Catalog For November 14-16 Auction

1 14K AMETHYST RING N/R. Ring has an oval cut amethyst mounted in a gold leaves setting with two smaller round cut amethysts on either side. Condition: one stone is missing. 60 - 100
2 14K VICTORIAN PIN N/R. The pin has a gold arrow as its centerpiece with a turquoise stone center flanked by two pearls. Dimensions: 1" l., 7/8" w. 75 - 125
3 RICKSHAW SCENE BROOCH N/R. Brooch consists of a black resin disc with a scene of a rickshaw driver as its centerpiece. It is flanked on all four sides by green and red resin accents. Dimensions: 2 1/4" l., 2" w. Condition: scene shows some discoloration. 15 - 30
4 ANTIQUE CAMEO PIN N/R. The pin has a border of five seed pearls and eight rose cut diamonds. Dimensions: 1" l., 7/8" w. Condition: one pearl is pitted; one pearl is discolored. 100 - 150
5 GOLD & PEARL BROOCH N/R. Signed: Jaded. Gold filled brooch has a Romanesque scene and is flanked by six fresh water pearls. Dimensions: 2 1/2" L., 3/4" w. 25 - 50
6 MAN'S 10K CZ RING N/R. Ring has a triangular cut cubic zirconium stone in a contemporary gold setting. 25 - 40
7 HENRI KAVALER PENDANT N/R. Pendant has a woman's face carved out of a resin like material. Dimensions: 2 1/2" l., 2" w., 1 1/4" d. 25 - 50
8 VICTORIAN STICK PIN N/R. Gold pin is studded with diamonds. 50 - 100
9 NATIVE CUFF BRACELET N/R. Metal bracelet has a contemporary design. Dimensions: 2 1/2" l., 2 1/4" w. 50 - 100
10 MIRIAM HASKELL NECKLACE N/R. Necklace consists of white triangular carved glass beads. Length: 35.5". 35 - 50
11 14K HARDSTONE NECKLACE N/R. The necklace consists of multi-colored hardstones with gold bead spacers strung on string. Length: 25". 50 - 100
12 BAKELITE CARVED BANGLE N/R. Bracelet has a yellow background with a carved black design. Dimensions: 1 1/4" w. 50 - 100
13 GUTTA PERCHA BROOCH N/R. Pin shows carved profile of a woman. Dimensions: 2 1/4" l., 1 5/8" w. 15 - 30
14 14K AMETHYST RING N/R. The rose gold ring has a large oval cut amethyst center stone. Condition; some minor chips and scratches in stone. 50 - 100
15 ELK'S CLUB PENDANT N/R. The 10K gold pendant is marked "B.P.O.E." and is mounted with an Elk's tooth.Dimensions: 1 1/8" l., 1/2" w. 25 - 60
16 14K GOLD JEEP CHARM N/R. Dimensions: 7/8" l., 3/8" w. 50 - 75
17 14K WATCH FOB N/R. The rose gold fob is topped by a black slab (possibly Bakelite) and attached to a gold filled chain. Chain length: 13.5". 50 - 100
18 3 PC. VICTORIAN SET N/R. Set consists of a necklace and matching earrings. The black and pearl locket opens to reveal a place for photos. The drop earrings are screw back. Dimensions of pendant: 1 1/2" l., 1" w. Chain length: 23.5". 25 - 50
19 PAIR OF MINK POODLE PINS N/R. c. 1950's. The poodles have leather faces and black bead eyes; one is decorated with a rhinestone circle. Dimensions of small one: 1 1/4" l. Bigger poodle: 2 1/2" l. 15 - 25
20 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a whimsical poodle pin; a pearl and gold bracelet; a scarab bracelet; a pink rhinestone bangle; a pearl and blue rhinestone pin; two fobs; a lead "S" pencil on a chain and a bar pin. 25 - 50
21 DOUBLE STRAND CORAL NECKLACE N/R. Necklace consists of white and pink hued coral beads strung with string. The white clasp has a pin closure. Length: 22.5". Condition: some fraying in the string. 60 - 100
22 ASSORTED STERLING EARRINGS N/R. Lot includes six pairs of silver earrings; one marcasite heart pendant and a copper and enamel pin. 50 - 75
23 THREE MEN'S WATCHES N/R. One is a Benrus with an expandable band; one is a Bengard with a silver metal band; and one is an Andre Bouchard with a leather band. Condition: The Bouchard and the Bengard appear to be working; the Benrus is not. All have scratched bezels; the Bouchard has a cracked crystal and the band is worn. 75 - 125
24 14K AMETHYST RING N/R. The ring has seven amethysts arranged in a flower design mounted in a gold setting. 25 - 50
25 VENETIAN GLASS JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a necklace and earrings set with round beads in tones of green, yellow and blue; one triangular green bead necklace; and one round gold bead necklace. Necklace length: approximately 17.5" for all three. 25 - 50
26 LADIE'S GIRARD PERREGAUX WATCH N/R. The 10K white gold filled Swiss watch has an expandable band. Condition: good overall; but does not appear to be in working order. 50 - 75
27 STERLING FILIGREE SET N/R. Set includes a necklace and bracelet in a floral design. Necklace length: approximately 17.5". Bracelet length: approximately 7.5". 25 - 35
28 VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes bracelets, necklaces, pins, an eyeglass case and a small metal clip-on purse. 50 - 75
29 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes six beaded necklaces; one pearl "tie" necklace; one gold pendant on a chain; two silver chain necklaces; one Sheffield watch on a chain; one heart pendant on a chain; one gold choker chain; and six pairs of earrings. 25 - 50
30 ASSORTED JADE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes two pairs of cuff links; a turtle pin; and a pendant on a chain. 20 - 40
31 ASSORTED DESIGNER JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a silver Monet necklace and earrings set; a Monet butterfly pin; three gold Monet knot earrings; a pair of Monet gold hoops; a white Monet bracelet; two Monet gold chain necklaces; and one Bergere silver necklace and earrings set. 25 - 50
32 14K DOUBLE PEARL RING N/R. Ring has two pearls mounted in a double prong setting. 25 - 50
33 IMPERIAL STOPWATCH N/R. The Swiss made watch is marked "Imperial Watch Co.; warranted 20 yrs.; 918991" on the inside case. The watch works are marked "Buren W. Co.; Imperial Non-magnetic; 21 jewels". Condition: face has a worn off area and scratches; doesn't appear to be in working order; case is dented. 10 - 20
34 TWO WATCH FOBS N/R. Both are gold chains and approximately 13" in length. 10 - 20
35 JADE CHOP & GLASS TURTLE N/R. Lot includes one Jade Chinese chop with foo dog and one art glass Czech turtle. Dimensions of chop: 3 3/4" h., 1 3/8" w. Turtle: 3" l., 2 1/8" w. 20 - 30
36 ASSORTED VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes necklaces, earrings, pins, a ring, belt buckles, two silver purse mirrors and two noise makers. 25 - 50
37 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes necklaces, bracelets, pins and a watch. 10 - 20
38 FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS MEDALS N/R. Lot includes seven Shriner's medals; a commemorative coin; two tie clip and cuff link sets; and a money clip. 25 - 40
39 DRESSER SET N/R. The three piece set consists of a hand mirror and two brushes. Each piece is comprised of a peach colored resin with a metal applique on the back depicting a girl. The set is marked "Dupont; Pyralin; U.S.A. 25 - 50
40 ASSORTED BOY SCOUT BADGES N/R. c. 1980's. Lot consists of 58 boy scout merit badges. 10 - 20
41 BOY SCOUTS HAT IN FRAME. N/R. "Boy Scouts of America Official Hat" in wood hanging frame. Pre-WWII. Good condition. 25 - 50
42 ASSORTED DECORATIVE ITEMS N/R. Lot includes eight porcelain place holders; two porcelain dishes with painted on scenes of a boy and girl; a silver cachepot; a ceramic box; a mother-of-pearl and silver box; an owl statue; a Chinese statue; a metal miniature tea kettle, grinder, and pestle and mortar. 25 - 50
43 SIGNED EGG PAPERWEIGHT N/R. Signed: Eichbolt 1988. The egg shaped paperweight has a cased glass irridesent swirl pattern. Condition: good. 25 - 75
44 ENGRAVED METAL COMPACT N/R. The round compact has a landscape scene with a woman and two children enamelled on the front. Dimensions: 2 3/4" l., 2 3/4" w. Condition: several barely noticeable pits in the enamel. 50 - 75
45 ENGRAVED METAL COMPACT N/R. The triangular shaped compact has a country scene with a boy and girl enameled on the front. Dimensions: 3 1/2" l., 3 1/8" w. Condition: several barely noticeable pits in the enamel. 50 - 75
46 STERLING CARD CASE N/R. The case is hammered silver and engraved with initials. Interior is gold. Condition: good overall; needs cleaned. 25 - 50
47 TWO EVENING BAGS N/R. One bag is a black beaded mesh with a rhinestone studded closure and chain strap. It is marked "Josef". The interior has a white satin fabric. Condition: rhinestones are missing; metal is discolored; interior is stained; a row of beads is missing. One bag is black beaded with a mother-of-pearl type closure decorated with painted flowers. Condition: purse body has a stain; interior has stains; some flowers are worn off on the closure. 25 - 50
48 TWO EVENING BAGS N/R. One bag is heavily beaded in tones of blue, green and gold. Interior is a blue satin fabric. It is marked "Made in Belgium by hand; Walborg". It has a gold chain strap. Condition: good. The other bag is a beaded mesh in tones of white and gold. It has a white satin interior and beaded strap. It is marked "Made in France; Ch. Lesselbaum 58 Rue de Paradis Paris". Condition: some beads are loose; has worn areas; needs cleaned. 50 - 75
49 TWO BEADED MESH BAGS N/R. One has a Bakelite? closure and chain. It is beaded in tones of purple and gold. It is marked "Made in France". One has a beaded mesh pattern in tones of silver and brown. It has a metal closure and chain. It is marked "Import French Steel". Condition: both need re-beaded in areas; interiors are worn. 50 - 100
51 13 PCS. OCCUPIED JAPAN PORC. N/R. 1. 4 sets cups and saucers, "Willow" pattern. One cup chipped, cracked. 2. 4 saucers, blue & white, floral & phoenix pattern. All good condition. 3. Small figurine of guitar-playing girl, with basket. 3 3/4" high, 2 3/4" x 1 3/4". Good condition. 75 - 150
52 ASSORTED BLUE DELFT N/R. Lot includes four Blue Delft coasters; a small dish; a "telephone" box; two small vases; two small handled urns; a cachepot; a bell; a tile; a rooster dish; and a pot. Condition: good except for a crack in the pot; some discolorations. 20 - 40
53 11 PIECES PORCELAIN. N/R. 11 pieces porcelain: 5 sets cups & saucers, 1 jar. 1. Chinese-style covered jar, 9" high with lid, 5" wide, 3" diam. at base. Marked "Booths" "Sichuan China" "Made in England." Black with gold scenic design. Chip on lid. 2. Cup & saucer. Cream ground, dark blue & gold rim and decoration. Marked "Rosenthal" "Selb - Germany" "Winifred." Good condition. 3. Cup & saucer. Off-white ground, dark blue & gold rim & decoration. Marked "Fine bone china" "Crown" "Staffordshire" "Made in England." Crack in saucer. 4. Cup & saucer. White, wide band of flowers on plae blue ground, gold rim & handle. Marked "Garland" "Royal Stafford Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. 5. Demitasse cup & saucer. White, green florals, gold rim. Marked "Schumann Auzberg Germany." Good condition. 6. Demitasse cup & saucer. White, gold band and cup handle, Greek key design. Marked "Hertel Jacob Bavaria Germany." Good condition. 35 - 70
54 11 HUMMEL CHILD'S CUPS. N/R. Eleven cups with images created by Sister Bertha Hummel and produced by Schmid of West Germany. (2) 1973 Child's Cup. (1) 1974 Child's Cup (1) 1975 Child's Cup (1) 1976 Child's cup. (1) 1977 "Moonlight Retrun' Child's cup. (1) 1978 "Afternoon Stroll" Child's cup. (1) 1979 "Cherub's gift" Child's cup. (1) 1980 "Paradise in Toyland" Child's cup. (1) 1981 "Playtime" Child's cup. (1) 1982 "The Flower Basket" Child's cup. Size: each 2 5/8"H, 2 5/8"Diam. condition: 1974 cup chip in rim, 1978 cup 2 cracks in rim. 40 - 80
55 SET HUTSCHENREUTHER PORCELAIN. N/R. 19 pieces porcelain, white, green & gold trim. Marked "MZ" "Austria" "Hutschenreuther" "Altrohiau" "Habsburg Porcelain." 1. 4 cups, 5 saucers. Good condition. 2. Covered dish with pierced insert, 4 1/2" high with lid, 7 3/4" diam. Good condition. 3. 4 soup bowls, 1 1/2" high, 7 1/2" diam. good condition. 4. 4 fruit dishes, 1 1/4" high, 5 1/4" diam. Good condition. 50 - 100
56 28 PCS. PORCELAIN. N/R. 1. Cup & saucer, white, pink roses. Marked "Made in China." Good condition. 2. 2 matching sets cups, saucers, and fruit dishes. Off white, flowers & geometric design. Marked "Pareek" "Johnson Bros., England." Good condition. 3. Matching saucer and footed bowl. Saucer 4 3/4" diam., bowl 2" high, 4" diam. Bowl marked "Hand Painted Nippon." Good condition. 4. 2 matching sets of demitasse cups & saucers. White, pink roses. Unmarked. One cup cracked. 5. Demitasse cup & saucer, white, banded with geometric design in gold & teal. Picture of tower on side of cup, marked "Hameenlinna-Suomi." Good condition. 6. Cup & saucer, white, green & gold decoration around edge. Marked "Wm. Guerin & Co." Limoges" "France." Cup cracked. 7. Cup & fruit dish. Cup has picture of mountain goat, dish has buffalo. Good condition. 8. Demitasse cup & saucer, beige, gold-toned flowers & foliage, cup interior white. Marked "M" "R." Good condition. 9. Demitasse cup & saucer. White, allover pastel floral design. Marked "Theodore Haviland" "Limoges" "France." Cup chipped. 10. Demitasse cup & saucer. White, blue flowers, blue band inside cup. Marked "Royal Crown Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. 11. Demitasse cup & saucer. white, pastel floral, gold edge & cup handle. Marked "H & Co." "L" "France." Good condition. 50 - 100
57 28 PCS. PORCELAIN CUPS/SAUCERS. N/R. 14 sets cups & saucers. 1. 3 matching sets cups & saucers. White, design of black & purple wheat. 2 sets marked "Bone China Made in England"; one set marked "Old Royal Bone China" "England." This cup has pale pink tint to inside. All good condition. 2. Cup & saucer, white, dense design of dark blue leaves. Marked "Arabia" "Made in Finland" "Asta." Good condition. 3. Cup & saucer, white, silver rim and rose design. Marked "Cmielow" "Made in Poland." Good condition. 4. Demitasse cup & saucer, pearlized pink on white, gold rim, handle, and feet on cup. Saucer pierced around edge with 6-pointed stars. Unmarked. Good condition. 5. Cup & saucer, white, multicolored floral design. Saucer marked "Colclough" "Bone china" "Made in England." Good condition. 6. Cup & saucer, white, stylized floral design, brown rim. Saucer marked "Made in Japan." good condition. 7. Cup & saucer, white, vertical bands of matte black, silver rim and band dividers. Marked "Japan." Good condition. 8. Cup & saucer, white, multicolored bands and stylized floral design. Saucer marked "Handpainted" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 9. Demitasse cup & saucer, white ground, pink, green & gold florals. Unmarked. Good condition. 10. Demitasse cup & saucer, white, green verticla bands, gold cup handle and decoration. Marked "Ucagco China" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 11. Demitasse cup & saucer, white, floral decoration. Unmarked. Good condition. 12. Cup & saucer, white, allover multicolored floral design. Unmarked. Good condition. 50 - 100
58 24 PCS. PORCELAIN CUPS/SAUCERS. N/R. 1. Cup & saucer, white, blue roses. Marked "Fine bone china" "Crown" "Staffordshire England." Good condition. 2. Cup & saucer, off-white, pink cup interior, gold rim & handle, pink flowers. Marked "Old Royal bone china" "England." Good condition. 3. Cup & saucer, white, square medallions containing flowers. Marked "Minton" "Tapestry" "Bone china" "Made in England." good condition. 4. Cup & saucer, white, multicolored floral design. Marked "Fine bone china" "Crown" "Staffordshire England." Good condition. 5. Cup & saucer, white, roses & leaves. Marked "Bone China" "Clare" "Made in England." Good condition. 6. Cup & saucer. White, multicolored floral design. Marked "Old Royal bone china" "England." Good condition. 7. Cup & saucer. White, large roses. Marked"Regency" "English bone china" "Made in England." Jphn Bull mark. Good condition. 8. Cup & saucer. White, stylized autumn leaf design. Marked "Gladstone Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. 9.Cup & saucer, white, stylized pink & silver roses. Gold rim & cup handle. Marked "Finest Bone China" "Royal Imperial" "Made in England." Good condition. 10. Cup & saucer. White, blue & pink stylized flowers, silver-green leaves. Marked "Finest bone china" "Royal Imperial" "Made in England." Good condition. 11. Cup & saucer, white, alternating bands of pale yellow, and gold leaves. Marked "Cololough" "Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. 12. Cup & saucer. White, large pink flowers and green leaves. Marked "Bone china" "F8" "Royal Vale" "Made in England" A product of Ridgway Potteries Ltd." Good condition. 60 - 120
59 ROYAL DOULTON KINGSWOOD DISHES (26). N/R. Set of Royal Doulton "Kingswood" pattern dishes. Includes: (3) Plates, 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (4) Dinner plates, 10"Diam. Condition: 4 with chips. (8) Lunceon plates, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: 3 with chips. (4) Cups, 2 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (7) Saucers, 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: one with chip, 2 with stains underneath. Marked: Royal Doulton Kingswood. 25 - 50
60 BLACK GLASS STEMWARE, 15 PCS. N/R. 15 pieces of heavy textured glass stemware, continuous teardrop design, square base. 1. 6 champagne glasses. Good condition. 2. 2 water goblets. Good condition. 3. 7 wine glasses. Good condition. 40 - 80
61 6 PCS. COLORED GLASS. N/R. 6 colored glass pieces, all 20th century. 1. Pair clear green glass candle holders, 2 1/2" high, 4" diam. at base, 2" diam. at top. Good condition. 2. Light blue footed goblet, opaque glass, 6 1/2" high, 3 1/4" diam. Ribbed stem. Good condition. 3. Small light blue footed goblet, opaque glass, ribbed stem. 4 1/2" high, 2 1'2" diam. Good condition. 4. Clear blue glass bowl, fluted sides, diamond pattern at bottom. 2 3/8" high, 5" diam. Good condition. 5. Red clear glass candlestick, hexagonal base & top. 9 1/4" high, 3 3/4" at base, 2" at top. Good condition. 25 - 50
62 2 MECHANICAL TOY BANKS. N/R. (1) Leaping Frog Bank. Cast iron painted mechanical toy bank. "Leaping Frog Bank" on front. Marked: paper label: Yield House made in Taiwan. Size: 5"H, 7"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: Reproduction, paint good, sold as is. (1) Golfing bank. Cast iron painted mechanical toy bank. Golf tee decorated base. Marked: paper label: T.H. Taiwan. Size: 7"H, 8 1/2"L, 3 1/4"D. Condition: Reproduction. paint good. Sold as is. 40 - 80
63 2 MECHANICAL TOY BANKS. N/R. (1) Uncle Sam Bank. Cast iron painted mechanical toy bank. Marked: paper label: made in Taiwan. (incised) IRON. Size: 11 1/2"H, 5"W, 4"D. Condition: Reproduction. paint good, sold as is. (1) Clown head bank. Cast iron painted mechanical toy bak. Marked: unreadable incised mark. Size: 7"H. 6"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: Reproduction. paint good. sold as is. 40 - 80
64 2 MECHANICAL TOY BANKS. N/R. (1) Monkey bank, cast iron painted mechanical toy bank. No mark. Size: 7"H, 7 1/2"W, 2 3/4"D. Condition: Reproduction, some rust along bottom front left corner. Sold as is. (1) Dentist pulling tooth bank. cast iron painted mechanical toy bank. Marked: paper label: Yield House Taiwan. Size: 6"H, 8 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: Reproduction, Paint good. Sold as is. 40 - 80
65 5 ASSORTED BOXES. N/R. (1) Wooden box inlaid with brass, key lock, brass center top eschucheon. 19th c. Size: 4 1/4"H, 6"W, 4 1/4"D. Condition: no key, signs of wear interior and exterior. (1) Letter box, metal cased wood with glass topped lid with hunt scene, wood lined. No mark. Size: 2 5/8"H, 9"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: metal tarnished, some staining on edge of printed image on lid. (1) Wooden box with shadow box scene of children at pond with ruins in the background, gilt paper decoration. No mark. size: 2 1/2"H, 6"W. 4"D. Condition: gilt paper damaged. (1) Vertical open box with front shadow box scene, gilt paper trim, on four ball feet. Size: 7 1/2"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: some damage to the gilt paper trim. (1) Laquered box with flip top, lid with decaled putti decoration. No mark. Size: 3"H, 5 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: damage to top surface. 50 - 100
66 ASSORTED LIGHTERS N/R. Lot includes 26 lighters: Ronson wood, metal and plastic; Evans metal and enamel; Dunhill Rollalite; Dispozalite and four small black crystal lighters. Condition: good overall; some signs of wear on the metal ones. 20 - 40
67 ASSORTED LIGHTERS N/R. Lot includes nine lighters: three Zippo; one Flaminare; one Carrib; one Newco; one Ronson; and one Bentley. Condition: normal wear. 10 - 20
68 PEWTER SWING KETTLE ON STAND. N/R. Pewter swing kettle on pewter stand with heating element. Rounded kettle with lid and wooden finial, handle with woven covering. Four legged meetal stand wtih center removable heating element. Marked: kettle WMF G M132 1.5L. Heating element marked: 64. Size: kettle: 8 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W, 7"D. Stand: 15 1/2"H, 8"W, 7"D. Condition: interior of kettle pitted and discolored. 40 - 80
69 2 PEWTER COFFEE POTS. N/R. (1) Elongated rounded body, hinged lid with finial, wooden scrolled handle. Marked: 1/5L. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: several dents in body, inside pitted, finish on handle worn. (1) Sloping straight sided body, hinged lid with woden finial, metal handle. Marked: 12. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: handle worn to copper color, pitting inside. 25 - 50
70 PEWTER 5 PIECE SERVICE. N/R. Five piece coffee and tea service in pewter. Set includes: (1) Coffee pot with hinged lid, copper colored finial. Marked: F & W with Crossed arrow mark, 10/10% 140 CL. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. (1) Teapot with copper colored handles. Marked: F & W J 10/10% 124C. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Creamer with copper colored handle and spout. Marked: F & W J 10/10% 28CL. Condition: Good. (1) Lidded sugar with copper colored handles. marked: F & W J 10/10% 37 CL.Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Oval tray with copper colored rim. marked: 10/10% KN 21. Size: 15 5/8"L. Condition: marks where pieces sit on tray (should clean easily). 75 - 150
71 2 PEWTER CANDLESTICKS. N/R. A pair of pewter candlesticks, swirled ribbed decorated body, removable wide top insert. Marked: inside bottom center marked with Winged figure holding scales and 1730. Size: 10"H. 5"Diam. base. Condition: good. 50 - 100
72 COPPER KUGELHOF MOULD. N/R. Copper kugelhof mould, copper exterior, silvered metal interior finish, with ring handle. No mark. Size: 4"H, 10"Diam. Condition: signs of age, wear to metal. 25 - 50
73 2 COPPER MOULDS. N/R. (1) Small kugelhof (bundt) mould, copper exterior, silvered metal interior finish, ring handle. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 8 1/4"Diam. Condition: wear to interior. (1) Fish mould, copper exterior, silvered metal interior finish, ring handle, triangular foot brace for filling and setting. No mark. Size: 1 1/2"H, 7"W, 6"D. Condition: corrosion on interior. 25 - 50
74 CRAFTSMAN STUDIO TEAPOT. Handmade copper teapot, hand hammered low round body, decorated lid, handle with bound decoration. Marked: Craftsman Studio Handmade 32. Size: 5"H, 8"L, 7"W. Condition: wear to metal, corrosion on interior, one spot of corrosion on rim. 50 - 100
75 COPPER POT. N/R. Copper pot with handle. No mark. Size: 10"Diam. 5 1/2"H. Handle 12"L. Condition: well worn, holes in the bottom. 40 - 80
76 COPPER POT W. FLAT LID. N/R. Hammered copper pot with riveted handle, hammed copper lid with rivited handle. No mark. Size: Pot: 6 1/2"Diam. 7"Handle. LId: 6 7/8"Diam. 6" handle. condition: old and well used. 40 - 80
77 4 COPPER PIECES. N/R. (1) copper tray. No mark. Size: 22"L, 8"W, 1 1/2"H. Conditoin:old and worn. (1) Copper pierced ladle. No mark. Size: 13 3/4"L. Condition: tarnished and dented. (1) Copper ladle. No mark. size: 17 1/2"L. Condition: bowl dented. (1) Copper handled pot. No mark. size: 3 1/2"Diam. 4"H. Handle 6"L. Condition: worn. 40 - 80
78 DOUBLE YOKE. N/R. 15 - 30
79 WOODEN YOKE. N/R. 5 - 10
80 WOOD PLANER. N/R. antique tool. wood planer. no mark. Size: 16"L, 3"W, 7"H. Condition: well used. 20 - 40
81 BOX OF OLD TOOLS. N/R. Includes: grinder, planer, awl and drill bits in old wooden box. No mark. Condition: well used. 25 - 50
82 NO LOT. 0 - 0
83 NO LOT. 0 - 0
84 VICTORIAN KITCHEN TOOLS. N/R. (1) Cherry pitter. Marked: Enterprise Cherry Stoner. Pat. April 24, 1883. Size: 13"H. Conditoin: well used. (1) Apple peeler. Marked: Made by Reading hardware Co. Reading Pa.Patented: March 5, 1872--May 22, 1877. Size: 12"L. Condition: well used. 50 - 100
85 VICTORIAN CRIMPING MACHINE. N/R. Metal mechanical crimping machine with table clamp and crank, black with gilt and red decoration. Marked: PENN Pat. Nov.2, 1876 July 3, 1877 Reissued March 25, 1888. Condition: good. Sold as is. 50 - 100
86 WOODEN KITCHEN UTENSILS. N/R. Includes: (6) wooden rolling pins, various sizes, (5) wooden cooking utensils, various sizes. in Woven basket. No mark. Condition: old and used. 25 - 50
87 WOODEN POLE LAMP. On tripod base. Size: 52"h. 10 - 20
88 METAL POT W. 4 WOODEN UTENSILS. N/R. (1) Metal pot with handle. Marked: PB. Size: 5"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: pot cracked and banded with metal reinforcement, interior rusted. (1) Metal scraper with wooden handle. No mark. Size: 14"L. Condition: worn. (2) Wooden wide mouth spoons/spatulas. No mark. Size: one 5"W, 9 1/4"L. Condition: worn. One 5 3/4"W. 9 1/4"L. Condition: crack in wood. (1) Wooden pounder. No mark. Size: 11 1/2"L. Condition: worn. 25 - 50
89 CIGAR MAKING PRESS. N/R. Wooden two piece press for forming 10 cigars. wooden dowl closure. No mark. Size: 12"L, 5"W. condition: old and worn. 40 - 80
90 50 PCS. PORCELAIN DINNERWARE. N/R. Set porcelain dinnerware, marked "E & A M Bavaria" "The Hanover." White with narrow band of stylized florals. 1. 6 dinner plates, 9 3/4" diam. good condition. 2. 6 bread & butter plates, 7 1/2" diam. Good condition. 3. 6 dessert plates, 6 1/4" diam. good condition. 4. 6 saucers, 5 1/2" diam. Good condition. 5. 6 cups. good condition. 6. 12 dessert dishes, 1 1/4" high, 5 1/4" diam. 1 chipped, cracked. 7. Oval platter, 13 3/4" x 10 1/4". Good condition. 8. Oval platter, 11 5/8" x 8 3/8", Good condition. 9. Open vegetable dish, 2" high, 9 7/8" x 7 1/2". Small chip on base. 10. Gravy boat, 3 1/4" high, base 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Good condition. 11. Oval pickle dish, 1 1/4" high, 8 1/4" x 4 1/2". Good condition. 12. Creamer. good condition. 13. Covered sugar bowl. Good condition. 14. Covered round vegetable dish, 4 1/2: high with lid, 10 1/2" across handles, 8 1/2" diam. Good condition. 100 - 200
91 36 PCS. NORITAKE DISHES. N/R. 36 items of dinnerware, marked "Noritake Japan" "Andalia" "U.S. Design Pat. Applied For." Pale yellow band, orange rim with stylized florals. 1. 12 bread & butter plates, 7 3/4" diam. Good condition. 2. 12 saucers, 5 1/2" diam. Good condition. 3. 12 cups. Good condition. 50 - 100
92 42 PCS. PORCELAIN DINNERWARE. N/R. Porcelain dinnerware, marked "M & Z Austria" "Kaiserin Maria Theresa" "Carlsbad China K.B. N.Y. Austria." Gold edge, ring of roses. 1. 12 dinner plates, 9 1/2" diam. Good condition. 2. 6 dessert plates, 6 3/4" diam. Good condition. 3. 12 small plates, 6 1/8" diam. Good condition. 4. 9 fruit dishes, 1 1/4" high, 5 1/4" diam. 1 chipped, cracked. 5. 1 saucer, 5 3/4" diam. Good condition. 6. 2-handled covered vegetable dish. 5 1/4" high with lid, 10 1/2" from handle to handle, 8 1/2" diam. Good condition. 7. Soup bowl, 1 3/4" high, 8 3/8" diam. Good condition. 40 - 80
93 32 PCS. PORCELAIN DINNERWARE. N/R. 32 pcs. English china, marked "Crescent & Sons England." Green band and rim, stylized florals, white ground. 1. 6 plates, 8 7/8" diam. Good condition. 2. 8 plates, 7 7/8" diam. Good condition. 3. 2 saucers, 6 3/4" diam., 3"centre. Good condition. 4. 6 saucers, 6 1/2" diam., 2 1/2" centre. Good condition. 5. 7 sausers, 5 1/2" diam., Good condition. 6. 2 2-handled bouillon cups, 6 1/4" across handles, 4 5/8" diam. 1 cracked. 7. 1 bouillon cup, off-white ground. Cracked. 35 - 70
94 SET LIMOGES DISHES. N/R. 29 pcs. Limoges dinnerware, Marked ""Wm. Guerin & Co." "Limoges France." 29 pcs. White ground, banded at edge with design in yellow, green & blue. 1. 12 dinner plates, 9 3/4" diam. Good condition. 2. 7 bread & butter plates, 7 1/2" diam. Good condition. 3. 8 dessert plates, 5 1/2" diam. 2 chipped. 4. Cup & saucer. good condition. 30 - 60
95 4 PCS. FRUIT-SHAPED TABLEWARE. N/R 1. Small covered dish in the form of a basket of fruit. 4 1/4" high with lid, 8" x 5 1/8". Dish is green basket, multicolor lid represents fruit. Marked "Made in Japan." Good condition. 2. Creamer, 3" high, 4 1/2" from handle to spout, 3 1/2" diam. Grapes and foliage, stem handle. Marked "Made in Japan." Slight roughness inside rim. 3.Two-handled covered sugar bowl, matches creamer. 3 1/2" high with lid, 5 1/2" from handle to handle, 4" diam. Good condition. 4. Covered jam pot, represents bunch of grapes with stem handle. 4 1/2" with lid, 3 1/2" diam. Unmarked. small chip to lid. 25 - 50
96 15 DEPRESSION GLASS PLATES. N/R 15 clear Depression Glass plates, 8 1/8" diam., silver rim. Some wear to silver edging; one plate has a "fleabite" chip to rim. 35 - 70
97 PAIR CASED GLASS VASES. N/R. Pair of blown glass vases, cased clear over yellow, clear layer has multicolored confetti glass pieces fused into base and stretched into body of vase. No mark. Size: 8 1/8"H. Condition: one vase good, one vae with 2 chips in rim. 30 - 60
98 VICTORIAN PRESSED GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Victorian pressed glass pitcher with storks and cattails in raised pattern. No mark. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
99 6 AMBER PRESSED GLASS PIECES. N/R. All wtih loop and star design. No mark. (1) Compote with fluted edge. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. (1) Covered footed jar. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. (1) Creamer. Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Sugar. Size: 3"H. Condition: good. (1) Salt shaker. Size: 4"H, Condition: good. (1) Pepper shaker. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
101 VINTAGE OAK PHONE. N/R. 50 - 100
102 VINTAGE OAK PHONE. N/R. Condition: as is. 10 - 20
103 OAK TALL CHEST WITH PIVOTING MIRROR. Mirror and wishbone frame have applied leaf form carving. Tall chest has six drawers. Size: 68"h x 30"w x 18"d. 125 - 250
104 VICTORIAN DISPLAY SHELF. Made out of a walnut victorian frame with ornate leaf design. 35 - 70
105 VICTORIAN SUTHERLAND TABLE. Narrow table with finger carved base has two D shaped dropleafs supported by spool gate legs. Condition: professionally refinished. Size: 29"h x 38"w x 26"d. 100 - 200
106 SIX RECENT ARROWBACK CHAIRS. Maple plank bottom chairs with arrowbacks, rabbit ears, and raised on ring turned legs. See lot 1550 for companion table. 60 - 100
107 BRASS EASEL N/R. The easel is constructed completely of brass. Dimensions of easel: 61 1/2" l., 17" w. Easel holders: 4" d. Condition: brass has some discolorations. 50 - 75
110 2 ROYAL COPENHAGEN CHRISTMAS PLATES. N/R. 2 Christmas plates with traditional blue and white pinecone and star border. (1) 1984. Bjeldeklang "Jingle Bells" (1) 1983 Glade Jul "Merry Christmas". Each marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. and name. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: both good. 40 - 80
111 INLAID OCTAGONAL END TABLE. Octagonal top with triangular design inlaid apron, raised on line inlaid legs. Haveing central platform on the cross stretchers. Size: 29"h x 20"w x 20"d. 60 - 120
112 MAHOGANY END TABLE. circa 1920. Hepplewhite style. Size: 26"h x 18"w x 14"d. 35 - 70
113 HEPPLEWHITE SIDE TABLE. Size: 23"h x 18"w x 16"d. 75 - 150
114 EARLY SHERATON SIDE TABLE. Size: 29"h x 17"w x 20"d. 75 - 150
115 HEPPLEWHITE STYLE TABLE. Pine raised on tapering legs. Size: 28"h x 22"w x 20"d. 75 - 150
116 THREE PLANK BOTTOM CHAIRS. Two with vasiform splats and one with spindleback. 40 - 80
117 EARLY PINE DRAWERS. In red stain with mortise and tenon construction. Size: 34"h x 22"w x 12"d. 70 - 140
118 MAHOGANY MUFFIN STAND. Portable with three round tiers that fold up. 60 - 120
119 EARLY PINE DRY SINK. Size: 32"h x 48"w x 18"d. 175 - 350
120 EARLY ONE DRAWER KITCHEN TABLE. Size: 28"h x 40"w x 20"d. 150 - 300
121 PINE BOOKSHELF. With scalloped backsplash. Size: 45"h x 36"w x 11"d. 35 - 70
122 FOUR WROUGHT IRON PLANTERS. Two are urn form, one basket form, and one planter form. Condition: All have rust. 100 - 200
123 TWO DRYING RACKS. one in paint. 20 - 40
124 PINE POTATO BIN, RECENT. Size: 35"h x 11"w x 14"d. 15 - 30
126 EARLY ARROWBACK HIGHCHAIR. Circa 1830. Mixed wood 40 - 80
127 THREE EARLY PIECES. Includes a tray, a lifttop bin, and a middle eastern design hexagonal table. 40 - 80
128 HANGING PINE SHELF. Scalloped and pierced cornice. Size: 40"h x 46"w x 14"d. 75 - 150
129 UTILITY TABLE. Grey formica top on wood base. 2 - 4
130 PICAN NEO CLASSIC BEDROOOM SUITE. N/R. 6 pieces includes a tall chest, two night stands, two mirrors, and king size headboard. 200 - 400
131 EASTLAKE DRESSER. Pine with marble insert and glove boxes. Size: 40"h x 40"w x 17"d. Condition: missing mirror. 70 - 125
132 TABLETOP CHEST. Top and front handpainted with flowers. 10 - 20
133 RECENT LOVESEAT. Painted black and having a spindle back. 10 - 20
134 HAND CARVED INDIAN STATUE. N/R. Hand carved statue of Indian woman with papoose on back. Marked: paper label: Hand carved Indian Statue. Size: 11"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
135 2 RECLINING BUDDHAS. N/R. 2 reclining Buddhas on wooden bases, ivory (?) or bone (?) on wooden bases. No marks. Size: 2 1/2"H, 3 1/4"L. 1 1/4"D. Conditoin: some cracking. 40 - 80
136 11 CHINESE FIGURINES. N/R. Includes mud men and other media, single figures and groups. Some marked: Hong Kong, some marked China, some unmarked. Size: range from 3 1/2" to 4 1/2"H. Conditoin: one figure with broken hat, some minor chips. 40 - 80
137 7 CHINESE MUD MEN. N/R. Seven figures of various sizes 9" to 6" high. Two with Chinese character marks. others unmarked. Conditon: good, minor wear. 40 - 80
138 20 ASIAN FIGURINES. N/R. Includes: 8 animals, 10 Asian people, misc. other. Size: range 1"H to 4 1/2"H. Condition: most good. 30 - 60
139 AMBER AND GREEN PRESSED PIECES. N/R. 8 Pressed glass pieces. 3 shoes, two squirrel tooth picks, one footed sherbet, base and lid for votive light. All amberglass except one shoe in green. Various sizes. Condition: one squirrel toothpick had four corners broken and ground down. 20 - 40
140 PRESSED GLASS PUNCH BOWL. N/R. Press glass punch bowl with hobstar decoration. Two pieces, base, and bowl. No mark. Size: 14"H, 14"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
141 NO LOT. 0 - 0
142 NO LOT. 0 - 0
143 NO LOT. 0 - 0
144 12 PCS. BLUE POTTERY. N/R. 1. Fruit bowl, 3" high, 8" diam.; white inner rim. Marked "Made exclusively for Montgomery Ward & Co. by The Hall China Co." "Made in U.S.A." Good condition. 2. 3 soup bowls, 8 1/2" diam. Unmarked. all good condition. 3. Rectangular covered refrigerator dish, 5 1/2" high with lid, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4". Marked "Hall" "... for Westinghouse." Good condition. 4. Small rectangular covered refrigerator dish, 3 1/2" high with lid, 7" x 4 3/4". Marked "Made exclusively for Montgomery Ward & Co. by The Hall China Co." "Made in U.S.A." Lid chipped, dish cracked. 5. Small potato-baking dish, 1 1/2" high, 8" x 5". 2 prongs for potatoes. Marked "Bakato" "Christian Ridge Pottery, Paris, Maine" "Bake & serve casserole." Good condition. 6. Custard cup, 2 1/4" high, 3 1/4" diam., good condition. 7. Small narrow-necked pitcher, 4 1/4" high, 2 3/4" diam., 1 1/2" diam. at mouth. Chip at base. 8. Covered mustard pot, steel wire closure. 3 3/4" high, 3" diam. Rubber ring under lid. Good condition. 9. Salt & pepper shakers, cylindrical, 3 1/2" high, 2 1/2" diam. Good condition. 40 - 80
145 5 BROWN CERAMIC PIECES. N/R. (1) Rockingham style straight sided pitcher, light brown mottled glaze with raised peacock and tree decoration. NO mark. Size: 8 1/4"H. Conditon: crazing inside, crack in base. (1) Rockingham style salt box, light brown mottled glaze with raised peacock and tree decoration. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H. Conditoin: cracks in base. (1) Pitcher with raised border around neck. Light brown mottled. Nomark. Size: 7"H. Condition: chip in rim. (1) Large dark brown pitcher, bands of geometric decoration. Marked: Mar Crest Oven Proof Stone Ware. Size: 6"H. Conditon: chip on spout. (1) Small dark brown pitcher, bands of geometic decoration. Marked: USA . Size: 4"H. Condition: chip on spout. 25 - 50
146 5 PCS. BROWN GLAZED POTTERY. N/R. 4 teapots and a spittoon. 1. Teapot, 6 1/2" high with lid, 9 1/2" from handle to spout, 6" diam. Spout repaired. 2. Teapot, 5" high with lid, 8" from handle to spout, 5" diam. Marked "Made in England. Few chips on underside of lid. 3. Miniature teapot. 4" high with lid, 5 1/2" handle to spout, 3 1/2" diam. Chip at top and spout. 4. Miniature teapot. 3 3/4" with lid, 5 1/2" from handle to spout, 4" diam. Marked "Epicurio No. 112 Ming Tea co. Hartford Conn." "Made in Japan." Good condition. 5. Spittoon, 3 1/2" high, 7 3/4" diam. Good condition. 25 - 50
147 3 TEAPOTS. N/R. 1. Old-rose colored teapot, silver edge. 7" high with lid, 10" from handle to spout, 7" diam. Marked "Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware" "Made in U.S.A." Good condition. 2. Brown teapot, 6 1/2" high with lid, 9 1/2" from handle to spout, 5 1/2" diam. Unmarked. Chip to underside of lid. 3. Deep blue teapot, gold floral decoration. 5" high with lid, 8 1/2" from handle to spout, 5" diam. Marked "Hall 023" "6 cup." Some wear to floral design. 35 - 70
148 3 BOOTHS REAL OLD WILLOW PIECES. N/R. Two Royal Doulton candlesticks in Real Old Willow pattern. Marked: Royal Doulton, Booths, Real Old Willow, Royal Doulton tableware Ltd.1981. Size: 3"H, 3 1/2"Diam. bottom, 3 1/4"Diam. top. Conditon: good. Cup and saucer in Booths Real Old Willow pattern. White with gold and blue decoration. Marked: Booths, made in England, "Real Old Willow" A8023. Size: cup 2 3/8"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Saucer: 5 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
149 8 BRASS CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. various sizes and shapes. Sizes range from 3 1/2"H to 10"H. Condition: good. Two have glass chimneys to go with candleholders. 25 - 50
150 9 BRASS PIECES. N/R. (4) Candlesticks . Range in size from 5-7"H. (2) Candle chamber sticks. Range in size from 2-5"H. (1) Three branch candelabra with adjustable arms. size: 14 1/4"H. (1) Bell bottom candlestick. Size: 7"H. Condition: all minor wear. 20 - 40
151 6 MULTI COLORED WINE GLASSES. N/R. Wine glasses with green base and stem, blue gilt banded knob, clear interior fluted bowl with gilt top edge. No mark. Size: 7"H, 2 7/8"Diam. bowl, 2 7/8"Diam. base. Condition: good. 30 - 60
152 29 GOLD TRIMMED GLASSES. N/R. (7) Footed water glasses. Size: 6 3/4"H. Condition: one with chip. (6) Wine glasses. Size: 5 1/4"H. Conditoin: good. (8) Juice glasses. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: good. (8) Champagne glasses. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Large bowl. with raised gilt decorated edge. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
153 NO LOT. 0 - 0
154 1 WATERFORD 2 OTHER CUT GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Waterford cut glass pitcher, diamond cutting. Marked: Waterford under handle. size: 6 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Cut glass bowl, diamond cutting. No mark. size: 4 3/8"H, 8"Diam. Condition: fleabite on rim. (1) Covered dish with ladle. Band of shallow hobstars around dish and lid. ladle with ground and polished bottom. Polished top rim, polished notched lid. No mark. Size: 6"H, 6 1/2"Diam base. Condition: good. 50 - 100
155 35 GLASS DISHES. N/R. (12) Clear glass soup bowls, ground bottoms. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (12) Clear glass plates, ground bottoms. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: one with chip in bottom rim. Most with scratches in center. (12) Clear glass plates, ground bottoms. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: one with chip on bottom rim. Most with scratches in center. 40 - 80
156 ROSENTHAL GLASS BOWL. N/R. Glass bowl with ribbed sides, scalloped top, textured exterior, smooth interior. Marked: acid stamped: Rosenthal "Geschleuckertes Glas" Signature (unreadable). Size: 4 1/2"H. 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
157 12 CUT GLASS BOWL SET. N/R. (1) Large low bowl. No mark. Size: 10"Diam. 1 1/4"H.Condition: scratches. (1) High bowl. No mark. Size: 7"Diam. 2 1/2"H. Condition: 2 chips in rim. (7) Small low bowls. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. 1"H. Condition: 3 with signs of wear, 2 with chips on rim. All of the above with matching faceting and star center, scalloped edges. (3) Small low bowls with similar more simple decoration and bigger scallops on the edge. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. 1 1/8"H. Condition: one with chip on rim. 40 - 80
158 CUT GLASS DECANTER. N/R. Decanter with floral and leaf cut decoration, notched paneled neck, faceted stopper. No mark. Size: 11"H with stopper, 5"Diam. at widest point. Condition: minor wear and scratches on bottom. 40 - 80
159 4 BLOWN GLASS ANIMALS. N/R. (1) Blue frog. No mark. size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: several minor fleabites on surface. (1) Owl. No mark. Size: 5"H. Condition: fleabite on surface. (1) Pelican, cased clear glass over green. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Bird.Clear glass. No mark. size: 3 1/2"H, 7 3/4"L. 8"W. Condition: good. 30 - 60
160 PURPLE BLOWN GLASS VASE. N/R. Purple blown vase with applied colors, wavees and ribbons of white , blue, red, ruffled edge. Signed lower edge in script: Stephen Rich Nelson 1989. Ground bottom. Size: 7 1/4"H, 10 3/4"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
161 4 PORCELAIN DESSERT SETS. N/R. 4 sets of cups, saucers, and dessert plates. 1. Plate 6 3/8" square, cup & saucer. Florals on white ground. Marked "Windsor Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. 2. Plate 6 3/8" diam., cup & saucer. White & peach ground, multicolored floral, gold decoration. Marked "Paragon" "By Appointment to H.M. the Queen and H.M. Queen Mary" "Fine Bone China" "England Regd." Good condition. 3. Plate 6 3/8" diam., cup & saucer. White & green ground, gold decoration. Marked "Aynsley" "England" Bone China." Cup has chip in base. 4. Plate 6 1/4" square, cup & saucer. White, pink florals, gold decoration. Marked "Tuscan Fine Englaish Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. base. 40 - 80
162 4 SETS CUPS, SAUCERS, & PLATES. N/R. 1. Plate 6 3/8" diam. Saucer & plate black with white underside, cup black outside & white with florals inside. Marked "Spencer Stevenson Co. L78" "Bone China" "Made in England." Good condition. 2. Plate 6" diam. Plate & saucer pink with white underside, cup pink outside and white inside. Marked "Japan." 3. Plate 6 3/8" diam. Plate & saucer black, white underside; cup black outside, white inside. Marked "Noritake" "Made in Japan." Small chip on edge of saucer. 4. Plate 6" diam. Plate & saucer yellow, white underside; cup yellow outside, white inside. Marked "Japan." Good condition. 40 - 60
163 4 SETS CUPS, SAUCERS, PLATES. N/R 1. Plate 6" diam. Cup & saucer. White, autumn leaf design. Marked "Fine China" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 2. Plate 6 1/4" diam. Cup & saucer. White, silver leaf design. Marked "Richard Ginori Italy." Good condition. 3. Plate 6 1/4 diam. Cup & saucer. White and dark red, floral, gold edge. Marked "Royal Albert Crown China" "Mayfair" "England." Good condition. 4. Plate and saucer 6" diam. Matching cup. White, yellow roses, green leaves. Marked "Rosenthal" "Germany." Good condition. 40 - 80
164 7 PCS. PORCELAIN. N/R. 1. Dish, 8 7/8" diam. Florals on white, 19th century. Crossed swords mark. Crack in centre. 2. 4-lobed saucer, 1 3/8" high, 5 1/2" x 4 3/4". Florals on white. Crossed swords mark. Good condition. 3. Handleless cup, and saucer. 19th century. Stylized gray florals on white. Good condition. 4. Demitasse cup and saucer. Plain white, gold rim. Anchor with letters H, A, P, A, & G in centre of saucer and side of cup. Marked on underside with crown and script "F." Good condition. 5. Fluted cup, 2 1/2" high, 2 5/8" diam. Off-white, gold & purple stylized floral decoration. Cracked; glaze worn. 25 - 50
165 4 RUBY CANDLESTICKS. N/R. 4 Candlesticks with petal edges on three feet. No mark. Size: 1 3/4"H, 4 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
166 35 RUBY GLASS DISHES. N/R. 35 Pieces in "Crow's Foot Pattern" by Paden City Glass Co. 1930's design. set includes: (7) round double handled "Cream Soups". Size: 4 5/8"Diam. Condition: 3 good, one with chip. (8) Cups, Size: 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good. (7) Square saucers. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: all good. (6) Square plates. size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: all with minor scratching on centers. (7) Square plates. Size: 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: all good. 150 - 300
167 12 RUBY TUMBLERS. N/R. Ruby glass tumblers with honeycomb pattern bases. No mark. Size; 4"H. Condition: one with chip in rim. 25 - 50
168 3 JADITE SHADES. N/R. Three green molded artichoke shaped glass shades. Size: 4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: wear and chips on the rim where they fit into light. 60 - 150
169 2 STOPPERED BOTTLES. N/R. Two blown glass bottles with air trapped bubble round stoppers with ground stems. One opening is larger than the other. No mark. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: minor fleabites along rims. 40 - 80
170 PRESSED GLASS CRACKER JAR. N/R. Pressed glass covered cracker jar, 8" high with lid, 5 11/8" diam. Allover bullseye design on jar, fluted pattern on lid. Underside of lid chipped. 25 - 50
171 FOUR CUPS AND SAUCERS. N/R. (1) Cup and saucer, Marked: Royal Albert flower of the Month series. June "Roses". inside of cup marked June. Condition: good. (1) Cup and saucer, Marked: Jon Roth england "Salisbury" pattern, Bone China Made in England. Condition: good. (1) Cup and saucer, luster glazed floral decoraton with pierced edge on saucer. No mark. Condition: good. (1) Cup and saucer, Footed cup with floral decoration. Marked: VOAGCO China, Made in Japan. Condition: good. 20 - 40
172 5 LIMOGES PIECES. White with pink floral decoration. (1) Chocolate pot with lid. marked: Theodore Haviland. Limoges France. Size: 9 1/2"H. condition: good. (1) Covered Tureen. Marked: Chas.Field Haviland Limoges France. Size: 8"H, 9 1/2"Diam. conditon: good. (1) Rectangular platter. Marked: Chas.Field Haviland. Limoges France. Size: 15 1/2"L. 10 1/4"W. Condition: chips on edge. (1) Oval platter. Marked: Chas. Field Haviland. Limoges France. Size: 13"L, 9"W. Condition: chips. (1) Gravy boat. Marked: Chas. Field Haviland. Limoges France. Size: 7 12"L. 3 1/4"W. Conditoin: chips in rim. 30 - 60
173 32 BAVARIAN DESSERT SET. N/R. Bavarian porcelain, white with simple gold banded border. All marked H & Co. Selb Bavaria. Coffee pot also marked "Mirri". cups also marked: Electra". (11) 7 3/4"diam. plates. Condition: wear to gilt edging. (10) 5 1.4"Diam. saucers. Condition: wear to gilt edging. (1) Coffee pot. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. (8) cups. condition: gilt worn handles. (2) Serving plates with pierced handles. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. condition: gilt worn. 50 - 100
174 12 MEAKIN "VIRGINIA" PATTERN DISHES. N/R. Green transferware dishes with gilt decoration. Meakin "Virginia" pattern. Set includes: (1) 7" Plate. Condition: cracked and crazed. (4) 9" Plates. Condition: all cracked and crazed. (8) 10"Plates. Condition: 1 good, 4 with crazing. 2 with chips, 1 with cracks. 20 - 40
175 9 PETALWARE PIECES. N/R. Nine pieces of petalware pattern by Macbeth-Evans Glass Co. (1930-1950). Monax petalware without painted decoration. Includes: (1) Oval platter, 13" L. No mark. Condition: good. (4) Plates 6"Diam. (Sherbet Plates) . No mark. Conditoin: good. (4) Low footed sherbets. 4 1/2"Diam. No mark. Condition: good. 25 - 50
176 NO LOT. 0 - 0
177 HALL COBALT WATER PITCHER. N/R. Hall pottery pitcher, cobalt blue. 7 1/4" high, 6 1/2" diam. Good condition. 25 - 50
178 AMYTHEST GLASS COVERED BOWL. N/R. Amythest depression glass covered dish, (bean pot ?). Acid etched floral decoration on front. Decorated pierced finial on lid. No mark. Size: 6"H, 8"Diam. Condition: good. 30 - 60
179 2 OPAQUE GLASS VASES. N/R. (1) Hand blown milkglass vase wtih hand painted floral decoration. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: wear to rim, discoloring at rim. (1) Milk glass vase with decaled putti decoration, gilt highlighting, blue band at top. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: minor wear. 30 - 60
180 ROSENTHAL SERVING PIECES N/R. Lot includes three pieces of white porcelain: a platter, a covered vegetable and a square bowl. Condition: good overall; except for a small chip on the platter. 50 - 100
181 7 CARNIVAL GLASS PIECES. N/R. Seven pieces with hobstar pattern, clear ground with marigold finish. Not marked. Includes: Large fluted edge bowl. Size: 12"Diam. 5"H. Condition: good. Fluted edge vase on round base. Size: 5 1/2"H. 7"Diam. Condition: good. 5 punch cups. Size: 2 1/4"H. 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: four good. one with chip in top rim. 50 - 100
182 2 OVAL FLOW BLUE PLATTERS. N/R. Two oval platters in "Trent" pattern, blue floral with gilt highlights. Marked: F & Sons "Trent" Burselem F. (1) platter Size: 16 1/2"L. Condition: good. (1) platter size: 18 1/2"L. Condition: good. 50 - 100
183 3 FLOW BLUE PIECES. N/R. (1) Round plate. Size: 10"Diam. Marked: Neapolitan Semi Porcelain, Johnson Bros. England. Condition: good. (1) Oval platter, random floral decoration. Size: 15 1/2"L. Marked: incised mark. Condition: good. (1) Rectangular plater, blue floral border. Size: 15"L 11 1/4"W. Marked: Ford & Sons "Douglas" Burslem. Condition: cratch near center. 40 - 80
184 4 STANGL POTTERY PIECES. N/R. (1) Large hand painted bowl. "Country Garden" pattern. Marked: Stangl Pottery Trenton, NJ. Country Garden. Size: 4"H, 12 1/4"Diam. Condition: spot in bowl. (1) Round plate, incised painted floral decoration. Marked: Stangl Pottery Trenton NJ. Country Garden. Size: 14 1/4"Diam. Conditoin: spot on plate. (1) Long bread dish. Fruits and Flowers pattern.incised and painted decoration. Marked: Stangl Pottery Trenton NJ. Fruits and flowers. Size: 15 1/2"L. Condition: chip on rim, spotting. (1) Handled bowl, Thistle pattern. Marked: Stangl Pottery Trenton NJ. Thistle. Size: 5 1/4"Diam. Condition: spots in bowl. 50 - 100
185 NO LOT. 0 - 0
186 PAIR PORCELAIN VASES. N/R. Pair porcelain vases, marked "Abingdon, USA." 20th century. 10 1/2" high, 7" diam. Ivory ground, multicolored floral design; gold handles, base, and rim; yellow bands around body of vases. Good condition. 25 - 50
187 PAIR PORCELAIN LAMPS. N/R. Pair porcelain lamps, with shades. 29 1/2" high with shade. Peach ground, floral design; gold handles. Metal base and lamp socket. Early 20th century. Good condition. 40 - 80
188 MEISSEN CACHE POT. N/R. Porcelain cache pot with twig handles, hand painted floral decoration, gold bordered rim and base. Marked: blue cross swords mark. Size: 4 1/8"H, 4 1/2"Diam. bowl. Conditoin: good. 75 - 150
189 MEISSEN LUNCHEON SET (26 PIECES). N/R. Hand painted rose centers with rose bud decorated borders. All pieces marked with blue crossed sword mark of Meissen, each with two lines scratched through the swords. (6) Cups with crossed vine handles, scalloped tops. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. 2 1/2"H. Condition: one with chip in rim. (6) Saucers with scalloped edges. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (6) dessert plates with shaped edges. Size; 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (6 Luncheon plates with shaped edges. Size: 7 3/4"Diam. Condition: one with rough edge. (1) Serving plate with shaped edges. Size: 10 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Covered container. size: 3"Diam. 1 1/2"H. Condition: broken in several pieces and repaired. 75 - 150
190 LEADED GLASS SHADE. N/R. White and pink flowers with green and blue glass background. NO mark. 19"Diam. 3 1/2" center opening. Condition: good. 100 - 200
191 3 LEADED GLASS SHADES. N/R. Pink and carmel colored slag glass petal shaped pieces leaded into small shades. No mark. Size: 6"H, 2"openings in each shade. Condition: good. 40 - 80
192 2 LEADED GLASS CHANDELIERS. N/R. (1) Large chandelier, leaded glass with border of fruit. Size: 19"Diam. 13"H. Conditoin: good. (1) Blue leaded glass chandelier. blue slag glass with amber hghtlights. Size: 19"Diam. 8"H. Cndition: good. 75 - 150
193 LEADED GLASS LAMP. N/R. Blue and pink leaded glass nine sided shade. Gilt metal decorated base. Shade: 19"Diam. lamp 23"H. No mark. Condition: metal worn. 50 - 100
194 NO LOT. 0 - 0
195 NO LOT. 0 - 0
196 11 ASSORTED STEINS. N/R. Steins marked: Japan and Germany. One unmarked. One music box stein. Sizes range from 3"H to 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
197 7 CUT GLASS PIECES. N/R. (3) DISHES, (1) CRUET WITH STOPPER, (1) CANDLESTICK, (2) SALT SHAKERS. All unmarked. Condition: good, salt shaker lids dented and tarnished. 30 - 60
198 NO LOT. 0 - 0
199 9 PORCELAIN PIECES. N/R. Vases and other ceramic items. makers include: (3) Hand Painted Nippon (blue mark), (1) Hand Painted Nippon RC mark, (1) MZ Austria mark. Condition: good. 40 - 80
200 5 CUPS & SAUCERS, 5 MUGS. N/R. Five cups and saucers. (1) Royal Albert, (2) Limoges, (2) unmarked. and five mugs. Marked: Elizabethan Fine Bone China England. Condition: good. 25 - 50
201 STEER HEAD SKULL. N/R. Dead steer skull with long horns. Size: 44"W, 119 1/2"H, 15"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
202 COYOTE HEAD WAND. N/R. Native American magical wand topped by Coyote skull. Decorated with beads, feathers, shaft is leather wrapped. No mark. Size: 28"L. Condition: good. 30 - 60
203 JAW BONE WAND. N/R. American Indian crafted jaw bone magic wand, with attached dream catchers, feathers, furn, beads, leather wrapped shaft. No mark. Size: 30"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
204 AMERICAN INDIAN STONE MALLET. N/R. American Indian stone mallet, with fur, beads, magic pouch, bells, leather wrapped shaft. No mark. size: 24 1/2"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
205 NATIVE AMERICAN SPEAR. N/R. Native American spear decorated with dead animal skull, feathers, beads, bells, a magic pouch, shaft is leather wrapped. No mark. size: 34"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
206 NATIVE AMERICAN TURTLE RATTLE. N/R. Native American turtle rattle, created from dead turtle shell, fur, feathers, beads, leather wrapped shaft. No mark. Size: 17"L. Condition: good. 30 - 60
207 NATIVE AMERICAN SPEAR. N/R. Native American spear with feathers, beads, bells, magic pouch, wrapped in leather, with metal tip. No mark. size: 68"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
208 NATIVE AMERICAN FACE PLAQUE. N/R. Wooden face with horns, fur, feathers, beads, multi colored face decoration. suitable for hanging. No mark. Size: 24"H, 10"W. Condition: good. 40 - 80
209 FOUR INDIAN PHOTOS. Each is marked 1899. Reproductions after tinted photos. Susie Shot The Eye, Bear Foot, Broken Arm, James Lone Elk. Size framed: 14" h., 35" w. Condition: minor wear to pictures. 75 - 100
210 ARROWHEAD COLLECTION. Framed collection of American Indian arrowheads.under glass in wooden case. Size: 22 3/4" x 22 3/4". Condition: good., ready for hanging. 400 - 600
211 ARROWHEAD COLLECTION. Framed collection of American Indian arrowheads, under glass in wooden frame. Size: 22 1/2" x 22 1/2". Condition: good. ready for hanging. 500 - 700
212 WOOD CARVING. Carving of tree trunk with five heads and a serpent carved at the base. No mark. size: 35"H. Condition: worn. 40 - 80
213 NO LOT. 0 - 0
214 NATIVE AMERICAN HEADDRESS. Indian feathered bonnet; felt cap base with beaded front band, wreath of radiating large feathers with smaller orange base feathers and small yellow tip feathers, two feather pendant face framing drops on each side. No mark. Size: 13" large feathers. Condition: good, does not show age. 100 - 200
215 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET. Straight sided woven basket with geometric patterns. No mark. Size: 8"Diam., 6"H. Condition: good. 200 - 300
216 NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET. Curved sided coiled woven basket with geometric patterns. No mark. Size: 6"H, 11" diam. at wides point. Condition: damage at top, stain inside bottom through to base. 200 - 300
217 2 NATIVE AMERICAN POTS. (1) Large bowl shaped pot, red decoration with black, geometric and stylized calligraphic markings. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 10"Diam.at top. Condition: large repaired area at the top. (2) Rounded body pot with curved top rim, brown clay with red geometric designs on top half. Marked: red marks at bottom (possible accession marking from some collection). Size: 6"H, 6 1/2"Diam. at widest part. Condition: chip in rim, black staining on surface of pot. 300 - 500
218 ROPE FOR ROPE TWIRLING. special stiff rope for rope twirling tricks. No mark. Size: over 6 yards long. Condition: good. 100 - 200
219 THEATRICAL SPEAR. Renaissance style long spear, shaft decorated with red velvet and fringe. No mark. size: 85"L. Condition: the metal on the top of the spear is weak and likely to break off. 125 - 300
220 WELLER SQUARE PLANTER. N/R. Square shaped, rose tree center decoration, open lattice top border, cream and green with pink flowers. Marked: incised "Weller". Size: 5"H. 7"W. 7"D. Condition: cracks in bottom, flaking of glaze interior bottom, rust spots on interior. 40 - 80
221 ROSEVILLE NORMANDY JARDINIERE. N/R. Roseville "Normandy" pattern (1924) jardiniere, green and yellow ribs, brown band with garland of branches. Marked: faint stamp on bottom (RV). size: 8 3/4"H. 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: chip on lower edge, interior crazing at bottom. 100 - 200
222 3 ART POTTERY VASES. N/R. (1) Roseville "Donatello" pattern (1915) vase. No mark. Size: 12"H. Condition: roughness along top edge, and overall wear. (1) Hull two handled bowl, blue to pink coloration, raised floral decoration. Marked: WW Hull Pty USA 26-12 1/2. Size: 4 3/4"H, 13"L, 6 1/4"W. Conditon: chips on both handles. (1) Royal Copley Pitcher, gloss glaze, dark to light green with yellow flowers. Marked: Royal Copley. Size: 8"H, 6 1/2"W, 4 1/2"D Condition: good. 50 - 100
223 2 ROSEVILLE VASES. N/R. (1) Roseville "Zephyr Lily" pattern (1946) with blue and yellow flowers. Marked: Roseville USA 202-8". Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: chip in base. (1) Roseville "Apple Blossom" pattern (1948) vase. Twig handles, green with white and pink blossoms. Marked: Roseville USA, unreadable numbers. Size: 8 1/4"H. Condition: 1/2" chip out of top rim. 40 - 80
224 HAND BLOWN VASE. N/R. Cream colored hand blown vase with top and bottom brown bands. Center with hand painted floral decoration with rocaille border in shades of brown and green with gilt highlights. Marked: number 27 on bottom. Size: 13"H. Condition: gilt worn, fleabite on top rim. 40 - 80
225 2 ART DECO PLASTER FIGURES. N/R. 2 plaster figures of a topless man and woman, standing among grapes and holding baskets and clusters of grapes, shades of blue, brown and green. Marked: (c) ABCO 1942. Size: Male 18"H. Female 18"H. Condition: Male: minor chips in base, several areas of loss on his back. Female: minor chips in base. 25 - 50
226 SATSUMA STYLE VASE. N/R. Large Satsuma style vase, figural decoration with raised and beaded decoration and gilding. Marked: Made in Japan. Size: 12"H, 4 1/4"Diam. base. 7 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: 4 1/2" long crack on right front of vase, some scratches on surface. 40 - 80
227 2 JAPANESE FIGURES, OCCUPIED JAPAN & OTHER. N/R. Two identical Japanese figurines of 18th c. style European women, one Occupied Japan, one not. (1) Lighter weight, more delicate decoration. Marked: Made in Japan. Size: 11"H. Condition: minor flake on back. (1) Heavier weight, cruder decoration. Marked: Made in Occupied Japan. Size: 11"H. Conditoin: firing crack in neck. 50 - 100
228 8 WEDGWOOD TEA LEAF IRONSTONE PLATES. N/R. Eight ironstone plates with brown lustre decorated center and banded border, marked: Royal Stone China, Wedgwood & Co. England. Size: 7 3/4"Diam. Condition: one badly crazed center, one with slightly crazed center, six good condition. 75 - 150
229 9 TEA LEAF IRONSTONE PIECES. N/R. Tea leaf decorated ironstone platse with brown lustre decorated centers and borders. (6) 9 3/4" Wedgwood plates. Marked: Royal STone China,Wedgwood & Co. England. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: 2 with minor crazing. (2) 9 3/4" Meakin plates. Marked: Royal Ironstone China Alfred Meakin England. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: 1 with chip. 40 - 80
230 TEA LEAF IRONSTONE PLATTER. N/R. Tea leaf ironstone platter with brown luster center decoration and border. Marked: Royal Stone China, Wedgwood & Co. England. Size: 1 1/4"H, 14"L, 10"W. Condition: wear on edge. 30 - 60
231 MARY GREGORY GLASS. N/R. Cranberry glass with clear applied handle. Ribbed body, painted with scene of little girl in landscape. No mark. size: 4 1/4"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: two chips on rim. 20 - 40
232 PAIR MEISSEN CANDLESTICKS. N/R. White porcelain with putti and rocaille column candleholders. One decorated with putti with wheat, one decorated with putti with grapes. Marked: Meissen cross swords mark. Size: 9 1/2"H, 5"Diam. base. Condition: both repaired at the top, one putti with repaired arm, one putti repaired leg. Discoloration at repairs. 40 - 80
233 PAIR PUTTI COMPOTES. N/R. Pair of compotes, two putti with raised cornucopia bowl on rocaille base, white glazed with applied colored flowers and leaves on top. Mark: unknown blue mark on base. Size: 6"H, 7"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: (1) minor chips on flowers. (1) chip on wing, chips on flowers. 25 - 50
234 BISQUE GERMAN CANDELABRA. N/R. Bisque 3 light candelabra with rocaille floral base, putti stem resting on orb. Marked: Orlik Germany. Size: 13"H, 12"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: repair to putti body, repair at base of branch attachment, discoloration at repair, damage to floral decoration. 25 - 50
235 CUT GLASS CONTAINER IN METAL MOUNT. N/R. Cut glass container in metal mount with metal hinged lid on metal ball feet. Glass is straight and cross cut decorated. No mark. size: glass 5"Diam. Metal mout 7" Diam. base, 8"H. Condition: glass minor wear. Metal lid hinge broken. missing elements from base as well. 20 - 40
236 3 BONE CHINA FLOWER GROUPS. N/R. 3 White porcelain flower groupings, roses and leaves in small white bowls. (1) largest group. Marked: Floral Bone China, made in England. Size: 4"H, 6"W, 6"D. Condition: damage and repair to flowers, some leaves chipped. (2,3) Smaller groupings. Marked: Crown Staffordshire, Fine Bone China, Est. 1801, Made in England. Size: 3"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: (2) chips on flowers, (3) Chips on flowers, damaged and repaired flowers. 50 - 0
237 3 PORCELAIN FLOWER PIECES. N/R. (1) Flower group. Marked: Ansley made in England, Hand modelled, fine bone china. Size: 41/2"H, 4"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: several minor chips. (2) Flower logs. marked: Adderley Floral, Bone china, Made in England. Size: 2"H. 4 1/2"L, 1 3/4"W. Condition: each has minor chips on leaves. 25 - 50
238 2 PORCELAIN CHERUBS. N/R. Two polychromed porcelain cherubs on rocaille bases. One figure has butterfly on arm. (size 6 1/4"H). One figure has a quiver and bow (size 5 1/2"H). Each marked with double blue X mark. Condition: butterfly damaged, foot damaged, wing repaired and chipped. Other figure has bow end broken, fingers repaired. 25 - 50
239 HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN VASE. N/R. Tall trumpet shaped vase, pink body, gold and black band decorated base, wide pink rose floral band at top, edged by black edges gold band. Marked: O & E.G. Royal Austria. gold initialed M.N. Size: 11 1/2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. top, 4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 50 - 100
240 CHINOISERRE CACHE POT. N/R. White porcelain cache pot with gilt lion handles and gilt chinese figures and gilt trees. Marked: tent like marking (possibly R.Ginori). Size: 6 1/8"H, 7"Diam. Condition: gilt worn on edges. 50 - 100
241 PAIR LIDDED ITALIAN URNS. N/R. Two white neoclassical lidded ceramic urns. (1) Grape decoration, grape finial on lid. Marked: Italy. Size: 8 1/2"H. Conditin: minor chips on finial. (2) Floral garland decoration, floral finial. Marked: Italy . Size: 8 1/2"H. condition: one handles repaired, chip in base, chips on flowers on finial. 25 - 50
242 ART GLASS VASE. N/R. Iridescent glass vase in imitation of ancient glass. hand blown. marked BJ. Size: 2"H, 3 1/4"Top diam. Condition: broken and repaired piece of top rim. 30 - 60
243 VAL ST. LAMBERT DISH. N/R. Clear and frosted dish, embossed center decoration of fruit. Marked: acid etched VSL and paper label: Val St. Lambert Cristal Belgium Depose. Size: 6"Diam. condition: good. 30 - 60
244 CRYSTAL CENTER BOWL. N/R. Blown glass center bowl, heavy with undulating edge, polished base. No mark. Size: 6"H, 12 1/2"L, 9"d. Condition: bottom scratches, chips along bottom rim. 25 - 50
245 PAIR ROCOCO STYLE CANDLESTICKS. N/R. White porcelain candlesticks with gilt highlighting. Four sided base, rocaille decoration. No marks. Size: 10 1/2"H, 5 x 5"base. Condition: minor roughness around top rim of one, other with major repair to base, some discoloration along repair. 25 - 50
246 2 CARVED WOODEN FIGURES. N/R. (1) The seed sower, hand carved wood. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) The Wine Cellerer ( Monk with keys and stein), hand carved wood. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
247 2 CARVED WOODEN FIGURES. N/R. (1) Postman, carved wooden figure, probably German. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. (1) Pied Piper, carved wooden figure with rats, probably German. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
248 WOODEN BEAR. N/R. Carved wooden bear with fish in its mouth. No mark. Size: 2 1/2"H, 3 3/4"L, 2 1/2"W. Condition: wear on edge of fish. 25 - 50
249 CARVED FIGURE. N/R. Deity holding a staff, pierced carved wood. no mark. Size: 81/2"H. Condition: good. 25 - 50
250 BRASS EAGLE. N/R. Eagle, eating snake, wings spread, perched on rock, on soapstone base. 9 1/2" high, wingspread 12 1/4. Good details. Some rubbing to finish; else good condition. 25 - 50
251 BRASS BIRD ON BASE. N/R. Brass bird (eagle?), upraised wings, perched on ball on circular base. 10 1/2" high, base 4 1/2" diam. Unmarked. 20th century. Good condition. 15 - 30
252 PAIR BRASS CANDLESTICKS.N/R. Pair brass candlesticks in the shape of dragons. 7 1/2" high, dragon body 8" x 7". Unmarked. 20th century. Good condition. 30 - 60
253 PAIR LIDDED GINGER JARS. N/R. Pair ceramic jars, 9 1/2" high with lid, 8" diam. Chinese mark on base. Green ground, yellow around neck and base, stylized flowers and geometric design. Early 20th century. One jar has a small chip to underside of lid. 100 - 200
254 PAIR CHINESE COVERED JARS. N/R. Pair colorful hexagonal covered jars, 10 1/2" high with lids, 6 1/2" diam. Yellow ground, multicolored waterlilies. One lid chipped, cracked. 50 - 100
255 CHINESE COVERED GINGER JAR. N/R. Ceramic jar, 10" high with lid, 8" diam. Green ground, allover design of multicolored winged foo lions, clouds. Yellow top rim, flowers. Early 20th century. Few chips out of design on body. 50 - 100
256 2 CHINESE FLOWER VASES. N/R. 1. Ceramic wall vase, 9" high, 4" wide. Raised gilded geometric design, sketchy scene of boats & trees, Chinese lettering. Early 20th century. gilt wearing off. 2. Soapstone vase, roughly pentagonal, indented rib in centre; 4 1/2" x 4" x 3 1/2". Half-inch hole in side. 25 - 50
257 2 CHINESE CERAMIC FIGURES. N/R. 2 Chinese figures, early 20th century. 1. Figure of mother holding small child. 9 1/2" high. White ground; crudely poainted in blue, black, pink & green. Chip to base; small chip to back of figure. 2. Figure of woman with fan. Light brown allover crackle glaze robe. Rather delicate modeling of face. Some wear to paint, especially on the head. 40 - 80
258 2 CHINESE VASES. N/R. 1. Covered choisonne jar, green ground, white flowers; small bronze dog forms handle. Marked "China." 7" high, 4 1/4" diam. Early 20th century. Lid not removable (glued?), otherwise good condition. 2. White hexagonal ceramic vase, 9" high, 4" diam. Picture of elderly Chinese gentleman in a garden, and Chinese calligraphy. Late 19th century. Several chips. 25 - 50
259 PAIR FOOTED CERAMIC DISHES. N/r. 2 Chinese ceramic sweetmeat dishes, scalloped rim; approx. 2 1/2" high, 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". Inside green, outside white ground, multicolored floral design. Each dish has a blob of sealing wax on base, impressed with Chinese characters. Late 19th century. Interior color worn; one dish has several hairline cracks, the other has chips to the foot. 25 - 50
260 PAIR CERAMIC FLOWER HOLDERS. N/R. Pair blue & white rectangular flower holders, 5 1/4" high, 4 1/2" x 2 1/4". Design of puppy playing with a ball of yarn, surrounded by flowers & Greek key pattern around edges. Both holders chipped. 25 - 50
261 NO LOT. 0 - 0
262 3 CHINESE BLUE & WHITE BOWLS. N/R. 1. White ceramic bowl, blue painted abstract design. 3" high, 5 3/4" diam. Red circular stamp on side. Late 19th century. Good condition. 2. White ceramic bowl, blue painted abstract design. 2 3/4" high, 5 7/8" diam. Late 19th century. Good condition. 3. Blue & white footed bowl, 2 1/4 high, 5 1/2" diam. Square geometric mark on base. Few small chips to rim; foot chipped. 30 - 60
263 CHINESE CERAMIC DISH. N/R. White porcelain dish, with hanger; allover crackle glaze; raised bronze-tone decoration of dragon and clouds. 13" diam. Early 20th century. 6" hairline crack in centre. 25 - 50
264 CHINESE CERAMIC CHARGER. N/R. Porcelain charger, 2 3/4" high, 17 7/8" diam. White ground, multicolored scene of 5 men in a garden, engaged in various activities. Florals around the outside . 20th century. Good condition. 50 - 100
265 3 CHINESE CERAMIC BOWLS. N/R. 1. Light brown ceramic footed fruit bowl, blue stylized floral design, allover crackle glaze. 4" high, 9 5/8" diam. Some wear to inside glaze. Early 20th century. Some wear to glaze of inside, and remains of red circular stamp. 2. Small footed fruit bowl, beige ground, blue floral decoration. 3 1/4" high, 9" diam. Early 20th century. Red circular stamp on base. 3. Off-white footed fruit bowl, allover crackle glaze. Blue design around outside. Chinese characters and red circular stamp on base. Early 20th century. Few chips; crack to rim; interior stained. 50 - 100
266 15 PCS. MISC. PORCELAIN. N/R. 1. Porcelain basket, unmarked. White ground, roses and foliage; gold handle; pearlescent interior. 4" high, 4 3/4 x 4 1/2". Good condition. 2. Cup and saucer, unmarked, white with gold trim, flowers and foliage on one side of cup. Good condition. 3. Cup and saucer, marked "Rosina bone china, Made in England, Purchased at Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop, London." Old Curiosity Shop pictured on saucer and inside cup. 20th century. Good condition. 4. Cup and saucer, Oriental design of figures in a garden. Marked "Timor, K.G., Luneville France." 1/2" chip to cup. 5. Demitasse cup and saucer, marked "Fine Bone China, Crown, Staffordshire, England." Birds and flowers, gold edges and cup handle. Good condition. 6. 6 salt dishes, 1 1/2" diam., gold rim. Marked "O. & E.G., Royal, Austria." All good condition. 40 - 80
267 8 CERAMIC BIRD FIGURES. N/R. Eight painted ceramic bird figures, 20th century. 1. Eagle on log, on base. 5 3/4" high, base 4" x 3". Good condition. 2. Long-tailed yellow bird on standing log. 61/2" high, base 2 3/4" diam. Good condition. 3. Stork standing in reeds, supported by log. Marked "Made in Czechoslovakia." 8 1/4" high, base 3 1/4" x 2 1/2". Open hollow back for small plant. 4. Cockatoo, perched on log with 4 openings for flowers. Marked "Germany." 8 1/2" high, base 3 1/4" x 2 3/4". Paint rubbed around flower holes; two small paint chips off bird's chest. 5. Yellow, blue & rust-brown bird, on log with 4 holes for flowers. Marked "Made in Czechoslovakia." 5 1/2" high, 2 1/2" x 2 1/4" at base. Repaired in two places. 6. Small brown bird perched on white & green base, 5 1/2" high, base 2" x 2 1/2". 4 holes for flowers. Mark on bottom no longer readable. Good condition. 7. Small green & yellow bird on green base, 6 holes for flowers. 3" high, base 2 3/4" diam. No mark. Few chips afound holes; tail has been broken off and repaired. 8. Blue & yellow bird on fallen log, 2 holes for flowers. 2 3/4" high, 5" long, 4" wide. Marked "Made in Czechoslovakia." Bird's tail broken off. 25 - 50
268 5 PCS. GLASSWARE. N/R. 1. Pair ruby flashed covered footed jars. 8 1/2" high with lid, 3" diam. Clear glass foot and lid. Marked with paper label "Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby" "Lancaster Ohio U.S.A." Good condition. 2. Pressed glass cream pitcher, panels of hexagon design, 6-pointed star on base; ruby-flashed shield on side, flanked by enamel flowers, displaying "Mary 1920." 4 1/4" high, 4 1/2" from handle to spout, 3" diam. on base. Good condition. 3. Drinking glass, ruby flashed, pressed diamond pattern; "Miss Vina Downs 1893" engraved around top. Good condition. 4. Miniature vase, clear glass, ruby flashed shield, enamel floral, gold scalloped rim. 2 1/2" high, 2" diam. Enamel wearing off, else good condition. 30 - 60
269 5 AMBERINA PRESSED PIECES. N/R. (1) Amberina pressed glass basket with applied handles. No mark. Size: 9"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor chips on bottom rim. (4) Amberina pressed glass footed goblets, shading yellow to red at top. No mark. Size: 6 1/4"H, 4 1/4D. Condition: good. 30 - 60
270 METAL FIGURES. N/R. 1. Duck, wings spread, landing on base. 5 1/2" high, 6" long, 7" wide. Gold-painted tail and under wings. Some rubbing to paint. 2. Pair iron oxen, wooden yoke. Oxen each 3 1/2" high, 4 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide. Yoke 5" long. Paint rubbed. 3. Ring-necked pheasant, wings spread, landing on base. 6 1/2" high, 9 1/2" long, 7" wide. Paper label marked "Created and made by Dodge Inc., Los Angeles, Newark, Miami." Good condition. 4. Gold-painted eagle on wood base, ring in mouth. 8" high with base, wingspread 6". Paint slightly rubbed. 5. 3 brass gold-painted incense burners in shape of camels on carpet-form base, hinged lids are rider figures. All slightly different, each approx. 4" x 3" x 2". One marked "Syria." 20th century. Good condition. 30 - 60
271 NIPPON LANDSCAPE VASE. N/R. Six sided classical form vase with squared gilt handles, central hand painted landscape scene, top and bottom decorated with pink diamond pattern panels with gilt borders, raised gilt and blue beaded decoration. Marked: Hand Painted Nippon (green mark). Size: 14 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 5 1/4"D. Condition: gilt worn, 1/2 in chip and repair at base. 50 - 100
272 CHEESE DOME AND BASE. Ceramic cheese dome and base, shaped like wedge of cheese, cream colored with fictive fringed gilt napkin on top of lid. No mark. Size: 8"H. 11 x 12 x 11" triangular base. Condition: base with crack and repaired section, one small chip. Lid with crazing, 2" crack and one small chip in rim, some flaking in one corner. 25 - 50
273 BLACK CEERAMIC PORTRAIT BUST. N/R. Portrait bust of 17th c. style man with flowing hair, done in the manner of Wedgwood black basalt. Mark: felt glued to base, unable to see any marks. Size: 12"H, 8"W, 6"D. Condition: damage to the nose at two places, damage to face. 100 - 200
274 3 GAUDY WELSH TULIP PIECES. N/R. (1,2) Miniature pitcher and bowl set. No mark. Size: pitcher 3"H. Condition: chip on spout, 1 crack near handle. Bowl 4 3/8"Diam. Condition: 2 minor chips on rim. (1) saucer. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. Conditoin: spider crack in center bottom, 2 minor chips on rim. All with 3 blue lobed pyramidal panels, ragged edge tulips in yellow outlined in orange, green and russel leaves, russet stems. 100 - 200
275 1909 CALENDAR PLATE. N/R. 1909 plate from Donahoe's in Pittsburgh. Cat decal in center, brown transfer calendar months with floral borders. Stamped on front: Compliments of Donaeoe's(sic) 6276 & 6278 Frankstown Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. Marked on back: America China Co. USA, Toronto Can. Size: 9 1/4"Diam. Condition: crazing on front and back. 50 - 100
276 6 CHINESE PORCELAIN PIECES. N/R. (2) 19TH C. Chinese export cups and saucers, segmented floral decoration in pink, blue and green. No mark. size: cup 2 3/4"H, saucers 5 3/4"Diam. condition: cups: both with cracks. Saucers, one good, one with long crack and repair. (2) Leaf decorated dishes, incised and gilt decoration. NO mark. Size: 1 3/8"H, 7"L, 5 1/2"W. Condition: good. 30 - 60
277 ROYAL DOULTON "TEATIME". N/R. "Teatime" figurine of elderly woman with teapot and cup of tea. Marked: Royal Doulton HN.255 (c) 1966. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
278 DAPHIN PORCELAIN DOCTOR. N/R. Spanish porcelain figure of doctor with stethescope. Marked: Daphin (?) Made in Spain. Size: 13 1/2"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
279 DAPHIN PORCELAIN NURSE. N/R. Spanish porcelain figure of nurse holding a baby. Marked: Daphin (?) Made in Spain. Size: 13"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
280 3 HEREND ANIMALS. N/R. (1) Group of two ducks. Marked Herend Hungary Hand Painted ,incised 5063. Size: 2 3/4"H, 4"L, 3 1/3"W. (1) Turtle, Marked: Herend Hungary Hand Painted, incised 15702. Size: 1 1/2"H, 4"L, 2 1/4"W. (1) Fish with tail in air. Marked: Herend Hungary Hand Painted, incised 15291. Size: 3 1/4"H, 3"W, 3"D. All animals have typical Herend patterning with additional gold, blue, brown and black painted highlights. Condition: all good. 50 - 100
281 LLADRO GIRL WITH CANDLE. N/R. Lladro figurine of girl with candle. Marked: Lladro Handmade in Spain (incised) CPM A-E. Size: 81/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
282 LLADRO GIRL W. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. N/R. Lladro porcelain figurine of girl with musical instrument. Marked: Lladro Handmade in Spain. Size: 8 1/4"H. Condition: head was broken and reglued. 25 - 50
283 ROSENTHAL FIGURINE. N/R. Rosenthal girl reading to animals. Marked: Rosenthal Germany Kunstabteilung Selb Hand gemalt V. Size: 4"H, 3"W. 4"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
284 3 WEDGWOOD PINK JASPERWARE PIECES. N/R. (1) Miniature classical urn shape with frieze of classical figures and leaf garland frieze on base. Marked: Wedgwood (r) made in England P. size: 3 3/8"H. Condition: good. (1) Ring dish, outer laurel gardland border, four interior classical scenes. Marked: same as above. Size: 2"H, 3"Diam. Conditoin: good. (1) Lidded diamond shaped box, center decoration on lid of 3 classical figures, border of laurel garland. Marked: Same as above. Size: 1 3/8"H, 4"L, 3"W. Condition: good. 40 - 80
285 2 DOOR KNOCKERS. N/R. (1) Classical lion face with outer ring knocker, gilt/silver finish. No mark. Size: 8"Diam. 2 1/2"Deep. Condition: good. (1) Green patinated bronze finish, classical head with crown of leaves in the manner of Augustus St. Gaudens. No mark. Size: 6"H, 5"W, 2"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
286 ART NOUVEAU STYLE FRAME. N/R. Assymetrical design of woman with flowers around a 5 3/4"x 4 1/8"window, dark bronze color, swivel back center leg for support. No mark. Size: 11"H, 8 1/2"W. Condition: reproduction. Good condition. 25 - 50
287 2 REN. STYLE METAL FRAMES. N/R. Two reproduction Renaissance style metal frames. Designed with putti, mythological animals and torches, swing leg in back. (1) Brass finish with Harrison Fisher reproduction print under glass. (1) Brown patina finish, window empty. Size: 12 1/2"H, 9 1/2"W. at base. Window 5 1/2"H, 3 3/4"W. Condition: good, brown patina frame missing glass. 40 - 80
288 PORCUPINE QUILL BOX. N/R. Porcupine quill box with sliding top, wooden box with small circular inserts of bone or ivory, decorative band of porcupine quills. Marked: writing on back "E..." unreadable. Size: 2"H, 8 3/8"L, 4"W. Condition: corner section of quills missing (3/4" on one side, 1 1/2" on the other side), several quills missing from top, several round inserts missing. 200 - 400
289 BLUE ORIENTAL-STYLE VASE. N/R. Vase, 10" high, 4 1/2" diam., 3 1/4" at opening. Dark blue drip glaze onb teal body, applied metal leaf decoration, band of metal overlay near base. Metal applique worn, roughness at top edge, hairline crack. Unmarked. 25 - 50
290 2 BIRD VASES. N/R. (1) Opaque white glass with decaled blue breasted bird decoration. No mark. size: 8"H. Condition: good. (1) Opaque white glass with decaled red breasted bird decoration. No mark. size: 8:H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
291 3 PIECE ENGLISH CERAMIC SET. N/R. Three pieces all marked Empire England 4 B 51 1180 England.Each with decaled center medallion of classical scene. (1)Oval pedestal center bow, tassel and scroll gilt handles, overall gilt leaf pattern background. Size: 5"H, 9"W, 6"D. Condition: good. (2,3) Two covered urns on pedestals, tassel and scroll gilt handles, overall gilt leaf pattern background. Size: 11 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: one lid broken and repaired. 30 - 60
292 9 CUPS AND SAUCERS. N/R. Includes pieces by: Crown Staffordshire, Goedewaagen Gouda-Holland, Spode Copeland Italian pattern Wedgewood Ice Rose pattern, RW Bavaria, Foley Bone china England, Royal Doulton Tumbling Leaves pattern, Tuscan Bone China "Scorpio" pattern. Condition: one with crack. 30 - 60
293 BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN VASE. N/R. Blue and white decorated porcelain vase,with woman riding a stag, with blue top and bottom borders. No mark. Size: 12 3/8"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
294 CENTENNIAL LADY LIBERTY ARM VASE. N/R. Frosted glass vase representing the arm of Statue of Liberty displayed at the Centennial in Philadelphia in 1876. Marked: Centennial 1876 in raised letters in front. Size: 7"H. Condition: 5 chips in top rim, several chips in base. 30 - 60
295 2 ARM GASLIGHTS, 1 WALL BRACKET. (2) Lady Liberty Gas lights, perhaps based on the arm of the Statue of Liberty exhibited in Philadelphia for the Centennial of 1876. One arm holding gas fixture with round wall mount. No mark. Size: 12"l. Condition: wear to metal. One arm light fixture without the large round wall mount attachment. Size; 9"L. Condition: metal worn and pitted on both. (1) Scoll wall bracket for gas fixture. Size: 8"L. Metal worn and pitted. 50 - 100
296 EGYPTIAN REVIVAL CONTAINER. N/R. Metal container, wood lined, lift off lid, black and gold Egyptian hieroglyphic decoration, sphinx top. No mark.Size: 6 1/2"H, 7 1/4"W, 4"D. Condition: good. 30 - 60
297 2 WOODEN DESK PIECES. N/R. Two medieval style wooden desk pieces. (1) Wooden round topped box, metal hardware, key lock, interior divider. No mark. Size: 6 1/4"H, 9"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: stains and discoloration to wood and metal. (1) Wooden top folder with matching hardware. No mark. Size: 11 1/2"W, 8"L. 1/2"D. Condition: stains and discoloration to metal, spine weak and torn. 40 - 80
298 2 SPANISH SHIP MODELS. N/R. Two ship models of 1780 Spanish Frigates. (1) 16"H. 20"L. 6"D. (1) 13 1/2"H. 17"L 6"D. Each marked: Fragate Espanola ano 1780. Condition: minor damage to stringing. Need cleaning. sold as is. 40 - 80
299 MODEL SHIP BOOKENDS. N/R. Two bookends forming one ship. Marked: Japan. Size: left bookend: 9"H, 7"L, 3 1/2"D. Right bookend: 8 1/2"H. 6"L. 3 1/2"D. Condition: front sail stem broken. Some cleaning needed. 20 - 40
300 ASSORTED TEACUPS & SAUCERS N/R. Lot includes seven china teacups and saucers. Only two are matching. Condition: no chips. 10 - 20
301 ROSE MEDALLION TUREEN & PLATE. N/R. Covered Rose Medallion tureen and underplate. 12 1/2" long, with handles; 7" wide, 3 1/2" deep without lid. Underplate 11 3/4" x 8 1/2". Marked "Cathay - Hong Kong." 20th century. Good condition. 100 - 200
302 ROSE MEDALLION OVAL PLATTER. N/R. Oval platter, 13 1/2" x 11". Marked "Made in China." early 20th century. good condition. 75 - 150
303 ROSE MEDALLION ROUND PLATTER. N/R. Round rose Medallion platter, 13" d. Marked "Made in China." 20th century. One "fleabite" chip to edge, otherwise good condition. 75 - 150
304 ROSE MEDALLION VASE. N/R. Tall Rose Medallion vase, 13 3/4" high, 5" d. Marked "Made in China." Gold and orange applied decorations at neck. Small chip at base, otherwise good condition. 75 - 150
305 6 ROSE MEDALLION PLATES. N/R. 6 plates, 9 1/2" d, marked "China." Late 19th century. One lightly chipped on underside; 5 have slight roughness at edge. 60 - 120
306 6 ROSE MEDALLION BOWLS. N/R. 6 small shallow Rose Medallion bowls, 6" d. Stamped "China." Late 19th century. One has 1/4" chip in paint on the edge. 40 - 80
307 ROSE MEDALLION PLATTER. N/R. Large platter, 14 3/4" x 11 3/4". Stanped "Made in China." Early 20th century. Good condition. 35 - 70
308 4 ROSE MEDALLION PLATES. N/R. 1. 1 plate, 9 3/4" d. Unmarked; mid-19th century. Good condition. 2. 3 plates, 8 1/2" d. Unmarked; mid-19th century. 1 good; 3 have small chips to edge. 40 - 80
309 ROSE MEDALLION CUPS & SAUCERS. N/R. 23 pcs., cups and saucers. 10 cups, 6 marked "China" (late 19th century), 2 marked "Made in China" (early 20th century), 2 unmarked, but probably early 20th century. 10 saucers marked "Made in China," 2 marked "China," and one unmarked (probably late 19th century). Chip to underside rim of one saucer; 5 cups have slight roughness to edge. 70 - 140
310 6 ROSE MEDALLION PLATES. N/R. 6 plates, 8 1/2" d. Marked "Made in China." Early 20th century. All good condition. 60 - 120
311 ROSE MEDALLION BOUILLON SET. N/R. 6 saucers, 4 1/8" d, 7 two-handled cups, 5 spoons. Cups and spoons marked "Made in China"; early 20th century. 2 saucers have small chips to edge; 3 cups have slight roughness to edge; spoons good. 35 - 70
312 3 ROSE MEDALLION PIECES. N/R. 1. Small bowl, 4 3/4" diam., 2" deep. Marked "Made in China"; early 20th century. "Fleabite" chip on rim. 2. 2 small oval platters, 10 3/8" x 7 1/2". Stamped "Made in China." Early 20th century. Both good condition. 30 - 60
313 3 ROSE MEDALLION PIECES. N/R. 1. Candlestick, 8" h, 4 1/2" wide at base, top 2 1/8 d. Unmarked. Mid-19th century. Chips out of base and top rim. 2. Cream pitcher, 3 1/2" h, 2 3/4" d. Unmarked, mid-19th century. Slight rubbing to paint at rim. 3. Small sauce boat, 7 1/2" long including handle, 3" w at handle, 1 3/4" deep. Marked "China"; late 19th century. 2 small chips to rim. 30 - 60
314 11 ROSE MEDALLION PLATES. N/R. 1. 3 scalloped-edge plates, 7 1/4 d. Unmarked, but probably early 20th century. 2 have slight roughness to edge. 2. 8 plates, 6 1/4" d. Marked"Made in China"; early 20th century. Design of flowers, butterflies and birds; no figures. One has small chip to underside edge. 15 - 30
315 20 PCS. CHINESE PORCELAIN. N/r. 4 Rose Medallion saucers, 5 1/2" d, marked "Made in China"; 6 Rose medallion spoons, marked "Made in China." Early 20th century. 4 porcelain rice bowls, 4 1/2" d, 2 1/4" deep; one orange, one green, one yellow, one gold, with dragon design; 6 spoons. All late 20th century. One bowl has small chip to base. 20 - 40
316 PORCELAIN SWEETMEAT DISHES. N/R. 6 Japanese sweetmeat dishes, approx. 3" x 5", roughly triangular but each slightly varied in shape. One chipped at edge. 10 - 20
317 7 LACQUER GOBLETS. N/R. 7 stemmed goblets, black lacquer, gold floral decoration, gold interiors.Marked "Made in Japan." Few scratches inside cups, else good condition. 10 - 20
318 CHINESE PORCELAIN DISH. N/R. Chinese porcelain covered casserole. 10" d, 2 3/4" deep without lid. Marked "China." Late 19th century. White with scenes and figures. Dish good, lid repaired. 20 - 40
319 PORCELAIN JARDINIERE. N/R. 10" high, 12" diam. Exterior painted black, with multicolored ducks and waterlilies; interior white ground, carp swimming among greenery. Gourd vase mark. Good condition. 50 - 100
320 PORCELAIN JARDINIERE. N/R. 11 1/2" high, 14" diam. Outside decorated with multicolored florals, and scene of Japanese gentleman seated at table, surrounded by servants. Interior shows carp swimming among greenery. Unmarked. Good condition. 50 - 100
321 HONC PATTERN PLATE. N/R. Plate with Chinese landscape design, lustre finish. Marked: Petrus Regouta Co. Maastricht , Honc, Made in Holland. (incised) 1 1/2. Size: 8"Diam. condition: good. 25 - 50
323 PORCELAIN COW CREAMER. N/R. Brown colored porcelain cow with fine detail such as porcelain utters. No mark. Size: 5"H, 7"W, 2"D. Condition: chip and fleabites on rim of center opening. 30 - 60
324 USA PATRIOTIC PLATE. N/R. Transfer-printed plate, 10" diam. "United States of America," with eagle holding red white & blue shield and motto "E pluribus unum." Green & yellow geometric design around rim. Marked "Frank Beardmore & Co., Fenton" and "National emblems." Design worn. 25 - 50
325 6 PLATES, MUSICAL THEMES. N/R. 6 plates, 8 5/8" diam., each showing a different piece of sheet music, with humorous painted scenes. Music shown from "Lucie de Lammermoor," "Les Noces de Jeannette," La Muette de Portica." "Le Barbier de Seville," "Faust," and "Guillaume Tell." All marked "Sujets Musicaux" "Terre de Fer France" and intertwined initials C & M. All plates good condition. 40 - 80
326 5 BLUE & WHITE PLATES. N/R. 1. 2 plates showing scenes of American history. 9" diam. One is marked "No. 1" and shows Faneuil Hall in the centre, other scenes around the edge. The other, marked "No. 10," has "Battle of New Orleans" in the centre. Both marked "Ye Olde Historical Pottery" and "Staffordshire England." No. 1 has a crack through the edge. 2. Imitation Chinese scene, floral design around the rim. Marked "Arabia" and "Made in Finland." 3. Farm scene, horse-drawn hay wagon. 7 3/4" diam. Marked "O & E.G." and "Royal Austria." Good condition. 4. Scene of man walking past rusric house, snow-capped mountains in background. Marked "J.S. Meakin" "Hanley England" "semiporcelain." 50 - 100
327 3 COLORED GLASS CONTAINERS. N/R. (1) Green glass windmill lidded container, hand painted colored and gilt decoration, metal sails and metal closure for windmill shape. No mark. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. (1) Blown glass green vase with hand painted enamel floral decoration, fluted edge. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: good, minor wear to decoration. (1) Blue and white trumpet vase. No mark. Size; 6 1/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
328 19TH C PHOTOS IN CASES. N/R. (1) Case with 2 female photos. Size:image 2 x 21/2" Case $ 1/2X3". Case good. (1) Case with 2 feamel photos. Size: 3 3/4" x 3" Closed. Condition: case cracked. 50 - 100
329 3 19TH C CASES & 3 PHOTOS. N/R. (1) Empty Union Case. marked: Littlefield Parsons & Co. Pat.1857. Case good. (1) Male and female portrait in one leather case. Conditon: case worn. (1) Male portrait in leather case. Condition: case worn. 75 - 150
330 1 AMBROTYPE 4 TINTYPES IN FRAMES. N/R. (1) Ambrotype of woman 2 x 2 1/2" . In cracked case. (4) Tintypes. 2 male portraits, 2 female portraits. 2 cases good, 2 cases broken spines. Range of sizes: largest 4 1/4 x 3" smallest 2 1.2 x 2 3/4". 75 - 150
331 4 AMBROTYPES IN CASES. M/R. Images include (1) man, (1) woman, (1) mother and child, (1) young man. Images 2 1/2 x 3". In leather cases. Condition: all cases have broken spines. 150 - 300
332 CHAMPION CALF KILLING PHOTO. Photo of Con Yeager Co. Sausage Room Supplies Pittsburgh, Pa. Champion Calf Killing at Pittsburgh Pa. October 13, 1892. Size: 10 1/2"H, 14"W. Condition: old and worn. 100 - 200
333 PITTSBURGH STOREFRONT PHOTO. Photo of workers before storefront. Size: photo 9" x 7 1/2" frame 16" x 14". Condition: photo old and stained, frame loses to decoration. 100 - 200
334 PANORAMIC VIEW OF PITTSBURGH. sepia photograph of Pittsburgh C. 1930-1940s. Marked: W.W,. Berudy photographer. Size: 10"H, 43 1/2"W. Condition: shrink wrapped, with cracks and tears., missing corner. 50 - 100
335 GROUP OF OLD PHOTOS AND POSTCARDS. 11 Photos and postcards of old Pittsburgh. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
336 SOUVENIR OF PGH & ALLEG. CITY. Souvenir of Pittsburgh and Allegheny City. Fold out photos. Size: 6"H, 5"W in closed format. condition: old and worn. 86 - 150
337 NORTH SIDE MAIL CARRIERS. Photo of Pittsburgh mail carriers dated Sept. 24, 1924. Contition: photo stained, mat stained, frame separating. 50 - 100
338 PITTSBURGH & ALLEGHENY. tipped in reproduction photographic view of the Pittsburgh area. Size: 11 1/2" X 9 1/2". Condition: old and worn. 100 - 200
339 CRAIG. HISTORY OF PITTSBURGH. Craig, Neville B. The History of Pittsburgh... Pittsburgh, 1851. 312 pp, 2 foldout maps. 3/4 leather on marbled boards. Front inner hinge repaired; break between pp 180 & 181; newspaper clippings pasted in to back endpapers; head and lower 1/3 of spine missing. 100 - 200
340 REGISTER FOR IRISH RELIEF FUND. Ledger, folio; register for the Irish Relief Fund, Fair & Bazar, Exposition Buildings, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . February 3-10, 1917. "For the Benefit of Suffering Ireland." 37 pages of signatures, rest of the pages blank. Leather binding rotting away from boards. 100 - 200
341 HISTORY OF ALLEGHENY CO., PA. History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, with Illustrations. 1753-1876. L. H. Everts & Co., 1876. Tall 4to, 242 pp. 84 plates present. Inner hinges cracked; front pages through p. 22 loose, also pp. 237-242 and back endpapers, and pp. 129-132. Few pages frayed at edges. 150 - 300
342 PORCELAIN WASHBASIN. N/R. Large porcelain washbasin, marked "Adams." 5 3/4" high, 16 1/4" diam. Stylized disign around edge and in centre; 3 portrait heads in medallions around centre. Good condition. 40 - 80
343 PATRIOTIC QUILT TOP. N/R. Hand made red, white and blue quilt top in geometric design. Size: 68" x 85". Condition: three large tears in the quilt top, minor stains. 40 - 80
344 DOLL QUILT TOP. N/R. Doll quilt top of square multi pattern patches sewn together, no batting or quilting. Size: 23" x 19". Condition: stains of back. 20 - 40
347 62 PCS. PLATED SILVERWARE. N/R 1. 12 dinner forks, marked "National Double Tested Silverplate." 2. 12 teaspoons, marked as no. 1. 3. 12 butter spreaders, marked as no. 1. 4. 12 soup spoons, marked "King Edward Silverplate." 5. 12 dessert forkes, marked as no. 4. 6. 2 pickle forks, marked as no. 4. Small amount of wear to forks; mostly good condition. 35 - 70
348 15 CHRISTMAS GLASSES. N/R. 15 footed glasses with acid etched "Partridge in a Pear Tree" decoration. No mark. Purchased from the Horchow Collection catalogue. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: Good.` 30 - 60
349 4 PRESSED GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) covered compote. (1) Banana boat, diamond and fan decoration. (1) Pitcher, floral pattern. (1) tray, comet-like pattern. Condition:all good. 20 - 40
350 WATERFORD & OTHER CUT GLASS. N/R. (1) Waterford covered jar, diamond and leaf cutting, lid with faceted knob. Marked: Waterford on jar, lid no mark. Size: 6"H, 5"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Stoppered bottle with metal cover over stopper and metal rim on bottle. Diamond cut decoration on glass. Stopper top with 2 lovers and cupid. No marks. Size: 7"H. 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear to base, interior glass stained at bottom area. 75 - 150
351 4 BLOWN GLASS VASES. N/R. (1) Pink blown mold pitcher with metal rim and handle, diaper pattern mold. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: metal tarnished, might have had lid. (1) Blown confetti glass rose bowl, pink, yellow, white on clear ground. No mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Mold blown cased yellow and white vase, fluted edge, beaded rib shape. No mark. size: 5 1/8"H. Condition: good. (1) Pale blue mold blown vase with ribbed body, undulating fluted top edge. Marked: impressed "5". Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
352 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT PIECES. N/R. (1) 14 " plate, ground bottom, raised rim. Cat. 2900/166. acid etched decoration. No mark. Size: 14"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Four footed bowl, flared. Cat. #3400/4. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
353 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT PIECES.(3) n/R. (1) Four footed bowl, oblong, Cat. 3400/160. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 12"L. 10"W. Condition: good. (2) Two light candlesticks. Cat. #647. No mark. Size: 6"H, 8"W, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: one candlestick has chip in lower rim. 150 - 300
354 4 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT PIECES. N/R. (1,2) Salt and pepper shakers with chrome top. Cat. 3900/1177. No mark. size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: glass good, chrome has some pitting. (2) Two handled footed bonbon dishes. No mark. Size: 2 1/2"H, 5 3/4"L. 4 3.4"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
355 8 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT TUMBLERS. N/R. 8 Ten oz. footed tumblers, acid etched decoration. Cat. #3121. Produced by Cambridge Glass Co. Cambridge, Ohio. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
356 8 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT SHERBERTS. N/R. 8 Six oz. low sherberts. Cat. No. 3121. No mark. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
357 8 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT COCKTAILS. N/R. 8 Three oz. cocktail glasses. Cat. 3121. No mark. Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
358 27 PINK DEPRESSION PIECES. N/R. Includes: 6 cups, 10 saucers, 6 plates 8 1/2"Diam., 5 plates 6"Diam. Condition: good. plates with ground bottoms. 50 - 100
359 9 PINK DEPRESSION PIECES. N/R. Includes: (2) candlesticks. Condition: top rims rough. (2) salt and pepper shakers. Condition: good. (2) low handled creamers. Condition: good. (1) oval handled tray with central floral decoration.Condition: good. (1) handled center bowl with central floral decoration. Condition: chips in rim.. (1) footed center bowl with swirled, ribbed decoration: Conditoin: good. 40 - 80
360 12 PINK DEPRESSION PIECES. N/R. (4) Glasses (1) mayonaise with underplate (1) Covered syrup (1) Creamer and sugar ( marked Heisey) (4) ribbed bowls. Condition: all good. 40 - 80
361 2 PCS. CARAMEL SLAG GLASSWARE. N/R. 1. Milk pitcher, scalloped top, tree trunk handle, Dutch scenes. 6 1/2" high, 6" from handle to spout, 3 3/4" across. 2. Basket, rooster lid, Imperial Glass mark. 7 3/4" high with lid, 7 1/2" x 6". Pierced basketweave rim. Both pieces 20th century, good condition. 50 - 100
362 2 DUTCH SCENE CERAMICS. N/R. (1) Small mug with hand painted Dutch scene signed A. Murphy. marked on bottom: Victory Carlsbad Austria. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Tile with Dutch children, marked: on back: T.B.I. 7468 Germany. IN iron footed trivet stand. Size of tile 6"x 6". Trivet stand 1"H. Condition: chips on the corners of the tile. 30 - 60
363 PAIR PORCELAIN FIGURES. N/R. Pair white porcelain figures, blue clothes, marked "Bavaria" and "Made in Western Germany." One figure is a boy with dog, 6" high, base 2 1/2" diam.; the other is a boy playing a violin to a squirrel, 5" high, oval base 3 1/2" x 2 3/8". Both good condition. 25 - 50
364 SET NIPPON FRUIT DISHES. N/R. Porcelain fruit bowl & 6 small dishes, white with yellow rim, pink & yellow roses. Bowl 2 1/2" high, 9 3/4" x 9 3/8", pierced handles; dishes 1 1/8" high, 5 1/4" diam. All marked "Hand Painted Nippon", "M" in a wreath. All good condition. 65 - 130
365 8 PIECES VICTORIAN WASH SET. N/R. Blue transferware decorated floral set. Marked: New Jersy China Pottery Co. ( waste bowl marked: Dresden Semi Porcelain.) Set includes: Wash pitcher 11 1/2"H. Condition: crazing. Wash bowl 15"Diam. 5"H. Condition: crazing. Covered chamber pot. 6 1/2"H. Condition: lid broken & repaired. Small pitcher . 7"H. Condition: chip on rim. Covered soap dish. 3 1/2"H. Condition: chip on bottom rim. Mug. 3 1/2"H. Condition: crazing. Vase. 4 3/4"H. Conditoin: crazing. Waste bowl. 4 3/4"H. Condition: crazing. 200 - 400
366 4 PCS. EUROPEAN PORCELAIN. N/R. 1. Pitcher, white, transfer-printed grape clusters and leaves in red and green. Pearlescent peach glaze at top. 7 1/2" high, 6" diam. at base. Marked "Germany." Late 19th century. Good condition. 2. Scalloped-edge bowl, transfer-printed red and yellow roses, pearlescent glaze to rim in purple, brown and yellow. Marked "W", "Germany." 2" high, 9" diam. 19th century. Good condition. 3. Bowl, 3" high, 10 1/2" diam. Transfer-printed roses and lilies-of-the-valley. Marked "Made in Germany." early 20th century. Good condition. 4. Dish, transfer-rinted roses, gold rim. 10 1/2" diam; one side slightly lengthened to provide a thumb-hold. Marked "Sevres" with fleur-de-lis. Small chip and hairline crack under rim. 35 - 70
367 14 EASTER EGGS. N/R. (1) Victorian blown milk glass egg. Size: 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. (1) Victorian blown milk glass egg w painted decoration. "Easter Greetings". Size: 4 "L. Condition: good. (1) Victorian blown milk glass egg with painted decoration: "Easter". Size: 3"L. Condition: good. (1) Victorian blown milk glass egg. Size: 2 1/2"L. Condition: good. (4) marble eggs various colors. Size: 2 1/2"L. Condition: good. (3) Hand painted pasanki "Ukranian Easter eggs". Size: 2 1/4"L. (1) Plastic egg. 3 1/4"L. Condition: minor scratches. (2) Noritake bone China Japan eggs. marked: Easter 1973. Size: 3"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
368 12 HAND PAINTED NIPPON PIECES. N/R. (1)Master nut dish. Three footed, scalloped edge, hand painted flowers and gilt decoration. (11) small nut dishes, identical in decoration to master nut dish. All marked: Hand Painted Nippon with blue rising sun mark. Size: master nut dish: 2 5/8"H, 6"Diam. small nut dishes: 1 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Conditin: all good. 30 - 60
369 PORCELAIN CUPS & SAUCERS. N/R. Porcelain cups and saucers. 15 pieces. 1. 3 sets gold-colored decmitasse cups & saucers, 1 extra saucer. Marked "Hutschenreuther Sala Bavaria"; stamped "Stouffer's Encrusted Gold." All good condition. 2. Demitasse cup and saucer, banded pale yellow and gold-decorated old rose. Marked "Cauldon China England." Good condition. 3. Demitasse cup and saucer; pearlized white ground, roses; gold edge, 3 gold feet on cup. Unmarked. Good condition. 4. Demitasse cup and saucer, red transfer printed design; late 19th century. Saucer chipped. 5. Cup and saucer, pink, raised pink and gold floral decoration on cup. Unmarked. Good condition. 35 - 70
370 3 PIECE ART NOUVEAU DESK SET. N/R. Set includes: inkwell with amber glass insert, roller blotter, and four corner desk pad. Decorated with flowers and interlace decoration. Brass finish. Inkwell marked: K & Co Sizes: inkwell 2"H, 6 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: good. roller blotter 4"W, 2"D, 2"H. four corner desk pad: 12" x 18". condition: all metal good (paper on desk pad old. 50 - 100
371 COPPER LIDDED POT & UNDERPLATE. N/R. Heavy copper pot with lid and underplate. No mark. Copper pot. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. 4"H. 5"Handle. Lid. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. Underplate. Size: 6 1/2"diam. Conditoin: all w. wear. corrosion on interior of pot. 25 - 50
372 LOT OF BELLS. N/R. Includes: 5 hand bells (2 figural), 1 cow bell, one jingle bell, 2 hanging groups of bells. Size: range from 1 3/4"H, to 7"H. Condition: signs of wear. 25 - 50
373 SMALL BRASS PEDESTAL TABLE. raised on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. 25 - 50
374 2 BRASS PAILS.. N/R. 1. Helmet-shaped footed pail, porcelain handles (coal scuttle?). Pail 10 1/2" high. Bail handle attached to sides with lion heads. Finish worn. 2. Pitcher-shaped footed pail, 13 3/4" high. Porcelain handle and lion heads match No. 1. Finish worn. 35 - 70
375 5 PCS. METALWARE. N/R. 1. Griswold kettle, wood handle. Spout chipped. 2. Large enamel coffee pot, 13" high with lid; bail handle. Marked "Savory Sterling Enameled Nickled Steel Ware" "Newark N.J." Good condition. 3. Brass jug, 6 1/2" high; copper band. Surface worn. 4. Footed brass pail, 8" high. Finish worn. 5. Fireplace coal scuttle, 12" high. Good condition. 50 - 100
376 CAST METAL SUN DIAL. N/R. Partially painted white. "the sunny hours are mine" 10 - 20
377 SUN DIAL. Concrete baluster base with cast metal sun dial. 20 - 40
378 BRASS MORTAR & PESTLE. N/R. Mortar 4 1/2" high, 4 1/2" diam. Both pieces good condition. 25 - 50
379 2 METAL TRAYS. N/R. (1)Silver on copper round tray, engraved copper body, silver grape edging and handles. Marked: Sheffield silver on copper Reproduction. Size: 15 5/8"Diam. Condition:Minor wear. (1) Brass tray, rectangular hammered surface with two handles. marked: Russian marks. Size: 1/2"H, 22 1/2"L, 13 3/4"W. Condition: one corner bent, minor pitting and wear. 40 - 0
380 ITEM OF SHIP'S MECHANISM. N/R. Glass-topped brass nautical item, possibly ship's speed indicator. Marked "CL Chadburns." 6 5/8" high, dial 10 1/2" diam. 550 - 700
381 TOLE PAINTED TRAY. N/R. Large oval tole painted tray, green ground with gilt edge and gilt scalloped border, center medallion of various flowers. No mark. Size: 24 1/2"L, 19 1/2"W, 1 1/2"H. Condition: scratches on edge. Comes with wall hanger. 40 - 80
382 2 METALWARE ITEMS. N/R. 1. Pewter lidded stein, 11" high. Small hole in base; finish worn. 2. Metal decorative piece for hanging, representing the goddess Athena. Black finish. 15 3/4" high. Good condition. 40 - 80
383 BRITISH STYLE SWORD. N/R. Sword blade marked with Crown RA mongoram. Hand guard decorated wtih Tudor roses and heraldic emblems. Hand grip with bound wire decoration. Size: 37 3/8"L. Condition: corrosion to blade. 100 - 200
384 SWORD. N/R. Sword with ribbed blade, handguard with Tudor Rose and heraldic emblem, wire and black leather bound grip. Marked: on blade with Hallmarks: Kings Head with crown and Knight's Helmet above W K & C. Size: 37"L. Condition: minor rust and corrosion. 100 - 200
385 DAGGER & SHEATH. N/R. Metal knife with 7 1/4" blade, leather bound grip with rivets and metal finial. No marks. Sheath of leather,with belt loop, stitched and repaired, incised with Iron cross design on back.Size: 13 1/2"L. Condition: worn and repaired sheath. Knife tarnished. 50 - 100
386 FANTASY SWORD. N/R. Blade decorated with five rondels on each side featuring different animals. Hand guard and handle decorated with dragons with red glass eyes, and finial with red glass jewels.. Blade marked: Stainless Steel China. Size: 37"L. 7 3/4"W above handle. Condition: good. 40 - 80
387 SILVERPLATE TEA SET. N/R. Teapot, coffee pot, creamer and lidded sugar all marked: Leonard Silverplate. Tray marked: unknown hallmarks. (1) Footed teapot, 8"H. (1) Footed coffee pot, 10"H, (1) Footed creamer, 4 1/4"H (1) Footed sugar bowl, 4 1/4"H. (1) Round rococo style tray with 3 feet and engraved decoration. 15"Diam. Condition: all with tarnish and signs of wear. 40 - 80
388 5 SILVERPLATED TRAYS. N/R, 1. 2 silverplated trays, 14 3/4" square.Scalloped edge, stylized floral engraving. Marked "Joanne" "Webster Wilcox" "International Silver Co. 7228" Surface scratched. 2. Round silverplated tray, 14 1/4" diam. Continuous teardrop design around edge. Surface scratched. 3. Round silverplated tray, 14 3/4" diam., scalloped edge, stylized floral engraving. Some scratching. 4. Round tray, 14 1/4" diam., 1 1/2" pierced gallery around edge. Stylized floral decoration. Finish scratched. 45 - 90
389 2 VINTAGE APPLIANCES. N/R. (1) Manning Bowman electric Hand mixer. Condition: wear. (1) Polar Cub Hair Dryer. copyright 1923 in original box. Condition: Box has some damage. All electrical appliances sold as is. 50 - 100
390 9 ANRI CHRISTMAS PLATES. N/R. Christmas plates featuring German Christmas traditions. Marked: Anri Italy. Some also marked: Schmid Bros. Inc. Each plate 12"Diam. Christmas 1974 #3561 Christmas 1975 #3043 Christmas 1976 # 2480 Christmas 1977 #1279/6000 Christmas 1978 #3670/6000 Christmas 1979 #1453/6000 Christmas 1980 #1392/6000 Christmas 1981 #572/6000 Christmas 1982 #360/6000 Condition: all good. 40 - 80
391 9 HUMMEL ANNUAL PLATES. N/R. Hummel annual collectors plates. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good condition in original boxes.. Collection includes: 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979. 75 - 150
392 10 HUMMEL ANNUAL PLATES. N/R. Ten annual Hummel collectors plates from the 1980s. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good in original boxes. Set includes: 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989. 100 - 200
393 6 HUMMEL ANNUAL PLATES. Six annual collectors plates by Hummel from the 1990s. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: all good in original boxes. Set includes: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 19194, 1995. 40 - 80
394 BICENTENNIAL & OTHER PIECES. N/R. (1) Fostoria 1976 Bicentennial plate. One Nation under God. oval glass plate with luster finish. in box. Marked: Fostoria 1976. Size: 10"L, 8"W. Conditoin: good. (1) Brass trivet, marked: Spread Eagle CR 1952 Metalcrafter HB. Size: 4"W, 7 1/4"L. Conditoin: good. (1) Porcelain Eagle with spread wings. marked: 1776-1976. Liberty Bell Loga ABP. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6"W, 1"D. 30 - 60
395 4 ROYAL DOULTON HAHN VIDAL PLATES. N/R. Four Royal Doulton Hahn Vidal collectors plates with decaled decoration. Size: 10 1/2"H. Each with original box and papers. (1) 1975 "Spring Harmony" 11685/15,000 (1) 1976 "Dreaming Lotus" 13218/15,000 (1) 1977 "From the Poet's Garden. " 9181/15,000 (1) 1978 "Country Bouquet". 3880/15,000 50 - 100
396 WATER PITCHER & BASIN. Blue transferware pitcher and basin, floral pattern. marked: Porcelain Royal, Pitcairn Limited, Tunstall England, Osborne. Pitcher 10 1/2"H. Condition: good. Bowl. 5"H, 15 1/2"Diam. Condition: bowl crazed and stained. 100 - 200
397 SILVERTONE PHONOGRAPH. In a quarter sawn oak case. Condition: case professionly refinished. 200 - 400
398 EDISON AMBEROLA PLAYER. Edison Amberola player for cylinders. crank wound. In oak case. Marked: Edison Amberola Pat. March 11 1913. Size: 16"W, 12 1/4"D, 12 1/4"H (closed) . Condition: case good, sold as is. 400 - 800
399 BRASS AND COBALT PORCELAIN LIDDED URN Modern Oriental porcelain urn with bronze lid, handles and base. Condition: no defects. 100 - 200
400 2 WOOD RULERS. N/R. 1. Steel-tipped wooden ruler, unusual numbering (for dressmaking?). Marked "The Lufkin Rule Co." "Saginaw, MIch. U.S.A." Good condition. 2. 6-foot ruler, 3" wide; brass edges. Marked "The Murray Black Co. Springfield Ohio." Good condition. 25 - 50
401 EBONIZED TEA CART. N\R. Painted black with parcel gilt rings. Size: 29"h x 28"w x 19"d. 80 - 160
402 COLONIALL STYLE DINING ROOM SUITE. N/R. Cherry wood. 9 Pieces include china cupboard with rope twist collumns, buffet with rope twist collumns, gate leg drop leaf table with rope twist legs, and six ladder back chairs with rush seats. Size: 36"h x 62"w x 21"d. Condition: like new, minor scratches. 400 - 800
403 FINE GEORGIAN STYLE BEDROOM SUITE. N/R. Made by Georgetown Galleries. Four piece suite includes full size bed, tall chest, dresser with glove boxes and pivoting mirror and nightstand. Condition: nice deep original finish. 800 - 1,600
404 HEPPLEWHITE STYKE CHEST OF DRAWERS. N/R. Has been antiqued green. Size: 48"h x 32"w x 18"d. 25 - 50
405 SPINNET DESK. N/R. Lift front folds back to expose secretaries gallery. Size: 33"h x 40"w x 20"d. 30 - 60
406 GOERGIAN STYLE MAHOGANY SECRETARY. N/R. Bookcase top has doors with applied fretwork and has a broken swan neck pediment. Slant front desk base has serpentine drawers raised on ball and claw feet. Size: 84"h x 36"w x 21"d. Condition: beautiful deep old finish, minor scratches. 450 - 700
407 COLONIAL STYLE HUTCH. N/R. Painted green with oak accents. Cabinet lights up. Size: 80"h x 52"w x 18"d. Condition: like new 50 - 100
408 REPRODUCTION TAVERN BENCH. N/R. Splayd turned legs connected by stretchers. Stained cherry. Size: 18"h x 25"w x 16"d. 10 - 20
409 SQUARE PARLOR TABLE. N/R. 2 tiered square table with turned splayed legs. 50 - 100
410 REPRODUCTION TAVERN TABLE. N/R. Circular top with splayed turned legs connected by stretchers. Stained cherry. Size: 27"h x 27"dia. 20 - 40
411 CABINET GRAND PIANO. N/R. Made in Pittsburgh by Lechner and Schoenburger. Size: 55"h x 60"w x 27"d. 50 - 100
412 EBONIZED PARLOR TABLE. N/R. Serpentine form painted black, and legs have been cut down. 10 - 20
413 PLATFORM ROCKER. N/R. Birchh frame with leopard upholstery. 10 - 20
414 RECENT CHEVAL MIRROR. N/R. Oval mirror pivots in freestanding frame. Stained mahogany. Size: 58"h. 15 - 30
415 MAPLE CANOPY BED. N/R. Comes with dust ruffle and sheer white fabric canopy. Size: 72"h x 58"w x 81"d. 150 - 300
417 SPINNING WHEEL. N/R. Size: 58"h x 63"w. 100 - 200
421 OAK LIFT TOP TABLE. N/R. 35 - 70
422 OAK STUDENT CHAIR. N/R. 5 - 10
423 OVAL BRASS AND GLASS COFFEE TABLE. N/R. With cloven hoof feet. Size: 16"h x 51"w x 26"d. 40 - 80
424 BRASS FLOOR LAMP. N/R. 5 - 10
426 PINE TEA TABLE. N/R. Raised on tapering square legs. Has scalloped apron and two candle slides. Condition: table top gallery side boards are loose and coming off. 25 - 50
427 BRASS LAMP. N/R. square base, four dolphin supports for engaged columns stem, four branch candleholders under silk shade, 2 lights, thistle finial. No mark. Size: 37"H. Conditoin: wear to metal. 40 - 80
428 BRASS CANDLESTICK LAMP. N/R. Brass candlestick lamp, silk shade, no mark. Size: 32"H. Condition: brass tarnished, shade dirty. 25 - 50
429 OAK CHINA CABINAT. N/R. 250 - 500
430 PINE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. N/R. Body stained blue. Size: 69"h x 48"w x 26"d. 40 - 80
432 TREADLE SINGER SEWING MACHINE. N/R. Size: 31"h x 36"w x 17"d. 10 - 20
433 TREADLE SINGER SEWING MACHINE. N/R. Size: 31"h x 36"w x 17"d. 10 - 20
434 THE NEW AMERICAN SEWING MACHINE. N/R. Size: 39"h x 29"w x 16"d. 20 - 40
435 BRASS PLATED HAT RACK. N/R. Missing spheres. 5 - 10
437 ANTIQUE PIE SAFE. N/R. Oak and pine case with pierced tin panels. Condition: case in coming apart, shelves are dropping. 100 - 200
438 OAK DROPLEAF DINING TABLE. N/R. Has two oval dropleaves and six legs to support leaves ( no leaves included). Size: 29"h x 42"w x 26"d. 125 - 250
439 2 CHAIRS. N/R. Includes an old wooden rocker painted white, and a wrought iron outdoor chair which is recent. 5 - 10
440 WICKER PORCH SWING. N/R. Two seater with Art Deco diamond back rest. Painted green. Size: 74"w. 25 - 50
441 LEADED GLASS CABINET. N/R. Condition: was built in, so it is missing the left side and trim. Size: 36"h x 37"w x 12"d. 75 - 150
442 SHERATON STYLE SIDEBOARD. N/R. Mahogany with serpentine front. Raised on reeded cylindrical legs. Size: 34"h x 65"w x 22"d. 200 - 400
443 WALNUT VICTORIAN PARLOR TABLE. N/R Size: 60"h x 24"w x 16"d. 125 - 250
444 ORNATE CAST IRON BED. N/R. Full size, painted. Size: 64"h x 55"w x 80"d. 20 - 40
445 CARVED AND INLAID MUSIC CABINET. N/R. Back splash has applied carving, pair of doors with crackle glass conceal a gallery of cubby holes. Lower door has a carved face mask and line inlay. Size: 48"h x 22"w x 16"d. 125 - 250
446 OAK DROPLEAF KITCHEN TABLE. N/R. Size: 29"h x 40"w x 29"d. 50 - 100
447 CENTENNIAL OAK TAVERN BENCH. N/R. Having splayed barley twist legs connected by well worn stretchers. Seat has breadboard ends. 200 - 350
448 2 WOODEN CONTAINERS. N/R. (1) Shaker style round box with metal handle, wooden lid. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. 7"H. Conditoin: worn. (1) Lidded wooden bucket with lid. wooden handle. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"H, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: worn. 0 - 50
449 2 WOODEN LIDDED BUCKETS. N/R. (1) Wooden bucket, wooden lid, wooden handle. Marked on bottom: J>B>Furguson 3 1/2. Size: 11 1/2"H, 11 1/2"Diam. condition: worn. (1) Wooden bucket, wooden lid, wooden handle. Marked with paper label: Stephens & Widlar Strictly Pure Spices Cleveland: Borneo Ginger. Size: 12"H, 12"Diam. Condition: paper label badly worn. 100 - 200
451 JADITE HAMILTON BEACH JUICER. N/R. Hamilton Beach juice extractor, jadite green enameled metal base. Marked: Arnold Model Extractor, Hamilton Beach, Racine Wisc. Size: 22"H. condition: old and worn. 50 - 100
452 JADITE OSTER MILKSHAKE MAKER. N/R. Jadite green enameled base on Oster milkshake machine. three stainless steel containers. Marked: John Oster Mfg.Co. Model 21 Q. Size: 12 1/2"H with container. Condition: old and worn. 50 - 100
453 TWO TOLE LAMPS. N/R. One floor lamp, one pole lamp. Both painted white with gilt decoration. 10 - 20
454 VICTORIAN PARLOR SET 1875 C. American, walnut and veneers with turned and carved frame, cameo back settee and side chair, upholstered seats, backs and arms. Condition: new upholstery, refinished and missing the crest decoration on the settee. Size: 35" H, 69" W, 24" D (settee). 800 - 1,200
455 2 CHAIRS. 1. Library-style oak swivel chair, slat back, open arms. 33 1/2" H x 20 1/2" W x 18 1/2" D. 2. Wood side chair, spool back, wicker seat. 32 1/2" H x 17" W x 15 1/2" D. Veneer chipped. 30 - 60
457 DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE. In William & Mary style case. Size: 30"h x 35"w x 18"d. 35 - 70
458 ANGLO-INDIAN ETAGERE. Mirrored back with fretwork. Condition: left to right crack through the top. Size: 72"h x 30"w x 15"d. 400 - 600
459 KINDEL DOUBLE DRESSER WITH MIRROR. N/R. Mahogany. Georgian style. Having pierced brasses, raised on bracket feet. Condition: brasses are off but they are there. 200 - 400
460 ANGLO-INDIAN DRESSER. 19th century. Solid mahogany. It has three mirrors, and drawers. Size: 68"h., 23 1/2"w., 48"d. Condition: the finial at the top of the mirror is broken and missing. 400 - 600
461 PAIR OF MATCHING TABLE LAMPS N/R. Lamps have a ceramic green leaf and purple flower design on the stem with a brass base. They come with white pleated shades. Size of each; 15 1/4" h. x 4" w. Size of shades: 5.5" h. x 6 1/8" d. 25 - 50
462 VICT BAMBOO SHELVING. Burnt bamboo with ball finials. Size: 46" h., 19" w., 9" deep. 60 - 120
463 CHILD'S ROLL TOP DESK. N/R. Oak. Pressed design tambour roll top. Size: 30" h., 21" w., 14" deep. Condition: interior writing surface is broken out. 100 - 200
464 CLOISSONNE VASE. N/R. Cloissonne vase with lion decoration. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. 0 - 50
465 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP PARLOR TABLE. 19th century. Walnut. Inset white marble top with lions heads on the frieze, supported by central turned spindle and four supports with spade decoration. Size: 30"H, 32" W, 23" D. Condition: has been professionally refinished, missing on applied square decoration from top of toe. 500 - 800
466 PAIR GILDED WALL SHELVES. N/R. Pair of gilded ceramic wall shelves, 10" high; shelf 8 1/2" x 4 1/4". Both chipped. 25 - 50
467 67 PCS. FRANCISCAN WARE. Desert Rose pattern. Includes 8 serving pieces, 12 dinner plates, 12 cups (1 chipped, 1 cracked), 12 saucers, 11 fruit bowls, 8 bread and butter plates, 4 luncheon plates, (1 chipped). 200 - 400
468 GEORGIAN STYLE TALL CHEST. N/R. Mahogany with fluted sides and raised on ogee bracket feet. 100 - 200
469 OAK BOOKCASE. N/R. Oak bookcase with 2glass doors, glass sides, 3 shelves, key lock. Size: 60"H, 33 1/2"W, 15"D. Conditon: signs of wear. 100 - 200
470 SAXAPHONE. N/R. saxaphone by Bundy Selmer co. , coated metal. with case. condition: minor wear and use. 40 - 80
471 BRASS LAMP. Brass columnar lamp on brass-toned steel base. 31 1/2" H with shade, base 7" D. 25 - 50
472 LAMP WITH RUBY GLASS INSERT. N/R. Lamp with ruby glass insert in base, hand painted with flowers. Size: 21"H, condition: paint is worn, sold as is. 40 - 80
473 LOUIS XVI PARQUETRY BED Dore classical mounts, on headboard and footboard, both inlayed with trelis design and festoons and ribbons. Size: 58" H, 62" W. Condition: feet missing brass caps,some wooden end elements missing. 250 - 500
474 GRANDFATHER CLOCK CASE. N/R. 19th century. Cherry case, pine secondary wood. Arched bonnet has two turned columns flanking a painted wooden face (carnation pattern). Size: 85" H, 21" W, 12" D. Condition: no clock works, no pendulum, no weights, missing the bonnet door and trim, base trim is added, glass door panel is a replacement. 75 - 150
475 VENITIAN OCTAGONAL MIRROR 1940 C. Cut, engraved, layered and beveled glass set on wood mounting. Condition: desilvering, pin caps missing, three joint covers off. Size: 44" H, 34" W 4" D. 500 - 1,000
476 VICTORIAN PIER MIRROR. N/R. Walnut. Victorian pier mirror with carved lower corner deccoration of demilune bases, curved pediment with center gilded shell decoration. Size: 118"H, 33"W, 5"D. Conditon: missing lower right decoration, top left and right decoration, center cartouche has some damage. 200 - 400
477 REVERSE PAINTED CLOCK. N/R. Reverse painted clock, broken pediment top with finial, floral and bee hive painted clock face, double window opening, reverse painted classical architecture scene and fruit and flower still life. Case veneered and ebonized wood. Interior marked: Hopkins & Alfred, Harwinton, Con . 19th c. Condition: pendulum missing, wear to reverse painting, replacement finial, sold as is. 500 - 1,000
479 MAHOGANY COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA. In desk shaped cabinet. Raised on paw feet. Size: 32" h., 46" w., 29" deep. Condition: minor scratches to top. 1,000 - 1,800
480 HENREDON CAMELBACK SOFA. Mahogany. Raised on marlborough legs with rope twist carving. Customized down pillows conform to the shape of the back. Size: h. 36", w. 84", d. 27". Condition: sturdy frame, upholstery in need of cleaning. 1,000 - 1,600
481 CHINESE CELADON LAMP. N/R. Retailed by Ethan Allen, probably made by Stiffel as that is on the shade. Replica of an antique oil lamp, of course modified (electric) for todays living. Baluster shaped ceramic body in celadon color. Size: 31" H, 14" diameter. Condition: brass finish worn off in some places. 35 - 70
482 THREE PANEL DRESSING SCREEN. N/R. Floral decorations. Condition: Broken through on back. 40 - 80
484 OAK MISSION ROCKER. N/R. Five slat back. 75 - 150
485 MIDDLE EASTERN VESSEL. N/R. Made of metal rivited strips. 25 - 50
487 ASIAN FLOOR SCREEN. N/R. Recent, four panel, folding. 60 - 120
492 SEWING STAND. 8 - 15
493 PAIR OF WASSILY STYLE CHAIRS. Originally designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925 for Wassily Kandinsky for his quarters at Pessau Bauhaus. Tubular steel frame. 75 - 150
494 METAL 6 BRANCH CHANDELIER. N/R. Six branch double light metal chandelier with rococo style decoration. Size: 26"H. Condition: loose metal parts, metal finish worn, some candle covers damaged. 50 - 100
495 STAINED GLASS WINDOW. N/R. 250 - 500
496 2 PIECE ST. GLASS WINDOW. N/R. Geometric and fleur de lis pattern stained glass window, shades of green, in wooden framework. Size: 32" x 32" each panel. Condition: wooden framework loose on each piece. 100 - 200
498 OAK S ROLL TOP DESK. N/R. Panelled on all sides, gallery having numerous drawers and cubbies. Condition: nice old finish, scraped where chair hits knee hole base. 400 - 800
499 MISSION LIBRARY TABLE. N/R. Quarter sawn oak with one apron drawer and lower stretcher shelf. Condition: needs to be refinished. 100 - 200
500 HYDROSTONE PUEBLO TABLE. N/R. Hydrostone pedastal base with beveled glass top. 15 - 30
501 GERMAN CAS HAND SERVER. N/R. Curvalinear front and curved glass. Size: largest piece - 69"h x 79"w x 22"d. 100 - 200
502 ART DECO DINING SUITE. N/R. 9 pieces, includes a curved glass buffet, china cabinet, 6 chairs, and table. Condition: mirror on door is broken and missing. 400 - 800
504 DOLL CRADLE AND CHAIR. N/R. Rocking cradle hand made of cherry. 20 - 40
505 VINTAGE MEDICINE CABINET. N/R. Made of pine wood, stained walnut. 25 - 50
506 ROYAL RACER SLED. N/R. 10 - 15
507 OUTDOOR TABLE AND CHAIRS. N/R. Made of black wrought iron 6 pieces includes table, unbrella. and four arm chairs. 20 - 40
508 WICKER PLANTER. N/R. In white paint with tole liner. Condition: has two breaks. 35 - 70
509 ORNATE HALL TREE. N/R. Turn of the century. Base contains four griffin heads and feet. Size: 71"h. 100 - 200
510 CAST FROG FOUNTAIN. N/R. cast composition fountain with three frog center, mechanical pump for water, on metal base. Size: 22"H, 28"Diam. top. Condition: some wear. sold as is. 50 - 100
511 WICKER END TABLE AND STOOL. N/R. Both painted white. 15 - 30
513 VINTAGE KITCHEN CABINET. N/R. In white paint. Size: 71"h x 30"w x 13"d. 25 - 50
514 GEORGIAN STYLE SECRETARY. N/R. Applied fretwork doors with broken swan neck pediment above. Slant front desk base has serpentine drawers raised on ball and claw feet. Size: 78"h x 30"w x 16"d. 350 - 550
516 2 OHIO STATE SEALS. N/R. Two painted Ohio state seals on metal with chains for hanging. Size: 19"Diam. Condition: both with rust, and losses to surface. Bent metal. 40 - 80
517 OLD PHOTO IN CONVEX FRAME. 1920s? Tinted photo of a black woman. Size: 19" h., 12" w. Condition: large chunk missing from the frame top. 10 - 15
518 TWO PAINTED TILE PICTURES. 20th c. Transfer printed decoration on ceramic tiles. Each tile is composed of three separate tiles over which is printed images of Turkish-like people. Size: 19 1/2" h., 7 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 15 - 25
519 PAIR OF ORNATE PICTURE FRAMES. Honey colored wood with raised gold decoration and fold painted molding with worn red velvet insert. Size: 14" h., 17" w. (25" x 28") and 22" h., 18" w. (32" x 28"). Condition: scuffs and scratches; bad mitering on the gold frame. 20 - 40
521 CHINESE PORCELAIN TABLE LAMP. N/R. Porcelain cylindrical vase with yellow field and blossom and vase decorations, set in metal base and cap with silk bell shaped shade with fringe, no marks. Sie: porcelain vasee 17"H, 8"Diam. Lamp: 31"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: metal worn, shade old and stained. 250 - 500
522 1920'S DRESSER. N/R. Size: 37"h x 50"w x 21"d. Condition: missing the mirror. 25 - 50
523 2 ROUND GLASS-TOPPED TABLES. N/R. 2 tables, round glass tops 20" diam., on steel X=frames, 4 legs, 15 3/4" high. 1 table top chipped. 75 - 100
524 PAIR ROUND GLASS-TOPPED TABLES. N/R. Pair glass-topped round tables, steel X-frames, 4 legs. 15 3/4" high, tops 20" diam. Small chip under one table top. 75 - 150
525 2 ROUND GLASS-TOPPED TABLES. N/R. 2 small round glass-topped tables, on steel X-frames. 15 1/2" high, 19 3/4" diam. Good condition. 75 - 150
526 CHROME AND GLASS END TABLE. 20th century. Circular glass top on chrome base. Size: 21.25" H, 18.5" diam. 40 - 80
527 2 SQUARE GLASS-TOPPED TABLES. N/R. 2 glass-topped tables, 24" square tops, 4 metal legs; 20" high. Corner chipped on one. 150 - 300
528 ROUND GLASS-TOPPED TABLE. N/R. Round glass-topped table on steel X-frame, 4 legs. 20" high, 30" diam. Good condition. 50 - 100
529 ROUND GLASS-TOPPED TABLE. N/R. Round glass-topped table on steel X-frame, 4 legs. 16" high, 36" diam. Good condition. 100 - 200
530 ROUND GLASS-TOP TABLE. N/R. Round glass-top table on steel X-frame, 4 legs. 20 1/2" high, top 30" diam. Good condition. 100 - 200
531 ROUND GLASS-TOP TABLE. N/R. Round glass-top table, 4 crossed steel legs. 21 1/2" high, top 30" diam. Good condition. 100 - 200
532 20 GALLON CROCK. N/R. 5 - 10
533 CAST IRON BELL ON POLE. N/R. 40 - 80
535 OAK TRAY TABLES. N/R 2 - 4
536 VICTORIAN PORTRAIT FRAME. N/R. Oak frame holding a button collection. 30 - 60
537 ERECTOR SET. N/R. Boxed erector set, with instruction booklet. Marked :The A. C. Gilbert Company New Haven Connecticut U.S.A." "Copyright 1938." Pieces worn; may be some missing. 100 - 200
538 VIEW MASTER & 47 REELS. N/R. View master in original box with 47 reels in original sleeves, some with text inserts. Marked: Sawyers View Master, Portalnd, Ore. (with patent numbers). Size: viemaster 3 3/4"H, 4 1/4"W. 3"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
539 2 METAL JEEPS. N/R. (1) Army jeep and driver, windshield flips up. marked: stamped "Made in Japan". size: 3 3/4"H, 8"L, 3 1/2"W. Condition: minor wear to paint. (1) Jeep with spare tire. Marked: stamped "JAPAN". Size: 3"H, 8 1/2"L. 3 1/2"W. Condition: minor wear to paint. 40 - 80
540 DOLL DRESSED AS NUN. N/R. 19 1/2" tall doll, composition head, arms, & legs, cloth body. Marked "Rosebud." Movable eyes, no hair. Black nun's habit & veil, white wimple; leather belt, rosary with crucifix. Head floppy, else good condition. 100 - 200
541 PORCELAIN & COMPOSITION DOLL. N/R. 30" doll, porcelain head, composition body; jointed composition arms, legs, wrists. Movable eyes, profuse blonde curls. Marked "C.M. Bergmann" "Simon & Halbig" "13 1/2." Lace dress, green coat, bead earrings. Good condition. 100 - 200
542 PORCELAIN & KID DOLL. N/R. 24" doll, porcelain head, chest, & forearms; cloth body; kid lower legs. Open eyes, blonde hair; lacy petticoat, blue dotted dress, blue velvet hat with feather & rosebuds. Marked "698" (?) and "12." Some restoration on dress. 150 - 300
543 FRENCH DOLL. N/R. 23" tall doll, porcelain head, composition body, arms & legs. Marked "Unis France." Open eyes, red curls. Dressed in late 19th century underclothes, lace dress with pink flowers, purple sash; lace covered hat with purple feather. Dress moderately soiled. 100 - 200
544 SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL. N/R. Shirley Temple doll, 20" long. Compositiom head, body, arms & legs. Blonde curls, movable eyes. Yellow dress. Ca. 1930's. Marked "Shirley Temple" "Ideal N & T Co." Head somewhat floppy; eyes cracked, yellowed. 100 - 200
545 CLOTH DOLL, PAINTED HEAD. N/R. All cloth doll, 27", painted head and face. Knitted underwear, blue flowered dress. Painted face worn. 75 - 150
546 TOY CHIMP & CRAWLING DOLL. N/R. 1. Furry chimp toy, 11 1/2". Cloth face, hands, feet. Tag marked "Master Toys of Distinction St. Paul 1, Minn." "Made in Germany." Stuffing apparently deteriorated; appearance still good. 2. Crawling doll, 13". Composition & metal body, battery compartment. Wearing hooded jumpsuit. As is. 50 - 100
547 3-FACE BABY DOLL. N/R. Baby doll, 18 1/2", porcelain head & hands, cloth body. Head has 3 faces: sleeping, crying, smiling. White lace-edged gown & bonnet. Good condition. 150 - 300
548 2 DOLLS, OM STANDS. N/R. 1. Porcelain head doll, 14"; kid hands, cloth body. Brown ringlets, open eyes. Marked "E.H. Germany." Pink dress. Leather of right hand deteriorating. 2. 14" doll, porcelain head and forearms, kid body, cloth lower legs. Movable eyes, blonde curls. Unreadable mark. Brown taffeta dress, wooden bead necklace. 150 - 300
549 2 DOLLS. N/R. 1. 14" tall doll, on stand. Porcelain head and hands, kid body, arms & legs. Marked "Floradora." Movable eyes, blonde hair. Wig loose. 2. Baby doll, 11 1/2". Porcelain head, composition hands, cloth body. Movable eyes, no hair. White gown & bonnet. Marked "A.M. Germany." Hands cracked. 150 - 300
550 PORCELAIN HEAD DOLL. N/R. 28" doll, marked "BRU.JNE." on stand. Porcelain head, forearms, lower legs; kid body. Open eyes, brown hair. Lavender silk dress, purple leather shoes, bead necklace & earrings. Good condition. 150 - 300
551 ASSORTED PIPES N/R. Lot includes six pipes; a pipe case; a tobacco tamper and miscellaneous pipe parts. 25 - 50
552 ASSORTED PENS N/R. Lot includes five fountain pens and one ball point pen. 5 - 10
553 ASSORTED PENS N/R. Lot includes four fountain pens; three ball point pens and one boxed Sheaffer fountain pen. Also, one silver Inco Triplex lighter. 5 - 10
554 1939 WORLD'S FAIR GUIDE BOOK N/R. Official guide book to the 1939 World's Fair in New York. Condition: good. 10 - 20
555 VELVETEEN BOX N/R. Red velveteen box with a bronze bas relief of a boy and dog on front. Condition: velveteen is worn; interior fabric is stained. 20 - 40
556 TAMBORINE N/R. Woood tamborine has a painted on scene of a woman gathering corn. Condition: some signs of age; but good overall. 10 - 20
557 ASSORTED FANS N/R. Lot includes nine hand held fans. Five are paper depicting places of interest; one is paper depicting flamingos and flowers with a metal frame; one is black plastic and paper with a Chinese motif; one is black plastic and paper with a nymph and butterfly scene; one is a cream colored plastic and fabric fan. Condition: good overall; fabric fan is torn. 25 - 50
558 CARDBOARD JACK-O-LANTERN N/R. Halloween pumpkin is constructed of corrugated cardboard with a paper face. Condition: worn ares on the face and rim. 5 - 15
559 METAL CLOCK BOX N/R. The metal box opens to reveal a white face clock inside. The lid has an enmalled scene of a man and woman. Dimensions: 3" l., 3" w., 1 1/4" d. Condition: clock key is missing; face is discolored and has chips around the edges; metal is discolored. 50 - 75
560 KAISER METAL BELL N/R. Bell has band of German writing and is dedicated to St. Peter. 25 - 40
561 CRYSTAL PLACE CARD HOLDERS N/R. Lot includes ten cameo cut crystal place card holders. Dimensions: 1 1/4" l., 1 5/8" w., 5/8" d. Condition: minor chips in two. 25 - 50
562 FOUR ENAMEL BOXES N/R. Lot includes four boxes with painted on scenes and sayings. Three are marked "Bilston and Battersea Enamels; Made in England". Condition: good. 25 - 50
563 ASSORTED PIG STATUES N/R. Lot includes twenty pig statues in ceramic, wood and glass. 10 - 20
564 ASSORTED BOXES N/R. Lot includes two silver boxes; one glass with a silver lid; one pietra dora box; one yellow and white glass box; one purple marbleized box; one green and white enamel box; one Herend vase and one Lladro basket of flowers. Condition: yellow box has a crack on top; pietra dora has a chipped corner. 10 - 20
565 ASSORTED PAPERWEIGHTS N/R. Lot includes eleven paperweights: three engraved glass; two with scenes; three with infused glass; two lucite with infused coins and dollar bills and one with infused clock works. Condition: good overall. 25 - 50
566 MINIATURE BRIC-A-BRAC N/R. Lot includes ceramic, glass, and wood animals vases, pitchers, cups, and thimbles. Condition: good. 10 - 20
567 ASSORTED STONE ITEMS N/R. Lot includes one geode; a pair of geode bookends; two carved agate dishes; Indian turquoise bracelets made into copper coasters and one jeweled, beaded, and enamel perfume flask. 25 - 50
568 TWO COMPOTES & A CAT. Lot includes two sterling footed compotes and a frosted glass Goebel cat figurine. The filigree edged compote measures 6.5" h. x 2.5"w.(at its base) x 6.0" d. The fluted edged compote measures 6.0" h. x 2.5" w. x 6.0" d. The cat measures 4 1/4" h. x 3.0" w. (at its widest point). Condition: no defects. 25 - 50
569 ASSORTED METAL ANIMALS N/R. Lot includes two dogs; one donkey; a double pig statue and a squirrel. One dog is marked "McClelland Barclay". 25 - 50
570 ASSORTED METAL WORK N/R. Lot includes three large metal keys; two keyholes; elements from old clocks; a Native woman pin; and a cross pendant. 25 - 50
571 LADIE'S VINTAGE HATS N/R. c.1940's-60's. Lot includes four hats: one has green velvet trim and netting with lillies-of-the-valley and roses on top; it is marked "The Millinery Salon, Joseph Horne Co."; one is a yellow turban style marked "Designed by Draper New York"; one is a pink organdy beret style marked "Mark III". Condition: good overall; except yellow hat needs cleaned; green hat has some discolorations on the flowers. 25 - 50
572 LADIE'S VINTAGE HATS N/R. c. 1940's-50's. Lot includes four hats: one is a beige straw with a velvet ribbon; one is a pink satin with netting headband marked "Toppettes by Brod"; one has black velvet trim and netting with a red ribbon and feathers marked "Miss Sally Victor"; one has a straw brim with black velvet band and netting marked "Miss Sally Victor". Condition: The beige straw has a piece that has come unattached and a stain; the feather hat has torn netting and an unattached cord; the pink one is stained and has torn netting. 25 - 50
573 LADIE'S VINTAGE GLOVES N/R. c.1950's-60's. Lot includes a plastic glove holder and seven pairs of gloves: two pairs of elbow length formal kid gloves with buttons; two pairs of elbow length formal nylon/cotton gloves (one with buttons); one pair of mid-arm length kid gloves and two pairs of short kid gloves. Sizes range from 6.5 to 7.5. 25 - 50
574 14 PAPER ITEMS. N/R. Group of 12 mostly victorian valentines; a WWII paper fan; 1895 calendar. 1. 12 elaborate valentines. Mostly good condition; a few small missing pieces. 2. Paper fan, WWII. Female soldier, war scenes, Pledge of Allegiance on front; marked on back "Mercer Co. Fair Celina Ohio" "1943" Good condition. 3. Beautiful folding 1895 calendar. Front shows elegant 18th century dancers; reverse has calendar, with verses for the 4 seasons. Good condition. 100 - 200
575 GROUP PAPER ITEMS. N/R. 1. Book: Holder, Judith. Sweethearts & Valentines. 1980. good condition. 2. 60+ valentines, die cuts, a few misc. paper items. Some valentines home-made. Late 19th - early 20th century. Varying condition. 75 - 100
576 ASSORTED POSTCARDS N/R. Lot includes a floral embossed tin filled with postcards depicting people, landscapes, and scenes from the late 19th-early 20th century. 25 - 50
577 TWO ALBUMS OF POSTCARDS N/R. Lot includes two photo albums filled with postcards depicting places of interest, romantic scenes, and greetings from the late 19th-early 20th century. 25 - 75
578 ALBUM OF POSTCARDS N/R. Lot includes a photo album filled with postcards depicting places of interest, romantic scenes, and greetings from the late 19th- early 20th century. 0 - 25
579 TWO ALBUMS OF POSTCARDS N/R. Lot includes two post card albums filled with postcards depicting places of interest, scenes, and greetings largely from the late 19th-early 20th century. 25 - 50
580 ASSORTED POSTCARDS N/R. Lot includes a box of postcards depicting places of interest, scenes and greetings from the late 19th-20th century. 25 - 50
581 ASSORTED POSTCARDS N/R. Lot includes a box filled with postcards depicting places of interest, scenes and greetings from the late 19th-20th century. 25 - 50
582 FOUR SCRAPBOOKS N/R. Lot includes four scrapbooks filled with place cards, greeting cards, postcards and momentos largely from the 19th century. 25 - 50
583 VINTAGE CALENDARS N/R. Lot includes three promotional calendars depicting nude models in various poses. One is a 1957 "Marilyn Monroe"; one is a 1957 marked "The Charmer"; one is a 1983 marked "Sun Cured". The other calendars range in year from 1919 thru 1946 and depict scenes, people, birds and flowers. Condition: some show signs of age and have discolorations. 25 - 50
584 VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS N/R. Lot includes family photos taken from the late 19th-20th century. Condition: some show signs of age. 25 - 50
585 VINTAGE X-MAS ORNAMENTS N/R. c.1930's-50's. Lot includes assorted glass Christmas tree ornaments including balls, pine cones, walnuts and stars. Condition: signs of age; discolorations. 20 - 40
586 VINTAGE X-MAS ORNAMENTS N/R. Lot includes two boxes of assorted Christmas tree ornaments. Condition: show signs of age; discolorations. 20 - 40
587 VINTAGE PUBLICATIONS N/R. Lot includes a 1904-5 "Kilties Souvenir Album; Songs & Marches of Auld Scotia"; a 1936 "Sketch Christmas Number" magazine; a 1940 "Stage" magazine and a 1936 "Holly Leaves, The Christmas Number of the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News". Condition: good for all. 20 - 40
588 TWO CLOCK RADIOS N/R. c. 1950's-60's. One is an Arvin with a Bakelite? black case. One is a General Electric with a red plastic case. Condition: the Arvin has two rusty and corroded dials; case has stains. the General Electric has a chipped case and is missing a knob. 20 - 40
589 ZEISS CAMERA & LENS N/R. Lot includes a Zeiss VX 1000 35mm camera and a Telistar telephoto lens in a leather pouch. Condition: no carrying case and no instructions. 50 - 75
590 CIVIL WAR ARTIFACTS N/R. Lot includes a metal belt buckle marked "U.S."; a bullet mold and a suede pouch filled with bullets. 100 - 150
591 ESQUIMO INDIAN DOLL. N/R. Indian figure with fur and leather outfit. Marked: made by Indian Art Esquimo Inc. Canada. Condition: figure good. comes with a round wooden stand, Size: 12"H doll. 40 - 60
593 CUT GLASS CHANDELIER. N/R. Five branch glass chandelier, cut pendants. No mark. Size; 27"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
594 LEADED GLASS GLOBE LIGHT. N/R. Round leaded glass globe with pink roses, green leaves, white background, on chain. electric. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. condition: good. 50 - 100
595 HANGING LEADED LIGHT FIXTURE. N/R. Multi colored leaded panels, chain hung, electric light fixture. Size: 20"L. 12"W at widest point. No mark. Condition : good. 40 - 80
599 GRAY WICKER. From the Baldwin estate, missionaries who settled Hawaii in the 18th century. Three pieces includes loveseat, armchair, sidechair. 400 - 600
600 HOWARD MILLER WALL CLOCK 47IN H. N/R. Walnut case, key wind weight driven pendulum clock, pendant window with beveled glass, Size: 47"H, 22"Diam. face on clock. Condition: like new except missing the pendulum. 150 - 300
601 TWO ROSE PRINTS. Offset lithographs of Ann Gethen watercolors of roses. Size framed: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: prints are like new; frames have some damage. 10 - 15
602 GLASS PAINTING OF CASTLE. 19th/20th c. Paint and mother of pearl on glass. A castle is seen by moonlight. Size framed: 17" h., 29" w. Condition: frame has some losses to the molding. 100 - 125
603 CHARLES RUSSELL PRINTS. Dated 1974. "Driography transferred to canvas." Two prints "Anticipation and Exasperation" -- a before and after effect made possible by a hinge that opens. Size: 17" h., 23" w. Condition: dirty. 100 - 125
604 TWO CHINESE PRINTS. 20th c. Photomechanical print and block print. One is Li-Tang's Old Man and Child on Buffalo (original in Freer Gallery); the other is a block print of a tree in the manner of a wash drawing. Size framed: 15" square and 21" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects to either (the block print has vertical warps where it once was rolled). 25 - 40
605 THREE ROSE POSTERS. Prints after works by Paul de Longpie and J Califano. Two are exactly the same. Size largest: 11" h., 38" w. Condition: broken glass on one, worn frames, wrinkle-tears on one print. 15 - 25
606 CRIES OF LONDON PRINTS. 19th c. Stipple engravings with color. Plates eleven and three: Songs for a Haypenny and Sweet Oranges. Size framed: 21" h., 16" w. Condition: yellowed. 80 - 120
607 SV CONRADY OIL OF BABY JESUS. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Head of Baby Jesus with a halo. Size framed: 21" h., 16" w. Condition: chip of paint missing from the lower left. 100 - 150
608 CHINESE WARRIORS PAINTINGS. Watermedia on fabric, laid on silk (?). Fat man with a halberd and a thin man with a spear. Size framed each: 16" h., 13" w. Condition: no defects, in bamboo frames. 35 - 50
609 TWO PRINTS. 20th c. One is a lithograph, one is a reproduction of an etching by Cervenka. "Winter Skyline in Central Park" and "French Village." Size largest: 17" h., 21" w. Condition: no visible defects. 20 - 40
610 ELDOR GUTHMAN WINTER OIL. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed lower left. Titled on the verso "January Thaw 1981." Size framed: 26" h., 31" w. Condition: no defects. 75 - 100
611 ALARIO ABSTRACT OIL. 1975. Oil on canvas. R. Alario (Italian 1938) created this modernist still life in bright colors and with loaded brush and palette knife techniques. Size framed: 25" h., 33" w. Condition: no defects. 80 - 125
612 PAIR OF FRUIT PRINTS & TURKEY. 20th c. Offset lithos. Corbeille de Fruits #2 (pears) and a print of two large pears. Also a large poster reproduction of a Thomas Allen "Wild Eastern Turkey." Size largest framed: 24" h., 20" w. Condition: no visible defects to prints. 40 - 75
613 TWO GIRL PRINTS. 19th c. One is a Currier and Ives "The Young Cavalier" and the other is a Frank Jorvett mezzotint of a hatted girl. Size largest framed: 17" h., 13" w. Condition: the Currier and Ives print is very yellowed. 100 - 150
614 LILIANA SERENI OIL OF WAVES. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Sereni, a Roman artist (b. 1932), paints in a vigorous impasto style. She is represented in Milan and has shown in New York, Chicago and throughout Italy. Size framed: 24" h., 32" w. Condition: some buckles to canvas. 125 - 200
615 MERCER STREET SCENE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right "Mercer." A street with vaguely Dutch buildings is seen. Colorful and naive in technique. Size framed: 32" h., 56" w. Condition: no defects. 75 - 100
616 ELEANOR ABRAMS BERMUDA SCENE. 20th c. Oil on canvas board. Signed. Titled on the verso "Bermuda Scene." Impasto painted yellow house with flower bushes. Size: 15" h., 18" w. Condition: dirty. 40 - 100
617 RETICULATED DARK WOOD FRAME. Wood, stained darkly. Contains a picture of a woman in a fur wrap descending a garden staircase. Size: 19" h., 16" w. Condition: some vegetal carvings are broken off on the lower edge; wear to the finish. 15 - 25
618 PAIR OF LANDSCAPE POSTERS. 20th c. One is an enlargement of a Wallace Nutting, the other is a poster made from a painting signed Chandler. Size largest: 22" h., 32" w. Condition: frames are worn. 10 - 20
619 SCOTTISH SCENES, PAIR. 19th c. Engravings with color. "The New John Watson's Hospital, Edinburgh" and "New High School, Calton Hill." Size: 4" h., 6" w., framed 12" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: John Watson's Hospital has a large semi-repaired tear through the lower half. 20 - 50
620 PAIR OF EDWARDIAN LADY PRINTS. Early 20th c. Photomechanical lithos. One is a Harrison Fisher woman with a devil; the other is a "Veritable Queen." Size: both tiny. Condition: no defects to prints. 10 - 15
621 VICTORIAN WOMEN IMAGES, PAIR. Photomechanical reproductions of a Harrison Fisher drawing of a female profile and a Nanet Stumm watercolor of a lady and baby. Size framed (largest): 20" h., 10" w. Condition: yellowed, dirty; the Fisher frame is broken in many spots. 10 - 15
622 ELDOR GUTHMAN WAGON OIL. Dated 1982. Oil on board. Guthman studied with Emile Gruppe among others, exhibited widely in Northwestern Ohio (Member Toledo Artist's Club, Napoleon Art League). Size framed: 16" h., 19" w. Condition: no defects. 50 - 100
623 THREE NOSTALGIC IMAGES. 19th c. Photo, drawing, and offset litho. The photo is of a woman in an oval frame. The drawing is of a sour looking girl. The litho print reads "Remember Me." Size: variable, all small. Condition: aged, worn, glass cracked on sour girl. 15 - 40
624 THREE SILHOUETTES. Paint on glass with dried and pressed flowers. A man & dog, a woman, and three figures in conversation (paint on foil only). Size: all small. Condition: no defects. 15 - 30
625 ZUNIGA WATERMEDIA FACE. 20th c. Acrylic (?) on illustration board. Signed Zuniga '72. Magenta and blue face. Size framed: 14" h., 12" w. Condition: the frame is broken, one side of it is missing. 15 - 25
626 THREE BABY PRINTS. Red robed woman holding a baby; sleeping baby (oval frame); awakened baby (oval frame). Size: all small. Condition: frames are a little chipped. 15 - 40
627 RUIZ WATERCOLOR OF VILLAGE. 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed. Browns and grays describe this Mediterranean village road. Size framed: 11 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w. Condition: unknown residue on the glass. 10 - 15
628 POSTER OF MRS SHERIDAN. From the Gainsborough original in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Size framed: 26" h., 22" w. Condition: the frame has some applique missing. 15 - 25
629 AUDUBON PRINT. Early 20th c. The Audubon is a modern lithographic reproduction of two herons. Size: approx: 18" h., 24" w. Condition: glass is broken in the frame, some dirt on the print. 25 - 50
630 OLD PHOTOGRAPH. Early 20th c. Various conductors or guards are shown in a group shot. Size framed 9 1/2" h., 11 1/2" w. Condition: scratch in upper right corner. 15 - 25
631 FLOWER POSTER AND FRENCH SCENE. One is "Chez Francaise" a black print of a cafe scene. The other print is a poster of an old botanical illustration. Size largest framed: 24" h., 18" w. Condition: both yellowed; the botanical is shifted in its mat. 20 - 40
632 PAIR OF HUNT SCENE POSTERS. Framed. "Full Cry" and "The Meet." Size framed: 17" h., 21" w. Condition: no defects. 10 - 15
633 SENTINEL OF FREEDOM. Poster. Picture of American flag by Adrian Brewer. Size framed: 23" h., 12" w. Condition: dirty. 10 - 15
634 OIL OF NAT'L MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. 20th c. Oil on canvas board. Unsigned. Portrait of the Washington DC building. Size: 24" h., 36" w. Condition: slightly dirty. 10 - 15
635 GEORGE INNESS POSTER. 19th c. Photomechanical poster. "Landscape Near Mountain." Size framed: 25" h., 35" w. Condition: dirty, buckled. 20 - 25
636 EIGHT WWII ARMY NEWSMAPS. Includes Booby Traps, 259th week of the war, Amphibian Armies, The War Fronts, etc. Size: large, unframed. Condition: pin holes, creases, some tears. 400 - 600
637 TEN WWII ARMY NEWSMAPS. Includes Four Years After Pearl Harbor, Mulberry Secret Floating Harbor, PostWar Plans, etc. Size: large, unframed. Condition: pin holes, creases, some tears. 400 - 600
638 TEN WWII ARMY NEWSMAPS. Includes These Guys are Ok, Eight Years of War in China, The Po Valley, etc. Size: large, unframed. Condition: pin holes, creases, some tears. 400 - 600
639 LOWY GERANIUM OIL. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed Lowy. One red geranium in a pot on a blue background. Size framed: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
640 WILHELM LEHMANN PORTRAIT. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower right. Portrait of an old man. Lehmann (German 1906- ?), a Buchenwald survivor, was an autodidact who painted figurative scenes and landscapes. Size: 20" h., 16" w., framed 23" h., 19" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 175
641 PAIR OF C. SIRENA ABSTRACT OILS.NR 20th c. Oil on board. Countessa Antonia Sirena (Italian) painted these two abstract, impasto images on board. Size: 5" h., 3 1/4" w., framed 9 1/2" h., 9" w. Condition: craquellure due to extreme imapsto technique. 1,000 - 2,000
642 PFAHL OIL PAINTING. N/R. 20th c. Oil on board. Charles Anton Pfahl here presents an image of a woman reading. Signed lower right. Size: 9" h., 13" w., framed 14" h., 18" w. Condition: no visible defects. 2,000 - 3,000
643 NO LOT. 0 - 0
649 NO LOT. 0 - 0
650 MODERNIST DESK. Wood, three drawers and one pull out shelf. Curved top. Size: 30" h., 73" w., 35" deep. Condition: normal wear, pencil squiggles on the underside of the top. 30 - 50
651 FRANCISCAN WARE. Franciscan Ware, Desert Rose; coffee pot, creamer, & lidded sugar bowl. Creamer spout chipped. 100 - 200
652 GLASS TABLETOP DISPLAY CASE. Has one interior shelf. Size: 18" h., 33" w., 20" deep. 100 - 150
653 EARLY CHILDS ARMCHAIR. 19th century. Two slat back and having a rush seat. Size: 19" H, 12" W, 10" D. Condition: back of slats are worn in areas, finish worn on outer side of one stile. 75 - 150
654 HERSCHEDE TALL CASE CLOCK. N/R. 20th century. Brass face with moonphase dial in a mahogany case with broken arch swan neck pediment and fluted pilasters. Plays Whittington, Canterbury, and Westminster chimes. Complete with tubes, pendulum, and weights. Size: 7' H, 22" W, 12" D. 500 - 1,000
655 CRANBERRY BLOWN GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Victorian style. Thumb print motif with ruffled spout. Applied clear glass reeded handle. 9"h., 7 1/2" dia. at the widest point. Condition: scratch around the perimeter approx. one inch up from the bottom, tough to see but you can feel it with you fingernail. 50 - 75
656 NO LOT. 0 - 0
997 NO LOT. 0 - 0
998 1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO N/R. 1967 Camaro. Black with red interior. Bucket seats. 27,937 miles (as received from consignor). We were told the car has not been run or started in over 15 years. It has been sitting in a barn on a dirt floor and we do not know if it will start. It is being sold as is. It has a six cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission. Condition: much rust and dents; sold as is. 1,500 - 2,500
999 1984 500SEL MERCEDES BENZ. 144,000 miles. Engine: 5.0L V8 (carbeurated). Automatic transmission. Comes with leather interior, original rims, AC, sun roof, tinted rear windows, power windows / seats, and a new tape deck. The body is painted white with silver pinstripe, and has chrome and silver bumpers. Also has chrome trim and grille. Blue book value: 2,500 - 7,500. Condition (interior): Leather is in very good condition, minor damage to the vinyl around seatbelt, one small dashboard crack. Condition (exterior): Minor cosmetic / touch up body work. Very minor rust on the inside of the passenger rear door. Key mark along passenger rear and front doors. 2,500 - 4,500
1000 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1001 ENGLISH BOWLER HAT. N/R. Bowler hat. Marked inside: by Special appointment to his Majesty the King, by Henry Heath Ltd., Oxford St. London, est. 1822. Size: 6"H. Condition: one spot of damage underside of brim, near headband. 25 - 50
1002 TOP HAT. N/R. Top hat marked: The Erie, Meyer & Quinn Hatters and Furriers, 169 N. Clark St. Chicago Ill. Size: 7"H. Condition: interior band missing. 25 - 50
1003 TOP HAT & CUTAWAY COAT. N/R. Old top hat, no mark. 6 1/4"H. Condition: much wear. Cutaway coat. No marks or makers label. Condition: wear and tear on old coat, some silk rotting. 40 - 80
1004 2 MEN'S HATS. N/R. (1) Size 7 hat. Marked: Gentry, Shady Side Village, Pittsburgh, Pa. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Stetson hat, size 6 7/8. Marked: royal Stetson, John B. Stetson Company. condition: signs of wear. (comes in box) 20 - 40
1005 OSTRICH FEATHER FAN. N/R. Ostrich feather fan consisting of four feathers and a tortoise shell like handle. No mark. Size: 26"L. Condition: good, minor loss of feathers. 30 - 60
1006 VINTAGE SILK DRESSING GOWN. N/R. Vintage black silk dressing gown with black fringe bottom and four embroidered colorful floral decorative groups on the lower section. No mark. Condition: weak at seams. Several holes in the silk. 50 - 100
1007 2 VINTAGE DRESSES. N/R. (1) Black velvet floor length dress. No label, no size. Condition: minor wear. (1) Black cocktail dress, full taffeta and tulle skirt, black sequin embroidered bodice. No label, no size. Condition: minor wear. 25 - 50
1008 RIDING OUTFIT. N/R. riding outfit consisting of olive jacket, green vest, tan pants. No makers labels.No sizes listed. (for a petite person). Condition: worn. 40 - 80
1009 ALLIGATOR PURSE. N/R. Purse made of alligator skin, interior vinyl. Marked: Genuine Alligator, Handcrafted by Elite, Miami, Florida. Size: 9"H, 11"W, 4"D. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1010 2 BRASS AND GLASS LAMPS. N/R. Stepped brass base, decorated glass centers, 2 brass arms enclosing the glass, silk shades, faceted finials. Marked: made in China. Size: 30"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1011 DRESDEN PORCELAIN FIGURE GROUP. N/R. 18th c. style bisque figure group of couple standing on either side of table, with gilt highlights. Marked: Double crossed blue lines of Coburg Dresden. Size: 8 1/2"H, 7"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: some spotting on back of table. 50 - 100
1012 ROYAL DOULTON PIED PIPER. N/R. Royal Doulton figurine of Pied Piper with his rats. Marked: Royal Doulton HN 2102 (c) 1952 Doulton & Co. Ltd. Size: 9"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1013 ROYAL DOULTON DOG WITH PHEASANT. N/R. Royal Doulton figurine of dog with dead pheasant in his mouth. Marked: Royal Doulton HN1028 England Bone China. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1014 ROYAL DOULTON ATHOS MUG. N/R. Royal doulton toby mug of Athos, one of the Three Musketeers. Marked: Royal Doulton D6452 (c) 1965, Doulton & Co. Ltd. "Athos, one of the Three Musketeers". Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1015 PHEASANT COVERED TUREEN. N/R. Brown glazed oval tureen with 3 dimensional pheasant body cover. Marked: S. Portugal. Size: 10"H, 14 1/2"L, 8 3/4"W. base 11"L. 8 3/4"W. Condition : good. 30 - 60
1016 LIMOGES POPPY VASE. N/R. hand painted Limoges blank, overall poppy decoration on green ground with gold rim. Turn of the century. Marked: D & C France. Size: 12 1/4"H. Condition: wear to base and rim. 50 - 100
1017 LIMOGES ROSES VASE. N/R. Hand painted Limoges blank, with overall design of roses, leaves and thorns, green background, gilt rim. Turn of the century. Marked: D & C France. Size: 12 1/4"H. Conditoin: wear to base and rim. 50 - 100
1018 PR. GERMAN PORC. GINGER JARS. N/R. Pair of porcelain ginger jars, green body, decaled floral groups in gilt cartouches, with lid and gilt finials. Marked: Bavaria, Schumann, Arzberg. Size: 6 1/2"H each. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1019 3 ASIAN-STYLE DISHES. N/R. 1. Scalloped-edge dish, 8 1/2" diam., 1 1/2" high. 19th century. White with painted and enameled winter scene, gold & black decorative inserts around edge. Good condition. 2. 2 scalloped-edge dishes, enamel on metal, 1 1/2" high, 8 1/2" diam.19th century. Blue with pink & yellow chrysanthemums, butterfly. Good condition. 35 - 70
1020 2 PORCELAIN DISHES. N/R. 1. 3-lobed sweetmeat dish, 3 small handles. White ground, pale yellow band, gold stylized floral decoration. Marked "Hand Painted" "Nippon." Good condition. 2. Small handled plate, 5 5/8" diam. White ground, pale yellow band; gold, red & blue stylized floral decoration. Marked "Noritake" with "M" in wreath; "Made in Japan" "U.S. Design Pat. Applied for." Good condition. 25 - 50
1021 12 PCS. GLASSWARE AND POTTERY. N/R. 1. 4 stemmed wine glasses, 4 3/4" high, 1 1/2" diam. Purple glass, gold stems, applied gold and enamel decoration. Gold wearing off rims, else good condition. 2. Miniature blue glass vase, applied gold and enamel decoration. 3 1/4" high, 1 5/8" at base, 1 1/4" at top. Good condition. 3. 3 matching pcs. green pottery, floral decoration. Marked "Made in Japan." Bowl 3" high, 4 3/4" diam.; 2 sugar shakers, 5" high, 3 1/2" diam., with small discolored chips around top. 4. Plate, 6" diam. Asian, 19th century. Green with applied overall raised dots, floral decoration. Scalloped edge. 2 raised dots broken; slight roughness to edge. 5. Salt shaker, matching no. 4. 1 1/2" high, 2" diam. Few raised dots broken off; else good condition. 6. Salt shaker, applied enamel dots and swirls, floral decoration. Good condition. 7. Miniature fan-shaped vase, gilded white porcelain. Marked "...Fine China" (name unreadable). 3" high, 2 1/2" x 1 3/4". Raised floral and curved decoration. Good condition. 35 - 70
1022 LUCITE CUBE WITH COINS. N/R. Large clear lucite cube with encased pennies. No mark. Size: 7 3/4"X 8" cube. Condition: minor scratches on surface. 50 - 100
1023 STERLING ROUND TRAY. N/R. Round tray with pierced border band, monogramed "FCGC George H. Flinn Trophy Winner 1984". Marked: (W) Sterling P.H. 59. [International Silver Co. ] Size: 11" diam. Weight: 291 grams. Condition: dent on edge. 50 - 100
1024 LALIQUE & WALLACE ORNAMENTS. N/R. (1) Lalique Noel 1988 ornament, pine and holly in relief on round glass ornament. Maked: in script "Lalique (r) France". Size: 2 5/8"Diam. Condition: good in original box. (1) Wallace 1982 Christmas jingle bell ornament. Marked: Wallace W. (c). Size: 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: good, in original box. (1) Wallace 1980 Christmas jingle bell ornament. Marked: Wallace W. (c) 1980. Size: 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: good, in original box. 50 - 100
1025 LALIQUE DOUBLE LION VASE.N/R. Clear glass base and top, frosted double lion head body. (could be cigarette lighter base without insert) (see Lot #2260). Marked: script " Lalique (c) France. Size: 3 3/4"H. 4"W. 3 1/4"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1026 CRYSTAL PERFUME BOTTLE. N/R. Ground stopper, faceted. Rectangular four sided bottle. No mark. Size: 6 1/4"H, 1 1/4"square base. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1027 12 GLASS PLATES. N/R. Twelve clear glass plates with embossed frosted fruit decorated centers. No mark. size: 7 1/2"Diam. (squared plates). Condition: good. 30 - 60
1028 DEPRESSION GLASS RELISH TRAY. N/R. Five part celery and relish tray, acid etched floral decoration, possibly Cambridge Glass, ground bottom. No mark. Size: 1 1/8"H, 13"L. 9"W. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1029 CUT GLASS BOWL. N/R. Cut glass bowl with alternating cut and frosted panels, hobstar and radiant cuts, faceted edging. No mark. Size: 3"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1030 GLASS BERRY SET, 8 PCS. N/R. 4 berry bowls and underplates, bands of pressed diamond design, starburst on base. 2 sets banded with flashed red, 2 with flashed green. Bowls 2 1/8" high, 4 5/8"diam.; plates 6 1/8 diam. Flashed oval on side of bowls, no monogram. 40 - 80
1031 FRANCO CORETTI GLASS DECANTER. N/R. Red frosted bottle, blue rim, round frosted blue stopper. Marked: signed in script "Franco Coretti" on base. Size: 11 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: like new with original tag. 40 - 80
1032 BLUE WILLOW PIECES. Includes: (9) cups and saucers, (4) mugs. Various makers. Condition: several w. minor chips. 25 - 50
1033 BLUE WILLOW SERVING PIECES. N/R. Includes: teapot, gravy boat, oval platter, covered dish, creamer, sugar bowl, pitcher, large bowl, large round platter. Various markers. Condition: some with chips. 30 - 60
1034 BLUE WILLOW DISHES. N/R. Includes: 13 soup bowls, 14 dinner plates, 16 small plates. Various makers. Condition: a few with chips. 30 - 60
1035 BLUE WILLOW PIECES. N/R. (7) Grill plates. Six marked: made in Japan. all with crazing and spider cracks. One marked: Shenango China. good condition. (14) 6 1/8"Plates. Two marked: Blue Willow by Royal. Four marked: Willow Ware by Royal China. Eight with no mark. Condition: three with chips. (9) 5 1/4"Bowls. Seven marked: Willow Ware by Royal China. Two unmarked. Conditoin: 3 with chips. 20 - 40
1036 2 ASTROLABES. N/R. (1) astrolabe on four footed base. decaled decoration. Marked: Mercurio D'oro. Made in Italy. Size: 10"H. 10"diam. Condition: paint worn on some parts. (1) Astrolabe on round base. Decaled decoration. Marked: Made in Italy, Origine E Qualita. Size: 11"H, 8"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 30 - 60
1037 PR ORIENTAL WALL BRACKETS. N/R. Two triangular wall brackets, carved and gilt wood, with floral rose decoration. Size: 13" X 17"x 21".each. Condition: minor wear and some repairs. 150 - 300
1038 PR. ORIENTAL WALL BRACKETS. N/R. Pair of triangular carved and gilt wood corner brackets. Carved grape, bird and rodent decoration. Size: 21" x 20 1/2" x 29". Condition: each corner bracket has been broken into two sections. 100 - 200
1039 PR ORIENTAL WALL BRACKETS. N/R. Pair triangular carved and gilt wood wall brackets. Carved peony and bird decoration. Size: 16" x 16" x 2" each. Conditoin: both with loose pieces, one held together with wire. 100 - 200
1040 CORAL FORMATION. N/R. White coral formation. Size: 18"l. 17"w, 7"h. condition: good. 100 - 300
1041 CORAL FORMATION. white coral formation. Size: 19"L, 12"W, 7"H. Conditon: good. 100 - 300
1042 CORAL FORMATION. White coral formation. Size: 17"H, 17"W, 6"H. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1043 CORAL FORMATION. White coral formation. Size: 16"L, 13"W, 6"D. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1044 HEPPAWHITE STYLE DINING ROOM SUITE. N/R. Mahogany, 8 pieces, includes buffet, twin pedastal table, and 6 chairs. 600 - 1,000
1045 SOLID MAHOGANY TV CABINET. N/R. Bottom drawer is real, top three drawer fronts are fake, panel swings up and slides back to view TV. Brass pulls and bracket feet. Size: 34"h x 22"w x 21"d. 40 - 80
1046 TWO TRADITIONAL TABLES. N/R. One is a line inlaid Hepplewhite style table. The other table has a Duncan Phyfe base. Size: largest piece - 26"h x 16"w x 14"d. 30 - 60
1047 UPHOLSTERED LOVE SEAT. N/R. Made by Hammary. Size: 25"h x 60"w x 32"d. 15 - 30
1048 QUEEN ANN STYLE WING CHAIR. N/R. Ivory colored fabric with chain stitch. Condition: dirty. 25 - 50
1049 HARDEN ENTERTAINMENT CENTER/BOOKSHELVES. N/R. 5 pieces total. Consignor paid $8,000. Entertainment armoire doors open and slide inward to view television,below are a pair of lower doors. Bookcase has 6 shelves. Includes three small concave display units. Size: all pieces 80"h. Condition: like new. 400 - 800
1050 LEADED GLASS TABLE LAMP. N/R. Leaded glass shade with red flowers, yellow center, dark amber border. on cast metal base much older than shade. Size: 21"H, 17"Diam. shade. Condition: shade good. Base old and worn. 200 - 300
1051 PAIR FIGURAL LAMPS. N/R. Pair painted ceramic lamps, Spanish-style figures, one a torero, the other a woman dancer. Lamp 15 1/2" high, to top of socket; no shade. Couple of chips on torero's cape; verdigris on brass base. Several chips to dancer's skirt ruffle and mantilla. 25 - 50
1052 BRASS LAMP. N/R. Columnar body, milk glass shade resting on brass ring support. Clear Chimney. No mark. Size: 30"H. Conditoin: metal tarnished. 30 - 60
1053 METAL AND GLASS LAMP. N/R. Square brass base, faux marble column, clear chimney, domed milk glass shade resting on brass ring support. No mark. Size: 30"H. Condition: brass tarnished, wear to base. 30 - 60
1054 GONE WITH THE WIND LAMP.N/R. Opaque white blown glass base with raised orchid decoration, brass base and top, clear glass chimney, opaque white blown glass top round globe. No mark. Size: 30"H. Condition: Reproduction, good.Electrfied. 75 - 150
1055 GINGER JAR LAMP BASE. N/R. Ceramic ginger jar with peacock and peony decoration, wooden carved base, metal fittings. no mark. No shade. Size: jar 17"H. Lamp 30"H. Condition: all pieces loose. entire lamp needs tightening. 40 - 80
1056 LEADED GLASS LAMP. N/R. Metal base, six sided leaded glass shade with white flowers, blue background, amber border. No mark. size: 25"H. Conditoin: metal tarnished. 40 - 80
1057 LEADED GLASS LAMP. N/R. Brass base with leaded glass shade. Brown and cream carmel slag glass pieces, scalloped edge, stylized fleur de lis motif. Base with octagonal pierced decoration. NO MARK. size: 30"h. 20"Diam. shade. 75 - 150
1058 PR BRASS WALL LANTERNS. N/R. Brass wall lanters with 5 glass sides, top wooden turned handles. (1) antique finish with old style flawed glass, (1) polished finish with clear unblemished glass. Size: 27"H. Condition: wired for installation. 40 - 80
1059 METAL & SLAG GLASS LAMP. N/R. Ornate pot metal base and shade framework. Carmel slag glass pieces. No mark. Size: 19"H. Condition: several glass panels loose, one panel broken into three pieces. metal finish worn. 40 - 80
1060 OIL LAMP. N/R. oil lamp with marble base, milk glass decal decorated base, clear chimney. Size: 22"H. condition: base worn, metal tarnished and stained. 40 - 80
1061 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1062 PR HURRICANE CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. Chrome bases with S scroll handles, pierced scalloped top, circle link bandat base with clear glass chimneys. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. base, 11 3/4"H. with chimney. 20 - 40
1063 BROWN JUG LAMP. N/R. Brown jug with blue decorated body, brown shade. No mark. size: 21"H. Condition: minor wear. 30 - 60
1064 MOSER ORANGE CUT GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Orange flashed glass, geometric and grape cutting, clear applied handle with notched cutting, polished bottom. Marked: Moser Karlsbad. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear, no other detractions. 50 - 100
1065 AMYTHEST LIDDED GLASS CONTAINER. N/R. Lidded bowl on three feet, lid with three sided finial, amythest glass. No mark. Size: 8"H, 6"Diam. body. Condition: no detractions. 30 - 60
1066 PR. COBALT CUT CRUETS. N/R. Flashed cobalt bodies with floral cut to clear decoration, stoppers cobalt cut to clear, clear applied handles. No marks. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1067 BRISTOL GLASS WINDOW VASE. N/R. Semi opaque glass vase, with window and curtain motif, lake scene in background, fluted scalloped, gold highlights on pedestal foot. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: gilt worn of top edge. 30 - 60
1068 BLOWN GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Green vasaline glass pitcher, multi lobed base, honeycomb stretched body, four pinched marks, applied handle, ground puntil, no mark. Size: 9 1/4"H. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1069 CRANBERRY CUT GLASS DECANTER. N/R. Cranberry flashed body with wheel cut decoration to clear, ground bottom, clear faceted stopper. No mark. Size: 13"H. No detractions. 40 - 80
1070 GREEN SCULPTED GLASS VASE. N/R. Green glass vase with sculpture flowers and leaves, cut from surface of glass with gilded highlights. No mark. Size: 8 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. at widest part. Condition: wear on the bottom, some scratches on lower part of body. 50 - 100
1071 CASED CONFETTI GLASS BASKET. N/R. Cased clear over confetti glass body, four clear glass pulled feet, twisted clear handle with side petals and top finial. No mark. Size: 7"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1072 FENTON BLOWN GLASS BASKET. N/R. Blown milk glass body with clear crimped edge, clear applied notched handle. Marked: paper label: Authentic Fenton Hand Made. Size: 6"H. 4 1/2"W, 4"D. Condition: good, no detractions. 25 - 50
1073 BLUE AND WHITE CAMEO VASE. N/R. Cased glass vase, blue over white, raised floral and leaf decoration over white. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1074 AMBERINA STYLE GLASS VASE. N/R. Glass vase shaded red to yellow, interior ribbed, exterior smooth. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. top, 4 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: air bubble in base. no other detractions. 40 - 80
1075 BLOWN GLASS VASE W. APPL. FLOWERS. N/R. White glass with clear fluted edge, applied clear glass stem and handle, two amber fruit and one red and clear leaf. No mark. Size: 8 "H. Condition: no detractions. 30 - 60
1076 PR. DEC. FROSTED GLASS VASES. N/R. Pair of glass vases, bulbous body with narrow neck. Painted red and grey Greek key band, raised gold beading, raised gold swag & tassel decoration, gilt and colored bands at top. One marked: 13, one marked: 14. Condition: minor loss of gilding at top. 50 - 100
1077 TWO RUBY BLOWN GLASS CREAMERS. N/R. Two ruby blown glass creamers, with clear handles. One 4"h. one 3 1/2"H. One marked with paper label: Hand Blown Pilgrim Glass. One unmarked. Condition: no detractions. 30 - 60
1078 LUTZ TYPE GLASS VASE. N/R. Blown glass vase, bulbous body, fluted top, applied clear glass handles, white threaded, light blue, bright blue and red twisted caining in body of vase. No mark. Size: 5 1/8"H, 3 1/2"Diam. body. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1079 PR. BLUE GLASS VASES W. APPL.DEC. N/R. Pair of blue glass vases with applied green leaves, opalescent white flower petals. no mark. Size: 5"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1080 MOSER VASE AND COVERED DISH. N/R. (1) Cranberry vase with gilt painted and raised floral and leaf decoration, Signed: Moser Karlsbad. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. (2) Covered cranberry glass dish with gilt painted and raised floral and leaf decoration matching vase. Not signed. Size: 8"H. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1081 MOSER RUBY CUT GLASS PITCHER. N/R. Ruby flashed body, geometric and floral cut decoration, clear applied handle, polished bottom. Marked with acid stamp: Moser. Size: 8 3/4"H. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
1082 BLOWN GLASS COLOR SWAGGED VASE. N/R. Cased blown glass vase, white over red with red and blue swags, bird beak top, artist signed on bottom: James Crider 1980. Size: 9 1/2"H, 5"Diam. at widest part. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1083 PAIR ART GLASS VASES. N/R. Pair of iridescent blown glass vases, horn shaped tops ending in knobs, resting on two winged forms over base. One vase has a smooth vase, one vase has a swirled base. Both are signed "Loetz" but appear to be newer. Size: one 9 1/4"H, one 9"H. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1084 FROSTED GLASS DISH. N/R. Clear glass dish with frosted band of roses, center with cut frieze of putti, beveled edge. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good, no detractions. 25 - 50
1085 SATIN GLASS ROSE BOWL. N/R. Pale green satin glass with hand painted and enameled floral and leaf decoration. No mark. Size; 4"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Cnditon: signs of wear, and dirt. no other detractions. 50 - 100
1086 2 CAPODIMONTE PLATES. N/R. Two plates with center scenes and eight surrounding border decorations, four with pierced decoration, four with figural scenes. Marked: with Crown over N mark, 900/B15, Capodimonte Italy. Size: 12"Diam. each. Condition: one good, one with two pieces broken and reglued. 50 - 100
1087 GOEBELS E-E-E-CK FIGURINE. N/R. Figurine of girl chased by dog, paper label marked: E-E-E-ck. Marked on bottom: Stylized Bee W.Goebel W. Germany. Size: 4"H, 5"W, 2 1/4"D. Condition: good, no detractions. 40 - 80
1088 HUMMEL WINDOW PLACQUE. N/R. Boy and girl in window with flowers. Marked: will full bee over V and (R). Size: 5 1/4"H, 4 1/4"W, 1 3/4"D. Condition: two flowers damaged. 75 - 150
1089 PR. WELLER CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Pair of high glass yellow candlesticks, raised drapery design, each stamped "Weller" on bottom. Size: 9"H. each. Condition: signs of wear, no detractions. 50 - 100
1090 DOULTON MAE WEST TOBY MUG. N/R. Royal Doulton toby mug with face of Mae West and parasol shaped handle. Marked: Royal Doulton 1982 The Celebrity Collection. By Royal Doulton, hand made, hand decorated series. Mae West. "When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad, I'm better." Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1091 DOULTON ROBIN HOOD TOBY MUG. N/R. Robin Hood toby mug with arrow quiver as handle. Marked: Royal Doulton D6527 Copyright 1959. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1092 DOULTON SIMON CELLARER TOBY MUG. N/R. Simon Cellarer toby mug with handle shaped like keys. Marked Royal Doulton, Made in England. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1093 WELLER BLUE DRAPERY VASE. N/R. Weller "Blue Drapery" pattern (c.1915-20) vase with red, pink and white flowers. Mark: inised block WELLER. Size: 6 1/2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: one chip in base. 50 - 100
1094 ROSEVILLE HEXAGON VASE. N/R. Roseville "Rosecraft Hexagon" pattern (1924) vase. Marked: RV ink stamp on bottom. Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: two areas near the top of the vase appear to be firing flaws or damage and repairs. 50 - 100
1095 2 ART POTTERY VASES. N/R. (1) Van Briggle vase with floral relief decoration, blue green glaze. Marked: Briggle Colo.Spgs. Size: 7"H. Condition: crazing of the glaze. (2) Unmarked green glazed vase with pierced handles, raised leaf and floral decoration. Size: 6"H. Condition: chip in base. 50 - 100
1096 DELLA ROBBIA COLLECTORS PLATE. N/R. Collectors plate depicting: Luca della Robbia's "Virgin and Child" from Bargello Collection, Florence. The plate was faithfully interpreted from 15thc. by internationally acclaimed sculptor Roger J. Brown. Numbered 171/5000.With certificate of authenticity, Size: 9"Diam. Copyright 1980 by River Shore Ltd. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1097 WEDGWOOD BLACK BASALT PLATE. N/R. Wedgwood 1971 Black Basalt Mother plate. Bas relief of Sportive Love designed by Lady Elizabeth Templetown in 1783, modelled by William Hawkwood, classical border of gold laurel leaves, in presentation box. Marked: Wedgwood, made in England, 71. Size: 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: no cracks or chips, no detractions. 50 - 100
1098 R. COPENHAGEN CHRISTMAS PLATE. N/R. 1970 Christmas Plate by Royal Copenhagen, "Christmas rose and cat" with classic pine cone border, blue and white porcelain. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, Juleros og Kat/ Christmas Rose and cat. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good, no detractions. 40 - 80
1099 2 POTTERY VASES. N/R. (1) Vase with brown glazed body, top blue glaze dripping to white over lower brown glaze. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. (2) Vase with rounded body, blue gloss glaze. Unreadable mark on bottom. Size: 5"H, 5 1/2"D. Condition: two chips on bottom base. 40 - 80
1100 THREE CERAMIC VASES. N/R. (1) Vase with black matte base, top white to blue to black shiny glaze, marked: hyalyn 215. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: chipping around top rim. (2) Vase with black matte base, top heavy gloss glaze light to dark blue, marked: hyalhn 215. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: chip in top rim. (3) Brown glazed vase, bulbous body with narrow neck. Size: 5 3/4"H, Condition: good. 40 - 80
1101 3 POTTERY VASES. N/R. (1) Tall thin vase, mottled blue glaze, raised leaf design base, no mark. Size: 10"H. 3 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: major glaze chips off top rim. (2) Ginger jar shape, mottled green glaze, no mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, 5"Diam. Condition: no detractions. (3) Brown and green mottled glaze vase. Marked: made in England. Size: 6"H. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1102 OLD EUROPE IMAGES. 20th c. Color intaglio and a lithograph after a pen drawing. The color intaglio is signed FB Bibuck (?), no 69/300, and it shows a canal, a stone bridge and houses. The litho after a pen drawing is signed EP Metour and is of a cathedral. Size (largest, framed): 17 1/2" h., 13" w. Condition: paper is buckled on the intaglio print. 25 - 40
1103 WM. MCGREGOR MOUNTAIN OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. A boat is seen docked at a river's low tide among lowering golden mountains and yellow green trees. The style is 20th c., even if the coloring hearkens back to 19th c. American landscape. A JJ Gillespie tag is on the back. Size: 23 1/2" h., 29" w., framed 29" h., 35" w. Condition: upper right corner clouds appear to be reapainted; yellowed varnish. 150 - 300
1104 LEBADAUT LITHO/MONOTYPE. 20th c. Signed indistinctly and 97/110. Abstract slashes and splatters of color accentuate a black vigorously wiped monotype. Size framed: 32" h., 24" w. Condition: no visible defects. 60 - 80
1105 PEINTRE D'ESSENCE WOMAN. 20th c. Thinned oil paint on masonite. Signed illegibly in sgrafitto. A seated woman in profile is seen with her arms crossed. Size: 29 1/2" h., 22" w., framed 35" h., 27" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
1106 B. GIBBS WATERCOLOR. 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Five docked rowboats are seen in the foreground of a hazy scene. Size: 18" h., 13" w., framed 26" h., 22" w. Condition: acid yellowing. 25 - 40
1107 H. LUDDEN AUTUMN OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvasboard. Signed. This is an autumn farm scene, behind glass. Size framed: 17" h., 21" w. Condition: buckled canvas, splatters on the glass, craquellure, a hole in the sky. 45 - 85
1108 FARHI CANDLE PRINT. 20th c. Color lithograph with dimensional ink / paint accents throughout. Two lit sabbath candles on sticks are seen near a kiddush cup that has Hebrew script on it. There are raised lines that describe the contours and decoration of each item. Size: 21" h., 16 1/2" w., framed 33" h., 27" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 125
1109 BARDINE FLOWER POT PRINT. 20th c. Color litho or screenprint. 70/150. Signed in pencil. Matisse-like presentation of a pitcher and pot with flowers on a table. Green & orange. Size: 25" h., 18" w., framed 36" h.,26" w. Condition: glass is cracked in the lower right, paper is yellowed. 40 - 60
1110 TINTED LANCRET REPRO PRINT. Late 19th /c early 20th c. Tinted black and white photomechanical print after Nicolas Lancret's painting "Le Printemps." Springtime revelers of the 18th c. lounge in nature. Size framed: 19" h., 22" w. Condition: yellowed paper; very darkened mat. 50 - 75
1111 MH BRADLEY WATERCOLOR. 1st half 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. A rowboat is pulled ashore in this small, wide pastoral scene. Size: 4 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., framed 13" h., 22 1/2" w. Condition: a little yellowed. 80 - 120
1112 J. BOUYLLOU SHACK PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on hardboard. Signed lower right. A beach side shack is seen. Painted in a lumpy, bigbrush style. Size: 8" h., 10" w., framed 16" h., 18" w. Condition: dirty, scratch in upper left corner; spotty yellowed varnish. 50 - 100
1113 A. TANALIA #46 ABSTRACT. 20th c. Modelling paste, paint (acrylic?) and silvery foil on masonite. Blue blobby swirls. Size: 36 1/2" square. Condition: various cracks and scratches. 100 - 150
1114 REPRO TOULOUSE-LAUTREC POSTER. Entitled "Confetti." Size framed: 28" h., 20" w. Condition: water stains to the mat on lower edge. 5 - 10
1115 B. GOLDMAN COLOR INTAGLIO. Late 20th c. Deep open bite etching from two metal plates in yellow and black. Abstract. Signed "B. Goldman, Picture Writing, Proof of 1970." Size framed: 23 1/2" h., 29 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
1116 FEMALE MODEL DRAWING. 20th c. Pen, brush, brown ink. Unsigned, but a signature on the verso reads perhaps "T. Chander." A bony and ungainly woman is seen from behind with indeterminate clothing on. Size framed: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: no visible defects. 40 - 75
1117 BEYER INTAGLIO OF MEDIEVAL HOUSE. 19th/20th c. Color intaglio. Signed in pencil Beyer and "Pierre et Eau." Size framed: 15" h., 13" w. Condition: the paper is faintly yellowed. 20 - 40
1118 L. HEITMULLER WATERCOLOR. 19th c. Signed lower right. Farm house seen by a stream in lowland country. Size framed: 14" h., 19" w. Condition: faded. 75 - 100
1119 JAPANESE KITE. Paper joined together, framed in a deep frame. A face and hands holds a fan. Size: 14" h., 21" w., framed 21" h., 30" w. Condition: the framed is loosened at the lower left corner. 25 - 40
1120 SOUTH AMERICAN IMAGE. 20th c. Ink and color on handmade paper. Various food gathering activities are shown in this folk art piece. Size framed: 29" h., 21" w. Condition: water stains and buckling (some of it appears inherent to the maufacture of the paper). 40 - 60
1121 INLAID FRAME. 19th c.? Wood with various inlaid strips of other dyed woods. Diamong design corner brace punctuated at each end by an inlaid diamond design in red. The frame contains a picture of Christ. Size: 24" h., 16" w. Condition: mitered corners are loose, minor scratches and scuffs. 20 - 40
1122 TRUMPET WATERCOLOR. 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed in pencil Erina Sontag - (?). "Trompete 1." Semi-abstract of that instrument. Size framed: 19" h., 22" w. Condition: yellowed mat, buckled paper, the frame is falling apart. 20 - 40
1123 OIL OF POTS AND APPLES. Early 20th c. Oil on illustration board. Unsigned. Size framed: 16" h., 20" w. Condition: warped, dirty, some scratches to surface. 50 - 85
1124 CIRBUS ABSTRACT PRINT. Dated 1988. Litho and screenprint on paper and glass. Signed in pencil on the backing mat. Blue triangle, red field on paper and rusty red squiggles framing it all printed on the glass. Size framed: 22" h., 18" w. Condition: the frame is a little dinged. 60 - 80
1125 PAUL THUMANN REPRO, SEPIA TONE. 19th c. ? Mechanical print after a painting. A girl is seen in nature, in quasi-ancient dress, holding a sprig of blossoms. Size framed: 29" h., 35" w. Condition: no visible defects to the print; the attractive oak frame has some scratches. 25 - 40
1126 DOGES PALACE COLOR ETCHING. 20th c. Color aquatint and line etching on tan paper. Unsigned. An image of the Doges Palace and a gondolier in Venice. Size: 17" h., 22" w., framed 25" h., 30" w. Condition: water damage and buckling; the paper has darkened extremely. 25 - 40
1127 NOAH'S ARK ADVERTISING POSTER. Dated 1882. Black lithograph with applied color. Marked "Agents Wanted." Printed verse from Genesis at the top. Size: 22" h., 24" w., framed 27" h., 29" w. Condition: large 9" tear in the upper left area, numerous cracks, wrinkles, lacunae at edges. 300 - 450
1128 PETER SERI LITHOGRAPH. Dated 1977. Color lithograph. Signed and titled "They Talk of Sand, Of Gray." 43/50. Abstract stripe composition with buttocks. Size framed 27" h., 32" w. Condition: a little yellowed, no glass, frame is fragile. 40 - 80
1129 BULL DURHAM TOBACCO POSTER, REPRO. Photomechanical copy after an old poster. Size framed: 26" h., 31" w. Condition: like new. 25 - 50
1130 MURILLO COPY OF VIRGIN MARY. 20th c. Print on hardboard. After the Spanish artist's original. In an ornate composition frame. Size framed: 27" h., 22" w. Condition: like new. 40 - 60
1131 A. FAURE WESTERN OIL. 20th c. Oil on hardboard. Signed lower right. A very broadly painted wagon train scene set in a yellow ochre, blue-green landscape. Size framed: 25" h., 29" w. Condition: warped laterally, discoloration to the varnish (drips, streaks, spots); needs cleaning. 85 - 100
1132 C. GANASSE HARBOR SCENE. Early 20th c. Paint on board. Signed indistinctly lower right. Sailing boats are moored at piers in a clear blue sea. Size framed: 16" h., 11" w. Condition: some scrapes, white residue and a divot in the lower edge. 100 - 125
1133 CREEL SCHULTZ ELEPHANT OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. A large African elephant in blues and greens with tan. Size framed: 30" h., 26" w. Condition: some brown spots near the feet. 100 - 150
1134 FRANCES TERESI FISH O/C. 20th c. Oil on canvas. "Share With Me." Done by a local artist who exhibited this at the Arts & Crafts Center, now known as the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Fish and bread are seen; set in a heavy honey colored wooden frame. Size framed: 27" h., 31" w. Condition: no defects. 125 - 200
1135 ST JOSEPH AND BABY JESUS O/C. 19th c. ? Signed "Berlini dip." This rendering of St Joseph in his traditional orange mantle holds baby Jesus; fine anatomy and drapery painting distinguish this work. Size framed: 35" h., 29" w. Condition: the painting was longer but has been removed from its stretchers and about 6" folded over; now placed on masonite; some scuffs and scrapes. 200 - 400
1136 CHINESE WATERPARK EMBROIDERY. Threads, cloth. A waterpark is seen with traditional pagoda buildings. Framed. Size: 18" h., 56" w. Condition: noo visible defects. 40 - 80
1137 JOHAN DRESCHLER CANVAS PRINT. 20th c. Photomechanical print on canvas after Dreschler's painting "Alcove Fruit and Flowers." Size framed: 35" h., 29" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 70
1138 ALLAN BANKS REPRODUCTION. Photomechanically transferred image of a painting placed on canvas. "Young Olivia" looks out a window. Size framed: 24" h., 20" w. Condition: like new. 50 - 75
1139 RENOIR REPRODUCTION. 20th c. Photographically tranferred image of Renoir's Girls at a Piano on canvas. Size framed: 27" h., 23" w. Condition: like new. 50 - 75
1140 SIR THOMAS LAWRENCE REPRO. 20th c. Photomechanically transferred image of an oil painting on canvas. "Miss Murray." Size framed: 34" h., 27" w. Condition: new. 40 - 60
1141 GEORGE STUBBS REPRO. 20th c. Photographically tranferred image on canvas of George Stubb's Farmhounds painting. Size framed: 20" h., 24" w. Condition: like new. 30 - 50
1142 HEYWOOD HARDY CANVAS PRINT. 20th c. Photomechanical print on canvas after Hardy's painting "Going to the Meet." Size framed 25" h., 36" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 70
1143 R. HEIDRICH PLOWING SCENE. 20th c. Oil on illustration board. Signed R. Heidrich, Berlin. A man is seen behind his two horses, plowing a gray field. Size framed: 22" h., 30" w. Condition: warped convexly, dirty yellow varnish. 100 - 175
1144 JOHN LLOYD & M LYNCH OILS. 20th c. Oil on board and canvas. One is a John Lloyd farm scene on board, signed and dated (verso) 1925. The other painting is an imapsto floral by M. Lynch. Size: Lynch 27" h., 23" w.; Lloyd 11" h., 13" w. Condition: no defects to the Lloyd; a tear and much paint flaking with two patched repairs to the Lynch. 300 - 500
1145 PAIR KATEL HOGUE LANDSCAPES. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas / oil on board. Signed Katel Hogue. Hogue, of Youngstown, Ohio, painted these two scenes of Colorado mountains. Very impastoed. Size: 14" h., 17" w. and 16" h., 20" w. Condition: the larger oil is unframed, dirty, has one chip of paint missing from the lower edge, scuffs; the other painting is warped and has paint chips missing from the upper left corner. 225 - 350
1146 PAIR OF STROBIL WATERCOLORS. 20th c. ? Watercolor on paper. Signed in pencil. A summer alpine scene and a beach scene. Size largest framed: 15" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 450
1147 HEASSIERS LITHOGRAPHIC POSTER. 19th c. ? Color lithographic poster. Three Belgian or Dutch men in wooden clogs drink liquer. Size framed: 29" h., 21" w. Condition: lower right and left corners are eroded away. 50 - 75
1148 PAIR OF BOTANICAL ENGRAVINGS. Late 18th / early 19th c. ? Metal plate engraving with color. Hen and chicken daisy and cyclamen. Size framed: 12 1/2" h., 10" w. Condition: yellowed, foxing mark on cyclamen. 75 - 125
1149 PAIR OF FRENCH PRINTS. 20th c. One is a color etching, the other is after a lithograph with color. The etching is signed Ch. Forget 53 in plate and in pencil and shows Parisian booksellers. The other print is a view of a cathedral. Size framed: each is approx. 15" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
1150 HOKUMAI RELIEF / SCREEN PRINT. 20th c. Ink on paper. Signed Hokumai. 16/154. Blue form with runes on a black field. Size framed: 28" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 40 - 80
1151 MARBLE TOP END TABLES. A pair of stepback end tables. 30 - 60
1152 VINTAGE CRYSTAL LAMPS. 1930's -1940's Crystal bedroom lamps, from Hollywood mansion. Faceted three stacked orb base, surrounded by 12" faceted pendant prisms. Topped by shaped silk shades, faceted crystal orb finials. No mark. Size: 36"H. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
1153 CHINESE JEWELRY CASE. N/R. Wooden case with inset carved soapstone panels on front and sides. metal corner decorations and top handle. One bottom drawer with pull out inset, five drawers behind 2 front doors. Each silk lined. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"H, 7 1/4"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: right front stone carved panel cracked in several places. 75 - 150
1154 EARLY PINE DOVETAILED TRUNK. Lift lid has breadboard ends. Trunk has dovetailed vertical edges. Size: 18"h x 36"w x 17"d. 75 - 150
1155 TEN LADDERBACK CHAIRS. Wood pin constuction and rush seats. 100 - 200
1156 WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE. Two pieces includes a sofa and loveseat. Condition: Very clean. 75 - 150
1157 BAKERS RACK. 50 - 100
1158 WROUGHT IRON TABLES. Two pieces. One coffee table and one end table. Condition: glass tops do not match and coffee table is chipped. 20 - 40
1160 OAK BARRISTER SHELVES AND CABINET. Three lift front bookshelf sections over a two door botton cabinet. Size: 78"h x 38"w x 17"d. Condition: Overall good condition, one knob missing. 400 - 600
1161 OAK HALL TREE. Size: 67"h. 20 - 40
1162 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1163 VICTORIAN OAK MIRROR. N/R. Victorian oak frame around square beveled glass mirror. Size: 25" x 25". Condition: some wear to frame, scratches on silvered surface of mirror. 40 - 80
1165 SIX VICTORIAN BALLON BACK CHAIRS. Two sets of three. Condition: Seats need reupholstered. 120 - 240
1166 VICTORIAN ARM CHAIR. Ornate walnut frame with red plush fabric. Condition: Two incised applied pieces need to be reglued, chair could use reupholstered. 75 - 150
1167 VICTORIAN PARLOR CHAIR. Ornate carved walnut frame with red plush fabric. 60 - 120
1168 NEEDLEPOINT AND CARVED ROCKER. Pettipoint floral seat with spindleback and leafcarving. 60 - 120
1169 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP PARLOR TABLE. White oval top on finger carved base with turned columns. Size: 30"h x 31"w x 23"d. 250 - 400
1170 1170. CENTER COLUMN VICTORIAN STAND 1870 C. Walnut carved and turned with a white marble inset top sitting on four feet. Similar to #2360. Condition: old finish, skirt seperating at glue joints, missing three pendents, large chip on lower edge of skirt. Size: 29 1/2" H., 18" D. 75 - 100
1171 1171.SMALL VICTORIAN STAND WITH MARBLE TOP 1870 C. Walnut carved and turned sitting on four legs to a central column supporting a white marble top. Condition: o;d finish, missing one pendent, one button and caps on four feet. Size: 30" H., 15 1/2" D. 100 - 150
1172 MIDDLE EASTERN TABLE. Octagonal table inlaid with mother of pearl and ivory. Condition: several pieces of inlay missing. Size: 19"h x 14"w x 14"d. 50 - 100
1173 VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIR. Walnut and burl walnut veneers, with applied carving. 40 - 70
1174 GEORGIAN STYLE DINING SUITE. N/R. 10 pieces include a china cabinet, credenza, doulble pedastal table, two upholstered hostess chairs, and five curule form side chairs. 600 - 1,200
1175 1920'S GEORGIAN STYLE BACHELORS CHEST. Mahogany with cockbeaded drawers and bracket feet. Size: 33"h x 32"w x 17"d. 80 - 160
1176 BAKELITE HANDLED BEDROOM SUITE. N/R. Six pieces include tall chest , dresser, fullsize bed, nightstand, bench, andpart of the vanity which was cut up. Condition: headboard is sun faded. 200 - 400
1177 OAK S-ROLLTOP DESK. Turn of the century. Paneled on all three sides. Gallery has numerous drawers and cubbies. Condition: Rich old finish, no detractions. 400 - 800
1178 JAPANESE CLOISONNE LAMP. N/R. Japanese cloisonne lamp, 30 1/2" h including shade, 5 1/2" d. Green ground, dark blue medallions, multicolored floral and abstract design. 3 areas of damage to neck and body. 40 - 80
1179 METAL LAMP BASE. N/R. Base composed of urn in relief with putti and trees on tripod base, gilt and painted decoration: brass sections above. No marks. Size: 36" to top of lamp, 18"H urn base. Condition: brass tarnished, pitted and cracked, gilt worn, no shade, sold as is. 40 - 80
1180 BRASS TABLE LAMP. N/R. 19th century. With high relief decoration of cranes and tortise around the perimiter. Size of base only: 13.5" H., 7" DIA. Condition: No detractions. 175 - 350
1181 PAIR VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIRS. Walnut and burl walnut veneers. 50 - 100
1182 4 ROYAL WORCESTER CUPS & SAUCERS. N/R. Four cups and four saucers, each with different botanical scene. Gold rims, stylized bamboo hamdles. Marked: Royal Worcester Fine Bone China, England. Size: cups 2 3/8"H, 2 3/8"Diam. Saucers: 5"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1183 9 DOMED FOOD BELLS. N/R. Nine clear glass food bells with top knobs. No mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: 4 with chips in rim, one with crack in top. 40 - 80
1184 6 ROYAL CROWN DERBY PLATES. N/R. Six plates with cobalt, red and gold decoration on white. Marked: Royal Crown Derby England. Size: 7"Diam. each. Condition: one with crack, one with fleabite in rim. others no detractions. 40 - 80
1185 4 WEDGWOOD & 1 WEDGWOOD LIKE PIECE. N/R. (1) Creamer, blue jasperware with classical figures. Marked: Wedgwood England 36 X Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: chip in spout, staining on white classical figures and other white decoration. (2) Green jasperware miniature urn with classical figures. Marked: Wedgwood made in England. Size: 3 3/8"H. Condition: crack and repair in top rim. (3) Green jasperware ash tray w. classical figures, grape border. Marked: Wedgwood made in England. Size: 4 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. (4) Green jasperware round dish, Lloyd's of London 1688-1988 Tercentenary. Marked: Wedgwood (R) made in England. Size;4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (5) Ansonia clock in Wedgwood style case. Green and white ceramic case in Rococo style with 2 putti and cornucopia of flowers. Clock face with beveled glass cover, gilt metal round framing around clock face. Marked: Mfgd by Ansonia Clock Co. N.Y. around face. Size: 6"H, 4 3/4"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: chip and repair lower right front rim. 50 - 100
1186 VICTORIAN HALL TREE. Walnut with broken marble insert. Condition: Needs to be refinished, and one drip pan is in pieces. 250 - 500
1187 EASTLAKE MIRROR & SHELF. N/R. Eastlake style framed mirror, incised and carved decoration, leaf and branch decorated top. Size: 56 1/2"H, 27"W. Comes with a console shelf in a slightly different style, wall mounted. Size: 26"W, 7 1/2"D, 18"H. Conditoin: mirror good, wall shelf need refinishing. 150 - 300
1188 WEDGWOOD MINIATURE TEA SET. N/R. 6 piece blue jasperware tea set with classical scenes. Marked: Wedgwood England D, and Wedg.D E. Includes: Teapot (2 1/4"H).Condition: handle repaired. Creamer (1 1/4"H). Condition: handle repaired. Lidded sugar (2"H). Condition: lid has one chip. Cup ( 7/8"H) Condition: handle broken off. Two saucers.( 2 5/8"Diam.) Condition: good. 50 - 100
1189 CHILD'S DINNERWARE SET. N/R. Child's porcelain dinnerware set, blue and white "willow pattern." 26 pcs. All marked "Made in Japan." 20th century. 1. 2 covered tureens on platters. all pieces good condition. 2. 2 gravy boats. Good condition. 3. 6 plates, 4 1/2" diam.; 2 have slight roughness to base. 4. 4 cups, 6 saucers. 1 cup chipped, saucers good condition. 5. Small oval platter, 4 1/4" x 3". Good condition. 6. Teapot, creamer, covered sugar bowl. All good condition. 40 - 80
1190 CHILD'S PORCELAIN TEA SET. N/R. Child's tea set, blue and white "willow pattern," 21 pcs. 1. 8 cups and saucers, marked "Made in Japan." Few small chips on base of one saucer, "fleabite" chip to one cup. 2. Teapot, cream jug, covered sugar bowl, marked "Made in Japan." Few small chips on base of sugar bowl. 3. One cup and saucer marked "'Willow' W. R. Midwinter Ltd., England." Good condition. 35 - 70
1191 CHILD'S DISHES, NIPPON. N/R. Child's set of porcelain dishes, marked "Hand painted Nippon." 19 pcs. Late 19th century. 1. Covered tureen, 6" x 3/4", 2" high without lid, on 7" x 5" platter. 2. 6 plates, 4 1/4" diam. 3. 5 cups, 6 saucers. White ground with pastel floral garlands. All pieces good condition. 75 - 150
1192 JAPANESE POTTERY URN. N/R. Japanese pottery urn, 28 3/4" high, 14" wide at handles. Satsuma-style applied decoration; medallions with male and female figures. Birds (eagles?) holding rings form handles. Hairline crack through one medallion; damage and repair to base. 70 - 140
1193 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. Large vase form with carved flowering tree with phoenix and bird. Pierce carved and incised decoration, mottle brown stone. No mark. Size: 12 1/2"H, 7"W, 4"D. Condition: mineral deposit of different color in center front. 75 - 150
1194 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. Double vase form with phoenix and birds in tree, pierce carved and incised decoration, brown to yellow coloration. No mark. Size: 8 1/4"H, 8"w, 3"D. Condition: Repair to lower right, broken and reglued element. 75 - 150
1195 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. Six vase form( 2 large, 1 medium, 3 small) one vase with flowers and leaves, bird. Pierced carved and incised decoration. Mottled brown-yellow coloration. No mark. Size: 7"H, 8 3/4"W, 2"D. Condition: one vase has 3 chips in rim and hole in back of largest vase. 50 - 100
1196 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. three vase form with flowers and fruit. Pierced carved and incised decoration. Green mottled coloration. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 11"W, 3"D. Condition: flaw in stone back left. 75 - 150
1197 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. Three vase form with trees, birds and monkeys. Pierced carved and incised decoration. Mottled brown coloration. No mark. Size: 4 3/4"H, 8"W, 3"D. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
1198 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. Tall vase in background, low bowl in front with carved leaves and flowers. Pierce carved and incised decoration. Yellow to brown coloration. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H, 4"W, 3"D. Condition: chip in rim of low bowl, chip in back bottom rim. 50 - 100
1199 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE. N/R. Two vase form on carved piereced base, with three birds. Pierced carved and incised decoration. Mottled yellow brown coloration. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: chip in rim of upper vase, flaw in stone of lower bowl. 50 - 100
1200 ORIENTAL SOAPSTONE BOOKENDS. N/R. Bookends with flowering vase on ledge. pierced carved incised decoration. Green mottled coloration. No mark. Size: 5"H, 4"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: one bookend has damaged leaf. one bookend has chip on back edge, 2 chips on vase, chip on front base. 40 - 80
1201 MUHLBACH HISTORICAL NOVELS. N/R. 20 volumes of Muhlbach, Louisa: The Historical Novels. "San Souci Edition." N.Y./London, 1898; Appleton. 3/4 leather, marbled boards. Most of the covers are detached. Interiors good condition. 35 - 70
1202 RIDPATH ENCY. UNIVERSAL HIST. N/R. Ridpath Encyclopedia of Universal History. 4 vols. N.Y., c. 1890. 3/4 leather bindings. Leather rotted; covers detached or breaking; interiors good condition. 25 - 50
1203 PARKMAN'S WORKS. N/R. 17 odd volumes of Parkman's works. "Frontenac edition." Boston, 1901; Little, Brown. Blue cloth, paper spine labels. Good condition. 35 - 70
1204 COLUMBIAN HISTORICAL NOVELS. N/R. 8 vols. of the Columbian Historical Novels. N.Y., 1895; Funk & Wagnalls. 3/4 leather, marbled boards. Leather rotting; interiors good condition. 30 - 60
1205 ODD VOLS. WASHINGTON IRVING. N/R. 6 odd volumes of Washington Irving's works. 1854. Cloth bindings. Some spines chipped; covers show wear; interiors good. 25 - 50
1206 NATIONS OF THE WORLD. N/R. 65 volumes Nations of the World. N.Y., 1898; P. F. Collier. Red cloth bindings. good condition. 100 - 200
1207 40 VOLS. AMERICAN STATESMEN. N/R. Morse, John T., Jr. Editor. 40 volumes American Statesmen. Boston/N.Y., 1900-1908. Houghton Mifflin. Green cloth, top edges gilt. Good condition. 75 - 150
1208 RIDPATH UNIVERSAL LITERATURE N/R. The Ridpath Library of Universal Literature. 25 volumes. N.Y., 1900; Globe Pub. Co. Full leather, top edges gilt. Leather deteriorated; interiors good condition. 40 - 80
1209 17 PART-LEATHER ODD VOLUMES. N/R. 17 decorative 3/4 leather bound odd volumes, gold-decorated spines. Fair to good condition. 35 - 70
1210 6 BOOKS OF AMERICANA. N/R. 1. America's Historic Houses: The Living Past. Country Beautiful/Putnam. 1967. 194 pp. 12 1/2" x 9 1/2". Very good condition with dust jacket. 2. Steele, J. Dorman. A Popular History of Our Country. Springfield, MA 1879. 656 pp + 68 pp of The Centennial Exhibition. Blind-stamped and gold-decorated binding. Good condition. 3. Isely, Bliss. Sunbonnet Days. Caxton Printers, Caldwell, ID, 1935. Check cloth binding slightly soiled; newspaper clipping tipped in on front free endpaper. Good condition. 4. Hartley, Cecil B. Life of Daniel Boone. Phila., 1865; Porter & Coates. 351 pp. Good condition. 5. Hatcher, Harlan. Lake Erie. Indianapolis/N.Y., 1945. Bobbs Merrill. 416 pp. Good condition. 6. Ridpath, John Clark. The Life & Work of James A. Garfield. Cincinnati, 1881; Jones Bros. Memorial edition. 672 pp. Gold-decorated binding; marbled edges and endpapers. Good condition. 70 - 0
1211 6 PART LEATHERBOUND BOOKS. N/R. 6 attractive odd volumes, 3/4 leather, marbled boards. All good condition. 1. Memoires Secretes De Duclos. Paris 1881. 2. Memoires de Marmontel. Paris 1884. 3. Memoires du Duc de Lauzun. Paris, 1882. 4. Napier's Peninsula War, vol. II. London, n.d. (ca. 1880's). 5. Scott. Trevelyan. London 1861. 6. Marryat. the Mission. London 1896. 35 - 70
1212 5 ODD VOLS. SWIFT'S WORKS. N/R. 5 odd leatherbound volumes of Swift's works. Full leather. 3 vols good condition; one volume has the front cover detached, one has the back cover detached and the front cover missing. Contents good condition. 35 - 70
1213 8 ODD VOLS. BEACONSFIELD. N/R. 8 odd volumes of Novels and Tales by the Earl of Beaconsfield (Benjamin Disraeli). "Hughenden Edition," London, 1882. 3/4 leather, marbled edges and endpapers. Gold-decorated spines. Very good condition. 40 - 80
1214 6 BOOKS ON ART AND ANTIQUES. N/R. 1. Northend, Mary Harrod. American Glass. N.Y>, 1936; Tudor Pub. 209 pp. Very good condition in good dust jacket. 2. Hughes, G. Bernard. Small Antique Silverware. N.Y., c. 1957; Bramhall House. 224 pp. Very good condition in dust jacket. 3. Hilles, Frederick W. (ed.) Portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Vol. III. The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. N.Y., c. 1952; McGraw-Hill. Very good in torn dust jacket. 4. Moore, N. Hudson. The Old china Book. N.Y.,1935. Tudor Pub. 300 pp. Very good condition. 5. Meyer, Franz Sales. Handbook of Ornament. ca. 1892. 548 pp + ads. Profusely illustrated. Title page and half-title removed. 6. Glintenkamp, H. A Wanderer in Woodcuts. N.Y>, 1932; Farrar & Rinehart.1st. edition. 126 woodcut plates, descriptive text. Spine spotted; otherwise good condition. 40 - 80
1215 6 BOOKS OF AMERICANA.N/R. 1. American Heritage Book of the Revolution. N.Y., 1958. 11 1/4" x 8 3/4". 384 pp. Slightly musty; otherwise very good condition, in box. 2. Bacon, Edgar Mayhew. The Hudson River. N.Y./London, 1903. Putnam. 590 pp. Very good condition. 3. Goodrich, S. G. A Pictorial History of America. Hartford, 1852. 848 pp plus 48 pp appendix: Aborigines of America. Blind-stamped leather binding. Front hinge frail; leather deteriorated. 4. Botkin, B. A. A Treasury of American Folklore. N.Y., c. 1944. Crown Pubs. 932 pp. Very good in worn dust jacket. 5. Ames, Mary Clemmer. Ten Years in washington. Hartford, 1876. 587 pp. Illustrated with engravings. Brown cloth, gold-decorated spine. Good condition. 6. Hatcher, harlan. The Great Lakes. London/N.Y., 1944; Oxford U. Press. 384 pp. Good condition. 40 - 80
1216 2 BOOKS IN GERMAN. N/R. 1. Schweitzer Schutzenbuch. Zurich, 1943. Swiss shooting book. Many plates, some color. 8 1/2" x 12", 287 pp. Very good in slightly edge-worn dust jacket. 2. Zur Geschichte der Costume. Munich, n.d. (ca.1900). Historic costumes of the world, in color. 13" x 9". Covers detached; spine missing; contents lightly tanned but good. 25 - 50
1217 THE IDEAL HOME MUSIC LIBRARY. N/R. 9 odd volumes of the Ideal Home Music Library. N.Y. 1913, Scribner. Piano music. Green cloth, 12" x 9". Spines faded; otherwise good condition. 25 - 50
1218 CLOISONNE BOWL. N/R. Centrepiece bowl on wood stand. Flared rim. 5 3/4" high, 15" diam. White ground, design of primarily blue birds and flowers inside and outside of bowl. Japanese mark; 20th century. Very good condition. 250 - 500
1219 CYLINDRICAL CLOISONNE VASE. N/R. Cylindrical cloisonne vase, brown field with pink, white, red, blue and purple flowers, decorated band top and bottom, interior blue enamel. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H, 3 7/8"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1220 BLUE CLOISONNE VASE. N/R. Vase with blue field with flowers and birds. No mark. Size; 9 3/4"H. Condition: No detractions. 60 - 120
1221 PAIR CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. Pair of vases with over all circle decoration, green decorated bases. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Conditoin: one vase has white paint drip on body of vase, one no detractions. 50 - 100
1222 PAIR GREEN CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. Pair of vases with green over all floral decoration with maroon highlights. No mark one with paper label in Chinese. Size: 6"H. each. condition: good. 30 - 60
1223 PR. CLOISONNE GINGER JARS. N/R. Pair of cloisonne enamel ginger jars with lids, blue background with pink and red flowers with green leaves. Each marked on bottom: China. Size: 6"H, 5"Diam. Condition: one good, one with 2 small damaged areas. 40 - 80
1224 PAIR CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. Pair of vases with black field with pink and white flowers, blue banded top and bottom. No mark. Size: 6"H. each. condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1225 CLOISONNE ENAMEL EGG. N/R. Plique a jour cloisonne enamel egg with honeycomb and floral design in box with wooden stand. Marked: made in Tianzin China. Size: 2 1/4"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1226 ENAMELED SNUFF BOTTLE. N/R. Pink enameled peacock with green background, red cap, no mark. Size: 3"H. Condition: spoon attached to inside cap but cork broken off in snuff bottle. 30 - 60
1227 CINNEBAR SNUFF BOTTLE. N/R. Cinnebar body with Chinese landscape and figures in relief, metal bottom.Size: 2 1/2"H. Metal bottom with Chinese characters. Condition: interior spoon broken off from top. Signs of wear. 50 - 100
1228 7 PIECES ENAMEL WARE. N/R. 1. 4 stemmed egg cups, white inside cups, outside black ground with floral design, medallions with birds and flowers. Enamel chipped inside one cup, others good. 2. Cylindrical lidded box, 4" high, 3 1/8" diam. Green and white enamel, birds and flowers. Good condition. 3. Small slipper-shaped ashtray, 1" high, 4" long, 1 1/2" wide. Black ground, white medallions, birds and flowers. some chipping to enamel. 4. Cloisonne round covered box, 4" high with lid, 4 1/2" diam. Blue ground, white floral design. Marked "China." Early 20th century. good condition. 40 - 80
1229 2 MINIATURE TABLES. N/R. Two miniature Chinese tables with carved aprons. No marks. (1) table 8 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Square (1) table 10"H, 7"Square. Condition: both table tops with crack in wood. 20 - 40
1230 6 DECORATED WINE GLASSES. N/R. Clear glass with black and red decoration, two men in hunt club. Mo mark. Probably from the 1950's or 1960's. Size: 5 3/4"H, 3"Diam. top. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1231 16 STEMWARE W. CUT DECORATION. N/R. 8 wineglasses (7 1/2"H) and 8 cordial glasses (4"H) with cut ring banding and cross hatched double diamond decorations. No mark. Condition: wineglasses good. cordials: 4 with rough bases. 25 - 50
1232 14 CUT GLASS STEMWARE. N/R. Eight wine glasses, and six cordial glasses. with wheel cut decoration. No mark. Condition: three with small chips in rim. 25 - 50
1233 12 WINE GLASSES. N/R. Etched leaf decoration, gilt band decoration. No mark. size: 6 1/2"H, Condition: good. (See lot #1234) 25 - 50
1234 12 WINE GLASSES. N/R. Etched leaf decoratoin, gilt band decoration. no mark. Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: good. (See lot #1233) 25 - 50
1235 8 RED FLASHED CHAMPAGNES. N/R. Eight glasses with clear notched stems, radiating cut border under base, red blashed bowls with grape cutting. No mark. Size:6"H, 4"Diam. bowl. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1236 12 CUT FLASHED CHAMPAGNES. N/R. 12 glasses with notched stems, radiating cut bases, flashed bowls with grape, leaf, and cross hatched decoration. 2 yellow, 2 ruby, 2 purple, 3 blue, 3 green. No mark. Size: 5"H, 4 1/4"Diam. bowl. Condition: 2 with fleabites on bottom rim. 40 - 80
1237 12 FLASHED CUT WINEGLASSES. N/R. Clear notched stems, clear round bases with radiating cuts, flashed bowls with cut grape and cross hatched decoration. 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 ruby, 2 purple, 2 pink. No mark. Size: 8"H, 3 1/2"Diam. at widest part. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1238 12 FLASHED CORDIAL GLASSES. N/R. (6) Notched cut stems, radiating cut bases, grape cut flashed rounded bowls. Various colors, red, pink, yellow, blue, green and purple. No mark. Size: 5 1/4"H, 2"Diam. bowl. Condition: one with chip in rim. (6) ruby flashed straight sided bowls, notched stems with ball top and radiating cut bases. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 2"Diam. at widest part. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1239 6 GOEBEL CUT WINE GLASSES. N/R. Six cut and flashed wine glasses, clear not ct stems, star base, flashed bowls with cut grape decoration. One each: red, pink, yellow, purple, green, blue. Marked: acid stamped on base: Goebel. Size: 9"H, 3 1/4"Diam. bowl. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1240 12 MARTINI GLASSES. N/R. Plain clear glass martini glasses. No mar. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. 20 - 40
1241 THISTLE PATTERN CREAMER & SUGAR. N/R. Pressed glass thistle pattern creamer and sugar. Two handled sugar with no lid. No mark. Size: Creamer 4 3/4"H, sugar 4"H, 4"Diam. Condition: chip on rim of creamer. creamer does not sit flat on table, slightly rocks. 25 - 50
1242 ART DECO GLASS CREAMER & SUGAR. N/R. Frosted glass creamer and sugar bowl, octagonal top and base. Silver geometric design, body narrowing down to red & silver base. Creamer 4 5/8" high, sugar 4 1/2" high, both 4" diam. at top, 2 1/2" at base. Small chip in base of sugar bowl. 75 - 100
1243 12 AMBER PRESSED GLASSES. N/R, 12 footed pressed glass amber frosted glasses, with smooth raised Rose garland around bowl of glass. No mark. Size: 5 5/8"H. 3" diam. top. Condition: good. 20 - 40
1244 MOSER GLASS PLATE. N/R. Moser " Home on the Range" plate with image of buffalo. Plate reads " Home on the Range America -1858". Marked: Moser (acid stamp) 55 (signed) SH73. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: good, comes with original box. 40 - 80
1245 PRESSED GLASS MIRRORED PLATEAU. N/R. Pressed glass rondel over silvered pot metal raised stand. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. 1 1/2"H. Condition: base bottom pitted and tarnished, metal sides silver worn. 25 - 50
1246 MOSER AND OTHER GLASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Moser glass basket, hobstar and cross hatch decoration. Marked: Moser Carlsbad. Size: 6"H. 8"L, 9 1/2"W. Condition: good. (2) Round bowls, press cut decoration. No mark. size: 2 1/2"H, 6 1/4"Diam. condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1247 WESTMORELAND BALLERINA DISH. N/R. Westmoreland Glass Co. carnival iridescent dish formed from ballerina's tutu, with extended head arms and legs. Signed under left foot W G Mark. Size: 2 1/4"H, 8 1/2"L, 4 5/8"W. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1248 4 CONTAINER CONDIMENT SET. N/R. Four glass containers with polished bottoms ( 2 with stoppers, one with shaker top, one hinged lid top with spoon). All set in square silverplate base on four ball feet, ring finial handle. Marked: glass unmarked, silverplate base marked: FHS hallmark. Size: glass: two 6"H, one 5 1/2"H, one 4"H. metal stand 8 1.2:H, 5"D. Condition: One stopper has broken bottom. Scratches on the base of the glass pieces. The fit of some of the glass suggests these pieces were not created originally together. 40 - 80
1249 RED FLASHED CUT BOWL. N/R. round bowl, ruby flash, pressed and cut decoration, pinwheel, notched top edge, small frosted rondels. No mark. Size;4"H, 4 3/4"Diam. Condition: small chip on bottom edge. 30 - 60
1250 LIDDED PRESSED GLASS COMPOTE. N/R. footed base, lidded top with finial. No mark. Size: 10"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
1251 GIANT POCKET WATCH CLOCK. Clock shaped like a giant pocket watch, electric. Marked: United Clock Corp. Brooklyn N.Y. Size: 8"Daim. Condition: cord missing, sold as is. 25 - 50
1252 GERMAN MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Key wind, pendulum clock, quarter hour strike, chiming. Beveled glass clock face cover, Wooden case. Marked: KC Co. Germany. Size: 16"H, 12 1/4"W, 8"Diam. Condition: Sold as is. 100 - 200
1253 REVERE MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Revere mantle clock. Round top with wavy bottom apron on case. Marked: Revere Westminster Chime Tetechron motor. Size: 11 3/4"H, 6 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1254 MARBLE MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Ren. Revival style marble clock with incised and gilt decoration. Enamel face, pendulum, No marks. Size: 12 3/4"H, 10"W, 5 5/8"D. Conditoin: clock face cover missing. Sold as is. 100 - 200
1255 HAMMOND MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Humpback mantle clock, carved wooden decoration around clock face. marked: Hammond Clock Co. Chicago Ill. Size: 20"W, 9"H, 4 3/4"D. Condition: back door broken on one hinge. Sold as is. 50 - 100
1256 MINIATURE CLOCK. N/R. Mother of pearl case, wheel ground enamel face, engraved metal back. Marked: Metal dore on bottom. Size: 2 1/4"H, 1 1/4"W, 1 1/4"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1257 BRASS SKELETON CLOCK. N/R. Skeleton clock with pendulum, key wind. No mark. Set in glass dome case. Clock 13 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W. Case 16 1/2"H, 9 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: no key, sold as is. 100 - 200
1258 ORIENTAL WOOD CASE CLOCK. N/R. Battery operated clock movement set in rectangular wood case which slides into wooden stand. Marked: movement marked: To Chigi Tokei Co. Ltd. No Jewels, Unadjusted. Pat. Pend. Japan. Size: 6 3/4"H, 4 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: Back panel loose, sold as is. 50 - 100
1259 CLOISONNE CLOCK. N/R. Cloisonne clock with black background, solid and foil bakced colored decoration. No mark. Size: 6"H. 4 1/2"W, 2 3/8"D. Condition: surface ok, sold as is. 50 - 100
1260 COOKOO CLOCK. N/R. Cookoo clock in plastic case, with weights and pendulum. size: clock: 11:H, 7 1/2"W, 5"D. Condition: sold as is. 20 - 40
1261 HOWARD MILLER MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Key wind, quarter hour strike, chiming mantle clock. Chimes: Westminster, St. Michel, Whittington or silent. marked: Howard Miller, Western Germany. Size: 15"H, 10 1/2"W 7"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1262 GERMAN MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Four ball spining pendulum, three sides glass in wooden case, back panel gold veined mirror. Marked: made in Germany. Size: 13 1/2"H, 9"W. 6"D. Condition: sold as is. 40 - 80
1263 SESSIONS MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Humpback mantle clock, key wind, half hour strike, Marked: Sessions made in USA. Size: 20 1/2"W. 10"H, 4 3/4"D. Condition: sold as is. Original instructions on inside back door. 50 - 100
1264 SETH THOMAS MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Hump back mantle clock, key wind pendulum clock, quarter hours strike, chiming, Made by Seth Thomas in USA. Size: 20 1/2"W, 10 1/4"H. 7"D. Condition: sold as is. 50 - 100
1265 PORCELAIN HEAD DOLL. N/R. Doll with porcelain head, glass eyes, porcelain arms and legs, hair on stand. Marked: script "Katia" on back shoulder. Size: 14"H. Condition: clothing dirty. 40 - 80
1266 GERMAN PORCELAIN HEAD DOLL. N/R. Head marked S H Germany. Elaborate curled wig, and dress. Condition: back of porcelain head damaged and repaired. Hands broken. Size: 28"H. 75 - 150
1267 NATASHA DOLL BY ALEXANDER. N/R. Doll with rubber face, fur trimmed dress. marked: Alexander Doll Co. New York. In original box. Size: 19"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1268 DOLL HOUSE SOFA. N/R. Rococo revival upholstered blue sofa. Marked: Wiseman's Upholstery, 1621 Larchmont Ave. NE Warren Ohio, 44483. (and pencil signed) Made by Harry Wiseman. Size: 6"H, 13 1/2"L, 5"D. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1269 DOLL VANITY MIRROR STAND. N/R. Gilt metal mirror stand with 2 hand painted porcelain round inserts. No mark. Size; 9"H. Condition: 4 round metal holders above bottom porcelain insert indicated missing pieces. Mirror silver worn. 25 - 50
1270 BABY DOLL. N/R. Hard rubber baby with diaper and tee shirt, with "B" on tee shirt. Marked: Perfekta Made in Hong Kong. Size: 9"H. Condition: damage around neck. 20 - 40
1271 SNOW WHITE. N/R. Ceramic Snow White figurine. Marked: (incised in front) Snow White, (incised in back) Walt Disney. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: colors worn on dress, hair, cloak, minor overall wear. 30 - 60
1272 2 TEDDY BEARS. N/R. (1) Tedy bear with movable limbs and head. No mark. Sze: 16"H. Condition: much worn, fur worn in places. (1) Early Teddy bear, movable limbs. No mark. Size: 20"L. Condition: no ears, no eyes, many repairs, fur worn. 40 - 80
1273 2 MECHANICAL ANIMALS. N/R. (1) Lion which opens its mouth when wound. No mark. size: 5 1/2"H, 5"L, 2 3/4"D. Condition: general wear, sold as is. (1) Bear with key wound mechanism. Marked: paper label: MT Modern Toys Japan P. Patent. Size: 3"H, 5"L, 2"D. Condition: key missing, furn torn and worn.,sold as is. 40 - 80
1274 MARX INDIAN AND HORSE. N/R. Plastic Indian with movable limbs, dated 1967 and plastic horse with reigns. Indian marked: Louis Marx & Co. MCMLXVII Made in USA. Horse has no mark. condition: Indian body good, face and hair appear to have been chewed by dog. Horse may be missing saddle or other items. 40 - 80
1275 WEEDEN TOY ENGINE. N/R. Metal toy engine. Marked: Weeden Trade Mark. US Pat. Off. Size: 6"H, 7"W, 5 3/4"D. Condition: tarnish and wear to metal parts, sold as is. 40 - 80
1276 RUDOLPH RED NOSE BANK. N/R. Metal Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer bank, with light bulb nose. No mark. size: 5 1/2"H, 6"L. 2 1/2"D. Condition: original paint, scratched surface, light not functioning, sold as is. 40 - 80
1277 DOLL ROCKER. N/R. Doll size rocker with woven seat. Size: 11"H. Condition: worn. 25 - 50
1278 DOLL SWING. N/R. Doll swing on base. painted pink wood. Size: 18"H. Condition: worn. 25 - 50
1279 MECHANICAL "MONKEY BANK". N/R. Cast iron mechanical painted toy bank. "Monkey Bank" in gilt letters on top base. Marked: Taiwan. Size: 7"H, 7 3/4"W. 2 3/4"d. Condition: Reproduction. painte good. Sold as is. 30 - 60
1280 MECHANICAL TOY BANK. N/R. Cast iron painted mechanical toy bank. "Artillery Bank" in gilt at front of bank. Marked: Taiwan. Size: 5 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W. 3 1/8"D. Condition: Reproduction. Sold as is. 30 - 60
1281 ELEPHANT MECHANICAL BANK. N/R. Metal bank shaped like elephant with moving parts. No mark. Size; 5"H, 6"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: Parts worn, missing elements, sold as is. 25 - 50
1282 3 METAL ANIMALS. N/R. (1) Owl with removable head, no eyes, inner compartment (incense burner (?)). Marked: Kantines 1017. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: metal finish worn. (1) Lion bank dark silver finish. No mark. Size: 3 3/8"H. Condition: worn finish (Reproduction). (1) Lion bank dark gold finish. No mark. Size: 3 3/8"H. Condition: finish worn ( Reproduction). 30 - 60
1283 CAST METAL CARRAIGE. N/R. Cast metal carraige with two horses, drier and 2 riders, colors of red and gold. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 12"L, 3"W. Condition: wear to paint. 40 - 80
1284 CAST METAL SURRY W. PEOPLE. N/R. Cast metal surry with the fringe on top, 2 horses and metal people. Colors of black and gold. No mark. Size; 5"H, 11"L, 3"W. Condition: two poles holding up roof missing. Wear to painted finish. 40 - 80
1285 METAL TOY FIRE TRUCK. N/R. Red metal ladder truck. Marked: Metal Masters Co. Made in USA. Size: 3"H, 10"L, 2 3/4"W. Condition: red paint worn, extension ladder missing, corrosion of metal. 40 - 80
1286 HUBLEY TOY TRACTOR. N/R. Metal tracter, wheels turn, original rubber wheels. Marked: Hubley on side of tractor. Size: 5 1/4"H, 9"L, 5"W. Condition: back wheel bent, red paint worn, some element missing. 30 - 60
1287 LESNEY MODEL T FORD. N/R. Miniature metal car. Marked: Models of Yesteryear, No. Y-1, 1911 Ford Model T, made in England by Lesney. size: 2"H, 3"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: good. 20 - 40
1288 CHEIN TOY ROLLER COASTER. N/R. Tin litho mechanical toy roller coaster with two original cars, gear wound mechanism to propel cars. Marked: J. Chein & Co. Made in USA. Size: 10 1/4"H, 19"W, 8"D. Condition: lithos good. Sold as is. 150 - 300
1289 EARTH MOVING SHOVEL TRUCK. N/R. Shovel truck, tin litho decoration, markings on truck state: Wyandotte, Construction Wyandotte Engineering, Limo, Sturdy construction Co. Diesel 395. Marked: Wyandotte Toys, Made in USA Reg US Pat off Made in USA. Size: 6 1/2"H, 21"L, 4 1/2"W. Condition: crank not working properly, one element bent, lithos minor wear, sold as is. 40 - 80
1290 MARX ELECTRIC TRAIN SET. N/R. Marx train set in original box. Includes: tracks, transformer, engine and four other cars. (all cars are plastic. Conditon: used. 50 - 100
1291 TYCO ELECTRIC TRAIN SET.N/R. HO scale," Spriit of 76" edition. Complete with electic power pack, 45" x 45" double oval track layout, Engine with operating headlights, in original box. Condition: used, sold as is. 50 - 100
1292 DOLLS ICE CREAM TABLE AND CHAIRS. Three pieces includes two chairs and one table. Made of black painted wrought iron. 40 - 80
1293 WOODEN CASH BOX. N/R. Wood cash box; brass lock, drawer handle, and opening for cash. Labeled "'Efficiency' Cash Till" "Dudley & Co. Holloway N.7." Locked, no key; else good condition. 50 - 100
1294 WOODEN BOX. N/R. Wood box, 6 1/2" high, 13" wide, 5 3/4" deep. Claw feet. Inside has space for 3 small er containers; 2 rectangular containers are present, cylindrical container is missing. Bottom of one of the rectangular containers is loose. 25 - 50
1295 WOODEN TRAVELING CHEST. N/R. Small wooden chest,, 6 3/4" high, 12" x 8 3/4". Small mother-of-pearl shield inlaid in lid. 5 compartments (for bottles?), 2-compartment tray over another compartment; "hidden" drawer undeerneath. Compartment for papers in lid. Unlocked; no key. Some veneer chipped on lid. 50 - 100
1296 WOODEN BOX. N/R. Wood box, decorative carved top and base. 4 1/2" high, 9" x 6 1/2". Interior velvet lined. Small patch of finish worn off lid. 25 - 50
1297 WOOD TRAVELING DESK. N/R. Wooden traveling desk, 6" high, 19 1/4" x 9 1/4". Brass corners, lock, carrying handles, and decorative insert on lid. Leather writing surface has decorative gold edging. 2 ink bottles in corner compartments; small lidded compartment with mother-of-pearl handle on lid; wood pen; key present. Writing surface chipped at edge; else good condition. 100 - 200
1298 SARCOPHAGUS SHAPED TEA CADDY. N/R. Velvet lined tea caddy box, mother of pearl key surround, four bun feet, sarcophagus shape. No mark. Size: 6 1/4"H, 8"W, 5"D. Condition: wear to corners, inside lock missing, sold as is. 50 - 100
1299 WOODEN TRINKET BOX. N/R. Wooden box, 4" high, 9" x 5 1/4". Top has inlaid flowers, painted birds, "Ricordo Italia." Front made to look like a set of books; the book section containing the keyhole is detached, but present. Interior is padded. 25 - 50
1300 BOOK-SHAPED WOOD FILE BOX. N/R. Wooden file box, leather covered, shaped to resenble 3 books. 3 1/2" high, 6 1/4" x 5 1/8". 4 compartments. Good condition. 25 - 50
1301 KILM CARPET. N/R. Striped design kilm. Size: 59" x 116". Condition: signs of wear. 150 - 300
1302 SHIRAZ CARPET. N/R. Geometric design, faded center. Size: 65"x 99". Condition: faded center, edges frayed. 150 - 300
1303 CAUCASIAN RUG. N/R. Caucasian rug, blue and red geometric design. Size: 41"x 57". Condition: wear on edges. 150 - 300
1304 HAMMAUDEN RUG. N/R. Hammauden rug, faded red and blue geometric decoration. Size: 41" x 75". Condition: worn edges. 100 - 200
1305 NAVAHO RUG. N/R. Navaho rug, c.1920-30. Red and brown geometric, Size: 41" X 68". Condition: fraying on edges. 150 - 300
1306 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. N/R. Oriental scatter rug, red floral, thick pile. Size: 31"x 46". Condition: edges worn. 50 - 100
1307 RUNNER. N/R. Carpet runner. Red and black predominate. Size: 13' x 40". Condition: one end badly moth eaten, many holes. 25 - 50
1308 SCATTER RUG. N/R. Scatter rug with cream ground, pink and blue floral decoration. Size: 22" x 47". Condition: fringe worn, some rot. 40 - 80
1309 SCATTER RUG. N/R. Scatter rug with cream ground, pink and blue floral decoration. Size: 24" x 50". Condition: Edges worn and fraying, some rot. 40 - 80
1310 PERSIAN SCATTER RUG. N/R. Persian scatter rug, made in Iran, red floral design. Size: 40" x 58". Condition: center extremely worn. 30 - 60
1311 ORIENTAL RUNNER. N/R. Runner with blue field and red decorated border. Size: 16' x 40". Condition: faded and worn. 50 - 100
1312 ORIENTAL RUNNER. N/R. Oriental runner, blue field, red decorated border. Size: 16' x 40". Condition: both ends torn,and missing pieces, faded and worn. 40 - 80
1313 PERSIAN SCATTER RUG. N/R. Persian scatter rug, red field. Size: 23" x 31". Condition: wear on edges. 50 - 100
1314 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. N/R. Made in Iran, red with geometric decoration. Size: 40" x 65". Condition: wear on edges. 100 - 200
1315 PERSIAN STYLE RUG. N/R. Persian style rug, red border, blue center. Size: 10' x 14' 2". Condition: general wear, needs cleaning, ends worn, both long ends fraying. 100 - 300
1316 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1317 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1318 FINE ROSEWOOD SIDE CHAIR. Edwardian era. Back has line inlaid styles and crest rail has marquetry floral inlay. Raised on finely turned front legs. 50 - 100
1319 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1320 ZENITH RADIO CABINET. Depression era. 30 - 60
1321 VICTORIAN SOFA FRAME. Finger carved walnut frame needs to be refinished and reupholstered. Size: 65"w. 80 - 160
1322 WOODEN LIFT TOP TOOL CHEST. Size: 14"h x 35"w x 21"d. 10 - 30
1323 DANMARK BABY PRAM. Has tweed fabric. Made by Odder Vognen, Denmark. 35 - 70
1325 BUTTON TUFTED LOUNGE CHAIR. In a blue plush fabric. Condition: clean. 20 - 40
1326 BUTTON TUFTED SOFA. Floral fabric in shades of blue and tan. 20 - 40
1327 MARBLE TOP COFFEE TABLE. Recent. Oval white marble top on base with rose carving. Size: 17"h x 33"w x 22"d. 100 - 200
1328 SPOON RACK. N/R. Pierced with gouge carving. 15 - 30
1329 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1330 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1331 OVAL CONVEX MIRROR. Oval mirror in wooden finished plastic frame. Size: 23"H 17"W. Condition;: good. 20 - 40
1332 WALL MIRROR. N/R. Beveled glass mirror in decorated gessoed,painted and gilt frame. Size: 36 x 60". Conditoin: finish is worn on edges of frame decoration. Hanging wire broken on back. 50 - 100
1333 ROUND MIRROR. N/R. Round mirror with gilt gessoed frame. Size: 30"H, 24"W. Condition: finish worn. 30 - 60
1334 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1335 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1336 CHINTZ SOFA N/R. Sofa has one long cushion and is covered in a flower and ribbons patterened chintz fabric. Dimensions: 30.5' h., 67.5" l., 31" d. Condition: good; except for a light stain on one of the corners. 150 - 300
1337 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1337 PAIR OF CHAIRS N/R. Matching chairs are covered in a green and white patterned chenille like fabric. They each have a matching throw pillow. Dimensions: 30" h., 24" l., 30.5" d. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1338 GREEN PATTERN RUG. N/R. Contemporary green pattern rug, fringe edging. Size: 106" x 13' 6". Condition: signs of wear. 756 - 150
1339 TWO QUEEN ANNE STYLE CHAIR. Painted blue with coral colored seats. 15 - 30
1341 1940'S END TABLE. Size: 31"h x 32"w x 13"d. 20 - 40
1342 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1343 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1344 WINE TABLE. Walnut base with silverplate tray top. 15 - 30
1345 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1346 BRASS KETTLE ON STAND. N/R. Brass kettle, wood handle, on stand with container for heat source. Marked "S & S." Kettle 7 1/2" high, base 5" x 3 3/4"; stand 7" high by 7" x 7 3/4". Chip out of kettle handle, else good condition. 35 - 70
1347 COVERED BRASS CONTAINER. N/R. Covered brass container, with base. Marked "Almazan" and "Made in Spain." Early 20th century. Interior gilded. 8 1/2" high, 6 1/4" diam. Good condition. 20 - 40
1348 2 BRASS JUGS. N/R. Two 20th century brass jugs. 1. Cylindrical one-handled jug, 7 1/4" high, 3 1/8" diam. at base. Brass label, "Demi Litre" on side; marked "Made in France." Lead solder around base and neck suggests repair. 2. Milk-can-shaped one-handled jug, 6" high, 3 3/4" diam. at base, 2 1/4" diam. at top. Copper colored body; brass bands, lip, and handle. Bright and new-looking. 25 - 50
1349 4 DECORATIVE BRASS ITEMS. N/R. Four 20th century decorative brass pieces. 1. Small kidney-shaped tray, surmounted by crown marked "Rolex." Good condition. 2. Rectangular lidded box, 4 1/2" high, 7 1/2" long, 3 1/2" deep. 2 hooks on back. Area of staining to interior. 3. Curved-front lidded box, 4 1/2" high, 6 1/2" wide, 4 1/4" deep. One hook on back. Minor spotting. 4. Long-handled candle snuffer. Good condition. 25 - 50
1350 BRASS BOWL. N/R. Plain brass bowl, 3" high, 5" diam. Marked "Korea." Late 19th century. Good condition. 15 - 30
1351 2 BRASS AUTOMOBILE HORNS. N/R. 2 brass automobile horns, rubber bulbs. One bulb marked "14" inside two circles, the other marked the same but with "Kohinoor Special" around the circles. Screw base plate on side, to attach to car. Brass base of one bulb loose; rubber bulbs deteriorating. 40 - 80
1352 HEAVY BRASS DOG. N/R. Heavy gilded brass dog (Boston bull?). 9 1/2" high at ears, 9" long, 3 3/4" wide. Finish rubbed at extremities, else good condition. 25 - 50
1353 PAIR GILDED IRON BOOKENDS. N/R. Two gilded iron bookends, each a leaping ibex on felted base. 4 3/4" high, base 6" long. Some rubbing to gilt, else good condition. 40 - 80
1354 PAIR GILDED IRON BOOKENDS. N/R. Bookends in the form of defeated-looking Indians on horseback. Gilding worn. 35 - 70
1355 REMINGTON COLLECTORS PLATE. N/R. Collector's plate featuring "The Cheyenne" by Frederic Remington, crafted in museum quality bronze, original Remington sculpture interpreted in bas relief by sculptor Roger Brown. Edition: 1433 of 15000. In original box. Created by River Shore Ltd. 1979. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1356 13 MINIATURE BRASS ITEMS. N/R. Collection of 13 brass miniatures, all 20th century, most unmarked. 1. 2-handled cauldron, 3 feet. 3 1/2" high, 4 1/4" diam. Good condition. 2. 2 spittoons, 2 1/2" high, 2 3/4" diam. Good condition. 3. Cannon on caisson with movable wheels. 3" high, 8 1/4" long, 2 3/4" wide. Good condition. 4. Heavy anvil, 2" high, 5" long, 3/4" wide. Good condition. 5. 3-branch candelabrum, 2 1/2" high, 2 3/4" wide, 1 1/2" diam. at base. Good condition. 6. Round ashtray with removable insert, 1" high, 3 1/4" diam. Incised dragon design around outside. Marked "Made in China." Inside of inset worn. 7. Opera hat, 1 1/4" high, base 2 3/4" x 2 1/2". Good condition. 8. Derby hat, 1 1/4" high. base 2 5/8" x 2 3/8". Good condition. 9. 2 snakes, 4" long. Marked "India." 10. Hexagonal pill box, 5/8" high, 1 1/2" diam. Good condition. 11. Rectangular pillbox, 5/8" high, 1 1/2" x 1". Interior stained. 25 - 50
1357 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1358 6 HORSE BRASSES ON LEATHER. N/R. 6 20th century horse brasses on scalloped leather strip. Marked "England." Good condition. 25 - 50
1359 4 BRASS PIECES. N/R. (1) Window box planter with feet, raised floral decoration. (2) lidded butler's helpers. (1) handled shovel. Condition: minor wear to metal. 25 - 50
1360 BRASS GONG. N/R. Brass gong, 8" diam., suspended from 2 polished, brass-banded cow horns, on wood base. Brass hooks hold a 2-headed mallet of braided bamboo-like material. Shield-shaped brass insert under gong. Stand 13 1/2" high, base 17 1/2" x 7". Early 20th century. Good condition. 40 - 80
1361 NORMAN ROCKWELL FIGURINE. N/R. Ceramic figurine of man fishing. Marked: incised on back 'Norman Rockwell". Printed on bottom: this figure inspired by Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post cover painting July 19, 1930. "Fishing". from the gift world of Gorham. (Paper label): From the gift world of Gorham. Made in Japan. Size: 6"H, 5"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1362 CHOCOLATE SET, 21 PCS. N/R. Chocolate pot, cups, saucers, sugar & creamer, & plates, have pictures of clocks, all different, on the sides; description and history of each clock in Dutch. Dishes are white with brown clocks. All marked "Mitterteich" "Bavaria Germany." All pieces good condition. 1. Pot, 9" high with lid, 8" from handle to spout, 3 3/4" diam. 2. Covered sugar bowl, 4 1/2" high with lid, 3 1/8 diam. 3. Creamer, 3 1/8" high, 4" from handle to spout, 2 1/2" diam. 4. 6 cups, 2 5/8" high, 2 1/2" diam. 5. 6 plates, 7 3/4" diam. 6. 6 brown saucers, 5 3/8" diam. 50 - 100
1363 ISPANKY "WATER LILY" FIGURE. N/R. Figure of winged nymph seated on waterlily, green wings, pink flower. Marked on bottom: Waterlily, by Laszlo Ispanky, limited edition, No.317 of 1000. Goebel, USA 1977. Size: 8"H, 8"W, 9"D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1364 ISPANKY "AUTUMN HUE" FIGURE. N/R. Woman walking through fall folaige with billowing scarf. Marked on bottom: Autumn Hue by Laszlo Ispanky, limited edition, No. 124 of 600, Goebel USA 1979. Size: 12"H, 7"W, 6"D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1365 ISPANKY FEMALE FIGURE N/R. Figure of blond woman in short dress running with trailing scarf. Marked on bottom: Goebel Crafts of North America, Goebel, Made in USA, 1978, by Laszlo Ispanky, limited edition, No 113 of 600. Size: 11"H, 6"W, 6"D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1366 ISPANKY "ELIZABETH" FIGURE. N/R. Female bust of woman in pink holding flowers. Marked on bottom: Goebel Crafts of North America, Goebel, Made in USA, by Laszlo Ispanky. Size: 8"H. 5 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1367 ISPANKY "SEATED GIRL" FIGURE. N/R. Figure of seated girl with scarf. Marked on bottom: Goebel Crafts, of North America, Goebel, Made in USA, 1977, by Laszlo Ispanky. Hand signed on bottom by L. Ispanky in black pen. Size: 8"H, 8"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: no detractions. 150 - 300
1368 ISPANKY "BELL OF THE BALL" FIGURE. N/R. Figure of woman in purple decorated gown with pink hair ribbons. Marked on bottom: Bell of the Ball, by Laszlo Ispanky, Limited Edition, No. 497 of 500, Goebel USA. Size: 12"H, 7"W, 6"D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1369 ISPANKY "GUINEVERE" FIGURE. N/R. Guinevere in white gown with blue trim, with bouquet of yellow roses. Marked on bottom: Guinevere by Laszlo Ispanky, Limited edition, No. 82 of 500, Goebel, USA 1979. Size: 11"H, 6"W, 4"D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1370 ISPANKY "ANTONY" FIGURE. N/R. Male figure of Marc Antony in Roman armor with red cape, helmet in hand. Marked on bottom: Antony, by Laszlo Ispanky, Limited edition, No.109 of 450, Goebel, USA 1978. Size: 11 1/2"H, 5"W, 4"D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1371 PR. J. MORLE BISQUE FIGURES. N/R. Pair of hand painted bisque figures with enamel decoration, peasant boy and girl with fruit. Marked on back J. Morle, marked underneath with crossed arrows and the number 7490.Size: 16"H, each. Condition: one leaf decoration broken on each figure. 100 - 200
1372 PR. 18TH C. STYLE FIGURES. N/R. Male and female figures in 18th C. costumes, front of figures colored and glazed, backs white glazed. Marked: each with 3306 incised in back. Size: Male figure 9"H. Female figure 8 1/2"H. Condition, Male no detractions, female has chip out of base. 30 - 60
1373 BISQUE APHRODITE FIGURE. N/R. Nude female with drapery resting againt a tree trunk, after classical antique figure. Marked on back blue crown and V mark, incised Pate de Limoges. Impressed inside bottom: made in France, Exclusively for "Remington" of Philadelphia. Size: 20 1/2"H. Condition: minor dirt on surface. 100 - 200
1374 ELDERLY COUPLE WALKING. N/R. Figure group of woman with purse and man with cane, painted bisque with gilt edged base. Marked on base: G(?)lle 1977 RC made in Italy Works of Art. Size: 10 1/2"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1375 WINE CONNISSEUR. N/R. Seated gentleman uncorking wine beside a table with meat, bread, and flower vase. Bisque painted and gilt ceramic. Mark: incised on base: G(?)lle 1977, R.C. made in Italy, Works of art. Size: 11"H, 9"W, 8 1/2"D. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
1376 OLD WOMAN SLEEPING. N/R. Figure of an old woman with cat, sleeping under an umbrella surrounded by potted plants. Painted bisque with gilt edged base. Marked on base: G(?)lle 1977 RC made in Italy, Works of Art. Size: 10"H, 9"W, 7 1/4"D. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
1377 SANTINI COPY "VENUS DE MILO".N/R. Cast material to simulate ivory, copy after Venus de Milo in Louvre Museum, Paris. Signed on top of base F/Santini. Size: 15"H, 4"W, 4"D base. Condition: minor wear, some dirt. 50 - 100
1378 OVAL PORCELAIN WOVEN BASKET. N/R. Open weave porcelian basket, white basket with edge of small blue flowers and larger pink and yellow roses. Marked: Germany in blue. Size:3"H, 8"W, 6"D. Condition: one area of loss of top (2 blue flowers missing), several chips off flowers around side (not noticable due to profusion of flowers around edge). 30 - 60
1379 3 MAPLE WARE PIECES. N/R. Two lidded pitchers on a tray, overall floral chinze pattern. Marked: Mapleware Made in Japan. Set includes: (1) large pitcher with lid. Size: 9"H. Condition: lid fits poorly. (1) Small pitcher with lid. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: lid fits poorly. (1) Tray. Size: 10 1/2"L. 6 1/4"W. Condition: crazed. 20 - 40
1380 BLUE & WHITE PORCEL.VASE. N/R. Blue and white porcelain vase in archaic shape with blue field, pale blue and white leaf pattern, inner rim with blue and gilded decoration. Marked on bottom with Japanese characters and paper label marked: Made in Japan. Size: 9 1/4"H, 5 1/4"Diam. top, 4" diam. bottom. Condition: No detractions. 40 - 80
1381 2 CIVIL WAR BOOKS. N/R. Two Civil War books. 1. The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War. 630 pp; oversize. Good condition in edge-worn dust jacket. 2. Johnson, Rossiter. Campfires and Battlefields: The Pictorial History of the Civil War. N.Y., 1967; The Civil War Press. 533 pp + index; oversize. Good condition in edge-worn dust jacket. 25 - 50
1382 4 BOOKS OF DECORATIVE ARTS. N/R. 4 books of decorative arts. 1. Polley, robert L. (ed.) America's Folk Art. Waukesha, WI, 1971. Country Beautiful Corp. 192 pp. Oversize. Very good condition in dust jacket. 2. Madigan, Mary jean. Americana: Folk and Decorative Art. N.Y., 1982; Roundtable Press. 159 pp; oversize. Very good condition in dust jacket. 3. Christensen, Erwin O. The Index of American Design. N.Y./Washington, 1950; Macmillan/Smithsonian Inst. 229 pp., oversize. Good condition. 4. Robacker, Earl F. Old Stuff in Up-Country Pennsylvania. S. Brunswick & N.Y., 1973; A. S. Barnes. 283 pp, oversize. Thumb-sized gouge through the dust jacket and back cover; otherwise good in torn dust jacket. 40 - 80
1383 OSLER. PRINCIPLES...OF MEDICINE. Osler. The Principles and Practice of Medicine. 4th edition. N.Y., 1902; Appleton. 1182 pp + ads. 3/4 leather. Spine split, chipped; 4" tear through to page 10 of table of contents; writing on endpapers. 35 - 70
1384 5 VOLS. OF OHIO HISTORY. N/R. 1.Henry County, Ohio, vol. i. Napoleon, OH, 1976. 496 pp., 4to. Red leather, gold decoration. Fine condition; no dust jacket. 2. Galbreath, Charles B. History of Ohio, vols. 1-4 (of 5). Chicago/N.Y., 1925. Few cover spots on vols. 2 & 4, otherwise very good condition. 75 - 150
1385 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY. N/R. Hawkins, Edward L. & Hughan, William J. Encyclopedia of Freemasonry. Revised edition. 2 vols. Chicago/N.Y., 1924. 913 pp. Brown leatherette, tinted blind-stamped decoration. All edges gilt. Edges rubbed; otherwise good condition. 50 - 100
1386 5 BOOKS CARTOONS ETC.N/R. 1. Fisher. Mutt & Jeff, Book 7. N.Y., 1920; Cupples & Leon. Square 4to, paperback. Pages lightly tanned; stain at head of back cover. Back cover no longer stapled to pages. 2. Fisher. Mutt & Jeff, Book 16. N.Y., 1931; Cupples & Leon. Square 4to, paperback. A 1"-1 1/2" bite out of top; pages tanned; tears in a few pages; crayoning on first few pages. 3. McManus. Bringing Up Father. 3rd. series. N.Y., 1919; Cupples & Leon. Paperback. Pages lightly tanned; covers worn. 4. The Gluyas Williams Book. Garden City, 1930; Doubleday Doran. Hard cover. Covers moderately soiled; edges worn. 5. Parker, Eleanor. Charlie McCarthy: So Help Me, Mr. Bergen! N.Y., 1938; Grosset & Dunlap. Hard cover. Front inner hinge cracked; pages soiled; covers worn. Hard cover. Covers moderately soiled; edges worn. 60 - 120
1387 3 BOOKS. N/R. 1. Harbeson, Georgiana Brown. American Needlework. N.Y., c. 1938; Bonanza Books (reprint edition). 232 pp; oversize. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 2. Gregorietti, Guido. Jewelry Through the Ages. N.Y., 1969; american Heritage. 319 pp, 4to. Profusely illustrated, mostly color. 3. Moore, N. Hudson. The Old Clock Book. N.Y., c. 1911; Stokes. 339 pp. Front free endpaper removed; ink name & address; no dust jacket; otherwise good condition. 35 - 70
1388 8 ART BOOKS. N/R. 1. Hassrick, Peter. Frederick Remington: Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum & the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Collections. N.Y., 1973; Harry N. Abrams. 218 pp, oblong 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 2. Simkin, Colin. Currier & Ives' America. N.Y., c. 1952; Bonanza Pub. (reprint edition). 9 pp text, 80 color plates. Oblong 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 3. Flexner, James Thomas. 19th Century American Painting. N.Y., 1970; Putnam. 256 pp, 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 4. Fort, Ilene susan. The Flag Paintings of Childe Hassam. Los Angeles Co. Mus. of Art/Harry N. Abrams, 1988. 128 pp., 4to. Remains of sticker on front of dust jacket; otherwise fine in very good dust jacket. 5. Schnessel, S. Michael. Icart. N.Y., 1976; Clarkson N. Potter. 178 p, 4to. Very good in slightly chipped dust jacket. 6. Schnessel. Icart. another copy; paperback edition. Covers lightly edge-worn. 7. Ludwig, Coy. Maxfield Parrish. N.Y., 1973; Watson-Guptill. 223 pp., 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 8. Scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings relating to art and antiques. Pages browned; covers chipped. 75 - 150
1389 ENCY. AUTO. MUS. INSTRUMENTS. N/R. Bowers, Q. David. Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments. Vestal, N.Y., 1972. 1008 pp, 4to; pictorial boards. Very good condition. 50 - 100
1390 3 TECHNICAL BOOKS. N/R. 1. Hodkin & Cousen. Textbook of Glass Technology. N.Y., 1925; Van Nostrand. 551 pp. Covers spotted; spine ends frayed; front inner hinge starting. Contents good condition. 2. Small Electrical Measuring Instruments: How to Make & Use Them. London, n.d. (ca. 1908). Paperback, 90 pp + ads. Covers scribbled, soiled; one page has blue inderlining. 3. Photography for the Press. 3rd. edition, revised. London, n.d. (ca. 1909), paperback. 78pp + ads. Covers lightly soiled; occasional foxing; overall good. 100 - 150
1391 4 BOOKS ON FURNITURE.N/R. 1. Iverson, Marion Day. The American Chair 1630-1890. N.Y., c.1957; Hastings House. 241 pp., small 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 2. Schwartz, Stanek & True. The Furniture of John Henry Belter & the Rococo Revival. N.Y., 1981; Dutton. 88 pp, 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 3. Hinckley, F. Lewis. A Directory of Antique Furniture. N.Y., c. 1955; Bonanza Pub. (reprint edition). 355 pp, 4to. Edges foxed; contents very good, in chipped d/j. 4. Lockwood, Luke Vincent. Colonial Furniture in America. 354 pp, 4to. 3rd. edition; 2 vols. in one. Castle Books/Scribner's, 1957. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 40 - 80
1392 6 BOOKS ON POTTERY. N/R. 6 books on pottery and porcelain. 1. Gaston, Mary Frank. The Collector's Encyclopedia of RS Prussia and Other RS and ES Porcelain. Paducah, 1982; Collector books. 216 pp, 4to. Pictorial boards. Very good condition. 2. Huxford, Sharon & Bob. The Collector's Encyclopedia of Roseville Pottery. Paducah, 1976; Collector Books. 184 pp, 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 3. Henzke, Lucile. American Art Pottery. Camden/N.Y., c. 1970; Thomas Nelson. 2nd printing. 336 pp, 4to. Light staining to head of recto of frontispiece; remains of sticker on the dust jacket; otherwise very good in chipped dust jacket. 4. Kovel, Ralph & Terry. The Kovels' Collector's Guide to American Art Pottery. N.Y., c. 1974; Crown Pub. 368 pp + index; small 4to. Price sticker on the dust jacket; otherwise very good in very good dust jacket. 5. Altman, Seymour & Violet. The Book of Buffalo Pottery. N.Y., 1969; Crown Pubs. 192 pp, 4to. Very good in worn dust jacket. 6. Altman. Another copy. 1987 edition. Schiffer Pub. Includes price guide. Very good in very good dust jacket. 50 - 100
1393 3 BOOKS ON LAMPS. N/R. 1. Thuro, Catherine M. V. Oil Lamps: The Kerosene Era in North America. Des Moines, 1976; Wallace-Homestead. 352 pp, 4to. Very good in torn d/j. 2. Courter, J. W. Aladdin: The Magic Name in Lamps. Des Moines, 1971; Wallace-Homestead. 168 pp, 4to. Pictorial boards. Very good condition. 3. Thuro, Catherine M. V. Oil Lamps II: Glass Kerosene Lamps. 160 pp, 4to. Pictorial boards. Very good condition. 35 - 70
1394 11 VOLS. COLLECTED CLASSICS. N/R. 11 Walter J. Black volumes of collected classic works. Collected works of Poe, Boccaccio, Balzac, Ibsen, Haggard, Wilde, Chekhov, Gautier, Daudet, Stevenson, and Collected Arabian Nights. Red leatherette, black & gold spine decoration. ca. 1920's-1940's. All very good condition. 50 - 100
1395 7 BOOKS ON ANTIQUE GLASS. N/R. 1. Traub, Jules S. The Glass of Desire Christian Ghost for Galle.Chicago, c. 1978. 143 pp, 4to. Very good in lightly soiled, slightly chipped dust jacket. 2. Grover, Ray & Lee. Carved and Decorated European Art Glass. Rutland, c. 1970; Chas. E. Tuttle. 244 pp, 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 3. Cohen, Wilfred R. Wave Crest the Glass of C. F. Monroe. Paducah, 1987; Collector Books. 236 pp + price guide. Fine in fine dust jacket. 4. Blount, Berniece & Henry. French Cameo Glass. Des Moines, 1968. 157 pp, 4to. Price guide laid in. Very good in edge-worn, foxed dust jacket. 5. Revi, Albert Christian. American Pressed Glass and Figure Bottles. N.Y., 1967; Thomas Nelson. 2nd. printing. 446 pp, 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 6. McKearin, George S. & Helen. American Glass. N.Y., 1944; Crown Pubs. 4th printing. 622 pp., small 4to. Good condition, no dust jacket. 7. McKearin, George S. & Helen. 200 Years of American Blown Glass. N.Y., 1962; Crown Pubs. 10th. printing. 382 pp, 4to. Good condition, no dust jacket. 50 - 100
1396 5 BOOKS ON TOYS. N/R. 1. Hillier, Mary. Dolls and Dollmakers. N.Y., 1968; Putnam. 256 pp; small 4to. Very good in taped dust jacket. 2. Harmon, Kenny. Comic Strip Toys. Wallace-Homestead, 1975. 119 pp, 4to. Paperback. Very good condition. 3. King, Constance Eileen. The Encyclopedia of Toys. N.Y., c. 1978; Crown. 272 pp, 4to. Fine in chipped dust jacket. 4. Pressland, David. The Art of the Tin Toy. N.Y., c. 1976; Crown. 224 pp, oblong 4to. Pictorial boards. fine in box. 5. Barenholtz & McClintock. American Antique Toys 1830-1900. N.Y., 1980; Harry N. Abrams. 282 pp + index. Oblong 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 35 - 70
1397 6 BOOKS ON ANTIQUE GLASS. N/R. 1. McKearin, Helen & George S. 200 Years of American Blown Glass. N.Y., 1950; Crown. 382 pp, 4to. Very good in dust jacket. 2. Pearson, J. Michael & Dorothy T. American Cut Glass for the Discriminating Collector. N.Y., 1965; Vantage Press. 2nd. printing. 204 pp, small 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 3. McKearin, George s. & Helen. American Glass. N.Y., 1968; Crown. 18th printing. 634 pp, small 4to. Very good in moderately worn dust jacket. 4. Grover, Ray & Lee. Art Glass Nouveau. Rutland, 1968; Tuttle. 2nd. printing. 231 pp, 4to. Very good, no dust jacket. 5. Fauster, Carl U. Libbey Glass Since 1818. Toledo, 1979. 415 pp, 4to. Very good in edge-worn dust jacket. 6. Revi, Albert Christian. Nineteenth Century Glass: Its Genesis and Development. N.Y., 1959, Thomas Nelson. Very good in worn, torn dust jacket. 50 - 100
1398 4 LIFE MAGS. MUSIC-RELATED. N/R. 4 Life Magazines featuring stories about music and musicians. 1. 6/28/68. "The New Rock" - Jefferson Airplane on cover. 2. 9/13/68. "Days in the Lives of the Beatles" - Beatles on cover. 3. 8/29/69. "The Woodstock Rock Festival" - Norman Mailer on cover. 4. 11/21/69. "Johnny Cash: the Rough-Cut King of Country Music" - Johnny Cash on cover. 25 - 50
1399 14 COMICS. N/R. 1. Tweety & Sylvester. Dell Comics. #21, Jun.-Aug. 1958. Pages tanned; light waterstain at tail of front cover. 2. Looney Tunes. Dell comics. #172, Feb. 1956. Pages lightly tanned; front cover creased. 3. Mickey Mouse and Goofy Explore Energy. Walt Disney Educational Media co., 1976. Good condition. 4. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale, #19. Dell Comics, Sept.-Nov. 1959. Pages tanned; light waterstain to front cover and page edges. 5. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale, #18. Dell comics, June - Aug. 1959. Pages tanned; back cover spotted; front cover creased. 6. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale #23. Dell Comics, Sept.-Nov. 1960. Pages tanned; waterstains to front cover and page edges. 7. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale #17. Dell Comics March-May 1959. Pages tanned; some mildew to covers. 8. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale #25. Dell comics Mar.-May 1961. Pages tanned; back cover soiled; few chips to front cover. 9. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale #58. May, 1979. Some spotting to back cover. 10.-14. Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale #63. Nov. 1979. 5 copies. Good condition. 45 - 90
1400 6 BOOKS ON ANTIQUES. N/R. 1. McClinton, Katharine. A Handbook of Popular Antiques. N.Y., 1946; Random House. 244 pp + index. Good condition; no dust jacket. 2. Waring, Janet. Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture. N.Y., 1968; Dover. Reprint of 1937 original. 147 pp; paperback 4to. Front cover creased at corner; otherwise good condition. 3. Munsey, Cecil. The Illustrated Guide to Collecting Bottles. N.Y., 1970; Hawthorbn Books. 308 pp., 4to. Corners rubbed; 1" chip off cloth at back top corner; no d/j; interior good. 4. Bruton, Eric. Clocks and Watches. London/N.Y., 1969; Hamlyn. 2nd. impression. 140 pp, 4to. Very good condition in dust jacket. 5. Warner, Dorothy Dunstedter. Adapting American Antiques. N.Y./London, 1971; Bruce Pub. Co. 164 pp, 4to. Very good in slightly chipped dust jacket. 6. Fry, Plantaganet Somerset. The World of Antiques. London, c. 1970; Hamlyn. 141 pp., 4to. Fine in fine dust jacket. 35 - 70
1401 WHITING STERLING BOWL. N/R. Sterling footed bowl, top exterior rim with raised birds and branches border. Mark: hallmark for Whiting, Sterling, 40. Size: 3 1/4"H, 4 3/8"Diam. top, 3 1/4"Diam. base. Weight: 208grams. Condition: scratches in bowl. 50 - 100
1402 16 STERLING SALTS. N/R. (2) sterling footed open salts with spoons. Marked: Sterling 182. Spoons marked: Pat. 1904 Sterling. Size: 1 1/2"H, 2 1/4"Diam. Weight: 158grams. Condition: minor wear. (2) Large eight sided salt shakers, monogramed JWF. Marked: L.Sterling 4. Size: 4"H, 1 1/2"W, 1 1/2"D. Weight: 148grams. Condition: some dents. (6) Saltshakers, marked: Sterling Weighted Pat. Pend. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: minor wear. (6) Mini salt shakers. Marked: Sterling NSCO. Size: 2"H.Weight: 56 grams. Conditon: minor wear. 50 - 100
1403 28 STERLING SOUVENIR SPOONS. N/R. 28 miscellaneous sterling souvenir spoons. Various sizes and designs. Weight: 263 grams. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1404 15 STERLING SOUVENIR SPOONS. N/R. 15 sterling spoons including 3 by Gorham, 2 with enamel decoration. Various sizes. Condition: good. Weight: 337 grams. 75 - 150
1405 STERLING CREAMER, SUGAR, TRAY. N/R. (1) Footed creamer with band of roses around bowl, and band of roses around base. Marked: F.B.Rogers Silver Co., sterling weighted, 233, Margaret Rose. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Footed sugar bowl, with band of roses around bowl, and band of roses around base. Marked: F.B.Rogers Silver Co. Sterling weighted, 233, Margaret Rose.Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: good. (Name of pattern suggest named after sister of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret Rose.) (3) Oval tray with repousse floral band around edge. Marked: Prelude, International Sterling, W46. Size: 1/2"H, 8 3/4"L, 6"W. Weight 150grams. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1406 1905 STERLING TENNIS TROPHY. N/R. Round tennis award with wall hanger loop on back, glass and contents missing. Engraved around edge: "Tennis Mens Doubles Handicap, Ardsley Club, October 7, 05 won by James R. Magoffin." Marks on back: Black,Starr & Frost, Sterling 3in. 1827 Hallmark. Weight: 69 grams. Size: 3 1/8"Diam. 1"Deep. Condition: glass and contents missing. 50 - 100
1407 3 DINING ITEMS. N/R. (1) Fish knife, engraved blade, ivory or bone-like carved handle. Marked: blade stamped: M W Crown hallmark S EP. Size: 12"L. Condition: crack in handle. (1) Server with ivory or bone-like handle. Pierced and engraved top piece with spring mechanism to grab food..No marks. Size; 11 1/4"L. Condition: crack in handle. (1) Bone napkin ring, with applied metal "B". No marks. Size: 2"Diam. 1 1/4"H. Condition: wear and cracks on napkin ring. 40 - 80
1408 2 STERLING SERVING PIECES. N/R. (1) Gorham 1888 pattern serving spoon. Monogramed on back "R". Marked: Gorham hallmark Sterling Copyrighted 88 (H). Size: 8 3/8"L. Weight 75 grams. Conditoin: good. (similar to "Versailles" pattern) (2) Sivercraft (Boston) "Strawberry" pattern pie server. Incised strawberries on serving section, pierced strawberry and vine handle. Marked: Silvercraft Sterling. Size: 11 1/8"L. Weight 120 grams. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1409 23 STERLING SPOONS. N/R. (5) Gorham teaspoons, monogramed" CLF. Marked: hallmark for Gorham, Sterling S. Size: 5 1/8"L. Weight: 103 grams. Condition: good. (6) Towle spoons, "Mary Chilton" pattern (1912). Marked: Pat.1912 Hallmark for Towle, Sterling. Size: 6"L. Weight: 128grams. Condition: good. (1) Towle sugar spoon, "Mary Chilton" pattern (1912). Marked Pat. 1912 Hallmark for Towle, Sterling. Size: 5 3/4"L. Weight: 27 grams. Condition: good. (6) Dominick & Haff sterling teaspoons. Monogramed "R". Marked: hallmark for Dominick & Haff Sterling, Hardy & Hayes Co. (retailer) Size: 6"L. Weight: 159 grams. Condition: good. (5) Sterling teaspoons with engraved decoration. Marked: hallmark Sterling (Gorham mark ?). Size: 6"L. Weight: 108 grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1410 21 STERLING SPOONS. N/R. (9) Reed and Barton soup spoons. Marked: Hallmark for Reed and Barton, Sterling, Pat. appl.for. Size: 7 1/8"L. Weight: 402grams. Condition: good. (5) Gorham soup spoons. Monogramed "R". Mark: hallmark for Gorham sterling Pat. 1896. Size: 6 1/2"L. Weight: 173 grams. condition: good. (6) Towle spoons, "Old Colonial" pattern (1895), pierced handles. Marked: Towle Sterling Pat. 1895 925/1000. Size: 5 1/2"L. Weight: 154 grams. Condition: good. (1) Towle serving spoon, "Old Colonial" pattern (1895), pierced handle, monogram on back: initials 1905. Marked: Towle Sterling, Pat. 1895, 925/1000. Size: 8 1/2"L. Weight: 68grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1411 10 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1) Serving spoon, Wallace "Carnation" pattern (1909) monogramed "E". Marked: hallmark Sterling Pat. Oct.27, 1908. Size: 7 1/4"L. Weight: 41 grams. Condition: good. (1) Round bowled soup spoon, Whiting "Pompadour" pattern 1898. Monogramed "APT". Marked: Hallmark Sterling Pat. 18998. Size: 6 7/8"L. Weight: 39 grams. Conditon: repaired on back. (1) Sugar spoon, Whiting "Violet" pattern (1905). Marked: Hallmark Sterling Pat.App for. Size: 5 3/4"L. Weight: 24 grams. Condition: good. (1) Soup spoon, Gorham "Poppy" pattern (1902) , monogramed front "M", back "1904". Marked: hallmark Sterling 1902. Size: 6 7/8"L. Weight: 42 grams. Condition: good. (1) Small server, Wallace "Dauphine " pattern (1916), Marked: hallmark Sterling. Size: 6 1/2"L. Condition: good. (1) Larger Pie server. marked: Sterling handle. Size: 9 1/2"L. Condition: good. (1) Pie Server, Towle "Canterbury" pattern (1893). Marked: hallmark sterling. Size: 10 3/8"L. Conditoin: good. (1) Butter knife, monogramed "L". Marked: Hallmark Sterling 925/1000. Size: 7 5/8"L.Weight: 39 grams. Conditoin: good. (1) Sugar spoon with floral handle, monogramed "Emma". Marked: hallmark pat. Sterling. Size: 6"L. Weight: 31 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sugar spoon. Marked: Hallmark Holmes & Edwards XIV. Size: 6"L. Weight: 29 grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1412 7 STERLING FORKS. N/R. (1) Lunt " Mt. Vernon" pattern (1905), monogramed on back "Kate". Marked: hallmark for Lunt, Sterling, Pat.112005, Baird-North Co. Size: 7 1/4"L. Condition: good. (1) Whiting "Madam Jumel" pattern (1908). Monogramed: "Cora", Marked: Hallmark for Whiting, Sterling, Pat.1909. Size: 6 3/4"L. condition: good. (1) Sterling fork, monogram "Kate". Mark: unknown hallmark, sterling, Baird-North Co. Size: 7 1/4"L. Condition: good. (1) Reed and Barton "Intaglio" pattern (1903). Monogramed: "Cora". Marked: Hallmark, sterling, pat.appl.for. Size: 7 1/4"L. Conditoin: good. (1) Wallace "Violet" pattern (1904), monogramed "Kate". Marked: hallmark for Wallace, Sterling, Baird-North Co. Size: 7 1/8"L. condition: good. (1) Sterling fork, monogramed "C", Marked: hallmark, Sterling, A. Size: 6 7/8"L. Condition: good. (1) Sterling fork, pierced handle. marked: unknown hallmark, Sterling. Size: 6 1/8"L. condition: good. Total weight of 7 forks: 309grams. 50 - 100
1413 2 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1) Stieff baby fork in "Rose" pattern, sterling. Marked: sterling Stieff. Size: 4 1/2"L. condition: good. (2) Gorham "Chantilly" pattern (1895) server with blue and white enamel decoration. Marked: Pat 1895 Hallmark for Gorham Sterling. Size: 8"L. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1414 HAND PAINTED GILT CHARGER. N/R. Blue and gold decorated porcelain charger, scalloped gilt band edge, white and matte cobalt Art Nouveau border, dished center of plate with gold and white modified Greek key decoration. Marked: D & C France. Size: 1 1/2"H, 12 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1415 8 HAND PAINTED DISHES. N/R. Hand painted rose decorated dishes by M.N. (1) bowl with yellow field, blue border with pink roses, wide gilt rim. Marked: KPM Germany, Made in Germany. Size: 2 1/2"H, 9 3/8"Diam. Conditin: good. (2) Plate with blue field, cream gilt edge border with pink roses, gilt edging. Marked: Bavaria M.N. Size: 9 3/4"Diam., 1"H. Condition: one fleabite on gilt rim. (3,4,5,6,7,8) Six berry bowls with matching decoration of yellow field with blue border, pink roses. Each marked: Hand Painted Nippon. initials M.N. Size: 1 1/8"H, 5 1/8"Diam. each. Condition: good. 100 - 150
1416 LIMOGES H.P. BOWL AND STICKS. N/R. Three hand painted porcelain blanks painted by M.N. (1) large bowl with green interior, yellow exterior with double gold and black band border with frieze of clusters of 3 fruit and leaves ( apples?) fruit shading yellow to red, gold and black band at base. Marked: blue mark and C.T. Size: 4 1/2"H, 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: gilt worn on some top edge, minor loss of black on gold borders. (2,3) porcelain candlsticks, Limoges blanks hand painted by M.N. with matching fruit cluster frieze on lower portion of each candlestick. Marked: T & V , Limoges France. and initial M.N. Size: 8 3/4"H, 4 3/4"Diam.base, 2 1/4"diam. top. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1417 HAND PAINTED DRESSER SET (4). N/R. Four hand painted porcelain pieces, all with blue floral decoration on blue and cream yellow background with gilt edging. (1) large tray with undulating edge. Marked: M Z Austria. Size: 1 3/4"H, 10 1/2"L, 8"W. Condition: minor wear to gilding. (2) Small tray with undulating edge. Marked: M Z Austria. Size: 3/8"H, 5 1/4"L, 3 1/2"W. Condition: small chip off porcelain bottom ( not noticable), minor wear to gilding. (3) LIdded round dish on 3 gilt scrolled feet. Blue exterior with floral top, gilt finial. Marked: T & V Limoges France. Size: 5"H, 5"Diam. Condition: wear to gilding top finial. (4) LIdded round two piece hair receiver on 43 gilt scrolled feet. Blue exterior base with floral painted top. Marked: T & V Limoges France. Size: 4"H, 5 1/8"Diam. Condition: minor wear to gilding. 100 - 200
1418 KANED DINING CHAIRS. Two, not a pair. 10 - 20
1419 CONVERTED OIL LAMP.N/R. Converted oil lamp base, pressed clear glass base, clear chimney, milk glass shade with decaled decoratoin, blue shading to white, fluted top. No mark. Size: 21"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1420 BRASS OIL LAMP STYLE LAMP. N/R. Brass base, clear chimney, milk glass 9 sided shade resting on brass ring support. No mark. Size: 22"H, Condition: brass tarnished, cord frayed. 30 - 60
1421 KNEEHOLE DESK AND CHAIR. Two pieces. Mahogany, circa 1940. Size: 30"h x 40"w x 19"d. 50 - 100
1422 CHERRY END CABINET. With attached magazine racks on both sides. Size: 24"h x 22"w x 26"d. 10 - 30
1423 DROPLEAF DINETTE TABLE. Recent period. Size: 30"h x 31"w x 27"d. 15 - 30
1424 OAK PIANO BENCH. With lift top seat. Size: 21"h x 37"w x 17"d. 25 - 50
1425 PERIOD WICKER ARMCHAIR. Turn of the century. Paper twist wicker with Art Deco diamond back rest. In a brown stain. 25 - 50
1426 PRESSBACK ROCKER. Spindel back with patterned crest rail and cane inset seat. 45 - 90
1429 OAK PARLOR CHAIR. With applied carving and line incised decoration. 10 - 20
1430 CONCRETE BIRD BATH. Squirel running up the side. bowl is flower shaped. Size: 30"h x 25"dia. 15 - 30
1431 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1432 ITALIAN CERAMIC FIGURAL GROUP. Ceramic group depicting Minerva and her chariot with attendant. Plychromed ceramic with Capodimonte style applied floral decoration. Marked: Benrose. Made in Italy. Size: 21"H. 28"W, 14"D. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 400
1433 ITALIAN CERAMIC GROUP. N/R. Ceramic figural group of Young boys fishing. Marked: Benrose. made in Italy. Size: 25"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1434 CHURCHILL TOBY MUG. N/R. Royal Winton toby mug portraying Winston Churchill. Marked: R. Hon. Winston Churchill, Premier of Gr. Britain, Royal Winton, Grimware, Made in England. Man of the Year. Size: 7"H, 7"W,5"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1435 DOULTON OLD KING COLE MUG. N/R. Royal Doulton toby mug of Old King Cole. Marked: Royal Doulton, England. S. Size: 5 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1436 DOULTON OLD CHARLEY TOBY MUG. N/R. Royal Doulton toby mug. Marked: Royal Doulton England "W". Size: 6"H, 7"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1437 HIGHWAYMAN TOBY MUG. N/R. Toby mug of Highwayman. Marked: Highwayman English Ware Lancaster Made in England "Handpainted". Size: 5"H, 7"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1438 DOULTON LONG JOHN SILVER MUG. N/R. Royal Doulton Long John Silver toby mug. Marked: Royal Doulton D6335 (c) 1951. Size: 7 1/4"H, 8"W, 6"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1439 SARAH CAMP TOBY MUG. N/R. Toby mug of Sarah Camp. Marked: A English Ware Lancaster Ltd. Made in England, Handpainted. (incised) Sarah Camp England. Size: 5 1/4"H, 7"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: minor rough spot on inside top rim. 50 - 100
1440 3 MINIATURE TOBY MUGS. N/R. (1) Shakespeare toby mug. Marked: Lancaster Sandland Hand Painted in England (incised) Shakespeare. Size: 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Royal Doulton Mr Pickwick toby mug. Marked: Royal Doulton England. Size: 3"H. Conditoin: good. (1) Royal Doulton face toby mug. Marked: Royal Doulton England. size: 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. 60 - 120
1441 ROSEVILLE SNOWBERRY HANGING BASKET. N/R. Roseville "Snowberry" pattern (1946) hanging basket with three holes and chains. Incised decorative background, green and brown coloration. Marked: no marking. Size: 5"H, 8 1/2"W, 7"D. Condition: comes with chains, exterior excellent condition, interior has minor stains. 150 - 300
1442 MOSAIC TILE: ABRAHAM LINCOLN. N/R. Blue and white six sided tile, blue background with white profile portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Marked: Trade Mark, Mosaic Tile Co., Geo. A. Polke Tile, Johnstown, Pa. Size: 3"H. Condition: minor crack at the bottom of Lincoln's neck. 50 - 100
1443 DEMITASSE CUPS AND SAUCERS. N/R. 2 sets demitasse cups & saucers, "AR" mark. 4 sections on each piece, two showing a courting couple, two multicolored floral. Late 19th century. Cups are good; both saucers chipped, one badly. 25 - 50
1444 TIFFANY STYLE TABLE LAMP. N/R. Tiffany style table lamp with leaded glass shade. Base of dark brown patinaed pot metal, three footed base, 3 light fixtures. Shade of leaded slag glass pieces in shades of orange, yellow, white in a geometric pattern. Marked: no mark on shade, base with sticker reading: E181987 (UL) listed Potable lamp issue no. BJ25507, Size: Shade: 9"H, 22"Diam. Lamp: 29"H. Condition: good. sold as is. 100 - 200
1445 PORCELAIN PLATE. Porcelain plate with classical scene , piereced cobalt and gilt decorated border. Mounded in gilt shadow box glazed frame. Unable to view marks. Size: plate 9"Diam. Frame: 17"H, 17"W, 3 1/4"D. Condition: good. 650 - 900
1446 ENAMELLED CAVALIER PLAQUE. Enamelled plaque of 17th c. style cavalier with sword, enamel on metal. Set in black frame with red velvet lining. No mark visible. Framed by Wunderly Galleries. Size: enamel 4 1/2"H, 3 3/4"W, frame 12 1/2"H, 11"w. Condition: frame has many flakes on ebony gessoed surface. 450 - 600
1447 LIMOGES DUCK PLAQUE. Limoges porcelain plaque with hand painted ducks in flight. Set in gilt surround, in glazed shadowbox frame. Marked: plaque marked: D & C France. Size: plaque: 12"H, 16"W. Frame 20 3/4"H, 24 3/4"W. Condition: good. 1,000 - 1,500
1448 BIG BOY FIRE TRUCK. Metal fire truck with wooden ladders,original red paint, original wheels, steering wheel turns front wheels. Mechanism for cranking up ladder, working bell. Two decals marked: Big Boy Kelmet Corp. 200 Fifth Ave. New York.Front radiator marked: "White". Size: metal body 30"L, 2 side wooden ladders 17"L, extension ladder 2 parts each 23"L. Condition: Labels peeling. Red paint pitted and rusting. cranking mechanism to raise ladder not functioning. Wooden side ladders some separation. side crank not working. 1,700 - 3,000
1449 PAPIER MACHE EASTER EGG. N/R. Papier mache 2 part Easter egg with images of Peter Rabbit walking with umbrella and bag on both sides. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. 20 - 40
1450 MICKEY MOUSE ON TRICYCLE. N/R. Plastic toy, figure with string legs. Marked: on front wheel: Walt Disney Productions, made in Taiwan. size: 5"H. Condition: good. 30 - 60
1451 HUBLEY METAL PLANE. N/R. Toy metal plane, with metal propeller, fold up wings, rubber wheels, plastic sliding cockpit cover. Marked: Hubley Kiddie Toy Lancaster, Pa. Made in U.S.A. Size: 4"H, 10"L. 11 1/2"W. Condition: paint worn in spots, decals have some loses, plastic has yellowed. 75 - 150
1452 MONKEY ON MOTORCYCLE. N/R. Tin litho key driven toy monkey on motorcycle. 1945-1950's. Marked: D.R. Patent Ang. DRGM Pat.app.for. England USA & France, Made in Gemany US Zone. Size: 4 "H. Cndition: no key, wear to surface, sold as is. 50 - 100
1453 BUZZINI FISH PAPERWEIGHT 1977.N/R. Buzzini fish paperweight, yellow and black fish, gold and green vegetation, blue ground with white threading, polished bottom. Produced by Chris Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio in 1977. Marked: The Bridgeton Studio 77 F-003 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 3"Diam. Condition: fleabite on bottom rim. 100 - 200
1454 BUZZINI FLOWER PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. White flower on grean ground with yellow threading. Produced by Chris Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio in 1977. Marked: The Bridgeton Studio 77 75-066 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 3"Diam. condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1455 BUZZINI FLOWER PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. White flower on blue field with yellow threading. Produced by Chris Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio. Marked: Bridgeton Studio 75-221 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1456 BUZZINI FLOWER PAPERWEIGHT 1978. N/R. Yellow flower on pale blue field, purple threading. Produced by Chris Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio in 1978. Marked: Bridgeton Studio '78 L-277 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1457 BUZZINI PAPERWEIGHT 1977.N/R. Yellow flower on blue ground with white threading. Produced by Chris Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio in 1977. Marked: The Bridgeton Studio '77 L-031 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 3"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1458 BUZZINI FLOWER PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. White and purple flower on blue ground with yellow threading. Produced by Christ Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio. Marked: Bridgeton Studio SL-066 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1459 BUZZINI PAPERWEIGHT 1978. N/R. Yellow flower on pale green ground with purple threading. Produced by Chris Buzzini at Bridgeton Studio in 1978. Marked: Bridgeton Studio '78 L-264 Buzzini. Size: 2 3/4"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1460 J. MURPHY PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. Faceted paperweight, three orange flower forms , green and white center base, four air trapped bubbles, round faceted top and 3 sides. Marked: signed in script on bottom "J. Murphy". (John D. Murphy, born 1938 in Cameron, West Virginia, produced paperweights at Fostoria Glass Co. Moundsville, W. Va. ) Size: 2 3/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: scratches on bottom. 150 - 300
1461 3 NORTHERN STAR PAPERWEIGHTS. N/R. (1) white field with yellow and blue feathering. Marked: Northern Star 76 G365 S Smyers. Size: 2 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (2) Blue iridescent ground, white 6 petal flower, dark blue threads. Marked: Northern Star 76 G533 D.A. Size: 2 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. conditon: good. (3) Yellow and white ground, gold blue and silver iridescent veining. Marked: Northern Star 76 I 170 S Smyers. Size: 2 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1462 SCHNEIDER PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. Clear glass with yellow tulip flower and green leaves cased inside,ground bottom.. Mark: acid stamp script "Schneider". Size: 3 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
1463 3 MILLEFIORE PAPERWEIGHTS. N/R. Three paperweights, none marked. (1) Shot gold ground with rings of millefiore sections cased in clear glass, polished bottom. Size: 2 1/2"H, 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. (2) Solid layer of red and green millefiore sections cased in clear glass, polished bottom. Size: 2 1/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear. (3) Red, green and yellow millefiore cased in clear glass, bottom not polished. Size: 1 1/4"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1464 2 BACCARAT PAPERWEIGHTS. N/R. Two faceted corner cubes, one clear glass, one yellow glass. Mark: each acid stamped "Baccarat France". Size: 2"Square. Condition: clear cube has 2 fleabites on one side, yellow cube has chip from one corner. 30 - 60
1465 2 WOODS BICENTENNIAL PAPERWEIGHTS. N/R. (1) Red base, white and blue image of Paul Revere in silhouette with words "United States of America 349 Bi-Centennial. Marked: impressed "Woods 1975-76". Size: 3"H, 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: no detractions. (2) Red, white and blue confetti glass base, red letting and blue image on white of Three Marchers with words "United Sates of America 422 Bi-Centennial". Mark:impressed "Woods 1975-76". Size: 3"H, 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
1466 CAITHNESS PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. "Journey of the Wise Men" engraved paperweight, with large faceted side, air trapped bubbles inside. Marked: paper label: Caithness Engraving, (incised) Caithness Scotland ES 231/2000. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good in original box with papers. 50 - 100
1467 8 PAPERWEIGHTS, 1 MARBLE. N/R. (1) Old glass marble with sulphide dog inside. size: 1 1/2"Diam. Condition: badly chipped. (1) Millefiore cased paperweight. Marked: Made in Murano Italy. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Millefiore cased paperweight. Marekd:Hand made genuine in Murano Italy. Size: 2 3/4"Diam. Conditoin: good. (1) Confetti glass flowers and air trapped bubble cased paperweight. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Conditoin: good. (1) Triangular lucite , blue mineral cased paperweight. Marked: Made for Gimbels England. Size: 3"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Round faceted crystal paperweight. No mark. Size: 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: good (1) Faceted cub with Belgian scene. No mark. Size: 1 1/2"Diam. Condition: image is worn. (1) Blue air trapped bubble heart shaped paperweight. Marked: paper label: Murano Glass Made in Italy. Size: 2 1/2"Diam. Conditoin: good. (1) Round photo paperweight. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
1468 8 PAPERWEIGHTS. N/R. (1) Iridescent glass paperweight. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Cased murano style canes paper weight, ground bottom. No mark. size: 4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Millefiori cased glass paperweight. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Csed clear over red with air trapped bubbles and top stem. No mark. size: 3"diam. Condition: good. (1) Flower and confetti glass cased paperweight. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Air trapped bubble, confetti glass cased paperweight. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Millefiori cased tall paperweight. No mark. size: 2 3/4"Diam. 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) large clear glass with 2 fish and frog cased glass paperweight. No mark. Size: 4 1/4"Diam. condition: good. 50 - 100
1469 4 PIECES CLOISONNE. N/R. 1. Small dish, 6" diam. 3-toed dragon in centre, border of multicolored stylized flowers. No mark; late 19th century. Good condition. 2. Ashtray, 4" diam. Marked "China." Late 19th century. Red ground, multicolored flowers and foliage. good condition. 3. Bowl, 5 1/2" diam., 2" high. Allover blue ground, geometric design. No mark. 20th century. Good condition. 4. Ashtray,1 3/4" high, 4 1/2" diam. Marked "China." Late 19th century. Deep blue ground, multicolored flowers & foliage. On wood stand. 2 areas of chipping. 50 - 100
1470 PAIR CHINESE CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. Pair cloisonne covered vases on wood stands, with box. Each vase 6 1/2" high with lid, 5" diam., 3 1/2" diam. at opening. Gold ground, raised cloisonne multicolored stylized floral design. Foo dog handle on lids. Marked "Made in the Peoples Republic of China" on paper label. As new condition. 50 - 100
1471 CAMBRIDGE ROSE POINT GLASS CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. Pair depression glass double candleholders, acid-etched. 6 1/2" high, 7 1/2" wide, base 5 1/4" diam. Unmarked. Good condition. 50 - 100
1472 GLASS PEN TRAY WITH INKWELLS. N/R. Glass pen tray with two square inkwells. Inkwell inserts of hard rubber-like material, marked: "Davis Automatic Inkstand, New York, Made in USA. Pat. Dec. 23 1913, October 13 1914, April 20 1920." Stand 1" high, 11" wide, 6" deep; inkwells 2 1/4" high without inserts, 3" wide, 3" deep. Tray has 2 grooves for pens, 2 - 1 1/2" grooves in centre. Good condition. 50 - 100
1473 FIGURAL BRASS LAMP. N/R. Brass lamp in the form of a Medieval-style soldier, on marble base, on ornate brass feet. No shade. Unmarked. 22" high with bulb. Good condition. 50 - 100
1474 BRASS LAMP. N/R. Unusual drum-shaped brass lamp on base, old-fashiuoned sailing ship on each side of drum, standing owl on top. Early 20th century. 2 small electric bulbs in imitation candles in floral-shaped cups on either side of drum, one bulb inside drum. Metalwork good condition; candle-shaped bulb holders chipped. 50 - 100
1475 BRASS CANDELABRUM. N/R. Brass candelabrum on marble base, 17" high. 3 candle holders on slim brass column, 3 dragon feet on 3-lobed marble base. Unmarked. Early 20th century. Good condition. 35 - 70
1476 EMPIRE PIVOTING MIRROR. N/R. Flame grain mahogany veneered mirror pivots in a wishbone frame. Originally attached to a dresser. 30 - 60
1477 CARVED WALL MIRROR. Turn of the century. Oak frame with applied leaf carving and beveled mirror. 30 - 60
1478 6 ANTIQUE LADDER BACK CHAIRS. Originaly made in Ohio. Having rush seats. Condition: strong frames, nice finish, no detractions. 400 - 800
1479 COLOSSAL MEXICAN JARDINERE. N/R. Hand painted with fruit. 35 - 70
1480 HEPPLEWHITE STYLE BUFFET. Circa 1920, mahogany. Has serpentine front. Hepplewhite legs are reeded and spade feet. Size: 37"h x 66"w x 22"d. 450 - 900
1481 ABSTRACT PRINT ON MUSLIN. 20th c. Brown relief print on muslin fabric. A schematic house and tree motif, repeated. Size framed: 22" h., 29" w. Condition: no defects. 10 - 15
1482 VIRGIN MARY MEZZOTINT, ROCOCO ENGRAVING. Early 20th c. Color mezzotint of Mary, with pencil inascription below; in an octagonal frame. The engraving is Le Petit Souper. Size largest: 19" h., 17" w. Condition: yellowed to both. 150 - 225
1483 YASMIN RASHID PAINTING. Dated 1983. Acrylic on canvas. Signed and with identification tags on the back. Entitled "Three Houses," this is a decorative semi-cubistic composition reminiscent of early Mondrian. Size: 36" square. Condition: no defects to painting; one frame corner lathing has come loose. 45 - 100
1484 MR YARDLEY OIL & SEASCAPE. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas (both). The horse and meadow scene is signed lower left "MR Yardley 1900." The seascape is unsigned and shows a pink and purple sky with breaking waves on a rock. Size: horses framed: 24" h., 36" w., seascape framed 16" h., 28" w. Condition: both have large tears in them and need conservation. 150 - 200
1485 FOUR PRINTS. 1870's. Black lithos with color. Includes two fashion prints (one is a Godey's lady's book) and two are Currier & Ives: "The Queen of Flowers" and "Violet and Daisy." Size largest framed: 25" h., 22" w. Condition: acid burns to all, vertical crease in Godey's print. 275 - 400
1486 PAIR OF CURRIER AND IVES. 19th c. Black lithos with color. "Midnight-The Ruins" and "The Morning of Life." Size framed: 12" h., 15" w., and 13" h., 18" w. Condition: yellowed, acid burns to each. 75 - 100
1487 PAIR OF WATERCOLORS. 20th c. Autumn scene and winter scene, both unsigned. Size largest framed: 17" h., 21" w. Condition: no visible defects to paintings, but the frames are low-end. 40 - 80
1488 GE COLBY WATERCOLOR. First half 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left. A country road with trees in autumn. Very attentively and attractively painted. Size: 12" h., 19" w., framed 17" h., 24" w. Condition: gray discoloration in the sky. 150 - 200
1489 HC REMALAY THREE BABIES W/C. 19th c.? Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. Perhaps a triple portrait of the same baby. Size framed: 13" h., 16 w. Condition: very yellowed mat; frame has wear. 50 - 75
1490 POMPEIIAN BEAUTY PANEL. 20th c. Dot separated photomechanical lithograph. Sweethearts "Honeymoon in Venice" with a Wm Wetmore Story verse. Size framed: 31" h., 12" w. Condition: long vertical acid burns on each side, new mat, wear to frame. 185 - 225
1491 TWO RUSTIC FRAMES. Wood with appliques. Contains a flower print and a kitten print. Size: 12" h., 16" w. and 17" h., 19" w. Condition: frames are in good condition. 20 - 40
1492 STEAMBOAT SINKING SCENE. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Naive style; signed Baird. Scene of the "Scioto" steamboat going down and the rescue attempts. Size: 23" h., 35" w., framed 29" h., 35" w. Condition: very dirty, abundant brown discoloration. 80 - 120
1493 PAIR OF ROMAN SCENES. Dot separated prints. "Vatican City" and "Colosseum." Size framed: 23" h., 28" w. Condition: yellowed, brown spots on Vatican. 20 - 40
1494 HOWARD CHANDLER CHRISAY POSTER. Early 20th c. Poster litho. "Their First Hazard." Sweetheart golfers. Size framed: 22" h., 25" w. Condition: damage on woman; missing paper on top edge. 20 - 25
1495 PAIR OF EDWARDIAN DOMESTIC SCENES. Poster prints. Baby walking, Sweethearts in a boat. Size framed each: 17" h., 22" w. Condition: frames are worn. 15 - 35
1496 PAIR OF LADY PRINTS. Early 20th c. Photomechanical print in sepia. Big hatted women vignettes. Size largest framed: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects to prints; acid burns on the mat of one. 15 - 25
1497 "LADIES" PRINTS. 20th c. Reproductions on paper. Repros of a Harrison Fisher woman and a J. Knowles Hare woman. Size largest framed: 20" h., 14" w. Condition: no visible defects to the prints; the frames are worn. 25 - 50
1498 NEEDLEPOINT SEAT, FRAMED. Perhaps from a chair seat on back, this peach colored shield design has flowers on it, on a black background. Size framed: 31" h., 26" w. Condition: no defects, nice frame. 40 - 60
1499 WELDED WOMAN SCULPTURE. 20th c. Welded washers, nails, and steel. An abstract woman on a wooden stand. Size with base: 17" h., 4" w., 4" deep. Condition: no defects. 15 - 30
1500 WELDED CHARIOTEER. 20th c. Brass welding rods fused together, greenish patina. Done in a quasi-ancient Etruscan look, the archer in his chariot is pulled by a horse. Size: 11" h., 12" w., 5" deep. Condition: made to look ancient, the disconnections in the wheels are intentional. 10 - 25
1501 SYNTELIS SHEET METAL SCULPTURE. 20th c. Sheet metal combined together, torched, welded. A woman with an umbrella. Signed "Syntelis." Size with base: 13" h., 5 1/2" w., 6 1/2" deep. Condition: no defects to the sculpture. 25 - 40
1502 COPPER FAT MAN. 20th c. Copper pipe, nuts, bowls, connectors, etc. brazed together. Unsigned. A surprised fat man does a jig. Size: 17" h., 16" w., 8" deep. Condition: some verdigris oxidation; dents appear intentional. 25 - 40
1503 WELDED GUITARIST SCULPTURE. 20th c. Welded or brazed sheet metal. Unsigned. A seated guitarist. Semi-abstract. Size: 18" h., 10" w., 9" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 20 - 40
1504 FRANCES ERLACH "IT'S FOR YOU" SEXY GIRL. 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board. Unsigned. Erlach, a Pittsburgh native and artist, produced pin-up illustrations on a grand scale for wall decoration. Done in a sexy, humorous style, akin to Alberto Vargas's work of the 1940's & 1950's, Erlach's work follows in suit. His line work in red outline is contrasted by smooth tone shifts--attention to contour is paramount in this figure of a purple suited bathing girl and in the subsequent Frances Erlach works (lots 1505-1509). Size: 60" h., 31" w. Condition: one eye has been repainted, yellowed at edges. 100 - 200
1505 FRANCES ERLACH FISHERWOMAN. 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board. A sly, feigned innocence is cast over the gaze of this pigtailed blonde woman who holds a fishing pole and wears only a long shirt. Size: 60" h., 40" w. Condition: yellowed at edges. 100 - 200
1506 FRANCES ERLACH NUDE TELEPHONIST. 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board. A very sultry nude woman wearing only furry high heels coos on the telephone. Size: 60" h., 31" w. Condition: some dirt scuffs at the bottom. 100 - 200
1507 FRANCES ERLACH "COFFEE, SUGAR, MONEY." 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board with aluminum canisters. A beautiful, bobbed brunette with a sheer pink negligee holds a palette and paintbrush. Cut through the palette and inserted are three actual aluminum canisters labeled "coffee, sugar and money." Size: 60" h., 40" w. Condition: under plexi that has much glue residue on it; dirty on the back. 100 - 200
1508 FRANCES ERLACH BUXOM SHOTGUNNER. 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board. A blonde beauty appears ready to bag her quarry. Size: 60" h., 23" w. Condition: under plexi; a hole in the board where a light switch once poked through is plainly evident; the frame has no sides. 100 - 200
1509 FRANCES ERLACH SEXY BAKER. 20th c. Watercolor on illustration board. A wooden platter protrudes from the plexi where her hand is seen; the woman is nude except for an apron (that is barely there). Size: 60" h., 31" w. Condition: under glass. 100 - 200
1510 RUGBY PLAYER IN CAST METAL. Patinated bronze color. Signed "G. Demarge." Marked Fabrication Francaise, Made in France. On a red stone base. Size: 19" h., 9" w., 8" deep. Condition: sandy finish to the cast. 75 - 125
1511 MAFFEI LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Maffei (?) lower right. Classical style landscape dominated by two large trees. Very Baroque in its compositional formulae. Size framed: 39" h., 33" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1512 CW SCHMIDT INETRIOR. 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed recto and verso. Schmidt (American) was a locally trained artist who appears in auction records. This realist painting is dominated by low key crimson. Size framed: 18" h., 14" w. Condition: white paint splatters on the left side. 150 - 200
1513 FUKUI ETCHING. 20th c. Black and olive green etching on buff paper. Signed in pencil Ryonosuke Fukui and EPA. This artist's proof by Fukui (1923-1986) is a delicate web of lines that architecturally describe the form of a fish. Size: 7 1/2' h., 15 1/2" w., framed 15" h., 23" w. Condition: no defects. 500 - 700
1514 TIMOTHY COLE ENGRAVING. 19th c. Wood engraving on Japanese paper. After Cotman's "Fishing Boats Off Yarmouth." Size: 5" h., 6 1/4" w., framed 14" h., 16" w. Condition: some wrinkles to the paper. 200 - 300
1515 TIMOTHY COLE ENGRAVING. 19th c. Wood engraving on Japanes paper. Cole created this after Turner's "Dido Building Carthage." Size: 5" h.,7 1/2" w., framed 14" h., 16" w. Condition: some wrinkles to paper. 200 - 300
1516 TIMOTHY COLE ENGRAVING. 19th c. Wood engraving on Japanes paper. Signed in pencil. Cole created this after John Crome's "Mousehold Heath." Size: 4 3/4" h., 7 3/4" w., framed 14" h., 16" w. Condition: some wrinkles to paper. 200 - 300
1517 TIMOTHY COLE ENGRAVING. 19th c. Wood engraving on Japanes paper. Cole (1852-1931) created this after Constable's "Waterloo Bridge." Size: 5" h., 7 3/4" w., framed 14" h., 16" w. Condition: some wrinkles to paper. 200 - 300
1518 TIMOTHY COLE ENGRAVING. 19th c. Wood engraving on Japanes paper. Signed in pencil. After Turner's "The Fighting Temeraire." Cole was known for his excellent wood engravings after Old Masters. Size: 5" h., 6 1/2" w., framed 14" h., 16" w. Condition: wrinkles to paper. 200 - 300
1519 W GOODRICH BEAL INTAGLIO. Early 20th c. Intaglio in brown-black ink. Signed in plate and in pencil. A coastal village. Size: 8 1/4" h., 11 3/4" w., framed 15" h., 18" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
1520 PAIR OF ENGLISH SCENES. 20th c. Offset litho prints. "Nottingham Castle" and "Mermaid Inn, Rye." Size: both small. Condition: yellowed mats. 15 - 25
1521 LADIES FASHION PRINTS. In green frames. 1860's style of dress. Size framed: 14" h., 12" w. Condition: yellowed. 40 - 80
1522 R BRANDARD COW ENGRAVING. 19th c. Engraving with color. "The Meadow" after a painting by Sir AW Calcott. Size: 5 1/2" h., 10" w., framed 12" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects. 40 - 60
1523 TIMOTHY COLE ENGRAVING. 19th c. Wood engraving on Japanese paper. Signed in pencil. This is after Richard Wilson's "On the River Wye." Cole (American 1852-1931) is a listed engraver who was New York based; he exhibited at PAFA, The Columbian Expo, Chicago, and the Paris Salon. His engravings after European masterworks in oil are among his best and best known work. They came after he went to Europe following a fire which destroyed most of his belongings. Size: 5" h., 7" w., framed 14" h., 16" w. Condition: some wrinkles in the paper. 200 - 300
1524 PAIR OF SHIP POSTERS. 20th c. Posters in frames. "The America" and "The Ohio." Size framed: 19" h., 23" w. Condition: prints like new, frames scuffed. 25 - 75
1525 PAIR OF SHIP POSTERS. 20th c. Posters in frames. "The Delaware" and "The Pennsylvania." Size framed: 19" h., 23" w. Condition: prints like new, frames are scuffed. 25 - 75
1526 PAIR OF SHIP POSTERS. 20th c. Posters in frames. "The Columbus (1819-1861)" and "The Independence." Size framed: 19" h., 23" w. Condition: prints like new, frames are scuffed. 25 - 75
1527 BIRDS OF PA PRINTS, 4 PCS. Late 19th c. Black lithographs with color overprinting. From DB Warren's "Birds of Pennsylvania" book: Plate 92 (Grosbeak and Warbler); Plate 98 (Kentucky and Hooded Warblers); Plate 42 (Maryland Yellow Warbler); Plate 75 (Orchard Oriole). Size: all 13" h., 10" w. framed. Condition: water stain right side of Plate 92. 75 - 100
1528 REAKIRT HERON OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Reakirt. This simple but evocative rendering of a white heron in water shows his reflection amid an orange morning glow over pea-green water. Size framed: 18 1/2" h., 22" w. Condition: craquellure, some paint flaking near the rear plumage. 150 - 300
1529 ABSTRACT SWIRL PAINTING. Mid 20th c. Oil on masonite. Signed in sgrafitto. Size: 18" h., 36" w. Condition: unframed. 50 - 75
1530 DUTCH STYLE GRAND LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Kurt W... lower right. In the manner of Dutch landscape painting, with a large, dark repousse device in the middle ground, in this case two intertwined trees. A bridge, canal, and houses also. Size framed: 45" h., 33" w. Condition: no defects. 300 - 500
1531 PERSIAN STYLE CARPET. N/R. Red orange with blue border, center medallion, corner decoration. Condition: worn center, faded colors. edges slight wear. 100 - 200
1532 PERSIAN STYLE CARPET. N/R. Maroon field, center medallion, wide floral border. Condition: Badly worn, hole, tear in corner, edges frayed. Size: 9'8" x 12'. 50 - 100
1533 PERSIAN STYLE CARPET. N/R. Maroon, blue and cream colored, center medallino, flower garland decorated quadrants, wide floral border. Size: 13' 4" x 10'. Conditoin: faded, signs of wear, one worn area near center. 150 - 300
1534 CHINESE RUNNER. N/R. Blue field with pink and cream flowers, green leaves. 100 % wool. Marked: Jiangsu Wollen Carpets. Size: 10' x 27". Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
1535 WOOL SCATTER RUG. N/R. Cream field with blue medallion center, blue decorated border. 100 % wood, made in India. Size: 32"x 54". Condition: slight wear. 30 - 60
1536 CHINESE AREA RUG. N/R. Black field, floral cut decoration, cream floral border, cut pile, 100 % wool, made in China. Size: 5'6" x 8'7". Condition: slight wear. 75 - 150
1537 WOOL SCATTER RUG. N/R. Light green with center medallion and floral cream border. 100% wool, Ming Aubusson design by Couristan. Size: 4'5" x 2'8". Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
1538 AUBUSSON STYLE SCATTER RUG. N/R. Light green, center medallion, cream floral border, no mark. Size: 4' x 6'1". Condition: slight wear. 50 - 100
1539 CHINESE STYLE SCATTER RUG. N/R. Cream and light blue rug, 100 % wool, Peking Ming design, hand made in India by Couristan. Size: 4' x 6'. Condition: slight wear. 50 - 100
1540 PERSIAN RUNNER. N/R. Maroon geometric runner. Size: 33" x 9'4". Condition: badly worn, sections of ends missing, each side missing sections, one repair patch section. 25 - 50
1541 WALNUT VICTORIAN PARLOR TABLE. Rectangular top with canted corners supported by a finger carved x-form base with turned central finial. Size: 30"h x 36"w x 24"d. Condition: profesionaly refinished 175 - 350
1542 VICTORIAN PARLOR TABLE. Walnut. Oval top on finger carved x-form base with central turned column. Size: 29"h x 35"w x 26"d. Condition: profesionaly refinished. 150 - 300
1543 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1544 NEOCLASSIC STYLE MIRROR. Marbleized frame with beaded edges surmounted by an urn and acanthus leafage. 80 - 160
1545 EASEL VENETIAN MIRROR. Silver and carved wood frame inset with cut venetian panels. Vanity top model with easel support on back. 75 - 150
1546 TRAMP ART FRAME. N/R. Stepped shadow box form frame, each layer with different inlaid wood decoration, pyramidal, round with star enclosed inlay. No mark. Size: 18 3/4"H. 16 3/4"W. condition: approx. 15 missing pieces of inlay. 100 - 200
1547 TRAMP ART PERPETUAL CALENDAR. N/R. Trmp art perpetual calendar with inlaid wood decoration. Months are are disk in base, Daily numbers are in a revolving top section. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 8 3/4"W. 4 3/4"D. Conditoin: wear to surface, minor staining. 75 - 150
1548 COUNTRY DINING TABLE. c.1880. Cherry, maple, and beech. Oval top with two boards raised on four hefty turned legs. Size: 30" H, 44" W, 51" D (add 21.5" for each of the two boards). Condition: refinished. 400 - 700
1549 EARLY STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Pine. Open shelf top (doors missing) rests on base with two drawers over two doors. solid sides. Size: 84"h x 47"w x 18"d. Condition: doors are missing, wood trim on cornice is cracked and has pieces missing. 400 - 800
1550 SHERATON STYLE MAPLE DROPLEAF TABLE. Each leaf supported by two gatelegs. Size: 29"h x 44"w x 29"d. See lot 106 for companion chairs. 35 - 70
1551 PORCELAIN BREAKFAST SET, 8 PCS. N/R. Breakfast dishes, white, blue flowers and edges. Marked "Made in Czechoslovakia." 1. Teapot, 4 3/4" high with lid, 7" from handle to spout, 4 1/4" diam. Good condition. 2. 2-handled covered sugar bowl, 3 1/4" high with lid, 4 1/2" across handles, 3" diam. good condition. 3. Cereal bowl, 1 5/8" high, 6" diam. Good condition. 4. Egg cup, 3 7/8" high. Good condition. 5. 2 plates, 7 1/2" diam. Good condition. 6. plate, 6 3/8" diam. Good condition. 7. saucer, 5 1/2" diam. Good condition. 35 - 70
1552 6 WHITE CERAMIC PIECES. N/R. 1. Basketweave fruit bowl on pedestal, 10" high, 10 1/4" diam. at top, 6 1/4" diam. at base. Marked "Goodfriend" "Spain." Good condition. 2. Oval basket, pierced rim, 2 gold handles, applied flowers. 3 1/2" high, 8 1/4" long, 6" wide. Marked "VA Portugal" and "Made in Portugal." Small chip off one flower petal. 3. Pair candle holders, 2 1/2" high, 3 1/2" diam. at base. Applied flowers. Marked "Fine Bone China" "Crown" "Staffordshire England." 1 small leaf broken off. 4. Pair cornucopia-shaped candle holders, gold rim, applied flowers. 3" high, base 3 1/2" x 2". Marked "Fine Porcelain" "Made in Spain." One leaf chipped. 35 - 70
1553 14 CERAMIC PIECES. N/R. (1) Royal Copenhagen dish "Roskilde Domkirke". Marked: Royal Copenhagen. Size: 4 1/4"x4 1/4". Condition: good. (1) Bing and Grondahl triangular dish of Sailboat. Marked: B & G Denmark C.S. Size: 4 3/4" x 4 3/4". Conditoin: good. (1) Royal Copenhagen leaf dish with frog. Marked: Royal Copenhagen. Size: 3/4"H, 4 1/4"L, 3 1/4"w. Condition: good. (1) Wedgwood "Atlas: bone cina made in England. copyright 1996. "Concorde". Size; 5"Diam. Concorde souvenir. (1) A Denmark #8 The Little Mermaid with the compliments of SAS. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Wedgwood Bone China botanical coaster. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (2) MR Delfts made in Holland plates. Size: 4"Diam. condition: good. (1) Blue and white salt, marked: M Baca Caltacmone. (4) Ceramikos Athens plates. (1) Dionysos, (2) Young man offering a drink, (3) Young man offering a drink, (4) Angel. Condition: good. (1) DJ Copenhagen crackle glaze vase with foral decoration. Size: 4"H, Condition: good. 50 - 100
1554 CHILDS ICE CREAM SET. Five pieces include four chairs and a table. Iron frames with oak inserts. Condition: like new. 60 - 120
1555 ICE CREAM TABLE AND CHAIR. Two pieces include a table and chair. Round table has white marble top and black painted cast iron base. Size: 30"h x 24"dia. 40 - 80
1557 IVCTORIAN LIFT LID BENCH. N/R. Frieze has aplied floral carving. Row of spools along bottom. Size: 16"h x 22"w x 11"d. 70 - 120
1558 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1559 ASH KITCHEN CABINET. Breaks down in to two pieces. Condition: has modern casters. Size: 65"h x 45"w x 26"d. 200 - 400
1560 BOUILLON SET, 28 PCS. N/R. 14 2-handled bouillon bowls, 2" high, 7" across handles, 5" diam. 14 underplates, 7" diam. Marked "HUtschenreuther Gelb" "Bavaria Germany" "Sylvia." Late 19th century. Very good condition. 50 - 100
1561 MEISSEN BLUE AND WHITE PLATE. N/R. Plate with blue floral design on white, 3 decorated sections of border, 3 pierced basket weave areas of border. Marked: blue crossed swords mark. Size: 8"Diam. Condition: one chip in rim, on crack in rim. 25 - 50
1562 8 SPODE VALENCIA PATTERN PLATES. N/R. Green interior grape design, raised basket weave inner band, green edging. Marked: Copeland Spode England Valencia. Size: 6 1/2" each. Condition: good, no detractions. 50 - 100
1563 8 FARMERS ARMS PLATES. N/R. Plates with center design of man and woman with farm implements, banderol below reads "God speed the Plough", floral decorated border. Marked: B & L Ltd. Farmers Arms, England (with poem). Size: 9" diam. each. Condition: 3 bright overall, 5 faded centers, one with crack in body, one with chip in rim. 30 - 60
1564 7 MECKLINBERG PATTERN PLATES. N/R. Seven plates, brown pallete with phoenix in tree, with gilding, marked: Mecklinberg, Grimwades, Stokes on Trent, England, Great Britain. Size: 10" diam. each. Condition: 2 good, 2 with interior cracks, one with chip on rim, 2 with crazing. 40 - 80
1565 SIX MAJOLICA PLATES. N/R. Six plates with raised strawberry blossom and fruit design. White flowers, red fruit and green leaves. Marked: stamped P-V France. incised Made in France. Size: 6 1/2"Diam. each. Condition: five with fleabites along edge. one good. 25 - 50
1566 2 WEDGWOOD YALE PLATES. N/R. (1) Center view of "Yale College Fence and Campus". Blue and white. Marked: Yale 1949 Pat. 63219 ECY. Del. Wedgwood Made in England. Incised: 5 x 54. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (2) Center view of " Harkness Memorial Tower 1921". Blue and white. Marked: Yale 1949 Pat. 63219 ECY.Del. Wedgwood Made in England. Incised: 5 x 54. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1567 8 GUNHILD PLATES. N/R. Eight plates with six different center decorations, fruits, nuts and leaves, with wide light brown border. Marked: with beehive mark, Denmark, Gunhild. Size: 8"Diam. each. Condition: 2 with chips on rim, 1 with chip on surface. 40 - 80
1568 8 WEDGWOOD "WINCHESTER" PATTERN DISHES. N/R. Four cream soups and four under plates, Winchester pattern, floral centers and raised floral borders. Marked: Winchester TK 437 Wedgwood Made in England Barlaston. Size: 5 1/4"Diam soups, 7"diam. plates. Condition: one plate with flake on edge. no other detractions. 40 - 80
1569 22 ADAMS CALYX WARE DISHES. N/R. Adams Caylx ware dishes include 5 cream soup (4 5/8"Diam.), 8 saucers for the soups (6 1/2"Diam.), 9 plats ( 7 7/8"Diam.). Red floral center decoration, red laurel leaf border, ochre edge. Marked: Adams Calyx ware. Condition: bowls-3 with cracks, 3 with exterior color decoration worn, under plates- 3 with chips, 4 with faded decoration, plates- 2 with chips, 1 badly crazed. 30 - 60
1570 5 BING & GRONDAHL ITEMS. N/R. Four white bisque rondels with neo classical scenes, perhaps after Thorwaldsen. One small container with small neo classical rondel on side. All marked: B & G Kopenhagen Made in Denmark. Size: rondels 5 5/8"Diam. container 2 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
1571 GLASS PERFUME BOTTLE. N/R. Glass perfume bottle, 10-sided base, tall floral stopper. Bottle 2 1/2" high, 3 7/8" at base; stopper 5 1/2" high. 20th century. Small chip at base of stopper. 25 - 50
1572 4 FOOTED GLASSES W. REEDING. N/R. Clear glass with interior ribbing and black threads of glass reeded onto exterior lower section of glass. Similar to Steuben reeded glassware. Also similar to unsigned Fry glass decoration in the manner of Steuben. No mark. Size: 5 3/4"H. 3"Diam. top, 3"Diam. base. Condition: wear to bases. 100 - 200
1573 PRESSED GLASS VASE, USSR. N/R. Heavy pressed glass vase, 10" high, 5 1/2" diam., scalloped edge, alternate pinwhels and sunbursts above diamond designs. Marked "USSR." Good condition. 40 - 80
1574 SET 12 BLUE GLASS GOBLETS. N/R. Set of 12 clear blue glass stemmed goblets. 6" high, 3 1/4" diam. at top. 20th century. All good condition. 50 - 100
1575 PR. PATRIOTIC SAUCE BOATS. N/R. Pair of white porcelain sauce boats, gilt feet, rim and handle, cental decoration of Eagle seal with arrows and olive branch. Marked: (1) DePosse, T & V, Limoges, France, The National Remembrance Shop, Wasington DC. (2) only the Limoges mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 5 1/2"L. 3"W. Condition: good. 80 - 160
1576 ROYAL DOULTON PLATE. N/R. Royal doulton plate, 10 1/2" diam., scene of Canterbury pilgrims. Marked "Royal Doulton England" and "Canterbury Pilgrims." Good condition. 50 - 100
1577 HAND PAINTED NIPPON BOWL. N/R. Scalloped-edge bowl, gold-beaded edge, flower disign. 3" high, 10 1/4" diam. Marked "Hand Painted Nippon," "M" in wreath. Good condition. 50 - 100
1578 HAND BLOWN VASE W. ROSE DECORATION. N/R. Hand blown opaque glass vase with hand painted roses, vase shades fromwhite to rose at the top. No mark. Size: 14"H, 8"Diam. at widest point. Condition: 1/4" chip inner top rim. 30 - 60
1579 HUMMEL BOY CHASED UP TREE. N/R. Hummel figurine of boy chased up tree by dog. Marked: incised crown mark ( trademark 1) 1935-1949. "56". incised on back M.J. Hummel. condition: broken in two and reglued. 50 - 100
1580 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1) Goose girl. Marked: Full bee (trademark 2) (1950-59) Germany. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Accordian boy. marked: 3 line mark (trademark 4) (1964-72) incised: 110/0 1938. Size: 3"H. Condition: chip on tip of hair. 75 - 150
1581 HUMMEL GOOSE GIRL. N/R. Goose girl figurine. Marked: full bee (trademark 2) (1950-59) Germany. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
1582 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. N/R. (1) Accordian boy. Marked: stylized bee (trademark 3) (1957-72).Western Germany (c) W. Goebel. Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Drummer boy. Marked: Full bee (trademark 2) (1950-59) 240 (c) by W. Goebel. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: god. 75 - 150
1583 HUMMEL SLEEPING BABY. N/R. Sleeping baby. Marked: full bee (trademark 2) (1950-59) incised M.J. Hummel, stamped Germany. size: 2 1/4"H, 5"L, 2 3/4"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1584 SISTER BERTA HUMMEL PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. Clear glass on cobalt base, faceted sides with 5 rondels, inner white oval profile of Sister Maria Innocentia ( Sister Berta Hummel). Marked: inscribed on bottom: Sister Berta Hummel Visage Paperweight France 1974 (c) Schmid 1460/4000. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1585 2 CHINESE DISHES. N/R. Two dishes, 1 3/4" high, 7 3/4" diam. Red circular stamp. These appear to be a pair, but one dish is off-white, gray-green design in centre and around rim; chipped and pitted. The other is pale green, gray-green designs, brown centre. Good condition. 25 - 50
1586 2 CERAMIC FOO DOGS. N/R. Pair ceramic foo dogs, each with a ball, each slightly different; on base. One 8" high, one 8 3/4" high; each base 3 3/4" x 2 3/4". Dogs were painted dark red; paint now considerably chipped. 40 - 80
1587 HAND MADE QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt with red, green and brown geometric pattern, with dense quilting. Size: 80"X 77". Condition: greatly worn, several holes, one end very badly worn. 200 - 400
1588 DIAMOND TRIANGLE QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt with red ground and border, diamond triangle pattern blocks. Size: 66"X 80". Condition: minor stains on front, stains on back. 150 - 300
1589 8 POINT STAR QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt in shades of brown with 8 point stars. size: 78" x 90". Condition: staining on back. 150 - 300
1590 FLAG PATCH BLANKET QUILT. N/R. Printed flag squares sewn together with solid colored patches, multicolor border, striped backing. Size: 60"H, 70"W. Condition: worn and faded. 100 - 200
1591 BOW TIE QUILT. N/R. Hand made bow tie pattern quilt, cream ground, blue edge. Size: 71" x72". Condition: minor stain spots on front. 200 - 400
1592 DIAMOND PATTERN QUILT. N/R. Hand made diamond pattern quilt with blue floral band border. Size: 67"X 67". Condition: one area of staining on front, wear on the edges. 200 - 400
1593 FAN PATTERN QUILT. N/R. Hand made fan pattern quilt, cream ground, white bound edge. Size: 68" X 68". Condition: several stained areas in the front. 100 - 200
1594 SUNFLOWER QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt with yellow and brown border, green and yellow flower decoration. Size: 67"x 80". Condition: wear on the edges, several stains and spots on top. 150 - 300
1595 POLLARD HAND MADE QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt in yellow and brown leaf design, cream ground, brown scalloped borders. Signed: Made especially for you by Gladys Pollard. Size: 70"X 82". Condition: good. 150 - 300
1596 POLLARD HAND MADE QUILT. N/R. Hand made quilt in daisy button design with 20 petal flowers with blue centers, white ground, blue border. Signed: Made especially for you by Gladys Pollard. Size: 72"X 90". Condition: good. 150 - 300
1597 QUILT AND MATCHING TABLE COVER. N/R. Six sided blocks quilt with green border, cream ground, multi colored centers, cream back, hand made. Size: Quilt: 80"x 68". Table cover: 26"Diam. Condition: both good. 150 - 300
1598 LA FORET BY R. DE BIEVE. N/R. French tapestry of forest scene with birds entitled "La Foret" by r. De Bieve. woven by Corot, Paris. Marked: La Foret by Robert De Bieve, #164. Corot, Editeur sur Etoffes, 65-67 Champs Elysses, Paris. Size: 41"H, 63"W. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1599 CHINOISERE STYLE TAPESTRY. Western interpretation of Chinese scene in 18th c. French manner, elephant and rider with stage set background, elaborate border. Marked: Tapestries Ltd. High Point N.C. Size: 57"H, 42"W. Condition: good, comes with hanging rod. 150 - 300
1600 COLLIER'S RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR. N/R. Collier's Photographic Record of the Russo-Japanese War. N.Y., 1905. Oblong small folio, 256 pp. Inner hinges broken, front free endpaper crumpled and torn, interior lightly soiled but near good condition. 25 - 50
1601 MAP BOOK HENRY COUNTY OHIO. N/R. Book of township maps, Henry County, Ohio, 1947. 12 maps. Stiff wrappers, small 4to. good condition. 25 - 50
1602 5 TRAVEL BOOKLETS. N/R. 1. Concord Massachusetts, Picturesque and Historic. 1909. 32 views. Wrappers rubbed; overall good condition. 2. Niagara in Summer and Winter. No date (ca. 1910). 23 plates. Some soiling; wrappers chipped; starting to separate at spine. 3. Washington: 55 New Views. Baltimore,, n.d. (ca.1910). Wrappers lightly soiled; starting to separate at spine. 4. Canada: Descriptive Atlas. Ottawa, ca. 1936. 80 pp, small 4to, paper wrappers. Edges rubbed, chipped; overall good condition. 5. Arbuckle's Illustrated Atlas of the United States of America. N.Y., c. 1889. Small oblong 4to, unpaginated. Each right-hand page has postcard-sized chromolithograph representations of 4 states, with descriptions on the facing page. String tie reinforced with Scotch tape; back wrapper badly chipped, corners worn; interior good. 35 - 70
1603 SET JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY. N/R. The Complete Works of James Whitcomb Riley in 10 vols. N.Y./London, Harper, 1916. Red leatherette, gold lettering and decoration. All volumes good condition. 30 - 60
1604 4 MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS N/R. 1. Stiles, Henry Reed. Bundling: Its Origin, Progress & Decline in America. Book Collectors Assn., Inc.; N.Y., c. 1934. 146 pp, green cloth. Discussion of an interesting sociological phenomenon. Good condition. 2. Macfadden, Bernarr. Exercise and Like It. N.Y., Macfadden Book Co., 1937. 186 pp. Blue cloth, gold lettering. Good condition. 3. The Romance of Exploration and Emergency First Aid from Stanley to Byrd. Chicago, Century of Progress Exposition 1934. Burroughs Wellcome & Co. 160 pp. Red cloth, gold lettering. Good condition. 4. Tennyson, Alfred. Crossing the Bar. No publisher, no place, no information whatsoever (ink inscription dated 1915-1916). Tall narrow 8vo., pictorial boards. The short poem is divided up into 8 pp., groups of lines enclosed in Art Nouveau borders of leaves, with attractive full-color plates and page decorations. 25 - 50
1605 6 BKS. ART & COLLECTING. N/R. 1. Grover, Ray & Lee. Contemporary Art Glass. N.Y., c. 1975. Crown. 208 pp, 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 2. Savage, George. The Antique Collector's Handbook. Revised. London, 1968; Spring Books. 304 pp. Very good in dust jacket with remnant of price sticker on front. 3. Jones, Harvey L. Mathews: Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style. Peregrine Smith, Inc., 1980. 127 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 4. Herbert, Janice Summers. Oriental Rugs: The Illustrated Guide. Macmillan, c. 1978. Buying guide to old and contemporary rugs. 160 pp. No d/j; good condition. 5. Owen, Pat. The Story of Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates. Dayton,, c. 1961. 144 pp, loose-leaf in ring binder. Very good in torn dust jacket. 6. Owen, Pat. The Story of Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plates. Dayton, c. 1962. 168 pp. Loose-leaf in ring binder. Very good in torn dust jacket. 30 - 60
1606 8 BOOKS ON BIRDS. N/R. 1. Austin, Oliver L., Jr. Birds of the World. N.Y., 1961; Golden Press. 316 pp, tall 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 2. Pearson, T. Gilbert et al. Birds of America. Garden City, c. 1936. Reprint edition. 289 pp, 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 3. Tyrrel, Esther Quesada. Hummingbirds Their Life and behavior. N.Y., c. 1985; Crown Pub. 212pp, tall 4to. Photography by Robert A. Tyrrel. Very good in dust jacket. 4. Gilliard, E. Thomas. Living Birds of the World. Garden City, c. 1958; Doubleday. 400 pp, 4to. Slight water-wrinkling to tail of first few pages, not affecting text; otherwise good condition in dust jacket. 5. Peterson, Roger Tory. The Bird-Watcher's Anthology. N.Y., c. 1957; Harcourt, Brace & Co. 401 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 6. Ford, Alice (editor). The Bird Biographies of John James Audubon. N.Y., 1957; Macmillan. 282 pp. very good in chipped dust jacket. 7. McKenny, Margaret. Birds in the Garden and How to Attract Them. N.Y., c. 1939; Grosset & Dunlap. 349 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 8. Krutch, Joseph Wood & Eriksson, Paul S. A Treasury of Birdlore. Garden City, c. 1962; Doubleday. 390 pp. Very good condition in dust jacket. 35 - 70
1607 5 BOOKS ON ANTIQUES. N/R. 1. Kovel, Ralph M. & tery H. Dictionary of Marks - Pottery & Porcelain. N.Y., 1971; Cown Pub. 18th printing. 278 pp. Rust stains on back endpapers, otherwise good condition in dust jacket. 2. Schwartz, Marvin D. Collectors' Guide to Antique American Glass. Garden city, 1969; Doubleday. 150 pp. Very good in price-clipped dust jacket. 3. Bennett, Harold & Judy. The Cambridge Glass Book. Des Moines, c. 1970; Wallace-Homestead. 96 pp. Upton Price Guide to the Cambridge Glass Book laid in. Very good condition. 4. The Cambridge Glass Company. Cambridge, OH, 1976. Unpaginated oblong 4to. Pages from Cambridge Glass catalogs. Price Guide laid in. Very good condition. 5. The American Heritage History of Colonial Antiques. 1967. 384 pp, 4to. Very good in edge-worn dust jacket. 35 - 70
1608 6 BOOKS ON ANTIQUES. N/R. 1. Winchester, Alice (editor). The antiques Book. Bonanza Bks., N.Y., c. 1950 (reprint edition). 319 pp, tall 4to. Articles on various antiques and collectibles. Very good condition in dust jacket. 2. Davis, Frank. The Country Life Book of Glass. London, c. 1966. 96 pp, small 4to. Small stain on front endpapers, otherwise very good in dust jacket. 3. Koch, Robert. Louis C. Tiffany's Art Glass. N.Y., c. 1977; Crown Pub. 134 pp, small 4to. Very good condition in dust jacket. 4. Lee, Ruth Webb. A History of Valentines. Wesley Hills, MA, c. 1952. 5th edition. 239 pp. Very good in torn, tattered dust jacket. 5. Smith, Frank R. & Ruth E. Miniature Lamps. Nashville, c. 1968; Thos. Nelson. 3rd. printing. 253 pp + patent listings. Battersby Price Guide for Miniature Oil Lamps laid in. Good condition. 6. Hughes, Therle. Cottage Antiques. N.Y., 1968; Praeger. 219 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 30 - 60
1609 6 COOK BOOKS. N/R. 1. Farmer, Fannie Merritt. The Boston Cooking-School Cook book. New edition, revised and enlarged. Boston, 1924; Little, Brown & Co. 806 pp + ads. Ink name; otherwise very good condition. 2. Berolzheimer, Ruth. The American Woman's Cook Book, revised. Chicago, 1942. 816 pp. Front inner hinge starting; edges worn. 3. Kavasch, Barrie. Native Harvests: Recipes and Botanicals of the American Indian. 202 pp. Very good in dust jacket. 4. Haller, Henry & Aronson, Virginia. The White House Family Cookbook. N.Y., Random House, c. 1987. 441 pp, small square 4to. Very good in dust jacket. 5. DeBoth, Jessie Marie. The Fashion Book of Recipes. Chicago, 1934. 316 pp. Binding faded, spotted; interior very good. 6. Marsh, Dorothy B. (editor). The Good Housekeeping Cook Book. N.Y., 1955. 760 pp, small square 4to. Good condition in edge-worn dust jacket. 25 - 50
1610 8 BKS. ANTIQUE GUNS/MACHINERY. N/R. 1. Peterson, Harold L. The Remington Historical Treasury of American Guns. N.Y., c. 1966. Grosset & Dunlap. "Popular edition." Paperback. 155 pp + index. 2. Bowman, Hank Wieand. Famous Guns from the Smithsonian Collection. Fawcett Pub., c. 1966. Paperback. Good condition. 3. Bowman, Hank Wieand. Antique Guns. Abridged edition. Fawcett Pub., c. 1963. 112 pp, paperback. Good condition. 4. Bowman, Hank Wieand. Famous Guns from the Winchester Collection. Abridged edition. Fawcett Pub., c. 1964. 112 pp, paperback. Good condition. 5. Automobilies of America. Automobile Manufacturers Assn., Detroit, 1970. 3rd revised edition of original published by Wayne State Press. 277 pp, paperback. Good condition. 6. White, John H. Jr. A History of the American Locomotive... 1830-1880. Dover, 1979; republication of 1968 original published by Johns Hopkins Press. 504 pp, small oblong 4to paperback. Very good condition. 7. Floyd clymer's Album of Historical Steam Traction Engines & Threshing Equipment. L.A., c. 1949. 160 pp, 4to paperback. spine tail chipped, otherwise good. 8. Leffingwell, Randy. Vintage Farm Tractors. Ann Arbor, 1997. Reprint edition. 192 pp, hard cover; tall 4to. Very good in very good dust jacket. 25 - 50
1611 4 BOOKS. N/R. 1. Lomax, John A. & Alan. American Ballads & Folk Songs. N.Y., c.1964; Macmillan. 18th printing. 625 pp. As new in very good dust jacket. 2. Lomax, John A. & Alan. Cowboy Songs & Other Frontier Ballads. N.Y., c. 1965. 15th printing. 431 pp. As new in very good dust jacket. 3. Thoreau, Henry D. Men of Concord. Edited by F. H. Allen. N.Y., 1936; Bonanza (reprint edition). 244 pp + index. Scotch tape residue on dust jacket flap and front endpapers, otherwise very good in dust jacket. 4. Untermeyer, Louis. A Treasury of Great Poems. New and enlarged edition. N.Y., c. 1955; Simon & Schuster. 16th printing. 1286 pp. Very good in slightly rumpled, chipped dust jacket. 25 - 50
1612 4 BOOKS OF NATURAL HISTORY. N/R. 1. Murphy & Amadon. Land Birds of America. N.Y., McGraw-Hill/American Museum of Natural History, c. 1953. 240 pp, tall 4to. Very good in worn, chipped dust jacket. 2. Fischer & Harshbarger. The Flower Family Album. Minneapolis, c. 1941; Univ. of Minnesota Press. 131 pp. Book club edition. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 3. Fabre's Book of Insects. N.Y., 1936; Tudor Pub. Co. Tipped-in color plates by E. J. Detmold. Very good condition. 4. Barker, Will. Familiar Animals of America. N.Y., 1956; Harper. 300 pp. Very good in slightly worn dust jacket. 30 - 60
1613 14 CHILDREN'S BOOKS. N/R. 1. Story After Story. N.Y., c. 1897. McLoughlin Bros. Unpaginated 4to; pictorial cover. Pages browned; inner hinges starting; spine ends & corners rubbed. 2, Dreamland. Boston, c. 1886; DeWolfe, Fiske & Co. Unpaginated 4to. Back inner hinge breaking, pages browned, corners worn. 3. Little Bright Eyes. Juvenile Pub. Co., 1890. Unpaginated 4to. Inner hinges starting; pages browned; spine ends and corners worn. 4. Palmer Cox's Juvenile Budget, containing Queer People... Donohue & Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). Poor condition: pages very brown, pages separated from covers; last page loose; covers very worn. 5. Barnum's Own Story for the Boys and Girls of America: Natural History from a New Standpoint. Salesman's sample. R. S. Peale & Co.; 1891. Pages browned; front inner hinge cracked; spine missing. 6. 20 Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare. John A. Hertel Co., 1907. 317 pp. 8 color plates. 3/4 leather. Spine ends and corners worn, otherwise good condition. 7. The Book of Wonders: Wonders of Nature and the Wonders Produced by Man. Presbyterisn Syndicate, 1915. 603 pp. Inner hinges starting; small tear at spine; contents good condition. 8. Smith, Eleanor. Song Devices and Jingles. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, c. 1920. 65 pp, 4to. Pictorial cover.Very good in tattered remnant of d/j. 9. Grimm's Fairy Tales. Charles E. Graham & Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). Unpaginated 4to. Pages browned, inner hinge cracked. 10. The Bodleys Afoot. Boston, 1880; Houghton, Osgood & Co. 202 pp + ads. Pictorial covers. Binding worn, soiled; contents good. 11. Billy Whiskers' Kids. "Popular edition." Saalfield Pub., c. 1903. 134 pp. Pages browned; edges chipped. 12. Billy Whiskers at the Circus. "Popular edition." Saalfield Pub., c. 1908. 147 pp. Pages browned; front inner hinge broken; edges worn. 13. The Gem, a Token of Affection for 1854. 252 pp, all edges gilt. Blind-stamped and gold-decorated cover; 12 mo. Binding soiled; slightly cocked; interior good. 14. Melodies for the Little Ones at Home. Chicago, 1891. Salesman't sample. Crack between dedication page and preface; pictorial cover soiled. 50 - 100
1614 ABC & XYZ OF BEE CULTURE. N/R. 6 editions of The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture: 1919, 1935, 1940, 1945, 1954, 1962. Hard covers, all good condition. 30 - 60
1615 38 ANTIQUES REFERENCE BOOKS. N/R. 38 paperback reference book on various antiques and collectibles: collector plates, lamps, advertising material, political buttons, glass, silver, porcelain, etc. Good to very good condition. 100 - 200
1616 7 BIRD BOOKS. N/R. 1. Rand, Austin L. American Water and Game Birds. N.Y., 1956; Dutton. 239 pp, tall 4to. Profusely illustrated, black and white and color. Very good in edge-worn dust jacket. 2. Pearson, T. Gilbert et al. Birds of America. Garden City, c. 1936; Garden City Books (reprint edition). 289 pp, 4to. 102 color plates after paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes. No dust jacket, otherwise very good condition. 3. Hall, Henry Marion. A Gathering of Shore Birds. N.Y., c. 1960; Devin-Adair Co. 242 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 4. Collins, Henry Hill (editor). Bent's Life Histories of North American Birds. Vol. II, Land Birds. Abridged from original edition. N.Y., c. 1960; Harper & Bros. Very good in lightly edge-worn dust jacket. 5. Long, Dr. William J. Wings of the Forest. Garden City, 1957; Doubleday. 239 pp. Very good in scarred dust jacket. 6. & 7. Campbell, Lou. Birds of the Toledo Area. 2 copies. Toledo, c. 1968; Toledo Blade Co. 330 pp. Pictorial covers. No dust jackets; otherwise very good condition. 30 - 60
1617 5 RELIGIOUS BOOKS. N/R. 1. Dickens, Charles. The Life of Our Lord, Written for His Children During the Years 1846 to 1849 and now first published. N.Y., 1934, Simon & Schuster. 1st. edition. 128 pp. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 2. The Battle of Armageddon. studies in the Scriptures, Series 4. International Bible Students Assn., 1915. No dust jacket; very good condition. 3. Rutherford, J. F. Reconciliation. International bible students Assn., c. 1928. Orange blind-stamped covers. Front cover scraped, otherwise good condition. 4. Rutherford, J. F. Enemies. International Bible Students Assn., c. 1937. Peach-colored blind-stamped covers. Binding lightly spotted, otherwise good condition. 5. Is the Bible Really the Work of God? Watch Tower Bible & Tract Soc., c. 1969. 190 pp. Pages lightly tanned, otherwise good condition. 25 - 50
1618 4 BOOKS ON FURNITURE. N/R. 1. Gottshall, Franklin H. Heirloom Furniture. N.Y., c. 1957; Bonanza (reprint edition). 154 pp, 4to. Very good in chipped dust jacket. 2. Sack, Albert. Fine Points of Furniture: Early American. N.Y., c. 1950; Crown Pub. 303 pp., small 4to. Top edge foxed; otherwise very good in edge-worn dust jacket. 3. Cescinsky, Herbert & Hunter, George Leland. English and American Furniture. Garden City, c. 1929; Garden City Pub. Co. 311 pp, small 4to. Very good in worn, chipped dust jacket. 4. Ormsbee, Thomas H. Field Guide to American Victorian Furniture. 428 pp. Very good in dust jacket. 25 - 50
1619 7 BOOKS OF POETRY. N/R. 7 books of classic poetry, in attractive older editions. 1. Milton's Poems. N.Y., Hurst & Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). 387 pp. Full leather, all edges gilt. Edges rubbed; owner's name on card tipped in on front free endpaper. Good condition. 2. The Early Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Boston, 1889; Houghton Mifflin. 318 pp + ads. Padded, blind-stamped leatherette; gold lettering. Edges rubbed, spine head starting to fray. 3. The Complete Works of Lord Byron. N.Y., n.d. (ca. 1890's). 766 pp. Incredibly small print, on thin paper. All edges gilt. Green cloth binding, decoration in black, red and gold. Front inner hinge cracked; pages tanned. Spine ends and corners rubbed; small chip out of head of spine. 4. Burns' Poems. N.Y., Hurst & Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). 564 pp. Cloth and board binding; picture of irises on cover. Good condition. 5. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Edward Fitzgerald translation. Chicago, W. B. Conkey Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). 176 pp. Interesting soft leather cover: hand-painted grapes on vine. Front inner hinge cracked. 6. Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson. N.Y., Hurst & Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). 316 pp. Imitation alligator-skin covers. Back inner hinge starting; corners and spine ends rubbed; ink name and address. 7. Poetical Works of Wordsworth. N.Y., Hurst & Co., n.d. (ca. 1890's). 606 pp. All edges gilt. Imitation alligator-skin covers. Fine in box. 35 - 70
1620 CHINESE HYMN BOOK. N/R. Book of Christian religious music, in Chinese. "Victory Songs." 1879. Floral fabric cover. Title page scotch-taped in. Ink inscription. Covers rubbed, faded. 25 - 50
1621 BELGIAN PRAYER RUG. N/R. Signed. Size: 4'3" W., 6'3" L. Machine made. Architectural center panel shows a mosque lamp hanging between pairs of pillars. Navy blue and shades of tan. Condition: No detractions. 35 - 55
1622 Circa 1930 BELGIAN PRAYER RUG. N/R. Machine made. Tan backgroud border with mihrab shaped center with stylized mosque hanging lamp over paradise scene with peacocks, antelope, and birds in branches. Size: 4'8" W., 8' L. Condition: Slight fadeing. 35 - 55
1623 CIRCA 1930 BELGIAN PRAYER RUG. N/R. Machine made. Light green background with panels showing birds and branches. Size: 5'W., 8'L. Condition: slight fadeing. 35 - 55
1624 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1625 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1626 117 WEDGWOOD "WELLESLEY" DISHES. N/R. 117 pieces of Wedgwood "Wellesley" pattern dinnerware. White with embossed fruit garland border, linked ring outer border. Marked: Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston "Wellesley" Made in England. USA Des. Pat. 93217. Includes: 16 cups (3 3/4"Diam., 2 3/4"H. Condition: good. 16 saucers (5 3/4"Diam. condition: good. 12 dinner plates (10 3/4"Diam.) Condition: 2 with firing flaws. 9 round plates (7 1/2"Diam. Condition: 1 with firing flaw. 12 round plates (6 5/8"Diam.) Condition: good. 12 square plates (8 5/8"Diam.) Condition: 1 with crazing. 12 small bowls (5 1/2"Diam.) Condition: good. 14 larger bowls (6 3/4"Diam.) Condition: 3 with firing flaws, 1 with mark in bowl) 4 oval serving bowls (10 3/4"L.) Condition: 1 badly crazed. 1 oval platter (13 3/4"L) Condition: center crazed. 1 large oval platter (18"L.) Condition: minor scratches in center. 1 gravy & underplate (8"L. condition: good. 4 round plates (8 1/2"Diam.) Condition: good. 1 tea pot (6 1/2"H.) condition: like new 1 creamer (4"H) Condition: good. 1 sugar with lid (5"H). Condition: good. 2 candleholders (similar coloring, embossed grape garland) marked: Embossed Queens ware. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1627 FIESTA RED FOOTED SALAD BOWL. N/R. Red footed salad bowl, wet foot, 3 pin marks, no marking. Size: 5 1/2"H, 11 1/8"Diam. Condition: wear on bottom rim. 200 - 400
1628 3 FIESTA DISC PITCHERS. N/R. Two larger and one small juice pitcher. All marked with mold mark Tpe IV (Logo) Fiesta Made in USA. (1) large yellow disc pitcher. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Large light green disc pitcher. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Yellow disc juice pitcher. (Harlequin yellow) size: 5 3/4". Condition: good. 200 - 400
1629 2 FIESTA COVERED CASSEROLES. N/R. 2 covered casseroles, mold mark Type IV. (logo) Fiesta Made in USA. Size: 5 1/2"H, 7 3/4"Diam. bowl. (1) cobalt. Condition: fleabite on bowl rim. (1) yellow. condition: good. 200 - 400
1630 FIESTA COFFEE POT AND TEAPOT. N/R. (1) Turqoise medium teapot, 20 oz., designed by Kraft in January 1937, lid round flat shape with gum drop finial. Marked: mold mark Type III. Size: 6 1/2"H. Conditon: chip in bottom rim. (1) Yellow coffee pot, domed lid, flat top finial. Marked: mold mark Type IV. Size: 10 1/4"H. Condition: 2 chips on finial of lid. 150 - 300
1631 FIESTA CARAFE & JUG. N/R. (1) two pint jug, designed in June 1936, ring handle, cobalt color. Markede: Mold mark Type III. HLC Fiesta Made in USA. Size: 4 3/8"H. Condition: chip and crack in top rim. (1) Carafe with cork stopper. Produced 1936-1946. Turquoise. Marked: mold mark Type I. Fiesta HLC USA. Size: 10"H. Condition: cork and ceramic good. 125 - 250
1632 RUSSELL WRIGHT TRAY. N/R. Oval tray, green/blue coloration. Marked: Russell wright MFG by Steubenville. Size: 1 1/8"H, 13 3/8"L. 8 7/8"W. condition: four drips of cream colored paint on bottom rim. 40 - 80
1633 2 FIESTA SAUCE BOATS. N/R. Two yellow sauce boats. Marked: mold mark IV (logo Fiesta Made in USA). Size: 4 1/2"H, 8"L, 4 1/2"W. Condition: both good. 50 - 100
1634 6 FIESTA SALTSHAKERS. N/R. Six saltshakers, all with seven holes. No marks. Size: 2 3/4"H. (2) light green. Condition: good. One with cork. (2) yellow. Condition: good. one with cork (1) red. Condition: good. with cork. (1) turquoise. Conditon: good. with cork. 75 - 150
1635 6 FIESTA BULB CANDLEHOLDERS. N/R. 6 bulbtype candleholders, designed by Watkins Sept. 1935. Marked: Fiesta on interior side of base. Size: 4 3/4"H, 2 7/16" sides of square. (2) red. Condition: good. (2) ivory. Condition: good. (2) Yellow. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1636 4 FIESTA ASHTRAYS. N/R. 4 ashtrays (1936-1969). two ring bottom with old ink stamp. Marked: Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA.Size: 1 1/4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. (1) Light green. Condition: good. (2) yellow. Condition: good. (1) red. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1637 5 FIESTA UTILITY TRAYS. N/R. 5 utility ( celery) trays. cast style (1938-1945). All marked: old ink stamp "Genuine Fiesta HLCo,USA". Size: 1 1/8"H, 10 1/2"L, 5"W. (1) cobalt tray. Condition: ink stamp faint, one flake on bottom rim. (1) yellow tray.Condtion:also impressed 33 on bottom. good condition. (1) light green tray. Condition: firing crack on bottom base rim. (1) light green tray. Condition: one area of wear on bottom base rim. (1)light green tray. Condition: 1" chp in lower edge of top rim. 200 - 400
1638 6 FIESTA CREAM SOUPS. N/R. Six cream soups with lug handles. (1936-1960). Size: 2 1/4"H, 5"Diam. bowl. (1) red. Mold mark type IV. Condition: good. (3) yellow. (two with mold mark type I. Conditoin: good. one with mold mark type IV. Condition: chip in bottom rim.) (1) light green. Mold mark Type IV. Condition: three small chips on bottom rim. (1) Cobalt. Mold mark Type IV. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1639 2 FIESTA FOOTED COMPORTS. N/R. 2 footed comports, produced between 1935 and 1945. Size: 12"Diam. 3 1/4"H. (1) ivory comport. No mark. Condition: good. (1) Light green comport. Old ink stamp mark. "Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1640 5 FIESTA STRAIGHTSIDED NAPPYS. N/R. (1) Red nappy. Marked: mold mark Type IV. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Cobalt nappy. Marked: mold mark Type IV. Size: 8 1/2"H. Conditon: good. (3) Light Green nappys. Marked: mold mark type IV. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: all three good. 150 - 300
1641 9 FIESTA DESSERT BOWLS. N/R. Nine dessert bowls ( 1936-1960s. All marked: mold mark Type II "Fiesta Made in USA HLC." Size: 6 1/8"Diam. (1) Red bowl. Conditon: small chip on rim. (1) Cobalt bowl. Conditoin: firing flaw on bottom rim. (2) Turquoise bowls. Condition: One with firing flaw on bottom rim. One with firing flaw on bottom rim. (2) Light green bowls. Condition: both good. (1) Yellow bowl. Condition: interior firing flaw. (2) Rose bowls. Condition: One with chip in borrom rim. One with chip in bottom rim. 200 - 400
1642 18 FIESTA FRUIT BOWLS. N/R. Two 5 1/2"Diam. fruit bowls. Marked: Mold mark Type III. HLC Fiesta Made in USA. (1) yellow bowl. condition: good. (1) Light Green bowl. Condition: good. Sixteen 4 3/4"Diam. fruit bowls. Marked: Mold mark Type II. Fiesta Made in USA HLC. (3) Red bowls. Condition: One good. One with fleabite on rim. One with firing flaw on bottom rim. (3) Cobalt bowls. Condition: two good. One with 1" wear on rim. (3) Light green bowls. Condition: All three good. (3) Turquoise bowl. Condition: Two good. One with chip in rim. (2) Yellow bowls. Conditoin: Good. (2) Rose bowls. Condition: One good. One with firing flaw. 200 - 400
1643 P FIESTA (6) CREAMERS (3) SUGARS. N/R. Six ring handled creamers designed by Kraft July 1938. Size: 3"H. (1) Turquoise. Mold mark Type IV. condition: good. (3) Red. Mold mark Type IV. Condition: all three good. (2) Yellow. Mold mark Type IV. Condition: one good. one chp in bottom rim. Three yellow sugars, interior round bottoms. (1) Mold mark Type I. Condition: with lid, chp in finial. (1) Mold mark Type III. Condition: with lid, finial missing. (1) Mold mark Type III. Condition: chip in base, no lid. 200 - 400
1644 7 FIESTA TOM & JERRY MUGS. N/R. Seven ring handled mugs with old inkstamp" Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA." Size: 3"H, 3"Diam. (1) Cobalt mug. condition: Firing flaw in rim. (2) Turquoise mugs. Condition: good. (2) Rose mugs. Condition: good. (1) Yellow mug. Condition: good. (1) Light green mug. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1645 8 FIESTA DEEP PLATES. N/R. Eight deep plates , all marked with old inkstamp. "Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA. Size: 8 3/8"Diam. (2) Red. Condition: good. (2) Yellow. Condition: good. (2) Cobalt. Condition: good. (2) Light Green. Condition: good. 175 - 350
1646 3 FIESTA OVAL PLATTERS. N/R. Three oval platters. Marked with old inkstamp. "Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA." Size: 12 1/2"L. (1) yellow platter. Condition: good. (2) cobalt platters. Condition: one good. one with chip in rim. 75 - 150
1647 13 FIESTA RED PIECES. N/R. (3) Ring handled cups. No marks. Conditoin: one with chip in rim. (5) Saucers. Marked: old inkstamp mark. Condition: one with chip in rim. (5) 6"Diam. plates. Marked: old inkstamp mark. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1648 13 FIESTA COBALT PIECES. N/R. (4) Fiesta cobalt ring handled cups with inner rings. Size: 2 3/4"H. Condition: minor wear. (5) Fiesta cobalt saucers. Marked: old inkstamp. Size: 6"diam. Condition: all with worn surfaces. (4) Fiesta cobalt plates. Marked: old inkstamp. Size: 6"diam. Condition: all with worn surfaces. 75 - 150
1649 14 FIESTA LIGHT GREEN PIECES. N/R. (5) Fiesta light green ring handled cups, with inner rings. No marks. condition: good. (5) Fiesta light green saucers. Marked: old inkstamp. Size: 6 1/8"Diam. Conditoin: good. (4) Fiesta light green plates. Size: 6"Diam. Marked: old inkstamp. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1650 19 FIESTA YELLOW PIECES. N/R. (9) Fiesta yellow cups. 7 old with interior rings. 2 with no interior rings. Condition: good. (6) Fiesta yellow saucers. Marked: old inkstamp. Condition: 5 good, one badly scratched. (4) Fiesta plates. 6"Diam. Marked: old inkstamp. Condition: 3 good. one with chip underneath. 100 - 200
1651 20 FIESTA 9 INCH PLATES. N/R. Twenty 9" plates (1936-1969). All with old inkstamp mark: Genuine Fietsa HLCo USA. Size: 9 3/8"Diam. (4) Red plates. Condition: three good. one with firing flaw on front. (1) Ivory plate. Condition: firing flaw on front. (5) Light green plates. Conditon: Three good. One with marks on surface. One with slight color variation. (3) Cobalt plates. Two good. One with surface scratches. (7) Yellow plates. All good. One unmarked. 200 - 400
1652 16 FIESTA 7 INCH PLATES. N/R. Sixteen 7 inch plates. All marked with old inkstamp: Genuine Fiesta HLC USA. Size: 7 3/8"Diam. (2) Red plates. Condition: good. (4) yellow plates. Condition: good. (4) Light Green plates. Condition: good. (2) Turquoise plates. Condition: one good. One with fleabite on bottom of outer rim. (4) Cobalt plates. Condition: two good. Two with minor chips on bottom rim. 90 - 180
1653 4 RARE FIESTA PIECES. N/R. (1) Light green sweets compote (1936-1945). Marked: old inkstamp: Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA. Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Yellow sweets compote (1936-1945). Marked: old inkstamp.: Genuine Fiesta HLCo SUA. Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: 2 cracks in bowl. (1) Red "Covered marmalade". (1936-45). Marked: mold mark type I. "Fiesta HLC USA. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: chip under lid.Lid broken and reglued. (1) Yellow "Covered Mustard jar with gum drop finial. No mark. Size: 3"H. Conditoin: good. 250 - 500
1654 9 FIESTA TURQUOISE PIECES. N/R. (1) Fiesta turquoise ring handled cup. Unmarked: condition: good. (1) Fiesta Turquoise demitasse saucer. Size: 5"Diam. Condition: good. (4) Fiesta turquoise saucers. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Fiesta turquoise plate. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Fiesta turquoise plate. Marked: old inkstamp. Size: 10"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Fiesta individual salad bowl. Condition: 2 chps in rim. 150 - 300
1655 6 FIESTA PIECES. N/R. Three tumblers. Marked: mold mark Type IV. Logo Fiesta Made in USA. Size: 4 1/2"H, 3 3/8"Diam. (1) Turquoise tumbler. Condition: good. (1) Light green tumbler. Condition: good. (1) Yellow tumbler. Condition: good. 13" Chop plate. Marked: old inkstamp "Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA. (1) yellow chop plate. Condition: good. Pie plate. unmarked. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. (1) light green pie plate. Condition: chip in rim. Fruitbowl Produced between 1937-1945. Marked: mold mark Type I. Fiesta HLC USA. (1) Yellow fruitbowl. Size: 11 1/4"Diam. 3"H. Condition: chip in rim. 200 - 400
1656 RUDOLSTADT CERAMIC FIGURES. Pair of figures in 18th c. Style costumes, bisque finish with raised gilt decoratoin on clothing and bases. Turn of the century. Marked: Germany RW Rudolstadt. Size: each 21 1/2"H. Condition: female figure 2 fingers broken. male figure 3 fingers broken. 50 - 100
1657 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1658 CHINEESE CARPET. N/R. Cream background with pastel floral border. Size: 5'6" x 8'4". 35 - 70
1659 QUEEN ANN STYLE WING CHAIR. N/R. In a pea-green damask fabric. 45 - 90
1660 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1661 3 PIECE FIREPLACE TOOLS. Black wrought iron fire place tools on stand. Size: Stand: 34"H, Poker 36"H. Shovel 35"H. Condition: used. 100 - 200
1662 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1663 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1664 BOUILLOTTE TABLE. Veneered top with pierced brass tone gallery and guilloche patterned apron. Raised on fluted tapering cylindrical legs. Size: 23" H, 26" diameter. Condition: multiple rings on the table top. 100 - 200
1665 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1666 TOLE PLANTER. N/R. 20th century. Italy. Mustard yellow painted tin with a decal scene of figures in a landscape. Raised on lion paw feet and having lions heads with ring in mouth handles. Size: 8.5" H, 13" W, 8" D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1667 DRUM IN CASE. N/R. Ludwig drum with shoulder strap and carrying case. includes 4 drumsticks. Drum has American eagle/flag decal, with adjustable tightening keys. Marked: Ludwg. Size: 12"H. 14 1/2"Diam. Condition: surface dirty. 50 - 100
1668 VINTAG PICCOLO IN CASE. N/R. Vintage piccolo in case. Marked: Supertone Made in Germany. Db Lp Condition: old and used. 75 - 150
1669 CLARINET IN CASE. N/R. Black and metal musical instrument in case. No mark. Condition: signs of wear. Comes with instruction booklet. 50 - 100
1670 MAHOGANY BANQUET TABLE. N/R. c.1890-1920. Duncan Phyfe style. Rectangular mahogany top with molded edge supported by two baluster shaped pedestals with three downward swept legs having brass toe caps and castors. Size: 29" H, 50" W, 6' L (add 2' for each of two leaves). Condition: table top has been refinished but you can see some old marks below (personally I feel it adds to the character and age). One downward swept leg has a clean split and just needs to be reglued. Missing one castor. 1,000 - 1,600
1671 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1692 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1693 LOT PART-LEATHERBOUND BOOKS. N/R. 17 decorative odd volumes, 3/4 leatherbound, gold-decorated spines. 35 - 70
2001 18K DIAMOND NECKLACE. The white gold necklace has round and rose cut diamonds suspended from a diamond studded chain. Total diamond weight is approximately 11.59 ct. Length of the suspended diamonds is approximately 1.0". Length of the chain is approximately 16". Total weight of the piece is approximately 32.6 g. 8,800 - 10,000
2002 18K DIAMOND BRACELET. The gold braclet has small diamonds interspersed in a basketweave pattern. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.5 ct. Bracelet length is approximately 8". Total weight of the piece is approximately 65.2g. 1,800 - 2,000
2003 14K SAPPHIRE BRACELET. The white gold bracelet has alternating square cut sapphires and round cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.5 ct. Bracelet length is approximately 7". Total weight of the piece is approximately 12.9g. 800 - 1,000
2004 14K DIAMOND HEART SET. The three piece set consists of a gold heart pendant with a pave diamond heart insert and matching earrings. The earrings have pierced backs. 350 - 500
2005 14K SAPPHIRE EARRINGS. The white gold earrings have sapphire cluster centers surrounded by a border of cluster diamonds. The earrings have pierced backs. Condition: minor scratches on some of the sapphires. 350 - 500
2006 14K DIAMOND NECKLACE. The gold segmented choker style necklace has an attached .5 ct. invisible set square cut diamond pendant. Pendant length is approximately 1/2". Choker length is approximately 16". Total weight of the piece is approximately 11.5 g. 270 - 400
2007 PEARL & GARNET NECKLACE N/R. The 14K gold lavalier style necklace has three pearls and four garnets. Lavalier length is approximately 2.5" Necklace length is approximately 16". Total weight of the piece is approximately 3.2 g. 100 - 200
2008 14K DIAMOND BANGLE. The polished gold bangle bracelet has nine round cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 ct. Total weight of the piece is approximately 10.2 g. 175 - 300
2009 14K SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RING. The ring has a round brillant cut diamond in a plain gold setting. Total diamond weight is approximately .60 ct. Ring size is small. 250 - 400
2010 14K SAPPHIRE EARRINGS. The white gold earrings have a teardrop and floral pattern in pave diamonds and sapphires. The backs are pierced. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.14 ct. Total sapphire weight is approximately .67 ct. 500 - 700
2011 14K SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING. The white gold ring has round cut diamonds and sapphires in a checkerboard pattern. Total diamond weight is approximately .63 ct. Total sapphire weight is approximately 1.30 ct. 440 - 600
2012 14K GREEN SAPPHIRE EARRINGS. The pave diamonds and green sapphires have a paisley pattern and are set in white gold. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately 1.18 ct. Total weight of the sapphires is approximately .80 ct. 450 - 600
2013 GREEN SAPPHIRE DROP EARRINGS. The green sapphire and diamond earrings are set in 14K white gold. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately .35 ct. Total weight of the sapphires is approximately 1.15 ct. Drop length is approximately 1 1/4". The earrings have pierced backs. 275 - 400
2014 14K DIAMOND RING. The ring has a center oval cut diamond flanked on either side by baguette and round cut diamonds. Total weight of the center diamond is approximately 1.25-1.5 ct. Total weight of the remaining diamonds is approximately 1.0 ct. Color: J/K. Clarity: SI. Condition: one prong needs repaired. 2,500 - 3,000
2015 14K DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS. The earrings have round cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0-1.5 ct. Color: G. Clarity: I1. 500 - 700
2016 14K DIAMOND SOLITAIRE NECKLACE. The interlocking gold chain has an attached round cut diamond. Total diamond weight is approximately 1+ ct. Necklace length is approximately 19". Total weight of the piece is approximately 13.6 g. 1,350 - 1,500
2017 14K MAN'S DIAMOND RING. The ring has a single round cut diamond mounted in a 14k gold setting. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. Color: H. Clarity: I1. 850 - 1,000
2018 14K DIAMOND DINNER RING. The ring has a round cut center diamond surrounded by twelve small diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .5+ ct. 125 - 300
2019 14K LION'S HEAD BANGLE. The bracelet has double lion's heads with ruby eyes and diamond collars. Total weight of the piece is approximately 32.2 g. 300 - 500
2020 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The white gold earrings have a diamond fleur-de-lis pattern. They have screw backs. 150 - 300
2021 14K DIAMOND STAR BRACELET. The white gold bracelet has alternating polished, brushed and pave diamond stars. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately 1.0 ct. Braclet length is approximately 7". total weight of the piece is approximately 27.0 g. 500 - 700
2022 14K DIAMOND RING. The ring has a pear shaped center diamond in a contemporary setting. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 ct. Color: H. Clarity: VS. 475 - 600
2023 14K DIAMOND NECKLACE. The necklace has an attached gold and diamond pendant. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 ct. Pendant length is approximately 1 1/4". Necklace length is approximately 16.5". Total weight of the piece is approximately 5.6 g. 260 - 300
2024 18K LIZARD PIN. The rose gold lizard has a diamond encrusted body with cabachon ruby eyes. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.70 ct. Length of lizard is approximately 2 3/8". Total weight of the piece is approximately 7.3 g. Condition: missing one stone. 675 - 800
2025 MAN'S EBEL "VOYAGER" WATCH. The Swiss made watch has an 18K gold bezel and stainless steel case. It is automatic, water resistant and keeps World time. Condition: Brand New. 1,450 - 1,800
2026 MAN'S EBEL "SPORTWAVE" WATCH. The Swiss made quartz watch has a gold capped bezel and stainless steel case. Condition: like new. Comes with operating instructions. 485 - 600
2027 MAN'S CONCORDE WATCH. The watch has an 18K gold bezel and is marked "Saratoga SL". It is water resistant and has a brown crocodile band. Condition: Brand New. 1,600 - 1,800
2028 14K DIAMOND CROSS. The cross is encrusted with round cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .75 ct. 180 - 200
2029 14K DIAMOND HOOP EARRINGS. The small gold hoops are lined with baguette diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. 300 - 500
2030 14K CHATHAM EMERALD RING. The emerald is flanked on either side by round cut diamonds. 300 - 500
2031 PR. FAMILE ROSE VASES. N/R. Pair of famille rose vases mounted as lamps. Qing Dynasty c.1880. Each lamp depicts court scene or stage scene with musicians. Mounting as lamp prevents searching for marks. Size: porcelain 14"H. lamp 24"H. Condition: drilled holes in lamps. The finials on each lamp have been broken off. 400 - 800
2032 CHINESE VASE. N/R. 19th c. Polychromed vase with crazed glaze surface. Scene depicts battle. No mark. Size: 15"H. Condition: cut at neck at an earlier time. 100 - 200
2033 ROSE MEDALLION VASE. N/R. Tall vase, 13 1/2" h, 6" d. Unmarked; 19th century. Applied small gold dragon decorations. Few cracks, chip in dragon bodies; else good condition. 150 - 300
2034 ROSE MEDALLION FRUIT BOWL. N/R. Scalloped edge fruit bowl, 4 1/2" high, 9 3/4" d. Unmarked; 19th century. Interior of bowl white with centre medallion. Slight rubbing of paint at rim; otherwise good condition. 200 - 400
2035 ROSE MEDALLION OVAL PLATTER. N/R. Small oval Rose Medallion platter, 11" x 9". Unmarked; 19th century. Good condition. 150 - 300
2036 SQUARE ROSE MEDALLION DISH. N/R. Square open dish, 8 1/2" x 8 1/2", 1 3/4" deep. Unmarked; 19th century. Good condition. 150 - 300
2037 ROSE MEDALLION OVAL DISH. N/R. Oval dish, pierced handles; 10" x 7 3/4", 1 1/2" deep. Unmarked; 19th century. Some rubbing to paint at edge, otherwise good condition. 100 - 200
2038 2 PCS. ROSE MEDALLION. N/R. 1. Rectangular dish, 9" x 6 3/4" x 1 1/2". Unmarked; 19th century. 2 chips to edge. 2. Rice bowl, 4 3/4" x 2" high. Unmarked; early 20th century.Good condition. 100 - 200
2039 ROSE MEDALLION COVERED DISH. N/R. Oval Rose Medallion covered dish. 4 1/2" high with handle, 10" x 8 1/2". Unmarked; 19th century. Chip on underside of lid, bowl good condition. 200 - 400
2040 ROSE MEDALLION TUREEN. N/R. Covered Rose Medallion tureen, 10 1/2" high with lid, 13" long x 10" wide. Marked "Made in China"; early 20th century. Small chip, underside of lid; tureen good condition. 200 - 400
2041 ROSE MEDALLION COVERED VESSEL. N/R. Covered vessel (chamber pot?). 6 1/2" high with lid, 8 1/2" d. One handle. Unmarked; 19th century. Good condition. 200 - 400
2042 3 ROSE MEDALLION PIECES. N/R. 1. Bowl, 2 3/4" high, 4 1/4" d. Unmarked; 19th century. Few chips around rim. 2. Lidded barrel-shaped jar. 3 3/4" h, 3 1/2" d. Unmarked; 19th century. Couple of small chips around rim. 3. Covered box, 3 1/2" h, 4" d. Marked "China." Late 19th century. Lid chipped, few chips on edge of box. 150 - 300
2043 ROSE MEDALLION VASE. N/R. Cylindrical Rose Medallion vase, 10" high, 4" d. Unmarked; 19th century. Good condition. 150 - 300
2044 ROSE MEDALLION TEA SET. N/R. 3 pieces. 1. Teapot, 7 1/4" high with lid, 4 1/2" d. Marked "Made in China." Good condition. 2. Cream jug. 4 1/2" high, 3 1/2" d. Marked "China". Good condition. 3. Covered sugar bowl, 6" high with lid, 6" wide with handles. Bowl marked "China"; lid marked "Made in China." Inside edge of lid rough; bowl has a few small chips in the base. 250 - 500
2045 ROSE MEDALLION OPEN DISH. N/R. Rose Medallion rectangular open dish, 9 1/2 x 8", 2 1/2" deep. Unmarked; 19th century. Few tiny chips around edge; one small chip under rim. 150 - 300
2046 BACCARAT CRYSTAL OBELISK. N/R. Three sided obelisk with indented edges. Marked: acid stamped bottom (Baccarat France). Script mark "Baccarat" on lower edge of side. Size: 17 3/4"H, 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 3 1/4" base. Condition: minor wear on bottom. 75 - 150
2047 WATERFORD & OTHER OBELISKS. N/R. (1) Waterford obelisk, four sided with 3 vertical bevels on each side, three horizontal bevels per side (lower third) creating beveled rectangles. Marked: Waterford on base. Size: 7 1/2"H, 2"Diam. base. Condition: scratches on bottom. (2) Four sided crystal obelisk with two veritacl bevels half way up from base, two horizontal bevel cuts on lower third of obelisk. No mark. Size: 12"H, 2 1/2" sides base. Conditoin: one stress crack inside corner of base., scratches on base. 50 - 100
2048 BACCARAT CRYSTAL EAGLE. N/R. Crystal eagle resting on a boulder. Marked: acid stamp on bottom (Baccarat France). Script signed on side "Baccarat". Size: 10"H, 4"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: no detractions, minor wear on base. 100 - 200
2049 BACCARAT PARROT. N/R. Limited edition crystal parrot resting on a boulder. Marked: acid stamped bottom (Baccarat France), script mark on side: Baccarat 62/125. Size: 6 3/4"H, 4"W, 9"D. Condition: no detractions. 125 - 250
2050 2 WATERFORD CRYSTAL ANIMALS. N/R. (1) Crystal horse's head. Marked: on side "Waterford". Size: 4 3/4"H, 3"W, 5"D. Condition: no detractions. (2) Crystal seated cat. Marked: on side "Waterford". Size: 3 3/4"H, 4"W, 3"D. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
2051 PAIR OF ANTIQUE COACH LANTERNS. N/R. Brass, copper, cut crystal. ebonised brass lanterns with french braided cut crystal windows surmounted by bald eagles. Size: 3'7" H., 6.5" W., 14" D. Condition: Have been electrified. 250 - 500
2052 CLOISONNE PLATE. N/R. Scalloped-edge cloisonne plate; 3 butterflies, all different. Gray ground shading to peach at centre. Unusually fine pictorialization. Late 19th century. Very good condition. 300 - 600
2053 CHINESE CARVED SETTEE. 19th century. Darkly stained but probably teak. Crest rail carved with dragons in the clouds, two back panels carved with full bodied dragons, armrest are carved with open mouth dragons with pearls, raised on ball and claw feet. Size: 4' H, 5.5' W, 2' D. Condition: three 15" splits (front to back) in the seat from dryness. 500 - 900
2054 HEPPLEWHITE CHEST CIRCA 1820. Mahogany flame grain veneers and pine secondary wood. Two over two drawer arrangement. Drawers are cockbeaded with ebonised mushroom pulls. The whole raised on french splayed feet with a scalloped apron. Size: 39" H., 37" W., 18" D. Condition: Nice deep old finish, no detractions. 500 - 750
2055 ENGLISH WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Oak and pine. 30 - 60
2056 SLAG GLASS TABLE LAMP. N/R. 8 blue slag glass panels with cast metal overlay. Cast metal base has bas relief decoration. Size: 24" H, 20" diam. Condition: wear to finish on metal. 350 - 550
2057 VICTORIAN BANQUET LAMP. N/R. Ornate pierced metal font decorated with winged cupids. Has an onyx pillar support. Comes with frosted globular shade. Size: 32" H., 8" DIA. Condition: Cast metal has been painted gold. 250 - 450
2058 SLAG GLASS TABLE LAMP. N/R. Geometric patterned slag glass shade on a bas relief cast metal base. Size: 24" H., 20" DIA. Condition: Wear to to the finish on the metal base. 350 - 600
2059 CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE LAMP. N/R. Hand painted porcelain vase with peony decoration, converted to lamp, with brass fittings. With silk shade. NO mark. Size: 26"H. Condition: shade dirty, brass tarnished. 50 - 100
2060 CHAMPLEVE TABLE LAMP. N/R. 19th century. Jardinere form with birds head handles rests on carved wooden base. Size of base only: 14" H., 8" DIA. Condition: No detractions. 350 - 600
2061 GONE WITH THE WIND OIL LAMP. N/R. 19th century. Glass globe and glass base painted with white flowers. Size: 21" H., 10" DIA. Condition: Has been electrified, wear to the gilt metal. 250 - 450
2062 PAIR OF CHECHOSLOVACHIAN LUSTRES. N/R. Green glass with gilt decoration and two tiers of cut crystal pendants. Size: 18.5" H, 8.5" diam. Condition: have been electrified. 350 - 600
2063 2 CUT GLASS LAMPS. N/R. Two lamps with onion dome shades, resting on metal rings with prism drops, air twist stem with faceted edges. Shades with floral cut decoration. Size: 17 1/2"H. Condition: shades good. one base broken into several parts (all exist), prisms are mixed design. 200 - 400
2064 MILLEFIORE SHADE/MARBLE LAMP. N/R. Millefiore glass shade on a carved white marble base with crystal pendants around the circumferance. Size: 17" H. x 8" DIA. Condition: Marble lamp base has minor chips and repairs, millefiore glass shade has no detractions. 300 - 600
2065 JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASE. N/R. Tall cloisonne vase, 12: H, 5 1/2" D at shoulder, 4"D at opening. Yellow ground, design of waterlilies and butterflies on upper part, shield-shaped divisions on lower part, with designs of birds and flowers on gray and turquoise grounds. Flower and geometric design around neck. Late 19th century. Damage around top of neck. 150 - 300
2066 PAIR CLOISONNE GINGER JARS. N/R. Pair Chinese cloisonne covered ginger jars, fixed to wooden stands. 12" H with stands, 6 1/2" D, 4" at opening. Early 20th century. Very good condition. 200 - 400
2067 CHINESE CLOISONNE VASE. N/R. Cloisonne vase, 9 1/4" H, 5" D, 3" at opening. Yellow ground, two 5-toed dragons guarding a flaming pearl. Green and blue waves around base, flowers and leaves around neck. Early 20th century. Good condition. 150 - 300
2068 BRASS AND CLOISONNE VASE. N/R. Bulbous brass vase, 10" H, 9" D, 4 1/2"D at opening. 4 1/2" band of cloisonne around upper part of vase, with design of boys, birds, leaves and flowers, bordered with a Greek key pattern in green enamel. 19th century. Slight pitting; otherwise good condition. 150 - 300
2069 5 MINI. CLOISONNE PCS. N/R. 5 miniature Japanese cloisonne pieces, late 19th century. 1. Teapot, 3 1/2" h with lid, 2 3/4" d. Black ground, multicolored flowers and butterflies. Slight pitting to underside of base, otherwise good condition. 2. Teapot, 2 1/2" h with lid, 2 1/2" d. Flecked green ground, multicolored butterflies, flowers, bird; white stars around top and spout. One small chip near top. 3. 2-handled lidded sugar bowl, 2 3/4" h with lid, 2 3/4" d. Panels of black, blue and green with flowers and birds. Good condition. 4. Lidded container, 2 3/4" h with lid, 2" d. Green ground, shield design of blue and black, multicolored flowers. Some damage to base. 5. Lidded container, 2 3/4" h with lid, 2 1/4" d. 3 small brass feet. Upper half red ground, multicolored flowers; lower half black ground, design of flowers and green roundels. Slight pitting. 100 - 200
2070 PAIR OF ORNATE BRONZE INCENCORS. N/R. 19th century. Pierced lid with foo dog finial on base decorated with high relief birds and branchs and foo dog handles. Size: 13" H., 10" W., 8" D. Condition: No detractions. 250 - 500
2071 BRONZE INCENSE BURNER. N/R. Carved teak wood base. Incensor has elephant head legs and dragon finial. Size: 20" H. x 12" DIA. Condition: No detractions. 175 - 350
2072 BRASS BELL, WOODEN STAND. N/R. Brass bell, Chinese, suspended from wooden stand in form of a temple gateway; wooden striking hammer. With Buddha-figure seated underneath. Bell has raised stylized 5-toed dragon and pearl. Stand 17" H, 15 1/2" wide; bell 6 1/2 " H, 4 1/2" at opening. Figure 5" H, 4 1/2" W, 4" D. Figure has two round holes in back, one in crown of head. Early 20th century. Good condition. 150 - 300
2073 18K PINK SAPPHIRE RING. The white gold band is encrusted with round cut pink sapphires. The sides are mounted with round cut diamonds. Total weight of the sapphires is approximately 3.64 ct. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately .89 ct. 1,400 - 1,800
2074 18K RUBY BRACELET. The white gold bracelet consists of interlocking rubies and diamonds. Total ruby weight is approximately 2.0 ct. Total diamond weight is approximately 2.75 ct. Bracelet length is approximately 7 1/4". Total weight of the piece is approximately 39.4 g. 2,000 - 3,000
2075 18K CITRINE CHOKER. The white gold choker has three square cut citrines surrounded by diamonds mounted in stationary settings. Total diamond weight is approximately .48 ct. Necklace length is approximately 11". Total weight of the piece is approximately 34.2 g. 550 - 700
2076 18K SAPPHIRE RING. The rose gold ring has pink and blue round cut sapphires in a criss cross pattern. Total weight of the sapphires is approximately 1.70 ct. Total weight of the ring is approximately 11.50 dwt. 500 - 700
2077 14K DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE RING. The white gold ring has ten blue sapphires in a floral design with strands of diamonds. Total weight of the sapphires is approximately 1.0 ct. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately .5 ct. 100 - 200
2078 14K DIAMOND BAND. The white gold band has a double row of round cut diamonds across the top. Total diamond weight is approximately .75 ct. 275 - 400
2079 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The diamond studs are surrounded by triangular baguette diamond holders. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.50 ct. 450 - 600
2080 18K ONYX FLOWER EARRINGS. The earrings are an onyx flower with a diamond center and gold petals. Total weight of the earrings is approximately 15.7 dwt. They have clip-on backs. 450 - 600
2081 14K COCKTAIL RING. The ring has marquis and round cut emeralds interspersed with round cut diamonds. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately .5 ct. Total weight of the emeralds is approximately 1.0 ct. 130 - 200
2082 14K AMETHYST DINNER RING. The center round cut amethyst is surrounded by round cut diamonds. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately .5 ct. 135 - 200
2083 14K DIAMOND RING. The center round cut diamond is flanked on both sides by one round cut diamond and baguette diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 ct. 200 - 300
2084 14K DIAMOND "H" BRACELET. The white gold bracelet has a diamond encrusted "H" attached to it. Total diamond weight is approximately .30 ct. Length of "H" is approximately 1/2". Bracelet length is approximately 6.5". Total weight of the bracelet is approximately 2.7 g. 100 - 150
2085 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The round cut diamond pierced earrings are set in white gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.30-1.40 ct. 1,600 - 1,800
2086 18K PATEK PHILIPPE WATCH. The watch has a round bezel with a white face. It has a gold mesh band that is marked "750; Patek Philippe; Geneve". Condition: bezel and band both have some minor scratches; face is discolored. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 2,500 - 5,000
2087 14K CABACHON BRACELET. The bracelet has seven cabachon stones including amethyst, amber, and topaz mounted in gold. Bracelet length is approximately 7". 125 - 200
2088 14K DIAMOND & EMERALD BRACELET. The bracelet has eleven emeralds flanked on either side by two small diamonds. Total emerald weight is approximately 5.5 ct. Bracelet length is approximately 7.0". Condition: some of the emeralds have small nicks and scratches. 290 - 400
2089 14K AMETHYST BRACELET. The bracelet has eight amethyst stones alternating with seven pairs of diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .70 ct. Bracelet length is approximately 7.5". Condition: several of the amethysts have scratches. 340 - 500
2090 14K BANGLE BRACELET. The wide bangle has alternating panels of brushed and polished gold. The bracelet is approximately 17.3 dwt. Condition: some minor scratches on the polished surfaces. 260 - 300
2091 14K TENNIS BRACELET. The bracelet has small round cut diamonds in a box mount separated by double gold bands. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.25 ct. Bracelet length is approximately 7 1/4". 375 - 500
2092 JADE & ENAMEL BEAD NECKLACE. The jade beads are interspersed with three sets of floral motif enamel beads. The beads are strung with string and have a 14K gold clasp and spacers. Necklace length is approximately 22". Condition: minor nick in one of the enamel beads. 160 - 200
2093 14K GOLD DESIGNER RING. The turquoise colored center stone is surrounded by fourteen diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.10 ct. 380 - 500
2094 14K FILIGREE BAR PIN. The 14K white gold pin has five sapphires mounted in a filigree setting. Pin length is approximately 2.5". 110 - 200
2095 14K EMERALD & DIAMOND RING. The ring has ten marquis cut emeralds interspersed with a double row of round cut diamonds. Total weight of the emeralds is approximately 1.0 ct. Total diamond weight is approximately .50 ct. Condition: some of the emeralds have black inclusions. 190 - 300
2096 14K GOLD & PLATINUM PIN. The pin is a pirate holding a gem encrusted crown and walking on pearl, diamond and sapphire flowers. The pin was presented to the owner of the 1960 World Series Pittsburgh Pirates. The pin is signed "Pittsburgh Pirates World Champions 1960". Total weight of the piece is approximately 26.7g. 590 - 700
2097 14K AMETHYST PENDANT. The square cut amethyst is mounted in a gold setting topped by a diamond. Total amethyst weight is approximately 8-10 cts. Length of the pendant is approximately 1 1/4". Width is approximately 1/2". 180 - 300
2098 14K DIAMOND & AMETHYST PENDANT. The round cut amethyst is topped by three diamonds. Total amethyst weight is approximately 15-20 ct. Length of the pendant is approximately 1 1/8". Width is approximately 1/2". 240 - 500
2099 H.P. IVORY PORTRAIT. N/R. Hand painted female portrait after Gainsborough on ivory in gilt oval frame with ribbon finial top, easel back and ring for hanging. Figure painted on thin piece of ivory. Signed N. Gainsborough (after Gainsborough.) Size: portrait 3 1/2"H, 2 3/4"W. Frame: 4 3/4"H, 3 1/4"W. Condition: wear to gilding of frame. Back panel of frame soiled and easel back weak. 100 - 200
2100 H.P. IVORY PORTRAIT. N/R. Hand painted ivory panel, female portrait after Nattier 18th c. painting. Set under glass in gilt metal oval frame with ribbon finial top. Painting signed: N. Nattier (After Nattier) probably by German or Austrian Artist. Size: painting 3 1/2"H, 2 3/4"W. Frame: 4 3/4"H, 3 1/4"W. Condition: wear to gilding, backing soiled, easel back weak. 100 - 200
2101 VINTAGE BOXING EQUIPMENT. (1) Punching bag. marked: Nicols No.337 Pat. June 12, 1900. Condition: worn. (2) unmarked pairs of boxing gloves. (1) pair of boxing gloves marked: Ke Wel 145. (1) pair of boxing gloves marked: Benlee " The kind the champions use." Benlee Sport Goods Mfg. Co. New York. Condition: all worn and much used. 50 - 100
2102 1902 PGH. RUNNING TROPHY. Sterling two handled loving cup trophy. One side engraved: 2nd Prize, 1/2 M. Amateur Race, Boys under 16 yrs., Duquesne Garden, Week of Feb. 10, 1902. Other side engraved: Presented by, J.R. Kaercher, &, Richard Spuhler. Marked underneath: Sterling 902 3/4pts. Size: 5"H, 6"W, 3 1/4"D. (Duqesne Garden was an early sports arena in Pittsburgh, located at 5th and Craig Sts. in the Oakland area.) Condition: dent in bottom rim. 200 - 400
2103 HAMMER-RUSSIAN TEXTILE FRAGMENTS. N/R. Four Russian imperial textile fragments under glass in coasters in brass frames from the collection of Armand Hammer. One gold fragment, one gold and silver, one silver with red and green floral decoration, one gold and red. Marked: Hammer Galleries, Made of Imperial Russian Brocade, from the Hammer Collection. (2 clearly marked, one faintly marked, one mark worn completely away. Condition: signs of age and wear, all glass in good condition. 75 - 150
2104 21 WALLACE "VIOLET" FLATWARE & OTHER. N/R. Lot consists of 21 Wallace sterling pieces plus 8 other sterling pieces of flatware. Wallace "Violet" pattern designed in 1904 has an Art Nouveau floral design. The pieces include 6 dinner forks ( 7 1/2"L), 6 dinner knives (9 1/2"L), 6 teaspoons (6"L), and three piece carving set: knife (14 1/2"L), fork (11"L), and sharpener (14"L). Each piece is monogramed with "S". Marked: RW & S Sterling (Robert Wallace and Sons). Condtion: signs of wear.Also includes 3 sterling serving spoons in Alvin "Majestic Pattern" (1900) 8 1/8"L. Condition: good. Includes a teaspoon (5 o'clock) in Whiting "Lily Pattern" 1902. MarkedL Alvin hallmark Sterling. Size: 5 3/8"L. Condition: good. Also included are 7 floral pattern pieces, all marked sterling. They consist of 3 serrated knives (7 1/4"L), 3 nut picks (5 1/2"L), a pickle fork (4"L) in a plainer pattern,Marked with C hallmark T mark. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 400
2105 WATSON STERLING (65) PIECES. 65 pieces of flatware in "Laremie" pattern (designed 1936) by Watson Co. Attleboro, Mass. Sterling pieces with flat face, gadrooned edge, scalloped shell end, back double fluted stem. Set includes 12 dinner knives (9 1/4"L), 13 dinner forks (7 1/4"L), 12 dessert forks (6 1/2"L), 10 cream soups (6"L), 14 teaspoons (6"L), 4 butter knives (5 3/4"L). Marked: W between two hallmarks, Sterling. Condition: no detractions. 500 - 900
2106 WHITING STERLING FLATWARE.N/R. 48 pieces of Whiting sterling flatware. Scrolled edge, each piece monogramed "ATD". Marked: Hallmark Sterling Pat. 1916. Set includes: 12 dinner forks (7 3/4"L), 12 knives ( 9 1/2"L), 12 dessert forks (6 1/4"L), and 12 teaspoons ( 6"L). Condition: good. 250 - 500
2107 REED & BARTON STERLING TRAY. N/R. Round stepped tray with two pierced bands, center monogram. Marks: R Sterling X448- Ship hallmark. Size: 11"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
2108 REED & BARTON STERLING DISH. N/R. Serving dish with stepped body, rectangular shape with scalloped edges. Marked: Star mark, R Sterling X957 Windsor. Size: 1 3/4"H, 11 1/4"L, 8 3/4"W. Condition: area along one side of interior with pitting. 50 - 100
2109 7 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (2) Salt shakers. Marked: Prelude International Sterling S118. Size: 5"H. Weight: 115 grams. Condition: good. (1) Round dish with raised and engraved decoration. Marked: Towle Sterling 48382. Weight: 174 grams. Condition: some pitting. (2) Pair of sterling candelholders. Marked: Sterling Weighted. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. (2) Pair of sterling candelholders. Marked: Duchin Silver Sterling Weighted. Size: 7"H. Condition: minor wear. 60 - 100
2110 6 ALVIN STERLING CORDIALS. N/R. Six sterling cordial glasses on a tray with sterling edge. Marked: Cordials: Alvin Sterling S247. Tray: Alvin sterling S248. Size: Cordials 3"H. Total weight 127grams. Tray 6 3/8"Diam. Condition: tarnished. 30 - 60
2111 7 STERLING PIECES.N/R. (1) Round tray, engraved:"SVKA 1954 Best of Breed". Marked: Gorham hallmark, Stering 474. Size: 8 1/4"Diam. Weight: 146 grams. condition: signs of wear. (1) Sterling Trivet, pierced silver over round glass, engraved garlands, center monogram. Marked: (W) Sterling 4697. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Weight: 111grams. Condition: several dents. (1) Sterling serving spoon, raised floral decorated handle. Marked: Sterling. Size: 9"l, Weight: 46grams. Condition: dent in bowl. (1) Sterling serving spoon, shell bowl. Marked: SSMC Sterling. Size: 7"L. Weight: 38 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling sugar tongs, Marked: hallmark Sterling. Size: 5 1/4"L. Weight: 31 grams. Condition: good. (1) Gorham sterling sugar tongs, Marked: Gorham Hallmark, Sterling. Size: 5 1/8"L. Weight: 45 grams. Condition: good. (1) Tiny spoon, monogramed "Adele" in bowl, Marked: Gorham hallmark, Sterling. Size: 3 1/2"L. Weight: 8 grams. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2112 10 STERLING, 4 OTHER PIECES. N/R. (3) Sterling dish, monogramed"L". Marked: W Sterling. size: 2 7/8"Diam. Weight: 84 grams. condition: dented rims. (1) Pierced sterling base for vase, on three all feet, monogramed. Marked: H Sterling 904. Size: 2 3/4"H, 4"Diam. Weight: 72 grams. Condition: minor wear. (1) Low footed bowl, monogramed "A". Marked: NSCO Sterling 5B (National Silver Co.). Size: 2"H, 5"Diam. Weight: 124 grams. Condition: wear and scratches. (1) Sterling lid, monogramed BFA 1913. Marked: W Sterling. Size: 2"H, 4 3/4"Diam. Weight: 69 grams. (1) Sterling Jigger. Marked: hallmark Sterling 647. Size: 2 3/4"H. Weight: 41 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling top rim to vase, gadrooned top. Marked: W Sterling J41. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. Weight: 12 grams. Condition: good. (2) Bourbon and Scotch bottle tags. Marked: Sterling. Weight 20 grams total. Condition: good. (1) Rye bottle tag. Marked: Apollo Silver. (3) Crown Staffordshire porcelain bottle tags (Port, Brandy, Rye). Condition: good, chains loose. 50 - 100
2113 2 R & B FRANCIS I & 1 OTHER. N/R. (1) Renaissance revival style double sided ladle, with round capped finial. Marked: sterling. Size: 7"L. Condition: signs of wear. (2.3) Reed & Barton "Francis I" (1907) Salad set consisting of serving fork and spoon, richly decorated baroque design with fruit and flower garlands, rocaille borders, fork pierced, spoon bowl ribbed. Marked: R between two hallmarks, Sterling. Size: Fork 9 3/8"L, spoon 93/8"L. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2114 2 BEZEL SET STONE ITEMS. N/R. (1) Brass letter opener with 5 bezel set cabachon stones, blue, green, clear. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"L. Condition: one stone has interior crack, set stones separating from handle end. (2) Pewter colored leaf with brass edging, three cabachons bezel set near stem. Marked: China. Size: 1 1/4"H, 7"L, 4 3/8"W. Condition: signs of wear. 40 - 80
2115 SET GOLD-TONED SILVERWARE. N/R. Set of gold-toned and composition silverware, marked "S Thailand." 22 butter spreaders; 10 dessert spoons; 10 teaspoons; 10 knives; 10 dessert forks; 12-8" forks; 10-7" forks; 6 pickle forks; 6 small curved knives; 3 serving forks; 4 serving spoons; 1 nutcracker. One of the 7" forks has a broken tine. 50 - 100
2116 5 STERLING, 2 PLATE SPOONS. N/R. (1) Unger Brothers "Love's Dream" pattern (1904) teaspoon. Marked: Unger Brothers mark, sterling, 925 fine, copyright 1904. Size: 6"L. Condition: good. (2) Towle sterling spoon. Marked: Fleur de lis and bird hallmarks (LaFayette Silverware) (Towle). Sterling. Size: 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. (3.4.5) Three Gorham sterling demitasse spoons. Marked: hallmarks Lion, Anchor, G. Sterling. Condition: good. (6). 1847 Rogers Triple X spoon. silverplate.Size 5 1/2"L. Condition: good. (7) Silver plate spoon with shell shaped bowl. Size: 4 3/4"L. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2117 10 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1) Footed compote, marked: Heirloom Sterling, Damask Rose, 31-0, weighted. Size: 6 1/4"H, 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: dented top at join with stem. (1) Sterling cup, Marked: Towle Sterling 774. Size: 2 1/4"H. Weight: 46 grams. Condition: good. (2) Pair of candleholders. marked: N.S.Co. Sterling Weighted. Size: 2 1/4"H. Condition: dented edges. (2) Sterling cordial glasses.One monogramed "Jen", one monogramed "Morris". Marked: Sterling. Size: 3"H. Weight: 47 grams. Condition: pitting inside one. (1) Small covered bowl. Marked: Web Sterling. Size: 1 1/2"H, 1 5/8"Diam. top. Weight: 35 grams. Condition: good. (2) Two sterling ladles, marked: Sterling. Size: 5 1/2"L. weight: 38grams. total. Condition: good. (1) Stering fork. Marked: Heirloom Sterling, Silver Rose. Size: 6"L. Weight: 28 grams. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2118 4 REED & BARTON STERLING SALT SHAKERS. N/R. Two pairs of salt and pepper shakers, two with large holes, two with small holes, baluster shape, with glass liners. Marked: Reed & Barton, Sterling, Weighted and, Reinforced, 41. Size: 5"H. each. Condition: one with dented top and dented base. 50 - 100
2119 5 STERLING, GORHAM, TOWLE,LUNT. N/R. (1) Towle sterling Revere shaped sugar bowl. Marked: Towle Sterling 750. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. 2 1/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Towle sterling creamer (matches (1). Marked: Towle Sterling 750. Size: 3"Diam. 3 1/8"H. Conditin: good. (3) Gorham Sterling child's cup, gilt interior. Monogramed LCK. Marked: Gorham Sterling 224. Size: 2 1/2"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Conditon: dents in base. (4) Gorham Sterling child's cup, gilt interior. Monogramed DLK. Marked: Gorham Sterling 224. Size: 2 1/2"H. 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: dents in base. (5) Lunt sterling child's cup, gilt interior, fruit and leaf decorated handle. Monogramed: Charles F. Koehler IV. Marked: Lunt Sterling 551. Size: 1 1/2"H, 2"Diam. Condition: dents in base. 50 - 100
2120 8 GORHAM STERLING NAPKIN RINGS. N/R. Eight sterling napkin rings, simple band with raised rims, monogramed "K". Marked: Gorham (Hallmark) Sterling 6290. Size: 1 3/4"Diam. each. Condition: No detractions. 30 - 60
2121 SHERBET GLASSES STERLING BASES. N/R. 13 sherbet glasses fitted to sterling bases; 2 extra bases. 1 glass chipped. 40 - 80
2122 LARGE STERLING PORRINGER. N/R. Class shape with pierced handle, monogramed front. Marked: Lion hallmark, Sterling, 7006, K. Size: 2 1/4"H, 6"Diam. bowl, 8 1/2"L. Weight 362 grams. Condition: minor wear. 75 - 150
2123 GORHAM STERLING SHELL.N/R. Shell with scalloped body, flat handle. Marked: Gorham Sterling 445. Size: 1"H, 5"W, 5"D. Condition: no detractions. 30 - 60
2124 STERING CREAMER AND SUGAR. N/R. Sterling set with double handled sugar (no lid) center horizontal band, decorated handles. Creamer with same decoration. Marked: M Sterling Reinforced with Cement 3274. Size: 3"H. each. Conditon: dents. 30 - 60
2125 STERLING COMPOTE. N/R. Sterling compote with stepped base, bowl with gadrooned edge. Marked: PSCA Sterling Patent 196. Size: 4"H, 7 3/8"Diam. Condition: Dents where bowl joins stem, dents in lower base. 40 - 80
2126 STERLING MIRROR. N/R. Round mirror with ring handle, back engraved with floral and interlace ribbon decoration, center monogramed. Marks: Hallmark, Sterling, C1612). Condition: one dent in handle, one scratch across mirror back. 40 - 80
2127 DZIERZON; RATIONAL BEE-KEEPING. N/R. Abbot, Charles Nash (editor). Dzierzon's Rational Bee-Keeping. London, 1882. 350 pp + ads. Blue cloth cover, gold lettering, gold and black decoration. Edges scuffed, page edges foxed, very light tanning to pages. Overall good condition. 125 - 250
2128 50 YRS. AMONG THE BEES. N/R. Miller, C. C. Fifty Years Among the Bees. Medina, OH, 1911. 340 pp + index and ads. Green cloth binding, gold and black lettering. Edges scuffed, otherwise good condition. 125 - 250
2129 5 BOOKS ON BEEKEEPING. N/R. 1. Cook, A. J. The Bee-Keeper's Guide. 12th edition. Lansing, 1884. 337 pp + index & ads. Green cloth, gold lettering, gold and black decoration. Spine head chipped; corners worn; interior good condition. 2. Hutchinson, W. Z. Advanced Bee Culture. 4th edition. Medina, OH, 1911. 205 pp. Blue cloth, gold lettering, decorated cover. Spine faded, otherwise good condition. 3. Smith, Jay. Queen Rearing Simplified. Medina, OH, 1923. 119 pp + index. Brown leatherette cover, gold lettering. Good condition. 4. Huber, Francis. New Observations Upon Bees 1814. Translated by C. P. Dadant. Hamilton, IL, 1926. 230 pp + black & white plates. Green cloth, gold lettering. Good condition. 5. Biggle Bee Book. Phila., 1913. 136 pp, 12mo. Greencloth, orange lettering, black decoration. Good condition. 100 - 150
2130 5 BEEKEEPING BOOKS. N/R. 1. Quimby, M. Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained. N.Y., 1855. 376 pp + ads. Brown cloth, blind-stamped, gold spine lettering. Covers worn, moderate foxing, occasional marginal markings. 2. Alley, Henry. The Bee-Keeper's Handy Book; or, 22 Years Experience in Queen-Rearing. Wenham, MA, 1883. 184 pp + ads. Green cloth, gold lettering and decoration. Spine faded; covers worn; endpapers chipped; occasional foxing. 3. A Treatise on the Law Pertaining to the Honeybee. American Honey Producers' League, Madison, 1924. 88 pp. Orange cloth. Very good condition. 4. Lovell, John H. Honey Plants of North America (North of Mexico). 408 pp. Brown pebbled cloth, gold lettering. Very good condition. 5. As above, another copy. Binding worn. 100 - 150
2131 GORHAM STERLING TEA SET. N/R. Five piece sterling tea set by Gorham. Set includes: (1) Coffee pot, hinged lid with finial, eight sided body and base, C scroll handles with acanthus decoration, two bone inserts in handle, monogramed ESC. Marked: Gorham hallmarks, 2 pint, sterling. Size: 9"H, 9"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. (2) Lidded sugar bowl, eight sided form, C scroll handles with acanthus decoration, monogramed ESC. Marked: Gorham hallmarks, 2920, Sterling. crescent moon mark. Size: 6"H, 7"W, 5"D. Condition: good. (3) Creamer, eight sided form, C scroll handles with acanthus decoraiton, monogramed ESC. Marked: Gorham hallmarks, 1920 sterling, crescent moon mark, 1/2 pint. Size: 5 1/2"H, 4 1/2"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: good. (4) Tea kettle on stand with heating element. Tea kettle with eight sided form, C scroll handles, acanthus decoration. with hinged lid. Rests on Stand. Stand has eight sided base raised on four rococo legs, C scroll open X arms to hold tea kettle, separate center heating element with geared opening devise with handle. Both tea kettle and stand marked: Gorham Hallmark, Sterling A2920 with horseshoe mark. Size: Tea kettle 9 3/4"H without stand, 12 1/2"H, 9"W, 7 1/2"D with stand. Stand measures 7"H, 6 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: knob on end of heating element missing. Bottom of tea kettle shows some signs of wear from heating usage. (5) Sterling tray, eight sided with two pierced handles, dished oval center, center monogram of ESC, engraved floral and acanthus border decoration. Marked: Gorham hallmark, Sterling, N N R, 24 inch. A7100. Size: 1 1/8"H, 24"W, 16 1/4"D. Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
2132 STERLING TEA SET, PLATE TRAY. N/R. Dominick & Haff six piece tea set purchased from The Cowell & Hubbard Co. Cleveland. Five sterling pieces consist of: (1) Teapot with hinged lid, handle with two bone inserts, monogramed DC. Marked: Hallmark for Dominick & Haff, Sterling 1428, 2 pts. ll and The cowell & Hubbard Co. Cleveland. Size: 6 1/4"H, 11"W, 5"D. Condition: loose handle. (2) Coffee pot with hinged lid, two ebony inserts in handle, monogramed DC. Marked: hallmark for Dominick & Haff, Sterling, 1428, 2 1/2pts. ll. Size: 8"H, 11"W, 5"D. Condition: good. (3) Lidded sugar bowl, monogramed DC. Marked: Hallmark for Dominick & Haff Sterling 1428 ll. Size: 5 3/4"H, 8 1/4"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: good. (4) Creamer. monogramed DC. Marked: hallmark for Dominick & Haff, sterling, 1428 ll. Size: 5 1/4"H, 6"W, 3"D. Condition: good. (5) Waste bowl. monogramed DC Marked: Hallmark for Dominick & Haff, sterling, 1428 ll. condition: good. (6) Two handled dished tray with raised rim. Monogramed DC. Marked: D & H Nickel Silver, 120, 24. Size: 1"H, 23 3/4"W, 17"D. Condition: wear to top surface. 600 - 1,200
2133 3 HANDLED STERLING LOVING CUP. N/R. Sterling loving cup, threee "C" scroll handles, beaded top rim, straight gadrooned edged base. Inscribed "Nov. 26 1890 1900". Marked: C.R. Calhoun & Co. 785 Sterling. Size: 6 3/4"H. Weight: 242 grams. Condition: Scratches on lower front surface. 75 - 150
2134 MEXICAN STERLING FOOTED BOWL. N/R. Sterling bowl with edge of six hammered lobes on stepped round base. Marked: Marciel, Sterling, Made in Mexico, 0.925 with hallmark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
2135 FOOTED STERLING SUGAR BOWL. N/R. Sterling sugar bowl with two "C" scroll handles, scalloped top edge, four "C" scroll legs with paw feet. Marked: Sterling by Poole 13. Size: 3"H, 4 3/4"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: several dents and scratches. 50 - 100
2136 3 STERLING CANDLESTICKS. N/R. (1) Candlestick , six sided stem, 4 ringed base, monogramed "H". Marked: Sterling WC with arrow through letters (Webster Co.). Size: 6" H. Condition: dents. (2,3) Pair of sterling candleholders, beaded band on base. Marked: Sterling Weighted "G" (A.E.Goodhue Co. Quincy Mass.). Size: 2 3/4"H. Conditoin: dents in base. 40 - 80
2137 2 GLASS LIDDED CONTAINERS. N/R. (1) Cut glass container with sterling monogramed lid. Glass ribbed and notched sides, star bottom. No mark. Sterling Lid marked: Sterling (hallmark) C502.Weight of sterling lid 39 grams. Size: 3 1/4"H. 4"Diam. Condition: minor wear to base of glass. Silver tarnished. (1) Pressed glass container with metal repousse decorated lid. No mark on glass. unreadable mark on metal lid. Size: 4"H. 4"Diam. Condition: glass good. finish on metal wearing off. 75 - 150
2138 84 REED & BARTON STERLING PCS. N/R. 84 pieces of Reed & Barton "Hepplewhite-Plain" pattern (1907) sterling flatware. Set consists of: 12 dinner forks (9 3/4"L), 6 dinner forks (7 5/8"L), 6 shorter dinner forks (7"L), 12 teaspoons (5 3/4"L), 12 butter knives (5 5/8"L), 12 salad forks with clover slot (no monogram) (6"L), 6 soup spoons (7"L), 6 cream soups (7"L), 3 serving spoons (8 1/4"L), fish serving fork (7 3/4"L), fish serving spoon (7 3/4"L), serving fork (7 3/4"L), sugar spoon (6"L), large ladle ( 6 1/4"L), small ladle (5 1/4"L), master butter knive (7"L), pierced spoon (5 3/4"L), pickle fork (5 3/4"L). All pieces monogramed "B" except salad forks. Marked: Bird R Lion hallmark (Reed & Barton) Sterling, Pat.April 16, 1907. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
2139 ROYAL DANISH STERLING FLATWARE. Sterling: 88 pieces of International : Royal Danish pattern,designed in 1939. Set includes: (1) master butter knife, (8) butter knives, weighted handles, (12) place forks, (12) dinner knives, (12) salad forks, (3 serving/table spoons, (1) gravy ladle, (12) teaspoons, (6) cream soup spoons, (8) iced beverage spoons, (1) dressing spoon, (5) demitasse spoons, (1) sugar spoon, (1) jelly spoon, (1) pickle fork, (3) roast carving set: knife, fork, steel, with weighted handles, (1) cheese spreader with weighted handle. Approx. weight 80oz. Condition: signs of wear. 2,000 - 5,000
2140 CLOISONNE CHARGER, JAPANESE. N/R. 19th century. Scalloped-edge charger. Black ground, intricate design of three toed dragon and bird with fantastic plumage (phoenix?), apparently in combat. Size: 17 1/2" diameter. Some rubbing to enamel of underside; pictorial side very good condition. 1,000 - 1,500
2141 CLOISONNE VASE W. AMERICAN FLAG. N/R. Cloisonne vase with black ground, decorated with American flag and Dragon flag. No mark. size: 6"H. 4"Diam. at widest point. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2142 CLOISONNE AND BRONZE VASE. N/R. Tall cloisonne and bronze vase, Chinese. Vase has alternating bands of bronze and cloisonne. The cloisonne has yellow ground, a design of flowers on herringbone background; bronze segments have allover pattern of hexagons. Bronze dragon handles. 11 1/2" H, 8" D at widest part, 5" D at opening. Late 19th century. Some allover pitting; otherwise good condition. 150 - 300
2143 2 CLOISONNE DISHES. N/R. 2 Chinese cloisonne dishes, on wood stands. Yellow green-haired 5-toed dragons, on black ground, with flaming pearl, are on inside and outside of dishes. 2 1/2" H without base, 7 1/2" D, 6 1/4" D at opening. Late 19th century. Both dishes good condition. 200 - 400
2144 PAIR OF FINE CLOISONNE TABLE LAMPS. N/R. 19th century. Haveing black background decorated with colorful fruit. Size of base only: 10" H., 7" DIA. Condition: Needs to be rewired. 600 - 1,000
2145 PAIR CLOISONNE LIDDED VESSELS. N/R. Pair Chinese cloisonne low covered containers, on wood stands. 3" H without lid; 6" D, 4" at opening. One lid measures 4" H, one 3 1/2" H. Stylized flowers on white ground. Early 20th century. One bowl marked "CHINA" aand one marked "CNIHA"; this one has a hole through the bottom. 200 - 300
2146 2 PIECES CHINESE CLOISONNE. N/R. 1. Low bowl, 2" H, 5 1/2" D, 4 1/4" D at opening.Black ground; flowers, leaves, and spiral decoration in blue, red, green and pink. Late 19th century. Good condition. 2. Small plate, 7 1/4" D. Pink ground, gray 3-toed dragon. Late 19th century. Few lines of crazing. 150 - 300
2147 18TH CENTURY FINE FRENCH TAPESTRY. N/R. Showing a romantic couple sitting in a lush landscape. He is serenading her with bagpipes. Size: 8' H, 6' W. Condition: no detractions. 4,000 - 8,000
2148 LEAD CRANES. N/R. Have removable legs (dont stand up very well). Size: 27" H., 8" W., 8" D.; 14" H., 18" W., 8" D. Condition: One crane does not stand up on it own, feet have to be anchored. 125 - 250
2149 BRONZE PATINATED DUCKS. N/R. Size of tallest: 15" H., 9.5" W., 6" D. Condition: No detractions. 125 - 250
2150 CLARK BRILLIANT CUT GLASS VASE. N/R. Signed Clark brilliant period cut glass vase, hobstar bottom, bulbous cut center with star and bullseye cut decoration, hobstar top band, dentilated top. Signed on bottom "Clark". Size: 12"H, 11 1/2"Diam. top, 6 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: several minor fleabites overall. 500 - 1,000
2151 CARL HOFER "THE YELLOW BLOUSE." Mid 20th c. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed CH lower right corner. Carl (Karl) Hofer (German, 1878-1955) was one of the seminal figures in German expressionism, equally respected for his instruction to many students at the Berlin Academy as he was for his art and association with other giants of this art movement. This particular lot shows a young woman seated, with her hands crossed, wearing a yellow blouse. The frenetic nature of some Expressionist art is absent here, but the blocky, architectonic design, devoid of momentary painterly effects, marks this as a German painting of this era and an excellent example of the largeness of personal statement made possible with sure and simple means. The painting was purchased from Hofer by the consignor's father. Size: 25 1/2" h., 16 1/2" w., framed 29" h., 20" w. Condition: no defects; the frame has some knicks in it 15,000 - 30,000
2152 PEALE MINIATURE. Early 19th c. Watercolor on ivory (?). The Peale family of Philadelphia was renowned for their contributions to a nascent American art; the father, Charles Willson Peale, fathered 17 children, many of whom were painters. Many Peales painted miniatures and this portrait of Samuel Cunningham (identified by two attached notes), a deputy register of wills in Washington, PA, was produced supposedly in 1806. The attached notes indicate "painted by Peale at nineteen in Philadelphia" but the wording is unclear as to whether the sitter is nineteen or the painter who produced it. Only one Peale who painted miniatures is known to have been 19 in 1806: Maria Peale. Samuel Cunningham's birth and death dates are unknown. A stylish young man is shown with a Napoleon-like hairdo and high collared coat. Provenance: estate of John Oliver Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Size: 2 1/2" h., 2" w. (oval). Condition: at the left shoulder there appears to be a crack and possible inclusion of a new chip of ivory; on the right side, near the shoulder is shiny residue (glue?). The miniature is set in a copper, oval frame; there is glue residue on the back of the frame where it was adhered to the wall frame. A pendant top is attached to the top of the copper frame. 1,500 - 2,500
2153 PORTRAIT OF A MAN. Late 19th c. Oil on board. Signed M. Liebermann '94, this oil portrait in profile shows a man with a large black moustache in a white coat. Size: 17" h., 14 1/2" w., framed 24" h., 21" w. Condition: darkened varnish, some craquellure; inpainting in thehair, collar, some old inpainting in the face and the ochrish color of the background. 1,000 - 2,000
2154 LISA MILROY PERUVIAN GIRL OIL. Dated 1997. Oil on canvas. Unframed. Signed in marker on the verso. Lisa Milroy (born 1959) is a Canadian artist now active in London, UK whose works span a wide range of subjects, from the mundane to the unusual. Her work is linked by a decorative sense of patterning and composition. She has turned her attention to interpretations of plates, purses, Japanese woodcut-like characters, and dogs. This much exhibited and collected artist (many exhibitions including Tate-Liverpool, Mary Boone-New York, and throughout continental Europe) has a fairly extensive auction record for a young artist. Milroy's art continues a classic tradition of observational painting combined with postmodern detachment from precise meaning or easy narrative. This particular lot shows a Peruvian girl in an earthy red and yellow shawl with an exuberantly constructed metal disk necklace and is somewhat unusual in this artist's far travels and expansive color palette. The frontal gaze and direct, opaque color and brushwork combined with its size foster a grand feeling for such a delicate subject. Size: 60" h., 48" w. Condition: like new. 14,000 - 17,000
2155 FERJO SURREAL OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Ferjo (Fernando de Jesus Oliviera), a Brazilian artist, is a well known contemporary exhibitor throughout the Americas. His work always contains allusions and qoutations from surrealists such as Dali, Chagall, Magritte, and Miro. This lot also contains painted allusions to the last three of the above mentioned artists. Where Ferjo distinguishes himself is with his bright palette--bright orange wooden floors played against icy cerulean blues often appear in his scheme. Size: 48" h., 35" w., framed 57" h., 44" w. Condition: like new. 20,000 - 24,000
2156 RICHARD ELLIOT MIXED MEDIA HORSE. Dated 1994. Mixed paint on paper (acrylic?). Signed lower left. Elliot (b. 1960) is the grandson of Scottish artist George Elliot. His career was launched in 1991 and has since grown with exhibitions at the Int'l Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles, in Berlin ,Chicago, Taiwan, and Japan. This style is vaguely Chagall-esque with conciously archaic frontality and facial features but the coloring is not Chagall-esque; instead Elliot's coloring is fiery and active. Size: 40" h., 28" w., framed 56" h., 44" w. Condition: like new, the frame is designed by the artist. 2,500 - 5,000
2157 ANTON ARCHIPOV "TEMPTATION." Dated 1999. Acrylic on canvas in an artist-made frame. Signed and dated lower left. Archipov (Russian) paints in an iconic style, having trained as an icon restorer and fresco restorer. His style also shows an admitted debt to Chagall, Miro and Picasso. This lot is characterized by a Botero-like bulbousness to the figures. They are clothed but are meant to represent Adam, Eve, and Satan. The precision of the painting in local colors and the surreal attention to contour with repetitive curves lends both humor and gravity to this tight composition. Archipov has shown at Aladdin's Hotel, Las Vegas and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Size: 16" square, framed 26" square. Condition: like new. 1,200 - 2,400
2158 SLINKA SHIRKOVITCH OIL. Dated 1930. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. A bowl of fruit and a vase full of flowers are seen on a table top. Attractively painted in a realist manner; care is given to the texture of the objects represented: flowers appear delicate and like tissue through a judicious use of imapsto while the fruit appears smooth and soft by gradated tones. This work has been in the same family for at least five decades. Size: 23" square, framed 28" square. Condition: craquellure and minor paint flaking on left side and right edge. 300 - 600
2159 DENT PORTRAIT OF JIMI HENDRIX. Dated 1998. Acrylic on black paper. Among the four Dent portraits this one of Jimi Hendrix feature the most splattery paint application; again from a famous profile view of the rocker. Size framed: 72" h., 55" w. Condition: like new. 5,000 - 10,000
2160 DENT PORTRAIT OF EINSTEIN. Dated 1998. Acrylic on black paper. After the famous frontal photo of Albert Einstein, this young artist energetically interpreted the man and his famous theorum in bright colors. Size framed: 72" h., 55" w. Condition: like new. 5,000 - 10,000
2161 DENT PORTRAIT OF JOHN LENNON. Dated 1998. Acrylic on black paper. This young artist has interpreted the famous picture of the Beatle. Size framed: 72" h., 55" w. Condition: like new. 5,000 - 10,000
2162 DENT PORTRAIT OF SINATRA. Dated 1998. Acrylic on black paper. Signed Dent '98. This young artist's work is poppish and vigorously brushed in; after a photo of Sinatra. Size framed: 72" h., 55" w. Condition: like new. 5,000 - 10,000
2163 IMMENSE TRAMP ART FRAME. 19th c. Various stained inlaid softwoods with carving. Also, in the frame is a black lithograph of the 1889 Johnstown Flood. The image shows a general view of the disaster and four close-up views: the dam breaking; a faithful horse; recovering the victims; and identifying the dead. Published by Kurtz & Allison, Chicago. As grand as the print is, the frame trumps it with double recessed window and numerous geometric inlays. Finely mitered and joined. Size (window view): 25" h., 38" w., frame 41" h., 53" w. Condition: the print has numerous creases, a hole and vertical acid burns; the frame has some inlay missing in the top portion (we have some of the loose pieces). 2,000 - 3,000
2164 BOY WITH SHEEP PRINT. 19th c. Color mechanical lithograph. A boy is seen ahead of sheep. Set in a golden, ornate vegetal designed frame. Size framed: 33" h., 42" w. Condition: the frame has loose sculptured elements, chips, dirty, repair to the upper right miter joint, scuffs and scratches. 300 - 400
2165 OLD NEEDLEPOINT OF ST JOHN. Date unknown. Evidently executed after a painting, this shows the young evangelist with his symbol, the eagle. Size framed: 39" h., 29" w. Condition: good condition. 250 - 400
2166 MARC CHAGALL LITHOGRAPH, ATTRIBUTED. 20th c. Black litho on offwhite paper. Signed in pencil. 26 /40. A clothed man and a naked woman lie down in nature. Size: 13" h., 9" w., framed 27" h., 22" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 500
2167 SEASCAPE OIL. Early 20th c. Oil on illustration board. Monogrammed lower right JHR. Breaker waves on shore with boats at sea. Under glass. Size: 9" h., 11" w., framed 12" h., 15" w. Condition: the board is aged and fragile. 120 - 200
2168 MOLLEY HUMPHREY POSTER. Early 20th c. "A Busy Day" shows a girl hanging her doll's clothes. Set in an ornate honey colored frame with gold painted vegetal molding. Size framed: 33" h., 28" w. Condition: frame has chip missing from lower back right corner; black spottiness on gold insert, wear to the finish; poster is yellowed. 75 - 90
2169 DUTCH 17TH C. STYLE MARKET OIL. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed indistinctly lower left: MIHM? Done in a style reminiscent of the 1600's this genre scene shows a woman selling chickens to an old woman. Size: 17 1/2" h., 13" w., framed 22" h., 18" w. Condition: inpainted repair on the old woman (corresponding wax filling on the canvas verso); substantial inpainting throughout (part of the signature area has been painted over). 2,000 - 3,000
2170 ENGLISH LANDSCAPE, WM RALTON. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed indistinctly (Ralton) lower right. An old tag on the verso reads Wm Ralton, "The Speaker" Landscape with Figures. In color, brushwork, and compositional formulae this landcscape appears to be English in origin, reminiscent of Constable. Size: 14" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 21 1/2" h., 23 1/2" w. Condition: relined; substantial inpainting in the lower left corner (repaired area) and in the sky and rocks; the frame has much damage to its plaster molding. 2,000 - 3,000
2171 CORNELIS VAN LELLENBURGH OIL. 17th c.? Oil on canvas, now adhered to wood. Signed on the verso (which is also a piece of detached canvas, adhered to wood) Cornelis van Lellenburgh 1626-1676. A hunter or soldier is shown with dead game and his three hounds. Size: 7 1/2" h., 10" w., framed 11" h., 14" w. Condition: cut down a long time ago and adhered to wood (now cupping); lateral paint film losses show a red ground underneath. 2,000 - 3,000
2172 CLASSIC LYCEUM SCENE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. A vaguely Roman architectural setting in ruins is the place for a scene of people listening to a poet, seated near a lyre. Size: 26" h., 20" w. Condition: craquellure; 1/4" lacuna in the sky, inpainting in deep cracks on both sides; heavy varnish and minor repair on verso, white residue. 2,000 - 3,000
2173 MINETTE KELLER GARDENERS DREAM. c. 1950. Oil on canvas panel. Initialed MDK. Keller is a Cleveland School artist. Naive style flowers in a pot. Size: 15 1/2" h., 19" w., framed 20" h., 24" w. Condition: a little dirty. 200 - 400
2174 G. JENSEN WINTER OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed G. Jensen. Jensen, a Toledo, Ohio artist, painted this colorful and solidly composed winter forest scene. Many colors harmonize to cast a blue-green glow over this image of an autumn snow. Size: 19 1/2" h., 23" w., framed 23" h., 27" w. Condition: craquellure and fragile paint film in the lower left tan area. 3,000 - 5,000
2175 MINETTE KELLER HORSE. C. 1950. Oil on canvas board. Signed in initials MDK. Keller, a Cleveland School artist, shows a horse statuette amid books and cloth. Naive style. Size 15 1/2" h., 19" w., framed 19" h., 23" w. Condition: a little dirty (yellowed varnish). 200 - 400
2176 EDWARD DE MONTULE LITHOGRAPH. c. 1840. Black lithograph on green paper. "Partie de Chute de Niagara." Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Size: 10 1/2" h., 7" w., framed 17" h., 12" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
2177 LA ROSSI GREAT CATARACT ENGRAVING. Early 19th c. Line engraving with color. Pencil inscription in French reads "La grande cataract en la cataracte du fer a cheval." Size: 8" h., 6" w., framed 16" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 300 - 500
2178 DE MONTULE CHUTE DE NIAGARA. Early 20th c. Black lithograph with color. Designed and printed by Edward de Montule. General view of the Niagara Falls, plate 19. Size: 7" h., 10" w., framed 15" h., 18" w. Condition: yellowish foxing on the print. 300 - 500
2179 DE MONTULE CHUTE DE NIAGARA. Early 19th c. Black litho. Same as lot 2178 but with out color. Condition: blue mark on lower right side. 300 - 500
2180 MILLERTON NIAGARA CATARACT. Early 19th c. Line engraving with color. From Millerton's Complete System of Geography. Size: 8" h., 11" w., framed 16" h., 18" w. Condition: tear and repair to upper left corner. 300 - 500
2181 IMBERT BUFFALO FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE. c. 1840. Hand colored lithograph. Size: 7" h., 9" w., framed 15" h., 16" w. Condition: slight wrinkling to the paper; gray discoloration in lower right corner. 300 - 500
2182 DUTCH STYLE PENCIL DRAWING. Probably 19th c. Pencil on buff paper. Unsigned. A woman with a bonnet near a stone bridge is partially obscured by a large tree. Size: 7" h., 6" w., framed 14" h., 12" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 300
2183 ABSTRACT PENCIL DRAWING. 1960's. Pencil on paper. Unsigned. Threaded bolt object is shown. Size: 5 3/4" h., 12 1/2" w., framed 10" h., 17" w. Condition: no defects. 75 - 100
2184 AMERICAN LANDSCAPE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed RL Camerott (?). A forest and small stream and waterfalls. Size: 22" h., 26" w. Condition: one patched repair; abrasion to all edges, severe lacunae down to open canvas in the sky, three tears at upper edge. 750 - 900
2185 SLAG GLASS TABLE LAMP. N/R. 16 slag glass panels in colors of carmel and sky blue in a cast metal shade with reticulated overlayed floral panels. Base has bas relief decoration. Size: 24" H, 24" diam. Condition: wear to finish on metal. 350 - 550
2186 CH. W. HART WATERCOLOR. 19th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left. A stream and trees are seen. Size: 12 1/2" h., 19 1/2" w., framed 24" h., 31" w. Condition: water damage to upper left corner of mat; brown spots in upper left edge of the painting; may be dry mounted to the mat. 150 - 225
2187 ROBT. WESLEY AMICK POSTER. Early 20th c. Photomechanical print after the original oil painting of three Native Americans looking over a desert vista. Size framed: 23" h., 35" w. Condition: water damage to the back. 40 - 60
2188 CHARTELL POSTER OF BRETON WOMEN. Late 19th c.? Color offset litho after an oil painting. Women in clogs walk with their baskets down a tree-line lane. Size framed: 25" h., 35" w. Condition: no defects to the print. 85 - 125
2189 NEOCLASSIC HUNTRESS OVERDOOR. 19th c.? Print on board after an oil painting. Overdoor decoration showing Diana asleep. Size: 21" h., 40" w. Condition: dirty; the golden frame is worn. 75 - 100
2190 THREE ROCOCO STYLE ENGRAVINGS. 19thc. Two photogravures with color and one engraving. One shows "Marie Antoinette" by Vigee LeBrun, another is "Madrigal" by J. Girardet, and the engraving is "The Tiff." Size approx for all: 20" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 175 - 200
2191 TWIN CITIES ART GLASS DESIGN. Watercolor on paper. Artists rendering for a 1905-1910 stained glass project in the Twin Cities. Size framed: 19" h., 17" w. Condition: no defects, mat resembles the architectural design. 500 - 600
2192 CURRIER & IVES BIRTH RECORD. 1870's (information dates to 1873). Hand colored lithograph. The birth record for a Westmoreland County, PA baby girl to Hezekiah Spindler. Size framed: 14" h., 17" w. Condition: acid burnt round spots throughout. 200 - 300
2193 ROBERT MCCOMB CIVIL WAR EPHEMERA. 19th c. This hearty collection includes an 1861 Army Officer's Manual (given to Capt McComb by his Lieut Col. Hugh Brady), a History of the Civil War, author Samuel Schmucker; McComb's framed commission as a First Lieutenent of the 57th Company; his framed commission as Captain of the 206th Company of the Pennsylvania Regiment; a 206th Company Roster; portraits of McComb and his wife; and Robert McComb's 1870 appointment by John Creswell, US Postmaster General, to be Indiana County's Postmaster General. Size: all variable. Condition: variable; the History book has a poor spine; the photos are yellowed; the framed pieces have wrinkles and age appropriate wear. 3,000 - 4,000
2194 DAUM EGYPTIAN URN. Blue cast glass urn in the Egyptian style, goose headed handles with gilt eyes. Marked: Daum France. Size: 12"H, 9 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 750 - 1,500
2195 LAURA DESIGNED GLASS DISH. 1995. Red glass with orange and black, on a metal stand. Marked "(illegible word) Laura 1995 / 16." A large art glass dish, following in contemporary practice of mixing transluscent glass with opaque glass-- in an abstract design. Size(dish only): 13 1/4" diam. Condition: no defects. 600 - 800
2196 DAUM GLASS HORSE. Cast glass, green mottled horse. Marked: Daum France. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2197 DAUM GLASS HORSE. Cast glass horse by Daum, amber glass. Limited edition. Marked: Daum France 2001 701/1000. Size: 9"H, 10"W, 3"D. Condition: good. 1,500 - 3,000
2198 PAIR OF OVAL PORTRAITS. Probably early 20th c. Unknown printing technique (touched up with oil paint). Unsigned. Matching pair of a husband and lace capped wife. Size framed: 26" h., 21" w. Condition: tear in female portrait background. 200 - 350
2199 WALLACE NUTTING HOPE. Early 20th c. Tinted photograph. Signed and titled on the mat in pen. A blossoming tree by a stone wall and creek. Size: 9 1/2" h., 6" w., framed 17" h., 13" w. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 450
2200 MAURICE UTRILLO COLOR PRINT. Dated 1922. Intaglio techniques (roulette, drypoint) with relief techniques and hand coloring on paper. Signed in plate "Maurice Utrillo. U. 1922." A village church is seen with people nearby. Size: 19" h., 10" w., framed 26" h., 18" w. Condition: yellowing and some discoloration. 1,500 - 1,800
2201 PR. PORCELIAN CANDELABRA. N/R. Pair of figural candelabra, male and female 18th c. style figures holding baskets, below three radiating branch candleholders and one raised center candleholder, with applied floral decoration, top branches removable. Mark: in blue one line with two lines through it. Size: 21"H, 10"W, 10"D. Condition: minor losses to applied flowers and leaves, each candleabra has one broken petal from around candleholder. 200 - 400
2202 DOULTON SLATERS PATENT VASE. N/R. Vase with blue glazed top and bottom, wide middle band of pounced and incised leaf and berry decoration. Mark: incised Doulton Slater Patent, incised Royal Doulton mark with lion over crown, incised 7462. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: Gilt on top rim worn. 250 - 500
2203 PR. DOULTON POTTERY VASES. N/R. Mottled brown glazed body, upper three raised groups of colored floral and leaf decorations. Marks: each piece marked: Incised Royal Doulton logo with Lion over logo without crown, X8714 , 10420, Made in England, MB. Size: 7 1/2"H, each. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 400
2204 NIPPON HAND PAINTED VASE. N/R. Hand painted vase with scene of arab on a camel in the desert with palm trees,gilt pierced handles, raised and gilt top border decoration, gilt rim. Mark: green mark Hand Painted M Nippon. Size: 7"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
2205 NIPPON CREAMER AND SUGAR. N/R. Two hand painted Nippon pieces, creamer and lidded sugar, widerose painted body, edged top and bottom with cobalt blue bands with raised gilt painted and beaded decoration. Marked: blue leaf Hand Painted Nippon. Size: creamer 3 1/4"H, sugar 4"H. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
2206 ST. LOUIS WORLD FAIR PLATE, 1904.N/R. Scalloped edge dish, green muraji type decorative border, center decaled scene of Palace of Electricity. Plate marked on front: Palace of Electricity, The World's Fair St. Louis 1904. No mark on back. Size: 1 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: two small cracks on bottom edge. 40 - 80
2207 20 ROYAL DOULTON "RAVENSWOOD" PIECES. N/R. 20 pieces of Royal Doulton Ravenswood pattern, 4 cups (3 1/2"Diam.), 4 saucers (6"Diam.), 4 bread and butter plates (6 1/2"Diam.), 4 dessert plates (8"Diam.), 4 dinner plates (10 1/2"Diam.). Marks: Royal Doulton, English Fine Bone China, Ravenswood, N5008. Condition: one dinner plate has 1 1/2" scratch on surface. Others no detractions. 100 - 200
2208 11 WEDGWOOD PLATES. N/R. 11 plates with green border with flower and gilt decoration, dished area with gold decorated edge. Marked: Wedgwood, Allman Collaware & Co. 5th Ave. and 30th St. N.Y. Size: 9"Diam. Conditin: two plates have chips in rim. 40 - 80
2209 19 LIMOGES PLATES. N/R. 19 porcelain plates, white with double raised gold band border decoration, with band of green laurel leaves between gold bands, fine inner gold band around dished area of plate. Seven dinner plates (9 1/2"Diam.), and 12 luncheon plates ( 8 3/8"Diam.). Marked: C. Ahrenfelt Limoges pour C.Reizenstein Pittsburgh-Allegheny. Condition: larger plates, 4 good, 1 with fleabite on rim, one with chip in rim, one with chip and repair in rim, smaller plates: 9 good, one with chip in rim, one with factory flaw in rim. 50 - 100
2210 24 ROYAL WORCESTER PLATES. N/R. White plates with 3/8" raised gold decorated band and plain inner band of gold. Set includes: 12 large plates ( 10 1/2"Diam.) and 12 smaller plates ( 6"Diam.). Marked: C Reizenstein Sons Pittsburg, Pa. Royal Worcester, Made in England. Condition: larger plates good, smaller plates: one with chip in rim. 200 - 400
2211 COBALT & GILT FOOTED BOWL. N/R. Four footed bowl with pierced sides, interior cobalt with decaled and hand painted gilt decoration, outer white with gilt decoration. Marked: "R" Bone China, made in GDR,Echt Kobalt. (Made in German Democratic Republic) ( True cobalt). Size: 3 1/3"H, 11"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
2212 HAND PAINTED NIPPON BOWL. N/R. Bowl interior with hand painted roses and leaves, white enamel high lights on rose, raised gilt rocaille decoration, wide raised gilt edge, three rose groupings painted on outside of bowl. Marks: blue leaf Hand Painted Nippon. Size: 3"H, 11"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
2213 24 JAPANESE PORCELAIN DISHES. N/R. Hand painted porcelain dishes, foral decoration. No mark. (10) plates .Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: 5 with chips. (5) plates .Size: 7"Diam. Condition: two with chips. (6) bowls. size: 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (2) plates. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: two with chips. (1) large bowl. Size: 11"Diam. Condition: good. 25 - 50
2214 9 JAPANESE PORCELAIN PEICES. N/R. Hand painted Japanese porcelain cups and saucers. Floral decoration. Unmarked. Conditin: good. 20 - 40
2216 ROYAL DUX FEMALE FIGURE. N/R. Porcelain figure of woman with cobalt and gilt dress and white picture hat. Marked: Royal Dux made in Czechoslovakia, and pink raised triangle mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
2217 ROYAL DUX FEMALE FIGURE. N/R. Porcelain figure of woman with cobalt and gilt dress and white porcelain hat. Marked: Royal Dux made in Czechoslovakia, with pink raised triangle mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
2218 2 KAISER 18TH C. STYLE FIGURES. N/R. Figure of Cavalier and barmaid, cavalier with sword and hat, bar maid sitting on drum with wine cask and dice at her feet. White glazed porcelain. Sculpted by G.Buchmann, produced by Kaiser Porcelain, Bavaria, Germany.Size: Male 8"H, female 7 1/4"H. Marks: Male figure incised Buchmann on back, bottom has AK mark with crown and incised 439. Female figure incised G. Buchmann on back of base, bottom has AK mark with crown and incised 452, and stamped Made in Western Germany. Condition: no detractions on either piece. 100 - 200
2219 FAIRING GROUP: LANDLORD IN LOVE. N/R. Double sided porcelain vignette in porcelain. A old landlord in nightclothes peeks through the curtain to see young woman undressing.Typical of the risque figural groups given away at English country fairs in the 19th C. The front is marked: "The Landlord in Love". Marked on bottom: incised 42. Size: 3 1/2"H, 3 1/2"W, 3"D. Condition: gilt worn on some areas. 50 - 100
2220 STAFFORDSHIRE MEAT PLATTER. N/R. "Bosphorus" pattern meat platter with juice well , blue gray transfer ware with Oriental scene in center, classical border with women and urns. Marked: Bosphorus. Size: 2 1/2"H, 19 1/2"L. 16"W. Condition: minor crazing and staining on front. Staining center back. roughness along edges. 75 - 150
2221 VISTA RED TRANSFER PLATTER. N/R. Red tansfer platter with figures in a landscape wth wide leaf and vine border. marked: Masons Patent Ironstone China "Vista" England. Size: 17 1/2"L, 14"W. 1 1/2"H. Conditon: crazing, one chip on top rim. 0 - 40
2222 BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE TEAPOT. N/R. Blue transferware eight sided teapot, cityscape scene in center, lid with acorn finial.Nineteenth Century. No mark. Size: 9"H. 9"W, 6"D. Condition: small chip on top of handle, small chip on spout, minor brown staining on handle, wear around interior rim. 150 - 300
2223 WHITING "LILY" STERLING SERVER. N/R. Whiting "Lily" pattern (1902) sterling server. Monogram "H". Marked: hallmark for Whiting, Sterling, Pat.1902. Size: 12"L. Weight: 167grams. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 100
2224 WHITING "LILY" SERVING SPOON. N/R. Whiting "Lily" pattern (1902) sterling serving spoon. Mark: Hallmark for Whiting, Sterling, Pat. 1902. Size: 8 1/4"L. Weight 75.8 grams. Condition: scratches on bowl. 50 - 100
2225 13 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (7) Whiting "Louis XV" pattern (1891) tablespoons. Monogramed "MHP". Marked: Hallmark for Whiting, Sterling, Pat. 1891. Size: 8 1/4"L. Weight: 492 grams. Condition: one spoon with dented bowl. (1) Whiting "Louis XV" pattern (1891) fork. Marked: hallmark for Whiting, Sterling, Pat. 1891. Size: 6 3/4"L. Weight: 39 grams. Condition: good. (5) Gorham spoons, "Newcastle" pattern (1895). Monogramed "S". Marked: Hallmark for Gorham, Sterling. Size: 7"L. Weight: 230 grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2226 6 GORHAM,6 TOWLE STERLING FORKS. N/R. (6) Gorham "Virginiana " pattern (1904-5) dinner forks. Monogramed "R". Marked: hallmark for Gorham, Pat 1904, Sterling. size: 7 1/4"L. Weight: 293 grams. Condition: good. (6) Towle 1894 pattern dinner forks. Monogramed "S". Marked: Hallmark for Towle, Sterling, Pat.1894. Size: 7"L. Weight: 268 grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2227 15 STERLING SPOONS. N/R. (6) Towle teaspoons "Old Newbury" pattern 1900. sterling, monogramed "R". Marks: Hallmark for Towle, Sterling. Size: 5 3/4"L. Weight: 140 grams. Condition: good. (6) Sterling teaspoons. monogramed "P". unknown mark. Marked: hallmark and Sterling. Weight: 218 grams. Condition: good. (1) Reed and Barton "Trajan" pattern (1892) serving spoon. Monogramed AST 1895 on back. Marked: hallmark for Reed and Barton, Sterling. Size: 8 3/8"L. Weight: 62 grams. Condition: good. (2) Gorham "Cambridge" pattern (1899) serving spoons. Monogramed "R". Marked: hallmark for Gorham, Sterling Pat 1899. Weight: 111grams. condition: good. 100 - 200
2228 TIFFANY STERLING DISH. Oval dish, lobed segmented sides, hammered leaf decorated ends. Marked: Tiffany & Co., Makers, Sterling Silver, 22930G, M *. Size: 1 1/3"H, 10 1/2"L. 6 1/2"W. Condition: minor wear. 150 - 300
2229 CHAINSTITCH RUG 48 IN X 69 IN. Floral chainstitch rug, large outer band of flowers, smaller inner field of flowers agains cream ground. Marked: handwoven in India. Size: 48" x 69". Condition: like new. 100 - 300
2230 CHAINSTITCH RUG. Floral chainstitch rug, outer wide band of flowers, inner smaller flowers in pink and blue against a black ground. Marked: hand woven in India. Size: 8' x 10'. Condition: like new. 250 - 500
2231 6 WEDGWOOD 1893 WORLDS FAIR PLATES. N/R. Six transferware plates commemorating the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Two light blue transfer, two dark blue transfer, two brown transfer, all with aesthetic movement decorative borders. (1) Light blue plate: Machinery Building, Worlds Columbian Exposition. (print blurred). (2) Light blue plate: United States Goverment Building World's Columbian Exposition. (3) Dark blue plate: Agricultural Building World's Columbian Exposition. (4) Dark blue plate: Electrical Building World's Columbian Exposition. (5) Brown plate: Horticultural Building World's Columbian Exposition. (6) Brown plate: Administration Building World's Columbian Exposition. Marks: Wedgwood Etruria England, Trademark registered in US Patent Office. Size: 8 1/4"Diam. each. condition: two plates with roughness on edges. 100 - 200
2232 BELLEEK CREAMER AND VASE. N/R. (1) Shamrock decorated footed creamer, black full mark, Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: no detractions. (2) Bundled wheat vase with yellow bow around center, green mark with (R). Size: 4"H, 1 7/8"H. Condition: no detractions. 50 - 100
2233 PR. METTLACH CHARGERS. N/R. Pair of Mettlach chargers, one with Gnome in tree holding two bottles with insects and cork screw, one with Gnome in tree drinking from a mug with insects. Both signed by Heinrich Schlitt, a Munich artist who specialized in humorous and fantasy scenes. Each charger incised and colored decoration. Each marked on back with incised Mettlach tower and incised banner (1885-1930 mark). One charger marked #2112, one marked #2113. Size: 16"Diam. each. Condition: #2112 gilt worn on raised border decoration. #2113 gilt worn on raised border decoration and along top edge. No other detractions. 1,000 - 3,000
2234 LUCITE BALL. Only two were made, originally cost thousands to make. The only other one was bought by a Japanes buyer. Lucite is ten times more reflective than glass. Created with air trapped bubbles. No mark. Size: 11" diam. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 400
2235 VICTORIAN WASH STAND WITH MARBLE TOP 1880 C. Butternut, white marble top with matching splash back and dish shelves. Brass and wood drop pulls, three drawers. Size: 40" H., 30" W., 16" D. Condition: stripped and refinished, chip out of back left side of top. 200 - 500
2236 NEOCLASSICAL FIGURES LAMP. N/R. Four white and gilt porcelain figures made into a lamp. Four dancing women in gilt dresses and drapery around a large classical urn with a white relief and gilt decoration, originally a centerpiece converted into a double lamp with metal base and two pleated silk shades. Mark: base covered, no mark visible but figures match Lot #2238 with unknown porcelain mark. Size: 20"H, 8"Diam. base, 23"W with shades, 8"D. Condition: wear to gilding. (see lot #2238). 200 - 400
2237 PR. CAPODIMONTE CANDLEABRA. N/R. Pair of white ceramic candelabra with gilt figures. Two draped females support 2 arm candelabra top, resting on stepped pillow base with gold swags on gold acanthus scroll feet. Marked: crown over N mark. Size: 16 3/4"H, 11"W, 5"D. Condition: one with figure in good condition. one with figure head broken and reglued, one arm missing, top reattached. 100 - 200
2238 NEOCLASSICAL DANCING FIGURE. N/R. White porcelain dancing figure with gilt dress and drapery. Unknown mark above 1672. Size: 10"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: leg repaired. (See lot #2236 for matching lamp.) 50 - 100
2239 PAIR OF SLAG GLASS LAMPS. N/R. Cast brass shade frame with six carmel colored slag glass panels. Shade has beaded fringe. Raised on brass table lamp base. Size: 25"H, 16" Diam. Condition: beaded fringe missing some strands. 3,000 - 5,000
2240 HANGING OIL LANTERN. N/R. Copper tone cast metal frame holds a blown molded shade wich runs pink to clear. Comes with original interior oil lamp. Size of fixture: 12" H. x 8" DIA. Condition: Two chips in the bottom clear glass rim of shade. 200 - 400
2241 PR. MEISSEN DOUBLE SWEETMEATS. N/R. Porcelain double sweetmeat dishes with hand painted putti, each with two dishes, with bird and insect decoration on rococo base. Size: 5"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: one marked with cross swords, with a chip in the rim of each bowl. One with indistinct mark with two chips on rim of one bowl, a chip in the drapery of putti. 100 - 200
2242 STAINED GLASS LIGHT SHADE. N/R. Having yellow roses around the circumferance. Size: 15" H. x 20" DIA. Condition: Shade only, no socket, wires, or chains. 200 - 400
2243 SLAG GLASS SHADE. N/R. Has eight carmel colored slag glass panels. Size: 9" H. x 23" DIA. Condition: No chain, sockets need to be replaced. 200 - 400
2244 BRONZE TABLE LAMP. N/R. Base consisting of two putti figures fighting for one arrow. Two branches in the rococo style above. Size: 27" H., 10" W., 9" D. Condition: No detractions. 250 - 450
2245 3 STEUBEN GLASS SHADES. N/R. Three signed steuben iridescent glass shades, two with gold interior one with gold and pink interior, white exterior with pulled gold/pink iridescent feathered decoration. Comes with three metal screw attachments for ends. Mark: each signed with Steuben mark on top inner rim. Size: 5 1/2"H, 2"Diam. base, 5 1/2" fluted opening diam. Condition: two with no chips or cracks, one with crack running the length of the shade. 300 - 600
2246 PAIR OF NEOCLASSIC MARBLE GARNITURES. Urn shaped mounted with rams heads and swags. Size: 17" H, 7" diameter. Condition: no detractions. 1,000 - 1,800
2247 MEISSEN DOUBLE SHELL BOWL. N/R. Oval bowl with double shell( pink and white) with gilt acanthus leaf borderand center decoration. Marked: blue crossed swords. Size: 2 1/4"H, 11 1/2"L, 7 1/2"W. Condition: one chip on top center edge. 50 - 100
2248 4 ADAMS STYLE WALL SCONCES. Four metal wall sconces, Adam style. Size: 14"H, 10 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: three have paint covered surface. one has painted removed. Condition: candle shafts are missing. signs of wear. 100 - 300
2249 MASTER MIND OF MARS. N/R. Burroughs, Edgar rice. The Master Mind of Mars. Chicago, 1928; A. C. McClurg & Co. First edition. Inner hinge starting; covers and page edges moderately soiled; ink name on front free endpaper. Interior good condition. 200 - 300
2250 CHINESE AT HOME AND ABROAD. N/R. Farwell, Willard B. The Chinese at Home and Abroad, together with the report of the special committee of the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, on the condition of the Chinese Quarter of that City. San Francisco, 1885. 118 + 113 pp, with foldout color map of Chinatown. Horrendously racist portrayal of the Chinese community. Back inner hinge starting; cover lightly spotted; otherwise very good. A rare book. 300 - 500
2251 YELLOW PEKING GLASS VASE. N/R. Archaic Gu form beaker vase, yellow peking glass, late 19-Early 20th c. No mark. Size: 9 3/4"H. 5 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: no detractions. 150 - 300
2252 8 WATERFORD CHAMPAGNE GLASSES. N/R. Eight glasses with diamond cut band around bowl, ring of cut rondels above, faceted round knob on stem, plain round flat base. Marked: Waterford. Size: 4 3/8"H, 3 1/2"Diam. bowl. Condition: no detractions. 40 - 80
2253 BACCARAT PAPERWEIGHT. N/R. Three sided obelisk form with square base, one side cut away to form illusional floral vase. Marked: Baccarat France. Size: 6 3/4"H, 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" base. Condition: several scratches on base and bottom of glass, fleabites on several edges. 100 - 200
2254 BOHEMIAN CASED GLASS CHALICE. N/R. White over cranberry glass chalice with cut and gilded decoration. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H, 3 1/8"Diam. Condition: no detractions. 75 - 150
2255 QUEEN VICTORIA CONTAINER. N/R. Milk glass container, cylindrical body with Victoria's Royal Crest and the name Victoria, fitted lid with three dimensional head of Queen Victoria. No mark. Size: 8"H, 4"Diam. base. Condition: 1/2" crack in top rim. 50 - 100
2256 CONSOLIDATED FISH VASE. N/R. Cased glass fish vase in frosted purple glass, fish in relief, ground bottom. Martele hand wrought art glass designed in 1926 by Consolidated Lamp and Glass Co. Coraopolis, Pa. Original paper label missing. No mark. Size: 9"H, 8 1/4"W, 4"D. Condition: 1/2 inch chip in top rim. 100 - 200
2257 AMBER GLASS DECANTER. N/R. Amber glass decanter with faceted base, decaled, painted and gilt body decoration with 19th C style coach traveling scene, three gilt ringed neck, tall stopper w. faceted knob. No mark. ( deep color of stopper matches base of decanter) ( stopper could be later replacement) Size: decanter 10"H. Stopper 8 1/4"H. Total height 18 1/4"H. Condition: painting and gilding good, no chips. 50 - 100
2258 BLOWN LATTICE GLASS VASE. N/R. White and clear glass blown vase, lattice pattern, crimped ribbon candy edge, partially folded edge. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H, 5"Diam. base. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2259 PR. LALIQUE DOUBLE DAHLIA PERFUMES. N/R. Pair of Lalique double Dahlia perfume bottles,Clear and frosted glass, ground stoppers. Each marked: Lalique France in script. Size: 3 1/2"H, 3 3/4"W, 1"D. Condition: good, sediment inside bottom of one perfume bottle. 100 - 200
2260 3 LALIQUE LION PIECES. N/R. A lighter and two ashtrays with frosted lion design by Lalique. (1) Lighter with two frosted lion faces on clear round base, brass lighter insert marked "United" made in USA. Marked on base in script "Lalique France". Size: 5"H, 4"W, 3"D. Condition: chip on the nose of one lion. (2,3) Ashtrays with lion face and mane in frosted glass on clear base. Marked: in script on bottom Lalique France. Size: 2 1/2 "H, 6"Diam. Condition: one with fleabite on rim, one with fleabite on top surface. 50 - 100
2261 L'AIR DU TEMPS LALIQUE BOTTLE. N/R. Lalique stoppered perfume bottle designed in 1951 two doves, symbolizing peace and eternal youth, ground stopper. Marked: Nina Ricci Bottle made by Lalique France (acid stamped). Size: 4"H, 2 1/2"W, 2"D. Condition: chips on two wings. 40 - 80
2262 LALIQUE FISH PINTRAY. N/R. Frosted glass fish in center of clear round pintray. Marked: in script "Lalique France". Size: 3 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. on bottom. 50 - 100
2263 LALIQUE 2 SWANS PINTRAY. N/R. Two frosted glass swans in center of clear glass round pintray. Marked: Lalique (R) France. Size: 3 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Condition: minor scratches on bottom. 50 - 100
2264 LALIQUE FROSTED BIRD. N/R. Frosted glass bird by Lalique. Marked: in script "Lalique France". size: 3 1/4"H, 4 1/2"L. 2 3/4"W. Condition: chip on beak, chip on tail, chips on wings. 25 - 50
2265 BLUE CASED CUT VASE. N/R. Blue glass cased over clear, with X and lozenge shaped cuts to reveal clear glass, fluted cut top edge, polished bottom. No mark. Size: 7"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: Wear on bottom, small chip in top rim. 40 - 80
2266 PR. MOSER GLASS VASES. N/R. Pair of square columnar vases with round bases, yellow enamel and gilt decoration. Marked: Moser Glasfrabrik M.M. Karlsbad Austria. Size: 8 1/4"H, 3"diam. base. Condition: Gilt worn on top edges, discoloration in inside bottom of vases. 100 - 200
2267 HAWKES CUT GLASS STERLING BOX. N/R. Cut glass box with floral decoration, sterling rim and lid inset with cut glass window. Monogramed K.W.H. Marked: Hawkes Sterling beneath hinges of lid. Size: 2"H, 5 1/8"W, 3 7/8"D. Condition: each bottom corner of glass box has chips. 50 - 100
2268 BOULLE STYLE BOX. N/R. Boulle style box, velvet lined with key, lacquered sides, tortoise shell inlaid top, front and top inlaid wtih brass tracery decoration. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W, 6 1/4"D. Condition: minor losses to tortoise decoration. Some bubbling of tortoise shell. 75 - 150
2269 STEUBEN GLASS LOW BOWL. N/R. Steuben glass bowl, classic round clear glass low bowl with rounded lip. Marked: in script "Steuben". Size: 2 1/2"H, 13"Diam. Condition: scratches on top and bottom of bowl. 50 - 100
2270 19TH CENTURY BRONZE VASE. Raised on elephant head legs. Haveing panels with high relief decoration of exotic birds in flowering branches. Size: 21" H., 10" DIA. Condition: Variation to the patina. Vase does not have a solid bottom, there is a naturally formed hole. 250 - 500
2271 VICTORIAN CAMEO BACK SOFA. c.1870 Rococo Revival. Walnut frame carved with grapes, flowers, and leafage. Backrest is button tufted. Size: 42" H, 65" W, 25" D. Condition: professionally refinished and recently reupholstered in a pinkish and cream brocade. 1,000 - 1,500
2272 VICTORIAN PARLOR CHAIR. c.1870 Rococo Revival style. Carved foliate decoration on mahogany frame and button tufted backrest. Size: 40" H, 23" W, 21" D. Condition: professionally refinished and recently reupholstered. 150 - 300
2273 PR. CUT GLASS COMPOTES. N/R. Pair of compotes with wheel cut base, smooth stem, shallow bowl with wheel cut thistle and thistle leaf decoration, with radiating cut design from center. Ground puntil. No mark. Size: 8"H, 7"Diam. bowl, each. Condition: one compote has one fleabite on rim, one compote has four fleabites on rim. 100 - 200
2274 SHERATON CHERRY CHEST. N/R. Circa 1820. Two over three drawer arrangement, with inlaid escutcheons and inlaid panels on the side rails. Sides of the chest are panelled. Raised on turned legs with a scalloped apron. Carved pulls are Victorian style replacements. Size: 4' H, 40" W, 20" D. Condition: has been refinished, pulls have been changed. 500 - 1,000
2275 PAIR GIRANDOLES. N/R. Floral decorated girandoles marble base, floral metal stem, with hanging prism pendants. Nomark. Size: 15"H., base 6"W, 4"D. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2276 GABON FANG MALE RELIQ.FIGURE. N/R. Africa, Gabon, Fang people, male reliquary figure, 3rd quarter of 20th c. Wood with copper eyes. Size: 24"H. Condition: nice patina, some age cracks and old repair to feet. 150 - 300
2277 SENUFO ANIMAL MASK. N/R. African, Ivory Coast, Senufo people, composite animal mask. 20th c. Wood, Size: 17 1/2"L. Condition: minor chips in wood. 150 - 300
2278 CAMEROON FEMALE DOLL. N/R. Africa, Cameroon, Mossi people, female doll with flat chisel like face, 20th c. Wood. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2279 TANZANIA FEMALE TORSO MASK. N/R. Africa, Tanzania region, Makonde people, Female torso body mask. 20th c. Wood. Size: 20"L,10"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: 2 filled holes in chest. 150 - 300
2280 CONGO MALE FETISH FIGURE. N/R. Africa, Congo Region, Songye people, male fetish figure. 20th C. Wood. No mark. Size: 14"H. Condition: some weathering, encrustation, and age cracks. 100 - 200
2281 AFRICAN FIGURE BY N. IBOU. N/R. Female carved figure. 20th c. Wood. Signed on bottom: N. Ibou. Size: 26"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2282 NEW GUINEA GUARDIAN FIGURE. N/R. New Guinea, Sepik River area, painted guardian figure, c. 1960s, wood and paint. No mark. Size: 25"H. Condition: some old insect damage and weathering. 150 - 300
2283 NEW GUINEA SPIRIT MASK. N/R. New Guinea, Sepik River area, spirit mask. 20th c. Wood and cassowary feathers. Size: 15"L. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2284 NEW GUINEA HEADDRESS. N/R. new Guinea, Abelam Highlands area, dance headdress, c. 1960's, made of painted bark. Size: 22"H. Condition: top part of finial cracked. 50 - 100
2285 WATER BUFFALO HORN CONTAINER. N/R. Indonesian Dyak People Janus faced tobacco container. Carved water buffalo horn with double faced carving and turtle carved cap. 20th c. no marks. Size: 5 3/4"H, 2 3/4"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2286 CHINESE TABLE SCREEN. N/R. Marble table screen in pierce carved rosewood frame. Painted landscape scene with calligraphed poetic title. Shades of grey and brown. 19th. c. Size: marble 16"H, 12"W, frame 24"H, 15"W, 7 1/2"D base. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2287 BUST OF MAO ZEDONG. N/R. Social realist portrait bust of Chairman Mao Zedong. Cultural revolution period (Late 1960's-70's). Brass. Inscribed on front: "Great Leader, Great Founder, Great Father, Grreat Teacher.". Marked: no marks on bottom. Size: 9 1/4"H, 7"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 400
2288 2 PHOENIX & DRAGON PLATES. N/R. Two Chinese porcelain plates with Dragon and Phoenix design, floral exterior design, gold rim. Mark: Guangxu mark & period. 1875-1908. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. each. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2289 CERAMIC BOWL. N/R. glazed ceramic bowl. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2290 CHINESE BLUE GLAZE SAUCER. N/R. Chinese porcelain saucer wtih robin's egg blue glaze, with wood stand of the period in box. Mark: Guangxu mark and period 1875-1908. Size: 1 1/2"H, 5 1/4"Diam., stand 1 1/4"H, 3 1/4"Diam. condition: good. 100 - 200
2291 CHINESE BLUE GLAZED FU DOGS. N/R. Pair of porcelain blue glazed fu dogs, mark of Qianlong Period (1736-1795) but produced in the early 20th c. Size: 10 1/4"H, 4"W, 3"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2292 CHINESE EXPORT PLATE. N/R. Porcelain plate with green and white cabbage design, long life design in center, with 6 yellow and black insects in decoration. 19th c. No mark. Size: 3/4"H, 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: chip or flaw on rim. 50 - 100
2293 CHINESE PORCELAIN FISH PLATE. N/R. Chinese porcelain plate with underglaze blue and red fish design. Blue fish with red cross hatched scales, unglazed center bottom circle. No mark. Size: 2 3/4"H, 9 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2294 2 CHINESE UNDERGLAZE BLUE PLATES. N/R. 2 19th c. Chinese porcelain plates with underglaze blue foral and arabesque designs. Smaller plate (1'H, 6 1/2"Diam.) decorated top and bottom, marked with Chinese characters. Condition: 2 chips in rim. Larger plate ( 1 1/2"H, 9"Diam. glazed top and sides, bottom circle not glazed or marked. Condition: some roughness on rim. 100 - 200
2295 CHINESE PORCELAIN DISH. N/R. White glazed dish with blue mark on bottom. 19th c. Size: 8"Diam. 1 5/8"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2297 SOCIAL REALIST MAO PLATE.1968. N/R. Chinese porcelain plate depicting Chairman Mao Zedong as a Hunan rice farmer with printed and script texts. Dated 1968. Marked: Chinese characters and red star on back. Size: 1 1/8"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2298 CHINESE CLOISONNE PLATE. N/R. 19th C. Chinese cloisonne plate with lotus center design, blue field, red and black detail, black bottom with lotus leaf outine. No mark. Size: 1"H, 8"diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2299 CONTEMPORARY TEA SET. 9 piece contemporary ceramic tea set, green speckled glaze. Each marked: G.S. Consists of: (1) round tray, 7 5/8"Diam. Condition: good. (6) handled cups, 2 5/8"H. Condition: good. (1) Creamer, 2 5/8"H. Condition: good. (1) Sugar bowl, 2:H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2300 CHINESE WALL PLAQUES. N/R. 2 wall plaques depicting scenes from popular plays, 19th c. Wood inlaid with colored hard stones. Size: 19"H, 8 3/4"W, 3/4"D. Condition: some old damage and repair to image and frame, cracks in wood, replaced stones, breaks. 100 - 200
2301 2301. CHIPPENDALE STYLE SIDEBOARD Mahogany with carved and applied decoration, two drawers and two doors, case sits on carved cabriole legs terminating in ball and claw feet. Size: 42" H., 72" W., 24" D. 1,500 - 2,500
2302 ROSEWOOD DAVENTPORT. N/R. 19th century. Inlaid lift lid compartment for writing implements above inlaid slant top desk lid concealing cubby holes and small drawers. Inlaid base has four real drawers and four faux drawers. Size: 33" H., 22" W., 22" D. Condition: Minor losses to inlay, minor scuffing to base. 800 - 1,200
2303 MAHOGANY COUNTER. With carved Rococo style legs. Size: 47"h x 71"w x 27"d. 300 - 500
2304 LOUIS XVI STYLE SIDE CHAIR. N/R. Painted and parcel gilt frame. 30 - 60
2305 PAINTED MARBLE TOP TABLE. N/R. Marble top is painted with a naive Italian landscape and oakleaf border. Top has been varnished over, is now yellowed. Cabriole base is in paint and parcel gilt. Condition: wear to painted scene. 25 - 50
2306 GEORGE III OVAL LIBRARY TABLE. N/R. English, mixed woods of oak, pine, and mahogany. Oval library table with inset red leather top, the frieze fitted with four real drawers and four false drawers on a turned baluster base with four reeded downswept legs. Each drawer with dark banded edging. Provenance: the Henry Oliver Estate, Pittsburgh. Size: 28 3/4" H, 4' W, 38" D. Condition: minor losses to veneer, 2" bruise to edge of table. 2,000 - 4,000
2307 CHIPPENDALE KNEEHOLE DESK. N/R. Chippendale style kneehole desk, one top drawer, six side drawers, one kneehole door with two shelves, on bracket feet, each drawer with cockbanded edges, elaborate pierced batwing brass pulls.English, walnut.From the Henry Oliver Estate, Pittsburgh. Size: 30 1/2"H, 34"W, 17 3/4"D. Condition: Signs of age and wear, minor chip to top left desk top, split top surface, some cracking to top surface. 500 - 1,000
2308 2308. FRENCH COUNTRY STAND WITH DRAWER. France, nineteenth century,one drawer stand, mixed hard woods, shaped apron and top, drawer conforming to the shape of apron, curved legs. Size: 21" H., 18" W., 15" D. Condition: original finish, no other detrations. 150 - 300
2309 18TH CENTURY MAHOGANY MUSIC STAND. N/R. Mahogany and beech(?). Three tiered with adjustable easel top, open shelf, two ebonised edge drawers, and slotted area at the bottom. Provenance: estate of John Oliver Jr. Size: 42" H, 19" W, 16" D. Condition: one piece of molding just needs to be reglued, one spindle off, losses to ebonised drawer edging, two cracks in the top measuring 11" and 4". 700 - 1,200
2310 18TH CENTURY GENTLEMAN'S WASHSTAND. N/R. English. Mahogany and oak. Having a divided flip top lid and a drawer and door with campaign pulls. Raised on marlborough legs, (one piece construction). Provenance: estate of John Oliver Jr. Size when closed: 31" H, 20" W, 19" D. Condition: several cracks forming in the lids. 800 - 1,400
2311 MAHOGANY CANTERBURY. N/R. Four slots for magazines with drawer below. Has acorn finials. 15 - 30
2312 UPHOLSTERED SIDE CHAIR. N/R. In a stripped fabric. 2 - 4
2313 TURN OF THE CENTURY ARM CHAIR. N/R. Burch stained mahogany. Heavy form. 40 - 80
2314 CAST IRON GARDEN FURNITURE. N/R. Two pieces include a chair and side table. 35 - 70
2315 PAIR OF QUEEN ANN STYLE ARM CHAIRS. N/R. Made by Hakman. 30 - 60
2316 OVAL PORCELAIN PORTRAIT. N/R. Oval porcelain portrait painted in the style of the 18th C. Noble woman with plumed hat. Porcelain mounted on black velvet background in shadow box frame. Frame gilt gessoed pierced decorated. Marked: porcelain signed ...Jagot (?). Size: porcelain 3 1/2"H, 2 3/4"W. Frame 13"H, 11 1/2"W. Condition: damage to each corner of the frame. 75 - 150
2317 GEORGIAN STYLE DOUBLE DRESSER. Made by counsel craftsman. Mahogany with cross banded top and drawer edges. Haveing ogee bracket feet. Size: 34"h x 66"w x 30"d. Condition: Like new. 100 - 200
2318 LANE CEDAR CHEST. N/R. Georgian style, birch stained mahogany. Has pierces batwing pulls. Size: 36"h x 54"w x 17"d. 70 - 120
2319 LEADED GLASS BOOKCSE. N/R. In white paint. 100 - 200
2320 PIECRUST TABLE. N/R. 30 - 60
2322 VICTORIAN WALNUT MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Seven day key wind, pendulum, half hour strike, mantle clock. Gilt decorated clock face cover. Eastlake style incised and cut frame. Size: 24"H. 15"W. 5"D. Condition: sold as is, might be refinished. 200 - 400
2323 PAIR OF MARBLE CANDELABRA. N/R. Neoclassic style. Butterscotch colored marble plinths and columns each with has five cast metal socles. Plinths are mounted with lyres. Size: 19.5" H, 8" W, 8" D. Condition: four chips out of the top corners of the plinths. 300 - 600
2324 METAL LAMPS AFTER ANTIQUE. N/R. (1) Brass three light oil lamp, after antique, with shield and implements.Size: 14"H, 4"Diam. (2) Bronze finger lamp, looped wire handle, end of double eagle cartouche, hinged cover with double eagle cartouche. Size: 2 1/2"H, 4 1/2"W, 2 1/2"D. (3)Hanging oil lamp, metal, suspended from chain. Size: 4 1/2"H, 7"W, 3"D.Chain is 7"L. Condition: all show signs of wear. 50 - 150
2325 TABLE TOP MIRROR. N/R. Copper finished metal table top mirror, shell base, beveled glass mirror. Size: 22"H, 14"W, 9"D. condition: wear to metal. 50 - 100
2326 2326. OVERMANTEL MIRROR AND PAINTING 1920 C. Continental, wood frame, applied decoration, gessoed and covered in gold and bronze paint. Oil on board genra painting of bird, flowers and fruit in upper section, engraved mirror glass in lower section. Size: 36" H., 55" W. Condition: no detrations. 150 - 300
2327 LATE VICTORIAN PIER MIRROR. N/R. Beveled mirror in a walnut frame flanked by turned columns and surmounted by a pediment with leaf carving. Brown marble shelf below raised on cabriole legs. Size: just short of 8'H, 30" W, 11" D. Condition: original finish, no detractions. 500 - 900
2328 LATE FEDERAL CARVED TABLE. N/R. Cherry drop leafs supported by two gatelegs. All legs are carves with exotic leaves. Size with leaves up: 29" H., 44" W., 5'2" L. Condition: Three button feet inserted into brass casters are repaired or split (just needs to be reglued). 400 - 800
2329 PINE CORNER CUPBOARD. N/R. A tall blind door over a shorter blind door. Size: 88"h x 42"w. 300 - 600
2330 EARLY DEACONS BENCH. N/R. Mixed woods. Half spindle back, raised on faux bamboo ringed legs. Size: 34" H, 6' L. Condition: has been refinished, minor scratches. 400 - 800
2331 MAPLE BED. N/R. Maple bed, 52" high, 51" wide. Originally strung with rope; now fitted with boards. Good condition. 100 - 200
2332 PINE BUTLERS CHEST. N/R. Two blind doors over three drawers, raised on bracket feet. 200 - 400
2333 EDWARDIAN 3 PC PARLOR SUITE. N/R. Includes love seat, arm chair, and side chair. All have button tufted backs, applied carving. Birch stained mahogany. Condition: losses to applied carving, fabric soiled. 400 - 800
2334 BAKER CO. BOX ON STAND. One piece construction. Georgian style yew wood box is crossbanded with ebonised edges and paterae inlaid top connected to stand with bracketed tapering legs with cross stretchers. Size: 23" H, 20" W, 11" D. Condition: like new. 300 - 500
2335 PAIR OF AMERICAN EMPIRE CHAIRS. N/R. Mahogany with vasiform splats. Raised on saber legs. Condition: strong frames, nice deep old finish. 70 - 140
2336 CHINESE CARVED STAND. 19th century. Teak wood. Octagonal top inset with brownish red marble. Stand pierced and carved with dragon and foo dog masks, clouds, and yen. Size: 35" H, 18" diameter. Condition: original finish, nothing broken but is loose. 250 - 450
2337 CHINESE CARVED STAND. 19th century. Teak wood. Pentagonal shaped top inset with brownish red marble. Carved with persimmons, plum blossoms, dragons heads, and a wheel. Size: 32" H, 16" diameter. Condition: original finish, minor damage to two corners, one petal missing from one flower. 250 - 500
2338 CHINESE CARVED LOW TABLE. 19th century. Teak wood. Quatrafoil top inset with brownish red marble. Carved with clouds, bats, and leafage. Size: 18" H, 16" W, 16" D. Condition: original finish, no detractions. 200 - 300
2339 CHINESE CARVED LOW TABLE. 19th century. Walnut inset with brownish red marble. Carved with dragons heads, plum blossoms, clouds, and raised on paw feet. Size: 18" H, 18" diameter. Condition: original finish, no detractions. 200 - 350
2340 CHINESE CARVED LOW TABLE. N/R. 19th century. Teak wood. Square top inlaid with brownish red marble. Carved with flowers and leafage. Has open fretwork. Size: 19" H, 14" W, 14" D. Condition: original finish, glue joints are loose, missing open fretwork in two places. 150 - 300
2341 AESTHETIC MOVEMENT, MOORISH INFLUENCED CARVED CABINET. Last quarter 19th century. Hardwood stained mahogany. Finely and elaborately carved with arabesque stylized floral patterns and flower filled urns. Has five doors concealing two shelves and three open display areas. Size: 5' H, 43" W, 19" D. Condition: original finish, one bracket has come unglued and one is missing. 800 - 1,400
2342 2342. VICTORIAN SIDE TABLE WITH STONE TOP. 1870 C. Walnut carved and turned decoration and inlaid with lighter wood, four legs around a center column and sitting on porcelain castors. Condition: old finish, stone painted black, no other detractions. Size: 30 1/2" H., 28" W., 20" D. 300 - 400
2343 ORNATE BRONZE FLOOR OIL LAMP. N/R. 19th century. Pierced base decorated with foo dogs, shaft decorated with cranes. Top piece is the oil font. Size: 64" H., 14" DIA. Condition: Has been electrified, does not come with glass globular shade or glass chimney. 400 - 800
2344 ORIENTAL BRONZE LIDDED URN. N/R. Made into a table lamp. Bronze base has branch form handles and repousse hydrangea floral decoration. Size of base only: 12" H., 12" DIA. 250 - 500
2345 NEWEL POST LIGHT FIXTURE. N/R. 19th century. Cast metal figure of a dancing senorita with musical instruments at her feet, floral branches springing from behind holds four light bulbs. Size: 39" H., 14" W., 11" D. Condition: Ware to finish, need to be rewired. 400 - 800
2346 BRONZE FLOOR CANDELABRA. N/R. Pair of gothic revival style candelabra with hexagon bases, each holding seven candles. Size: 5' H., 20" W., 11" D. Condition: No detractions. 500 - 1,000
2347 EMPIRE STYLE GRANDFATHERS CLOCK. N/R. c.1900. By Colonial Manufacturing Co., Michigan. Pierced brass and silverplate face in a mahogany convex topped and pillared case. Size: 79" H, 22" W, 15" D. Condition: has the tubes, pendulum, weights, and key. Most of the silverplate is worn of the face, one of the weight wires is broken. 800 - 1,400
2348 FOUR CLEAR/AMBER CANDLESTICKS. N/R. Four blown and cut clear and amber candlesticks. Each with clear cut base, amber lower stem, clear cut blass ball knob, amber upper stem, clear cut candle holder top. Wheel cut decoration of ribbon swag, wheels, floral cutting. No mark. Each candlestick has an insert at the top to hold a standard candle. One glass original and three lucite replacements.Size: 9 1/2"H. 5"Diam. at base. Condition: no detractions. 300 - 600
2349 PR. CUT & AMBER GLASS COMPOTES. N/R. Pair of compotes, clear body, stem and base, amber twisted applied decoration to stem and edge of bowl, wheel cut leaf decoration on base, floral and leaf cut decoratoin on body. Ground bottom. No mark. Size: 6 3/4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: wear on bottom. 50 - 100
2350 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2351 WHITE MARBLE MANTLE CLOCK. N/R. Key wind mantle clock in Louis XVI style white marble and gilt metal case. Interior mechanism replaced with General Electric motorized electric clock. No other mark. Size; 16"H, 12"W, 5"D. condition: top finial loose, marble broken in top finial, other damage to marble. Sold as is. 50 - 100
2352 2 NEOCLASSICAL DECORATIONS. N/R. Two mantel decorations, metal with porcelain inserts. Porcelain pink with hand painted flowers in white oval with gilt decoration. Neoclassical metal mount, center portrait medallion with swags, square base on acanthus feet. Size: 9"H, 5"W, 4 3/4"D, No marks visible. Condition: gilt worn on porcelain, metal finish worn to copper colored base. 50 - 100
2353 BENCHMADE HEPPLEWHITE STYLE CHAIRS. Set of six (two armchairs) mahogany chairs which have a nice weight. Molded shield back with reticulated splat of Prince of Wales plumes and drapery swag. Serpentine front saddle seats raised on tapering molded legs. Round rosettes carved at handrests and rectangular panels carved with flowers where the arm evolves into the leg. Size of armchair: 39" H, 23" W, 20" D. Condition: no detractions or defects. 1,800 - 2,500
2354 OSCAR BACH ATTRIBUTED IRON BENCH. Medieval revival wrought iron fireside bench. Central armorial crest flanked by helmets upon crossed arrows. Tri S-scrolls form the ends. Size: 20" H, 6'L, 13" D. Condition: seat has been reupholstered. 500 - 1,000
2355 WROUGHT IRON PANEL. Size: 27"h x 38"l. Condition: Missing three pieces. 30 - 60
2356 4 ORNATE IRON PANELS. N/R. 50 - 100
2357 PAIR BRONZE CHENETS. Louis XVI style bronze chenets each with swags, columns, flaming hoove footed tripod urns finials. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"H, 12"W, 4"D. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 400
2358 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2359 DROPLEAF SOFA TABLE. Circa 1920. Mahogany. One drawer top supported by gruoped faux bamboo columns, raised on carved cabriole legs. Size: 28"h x 32"w x 17"d. 100 - 200
2360 2360. CENTER COLUMN STAND WITH MARBLE TOP 1870 C. Walnut turned and carved sitting on center column supported by four feet,inset white marble top. Simular to #1170. Condition: refinished, no other detractions. Size: 29 1/2" H., 18" D. 200 - 400
2361 2361.VICTORIAN TRIPOD STAND 1870 C. Walnut carved and turned decoration with inset white marble top. Condition: old finish, one foot repaired. Size: 29" H., 16" D. 150 - 250
2362 2362. VICTORIAN OVAL MARBLE TOP STAND 1870 C. Walnut carved and turned decoration, carved oval white marble top, supported on four legs sitting on porcelain castors. Marble marked with "G" on underside. Condition: refinished, no detractions. Size: 30" H., 25" W., 19" D. 300 - 500
2363 2363. VICTORIAN OVAL MARBLE TOP STAND 1870 C. Walnut carved and turned with four pendents, supported by four legs sitting on porcelain castors, white marble top. Simular to #2362. Condition: refinished in dark stain, four legs loose from center support. Size: 30" H., 25" W., 19" D. 100 - 200
2364 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP PARLOR TABLE. N/R. c.1880. Walnut and burl walnut veneer. With applied, turned, and carved decoration. Size: 30" H, 30" W, 22" D. Condition: original finish and castors, no detractions. 400 - 700
2365 2365. RENNAISSANCE REVIVAL SIDE TABLE WITH MARBLE TOP 1870 C. Walnut turned and carved decoration with turreted corners, white marble top carved to match the shape of the wood base, four feet supported by brass castors, center support terminates in disk-shape finial. Marble marked "W 3739" underside. Condition: old refinish, no detractions. Size: 30" H., 34" W., 24" D. 800 - 1,000
2366 OCTAGONAL MARBLE TOP TABLE. Ornate legs, cross stretchers having round platform. Size: 28"h x 21"w x 21"d. 100 - 200
2367 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP CENTER TABLE. c.1880. Rococo Revival. Round black marble top supported by mahogany veneered curvilinear base with ornate applied carvings. Has cross stretchers with central finial. Size: 27" H, 36" diameter. Condition: sun fading to original finish on one side, minor veneer losses to two legs. 500 - 800
2368 VICTORIAN ETEGERE. Ornate cast metal frame haveing three marble inset shelves and top finials. 90 - 180
2369 VICTORIAN BLACK WALNUT TABLE. N/R. Two tier table has pendant finials, spool legs and spool stretcher. Size: 29" H., 17" W., 26" D. Condition: No detractions. 150 - 300
2370 ART DECO METAL CONSOLE & MIRROR. N/R. Wrought iron console table, green marble top, with leaf and flower decoration with painted highlights. Hanging mirror with wrought iron floral finial. No mark. Size: Table: 30"H, 28"W, 12"D. Mirror: 27 1/2"H, 15"W. Condition: both minor wear. 150 - 300
2371 2371. FRENCH MARQUETRY CYLINDER DESK 1900 C. France, walnut and walnut veneer, line inlay, light wood marquetry of flowers and scrolls. fitted interior of three drawers and green leather covered writing slide with worn gilt decoration. One drawer in shaped apron, scalloped edge of apron, curved legs. Size: 40" H., 30" W., 18" D. Condition: original surface and leather, split in top right side, loss of some marquetry in cent of top, veneer loss to right fron tleg, both rear legs. 500 - 1,000
2372 MAHOGANY DISPLAY CABINET. N/R. Inscribed "from J.G. Clark, Kirby Moreside, 1867". Two glazed doors, flanked by spool pilasters, above 4 drawers flanked by spooled pilasters. Size: 7' H, 4'4" W, 2' D. Condition: professionaly refinished. 600 - 1,200
2373 BURL WALNUT VICTORIAN BOOKCASE. c.1880. Pierced gallery top over two burl walnut arch glazed doors. Has turreted corners with applied carving. Has a lower drawer. Size: 5' H, 36" W, 17" D. Condition: original finish, new glass, key escutcheon half missing. 600 - 1,200
2374 AMERICAN CHERRY CORNER CUPBOARD. 19th century. Two piece. Having maple accent trim. Two doors with twelve panes total enclosing three scalloped shelves. Pie shelf below cabinet. Base has three drawers over two doors. Raised on bracket feet. Size: 7'-3" H, takes a 42" wall. Condition: refinished, replaced hardware. 1,200 - 2,000
2375 19TH CENTURY SECRETARY. Cherry, maple, and pine. Bookcase top with gothic arched doors. Slant front desk with fitted interior and three graduated drawers flanked by columns. Size: 92" H, 44" W, 21" D. Condition: has been refinished, replaced hardware, gallery is new. 1,000 - 2,000
2376 LATE VICTORIAN STYLE BOOKCASE. Cherry and pine. Two door glazed top rests on base with two central drawers flanked by two doors. Incised line decoration. Size: 6' H, 45" W, 18" D. Condition: stripped and refinished, shelves are all new. 300 - 500
2377 VICTORIAN BOOKCASE. N/R. c.1870. Walnut and burl walnut veneer. Two door glazed top concealing six adjustable shelves resting on a base with two drawers. Size: 7'6" H, 51" W, 18" D. Condition: original finish and hardware, two 10"splits on either side of the base. 700 - 1,200
2378 2378. COUNTRY CORNER CUPBOARD WITH GLAZED DOORS American, early nineteenth century, two piece case of pine, two six pane glazed doors over two drawers over two blind field doors in base, shaped bracket feet, waist bead of maple. Size: 7' H., 3' 6" return to wall. Condition: stripped and refinished, new glass and muttons in doors, new hardware. 1,200 - 2,500
2379 2379. VICTORIAN MIRRORED DRESSER WITH CANDLE BRACKETS 1870 C. Walnut, walnut burl veneer, applied, turned and carved decoration and wwhite marble inset, five drawers over three drawers. Curvered topped mirror piviots within decorated arch. Size: 84" H., 42" W., 19" D. Condition: Some damage to keyhole escutcheon, burl veneer damanged on one drawer, professionally refinished, original hardware. 1,000 - 1,500
2380 BARRISTER BOOKCASE. Made in Toledo, OH. Five oak lift front sections. Size: 82"h x 34"w x 12"d. 400 - 600
2381 VICTORIAN MANTLE CLOCK. Key wind, pendulum, half hour strike clock. Elaboratly decorated case. Size: 23"H. 14 1/2"W, 4 3/4"D. Condition: Top finial broken and repaired, Sold as is. 100 - 300
2382 60 PIECE DINNERWARE SET. N/R. 48 Pieces of Syracuse China, "Bracelet" Old Ivory pattern dishes. Cream with 3/8" raised gold border, simple interior gold band. Marked: Syracuse China O.P.Co. Made in America. 12 pieces of Lenox, bread plates in similar design. Marked: Lenox China. Set includes: 12 dinner plates (10 1/4"Diam.). Condition: one with mark in rim. 12 luncheon plates (9"Diam.) Condition: one with chip in rim. 12 cups. Condition: one with chip in rim, one with crack in rim. 12 saucers. Condition: one with crack in bottom. 12 bread plates (marked Lenox) size: 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: one with damaged edge. 100 - 200
2383 7 GLASSES WITH 8 GLASS CLOCHES. N/R. Seven balloon bowled stemmed glasses ( six completely rounded bowls, one with faintly ribbed round bowl) in clear glass. And eight top knobed cloches ( glass domes). No mark. Size: glasses 6 3/4"H. 5"Diam. Cloches 2 3/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2384 10 LOW BOWLS W. 12 UNDERPLATES. N/R. Ten molded clear glass handled low bowls. No mark. Size: 5 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. Twelve clear glass underplates, ground bottoms. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2385 THREE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS N/R. Lot includes three matching windows constructed of swirl slag glass framed in newer green wood. They have a leaf and flower design in tones of blue, green, pink, brown and purple. Dimensions framed: 45 1/4" l., 24 3/4" w. Condition: glass has some cracks; discoloration on one of the lead borders; wood has some chips. 500 - 700
2386 FOUR STAINED GLASS WINDOWS N/R. Lot includes two sets of matching windows constructed of swirled slag glass framed in green wood. One set has a double circle design in tones of green, brown and blue. One set has a floral design in tones of yellow, green, blue, brown and pink. Dimensions small set framed: 16" l., 15 1/2" w. Larger set framed: 42 3/4" l., 15 1/4" w. Condition: no defects in the glass; wooden frames show some flaking paint and splitting. 500 - 700
2387 STAINED GLASS PANEL N/R. Panel is constructed of swirled slag glass framed in brown wood. The panel has a flower and leaf design in tones of green, brown, pink, and blue. Dimensions framed: 78 3/4" l., 16" w. Condition: good overall; except for some cracks in the glass. 500 - 700
2388 PAIR 3 BRANCH CANDLEABRA. N/R. Clear glass candelabra with faceted hanging prism. No mark. Size: 15"H, 13"W, 6"D. Condition: a few prisms have fleabites. 150 - 300
2389 WEDGWOOD DINNERWARE (27). N/R. 27 pieces of white and gold trimmed dinnerware. White with a delicate gold floral and acanthus decorated border with gold banding. Set includes 12 plates (8 3/4"Diam.), 7 saucers (5 3/8"Diam.), and 8 cups ( 3 3/8"Diam.). Cups have split handle tops. Marked: Wedgwood England. Conditoin: one cup with interior staining, one cup with spider crack through bottom of cup, one plate with center decoration worn, one plate with glaze bubble on surface. 100 - 200
2390 ROYAL CROWN DERBY "REGENCY" (63 PIECES). N/R. Sixty three pieces of Royal Crown Derby " Regency" pattern bone china dishes. White with gold rim and six stylized gold iconic decorations on rim of each plate, four on rim of each cup. Set includes: 13 cups ( 2 1/2"H, 3 1/8"Diam.), 13 saucers ( 5 1/2"Diam.), 13 large plates ( 10 1/2"Diam.), 12 medium plates ( 8"Diam.), 12 small plates (6"Diam.). All marked: Royal Crown Derby made in England Bone China "Regency" A 1075. Condition: two large plates have dark marks on top surface. 200 - 400
2391 MING CLOISONNE VASE. Ming dynasty cloisonne vase (17th c.) in the Archaic style. Size: 22 1/2"H, 13 1/2" x 13 1/2"Top. Condition: little damage to the enamel. 3,000 - 5,000
2392 JAPANESE ARMOR. Partial set of Japanese armor, wood and metal chain mail, partial face mask, other items. Condition: incomplete set, worn. 500 - 1,000
2393 JAPANESE ARMOR. Partial set of Japanese armor. Chain mail and other material, on wooden form. Condition: worn and incomplete. 500 - 1,000
2394 6 CALLIGRAPHY SCROLLS. N/R. 6 calligrpahy scrolls, ink on paper, mounted on paper, all vertical format, Marked: in English Shansi Series III, 1-6. Size: text panel 32"H, 8 1/4"W., mounted 37 1/2"H, 9 3/4"W. Condition: (1) minor stains, (2) minor tear, (3) good, (4) tears and stains, (5) tears on edge, (6) tears on edge. 250 - 500
2395 3 CALLIGRAPHY SCROLLS. N/R. 3 Chinese calligraphy scrolls, ink on paper, mounted on silk, vertical format. (1,2) text 69"H, 8 1/4"W, mount 84"H, 11 1/4"W. Paper on white silk. Condition: (1) good condition. (2) minor stains on silk. (3) text 49" x 12 1/4", mount 59" x 14 1/3". Condition: stains of the silk, 11 tears on edge, 3 extend into text , 1 major tear into text. 150 - 300
2396 CHINESE MOLDED BRICK. N/R. Molded brick with Chinese calligraphic characters on one side, geometric patterning on three sides. No mark. Size: 10 3/4"L, 5"W, 2"H. Condition: damage and chips to corners and edges. 40 - 80
2397 4 PANEL TABLE SCREEN. N/R. Four Chinese embroidered silk panels in wooden framework hinged screen. Each panel illustrates birds and flowers. No mark. Size: each panel 14"H, 5 1/2"W. Condition: wear to frame, one center hinge loose, minor damage to feet. 30 - 60
2398 CHINESE LOW (KANG) TABLE. 18th C. Chinese low table ( Kang table), carved feet, carved apron, planked top. Size: 11 1/4"H, 31"W, 31"D. Condition: wear and scratches. 2,000 - 3,000
2399 2 FRAMED BANNERS. N/R. red silk banners with black ink calligraphy, in wooden frames, a pair. Size: banners 14"H, 32"W. Frame: 19 1/2"H, 37 1/4"W. Condition: silk under glass, frames old and worn. 200 - 400
2400 SATSUMA STYLE LAMP. N/R. Figural Satsuma vase made into a lamp on wooden base, 2 lights. No mark. Size: 11"H vase, 23 "H lamp. Condition: gilt worn handles. 150 - 300
2401 BRONZE DOG SCULPTURE. N/R. Two cast bronze dogs on stone base. One dog bites the ear of the other. Attached to oval top, rectangular bottom stone base. No mark. Size: 3"H, 4"W base, 3"D.base. Condition: damage and repairs to oval top base, chipping on corner of rectangular lower base. 75 - 150
2402 SEVRES PLATTER IN METAL FRAMEWORK. N/R. Rectangular dished platter with wide yellow border band and yellow exterior walls, borders with hand painted flowers and gilt cartouches and garlands. Center section has 18th c. style figures, man with cage and two women in country setting. Porcelain is set in a gilt metal stand, four acanthus leaf feet are connected by metal garlands of flowers, top rim with decorated edging, holes indicate two missing handles. Marked: Sevre porcelain markwith "A" in center, additional impressed mark in the porcelain. Size: 5 1/2"H, 16"W, 9 3/4"D. ( platter is 2 1/2"H). Condition: porcelain good, Metal framework missing handles. 300 - 600
2403 MEISSEN INKWELL. Hand painted porcelain inkwell set in brass fitting. Three porcelain pieces, each with four quadrants of decoration; two scenic and two decorative. Scenic quadrants with individuals and groups of figures with church and landscape backgrounds. Alternating quadrants with rose and gold floral decoration. Bottom section set in ring of metal with engraved decoration. Inkwell supported above lower section with four sets of crossed stems, hinged metal supports porcelain lid. Domed porcelain lid has same four quadrant decoration with blue ribbon finial. Marked : crossed swords mark and # 15. Size: 4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. base, 2 1/2"Diam. inkwell. Condition: interior inkwell stained blue, porcelain ribbon finial broken in several places. 550 - 1,100
2404 ENAMELED VASE. Enamel on copper vase with female figure walking through a flower strewn forest. She is dressed in red with blue scarf. White raised enamel flowers are in the foreground. Gold highlight are seen on the dress. Rose enamel covers the interior. No marks. Size: 5 1/2"H, 2"Diam. top, 2 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: Chipping of enamel around base and on bottom, a small area of loss on lower portion of vase. 400 - 800
2405 ROYAL VIENNA PORCELIAN VASE. Porcelain vase with narrow neck, hand painted female head with a wreath of flowers in her hair against a cream background. Signed "Simchen" lower right. Gold enamel decoration surrounds the neck and top rim. Marked: on bottom with Beehive mark, Turn Austria E.W. 198. Size: 7"H, 5"Diam. at widest part, 2 1/4"Diam. at base. Condition: good. 500 - 750
2406 BOHEMIAN GLASS VASE. N/R. Cased glass vase, white over blue glass, white cut to reveal blue rondels and blue rectangles in the neck. Hand painted roses and leaves on body, black and gold painted swags on base and neck, and two black and gold cartouches on body of vase. Smooth bottom. Marked: paper label: Bohemia Glass made in Czechoslovakia. Size: 8"H, 4"diam. at widest point, 3 1/4"Diam. top. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2407 ANTIQUE STYLE CERAMIC FIGURE. N/R. Female figure in an antique style (Greco-Roman) (Tanagra)(?) lifting here dress to reveal her legs. No mark. Size: 8"H, 3 1/8"W, 2"D. Condition: head broken and reglued. 50 - 100
2408 CHINESE ROSEQUARTZ GROUP. N/R. Rosequartz figural group on wooden base, woman with climbing child, green and rose colored quartz, carved four footed base. No mark. Size: figure: 6"H, 2 3/4"W, 2"D. Base: 1 1/4"H, 3 1/4"W, 2 1/4"D. Condition: head broken off and reglued, chips on base. 40 - 80
2409 18TH C. STYLE PORTRAIT BUST. N/R. Male portrait bust, figure with decorations. Carved marble. Bottom drilled for attachment to base. Marks: inscribed on bottom "Koglev fecit 1781". Size: 5 1/4"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: head broken off and reglued, base missing, damage to chin and eyebrow. 60 - 120
2410 26 GORHAM STERLING PIECES. N/R. 26 pieces of Gorham "Lancaster"pattern (1897). set includes: (6) soup spoons, 6 7/8"L. (12) dinner forks, 7"L, monogramed "R". (6) knives, 9 5/8"L. monogramed "R". (2) oval spoons, 7"L. Monogramed "EEA". Marked: Hallmark for Gorham, Sterling. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 400
2411 18 GORHAM STERLING FORKS. N/R. 18 pieces of Gorham "Buckingham" pattern (1910) forks. (9) forks 7 1/2"L. monogramed on back "CLF". (9) forks 6 3/4"L. (1) monogramed "F"on front. (6) monogramed CLF on back. (1) marked Kate 05 on back. (1) marked 1904 on front, Ann on back. Marks: hallmark for Gorham Sterling. Weight 957 grams. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2412 RUSSIAN SILVER LADLE. N/R. Silver ladle with fiddle back handle. Marked: [WRAOBUNK](approximation of Russian letters) [M.II, 1889] 84 plus hallmark. Size: 14"L. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2413 ADV. GRIZZLY BRAKE LINING. Painted cast plaster advertizing, painted dark brown, inscribed in lower front "Grizzly Brake Lining". No mark. Size: 14 1/2"H, 16"L. 7"W. Condition: minor chipping of paint from plaster surface. 300 - 400
2414 3 BEARS DESK ORGANIZER (CLODION). Four sectioned desk pen tray/ desk organizer, metal, topped by three bears. Marked: top center below central bear "Clodion" incised into metal. (Perhaps after Claude Michel Clodion 1738-1814). Size: 1 1/2"H, 12"L. 10"D. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2415 SEVRES URN. Sevres urn. signed by Max. Cobalt blue urn, with amorous couple, in a cartouche, with gilt scrolling border. Verso floral panel. Size: 17"H. 7"Diam. Condition: missing lid. no other detractions. 1,000 - 2,000
2417 CARVED AFRICAN TUSK. African tusk with genre scenes. Crudely carved. Size: 34"L. Condition: some discoloration. 150 - 300
2418 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2419 BISQUE BUST OF GIRL READING. Ceramic bust of girl reading book, cream and brown decorated dress. No mark. Size: 14"H, 8"W.8"D. Condition: cracks and repair in hair at back. 350 - 500
2420 STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURE OF VICTORIA AND ALBERT. 19th century. Size: 14.5" H., 9" W., 4.5" D. Condition: Has small airhole in the back. Wear to paint. 200 - 400
2421 3 DUCKS AT POND. N/R. Sculpture group of three metal ducks attached to striated grey marble low basin, low round indentation for water (?). No marks. Size: 1 duck 4 1/2"H, 2 ducks 5 1/2"L. marble 14 1/2"Diam. Condition: metal protrusion on edge of marble suggests another element of decoration missing. overall minor wear. 100 - 200
2422 MAN WITH WINGS DISH. N/R. Metal dish with figure of Victorian gentleman in tailcoat with arms outspread with attached wings, sissors sticking out of his pocket, standing in back of shell shaped dish. Mark: 364. Size: 5 1/4"H, 8"W, 6 1/4"D. Condition: wear to metal, minor dents on edge of bowl. 50 - 100
2423 SPIDER INKWELL. N/R. Cast metal inkwell in form of spider, eight legs, body lifts to reveal inkwell. Dark patina with painted markings on back. Mark: incised underneath "Geschnizt"(?). Size: 2"H, 6"L, 6 1/2"W. Condition: wear to metal, several legs bent, glass insert missing. 50 - 100
2424 PR EMPIRE STYLE CANDELABRA. N/R. Triangular base, decorated hairy paw feet, fluted column, five brance radiating top, gilt metal. No mark. Size: 31 1/2"H. Condition: base on one badly stained, wear to metal finish. 200 - 400
2425 EMPIRE STYLE LAMP. N/R. Lamp on 3 hairy paw footed base, fluted column, plastic shade with gilt acanthus leaf bottom decoration, gilt laurel wreath center, gilt top border. No mark. Size: 28 1/2"H. Conditoin: wear at base, plastic shade dulled 50 - 100
2426 BECKER WALL CLOCK. Key wind pendulum wall clock, elaborate gilt pendulum, enameled face, side windows, turned finials, turned pendants. By Becker. Size: 41"H. Condition: sold as is. 650 - 1,300
2427 ANSONIA MANTLE CLOCK. Mantle clock with Norse God or warrior seated next to round framed clock on faux black marble base with metal decoration, and metal hairy paw feet. Clock is key wind pendulum, half hour and hour strike, with metal pendant drops on either side of clock frame. Size: 14"H, 14"L, 7"W. Condition: wing on warrior's helmet is broken, one pendant drop is missing, chips on the faux marble base. Sold as is. 300 - 800
2428 DOUBLE COOKOO CLOCK. Hand carved double cookoo clock , bird and oak leaf top finial, interlace oak leaf and branch framework. Includes pendulum, weights and chains. Size: 21"H, 16"W, 9"D. condition: sold as is. 500 - 1,000
2429 LE COULTRE ATMOS CLOCK. Le Coultre Atmos mantle clock. Brass case, rectangular body, glass sides and top, white square clock face in brass framing, brass numerals, open center of clock face to reveal mechanism. Marks: on clock face:Le Coultre Swiss, on mechanism top: Le Coultre Atmos 385119, on mechanism face: 15 jewels, Le Coultre & Cie. Atmos, Switzerland unadjusted. Size: 9 1/4"H, 8 1/4"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: sold as is. Case and clock have minor wear. 1,100 - 2,200
2430 VICTORIAN BIRD DIORAMA. Glass domed diorama featuring 8 different birds in a natural tree setting. Size: 22"H. 12"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2431 MARBLE MANTLE CLOCK. Key wind, half hour strike, mantel clock, enamel face, incised front marble decoration, gilt metal rococo decorations and feet. No mark visible. Size: 12"H, 20"W, 8 1/2"D. condition: one back leg broken, twop of front legs broken off, clockface cover missing, 2 holes in top indicate missing decorative element, marks and scratches on the marble surface, pendulum missing, sold as is. 150 - 300
2432 14K DESIGNER RING. The ring has an assortment of semi-precious stones including opal, jade, garnet, amethyst, and carnelian mounted in a gold setting. Ring size is large. 250 - 400
2433 14K ENAMEL FISH PIN. The catfish pin is gold and green enamel with a gold filigree fin. Length of the pin is approximately 1 1/8". Width is approximately 5/8". 120 - 200
2434 14K DIAMOND & EMERALD PENDANT. The square cut emerald is surrounded by eighteen diamonds and suspended on a 23" gold chain. Total weight of the emerald is approximately 3.5 ct. Total weight of the diamonds is approximately .60 ct. Length of the pendant is approximately 1 1/8". Width is approximately 1/4". 950 - 1,200
2435 18K LAPIS & DIAMOND RING. The ring has a large lapis stone encrusted with gold beads and diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.5 ct. Condition: one gold bead is missing and the lapis has some discolorations. 950 - 1,200
2436 14K BASKET PIN. The pin has a gold basket containing two amethyst flowers with pearl centers, gold leaves and a gold bow. 175 - 300
2437 GOLD VICTORIAN RING. c.1880's-1890's. The ring has four rose cut diamonds mounted in a gold setting. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.30 ct. Ring size is large. 550 - 700
2438 14K AMETHYST EARRINGS. The round cut amethysts are each topped by three diamonds. The earrings have pierced backs. 150 - 300
2439 14K DIAMOND RING. c. 1930's. The ring has a European cut diamond. Total diamond weight is approximately .40 ct. Clarity: VSII. Color: G. 390 - 500
2440 MAN'S LONGINES WATCH. The watch has a diamond dial with a 14K gold bezel. It has a Speidel expandable watch band. Total diamond weight is approximately .50 ct. Condition: bezel is scratched and dented; the plastic crystal is scratched; watch is not in working order. 200 - 300
2441 CABACHON EMERALD RING. The cabachon emerald is flanked on either side by three diamonds and mounted in a platinum setting. Condition: the emerald has some black inclusions and cracks. 220 - 400
2442 GOLD VICTORIAN LAVALIERE. The lavaliere has seed pearls in a Victorian design with three larger pearls suspended from it. It comes with a 15" 14K gold chain. 120 - 300
2443 10K DIAMOND CROSS. The gold cross has nineteen diamonds with a total weight of .50 ct. 120 - 200
2444 22K GOLD PESO PENDANT. The 1959 gold peso is set in a 14K bezel pendant. 125 - 200
2445 18K TURQUOISE PENDANT. The pendant has a center turquoise stone topped by three 7 pt. diamonds. The 14K gold chain is approximately 17.5" in length. 160 - 300
2446 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The pierced back hoop earrings each have eight diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .80 ct. 290 - 400
2447 WADSWORTH WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a black face and leather band. Shock and water resistant. Condition: watch back is scratched; apppears to be in working order. 200 - 300
2448 BULOVA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch has a square crystal with a red and white stone studded face. it has a black leather band. Condition: the band has some slight damage; stem is missing. 200 - 300
2449 BULOVA WRISTWATCH N/R. Watch is marked "SELFWINDING". It has a white face and black leather band. Condition: the watch appears to be in working order. 0 - 200
2450 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2451 JAPANESE SILK NEEDLEWORK TAPESTRY. N/R. 19th century. Showing three japanese cranes in a marsh. The fabric border is a companion fabric to the back liner. Size: 7' 10.5" High, 5' 10" Wide. includes a 7.25" border. Condition: overall good, small areas are abraded. 1,000 - 1,600
2452 PR 3 BRANCH WALL SCONCES. Pair of bronze three branch wall sconces in Louis XV style. wired for electricity with silk shades. no mark. Condition: good. Size: 20"H, 12"W, 7"D. 1,000 - 2,000
2453 PAT SUR PATE VASE LAMP. Pate sur pate vase, raised white flower and leaf on pale green ground. Converted to lamp. Size: 7 1/2"H vase. 17"H lamp. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
2454 KIRMAN CARPET 11 FT 6IN X 17 FT. N/R. Second quarter of 20th century. Cream ground with mint green light blue and tan floral decoration. No mark. Size: 11'6" x 17'. Condition: minor wear. 500 - 800
2455 PERSIAN MATT. N/R. 35 - 55
2456 KAZAK. N/R. 300 - 500
2457 2457 ANTIQUE CAVISTAN 4 FT X 5 FT 5IN. N/R. Provenance: consignor bought from the McGuffen family from Mercer, PA. Purportedly the first family to cross the Allegheny Mountains. Made in Caucasia. Shades of blue and tan. Condition: worn fringe and minor wear. 200 - 300
2458 2458 ANTIQUE TURKISH ORIENTAL CARPET 62 IN X 6 FT. N/R. Provenance: originally owned by the McGuffen family from Mercer, Pa. Proportedly the first family to cross the Allegheny Mountains Main colors are navy, iron red and off white. Condition: wear to edges. 150 - 250
2459 2459 HERIZ 9 FT X 13 FT. N/R. Provenance: belonged to consignors sister who lived in Pittsburgh and purchased at either Evickians or Rashads. Main colors are iron red, shades of blue and brown. Condition: worn, missing fringe. 2,000 - 3,000
2460 2460 HERIZ 8 FT X 10FT 7IN. N/R. Provenance: originally belonged to consignors sister who lived in Pittsburgh, and she bought it from Evickians or Raschads. Overall geometric design with tan background and shades of brown and blue. Condition: minor wear. 800 - 1,200
2461 2461 SAROUCK 8 FT 8 IN X 11FT. N/R. Shades of purple, blue and red. Condition: has new applied fringe, minor wear. 500 - 700
2462 SAROUCK 39 IN X 4 FT 9 IN. N/R. Pre World War II. Main colors are wine red, tan and blue. Condition: wear to the edges. 200 - 300
2463 2463 HAMADAN 2 FT 7 IN X 4 FT. N/R. Main colors are iron red, navy and prussian blue. Condition: minor wear. 25 - 35
2464 2464 DURGAZENE RUNNER. 2 FT 7 IN X 16FT 6IN. Woud be suitable on a staircase. Main colors are bright red, off white and shades of blue. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 150
2465 2465 PRINCESS BOHKARA3 FT 7 IN X 5 FT 5 IN. N/R. On a flax background. Shades of red blue and purple. Condition: no detractions. 150 - 250
2466 BALOUCH 3 FT X 5 FT. N/R. Bohkara pattern. Made in Persia. Shades of browns, red and blues. Condition: very minor wear. 150 - 250
2467 2467 BALOUCHISTAN. 38 IN X 5 FT 4 IN. N/R. 20th century. Main colors are iron red, blue and off white. Condition: very little wear. 150 - 250
2468 BALOUCHISTAN 3 FT X 5 FT 7 IN. N/R. Shades of browns, blues and cream. Condition: very minor wear. 150 - 250
2469 KILIM CARPET 5 FT 7 IN X 8 FT. N/R. Main colors are orange, purples and browns. Condition: wear and missing borders and edges. 75 - 125
2470 CAUCASIAN 4 FT X 8 FT 7 IN. N/R. Shades of blues, browns and reds. Condition: five areas where torn and repaired. 75 - 150
2471 2471 HAMADEN HERIZ 12 FT X 16 FT. Provenance: consignor purchased from Mrs. Jacobs from the Schenley Hotel. Main colors are iron red and navy. Condition: 10' X 21" panel cut out from the side, missing borders, overall wear. 500 - 700
2472 2472 HAMADEN 4 FT 6 IN X 6 FT 8 IN. N/R. Main colors are off white, bright red and navy. Condition: very minor wear. 75 - 150
2473 HAMADEN 4 FT 5 IN X 6 FT 7 IN. N/R. Main colors are bright red, shades of blue and brown. Condition: wear to fringe. 150 - 250
2474 HAMADEN 4FT 9 IN X 6 FT 4 IN. N/R. Shades or red, blue and tan. Condition: very minor wear. 150 - 250
2475 ANTIQUE KIRMAN 4 FT 7 IN X 5 FT 11 IN. N/R. Main colors are shades of blue and purple and shades of brown. Condition: minor wear, only on one end has fringe. 75 - 150
2476 2476 KIRMAN 40 IN X 5 FT. N/R. Main colors are wine red and deep blue. Condition: some spots and worn edges. 200 - 300
2477 KAPUTERANG 33 IN X 6 FT 8 IN. N/R. Cream colored background, with shades of blues, browns and reds. Condition: fringe worn off one end. 100 - 150
2478 2478 KIRMAN 3 FT X 5 FT 9 IN. N/R. Cream background with light blue and brown medallion border. Condition: fringe has been trimmed at one end. 100 - 150
2479 2479 SAROUCK 29 IN X 7 FT. N/R. Main colors are eggplant and shades of blue. Condition: worn and missing edges, one end jaggedly cut off. See lot #2481 for companion piece. 25 - 35
2480 2480 CAUCASIAN 43 IN X 11 FT. N/R. Main colors are tan, navy and iron red. Condition: irregular shape, repaired edges, minor wear spots. 400 - 700
2481 2481 SAROUCK 32IN X 12 FT 4 IN. N/R. Main colors are eggplant and shades of blue. Condition: worn and missing edges. See lot #2479 for companion piece. 50 - 75
2482 KARASTAN KASHAN CARPET 5'-9" BY 9'. Mint green and ivory. 150 - 300
2483 INDO KASHAN. N/R. 300 - 500
2484 SCENIC CLASSICAL STYLE NEEDLEWORK TAPESTRY. N/R. 19th century. Depicting Perseus, Pegasus, and Medusa's head. In an ogee mahogany frame. Size of textile: 5'2" H., 28" W. Condition: One area (11" x 2") starting to seperate, needs to be cleaned. 400 - 800
2485 ASTRAL LAMP. N/R. Frosted shade with crystal bar pendants around the circumferance, supported by a brass reeded column on a two tier whit marble base. Size: 32" H., 13" DIA. Condition: Has three light bulb sockets, needs to be rewired. 400 - 800
2486 PAIR ASTRAL LAMPS. Pair of astral lamps, wired for electricity. Square marble base, cut and frosted shade resting on brass ring with suspended prism pendants. Size: 23 1/2"H. Condition: chips in marble base, fleabites on prism. 250 - 500
2487 PAIR OF RUBY LUSTRES. N/R. Gilt scalloped top edge with cut crystal pendants around the circumferance. Size: 13.5" H., 6.5" DIA. Condition: Wear to the gilding, minor chipping to prndants. 200 - 400
2488 MURILLO 19TH C. VIRGIN COPY. Oil on canvas. The Spanish artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo was known in the Baroque era for soft, sweet religious paintings; such were their popularity that he was often copied. This is a likely 19th c. copy of the Virgin with Baby Jesus, set in an architectural frame redolent of an altarpiece. Size: 15 1/2" h., 11 1/2" w., framed 24" h., 19" w. Condition: the surface has "da Folario" written in sgrafitto; no visible defects to the painting; slight wear to the frame. 1,500 - 2,000
2489 L.OUDRY METAL TAZZA. 19th Century mixed metal French Tazza, copper, brass, silvered metal. Top section: brass outer, copper colored interior decorated section. Center medallion of St. Hubert with his symbol, a stag with a Cross between the antlers. St. Hubert is surrounded by three hunting scenes, each enclosed by intertwining branches of three differt tree types. The three scenes parralel the animals depicted in the base. The top scene of Men and women hunting corresponds to the stag below. The scene of falconing corresponds to the falcon below. The boar hunt corresponds to the boar below. The stem of the tazza is formed by three stylized crane/peacock birds, the underside of the top has a ring of stylized peacock feathers. Marks: the piece is signed twice. (1) the edge of the top scenes is marked: L. Oudry Pres.Editeurs. (2) the base rim is marked: L. Oudry & Cie. Pres Editeurs. Size: 8 1/2"H. 10 1/4"Diam. top, 5 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear to metal surfaces. 3,000 - 5,000
2490 17TH C. ITALIAN CHARGER. N/R. Italian majolica charger with indented lobbed center, painted with scene of Christ before Pilate. 17th c. No Mark. Size: 18 1/4"Diam. 1 1/2"H. Condition: two repairs, one on each side of charger, piece broken off and reglued. 3,000 - 5,000
2491 WORCESTER ANTI SLAVERY PLATE. Chamberlains Worcester anti slavery plate, center medallion portrays a blackamoor surrounded by the ancient Welsh saying: ASGRE LAN DIOGEL EL PHERCHEN (A clear conscience is the best shield). Crest of John Hills (1861). Plate has magneta and gilt decorated border. Marked: in red script "Chamberlains Worcester". Size: 9"Diam. Condition: one fleck in the magenta border. 500 - 1,000
2492 EUROPEAN STERLING LADLE. N/R. European ladle, gilt bowl, acanthus decorated handle.Monogramed: EG. Marked: Hallmark 800 Hallmark. Size: 13 1/2"L. Weight: 233 grams. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2493 27 EUROPEAN STERING PIECES. N/R. (6) Soup spoons. Marked: RP Hallmark 875). size: 8 1/4"L. Weight: 392grams. Condition: good. (12) dinner forks, monogramed "B" on front, 6.IX 32. on back. Marked: Hallmark 875. Size: 7 1/4"L. Weight: 572 grams total. Condition: minor wear. (9) Knives, monogramed on front "B". on back "6.IX 32". Marked on blades " Jernbolaget Eskilstuna Rostfri". Handles match 12 dinner forks. Condition: 8 with loose handles. 100 - 300
2494 MEXICAN STERLING TEA URN. Tea urn supported on four hairy paw feet, gadrooned base on four ball feet. Hinged lid, heating element below urn. marked: Tane made in Mexico ESTERLINGLE...S (Hallmark). Size: 12 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W, 8 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 400
2495 11 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (2) Scalloped gilt bowled spoons. Monogramed "EH". Marked: Wellandt 800. Size: 6 7/8"L. Weight: 88 grams. Condition: good. (2) Teaspoons with fiddleback handles. Marked: 750 Fricke. Size: 5 1/2"L. Weight: 22 grams. Condition: good. (1) Teaspoon with fiddleback handle. Monogramed: E.M. 1845". Marked: Krieghuff 12. Size: 5 1/2"L. Weight: 12 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sugar spoon by Alvin Silver co. Monogramed: E.H. Marked: Sterling Alvin. Size: 5 7/8". Weight: 31 grams. Condition: good. (1) Serving spoon with gilt oval bowl. Marked: Hallmark 800 Hallmark. Size: 7 1/2"L. Weight: 49 grams. Condition: good. (1) Butter knife by Towle "Craftsman"pattern (1932). Marked: hallmark Sterling Pat. Size: 7"L. Condition: minor wear. (1) Pie server by Towle "Craftsman"pattern (1932). Marked: Towle Stainless ( on pie serving portion). Size: 9 1/2"L. Condition: minor wear to handle. (1) Tea strainer with repousse garland decoration around strainer. Marked: hallmark 800 . Size: 5 5/8"L. Weight: 43 grams. Conditoin: good. (1) Fork. marked: sterling.Weight: 34 grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2496 7 SOUVENIR SPOONS. N/R. (1) Souvenir spoon with Napoleon enameled on bowl with an eagle finial. Marked: MN 800 JMD.... Size: 4 3/4"L. condition: good. (1) Souvenir spoon with the ship George Washington enameled in bowl, and Norod-Lloyd and anchor enameled finial. No mark. Size: 5"L. Condition: good. (1) Souvenir spoon with Heidelberg Schloss enameled in bowl, Heidelberg crest enameled on finial. marked: M (crown hallmark) 800 RE. Size: 5 3/8"L. Condition: good. (1) Spoon with scalloped shell bowl and piereced floral handle and finial. Marked: AMD 800. Size: 4 5/8"L. Condition: good. (1) Spoon with plain bowl and stork finial. Marked: (Halmark) 800. size: 4 5/8"L. Condition: good. (1) Souvenir spoon with plainbowl, Miami florida on stem and piereced marlin finial. Marked: hallmark Sterling. Size: 5 3/8"L. condition:Good. (1) Souvenir spoon with plain bowl, Buffalo NY stem and Buffalo in relief finial. Marked: (Hallmark) sterling. Size: 5 1/8"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2497 9 STERLING PIECES. N/R. (1) Spoon with scalloped bowl, engraved handle. Marked: A. Stowell & Co. Coin (Baltimore 19th c.). Size: 5 3/4"L. Weight: 17 grams. condition: good. (4) Fiddleback teaspoons. Marked: Whiting hallmark Sterling. size: 6"L. Weight: 74grams total. Condition: good. (1) Teaspoon International Silver Co. "Frontenac" pattern (1903). Marked: Hallmark Sterling. Size: 5 7/8"L. Weight: 30 grams. Condition: good. (1) Teaspoon with floral handle. Marked: unknown hallmark Sterling. Size: 6"L. Weight: 37 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sardine fork. Marked: Hallmark (W) Sterling. Size: 6 3/4"L. Weight: 26 grams. Condition: good. (1) Souvenir spoon of Mt. Vernon. Marked: Sterling Pat. F.A.Whelan. Size: 4 1/8"L. Weight: 11 grams. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2498 SALT GLAZE & PEWTER JUG. N/R. Salt glazed jug with metal lid and base, probably German. Scroll handle with face decorated short neck, bulbous body with 3 identical raised relief scene of the Judgment of Paris. No mark. Size: 10"H, 7"Diam. at widest point. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2499 MEISSEN PLATE. N/R. Porcelain plate with high relief of leaf and interlace decoration with gilt background and highlights. Marked: blue crossed swords mark. Size: 10 5/8"Diam., 1 1/4"H. Condition: some gilt worn. 75 - 150
2500 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP HUNT BOARD. 19th century. Walnut and burl walnut veneer. White marble top on ovolu cornered base. The doors being carved with gamebirds and fish. Ornate mirrored top with shelving. Size: 7' H, 6' W, 2' D. Condition: bottom has original finish and hardware, top has been stripped and has outlines of missing trim. Top has three splits from dryness. New mirror. 1,500 - 2,500
2501 MONET CANVAS PRINT. 20th c. Photomechanical print on canvas after a Monet oil painting of a woman with a parasol. The printing technique includes applied faux brushstrokes. Size framed: 41" h., 30" w. Condition: like new. 60 - 80
2502 TWO ROCOCO BISQUE HIGH RELIEFS. 20th c. Partly gilded and colored bisque porcelain. Affixed to velvet pillows set in frames. The maker's marks (if any) are invisible and unknown. A dandy cavalier is surmounted by a male putto and the second one is a female in a floral dress surmounted by a female putto. Size: 11" h., 7" w., 3 1/4" deep, framed 19" h., 16" w. Condition: crack between the woman's legs. 150 - 250
2503 CAPODIMONTE UMBRELLA STAND. Umbrella stand with clasical figures, flowers, putti, main scene a pastoral love scene. Marked: on bottom: Capodimonte 1366/80 Italy. Size: 23"H, 14 1/2"W, 10"D. Condition: large chip out of front base. (piece has been saved for restoration). 100 - 200
2504 FULL LENGTH MINK COAT. Full length female mink coat. Marked: Revillon Paris-New York. and Saks Fifth Ave. Condition: good. In Saks fur storage bag. 2,000 - 4,000
2505 COYOTE COAT. N/R. Natural coyote coat. Marked: Zimmers, Briskin-Berk Furs. Valued at $4950.00 in 1989 appraisal. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2506 WHITE FUR STOLE. N/R. White fur stole with silver blue silk lining. Marked: Briskin-Berk Furs, Pittsburgh, Pa. "Nancy". Size: 76" long. Condition: minor shedding. 40 - 80
2507 BLACK SHEARED LAMB JACKET. N/R. Black sheared lamb jacket with mink collar. Marked: Briskin-Berk Furs, Pittsburgh, Pa. Condition: minor wear. 75 - 150
2508 LEOPARD FUR MUFF & TWO HATS N/R. Lot includes a leopard fur muff and two matching pillbox style hats. The muff has a black silk lining with a zippered pocket and two carrying cords on either side. Condition: good overall; except for some wear in the fabric by the muff's pocket. 75 - 200
2509 FORSTMANN WOOL SUIT. N/R. Brown and black tweed 100% virgin wool suit with black fur collar. Marked: Forstmann, 100% virgin wool. N.Kaufman's Uniontown's best store. Condition: minor wear. 40 - 80
2510 JOHN TAYLOR ARMS ETCHING. Early 20th c. Etching on buff paper. Signed in pencil. A French print shop's exterior store front is seen in a delicately produced architectural rendering. Size: 10 1/2" h., 5 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 500 - 600
2511 JOHN SLOAN ETCHING. Dated 1912. Black line etching with plate tone on off white paper. Signed in plate and in pencil on margin. Also written in pencil is "175 proofs," "Woman with etching tray," "John Sloan per HFS." Done by the famed contributor to the American Ashcan School, who were realists in the first modern art movement in the USA. Size: 3 3/4" h., 2 3/4" w., matted 12" h., 9" w. Condition: no defects. 600 - 800
2512 STAR OF THE ROAD CURRIER & IVES. 19th c. Black litho with color. "The Star of the Road" dated 1849. Size 10" h., 14" w., framed 12" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, tear on the right side 1 1/2" in; frame is falling apart. 500 - 600
2513 CURRIER & IVES NARROWS NY BAY. 19th c. Black litho with color. "The Narrows New York Bay." Size: 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 14" h., 18" w. Condition: hole in right side margin, yellowed, white bleach mark in upper right. 600 - 700
2514 CARLTON FOWLER 5TH AVENUE TWILIGHT OIL. First quarter 20th c. Oil on canvas covered masonite. Signed lower left. Fowler (1877-1930) was a New York City based painter and illustrator who worked for Vogue and Century magazines. Fowler participated in American and European exhibitions, such as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Annual. This publicly displayed painting has an immense range of colors harmonizing to show the ethereal glow of an early American street scene. The green sky and creamy orange street lamps, as well as the yellowish acetylene powered vehicle headlights add to the grandeur and appeal of this painting. Fowler's style in this painting brings to mind the compositions of Childe Hassam's New York scenes as well as Atkinson Grimshaws's evocative light effects. Size: 44" h., 33 1/2" w., framed 48" h., 38" w. Condition: craquellure and fragile paint film in the center; the right upper edge has a curious inlaid strip of canvas that has been painted to match the rest of the painting; 1" long vertical lacuna in the sky and three inpainted areas in the sky. 2,500 - 3,500
2515 P. BAILLY COWELL WOOD DESIGN. Dated 1972. Painted and stained wood. Modernist design on a wood panel. Size: 29 1/2" h., 14 1/4" w. Condition: some minor scuffs to edges. 1,000 - 1,200
2516 JOSE BARBETA VILLAGE OIL. Contemporary. Oil on canvas in a large, ornate frame. Signed "Barbera" lower right. Jose Barbeta called Barbera (Basque Spanish b. 1948) is a Valencian artist whose many exhibitions in Spain (since the late 1970's) have shown the countryside and architecture of his area. He is collected by Saudi Arabian royalty and by private collectors in Japan and Holland. This lot is an essay in late morning light, raking over stuccoed houses. Its contruction is noteworthy for striking use of impasto-- there are sculptural blobs of oil paint that describe the texture of the builidngs. The frame is an immense creation. Size: 39" h., 38" w., framed 54" square. Condition: like new. 12,000 - 15,000
2517 GUI LIN NORTHERN ASIATIC TRIBAL. Modern. Photomechanical print on canvas. After an oil painting by Gui Lin, this is number 15 /151. This portrait is of a member of a Northern Asiatic tribe that borders China, in Russia. Size: 38" h., 30" w., framed 50" h., 42" w. Condition: like new. 800 - 1,000
2518 TIBETAN SILK THANGKA. From the Ghanden Monastery. Silk wall hanging showing the refuge tree. Yellowish background with blue and red flowers. Size: 65" h., 40" w. Condition: dirty background, some wrinkles to the paper pictorial insert. 3,000 - 4,000
2519 CONTINENTAL SCENE O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. This is an Italianate style scene of a washerwoman with a basket of clothing on her head approaching a boy and a girl in ethnic costume who stand near a roadside shrine. It comes in a frame that has the label "Frost, London" and a handwritten note that reads "Heywood Hardy." Though circumstantial and the style is contradictory to Hardy's populer style, this painting is an attractive essay in color and tone within an elegantly balanced composition. Size (without frame): 20" h., 30" w. Condition: relined, now separating from the relining canvas (which is itself worn); numerous layers of varnish that have never been removed during its history of repair inpainting (along craquellure lines); the craquellure is abundant with flaky blooming of varnish; needs conservation. 5,000 - 7,000
2520 ANDREY AVINOFF WATERCOLOR. First half of the 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. Andrey Avinoff (American, born Russia 1884-1949) was a nationally known curator, entomolgist, artist and book illustrator. His fame as a naturalist and illustrator of butterflies and flowers led him to acquaint himself with another butterfly collector, the famous Russian author Vladimir Nabokov. He also had exhibitions of his work during his lifetime (Carnegie Institute 1948) and posthumously (Univ. of Pittsburgh 1953 and Hunt Botanical Institute 1965). Avinoff's relationship with The Carnegie extended to being the Curator of Entomology from 1924-1926, and then the Director of The Carnegie 1926-1945. At Pitt he was the architect and designer of the Russian Nationality room. Posthumous honors include the publication of his flower paintings in "Wild Flowers of Western PA..." and "Andrey Avinoff's Portraits of Orchids." This watercolor shows a faun statue in a garden. Titled "Garden Morning." A note on the verso reads 1942. Ex collection Percival Hunt, Chair of the English Department, University of Pittsburgh. Size: 11 1/2" h., 8 1/2" w., framed 20" h., 16" w. Condition: slightly yellowed paper, yellowed mat. 2,000 - 2,500
2521 DALI PARADISE CANTO 31 PRINT. 1970's. Color wood engraved print. From Dali's series after Dante's Divine Comedy, this is the Archangel Gabriel appearing in Canto 31 of Paradise. Signed in the block only. Size: 9" h., 7" w., 30" h., 26" w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 500
2522 DALI PARADISE CANTO 10 PRINT. 1970's. Color wood engraving. This image from Dante's Paradise shows the Angel of the Sun, blowing his trumpet. Signed in the block only. Size: 9" h., 7" w., framed 30" h., 26" w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 500
2523 OBICAN PAINTING. N/R. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Obican in the lower right. Jovan Obican (1918-1986) was a Yugoslav artist who emigrated to France; he is known for playful figures in a broad style drawn from traditional Slavic ethnic costumes and characters. Size: 27" h., 22" w., framed 34" h., 26" w. Condition: liitle loose on the stretcher; otherwise no visible defects. 600 - 800
2524 CANOVA MINIATURE COPY. 19th c.? White marble and unknown gray material. A woman reclining on a kline. The drapery below the kline is an unknown gary material. The figure and her cushion is separate from the kline. Size: 14" h., 17" w., 6" deep. Condition: chips, scratches, large crack through the kline, brown residue. 500 - 600
2525 DECO WOMAN AND DOGS. Early 20th c. Cast metal patinated green with bakelite (?) details on a stone base. Evidently made as a mantle decoration, this sculptural group has removable elements. Size: 15" h., 31 1/2" w., 5" deep. Condition: one dog's leg has been broken and repaired; cracks and crusting on the woman's head (which does not appear to be original to the sculpture), base is chipped. 400 - 500
2526 PORTRAIT OF SARAH JOURNEY. 19th c. Oil on board. This sitter, an ancestor of the consignor, was rom Kosciusko, Miss. Painted in a attentive though somewhat naive style, she is presented with a yellow gown and ruby brooch. Size: 28" h., 21" w., framed 39" h., 33" w. Condition: abrasion to paint surface, inpainting on lacunae (face, neck, arm, shoulders); frame has crack on all sides. 800 - 1,000
2527 ST CECELIA, SCH. OF CARLO DOLCI. 19th c. Oil on canvas. This unsigned octagonal painting of the patron saint of music is reputed to be an early 19th c. copy of the 17th c. Italian painter Carlo Dolci (an artist known for his delicate application of paint and sweet temper of his compositions). The saint is shown with her attributes: white lilies for virginity, and organ, and less-so, her Baroque dress (when her body was found and her status was popularized). Size: 38" h., 32" w., framed 45" h., 39" w. Condition: craquellure, inpainting in the face and likely other areas. 2,000 - 4,000
2528 PIP TODD WARMOUTH TIBETAN LADY. Dated 1997. Oil on board. Initialed PTW 97. Warmouth (British born 1962) is a highly travelled artist whose education includes an MA from the Royal Academy. Since 1984 his paintings inspired by his treks around the world have garnered multiple solo and group shows; The New Grafton Gallery, London has shown him many times. His working trips have included stints in the Far East and India--the paintings of which have found their way into such collections as Queen Elizabeth and actor Michael Caine. This particular work "Tibetan Lady" is a seemingly plein air rendering of a woman in traditional costume holding a child on her back. The earthy tones and frontal gaze support the on-the-spot nature of Warmouth's observational painting. Size: 12" h., 7 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 2,000 - 3,000
2529 MY LITTLE PLAYFELLOW CURRIER & IVES. 19th c. Black litho with color. A little girl is with a tiny spaniel. Size: 14" h., 9" w., framed 18" h., 13" w. Condition: water stain to entire right side; acid burns throughout. 125 - 200
2530 L PREVOST GENRE SCENE. Dated 96 (1896). Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. Two men in conversation: one resembles Robert E Lee wearing a long gray coat. The other man has an umbrella and rising trousers. Size: 13 1/2" h., 9" w., framed 17" h., 13 1/2" w. Condition: much craquellure and buckling of the paint film; a chunk of the frame's molding is missing. 500 - 800
2531 AUTUMN LANDSCAPE O/C. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. A shack and a sailboat are seen among birch trees and a lake. Tan evening clouds evocatively color the sky. Size: 7 1/2" h., 9" w., framed 14" h., 15" w. Condition: the tan and ochre clouds and water are repainted. 300 - 600
2532 AL DALBY PORTRAIT. 1900. Oil on canvas. Albert Lauck Dalby (1828-1910) was one of the most prominent Pittsburgh portraitists of his day. The subject of this sitting if Jacob Henry Miller, Alleghenyt County District Atty from 1859-1861. Dalby's work is in abundant supply at the University of Pittsburgh; this particular lot has been in a private collection for twenty years. Dalby during his lifetime exhibited most notable at the Carnegie Institute. Size: 30" h.,25" w. Condition: some minor scratches at the edge and lower portion. 900 - 1,400
2533 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2534 IRON STEAMER CARRIE OF SAVANNAH. 19th c. Watercolor, pencil, ink on paper. This is the original design specifications with a general profile of this 1869 ship. HW Frackmann was the artist. Pencil inscriptions are on the right side in Capt. JH Smith's hand (from Jacksonville, FL). Size: 22" h., 23" w., framed 32" square. Condition: tear lower right edge; hole near the inscription; two large tears lower left corner; pencilled additions to specs; upper right corner cut and rejoined. 2,000 - 3,000
2535 MONADNOCK IRON CLAD SHIP PRINT. 19th c. Black lithograph with color. This large print shows the iron clad ship and details of its capabilities. Size: 15" h., 26" w., framed 23" h., 34" w. Condition: one vertical crease from the top to the bottom; wrinkles and creases in lower left corner. 1,000 - 2,000
2536 TWILIGHT OF PHILADELPHIA POSTER. 20th c. Poster. A schematic and general view of the 19th c steamboat "Twilight of Philadelphia." Size framed: 23" h., 34" w. Condition: glass is broken. 300 - 500
2537 KLINKENBERG CATHEDRAL O/C. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. A red brick cathedral in a Northern European town is shown; painted in a flecked manner-- semi-impressionist. Size: 19" h., 27" w., framed 25" h., 33" w. Condition: buckled canvas; framed has damage to plaster molding. 500 - 800
2538 DAN REIN GLASS TORSO. Contemporary. Formed glass with opaque color inclusions on a black glass (?) base. The signature Dan Rein is etched in the side. This artists work has appeared at the Bilaggio, Las Vegas and the Murano glass galleries, Italy. The male and female forms are armless and headless, the legs go down to the knee. The pose is archaic, a fragment of the Koura and Kouros poses in ancient Greek sculpture. This tradition is hearkened to in the composition while the technique of molded glass extends the cultural patrimony of this artist back to Italian glass makers up to art glass makers today, such as Chihuly. Size with base: 18 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w., 5"deep. Condition: like new, very heavy. 4,000 - 6,000
2539 NORMAN BLUHM PAINTING. Oil on canvas. Entitled "Mud Springs," this abstract expressionist image is the work of the New York based Bluhm (1920-1991), who was known for art in the action painting, expressionistic vein. "Mud Springs" features large slashing strokes in green, cream, and black that forcefully move across the white canvas and turn acutely. The painting is unframed and is titled and signed on the back. Size: 70" h., 60" w. Condition: the canvas is slightly loose. 15,000 - 20,000
2540 JAPANESE TEMPLE CARVING. c. 1300-1500 AD. Gray sandstone. Temple carving of a monk with hands clasped in prayer. Stela-like shaped sculpture. Size: 16" h., 9" w., 5" deep. Condition: details are worn away with time. 2,500 - 3,500
2541 JAPANESE TEMPLE CARVING. c. 1300-1500 AD. Yellow sandstone. Temple carving of a monk holding a staff. Size: 21" h., 12" w., 9" deep. Condition: chips to the top of the mandorla, hole drilled into the thigh. 8,000 - 10,000
2542 YOSHITOSHI MORI SAMURAI BLOCKPRINT. Dated 1964. Woodblock print in black and tan on Japanese paper. Signed in pencil and bearing a red seal. 12/50. A warrior is seen in a broadly cut design holding a bow and arrow. Size: 19 1/2" h., 15" w. Condition: no defects. 800 - 1,000
2543 MORONUBU GEISHA BLOCKPRINT. Black ink on two cojoined pieces of tan paper. Characters and seals in black ink also are seen. Size: 21 1/2" h., 11" w., matted 27" h., 16" w. Condition: yellowed; dark halo at all edges. 600 - 800
2544 EMILIA CASTILLO SILVERPLATE PITCHER/TRAY. 20th c. Hand forged silverplate with malachite inlay. Emilia Castillo silver products can be found at Neiman Marcus. This lot includes a large semi-leaf shaped pitcher with decoration in malachite; also included is a platter with guilloche design and malachite trim. Marked "Emilia Castillo" "Plateado TO-85 Mexico." Size: pitcher 18" h., 12" w., 4" deep; platter 24" long, 17" w. Condition: the silver plating is wearing from the platter top so that copper is seen below; some similar wear on the bottom of the platter; lightly tarnished. 300 - 600
2545 TWO SLAG GLASS WINDOWS. N/R. Multi colored slag glass panels with wood mullions probably representing the rising sun. Both framesare painted green on one side and yellow on the other. Size: 33" H, 38.5" W, 1.75" D. Condition: no detractions. 350 - 600
2546 PULL DOWN VICTORIAN OIL LAMP. N/R. Ornate victorian cast metal frame with cranberry glass font and ribbed clear glass shade and prisms around perimiter. Size: 19" DIA. x 33" H. Condition: No detractions. 250 - 450
2547 AURORA, AFTER GUIDO RENI. 19th c. Color lithograph adhered to pressboard. Marked "Seitz Wandstuck." This is a copy of Guido Reni's Aurora. Size framed: 24" h., 46" w. Condition: chips to edges, loose in the frame; many scratches to image arounf figure group. 100 - 175
2548 NIGHTINGALE PRINT. 19th c. Color reproduction on paper. A woman is shown picking peaches from a tree while two other women loll about in a boat. Set in an ornate gilded frame, under glass. Size: 10" h., 21" w., framed 19" h., 29" w. Condition: the frame has bits missing from it, brown spots and loss of gilding. 150 - 225
2549 "THE RETURN" ENGRAVING. 1870's. Black engraving. Engraved by Frederick Hunter, published by B. Brook & Son, London, this large involved scene includes a rhyming inscription below (hidden by the mat) that describes the rescue of people tossed aside by a shipwreck. B. Brooks & Son was known for publishing engravings after paintings and upon historical or dramatic and affecting scenes. Size: 19" h., 34" w., framed 33" h., 48" w. Condition: yellowed edges. 400 - 600
2550 THE RESCUE ENGRAVING. 1870's. Black line engraving. Engraved by F. Stackpoole after the painting by Thomas Brooks. Published by B. Brooks and Son, London. This huge print shows an ocean rescue from the vantage point of the people on shore. Size: 24" h., 40" w., framed 35" h., 48" w. Condition: acid burns and deterioration at the edges of the paper; plate mark is missing in spots because of this; some minor vertical acid burns in the image area. 400 - 600
2551 VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size custom made violin with two piece curly maple back w. light curling.rich sheen of varnish that provideda deep amber hue to instrument. Good condition. 200 - 400
2552 VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size German custom made violin. Label: Andreas Amati fecit Cremonae anno 16-- Made in Germany. Red varnish and checkered chin rest. Sold as is. 200 - 400
2553 VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size custom made violin , maple backboard andred brown varnish. Condition: four cracks and chip out of side. 200 - 400
2554 VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size custom made violin. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2555 VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size custom made violin , no chin rest. Hazelnut finish and color . Label: Copy antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 17.. Made in USA VJG Company. Condition: sold as is. 200 - 400
2556 RUSSIAN VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size custom made Russian style violin, no chin rest. Unique rounded edge style with a dark black varnish. Label: Rigat Rubus St. Petersburg, Germany. Condition: sold as is. 400 - 800
2557 VIOLIN AND CASE. Full size custom made modern violin. Maple back w. golden brown varnish. label: E.R. Pfretzschner. Mittenwald OBB. 1961. Hand made copy of Anonius Stradivarius- West Germany. Second label reads: This instrument constructed and shop adjusted to Mec Specifications, Scherl & Roth Inc. Cleveland Ohio. Model 7-24 Serial # 63-2481. June 1961. Condition: sold as is. 200 - 400
2558 VIOLIN AND CASE. Three quarter size custom made violin . Condition: fair to good. no label. 200 - 400
2559 VIOLIN AND CASE. Three quarter size violin with flared maple back. Label: Preproduction of Antonius Stradivarius 1721 by G. A. Pfretzschner. (hand written signature). Sold as is. 400 - 800
2560 VIOLIN BOW. N/R. Violin bow. marked Bausch. Size: 29"L. Condition: well used. 50 - 100
2561 VIOLIN BOW. N/R. Violin bow marked: Bausch. Size: 28"L. Condition: missing end cap. 50 - 100
2562 VIOLIN BOW. N/R. Violin bow, marked: Glasser. Size: 27"L. Condition: well used. 50 - 100
2563 VIOLIN BOW. N/R. Violin bow marked: E.R. Pfretzner. Size: 29"L. Condition: well used. 50 - 100
2564 VIOLIN BOW. Violin bow marked Glasser. Size: 29 1/2"L. Condition : well used. 50 - 100
2565 ROSEVILLE WATERLILY VASE. N/R. Roseville "Waterlily" pattern (1943) two handled vase. Background brown to orange with yellow flowers. Marked:(in relief) Roseville USA 78-9. Size: 9 1/2"H, 8"W. 6"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2566 ROSEVILLE COLUMBINE VASE. N/R. Roseville "Columbine" pattern (1940) assymetrical side handled vase, green to pink shading. Marked: Roseville USA 367-10". Size: 11"H, 10"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: fleabite on handle. 75 - 150
2567 2 ROSEVILLE FREESIA VASES. N/R. 2 Freesia pattern (1945) window box vases with handles, green glaze with white and purple freesia blossoms. Marked: Roseville USA 1392-8". Size: 3 1/4"H, 10"L, 3 1/2"D. Condition: minor interior marks from use. Exterior: good. 100 - 300
2568 ROSEVILLE PEONY VASE. N/R. Roseville "Peony" pattern (1942) small two handled vase, peony blossoms with raised wood texture finished background. Marked: Roseville USA 661-3. Size: 3 1/4"H, 5"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2569 ROSEVILLE BUSHBERRY MUG. N/R. Roseville "Bushberry" pattern (1948) mug, twig handled, green background with leaves and berries. Marked: R USA 1-3 1/2. Size:3 3/4"H, 4"W, 3"D. Condition: firing flaw on handle. 75 - 150
2570 ROSEVILLE CLEMATIS VASE. N/R. Roseville "Clematis" pattern (1944) two handled vase, brown with yellow flowers. marked: Roseville SA 188-6". Size: 6 1/4"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2571 CHINESE EXPORT TABLE. With marble inset top and mother of pearl inlaid floral border. Size: 29"h x 38"dia. Condition: no detractions. 1,000 - 1,500
2572 18TH C. IMARI CHARGER. N/R. Japanese 18th c. Imari charger, cherry blossom decorated exterior rim, interior decoration round center landscape, border of four figural scenes and four decorated panels, Imari palette of blue, iron red, green and gold. No mark. Size: 18 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 2,000 - 3,000
2573 JAPANESE SEIFU VASE. N/R. 19th c. Japanese Seifu vase, view of Mt. Fuji with cranes. Marked: blue calligraphy mark at the bottom. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: one minute brown spot on lip of vase. 2,000 - 3,000
2574 HORNBILL CARVED BIRD'S HEAD. 19th c. hornbill carved bird's head on wooden stand. Chinese carved forhead of bird with design of dragon and pearl. No mark. Size: bird's head: 4 1/4"H, 7 1/2"L, 3"W. Stand: 1 1/4"H, 8"L, 3"W. Condition: good. 2,500 - 3,500
2575 ORIBE LEAF BOWL 19TH C. Japanese 19th c. Oribe leaf bowl. No mark. Size: 2 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 5 3/4"D. Condition: 2 chips in rim. 600 - 800
2576 SHOZAN PORCELAIN BOWL. N/R. Japanese porcelain bowl, 20th C. studio piece signed Shozan. Assymetrical nastursum leaf and blossom design. Marked: Shozan. Size: 4"H, 7 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 600 - 800
2577 19TH C. GINGER JAR. 19th C. porcelain ginger jar with wooden lid, crackle glaze, pierced wooden lid. No mark. Size; jar 9 1/2"H, 9"Diam. 10 1//2"H with lid. Condition: one blemish on side of jar. crack in top of jar. chip in wooden lid. 400 - 600
2578 ROSE MEDALLION BOWL & PLATE. Rose Medallion reticulated fruit (chestnut) bowl and underplate. Oval bowl with pierced body, No mark. size: 3"H, 8 1/2"L, 7 1/4"W. Conditoin: good. Oval underplate with pierced edge. Marked: Made in China. Size: 1 1/2"H, 9 1/2"L, 8"W. Condition: chip on rim, one pierced element incomplete. 800 - 1,200
2579 18TH C. METAL BRAZIER. Metal brazier, handled rectangular rounded side shape, pierced lid with geometric and stylized floral design, with handle. Dark brown patina. Marked: calligraphic marks on bottom of brazier. Size: 3 1/2"H, 5 1/2"L, 4"W. Condition: interior well used. 1,000 - 1,500
2580 ANDO CLOISONNE VASE. Yellow ground cloisonne vase with peony flowers and leaves. Signed Ando. Marked: Ando. size: 5"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 800 - 1,000
2581 SATSUMA PLATE 19TH C. N/R. 19th c. Satsuma plate, signed on back in Japanese. Assymetrical design of birds, scroll, floral arrangement and bamboo in vase, with decorative border. Marked: w. calligraphic mark on back. Size: 9"Diam. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2582 SATSUMA PLATE 19TH C. N/R. 19th c. Satsuma plate with assymetrical decoration of birds, scroll and floral decoration on table. Signed on back in Japanese. Size: 8 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2583 SATSUMA PLATE 19TH C. N/R. 19th c. Satsuma plate with assymetrical decoration of birds, scroll, floral arrangement with flowering branches. Marked on the back in Japanese. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2584 SATSUMA PLATE 19TH C. N/R. 19th c. Satsuma plate with assymetrical decoration, birds, scroll, floral arrangement with flowering branches and table, decorated border. Marked: in Japanese on back. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2585 19TH C. CINNABAR PLACQUE. Rectangular cinnabar placque mounted on wood. 2 figures in a mountain landscape. Placque surrounded by red silk cord with carved cinnabar decorated ball with two silk tassels. No mark. Size: 4"H, 5 1/2"W, 1/2"D. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2586 CINNABAR SUNFLOWER PLACQUE. Carved cinnabar placque with black lacquer back, depicting two sunflowers. No mark. Size: 11 1/8"H, 4 5/8"W. 1/2"d. Condition: minor wear on the edge. 200 - 400
2587 POMEGRANITE. N/R. Ceramic pomegranite. Marked: China. Size: 2 1/4"H, 3 3/4"L, 3 1/3"D. Condition: damage to one end. 100 - 200
2588 CHINESE FRUIT DECORATION. N/R. Yellow been like cluster. 19th c. ceramic. Marked: China. Size: 2"H, 4 1/2"L, 3"W. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2589 POMEGRANITE. N/R. Ceramic pomegranite with red seeds and green leaves. No mark. Size: 2 1/4"H, 3 3/4"L. 3 1/4"W. Condition: good. 300 - 500
2590 19TH C. MEIJI VASE. N/R. 19th c. Meiji vase, underglaze blue mark indicating Pine Studio. Square vase decorated with flowers and pine branch. Size: 12"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: wear to table rim. all else good. 800 - 1,200
2591 TIBETAN TANKA. "Green Tara" tanka dating from the 13-15th c. mounted on Ming Period (16th c.) brocade. Set in shadow box frame. Size: tanka 31"H, 17"W. Frame: 42"H, 29"W. Condition: smoke darkened. 4,000 - 6,000
2592 BAKER COMPANY BANQUET TABLE. From the Stately Homes collection. The original is in Lord Cobbold's Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, England. Sheraton style. Mahogany with satinwood and ebonised crossbanded top raised on two reeded pedastals each having three downswept reeded legs with brass toecaps and casters. Size: 30" H., 4' W., 6'6" L. (add 19" for each of three leaves). Condition: Like new 5,000 - 7,000
2593 SIX BAKER CO. CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS. From the Stately Homes Collection. Originals were in Viscount Del'isle Penshurst Castle in Kent, England. Mahogany. Set of six (two armchairs) with carved pagoda crest rail and pierced splat. Raised on cabriole legs (the knees carved with cabochons) with ball and claw feet. Size of armchair: 38" H., 28" W., 24" D. Condition: Like new. 11,000 - 13,000
2594 19TH CENTURY CHINESE VASE. N/R. With overall blue and white decoration of leafage and symbols. Size: 13" H., 7.5" DIA. Condition: Spider crack in base, pitting to interior glaze. 150 - 250
2595 19TH CENTURY CHINESE VASE. N/R. White balauster form body with blue decoration overall of leafage and symbols. Unmarked base. Size: 17" H., 8" DIA. Condition: Pitting to the glaze. 150 - 250
2596 PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY JINGER JARS. N/R. Baluster form bodie decorated overall in blue leafage and symbols. Underglazed blue mark of four characters. Size: 18" H., 10" DIA. Condition: Pitting to the glaze. 300 - 600
2597 CHINESE VASE. N/R. 19th century. Blue and whit decorated with foo dogs and haveing foo dog handles. Size: 18" H., 9" DIA. Condition: Has craquellure and brown stains. 200 - 250
2598 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2599 LARGE PORCELAIN FISH BOWL. N/R. 20th century. With iron red floral decoration. Unmarked. Size: 8" H., 21" DIA. Condition: Some pitting to glaze, some wear to decoration. 150 - 250
2600 LARGE PORCELAIN FISH BOWL. N/R. 20th century. White porcelain with blue decoration. Cartouches with people on a landscape. Unerglage blue mark has six characters. Size: 8.5" H., 21" DIA. Condition: Like new. 150 - 250
2601 19TH C. SATSUMA TAZZA. Miniature Satsuma tazza with figure on pillow. Cabinet piece. No mark. size: 1 1/2"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 300
2602 SATSUMA CABINET VASE. Urn form, two figures in landscape with gilding. No mark. Size: 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2603 BLOW FISH IN AGATE. Blow fish carved from agate stone, 19/20th c., fish with faning tail, variagated clear and amber color. No mark. Size: 1"H, 2 1/2"L, 2"D. Condition: good. 200 - 300
2604 AMYTHEST ELEPHANT. Carved elephant with upraised trunk. 20th c. No mark. Size: 1 3/8"H, 1 1/2"L. 5/8"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2605 JADE RAM. 20th c. Jade ram on wooden base. Marked: base marked China. Size: 1 1/4"H, 1 1/4"L, 5/8"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2606 TURQUOISE BUDDHA. Turquoise Buddha, 19/20th c. Cabinet piece. on wooden base. No mark. size: 1 1/4"H, 1"W, 3/8"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2607 19TH C. JADE ATTENDANT. Green and brown jade figure, pierce carved. No mark. Size: 2 1/8"H. Condition: good. 200 - 300
2608 JADE FLOWER AND VINES. N/R. 19th c. elongated jade piece with cut and pierced carving of flowers and vines. No mark. Size: 4"L, 1/2"W. Condition: form indicates missing base. 1/2" long rounded end would fit in base. 200 - 300
2609 2 RED GROUND CLOISONNE VASES. N/R. White and pink roses on red embossed foil backed cloisonne vases. Marked: Japan Sato. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: drilled for lamps. 500 - 700
2610 LAMARTINE CAMEO GLASS LAMP. Lamartine enameled scenic cameo glass lamp base, white and yellow mottled glass base layer, cameo cut and enamel decorated. Landscape base with vines, leaves and purple enameled flowers at the top. Early 20th c. Marked: script signed Lamartine in base and 327/740. Size: glass lamp base 10"H, 6"Diam. base. Lamp with harp 17"H. Conditoin: one fleck off the glass inside base, not visible from exterior, cord cut, sold as is. 1,000 - 2,500
2611 DAUM NANCY CAMEO CUT VASE. N/R. Cameo cut vase, cased glass, yellow, green, brown and white, acid cut, wheel engraved, with handwork, Dutch winter landscape scene with windmills, polished bottom. Marked: cameo cut signed: Daum Nancy. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 750 - 1,500
2612 H.P. PORCELIAN VASE LAMP. N/R. Hand painted vase with wisteria and bird decoration, mounted on metal base and toped with 2 lamp light fixture. No signature or mark visible. Size: porcelian 13 1/2"H. Lamp 22"H. Condition: porcelain is good, no finial, no shade, original wiring needs to be replaced. 75 - 150
2613 ROYAL VIENNA HAND PAINTED CUP & SAUCER. N/R. Hand painted cup and saucer with classical scene of Phaedra and Hippolyte, square decorated scene with painted segmented polychromed borders, raised gilt decoration and maroon panels. Cup with straight sides, angled gilt handle, deep saucer. Marked: beehive mark on each piece. Cup bottom has: Phadra u. Hippolyt (in script). Size: cup 2 1/2"H, 2 1/2"Diam., saucer: 1 1/4"H, 5"Diam. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2614 SABINO STOPPERED BOTTLES (PAIR). N/R. Pair of opalescent glass mould blown stoppered bottles, with swirled rib and diamond pattern decoration. Attributed to Sabino. Marked: Made in France 62-H. Size: 6"H. 3 1/2"Diam. each. Condition: one slightly more opaque than the other. No detractions. 100 - 200
2615 PHOENIX BLUEBELL VASE. N/R. Light blue frosted mould blown vase, polished top edge in Bluebell pattern, part of sculpted line introduced in the 1930's. Marked: original black and silver paper label "Phoenix Sculptured Art Ware". Size: 7"H. Condition: several fleabites around top rim. 75 - 150
2616 LILLIHAN 40 IN X 55 IN. N/R. Cream background with main colors of salmon pink and brown and blue. Condition: worn edges. 300 - 500
2617 LILLIHAN 21 IN X 26 IN. N/R. Main colors are red, blue and cream. Condition: wear to borders. 300 - 500
2618 ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN 17 IN X 41 IN. N/R. Off white background with main colors of iron red and blue. Condition: wear to and missing borders. 600 - 800
2619 ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN 15 IN X 25 IN. N/R. Main colors are iron red, blue and green. Condition: wear to edges. 600 - 800
2620 ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN 30IN X 4FT. N/R. Main colors are iron red and blue with highlights of green and yellow. Condition: 3 inch diameter hole at one end. 300 - 500
2621 SIGNED ANTIQ SAROUCH 34 IN X 36 IN. Main colors are reds, blues and browns. Condition: worn and missing borders. 1,000 - 2,000
2622 ORIENTAL RUNNER 28 IN X 9 FT 6 IN. Overall geometric pattern in pinks, reds, browns, blue and tan. Condition: wear to fringe. 300 - 500
2623 HUGE CHINESE GILT CARVED ARCHWAY. N/R. 19th century. Ornately hand carved with peacocks, foo dogs, and exotic birds in trees dripping with blossoms. Gilt on one side, coppertone on the other. Made in four sections where the decoration overlaps. Size: takes an opening approximately 10' H, 16' W. Condition: the horizontal upper two sections have been cut thus it is hard to tell what, if anything, is missing (I suspect very little). One of these sections has five, staple repaired areas. You are buying it as-is. 1,000 - 2,000
2624 HIGHLY CARVED SETTEE. N/R. 19th century. Reticulated and carved with flowers and dragons open mouthed with spheres. Raised on cabriole legs carved with wing spread bats. Size: 38" H, 55" W, 26" D. Condition: consignor has cleaned and waxed settee so it is ready for your home. 900 - 1,400
2625 HIGHLY CARVED ALTAR. N/R. 19th century. Carved with seven people, peacocks, birds, and flora. Parcel gilt with mustard yellow and green paint. Size: 7' H, 49" W, 2' D. Condition: losses, breaks, and repairs. 600 - 1,200
2626 EIGHT CARVED ARMCHAIRS. N/R. 19th century. Set of five matching and set of three matching. Teakwood carved with foo dogs, birds, and bats. All are same size: 38" H, 25" W, 18" D. Condition: ready for your home as consignor has cleaned and waxed (all but one, left to prove the age). Comes with six soiled embroidered silk cushions. 800 - 1,600
2627 MARBLE TOP PEARL INLAID TABLE. 19th century. Teak wood. Brownish red marble inset top on a base profusely inlaid with mother of pearl and having reticulated and carved (with foo dogs and birds) apron. Has ball and claw feet. Size: 33" H, 40" W, 40" H. Condition: original finish. Dissembles, parts interlock for easy move, but should be glued for stability. Three sides are each missing two 2"x3" corner brackets. One pierced apron has a clean broken piece (needs to be reglued). 1/2" x 1/2" chip out of the corner of marble. 350 - 700
2628 CARVED ALTAR. N/R. 19th century. Teak wood carved with lions, deer, hawks, cranes, grapes, and pomegranites. Size: 46" H, 8'8" W, 25" D. Condition: ready for your home as consignor has cleaned and waxed it. Side panels are missing. 700 - 1,400
2629 CARVED AND PEARL INLAID FRAME. N/R. Reticulated and carved frame profusely inlaid with mother of pearl raised on foo dog supports. See lot #2630 for matching frame. Size: 37" H, 25" W, 9" D. Condition: missing one of the ball feet. Consignor has cleaned and waxed so they are ready for your home. 175 - 350
2630 CARVED AND PEARL INLAID FRAME. N/R. Carved frame profusely inlaid with mother of pearl raised on foo dog supports. See lot #2629 for matching frame. Size: 37" H, 25" W, 9" D. Condition: missing one ball foot. Consignor has cleaned and waxed so it is ready for your home. 175 - 300
2631 PAIR OF CHINESE SIGNS. N/R. Black characters on a gilt background. Size: 91" H, 14" W, 1.25" D. Condition: minor wear to the gold. 100 - 200
2632 PAIR OF CHINESE SIGNS. N/R. Black characters on a red and gold background. Size: 78" H, 13" W, 1/2" D. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2633 14' WOOD DECORATION. N/R. Painted black with applied flowers. Size: two 7'sections totaling 14'. 75 - 150
2634 HUGE ORIENTAL SILK EMBROIDERY. In a gilt frame, showing a landscape with birds and flowers in the foreground. Size framed: 5'7" H, 4' W. Frame is 4 1/4" wide. Condition: dirt has seeped in at the edges, so it needs to be cleaned. 400 - 700
2635 PAIR OF CARVED WOODEN PIECES. N/R. 19th century. Tusk shaped wooden piece carved with dragons and foliate. Gilt and red finish. Size: 20" H., 3" DIA. Condition: Wear to gilt. 60 - 120
2636 2636. CONSTITUTION MIRROR Carved wood, applied carved decoration, covered in gesso and gold paint and gilt. Broken pediment arch with shell and leaf cartouche in center, classical decorative motif around mirror glass. Size: 56" H., 34" W. Condition: loss of paint along bottom, missing petal right lower rosette and glue joint sperated above rosette. 300 - 600
2637 OAK LIBRARY TABLE. N/R. Turn of the last century. Quarter sawn oak (stained Jacobean) top with ogee apron drawer on four columns and having a lower shelf. Size: 29" H, 46" W, 28" D. Condition: nice old finish. 300 - 600
2638 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2639 CHINESE CARVED ETAGERE. N/R. 19th century. Teakwood with a carved apron and a lower shelf. Raised on square legs with ming feet. Size: 31.25" H, 12" W, 16" D. Condition: ready for your home as consignor has cleaned and waxed it. Small chip to one corner. 175 - 350
2640 CHINESE CARVED ETAGERE. N/R. 19th century. Teak wood with a reticulated apron carved with birds in flowering branches. Has a lower shelf, straight legs and ming feet. Size: 31.25" H, 12" W, 16" D. Condition: ready for your home as consignor has cleaned and waxed it. 175 - 350
2641 LATE FEDERAL SOFA TABLE. N/R. Fine proportions, carving and weight. Mahogany two board D-shaped top and apron with carved pendant finials supported by S scrolls at the rear and acanthus leaf carved columns resting on an ovolu cornered platform raised on sabre legs with brass hairy paw castors. Size: 33" H, 5' W, 17.5" D. Condition: newer boards have been added underneath both ends of the lower platform to strengthen the legs, the right rear leg is weak. 1,500 - 2,500
2642 2642. SMALL EDWARDIAN DESK 1910 C. Mahogany and mahogany veneer, inlaid Greek Key and banding, brass gallery, three drawers, knee hole, "X" stretcher and french feet. Size: 32" H., 50" W., 19 1/2" D. Condition: original finish and hardware, no detractions. 500 - 1,000
2643 LOUIS XVI STYLE CHAISE LONGUE. N/R. Fruitwood. Raised on fluted tapering cylindrical legs. Down filled cushion and upholstered in a pastel striped fabric. Size: 32" H, 26" W, 50" L. Condition: strong frame, clean fabric. 250 - 500
2644 LOUIS XVI STYLE BERGERE. Fruitwood molded frame raised on cylindrical tapered legs. Down filled cushion and upholstered in a pastel striped fabric. Size: 33" H, 30" W, 30" D. Condition: strong frame. 100 - 200
2645 TUXEDO LOVESEAT. N/R. Two loose down filled seat and back cushions in a Moire patterned fabric piped in a coral color. Size: 25" H, 5'W, 33" D. Condition: strong frame, generally clean, few minor spots. 150 - 300
2646 SUBLIME HARMONIC PICCOLO. Plays six tunes. Parcel ebonised case with floral basket and parquetry inlaid border on the lid and flowers inlaid on the front. 7.5" H, 25" W, 11" D. Condition: runs, four teeth missing from the comb, missing edge veneer, parquet border as-is on the sides of the lid. 1,200 - 1,800
2647 AMERICAN SLANT FRONT DESK. First quarter 19th century. Mahogany. Conch shell inlaid fall front with baize writing surface and a line inlaid fitted interior. The case comprised of three long drawers, the whole raised on french feet joined by a scalloped apron. Brass pulls. Size: 42" H, 42" W, 21" D. Condition: the drawers and fitted interior are later. 1,500 - 2,500
2648 NEOCLASSIC STYLE GLASS TOP TABLE. See lot #2084 for its twin. Brass and beveled glass. Rectangular Neo-classic style table raised on four quiver form legs of polished and ebonized brass connected by curule form stretchers. Size: 29" H, 84" W, 42"D. Condition: approximate 1" chip out of glass on one corner and approximate two inch chip out of the other corner, all else good. 600 - 1,200
2700 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2701 KNOLL CARD CATALOG. Chrome frame and teak wood. Back is finished. Size: 5'2" H, 35" W, 19" D. Condition: water spots on the top. 2,000 - 3,000
2702 KNOLL CARD CATALOG. Chrome frame and teak wood. Back is finished. Size: 5'2" H, 35" W, 19" D. Condition: no detractions. 2,000 - 3,000
2703 KNOLL CARD CATALOG. Chrome and teak wood. Finished back. Size: 5'2" H, 35" W, 19" D. Condition: water spots on the top. 2,000 - 3,000
2704 NIPPON CHOCOLATE SET. N/R. Silver overlay chocolate set, marked "M.M." "Hand Painted Nippon." The silver overlay finish has tarnished to a soft patina. 1. Chocolate pot, 7" high with lid, 7 1/8" from handle to spout, 4 1/2" diam. Good condition. 2. Covered sugar and covered creamer, 5" high. Good condition. 100 - 200
2705 2705. VICTORIAN WASH STAND WITH MARBLE TOP 1880 C. Walnut, walnut burl veneer, white marble top, with one drawer over one door. Size: 32" H., 24" W., 22" D. 150 - 300
2706 OAK AND BIRDSEYE MAPLE BOOKCASE. N/R. Oak bookcase with birdseye maple back and drawer bottom. Central gadrooned and fluted drawer above a glazed door flanked by narrower glazed doors and rope twist quarter pilasters. Size: 5'3" H, 5'2" W, 15" D. Condition: old finish, one narrow door missing glass, one door pull broken. 700 - 1,400
2707 2707. SHERATON STYLE DRESSER AND MIRROM 1900 C. Mahogany, mahogany veneer, carved and applied classical decoration. Sheild shaped beveled glass mirror and frame supported between turned and fluted columns. Two glove drawers on top and four graduated drawers below, brass pulls, bow front case on turned feet. Size: 75" H., 50" W., 24" D. Condition: professionally refinished, pulls replaced, no detractions. 800 - 1,200
2708 GEORGIAN STYLE LIGHTED CURIO. N/R. Mirrored back and beveled glass front flanked by reeded pilasters. Entry is gained from the side. Stained mahogany. Size: 6'8" H, 42" W, 16" D. Condition: like new, minor scratches. 200 - 400
2709 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP SINK. 19th century. Walnut and burl walnut veneers. Backsplash flips forward to reveal a tole liner. Overhanging apron has two real drawers. Pair of doors in the base. Size: 40" H, 32" W, 21" D. Condition: spider crack in the sink bowl, beautiful finish. 500 - 700
2710 MARBLE TOPPED PEDESTAL TABLE. c. mid-20th century. The round marble table is paintd to resemble Pietra Dora. It has medaillions painted with clipper ships interspersed with fruit, flowers and leafage. The limewood stop fluted pedestal base has four legs carved with drop bell flowers and rosettes. It was purchased in Florence, Italy. Dimensions: 5'7" d., 31" h. Condition: good overall; except wood members on glued foot are coming unglued from dryness; minor croquellure in painting on table top. 3,000 - 5,000
2711 BEVELED GILT MIRROR. N/R. Late Victorian. Three bands of C-scroll and foliate decoration, the outer band being pierced. Size: 54" by 44". Condition: minor losses to gesso decoration on the exterior pierced band. 175 - 350
2712 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2713 IVORY DECORATED MIRROR. Carved floral ivory decoration on beveled glass mirror, ivory handle. Size: 11 1/2"L. Condition: worn and weak joins. 600 - 1,200
2714 2 IVORY IMPERIAL FIGURES. Two ivory carved figures. Emperor and Empress carved and color line decorated. No mark. Size: 21"H each. Each come with 4"H wooden bases. Condition: good. 1,500 - 3,000
2715 IVORY CARVING OF WOMEN. Unusual ivory carving of rectangular dish shape depicting a seated beauty with her attendant beneath a parrot. The ivory has been painted in bright colors. 20th c. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: good. 300 - 600
2716 JADITE JADE CARP GROUP. Jadeite jade carving depicting a Chinese carp encompassed by waves, two children of Buddha, foliage and legendary peach of eternity. Color of jade lavender and celadon. Size: 5 1/2"H. plus wooden stand. Condition: good. 7,500 - 12,500
2717 JADEITE VASE IN ANCIENT FORM. Ching dynasty carved Burmese jadeite vase in the style of an ancient Chinese bronze form. The carving consists of Tao Tieh masks inshallow relief and reibbed edges. The color of the jade flows fromt lavender to celadon to deel leaf green. Size: 14 1/4"H. Condition: good. in presentation box. 11,000 - 15,000
2718 HARDSTONE COVERED VASE. Large carved Chinese hardstone covered vase, carved wtih archaic style Tao Tieh masks and large 5 clawedimperioal dragon handles with rings. Top carved in form of 2 dragons in pursuit. No mark. Size: 11"H. Condition: good. 900 - 1,800
2719 IVORY CARVED VASE. Ivory carved vase wtih elephant head ring handles, and mystery ball bottom, nicely carved and very unusual. 20th c. Size: 9 1.2"H. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
2720 IVORY FISHERMAN W. CATCH. Large ivory carving of fisherman with his catch and pet cormorant. 20th c. Size: 13"H. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
2721 IVORY WARRIOR WITH SWORD AND BOW. Large ivory carving of Oriental warrior with sword and bow, ivory is beautifully carved with polychrome staining. 20thc. Size 15"H. Signed with red lacquer inlay. Condition: good. 2,000 - 3,200
2722 IVORY SHOU LOU W. PEACH. Large ivory carving of Shou Lou with staff andthe peach of immortality. 20th c. Size: 19 1/2"H. Condition: good. 800 - 1,600
2723 IVORY & WOOD CARVED FISHERMAN. Carved ivory and wood fisherman with pole, net and basket in search of carp. 20th c. Size: 10 3/4"H. Condition: good. pole and net are separate. 600 - 1,200
2724 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2725 IVORY TUSK CARVING. Ivory tusk carving of landscape with pagoda homes and terraces among tree, with people engaged in all types of activity. Chinese 20th c. on wooden base. Size: 26"L. Condition: good. 750 - 1,500
2726 JAPANESE METAL VASE. Handled metal vase, inlaid gold and incised floral decoration. Size: 6"H. Condition: scratches. 250 - 500
2727 PAIR IMARI TEA BOWLS. Pair of Japanese Imari teabowls and low saucers with Ming marks. Sie: 2 1/2"H, 4"Diam. Conditoin: good. with stands. 250 - 350
2727 PR NEPHRITE JADE MAIDENS. Pair of carved nephrite jade maidens, one carries the peach of immorality and the other carries a staff. Late 19-early 20th c. Size: 11 1/2"H. Condition: good. 800 - 1,600
2728 TWO IMARI BOWLS. N/R. 1. figural and landscape decorated interior, blue and gold exterior. Size: 2 1/2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. condition: chip on rim. 2. eight decorated panels interior, blue and gold decorated exterior. Size: 2 3/8"H, 6 1/2"Diam. condition: firing flaw visible both inside and outside the bowl. 200 - 300
2729 SATSUMA TEAPOT. Japanese ceramic tea pot. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
2730 6 PANEL ROSEWOOD/ IVORY SCREEN. Minature six panel rosewood screen inlaid with silver. Each panel inset with finely carved ivory plaques of birds among plants and rocks. 19th c. Imperial quality. each section: 16 3/4"H, 4"W. Condition: good. 4,000 - 6,000
2731 SATSUMA LIDDED KORO. Meiji period. Foo dog finial, floral decorated. Artist signed. Height: 5". Condition: repaired chip under lid. 400 - 500
2732 LOETZ ART GLASS VASE. Variegated green color, pinched sides. Height: 7 1/4". Unsigned. Condition: minor flecks at top. 600 - 800
2733 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2734 QING DYNASTY CELADON VASE. c. 1860. Ovoid ceramic. Figures are depicted in a garden scene that changes to an interior scene. Blue and white and celadon. Comes with a wooden base. Size: 18" h., 8" dia. without base. Condition: few firing flaws aside from some brown indented spots. 600 - 800
2735 PAIR OF SATSUMA LAMPS. c. 1900. Ceramic with red color on an offwhite ground; applied raised glazing and gold. Lampshades are Argentinian animal hide. This pair of tall, flared top / bottom vases have bases and apparatus to be lamps; their scenes are children at play and learned men. Size vase body: 16" h., 7" dia., with shade: 35" h. Condition: minor craquellure to the glaze and worn gold in spots. 600 - 800
2736 PICTORAL CARPET. N/R. Size: 4'8" x 7'3". Condition: like new. 0 - 0
2737 LOUIS B. HURT HIGHLAND CATTLE O/C. Late 19th/early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower left Louis B. Hurt. Louis Bosworth Hurt (British 1856-1929) was a painter whose specialty was cattle and Scottisg scenery. Born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Hurt studied with George Turner and later exhibited at the Royal Academy. Much of Hurt's scenery and "models" came from property and cattle he owned. This painting shows four long haired caramel colored cows grazing at a meadow pond among purple clover (?) and grass. Behind are mountains in mist. Owned by the current owner since the early 1950's. Size: 23 1/2" h., 39 1/2" w., framed 32" h., 48" w. Condition: some possible light repainting in the sky on the left side of the painting; otherwise no visible defects. 26,000 - 34,000
2738 ANTHROPOMORPHIC SCULPTURE, SIGNED MOORE. 20th c. Bronze, brown patina on a black polished stone base. Signed "Moore" in the thigh. The style is similar to Henry Moore's reclining anthropomorphic sculptures, with long flowing lines and forms joined (legs, or torso and arms) as well as a suppression of anatomical or facial detail. The overall rythmic effect is flowing and sensuous. Size: 8" h., 18" w., 7" deep without the base. Condition: scratches through the patina to the metal on one thigh and at the front of the chest; wear to the patina of the legs. 10,000 - 15,000
2739 ANNORA SPENCE "DOG ON THE TABLE." Late 20th c. Serigraph in colors. Signed in pencil. 5/30 artists proofs. Spence (British born 1963) studied at the Liverpool Polytechnic and has since 1990 had exhibitions in England. Her travels have taken her to India and the Far East. She is an auction listed artist and this lot shows a blue suited man seated at a table that has a dog on it. The style, based on a squiggly descriptive contour line, is humorous. Size: 21 1/2" h., 16" w. Condition: like new. 600 - 800
2740 JMW TURNER PENCIL DRAWING. Early 19th c. (Dated 1838 in a modern hand). Graphite on paper. Ex coll. John Anderson Jr. (author of The Unknown Turner, founder of the Anderson Galleries), through to AS Rudd of NYC (bought 1942). Verified by Hammer Galleries of 5th Avenue, NYC. Marked Anderson Collection #JA 303. Turner, one of the best known British artists, was a prolific sketcher--this pencil drawing is of a town on a canal. Size: 8 1/4" h., 13 3/4" w. Condition: severe yellowing and acid burns where once there was a mat (the burns obscure the sides of the drawing); rectangular halo lighter than the remains of the drawing, on the left side; residue on verso from adhering to blueish backing paper. 8,000 - 10,000
2740 NO LOT. 0 - 0
2741 AUTOGRAPHED WORLD SERIES PIRATES BASEBALL. Signatures include: Rich Hebner, Steve Blass, Bill Verdan, Al Oliver. Condition: good, minor wear. 100 - 0
2742 METAL AND POTTERY VASE. Chinese 18th c. vase, small bse, lotus decorated base and top, ribbed body with scrafitto decoration. Size: 8"H. Condition: signs of wear. 1,000 - 2,000
2743 CLOISONNE VASE. Cloisonne vase with blue ground, chrysanthemum and butterfly decoration. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: area of damage 1/2" x 1/2" in center of vase on one side. 150 - 300
2744 CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE. Hand painted porcelain vase with Shou Lou with staff and the peach of immortality. Size: 5 1/4"H. Marks: calligrphy marks on base. Condition: good. 500 - 800
2745 JAPANESE PORCELAIN VASE. Hand painted and gilt porcelain vase, 2 large genre scene, fan pattern background decoration. no mark. Size; 4 3/4"H. Condition: chip on top rim, chip and repair on top rim. 100 - 200
2746 VACHON LIDDED VESSEL. Grey crackle glaze vessel with dark tone lid with handle. Size: 5"H, 5"D. Signed on base, Vachon. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
2747 VACHON SQUARE LIDDED VESSEL. Grey crackle glaze body, with square feet, solid color lid and finial. Size: 6"H, 3 3/4"W, 3 3/4"D. Signed: Vachon on bottom. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
2748 MING CERAMIC FIGURE. Ming dynasty green glazed ceramic figure with voting tablet. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: signs of wear. 1,000 - 2,000
2749 CHINESE VASE. Chinese vase with blue crackle glaze. Size: 11"H. Condition: three flecks on body. 500 - 1,000
2750 FOSSILIZED STONE. fossilized stone with four snail like formations. Size: 24 x 18". Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
2751 BUCK OWENS AMERICAN GUITAR. N/R. Guitar in red, white and blue finish. Six string guitar, Marked: Buck Owens American. Size: 40"L. Condition: one string missing, one string loose. Includes a Bobby Lee guitar strap. 100 - 200
2752 DOUBLE STRINGED GUITAR. Unusual guitar with two sets of strings. One set of six strings, one set of eight strings. No mark. Size: 37 1/2"L, 13 1.2"W, 4"D. Condition: body worn, some splitting of edges. One string missing from eight string set. 200 - 400
2753 HUGE GILT FRAME. Last quarter of 19th century. Having leaf decoration. Size: 6'6" H, 4'4" W. Frame itself is 5" wide. Condition: almost no decoration missing, mint green wall paint slopped on edges. 250 - 450
2754 PAIR NAKASHIMA HOST CHAIRS. Walnut. Four legged. Size: 35 1/2" h., 18" w., 16 1/4" deep. Condition: normal wear & original finish. 1,500 - 3,000
2755 SIX NAKASHIMA CHAIRS. Walnut. Triangular seated, three legged sidechairs. Size: 27" h., 19" w., 16 1/2" deep. Condition: original finish; one chair's boards are slightly separated. 3,500 - 5,000
2756 BIEDERMEIER CHAISE LONGUE. First half of the 19th century. A button tufted backrest with a full loose down The whole raised on six short sabre legs united by a plain apron. Size: 32" H, 60" L. Condition: cushion slightly soiled, no defects or detractions. 800 - 1,600
2757 LARGE STAINED GLASS WINDOW. Recently custom made. Showing a peacock and an exotic bird in a flowering tree. Size: 58" H, 91" W. Condition: like new, no defects or detractions. 2,500 - 3,500
2758 THREE ORIENTAL WOODEN PANELS. 19th c. Carved wood. Two are a pair, showing birds in trees. The third panel is more abstract with interlocking geometric patterns that coincide with objects and a lion bearing a huge flower vase on its back. Size: each is 43" h., 16" w. Condition: black wooden frames are later; cracks in all of them; the pair has worn gilding. 750 - 1,500
2759 2066. ENGLISH HEPPLEWHITE BOWFRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS 1800 C. Mahogany veneer, oak and pine secondary wood, two drawers over three graduated drawers, high braket feet, shaped skirt. Size: 40" H., 39" W., 18" D. Condition: old finish, damage to veneer and trim on front, right side, both front feet split at join to case, pulls replaced. 200 - 400
2760 JAPANESE EXPORT VASE. 1950's. Pictorial ceramic body with a deep cobalt blue glaze and full color geisha illustration, applied gold color. Made for export to the west. Attached to a wooden base on which appears a tag that reads Pantallas Boggio Lemparas. Size: 14" h., 7" dia. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 150
2761 MARBLE TOP VICTORIAN DRESSER WITH MIRROR 1880 C. Walnut, walnut burl veneer, and carved decoration, candle brackets on mirror section, white marble sections over drawers, two glove drawers over two large drawers, cartouche atop mirror. Size: 7' H., 40" W., 19" D. Condition: original finish, replacement pulls. 1,000 - 15,000

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