marigold iridescence, "Orange Tree Pattern" three feet, exterior and interior pattern. Size: 5 1/2"H, 10"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1475 CARNIVAL FENTON BOWL. N/R. Fenton footed bowl, clear ground, marigold iridescence, exterior: "Butterfly & Berry" pattern, interior: "Panther " pattern (reverse mirror image on either side of mid line) on three ball feet, no mark. Size: 2 1/8"H, 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1476 CARNIVAL FENTON PEACOCK & GRAPE. N/R. Fenton"Peacock & Grape" pattern footed bowl, 3 spatula feet, green ground, gold/purple iridescence, no mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 7 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1477 CARNIVAL 2 FENTON THISTLE PIECES. N/R. (1) Fenton "Thistle" patern bowl, green base, blue/gold iridescence, continuous crimped (candy ribbon) edging, no mark. Size: 3"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Fenton "Thistle" pattern bowl, red base, purple iridescence, paneled exterior, thistle interior, fluted edge.No mark. Size: 2 3/4"H 9"Diam.Condition: good. 100 - 300
1478 CARNIVAL FENTON PERSIAN PIECE. N/R. Fenton "Persian Medallion" pattern hair receiver, blue ground, gold iridescence, no mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1479 CARNIVAL 2 NORTHWOOD PIECES. N/R. (1) Northwood "Wishbone" pattern, center stylized Japanese Chrysanthemum, ruffled fluted edge, clear base, marigold iridescence, no mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 8"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Northwood "Three Fruit Medallion" pattern bowl, spatula feet, clear ground, marigold iridescence. Exterior: "Meander" pattern, interior: "Three Fruit Medallion" pattern. no mark. Size: 3"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1480 CARNIVAL 3 IMPERIAL GRAPE. N/R. (1) Imperial "Grape" pattern Carafe, purple ground, purple iridescence, no mark. Size: 8 1/"H. Condition: good. (1) Imperial "Heavy Grape" pattern nappy, purple ground, purple iridescence, no mark. Size: 1 3/4"H, 4 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Imperial "Heavy Grape" pattern bowl, red ground, gold iridescence, no mark. Size: 3"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1481 CARNIVAL 2 BOWLS. N/R. (1) Bowl with radiating ribs, crimped and fluted edge, blue ground, purple iridescence, no mark. Size: 3"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Bowl with radiating ribs, fluted edge, blue ground, silver iridescence, no mark. Size: 2 1/4"H, 8" diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1482 CARNIVAL 2 SWUNG VASES. N/R. 2 swung vases, Fenton "Diamond & Rib" pattern, both with green ground, gold iridescence. Size: both 3"diam. base, one 9 3/4"H, one 10"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1483 CARNIVAL 2 SWUNG VASES. N/R. 2 Fenton "Rustic Pattern" Swung vases. (1) green ground, 4"Diam. base. Size: 15 3/4"H. (1) red ground, 4"diam. base. Size: 16 1/4"H. condition: both good. 765 - 150
1484 CARNIVAL SWUNG VASE.N/R. Carnival glass swung vse, Fenton Diamond & Rib Pattern, green ground, purple iridescence. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. base, 7"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1485 CARNIVAL 3 SWUNG VASES. N/R. Two carnival vases, one clear glass w. gold shot vase. (1) Swung vase, with crimped candy ribbon edge, clear ground, marigold iridescence. Base size 3 1/4"Diam. 10"H. (1) swung vase with fluted edge, green ground, marigold iridescence. Base size 3 1/2"Diam. 15"H. (1) swung vase, clear glass shot with gold, base size 3 1/2"Diam. Size: 15 1/2"H. Condition: all good. 40 - 80
1486 CARNIVAL GLASS PLATES. N/R. 9 carnival glass plates, abstract overall pattern, clear ground, marigold iridescence. No mark. Size: 8"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1487 CARNIVAL 2 IMPERIAL PIECES. N/R. (1) Imperial bowl, "Diamond Lace" pattern, red ground, gold iridescence. Incised with Imperial mark, also paper label. Size: 3 1/2"H, 7"D. Condition: good. (1) Imperial toothpick holder, geometric pattern, clear ground, marigold iridescence. Incised Imperial mark. Size: 2 1/2"H. Condition: Good. 30 - 60
1488 CARNIVAL 4 PIECES. N/R. (1) Fenton Footed bowl, " Butterfly & Berry" pattern, on three ball feet, clear ground, marigold iridescence. Size: 2 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Imperial Nappy, "Pansy" pattern, clear ground, marigold iridescence, exterior diamond pattern, interior pansy pattern. Size: 2 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Bowl, similar to Fenton "Vintage " pattern, clear ground, marigold iridescence. Size: 2"H, 7"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Bowl, "Berry"Pattern, crimped fold over edge, clear ground, marigold iridescence. Size: 3 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: crack in base, chip in base. 40 - 80
1489 CARNIVAL TWO BOWLS. N/R. (1) Small bowl, berry pattern inside, smooth outside, clear ground, purple iridescence, fluted edge, no mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Bowl with thumb print pattern, fluted and crimped edge, purple ground, gold iridescence, no mark. Size: 3"H, 8 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1490 CARNIVAL FENTON BOWL. N/R. Carnival glass Fenton "Windmill and Mums" pattern. footed bowl, ruffled fluted edge, clear ground, marigold iridescence. No mark. Size: 4"H, 11"Diam. condition: good. 50 - 100
1491 CARNIVAL 5 PIECES. N/R. (1) Dugan/Diamond "Double Stem Rose" pattern bowl. clear ground, marigold iridescence. no mark. Size: 3"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Fenton "Peacock Tail" pattern bowl, ruffled edge, clear ground, marigold iridescence, no mark. Size: 3"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Fenton "Ribbon Tie" pattern bowl. continuous crimped edge, clear ground marigold iridescence. Size: 3"H 8"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Tulip pattern bowl, clear ground, marigold iridescence. no mark. Size: 2 1/2"H. 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Ribbed bowl , fluted and crimped edge, clear ground, marigold iridescence. size: 2 1/2"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1492 CARNIVAL 2 PLATES. N/R. Two plates woven twig pattern, clear ground with clear iridescence. Fluted edge, no mark. Size: 6 1/2"Diam. 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1493 MAH JONG SET. Mah Jong set in red lacquered case, with dragon decoration, four drawers for tiles, interior surface with Chinese calligraphic decoration, ivory topped pieces. Size: 12"H, 8"W. 6"D. Condition: left front door hinge is loose, wear to surface of case, don't know if set is complete. 300 - 500
1494 MAH JONG SET. N/R. Wooden cabinet with metal corners, 5 drawers with ivory topped pieces. No mark. Size: 6 3/4"H, 9 1/4"W, 6 3/4"D. Condition: front panel missing from case. Set could possibly be incomplete. 100 - 200
1495 PLANTER W. AFRO AMERICAN BOY. N/R. Glazed ceramic planter with Afro American boy resting by pond. Marked on bottom 681 3 49. Size: 5 1/2"H, 6"W, 5 1/2"D. condition: small chips on face of boy. 30 - 60
1496 MC COY WISHING WELL PLANTER. N/R. Mc Coy wishing well planter green/brown glaze, marked with raised McCoy mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good, attached chain rusty. 25 - 50
1497 CARNIVAL 4 FENTON PIECES. N/R. (1) Covered jar, grape pattern, clear ground, marigold iridescence, no mmark. size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Fenton "Orange Tree" footed bowl, purple ground, purple iridescence, marked Fenton, and with paper label. Size: 4"H Condition: good. (2) 1970- #1 annualseries: collectors plates by Fenton, commemorates Jamestown glass markers of 1608. Marked Fenton and Paper label. Size: 8 1/4"Ddiam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1498 2 BLUE GLASS BOWLS. N/R. (1) Blue glass footed bowl with white opalescent edge, 3 twig feet, folded scalloped edge. no mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 8"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Blue bowl with white confetti glass body, fluted edge, no mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1499 TIFFIN & OTHR BLUE PIECES. N/R. (1) Tiffin Brilliancy Line console bowl, skyblue.No mark Size;6 1/2"H, 8"diam. Condition: good. (1) Ruffled blue bowl on base, ribbed & beaded decoraton, crimped and fluted edge, no mark. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1500 SHRINER PLATE. N/R. Plate with beaten up face of shriner in center, wide border of desert scene with camels, marked: Shenango China New Castle Pa. Size: 10 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1501 3 SHRINER ITEMS. N/R. (1) Glass mug marked: Al Koran Temple Cleveland, Sept. 25, 1913, Wm. M. Bogue Potentate. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Drinking glass bowl resting on three sabre stem, on triangular base, marked Syria Temple Pittsburgh Pa., May 22 1900, Washington D.C. Size: 5 1/5"H. Condition: good. (1) Brush in leather snap cover, leather stamped 1934 Imperial Council Session, Minneapolis, Minn. Size: 6"L. Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 300
1502 ELK MUG. N/R. German porcelain mug with elk decoration and the name William Cowan. Marked Germany. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition Good. 25 - 50
1503 OCCUPIED JAPAN SALT & PEPPER. salt and pepper shaker of black mammy and black cook. Marked Made in Occupied Japan. Each 5"H. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
1504 3 STAFFORDSHIRE STYLE DOGS. N/R. 3 Staffordshire dogs, one marked "Staffordshire England" size 3"H.,two unmarked, size 3 1/2"H and 3"H. Condition: signs of wear.One dog has crack. 30 - 60
1505 2 AFRICAN FIGURINES. N/R. Two ceramic figurines with exaggerated features, one standing and one reclining. One marked : made in Japan. Size: 6 "H, 2 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1506 3 PIECE COTTAGE TEA SET. N/R. 3 piece tea set shaped like thatched roof cottages, including tea pot creamer and sugar. Sugar bowl marked made in Japan. Size: teapot 5"H, creamer 3"H, sugar bowl 4"H. Condition: creamer has a chip, others good. 25 - 50
1507 RUDOLPH REINDEER TEA SET. N/R. The lot includes a teapot, sugar and two creamers. no mark. Size: teapot 4"H, sugar 3 1/2"H, 2 creamers 3"H each. Condition: some of the red areas are worn. 50 - 100
1508 5 SILVER PLATE PIECES. N/R. (1) Tall handled vase with fluted pierced rim 7 1/2"H, monogramed, marked: Prince of Wales Feather mark, 326 133. Condition: good. (1) Footed dish, matching pierced decoration, no mark 4 1/2"H. (1) dish with matching pierced decoration, 1 1/4"H. no mark. (2) small baskets with matching pierced decoraiton, 3"H. no mark. All in good condition. 40 - 80
1509 STERLING BOWL. N/R. Sterling low bowl with incised classical decoration, rolled edge, marked with owl stamp Sterling 7627. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: signs of wear. 30 - 60
1510 3 COCKTAIL SHAKERS. N/R. (1) Large cocktail shaker with hammred metal surface, silver plate, no mark. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. (2,3) Small shakers, marked Wallace 920, chrome, Size: 4"H each. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1511 STERLING CREAMER. N/R. Hinged lided creamer, monogramed, classical shape, marked: sterling 349 A Kurtzenburn & Sons. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1512 GOLF COCKTAIL SHAKER. N/R. Large cocktail shaker with cork stopper, frieze of golfers, marked: Meriden S P Co. International. Size: 12 1/2"H. Condition: tarnished, plate worn. 50 - 100
1513 CHAMPLEVE ENAMELED VASE. N/R. Chinese brass vase with champleve enamel decoraiton. no mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
1514 GOEBELS TROUT. N/R. Ceramic Trout marked: 1966 w. stylized Bee and Big V., W. Germany. Size: 5 1/4"H, condition: good. 40 - 80
1515 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1) Goose Girl, marked with stylized Bee and Big V, Goebel, W. Germany. Size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Girl with Chicks, marked with stylized Bee and Big V. Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: 5 small marks on front surface of base. 40 - 80
1516 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1) School Girl. marked: 810 , stylized Bee with big V. Size: 4 3/4"H. condition: good. (1) Accordian Boy, 3 1/4"H. marked: 114 52. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1517 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1) Apple Tree Girl, marked: stylized Bee with big V. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Chimney Sweep. Marked: 12 I stylized Bee with Big V. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1518 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1) Singing Lesson. Marked 63 23 Goebels V, W. Germany. Size 3"H. Condition: good. (1) Chimney Sweep, Marked 12 2/0 Goebels V. W.Germany. Size: 4"H. Conditoin: good. 60 - 120
1519 2 GOEBELS MUSICAL ANGELS. N/R. (1) Angel marked: 288A 1967. size: 2 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Angel marked: 288B 1967. size: 2 1/4"H. condition: good. 30 - 60
1520 HUMMEL MAX AND MORITZ. N/R. MAx and Morit, marked with stylized Bee and Big V. W. Germany, size: 5"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1521 HUMMEL WALL VASE. N/R. Girl in Tree wall vase, marked: C. by W. Goebel 1958, stylized Bee with big V. W. Germany. Size: 5 3/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1522 HUMMEL VILLAGE BOY. N/R. Village Boy, marked: 51 2/0 1961 Stylized Bee with big V. Size: 5"H. condition: good. 75 - 150
1523 HUMMEL CHIMNEY SWEEP. N/R. Chimney Sweep, marked : 12 I w. stylized Bee, big V. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condtion: good. 50 - 100
1524 HUMMEL GIRL KNITTING. N/R. Girl Knitting, marked with stylized Bee and Big V., W. Germany. Size: 3 1/4"H. condition: good. 40 - 80
1525 HUMMEL COBBLER. N/R. The cobbler, marked: stylized Bee with big V. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1526 ALPHABET AND CALENDAR PLATES. 5 plates: 2 ceramic, 1 glass, 2 steel. 1. Girl on a swing, chromolith on steel, 3 1/2". Worn. 2. ABC Kittens, chromolith on steel, 4 1/4". Worn. 3. 8-pointed star, clear glass, no mark. 6 1/4 4. "August," ceramic, 7 1/2" 5. French calendar plate, "Septembre"; Sarreguemines France. 7 1/2" 150 - 300
1527 JAPANESE CERAMIC WARE Lot Japanese ceramic ware, raised dragon pattern. 16 pcs. 1. Covered box, 4 1/2"x3 1/2". Chipped. 2. 12-sided handled plate, 6". "Made in Japan." 3. Covered 2-handled sugar bowl, "Made in Occupied Japan." 4. Salt & pepper shakers, "Hand painted." 5. Miniature teapot, no mark. 6. 2 small ashtrays, 3 1/2"x2 1/2", no mark. 7. 4 saucers, paper label "Japan" 8. demitasse cup & saucer, cup "Made in Japan," saucer unmarked 9. Miniature cup & saucer, unmarked. 25 - 50
1528 RAYMOND LOWY LUNCHEON SET. 64 pcs. luncheon set, Raymond Lowy, Germany. White with calligraphic circular pattern. Design somewhat worn. 1. 10 luncheon plates, 7 1/2" 2. 1 oval platter, 13"x9 1/2" 3. 1 oval platter, 15"x11" 4. 1 oval relish dish, 9 1/2" x5 1/2" 5. 2 round serving bowls, 9 1/2" 6. 8 bread and butter plates, 6" 7. 12 saucers, 6 1/2" 8. 12 saucers, 6" 9. 6 berry bowls, 4 3/4" 10. 1 cream jug 11. 10 consomme bowls 100 - 200
1529 3 ROSEVILLE PIECES. N/R. (1) Blue Lily vse, marked: 205-6 Size" 6 1/4"H. condition: three small chips. (1) Roseville vase, marked: 280-6 Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: chip on the handle. (1) Roseville vase, marked: 161-6, size: 6 1/4" condition: chip on rim. 50 - 100
1530 4 WELLER PIECES. (1) Baldwin vase (1919-20) no mark, Size: 6"H. Condtion": good. (1) Pannella vase (mid. 1930s) green, marked: incised script Weller. Size: 6 3/4"H. condition: good. (1) Oak Leaf vase (1934) brown, marked: incised script Weller. Size: 6"H, condition: good. (1) Blossom vase (mid 1930s) blue, size: 6"H, condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
1571 ROSTER OF OHIO SOLDIERS. Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1866. Vol. VI: 70th-86th Regiments, Infantry. Akron, 1888. 3/4 leather. spine ends and corners worn. 75 - 150
1572 3 VOLS. CHARACTER SKETCHES. Brewer, E. Cobham. Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama. Vols. I, III, and IV. N.Y., Selmar Hess, 1896. 11 3/4" x 9 3/4". Spine missing, Vol. IV; leather on all vols. badly chipped and worn. 45 - 85
1573 NEW GALLERY OF BRITISH ART. New Gallery of British Art, 2 vols. Appleton, N.Y., n.d. (ca. mid-1800's). 14 3/4" x 11 1/4", Ornate blind stamped covers, gold lettering and decoration. All edges gilt. Some waterstaining of pages; leather rubbed; 2" chip at spine tail, Vol. II. 75 - 150
1574 HARRISON FISHER BOOK. The Harrison Fisher Book, N.Y., 1907; Scribner. 11 1/4" x 8 1/2". Full-page drawings, black & white and some color. Few pages detached; some may be missing (book unpaginated, no listing of plates). 35 - 65
1575 GLYN; HALCYONE. Glyn, Eleanor. Halcyone. N.Y., 1912; Appleton. 1st. edition of book by this once-notorious romance writer. 25 - 50
1576 3 GUN BOOKS. Three gun books: 1. Sawyer, Charles Winthrop. U.S. Single Shot Martial Pistols. Boston, 1913. Paperback, 100 pp. Good condition. 2. Chapel, Charles Edward. Guns of the Old West. N.Y., 1961. 306 pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. 3. Roper, Walter F. Pistol and Revolver Shooting. N.Y., 1945. 256 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 45 - 85
1577 HISTORY OF AMERICAN COSTUME. McClellan, Elizabeth. History of American Costume. 2 vols. in one. New edition. N.Y., 1937; Tudor Pub. 661 pp. Very good condition in edge-worn dust jacket, in box. 45 - 90
1578 5 VOLS. BRITAIN IN PICTURES. 5 volumes of the Britain in Pictures series. 1. Taylor, Geoffrey. Insect Life. London, 1946. 2nd. imp. 2. Lockley, R. M. Islands Round Britain. London, 1946. 2nd. imp. 3. Earl of Portsmouth. British Farm Stock. London, 1950. 4. Warner, Rex. English Public Schools. London, 1946. 2nd. imp. 5. Evans, Admiral Sir Edward. British Polar Explorers. London, 1946. 2nd. imp. All very good condition. 30 - 60
1579 4 CIVIL WAR RELATED BOOKS. Four Civil War related books, odd volumes. 1. Greeley, Horace. The American Conflict. Vol. II. Hartford, 1867. Spine taped, leather worn. Front free endpaper and frontispiece loose. 2. Pennsylvania at Gettysburg. Vol. I. 1904. 3/4 leather on marbled boards, covers rubbed & worn. 3. Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Vol. II. N.Y., 1886. Green cloth binding, edges worn. 4. Memoirs of Gen. W. T. Sherman, Vol. I. N.Y., 1891. Front inner hinge breaking, back inner hinge starting; front cover ink blotched. 100 - 150
1580 5 WALLACE NUTTING BOOKS. Five Wallace Nutting books: 1. Massachusetts Beautiful, Framingham, 1923; Old America Co. Good condition. 2. Maine Beautiful. Framingham,, 1924; Old America Co. Good condition. 3. Ireland Beautiful. Framingham, 1925; Old America Co. Good condition. 4. Pennsylvania Beautiful. Framingham, 1924. Old America Co.,1st. few pages chipped at tail, not affecting text; otherwise good condition. 5. New Hampshire Beautiful. Garden City, 1937. Good condition. 100 - 150
1581 SYSTEM OF ARITHMETIC. Pike, Nicolas. System of Arithmetic and Geometry. Newburyport, MA; 1786. 512 pp. Rebound; title page missing; pages foxed. 40 - 80
1582 3 AMERICAN HISTORY BOOKS. 3 American history books. 1. Williams, T. Harry. Lincoln and His Generals. N.Y., Knopf, 1952. No d/j; notations on front free endpaper; otherwise very good condition. 2. Green, Horace. General Grant's Last Stand. N.Y., Scribner, 1936. Good condition. 3. de Queseda, Gonzalo & Northrop, Henry Davenport. America's Battle for Cuban Freedom. Chicago, 1898. Very good condition. 35 - 65
1583 5 BOOKS ON ANTIQUES & ART. Five books on antiques and art. 1. Elville, e. M. Paperweights and Other Glass Curiosities. London, 1967; Spring books. 116 pp. Very good condition with dust jacket. 2. Baker, Wilma Sinclair LeVan. Silk Pictures of Thomas Stevens. N.Y., 1957. Exposition Press. 147 pp. Very good condition in dust jacket. 3. Ramsay, John. American Potters and Pottery. Hale, cushman & flint, 1939. 304 pp. Very good condition in chipped dust jacket. 4. Christensen, Erwin O. Index of American Design. Macmillan/Nat'l. Gallery of Art. N.Y./Washington, 1950. 12 1/4" x 9 1/4". Very good condition in dust jacket. 5. Berges, Ruth. From Gold to Porcelain: The Art of Porcelain and Faience. N.Y./London, 1963; Thomas Yoseloff. 11 1/4" x 9". 239 pp. Very good condition in dust jacket. 65 - 100
1584 OLD LEDGER. Old ledger, 1832-1842. Miscellaneous entries. 44 pages. Good condition. 25 - 50
1585 WORLD'S FAIR THRU A CAMERA. The World's Fair Through a Camera. St. Louis, 1893. Oblong, 6 1/2" x 5 1/4". Photos with captions. Back inner hinge broken; front inner hinge starting. 25 - 50
1586 2 CITY DIRECTORIES. Two city directories: 1. Cambridge and Byesville, Ohio, 1908. Good condition. 2. Painesville, Willoughby etc., Ohio. 1940. Vol. I. Good condition. 40 - 75
1587 2 HOWARD CHANDLER CHRISTY BKS. Two books illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy. 1. Riley, James Whitcomb. An Old Sweetheart of Mine. Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis, 1902. Front inner hinge cracked; ink inscription; otherwise good condition. 2. Longfellow, H. W. The Courtship of Miles Standish. Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis, 1903. Front inner hinge cracked; otherwise good condition. 40 - 80
1588 12 MONTHS VOLUNTEER. Furber, George C. Twelve Months Volunteer; or, Journal of a Private, in the Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, in the Campaign, in Mexico, 1846-7. Cincinnati, 1849. 1 of 2 frontispieces torn; foxing; front hinge broken; backstrip missing. Fair reading copy. 50 - 100
1589 LAYARD - NINEVEH. Layard, Austen H. Discoveries Among the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon. N.Y., Putnam, 1853. 686 pp. + errata. Front inner hinge cracked; some foxing; part of plate missing, facing p. 67; otherwise good in 3/4 leather on marbled boards. 45 - 85
1590 ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA 11TH. 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica, Handy Volume edition. Complete. Good condition. 100 - 200
1591 3 SPONGEWARE PIECES. N/R. (1) Blue and yellow spongeware pitcher, no mark. size: 8 1/2"H, condition: 2 chps on rim, one chip in base. (2) blue and yellow spongeware bowl, no mark, 7 1/4"Diam. 2 3/4"H, condition: one stain on part of rim. (3) blue and yellow spongeware bowl, no mark, 7"diam. 3"H, condition: two cracks in bowl. 30 - 60
1592 4 HAND PAINTED GLASS SHADES. N/R. four frosted glass shades with hand painted windmill landscape scenes. no mark. Size: 5 1/2"H each. Condition: all with rough edges,one with chip in lower rim. 40 - 80
1593 1933 COCA COLA TRAY. N/R. The Frances Dee Paramont Player Tray, marked coca Cola 1933, made in USA. Size: 13 1/4 x 10 1/4". Condition: minor wear and scratches. 100 - 200
1594 1933 COCA COLA TRAY. N/R. The 1933 Frances Dee Paramont Player tray, marked Coca Cola 1933, made in USA. Size: 13 1/4 x 10 1/4". Condition: worn edges, pitting on picture surface. 100 - 200
1595 1933 COCA COLA TRAY. N/R. The 1933 Frances Dee Paramont Player Tray, marked Coca Cola 1933, made in USA. Size: 13 1/4 x 10 1/4" Condition: wear on edge rubbing and scratches on surface. 100 - 200
1596 2 1953 COCA COLA TRAYS. N/R. Two "Menu Girl" Coca Cola trays from 1953. Size: 13 1/4 x 10 58. Condition: one with slight wear, one badly rusted. 50 - 100
1597 2 1953 COCA COLA TRAYS. Two "Menu Girl" 1953 Coca cola trays, size: 14 1/3 x 10 58". condition: wear on edges, one with grey back , one with aqua back. 80 - 160
1598 CUT GLASS CORNUCOPIA VASE. N/R. Cut glass cornucopia or horn shaped vase, with two scrolled legs, no mark. Size: 10 1/4"H, 13"L. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
1599 CUT GLASS PITCHER. Pticher with wheel cut flower pattern, star cut base, no mark. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: good 40 - 80
1600 CUT GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Cut glass pitcher with pinwheel pattern decoraiton, notched handle, no mark. Size: 8 3/4"H. condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
1601 MOSER GLASS VASE. N/R. Glass vase with pinwheel design center, signed on bottom: Moser Karlsbad. Size: 12"H, 8"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
1602 CUT GLASS BOWL. N/R. Cut glass bowl, pinwheel pattern, no marks. Size: 3 1/2"H. 8" diam. condition: good. 40 - 80
1603 3 CUT GLASS VASES. N/R. (1) tall vse with ribbed vertical cut design, diamond top band, notched top, no mark. Size: 10"H, condition: good. (2,3) Pairof flower decorated vases, notched stems, dentilated top, no marks. Size: 10"H each.condition: one has chip in base, one has chip in rim. 40 - 80
1604 2 CUT GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Round bowl, flower and leaf decoration, no mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8"Diam. Condition: chip in rim. (1) Small bowl, four sided rim.no mark. Size: 2 1?2"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor chip on rim. 30 - 60
1605 4 CUT GLAS PIECES. (1) Six sided footed bowl. no mark. Size: 4"H, 7"Diam. Condition: roughness on top rim, one foot chipped. (1) Creamer with floral cut decoration. Size: 5"H. no mark. Condition: good. (1) Matching sugar with lid, no mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: chip in rim. (1) Matching tray for creamer and sugar, no mark. Size: 8 1/2"L, 5"W. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1606 4 MINIATURE COCA COLA BOTTLES. N/R. 4 glass miniature bottles, 2 partially full, 2 empty, all with caps attached. Size; 2 1/2"H each. Condition: glass good. 30 - 60
1607 ALBASTER LIDDED BOX. N/R. Fan shaped alabaster lidded box, top with streaks of brown, side and bottom transluscent white, on ball feet. no mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8 2/3"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: good,minor wear. 40 - 80
1608 PR. FIGURAL PORCELAIN CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Pair of candlesticks with male and female 18th C style figures, trailing gilt leaf sides, unknown incised marks, Size: 7 1/2"H. each Conditin: some gilt worn. 40 - 80
1609 FIRST WALTZ LENOX FIGURINE. N/R. Female figure with hand painted dress and fan. Marked: First Waltz Fine Porcelain Sculpture Designed and Imported by Lenox from Japan. Size: 8"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1610 NIPPON EWER. N/R. Ewer with hand painted rose center section, cobalt and gilt edges and handles. marked: Hand painted Nippon with blue leaf mark. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: spout has been repaired. 25 - 50
1611 CLARICE CLIFF & COALPORT PIECES. N/R. (1) Brown transfer ware fan vase marked: Tonquin Royal Staffordshire dinnerware by Clarice cliff, made in England. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Coalport "Ming Rose" vase. Marked: Coalport, made in England, Ming Rose. Size: 4"H. Condtion: good. 40 - 80
1612 GLASS PUNCH BOWL. Pressed glass punch bowl, on base; 11 1/2" H x 16" D. Bowl cracked. 25 - 50
1613 KENSINGTON WARE TRAY. N/R. Aluminum tray with hunt scene handles, marked Kensington , made in New Kensington, Pa. Size: 20 1/2"L, 12"W. Condition: good, no major scratching to aluminum surface. 40 - 80
1614 EZRA TREE TRUNK SCULPTURE. N/R. Head carved into tree trunk, on wooden base, signed EZRA. Size: 15 3/4"H, 12"W, 7"D. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1615 LIMOGES EWER & 4 TANKARDS. N/R. Tall ewer with hand painted orange and purple flowers with green edging and gilt decoration. Four matching tankards with hand painted decoration. All marked: Limoges China. Size: Ewer 16"H, 6"Diam. Tankards: 6"H, 4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1616 3 PEACH OPALESCENT CARNIVAL PIECES. N/R. (1) Footed dish,marigold glass w. fluted with opalescent edge, exterior beaded and ribbed decoration, clear base. Size: 4 1/2"H, 7"Diam. Condition: good. (2) Bowl, marigold glass with white opalescent outer edge, floral motif exterior, smooth interior. Size: 9"Diam. 3"H. Condition: good. (3) Small bowl, marigold with white opalescent edge, fluted beaded edge, petal and fan interior, raised white opalescent exterior design. Size: 6"D. 2"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1617 3 PEACH OPALESCENT CARNIVAL PIECES. N/R. (1) Low bowl, peach opalescent, marigold glass w.white opalescent, fluted edge, 6 petal flower center. Size: 8 1/2"D. 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. (2) Low bowl, peach opalescent, marigold glass w. white opalescent three fold edge, Size: 8"Diam. 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. (3) Small bowl, marigold glass with white opalescent three cornered edge, raised exterior design. Size: 2 3/4"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: one flake off one area of rim. 50 - 150
1618 3 RUBY FLASH PIECES.N/R. Items include: (1) Vase, ruby top, clear base, inscribed "Gerrie 1909". Size: 6"H. Condition: good. (2) Mug, ruby top, clear bottom and handle. Size: 3"D. 3"H. Condition: some wear on ruby flash. (3) Mini-mug, ruby top, clear bottom and handle, inscribed "Clinton 1911" Size: 2 1/2"H. Condition: Good. 30 - 60
1619 5 GREEN PRESSED GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Pressed green vase. Size: 6 1/2"H Condition: chips on rim. (2) Green glass trumpet vase in metal rams head mount on white marble base. Size: 7"H, base 3 1/2"Square. Condition: good. (3) Green toothpick holder with gilt decoration. Inscribed "Centennial Cambridge Springs, 1966. Size: 3 1/2"H Condition: good. (4/5) Green pressed glass creamer and sugar. Size: 2 1/4"H. Condition: sugar has a chip on the rim. 25 - 50
1620 2 GREEN PRESSED GLASS BOWLS.N/R. (1) round bowl, raised floral and leaf gilded decoration. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. 3"H. Condition: one chip on bottom rim. (2) round bowl, fluted and beaded edge, three spatula feet, gilded decoration, Size: 9 1/2"Diam. 3 3/4"H. Condition: 2 minor chips underneath bowl. 25 - 50
1621 CHILD'S ROLL TOP DESK. N/R. Oak. Pressed design tambour roll top. Size: 30" h., 21" w., 14" deep. Condition: interior writing surface is broken out. 100 - 200
1622 TWO WICKER ROCKERS. Both are paper twist wicker. One has an upholstered headrest, one has an Art Deco diamond back. Condition: one is missing a cushion; both are filthy. 30 - 60
1623 WICKER ROCKER. 15 - 30
1624 LOUIS XVI STYLE BENCH. Caned top, florette and ribbon twist carved apron. Raised on tapering cylindrical legs with stop fluting; connected by curvaceous stretchers. Size: 21" h., 39" w., 15" deep. Condition: small tear in cane at one end. 75 - 150
1625 EMPIRE OGEE MIRROR. N/R. Mahogany. Concave mirror frame with inset painted panel image of a sailboat on a lake with a castle nearby. Size: 41 1/2" h., 21 3/4" w. Condition: various small chips taken out of the fronting veneer. 75 - 150
1626 POLYCHROME & GILT WALL MIRROR. N/R. Polychrome painted fruit on the corners and bends. Size: 44" h., 29" w. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1627 CIVIL WAR MIRROR. Beveled mirror in molded frame with arched top. Size: 4' h., 25" w., 3" deep. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 125
1628 VENETIAN TYPE MIRROR. N/R. Amber frame, etched with flowers; top etched with urn filled with flowers. Size: 42" h., 24" w., 1 1/2" deep. Condition: one 11" etched piece is broken. 20 - 40
1629 WALNUT FRAMED MIRROR. Walnut framed mirror, oval top; gold wood strip around glass. Frame 46" H x 26" W; mirror 39" H x 19 1/4"W. 75 - 150
1630 ART DECO DESK. N/R. Mixed veneered woods. One drawer desk with pyramidal gallery top. Size: 36" h., 39" h., 25" deep. Condition: finish has been removed one piece of veneer 2" x 4" is missing. 60 - 120
1631 SECOND EMPIRE LIBRARY TABLE N/R. Mahogany. One drawer in apron. Two balaster supports. Scrolled feet. 200 - 400
1633 WING CHAIR BY GAY TAUBER. N/R. Upholstered in quilted fabric with romantic scenes. 40 - 80
1634 VICTORIAN LOW CHAIR. N/R. 40 - 80
1635 MAHOGANY END TABLE. With bead and rod edge and faux bamboo turned stretchers. Size: 26" h., 15" w., 21" deep. Condition: minor scratches. 25 - 50
1636 3 OCCASIONAL CHAIRS. 3 matching chairs, slat back, flower-carved top rail; cane seats, cushions tied on. Cane seat of one chair breaking. 30 - 60
1637 BARRISTER BOOKCASES. Oak. Three lift-front sections with top and bottom. Size: 51" h., 25" w., 12" deep. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 350
1638 TWO HANGING CURIO CUPBOARDS. In green paint. Size: each 30" h., 20" w., 5" deep. 50 - 100
1639 MAPLE CHEST ON CHEST. N/R. Made by Virginia House. Has mushroom pulls. Size: 4' h., 32" w., 18" deep. Condition: minor scratches through normal use. 25 - 50
1640 WOOD BENCH. Slatted wood bench, 14" H x 58" W x 17 1/2" D. Painted black. 20 - 40
1641 DROP LEAF STAND. Sheraton style, mahogany. Two drawer. 45 - 90
1642 PAIR CLASSICAL CANDELABRA. N/R. Metal. Pair of classical style candelabra, stepped square base, fluted shaft with quasi-Ionic/Corinthian capitals, four "S" shaped arms supporting holders, with one center holder, marked Decorative Crafts Inc. made in China. Size: 23"H, 10"W, 10"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1643 MAGAZINE RACK. N/R. 15 - 30
1644 CAST IRON FOOTSTOOL. Size: 10" h., 13" w., 13" deep. 30 - 60
1645 WALNUT BOX. N/R. Monogrammed top. Has a key and interior mirror. Size: 6" h., 13" w., 9" deep. Condition: finish as is. 15 - 30
1646 VICT. FIREPLACE FENDER. Cast metal and copper. Size: 6 1/2" h., 53" w., 14 1/2" deep. 40 - 80
1651 GINGER JAR LAMPS. Black background with polychrome painted oriental scenes. Size: 14" h., 7" dia. Condition: no shades, no plugs. 20 - 40
1654 PAIR OF BRASS TABLE LAMPS N/R. Bottom parts of lamps match with a leaf and flower design. Middle to top sections don't match. Both have double bulb outlets and are missing shades. Size of one: 32" h. x 6.5" w. Size of other: 36" h. x 6" w. x 7.5" d. 25 - 50
1655 CERAMIC URN LAMP N/R. Lamp has a blue and white glazed ceramic body resting in a footed metal base. Size of lamp: 20" h. x 5.5" w. x 3.5"d. Size of fabric shade: 13" h. x 12.5" w. x 14 3/4" d. 25 - 50
1656 CUT GLASS TABLE LAMP N/R. Lamp has a cut glass floral motif round body resting on a metal base. The fabric shade is pleated. Size of lamp: 23.5" h. x 5" w. x 3" d. Size of shade: 12" h. x 10" w. x 8 1/4" d. Condition: some flaking on the metal base. 50 - 100
1657 CUT GLASS TABLE LAMP N/R. Lamp has round cut glass body resting on a silver metal base. It comes with a pleated fabric shade. Size of lamp: 23" h. x 5" w. x3" d. Size of shade: 12" h. x 10"w. x 8 1/4" d. 50 - 100
1658 LAMP WITH RUBY GLASS INSERT. N/R. Lamp with ruby glass insert in base, hand painted with flowers. Size: 21"H, condition: paint is worn, sold as is. 40 - 80
1659 TWO LAMPS WITH RUBY GLASS. N/R. (1) ruby glass lampbase. Size: 11 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Lamp base with ruby glass insert.Glass has hand painted flowers. Size: 10"H. condition: painting worn on the glass. 50 - 100
1660 ART DECO RUBY GLASS LAMP. N/R. Cast plaster base, nude female with deer, painted gold below ruby glass shade. no mark. Size: 14"H, condition: a small chip on the front and the back of the plaster base. 50 - 100
1661 PR. PINK LUSTRE LAMPS. N/R. Glass. Pair of Victorian pink lustres with enameled and gilt painted decoration, each with 12 cut glass prisms, drilled for lamps, on brass bases with silk shades with beaded trim, crystal finials. Size: lustres 16"H, lamps 29"H with shades, shades 16"Diam. Condition: rim rough on one lustre, one prism has broken end, one finial broken. 200 - 400
1662 PAIR CAPODIMONTE LAMPS. N/R. Ceramic Capodimonte urns with classical scenes raised on triple dolphin supports on painted metal bases. No shades. Size: 26 1/2"H. Condition: one lamp no damage, one damage around top rim of urn, one base has minor damage. 40 - 80
1663 CHINESE STYLE VASE LAMP. N/R. 1st half 20th c. Ceramic pink and blue floral body, with a wooden base; the vase form terminates in an hexagonal shaft which leads to the bulbs and shade. Size: (to top of ceramic lamp)12 1/2" h., 7" w., 7" deep. Condition: slightly dirty, base is cracked. 50 - 75
1664 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1665 LUSTRE TABLE LAMP. c1940. Lustre baluster body with transfer of romantic scene. Size: (to ceramic body) 17" h., 8" w., 6" deep. Condition: wear to finish. 20 - 40
1667 NEEDLEPOINT FOOT STOOL. N/R. Needlepoint footstool. Condition: worn. 25 - 50
1668 GROCERY STORE SCALE. "Toledo" scale, iron; iron pan; mirror mounted on weight chart. Good condition. 75 - 150
1669 TWO ROUND FOOTSTOOLS. N/R. Two round stools,with needlepoint tops, brass upholstery tack decoratoin. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. 7"H. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
1670 ART DECO PLASTER RELIEF. N/R. Round pierced relief panel depicting Diana the Huntress and her dog, cream with gold highlights. Marked: New Art Wares, C1135 O R. Condition: signs of wear, minor surface cracks. 150 - 300
1671 COBALT HANDLED VASE. N/R. Cobalt vase with clear handles. no mark. Size: 9 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1672 10 MODERNTONE PLATES.N/R. 10 cobalt blue plates in Moderntone Pattern by Hazel Atlas Glass co. 1934-early 1950s. (4) luncheon plates Size: 8"diam. (6) dinner plates Size: 8 7/8"Diam. condition: good with minor wear. 75 - 150
1673 7 PIECES OF COBALT GLASS. N/R. Lot consists of 3 candlesticks, 4 vases. ranging in sizes: 8", 98", 7", 6 1/2", 5", 5", 4 1/2". Condition: all good. 30 - 60
1674 COBALT DECORATED CHARGER. N/R. Ceramic charger with decaled center decoration of female figure, a 32 1/2" wide border of cobalt and gilt decoration, raised enamel beadwork and drapery highlights. Mark on back unreadable. Size: 13"Diam. Condition: wear to some enameled decoration. 75 - 150
1675 TIFFIN AMBERINA GLASS BASKET. N/R. Tiffin amberina satin glass basket, molded handled basket, shaded yellow to red. Size: 11"H. condition: minor wear. 50 - 75
1676 CATALONIAN FAN VASE. N/R. Catalonian fan vase, old spanish glassware by Consolidated Lamp and Glass co. Coraopolis, Pa. Green mottled glass. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1677 3 GREEN GLASS VASES. N/R. (1) Green flash press cut vase. Size: 10 1/2"H. no mark. condition: good. (1) Green blown glass vase wtih hand painted Dogwood flower decoration. no mark. Size: 12"H. Condition: good. (1) Blown glass green vase with beaded floral decoration. no mark. Size; 13"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1678 3 RUBY GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Center bowl on 3 ball feet, no mark. Size: 12 1/2"Diam. 4"h. (2/3) ruby candleholders, folded 6 sided edge, no mark. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good. 25 - 50
1679 10 RUBY GLASS PIECES. N/R. Includes: (8) Coronation patter, Hocking Glass Co. 1934-6, Ruby Berry bowls, 4 1/4"Diam. Conditon: good. (2) Oyster and Pearl pattern Anchor Hocking Glass co. 1938, royal Ruby candleholders. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1680 LEMIEUX CHINA LUNCHEON SET. 27 pieces LeMieux china. 24 Karat gold, Hand decorated. Angelica Kauffman-style classical figuresin landscape decal, white & green stylized floral decoration, gold rim. 3 different scenes. 1. 8 plates, 8". 1 chipped. 2. 8 saucers, 1 chipped. 3. 8 cups, small chips on 2. 4. Coffee pot, pot crazed at hande, lid chipped with repaired handle. 5. Creamer 6. Lidded sugar bowl, bowl and lid cracked. 40 - 80
1681 JAPANESE CHOCOLATE SET. Chocolate set, unknown Japanese mark; design of scenes with people in Japanese costume. 13 pieces. 1. Chocolate pot, spout chipped, lid chipped with broken handle. 2. Creamer. 3. 5 saucers, 1 chipped, 1 cracked. 4. 4 cups. 5. 2 nut dushes, 1 cracked. 20 - 40
1682 LOFTON CHINA LUNCHEON SET. Luncheon set, Lofton China, "Hand Painted, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." Crown mark. 16 pieces. 8 cups; 8 luncheon plates, 1 with small chip. 25 - 50
1683 BOUILLON CUPS AND SAUCERS. Set 5 bouillon cups and matching saucers. 10 pieces. SAXE, crown mark. Floral garland design. 1 cup chipped, cracked. 20 - 40
1684 LIMOGES CUPS AND SAUCERS. Set GDA Limoges cups and saucers, 28 pieces. "Made in France exclusively for Gimbels." 14 cups, 2 cracked; 14 saucers, 6 with tiny manufacturing flaws on the rims. 25 - 50
1685 ASSORTED PORCELAIN WARE. Group of miscellaneous cups and saucers. 14 pieces. 1. Haviland Limoges bouillon cup and matching saucer. Cream color, gold rim & handles. 2. Cup and saucer, Royale Garden Bone China, Staffs, England. Floral design. 3. Cup and saucer, GDA, Limoges, France. 4. Cup and saucer, Royal Albert Bone China, England. Green shading to white, gold rim, floral design. 5. Cup and saucer, Royal Chelsea English Bone China, "Made in England." Blue & gold floral design, gold rim. 6. Cup and saucer, Aynsley Fine Bone China. Saucer pink with white centre; cup pink outside, white with floral inside. 7. Demitasse cup and saucer, Royal Worcester Fine Bone China, England. "Lavinia" pattern (blackberries & leaves). 40 - 80
1686 ASSORTED CUPS AND SAUCERS. Group of miscellaneous cups and matching saucers. 14 pieces. 1. Cup and saucer, Adderley Fine Bone China, England; "Thistle" pattern. 2. Cup and saucer, Royal Sealy China, Japan. Red & yellow roses, gold edge. 3. Cup and saucer, RG Bavaria. Cup chipped. 4. Cup and saucer, Bone China, Taylor & Kent, England. Few stress cracks in cup bowl. 5. Cup and saucer, Tuscan Fine English Bone China. "Made in England." Cup cracked. 6. Cup and saucer, iridescent, raised gold design. No mark. Saucer chipped. 7. Demitasse cup and saucer. Bell China, "Made in England." 30 - 60
1687 FLORAL PORCELAIN WARE. Assorted porcelain ware, 15 pieces. 1. 2 cups, 2 matching luncheon plates. MvCo., "Made in Germany." Slight roughness, edge of one cup. 2. 1 bouillon cup, 1 matching saucer. Pointons, England. 3. 1 cup, 1 matching saucer, Royal Albert Bone China, England. Green Velvet pattern. 4. 1 small cup, 1 matching saucer, GDA Limoges, France. 5. 1 demitasse cup, 1 matching saucer, no mark. 6. 2 small matching nut dishes, "Germany 886." 7. 1 openwork nut dish, Schumann, Bavaria. "Germany, U.S. Zone." 40 - 80
1688 HAVILAND LIMOGES DEMITASSE SET. Set Haviland Limoges demitasse cups and saucers. 14 pieces. 6 cups, 2 chipped; 8 saucers, 2 having slight roughness to the base. 25 - 50
1689 WORLD'S BEST LITERATURE. 31 odd vols. (parts of 2 sets) of the Library of the World's Best Literature. N.Y., 1897. 3/4 leather. Fair to very good condition. 40 - 80
1697 4 ART BOOKS. 1. Art and Artists of all Nations. N.Y., 1894. Oblong, 11 1/4" x 14". All edges gilt. Very good condition. 2. Another copy, but in fair condition only. 3. Pollard, Josephine (ed.) Dore Gallery of Bible Stories. N.Y., 1882. Front hinge broken; back hinge cracked; contents loose. 4. Crouse, Russell. Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives. Garden city, 1936. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 35 - 65
1698 7 VOLS. GT. MEN & FAMOUS WOMEN. 7 odd vols. Great Men and Famous Women. N.Y., 1894; Selmar Hess. Vols. I-IV, V, VI, VIII. 3/4 leather, all edges gilt. Good condition. 35 - 70
1699 4 BKS. TRAVEL & ADVENTURE. 1. deVoto, Bernard. Across the Wide Missouri. Cambridge, MA, 1947; Houghton Mifflin. 483 pp. Very good in good dust jacket. 2. Michener, James & Day, A. Grove. Rascals in Paradise. N.Y., 1957; Random House. Stated 1st. printing. 374 pp. Very good in good dust jacket. 3. Byrd, Richard. Little America. N.Y./London, 1930; Putnam. 1st. edition. Signed on tipped-in page. Very good in worn dust jacket. 4. Herzog, Maurice. Annapurna. N.Y., 1953; Dutton. 316 pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. 30 - 60
1700 ANTIQUITIES OF THE ORIENT. Redding, M. Wolcott. Antiquities of the Orient Unveiled. N.Y., 1874. Profusely illustrated, including chromolith frontispiece. Full leather, blind stamped and gold decorated. All edges gilt. Leather rubbed, but still good condition. 45 - 90
1701 HISTORY CIVIL WAR IN AMERICA. Abbot, John S. C. History of the Civil War in America. 2 vols. N.Y., 1863 and 1866. Blind-stamped covers, gold spine lettering; marbled edges and endpapers. Front hinge cracked, Vol. II. 150 - 300
1702 PICTORIAL WORKS OF SHAKSPERE. Knight, Charles (ed.) Pictorial Edition of the Works of Shakspere. 8 vols. N.Y., Collier, n.d. (ca. 1900). All vols. good condition. 50 - 100
1703 AMERICAN HOME AND FARM ENCY. Allen, Horace R. American Home and Farm Encyclopedia. Phila., 1883. Profusely illustrated, some color. 1033 pp. Covers and spine crudely repaired; interior good condition. 40 - 80
1704 HISTORY AGRICULTURE IN N.Y. Hedrick, Ulysses Prentiss. History of Agriculture in the State of New York. N.p., 1933. 462 pp. Very good condition in chipped dust jacket. 30 - 50
1705 HIST. M.E. CHURCH IN USA. Stevens, Abel. History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the USA. 4 vols. 1867. Full leather, rubbed; otherwise good condition. 150 - 300
1706 4 HOME ARTS BOOKS. Four books on Home Arts. 1. DeBoth, Jessie. Modern Household Encyclopedia. Chicago, 1948. "Absorbents" to "Zucchini". Good condition. 2. Better Homes and Gardens Handyman's Book. Looseleaf, ring binder. 5th printing, 1957. Very good condition. 3. Koues, Helen. On Decorating the House. New edition. Tudor Pub., 1936. 317 pp. Cover spotted, otherwise good condition. 4. Bevier, Isabel. Handbook of Housekeeping. Chicago, 1915; American School of Home Economics. 211 pp. Very good condition. 45 - 85
1707 NEW NATURE LIBRARY. Blanchan, Neltje et al. The New Nature Library, complete in 8 vols. Doubleday, Page & Co., 1914 (later edition). All vols. good condition. 50 - 100
1708 12 OLD SCHOOL BOOKS. Twelve old school books, 1835-1914. 1. Mandeville. Elements of Reading & Oratory. 1901. 2. Robinson's Progressive Practical Arithmetic. 1888. 3. Osgood's American Advanced Speller. 4. Hunt & Gourley. The Modern Spelling-Book. 5. Quackenbos. a mental Arithmetic. 1880. 6. Swan. Primary School Reader. 1844. 7. Baldwin. School Reading by Grades. 1897. 8. Ray. Practical Arithmetic. 1857. 9. Wright. Elements of the English Language. 1845. 10. Porter. The Rhetorical Reader. 1835. 11. Burk & Smith. The Easy Road to Reading. 1914. 12. Brooks. Brooks's Readers 1st. year. 1906. 40 - 80
1709 HIST. COLLECTIONS OF OHIO. Howe, Henry. Historical Collections of Ohio. 2 vols. Cincinnati, 1908. Black cloth, taped. Interiors good condition. 45 - 85
1710 PERSONAL MEMOIRS U.S. GRANT. Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant. 2 vols. N.Y., 1885; Charles L. Webster & Co. Leather bindings deteriorated; hinges cracked; some waterstaining to pages. 50 - 100
1711 BIRDS OF PENNSYLVANIA. Warren, B. H. Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1890. Title page loose; otherwise very good condition in 3/4 leather binding. 100 - 200
1712 BIOG. HISTORY OF N. E. OHIO. Biographical History of Northeastern Ohio, Embracing the Counties of Ashtabula, Geauga, and Lake. Chicago, 1893, Lewis Pub. co. Leather rotting; interior good condition. 100 - 200
1713 3 TECHNICAL BOOKS. Three technical books: 1. Droege, John A. Passenger Terminals and Trains. N.Y., 1916; McGraw-Hill. 410 pp. Very good condition. 2. Walthers, W. K. Signal and Control Manual for Miniature and Model Railroads. Milwaukee, 1932. Looseleaf in leatherette binder. Front cover spotted; interior good condition. 3. Smith, J. C. The National Accountant: a Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Book-Keeping... Philadelphia, 1880; Lippincott. faded black cloth binding, gold lettering and pictorial decoration of a schoolmaster and pupil. Very good condition. 50 - 100
1714 5 BOOKS ON ART. Five books on art. 1. Man, Felix H. 150 Years of Artists' Lithographs 1803-1953. London, 1953; William Heinemann Ltd. 123 pp + index; 12" x 9". Very good condition in chipped, lightly soiled dust jacket. 2. Clement, clara Erskine. Stories of Art and Artists. Boston, 1887; Ticknor & Co. 357 pp. Very good condition. 3. Shaw, J. Byam. The Drawings of Francesco Guardi. London, 1951; faber & Faber Ltd. 86 pp text + 80 black & white plates. Very good condition in moderately worn dust jacket. 4. Burgess, Fred W. Old Prints and Engravings. N.Y., 1948; tudor Pub. 281 pp. Very good condition in worn dust jacket. 5. Kallir, Otto (ed.) Grandma Moses: My Life's History. N.Y., 1952; Harper & Bros. 1st. edition. 140 pp + plates. No dust jacket, otherwise very good condition. 40 - 80
1715 RIDPATH'S HISTORY OF THE U.S. Ridpath's History of the United States, 10 of 12 vols. (VIII & IX missing). 3/4 leather, leather starting to deteriorate. 40 - 80
1716 4 BOOKS OF SOCIAL HISTORY. 1. Wilson, Mitchell. American Science and Invention: A Pictorial History. N.Y., 1960; Bonanza Books. 437 pp, 12 1/4" x 9 1/4". Very good condition in dust jacket. 2. Robbin, Irving. Great Cars of All Time. N.Y., 1960; Grosset & Dunlap. 209 pp, 11" x 8 1/2". Very good condition in dust jacket. 3. Rosenfeld, Morris (photographer), Taylor, William H., & Rosenfeld, Stanley. The Story of American Yachting. N.Y., 1958; Bramhall House. 276 pp, 12" x 9 1/4". Very good condition in dust jacket. 4. Jensen, Oliver. The Revolt of American Women: A Pictorial History of the Century of Change... N.Y., 1952; Haecourt, brace. 224 pp, 12 1/4" x 8 3/4". Very good condition in lightly chipped dust jacket. 40 - 80
1717 4 BOOKS ON ANTIQUES. 1. Harbeson, Georgiana Brown. American Needlework. NY, c. 1938; Bonanza books. 232 pp; 12 1/4" x 9 1/4". Very good condition, with dust jacket. 2. Papert, Emma. The Illustrated Guide to American Glass. N.Y., c. 1972; Hawthorn Books. 289 pp., 11 1/4" x 8 1/2". Very good condition, with dust jacket. 3. Cox, Warren E. The Book of Pottery and Porcelain. N.Y., 1953, Crown Pub. 2 vols. in one. 1158 pp. Very good condition in worn, torn dust jacket. 4. Savage, George. Eighteenth Century German Porcelain. London, 1967; Spring Books. 242 pp. Very good condition in dust jacket. 40 - 80
1718 WAVERLY NOVELS, 11 ODD VOLS. 11 attractive odd volumes of Waverly Novels, 1829-1834. The Antiquary; St. Ronan's Well; The Abbot; Count Robert of Paris; Fair Maid of Perth; Woodstock; The Highland Widow; The Monastery; Guy Mannering. 3/4 red leather on marbled boards, gold decorated spine. Spine ends and corners lightly rubbed; still all vols. G+ to VG. 50 - 100
1719 8 FOSTORIA GOBLETS. Set of 8 Fostoria Kimberly lead crystal footed goblets, pressed, diamond design. 25 - 50
1720 PARTIAL SET WEDGWOOD. 21 pieces Wedgwood Bone China, "Made in England." "Pimpernel" pattern. 1. 5 dinner plates, one chipped. 2. 6 luncheon plates. 3. 3 saucers. 4. 7 bread and butter plates. 40 - 80
1721 FOSTORIA "QUEEN ANNE" LUSTRES. N/R. Pair of Fostoria clear glass lustres, 1926-27.(Candleholder, bobeche, and prisms) in clear glass. 14 1/2"H. Condition: good, one set of prisms is a replacement and does not match the other, minor wear to glass. 70 - 150
1722 ITALIAN CERAMIC CENTERPIECE SET. N/R. Three pieces include pink and yellow floral centerpiece, two yellow flower candleholders, impressed Made in Italy. Bisque finish. Size: centerpiece 5 1/4"H, 9"W, 6"D. Candlesticks, 3"H, 5"Diam. Condition: minor flaking on bottom edge of several leaves. 40 - 80
1723 DEPRESSION 7 GREEN PIECES. Includes 6 matching green salts, octagonal shaped top, circular bases, Size: 1 1/2"H. 2"Diam. Also includes green glass tray, hourglass shape, size: 10"L, 4 3/4"W, 3/4"D. Condition: all pieces good, tray does not match glasses. 30 - 60
1724 DEPRESSION "MADRID" 4 PIECES. N/R. 4 clear glass dinner plates, Madrid pattern, Federal Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1932-39. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1725 DEPRESSION GREEN CREAM/SUGARS. N/R. Two sets of green creamers and sugars, includes: (1) green wave design with rippled handles, 4"H. condition: good. (1) Plain conical shaped green set with curved handles. 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1726 DEPRESSION 5 PINK DISHES. N/R. Includes: (1) pink fan vase, 9"H, swirl design in body, Condition: 1/2"Chip along top rim. (1) pink salt shaker, six sided design, 2 3/4"H, conditin: good. (1) Pink handled two sided double triangle tray, 5 1/4"H, 9"W, 5 1/4"D. Condition: good. (1) Pink triangular insert for tray, three stepped base, 2 3/4"H. Condition: good, but matching piece missing. (1) Pink fan vase, swirl pattern, Size:5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 60 - 120
1727 DEPRESSION "IRIS" IRIDESCENT 16 PIECES. N/R. 11 iridescent "Iris" (Iris & Herringbone) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1928-32, 1950's. Includes: (1) double candle holder, 5 1/2"H, condition: chips in base. (1) goblet, 4"H, condition: good. (9) saucers, 5 3/4"D. Condition: 8 good, 1 with chip. (2) footed sherberts, 2 1/4"H, condition: both have chips on lower rim. (1) scalloped berry bowl, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) scalloped bowl, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) sherbert plate, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 80 - 160
1728 DEPRESSION "IRIS" CLEAR 10 PIECES. N/R. 10 clear pieces of "Iris" (Iris & Herringbone) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1928-32, 1950s. Includes: (1) vase, 9"H, condition: good, (1) footed creamer 4"H, chip in base, (1) goblet 6"H, chip in top rim, (1) footed tumbler, 6"H, condition: good.,(6) goblets, 4 1/2"H cocktail size, condition: 5 good, one with chip in base. 60 - 120
1729 DEPRESSION "IRSI" CLEAR 10 PIECES. N/R. 10 pieces of clear "Iris" (Iris & Herringbone) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1928-32, 1950's. Includes: (2) plates 5 1/2"Diam. condition: good, (4) saucers 5 3/4"Diam. condition: good, (3) plates 9"Diam. Condition: good, (1) sandwich plate 11 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1730 DEPRESSION PINK CREAM/SUGARS. N/R. Two sets of pink creamers and sugars. (1) set with fluted sides, ground bottoms, 3"H. Condition: good. (1) set , footed with decorated middle, 4"H, Condition: good. 30 - 60
1731 DEPRESSION GREEN ICE BUCKET. N/R. Round green ice bucket with woven handle. Leaf and berry and geometric decoration. Size: 5 1/2"Daim. 5 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1732 DEPRESSION "PRINCESS" PLATES. N/R. (7) Closed handled grill plates, yellow, Princess pattern, Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1931-35. Size: 10 1/2"diam. Condition: 3 with chips on rim. 40 - 60
1733 DEPRESSION "HOLIDAY" 2 TUMBLERS. N/R. (2) Pink tumblers, Holiday (Button & Bows) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1942-1950s. Flat tumblers, 10 oz. 4"H. Condition: good. 20 - 40
1734 DEPRESSION "FLORAL" 2 PIECES.N/R. 2 pink pieces in Floral (Poinsettia) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co., Jeannette, Pa. 1931-35. 1- pink pitcher, 32oz. 8"H. Condition: good. 1-pink candlestick, 4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1735 DEPRESSION "MISS AMERICA" 11 PIECES. N/R. 11 pieces of pink Miss America(Diamond) Pattern, Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster Ohio, 1935-38.Includes (1) cup 2"H. Condition: good, (4) saucers 4 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (6) sherbert plates 5 3/4"Ddiam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1736 DEPRESSION "MISS AMERICA" S & p. N/R. Pink salt and pepper shakers, Miss America (Diamond) pattern, Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1935-38. each 4"H. condition: exterior glass good, one has inside discoloration, both lids have minor corrosion. 30 - 60
1737 DEPRESSION 4 PIECES, 2 PATTERNS. N/R. 1. Pink grill plate, Dogwood Pattern, MacBeth Evans Co. Charleroi, Pa., 1929-32. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor chips inside rim. 3. Yellow sherbert plates, Pirncess Pattern, Hocking Glass Co. 1931-35. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: one with chip on rim. 25 - 50
1738 DEPRESSION 3 PATTERNS, 5 PIECES. 1. Pink divided relish, Adam Pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1932-34. 8"L. Condition: good. 3. Pink salad plates, American Sweetheart Pattern, MacBeth Evans Glass Co. Charleroi, Pa. 1930-36. 8"diam. Condition: two with chips in rim. 1. Pink cake plate on three legs, Cherry Blossom Pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1930-1939. 10 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1739 DEPRESSION "CAMEO" VINEGAR BOTTLE.N/R. Dark green vinegar bottle, "Cameo" (Ballerina, Dancing Girl) pattern, Hocking Glass Co., 1930-34. Marked on bottom "Whitehouse Vinegar". Size 8"H. Condition: minor wear to bottle, originally sold with cork, cork missing. 25 - 50
1740 DEPRESSION "MADRID" 3 PIECES. Three yellow Madrid Pattern, Federal Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1932-39. 1. yellow luncheon plate 8 7/8"Diam. Condition: chip in rim. 1. yellow plate 6"Diam. Condition: chip in rim. 1. yellow bowl. 5"Diam. condition: good. 20 - 40
1741 DEPRESSION "PARROT: & OTHER PATTERNS. N/R. 11 pieces include: (2) Parrot pattern, Federal Glass Co. , 1931-32, 2 green salad plates, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: both with chips in rim. (4) green octagonal plates, diamond pattern decoration, Size; 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (5) green round plates, band of beaded ring decoration, size: 8"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1742 DEPRESSION 8 PIECES 2 PATTERNS.N/R. (4) Yellow saucers, Cameo Pattern, Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster, Ohio, 1930-34. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (4) Pink dinner plates, Sunflower Pattern, Jeannette Glass Co., Jeannette, Pa. 1930's. Size: 9:Diam. condition: good. 50 - 100
1743 DEPRESSION "FLORAL" 8 SAUCERS 8 pink saucers, Floral (Poinsettia) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co., Jeannette, Pa. 1931-35. Size: 6"diam. Condition: Good. 40 - 80
1744 DEPRESSION 8 GREEN PIECES. 8 green dishes, each with mottled band of decoration near edge. 1-Creamer, 3"H. 1-Sugar bowl, 3"H 1- Cup, 2 1/4"H 2- Octagonal saucers, 5 1/2"Diam. 2- Octagonal luncheon plates, 8"Diam. 1- Platter, 11 1/2" x9" Condition: all pieces good except platter which has fleabite on rim. 40 - 80
1745 DEPRESSION "SUNFLOWER" CAKE PLATES.N/R. 3 green cake plates on three legs, Sunflower pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. Size: 10"diam. Condition: 2 good, 1 with minor flaking on one foot. 30 - 60
1746 DEPRESSION GREEN GRILL PLATES. 5 green round grill plates, with beaded ring decoration, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1747 DEPRESSION "HORSESHOE" PITCHER. N/R. Green pitcher in Horseshoe pattern, Indiana Glass Co. Dunkirk, Ind. 1930-33. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: minor chip on bottom rim. 75 - 150
1748 DEPRESSION "FLORAL" PITCHER. N/R. Green pitcher in Floral (Poinsettia) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1931-35. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1749 DEPRESSION "CAMEO" 2 SHERBERTS. N/R. 2 green molded sherberts in Cameo pattern, Hocking Glass Co., Lancaster, Ohio, 1930-34. Size: 3 1/8"H Condition: good. 25 - 50
1750 DEPRESSION "DORIC" 9 PIECES. N/R. 9 green pieces in Doric Pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1935-38. Includes (4) saucers, 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: 3 good, one with rough edges. (5) plates, 6"Diam. Condition: all good. 40 - 80
1751 DEPRESSION "ROMANESQUE" PLATES. N/R. 5 green octagonal plates in "Romanesque" pattern, L.E. Smith Glass Co. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 1930's. Size: 8" diam. Condition: Good. 40 - 80
1752 DEPRESSION FLORENTINE NO.1 PCS. N/R. 8 green dinner plates, Florentine No. 1 pattern, Hazel Atlas Glass Co., Clarksburg, W. Va. 1932-35. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: 6 good, 2 with chips in rim. 60 - 120
1753 DEPRESSION "FLORAL" 6 PLATES. N/R. 6 green dinner plates, Floral (Poinsettia) pattern, Jeannette Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. 1931-35. Size: 9"Diam. Condition: 5 good, 1 with chip in rim. 80 - 160
1754 DEPRESSION 2 GREEN SYRUP PITCHERS. N/R. (1) green vaseline glass syrup pitcher with ribbed sides, metal top, 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) green depression glass syrup pitcher, pannelled sides, metal top, 6"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1755 6 YELLOW VASELINE GLASS PIECS. N/R. Pieces include: (2) candleholder, (1) candlestick, (1) vase, (1) divided dish, (1) small hobnail piece. Condition: all good. 50 - 100
1756 13 DEPRESSION GLASS DISHES. N/R. Includes: Green Bubble pattern, Lorrain pattern dish and others. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1757 21 DEPRESSION GLASS PIECES. N/R. all clear glass in Sandwich or Daisy pattern. Includes: (1) sugar, (1) sherbet, (2) trays, (9) saucers, (8) plates. Condition: signs of wear. 80 - 160
1758 11 RUBY GLASS PIECES. N/R. All spot pattern, include: 4 goblets 6"H. 3 sherbets, 4 1/2"H, 4 plates, 8""""Ddiam. conditon: good. 40 - 80
1759 14 RUBY GLASS PIECES. N/R. Includes: (1) creamer, (1) sugar, (3) cups, (5) square plates, 5 1/4"Diam. (1) square plate , 8"Diam. , (2) round plates 7 3/4"Diam., (1) round plate 8"Diam. condition: all good, minor signs of wear. 40 - 80
1760 6 PIECES RUBY GLASS. (1) Tri fold bowl in metal basket holder. no mark. Size: 7"H w. holder. Conditon: good. (1) leaf dish. Condition: good. (1) fluted bowl on three ball feet. Size" 7"Diam. Condition: good. (1) fluted bowl. no mark.Size: 6 1/2"Diam. Conditon: good. (1) pressed bowl, size: 5"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Low bowl. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 60 - 120
1761 7 GREEN VASELINE GLASS ITEMS. N/R. Includes: (1) Sunkist Reamer, (1) oval dish, (1) sugar bowl, (2) syrup pitchers., (1) shot glass, (1) octagonal plate. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1762 15 RUBY GLASS PIECES. N/R. Includes: (2) pitchers, (2) sherbets, (11) glasses. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1763 10 RUBY GLASS PIECES.N/R. Includes: (1) pitcher, (5) glasses, (3) plates, (1) creamer. Conditon: good. 30 - 60
1764 13 RUBY GLASS PIECES. N/R. Includes: (5) fan shaped inserts, (1) creamer, (7) vases. condition: good. 30 - 60
1765 6 DEPRESSION GREEN PIECES. N/R. Includes: (1) Fostoria American Pattern creamer. (1) fostoria: Germitage Pattern ice dish, insert missing. (1) Foosted banana split dish, (1) ash tray (1) celery dish (1) Divided relish, angular geometric pattern. All good. 80 - 160
1766 6 DEPRESSION GREEN PIECES. N/R. Includes: (1) green candlestick, (1) covered container, (1) covered jar, (1) spitoon, (1) bisquet jar, no lid., (1) vase. Condition: all good. 50 - 150
1767 8 DEPRESSION GREEN PIECES. N/R. Includes: (1) sugar, colonial Knife and fork pattern, Hocking glass co. , (1) small mixing bowl, 7"Diam., (1) 2 cup measuring cup, (1) Sunkist reamer, (1) butter lid, (1) salt shaker large, (1) salt shaker small. Condition: good, signs of wear. 75 - 150
1768 DEPRESSION "MADRID" SALT & PEPPER.N/R. Amber (yellow) salt and pepper in Madrid pattern, Federal Glass Co., Lancaster, Ohio, 1932-39. Size: 4"H. Condition: one shaker has some discoloring inside. Both metal lids have some corrosion. 50 - 100
1769 CLARK'S TEABERRY GUM STAND. N/R. Vaseline glass stand, marked: Clark's Teaberry Gum Stand. c.1928 advertising piece. Size: 3 1/4"H, 7"L, 4 3/4"W. Condition: good. 100 - 150
1770 BLACK GLASS MAYONNAISE BOWL W. LINER. N/R. Black glass mayonnaise bowl w. liner, etched border decoration similar to Black Forest by Paden City. 1930s. Size: bowl 6 1/2"diam.4"H. Liner 8" Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1771 ROYAL DOULTON FLAMBE RABBIT. N/R. Red flambe resting rabbit, markede Royal Doulton Flambe, Size: 3"H, 4 1/4"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1772 13 HARLEQUIN PIECES. N/R. Eight cups (2) yellow, (2) rose, (2) turquiose, (1) green. Four bowls, (3) turquiose, (1) yellow. One sugar bowl, no lid, inside rings, yellow. conditon: all good. 50 - 100
1773 FIESTA & HARLEQUIN PIECES. N/R. Six Fiesta cups, all ring handles, inside rings, no mark. (3 cobalt, 1 medium green, 1 turquiose, 1 yellow). Two Harlequin turquiose tumblers. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1774 FIESTA 11 PLATES. N/R. All marked: Fiesta, (4) red, (3) cobalt (wear to surface), 2 yellow,(2) turquoise. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: cobalt plates show wear others good. 75 - 150
1775 3 FIESTA PIECES. One Sweets compote, red, no mark. Conditon: good. Two round salt shakers, cobalt and light green, one incised LS on bottom rim. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1776 5 FIESTA COBALT PIECES. N/R. Includes: (1) platter, (2) bowls, (1) custard cup, (1) dish. One bowl not marked. all others marked. Condition: good. 80 - 160
1777 ASSORTED GLASSWARE. 26 pieces miscellaneous glassware. 1. 6 water tumblers, initialled "FSK." 2. 1 water tumbler, engraved "Lou." 3. 7 highball glasses, initialled "IRS." 4. 6 juice glasses, initialled "FSK." 5. 6 footed champagne glasses, unmarked. 20 - 40
1778 SET WATER GOBLETS. Set of 12 footed water goblets, engraved gold rim. 40 - 80
1779 SET CHAMPAGNE GLASSES. Set of 12 footed champagne glasses, engraved gold rim. 40 - 80
1780 SET FOOTED GLASSWARE. 10 pieces footed glassware, wheel-ground bowl, cut stem. 5 champagne glasses, 2 with small chip in the rim. 5 wine glasses, 2 chipped, 1 cracked. 25 - 50
1781 LOT INDIANA GLASS CO. WARE. 10 pieces Indiana Glass Co. ware, Pretzel pattern, 1930's-1960's. 1. Celeray dish, small chip at rim. 2. 5 saucers, 2 chipped. 3. 2 soup bowls. 4. 1 plate, 9 1/2". 5. 1 sandwich plate, 11 1/2". 30 - 60
1782 FIRE KING OVENWARE. 15 pieces of Fire King blue glass ovenware. 1. Loaf pan, slight roughness on rim. 2. Covered casserole, tiny chip on lid. 3. 6 covered individual baking dishes, 1 dish and 1 lid chipped. 40 - 80
1783 LOT GLASS CANDLE HOLDERS. 8 pieces, glass candle holders. 1. Pair double candle holders, pressed glass, gold band; 1 chipped at base. 2. Pair clear glass candlesticks, flower shaped base. 3. Pair double candle holders, flower form, green shading. 4. 1 clear glass candlestick, 9 1/2" H, flared and fluted base, scalloped edge. 5. 1 candlestick, 9" H, slender column on engraved gold-rimmed orange base. 50 - 100
1784 ASSORTED GLASSWARE. 5 pieces glassware. 1. Cambridge Glass Co. crystal bowl, 13 1/2" x 9 1/2", shallow cupped #82 "Caprice." 1940's-1957. 2. Imperial Glass Co. "Beaded Block" footed creamer & sugar, 1920's-1930's. 3. Imperial Glass Co. "Candlewick" creamer & sugar, 1936-84. 50 - 100
1785 PRESSED GLASS NUT BOWLS. 12 nut bowls, acid-etched pressed glass. Scallopped edge, beaded decoration. 1 chipped at rim, 1 chipped at base. 40 - 80
1786 2 PIECES GLASSWARE. 2 items of glassware: 1. 4-compartment relish dish, cut glass, floral design. 2. Silver overlay footed ice bucket, 6 3/4" H, missing handle. 30 - 60
1787 LOT MACBETH-EVANS GLASSWARE. 10 pieces glassware, Macbeth-Evans Glass Co., Charleroi, PA 1930-1940. 1. 3 pieces American Sweetheart pattern: 6" bowl, 6" plate, 10 5/8" plate. 2. 7 pieces Petalware: 1-10" plate, gold decoration; 4 bread and butter plates, 8", gold decoration; 1 plain plate, 8"; 1 saucer, banded green/blue/pink. 30 - 60
1788 FIRE KING BOWLS. 13 Fire King "Peach Lustre" 5" bowls. 25 - 50
1789 2 GLASS FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS. 1. Blue opalescent glass flowers, clear leaves, in clear glass base. 2. Pink opalescent glass flowers, blue centres, clear green leaves, set into scalloped glass bowl, blue edging. 50 - 100
1790 SET OF GLASSWARE. 26 pieces glassware, wheel-cut bowls, pressed stems. 1. 11 wine glasses, 1 chipped at rim. 2. 9 sherry glasses. 3. 6 cordials. 25 - 50
1791 LOT OF MOUSTACHE CUPS & MUGS. (4) moustache cups and (6) Victorian mugs. Various designs and decoration. None with marks. Condition: one moustache cup has crack. 100 - 200
1792 DELFT-STYLE CERAMIC WARE. 14 pieces blue and white ceramic ware, Delft-style. 1. Milk pitcher, 4 3/4" H. 2. Cup and saucer, country scene with windmills. 3. Square flat plate, 6 1/4", scene of sailboats; "Carlsbad BFHS China." 4. 2 coasters, metal rims, windmill scene. 5. Salt & pepper, Dutch boy & girl, marked "Germany." 6. Salt & pepper shakers, marked "Delfts" on oval under-dish, chipped. 7. Salt shaker, Dutch boy. 8. Miniature Dutch boy & girl figurines, 2 5/8" H. 40 - 80
1793 GLASS CAKE PLATES. 4 pedestal clear glass cake plates: two 7" H x 9 1/4" D, two 7" H x 10 5/8" D. 20 - 40
1794 CRYSTAL TABLE LAMP N/R. Lamp has two light bulb outlets on either side of brass arms. It has hanging prisms overall. Size: 17.5" h. x 3.5" w. x 3" d. Shades are missing. Condition: needs cleaned; some of the prisms are loose and missing; one side has wire holding it on. 40 - 80
2001 LABELED R.J.HORNER BROS. PARTNERS DESK. Label under drawer "From R.J. Horner & Co.; Furniture Makers and Importers; 61,63, & 65 West 23rd St., New York City". Mahogany carved partners desk. Five drawers, each side, each with carved leaves & carnved shell handles. Serpentine sides, carved gadroon like edging, lion head corner caps, cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. No mark. Size: 29 1/8"H, 54"L, 31"W. Condition: signs of wear and scratches. 2,000 - 3,000
2002 DIRECTOIRE RECAMIER. Mahogany. Double anthemion carved backrest frame raised on sabre legs. Ormolu mounts consist of a woman seated on a festoon held by two winged figures while putti with lyre and crown alight on the headrail and Medusa head and anthemion on the footrail while laurel branches decorate both siderails and uprights. Upholstered in a lattice pattern gold tone fabric. Size: 36" H, 29" W, 66" Long. Condition: two legs have been professionally repaired, four ormolu florettes missing from the sides of the volutes. 1,600 - 2,400
2003 SLANT FRONT DESK. Early 19th century. Mahogany. Conch shell inlaid fall front with baize writing surface and a line inlaid fitted interior. The case comprised of three long drawers, the whole raised on french feet joined by a scalloped apron. Brass pulls. Size: 42" H, 42" W, 21" D. Condition: the drawers and fitted interior are later. 2,000 - 3,000
2004 BENCHMADE HEPPLEWHITE STYLE CHAIRS. Set of six (two armchairs) mahogany chairs which are nice and heavy. Molded shield back with reticulated splat of Prince of Wales plumes and drapery swag. Serpentine front saddle seats raised on tapering molded legs. Round rosettes carved at handrests and rectangular panels carved with flowers where the arm evolves into the leg. Size of armchair: 39" H, 23" W, 20" D. Condition: no detractions or defects. 2,500 - 3,500
2005 BENCHMADE SHERATON STYLE BANQUET TABLE. A handsome table with flame grain mahogany top banded with holly and satinwood. Raised on double baluster pedestals having reeded legs carved with acanthas leaf terminating in brass lions paw castors. Size: 29" H, 41" W, 94" L (including the 18" leaf) Condition: like new. 2,000 - 3,000
2006 DERBY FAMILY HEPPLEWHITE SIDEBOARD. Late 18th/early 19th century. Descended through the Derby family of Salem, Mass. and Baltimore, Md. Crotch veneered mahogany. Fine sideboard with ovolu front corners raised on Hepplewhite legs. The whole inlaid with oval panel, crossbanded edges, string inlay, cuffs, etc. Size: 41" H, 72" W, 24 1/2" D. Condition: bottom has been replaced, hinges replaced to "H" form then properly changed back, very minor chipping to veneer. 4,000 - 6,000
2007 TEN HEPPLEWHITE STYLE CHAIRS. N/R. Circa 1910. Set of ten includes two armchairs. Mahogany shield backs with pierced and carved splats having saddle seats raised on line inlaid and cuffed legs. Condition: minor scratching from normal use. 1,500 - 2,500
2008 SHERATON BOWFRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS 1800 C. American, mahogany and mahogany veneer, four drawer chest, poplar secondary wood, reeded stile and turned feet, early hardware. Condition: no detractions. Size: 39" H, 42" W, 23" D. 800 - 1,000
2008 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2009 QUEEN ANNE PENNSYLVANIA CHEST. Circa 1750-1780. Queen Anne period case features a secret top drawer disguised as a cove molding above four tiers of drawers. Raised on bracket feet. Has engraved bat wing pulls. Size: 42" H, 40" W, 17" D. Condition: old but replaced brasses, new feet and new top, originally the top part of a highboy. 1,500 - 2,500
2010 HEPPLEWHITE STYLE FLIP TOP GAME TABLE. Apron has central inlay of eagle while the legs are inlaid with urns and drop bellflowers down the tapered legs which have cuff inlay. Gate leg supports the flip top. Size: 29" H, 36" W, 18" D. Condition: original finish, one piece missing veneer, one small replaced piece of veneer, minor scratching from normal use. 400 - 700
2011 PR. BRONZE ANDIRONS. Pair of classical andirons, topped with stylized double fleur de lis finials, pyramidal body with side lion heads and rings, lower front large swing rings over winged putto heads, resting on dolphin feet. Size: 38 1.2:H, 19"W, 10"D. each. condition: signs of wear, scratches, one side ring in lion's mouth loose. 1,000 - 1,500
2012 NEOCLASSIC MARBLE TOP TABLE. Mixed woods, burl walnut on stretcher top. Green marble top with ovolu corners set in a carved anthemion frieze. Top is supported by carved gilt winged carytids which sit on a carved edge stretcher raised on carved bun feet. (might be great made into two console tables). Size: 32" H, 40" W, 88" L. Condition: dull or worn finish, two (2") pieces of plain molding missing, one carytid has crack in chest, another has crack in wing. 4,000 - 5,000
2013 DUTCH MARQUETRY DESK. Dutch colonial style frame, the whole inlaid with ferns, flowers, birds, leafage, raised on lion's paw feet, Size: 44 1/2"H, 39"W, 22"D. Condition: edge of drop front missing pieces, dinged and scratched overall. 1,500 - 3,000
2014 CLASSICALLY CARVED LOVESEAT. Early 19th century. Mahogany with reeded crest rail, sweeping cornucopia arms, and fantastic winged paw feet. Fabric is a golden tone on tone laurel wreath design. Size: 35" H, 64" W, 25" D. Condition: strong frame, nice finish, fabric could use a light cleaning. 2,500 - 4,000
2015 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2016 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2017 ROCOCO STYLE GILT CORNICES. Gilt gesso decoration of "C" scrolls, leafage, flowers, and shells. Size: 15" H, 46" W, 8" D. Condition: missing pieces of gesso, mainly from the sides. 200 - 400
2018 BIEDERMEIER KNEEHOLE DESK. 19th century. Decorated with eight anthemion (four front and four reverse) and four roundels. Top has a baize writing surface. One long drawer above the kneehole flanked by two pedestals each with a drawer above a cupboard door concealing three pullout sliding tills. Size: 32" H, 61" W, 31" D. Condition: scarring and missing veneer to edge. 800 - 1,400
2019 BIEDERMEIER CHAISE LONGUE. First half of the 19th century. A button tufted backrest with a full loose down The whole raised on six short sabre legs united by a plain apron. Size: 32" H, 60" L. Condition: no defects or detractions. 1,200 - 1,600
2020 BIEDERMEIER CHEST. Mixed exotic woods. Very architectural in style. Pedimented top with canted edges over four drawers flanked by vertical ogee moldings which give a columnar appearance. Raised on a cyma scrolled skirt. Size: 35" H, 42" W, 22" D. Condition: a 21" long 1" wide new piece of oak has been added to the middle of the top, veneer cracking and missing from the ogee vertical moldings flanking the drawers, 20" filled crack on the right side. 1,400 - 2,200
2021 LOUIS XV STYLE BUREAU PLAT. N/R. Bombe form beautifully veneered in exotic woods, mounted with ormolu trim and sabot feet. one drawer. Top inset with leather. Size: 28.5"H, 37"W, 23"D. Condition: leather top as is, veneer in good condition. 3,000 - 5,000
2022 HAND PAINTED CYLINDER DESK. N/R. hand painted French cylinder desk in Louis XV style, two panels hand painted with romantic scenes, and overall mounted with ormolu. Size: 41"H, 32"W, 20.5"D. Condition: minor surface scratches due to normal use. painted panels crazed. all else good. 1,200 - 1,800
2023 ART DECO MANTLE CLOCK SET. N/R. Three piece mantle set with marble and chrome clock and two marble and chrome matching elements. Clock made of horizontal marble rectangle intersected by round clock face framed in marble. Streamline chrome elements decorate the clock. The two side elements are vertical blocks of marble topped with inverted chrome disc all three are topped by chrome and chrome chain frozen fountain decorations. The bases all have similar larged chrome beaded chain banding. The clock has no maker's name visible. the clock is key wound. The size: Clock: 19"H, 18"L, 5"D. The side elements are 16"H. 5"L, 5"D. Condition: the clock is sold as is. Some of the chrome decorative elements are tarnished or pitted. The center top frozen fountain over the clock has two cascading elements missing. Other wear and age. 300 - 500
2024 NEOCLASSICAL MANTLE CLOCK. Louis XVI style clock, mixed metals, enameled porcelain. Key wind, hour strike, clock face white enamel with blue roman numerals, black numbers, Center metal base with floral metal swags surround blue enamel porcelain urn with clock in center, topped by putti, 2 puti on bae resting on either side of urn withy floral swag between, decorated stepped base, resting on six feet. No mark visible. Size: 30"H, 25"W, 10"D. Condition: back plate missing, top figure loose, enameled porcelain clock portion loose. Wear and scratches to surface. 1,500 - 3,000
2025 ANSONIA MANTLE CLOCK. Mantle clock with Norse God or warrior seated next to round framed clock on faux black marble base with metal decoration, and metal hairy paw feet. Clock is key wind pendulum, half hour and hour strike, with metal pendant drops on either side of clock frame. Size: 14"H, 14"L, 7"W. Condition: wing on warrior's helmet is broken, one pendant drop is missing, chips on the faux marble base. Sold as is. 700 - 1,400
2026 LOUIS XVI STYLE TABLE. 20th century. Marble top, veneered apron and lower shelf mounted with ormolu. Turned legs are beech stained mahogany. Size: 27" H, 15.5" diameter. Condition: one inch chip out of bottom edge of marble. 200 - 350
2027 RENNAISSANCE REVIVAL OVAL TOP LIBRARY TABLE 1880 C. American, walnut and walnut veneer, heavily carved lyre shaped uprights with sheeps heads, fruit, flowers and female faces. Condition: no detractions, old finish. Size: 36" H, 41 " W, 25" D. 1,000 - 1,500
2028 CLASSICALLY CARVED SOFA. Early 19th century. Mahogany. Reeded top rail with pineapple finials, sweeping arms with gadrooning and carved leafage, the whole raised on cornucoppia carved lions paw feet. Upholstered in a salmon and golden stripe. Size: 32" H, 6' L, 24" D. Condition: strong frame, deep old finish, clean fabric. 2,500 - 4,000
2029 EMPIRE STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Circa 1830. Mahogany veneer and cherry sides. Two glazed doors (mostly original glass) with four panes each over two lower cabinet doors with hip raised panels. Bead decoration runs vertically on top and bottom. Size: 81" H, 60" W, 18.5" D. Condition: one pane of glass cracked, minor chipping to veneer and the feet. 1,500 - 3,000
2030 ARTS & CRAFTS SLANT FRONT DESK. turn of the century. oak. slant front concealed gallery, over one drawer, over pair of doors. The whole mounted with cast metal arts and crafts style ornate hardware. Size: 45"H, 36"W, 21"D. Condition: some hardware has upholstery tacks replacing original tacks. 800 - 1,200
2031 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP PARLOR TABLE. 19th century. Walnut. Inset white marble top with lions heads on the frieze, supported by central turned spindle and four supports with spade decoration. Size: 30"H, 32" W, 23" D. Condition: has been professionally refinished, missing on applied square decoration from top of toe. 500 - 800
2032 MONUMENTAL CARVED MIRROR. Beveled mirror in Baroque style frame which is profusely carved with central cartouche and deep scrolling acanthas leaf. Size: 5' H, 5'-4" W, 4" D. Condition: little hazing to mirror, no backboard to protect mirror. 800 - 1,200
2033 VICTORIAN WASHSTAND. 19TH C. walnut, white marble top backsplash and candle shelves, with cookie corners, one drawer over two doors. Size: 43"H,33"W. 19"D.Condition: nice finish, no detractions. 250 - 500
2034 MARBLE TOP ART DECO CABINET. N/R. Birdseye maple(?) veneer. Purple veined marble top over central drawer and central glazed door flanked by blind doors each concealing one shelf. Great Deco pulls and escutcheons. Size: 40" H, 50" W, 20" D. Condition: right door is off the hinges. 450 - 900
2035 DOLPHIN CARVED OAK DESK. Turn of the century. Drop front desk carved with two dolphins and two panels of leafage. Raised on paw feet. Size: 44" H, 38" W, 19" D. Condition: no detractions. 800 - 1,400
2036 VICTORIAN PARLOR CHAIR. N/R. Hip brace walnut finger carved frame with grapes and leaves on the crest. Size: 40" H, 25" W, 24" D. Condition: professionally refinished, reupholstered and restrengthened. 200 - 400
2037 VICTORIAN PARLOR CHAIR. N/R. Walnut frame carved with leaf stiles and carved flowers on the crest, apron, and front legs. Size: 38" H, 21 1/2" W, 22" D. Condition: professionally refinished, reupholstered, and strengthened. 200 - 400
2038 PEWTER FLATWALL CUPBOARD. N/R. One piece construction, open hutch top on a base of two drawers over two doors. Sits flat to the floor. Size: 79" H, 61" W, 19" D. Condition: made of old mixed woods, perhaps retro-constructed from an antique cupboard with additions. 800 - 1,400
2039 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2040 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2041 CENTENIAL TILTOP TRIPOD TEA TABLE 1875 C. American, walnut and walnut veneer, chipendale style tea table with ball and claw feet, carved foliate knees and column. Condition: stripped and refinished, no detractions. Size: 29" H, 28" D. 200 - 500
2042 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP DRESSER WITH MIRROR 1865 C. American, softwood, three drawer, serpentine front chest, white veined marble top and swivel mirror with arched top, set in carved support of floral and scroll decorations. Pulls of carved wood in fruit design. Condition: glove drawers missing, candle brackets missing, mirror de-silvering. Size: 84" H, 44" W, 24" D. 800 - 1,000
2043 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2044 KOREAN CHEST. 2,000 - 3,000
2045 VICTORIAN CHAIR BACK LOVESEAT. N/R. 19th century. Mahogany. Button tufted backs with crest of carved roses. Light blueish plush fabric. Size: 37" H, 55" W, 26" D. Condition: one small chip out of veneer, fabric could use a light cleaning. 350 - 700
2046 VICTORIAN WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL. N/R. 19th century. Five piece white marble pedestal with metal rod attachment. Nine sided base, straight fluted drum, two spiral fluted drums, square top with canted corners. Size: 43"H, 11 1/2" W, 11 1/2" D. Condition: no detractions. 250 - 500
2047 SMALL ENGLISH OAK CHEST OF DRAWERS 1820 C. England, two over three drawers, small size, ogee bracket feet, camfered corners, old hardware. Condition: feet and hardware maybe replaced, newer orange shelac finish. Size: 37" H, 37" W, 18" D. 500 - 800
2048 ATTRIBUTED STICKLEY BROS. COUCH N/R. See Quaint Furniture, Arts and Crafts; Stickley Brothers Company; Grand Rapids, Michigan; illustrated on page 17. No. 401 Couch. Oak. Size: 25" H, 29" W, 78" L. Condition: missing the original two leather cushions. 800 - 1,200
2049 EARLY CHILDS ARMCHAIR. 19th century. Two slat back and having a rush seat. Size: 19" H, 12" W, 10" D. Condition: back of slats are worn in areas, finish worn on outer side of one stile. 150 - 300
2050 SHERATON ARROWBACK HIGH CHAIR. Early 19th century. Three arrowback splats with bamboo turned stiles, armrests, legs, and stretchers. Size: 35" H, 14.5" W. Condition: small repair to the backrest. 200 - 300
2051 MAHOGANY DROPLEAF TEACART. Circa 1920. Crossbanded top with reeded edge. Legs are faux bamboo. Two lower shelves, one with lift off glass butlers tray. Handle folds down. Size with 12" leaves and handle down: 29" H, 21" W, 32" D. Condition: top is sunfaded. 250 - 500
2052 ROUND OAK CENTER TABLE STAINED GREEN 1890 C.American center column extending table with paw feet and lions' head knees. Condition: refinished, stained green, hardware repositioned, functions. Size: 30" H, 54" D. 200 - 500
2053 VICTORIAN PARLOR SET 1875 C. American, walnut and veneers with turned and carved frame, cameo back settee and side chair, upholstered seats, backs and arms. Condition: new upholstery, refinished and missing the crest decoration on the settee. Size: 35" H, 69" W, 24" D (settee). 800 - 1,200
2054 VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN'S ARMCHAIR 1875 C. American, walnut and veneers with applied turned and carved decoration, upholstered in needle point fabric. Condition: no detractions. Size: 40" H, 29" W, 23" D. 300 - 450
2055 SET OF 8 LADDERBACK DINNING CHAIRS Chippendale-style, mahogany, naugahide upholstery and brass tack trim, labled "CRAIG FURNITURE Co." bottom of some chairs. Set consists of 2 arm and 6 side chairs. Condition: Some ware at bottoms of legs, no detractions. Size: 38" H, 21" W, 19" D. 200 - 400
2056 FEDERAL STYLE DINING TABLE Mahogany, veneer, stained maple and beech. Extending table sits on two tripod turned columns with reeded, saber legs, ending in brass caps. Condition: one cap missing, pads with table. Size: 32" H, 42" W, 61" L(add 12" for each of three leaves). 200 - 500
2057 EIGHT ENGLISH COUNTRY CHAIRS 1880 C. England, Two sets of four chairs similar in style. One set has "H" stretchers and straight turned feet, the other has a double stretcher and spade turned feet, also, marked with an impressed "HB 17" on the back of the seat and some stenciled in black with the number "62", possibly for a lodge. Condition: refinished. Size: 34" H, 18" W, 15" D. 400 - 800
2058 FERDERAL STYLE INLAID MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD Mahogany, veneer, lightwood string inlay, oak and beech secondary woods. Case stands on square inlaid tapered legs, doors curve and undulate across the front of the case, pressed brass pulls on the drawers are decorated with cornecopia, the drawers are lined with purple felt. Condition: small sections of the inlay are missing on the door on left and front legs. Size: 42" H, 66 1/2" W, 26" D. 800 - 1,200
2059 RECENT UPHOLSTERED LOVESEAT. N/R. In a light greenish floral fabric. Condition: like new. 100 - 200
2060 CENTENNIAL CARVED PARTNERS DESK. Mahogany. Each side has four drawers. Gadroon carved edge and exotic leafs carved on the desk corners, spheres that support the desk, and the turned stretcher. Raised on paw feet with forward scrolling leafage above. Size: 30" H, 48" W, 30" D. Condition: three cracks in top edge measuring 10", 5", and 5". Also, scratches in the top and missing one brass pull. 800 - 1,400
2061 LOUIS XVI STYLE FAUTEUIL. N/R. Oval back frame carved with leafage and florettes. Upholstered in a custom fabric. Size: 40" H, 24" W, 24" D. Condition: strong frame, clean fabric, no detractions. 200 - 400
2062 ORIENTAL STYLE DAY BED. N/R. Wood. with pierced side, back rail, on oriental feet. With matress box springs, pillows, and bed spread. Size: 225 1/2"H. 78"W, 33"D. condition: good with minor wear and scratches. 100 - 300
2063 LOUIS XVI STYLE TABLE. First half 20th century. Walnut and walnut veneers. Banded oval top with leaf carved frieze with festoons. Fluted toupie legs connected by curule form stretcher with urn finial. Size: 29" H, 34" W, 23" D. Condition: surface scratches from normal use, no detractions. 200 - 400
2064 HARVEY PROBBER COFFEE TABLE. Metal top with overall geometric design in an ebonised frame. Size: 14" H, 55" W, 19" D. Condition: wear to ebonised frame. 200 - 400
2065 VICTORIAN CENTER TABLE. 19th century. Walnut and burl walnut veneers. Renaissance revival style with ebonised and parcel gilt highlights and having a slate top. Size: 30"H, 46" W, 26" D. Condition: original finish. 500 - 900
2066 HEPPLEWHITE BOWFRONT CHEST. English. Mahogany with oak secondary wood. Five cockbeaded drawers (in four tiers) raised on French splayed feet. Size: 40" H, 39" W, 18" D. Condition: veneer cracked and broken in several places. 800 - 1,200
2067 CIRCULAR END TABLE. N/R. Circa 1920. Mahogany or satinwood. Circular top raised on tapering legs with cross stretchers. Size: 28" H, 24" diameter. Condition: some craquellure to the top, minor scratching from normal use, all else good. 125 - 200
2068 FLIP TOP EXPANDING DINING TABLE. N/R. Hepplewhite style flip top card table expands into dining room size. Has two additional support legs which drop down. Serpentine front inlaid with urn and string inlaid panels. Size when closed: 30 1/2" H, 40" W, 20" D. Condition: minor fading to the top, minor surface scratches from normal use. 250 - 500
2069 VICTORIAN PARLOR TABLE. N/R. 19th century. Walnut. Rococo revival style. Turtle top raised on s-scroll legs with carved roses and leafage. Size: 28 1/2" H, 36" W, 26" D. Condition: original finish, minor scratching. 250 - 400
2070 20TH CENTURY DOLL HUTCH. N/R. In black paint. Scalloped top, two door over open hutch area, bottom has two drawers over one door. Back and drawer bottoms are masonite. Size: 39" H, 22" W, 12" D. 50 - 100
2071 EARLY TIGER MAPLE CRADLE. N/R. 19th century. Rocking cradle has great dovetailing on the four corners, hood, heart cut outs for handles. Has wonderful proportions and attention to detail. Size: 26" H, 24" W, 42" L. Condition: no detractions. 250 - 500
2072 VICTORIAN BOOKCASE. N/R. 19th century. Walnut or Butternut. Ornate galleried top over two glazed doors over two tiers of drawers. Size: 70" H, 50" W, 19" D. Condition: original finish, no detractions. 700 - 1,400
2073 PUFE (OTTOMAN). N/R. Upholstered Wood. Round pufe (ottoman) with pink cloud patterned fabric, button tufted top with box pleated skirt. Size: 17" H, 38" Diam. Condition: like new. 200 - 400
2074 TROUVAILLES CO. N.Y. MARBLE TOP CONSOLE. Marble, carved wood. Louis XV style marble top console table with carved wood base, Italian made, black marble top with finger roll edge, base of carved wood with "S" scroll legs, leaf and rocaille decoration, carved apron, "X" stretcher with floral carved finial, pickled wood finish. Size:35"H, 61"W, 24 1/4"D. Condition: minor stains on marble top, base good, minor wear. 1,200 - 2,400
2075 TROUVAILLES CO. N.Y. MARBLE TOP CONSOLE. Marble, wood. Louis XV style marble top console table with carved wood base, Italian made, black marble top with carved finger roll edge, base of carved wood with "S" scroll legs, leaf and rocaille decoration, carved apron, "X" stretcher with floral carved finial, pickled wood finish. Size: 35"H, 61"W, 24 1/4"D. Condition: stains on marble top, base good. 1,200 - 2,400
2076 HOWARD MILLER TALLCASE CLOCK. N/R. Oak case with swan neck and fluted columns. Brass works play St. Michael, Whittington, and Westminster chimes. Size: 82" H, 10" W, 13" D. Condition: no detractions, like new. 400 - 800
2077 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2078 VICTORIAN HALL TREE. Beveled mirror pivots in walnut case with decoration of rope twist, quarter fans and spindles. Marble top glove drawer is supported by two rope twist columns. Cast metal hooks and umbrella drip pan. Size: 76" H, 36" W, 11" D. Condition: finish has been removed from the bottom support piece, scratches up the left side, two pieces of trim missing from the left side. 500 - 900
2079 CARVED MAHOGANY PEDESTAL. Recent. White marble top on highly carved base. Carved with a bust, leafage, fishscale, scrolls, etc. Size: 56"H, 16" W, 16" D. Condition: large splits forming. 150 - 300
2080 ORNATE WOOD GRILLS. Cut out of plywood and painted. Size: 5'-1" H, 30" W, 3/4" D. Condition: no detractions. 150 - 250
2081 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP CHEST. N/R. 19th century. Walnut. Renaissance revival style. White marble top with cookie cutter corners with carved pulls. Has four drawers including secret drawer. Size: 32" H, 48" W, 21" D. Condition: original finish, no detractions. 500 - 800
2082 OAK RENAISSANCE REVIVAL BUFFET Late nineteenth century heavily carved oak case and back board, depicting mythical animals, plants fruit and classical deities, pine and poplar secondary woods. Condition: missing some of the brass pulls, refinished. Size: 69" H, 72" W, 27" D. 2,000 - 3,000
2083 HOWARD MILLER WALL CLOCK. N/R. Key wind weight driven pendulum clock, pendant window with beveled glass, Size: 47"H, 22"Diam. face on clock. Condition: good, sold as is. 150 - 300
2084 NEOCLASSIC STYLE GLASS TOP DININGROOM TABLE. N/R. See lot #2085 for its twin. Brass, beveled glass. Rectangular Neo-Classic style table raised on four quiver form legs of polished and ebonized brass connected by curule shaped stretchers. Size: 29 1/2"H, 84"W, 42"D. Condition: this one in good condition, minor scratches in the glass. 2,000 - 3,500
2085 NEOCLASSIC STYLE GLASS TOP TABLE. See lot #2084 for its twin. Brass and beveled glass. Rectangular Neo-classic style table raised on four quiver form legs of polished and ebonized brass connected by curule form stretchers. Size: 29" H, 84" W, 42"D. Condition: approximate 1" chip out of glass on one corner and approximate two inch chip out of the other corner, all else good. 2,000 - 3,500
2086 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2087 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2088 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2089 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2090 MARBLE IONIC PEDESTAL. Fluted Ionic capital, gothic style shaft with trifoils, on a base carved with egg and dart, rope twist, and florettes. Breaks down into three pieces. Size: 36" H, 13" W, 13" D. Condition: small chip to capital corner, large chips to the top and bottom of column. 300 - 400
2091 MARBLE IONIC PEDESTAL. Fluted Ionic capital, gothic style shaft with trifoils, on a base carved with egg and dart, rope twist, and florettes. Breaks down into three pieces. Size: 36" H, 13" W, 13" D. Condition: small chips to capital corner, large chips to the top and bottom of column. 300 - 400
2092 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2093 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2094 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2095 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2096 BRISTOL SLOT MACHINE. Slot machine on tubular metal legs, marked BDR Bristol, right side lever arm, chrome face, black sides and base. Used coins 6D. Size: 50"H, 16"W, 16"D. Condition: wear and scratches, sold as is. 600 - 1,200
2097 JENNINGS SLOT MACHINE. The Governor by Jennings. Chrome front , brass Indian Head decoration, wooden sides and bottom, orange decoration. Ride side lever arm. Marked: Jennings Co. Chicago Ill. Made in USA. U.S. patents: 1562771-1923045, 1869878-2469571,1912802-2477137. Size: 27"H, 16"W, 15"D. Condition: pitting to the chrome surface, sold as is. 1,000 - 2,000
2098 ARISTOCRAT SLOT MACHINE. Aristocrat Starlite Slot Machine, table top, electric, blue metal mesh face, chrome details, automatic dropping jackpot. Designed and manufactured by " Ainsworth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd. Rosebery NSW, Australia". Sticker on machine reads: Ashcrofts Billiard Service, Liverpool. Size: 25H, 16 1/2"W. 20"D. Condition: signs of wear, sold as is. 600 - 1,200
2099 ARISTOCRAT SLOT MACHINE. Aristocrat Grosvenor Gold Star slot machine, table top, chrome front, green sides, right side lever arm, 2 games for 6D. Marked: Designed and manufactured in Australia by: Ainsworth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd, NSW Australia. Distributors: Gaming Supplies Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada. Size: 29"H, 16"W, 16"D. Condition: signs of wear, sold as is. 600 - 1,200
2100 ROULETTE WHEEL & CHUCK A LUCK. N/R. Gambling items including a roulette wheeel, marked Made in France (plastic and metal) 14 in. diam. and Chuck a Luck dice cage ( metal, felt and 3 plastic dice) 11 3/4"H. Condition: roulette wheel has signs of wear, scratches. Chuck a Luck metal is tarnished, felt is old. 100 - 300
2101 GORHAM JAPANESQUE DISH. N/R. Gorham Japanesque inspired dish, copper, silver plate, bronze. A bronze crab rests on a silver plate leaf, forming the handle of the copper shell shaped dish. 1882. Marked: with silver plate anchor mark, Gorham & Co. Y 68 P. Size: 2"H, 9 1/2"L, 9"W. Condition: staining to copper, silver plate worn, some marks on the bronze. 400 - 800
2102 OLD REMINGTON RESTRIKE. c1960. Bronze. "Coming Through the Rye." Size: 27" h., 27" w., 21" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 3,500 - 4,000
2103 OLD REMINGTON RESTRIKE. c1960. Bronze. "Apache." Size: 20" h., 22" w., 7" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 1,200 - 1,400
2104 TWO IVORY FIGURES. N/R. male and female Chinese figures carved from ivory on rosewood bases. Each. 9"H. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
2105 STERLING LOVING CUP. N/R. Sterling loving cup with engraved garland and monogramed design, marked: Sterling 7P 354 D. Size: 15 1/5"H. condition: dents and scratches. 150 - 300
2106 STERLING LADLE. N/R. Renaissance Revival style decoration on ladle, marked: J.A.Buell Sterling Patent. Size: 13"L. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2107 OVAL PEWTER PLATTER COVER 1865 C. Sheffield, England, pewter dome with attached grapevine handle, metal lable under "The Queens Royal Letters Patent - Shaw & Fisher - Patent Oval Dish Cover - Sheffield". Condition: no detractions. Size: 10" H, 18" W, 14" D. 75 - 150
2108 OVAL SILVER PLATE PLATTER. N.R Oval platter with repousse floral handles, monogramed. Marked: Wilcox, International Silver Co. 7109 Size: 19 1/2"L, 113"W. Condition: some wear. 50 - 100
2109 STERLING TEA & COFFEE SET. Teapot, coffee pot, lidded creamer and sugar bowl in sterling Marked: Prelude International Sterling C366. Teapot 9"H. 10 cup Coffee pot, 10"H. 9cup. Lidded sugar, 6"H, creamer 5"H. Tray is marked: I. S. International Silver Co. (no sterling mark) Size: 16 x 27". Condition: scratches and wear through use of objects. 750 - 1,500
2110 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2110 92 PCS TIFFANY "ST DUNSTAN" STERLING FLATWARE. Ninety two pieces. St Dunstan pattern. Service for eight, ten piece place setting. Eight dinner knifes, butter spreaders, dinner forks, salad forks, luncheon forks, bouillon spoons, iced tea spoons, demitasse spoons, 16 teaspoons. Serving pieces include: carving knife and fork, stuffing spoon, 3 vegetable spoons, jelly spoon, gravy ladle, cold meat fork, cocktail fork, pie server, and cheese server. Condition: engraved with 3 initials S,S,H. Tiffany and Co, New York appraised the retail replacement value at $20,390. 4,000 - 6,000
2111 MEERSCHAUM PIPE SET. Meerschaum pipe set in presentation case. Condition: minor wear. 400 - 800
2112 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2113 2GORHAM STERLING PIECES. N/R. 2 pieces of Gorham "La Scala Pattern". (1) tea spoon, 6"L, sterling. (1) dinner knife, 9"L sterling handle. condition: good. 30 - 60
2114 PR. CLOISONNE JAPANESE VASES. Pair of red cloisonne vaes with roses and bird decoration, on wooden stands. no mark. size: 7 1/4"H. 8"H on bases. Condition: metal edges worn. 500 - 1,000
2115 FANCY SILVER FORK.N/R. Fancy decorated fork with round medallion of female with shield and spear, Marked: hallmarks .925 B M . Size: 13 1/2"L. condition: good. 50 - 100
2116 TIFFANY STUDIOS ABALONE KNIFE. Abalone pattern paper knife from Tiffany Studios Desk set, ist listed in 1910. raised decoration with 3 small abalone rondels on each side. Marked: Tiffany Studios. New York. 1109. Size: 10"L. Condition: one abalone round missing from each side. Knife is bent. 150 - 300
2117 JAPANESE GEISHA DOLL. N/R. Compo doll on stand with full costume and umbrella. Size: 14"H. Condition: umbrella broken. 40 - 80
2118 LENOX BOWLS IN STERLING LINERS. N/R. 11 Lenox porcelain bowls ( plain with gold band decoration) set in handled pierced sterling holders. Size: 4"Diam. bowls, 2 1/4"H. Marked: Lenox porcelain. Holders: Alvin- Sterling. 150 - 300
2119 10 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (6) Wallace sterling footed fluted cups. Marked sterling cement loaded. 2 3/4"H. 3"Diam. Condition: good. (4) sterling mini coasters. Deach 2 5/8"Diam. Marked: Sterling. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2120 IVORY CHOP STICKS & HOLDER. Ivory chop sticks and holder, incised and colored decoration on holder, jade ring and jade toggle. No mark. siZe: 11"Long. Condition: two chop sticks missing, some wear, minor cracking. 150 - 300
2121 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Dark blue with floral bouquet designs. Size: 56" x 35" Condition: moth eaten. 30 - 60
2122 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Main colors are red-orange and yellow. Overall floral design. Size: 32" x 48" Condition: moth eaten. 40 - 80
2123 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Main colors are maroon and blue, geometric design overall. Made in Iran. Size: 48" x 28" Condition: moth eaten. 40 - 80
2124 JAPANESE WARRRIOR DOLL. N/R. doll made from woven bamboo and wood. Size: 12 1/2"H. Conditoin: good. 40 - 80
2125 CAUCASIAN RUNNER. SEMI ANTIQUE. Caucasian runner, 3'5" X 16'10". red border decoration, blue center field decoration. Condition: normal wear thru usage. 1,200 - 2,000
2126 2 LEVEL SILVERPLATE SERVER. N/R. 2 level stand with pierced trayd on each level, arched handle. Marked: EPON BR Quality Plate. Size: 12"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: some wear, feet are loose. 50 - 100
2127 IVORY CARVED LIDDED CONTAINER. N/R. pierced carved dragon decoration on body, flower finial on lid. Size: 5"H. 3"Diam. Condition: leaf of finial is broken. 100 - 200
2128 OLD REMINGTON RESTRIKE. c1960. Bronze. "Rattlesnake." Size: 23" h., 14" w., 9" deep. Condition: the reins dangle. 1,200 - 1,400
2129 OLD REMINGTON RESTRIKE. c1960. Bronze. "Bronco Buster." Size: 21 1/2" h., 12" w., 7" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 1,200 - 1,400
2130 CARVED IVORY LIDDED BOX. N/R. Carved ivory lidded box with dragon finial. on wooden base. Size: 6"H, 5 1/2"W, 2 1/2"D, Condition: good. 75 - 150
2131 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 18 1/8' h. x 7 1/2" w. x 6 1/8" d. Condition: paint flaking; some cracks in the wood. 200 - 400
2132 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty (late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 10" h. x 5 1/8" w. x 4 3/4" d. Condition: paint flaking; some insect damage 200 - 400
2133 MING BUDDHA /PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 12 1/4" h. x 5.0" w. x 2 1/2" d. Condition: paint flaking; some insect damage. 200 - 400
2134 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 6 3/4" h. x 3 1/2" w. x 2 7/8" d. Condition: paint flaking; some insect damage. 200 - 400
2135 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of stained wood. Size: 7 1/2" h. x 2 1/8" w. x 1 1/2" d. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2136 IVORY WARRIOR FIGURE. N/R. warrior figure carved from ivory. Size: 12"H. plus 1"H stand. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
2137 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 8 3/4" h. x 4.0" w. x 3 1/8" d. Condition: paint flaking; large crack in front of wood; hands are missing. 200 - 400
2138 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 11 3/8" h. x 4.0" w. x 2 3/8" d. Condition: paint flaking; some cracks. 200 - 400
2139 MING BUDDHA/PRIEST N/R. Ming Dynasty(late 1600's-early 1700's). Statue is constructed of wood with some plaster and paint. Size: 13 1/2" h. x 6.0" w. x 3 5/8" d. Condition: paint flaking; some insect damage and cracks in the wood. 200 - 400
2140 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2141 19TH C. MEIJI VASE. N/R. 19th c. Meiji vase, underglaze blue mark indicating Pine Studio. Square vase decorated with flowers and pine branch. Size: 12"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: wear to table rim. all else good. 800 - 1,200
2142 JAPANESE METAL VASE. Handled metal vase, inlaid gold and incised floral decoration. Size: 6"H. Condition: scratches. 250 - 500
2143 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2144 15ft 4 X 2ft 5 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Blue, maroon. 60 - 120
2145 4ft 6 X 3ft 4 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Tan, black. 50 - 100
2146 FEMALE IVORY FIGURE. N/R. Female figure with flowers and fruit. on wooden base. Size: 12"H plus 1"h. base. Condition": no detractions. 100 - 200
2147 CLOISONNE BOX. Small cloisonne lidded box. SiZe; 1 1/8"H, 2 1/2"W,.2"D. Condition: unable to open box. 50 - 100
2148 19TH C. CHINESE SHOES. N/R. 3 wooden and woven shoes, 2 woven shoes. Sold as is. Condition: wear and deterioration of some material. 100 - 300
2149 METAL BOX WITH HANDLE. metal box with handle and pierced geometric and chrysanthemum pattern lattice top. marked on the bottom. Size: 3 1/2"H. 5"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: no detractions. 250 - 500
2150 IVORY CARVED PAGODA. N/R. Ivory carved pagoda with ivory bells dangling from each level of the roof. on round wooden base. Size: 10 1/2"H, Condition: two bells missing from roof, one roof edge broken. 100 - 200
2151 5ft 5 X 4 ft 1 ANTIQUE BOHKARA AREA RUG. Overall colors: Maroon,blue. 100 - 200
2152 2ft 10 X 2ft ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall color: Red, turquoise. 30 - 60
2153 2ft 8 X 1ft 11 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall color: Red, blue. 0 - 0
2154 3ft X 1ft 5 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall colors: Red, blue, maroon. 40 - 80
2155 4ft 10 X 3ft 4 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall color: Maroon, dark blue. 45 - 80
2156 4ft 10 X 4ft 8 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Red, dark blue, turqoise. 50 - 90
2157 11ft X 18ft ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. All wool. Pastel blue background with cream colored floral border and central medallion. Condition: some spotting and minor moth damage. 200 - 400
2158 12ft 1 X 8ft 9 ORIENTAL ROOM SIZE. Overall colors: Red, blue, tan. 200 - 400
2159 4ft 4 X 2ft 2 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall colors: Beige, green, blue, purple. 40 - 80
2160 2ft 2 X 3ft BOHKARA SCATTER RUG. Overall colors: Rose,slate blue. 35 - 70
2161 9ft 6 X 15ft 6 HAND KNOTTED PERSIAN RUG. N/R. Kirman pattern beige ground with light green floral border and central medallion. Condition: no moth damage, no tears, . 200 - 400
2162 9ft X 12ft KARISTAN ROOM SIZE RUG. N/R. Kirman rug by Karistan. Ivory background, with powder blue and pink borders, and overall floral design. Condition: some staining, some wear on edge, 250 - 500
2163 15ft X 11ft 3 ORIENTAL ROOM SIZE RUG. Overall colors: Maroon, dark blue, turquise, orange. 200 - 400
2164 11ft 3 X 8ft 8 ROOM SIZE RUG. Yellow w/ green border. 30 - 60
2165 13ft 4 X 9ft 10 DHURRIE ROOM SIZE RUG. Overall colors: cream, light blue, and rose. 50 - 100
2166 8ft 3 X 5ft 10 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Salon, grey/reen. 30 - 60
2167 13ft 8 X 3ft 3 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Cream, maroon, light and dark blue. 100 - 150
2168 5ft 10 X 3ft 9 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: Aqua, purple, cream, and pink. 20 - 40
2169 5ft X 3ft ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Overall colors: red, tan, blue, green. 25 - 50
2170 1ft 10 X 1ft 3/2ft 11 X 2ft 2 PAIR ORIENTAL SCATTER RUGS. 1. Overall color: Maroon, and blue. Overall color: orange, blue, and cream. 40 - 80
2171 7 LIGHT MEDIEVAL STYLE CHANDELIER. N/R gilt metal chandelier, 6 outer lights, one center light suspended from 6 chains. SiZe: 26"Diam. 30"H. Condition: needs rewiring, 3 sleeves missing, other sleeves worn or damaged. 150 - 300
2172 RUBY GLASS HANGING LAMP. Hobbs Brockunier gold ruby shade in hanging lamp. Ribbed pattern shade in gold ruby. Brass fixtures. Globe 7"H. Fixture 33"H. Condition: glass is good. metal is tarnished and has some pitting. 150 - 300
2173 PAIR OF NEOCLASSIC STYLE LAMPS. N/R. Cast metal. Electrified. Of candelabra form, holds three candles. Feet are of lion leg form, reeded column has leaf decorated capital and base. Size: 29" H, 16" diameter. Condition: minor wear to finish. 150 - 300
2174 HANGING OIL LAMP. N/R. hanging oil lamp with hand painted shade, green with floral decoration, suspended by pierced metal rings and chains, with crystal pendant drops, electrified. Size 14"Diam. shade, 40"Drop. Condition: metal is tarnished. glass is good. 200 - 400
2175 HANGING OIL LAMP. N/R. hanging oil lamp with hand painted shade, and lamp. hand painted roses on blue background, suspended from a cage of rings and chains. Electrified. Sie: 14"Diam. shade, 36"Drop. Condition: metal is tarnished and worn, 4 prisms are missing. 200 - 400
2176 HANGING OIL LAMP. N/R. hanging oil lamp with hand painted shade with waterlily decoration on blue background. oil lamp is also hand painted. Suspended from rings and chains, clear chimney. No mark. Size: 14"Diam. shade, 30"Drop. Condition; metal is worn and discolored. Glass is good. 200 - 400
2177 4ft X 1ft 10 PAIR ORIENTAL SCATTER RUGS. Overall color: Maroon, purple, blue, and cream. 40 - 70
2178 14ft X 10ft 5 ORIENTAL ROOM SIZE RUG. Main colors are rust red, blue. Overall floral design. Condition: some wear and some moth damage. 35 - 70
2179 ORIENTAL ROOM SIZE RUG N/R. Rusty red background with an overall floral pattern in blue, cream and green. Size: 14' x 10'4". 200 - 400
2180 ANTIQUE ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Wine colored background with overall floral pattern. Size; 21" x 29". 50 - 90
2181 FRENCH BRONZE DORE CHANDELIER. 19th century. Rococo revival. Baluster shaft with nine foliate form branches and socles. Size: 26 1/4" H, 20 1/4" diameter. Condition: no defects or detractions. 2,000 - 3,000
2183 DOUBLE NYMPH STONE FIGURE LAMP. Early 20th c. White marble with pink "onyx" marble, metal, fringe lampshade. Two nymphs, nude to their hips, hoist a load of roses which support the functioning part of the lamp. The shade is orange fringe and gathered light orange fabric. Size: 37" h., 19" w. Condition: paint obscures the white marble finish on parts of both nymphs' torsos; there is no finial. 500 - 750
2184 ANTIQUE DOUBLE STUDENT OIL LAMP. N/R. Marked M.B. Co, New York. Adjustable height, center oil reserve, round base with double twisted rope bands, lamps with twisted rope border, acorn pendant finials, glass chimney, rib molded milk glass shades wtih cream colored exterior. Size: 21"H, 26"W, 13"D. Shade 10"Diam. 24 1/2"H. with chimney. Condition: minor wear, carefully electrified. 600 - 1,200
2185 DOULTON POTTERY VASE. N/R. Doulton pottery vase of arab scene, with camp and camels. Marked on back Doulton 0199, artist's signed on base. Size: 71/2"H. Condition: large chip from rim. 100 - 300
2186 GONE WITH THE WIND LAMP. N/R. Hand blown globs with lion faces, green and yellow, decorated with Arab scenes of the desert and Egypt. electrified on metal base. SiZe: 26"H, 12"W, 12"D. Condition: metal worn and tarnished, glass is good. 150 - 300
2187 NEOCLASSIC TABLE LAMPS. N/R. Cast metal classic figure on plinthe with laurel wreath. Size: 17"H to top of figure. 5"W, 5"D. Condition: patina has worn off, no shades. 800 - 1,200
2188 CHINESE CELADON LAMP. N/R. Retailed by Ethan Allen, probably made by Stiffel as that is on the shade. Replica of an antique oil lamp, of course modified (electric) for todays living. Baluster shaped ceramic body in celadon color. Size: 31" H, 14" diameter. Condition: brass finish worn off in some places. 35 - 70
2189 SLAG GLASS LAMP. N/R. Slag glass lamp, square metal base, three light, gilt metal, shade: eight panels of curved carmel slag glass in metal framework. Base marked: 344. Size: 24"H. Shade 18"Diam. Condition: glass is good. wear to gilding and surface of lamp base. 300 - 600
2190 VAN BRIGGLE STYLE LAMP. N/R. Blue glazed figural lamp base of woman holding urn on her shoulder. The lamp supports a plastic shade encasing dried flowers and butterflies. No mark on the lamp base. Size: ceramic section 10 11/2"H, with light fixture. 13"H. Shade 8"H. Condition: lamp base good, shade shows signs of much wear, edges separating. 150 - 300
2191 BRASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Brass oil lamp, clear glass chimney, milk glass shade with decaled flowers and hand painted bead decoration, pierced decoration on metal base, marked: Mantle Lamp Co. Model 12 Aladdin Patented. Chicago, Ill, Made in USA. Size: 20"H with chimney, 10 1/2"Diam. base, Shade 10"Diam. Condition: good. minor wear to metal. 300 - 500
2192 BRASS OIL LAMP. N/R. Brass oil lamp, pierced base decoration, with clear glass chimney, milk glass molded shade, light brown exterior, with decaled flowers and hand painted beaded decoration. Electrified. Marked: Mantle Lamp Co. Model 12, Aladdin, Patented Chicago Ill. Made in USA. Size: 20"H. with chimney, 10 1/2"Diam. base, Shade 10"Diam. condition: good, wear to metal. 300 - 500
2193 PAIR HANGING ANGLE LAMPS. N/R. Pair of functioning oil lamps with metal body with oil well, clear glass lower globes and white milk glass fluted chimneys. Marked Angle Mfg. Co. N.Y. size: lamps: 9"H, 13"W, 5"D. Chimney: 9"H, 7"Diam. Condition: working order, chipps on milk glass rims. 150 - 300
2194 DOUBLE HANGING ANGLE LAMP. N/R. Double hanging oil lamp by Angle Mfg.Co. N.Y. (marked) . Central oil storage well with two angled oil burners with clear glass lower globes, milk glass fluted chimneys. Size: 18"H, 21"W, 8 1/2"D. Chimney 9"H, 7"D. condition: metal tarnished, pitting, glass globes have fleabites and minor chips on edge. 250 - 500
2195 GILT BRONZE CEILING LIGHT. N/R. Gilt bronze ceiling mount with domed frosted faceted glass insert. No mark. Size: 16"Diam. 9"High glass dome. condition: no detractions. 150 - 300
2196 CAST METAL LIGHT FIXTURE. Painted black cast metal with brass candle holders and faux candles /bulb holders. The pierced metal decoration shows shields flanked by flowers. Size: approx. 20" h., 20" dia. excluding the chain. Condition: chips to the black painted finish. 75 - 100
2197 DECO LIGHT FIXTURE. 20th c. With five glass shades and one shade underneath. Amber colored glass shades with Deco floral design in molded glass relief and cast metal in a silvery gold finish. Size (excluding chain): approx. 15" dia. Condition: wear to the metal, black spots on the metal. 200 - 300
2197 ART DECO CHANDELIER. Silvery metal framework holds 5 frosted molded art deco side inserts, one center frosted molded art deco glass insert. Glass has stylized floral decoration. No mark. Size: 16"Diam. 36"Drop. condition: signs of wear.no detractions. 150 - 300
2198 LEADED GLASS LAMP. N/R. Stained glass shade of pink blossoms and leaves , copper foil solder shade on Phoenix metal lamp base, base two armed shape with raised leaf decoration, not marked. Size: lamp base: 23"H without finial, shade: 7 1/2"H, 18 1/2"diam. 3 1/2"opening for lamp base. Condition: base old, signs of wear, finial missing, shade newer, good condition. 200 - 400
2199 ANTIQUE DOUBLE STUDENT OIL LAMP. N/R. Marked E.M. Duplex. Adjustable height double oil lamp, center oil reserve container with urn shape and finial, two burners with pendant finials, clear chimneys, milk glass shades, cream exterior with decaled floral and hand painted bead decoration. Size: 20 1/4"H, 28"W, 10"D. Shade is 10" diam. Condition: one chimney missing, minor wear to finish, has been electrified properly. 600 - 1,200
2200 NEOCLASSIC STYLE LAMP. N/R. In a mint green paint. Baluster form with swan handles. Size: 25" H, 12" diameter. Condition: someone painted it themselves, not original. 35 - 60
2201 DIONNE QUINTUPLET DOLLS. N/R. "Alexander" compo dolls, three with original bibbs, in original blanket, Dolls marked "Alexander" 7"H. each. condition: dolls are dirty, some cracks in the compo. Lot also includes 3 Carlton Silverplate Dionne spoons, Marie, Annette, Yvonne. and a Framed photo of the Darling Dionnes by Vincent & Hughes Chicago. 200 - 400
2202 BIG BOY FIRE TRUCK. Metal fire truck with wooden ladders,original red paint, original wheels, steering wheel turns front wheels. Mechanism for cranking up ladder, working bell. Two decals marked: Big Boy Kelmet Corp. 200 Fifth Ave. New York.Front radiator marked: "White". Size: metal body 30"L, 2 side wooden ladders 17"L, extension ladder 2 parts each 23"L. Condition: Labels peeling. Red paint pitted and rusting. cranking mechanism to raise ladder not functioning. Wooden side ladders some separation. side crank not working. 2,000 - 3,000
2203 WW. I CANDY CONTAINER. N/R. Clear pressed glas candy container, open base, closure is tin snap on strip, appeared in Fall 1919 Sears Roebuck Ca. size: 4 3/4"L. 1 3/4"W, 2 1/4"D. Condition: good. No mark. 50 - 100
2204 2 CANDY CONTAINERS. N/R. (1) airplane US P -51 all glass, 5"L 4 1/4"Wingspan, 1 3/4"H. Maded by Victory Glass co. Jeannette, pa. c.1944-5, with original candy and waxed cardboard closure. Condition: candy moldy. (1)Minature battleship, all pressed glass, c. 1943 made by Victory Glass Co. Jeannette, Pa. Size: 5 1/2"L, 2"H, 1 3/8"W. Conditoin: good. 50 - 100
2205 GE REFRIDGERATOR CONTAINER & SALT. N/R. Milk glass refrigerator lidded container, marked General Electric. and small matching refrigerator salt shaker. Sizes: larger 5"H, 3 1/2"W, 2"D. smaller 3"H. Condition: larger has two interior cracks. exterior good. 50 - 100
2206 INDIAN ADV. MUG. N/R. Mug decorated with Round Oak, Doe Wah Jack: Stoves, Ranges, Furnaces 1905: Wr fabriziren nur die Besten Waaren. on front. Mark on bottom reads: compliments of Estate of P>D> Beckwith Dowagiag, Mich. Makers of Good Goods only 1907. Size: 5"H. condition: good. 50 - 100
2207 BISQUE PORCELAIN DOLL HEAD. N/R. Doll head with sleeper glass eyes, open mouth with teeth, with wig, marked: M B 5. Size: 7"H. Condition: signs of wear, wig worn. 100 - 200
2208 REMEMBER THE MAINE CANDY CONTAINER. N/R. Clear glass candy container with lid marked"Remember the Maine" large oval base with 26 pointed star on base, c.1898-1910. size: 7"L, 3 1.3"H. Condition: chip on lid, chip on base. Lot also includes a Framed reproduction the battle ship Maine. Size" 21 1/2"L, 17 1/2"H. 50 - 100
2209 NIFTY NIRONA RECORD PLAYER. Nifty Nirona Record player, black silhouette decoraiton over green and yellow background, size: 9 1/2"H. 7"Diam. turn table, marked: Nifty Nirona Germany. Condition: no crank, wear to surface. sold as is. 1,500 - 3,000
2210 STEIFF BEAR. N/R. 7" LONG STEIFF BEAR, button in left ear, Condition: some wear to fur. 50 - 100
2211 SUBLIME HARMONIC PICCOLO. Plays six tunes. Parcel ebonised case with floral basket and parquetry inlaid border on the lid and flowers inlaid on the front. 7.5" H, 25" W, 11" D. Condition: runs, four teeth missing from the comb, missing edge veneer, parquet border as-is on the sides of the lid. 1,200 - 1,800
2212 MINIATURE SEDAN CHAIR CURIO. N/R. Nineteenth Century. Burled walnut veneer. with ormolu mounts. and red velvet interior with one shelf. Size: 19"H, 9"W. 17"D. Condition: red velvet interior faded, all else good. 1,000 - 2,000
2213 OPUSCULA MYTHOLOGICA. Opuscula Mythologica Physica et Ethica, Graece et Latine (in Greek and Latin). Amsterdam, 1688. 752 pp + index. Vellum binding, moderately soiled; armorial bookplate; inner hinge starting; otherwise good condition. 300 - 600
2214 WAR AT SEA. Hamilton, John. War at Sea 1939-1945.Poole/N.Y./Sydney 1986; Blandford Press. Limited to 750 copies, signed. 14"x10". Fine condition. 150 - 300
2215 STUART LITTLE. White, E.B. Stuart Little. N.Y./London, Harper, 1945. Stated 1st. edition.Illus. Garth Williams. Crack starting between 1st. & 2nd. signatures; d/j chipped, soiled; overall Good + condition. 250 - 500
2216 WORKS OF WILLIAM PENN. Select Works of William Penn to Which is Prefixed a Journal of His Life. London, 1771. 16 1/2"x10 1/2"; full leather; front cover and front free endpaper detached.Interior somewhat foxed, otherwise good condition. 250 - 500
2217 PORTRAITS OF THE PRESIDENTS. The White House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents. N.Y./Washington, Gravure Co. of America, 1907. Numbered #3844. 20"x16 1/2"; gold U.S. seal on front cover; top edges gilt; watered silk doublure inner cover linings. Leather covers rotting; interior and portraits very good condition. 150 - 300
2218 APPLES OF NEW YORK. 2 vols. Beach, Apples of New York, Albany, 1905.Green cloth binding. Light staining to page edges; covers show some spotting and wear; interiors Good-Very good. 100 - 200
2219 19TH C. CH. EXP. PORT. VANITY. 19TH C. Chinese Export portable vanity, mahogany, inlaid with coral, jade, ivory. Size: open: 20"H, 20"W, 13"D, Condition: no detractions or defects. Hinges slightly loose. 2,000 - 3,000
2220 CHIN.EXPORT PHEONIX. N/R. 18-19TH C. terra cotta ,polychrome painted & glazed, phoenix figure. Size: 31"h, 14"W, 12"D. Condition: wear to glaze in some areas, chipping and repairs to Chrysanthemums, chipping to leaves. 3,000 - 5,000
2221 10ft X 13ft ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. Dark blue and wine red. 800 - 1,200
2222 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2223 ANGLO-INDIAN ETAGERE. Mirrored back with fretwork. Condition: left to right crack through the top. 400 - 600
2224 EDO PERIOD JAPANESE ARMOR. 19th century. Iron, leather, lacquer, silk, yak hair. This suit of Japanese armor (Tosei gusoku) is an actual example of the battle dress worn by a 19th century samurai footsoldier. Its constituent pieces comprise a helmet (missing crest and one wing), a face mask with yak hair moustache (half of which is missing), two shoulder gurads, arm chainmail and handguards, cuirass (separated into two pieces), protective skirt, thigh chainmail, shin protectors, straw sandles, pieces held together with blue laces. It is mounted on a mannequin. Size: (on mannequin) 69" h., 26" w. (shoulder to shoulder). Condition: see the above description and also the sandles are dry rotted and flaking apart; the blue laces are extremely fragile; paper covering on the sleeve garments is dry and flakingand the helmet is in two pieces (helm and neck guard lace connectors rotted away). Estimate" $8000-10000. 8,000 - 10,000
2225 EDO PARTIAL JAPANESE ARMOR. 19th century. Iron, leather, lacquer, silk, yak hair. This samurai footsoldier armor (Tosei gusoku) consists of a helmet with a horned crest, face mask, two shoulder guards, arm chainmail and handguards, cuirass, protective skirt, thigh guards, shin protectors. The helmet features a frontal helm decoration of a tri-lobed leaf set in a crescent moon riding waves. The rear neck guard is attached with blue fabric laces; the chin armor is anthropomorphic and has a sparse yak hair beard. Size: (not on a mannequin) @69" h., 26" w. Condition: 8,000 - 10,000
2226 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2227 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2228 ANGLO-INDIAN ARMOIRE. Mid 19th century. Solid mahogany. Naturalistic fruit carving flanking the mirrored doors. Interior has fitted drawers with campaign pulls and linen slides. Size: 6' h., 4'-8" w., 30 1/2" d. Condition: doors are off the case. 500 - 750
2229 ANGLO-INDIAN DRESSER. 19th century. Solid mahogany. It has three mirrors, and drawers. Size: 68"h., 23 1/2"w., 48"d. Condition: the finial at the top of the mirror is broken and missing. 400 - 600
2230 ANGLO INDIAN PIER TABLE. Early 19th cent. Two apron drawer carved base, brown wash over veneers, supported on bun feet in black paint. Two panels for mirrors on back wall, cut glass replacement pulls, one lock marked "4 GEVER". Accompanied by an additional old marble top. Size: 48" w., 30 1/2" h., 25" d. CONDITION: finish is merky, missing the petit coat mirrors, missing veneer from front of lower shelf, and cracks in lower shelf. 500 - 700
2231 5 CENT FRANKLIN STAMP. brown Benjamin Franklin 5 Cent stamp. "U S POST OFFICE 5 FIVE CENTS 5". Condition: Very fine. NH. 1,000 - 3,000
2232 MARX ARMY CARS. N/R. Pair of plastic push cars. Shoots flint sparks when in motion. Size:3" H, 4" W, 8.5" D. Condition: good, both work. Missing original flints(replaceable). 50 - 100
2233 MARX LUXURY LINER. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. In oroginal box. Size:3" H, 3"W, 14" D. Condition: some wear, scratches. 50 - 100
2234 A1 BLACKSMITH BEAR. N/R. Tin lithopane and plush battery powered toy. Has original box. size: 10" H, 7.5" W, 4.5" D. Condition: some wear. 50 - 100
2235 MARX MILK WAGON & HORSE. N/R. Tin litho wind up toy. Has original box. Size: 4.5" H, 4" W, 10.5" D. Condition: some wear, works. 50 - 100
2236 MARX DONKEY CART. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Has original box. Size: 6" H, 5" W, 10" D. Condition: good, works. 50 - 100
2237 MARX SAM THE GARDENER. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Size: 8" H, 5.5" W, 9" D. Condition: some wear. 50 - 100
2238 MARX DIPSY CAR. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Has original box. "Dora" edition. Size: 6" H, 4" W, 5.5" D. Condition: good, works. 50 - 100
2239 MARX SUPER STREAMLINE RACER. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Has original box. Size: 4" H, 5" W, 16" D. Condition: some wear, works. 50 - 100
2240 MARX BALKY MULE. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Has original box. Size: 5.5" H, 3.25" W, 8" D. Condition: missing original reins. 50 - 100
2241 UNIQUE ART CAPITOL HILL RACER. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Has original box. Size: 4" H, 2.5" W, 17" D. Condition: some wear, scratches, works. 50 - 100
2242 MARX MILK WAGON & HORSE. N/R. Tin litho wind up toy. Has original Box. Size: 4.5" H, 4" W, 10.5" D. Condition: some wear, works. 50 - 100
2243 MARX JUMPIN JEEP. N/R. Tin lithopane win up toy. Has original box. size: 4" H, 4" W, 6" D. Condition: good, works. 50 - 100
2244 MARX HONEYMOON EXPRESS. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Has original box. Size: 3" H, 9" W, 9" D. Condition: some wear, box: poor. 50 - 100
2245 WIND-UP BEETLE TOY N/R. Metal toy is driven by a wheel and gears mechanism. It is marked "System brevete S.G.D.G., S. Gunthermann's Perplex". Size: 7" l. x 3 3/4" w. Condition: appears to be in working order; has been repainted; some paint flaking. 75 - 100
2246 MARX TOY AIRPLANE. N/R. Tin lithpane wind up toy. Size: 6.5" H, 8" W, 6.5" D. Condition: Some wear, scatches, loose parts, works. 50 - 100
2247 WALT DISNEY TOY PLUTO. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. "Wath me roll over- Pluto". 1939. Size: 3" H, 4" W, 9" D. Condition: some wear, works. 50 - 100
2248 MARX MILITARY STAFF CAR. N/R. Tin lithopane wind up toy. Lights up. Size: 3.5" H, 4.25" W, 11" D. Condition: some wear. 50 - 100
2249 E.T.CO GRUMMAN F9F-5 PANTHER. N/R. Tin lithopane push toy. Folding wings. Size:5" H, 12" W, 12" D. Condition: good, works. Missing key to operate wing motion. 50 - 100
2250 HORSE AND RIDER TOY. N/R. Plastic/ resin horse and rider pull-toy. Size:12" H, 4" W, 12" D. Condition: cracks and holes in rider. horse in good condition. 50 - 100
2251 BLUNDERBUSS. 19th c. Original wooden stock, brass, flared brass barrel, wood tamping rod, steel striker with flint. Engraved brass striker plate reads "I. Blanckley." Marks on the barrel are a star above IB, a crown above G (?), and a crown above a V. Size: 28" long. Condition: crack in the stock on the striker plate side; rust on the striker, a screw is missing from the decorative brass plate. 1,500 - 2,000
2252 PEPPERBOX WEAPON 1830s-1850s. Steel and wood. This is an unusual creation in the years before the popular and reliable Colt six shot weapon. The premise of the pepperbox (so named because its barrel end resembles a pepper shaker) is that the chamber and barrel revolve with a spark strike area for each chamber (unlike the chamber revolving to align with the barrel as in modern weapon). Size: 8" long. Condition: tarnish and wear to the steel parts, original silvering mostly worn off, rusty spark holes. 500 - 600
2253 ROGERS & BROTHERS FLINT WEAPON. Dated 1774. Wood, steel, and brass (flint included). Marked Rogers & Brothers Warranted on the striker apparatus. Has hand hammered nails holding pieces in place, but there are round top screws. Size: 14" long. Condition: some oxidation to the steel barrel, with increased pitting near the flint end. 800 - 1,000
2254 POWDER HORN. 19th c. Gilded metal, horn, glass. Size: 14" long. Condition: some gilding is worn away, the cap to load powder is unable to be removed. 200 - 400
2255 WHEEL LOCK WEAPON REPRO. Modern. Plastic and cast metal. Non-operable. Baroque style wheel lock weapon with man's head pommel and floral flourishes. Size: 25" long. Condition: as is, chip of plastic missing from near the trigger. 25 - 50
2256 1936 BERLIN OLYMPICS BELL. White porcelain commemorative bell depicts Brandenburg Gate on one side and the German Eagle over the Olympic rings on the other side: inscribed "Ich +rufe+Die+Jugend+der+Welt" (I call the youth of the world) with II Olympische Spiele Berlin Aug 1-16 1936. Made by KPM of Berlin, modeled after the Olympic bell that hung at the Reichsportfeld in the Leder Tower. Size: 4 3/4"H. 4"Diam. Condition: good. 400 - 600
2257 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to swimming event, Aug.8, 1936 9:00am. Condition: used ticket, good condition. 50 - 100
2258 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to swimming event, August 8, 1936, 9:00am Condition: used ticket, good condition. 50 - 100
2259 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to swimming event dated August 12, 1936. 9:00am. Condition: used ticket, good condition. 50 - 100
2260 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to Leichtathletik event, August 5, 1936, 10:30AM Condition: used ticket, condition good. 50 - 100
2261 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to Leichtathletik event, August 6, 1936, 10:30am Condition: used ticket, condition good. 50 - 100
2262 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket for opening ceremony, August 1, 1936. Condition: used ticket, condition good. 50 - 100
2263 1936 OLYMPICS PHOTO ALBUM. Black photo album stamped XI Olympiade 1936.photo album which contains 33 photos of sporting events ( some post card photos) and card summaries of daily events. Size: 10 1/4"L 7 1/2"H. Condition: some wear, some photos loose. 100 - 300
2264 1936 OLYMPICS BILLFOLD. Leather billfold wallet stamped "Olympiade 1936". Size: closed 4 1/4" x 6 1/4". Condition: good, some wear. 50 - 100
2265 1936 OLYMPICS PATCHES. Nine round stitched Olympic patches from Berlin Olympics, 1936. Size: 3"Diam. each. condition: good. 50 - 100
2266 1936 OLYMPICS STADIUM PLANS. Brochure put out by the Deutche Bank with the schedule of Olympic events and the plans of the Olympic venues and stadiums. Condition: good, minor staining. T.T.Abel written in ink on cover. Folds out to 17"X 24". 50 - 100
2267 1936 OLYMPICS 3 BROCHURES. (1) XIth Olympic Games August 1-16, 1936 Berlin, French Line brochure. (2) Berlin Olympiade, take the airplane to go to the Olympic Games in Berlin, Olympia Verkehrs-und Quartieramt Berlin. (3)Ausstellung Berlin 1936, 18 July- 16 August, at the Radio Tower "Deutschland Exhibition". Condition: all show minor wear. 25 - 50
2268 1936 OLYPICS SHIP'S MENU. Menu with bill from SS. Europa 3rd class August 25, 1936. with Olympic design on cover and Ship's envelope. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2269 1936 OLYMPICS SCRAPBOOK. Scrapbook by visitor to Berlin Olympics 1936, includes postcards, clippings, misc. sports results, approx. 50 photos, 35 clippings. Condition: some loose pieces, some wear. 40 - 80
2270 1936 OLYMPICS PRESS PHOTOS. Lot includes 7 German press photos, all stamped on back, some of stadium, some of atheletes, original mailing envelope and letter from Berlin Olympic Committee confirming receipt of photos. Condition: minor wear. Size: photos are 9 3/4"H, 7"W. 150 - 300
2271 1936 OLYMPICS PERIODICALS. 2 issues of "Berlin Illustrirte Zeitung" featuring the Berlin Olypics. Size: 14 1/2"H, 10 1/2"W. One complete, one with missing front cover. 50 - 100
2272 1936 OLYMPICS 5 PERIODICALS. 5 issues of Olympische Spiele. 1936. Vol. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15. Size: 13 3/4"H 9 3/4"W. condition: some wear. 75 - 150
2273 1936 OLYMPICS 2 PERIODICALS 2 Issues of Olympische Spiele, 1936. Includes vol. 10. 11. Size: 13 3/4"H x 9 3/4"W. Condition: signs of wear. 30 - 60
2274 1936 OLYMPICS 3 PERIODICALS. three volumes of "Germany" No. 3 1936, No. 4 1936, No. 5 1936. Size; 13 3/4"H x 9 3/4"W. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
2275 1936 OLYMPICS PERIODICALS. Lot contains two issues of Sport Pictoral 1936 and various German and American newspapers related to the 1936 berlin Olympics. Condition: magazines fair condition, newspapers deteriorating. 25 - 50
2276 BASKETBALL GOLDEN JULILEE. Souvenir magazine of : Golden Julilee of Basketball 1891-1941. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
2277 1952 U.S.OLYMPIC BOOK. Hardbound copy of 1952 US Olylmpic Book. Condition: good. 30 - 60
2278 19THC. MEIJI CLOISONNE BOX. N/R. 19th c. Meiji Cloisonne lidded box, bird and floral decoration, exterior, and incised decoration on the interior. Size: 2"H, 3 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: no detractions or defects. 800 - 1,200
2279 19THC. JADE WATER BUFFALO. N/R. Recumbent jade water buffalo with inset eyes. Size: 2 1/2"w,1"H, 1"D. Condition: no detractions. 400 - 600
2280 ENAMELED BRONZE DEITY. N/R. Enameled bronze deity on wood carved base.Size: 3.5"H, 2"W. 1"D. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 300
2281 BINGO POCKET WATCH N/R. Watch has silver metal case. Condition: case has rust spots. 80 - 160
2282 14K GOLD ELGIN POCKET WATCH. Condition: dial has loose crystal. 400 - 600
2283 14K GOLD FILLED HAMILTON RAILROAD WATCH. Watch has a twenty-one jewel movement. 400 - 600
2284 HAMILTON "RAILWAY SPECIAL" POCKET WATCH. Case is stamped "Dueber Special". Model # 992 B. Watch has a twenty-one jewel movement. 400 - 500
2285 14K GOLD FILLED HAMILTON POCKET WATCH. Watch has a twenty-one jewel movement. 400 - 500
2286 ILLINOIS "BONN SPECIAL" POCKET WATCH. Watch has a twenty-one jewel movement. Condition: watch has loose crystal. 400 - 500
2287 10K GOLD FILLED HAMPDEN POCKET WATCH. Case is stamped "Keystone Watchcase". Watch has a twenty-one jewel movement. 400 - 500
2288 WADSWORTH WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a black face and leather band. Shock and water resistant. Condition: watch back is scratched; apppears to be in working order. 200 - 300
2289 PATRIA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a white face and a brown lizard grain band. Watch back is engraved. condition: watch appears to be in working order. 200 - 300
2290 GRUEN WRISTWATCH N/R. The watch has a square crystal and white face. It has a brown leather grain band. Condition: watch appears to be in working order; some scratches on the metal around the crystal; face needs cleaned. 200 - 300
2291 LONGINES WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch is a Longines "Wittnauer". It has a square crystal and white face. The band is black leather. Condition: watch appears to be in working order; face needs cleaned. 200 - 300
2292 BULOVA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a square crystal with a red and white stone studded face. it has a black leather band. Condition: the band has some slight damage; stem is missing. 200 - 300
2293 HAMILTON WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a 10k gold filled white face with a square crystal. The watch back is engraved and has a black leather band. Condition: watch appears to be in working order; metal around face has a few scratches and dings; face needs cleaned. 200 - 300
2294 BULOVA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch is marked "SELFWINDING". It has a white face and black leather band. 0 - 200
2295 BULOVA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a square crystal and white face. The watch back is marked "10k gold filled". It has a black leather band. Condition: watch appears to be in working order. 200 - 300
2296 GIRARD-PERREGAUX WATCH N/R. Watch is marked "Sea Hawk". It has a black leather band. Condition: watch appears to be in working order; face is faded and crystal is chipped. 200 - 300
2297 BULOVA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a white face and brown leather band. watch back is marked "10k RGP Bezel". Condition: crystal has small flaw; watch appears to be in working order. 200 - 300
2298 VACHON STUDIO CERAMIC ART VESSEL. N/R. Lidded ceramic vessel signed by Vachon. Size: 11.5"H, 12"W, 4"D. Condition: no detractions. 800 - 1,200
2299 18TH C. ROUND LOTUS BOX. N/R. Round lidded box, polychrome painted with flowers, stylized lotus bottom. Size: 2"H, 3.5"Diam. Condition: wear to rim, wear to painted surface. no chips or cracks. 400 - 600
2300 18THC. RECTANGULAR CHINESE BOX. N/R. 18th c. Rectangular Chinese lidded box with enameled floral decoration. Size: 2"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: wear to rim, wear to paint. no cracks or chips. 600 - 800
2301 SEVRES URN. Sevres urn. signed by Max. Cobalt blue urn, with amorous couple, in a cartouche, with gilt scrolling border. Verso floral panel. Size: 17"H. 7"Diam. Condition: missing lid. no other detractions. 1,000 - 2,000
2302 PATE SUR PATE & ORMOLU OIL LAMPS. Early 19th century. Attributed to Salon. Pair of pale green pate sur pate porcelain vasiform body with classically attired female figures, the whole with ormolu mounts and base. Size: (without globes and chimney) 17" h., 7 1/2" w., 6" d. Condition: originally held oil but now electrified; etched glass globes are not a pair; otherwise no defects or detractions. 2,000 - 3,000
2303 ROYAL DUX SHEPHERD FIGURE. N/R. Shepherd with sheep playing pipes, wearing a wolf skin, marked: Royal Dux Bohemia 135. Size: 14 1/2"H. Condition: good. 300 - 600
2304 RHODA FLOW BLUE DISHES. (77) N/R. Seventy seven pieces of the "Rhoda" pattern by W. Adams & Co. Tunstall. 1892-1917. Ironstone flow blue floral pattern confined to border, scalloped edge with delicate embosiing around rim and well. (illus. in Flow Blue China & Mulberry Ware p.35.) . Set includes: 2 platters, 2 covered tureens, 10 cups, 10 saucers, creamer, sugar, gravy, spill bowl, covered cheese dish, 11 luncheon plates, 12 dinner plates, 12 soup bowls, 11 dessert plates, 12 berry bowls. Condition: several cups have stained interiors. 300 - 500
2305 19TH C. PARIS LIDDED VASE. N/R. rectangular lidded vase with canted corners, and pagoda lid,polychromed hand painted with figures on sides, and butterflies and flowers front and back.Size: 10"H, 5"W. 4"D. Condition: some wear to gilt trim. no chips or cracks. 600 - 800
2306 ROYAL DOULTON THE FOAMING QUART.N/R. Royal Doulton figurine " the Foaming Quart" marked: H.N. 2162. copyright 1954. Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2307 MEISSEN CUP AND SAUCER. N/R. Cup of cobalt blue with 2 18th C. genre scenes, with gilt decoration. Saucer deep rounded bowl shape, with similar scenes and decoration. Both marked: crossed swords of Meissen and AR. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2308 2 H/P PICKARD CHINA PIECES. N/R. Two nautical themed serving pieces, both marked Hand Painted Pickard China. Limoges. (1) Bowl with gilded handles and bae, hand painted decoration of shells and starfish.. 4 1/2"H. 10"diam. (1) Oval platter with nautical decoration, gilt edging. Size: 15"x 10 1/". condition: both good. 100 - 200
2309 SET LENOX CHINA. Set Lenox china, 120 pcs.; cream, narrow gold rim. 1. 12 dinner plates. 2. 12 luncheon plates, 8 1/4". 3. 2 luncheon plates, 1/2" gold rim. 4. 14 fruit dishes. 5. 12 cups. 6. 13 saucers, 4 1/2". 7. 12 brade & butter plates, 6 1/4". 8. 12 salad plates, 7 1/2'; 1 chipped. 9. 12 soup bowls, 1 chipped. 10. 11 saucers, 5 1/4"; 1 chipped. 11. 1 covered slop bowl. 12. 1 round platter, 12 3/4". 13. 1 gravy boat. 14. 1 lobed oval relish dish. 15. 1 oval vegetable dish, 9 1/4"x 7". 16. 1 oval platter, 13"x9 3/4". 17. 1 oval platter, 15 1/2" x 11 1/4" 18. 1 small fruit plate, 5". 200 - 400
2310 WEDGWOOD CHEESE BELL. N/R. Wedgwood cheese bell and plate. black jasperware with frieze of classical figures. Maked: Wedgwood. Size: 5"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2311 WELLER "PARAGON" VASE. N/R. Weller "Paragon" pattern (c1935) vase, light blue glaze. Marked: incised script Weller, size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: two cracks from top rim. 30 - 60
2312 ROSEVILLE PINECONE VASE. N/R. Roseville Pinecone pattern (1831) handled vase, yellow brown glaze with blue interior, marked: Roseville 704-7 size: 7 1/2"H, 5"Diam. conditin: good. 100 - 200
2313 WELLER DICKENSWARE VASE. N/R. Weller Dickensware vase with woman golfer, incised drawing, matte glaze, marked: Dickensware Weller 3 41 signed with marks (possibly T T) Size: 10"H. Condition: 1 1/4" chip from base, lower right front. signs of wear. 500 - 100
2314 2 ROOKWOOD VASES. N/R. Square form vases, turquoise glaze, raised floral decoration, marked: Ohio Home Builders convention Cincinnati 1956..Rookwood 1956. size: 4 1/4"H, 4"W, 1 3/4"D. 100 - 200
2315 2 ROSEVILLE DONATELLO VASES. N/R. (1) flowerpot with incised donatello R P Co. in circle. SiZe;4"H. Condition: interior dirt and crazing. (1) Low round bowl, no mark. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. 2 1/4"H. Condition: interior staining. 40 - 80
2316 WELLER "ROMA" VASE. Weller Roma ( 1914-late 20's design) paneled vase, marked with incised Weller. size: 6 "H, 6 3/4"Diam. Conditon: one chip in rim. 50 - 100
2317 ROSEVILLE TEAPOT SET. N/R. Roseville "Clematis" pattern (1944 design) teapot, cremer and sugar. all marked Roseville. Size: teapaot 8"H, 11"W. Creamer 3"H, sugar 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2318 ROOKWOOD YELLOW VASE. N/R. Yellow three handled vase, marked: Rookwood 1923 #63 Size: 4 1/4"H. condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
2319 ROSEVILLE BLACKBERRY VASE. N/R. Roseville 2 handled Blackberry pattern (1938) vase, size: 4"H. Signed: paper sticker "Roseville Pottery". Condition: good. 75 - 150
2320 ROSEVILLE CLEMATIS VASE. N/R. Roseville double Clematis Pattern (1944 design) vase. Marked: Roseville 1911-5, Size: 5 1/2"H. 9"W. Condition: chip on top right rim. 50 - 100
2321 CYRSTALLINE GLAZE VASE. N/R. yellow body with blue crystal over glaze. no mark. Size; 9 "H. Conditon: good. 50 - 100
2322 AMERICAN ART POTTERY VASE. N/R. Brown under the slip painted yellow roses. no mark. Size: 10 1/2"H. Conditin: surface crazing. 75 - 150
2323 WELLER "ATLAS" PATTERN VASE. N/R. Weller "Atlas" pattern ( 1934) star vase, cream color. marked: incised Weller C-1, size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2324 OWENS UTOPIAN VASE. N/R. brown under the slip painted flowers, (1986-1907) marked: Utopian J.B. Owens 982 Size: 9"H. Condition: overall crazing, three chips of glazed surface missing. 50 - 100
2325 WELLER LOUWELSA VESSEL. N/R. Brown under the slip painted cherries, two handled vessel, Louwelsa (1896-1924), Marked: Louwelsa X301 Weller. Size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2326 COWAN POTTERY BOWL. N/R. Glossy rose interior glaze, cream exterior glaze. Marked; Cowan Size: 9 1/2"diam. 4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2327 MC COY HANGING BASKET. N/R. red glazed basket weave exterior, hanging basket with original chains. Marked: McCoy, size: 7 1/2"Diam. 4 1/2"H. Condition: inside stains. 50 - 100
2328 2 COWAN POTTERY PIECES. N/R. (1) fAN vase on seahorse decorated base. orange lustre glaze. Size: 8"H. marked: Cowan (1) candlestick, orange lustre glaze, Size: 3 1/4"H. marked Cowan. Conditoin: all good. 60 - 120
2329 4 COWAN CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. Four candleholders, inverted ionic capital shape, cream glaze. Each marked:Cowan. Sie: 1 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Square. Condition: good. 60 - 120
2330 REDWING PIERRE COOKIE JAR. N/R. Brown yellow glaze, size: 11 1/2"H. Marked Redwing Pottery. condition: good. 100 - 200
2331 REDWING DUTCH GIRL COOKIE JAR. N/R. yellow with brown trim cookie jar. size: 10 1/2"H, marked: Redwing Pottery. condition: good. 75 - 150
2332 BLUE SALT GLAZED PITCHER. N/R. blue salt glazed pitcher, white interior, frieze of figures on exterior, round spout. no mark. Size: 10 1/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2333 AMERICAN BELLEEK TOBACCO JAR. hand painted porcelain tobacco jar. with figure of Chief Bear Crow on outside. Marked: Belleek, artist signed: Clara Page on lid, CGP on base. Size: 8"H. Condition: 2 chips in lid rim. 100 - 200
2334 DELFT CERAMIC CANDLEHOLDER. N/R. Black with red blue and white slip decorated candleholder, marked: Karta MV 1912 Made in Holland. Size: 2 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2335 2 GRAPE PATTERN PITCHERS. N/R. American art pottery pitchers, brown glaze, both impressed with star mark on bottom. Smaller with light interior, larger with dark interior. Size: one 6 3/4"H, one 8"H. Condition: both good. 75 - 150
2336 GREEN POTTERY PITCHER. N/R. Dutch boy and girl, green glazed body, cream top and inside. Marked: 53. Size: 7"H. condition: good. 50 - 100
2337 AMERICAN POTTERY PITCHER. N/R. Water lily pattern pitcher, green glaze. marked 30 Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2338 DELDARE WARE PLATE. N/R. Deldare ware plate with scene of Ye Olden Times and signature E. Broel. Marked on back Made at Ye Buffalo Pottery, Deldare Ware, Underglaze USA. Size: 9 1/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2339 MEISSEN VASE. White ground with stylized branch and flower, gold trim. Marked with Meissen crossed swords. Size: 7"H. Conditiion: good. 150 - 300
2340 MEISSEN VASE. White ground with Asian tree and birds, gilt edging. Marked with Meissen crossed swords. size: 9"H. Condition: good. 225 - 450
2341 MEISSEN VASE. Meissen vase, white ground with two hand painted birds. Marked with Meissen crossed swords. SiZe: 10"H. Condition: good. 250 - 500
2342 GERMAN FIGURAL GROUP. 18th Century style costumed figures on rococo base, hand painted and raised decoration, gilt trim. Marked: Crown mark, Germany 8289B. Sie: 8"H, 9"W, 6"D. Condition: good. 225 - 450
2343 SWEETMEAT DISH. N/R. 18th Century style female with two baskets. Unknown mark on bottom. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2344 BISQUE BLACKMAN ON COTTON BAIL. Two piece bisque group of well dressed black man sitting on a large bail of cotton. No mark. Size: 10"H. 6"W. 7"D. Condition: some paint losses on the face. 225 - 450
2345 H/R PORCELAIN IN FRAME. Hand painted porcelain tile of 1920-30's style woman with flowers. signed A H (?) . Tile marked on back: Patent Grip Back A E T Co. tile in shadowbox from, wood outer frame, gold filet around tile, glazed. SiZe: tile 8"H 6"W. Frame 12 1/2"H, 10 1/4"W. condition: good. 300 - 600
2346 HEREND HUNGARIAN DANCER. N/R. Male dancer in Hungarian costume Marked: Herend. Sie: 12"H. Condition: 22 brown stains on sleeve. 150 - 300
2347 2 RUSSIAN TEAPOTS. N/R. (1) large tea pot with red orange and gold folkloric decoration. Size: 8"H. 9"W, 7"D. Small tea pot with similar decoration. Size: 3 1/2"H. 6"W. 4"D. Signed: Made in USSR and Russian letters. Condition: both in good shape. 50 - 100
2348 SATSUMA TYPE VASE. N/R. Figural vase with raised and beaded decoration. No mark. SiZe: 9"H. condition: good. 100 - 200
2349 2 SMALL OPEN TUREENS. N/R. 2 small tureens with twisted handles , footed, with floral decoration, no mark. Size: 4 1/2"H. 7 1/2"W. 6"Deep. Condition: one good. one has crack in handle and crack in bowl. 50 - 100
2350 2 ROSENTHAL STUDIO LINE PIECES. N/R. (1) Plate 6"Diam. Rosenthal Studio Line, "Orientalische Nachtmusik Overture Motive I. designed by Bjorn Wiinblad. Conditon: good. (1) Tall vase, oval shape, 8 1/4"H. Rosenthal Studio Line, deisgned by Bjorn Wiinblad. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2351 SATSUMA TYPE VASE. N/R. Raised and beaded decoration, figural scene, three feet, two handles. no mark. Size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2352 CHEESE DOME & PLATE. N/R. Porcelain cheese dome and underplate, with gilt decoration.Marked CFH GDM Size: 5"H. 8"Diam. Condition: four chips in plate. 40 - 80
2353 ROYAL DOULTON CARPET SELLER. N/R. Royal Doulton figurine, "Carpet Seller" Marked HN>146. SiZe: 9"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2354 ROYAL DOULTON MENDICANT. N/R. Royal Doulton figurine " Mendicant" marked: H.N. 1365. siZe: 8"H. condition: good. 150 - 300
2355 ROYAL DOULTON COBBLER. N/R. Royal Doulton figurine "Cobbler" Marked H.N. 1706. Size: 8"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2356 ROYAL DOULTON DOG. Royal Doulton figurine: Dog. Marked H.N. 1051. SiZe: 3 3/4"H. 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2357 4 OYSTER PLATES. N/R. Porcelain oyster plates,gilt edges. no mark. Sie: 8"diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2358 NIPPON PORCELAIN VASE. N/R. Tall porcelain vase, red and gold beaded decoration, center medallion female portrait ( figure matches image on Lot #246) . Marked: Hand Painted Nippon. SiZe: 141/2"H. Condition: gilt worn on some areas. 150 - 300
2359 2 AUSTRIAN VASES. N/R. Two handled vases. (1) Angelica Kaufmann neoclassical scene. Beehive mark. Size: 6"H. Condition: crack through center scene. (1) Hamlet and Ophelia scene. Marked J.H. Beehive mark. Size: 6"H. Conditon: good. 150 - 300
2360 AUSTRIAN LIDDED URN. N/R. Two handled lidded urn, Angelica Kaufmann neoclassical scene, red yellow and gold decoration. Marked with Austrian Beehive mark. Size: 11 1/2"H. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2361 AUSTRIAN LIDDED URN. N/R. Lidded two handled urn, Angelica Kaufmann neoclassical scene. Red yellow and gold decoration. Marked Beehive mark Austria. Sie: 12 1/2"H. Condition: crack in top rim, gilt worn. 200 - 400
2362 AUSTRIAN 2 HANDLED URN. N/R. Two handled urn, Angelica Kaufmann decorated scene, red yellow and gold decoration. Beehive mark. Sie: 15 1/2"H. Condition: gilt worn on edges. 200 - 400
2363 2354 MEIJI SATSUMA KUAN YIN FIGURE. N/R. (1868-1912) Hand painted and gilded standing figure holding a basket with a fish. 17 3/4"h. Condition: excellent 200 - 400
2364 2311 SATSUMA LIDDED KORO. Meiji period. Foo dog finial, floral decorated. Artist signed. Height: 5". Condition: repaired chip under lid. 400 - 500
2365 2328 SEVRES PORCELAIN CACHEPOT Pink ground with all over floral decoration, applied ram's head handles. Overglaze Sevres mark. Height: 4 3/4 inches. Condition: no defects. 600 - 800
2366 ROSEVILLE CARNELIAN I VASE. N/R. Blue drip glaze on handled vase. Carnelian I pattern (1910-15). Stamped with "R" for Roseville. Size: 8 1/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2367 JARDINIERE. N/R. Green and pink glazed jardiniere with floral exterior decoration. No mark. Size: 10"H. 11 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2368 RAILROAD UNION PACIFIC CHINA. N/R. Union Pacific sugar bowl. marked: Shenango China New Castle, Pa. For Union Pacific Railroad, Design copyrighted. Size: 2"H. 5 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2369 2 ART POTTERY VASES. N/R. (1) Blue glazed vase with frieze of storks and cattails. no mark. Size: 6"H. Condition:good. (1) Blue and yellow glazed floral decorated vase. No mark. size: 6"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2370 JARDINIERE . N/R. two piece jardiniere with brown and green glaze. No mark. Size: 20 1/2"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2371 BELLEEK TEAPOT, CUPS AND SAUCERS. N/R. 13 pieces of Shamrock pattern, teapot with lid, 5 cups and 7 saucers. Size: teapot 6 1/2"H. cups 2 1/2"H. Saucers 5 5/8"H. Condition: good, some signs of wear. 200 - 400
2372 BELLEEK (2) SHAMROCK VASES. N/R. Two Bellleek pierced shamrock vases, Each 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2373 BELLEEK 2 HARP VASES. N/R. Two harp vases, 5th mark, 6 1/2"H. each. Conditon: good. 75 - 150
2374 BELLEEK TWO TREE TRUNK VASES. N/R. Two tree trunk vases, with green shamrocks, both 5th mark, Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2375 BELLEEK SHELL VASES. N/R. Three shell vases with polychromed flowers. One fifth mark, size: 3 1/2"H. Conditon: good. Two 6th mark, size: 2 1/2"H. condition: good. 60 - 120
2376 BELLEEK 2 THISTLE VASES. N/R. (1) Painted thistle top vase. 5th mrak. Size: 5"H. condition: good. (1) Plain thistle vase. 6th mark. size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: crack in body of vase. 40 - 80
2377 BELLEEK THREE HEART BOWLS. N/R. Three Belleek heart shaped bowls, all 5th mark. One 6 1/4"L. Two 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2378 BELLEEK VASE. N/R. Belleek vase, with hand applied flowers, 6th mark. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2379 BELLEEK 2 SHELL CUPS & SAUCERS. N/R. One large and one smaller shell cup and saucer, Larger: 2"H, 6"Diam. saucer, smaller: 2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 30 - 60
2380 BELLEEK BASKET SPILL. N/R. Basket spill with hand applied roses. 5th mark. Size: 3 1/2"H. condition: good. 50 - 100
2381 GREEN GLAZED WATER JUG. N/R. Lidded water jug with spout, green glaze, three handles, probably Asian. no marks. Size: 19"H. Condition: chips on spout, handle and base. 150 - 300
2382 BELLEEK (4) PIECES. N/R. (1) figural creamer, 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) cup, 2"H. Condition: good. (1) Daisy Spill, Condition: good. (1) Triton Vase, Condition: good. 75 - 150
2383 4 MAJOLICA PIECES. N/R. (1) Oak and acorn pitcher, 7 1/2"H. no mark. Condition: chips in spout, chips on rim, crack in rim. (1) Creamer, white with red flowers and blue leaves yellow trim, marked: R102496. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Leaf dish, 7 3/34"L. pink green and yellow, Marked: Etruscan majolica. Condition: chips and cracks. (1) Green dish with four lemon slices. marked: Good Friend, Spain. Size: 8"L. Condition: signs of wear, stains on bottom. 50 - 100
2384 5 PIECES MAJOLICA. N/R. (1) Corn pitcher, no mark. 4 1/2"H. Condition: crack in top. (1) Handled jar with bow decoration, no lid. Size: 3"H. Marked: registry mark (unreadable) Condition: signs of wear. (2) two plates grape centers on yellow background. Size: 6"Diam. Marked: Black Forest Art Pottery, Erphila Germany. Condition:good. (1) Plate with black center and blue border with flowers, 8"Diam. No mark. Conditoin: chips on rim bottom. 75 - 150
2385 3 NAUTICAL MAJOLICA PIECES. N/R. (1) Shell jar, no lid, 4"H. Marked: Etruscan Majolica. condition: no detractions. (1) Shell creamer, multicolored body, coral colored handle, no mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: chip in rim. (1) Turtle lidded shell creamer, 3 1/3"H. Marked: incised 120. Condition: lid repaired. 50 - 100
2386 AUSTRIAN DECORATED VASE. N/R. Yellow decorated vse, decaled floral decoration with yellow and gold trim. size: 7 1/2"H. Marked: Imperial Crown China Austria, and Vienna Austria with Crown. Conditin: good. 50 - 100
2387 PUEBLO BLACK POTTERY DISH. N/R. Black pottery with matte and glossy glazed design. 4 1/4"Diam. Marked: Legoria, Sta Clara Pueblo. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2388 ROYAL DOULTON "MARIE". N/R. Royal Doulton figurine "Marie" marked: Royal Doulton Marie H.N. 1370. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2389 BISQUE PIANO BABY. N/T. Bisque figurine of a seated baby, paper label worn and unreadable. Size: 5"H. Conditon: good. 25 - 50
2390 ART DECO VANITY MIRROR,BRUSH. N/R. Pink glass Art Deco dresser pieces, cut pink glass set in gilt metal mounts, c.1937, probably Irice Glass from Czechoslovakia, sold through Irving W. Rice, N.Y.C. no mark. Size: mirror 12"L. brush 9"L. comb 7"l. Condition: brush bristles are old. glass is good. 75 - 150
2391 2 CAPODIMONTE CHARGERS. N/R. Each wth 5 classical scenes and pierced decoration. marked: Made in Italy. Size: 14"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2392 3 CLOISONNE NAPKIN RINGS. napkin rings with detailed cloisonne decortion. no mark. Condition: all in good condition. 40 - 80
2393 LALIQUE VASE. N/R. Glass vase with vertical ribbed body, marked: Lalique France. Size: 7"H. Condition: chip in top rim. 50 - 100
2394 MEISSEN PLATE. N/R. Hand painted Meissen plate, round plate with four quadrants, two with genre scenes, two with floral scenes, gold border decoration, marked: Meissen cross swords. Sie: 8"Diam. condition: no detractions. 150 - 300
2395 NORITAKE ART ART DECO PLATE. N/R. Noritake Art deco plate with Boudoir scene. Marked: Noritake (green M mark). Size: 8 1/2"diam. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
2396 CLAUDE CONOVER "HOMHOM" VESSEL. Modern. Ceramic. Signed and titled on the bottom. Conover, a Cleveland ceramicist, creates vessels of large proportion with small apertures; the finish of his work is rough and unglazed with sgraffito decorating the surface. This lot features an onion shaped vessel in brown and gray. Size: 15" h., 17" dia. Condition: no visible defects. 1,500 - 3,000
2397 19TH C. SATSUMA CABINET VASE. N/R. signed in gold gilt Japanese characters, one side female figures, verso floral decoration, Size: 2 1/2"H. 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: no detractions or defects. 200 - 300
2398 19TH C. RED LACQUER BOWL. N/R. Red lacquer bowl with gold overlay, scene of cranes. Size: 4 1/4"Diam. 1 5/8"H. Condition: some chipping to rim. 200 - 300
2399 SYMPHONION MUSIC BOX. Symphonion music box in wooden case, crank wind, six musical interchangable metal disks. Marked: Symphonion: Schutz Marke Made in Germany. Size: of case 9"H, 18"W, 16"D. Condition: some chipping at the base of the wooden case. Sold as is. 2,500 - 5,000
2400 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2401 RUDY BROTHERS STAINED GLASS WINDOW. Rudy Brothers was Pittsburghs competitor to Tiffany. Beautiful arched window with approximately 40 round faceted "jewels". Central laural wreath with ribbons, garlands, etc. Size: approximately 4'-9" H, 2'-4" W. Condition: no detractions. 5,000 - 9,000
2402 PAIR OF RUDY BROTHERS STAINED GLASS WINDOWS. Rudy Brothers were Pittsburghs competitor to Tiffany. Beautiful window with columns, anthemion, scrolling leafage, etc. Size not including frame: 40" H, 14" W. Condition: no detractions. 1,000 - 1,800
2403 PAIR OF CONVEX STAINED GLASS WINDOWS. Shield with flowers and foliate all around. Each window has at least 55 faceted "jewels". Size of each (not including wooden frame): 24" H, 32" W. 800 - 1,600
2404 R. LALIQUE CENTER BOWL. Fish (sardines) form the swirling pattern around the center. Condition: no defects or detractions. 0 - 0
2405 RUBY & CUT DECANTER. N/R. Decanter with ruby, cut and gilt decoration, gilt bands, large ruby bands with wheel cut floral decoration. No mark. Size: 15"H. Condition: fleabites on bottom. 50 - 100
2406 PAIR STEUBEN SHADES. N/R. Pair of blown glass shades with green feathered decoration, iridescent interior, both marked Steuben, Size: 7 1/4"H, 4 1/4"Diam. Condition: each has crack in the body. 100 - 200
2407 2 STEUBEN VASES. N/R. Two Steuben glass handkerchief shaped vases. shading green to clear. Ground bottoms. Larger clearly marked Steuben, smaller indistinct mark. Size: 11"H, & 9"H. Condition: minor wear on bottom of each. 300 - 600
2408 ART GLASS SHADE. N/R. blown glass shade with iridescence. exterior shading gold to pink. No mark. Size: 5 1/4"H, 6"Diam. condition: good. 100 - 200
2409 RUBY FLASH CUT VASE. N/R. Ruby flash and wheel cut vase, grape and lef cut band, red flashed decoration, traces of gilding. No mark. Size; 10"H. Conditon: gilding almost all gone., some wear & scratches. 40 - 80
2410 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2411 2426 STEUBEN BLUE AURENE VASE Ribbed sides. Signed Steuben. Condition: no defects. Size: 5" h, 4" dia. 1,000 - 1,500
2412 ORREFORS BOWL. N/R. Clear glass bowl, ground bottom. Marked: Orrefors 3975/1. size: 4 3/4"H. condition: good. 100 - 300
2413 LALIQUE DISH. N/R. Frosted and clear stylized leaf pattern dish. Marked: Lalique France. Size: 2 1/2"H, 8 1/4"W, 7"D. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2414 ORREFORS BOWL. N/R. Clear cut glass bowl. Marked: Orrefors 1982. Size: 9"Diam. 3 1/2"H. Condition: good, minor wear. 100 - 300
2415 DANCE DE LUMIERE. N/R. Molded glass figure of woman and drapery in yellow green opalescent glass ( similar to LaLique "Suzanne" . sizer: 8 3/4"H. Marked on the front left "Dance de Lumiere" and on front right Pat. Appl.. no other mark. condition: small chip front front right base, also interior crack front right. 100 - 200
2416 CUT GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Cut glass pitcher with hobstar pattern, notched handle. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"H. Conditon: one fleabite in base. 75 - 150
2417 LARGE CUT GLASS VASE. N/R. Large cut glass vase, cut base, trumpet shape, overall hobstar design, facaded ball stem base. No mark. Size: 1114"H. Conditoin: good. 100 - 200
2418 STEUBEN GLASS BOWL. N/R. Blown glass bowl, resting on four raised arms above base, marked: Steuben. Size: 10 1/"H, 4"Diam. Condition: minor scratches under base. 100 - 200
2419 PAIR LUSTRES ON CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Pair of large pressed glass candlesticks with removable fittings for suspending the cut crystal prisms or lustres. No mark. Size: 11"H, 5 1/2"Diam. base. each. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2420 WATERFORD DECANTER. N/R. Waterford decanter, low body, decorated, cut stopper. Marked: Waterford. Size: 9 1/2"H, Condition: good. 50 - 100
2421 TWO COMPACTS N/R. Lot includes one heavily engraved metal compact with a possibly porcelain romantic scene. The other is a faux tortoise shell compact with musical figures. Size of first compact: 2 3/4" l. x 2 7/8" w. Size of second one: 2 3/8" l. x 2 1/4" w. 75 - 100
2422 PAINTED MINIATURE N/R. Painted portrait of a woman encased in a metal frame. Signed P. Blain. Size: 5 1/8" l. x 3 7/8" w. Condition: glass needs cleaned. 150 - 250
2423 PAINTED MINIATURE N/R. Painted portrait of a woman on porcelain encased in a metal frame. Unsigned. Size: 5 1/4" l. x 4 5/8" w. 150 - 250
2424 GOLD SUN CULTURE PIN N/R. Designed by Clavia Aronson. Pin has a circular design joined by two half arms. Pin represents a relic of the Sun Culture (circa 400 B.C.-1550 A.D.). 300 - 500
2425 GOLD SUN CULTURE PIN N/R. Designed by Clavia Aronson. Pin is a reproduction of a chieftan from the Sun Culture (400 B.C.-1550 A.D.). 200 - 400
2426 ART GLASS BRIDES BASKET. N/R. Iridescent glass set into silver plate metal basket. Glass iridescent blown glass with applied enamel decoration, crimped and fluted edge. No mark. Size: 10"Diam. 12 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear to enameled decoration. Metal tarnished and pitted. Glass no chips. 100 - 200
2427 CHINESE AGATE DEITY. N/R. 19/20TH Century agate carved deity, on wooden base. Size: 4"H, 1 1/4"W, 1"D. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 300
2428 STAINED GLASS FRAGMENT. N/R. Head of a bishop saint set in small rectangular framework of other glass. no mark. Size: 7"H, 6"W. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2429 1477 CRYSTAL SHIP'S DECANTER. N/R. Unmarked. Starcut base and mitred sides. Ball shaped faceted finial. 10"h., 7" dia.-at base. Condition: scratches on base. No chips or cracks. 25 - 50
2430 CRANBERRY BLOWN GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Victorian style. Thumb print motif with ruffled spout. Applied clear glass reeded handle. 9"h., 7 1/2" dia. at the widest point. Condition: No cracks, chips, or other detractions. 50 - 75
2431 WATERFORD CRYSTAL VASE. N/R. Waterford vase with dentilated top, signed Waterford. Size: 11"H, condition: the lower inside and bottom of the vase have some marking. 50 - 100
2432 LALIQUE VASE. N/R. Clear glass vase, with frosted leaves around neck, Size: 6 3/4"H. Signed: Lalique France. Conditon: small blemish on one side center of vase. 50 - 100
2433 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2433 19THC. MEIJI SCHOLAR'S CUP. N/R. Exterior figural scene, interior of bowl covered with calligraphy poem. Artist signed on bottom and with calligraphy. Size: 2"H. 13/4"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 800 - 1,200
2434 CZECH PERFUME MARKED LALIQUE. N/R. Low container with tall pierced cut stopper of female with flower garland. marked: Lalique. Siz: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2435 CZECH PERFUME MARKED LALIQUE. N/R. Clear and frosted glass perfume bottle and stopper, made in Czechoslovakia but marked Lalique. Size:: 6"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2436 BACCARAT 4 CANDLLEHOLDERS. N/R. Four small purple faceted glass candleholders marked: Baccarat. Size: each 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. mark not clear on all. 50 - 100
2437 BACCARAT 12 CHAMPAGNE GLASSES. N/R. 12 Baccarat Crystal stemware- Vence pattern, 4 1/4"H, high champagne saucer glasses. Condition: three with tiny rim chips. 300 - 600
2438 9 BACCARAT WINE GLASSES. N/R. 9 Baccarat crystal stemware- Vence Pattern, 5 5/8"H, 7 oz. American white wine/European red wine glasses. condition: one with tiny rim chip, 1 with several chips. 300 - 600
2439 2 MIES VAN DER ROHE CHAIRS. Chrome tubular arm chairs with green seude cushions. Made by Knoll International. Size: 33"H, 24 1/5"W, 34"D. Condition: signs of wear. 2,000 - 3,000
2440 2 MIES VAN DER ROHE CHAIRS. chrome tubular arm chairs, with green suede upholstered cushions, made by Knoll International. SIe: 233"H, 24 1/2"W. 34"D. Condition: signs of wear. 2,000 - 3,000
2441 G. WALTER DOG OIL. 19th c. Oil on board. Signed in lower right. An old nameplate on the frame also reads "G. Walter 1836." Two hunting spaniels are pointing towards an unknown quarry. Their silky coats are finely painted and the minute details of anatomy, foliage and atmosphere are acutely observed. Size: 15" h., 20 1/4" w., framed 21" h., 26 1/2"w. Condition: minor specks of inpainting in the sky and the upper right corner; craquellure. 6,000 - 8,000
2442 2661 HASUI WOODCUT. N/R. First half of the 20th century. Color woodcut on paper. Signed in the lower right in characters. Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) here made an image of women appearing to wash clothes among the stones in the courtyard of a building; from a series "Selected Korean Landscapes (1940)." Size: 14" h., 9 1/4" w., framed 22 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 300
2443 BRONZE OF 18TH C. ORATOR. N/R. Mid to late 19th century. Bronze. Sculpted by Francois Trupheme (born 1820), this statue presents the Count Gabriel-Honore de Mirabeau later known as the Marquis de Dreux Breze. The foundry was Collin of Paris. This appears on a stamp at the base, and on an attached note on the underside of the base. "Trupheme" appears engraved in script on the base. Size: 18" h., 11" w., 6" d. Condition: no visible defects. 2,500 - 3,500
2444 CLESSINGER, JEAN BAPT., AUGUSTE. N/R. (French, 1814-1883) Bronze of bulls fighting. Green patina. Signed in base. Size: 12"h., 23 1/2" l. Condition: no defects or detractions. 2,500 - 3,500
2445 BULL BRONZE. N/R. Early 20th century. Bronze on green stone base. Signed B. Gardet. Spanish. Standing bull. Size: 15 1/2" h., 14" w., 7 1/2" d. Condition: no visible defects. 1,000 - 2,000
2446 LOET VANDERVEEN BRONZE OF ELEPHANT.N/R. Patinated bronze. A standing elephant is shown with brass patinated tusks; the body is a rosy brown color. Signed on the underside "Loet 440/500." Size: 10" h., 10 1/2" w., 10" d. Condition: no defects or detractions. 3,000 - 5,000
2447 "DEVILS FORGE" BRONZE BY C. LALIBERTE. 19th century. Purportedly one of only nine. Consignor purchased in Montreal from Yves LaRoche Gallerie D'Art. Size: 19" h., 15" w., 10" d. Condition: no defects or detraction. 2,000 - 3,500
2448 JIMINY CRICKET ANIMATION CEL. 1939. Celluloid with paint over a watercolor on paper background. This is a cel from the Walt Disney movie "Pinicchio." It shows the cricket with his umbrella casting a shadow. Size: 2 1/4" h., 3 1/4" w., framed 8 3/4" square. Condition: yellow discoloration on the background. 150 - 200
2449 JAPANESE CROW BLOCK PRINT. 19th c. Woodblock print on paper with watercolor. Artist unknown. A crow in descent chases a falling red maple leaf. Size: 10 1/2" h., 8" w., framed 17" h., 15' w. Condition: foxing. 200 - 400
2450 JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT. 19th c. Color woodcut. A harbor is seen by a waxing moon; moored masted ships, a buoy, and an anchor are also seen. The artist is unknown, but there are inscriptions in the block. Size: 10 1/2" h., 6 1/2" w., framed 19" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 125 - 225
2451 PLATINUM DIAMOND RING. The approximately 2.0 ct. round cut diamond is set in platinum and flanked by double marquis and round diamond side mounts. Color: K-VSI. 6,500 - 7,500
2452 18K CARTIER BANGLE. Bracelet is Cartier's "love" bangle. Bracelet is inscribed on the inside. Size: large. Condition: bracelet has some small scratches and scuff marks. 1,800 - 2,000
2453 PLATINUM & DIAMOND EARRINGS. The platinum hoop shaped pierced earrings are approximately 1.0 ct. total diamond weight. 700 - 800
2454 14K DIAMOND TENNIS BRACELET. Total diamond weight is approximately 5.0 ct. Length: approximately 7.0". 1,600 - 2,000
2455 18K SNAKE BANGLE. Bracelet clasps at the two snake heads. 550 - 650
2456 DIAMOND HEART NECKLACE. The approximately 1.0 ct. diamond heart is set in platinum. Length of the platinum box link chain is approximately 17.5". 700 - 800
2457 ANTIQUE DIAMOND RING. The 14k white gold ring has a total diamond weight of approximately 0.5 ct. Condition: one of the side mounted diamonds is missing. 400 - 500
2458 PLATINUM & DIAMOND EARRINGS. The round brilliant cut diamonds have a total weight of approximately 0.25 ct. and are set in platinum. They have pierced backs. Color: G-h. Clarity: Sl1-Sl2. Comes with a jewel report card. 180 - 280
2459 18K PEARL NECKLACE SHORTNER. The piece has square cut tourmalines flanked on either side by round cut diamonds. 700 - 800
2460 PLATINUM & DIAMOND RING. The round cut center diamond is flanked by two baguettes. Total weight of the center diamond is approximately 1.38 ct. Total weight of the baguettes is approximately .30 ct. 1,800 - 2,800
2461 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The round cut diamond pierced earrings are set in white gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.30-1.40 ct. 1,800 - 2,000
2462 DIAMOND & EMERALD RING. The marquis cut emerald is surrounded by round cut diamonds and set in 14k gold. Total weight of the emerald is approximately 4+ ct. Condition: the emerald has some scratches. 400 - 500
2463 THREE PC. DIAMOND SET. The set is comprised of a 14k white gold invisible set diamond and matching pierced back earrings. 325 - 425
2464 14K DIAMOND RING. The round and baguette cut diamonds are set in 14k gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. 300 - 400
2465 MAN'S DIAMOND RING. The gold ring has a center cluster of round cut diamonds surrounded by baguettes. 250 - 350
2466 DIAMOND BAR PIN. The pin has round and square cut diamonds set in 14k gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 2.0 ct. Pin is approximately 2.0" in length. 700 - 800
2467 14K DIAMOND BRACELET. The bracelet has an alternating diamond and gold fleur de lis design. Total gold weight is approximately 13 d.wt. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. Length: approximately 7 5/8". 300 - 500
2468 18K ITALIAN PIN/PENDANT. The pin/pendant is framed in gold and shows the portrait of a woman decorated with diamond chips. Size: approximately 1 5/8" l. x 1 3/8" w. 375 - 500
2469 MAN'S DIAMOND BRACELET. The 18k white gold designer link bracelet has a total d.wt. of 33.8. Total diamond weight is approximately .70 ct. Length: approximately 6 5/8". 700 - 800
2470 MAN'S DIAMOND RING. The cluster diamonds are set in 14k gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 3+ ct. 750 - 900
2471 14K PAVE DIAMOND RING. The ring has pave diamonds set in 14k white gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. 225 - 400
2472 LADIE'S 14K WRISTWATCH. The watch is marked "Hamilton" and has a diamond studded harp motif cover. 500 - 700
2473 TWO PC. RING & BAND SET. The marquis cut center diamond is set in 14k gold. Total center diamond weight is approximatelty 0.5+ ct. The platinum and gold band has one round cut diamond. 575 - 700
2474 14K AQUAMARINE RING. The oval cut aquamarine is surrounded by round cut diamonds in a filigree setting. 100 - 300
2475 14K BLUE STONE EARRINGS. The hoop style pierced earrings have nine dark blue round cut stones. 100 - 150
2476 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS N/R. The white gold hoop style earrings are set with square cut diamonds and have pierced backs. 100 - 150
2477 14K DIAMOND BANGLE. The bezel set center diamond is approximately .75 ct. 900 - 1,100
2478 DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE DINNER RING. The marquis cut sapphires are interspersed with diamonds and set in 14k white gold. 300 - 500
2479 MASONIC RING. The 14k gold ring has a round cut center diamond and is flanked by four round cut diamonds on both sides. The ring is marked in enamel with a "32" and a red cross on either side. 200 - 500
2480 ANTIQUE GOLD PIN N/R. The Victorian style pin has a seed pearl flanked by four oval shaped garnets. 75 - 100
2481 14K PEARL RING. The pearl is surrounded by diamonds in a gold setting. 275 - 475
2482 14K DIAMOND BAND. The white gold band has ten round cut diamonds with a total weight of approximately 0.5 ct. 200 - 500
2483 PLATINUM & DIAMOND BAND. The band has alternating round and square cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 0.5 ct. 300 - 500
2484 ELGIN POCKET WATCH. The 14k gold watch is in an engraved hunting case and is marked "Keystone 4890700". 400 - 600
2486 VICTORIAN THREE PC. SET. The set includes a pin/pendant and matching pierced earrings. The pin/pendant has a black enamel decorative border and three seed pearls. 250 - 500
2487 MAN'S 10K ONYX RING. The ring is square cut black onyx with a round cut diamond in the center. 400 - 600
2488 ANTIQUE DIAMOND RING. The round cut diamond is set in an 18k white gold band. Total weight of the center diamond is approximately .60+ ct. 900 - 1,500
2489 JOSE HESS NECKLACE. The necklace has five diamonds suspended from an 18k white gold chain. Length: approximately 15.0". 400 - 600
2490 14K DIAMOND NECKLACE. The necklace has five diamonds suspended from a gold chain. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. Length: approximately 14.5". 600 - 800
2491 14K DIAMOND RING. The white gold ring has a center round cut diamond flanked on either side by four rows of diamonds. Total weight of the center stone is approximately 1.22 ct. Total weight of the side stones is approximately 1.50 ct. 2,500 - 3,500
2492 SAPPHIRE STICK PIN. The platinum stick pin has a cabachon sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Total sapphire weight is approximately 1.0 ct. 700 - 900
2493 RUBY & DIAMOND RING. The 14k gold ring has an oval cut ruby surrounded by round and baguette cut diamonds. 500 - 800
2494 14K JADE BRACELET. Bracelet has four curved light green jade panels. 200 - 500
2495 14K DIAMOND PENDANT. Total weight of the round cut diamond is approximately .75 ct. 400 - 600
2496 14K BLACK PEARL RING. The Tahitian pearl is surrounded by diamonds. The size is approximately 8+ mm. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. 550 - 700
2497 18K BLACK PEARL RING. Ring is flanked on either side by round cut diamonds. Pearl is 9+ mm. in size. 700 - 1,000
2498 14K PAVE BAND. Band has rubies, emeralds and sapphires on a white background in a pave floral pattern. 500 - 700
2499 14K DIAMOND RING. The 14k white gold ring has a round brilliant cut center stone surrounded by eighteen round cut diamonds. Total weight of the center stone is approximately .31 ct. Total weight of the surrounding stones is approximately .54 ct. Total weight of the ring is 2.3 d.wt. Comes with written appraisal. 600 - 1,900
2500 TURQUOISE DOVE NECKLACE & RING. The silver necklace is comprised of ten inlaid turquoise doves with one large center dove. Each dove has a turquoise stone mounted between its wings. Necklace is signed "Ahastee". Matching ring is a silver dove with inlaid turquoise wings. 300 - 500
2501 LOUIS B. HURT HIGHLAND CATTLE O/C. Late 19th/early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower left Louis B. Hurt. Louis Bosworth Hurt (British 1856-1929) was a painter whose specialty was cattle and Scottisg scenery. Born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Hurt studied with George Turner and later exhibited at the Royal Academy. Much of Hurt's scenery and "models" came from property and cattle he owned. This painting shows four long haired caramel colored cows grazing at a meadow pond among purple clover (?) and grass. Behind are mountains in mist. Owned by the current owner since the early 1950's. Size: 23 1/2" h., 39 1/2" w., framed 32" h., 48" w. Condition: some possible light repainting in the sky on the left side of the painting; otherwise no visible defects. 26,000 - 34,000
2502 WM E. POWELL DUCKS LANDING W/C. First half 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left in red. Powell (British 1878-1955) is a listed artist whose specialty was watermedia renderings of birds. This lot and lot 2503 both exhibit mallards in stages of flight, done with great attention to the color and texture of the birds' plumage and also complemented by an equal attention given to the swampy environment. A tag on the verso reads "Evening (Mallards Pitching) Wm E Powell." Size: 9 1/2" h., 13 3/4" w., framed 17" h., 21" w. Condition: some buckling to the paper; new mat. 750 - 1,000
2503 WM E. POWELL DUCKS IN FLIGHT W/C. First half of 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. See description for lot 2502. Two mallards are shown taking off in flight. Again, the same miniscule brushwork to render the birds is evident in this painting. On the verso is a tag that reads "Flooded Waters Wm E Powell." Size: 9 3/4" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 21" w. Condition: some buckling to the paper; new mat. 750 - 1,000
2504 ANDREY AVINOFF WATERCOLOR. First half of the 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. Andrey Avinoff (American, born Russia 1884-1949) was a nationally known curator, entomolgist, artist and book illustrator. His fame as a naturalist and illustrator of butterflies and flowers led him to acquaint himself with another butterfly collector, the famous Russian author Vladimir Nabokov. He also had exhibitions of his work during his lifetime (Carnegie Institute 1948) and posthumously (Univ. of Pittsburgh 1953 and Hunt Botanical Institute 1965). Avinoff's relationship with The Carnegie extended to being the Curator of Entomology from 1924-1926, and then the Director of The Carnegie 1926-1945. At Pitt he was the architect and designer of the Russian Nationality room. Posthumous honors include the publication of his flower paintings in "Wild Flowers of Western PA..." and "Andrey Avinoff's Portraits of Orchids." This watercolor shows a faun statue in a garden. Titled "Garden Morning." A note on the verso reads 1942. Ex collection Percival Hunt, Chair of the English Department, University of Pittsburgh. Size: 11 1/2" h., 8 1/2" w., framed 20" h., 16" w. Condition: slightly yellowed paper, yellowed mat. 2,000 - 2,500
2505 AUG. MOREAU ATTRIB. TO BABY & FROG. Late 19th / early 20th c. Brass or yellow bronze on black marble base. A naked baby, sitting on a lily pad, rears back in terror as a frog rests on his leg. Etched in the lily pad base is "Moreau" but the signature does not match known Auguste Moreau signatures, though the sculptures style and narrative quality is consistent. Patinaed light brown and green. Size: 17" h., 11" w., 16" deep. Condition: halo from a sticker is on the baby's belly; uneven patina. 600 - 800
2506 PAIR OF ZUCARELLI OILS. Early 18th c. Oil on canvas. Marked in pencil on the stretchers of one "Zucarelli" and 1691-1768. Scenes of tourists or idle people in ancient ruins. Size: 12" h., 9 1/2" w. each., framed 17" h., 12" w. Condition: relined a long time ago; craquellure; old inpainting throughout both, especially in the grass. 8,000 - 12,000
2507 JENNIFER BARTLETT IN THE GARDEN SUITE. 1983. Screenprint in colors, with overprinting. Signed in pencil. Bartlett (American born 1941, MFA Yale 1964) is a prolific painter and printmaker whose oeuvre is based on grid designed, repetitive images of figures, gardens and boats. As Bartlett believes, the grid shows the mutability and divisiblity of imagery and the possiblity of alternate interpretations. The grid also allows for alternate technical approaches to the image-making; in the case of "In the Garden," an image Bartlett devised and explored through several years before and after the date of this particular lot, the figure of the left half of the print is the statue of a urinating youth while the right side shows a garden pool and both are altered by various printings and changes to the screen. The source of her imagery was a villa Bartlett occupied in Nice, France. Size: each double image is printed on 22" x 30" inch printmaking paper; there are four double images framed 51" h., 65" w. Condition: yellowing to the left edge of the second permutation; the first permutation is on bright white paper, while the others are on off-white paper. 9,000 - 12,000
2508 HENRY KOERNER FOUR SEASONS. Dated 1965. Oil on canvas backed with masonite. Signed in the lower left of "Spring" Koer..1965. Henry Koerner (1915-1991) was an Austrian artist who emigrated to the United States after having worked as an artist and designer in the 1930's. He settled in Pittsburgh and taught at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. His work resides in the National Portrait Gallery, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery (Lincoln, NE), Brooklyn Museum of Art and other institutions. This image is comprised of four separate paintings, each representing a season. Spring is shown by a hilltop building and courtyard, behind which is an expansive river valley; Summer is shown by children playing in an inflatable pool; Autumn is shown by a man holding a brown python (the colors in this panel are oranges and browns); Winter is shown by a woman placing a corncob in a tree for birds. Size: (four panels together) 42" h., 79" w., framed 45" h., 82" w. Condition: no visible defects. 15,000 - 25,000
2509 MOTHERWELL OCTAVIO PAZ SUITE. Dated 1987. 27 pcs. in a linen covered box. Both black & white and colored chine colle lithographs on Arches paper. Each is initialed by Robert Motherwell (American, 1915-1991). These prints represent a collaboration between the eminent Abstract Expressionist and the Mexican poet Octavio Paz (1990 Nobel Prize winner). The poems that Paz wrote and Motherwell interpreted with gestural slashes and blobs are "San Ildefonso Nocturne," "Return," and "Skin Sound of the World." No written excerpts from the poems appear on the prints however. 25 of the prints are b.a.t.'s (bon a tirer--"good to pull" which means that the artist has marked these prints as fulfilling his intentions and therefore ready to print the edition. Therefore these b.a.t.'s represent the earliest prints of the series.). Two of the prints are trial proofs, marked "trial." Size: most are 22" x 30" though two are 26" x 32" and two are 28" x 19" on the Arches paper. Condition: the fifth one in the box (one of the trial proofs) has a loose chine colle corner. 14,000 - 17,000
2510 A. BRYAN WALL COWS & HOUSES O/C. Late 19th/early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Wall (Pittsburgh 1861-1935) was the son of painter Alfred Wall and nephew of painter William Wall; he exhibited his pastoral landscapes often populated by sheep; private commissions included a portrait of Mrs Henry Clay Frick. The esteem in which Wall was held is evident by his lomg association with the Exhibitions program at the Carnegie Institute. This particular AB Wall is noteworthy for it shows cows instead of sheep; the cows are seen alongside a road with farm buildings in the background. Tonal variations are subtle in Wall's oeuvre and this painting is a good example of this tendency; the brushwork is animated. Size: 20" h., 29 1/2" w., framed 25 1/2" h., 35" w. Condition: water damaged buckling to the canvas; small areas on both cows, all trees, and throughout the background have been touched up; the gilding of the frame is mostly worn off revealing the bole. 1,600 - 2,000
2511 MARCIN SAMLICKI PORTRAIT PTG. Dated 1933. Oil on board. Marcin Samlicki (Polish 1878-1945) was a painter, art critic, and educator in his native country during the early 20th century. He also was politically active in the town of Bochnia, which received a portion of his personal art collection. Samlicki's style in this portrait of an unknown young man shows a command of subtle tonal variations and paint layering reminiscent of fresco or of the idiosyncratic style of his fellow Pole Balthus. Size: 24' h., 19" w., framed 28' h., 23" w. Condition: apparent repainted areas in the face, on the arms, and near the lower left around the signature. 600 - 1,200
2512 HH LAUZON LANDSCAPE O/C. N/R. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right HH Lauzon. This painting, which resembles an en plein air painting, is of a large tree standing on a hill before a valley; in the distance is a house. The style is casual and sketchy. On the stretcher bars in pencil is read "To Billee May 14 1930 Shiny (?)." Size: 13 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 19" h., 23" w. Condition: buckled canvas from moisture; both hillsides appear to have repainted at a later time; needs cleaned. 120 - 180
2513 STAND OF TREES OIL ON BOARD. 20th c. Signed indistinctly (K. Winer ?) in the lower left. Tall trees are seen on top of a hill, among rolling hills; on the verso is a forest study in oils (visible through glass). Size: 10" h., 13" w., framed 13 3/4" h., 15 3/4" w. Condition: the entire sky has been repainted. 100 - 150
2514 HUMLED BARN PAINTING. N/R. 20th c. Oil on canvasboard. Signed "Humled" and "GL -32." A red corrugated metal roof barn is seen among weeds and grass. Size: 7 1/4" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 16" w. Condition: one slightly bubbled area within the barn's roof. 50 - 75
2515 NAIVE STYLE FARM SCENE. N/R. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. A dirt road leads to a farm house and barn. Size: 9 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 11 1/2" h., 19 3/4" w. Condition: dirty, chips of paint missing from the sky, inpainting in those spots. 80 - 100
2516 AXEL GUDMAND WINTER OIL PTG. N/R. Dated 1935. Oil on canvasboard. Signed in the paint Gudmand 35. Gudmand, a Brooklyn (listed) artist, exhibited this impasto painting of winter trees and a stream at the Society of Independant Artists 20th anniversary show at the Grand Central Palace on Lexington Avenue. A tag on the verso verifies this information. Size: 18 h., 24" w. unframed. Condition: worn canvasboard verso and edges, craquellure throughout, yellowed varnish. 150 - 200
2517 MATT LIVELY BLUE INTERIOR. Late 20th c. Oil on board. Signed lower left. Lively (BFA 1993) of Virginia creates cartoonish images of chairs, tables, interiors, patterned tablecloths and windows in mostly square compositions. He has exhibited widely in Atlanta, and various Southern states. Suburbia has been a strong influence on this active artist, whose paintings are represented by several American galleries. This painting is a mostly cobalt turquoise colored interior with a black and yellow checkered tablecloth taking center stage. Size: 19" h., 19" w., framed 25' h., 25" w. Condition: no visible defects. 1,000 - 1,600
2518 CHAUNCY RYDER ETCHING. Late 19th / early 20th c. Black etching on paper. Signed in pencil in the lower right. This etching shows a winter farmscene, with large bare trees. It is on a broad, woven printmaking paper. Ryder is represented in many American collections; his style of realism was fixed upon landscape, but he also produced figurative scenes. His education ranged from stints at the Art Institute of Chicago, Academie Julian, and Smith's Art Academy. Early artist's communities and locations now well-known were frequented by Ryder: Old Lyme, CT and the Maine coast. Size: 6 3/4" h., 8 1/2" w., framed 18" h., 15" w. Condition: yellowed, some foxing on all visible edges, no foxing is visible in the image area. 300 - 500
2519 L. PRICE OIL OF A MILL. Dated 1920. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated. Naive style mill & beech trees on a pond. Size: 17" h., 23" w., framed 21" h., 27" w. Condition: needs cleaned; small tear near the mill wheel. 150 - 250
2520 MARIE BERGAD HARBOR SCENE. N/R. First half of the 20th c. Oil on canvasboard. Signed lower left Bergad. A very bright and stylistically resembling a self taught artist, this painting has been indicated as the product of former Squirrel Hill resident Marie Bergad (later of Irwin, PA). Several boats loll about in a harbor; strong blues and greens assert themselves. Size: 18" h., 23" w., framed 22" h., 27" w. Condition: unvarnished; the edges and back of the canvasboard are showing aging and wear. 150 - 200
2521 LINCOLN & HIS FAMILY ENGRAVING. N/R. 19th c. Black line and stipple engraving. After a painting by S.B. Waugh; engraved by William Sartain; published by Bradley & Co., 66 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, PA. Size: 21 1/2" h., 27" w., framed 26" h., 31 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, foxing. 200 - 300
2522 CURRIER & IVES FIRE DEPT. CHARTER. N/R. Dated 1875. Lithograph with colors. This image is a certificate to indicate a member of a fire company. The certificate is completed to show that Mr Noble Jones is a member of the Columbia Company No. 1 of Allegheny City (now Pittsburgh's North Side), January 1875. It is in a solid, old oak frame. Pictures within the charter illustrate the motto Courage, Fidelity, & Protection: a fireman rescues a baby, hoses a fire, is tended for wounds, bugle calls for help, and works with other firefighters to extinguish an inferno. Size: 21 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 28" h., 23 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, foxing, two tears at the horizontal median and opposite side edges. 500 - 700
2523 CURRIER & IVES PRESIDENTIAL PRINTS. 1870's at the latest. Black lithograph on paper. Two prints: "The Death of Pres. Lincoln (small version)" and "The Washington Family (small, b & w version)." The Washington image is after a Savage painting now in the National Gallery of Art, Wash. DC. Size: Lincoln 13" h., 17" w., framed 17" h., 21" w.; Washington 11" h., 14 1/2"w., framed 13 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: yellowing to Washington, acid burns or foxing due to old acidic backing. 120 - 180
2524 CURRIER & IVES WASHINGTON'S TOMB. N/R. 1872-74. Black lithograph. "The Tomb of Washington, Mount Vernon, VA." People are shown visiting the tomb. Size: 13"h., 17" w., framed 16" h., 20" w. Condition: foxing, yellowing, in an old frame. 75 - 120
2525 DAVID DENNISTON ARNOLD "SEA CLOUD." 1st half of the 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed, undated. Arnold (American) painted this image of the sailing ship Sea Cloud cutting through white caps. Provenance: Hornes Department Store; private collector. Appraisal available. Size: 24" h., 35" w., framed 32" h., 43" w. Condition: some craquellure. 900 - 1,300
2526 A. EDMUND HANSON HAY OIL. N/R. 19th c. Oil on board. Signed lower right "A. Edmund Hanson." A village scene at dusk is shown with hay stacks forming the foreground. Size: 8 1/4" h., 11 1/4" w., framed 10 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w. Condition: one 1" scratch through the paint to the gesso in the lower right quadrant; dirty, needs cleaned. 150 - 300
2527 HUGH H. HOWARD WATERCOLOR. Late 19th / early 20th c. Howard (Ohio 1860-1927) is a listed artist who painted landscape and marine scenes. This watercolor & gouache painting is of trees on a steep hillside with wild flowers and a dawn sky. Size: 15 1/2" h., 19 1/2" w., framed 23" h., 27" w. Condition: the watercolor is glued to a backing board. 400 - 600
2528 V. TAJETTI PRINT, AFTER. N/R. After 1891. Photomechanical b & w print from an oil painting, touched with watercolor. Like many artists of the 19th c., Tajetti (1851-1901) created a scene of Victorians in togas, or more specific to this image, three dancing women in costume vaguely reminiscent of Greek dress. They strew flowers about in a circular colonnaded area. Size: 18" h., 29" w, framed 33" h., 42" w. Condition: water damage to the mat; the ornate frame is dirty. 200 - 300
2529 ADDISON THOMAS MILLAR MONOTYPE. N/R. 19th c. Brown paint transferred from a metal plate to Japanese paper. Signed A.T. Millar in pencil in the lower left. AT Millar (born Ohio 1860-died NY 1913) was a painter and printmaker of many genres, including landscape. He moved to Cleveland as a teen then on to NYC as a young man; he was a pupil of William Merritt Chase-the important American artist and educator who loomed large in the early history of American monotype printmaking. This early stage of monotype printmaking is evident in Millar's print (and in lot 2530)-- that being the preference for brown and application with a brush and rag. As such this monotype by Millar is historically significant for revealing the nascent American monotype tradition. (Not until the 20th c. would monotype printmakers begin to use colored paints to generate their imagery.) This particular image shows a lighthouse and sailboat, produced by one pass through a press. A light plate mark is visible in the upper right corner. See lot 2530 as well. Millar's work can be found in the Library of Congress, Detroit Institute of Arts, New York Public Library among others. Size: 3 3/8" h., 5" w., unframed. Condition: mounted on tan paper; stain on extreme right edge. 350 - 500
2530 ADDISON THOMAS MILLAR MONOTYPE. N/R. 19th c. Brown paint monotype from a metal plate on Japanese paper. Signed AT Millar in pencil lower left. See lot 2529 for biographical information on AT Millar. The monotype process is a unique state printmaking process by which a painted image, done on a non-absorbent surface, is transferred to paper by means of a press or by hand rubbing. Size: 3 1/2" h., 5 1/4" w., unframed. Condition: mounted on tan paper. 350 - 500
2531 HOME IN THE WILDERNESS CURRIER & IVES. Dated 1870. Black lithograph with watercolor. A winter scene of cabin life: woman with chickens, a man returning home from a deer hunt with his son, and a boy walking on a frozen pond. Size: 9 1/2"h., 13" w., framed 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: four tears at left, right , and bottom edges. 300 - 700
2532 VIEW ON LONG ISLAND C & IVES. N/R. Dated 1870. Black lithograph with color. A pastoral farm scene: cows coming up a path, geese in a pond; three buildings and streams and trees receding into a deep background. Size: 17 1/4" h., 23" w., framed 21" h., 27" w. Condition: yeloowed, brownish discoloration in the lower left corner and upper border. 1,200 - 1,400
2533 AMERICAN HOMESTEAD IN WINTER C & IVES. Dated 1868. Black lithograph with color. A two horse sleigh is seen, as is a man with firewood and a house and shed. Size: 11 1/2" h., 15 1/4" w., framed 14" h., 18" w. Condition: yellowed, acid burns upper half from wood backing. 600 - 700
2534 SURRENDER OF GEN. LEE C & IVES. Dated 1873. Black lithograph. Also comes with the Currier & Ives print "My Gentle Dove"(1838-1872). Size: 11" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 13" h., 16" w. Condition: dirt, yellowing, acid burns; My Gentle Dove has yellowing, torn edges and missing pieces. 100 - 200
2535 FREDERICK HART ACRYLIC "ELEGY." Dated 1990. Acrylic sculpture on metal base. Signed by intaglio in cursive "Hart" and "FE Hart;" numbered 23 / 350. Frederick Hart (American 1943-1999) is best known for his stone sculpture"Ex Nihilo" on a tympanum at the National Cathedral in Wash. DC. The coalescing human forms of that sculpture and the illustration of spiritual awakening are things that he carried into his cast clear acrylic sculptures, of which "Elegy" is an example. The process of encasing one clear acrylic sculpture within another clear polygonal form was a process Hart patented; the effect is a seamless welding of the human forms with their environment, or as Hart put it the represented subjects have a "sense of being and non-being." Size: (without base) 26" h., 7" w., 7" deep;(with base) 29 1/4" h. Condition: no visible detractions or damage. 10,000 - 15,000
2536 VITULLA SHEEP O/C. N/R. Late 19th c. /early 20th c. Signed Vitulla in lower right. Six sheep are seen near a whitewashed stone farm house. Size: 12" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 15 1/2" h., 21" w. Condition: puncture in upper right, long crack in paint film along the top stretcher edge, minor craquellure throughout; very dirty. 120 - 225
2537 JOHN RITHY OIL PAINTING OF WINDMILL. N/R. Dated 1902. Oil on board. Signed lower left, apparently John Rithy. This is a brushy rendering of a windmill and two men in a keelboat. Size: 15" h., 12" w., framed 21" h., 18" w. Condition: dirty, vertical dark stripes in the image area. 150 - 300
2538 WC BAKER LANDSCAPE. N/R. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed lower left. This is an evocative scene of low mountains done in pastel tints with strong directional brushstrokes and palette knife work. Size: (framed) 10 3/4" h., 13 1/4" w. Condition: chips of paint missing from lower right corner and left side; dirty. 50 - 120
2539 WC BAKER LANDSCAPE. N/R. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed lower right. A river valley at morning is seen. This is similar in tone & technique to lot 2538. Also this has an unfinished, eerie tree study on the board's verso. Size: (framed) 11 1/2" h., 14" w. Condition: dirty, scuffs to the right side; the framed has a large knick taken out of it. 50 - 120
2540 WM. CLERK ATTRIB. TO O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in faded pen on the verso "William Clerk." Clerk is a listed artist from New York who created landscapes--this is a marine landscape that shows a lighthouse, rugged rocks, and people. Size: 25" h., 32" w., framed 29" h., 27" w. Condition: much minor craquellure all over; dirty. 300 - 600
2541 M. GOODY NAIVE WESTERN O/C. N/R. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "M. Goody Twin Lakes, Lake Co., Colorado." A mountain scene is shown in bright colors. Size: 24" h., 29" w., framed 31" h., 37" w. Condition: fine craquellure throughout; yellowed varnish, spotty stains on the left side. 400 - 500
2542 NAIVE STYLE LANDSCAPE. N/R. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Probably the same artist as lot 2543. A waterfall, peasants on a road and a high bluff are seen in a composition reminiscent of European 19th c. landscape models, such as early 19th c. German school, i.e. meticulous detail with fanciful topography. Size: 14 1/2" h., 19" w., framed 21" h., 26" w. Condition: dirty, brown stains on the top, buckled canvas. 250 - 450
2543 HH HARRIS NAIVE LANDSCAPE O/C. N/R. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the middle bottom edge "HH Harris." This is a scene of a saint (Jerome?, Anthony?) in the wilderness with a goat nearby. Size: 14 1/2" h., 19" w., framed 21" h., 26" w. Condition: dirty, flaking paint in the upper areas of the image, craquellure and yellowed varnish throughout. 250 - 450
2544 "SPRING'S ENTRY" ENGRAVING. N/R. Dated 1897. Black line engraving. "Fruhlings Einzung" is after a painting by Elizabeth Sonref. Engraved by M. Honnemanns. Shows Flora being preceded by little boys with flowers in a serene procession. Size: 13 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 15 1/2" h., 19 1/2" w. Condition: crease through the middle; very yellowed. 75 - 100
2545 NUTTING "NEW ENGLAND ROAD." N/R. Dated 1909. Photograph with watercolor tinting. Signed in pen Wallace Nutting and titled lower left "New England Road in May." Size: 10" h., 13" w., framed 18 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: acid burnt stripes through the mat. 225 - 350
2546 NUTTING "FIVE O CLOCK." N/R. Early 20th c. Photograph with watercolor tinting and overpainting. Signed in pen Wallace Nutting and titled lower left. A cottage is seen with a blosoming bush in the foreground (substantially painted with watercolors). Size: 4 1/2" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 200
2547 DALI PARADISE CANTO 31 PRINT. 1970's. Color wood engraved print. From Dali's series after Dante's Divine Comedy, this is the Archangel Gabriel appearing in Canto 31 of Paradise. Signed in the block only. Size: 9" h., 7" w., 30" h., 26" w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 500
2548 DALI PARADISE CANTO 10 PRINT. 1970's. Color wood engraving. This image from Dante's Paradise shows the Angel of the Sun, blowing his trumpet. Signed in the block only. Size: 9" h., 7" w., framed 30" h., 26" w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 500
2549 VALLEY OF THE SUSQUEHANNA CURRIER/IVES. 1838-1872. Black lithograph. An expansive view of the wide Pennsylvania river is shown. Size: 19" h., 24" w., framed 23 1/2" h., 26 1/2" w. Condition: acid burns in stripes and in the shape of a wood knot; needs conservation. 400 - 700
2550 PICASSO DRYPOINT. 1949. Black ink on cream Japan imperial paper. Unsigned, comes with a certificate of authenticity and appraisal. From the "Carmen" suite with text by Prosper Merimee. A large face is seen with miniscule features. During this period in Picasso's work, he experimented with multiple intaglio printmaking techniques. Size: 12 3/4" h., 9 7/8" w, framed 24" h., 20" w. Condition: no defects. 600 - 900
2551 PICASSO ENGRAVING. 1949. Black ink on Montval wove paper. Unsigned. Picasso created the "Carmen" suite. On Montval, there were 289 pieces made. This is a stylized face done in harshly angular lines. Size: 12 3/4" h., 9 7/8" w. Condition: rolled, unframed. 600 - 900
2552 WALLACE NUTTING "THE NEST." 1914. Tinted photograph. Signed and titled in pen. A thatch roof cottage is seen with blossoming trees heightened with color. Size: 7 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 15 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 300
2553 SAMUEL L MARGOLIES ETCHING. 1950's. Etching in blue-black ink. Signed in pencil. Margolies (American) was a prolific printmaker whose imagery evident in this lot and lot 2554 shows the stylizations of American Social Realism and regionalism. Titled RFD #2, post boxes are seen in winter on a farm. Distributed by Associated American Artists, 711 5th Ave. NYC. Size: 9 3/4" h., 11 3/4" w., framed 16 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: paper is yellowed. 150 - 250
2554 SAMUEL L MARGOLIES ETCHING. 1950's. Etching in blue-black ink. Signed in pencil. See lot 2553 for biographical information. Titled "Homeward" this is also a winter scene: a sleigh riders are seen coming to a bridge. Size: 9 3/4" h., 11 3/4" w., framed 16 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: slightly yellowed. 150 - 250
2555 KARLIS MEDNIS PAINTING. 20th c. Acrylic (?), ink, marker on paper. Signed lower left. Mednis (Latvian b. 1910) painted an automatic landscape with burst os steely blue and wispy line work to represent trees. Sweeps of metallic gold punctuate the image. Size: 14 1/4" h., 21 1/2" w., framed 24" h., 30" w. Condition: no visible defects. 125 - 175
2556 GUNARS SALINS PAINTING. 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed and dated 1979. Salins (b. 1926) was a Latvian-Australian artist who participated in many Latvian art exhibitions in Victoria, Australia. This is a stylized saturated color view of a city with a bridge. Size: 14" h., 20" w., framed 23 1/2" h., 29 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 80 - 100
2557 MARGARITA STEPNIECE INK DRG. 20th c. Black ink on paper. Flowers in a vase. Stepniece was a Latvian-Australian artist (born 1910 - died ?) whose worked representationally. Size: 17" h., 14" w., framed 24 1/2" h., 21" w. Condition: no visible defects, the mat is slightly dirty. 100 - 150
2558 OJARS BISNIEKS PAINTING. N/R. 20th c. Paint (watermedia?) on paper. Bisnieks (Latvian-Australian b. 1924) studied in Latvia before emigrating to Australia where his education continued and his exhibitions mounted throughout 1955-1977. Over twenty solo exhibitions are to his credit. His style is modern, both representational and abstract. This lot is an abstract still life in crimson with much scraping and calligraphic flourished doen with the butt end of the brush handle for a spontaneous effect. Size: 13 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 21" h., 25" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 300
2559 COPY AFTER REMBRANDT. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. This is a copy after an early Rembrandt, from when the artist was full of himself and presented himself in the guise of a wealthy cavalier. Copied in a period that enjoyed renewed interest in this period of Rembrandt's oeuvre-- late 19th and early 20th c. Size: 24 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w., framed 35" h., 29" w. Condition: patched repair. 1,200 - 1,600
2560 "WITCH" AND OWL IMAGE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Painted in a style reminiscent of the strange, compressed compositions of fairy painter Richard Dadd. This work, by an unknown artist, shows an eerie and oppressive staring woman with a small owl nearby in a swamp. Size: 36" h., 26 1/2" w., framed 38" h., 29" w. Condition: the upper sky has been substantially repainted, old craquellure, paint flaking on the right side among leaves. 750 - 1,000
2561 DALI ENGRAVING OF CHINATOWN. N/R. Late 20th century. Engraving in brown ink over color lithograph. Signed in the lower right "Dali" and 10/150. From Dali's series of San Francisco, this image shows a fantastic rendering of what Chinatown is to Dali: festive garlands of color dancing around an ebulliently rendered Chinese pagoda. Size: (plate) 20 1/2" h., 14 1/4" w., framed 32 1/2" h., 25" w. Condition: no visible defects. 3,000 - 5,000
2562 JOSEPH GREENBERG CITYSCAPE. N/R. 1963. Oil on canvas. A harbor and boats are seen with a city's ghetto-like high rises looming behind. Size: 42" h., 48" w., framed 48" h., 55" w. Condition: 4" tear in the work; craquellure. 300 - 500
2563 LORET CITY SCENE. N/R. 20th c. Gouache (?) on masonite. Signed. Vigorously painted high rises in rosy colors. Size: 35 1/2" h., 23 1/2" w., framed 43 1/2" h., 31" w. Condition: no defects. 125 - 300
2564 WH GARDNER EXOTIC LANDSCAPE. Dated '85 (1885). Oil on canvas. Signed. Two women approach a murky pond. Middle eastern mud brick buildings loom behind them. Size: 26" h., 19" w., framed 34" h., 26" w. Condition: craquellure veins throughout, revarnished. 1,000 - 1,500
2565 WOMAN WITH ROSES W/C. c. 1900. Watercolor on paper. No visible signature. A sultry dark haired woman in a green dress is shown by a swath of huge red roses. In a large green wood frame. Size: 28" h., 19" w., framed 38" h., 28" w. Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 800
2566 WOODEN HORSE HEAD N/R. Sectional pieces of wood glued together and carved. The mouth is open and the nostrils are flared. Size: 20" h., 29" w. Condition: there is abrasion on the ears, mouth and nostrils, probably from rodents chewing on it; cracking along the sections also occurs. 200 - 500
2567 SERGIO BUSTAMANTE HEAD. Late 20th c. Papier mache and paint. Signed and numbered edition 27 / 200. Bustamante (Mexican) is known for his bright and sculpturally involved papier mache creations, always with a happy feel to them. This particular lot is an egg shaped head with a smiling, sculptured face; the shape is unusual for the effect it give of uneasy balance. Size: 14" h., 12" w., 10" deep. Condition: no defects. 500 - 600
2568 MUNOZ ACOSTA PLATE. 20th c. Ceramic plate with acrylic. Modernist style face on an old plate by a Mexican artist. Size: 12" circumference. Condition: like new. 150 - 200
2569 CLASSIC FEMALE STATUETTE. 19th c. Cast metal (brass?) on a brass base. A woman with a foot on a helmet, holding a pebble, looks down. Her nudity, face, and hair hearken to Classic Greek precursors. Size: 10 1/4" h., 4" w., 4" deep. Condition: dirty, abrasions to dark brown patina and wear. 100 - 150
2570 PIERRE-JULES MENE BRONZE DOG. 19th c. Bronze on a black stone base. Signed in the bronze, but no foundry mark. A trotting dog stops to look behind him. Pierre-Jules Mene (1810-1879) was a French animal sculptor. Size without base: 4 1/2" h., 8" w., 3 1/2" deep. Condition: the bronze is apparently adhered to its stone base. 500 - 600
2571 FIGHTING EAGLES SCULPTURE. 19th / early 20th c. Cast metal with gold paint on stone bases. Two eagles are in combat. Size with base: 11" h., 6" w., 8" deep. Condition: paint is rubbed away in spots; where once were stone or another type of metal beaks, there are none. 100 - 150
2572 JEANNE D'ARC SCULPTURE. 19th c. Marble head, onyx (?) shoulders and chest. On a marble base with an engraved title. Unsigned, unmarked. The heroic French woman looks upward. Size: 14 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., 7 1/2" deep. Condition: marble is yellowed around the face and head. 500 - 900
2573 BACHELORS HALL FOX HUNT PRINT #1. Early 20th c. Black litho with color. Plate 1 represents the hunt embarking from a clubhouse. This is the first in a series of six semi-cartoonish renderings of a narrative of a fox hunt; each print is accompanied by a short rhyme. Size: 12" h., 14 1/2" w., 17 1/2" h., 20" w. Condition: slightly darkened paper (unlike all others, this has a tear in the upper edge). 100 - 200
2574 BACHELORS HALL FOX HUNT PRINT #2. This represents a steeple jump and the hunt is on. Same dimensions and condition as lot 2573. 100 - 200
2575 BACHELORS HALL FOX HUNT PRINT #3. This shows hounds fording stream. Same dimensions and condition as lot 2573. 100 - 200
2576 BACHELORS HALL FOX HUNT PRINT #4. Running down the quarry. Same dimensions and condition as lot 2573. 100 - 200
2577 BACHELORS HALL FOX HUNT PRINT #5. The fox is caught. Same dimensions and condition as lot 2573. 100 - 200
2578 BACHELORS HALL FOX HUNT PRINT #6. An after the hunt meal is shown. Same dimensions and condition as lot 2573. 100 - 200
2579 JOCKEY ON HORSE, AJ MANNING. N/R. Photomechanical print after Manning's painting. Signed in pencil. 150 - 200
2580 MICHEL TSOURIS HEART PAINTING. 1993. Oil on board. Tsouris, a Pittsburgh native, created this surreal image of a huge heart with running legs. Size framed: 12 1/2" square. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2581 MARBLE VENUS STATUE. 19th century. Marble. A three quarter life size Venus is shown in a demure pose covering her private areas; she leans against a treetrunk and a porpoise. Unsigned. Size: 59" h., 20" w., 17" d. Condition: the hands have been painted from the wrist down, what is underneath is impossible to ascertain, two fingers need to be reattached, three fingers are missing. 6,000 - 9,000
2582 DON STONE LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed lower right. Stone (American b. 1929, listed) has presented autumn trees by a pond are seen in a plein air style and tones that hearken to George Inness. Size: 11" h, 15" w., framed 18" h., 21" w. Condition: some craquellure. 350 - 500
2583 NINON SMITH DOLL PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed lower right. Smith was an illustrator for children's books who was born in Australia, but came to the USA and lived in Los Angeles. An image of a doll with accompanying items which complement the softness and tenderness of the doll. Rosy tones add to the sentiment. Size: 17 1/2" h., 23" w., framed 25" h., 32" w. ConditionL no visible defects. 150 - 300
2584 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2585 WH SUMNER FLORAL STILL LIFE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed. Sumner (William H., a listed artist of Boston) painted the effulgence of flowers in a deliberate and detailed style, an approach to technique that resembles the early American tradition begun by the Peales and continued until Impressionistic technque became popular. Many daisies abound among other flowers. Size: 17" h., 22" w., framed 20" h., 26" w. Condition: some paint flaking in the upper middle and right corner; a little buckling. 500 - 700
2586 WM P. WELSH HARBOR SCENE. 20th c. Signed lower right. William P. Welsh, of Kentucky, was an illustrator and muralist. This painting is in a style, almost naive in its straight-forwardness, that recalls the broadness of color harmonies required of large murals: tied together with a rusty red, boats and a harbor building are complemented by dashes of blues and greens for the water. Size: 12" h., 15" w., framed 14" h., 17" w. Condition: slightly dirty. 200 - 400
2587 GW CHAMBERS BOATS SCENE. 19th c. Oil on board. Signed lower left. Chambers (Tennessee 1857-97) is a listed artist whose exhibitions included the prestigious PAFA annual in Philadelphia several years; he studied with the eminent academician Gerome in Paris. This lot shows boats at the shore of a river under a gray sky. Size: 8" h., 11" w., framed 11" h., 14" w. Condition: professionally restored (repainting in the clouds at the top edge and some repainting at the bottom edge). 500 - 750
2588 LUPLAU JANSSEN COWS. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Cows are shown coming home. Janssen (Danish 19th-20thc) is a listed artist of landscapes and figures. The style of this lot is broad, almost plein air in its breezy manner. Size: 10 1/2" h., 15" w., framed 14" h., 19" w. Condition: could be cleaned; abrasions at top edge (loss of paint) and an abraded stripe from the top through to the middle of the image. 250 - 400
2589 T. HABERMEHL OIL. Dated 1921. Oil on board. Signed and dated 20/3/21. A woman looks wistfully at the breaking surf while she sits on rocks. Size: 9 1/2" h., 14" w., framed 14" h., 18" w. Condition: craquellure, yellowed varnush, frame has many chips to it. 175 - 300
2590 ALVAN FISHER DRAWING. Dated 1842. Pencil and white chalk on paper. Signed (not monogrammed) lower right. Fisher (1792-1863), a listed artist, painted rural scenes around the eastern United States such as in Vermont and South Carolina. Peasants and Germanic-type buildings hug an alpine mountain road. Size: 16" h., 11" w., framed 21" h., 17" w. Condition: slightly darkened paper 250 - 350
2591 AUTUMNAL POND SCENE. 20th c. Oil on hardboard. Signed illegibly lower right (sig. is faded). A very clear rendering of trees and level ground by a still pond that reflects their images. Crisp, still solitude is captured by this work. Size: 14" h., 20" w., framed 18" h., 24" w. Condition: light repainting at the edges and a little repainting at the water's edge. 300 - 450
2592 A. KAZARIAN LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed. Arthur Kazarian, a listed artist, painted this image of a denuded forest. Brushily painted with a full palette. Size: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: unframed, dirty, some craquelure, some abrasions. 200 - 350
2593 A. MICHETTI, ATTRIB. TO. Late 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed. Large sheep graze while peasants are nearby in a sundappled forest. Size: 11 1/2" h., 20" w., framed 18" h., 26" w. Condition: buckled, loose on its stretchers; the signature is a later addition. 180 - 225
2594 J. VALENTINE COWS. Dated 1908. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. A John Valentine (listed) may be the author of this evocative painting. Cows move down a ravine path by early light. The colors are autumnal and the brushwork is precise. Size: 11" h., 18" w., framed 15" h., 21" w. Condition: spiderweb / veining carquellure throughout that has been inpainted and revarnished. 250 - 450
2595 LUCIEN BOULIER PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed "Boulier" though the "l" in the artist's signature resembles a "p." Boulier (French 1882-1963) paints hazy webs of color that describe cute subject matter; in this case lot 2595 shows a girl picking up a cat. Greens harmonize everything. Size: 8 1/2" h., 10 1/2" w., framed 21" h., 23" w. Condition: yellowed varnish. 400 - 500
2596 MILDRED WILKIN SEPIA TREES. 20th c. Sepia wash on paper. Wilkin, born in Kansas and based in California, was an artist and educator. This is an image of trees done in a sprightly manner, with verve to the wash work and structure given to the trees by virtue of a nervous tracing line. Size: 11" h., 8" w., framed 18" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 85 - 120
2597 BABY PORTRAIT. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "Sansoni (?)." A baby is shown in a pink dress. Size: 15" h., 11" w., framed 18" h., 14" w. Condition: on new stretchers, once was rolled and now horizontal creases and ceraquellure. 75 - 125
2598 GIB CROCKETT LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed. Gib Crockett, of Wash. DC, was a cartoonist and political cartoonist who painted for himself. His work resides in the Library of Congress and is administered by his widow. This lot and the following one represent Crockett's interpretation of farmland: here rolling hills are seen with farm buildings dotting the shallow valleys. Size: 18" h., 29" w. Condition: buckled, unframed. 150 - 200
2599 GIB CROCKETT WATERCOLOR. 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board. Unsigned. A red pickup truck is seen by a shed. See lot 2598 for biographical information. Size: 22" h., 30" w. Condition: edges are dogeared, worn, the illustration board needs conservation. 150 - 200
2600 WJ MARTEN'S CUPID'S KISS. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. William Johannes Martens painted this scene of Cupid or a cherub kissing a nude woman amidst clouds. Size: 21" h., 30" w., framed 27" h., 35" w. Condition: two spots of repainting, both dots, one on the woman's neck, the other is in the sky; older inpainting among the clouds. 2,000 - 4,000
2601 19TH C. HUNTING SCENE SCREEN. N/R. three panel floor screen inlaid with ivory and jade, hunting figures in a landscape. Size: 37"H, 40"W, 1"D. Condition: wear to ebony, all else good. 1,000 - 2,000
2602 BALLARD 2 GALLON JUG. 2 gallon jug with cobalt blue floral decoration, marked incised: ....Ballard , Burlington Vt. Size: 14"H. Condition: three minor chips in bottom rim. 300 - 500
2603 JEAN-BAPTISTE GREUZE GIRL O/C. Late 18th century /first decade of 19th century. Oil on canvas. Greuze (1725-1805) was a famous French genre scene painter who represented a transitional phase in academic painting, from the ebullient Rococo to, eventually, Neo-Classicism. His paintings were didactic pictures of country peasant life and mores, imagined with the compositional force of classical subjects. After a stunning rebuke for his ancient history paintings, Greuze lost favor and produced sentimental pseudo-portraits of young girls, retreating from the compositional vigor of his didactic genre scenes. Lot 2501 represents this last phase of his oeuvre: a young seated woman is shown with a bare breast and an open letter. The painting entered the USA in the late 19th century, was owned by Arthur Secor, Ohio donor to the Toledo Museum of Art; due to its subject matter, the Toledo Museum of Art felt scandalized and showed it. Entitled "Les Billet Doux," the Greuze oil now comes from a private party. On the verso is a red wax stamp, and a handwritten note that reads "Girl in chemise Greuze, bought July 28 1865 I paid for (illegible word) day by cheque on Drummond (?)." Size (oval image area): 27 3/4" h., 22" w., framed 37" h., 33" w. Condition: painted on fine linen and cut down and relined on slightly larger weave linen long ago; inpainting exists along the girls arms and breast along craquellure lines--these areas were inpainted at the time of its relining and revarnishing, while newer inpainted areas exist on the red wax seals of her letter; the parts hidden by the oval inner frame have lost some of their varnish, sticking to the inside of the frame. 25,000 - 30,000
2604 HOWARD, HENRY, RA. 1820. Oil on canvas. English, 1769-1847. Portrait of Mrs. Taylor, (attributed). Oil on canvas. Painted about 1820 based on the style of dress. The lady was presumed to be the mistress to George IV. Gilt frame with heavy plaster mouldings, some damage and loss. Work: 30"h., 25"w., framed 37"h., 32"w. Condition: it has been professionally restored and conserved. Estimate: $4000-$6000. 3,500 - 6,000
2605 ADOLPH MENZEL PENCIL DRAWING. Mid 19th century. Graphite on tan paper. Signed "A. Menzel" in the lower right. Adolph von Menzel (1815-1905) was a German realist whose career spanned German naturalism, French Impressionism, and early modernism, but his own work remained staunchly journalistic and incisive. Menzel, though not as well known as his French or English contemporaries, is considered one of the finest draftsmen of all time; his specialty besides oil paintings was his copious body of work with graphite. Early in his career he worked with a cylindrical pencil in tandem with a flat carpenter's pencil, of which this drawing is an example. Later work was exclusively in carpenter's pencil with extensive stumping and a sense of the horror vacui. Menzel's most famous works include paintings of the life of Frederick the Great and "The Iron Rolling Mill." Size: 6 1/2" h., 5" w., framed 14" h., 11 1/2" w. Condition: it is taped down to deteriorating mat board and would be very difficult to remove; once it was glued to a backing paper and the remnants of this backing paper can be seen on the verso; two seeming pencil inscriptions above and below the signature appear to have been expunged. 7,000 - 9,000
2606 WELLER SICARD PORCELAIN VASE. N/R. Decorated with peacock feathers. Size: 9" h, 3" dia. Condition: 1/2" x 1/2" base chip and glaze burn. 800 - 1,200
2607 BRONZE STATUE OF PEOPLE AND BULL. 19th century. Bronze in several units screwed into a slotted base. Possibly depicts the Rape of Europa; two men struggle with a bull that threatens to crush a semi-nude woman. Another girl looks on. Size: 10 3/4" h., 8 1/2" w., 8 1/2" d. Condition: several units are loose. Estimate: $2000-3000. 2,000 - 3,000
2608 GERMAN COVERED DISH. Early 18th century. Purple tin glazed earthenware. A pear finial and purple floral decoration adorn this covered dish. Size: 4"h., 6 1/4"w., 4 3/4"d. Condition: minor chips to lip of dish and cover. 300 - 500
2609 SEVRES PORCELAIN DISH. Square shape with pierced and scrolled rim. Hand painted figural and scenic cartouche. Underglaze mark. Condition: two chips on rim. Size: 1" h, 6" w, 6" d. 400 - 600
2610 17TH C. JAPANESE DISH. Ceramic. 17th C. Japanese food dish done in the Chinese style with signed box. Size: 1 7/8"H, 8"W, 8"D. Condition: good. 4,000 - 6,000
2611 WILLIAM MCVEY LION BRONZE. 20th c. Green bronze on a stone base. Incised signature. A stylized seated lion. William McVey (1905-1995), husband of Leza McVey, taught in Cleveland, Detroit's Cranbrook Academy, Houston, and Austin. His public commissions include statuary at Rice University and in Washington DC. Size: 12" h., 3 1/2" w., 5" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 1,000 - 2,000
2612 LEZA MCVEY LARGE RED CAT. 20th c. Earthenware. Incised signature on the underside. Long cat. Same style as lot 2275. See lot 2274 for more information on this artist. Size: 8 1/2" h., 3" w., 13 1/2" long. Condition: the tail is broken off and in two pieces. 1,000 - 2,000
2613 LEZA MCVEY BLUE CERAMIC CAT. 20th c. Earthenware with blue glaze. This is a whimsically designed cat. McVey studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, taught at Cranbrook Academy from 1947-1955; she disliked symmetry in her work. The features are incised. Size: approx. 16" h., 11" w., 3" deep. Condition: both front legs and the tail have been reglued. 1,000 - 2,000
2614 STONEWARE UMBRELLA STAND. N/R. Painted overall with flowers in the Imari palette of iron red and cobalt blue. no marks. Size: 24"H, 8.75"Diam. Condition: no chips or cracks. 175 - 350
2615 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2616 2 JAPANESE BIZEN BOTTLES. Ceramic. 19th c. Brown glazed bottle with calligraphy decoration. Size: both 10"H. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2617 FIGURAL CLOCK AND URNS. Marble bases with cast metal figure and urns. Has pendulum. Size of clock: 15.5" H, 19" W, 6.75" W. Urns are 16" tall. Condition: wear to gilding. 1,000 - 1,600
2618 3 FOOTED ARCHAIC VESSEL. Pre 16thc. Chinese porcelain with banded decoration, some losses. Green overglaze. Size: 10"H, 7"Diam. Condition: some chips and losses, paint flaking. 2,000 - 4,000
2619 2 LURISTAN POTTERY VESSELS. Luristan pottery 300 AD. smaller vessel with handle 3"H, 3"Diam., larger pot 4"H, 4'D. both with line decoration. Condition: one repaired. 200 - 400
2620 ZUI DYNASTY FOOTED BOWL. N/R. green glaze with stylized archaic bosses, 10.5"H, 11"Diam. Condition: losses including chip to the base, glaze chipping,numerous glaze chips. 3,000 - 5,000
2621 MARBLE ANGEL KISSING FAIRY. 19th c. Marble with narble inserted wings. Unsigned, unmarked. A male angel kisses a female fairy who has butterfly wings. Two dove kiss below them. Size: 39" h., 12" w., 12" deep. Condition: the sculpture is comprised of three columnar pieces and three inserted wings; one angel wing has been broken in two spots at the tip, repaired and painted; the other wing conceals an unknown repair; at the base above the top dove is a cemented joint (that may or may not be intentional). 1,500 - 2,000
2622 MARBLE PEDESTAL. 19th c. Six marble pieces. Rolled acanthus leaf with fluted column on octagonal base. The marble is creamy with gray inclusions. Size: 33" h., 14" w., 14" deep. Condition: top piece is broken in mulitple spots. 500 - 750
2623 18TH C IMARI LAMP 18th Century Japanese Imari porcelain lamp. Ginger jar shape. Condition: drilled at top and bottom. 600 - 800
2624 DAUM PATE DE VERRE BOWL. Pate de verre (molded glass) footed bowl, clear purple glass bowl resting on a molded glass base, green shading to purple, base of grape leaves and grapes, stem of two heads, grapes and leaves. Marked Daum France on bottom. End of 20th C. Size: 8"H, 12 " diam. bowl. Condition: good. 1,500 - 3,000
2625 LLADRO "THE HELMSMAN." Painted porcelain. A shirtless fellow mans a quite decorative ship's wheel. He is dressed in purple pants, stands on an oval base decorated as planks; all of which rests on an oval wooden base. Comes with a signed plaque. Size: 20 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., 6 1/2" deep. Condition: a slight discoloration on the man's left shoulder. 2,500 - 3,500
2626 DAUM PATE DE VERRE LEAF DISH. Pate de verre (molded glass) leaf plate with snails and flowers, molded multi colored glass, green, brown, yellow, purple, with 3 dimensional leaves, snails, and flower petals, some rough finish, some polished, in an Art Nouveau organic style. Marked: Daum France, Size: 4"H, 14"W, 14"D. condition: good. 1,500 - 3,000
2627 PAIR IMARI TEA BOWLS. Pair of Japanese Imari teabowls and low saucers with Ming marks. Sie: 2 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Conditoin: good. with stands. 250 - 350
2628 FAMILLE ROSE TEAPOT. N/R. Bird and flower decoration of teapot with lid. Size: 4"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: wear to gilding. 150 - 250
2629 4 DAUM FOUR SEASONS PLATES. Four molded and polished glass plates, backs are rough to create texture seen through polished front, centers are rough with polished highlights. Each plate lists sculptor and maker plus date. (1) Printemps (Spring) green, Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1970, (2) Ete (Summer)brown Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1970, (3) Automne (Fall) purple, Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1969, (4) Hiver (Winter) blue, Corbin sc. Daum ed. 1970. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good. 1,250 - 2,500
2630 CHINESE TEXTILE BANNER. N/R. Red silk banner with embroidered figures above and decorative embroidery on sides and bottom. Center section has thread of gold letters and numbers stating: OBERLIN SHANSI 1910. silk lined with burlap, Size: 12' x 8' vertical format. Condition: silk backgrond is seriously damaged and shredding. upper section in better condition. major damage in the bottom half. Sold as is. 300 - 500
2631 ROBT. FOLEY "BRITTANY" O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Robert Foley (British Royal Academician) painted this scene of a Breton canal town dominated by a Gothic cathedral in the background. A dirt landing has several boats on it, many people bustle about, and the general brown-ness gives the impression of an exotic & primitive area with a medieval character kept intact. Foley's style is reminiscent of some aspects of Constable and Gainborough's landscape techniques: close tonal values and liquidy brushwork. Size: 19" h., 29" w., framed 34" h., 41" w. Condition: both old & new repainting in the sky, along buildings and an entire boat. 1,500 - 2,500
2632 KINDEL MAHOGANY TALL CHEST. N/R. Georgian style. Having pierced brasses and raised on bracket feet. Condition: some brasses are off, but they are there. 100 - 200
2633 KINDEL DOUBLE DRESSER WITH MIRROR. N/R. Mahogany. Georgian style. Having pierced brasses, raised on bracket feet. Condition: brasses are off but they are there. 200 - 400
2634 F. VON STOOPENDAAL OIL. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "F.von Stoopendaal." An attractive woman is shown in a loose chemise, falling off her shoulder. Framed in an ornate, double layered gilt framed of reticulated garland with acanthus design. Size: 19" h., 15" w., framed 34" h., 30" w. Condition: a small scratch at the middle left edge; abrasions to the edges and minor craquellure. 4,000 - 6,000
2635 WEISZ OIL PAINTING OF A WOMAN. 19th century. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower left "A. Weisz." Adolphe Weisz (naturalized French 1868-?) was a portraitist and genre painter born in Budapest. A student of Charles Jalabert, Weisz won numerous awards throughout his career. His style is academic. This painting shows a woman painting en plein air atop a seascape plateau. A large dog rests near her. A modern tag on the verso indicates the title as "L'artiste au bord de la mer." Size: 34" h., 39" w., framed 44 1/2" h., 49" w. Condition: one large repainted stripe at the left of the woman beginning from the sea and extending through the grass; several old vertical inpainted areas in the sea along old craquellure lines and several inpainted areas in the sky of less than 2" square and some minor craquellure. 15,000 - 25,000
2636 JOHN I. WILLIAMS PORTRAIT. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "John Insco Williams." John Insco Williams (American, 1813-1873) was an Ohio portrait and scene painter. He studied in Philadelphia with Thomas Sully, was active in Cincinnati, and became a panorama painter who enjoyed much fame for his large, traveling artworks. This portrait carries an attribution of Laurel Williams, John I. Williams' daughter, who herself later became a painter. Laurel is shown in an ideal landscape, resting on a hat. Framed in an ornate 19th c. gilt frame with rose vignettes. Size: (oval opening) 35" h., 28" w., framed 46" h., 39" w. Condition: relined; on new stretchers; many small inpainted areas on the girl's body with the neck being almost entirely repainted. 15,000 - 25,000
2637 PIETRA DURA INLAID BLACK SLAB. Hexagonal black slab inlaid with overall floral design. Size: 23.5" H, 23.5" W, 3/4" D. Condition: like new. 300 - 500
2638 PIETRA DURA INLAID SLAB. Black rectangular slab inlaid with flowers in a vase. Size: 35" H, 24" W, 1" D. Condition: like new. 300 - 500
2639 FOUR SPY VANITY FAIR JUDGES. 1869-1880s. Color lithographs. Included are Ernest Baggallay, Sir Janes Hannan, no. 239 Hon. Robert Lush, and no. 334 Sir Alexander Cockburn. Cartoons of the Victorian and Edwardian era that lampooned prominent English public figures, these are portraits, with biographical data about each man of each print's frame. Size: all four framed are approx. 15" h., 11" w. each. Condition: slight yellowing to the paper. 150 - 250
2640 M. KAUER "CHIMSEA LAKE" OIL. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. Kauer painted a scene of this lake south of Munich, in the center of which is shown an island and its village. Size: 11" h., 13 1/2" w., framed 16 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: several small chips of paint missing from the sky. 750 - 1,000
2641 WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL. Columnar design. It has a basket weave base, Byzantine decoration on the shaft, and a scrolling leaf capital. Size: 30"h., 10 1/2"w., 10 1/2"d. Condition: few scratches on top, otherwise like new. 300 - 500
2642 WHITE MARBLE PEDESTAL. Columnar design. It has a basket weave base, Byzantine decoration on the shaft, and a scrolling leaf capital. Size: 30"h., 10 1/2"w., 10 1/2"d. Condition: few scratches on the top, otherwise like new. 250 - 350
2643 INLAID OVAL WHITE MARBLE SLAB. Inlaid with green design of flowers and leafage. Condition: like new. 350 - 500
2644 THREE ORIENTAL WOODEN PANELS. 19th c. Wood, gilding, red paint, bole. Two are a pair, showing birds in trees. The third panel is more abstract with interlocking geometric patterns that coincide with objects and a lion. The lion bears a huge flower vase on its back. Size: each is 43" h., 16" w. Condition: 20th c. nailed on black wooden frames; cracks in all of them; the bird pair has very worn gilding; the third appears to have been painted red and then liberally and casually gilded (its gilding is much brighter than the bird pair). 750 - 1,500
2645 VICTORIAN IRON CRIB. N/R. Iron. Victorian metal crib, headboard and baseboard decorated with raised Putti carrying a crescent moon in a blanket (symbolizing sleep), each side panel has two segments, each with floral decoration, all joins have leaf caps,with a wired base on casters. Provenance: Gadbery estate, Sewickley, PA. Size: 45"H, 30"W, 49"D. Condition: paint chipped, missing its original pins to hold it together. 50 - 100
2646 ORIENTAL DUCK WALL PANEL. N/R. Painted paper mounted on composite board, attached to cradled pine backing. Size: 76" h., 23" w., 1" deep. Condition: the paper has been cut into several pieces, adhered, and has wrinkles. 30 - 60
2647 HEPPLEWHITE STYLE DINING TABLE & CHAIRS. N/R. c1930. See lot 439 for matching china cupboard. Mahogany round table with four boards raised on square tapering legs with spade feet. Six chairs (one armchair) with reticulated urn shaped splats. Size: (table) 30" h., 54" diam., (four boards are 10" each). Condition: minor scratching through normal use. 150 - 300
2648 OAK ARTS & CRAFTS LIBRARY TABLE. Having a lower shelf with mortise and pin construction. Size: 28" h., 48" w., 28" deep. Condition: two board top has slightly separated; could be refinished. 100 - 200
2649 VICT FIGURAL GIRANDOLE. Five brass branches with prisms above a figure of a maiden. The whole on a white marbel base. Size: 21 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w., 10" deep. Condition: lists to the right. 200 - 300
2650 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2651 ORIGINAL 1939 WORLD'S FAIR POSTER N/R. Original 1939 World's Fair poster by Joseph Binder (1898-1972). Printed by the Grinnell Litho Co. in New York. This rare example includes the "Via New York Central System" overprint at the bottom. Size: 30 1/16" h, 20" w. Condition: very good; extremely minor wear to the edges. 2,500 - 3,500
2652 ORIGINAL 1939 WORLD'S FAIR POSTER N/R. Original World"s Fair poster by Albert Staehle(1899-1974). Printed by the Grinnell Litho Co. in New York. This rare example includes the "Via New York Central System" overprint at the bottom. Size: 30 1/16" h, 20" w. Condition: good; extremely minor wear to the edges. 1,500 - 3,000
2653 ORIGINAL 1939 WORLD'S FAIR POSTER N/R. Original 1939 World"s Fair poster by John Carlton Atherton(1900-1952). Printed by the Grinnell Litho Co. in New York. This rare example includes the "Via New York Central System" overprint at the bottom. Size: 30 1/16" h, 20" w. Condition: very good; extremely minor wear to the edges. 1,500 - 2,500
2654 ORIGINAL 1939 WORLD'S FAIR POSTER N/R. Original 1939 World's Fair poster by John Carlton Atherton(1900-1952). Printed by the Grinnell Litho Co. in New York. This rare example includes the "Via New York Central System" overprint at the bottom. Size: 30 1/16" h, 20" w. condition: very good; extremely minor wear to the edges; 3" long mark in the white orb area. 1,500 - 2,500
2700 1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO N/R. 1967 Camaro. Black with red interior. Bucket seats. 27,937 miles (as received from consignor). We were told the car has not been run or started in over 15 years. It has been sitting in a barn on a dirt floor and we do not know if it will start. It is being sold as is. It has a six cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission. Condition: much rust and dents; sold as is. 1,500 - 2,500

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