Fine Property for Auction March 27th & 28th, 2004.

901 MOUNTED DEER HEAD. Taxidermied deer head mounted on wooden shield shaped wall mount. Deer with 10 point rack. Size: 32"H, 16"W. Condition: the ears of the deer have some damage. 50 - 100
902 ARTS & CRAFTS HAT RACK. Deer hoof mounted hat rack, four hooves are mounted on wooden framework, upturned hooves serve as hat holders. No mark. Size: 32"L, 17"W, 5 1/2"D. condition: varnish is bubbling on wooden surface. 50 - 100
903 PR MOLDED GLASS BOUDOIR LAMPS. Opaque off white glass lamps, molded round base, urn shaped top, ribbed decoration, 4 footed base, electric. Marked: Aladdin. Size: 9 1/2"H, 6"Diam. top. Condition: one chip in top rim. 50 - 100
904 5 CUT GLASS GOBLETS. Five cut glass wine glasses with star base, cross hatched band, wide gilt band, gilt top and bottom rim. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 3 3/8"Diam. top. Condition: good. 50 - 100
905 12 DEPRESSION GLASSES. Set of 12 hollow fluted stem wine glasses, acid etched floral decorated bowls. No mark. SiE: 5"H, 2 3/4"Diam.tops. Condition: good. 40 - 80
906 NEW HAMPSHIRE CROCK. Crock with blue leaf decoration, two applied handles. Marked: J.S. Taft & Company, Keene, New Hampshire. "2" with blue leave decoration. Size: 11 1/2"H, 9"Diam. base. Conditon: several cracks in the body of the crock, chips around the top rim., yellow paint drips on the handles. 50 - 100
907 8 CUT GLASS ROCK GLASSES. Eight rock glasses with spiral line cut with panels of flowers and leaves. No mark. size: 3 1/2"H, 3 1/4"Diam. top. Condition: good. 50 - 100
908 SEYMOUR HADEN ETCHING. Dated 1881. Etching in brown ink on white paper (with plate tone). Signed in plate and pencil. Haden was the preeminent British etcher of the 19th c., teaching the American James Whistler much about the medium (Haden was also related to him through marriage). Characteristic of Haden's style is a strongly bitten line with dense areas of ink buildup. This image is cows in a stream among trees. No edition number is given. Size: 10 3/4" h., 16" w., framed 19 1/2" h., 24" w. Comndition: no visible defects. 600 - 900
909 GUI LIN NORTHERN ASIATIC TRIBAL. Modern. Photomechanical print on canvas. After an oil painting by Gui Lin, this is number 15 /151. This portrait is of a member of a Northern Asiatic tribe that borders China, in Russia. Size: 38" h., 30" w., framed 50" h., 42" w. Condition: like new. 800 - 1,000
910 PIP TODD WARMOUTH TIBETAN LADY. Dated 1997. Oil on board. Initialed PTW 97. Warmouth (British born 1962) is a highly travelled artist whose education includes an MA from the Royal Academy. Since 1984 his paintings inspired by his treks around the world have garnered multiple solo and group shows; The New Grafton Gallery, London has shown him many times. His working trips have included stints in the Far East and India--the paintings of which have found their way into such collections as Queen Elizabeth and actor Michael Caine. This particular work "Tibetan Lady" is a seemingly plein air rendering of a woman in traditional costume holding a child on her back. The earthy tones and frontal gaze support the on-the-spot nature of Warmouth's observational painting. Size: 12" h., 7 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 2,000 - 3,000
911 LISA MILROY PERUVIAN GIRL OIL. Dated 1997. Oil on canvas. Unframed. Signed in marker on the verso. Lisa Milroy (born 1959) is a Canadian artist now active in London, UK whose works span a wide range of subjects, from the mundane to the unusual. Her work is linked by a decorative sense of patterning and composition. She has turned her attention to interpretations of plates, purses, Japanese woodcut-like characters, and dogs. This much exhibited and collected artist (many exhibitions including Tate-Liverpool, Mary Boone-New York, and throughout continental Europe) has a fairly extensive auction record for a young artist. Milroy's art continues a classic tradition of observational painting combined with postmodern detachment from precise meaning or easy narrative. This particular lot shows a Peruvian girl in an earthy red and yellow shawl with an exuberantly constructed metal disk necklace and is somewhat unusual in this artist's far travels and expansive color palette. The frontal gaze and direct, opaque color and brushwork combined with its size foster a grand feeling for such a delicate subject. Size: 60" h., 48" w. Condition: like new. 14,000 - 17,000
912 FERJO SURREAL OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Ferjo (Fernando de Jesus Oliviera), a Brazilian artist, is a well known contemporary exhibitor throughout the Americas. His work always contains allusions and qoutations from surrealists such as Dali, Chagall, Magritte, and Miro. This lot also contains painted allusions to the last three of the above mentioned artists. Where Ferjo distinguishes himself is with his bright palette--bright orange wooden floors played against icy cerulean blues often appear in his scheme. Size: 48" h., 35" w., framed 57" h., 44" w. Condition: like new. 20,000 - 24,000
913 M.D. WILLIAMS LANDSCAPE. Dated '95 (1895). Oil on canvas. Signed. A commanding view of an autumn forest with a tiny mother and children. Painted with great atmosphere in which the dominant crimson color key fades into the background. The artist is otherwise unknown. Size: 20" h., 35" w., framed 26" h., 41 1/2" w. Condition: paint losses on lower edge; two patched repairs. 1,200 - 1,800
914 MARK RUBOVICS LANDSCAPE. 19th/20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Rubovics (Hungarian, 1867-1947) is a listed artist who studied drawing in Vienna and Paris. He taught at a school of his own creation from 1891. He painted genre, still-life and landscapes. This lot is noteworthy for its size and depth of color. A woman in Hungarian costume is shown walking through a sundappled forest. The brushwork is loose in spots showing an appreciation of Impressionism but with academic color composition. Size: 31" h., 38" w., framed 37 1/2" h., 45" w. Condition: one patched repair. 2,000 - 3,000
915 J. JEFFREY GRANT STILL LIFE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Grant (Amer., Chicago School 1883-1960) is a listed artist who painted many coastal views, and figure paintings. He exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the National Academy. This still life with a duck is unusual in that it does not follow his apparent standard subject matter; with the decorated vase behind the duck, it hints at cloistered exoticism not seen in Grant's other work. Size: 29" h., 25" w., framed 35" h., 32" w. Condition: relined; some craquellure; new frame. 2,500 - 3,500
916 SORROWFUL INMATE O/C. Mid 19th century. Unsigned. A shackled man hides his head as his sweetheart attempts to console him. Very smoothly painted, typical of mid 19th c. genre painting in the USA. Size: 23" h., 19" w., framed 28" h., 24" w. Condition: relined; minor old inpainting; one flake of paint missing from near the woman's head. 1,000 - 1,200
917 CH SHERMAN SEASCAPE. 1st half 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. An impressionist rendering of a rocky coast being buffeted by cerulean blue waves. Painted with descriptively directional brushstrokes. Size: 19" h., 25" w., framed 27" h., 32" w. Condition: some minor paint flaking in the sky, some craquellure throughout. 750 - 1,100
919 NINA LOWRY FLORAL OIL. 1927. Oil on canvas. Signed in sgrafitto. Chrysanthemums, zinnias and other flowers are shown in a green vase. The artist is otherwise unknown, but the overall effect shows a talented hand that reflects the influence of 19th c. floral artists such as LaFarge and Weir. Size: 34" h., 28" w., framed 40" h., 34" w. Condition: unknown white bloom in upper part; some light repainting in the same area. 1,500 - 1,800
920 THOS. LAWRENCE COPY OF CALMADY CHILDREN. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Copy of the famous Sir Thomas Lawrence image of the British sisters who hug one another. Size: 26 1/2" dia., framed 38" square. Condition: one 1" unrepaired tear; the inner frame needs to be repaired. 300 - 400
921 PATRICIA BRANCH MASTED SHIP O/C. Dated 1967. Signed. A competently painted amateur painting of a many masted ship. Size: 16" h., 20" w., framed 23" h., 27" w. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
922 RUFUS WAY SMITH W/C. Dated 1893. Watercolor on paper. Signed and dated in the lower right. Four sheep are seen in a bucolic autumn farmscape. Smith is a listed artist from Ohio (1840-1900) who was affiliated with the Cleveland Art Club and who exhibited in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He became quite well known and respected among his peers for his activity in his local art community. Size: 15" h., 10 1/2" w., framed 21 1/2" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects to the painting; frame is chipped throughout. 500 - 700
923 JAN LEWANDOWSKI LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas or burlap. Signed lower left. A pastoral meadow and glade is the setting for this vigorous brushed exercise in landscape painting; numerous encrusted blobs of paint give dimension to foreground items while background details are atmospherically rendered. Size: 11 1/2" h., 13" w., framed 14 1/2" h., 16" w. Condition: tha canvas is buckling and is stiff; some small paint flakes are missing from the sky. 300 - 600
924 P.J. CLAYA SHIP PTG. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Painted on broad wove canvas; this vigorous painting represents a masted ship among smaller craft, under a thickly clouded sky. Size: 13 1/2" h., 10 1/2" w., framed 17 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 1,500 - 2,500
925 G. KRISPINSKY PASTEL PORTRAIT. N/R. 20th c. On paper. Signed. A man's face. Size: 18" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
926 HUGHES WATERCOLOR. N/R. 19th c. On paper. Signed "Hughes" lower right. A man walks among blossoming trees in a meadow. Size: 8 1/2" h., 8 3/4" w., framed 15 1/2" h., 16" w. Condition: foxing throughout; modern mat and frame. 200 - 400
927 G. RANDALL OXFORD W/C. 19th c. On paper. Signed Randall (also nameplate on frame) and "Magdalen Tower and Bridge, Oxford." Pastoral pursuits near the tower and cathedral are pictured in a vignette presentation. Size: 11" h., 9 1/2" w., framed 16" h., 13 1/2" w. Condition: the paper is a little darkened. 300 - 400
928 W. RIX CALIFORNIA LANDSCAPE. 19th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed. No date. A high mountain is seen faintly, white dramatic trees loom over a ravine. Julian Walbridge Rix (Amer., 1850-1903) was known for California landscapes of atmospheric beauty, and in his field he was well regarded. Size: 11 3/4" h., 9" w., framed 18" h., 14" w. Condition: white splotch upper right; otherwise no defects. 400 - 500
929 HH OSGOOD LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on wood. Signed "Osgood" lower left. Henry Haviland Osgood, a listed artist (b. 1875), was a Chicago and Indiana artist known for impressionistic landscapes; this painting "Landscape" was exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago's 46th Annual Exh. Size: 23 1/2" h., 35 1/2" w., framed 28" h., 40" w. Condition: craquellure along the wood grain. 800 - 1,200
930 SIGNED AH GORSON MILL O/C. Early 20th c. Signed AH Gorson. Aaron Henry Gorson (1872-1933) was an artist who specialized in industrial scenes, particularly of Pittsburgh and at night. His tempestuous blast furnaces at night have been very popular, as well as the less well known daytime scenes (as this lot is). A worn tag on the back reads "Koppers." Gorson also painted in Philadelphia and New York. Size: 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 17 1/2" h., 21 1/2" w. Condition: slightly buckled; new frame. 8,000 - 10,000
931 DUKE CHERRIES PRINT. 18th/19th c. Single plate engraving / mezzotint colored a la poupee. "Duke Cherries" is after the painter F. Wheatley, artist of popular Cries of London imagery in the late 18th c. Size: 14" h.,10" w., framed 22 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: two visible foxing marks lower left. 250 - 350
932 APPLETON MEZZOTINT AFTER CRIES. Early 20th c. Color mezzotint a la poupee. Pencil signed Thomas Gouch Appleton (died 1924) and in plate, after the original 18th c. Cries imagery formulated by F. Wheatley and engraved back then by many engravers. "Knives to Grind." Size: 15 1/4" h., 11" w., framed 23" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 250
933 F. FRETZ MEMORIAL PORTRAIT. 19th c. oil on canvas. Signed on lower left this naive-style portrait shows a young child resting on its arms, among clouds. It is likely a memorial to the deceased child. Size: 20"h.,17"w. Frame: 24"h.,22"w. Condition: relined, overall craquellure, period frame is condidered as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 400 - 500
934 WEBB SEASCAPE. Dated 1872. Oil on canvas. Signed Webb. The signature resembles that of Charles Meer Webb, a British artist who lived in Germany, but it remains unsubstantiated. This precisely painted image has bright blues to set off the caramel browns of the ships that ply the waves. Size: 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 19" h., 23" w. Condition: no visible defects (crease in the top is from the stretcher bar); frame is as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 1,000 - 2,000
935 GROTE PLACE ETCHING. 19th / early 20thc Etching in brown ink. Signed "R. (last name is illegible)" This is an image of the Brussels, Belgium Grand Plaza seen from the steps of one guild hall looking toward another. Size: 13" h., 9"w., framed 20" h., 15" w. Condition: slightly darkened paper; frame is as is. 125 - 175
936 AMERICAN LANDSCAPE. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. This painting shows scenery that resembles Minnesota lake regions. Painted with great verve in a academic way: brown underpainting ties it all together. Size: 13" h., 14 3/4" w., framed 17" h., 18 3/4"w. Condition: loose on its stretchers, two punctures on the right side, and loose in the frame; frame is as is. 150 - 250
937 MOUNTAINOUS LANDSCAPE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned (no signature found). This landscape, which shows a meadow and large mountains over a lake, resembles the serene topographical broadness and attention to atmospheric effects that characterized the Hudson River School and more generally mid to late 19th c American landscape. Small sailing boats can be seen on the lake. Size: 21" h., 36" w., framed 26 1/2" h., 41" w. Condition: relined, repainted areas in the sky; two newer punctures on the left side that go through the original canvas but not through the relined canvas; a lateral crack in the sky; the period frame is as is, you are bidding on the painting itself. 900 - 1,200
938 CHRIST & THE WOMEN AT THE WELL. Early 20th c. oil on canvas board. Unsigned. This genre biblical scene is painted with attention to detail in academically trained manner. Coloristically this is finely composed. Size: 22"h.,26"w. No frame. Condition: some bubbling to the canvas on the left side, abrasions to all edges. 300 - 500
939 STAR OF THE ROAD CURRIER & IVES. 19th c. Black litho with color. "The Star of the Road" dated 1849. Size 10" h., 14" w., framed 12" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, tear on the right side 1 1/2" in; frame has loose corners. 250 - 500
940 TH. SCHILGEN PORTRAIT DRAWING. 1840. Pencil on paper. Inscribed "The Schilgen, Driburg, July 1840." This shows a well dressed man, done in a german mid 19th c. naturalistic style. Size: 6"h.,4 1/2"w., framed: 13"h., 11". Condition: No visual defects to drawing, the frame is as is, you are bidding upon the artwork itself. 100 - 200
942 FLORAL BOUQUET MEZZOTINT. Dated 1778, perhaps later. Color mezzotint. This is a well made print by Richard Earlom after a J. Van Huysum painting. Size: 21 3/4" h., 16" w., framed 28 1/2" h., 23"w. Condition: yellowing to paper, more pronounced in the image area; the frame, mat & glass are as is, you are bidding on the print itself. 200 - 400
943 THOMAS BANKS LANDSCAPE. 18th c. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed TB 7(?). Banks (British 1735-1805) is a listed landscapist. This autumn scene is neoclassical in technique and color: luminous browns and yellows are seen. Banks lived in Rome and worked in Russia. This however is an English scene-- the ruins of a Gothic church can be seen in the distance. Size: 15 1/2" h., 30" w., framed 23" h., 37 1/2" w. Condition: relined, frame has chips to its molding; the frame is as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 3,000 - 5,000
944 3 AFRICAN WOODEN PANELS. (1) Curved tray with two handles, diamond and triangular cut out decoration. Size: 24 1/2"L, 13"W. Condition: wear. Country of origin unknown. (1) Rectangular wooden panel, diamond pattern decoration. Size: 20" x 12". Condition: wear. Country of origin unknown. (1) Rectangular panel, carved with hear, bird and vine pattern. Size: 20 1/2"H, 14"W. Condition: wear and losses along edges. 100 - 300
945 AFRICAN WEAPONS. (2) Metal spear heads. Size: (1) 14 3/4"L. (1) 14"L. Condition: wear to metal surface. (1) Quiver and metal tipped arrows. Leather quiver with painted geometric decoration. Size: 22 3/4"L. condition: wear to interior. Eight arrows, bamboo shafts with metal tips. Size: 18"L. Condition: arrow bodies have some losses to bamboo shaft. 100 - 200
946 AFRICAN MASK. Black painted wooden African mask with raffia decoration. No mark.Size: 12"H, 8"W. plus raffia embelishment. Condition: wear and losses. 50 - 100
947 3 MINK ITEMS. (1) Mink coat, light brown color, cuffed sleeves. Marked: Joseph Horne Co. Fur Salon Pittsburgh. condition: good. (1) Mink Stole. No label. Condition: good. (1) Mink stole composed of four whole mink bodies with heads, tails and feet. Marked: Joseph Horne Co. Pittsburgh. Condition. Minor wear. 100 - 300
948 2 LEOPARD FUR ITEMS. (1) Leopard cape, silk lined, with two arm holes. Marked: label: Gimbel Bros. small size. Condition: good. (1) Leopard collar on wool jacket, two button no label, small size. Condition: good. 100 - 300
949 ROOKWOOD VASE (1947). Brown glazed vase with cattail decorated frieze. Marked: Rookwood logo, XLVII 2592. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: stress cracks in thick glaze at base, extending upward, longest 1 1/2". 75 - 150
950 2 LALIQUE PERFUMES. (1) L'air du Temp perfume bottle, single bird ground stopper. Marked: acid etched base: Nina Ricci Bottle Made by Lalique France. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: bottle full of perfume. (1) L'air du Temp perfume bottle, kissing birds ground stopper. Marked: Nica Ricci bottle made by Lalique France. size: 4 1/8"H. Condition: bottle empty, fleabite on end of bird's wing. 75 - 150
951 NEOCLASSIC COMBINATION INKWELL LAMP. Cast brass inkwell with sphinx figures. Size: 21" H, 11" W, 7" D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
952 LIMOGES MOUNTED PORCELAIN. Hand painted oval Limoges plate set in metal mount. Porcelain: center scene of lover in the country with dog and overturned flower basket, wide pink boder with raised gilt floral, diamond pattern and C scroll decoration, with raised beaded band around scene. Metal base resting on four acanthus leaf feet, scrolled handles with leaf decoration. Painting signed "Roche" lower left center. Marked: plate: Limoges/France. mounting: incised "FRANCE" Size: plate: 13 3/4"L. 9 1/2"W. Mounting: 18 1/4"L. 9 1/2"W, 5 1/4"H. Condition: 18 gold beads missing from gilt border, minor wear. 300 - 600
953 MALE & FEMALE CERAMIC FIGURES. 1. 18th century-style female figure, yellow gown, mauve bodice, mauve hat with yellow ribbon, holding a rose. 12" high, base 3" x 3 1/2". Marked "1265." Early 20th century. No apparent defects. 2. Figure of countryman with pipe, rifle and dead rabbit. 20th century. 12" high, base 4 3/4" x 4 1/2". Unidentified crossed swords mark, similar to Meissen. No apparent defects. 50 - 100
954 19TH C. CINNABAR PLACQUE. Rectangular cinnabar placque mounted on wood. 2 figures in a mountain landscape. Placque surrounded by red silk cord with carved cinnabar decorated ball with two silk tassels. No mark. Size: 4"H, 5 1/2"W, 1/2"D. Condition: good. 300 - 500
955 HEPPLEWHITE BOWFRONT CHEST. English, C.1800 Mahogany veneer, oak and pine secondary wood, two drawers over three graduated drawers, French feet, shaped skirt. Original finish. Size: 40" H., 39" W., 18" D. Condition: trim piece needs to be reglued on top right corner, both front feet have split veneering where they join the case. 200 - 400
956 VINTAGE RHINESTONE JEWELRY. Lot includes a Kenneth Jay Lane cruciform brooch with a certificate of authenticity; a 13" white rhinestone necklace; a 15" blue rhinestone necklace; a 15" white rhinestone drop necklace; a Coro white rhinestone pin; seven pins; three 7" white rhinestone bracelets; an expandable bracelet and a pair of blue rhinestone clip-on earrings. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
957 TRIBAL AFRICAN VESSEL. Ceramic vessel with incised geometric decoration. No country of origin known. No mark. Size: 18"H. 16"Diam. widest part, 11 1/2"Diam. top. Conditoin: large chip in top rim. 75 - 150
958 TRIBAL AFRICAN VESSEL. Ceramic pot with incised geometric decoration. Country of origin unknown. No mark. Size: 16"H, 10"Diam. widest part, 7"diam. top. Condition: good. 50 - 100
959 TRIBAL AFRICAN VESSEL. Ceramic vessel with incised and colored band decoration. No country of origin known. No mark. Size: 11"H, 9"diam. top. Condition: signs of wear. 75 - 150
960 GUATAMALAN BIRTHING CHAIR. Carved wooden chair, caned seat, no nails used in construction to hold chair together, comes apart for easy portability. No mark. Size: 28"H, 28"W, 19"D. Condition: minor stains on wood. 100 - 300
961 TRIBAL AFRICAN TEXTILE. Woven textile, 48 feet long and 10 1/2 inches wide, with 12 inch long fringe at each end, textile with center band decoration. Country of origin unknown. Function of this unusual shape unknown. Condition: stains at each end. Has been in storage for a number of years. 100 - 300
962 2 HARDSTONE ASIAN FIGURES. Male and female Asian figures, carved hardstone or marble, with bases drilled for lamps in back of base. No mark. Size: 16"H each. Condition: minor chips at base. 50 - 100
963 COLLAS & OTHER SCULPTURE. (1) Bronze Venus de Milo reduction cast. Marked: Reduction Mecanique A. Collas Brevete. Size: 12"H. Condition: good. (1) Ceramic cast on wooden base, peasant girl with water jug and apron full of flowers. No mark. Size: 16 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
964 THREE CARVED ORIENTAL FIGURES. One is an ivory Japanese woman holding a box on a wood base. Unmarked. Measures: 10" h. X 5" w. One is a resin Oriental man holding a sword on a wood base. Marked: Oriental symbol. Measures: 13" h. X 2" w. One is a resin Japanese man sitting and a woman standing on a wood base. Unmarked. Measures: 10.5" h. X 4" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
965 SHOU LOU WOODEN SCULPTURE. 19th century wooden sculpture of Shou Lou with staff and peach of immortality. Carved wood with red and gilt highlights. No mark. Size: 47 1/2"H, 15"W. 16"D. Condition: paint and gilt worn. Cracks in wood. Bottom reveals crevice through center of sculpture (possible dry rot). 1,000 - 2,000
966 CHINESE JADE STALLION. Chinese jade fereghan stallion with bridle and fittings. Jade a soft celedon with some lavender and small splashes of green. With carved wood base. No marks. Size: 7 1/2"H, 9"L, 3"D. Stand: 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
967 BRONZE OF APOLLO OR PAN.N/R. Small bronze figurine of Apollo or pan leaning against a tree, form based on ancient Greek and Roman models. Figure set on varigated marble base. No mark. Size: 6"H with base, base 3"L, 2 1.4"W. Condition: metal shows signs of age. 600 - 800
968 BRONZE OF ARTIST HOLDING MODEL. N/R. Small bronze statuette of a sculptor holding a small model of a scultpure in his hands.(perhaps Michelangelo holding a model of his statue of Moses). Figure stands on a round raised base. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 2 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: signs of wear. 1,000 - 2,000
969 FRENCH EMPIRE REVIVAL DISPLAY CABINET. 20th century. Burl walnut and mahogany veneered. Cabinet with canted corners and reeded columns with ormolu mounts, the whole raised on cast metal paw feet. Size: 5'10" H, 4' W, 22" D. Condition: veneer is bubbling up in multiple areas. 400 - 800
970 SEVRES STYLE URN. Porcelain lidded urn with metal mounts, cobalt and gilt base, neck and lid, center scene of 18th C. lady with fan in landscape, reverse side depicting castle and river scene. Square metal base and metal finial. Artist signed on front (unreadable). Size: 11"H. 3"Square base. Condition: metal base prevents reading porcelain marks, overall crazing on body of urn, metal finish worn. 300 - 500
971 CHINESE JADE KORO. Chinese deep green nephrite jade koro, carved with four beast heads holding rings in their mouths, lid of koro made up of two pieces; a cone with perforations and four riings, and a top finial of a male foo lion. With carved fitted wooden base. no mark. Size: 9 1/2"H, 7"W, 7"D. Base: 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
972 CHINOISERIE TEA CADDY. 19th c. Wood, painted black with gold painted figurative and bird designs on all sides (except the bottom). The lid opens to reveal an inner metal (tin or zinc) box with an engraved lid with an ivory button pull; the picture represented is of Chinese "philosphers." Size: 6" h., 11" w., 7 1/2" deep. Condition: the painted surface of the wooden box has fine cracks throughout and a broken corner; the inner metal box has a concavely bent lid. 250 - 500
973 MALACHITE VASE & COVER. Chinese Malachite vase and cover, deeply carved dragons, a hydra, foo dog and turtle among waves and clouds. With carved wood base. 20thc. No mark. Size: 6"H, 4 1/4"W, 3"D. Base 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
974 MALE BUST ON RAISED COLUMN. N/R. Bronze bust of male on raised column set on base with four grotesque heads. no mark. Size: 6 3/4"H, 2 1/2"Square. Condition: signs of wear. 800 - 1,200
975 13'3" X 9'10" KASHAN CIRCA 1920. Wine colored background with central medallion and border in colors of blue and beige. Condition: fringe is worn off, 4" x 5" repair. All sales final. 1,400 - 2,000
977 GILT WOOD TABERNACLE. Gessoed and gilt wood tabernacle or shrine, with miniature baroque altar shaped base with carved leaf and floral decoration, a back curving colonnade of columns and urns, the back central area wth a pierced radiating sun pattern (hinged or open), all supporting a corona or pierced crown with gilt wood pendant drops. Suitable for displaying small statue, reliquary or monstrance. (object 16"H or smaller would fit perfectly below corona. No mark. Size: 39 1/2"H, 23 1/2"W. 12"Deep. Condition: some loss to gilding and gesso. 800 - 1,600
979 VINTAGE PHEASANT DIORAMA. Pheasant family diorama in gilt elaborate stepped frame, domed glass cover. Pheasant family includes 2 adults and 7 baby pheasants with painted landscape background. Size: 31 1/2"H, 47 1/2", 9"D. Condition: minor losses to gilt frame. 750 - 1,500
980 ''Handel pendant fixture with iridescent gold shade decorated with birds and flowers. Base metal fittings and tassel. Fitted for electricity. 17''''h'' 3,000 - 5,000
981 4'10" X 3'5" SAROUK CIRCA 1920. Purplish background with blackish border with overall floral design. Condition: no detractions. All sales final. 1,200 - 1,600
982 SEASIDE VILLAGE PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed F.H....? Mediterranean buildings with cypresses and bouganvillia are seen by a crescent shaped inlet. Size: 21 1/2" h., 32" w., framed 27 1/2" h., 38" w. Condition: several abrasions to the top edge; the frame is as is, you are bidding on the painting itself. 300 - 500
983 19TH C. SATSUMA TAZZA. Miniature Satsuma tazza with figure on pillow. Cabinet piece. No mark. size: 1 1/2"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 300
984 W. REGINALD WATKINS WATERCOLOR. 1956. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. Watkins (American 1890-?) is a listed artist who produced portraits and marine type imagery. He also designed murals. This watercolor is of a barn in winter. "Early Snow Maryland." Size: 16 1/2" h., 23" w., framed 25 1/2" h., 31 1/2"w. Condition: no defects to watercolor; frame, mat and glass is as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 400 - 600
985 G. JURIPTA ETCHING. 20th c. Intaglio processes in green ink. Signed. 8/65. Marked artist's proof. Abstract quasi-tree forms. Size: 14 1/2" h., 19 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 24" w. Condition: very yellowed, a little dirty; frame is as is. 75 - 100
986 11'10" X 7' TABRIZ CIRCA 1920. Bands of design in colors of blue, red and tan. Condition: original 1/2" fringe left, one area of repair 2" x 4". All sales final. 1,200 - 1,800
987 ROMEO & JULIET PYROGRAPHY. 19th c. Pyrography on wood. Burned in the verso are the words "Romeo u. Julia vor Lorenzo Solzbrandstudie nach K. Becker. Johann Schrodel Kirnsliverksine (sp?) Augsberg-Bavaria." German Romantic era composition par excellence in wood burning. Size: 14" h., 15" w., framed 18" h., 19" w. Condition: numerous age appropriate narrow cracks along the grain; frame is as is. 500 - 800
988 WARREN SHEPPARD OIL. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Warren Sheppard. Sheppard (American 1858-1937) is a listed artist known for Venetian, marine, & coastal scenes. This image is of a quay with a gondolier in suburban Venice: the Campanile is far off in the background. Size: 16" h., 24" w., unframed. Condition: the entire right edge is missing paint; the right side and the top edge also have flaked off paint. 400 - 800
989 NEEDLEPOINT BELL PULL. Needlepoint bell pull with brass top and bottom fittings, needlepoint blue field with floral band center. No mark. Size: 38"L, 8"W. Condition: threads holding brass fittings to fabric are weak and need to be replaced. 40 - 80
990 LASZLO NEOGRADY LANDSCAPE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right Neogrady Laszlo. Neogrady (Hungarian 1900-1962) is a listed artist who produced many genre and landscape scenes. This lovely painting shows women and ducks near a footbridge, under a blossoming tree. Size: 24" h., 36" w. framed 30" h., 43" w. Condition: very bright, no visible defects to the painting; the frame is as is, you are bidding on the painting itself. 1,200 - 1,800
991 ARTHUR SARNOFF J&L STEEL ILLUSTRATION. 1950's. Gouache on paper. Signed Arthur Sarnoff. Sarnoff (American 1912-) is a listed illustrator--this illustration shows an idyllic 1950's nuclear family gardening. Sarnoff's style is highly veristic, almost photographically so for his control of tonal scales. The family has J&L Steel gardening tubs around. Size: 24' h., 18 3/4" w., framed 36" h., 30" w. Condition: very faint foxing in the sky (unpainted area); frame as is. 1,000 - 1,500
992 BOAT & HARBOR SCENE. 19th c./early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Bailley, Boilley, Barlly (sp?). A large steamship is at port under a cloudy sky. The drawing, color, and brushwork resemble Northern European realism of the last quarter of the 19th c., such as Hague School. Probably French. Size: 20" h., 30" w., framed 27" h., 38" w. Condition: relined, some craquellure visible; the frame is as is, you are bidding on the painting itself. 800 - 1,600
993 CHILD WITH DOLL PASTEL. 19th c. Pastel on paper attached to stretched canvas. Signed "Raff" lower left. A somber little girl in a pink dress holds a velvet doll. Size: 33" h., 20 1/2" w., framed 45" h., 32" w. Condition: tears in the upper part of the paper (not through the canvas however); dusted pastel on the mat and glass, foxing upper edge; the frame, mat & glass is as is, you are bidding on the pastel itself. 400 - 600
994 TIN GLAZED CHARGER. Italian tin glazed earthenware charger, Bacchanalian scene set in landscape with classical ruins. No mark. Size: 17 1/2"Diam. Condition: 1" chip in rim. 300 - 500
995 13'7" X 11'6" KIRMAN C.1920 Blueish background with overall floral design in shades of pink and cream. Condition: fringe is worn off, minor wear to pile. All sales final. 1,500 - 2,500
996 KARASTAN CARPET 12' X 8"6". All wool carpet with overall floral design. Dark blue background with shades of pink,beige, green and red. Condition: new fringe has been added, moth damage underneath, mainly confined to 30" along one side. All sales final. 300 - 600
997 18'8" X 11'8" SILK ORIENTAL CARPET. Condition: like new, no detractions. Due to the highly subjective nature of carpets this statement of condition may be open to misinterpretation and cannot be considered as complete. Subtle discolorations, fine repairs, discrepancies of pattern in the making, etc. cannot always be determined or not always apparent. We suggest that you personally inspect each lot before you bid. All sales are final. 2,500 - 5,000
998 GIEMME CO. PARQUETRY DESK. Benchmade walnut bureau plat in the Louis XVI style. Hand tooled green leather inset top with gilt lambstongue edge over a parquetry inlaid apron, the whole raised on inlaid tapering square legs on brass feet. Retailed through Meadworth Gallery; Pittsburgh, Pa. Size: 31" H, 52" W, 26.5" D. Condition: like new. 2,500 - 4,000
1000 18/19TH C. HANDPAINTED PLATE. Probably English, probably Worcester. Cobalt blue fish scale ground with 13 handpainted gilt cartouches with Chelsea like birds and insects. Square underglaze blue mark with an "x" corner to corner and parallel chevrons. Size: 9" diameter. Condition: no chips or cracks. 100 - 200
1001 13'7" X 21'9" MAHAL, CIRCA 1890. Overall design (no medallion) on an iron red background. Condition: needs to be cleaned, fringe is worn off, worn overall, 5.5"x 4" area with 2 holes; 1.5 x 1.5 hole. All sales final. 12,000 - 18,000
1002 MAJOLICA PUG DOG FORM PITCHER. Purplish pink colored interior. Pug dogs tail forms the handle and the pierced dogs mouth is where the liquid flows from. Size: 11.5" H, 6" W, 8.5" D. Condition: never was designed to have a lid (so don't mistakenly think it that it is missing a lid), one fleck and one chip on the two outside toes. 200 - 400
1003 AMERICAN SHERATON OVAL GATELEG TABLE. Walnut gatelegs swing to support oval dropleafs. Size: 29.25" H, 13" W (leafs down), 41" W (leafs up), 30" D. Condition: nice old finish, no detractions. 350 - 700
1004 NO LOT 0 - 0
1005 PAIR OF CALDWELL & CO SCONCES. One sconse is marked with the symbol for Caldwell and Co; N.Y. They created lighting and decorative ironwork for St. Patricks Cathedral, Waldorf Astoria, and with Stanford White they created lighting for the Andrew Carnegie mansion and the 1902 Taft White House. The company became the foundry for Tiffany & Co. Each sconce has three branches with crystal bobeches and crystal teardrop pendants with three ostrich plumes overhead, the bottoms tied with a bow. Size: 20" H, 11.5" W, 8" D. Condition: missing a crystal pendant. 3,000 - 5,000
1006 NO LOT 0 - 0
1007 ATTRIBUTED CALDWELL BRONZE TORCHIERRES. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from Greta M. Phillips, Phillips Hall, Butler, PA. Attributed to Caldwell and Co; N.Y. who created lighting and decorative ironwork for St Patricks Cathedral, Waldorf Astoria, and with Stanford White they created lighting for the Andrew Carnegie mansion and the 1902 Taft White House. The company became the foundry for Tiffany and Co. Provenance: Allen Berkmann Estate purchased from Five candle branches supported by a triform standard with feet in the form of winged bare breasted maidens whose legs trail off into two acanthus tails. There are several layers which include seated winged putti, grotesque upper bodies, standing cherubs, face masks, drapery, lobed urns, etc. Size: 5'8" H, 22" diameter. Condition: rich natural patina to the bronze. 8,000 - 12,000
1008 APOLLO MARBLE BUST (AS IS). 19th c. White marble with a yellowish cast on the shoulder area. Unsigned. Set on a cast iron base (not original to the sculpture). In a Classic Greek style, the god Apollo is shown with his head turned sharply to the left, wearing a tunic with a brooch. Voluminous locks of hair are intricately carved; there is a uniform polish to the entire sculpture. Provenance: Allen Berkmann Estate, Pittsburgh, PA. Size: (without the added cast iron base) 26" h., 21" w., 16" deep; (without base) add 6" to the height. Condition: 6" crack in his neck, rust stains on back, shoulders, drapery and down the left front, the marble socle is missing and now there is a wooden dowel glued (?) inside the bust for insertion into the cast iron base; chips and some repaired chips throughout (noticeable on the right side of the hair); WEIGHT IS GREATER THAN 200 POUNDS. 900 - 1,200
1009 ANTIQUE SERAPI CARPET 15'7" X 11'5". Provenance: from the Alfred Pope Brooks estate. Circa 1860-1880. Overall geometric design in colors of iron red, blues, and beiges. Condition: worn, repaired side edges, end borders being worn away, and one animal stain. Due to the highly subjective nature of carpets this statement of condition may be open to misinterpretation and cannot be considered as complete. Subtle discolorations, fine repairs, discrepancies of pattern in the making, etc. cannot always be determined or are not always apparent. We suggest that you personally inspect each lot before you bid. All sales are final. 18,000 - 25,000
1010 UNMARKED CALDWELL CHANDELIER. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Parcel gilt chandelier having six branches. Capiz shell shades are later. Size: 27" drop, 28" diameter. Condition: one branch slightly bent upward. 3,000 - 6,000
1011 NEOCLASSICAL FEMALE BUST. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate, possibly purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall, Butler, PA. In her inventory is listed a marble bust of a young girl. 19th c. Marble with some gray striations. American? A young woman, 3/4 lifesize, is shown in an early 19th c. coiffure and head wrap, clutching her fabric over one breast. The other breast is exposed in a tasteful neoclassicizing nod to demure beauty. The polish is high on the skin and less so on the marble that represents the fabric and hair. Provenance: Collection of Allen Berkmann, Pittsburgh, PA. Size: 25" h., 13" w., 9" deep. Condition: 1/8" round chip in left shoulder, various small minor chips and scratches to the square base; weight over 75 pounds. 1,200 - 1,800
1012 CALDWELL BRONZE SCONCE. Unmarked bronze two light sconce in the form of a winged putti with entwined dolphin tail legs and scrolling acanthus leafage. We know that these are Caldwell as we sold ones that were identical the only difference being they had five branches. Size: 24" H (not including candle shaft), 14" W. Condition: scratches to the bronze, needs to be rewired and new candle sleeves. 2,000 - 3,500
1013 SEVRES PORCELAIN LAMP. Sevres porcelain urn mounted as lamp on metal base. Cobalt and gilt base and neck, central body decorated front and back with putti in landscape settings, done in pastel shades of pink, purple and blue on white ground, front has two figures, back has one figure, Front decoration signed: "Juramy". Metal ram horn satyr heads decorated side of vase, urn capped with metal mounts, electrified. Size: urn 16"H, 8"Diam. widest part, lamp 29"H, with pleated silk shade. Condition: 2 scratches or marks on back lower urn. Old wiring, sold as is. 500 - 1,000
1014 GILT BRONZE CHANDELIER. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Nine branch chandelier with naturalistic lilies and other buds and flowers overgrowing the branches. Size: 20" drop, 20" diameter. Condition: minor wear to dore. 2,000 - 3,000
1015 PERSIAN KIRMAN 18' X 9'7". Provenance: Allen H. Berkman bought from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, Pa. Circa 1920. Ivory ground, center multicolored cartouche shaped medallion, balance of field scroll, arabesque and foliated decoration. Condition: shows wear. Due to the highly subjective nature of carpets and textiles, this statement of condition may be open to misinterpretation and cannot be considered as complete. Subtle discolorations, fine repairs, discrepancies of pattern in the making, etc. cannot always be determined or are not always apparent. We suggest that you personally inspect each lot before you bid. All sales are final. 3,000 - 5,000
1016 CARL AUGUST SOMMER BRONZE. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from Greta M. Phillips Estate, Phillips Hall, Butler, PA. Listed in the C.J. Seibert Inventory and Appraisal on page 33, item #395. 19th /early 20th cent. Bronze. Signed in base C. Sommer-Napoli. Sommer (1839-1921) created an academic male nude in an idealized Classical Greek style. Finely cast with evidence of verdigris with apparent black overpaint. Carl August Wilhelm Sommer is a listed artist. Attached to a rectangular bronze base. Provenance: Allen Berkmann Estate, Pittsburgh, PA. Size: 29 1/2" h., 18" w., 9" deep. Condition: the patina or black painted coating is chipped off in small spots; weight is greater than 50 pounds. 1,200 - 2,000
1017 CAST METAL ASIAN GROUP. Sweeping horizontal grouping of three Asian figures. Cast metal, gilt. No mark. Size: 17"L, 8"H, 6"D. Condition: good. 400 - 800
1018 PAIR CRANBERRY VASES. Pair of mold blown coinspot vases, bulbous body, narrow neck, fluted rolled edge, cranberry color. No mark. Size: 7"H, 2 3/4"Diam. base, 5"Diam. widest part, 4 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1019 ATMOS CLOCK. Atmos clock by Le Coultre, four glass sides, brass case, square face. Marked on face: Jaeger LeCoultre, Atmos, Swiss Made. on clock gears: Fifteen 15 Jewels VXN, Switzerland unadjusted. on case base: Le Coultre & Cie, metal, caliber 528-8, Swiss. Size: 8 1/4"W, 9 1/4"H, 6 1/2"D. Condition: metal case shows wear and scratches. Runs well and keeps time. All sales final. 800 - 1,200
1020 PAIR LOUIS XVI CAST BRONZE & DORE CANDELABRA. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, Pa. Pair of bronze semi draped females with a youthful Pan (one with a Pan flute and the other with a tamborine). Eleven bronze dore candle arms scroll forth from a cornucopia. The scrolled base is bronze dore as well. Size: 5' H, 2' W, 28" D. Condition: bronze has a natural rich brown patina, candelabra have been elecrified, two bronze dore candle arms were cracked and repaired. 3,000 - 6,000
1021 NO LOT 0 - 0
1022 18TH CENTURY DUMBWAITER. Mahogany three tiered with tray edge. Spiral turned baluster stems between the tiers. The whole raised on snake feet. Size: 44" H, 23" diameter, condition: no detractions. 2,000 - 3,000
1023 CZECH RUBY & CLEAR JAR. Ruby and clear cut glass cracker jar, Czechoslovakian glass with pinwheel hobstar and notched border decoration, pinwheel cut lid with faceted finial. No mark. SiE: 10"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: fleabite on rim of jar. 75 - 150
1024 CHIPPENDALE ROCOCO STYLE MIRROR. Circa 1940. Ornate symetrical frame with swirling acanthus leafage. Size: 53" H, 29" W, 1" D. Condition: gilt purposely rubbed off high spots to give an aged appearance, no detractions. 200 - 400
1025 E. GILBAULT STILL LIFE. N/R. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. Grapes and peaches are shown in naturalistic detail. Set in a florid gilt plaster & wood frame decorated with cartouches and blossoms. Gilbault (French School) is a listed artist who exhibited with the Swiss Society of Artists in 1876 and also he worked in Italy. Size: 19 1/2" h., 26" w., framed 29" h., 35" w. Condition: relined; appears overcleaned. 4,000 - 7,500
1026 18TH CENT. GATELEG TABLE. English, mahogany and oak secondary. Front scalloped apron has one drawer. Raised on molded Marlborough legs one of which swings to support the rear dropleaf. Marlborough legs have their inside corners canted. Size: 30" H, 39" W, 30.5" D. Condition: table top is marked and sunfaded in areas, rear legs have bowed with time. 4,000 - 6,000
1027 1863 FRAKTUR Original fraktur, vertical format, with block printed, hand colored decoration. Block printed images include American Eagle on top, angels with birds and crown wreaths, and birds. Printed and hand written in sepia ink. States that James Conrad Laub and his wife Leise had a son born May 13, 1863 in Kutztown, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Condition: unframed, edges have several tears, biggest on top extending down 1", stained area on left side. 200 - 400
1028 JOHN WIDDICOMB VENETIAN CABINET. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased through Marforth Showrooms; 200 Fourth Ave; Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1967 for $1700. Lighted four grilled door fruitwood cabinet with custom antique gilt applied to convex moldings. Size: 86" H, 74" W, 18" D. Condition: like new. 600 - 1,200
1029 PR. PARIAN WARE URNS. Pair of urns with applied arched handles, applied foliated bowknot and scroll decoration. No mark. Size: 12"H each. Condition: minor chips along base corners, minor loss of flower petals and leaves. 250 - 500
1030 LOUIS XVI STYLE AUBUSSON FIRESCREEN. Reticulated gilt frame carved with floral festoons, bows, guilloche, etc. Having two floral aubusson panels. Size: 45" H, 22" W, 14" D. Condition: minor wear and chipping to the gilding from gentle use, fading to the aubusson panels. 500 - 1,000
1031 18TH CENTURY LOWBOY. Mahogany, pine and oak. One wide drawer over a row of three small drawers having bat wing brasses. Raised on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. Condition: sun faded top with mars and stains. 4,000 - 7,000
1032 FRENCH REGENCE SETTEE. See lot #1037 for it's twin. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Serpentine frame with an arched back and cabriole legs and scrolling feet is molded and carved with flowers, leafage, drop bellflowers, etc. Upholstered in a mauve background fabric with off white floral columns. Size: 4'1" H, 5'10" W, 28" D. Condition: frame has some separation at the joints which is easily repaired by simply glueing and clamping, no losses to the frame, fabric is in good condition and tight. In a formal room which was seldom used. 800 - 1,600
1033 SIX PIECE GEORGIAN STYLE BEDROOM SUITE. Provenance: estate of Allen H. Berkman. Mid 19th century; made by Empire; Rockford, Illinois. Includes a full size headboard, night stand, serpentine dresser, Rococo mirror, tall chest, and armchair with ball and claw feet. Mahogany carved with greek key, lambs tongue, acanthus leaf, icicles, etc. Condition: minor scratches from gentle use. 1,500 - 2,500
1034 JOHANN HAVILAND CHINA. China has a white background with a floral garland border and a gold rim. Lot includes the following: twelve dinner plates; twelve salad plates; twelve dessert plates; twelve soup bowls; fifteen saucers; twelve cups; a covered sugar; a creamer; a gravy boat; two platters; one open serving dish and one covered serving dish. Dishes are marked "Johann Haviland; Bavaria, Germany". Condition: no chips or cracks. 200 - 400
1035 PAIR LOUIS XV STYLE FAUTEUILS. See lot #1036 for another pair of matching chairs. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, PA. Floral carved and fluted gilt frame appropriately boxed upholstered in a fine aubusson fabric. Size: 37" H, 26" W, 21" D. Condition: fabric is faded (one more than the other) and needs to be cleaned, both seats slightly abraded. If you look at the back of one chair you can see some of the staples, in other words, upholstery is coming away from the frame at the bottom of the back. 1,000 - 2,000
1036 PAIR OF LOUIS XV FAUTEUILS. See lot 1035 for another matching set. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, (Phillips Petroleum), Butler, Pa. Floral carved and fluted gilt frame appropriately box upholstered in a fine Aubusson fabric. Size: 37" H, 26" W, 21" D. Condition: fabric is faded and needs to be cleaned, rear of backrest on one chair has stain marks. 1,000 - 2,000
1037 FRENCH REGENCE SETTEE. See lot 1032 for its twin. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Serpentine frame with an arched back and cabriole legs and scrolling feet is molded and carved with flower, leafage, drop bellflowers, etc. Upholstered in a mauve background fabric with off white floral columns. Size: 4'1" H, 5'10" W, 28" D. Condition: frame has some separation at the joints which is easily repaired by simply glueing and clamping, no losses to the frame, fabric is in good condition and tight. In a formal room which was seldom used. 800 - 1,600
1038 8 LOBMEYER GOLD SHELL SALTS. Eight highly decorated glass salts, shell shaped with scalloped edge, gold floral and beaded decoration in the manner of Venetian glass. Attrib. to Lobmeyer. Size: 4 1/2"L, 3 1/4"W, 2 1/2"H. condition: minor wear to gilt on top edge of shells. 100 - 300
1039 IRIDESCENT ART GLASS VASE. Hand blown red glass vase with pulled threaded Art Nouveau decoration in body, fluted top, ground puntil. Similar to Loetz or Tiffany. Unsigned. Size: 12"H, 5"Diam. base. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
1040 ATTRIB KPM CAVALIER PLAQUE. 19th c. Paint fired on porcelain plaque. Signed H. Desprez. Size: 17 1/4" h., 11 1/4" w. Condition: slight scratch in upper half; large, ornate filgree frame, considered as is. 700 - 1,400
1041 MEISSEN COBALT URN. Provenance: Allen Berkman estate, purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, PA. Listed in the C.J. Seibert Inventory and appraisal on page 22, item #258. Large Meissen urn on base with cobalt body, gilt decoration, double pierced snake handles. Marked: blue cross swords. Size: 19 1/2"H, 12 1/2"W, 9"D. Condition: base broken and repaired. 200 - 400
1042 PAIR OF HEPPLEWHITE STYLE ARMCHAIRS. Greenish paint and parcel gilt shield back frame carved with florettes, guilloche, drop bell flowers, etc. Serpentine seat and shield back upholstered in a pinkish ground fabric with floral baskets, acanthus leafs, and bellflowers. Size: 38" H, 24" W, 21" D. Condition: bottom member of one shield back starting to loosen at the joint, wear to paint and gilding, fabric is faded. 400 - 800
1043 NEOGREC CONSOLE TABLE. 20th century, Italian. Quiver form legs and greek key apron support a white marble top. Painted cream with parcel gilt. Size: 33" H, 48" W, 12" D. Condition: no detractions. 300 - 500
1044 PLASTER FEMALE PROFILE. 19th c. Plaster in an oval frame under glass. Signed P. Mallet. Painted on the frame's back is "Property of Ellen Chase." A woman in mid 19th c. dress is shown in bas relief profile. Size framed: 37" h., 29" w. Weight: over 50 lbs. Condition: dirty on some high spots. 500 - 1,000
1045 PAIR RUBY LUSTRES. Pair of ruby glass lustres with hand painted and enameled decoration, saw tooth top with gilded edges, clear faceted prism drops. No mark. Size: prisms: 8"H. Lustre 14 1/2"H, 7"Diam. top. condition: wear to gilding, fleabites on rims and prisms, several chips on tips of prisms. 250 - 600
1046 NEOCLASSIC WALL MIRROR. 20th century, American. Mirror flanked by quasi corinthian pilasters with rosettes across the top. Creme painted, ebonised, and parcel gilt. Size: 3'10" H, 3' W, 2" D. Condition: like new. 200 - 400
1047 PAIR OF CHIPPENDALE CHAIRS. Mahogany. Crest rail and splat reticulated and carved with drapery swag and acanthus leaf. Balloon shaped seat has a shell carved apron. Cabriole front legs have carved knees and ball and claw feet. Size: 42" H, 20" W, 20" D. Condition: no defects. 1,400 - 2,000
1048 PAIR OF ATLAS & EAGLE BRONZE CHENETS. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, Pa. Eagle with entwined snakes in its beak perched on a figure of Atlas standing on a pavillion with Pan playing his flute over a turtle centered on three winged lions. The whole raised on cloven hoofed feet resting on a marble base. Size: 20" H, 9" diameter. Condition: rich deep natural patina, no detractions. 800 - 1,600
1049 TROMPE L'OEIL BOOK/BAR. Portable bar in the form of five leather bound volumes. Center volume spine lifts to reveal fitted case with 2 decanters (6"H) and 6 amber shot glasses with gold trim (2 1/4"H). One decanter is marked Rye and one is marked Scotch in silver overlay decoration. No marks. Size: closed 9"H, 11"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: two shot glasses have tarnished gilding, one cork stopper on scotch bottle has cracked, the exterior leather bindings has minor losses. 100 - 300
1050 1847 SCHRODL IVORY PORTRAITS. Three carved ivory portrait medallions by Norbert Michael Schrodl (born Vienna April 16, 1816, died Dresden December 1, 1890). Schrodl was a Austrian artist best known for his ivory carvings. The three oval portraits are identified in ink on the back of the frame as Professor Amerling, Professor Kupelwieser, Professor Fuhrig. The portraits probably represent three famous artists of the period. Friedrich von Amerling (born Vienna April 14, 1803, died January 15, 1887) was an Austrian academic painter. Leopold Kupelwieser (born October 17, 1796, died Vienna November 17, 1862) was another well known Austrian artist. Available sources do not list an artist named Fuhrig. The oval ivorys are set in brass surrounds within a wooden framework. The frame is carved in the Louis XVI classical style with swags, interlace and a ribbon finial. Marks: each oval ivory is signed N. Schrodl ..847. The identification of the portraits are written in ink on the back of the frame. Size: each oval is 4 1/4"H, 3 1/4"W. The frame is 14 1/2"H, 11"W. Condition: the top center portrait is cracked on the right side, the lower left portrait has 2 cracks running through the head. The ovals are loose in their frame. There is a back identification tag missing. 1,700 - 3,400
1051 PAIR BRONZE FIGURAL CANDELABRA. Provenance: Allen Berkman estate purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall, Butler, PA. Listed in the C.J. Seibert Inventory and appraisal on page 21, item #251. White marble plinths with bronze putti figures carrying cornucopia sprouting free form flowering lily branches and six candle sockets. Size: 28" H, 14" W, 12" D. Condition: no detractions. 1,200 - 2,000
1052 64 PC. FRENCH MILKGLASS VESSELS. Set of 64 French milkglass drinking glasses, with gilt top rim, gilt bottom rim and gilt fleur de lis decorated sides. No mark. Set includes: 15 footed cordial glasses 3 1/2"H, 14 small wine glasses 4 3/4"H, 12 champagne glasses 4 1/4"H, 12 flared wine glasses 4"H, 11 water goblets 5 1/2"H. Condition: no detractions. 150 - 300
1053 ELEGANT ENGLISH FEMALE. 19th century. Oil on paper(?) mounted on masonite. Unsigned. A seated woman in a caramel brown chemise looks at the viewer; roses, a putto statue in the rear and plunging decollatage conspire to add to the beauty and sensuality. Set in a gilt wood frame with dogwood designed carvings. Provenance: Allen Berkmann Estate, Pittsburgh, PA. Size: 42" h., 33" w., framed 49" h., 40" w. Condition: mounted on masonite: bubbly on the left edge, small lacunae throughout, general craquellure throughout; bottom of frame has a clean break; the art is bid upon as is with no qualitative claims made by Dargate about the frame. 2,000 - 4,000
1054 PAIR OF 19TH CENT. GOTHIC CARVED ARMCHAIRS. Provenance: Allen Berkman estate. Probably English. Carved and reticulated arched crest rail and three panel backrest are flanked by barley twist stiles and having barley twist and blocked legs and stretchers. Upholstered in a flame stitch pattern velvet fabric. Size: 4'4" H, 25" W, 21" D. Condition: rich patina, no detractions. 800 - 1,400
1055 SEVEN WALNUT CHAIRS IN TWO FABRICS. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Probably Spanish. Wood pin construction. Seven high backed chairs with hand carved curvilinear legs and stretchers and scrolled feet. The two hostess chairs are upholstered in puce and ivory needlepoint fabric while the five side chairs are upholstered in puce colored simulated needlepoint fabric. Size: 4' H, 20" W, 18" D. Condition: no detractions. 700 - 1,400
1056 BAROQUE STYLE TABLE. Provenance: estate of Allen H. Berkman. Circassian walnut and oak inlaid table, the apron carved with ten face masks. Two pedestal bases with four acanthus leaf carved s-scroll supports are connected by a stretcher surmounted by an urn with festoons. Size: 32" H, 4' W, 10' Long. Condition: one 2.5" tall handle is missing from the urn on the base, minor lifting to the veneer on table top, minor mars and scratches. 3,000 - 5,000
1057 19/20TH CENT CARVED COURT CUPBOARD. Probably Italian. Walnut with corbeled architectural frieze over two cartouche carved doors flanked by pilasters with leaf carved shafts, one long gadrooned drawer. Bottom has a raised panel back flanked by fluted pilasters with frontal bulbous standards carved with lions heads. The whole raised on bun feet. Size: 76.5" H, 45.5" W, 19" D. Condition: worm holes, lock is there but unattached, interior shelf in two pieces and may be later. 1,200 - 2,000
1058 WILLIAM KENT STYLE HUNT BOARD. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. See lots 1059 & 1060 for matching consoles. 1.25" thick dark green marble top with white veining rests on top of a mahogany base (with three apron drawers) carved with florettes, acanthus leafage, and drop bell flowers. Size: 35.25" H, 8' W, 26" D. Condition: one piece of 5" rear molding cracked and reglued, otherwise like new. 2,000 - 4,000
1059 WILLIAM KENT STYLE CONSOLE. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. See lot #1060 for matching console. Dark green 1.25" thick marble top on mahogany base (with one apron drawer) carved with florettes, acanthus leafage, and drop bellflowers. Size: 34" H, 4' W, 20" D. Condition: like new. 1,500 - 2,500
1060 WILLIAM KENT STYLE CONSOLE. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. See lot #1059 for matching console. 1.25" thick dark green marble top on mahogany base carved with florettes, acanthus leafage, and drop bellflowers. Size: 34" H, 4' W, 20" D. Condition: like new. 1,500 - 2,500
1061 DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING. The marquis cut diamond is mounted in a gold setting. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 plus ct. Color: J. Clarity: SI2. Condition: no visible defects. 1,900 - 3,000
1062 18K DIAMOND & RUBY RING. The white gold setting has three rows of square cut rubies flanked on both sides by pave diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately .75 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1063 EMERALD COCKTAIL RING. The 14K white gold setting has a pear shaped center emerald surrounded by round cut diamonds in leaf shaped mounts. Total emerald weight is approximately 3.0 plus ct. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1064 VICTORIAN PIN/PENDANT N/R. The gold metal piece can be worn as a pin or pendant. The center has three seed pearls mounted in a Victorian setting bordered by black enamel? flowers. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 150
1065 14K DIAMOND BRACELET. The bracelet has round cut diamonds set in gold "eights" connected by gold links with square cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 2-3 ct. Total bracelet weight is approximately 20.8 g. Bracelet length: approximately 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 800
1066 14K DIAMOND & TOPAZ RING. The yellow gold setting has a large oval cut topaz flanked on both sides by three round cut diamonds. Total topaz weight is approximately 3-5 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1067 18K PEARL BAR PIN. The pin has a yellow gold bar with a center white pearl surrounded by round cut diamonds. Total pin weight is approximately 20.8 g. Pin length: approximately 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1068 14K CHARM BRACELET. The bracelet has a multi link design. Bracelet weight is approximately 25.5 g. Bracelet has a safety chain. condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1069 14K DOG ON CHAIN PIN. The pin is a yellow and rose gold dog on a chain bordered by a woven circle. Total pin weight is approximately 17.8 g. Pin length: 1.5". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1070 14K VICTORIAN CHAIN. The chain has an ornate design with interlocking links. Total chain weight is approximately 39 g. Chain length: approximately 22.5". Condition: no visible defects. 1,500 - 3,000
1071 14K CHARM BRACELET. The bracelet has double links with a mesh inner link running the whole length of the bracelet. It has three charms: one 14k engraved wedding charm; one 14k Merry Christmas charm; and one 10k school ring. Total bracelet weight is approximately 28.3 g. Bracelet length: approximately 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1072 14K GEMSTONE BRACELET. The bracelet has multi-colored stones of topaz, citrine, amethyst, peridot and garnets. Total bracelet weight is approximately 11.4 g. Bracelet length: approximately 8". Condition: no visible defects. 700 - 900
1073 14K CHATHAM RUBY RING. The ring has a large fancy cut Chatham ruby mounted in a white gold filigree setting. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1074 9K CAT'S EYE STONE BRACELET. The English bracelet has six large oval cat's eye stones set in gold. Bracelet length: approximately 7". Condition: no visible defects 300 - 600
1075 18K NECKLACE. The rose gold necklace has alternating flat and engraved round bead like links. Total necklace weight is approximately 14.3 g. Necklace length: approximately 21". Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 600
1076 MINE CUT DIAMOND RING. The round cut diamond is mounted in a 14K gold setting. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 plus ct. Color: K/L. Clarity: VS. Condition: no visible defects. 3,000 - 5,000
1077 DIAMOND HEART EARRINGS. The pierced 18K white gold heart shaped earrings are set with pave diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.45 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 700
1078 DIAMOND & RUBY FASHION RING N/R. The 14K gold setting has an oval cut center ruby surrounded by round cut cluster diamonds. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 150
1079 14K PEARL BRACELET. The bracelet has sixteen pearls suspended on moveable pins surrounded by circular gold links. Total weight of the bracelet is approximately 19 g. Bracelet length: approximately 6.5". Condition: one of the links is bent. 300 - 500
1080 18K RUBY & SAPPHIRE RING. The ring has four rows of alternating rubies and sapphires. Total ring weight is approximately 8.4 g. Size: 7. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1081 18K ART DECO DIAMOND RING. The ring is diamond encrusted with four prominent round cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.60 ct. Clarity: VS. Color: G. Condition: no visible defects. 1,800 - 2,000
1082 PR. 2 LITE WALL SCONCES. Pair of brass neoclassical style wall sconces with two arms for candles, oval mirror, cascading bell flower decoration around mirrors, urn and flame top decoration. No mark. Size: 24 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W, 5"D. (mirror 8"H). Condition: good. 60 - 120
1083 SIX BENCHMADE SPANISH SIDECHAIRS. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. 20th century, wood pin construction. Carved and scrolling legs and stretchers with brass tacked naughyde upholstered seats and backs. Size: 40" H, 18" W, 18" D. Condition: no detractions. 400 - 800
1084 CHERRY COLONIAL STYLE HIGHBOY. Lot #1085 matches. Two part, having quarter columns and raised on Queen Anne legs. Condition: good. size: 5'H, 34 1/2"W, 18"D. 400 - 800
1085 CHERRY COLONIAL STYLE CHEST. Lot #1084 matches. Four drawers flanked by reeded quarter columns and raised on cabriole feet. Condition: normal minor scratching and marks from good home.size: 40"H, 40"W, 20"D. 125 - 250
1086 WROUGHT BRASS CHAIR. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Two double rampant lion stile finials and lions head handrests. Upholstered in crimson and ivory colored cut velvet fabric and fitted with a loose tasseled cushion. Size: 44" H, 27" W, 17" D. Condition: brass is highly polished in contact areas, other areas are time darkened and someone has painted gold in areas. 200 - 400
1087 NO LOT 0 - 0
1088 10 PIECE LOUIS XVI STYLE BEDROOM SUITE. Provenance: estate of Allen H. Berkman. Made by Davis Cabinet Co.; Nashville, Tennessee. Cream painted and parcel gilt set with porcelain scenic pulls includes two lyre form single beds, night stand, two lyre back chairs, two vanity's, one trumeau mirrors, and two dressers. Case pieces have fluted cookie corners and are raised on toupie feet. Condition: minor wear to paint and gilding. 400 - 800
1089 NO LOT 0 - 0
1090 NO LOT 0 - 0
1091 EGYPTIAN REVIVAL CREDENZA. 20th century. Mahogany veneered. Ebonised top on two apron silverware drawers over three doors flanked by herms with brass busts. Size: 34" H, 5'6" W, 16" D. Condition: ebonised top is crazed. 150 - 300
1092 PAIR OF BRONZE CANDELABRA (ONE HAS BEEN ELECTRIFIED). Victorian five socket candelabra with crane finial, bust of women with long tresses, and tri form base with griffins and paw feet. Size: unelectrified one is 32" H, 10" dia.; one made into a lamp is 47" H, 10" dia. Condition: one has been electrified as a lamp, no other detraction. 500 - 1,000
1093 15 STERLING ITEMS. (2) International sterling saltshakers, "Orchid" pattern, scalloped base, fluted body, monogramed: L.L.W. Marked: International Sterling 554 Orchid. Size: 6 1/2"H. Weight: 84.5 grams. each. Condition:good. (2) Sterling wine glasses. Marked: Sterling. Size: 6 1/2"H. 3 3/8"Diam. top, 2 7/8"Diam. base. Weight: 108.5 grams each. Condition: good. (6) Web Sterling cordial glasses. Marked: Web Sterling. Size: 3"H. Weight: 70.7 grams. each. Condition: all good. (2) Sterling mini wine bucket shaped containers.Marked Sterling WEP. Size: 2 3/4"H. Weight: 63.9 grams each. Condition: one with dented base. (1) Sterling mini wine bucket shaped container with handles. Marked: sterling. Size: 2 3/4"H. Weight: 37.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) Kirk sterling beaker, engraved " de Tocqueville Society, Inaugural Dinner, September 1988. Marked: Kirk Stieff 277 Sterling. Size: 3 1/2"H. Weight: 151.7 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling salt shaker. Marked: RSC Sterling Weighted. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1094 NO LOT 0 - 0
1095 REGENCY STYLE CABINET. Black marble with white and goldish veins rests atop a mahogany base having two brass grilled doors flanked by arched panels with ebonised pillars. Size: 30" H, 4' W, 14" D. 150 - 300
1096 PLATINUM & DIAMOND BRACELET. c. 1930. The bracelet contains one bezel set marquis diamond; six straight baguette diamonds; one-hundred & twenty-nine full cut round diamond melee; and twelve single cut round diamond melee. Total diamond weight is 3.99 ct. Clarity: VS. Color: G-H. Total bracelet weight is 35.8 g. Bracelet length: 6.75". Bracelet width: 12-14 mm. The bracelet is bordered by a 14k yellow gold foxtail chain frame. Comes with a written appraisal of $10000.00. Condition: no visible defects. 1,500 - 3,000
1097 NO LOT 0 - 0
1098 PR. SATSUMA GINGER JARS. Provenance: Allen H Berkman purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall, Butler, PA. Listed in the C.J. Seibert Inventory and appraisal on page 22, item #259 (the one was repaired at the time it belonged to Mrs. Phillips). Pair of lidded jars, body wth swag panel reserves of figures between smaller panels of flowers and birds, figural finial lids. No mark. Size: 17"H, 9"Diam. widest part. Condition: one ginger jar good, one body badly damaged and reglued, figural finial of lid also has damage. 250 - 500
1099 MARTIN-KAVEL DANS LA CHARMILLE O/C. Late 19th /early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. Entitled "Dans la Charmille" on the frame. Francois Martin-Kavel (French, 1861-1931) is a listed artist who produced genre scenes, elegant pseudo-portraits of idealized women, and still-life and floral paintings. His technique is superbly polished: very subtle tonal gradations and harmonious color lifts his art above the purely academic and his paintings become aesthetically idyllic. This image is of a woman in Rococo dress with a yellow and red rose attached to her bodice. A Raphaelesque dolphin fountain is in the background. The frame is an immense gilt wood construction with reticulated floral designs. Provenance: Allen Berkmann Estate, Pittsburgh, PA. Size: 25" h., 20" w., framed 39" h., 34" w. Condition: no visible defects to the painting; the artwork is sold as is with no qualitative claims made by Dargate regarding the frame or its condition. 3,000 - 5,000
1100 NO LOT 0 - 0
1101 CAPODIMONTE ENAMELED URN. Lidded urn with Capodimonte porcelain body with hand painted putti and floral decoration set in urn with champleve enamel base, top rim and lid, with metal dragon handles. No mark. Size: 9"H, 3 3/4"W. 3"D. Condition: minor losses to the enameled surface. 150 - 300
1102 NIPPON ART NOUVEAU VASE. Hand painted six sides form, double pierced gilt handles, contiuous stylized Art Nouveau poppy design, yellow and white with raised gold outlines. Marked:(green) Royal Nippon, Nishiki in center of globe, (blue) printed " Hand Painted" & numbers 201/1436. Size: 12"H, 7"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: exterior minor crazing, minor bottom crazing, one side panel with spotting, minor wear to gilding. 250 - 500
1103 NIPPON LANDSCAPE VASE. Hand painted Nippon porcelain vase, round four paneled body, with pierced handles, collared neck and base, rose and brown predominate the landscape scene on front of vase; blue, black and gold beaded decoration on neck, gilt decoration on yellow base. Marked: green mark: Imperial Nippon, Hand Painted with logo. Size: 9 1/2"H. 6"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear on gilt handles. All else good. 300 - 600
1104 NIPPON LANDSCAPE VASE. Four sided rectangular vase with round collared top, pierced handles, continuous scene on all four sides with edge decoration, decorated top and collar. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Made in Nippon (circle logo). Size: 9"H. 4 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear to gilding, Bottom mark rubbed, handles have some uneveness on surface.. 300 - 600
1105 NIPPON HAND PAINTED PITCHER. Hand painted porcelain pitcher, six sided body, hand painted floral decoration on both sides, collar decorated with gold floral and bead decoration. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon around "M" in wreath. Size: 7"H, 7"W, 5"D. Condition: minor wear to gilding on bas and rim, wear to gilding on handle. 300 - 600
1106 3 COPELAND SPODE PITCHERS. Three graduated size jasperware type pitchers, cream ground with blue background, center cream colored frieze of hunters, trees and animals, lower and upper leaf and berry frieze also cream on blue. Incised decoration on handle and decorative border rings. Marked: Copeland/ Spode/ England (incised) England. Smallest incised M 39, middle size incised 18. Sizes: smallest 5 3/8"H, 3 3/8"Diam. base. Middle size: 6 3/4"H. 4 3/8"Diam. base. Largest: 9"H, 5 5/8"Diam. Condition: smallest, middle size no detractions, largest has firing flaw on base bottom rim (not noticable unless turned over). 300 - 600
1107 COPELAND LATE SPODE JUG. Stoppered, handled jug, blue/grey body, cobalt field, ivory raised frieze of drinking characters in center band, ivory raised frieze of grape vines on top and bottom, cork stopper with cobalt field, top ivory flower decoration. Marked: (stamped) Copeland Late Spode, R.N. 180288. England, (incised) Copeland England. Size: 5 3/4"H. 3 3/4"Diam. base, 5"Diam. widest part. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
1108 18 WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE ITEMS. Blue jasperware demitasse cups and saucers, Saucers with six white classical applied scenes around each rim, cups with white frieze of classical scenes between tree decoration.(several different combinations of scenes included in the set). Marked: incised: Wedgwood Made in England. Size: cup: 2 1/8"H, 2"Diam. saucer: 4 1/4"Diam. Condition: all good. 150 - 300
1109 3 WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE ITEMS. Three green jasperware items: (1) Scalloped edge dish with white classical center medallion of goddess in her chariot. Marked: Wedgwood, Made in England, 62. Size: 5 3/8"Diam. 1"H. Condition: good. (1) Pot with three bands of white decoration, top: leaf and berry, center: classical frieze, bottom: acanthus leaf band. Marked: Wedgwood, Made in England, 1954, 5, 1. Size: 4 1/4"H, 4 5/8"Diam. top, 3"Diam. bottom. Condition: good. (1) Rectangular stamp box, lid with center classical medallion, four corner flower decorations, outer band of floral garland; sides of box with misc. classical scenes. Marked: Wedgwood, Made in England, 72. size: 3 1/2"L, 1 3/4"W, 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1110 VICTORIAN PITCHER & BASIN. Whieldon Ware "Trellis Pattern" pitcher and basin, green borders, with decaled decoration: lower trellis decoration, columns of roses and blue flowers. Pitcher with green and gilt Art Nouveau style handle and spout, basin with exterior pattern matching pitcher. Marked: pitcher: incised: R#408444, stamped: Whieldon Ware "Trellis" F.Winkle & Co. England. Basin: stamped only. Size: pitcher: 14"H. Basin: 5"H, 17"Diam. Condition: pitcher good, basin has one firing flaw on rim. 200 - 400
1111 PAIR NIPPON ROSE VASES. Pair of double handled bulbous form vases with hand painted pink and red roses, withi green and gold leaves, gold branches, raised gilt highlights on leaves, branches, neck, top, and base, with gilt handles. Marked: Green leaf(over) Nippon (beside) Hand Painted. Size: 8"H, 6"W, 6"D. Condition: both with gilt worn handles, one no cracks or chips, one with 3/4" chip in top rim. 200 - 400
1112 60 TOWLE STERLING PIECES. Sixty pieces of Towle sterling flatware, "Mary Chilton" (plain) pattern 1912, all monogramed "R" except when noted. (8) dinner forks, 7 1/4"L. Weight: 339.2 grams. (2) serving spoons, 8 3/8"L. Weight: 107 grams. (8) salad forks, 6 1/4"L. Weight: 237.2 grams. (2 monogramed "L", 6 with no monogram). (12 teaspoons, 6"L. Weight: 309.8 grams. (three handles slightly bent). (1) sugar spoon, 5 7/8"L. 28.5 grams. (8) demitasse spoons, 4"L. Weight: 73.7 grams. (1) sugar sifter spoon, 4 3/4"L. Weight: 17.6 grams. (6) cocktail forks, 5 7/8"L. Weight: 93.7 grams. (1) gravy ladle, 6"L. Weight: 52.1 grams. (1) smaller ladle, 5 1/2"L. Weight: 26.7 grams. (1) jelly spoon,7"L. Weight: 23 grams. (5) butter spreaders, 5 3/4"L. Weight: 117.7 grams. (6) dinner knives, 9"L. Condition: all good except three bent teaspoons. 500 - 1,000
1113 37 TOWLE STERLING PIECES. Towle Sterling, Old Newbury/Newbury Pattern (1900), all monogramed "R". All marked Towle Sterling. (6) dinner knives, 9"L. (6) dinner forks, 6 3/4"L. Weight: 210.7 grams. (9) oval soup spoons, 7"L. Weight: 446.7 grams. (2) serving spoons, 7 3/4"L. Weight: 96.8 grams. (12) teaspoons, 5 3/4"L. Weight: 286.6 grams. (1) sugar spoon, 5 5/8"L. Weight: 25.4 grams. (1) gravy ladle, 7"L. Weight: 79.3 grams. Condition: all good condition. 300 - 600
1114 20 WALLACE STERLING PIECES. 20 pieces of Wallace Rose Point (1934) pattern flatware. All marked: Wallace (hallmark) sterling. (4) dinner forks, 7"L. Weight: 184.6 grams. (6) salad forks, 6 3/8"L. Weight: 209.2 grams. (5) teaspoons, 6"L. Weight: 150.7 grams. (3) cream soup spoons, 5 7/8"L. Weight: 98.7 grams. (2) serving spoons, 8 3/8"L. Weight: 132.2 grams. Condition: two teaspoons have damaged bowls. 275 - 550
1115 31 WESTMORELAND STERLING PIECES. Sterling flatware by Westmoreland Sterling, Lady Hilton (1940) pattern. Marked: Westmoreland Sterling. (6) dinner knives, 9"L. (5) soup spoons, 7 1/4"L. Weight: 239.1 grams. (6) teaspoons, 6"L. 185.1 grams. (6) salad forks, 6 1/8"L. Weight: 204.3 grams. (6) dinner forks, 7 1/4"L. 274.1 grams. (1) gravy ladle, 6 1/2"L. Weight: 68.9 grams. (1) cold meat serving fork, 7 5/8"L. 63.3 grams. Condition: good. 325 - 650
1116 70 NATIONAL STERLING PIECES. Seventy pieces of National Sterling, Margaret Rose (1938) pattern flatware. All marked: National Sterling. (12) knives, 8 3/4"L. (11) dinner forks, 7 1/8"L. Weight: 484.4 grams. (10) dessert forks, 6 3/8"L. Weight: 376.5 grams. (12) teaspoons, 6"L. Weight: 308.3 grams. (9) butter knives, 5 7/8"L. Weight: 268.8 grams. (10) oval soup spoons, 6 3/8"L. Weight: 362.5 grams. (2) larger oval soup spoons, 6 7/8"L. Weight: 87.6 grams. (2) serving spoons, 7 7/8"L. Weight: 100.6 grams. (2) ice tea spoons, 7"L. Weight: 51.6 grams. Condition: all good in wooden storage case. 400 - 800
1117 VICTORIAN CONDIMENT SET. Silverplate stand with 5 wheel etched glass bottles, two with shaker tops, 2 with ground stoppers, 1 with hinged lid and cut out for spoon (spoon missing). Silverplated stand with pierced Ren.Revivla style handles, band of floral decoration. Marked: rogers Smith & Co. Quadruple Meriden, Ct. Size: 5"Diam. base, 16 1/2"H. Condition: one dent in base, plate worn. 150 - 300
1118 PR. VICTORIAN STYLE CANDELABRA. Pair of gilt metal five lite candelabra, with decaled porcelain center knobs and base inserts with putti decoration, square acanthus and scroll bases, center shaft with porcelain knob and four brance lites around center shaft. No mark. Size: 14"H, 7 1/2"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: repainted metal, wear to porcelain decoration. 225 - 450
1120 ENGLISH SILVERPLATE BOWL. Cast silverplate bowl, rolled rim with chased genre tavern scenes among elaborate decorative detail. Hallmark: EOM&S. Size: 15"Diam. 3 1/2"H. Condition: wear to silver finish. 100 - 300
1121 ROSEVILLE NORMANDY UMBRELLA STAND. Roseville Normandy (c.1928) pattern umbrella stand, with band of low relief stylized knots of vines alternating with a single leaf and cluster of purple berries or grapes, body fluted in green and ivory (similar to Corinthian or Donatello pattern. No mark. Size: 20"H, 9 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: small spider crack in bottom base, 1/4" chip on bottom base rim, one area of missed underglaze color on bottom rim. 500 - 1,000
1122 ROSEVILLE BUSHBERRY VASE. Roseville "Bushberry" (1941 pattern) brown double handled vase, wood texture finish. Marked: Roseville USA 156-6". Size: 6 1/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1123 ROOKWOOD 1913 VASE. Vase with matte glaze shading rose/red to green mottling at top, raised and incised band of geometric stylized decoration around top made in 1913. Marked: Rookwood mark with flames, XIII, 1661. Size: 8 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 4"Diam. base. Condition: overall crazing on body, minor paint drips on areas of exterior. No cracks or chips. 200 - 400
1124 WELLER POTTERY BOWL. Weller bowl with exterior cherry, branch and leaf decoration. No mark. Size: 3"H. 7"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1125 2 ROSEVILLE PIECES. (1) Roseville Waterlily pattern double pierced handle bowl, blue/green ground. Marked: Roseville USA 1139-6". Size: 8"W, 4 3/4"D, 3"H. Condition: good. (1) Roseville Freesia pattern (1945) candlestick, domed base, tiny pointed handles, blue ground. Marked: Roseville USA 1160-2". Size: 2 1/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: 1/8" chip on bottom of right handle. 125 - 250
1126 MEISSEN OVAL PLATTER. Meissen porcelain Blue Onion Pattern Oval Platter. C.1860. Meissen Porcelain Factory, Meissen, Berman, blue crossed swords mark. The Blue Onion pattern dates back to the early 1700s and was inspired by Chinese decorative motifs. The pattern consists of an aster blossom on a stalk with a peony entwined around a bamboo rod, all encircled by peaches and pomegranates. The design was reminiscent of "onions" and the pattern became known as the Blue Onion pattern. With gilding. Mark: crossed swords. Size: 18"L. 13 1/2"W, 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. 300 - 500
1127 JAPANESE KUTANI BOWL. Wide, shallow bowl, 2 1/2" high, 13" diam. Attractive scene showing anthropomorphic foxes, red and gold on white ground. No defects. Marked: calligraphic marks on back. 2,500 - 3,000
1128 CLOISONNE PLATE. Cloisonne plate, 9 1/2" diam., water lily and flying bird on black ground, brown edge with stylized florals. Late 19th century. Surface lightly pitted; some chipping around edge of base. 100 - 200
1129 LOETZ TYPE ART GLASS VASE. Iridescent hand blown art glass vase, clear ground with blue Art Nouveau style threading and iridescent blue/gold highlights. Ground top. No mark. (possibly Loetz). Size: 8 1/2"H, 3 1/8"Diam. top, 3 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: several fleabites on rim, 1/4"chip on outer top rim. 300 - 600
1130 ART GLASS STUDENT LAMP. Blown iridescent art glass shade on student lamp. Lamp base cast metal, stylized floral base, arm support with ball weight end and swivel movement for shade. Art glass shade, green and yellow pulled feather effect with purple iridescence. No mark on shade , lamp base marked on bottom: the Begining #13. Size: lamp 21"H, 19"W, 9"D. Shade: 6"H, 9"diam. Condition: shade good, lamp base good. 300 - 600
1131 SILVERPLATE LAZY SUSAN SERVER. Silverplate heated server consisting of four covered chafing dishes set in hot water well, center covered footed bowl, two salt shakers, two cobalt lined master salts. All set in lazy Susan container for hot water with four wooden handles, on base, bottom drain with screw on cap. Most pieces marked with faint hallmark. Horse head in a shield hallmark. Covered center bowl with all three hallmarks.: horsehead in Shield, "W" in shield, Three birds in shield. Silver plate. Size: Overall size:16"H, 30"Diam. Chafing dishes: oval 11 1/2"L, 8 3/4"W. Center covered bowl: 9"H. Salt shakers: 6"H. Cobalt glass lined master salts: 2 1/8"H. Base: 26"Diam. + four handles, 6"H. Condition: minor wear to metal, finish on wooden handles worn and peeling. 250 - 500
1132 PR. GORHAM STERLING CANDELABRA. Pair of sterling candlesticks with two additional sterling attachments, one to convert to three branch candelabra with two serpentine arms, one to add two branches with open rings to hold trumpet shaped glass vases for flowers, turning candelabra into four branch configuration. Marked: Gorham Sterling Cement filled reinforced with rod of other metal 808. Size: single stick: 8 1/2"H. 4"Diam. base. Size with three lights: 11 1/4"H, 11"W, 4"D. Size with four branches: 11 1/4"H, 12 1/2"W, 11"D. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1133 PAIR DOUBLE CANDLESTICKS. Georgian style double candlesticks, squared base, fluted stem, C scroll decorated arms. Marked: Georgian Reproduction (R)(H)(Lion) Sterling, Weighted, 672. (unknown mark). Size: 7"H, 10"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1134 FRENCH MAJOLICA JARDINIERE. French ceramic jardiniere, melon shaped body on circular bell shaped base, molded decoration of pastel flowers and foliage on plum colored ground. Marked on inside base: incised: Bordeaux (three intersecting crescent moons shapes) J.V. Cie. Size: 28"H, 19 1/2"Diam. top opening. Condition: chip and crack on top rim, interior and exterior losses to decorated surface. 400 - 800
1135 4 EARLY PHOTOGRAPHS (1) Hand tinted photogaph of young man in " Brady's Gallery" frame. Red velvet lined leatherette case marked: Brady's Gallery 205 & 359 Broadway New York. Size: 4"H, 3"W. Condition: good. (1) Oval Ambrotype on glass, male portrait in blue velvet case. Size: 2 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Holmes, Booth and Haydens glass plate photo of couple, in case with missing cover. Waterbury, Conn. C. 1856. Condition: age appropriate wear. (1) Tintype of man in embossed leatherette case, cover separated. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
1136 SMALL SHAKER BOX. Shaker box, c. 1890, banded with lid. No mark. Size: 3 3/4"H, 6"Diam. Condition: wonderful patina on sides, top darkened, one scratch on top. 400 - 800
1137 IRANIAN ISHFAHAN 4'10'X 3'3". Kork wool, silk warp and weft. Approx. 550 knots per square inch. Ivory ground, navy border, brick red roses and medallion. Condition: minor wear, pile height irregular. All sales final. 3,500 - 4,500
1138 CIRCA 1930 IRANIAN KASHAN 19' X 12'. Approximately 145 knots per square inch. Red field with blue border, Shah Abbas palmette design. Condition: minor wear, a few low spots. All sales final. 12,000 - 16,000
1139 YOMUD TURKOMAN RUG. c. 1900. This rug features a floating weft, brick red color with interlocking dark blue-black diamond shapes. The fringe has a "pigtail," an unusual feature peculiar to this type of rug. Size: @7' x 14'. Condition: very good condition. 3,000 - 6,000
1140 LINE INLAID BOW FRONT CABINET. One door mahogany case with line inlay and crossbanding has a mirrored top shelf and open fretwork. Raised on tapering square legs (one is taped together). Size: 5'2"W, 44"W, 15"D. 400 - 800
1141 MARX MOTORCYCLE COP. Keywind tin litho toy cop on motorcycle, keywind with siren sound devise. Marked: Marx Toys, Made in US of A, New York, N.Y. Size: 6"H, 8 1/2"L, 3"W. Conditoin: graphics good, no box, sold as is. 170 - 340
1142 MARX POLICE SQUAD MOTORCYCLE. Keywind tin litho toy Mechanical Police Squad Motorcycle, with side car, sparkling siren, with original side car visor and original box. Marked: Marx Toys Made in US of A, New York, N.Y. Size: 8 1/2"L, 6"H, 6 1/2"W. Condition: front wheel and casing bent, graphics good, box fair, sold as is. 100 - 200
1143 MARX SUPER STREAMLINE RACER. Tin litho racing car, keywind, plastic driver, with original box. Marked: Marx Toys, Made in United States of America. Size: 17"L, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"H. Condition: toy in excellent condition, box in poor condition, sold as is. 250 - 500
1144 MARX HONEYMOON EXPRESS. Keywind tin litho toy with original box. Marked: Made in USA Marx Toys. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. 2 1/4"H. Condition: minor dent in roof of one building, box in poor condition. Sold as is. 150 - 300
1145 MARX NEW MILKWAGEN & HORSE. Key wind tin litho toy milkwagen and horse. Side graphics read: Toytown Dairy, Butter, Milk, Grade A Cheese, Cream, Farm Products. In original box. Size: 10"L, 4 1/2"H, 4"W. Condition: graphics good, wheels good, box fair, sold as is. 100 - 300
1146 MARX RANGE RIDER TOY. Keywind tin litho toy. Marked: Marx Toys, Made in US of A, New York, N.Y. Size: 9 1/2"H, 11 1/4"L, 5"W. Condition: wear to graphics, dirty, sold as is, no box. 100 - 200
1147 LINDSTROM SKEETER DUCK TOY. Tin litho toy duck with original box, keywind. Box marked: Lindstrom Bridgeport, Conn. No. 55, Skeeter Duck, a mechanical toy. Size: 9 1/4"L, 4 1/2"H, 5"W. Condition: sold as is, graphics good, key missing, box missing 1/2 of side flap. 150 - 300
1148 MINIATURE OF EMPRESS JOSEPHINE. Round miniature portrait of the Empress Josephine, decaled image with hand painted enamel highlights. No signature. Size: 2 1/4"diam. in 4"Diam. gilt metal frame. Frame has green inner liner, pierced finial, easel back and hanging device. Conditin: easel back damaged, wear to surface of image. 100 - 200
1149 PR PORTRAITS ON IVORY. Two handpainted portraits on ivory by M. Fuger. Portraits painted on thin ivory panels, set in bone inlaid frames, under glass. Each portrait represents an 18th c. style woman. The backs are papered with old German texts. Each portrait is signed M. Fuger. Portrait size: 3"H, 2 3/8"W. Frame size: 5"H, 4 3/8"W. Condition: some drying and cracking of the frame panels. 150 - 300
1150 2 SMALL ORIENTAL PIECES. 1. Small hexagonal cloisonne bud vase, Japanese. 4 1/2" high, 1" at base, 1 3/4" at shoulder. Alternating panels of rust and cream, stylized floral design. Few small areas of damage. 2. Brass paperweight, 2 1/2" high, 2 5/8" diam. Pierced base topped by pair of birds (swans?). Hole in centre, perhaps for pen. No defects. 50 - 100
1151 DOULTON CARRARA WARE EWER. Molded and pierced body with raised surface decoration, shading pink to cream, with green and gilt floral and leaf garlands, cornucopias, gilt highlights on the handle and spout, raised white beaded band at base. Marked: (stamped) Doulton Carrara Lambeth. (incised) F and J., (painted) DF K218 HW and circle with cross inside. Carrara ware was an off white marble effect stoneware.The Doulton Carrara Lambeth mark dates from c.1887-1904. Size: 11 1/4"H, 6 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
1152 BERLIN PORCELAIN TEAPOT. 1837 Porcelain teapot with hand painted decoration, band of pink blossoms, leaves, dark buds or fruit, gilt bands of decoration, hand painted and gilt decoration of lid with seated woman finial. Marked: Royal Berlin (Brandenburg sceptre) blue mark. Signed: artist signed F.B. 1837 on green leaf in center body of teapot between handle and spout. Size: 7 1/2"H, 10"W, 7"Diam. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
1153 CROWN MILANO CRACKER JAR. Mt. Washington Art Glass Crown Milano cracker jar, melon ribbed body, raised gold decoration of flowers and branches, gilt head in profile with wind blown hair, metal mountings, metal fluted rim above decorated band, swing handle and lid with gadroon like decoration around knob. Metal not marked. Glass not marked (probably a paper labeled item). Size: 7"H. 6 1/2"Diam. body. Condition: metal good. Two interior stress cracks or scratches not visible from the exterior. 400 - 800
1154 LOUIS XVI STYLE CLOCK SET. Brass and ceramic clock and garniture set, key wind clock with metal case and ceramic inserts and side columns, decaled 19th c. style decoration. Matching ceramic urns with cobalt sides and decaled decoration in metal mounts with ring handles. Marks: clock works marked "Germany", case had paper label "Made in Italy". Size: Clock: 16"H, 9"W, 5 1/2"D. Urns: 12 1/2"H, 5"W, 4"D. Condition: hands missing from clock. sold as is. 100 - 300
1155 2 GERMAN PORCELAIN DOGS. Two porcelain dogs,in shades of brown. Marked: ENS Germany ( The Karl Ens Porcelain Factory, Vollsteadt Germany. Size: (1) resting dog 5"H. (1) dog sitting on hind legs 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1156 IVORY OWL PENDANT. The wise owl is hand carved with 14k gold accents, ruby eyes, and an emerald studded bow tie. Pendant length: 2". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1157 14K BANGLE BRACELET. The 5/8" wide bangle has alternating brushed and polished gold panels. Total bangle weight is approximately 24 g. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1158 18K ENAMELLED HAT PIN. The pin has enamelled flowers and leaves with a seed pearl top. pin length: approximatelt 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1159 14K GOLD CASE WATCH. The square face is marked "CREDIT SUISSE; 5g. FINE GOLD 999.9; ESSAYEUR FONDEUR 553793". It has a brown calf leather band. Condition: does not appear to be in working order. 400 - 500
1160 14K CONTEMPORARY RING N/R. The marquis cut center stone is possibly tanzanite mounted in white gold. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
1161 10K GUCCI STYLE NECKLACE. The necklace has interlocking links of white and yellow gold. Total necklace weight is approximately 56.6 g. Necklace length: approximately 26". Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 700
1162 18K RUBY PENDANT. The pendant has a large center Chatham ruby mounted in a gold leaf motif setting. Total pendant weight is approximately 10.5 g. Pendant circumference: 1.5". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1163 14K DIAMOND STUDS. The pierced back earrings have diamonds mounted in a square and circular gold setting. Total diamond weight is approximately .50 ct. Clarity: VS 2. Color: H. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 700
1164 FLOWER DESIGNER BROOCH. The pin has two screw in flower centers; one has cabachon rubies and the other has turquoise stones. Total weight of the piece is approximately 24.4 g. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1165 18K ANTIQUE DIAMOND RING N/R. The white gold setting has a center mine cut diamond flanked by two small emeralds. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 150
1166 14K BLACK PEARL EARRINGS N/R. The pierced earrings have black dyed drop pearls mounted in gold. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
1167 VICTORIAN FLOWER PIN. C. 1900's. The pin has pearls set in gold arranged as a flower. Pin length: approximately 1.0". Comes in the original box. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1168 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The pierced white gold square shaped earrings have invisibly set diamonds. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 800
1169 14K DESIGNER BRACELET. The bracelet has brushed gold links bordered on both sides by a rope design. Total bracelet weight is approximately 28 g. Bracelet length: 7.5". Condition: tiny black discoloration by the clasp. 400 - 600
1170 14K DIAMOND SLIDE. The piece has round cut diamonds set in white gold. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 ct. Slide length: .5". Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 700
1171 NIPPON LANDSCAPE VASE. Hand painted porcelain vase, cottage on the lake scene on 1 window and the continuation of the same scene in the second window in the back. Green predominates the body of the vase with hand painted and beaded gold decoration, gilt handles. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon, surrounding "M" in wreath. Size: 6"H to top of handles, 3 1/4"W. top opening, 3 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: good. 300 - 400
1172 NIPPON LANDSCAPE VASE. Hand painted Nippon porcelain vase, cottage on the lake scene that wraps around the entire bowl, black and gold hand painted diamonds around the top and below the lip with five circular bands of raised or applied gold painted dots. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon, surrounding "M" in wreath. Size: 7"H. 4"Diam. Condition: wear to some gilding on handles, some gilt bands. 200 - 300
1173 18K GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING N/R. Total stone weight is approximately 2.25 cts. Total ring weight is approximately 7 pennyweight. Color: G. Clarity: SI-1. Has written appraisal of $12,000. 500 - 700
1174 14K DOUBLE PEARL RING. The ring has two white pearls mounted in a yellow gold prong style setting. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 300
1175 14K TRIANGULAR LINK BRACELET. The bracelet has alternating triangular and circular links. Total bracelet weight is approximately 18.2 dwt. Bracelet length: approximately 8.5". Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1176 PLATINUM DIAMOND RING. The ring has five round cut diamonds set in a platinum band. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.20 ct. Clarity: VS 2. Color: G. Condition: minor scratches on the band. 800 - 1,000
1177 1824 TRAPUNTO TEXTILE. Signed and dated 1824 trapunto work textile, stuffed raised decoration. Center basket above scrolling leaves and branches, basket with pineapples, grapes, cherries and other fruit, delicate basket weave pattern with side leaf decoration. Signed: Tamgin K. Swihter(?) 1824 below basket. Size: 42"L, 29"H. Condition: minor stains in lower right area, wear areas on lower left. Comes with a fringe border of a later date removed by the owner. 700 - 1,400
1178 BABY CRAZY QUILT. baby size crazy quilt, finely embroidered decoration, crocheted maroon border, maroon back. Size: 25" x 36". Condition: some of the silk is shredding, minor stains on maroon back. 300 - 600
1179 19TH C. FLYING GEESE QUILT. Hand made quilt with blocks of stylized flying geese, cream ground, dotted blue border. Size: 52 x 77". Condition: front and back have minor staining. Linen attached to back for hanging on rod. 400 - 800
1180 PA. DUTCH TEXTILE. Pa. Dutch cloth with red on cream stylized heart patterns, with flowers, crosses, and animals scattered across design. No mark. Size: 48" x 54". Condition: minor stains, one patch of brown material has bled onto surrounding fabric. 600 - 1,200
1181 19TH C. HAND MADE QUILT. Green and pink floral center, diamond inner border, pink and green bands of outer decoration. Size: 76" x 70". Condition: some wear to fabric. 300 - 600
1182 BOEHM HOODED MERGANSERS BIRD. Boehm hand painted porcelain bird, female Hooded Mergansers resting on a log surrounded by blue flowers. Created in 1968, limited edition of 500. Marked: signed on base "Boehm", marked underneath: Boehm Limited Edition Hooded Mergansers, Lophodytes Cucullatus, 496, Made in USA.mark. Size: 10 1/2"H, 12"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
1183 BOEHM HOODED MERGANSERS. Boehm porcelain bird, Male Hooded Mergansers resting on hollow log with fish in beak. Created 1968, limited edition of 500. Marks: signed "Boehm" on body, marked on bottom: Boehm Limited Edition, Hooded Mergansers, Lophodytes Cucullatus, 496, Made in USA, mark. Size: 10 3/4"H, 14"W, 10"D. Condition: fish loose from beak. 500 - 1,000
1184 VICTORIAN PORCELAIN VASE. Hand painted porcelain vase, pierced gilt morning glory blossom and leaf handles, fluted gilt top, gilt hand decorated base, front of vase has hand painted pink roses and blue-purple morning glories, back of vase has hand painted white, coral and purple chrysanthemums. No mark. Size: 16 1/2"H, 9"W, 7"D. Condition: vase has a drilled bottom, minor wear to gilding. 250 - 500
1185 COPELAND PARIAN ANIMAL GROUP. Finely detailed parian animal group, three wild dogs explore a rock opening, detailed facial expressions, flora; on oval stepped base. Marked: incised "COPELAND" on back right above base. Size: 13"L, 6 3/4"H, 6"D. Condition: two dogs has roughness on end of their tails. 300 - 600
1186 PR NAUTILUS SHELL LAMPS. Pair of boudoir lamps, gilt cast metal bases, base with frieze of leaves, shaft with stylized cascading grape decoration, metal leaves attached to harp, natural nautilus shells drilled for shades. No mark. Size: 14"H, 5"Diam. base. Condition: one shell cracked, one shell with hole at top chipped, wear to metal finish on bases. sold as is. 100 - 300
1187 PAIR OF GRIFFIN FLOOR LAMPS. Unmarked. Mostly wrought iron, some wood. Painted a greenish color with gilt highlights. Size: 5'1" H, 13" diameter. Condition: does not come with art glass shades, minor wear to finish. 200 - 400
1188 3 ART GLASS SHADES. Three blown iridescent glass shades, bell shaped with ribbed exterior, flaired rims, surface iridescene similar to Steuben gold aurene with pink highlights. No marks. Size: 4"H, 5"Diam. widest part (each). Condition: two with no detractions, one with two areas of chipping along rim fitting into light fixture (not seen when attached to a light fixture. 150 - 300
1189 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP PARLOR TABLE. Quasi turtle shaped white marble topped table on a walnut base with turned pendant finials and reticulated apron decoration and reticulated side panels. Has scrolling stretcher and feet. Size: 30" H, 35" W, 21" D. Condition: marble top has one 21" crack running front to back. 350 - 600
1190 BERKEY & GAY 9 PC DINING SET. Flame grain mahogany pieces include a double pedestal table (with two boards), six needlepoint chairs, a china cabinet with diamond lattice doors, ogee drawer, and reeded pilasters; and a buffet. Condition: beautiful glossy deep original finish, well taken care of, no detractions. Size: table: 29.5"H, 42"W, 5'2"L (add 12 in. for each of 2 leaves). China cabinet: 6'H, 35 1/2"W, 16"D. Buffet: 37"H, 5'6"W, 21"D. 2,000 - 4,000
1191 SET OF SIX PRESSED BACK CHAIRS. Circa 1900 oak chairs with spindle backs, hip braces and multiple stretchers. Condition: refinished ready for your home, four of the chair seats have split due to dryness front to back. 300 - 600
1194 LARGE IVORY CHESS SET & CASE. 32 piece carved ivory chess set, figures carved in the shape of Asian buildings, warriors, elders, emperor and empress. Pawns all figures mounted on various animals (elephants, tigers, etc.). One set natural ivory color. One set tea stained a darker brown. In fitted silk lined carrying case with silk panel covers, case folds open into giant chess board. Size: case closed 34"L, 17"H, 7"W. when open as chess board: 34"W, 34"L, 3 1/2"H. Chess pieces: range in size from 3" to 6"H. Condition: damage to one corner of closed case, damage to a 1' x 6" area of lining corresponding to exterior damage location, three pawns in light colored set have areas of darkening at top. 500 - 1,000
1195 ALABASTER FIGURAL TABLE LAMP. Carved alabaster female figure with leafage background. Condition: when the back was drilled to pipe it up the back for a lamp the back split into approximately four pieces. You are buying as is and all sales are final. Size: 30"H, 15"idam. 60 - 120
1196 PR POT METAL FIGURAL LAMPS. Two lamps with female figures resting on a raised base with griffin feet. Each lamp has a woman with different items, one with symbols of labor and industry (anvil and hammer, gear), one with symbols of medicine (caduceus) wealth (small chest of jewels) and hope (anchor). Cream colored paint on metal.No mark. Size: base and figure 19"H, total : 33"H, shade 18in. diam. Each with scalloped edge silk shades. Condition: one figure attached to back lamp pole, one broken from back pole. Paint chipping on metal surface. 200 - 400
1197 SLAG GLASS FLOOR LAMP MARKED COLUMBIA. Cast metal floor lamp marked Columbia with a blossom shaped slag glass shade with pink and green petals. Size: 58"H, 10"W, 19"D. 150 - 300
1198 BEADED GLASS & METAL LAMP. Electic lamp, Brass round laurel wreath base rests on four brass sphinx feet, three press cut glass sections divided by brass caps with three arm support for blue, amber and crystal beaded and fringed shade with press cut finial. Switch marked: P & S. Size: 28"H, 8 1/2"Diam. base, 10"H shade, 10"Diam. shade. Condition: old wiring, minor wear. 200 - 400
1199 2 CUT GLASS CARAFES. (1) Cut glass carafe with hobstar and fan side decoration, octagonal fluted and notched neck. No mark. Size: 7"H, 6 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. (1) Cut glass carafe with hobstar and crosshatch decoration, octagonal fluted, notched and banded neck. No mark. Size: 8 1/4"H, 6 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1200 PR PERSONAL FIRE SCREENS. Pair of 19th c. beaded petite point hand held fire screens on turned and gilt wooden handles, decorated with stylized flowers and border of interlace and quatrafoils. No mark. size: screens 9"H, 8"W. handles: 9"L. Condition: wooden handles split at joins to screens, back material stained, minor loss to beads along edge. 150 - 300
1201 EIGHT CHIPPENDALE STYLE CHAIRS. Recent. Two armchairs and six sidechairs with carved openwork splats, slip seats, and raised on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. Condition: the crest rail on one armchair has come off and needs to be repaired, the fabric on two sidechairs doesn't match the others. Size: 39"H, 22"W, 19"D. 300 - 600
1202 CHIPPENDALE STYLE SOFA TABLE. Gadroon carved top edge with apron drawers, raised on knee carved cabriole legs and ball and claw feet. Finished in the round. Condition: top corner has a white stain from a water spill. Size: 30"H, 5'W, 21"D. 100 - 200
1203 MISSION BUFFET. Quarter sawn oak with mirrored back, base has three drawers over four doors over one long drawer. Condition: original finish. size: 52"H, 5'W, 22"D. 300 - 600
1204 19TH CENTURY PLANTATION DESK. Mixed woods. Lift slant top desk base with a secretary top. Condition: has been refinished. size: 5'7"H, 4'2"W, 34"D. 800 - 1,600
1205 EARLY PINE STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Early 19th C. period, paneled sided top has two blind doors over two drawers, base panel sided has two blind doors. Size: 7'6"H, 4'4"W, 20 1/2"D. Condition: a five inch by 2 1/2" triangular piece cut off from the left rear corner of the base. Has been refinished, all else good. 900 - 1,800
1206 FINE EARLY PIE SAFE. 19th century, wood pin constructed, two doors with four tin panels with pierced decoration of tulips in jardineres. Raised high off the ground on square legs. Size: 5'11"H, 4'6"W, 25"D. 500 - 1,000
1207 18TH C. SALESMAN SAMPLE CHEST. American Pine chest , lift top lid having ironwork hinges. All four vertical corners are dovetailed. Raised on handsome fretwork bracket feet. Has a brass batwing eschuteon and interior lift lid till. Size: 13"H, 26"W, 12"D. Condition: missing the lock and lid has four cracks ranging from 26" to 8". Old finish is scratched and missing overall. 400 - 800
1208 EARLY PAINTED BLANKET CHEST. American c. 1820. Pine Lift lid (off its hinges) blanket chest in old blue paint.Interior has an open till.Top sides and bottom are all one board. Size: 17"H, 32"W, 16"D. Condition: old blue paint is scratched and missing in areas. Lock is missing. Lid is off hinges. 350 - 700
1210 ADJUSTABLE SEAT CHAIR. Wooden chair with round adjustable seat, turned legs on glass and metal ball and claw feet, comb back. Size: 35 1/2"H, 14 1/2"W, 17"D. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1212 EARLY WALL MOUNT CRANK PHONE. Early telephone, crank handle, original receiver on cord, double ring top, in oak case. Marked: Western Electric Co. 250W. Size: 23"H, 9"W, 12"D. Condition: sold as is, case good. 100 - 300
1213 EARLY COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH. Early phonograph, square wooden base, crank handle, metal arm, wooden swing arm, metal sound horn. Marks: base labeled: The Disc Graphophone. The two arms are marked: Columbia. Sound disc marked: Columbia Phonograph Co. New York. Patent May 4, 1886. Other patents appl. for. Size: base 10"Square, turntable 5 3/4"H. horn 17"L. 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: wear, sold as is. 300 - 600
1214 SYMPHONION MUSIC BOX. Symphonion music box in wooden case, crank wind, six musical interchangable metal disks. Marked: Symphonion: Schutz Marke Made in Germany. Size: of case 9"H, 18"W, 16"D. Condition: some chipping at the base of the wooden case. Sold as is. 2,100 - 3,200
1215 VICTOR RECORD PLAYER. Mahogany wooden case, crank handle, swivel needle arm, double front door reveals sound baffles. Marked: Victor Talking Machine Co. Camden N.J. USA. VV- VI 542063. Size:16 1/2"L, 15 1/4"W, 12"H. Condition: sold as is, encludes additional wooden shelf for needles. 200 - 400
1216 VICTORIAN COUNTRY WASHSTAND. Pine backsplash with one drawer over two doors. Size: 36"H, 31"W., 16"D. 150 - 250
1217 HAND MADE BENCH. Hand made bench with traces of original green paint. No mark. Size: 16"H, 60"L. 15 1/2"W. Condition: age appropriate wear. 100 - 200
1218 EARLY HIGH CHAIR. Circa 1830. Size: 39"H, 14"W, 14"D. Condition: refinished and strong. 50 - 100
1219 LADDERBACK ROCKER WITH RUSH SEAT. Walnut. Colonial style with bulbous front stretcher. 15 - 30
1220 EARLY SHERATON TABLE. Raised on turned legs with two dropleafs. Condition: Professionally refinished, ready to go into your home.Size: 29"H, 49"W, 36"D. 100 - 200
1221 WATERFORD CRACKER JAR. Cracker jar with ribbed and cross hatched cutting, cut decorated lid. Marked: Waterford. Size: 7"H, 4 3/4"Diam. base. 4 1/4"Diam. lid. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1222 ETCHED GLASS VANITY SET. Lot includes two yellow wheel etched glass perfume bottles with daubers; a tray and a round container. Tray measures: 9.0" l. X 4.5" w. Container measures: 2.0" h. X 3.0" w. Bottles measure: 6.5" h. X 1.5" w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
1223 PERFUME BOTTLES. Lot includes six perfume bottles: a blue glass with atomizer. Measures: 2.5" h. A blue glass with stopper. Measures: 5.5" h. A blue engraved glass with stopper. Measures: 5.0" h. A cut glass with stopper. Measures: 4.5" h. A clear glass with engraved sides. Measures: 4.0" h. A round glass with a painted scene of a woman. Measures: 2.0" h. Condition: minor chips on two of the blue ones. 50 - 100
1224 VICTORIAN CASED GLASS PITCHER. Yellow art glass pitcher, cased glass body, white interior, yellow gold flecked exterior, clear ruffled top edge, applied clear glass ribbed handle. No mark. Size: 9"H.7"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. 250 - 500
1225 TAPESTRY CAMELBACK SOFA. Pink plush fabric on the sides and back. Raised on square marlborough legs (nicked). Size: 35"H, 86"W, 33"D. 150 - 300
1226 PAIR OF CHIPPENDALE WING CHAIRS. In a tapestry fabric with pink plush fabric on the sides and back. Raised on marlborough legs (nicked). Condition: a 1" tear on the seam of arm. Size: 45"H, 30"W, 31"D. 100 - 200
1227 HICKORY CO. CAMELBACK LOVESEAT AND OTTOMAN. Ottoman top is button tufted (one button missing). Off white background with blue and purplish floral sprays. loveseat 33"H, 52"W, 28"D. ottoman: 2'diam. 100 - 200
1228 EDWARDIAN CORONA. Mahogany blind inlaid corona with gilt square florettes and finials. Has fabric drapery. Marked: Made in France by Artexport. Size: 12"H, 40"W, 9"D. Condition: old finish, needs new fabric. 150 - 300
1229 SPANISH STYLE LANTERN. Wrought iron frame with repousse bands and x-form bars with central rosettes. Size: 22"Diam. 32"H. 100 - 200
1230 FRENCH COUNTRY ARMCHAIR. Upholstered in off white fabric with leaf design.Size: 38"H, 25"W, 25"D. 35 - 70
1231 PAIR OF EMPIRE STYLE CHAIRS. Mahogany flame grain splat, scrolling arms and turned legs. Condition: has been refinished. Size: 32"H, 22"W, 20"D. 75 - 150
1232 ATTRIBUTED CARL SPRINGER HORN VENEERED 4 DRAWER BUFFET. Custom made buffet is veneered in bone and has four apron drawers. Size: 34"H, 10"W, 21"D. Condition: some veneered horn pieces lifting, approx. 4 cracked. 400 - 800
1234 AESTHETIC MOVEMENT PARLOR TABLE. Cherry wood, having turned ball apron and spindle supports. Incised line decoration covering other members. Condition: top slightly warped and needs refinished, base is a little loose.Size: 30"H, 25"W, 27"D. 125 - 250
1235 VICTORIAN ORMOLU FERN STAND. Ebonised three legged fern stand with central turned spindle has gilt fluting and brass ormolu mounts of drapery and tassel on the two shelf aprons as well as acanthus leaf and beading. Size: 44" H, 20" diameter. Condition: some wear to the black paint, ormolu mounts could use a cleaning. 200 - 300
1237 OVAL TWO TIERED END TABLE. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Made by Wm. A. Berkey & Co. Est. 1864. Quarter veneered oval top with brass pineapple finials and rope twist edge raised on tapering cylindrical legs. Size: 26" H, 20" W, 26" D. Condition: finish is crazed, all else good. 200 - 400
1238 BRASS DEMI LUNE TABLE. Glass top rest on brass base with concave apron and stretcher. Size: 28.5" H, 4'7" W, 16" D. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
1239 ORIENTAL JARDINERE TABLE. Red lacquered and parcel gilt decorated wood stand with unremovable brass water receiver below and a silk (shattered) upholstered circular inset which receives your jardinere. Size: 27.5" H, 17.5" diameter. Condition: lacquer faded, minor wear to gilt, silk is shattered, does not come with a jardinere. 150 - 250
1240 TWO FRENCH REGENCE GILT TABORETS. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, Pa. Listed in the C.J. Seibert Inventory and appraisal on page 30, item #356. Round inset tops lift out off the frame with cabriole legs with lions masks on the knees and hairy paw carved feet. Having s-scroll stretchers with finials. Similar tables are carved with fruit, leafage, bead & rod, and guilloche. Size: 27" H, 20" Diameter. Condition: wear to gilding, red base showing through. 750 - 1,500
1241 OCTAGONAL CENTER TABLE. Circa 1820. Brass edged mahogany octagonal top with leather insert has four real and four faux apron drawers (all with brass campaign pulls). Raised on a standard with three brass inlaid splayed legs with brass toe caps and castors. Size: 29" H, 33.5" W, 33.5" D. Condition: minor surface scuffs from gentle use. 700 - 1,400
1242 EARLY 19TH CENTURY INLAID PLANTER. Cylindrical mahogany veneered planter with three inlaid panels depicting goat handled urns with bow and draped tassels. Open fretwork apron decoration and concave triform lower stretcher shelf. Raised on brass ball feet. Size: 22.5" H, 12" diameter. Condition: cylinder section has many through cracks and old repairs, fretwork is broken and cracked, the piece is sold as-is and all sales are final. 150 - 300
1243 PAIR ROTHSCHILD CONSOLES BY KARGES CO. Faux black marble top over convex frieze handpainted with classical decoration of x-form tied green laurels with red berries. Handcarved and gold leaf base is initialed, dated and numbered. Size: each 33.5" H, 42" W, 18" D. Condition: like new. 4,500 - 6,500
1244 DELFT CHARGER. Tin glazed earthenware charger, blue and white hand painted Dutch winter scene with windmills, frozen river and skaters, floral border. Marks: signed on front: Maar Louis Apol (approx.). Marked on back: (Vase) F, Delft H254N, incised: Uoddt Thooft Labouchere (approx.) Size: 15 1/2"Diam. 2"Deep. Condition: overall crazing. 200 - 400
1245 AUSTRIAN PORCELAIN VASE. Porcelain vase with decaled white, red and pink roses with hand painted highlights, raised rose branches with blue flowers and cobalt and gilt leaves and stems, base with raised band of green and gilt decoration, top band of green and gilt raised decoration and triangular jewel like decorations in the porcelain body, top cobalt band at rim. Marked: Turn Vienna made in Austria with E.W.logo (Ernst Wahliss), incised "9042 I" in body of porcelain, and 9042 I/9332 preceeded by D. Size: 16"H, 3 1/2"Diam. top, 10"Diam. widest part. Condition: several cracks in bottom, two areas of repair in bottom, 7" crack running from base upward into body of vase. 250 - 500
1246 VICTORIAN LIDDED URN. Lidded porcelain urn, bulbous shape, gilt acanthus leaf decorated handles, gilt finial, one side with hand painted landscape scene of lake with swans, the reverse side has a decaled 18th c. genre scene after a F. Boucher 1759 original painting (F.Boucher 1759) appears in reverse on the barrel head under the shepherd. The base, neck and lid have a cream ground decorated with gilt decoration. Marked: 7210 (in gold). Size: 16"H. 4 1/4"Diam. base, 7"Diam. widest part. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 400
1247 4 HUMMEL FIGURINES. (1) Culprits, stylized bee mark (1957-1972). Size: 6 3/4". Condition: good. (1) Goose Girl, stylized bee mark (1957-1972). Size: 4"H. Condition: chip on pigtail. (1) Puppy Love. Last bee mark (1972-1979, "incised 76". Size: 5"H. Condition: good. (1) Soloist, stylized bee mark (1957- 1972). Size: 4 1/2"H, condition: good. 100 - 300
1248 LOETZ ART GLASS VASE. Unsigned hand blown vase, dark purple iridescent swirl in glass, ground top. No mark. Size: 8"H. 4 1/2"Diam. base, 2 1/4"Diam. top.,5"diam. widest part. Condition: several fleabites on top rim. 150 - 300
1249 VICTORIAN COINSPOT EWER. Cased blue and white glass coinspot ewer, round and stretched coin spots over body, fluted top, clear notched applied handle. No mark. Size: 10"H, 6"Diam. widest part. Condition: 1" scratch or minor crack to rim extending into interior. 150 - 300
1250 VICTORIAN COINSPOT VASE. Blown cased glass vase, milk on cranberry with coinspot pattern, ginger jar shape, ground top, no mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1251 REMBRANDT ETCHING. Probably 1630's. Black line etching on European paper. Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1666), the eminent Dutch master painter also created many etchings, of which this is a fairly early example. During his early years Rembrandt produced many small portraits or single figure images that function as character studies and as genre portraits. This print shows an elderly woman dressed with a heavy coat and gloves. Signed in the plate in the upper left. Size: 6" h., 4 1/2" w., unframed. Condition: cut down to near the plate mark; one 1 1/8" horizontal wrinkle from left edge and one 3/4" tear at the upper edge. It is adhered at the top edge to black backing paper. 2,500 - 4,000
1252 EARL WASHINGTON MAIDEN ENGRAVING. N/R. 1931. Black ink wood engraving on yellowish paper. Signed in pencil sc E.M. Washington (the sc refers to sculpsit, an archaic engraver's term for one who cuts the woodblock). Earl Washington (American, 1862-1952) was an African-American printer and woodcut/engraving artist who, from age 13, worked in the industry. By 1880 he was in New York and he would continue for decades as a reproductive engraver, illustrator and fine art engraver. His own subject matter, when not turned towards commercial/illustrative purposes, dealt with racial inequities in the USA. His work is in the collection of the Erie Art Museum and in numerous private collections. This print shows a lady ironing. This wood engraving and others is subsequent lots are created with burins (fine diamond shaped steel shafts), giving the picture its white line on black look (unlike a woodcut). See lots 1253-1256. Size: 3 3/4" square, unframed, paper size 12" h., 9" w. Condition: no defects, no edition number. 200 - 400
1253 EARL WASHINGTON COMMERCIAL ENGRAVING.NR 1935. Black ink wood engraving. Signed lower left. Titled "American Telephone & Telegraph Catalog Cover woodcut." Washington (1862-1952) created wood engravings to commission. By a certain point in time, this style of letterpress and engraving block printing was fast becoming obsolete and Washington also began to collect the blocks of other wood engravers as a testimony to their skill, long downplayed in the world of high art. In this image, Earl Washington's skill with the cutting tools is apparent in the many parallel lines that describe the speedy Bell Telephone truck rolling past two waving men (indicated with a few strokes of the burin). Size: 4 1/8" h., 9 5/8" w., unframed, paper size 9" h., 12" w. Condition: a little yellowed at the edges. 200 - 400
1254 E. WASHINGTON DIAMOND HEAD PRINT. N/R. 1936. Black ink wood engraving on tan paper. Signed in pencil. Washington (American 1862-1952) shows an African man sitting on a ship's railing, gazing across a bay at a mountain. No edition number. Size: 6" h., 5 1/2" w., unframed, paper size 12" h., 9" w. Condition: no defects. 200 - 400
1255 EARL WASHINGTON LYNCHING PRINT. N/R. 1949. Black wood engraving on tan paper. Signed in pencil. Washington's (1862-1952) work is in the collections of the Erie Art Museum among other collections, and this particular print is represented there as well. It shows a dead African-American man with a noose around his neck; onlookers' feet are near his head. Size: 7 7/8" h., 5 3/8" w., unframed, paper size 12" h., 9" w. Condition: no defects; no edition number. 200 - 400
1256 E. WASHINGTON CONRAD ILLUSTRATION. N/R. 1948. Black ink wood engraving on tan paper. Earl Washington, active in New York, made many illustrations, sometimes after other artists' work and sometimes (as is the case here) as an image for a story. Whether this print, entitled "Nigger of Narcissus," was ever used to illustrate an edition of Joseph Conrad's story is unknown. A scraggly man sits in the hull of a boat. Size: 3 3/4" h., 5 5/8" w. Condition: the left side is not a clear impression (zig zags are blurry), otherwise there are no defects. 200 - 400
1257 A. BROUET NOTRE DAME ETCHING. N/R. 1902. Black line etching. Signed in pencil and in plate. Auguste Brouet (French 1872-1941) was a genre scene printmaker. This image is of Notre Dame in Paris with a water taxi or similar boat steaming by on the Seine. Size: 17 1/2" h., 21 1/2" w., framed 27" h., 30" w. Condition: slightly buckled, yellowed, acidic mat should be replaced. 300 - 400
1258 A. AFFLECK FLORENCE CAMPANILE ETCHING. Early 20th c. Black line etching on lightweight buff paper. Signed in pencil. Andrew Affleck (British 1874-1935) created large architectural etchings throughout Europe; this lot and others have dramatic atmospheric shadows set against a few spare lines (in this lot, the spare lines delineate the sky and eccliastical vestments). A small image of a pope's tomb is in the lower margin. Size: 21" h., 13" w., framed 29 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: acidically yellowed, the mat must be replaced. 300 - 400
1259 A. AFFLECK STA MARIA SALUTE ETCHING. N/R. 1906. Etching and aquatint in black ink on offwhite paper. Andrew Affleck (British 1874-1935) created this image of the revered Baroque Venetian church. Signed in pencil and in the plate with a date. Deeply bitten lines and extensive aquatint in the sky make a dramatically lit image. Size: 17 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 26" h., 24" w. Condition: some buckling, brown blotch at the signature; marked acid burns at all edges due to the acidic mat. 350 - 450
1260 ANDREW AFFLECK CANTERBURY ETCHING. N/R. Late 19th / early 20th c. Etching and drypoint in black ink on buff paper. Signed in pencil lower right. No edition number, but a tag on the back reads "100 impressions." Affleck (British, 1874-1935) is a highly regarded architectural etcher whose work resides in the British Museum. He produced etchings throughout Europe and the USA. He moved to France around 1910 and created many interior scenes. He died in France. This print is of an interior of Canterbury Cathedral. Size: 13 1/4" h., 6 1/2" w., framed 20 1/2" h., 13" w. Condition: no visible defects to the print; wear to the frame. 200 - 300
1261 A. AFFLECK MONASTERY OF ST GEROME. N/R. Early 20th c. Etching and aquatint on buff paper. Signed in pencil and in plate. A church procession to the heavily sculptured narthex of the church of St Gerome is pictured by this highly regarded British etcher (1874-1935). Size: 11 1/4" h., 15 1/4" w., framed 18 3/4" h., 22" w. Condition: buckling, yellowed, brown liquid stain lower middle edge; the mat needs to be replaced. 350 - 450
1262 PICASSO HELIOGRAVURE. N/R. Undated, probably 1950's. Heliogravure on offwhite paper. Signed in reverse in the plate only. No edition number. A portrait in a few squiggly lines of a man named Roby; marked in plate "pour Roby" and this image also bears a tag on the verso from the Societe de Verification de la Gravure (New York and Paris) and The Collector's Guild (New York). Evidently done as a pen drawing that was transferred to a metal plate for acid etching; a heliogravure is a technique for transferring the freedom of pen drawing to a plate for further intaglio techniques and multiple printing. Size: (plate mark) 9 1/4" h., 7 1/4" w., framed 15" h., 12" w. Condition: yellowish staining in the upper right corner. 800 - 1,400
1263 OLSZEWSKI, KARL EWALD WATERCOLOR. N/R. (Ukraine / Austrian 1884-1965). Geese flying over a sandbar. Signed lower left. Size: 27 1/2" h., 34" w., framed 35" h., 42" w. in a silver and gold frame with slight damage. 1,500 - 3,000
1264 WHITE RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA POSTER. 20th c. Lithographic poster. This poster shows the Red Communists, such as Lenin, being driven into Hell by horsemen bearing White Russian colors; the Devil holds Judas in his clutches and at the bottom of the poster are pictured separate tortures of hell. All text is in Russian. Size: 29" h., 21" w. Condition: unframed and unmatted, rolled; some creases and very slight water stain on the right edge; Scotch tape on verso edges. 200 - 300
1265 PETER MAX MICKEY MOUSE SUITE. 1990's. Color serigraphs on Arches paper. Suite of four. Signed in black marker "Max." Matted, unknown edition number; however identical prints are identified elsewhere as being of a series of 500. Comes with a certificate of authencity. Embossed Peter Max paper "1995" and "Soma." Peter Max (1937-) has enjoyed great fame as a pop artist, creating images of iconic people and characters in bright colors and energetic strokes. His work evolved from various influences and styles such as lessons from a Fauvist instructor, realism, commercial illustration and photo collage. This suite of four differently colored Mickey Mouse serigraphs comes from Max's effort to commemorate Disney characters (Goofy and Donald Duck are also treated). Size: each is 16" h., 14" w., framed 30 1/2" h., 27 1/2" w. Condition: no defects to the prints; the mats cover the edges of the print. 7,500 - 9,500
1266 JUDY PENZER PRINT. 1990s. Five offset lithographs after paintings, mounted on white printmaking paper. Signed in pencil and numbered 1/50. Penzer (1947-1996) was a Pittsburgh artist who created murals for neighborhood development (Garfield "Bride" mural; Downtown Pgh. sports figures, now destroyed). Penzer died in a TWA crash at JFK airport in 1996. This grouping of small images show an orange house, sunflower, orange stars, a face asking why?, and a blue and orange color field. All Fauvist in color style. Size: each is 2 1/2" square, framed 7 1/4" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: no defects to the print assemblage. 200 - 300
1267 JUDY PENZER PRINT. 1990's. Six offset lithographs mounted on white printmaking paper. Signed in pencil, numbered 3/50. The six images are dominated by crimson and blue; each by itself is poppish but together they hint at a story that is tense and perhaps violent. Penzer was tragically lost in an airplane crash in 1996, but was well known locally for murals and community activity using art as a motivator. Size: each is 2 1/2" square, framed 7 3/4" h., 23 1/2" w. Condition: no defects to the prints. 200 - 300
1268 JUDY PENZER PRINT. Before 1996. Ten offset lithographs mounted on white printmaking paper. Signed in pencil and numbered 4/50. Penzer's pop style and snapshot style makes a string of storyboard-like images of disaffected people with images of food and drink. Size: each is 2 1/2" square, framed 7 1/4" h., 32" w. Condition: no defects to the prints. 200 - 300
1269 MICHEL TSOURIS OIL ON PAPER. Contemporary. Tsouris, originally of Pittsburgh, is a known artist who studied at PAFA, taught at CMU and has shown in numerous galleries throughout the USA. Her style is textural and sometimes self-conciously archaic. This is an image of a man & a woman holding hands. Size: 12" h., 6" w., framed 20 1/2" h., 14" w. Condition: no defects. 250 - 350
1270 MICHEL TSOURIS OIL ON PAPER. Contemporary. "Considerations of Rest" signed in pencil, shows a man crouching near a bed. Distortion sometimes figures into her work. Size: 13 1/2" h., 6" w., framed 22" h., 14" w. Condition: no visible defects to image. 250 - 350
1271 PORTRAIT OF ANNA ANSTON. Dated 1865. Oil on canvas. Signed on verso "Anna M. Anston, April 25th 1865, by M.B., pinxit (?)." An attractive woman in red cape with leaf decoration looks outward. She holds a small riding crop or wand. Size: 29" h., 24" w., framed 37" h., 32" w. Condition: inpainting throughout the right side, especially on the right side of the face & neck; poorly repaired tear in the top; some chips to the frame, the frame is as is. 1,100 - 1,500
1272 H.LEWIS AFTER GORPER OIL. Late 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed H. Lewis after Gorper lower left. Cows approach a pond in this American image. Size: 24" h., 30" w., framed 30" h., 36" w. Condition: craquellure throughout, a little dirty; the frame is as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 600 - 900
1273 ROBERT PARKER FLORAL OIL. 20th c. Oil on board. Signed Robert R. Park(er?). Large peonies spill from a brass pitcher. The style is slightly impastoed, but done in such a way as to give it a pastel chalk effect. Size: 22" h., 38" w., framed 29" h., 46" w. Condition: 2" scratch down to the gesso in the upper right; some frame chipping; frame is as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 600 - 900
1274 CW FRYER NIAGARA FALLS OIL. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed. Fryer is a listed American artist who was known for, among other subjects, Niagara Falls paintings. Done in a bright style. An informtional tag adhered to the canvas verso relates some biographical data about Fryer. Size: 20" h., 40" w., framed 26" h. 46" w. Condition: minor craquellure and yellow discoloration in the upper right. 400 - 600
1275 PAUL KLEINSCHMIDT "LANDSCAPE IN ARLES." 1937. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed and dated in sgrafitto "P Kl 37" lower right. Paul Kleinschmidt (German, 1883-1949) was an Expressionist who exhibited in the Berlin Secession in 1909 & 1911 after he previously studied at the Berlin Academy. Following WW1 service, Kleinschmidt was a draftsman and made prints. His layered paint technique gives a rhythmically charged, encrusted surface to his oils that resemble and surpass alla prima technique. He had solo exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1934), the Art Institute of Chicago (1933), and various major German art museums. Kleinschmidt's art was defamed as "degenerate" by the Nazis and he then emigrated to Switzerland and later to Holland and France; in 1943 he was forcibly returned to Germany. From 1928 to his death in 1949 Paul Kleinschmidt was supported by Erich Cohn. This painting shows cypress and olive trees. The sculpturally directional brushstrokes vividly describe the hot sun & cascading light upon the trees. Provenance: Erich Cohn. Size: 23 1/2" h., 19 1/2" w., framed 30 1/2" h., 26 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 70,000 - 90,000
1276 PAUL KLEINSCHMIDT "BLUE NUDE." 1931. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed in sgrafitto upper edge "PKl." Kleinschmidt (German, 1883-1949) was an Expressionist who was active in two Berlin Secession exhibits, and whose fame in Germany provided the initial freedom to travel to and exhibit in the United States. His art was defamed by the Nazis and he left Germany. He was forcibly returned to Germany in 1943. From 1928 to 1949, Kleinschmidt was supported by Erich Cohn, a German-American art collector whose generous patronage helped other German artists such as Grosz and Kollwitz. Kleinschmidt's palette in this painting of a female nude statue is cool and unified by blue. His painstaking technique is in evidence here with layered oil paint, brought to almost sculptural thickness in spots. Provenance: Erich Cohn. Size: 32" h., 25 1/2" w., framed 38 1/2" h., 32 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 70,000 - 90,000
1277 F. SCHLESINGER OIL. 1878. Oil on wooden panel. Signed "F. Schlesinger, Berlin 1878. This picture shows a woman tenderly petting a white rabbit; her children look on happily. The realistic detail of the figures is harmoniously mirored by the architectural details and texture of the paint (ie: impasto on the wall, smooth on the fabric). Size: 11 1/2" h., 7 1/2"w., framed @17" h., 13" w. Condition: two old cracks in the back of the pinewood panel at its bottom are visible through the paint film on the recto; cracks to the period frame; the frame is as is. 3,000 - 5,000
1278 JOHN SLOAN ETCHING. Dated 1912. Black line etching with plate tone on off white paper. Signed in plate and in pencil on margin. Also written in pencil is "175 proofs," "Woman with etching tray," "John Sloan per HFS." Done by the famed contributor to the American Ashcan School, who were realists in the first modern art movement in the USA. Size: 3 3/4" h., 2 3/4" w., matted 12" h., 9" w. Condition: no defects. 600 - 800
1279 JMW TURNER PENCIL DRAWING. Early 19th c. (Dated 1838 in a modern hand). Graphite on paper. Ex coll. John Anderson Jr. (author of The Unknown Turner, founder of the Anderson Galleries), through to AS Rudd of NYC (bought 1942). Verified by Hammer Galleries of 5th Avenue, NYC. Marked Anderson Collection #JA 303. Turner, one of the best known British artists, was a prolific sketcher--this pencil drawing is of a town on a canal. Size: 8 1/4" h., 13 3/4" w. Condition: severe yellowing and acid burns where once there was a mat (the burns obscure the sides of the drawing); rectangular halo lighter than the remains of the drawing, on the left side; residue on verso from adhering to blueish backing paper. 8,000 - 10,000
1280 POINTILLIST CHARCOAL DRAWING. Charcoal on offwhite laid paper. Unsigned. This image is of a seated person with a hat on her head. Size: 12 1/4" h., 9 1/2" w., unmatted, unframed. Condition: one corner has been folded over (crease), old hinge tape and hinge tape residue. 800 - 1,200
1281 GIBSON GIRL DRAWING. Late 19th c. /early 20th c. Black ink on heavy card stock paper. Signed in pen "C.D. Gibson." Charles Dana Gibson (American 1867-1944) is a listed artist who is famous for his illustrations depicting elegant lifestyles and for his popularizations of the main character in his depictions: the "Gibson" girl--aloof and charming. He studied with St. Gaudens. This original ink and brush drawing shows a man enamored with his Gibson girl instead of his chess game in which he is pitted against her. Size: 12" h., 18" w., matted 17 1/2" H., 20" W. Condition: slightly yellowed. 800 - 1,200
1282 SYDNEY LAWRENCE "EVENING STAR" O/C. Late 19th / early 20th c. Oil on board. Signed "Sydney Lawrence" lower right. Entitled "The Evening Star." Lawrence (1858-1940) led a unusual life as an exhibiting artist (National Academy of Design, PAFA, Paris Salon, etc.) and as a war correspondent and gold prospector in Alaska. It is for his Alaskan scenes that Lawrence is well known and this painting shows a still, wintry Alaskan night illuminated by a single yellow star. The colors are brushy warm browns and deep Prussian blue. Provenance: the Barndollar to Tarbert estate. Size: 9 1/2" h., 7 1/2" w., framed 13" h., 11" w. Condition: some cupping to the board; two chips of varnish are gone from the surface. 10,000 - 15,000
1283 VONDROUS ETCHING. 1920. Etching in brown ink. Signed in pencil and plate. John Vondrous (American 1884-?) is a listed artist who lived in Czechoslovakia. He was a painter and illustrator. This is a street image of Bruges, Belgium. Size: 13"h., 8" w., framed 22" h., 17" w. Condition: slightly yellowed with age, acid mat; frame, mat & glass as is. 200 - 300
1284 JOHN VONDROUS ETCHING. 1922. Etching in brown ink. 23/80. Signed in pencil and in plate. First state. This listed American artist etched a scene of a Bruges, Belgium bridge. Very well bitten plate. Size: 11" h., 9" w., framed 21" h., 17" w. Condition: yellowed with age, acid mat; frame, mat & glass as is. 200 - 400
1285 NAUTICAL ETCHING. 19th / 20th c. Black line etching. Unsigned. A sailboat on the waves at night is shown. Size: 7 1/2" h., 10" w., framed 17" h., 20" w. Condition: darkened with age or by an acidic mat; frame and mat are as is. 100 - 200
1286 G.W. BOHDE ETCHING. 1890. Etching in brown ink. Signed in pencil and in plate. George W. Bohde (active late 19th - 20th c.) is a listed artist who created farm, animal and rural imagery. This image is of a house by a stream done in great detail. "Copyright 1891 Art Publ. Co., NY." Size: 10" h., 18" w., framed 18" h., 25" w. Condition: yellowed at the edges from acid burn, shifted in its mat; frame, mat & glass are as is. 200 - 400
1287 FG STEVENSON MEZZOTINT. 1914. Color mezzotint. Portrait of Wilhelmina of Prussia by Tischbein, engraved by FG Stevenson. Signed in pencil by Stevenson. Size: 11 1/2" h., 9 1/4" w., framed 17" h., 13" w. Condition: a little yellowed , nice frame; frame is as is. 100 - 200
1288 ANTOINE GAYMARD GIRL MEZZOTINT. Early 20th c. Color mezzotint. Signed by Gaymard with an extensive penciled description of the printing process. A girl in blue and a wide hat smiles at the viewer. Size: 13" h., 11" w., framed 19" h., 15" w. Condition: darkened with age, nice frame; frame is as is. 100 - 200
1289 FG STEVENSON RELIGIOUS MEZZOTINT. 1909. Color mezzotint. Pencil signed. Madonna & Baby Jesus. Embossed seal GT. Handmade frame. Size: 17" h., 12" w., framed 22" h., 17" w. Condition: slightly darkened. 100 - 200
1290 ANTOINE GAYMARD MEZZOTINT. 20th c. Color mezzotint. Signed in pencil. This is "Caroline of Brunswick." Size: 16 1/2" h., 13" w., framed 23" h., 20" w. Condition: slightly darkened, the frames as is. 100 - 200
1291 TURKISH AZERI 6'8"X 5'3". Overall geometric pattern in colors of iron red, shades of blue and beige. Condition: fringe slightly worn, somewhat soiled. 1,000 - 1,500
1292 TURKISH AZERI 9'4"X 7'8". Approximately 15 years old. Imported by Woven Legends, consigner bought at O'Bannon's, Pittsburgh. Beige background with geometric design in colors of iron red, shades of blue, shades of brown, shades of green. Condition: no detractions. 800 - 1,600
1293 MAHAL 11'10"X9' Recent. Purchased at O'Bannon's, Pittsburgh. Overall geometric pattern in shades of brown, blue, green, yellow and orange. Condition: fringes soiled and worn, back has a water stain and lifted varnish 1,000 - 2,000
1294 TURKISH AZERI RUNNER 2'8"X11'4". Consigner purchased at OBannon's, Pittsburgh. Overall geometric design in shades of iron red, blues and browns. Condition: no detractions. 350 - 500
1295 PR. STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS. Pair of large white dogs with black noses, gilt collar and chain. Mirror image pair. No mark. Size: 12"H, 11"W, 4"D. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1296 MULBERRY SCENIC PLATTER. Mulberry transferware scenic platter, scalloped edge, center scene, floral and scenic borders. Marked: Clyde Scenery Jacksons Warranted. Size: 15 1/2"L, 12 1/2"W, 2"H. Conditoin: badly crazed and stained. 200 - 400
1297 BLOWN GLASS FISHBOWL. Blown clear glass fish bowl, pontil mark on bottom, rolled, folded edge. No mark. Sie: 14 1/2"Diam. 7"H. Condition: wear marks on bottom. Paper label: purchased from: G.B.Wilson & Sons. 300 - 600
1298 PITTSBURGH PILLAR MOLD PITCHER. Mold blown clear glass pitcher, pillar mold with applied handle, produced in Pittsburgh, ground pontil base. No mark. Size: 9 3/4"H. Condition: chip on one bottom pillar , wear to base, crack in lower section of applied handle. 100 - 200
1299 GILT PIER MIRROR. 19th century. Provenance: Greta M Phillips estate; Butler, Pa. Rococo style frame surmounted with a face mask carved with c-scrolls, leafage, and flowers. Size: 6'7" H, 26" W, 3" D. Condition: mirror silver is turning black and flaking, 9" crack has been repaired on the top right corner section (three roundels still missing). 600 - 1,200
1300 BAROQUE STYLE DISPLAY CABINET. Doors flanked by 3/4 length nude male carytids. Surmounted by eagles and figures trailing off into acanthus leaf. Bottom drawer carved with a reclining river god. Size: 8'9" H, 4'4" W, 2' D. Condition: has been professionally refinished. 6,000 - 8,000
1301 PAINTED PORCELAIN PIN. The pin shows a painted scene of two women framed in 14k gold. Pin weight is approximately 14.0 g. Pin length: approximately 1 3/4". Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1302 14K CHARM BRACELET. The double link bracelet has seven 14k gold charms: one heart encrusted with gemstones; one heart with a diamond chip; one shamrock with a green stone; three with zodiac signs and a coin dated "1892". Five are engraved with initials and dates on back. Total bracelet weight is approximately 84 g. Condition: no visible defects. 1,000 - 1,500
1303 14K AMETHYST EARRINGS. The large round cut amethysts are mounted in a Victorian style prong setting. Condition: one stone needs cleaned. 100 - 200
1304 14K DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE RING. The ring has three diamonds and eleven sapphires mounted in a white gold setting. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1305 LA FORGE LAPEL WATCH. The watch has a 14k brushed gold case with a white face. The face is marked "LA FORGE; 17 JEWELS INCABLOC; SWISS MADE". The watch can be suspended from a pin or chain. Watch length: approximately 1 3/4". Total watch weight is approximately 21.0 g. Condition: some scratches on the crystal; appears to be in working order. 200 - 400
1306 DIAMOND BROOCH. c. 1870's. Large silver(?) brooch is inlaid with rose cut diamonds. Condition: some stones are missing. 300 - 500
1307 14K SERPENTINE NECKLACE. Total necklace weight is approximately 31.8 g. Necklace length: approximately 16". Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1308 18K EASTERN STAR PIN. Signed " Alpha Chapter No. 93; O.E.S. 46-47." Pin has three diamonds set in white gold. Total diamond weight is approximately .15 ct. Total pin weight is approximately 9.4 g. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1309 TWO BAR PINS N/R. Lot includes one 10K white gold filigree pin with a center amber stone flanked on both sides by a rose and leaf design; one 14K filigree pin with a center blue stone. Amber stone pin length: approximately 2.0". Blue stone pin length: approximately 1.0". Total pin weight is approximately 5.6 g. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 250
1310 14K FOX PIN. The whimsical fox pin has two emerald eyes. Total pin weight is approximately 6.7 g. Pin length: approximately 1.5". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
1311 14K CARNELIAN CUFF LINKS. The men's cuff links have large oval shaped carnelian stones set in gold. Total weight of the pair is approximately 19.8 g. Condition: one stone has some minor pits. 200 - 400
1312 14K ART DECO RING. The white gold ring has eight round cut diamonds in an Art Decosetting. Condition: one stone is missing. 300 - 500
1313 10K VICTORIAN LOCKET. The locket has a black stone (?) front with a rose and yellow gold flower applique. It opens to hold photos on both sides. It is marked "10K ESEMCO". It is suspended from a 10k 17.5" chain. Locket length: approximately 1 3/4". Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 200
1314 VICTORIAN AMETHYST RING. The fancy cut amethyst is mounted in a rose gold setting flanked on both sides with an engraved floral motif. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1315 14K "PIETA" CHARM. The gold charm is of Michelangelo's "Pieta". Total charm weight is approximately 21.3 g. Charm length: approximately 1.0". Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1316 14K TURTLE SCARAB PIN. Signed "Vandell". Turtle has a large green and carnelian colored scarab stone body with a carnelian colored scarab stone head. Turtle length: approximately 1 3/4". Condition: tiny flaw in the head stone. 100 - 200
1317 14K "X" LINK BRACELET. The bracelet has alternating "x" links. Total bracelet weight is approximately 14.7 g. Total bracelet length: approximately 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1318 JADE PENDANT. The round jade pendant has a flower design inlaid with semi-precious stones and 14K gold accents. Pendant measurements: 2.0" l X 2.0" w. Total pendant weight is approximately 19.2 g. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 500
1319 14K CAMEO PIN/PENDANT. Signed "Milor". The piece can be worn as a pin or pendant. It depicts three dancing fairies. Pin/pendant length: approximately 1 3/4". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1320 18K "ILLINOIS" POCKET WATCH. The close face gold watch has an engraved front and back. It is key wound. Marked "ILLinois Watch Co.; No. 159128; Springfield, Ill." Total gold weight is approximately 105 g. Condition: minor scratches and dents; one small marred area; key is missing. 550 - 700
1321 14K WALTHAM POCKET WATCH. The watch has a fleur-de-lis design inscribed on the front set with four rose cut diamonds. It is marked "American Waltham Watch Co.; 12930104". Back cover is engraved with initials. Condition: not working; a few minor dents in the front cover. 300 - 500
1322 18K JOHN HARRISON POCKET WATCH. c. 1810. The open face watch has an engraved border. It is marked "HIJO(?) 18(with an engraved bird); 2916". It is key wound. Condition: key is missing; face has some cracks. 600 - 800
1323 15 PC. BLUE & WHITE KITCHEN SET. German ceramic kitchen set with blue and white windmill decoration. Set consists of: (2) handled and stoppered cruets. Oil, chip in base, Vinegar, good condition. Size: 9 1/2"H. (6) small lidded jars, 4"H. Cinnomon Pepper (cracked lid) Ginger Allspice Nutmeg cloves (cracked and repaired lid). (5) large lidded cannisters, 8 1/2"H. Rice, chip in base. Sugar Tea Coffee, spider crack in base. Oatmeal, crack in body, crack in lid. (2) Large open containers with 2 holes for wall hanging. Salt, roughness on rim. Flour, fleabit on rim. Marks: salt container only piece with remnant of mark on bottom.: Circle with ...M T & Bros......NY. 200 - 400
1324 44 FRANCISCAN WARE ITEMS. Raised rose pattern border. All marked Franciscan, some made in England.Set includes: 8 cups, 8 saucers, 6 fruit bowls, 4 cereal bowls, 7 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, cream, sugar, oval platter.Lot also includes: pitcher by Continental Kilns in a similar pattern. 100 - 200
1325 CARNIVAL SWUNG VASE. Iridescent carnival vase, ribbed sides, fluted top, blue ground with iridescence. No mark. Size: 15 3/4"H. 3 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 75 - 150
1326 4 COLORFUL LIDDED BOXES. 1. Rectangular cloisonne box, hinged lid. 2" high, 4 1/2" x 3". Blue ground, stylized florals. Tiny chip at one corner. 2. Rectangular cloisonne box, hinged lid. 2" high, 4 1/2" x 3". White ground, stylized florals. No apparent defects. 3. Rectangular cloisonne box, hinged lid, rounded corners. 1 1/4" high, 3 7/8" x 3". Lid has panel of blue with butterflies; a narrow panel with florals on brown circles; remaining panel and sides of box are pale pink ground with stylized florals. Very slight pitting. 4. Rectangular handpainted ceramic box, hinged lid. Marked "Made in France." Bubble-like design, with florals. Good condition. 150 - 300
1327 REVERSE PAINTED LAMP. Reverse painted glass shade with landscape decoration. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 17"Diam. on metal eight sided base, classical decoration, fluted shaft, two lights. No mark. Size: 25"H. Condition: several cracks in shade. 150 - 300
1328 SLAG GLASS LAMP. Metal base with classical decoration, six paneled carmel slag glass shade in metal framework. Size: lamp 24"H, shade 7"H, 14"Diam. Condition: one panel of shade is cracked. 150 - 300
1329 BRASS AND GLASS LAMP. Lamp with pierced metal base, faux marble glass stem, six green and purple mottled rippled slag glass panels in shade. No marks. Size: 18"H. 12 1/2"Diam. shade. Condition: good, wear to metal 150 - 300
1330 6 OIL LAMPS. Six oil lamps with blown glass bodies. Three with Greek Key pattern, (one with marble base), one with purple glass body. Bases range in size from 5 1/2 to 9"H. All with chimneys. Condition: metal base has rust. 150 - 300
1331 16 MINIATURE OIL LAMPS. Group includes: 2 green glass bases, 1 blue molded glass pot belly stove shaped base, 1 blue glass base, 1 cranberry top, 2 hobnail milk glass bases, 2 metal bases, 7 others. some without chimneys. Size: ranges from 4-10"H. 100 - 200
1332 10 OIL LAMPS. Ten blown molded oil lamp bases, 5 with chimneys, 9 with burning elements. Ranging in side from 9-11"H bases. condition: glass is good. 100 - 300
1333 9 OIL LAMP BASES.. Includes: 6 with glass ring handles, 2 with chimneys, 2 with blown molded decoration. Sizes range from 4-6 1/2"H. 75 - 150
1334 CRYSTAL PAGODA CHANDELIER. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Amethyst colored crystal three tiered pagoda (with handpainted gilt chinoiserie decoration) with strung amber and purple bead roof and roof edges. Four branches with crystal pendants and an ametyst bauble. Size: 29" drop, 17" diameter. Condition: approx. nine 1" prisms missing from the roof edge. 1,200 - 1,800
1335 19 STERLING ITEMS. (2) cobalt glass lined sterling master salts. Marked: Sterling 457. Weight of silver: 71.2 grams total. Condition: fleabites along rims of glass. (2) Pr. small sterling salts with sterling spoons. Marked: sterling. Size: 1 1/8"Diam. dishes, 2"L spoons. Weight: 15.9 grams. Condition: good. (1) Fine Arts Sterling serving fork. Marked: Fine Arts Sterling, Morgantown, Pa. "Southern Colonial". Size: 8 3/4"L. Weight: 79.5 grams. Condition: good. (1) Reed & Barton "Majestic 1894 Pattern" ladle. Marked: (hallmark) sterling. Size: 7 1/2"L. Weight: 74.8 grams. condition: good. (1) Kirk & Son "Signet-Plain 1958 Pattern" soup spoon. Marked: s. Kirk & Son Sterling (C). Size: 7 1/8"L. Weight: 43.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) Gorham " Willow1954 Pattern" dinner fork. Marked: Gorham Sterling. Size: 7"L. Weight: 38 grams. Condition: good. (1) Gorham " Willow 1954 Pattern" soup spoon. Marked: Gorham Sterling . size: 7"L. Weight: 43.4 grams. Condition: good. (1) Alvin scallop shell bowled spoon. Monogramed "AT". Marked: (hallmark) Sterling Patent). Size: 7"L Weight: 43.4 grams.Condition: good. (1) Lunt "Modern Classic 1934 Pattern" dessert fork. Marked: Hallmark Sterling. Weight: 33.7 grams.Condition: good. (1) Manchester Mfg. Co. Sterling ladle, gilt bowl. Marked: Sterling Hallmark. Size: 5 1/4"L. Weight: 17.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) Reed & Barton " Majestic 1894 Pattern" demitasse spoon. Marked: Hallmark Sterling. Size: 4 1/4"L. Weight: 11.2 grams. Conditoin: good. (1)Berry spoon, fern pattern handle, diamond cut flower in bowl, scallop back edge, monogramed on back "H". Marked: Sterling. Size: 8 1/2"L. Weight: 58 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sugar spoon, Aesthetic Movement decorated handle, diamond cut leaf pattern bowl, gilt. Monogramed "FRC". Marked: Sterling. Weight: 26.4 grams. conditoin: good. (1) Sugar spoon, Art Nouveau pattern. Marked: Sterling Pat.1903. Size: 5 5/8"L. Weight: 14.2 grams. condition: good. (1) English fish knife with bone handle. Marked: H B & W * Eng. Size: 13"L. condition: good. (1) English fish fork with bone handle. Marked: H B & W * Eng. Size: 10"L. condition: good. (1) Carnegie Library Pittsburg, Pa. Souvenir spoon by Paye & Baker Mf. Co. N.Attleboro Mass. with view of library in bowl. Marked: hallmark sterling. Size: 5 1/8"L. Weight: 10.4 grams. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1336 9 STERLING FLATWARE ITEMS. Nine matching flatware items, beaded edge, floral decorated handles. All marked: (Hallmark) sterling. (6) soupspoons. 7"L. Weight: 252.1 grams. (1) Decorated serving spoon. 9"L. Weight: 65.7 grams. (1) Large serving fork. 8 3/4"L. Weight: 53.9 grams. (1) butter spreader. 6 1/2"L. Weight: 21.5 grams. Condition: all good except large serving fork has one bent tine. 100 - 200
1337 30 STERLING ITEMS. (6) Gorham sterling plates. Marked: Gorham Sterling 3351-1. Size: 4"Diam. Weight: 192.6 grams. total. Condition: good. (6) Sterling coasters with gadrooned rolled edge. Marked: (hallmark) Sterling. size: 3 1/8"Diam. Weight: 65.9 grams. total. Condition: some with dents. (4) Sterling coasters, monogramed "B". Marked: Sterling. Size: 2 5/8"Diam. Weight: 48.8 grams. total. Condition: one with pitting. (2) Sterling ashtrays, monogramed: "B". Size: 3 3/4"L, 3"W. Marked: SC Sterling 89-5. Weight: 58.3 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling screw top glass lined container. Marked: Sterling Weighted by Duchin. Size: 2 1/4"H, 1 3/4"Diam. base. (1) Kirk sterling cheese knife, sterling repousse handle. Marked: S. Kirk & Son. Size: 6 1/2"L. Condition: good. (1) Weidlich Bros. "Ancestry 1940 Pattern" sardine fork. Marked: (hallmark) sterling. Size: 6 3/4"L. Weight: 27.7 grams. Condition: good. (1) Amston "Athene 1913 Pattern" long fork. Mark: Amston Sterling. Size: 8"L. Weight: 33.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) International sterling " Silver Rhythm 1953 Pattern" pickle fork. Marked: ISCO Sterling. Size: 6"L. Weight: 17 grams. Condition: good. (1) Alvin Sterling "Romantique 1933 Pattern" sugar sifter. Marked: Alvin Sterling. Size: 4 3/4"L. Weight: 21.8 grams. Condition: good. (1) Whiting sterling fork. Marked: (hallmark) Sterling. Size: 4 3/4"L. Weight: 16.1 gram. Condition: good. (1) Contemporary sterling footed dish on ivory base. Marked: sterling. Size: 4"L, 3 1/2"W, 2"H. Weight: 71 grams. of silver. Condition: ivory base has broken in two. (2) Two meat lifters with sterling handles. Marked" Web Sterling Handle. (2) Two carving pieces, knife and fork with sterling handles. Marked: Sterling handles. 250 - 500
1338 9 PEWTER ITEMS. (1) Stieff Pewter ladle. 15"L. scratches on bottom. Marked: Stieff Pewter. (1) Round dished plate, rolled edge. Marked: Queen Art Pewter Brooklyn N.Y. 105. Size: 6 1/2"Diam. Conditoin: good. (2) Pewter tankards with C scroll handles. Marked: Williamsburg Stieff Pewter W 55-9 Williams Restoration (mark). Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (4) Pewter saltshakers. Marked: Empire Pewter weighted 742. Size: 5 1/8"H. Condition: good. (1) Empire Pewter Revere Bowl, engraved: To Allen H. Berkman with Gratitude the Pittsburgh Symphony May 5, 1999. Marked: Empire Pewter. Conditoin: some scratches on engraving. 80 - 160
1339 STEUBENVILLE DINNER PLATES. Set of 12 china dinner plates, wide cobalt and gilt borders, center decaled floral decoration. Marked: (Fort logo) Steubenville. #2027. Size: 10 3/4"Diam. condition: good. 100 - 300
1340 OSCAR BACH(?) BRONZE TABLE. Bronze, brass, and wrought iron table (most likely German) decorated with a band showing lions and castles. Has four shields decorated with helmets, keys, etc. Black marble top has gold veining. Size: 34" H, 17" diameter. Condition: scratches to the marble top. 800 - 1,200
1341 VITTOZ A PARIS BRONZE EWER/TABLE LAMP. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Stamped "Vittoz a Paris". Very finely cast mixed metal (including bronze) ewer made into a table lamp having a handle in the form of a putti holding the legs of a crane (in dore) and a winged putti holding ends of a copper plated garland of acorns, oak leaves, and wheat with rabbits and birds nesting in them. 500 - 1,000
1342 GILT CARVED BAROMETER. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. 20th century. Italian barometer classically carved with lyre, drapery, bows, acanthus leaf, and flowers. Size: 40" H, 17" W, 3" D. Condition: not in working order, 2.5" of bow loop missing, one leaf tip missing. 150 - 300
1343 2 BRONZE-TONE ORIENTAL VASES. 1. Tall bronze-colored vase, 14 1/2" high, 6" diam. at widest part. Dragon handles, raised bird and flower decoration on body of vase, fluted neck. Large patch rubbed off on side, revealing basic pot metal. 2. Tall bronze-tone vase, 14 3/4" high, 6" DIAM. at widest part. Bird and flower decoration applied to bulbous lower part of vase and to the slender long neck. Dragon handles. Finish lightly rubbed. 100 - 200
1344 9 STERLING ITEMS. (1) Lunt sterling bowl, Art Deco border decoration. monogramed "B". Marked: Sterling RLB (Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen Co) 204. Size: 6"Diam. Weight: 92 grams. Condition: minor wear. (1) Alvin sterling tray, rolled and stepped edge, monogramed "W". Marked: Alvin E44 Sterling. Size: 6"Diam. Weight: 78.5 grams. Condition: scratches. (1) Sterling bowl, pierced band, raised decoration, beaded edge. Marked: Sterling 636 RB. Size: 7 7/8"Diam.Weight: 110 grams. Condition: dents. (1) Sterling footed compote. Marked: Sterling MFH Weighted 858. Size: 6"H, 5 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: wear. (2) Footed compotes. Marked: Hamilton Sterling Weighted. Size: 6 1/4"Diam. top, 3 1/4"H. Condition: one in good condition, one broken off at base connection. (2) Pair of double candlesticks, beaded band decoration on base. Maked: Sterling Loaded. Size: 4 4/4"H, 6 3/4"W. 3"D. Conditoin: one arm slightly askew. (1) Sterling ring top. (part of larger object). marked: sterling. Size: 4"Diam. Condition: only part of larger item. 100 - 200
1345 51 TIFFANTY STERLING FLATWARE. Fifty one pieces os Tiffany & Co. " Hampton Pattern (1934)". All marked: Tiffany & Co. Sterling M Pat. Set includes: (9) dinner knives, 9 1/8"L. (9) dinner forks, 7"L. Weight: 550.5 grams. (9) salad forks, 7"L. Weight: 571 grams. (9) teaspoons, 6"L. Weight: 416.3 grams. (5) cream soup spoons, 7"L. Weight: 334.4 grams. (3) sugar spoons, 5 7/8"L. Weight: 120.2 grams. (1) large ladle, 7 1/4"L. Weight: 90.7 grams. (1) small ladle, 7"L. Weight: 56 grams. (1) pie server (sterling handle), 10 1/2"L. (1) master butter knive (sterling handle), 7"L. (2) butter spreaders (sterling handles) 6 1/8"L. (1) serving spoon, 8 3/4"L. Weight: 110.8 grams. Condition: all good condition. In storage box ( not marked Tiffany & Co.) 1,500 - 2,500
1346 6 PC. WALLACE STERLING TEASET. Six piece sterling teaset, Wallace "Rose-Point" pattern, all with pierced and chased decoration, to match "Rose-Point (1934) Pattern" flatware (see lot #1114). Set consists of: (1) Hinge lidded teapot. Marked: Wallace Sterling 4615-9 Rose Point 2 1/2 Pts. 40. Size: 11 1/2"H, 10"W, 6"D. Weight:approx. 24 troy oz. Condition: good. (1) Hinge lidded coffee pot. Marked: Wallace Stering 4615-9 Rose Point 3 Pts. 2. Size: 12"H, 9 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Weight: approx. 22 troy oz. Condition: good. (1) Lidded sugar bowl. Marked: Wallace Sterling 4615-9 Rose Point. Size: 8"H, 6 1/2"W. 4 1/2"D. Weight: 435.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) Footed creamer. Marked: Wallace Sterling Rose Point 4615-9 3/4Pt. Size: 7"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. Weight: 273 grams. Condition: good. (1) Footed waste bowl. Marked: Rose Point by Wallace Sterling 4615-9. Size: 4 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. widest part, 3 3/4"Dia. top. Weight: 236.9 grams. Condition: dent in top rim. (1) Oval tray with handles. Marked: Wallace Sterling 4600-1 Hand Chased Rose- Point 23 In. Size: 28 1/2"L, 16 1/4"W, 1"H. Weight: 84 troy oz. Condition: good. 2,000 - 4,000
1347 2ART DECO STERLING CANDLEHOLDERS Pair of Art Deco style candleholders, similar to Georg Jensen designs, round base, pierced frieze of stylized flower and scroll decoration below ball and loop decorated knob, raised trumpet shaped candleholder. Marked: Sterling J.D. with low wreath mark. Size: 5"H, 4"Diam. base. Weight: 192.4 grams. each. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1348 TWO SPODE SPILL VASES. (1) Urn shaped hand painted procelain vase with green field and pheasant decoration in gold with raised highlights. Marked: Spode 3945, also old accession number 1974.99. Size: 2 1/2"H, 2"Diam. top. Condition: good. (1) Cylindrical shaped hand painted porcelain vse with green field and pheasant decoration in gold with raised highlights. Marked: Spode 3845, also old accession number 1974.97. Size: 3 1/2"H, 1 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: hairline crack extending 1 1/2" from top rim. 250 - 500
1349 BLUE WILLOW FRUIT COOLER. Bucket shaped ceramic fruit cooler, double handles, top insert with center hole, blue willow pattern transferware decoration, gilt rims. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"H. 10"diam. top. Condition: minor interior stains. 150 - 300
1351 4 STERLING PIECES. (1) Webster Co. sterling footed compote, dished top, pierced band, raised egg and dart band, outer beaded rim, rolled edge. Marked: Hallmark for Webster Co. Sterling Weighted 2808. Size: 6"H, 6 1/8"Diam. top. Condition: pitting on bottom base. (1) Low sterling compote. Marked: International Sterling Weighted Reinforced T 212. Size: 3"H, 6 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: minor dings in bowl. (1) Sterling double pourer with wooden handle. Marked;Hallmark (T in triangle) Sterling 403. Size: 3 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W. 9 3/4"D. Condition: interior pitting in bottom. (1) Towle sterling and enamel compote, blue enameled interior bowl. Marked: Towle (hallmark) Sterling 712 Weighted and reinforced. Size: 6"H, 6 3/8"Diam. top. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1352 STERLING ROUND TRAY. Baldwin and Miller sterling tray, pierced band with alternating 8 repousse decorative elements. Marked: B & M (Baldwin & Miller, Newark, N.J.) Sterling 35. Size: 12"Diam. Weight: 11 troy oz. Condition: minor wear, dented edge. 100 - 125
1353 ESSO PETROLEUM CAN. Polished copper gallon Esso Petroleum can with brass cap. Marked: Esso Petroleum Spirit, Highly Inflammable, 3/-. Size: 13"H, 9 1/2"W, 6"D. Condition: dents and dings in can. 150 - 300
1354 5 STERLING ITEMS. (1) Cartier sterling watering can. Marked: Cartier Sterling. Size: 4 1/2"L, 2"W, 3"H. Weight: 52.4 grams. Condition: good. (1) Wallace sterling bread tray, oval shape. Marked: Wallace Sterling 3513X. Size: 13"L, 6 3/4"W, 1 3/4"H. Weight: 280 grams. Condition: pitting in center of tray. (1) International Sterling round tray, monogramed "PGA", dished tray with rolled edge. Marked: International (hallmark) Sterling H291. Weight: 204.7 grams. Size: 9"Diam. Condition: small dent. (1) Small Reed & Barton tray. Marked: (bell) Reed & Barton Sterling X55 (made in 1951). Size: 6"Diam. Weight: 105 grams. Conditoin: good. (1) Sterling hinged lidded box, wood lined, monogram "PGB. Marked: TA (hallmark) Sterling 211. (Andrew A. Taylor, Newark, N.J.) Size: 6"L, 3"W, 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1355 2 STERLING ART NOUVEAU ITEMS. (1) Sterling match safe, repousse dog's head on front, monogramed "CHM" on reverse. Marked: Sterling. Weight: 27.8grams. Size: 2 1/2"H, 1 5/8"W, 3/8"D. Condition: good. (1) Art Nouveau sterling tray, repousse floral borders, center monogram. Marked: Sterling 925/1000, 56. Weight 39.2 grams. Size: 7 3/8"L. 3 1/2"W, 1/2"H. Condition: dings in center oval. 100 - 200
1356 ART DECO STERLING FLASK Sterling flask by the Webster Co. decorated with monogram "AJM", decorative rectangle with Egyptian scene of camel, pyramids, palm tree in black on silver. Marked: Sterling Hallmark (for Webster Co.) Weight: 350 grams. Size: 8 1/2"H, 4 1/4"W, 1"D. Condition: dents on front, top left, on cap, on sides. 150 - 300
1357 STERLING ART NOUVEAU PURSE. Sterling hinged purse on chain, floral and scroll decoration, center monogram "DHC" produced by R. Blackinton & Co. N.Attleboro, Mass. Marked: Sterling IB 2091. Weight: 99.4 grams. Size: 3"H, 3 3/4"W, 1/2"D. 13" chain. Condition: dents in back. 100 - 200
1358 2 STERLING DRESSER ITEMS. (1) Hand mirror, round mirror encased in sterling frame and handle, acanthus decoration, threaded edge, center monogram. Marked: Sterling. Size: 9 7/8"L, 5 1/2"W. Condition: mirror slightly fogged. (2) Brush, encased in sterling frame and handle, matching decoration and monogram. Marked: Sterling. Size: 8 3/4"L. Condition: bristles old and yellowed. 100 - 200
1359 11 STERLING PIECES. (5) Sterling forks with engraved floral decoration, monogramed "P". Marked: H.G.Hudson Sterling (Amesburg, Mass.). Size: 7 1/2"L. Weight: 264.2 grams. Condition: good. (5) Sterling teaspoons with engraved floral decoration. Marked: J.M. Humphrey. Size: 5 3/4"L. Weight: 109.6 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling serving fork with engraved floral decoration. Marked: (hallmark) sterling. unknown mark. Size: 8 1/2"L. Weight: 110.9 grams. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1360 12 GORHAM & 6 OTHER STERLING ITEMS. Twelve teaspoons, Gorham Sterling, Tuileries Pattern (1906).monogramed "S". Marked: Gorham (hallmark) sterling. W. M. Wise & Sons. Size: 5 3/4"L. Weight: 373.2 grams. Condition: good. Six Dominick & Haff cream soup spoons, monogramed "R". Marked: Sterling (Hallmark) Patd.-15. Size: 5 1/4"L. Weight: 142.3 grams. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1361 LALIQUE OPALESCENT BOWL. Bowl with raised leaf pattern (stylized leaves with scalloped edges) radiating from center base of bowl, clear glass with blue and milky opalescence. Marked: acid stamped center bottom "R.LALIQUE, FRANCE". Size: 3"H. 8"Diam. top. Condition: three fleabites on top rim of bowl, minor wear on base. 250 - 500
1362 HEREND 7 PIECE SET. Hand painted porcelain serving set, seven pieces, each with different bird and butterfly decoration. (1) Large round tray with raised basket weave rim, center hand painted birds in tree, scattered hand painted insects, gilt rim, insects on outer rim also. Marked: Hand Painted Herend Hungary 439/RO 56. Size: 14 3/8"Diam. 7/8"H. Condition: one 3/4" scratch on surface in white area. (1) Center round dish, hand painted birds and butterflies, rolled rim, gilt edge. Marked: Hand Painted Herend Hungary 445/RO 56. Size: 1 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (5) Hand painted fan shaped dishes fitting onto large round tray and around center round dish, each with birds in trees and scattered butterflies, gilt edges. Marked: Hand Painted Herend Hungary, 444/RO 97, 444/RO 56, 444/RO 56, 444/Ro 97, 444/RO 56. Size: 1 1/2"H, 8"W, 5 1/4"D, tapering to 2 1/2"W. Condition: good. 300 - 600
1363 HEREND RETICULATED BOWL. Basket weave reticulated porcelain bowl, interior sides with painted blue lines, exterior sides with rose and gold painted lines, exterior embelished with painted blue flowers and green leaves, interior center hand painted birds on branches with leaves. Marked: (blue) Hand Painted Herend Hungary 7423/RO L. Size: 3"H., 6"Diam. top. Condition: one exterior leaf has fleabite on tip. 250 - 500
1364 BRONZE DOOR HANDLES/BACKPLATES. Cast bronze Baroque style door handles and backplates. (5) backplates: vertical backplates with putti tops, hole for handle, swing top lock caps protected by winged dragons. No mark. Size: 11 3/8"H, 2 1/2"W. Condition: 2 with faint dore finish, 3 with green patinated finish. (3) Feather turn handles, S scroll feather handles. Size: 6"L. 2"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: green patina worn surface revealing bronze color. Hole in each handle indicates missing element. 150 - 300
1365 SCALLOPED EDGE QUILT. Scalloped edge quilt with stylized floral pattern, wonderful background quilting design. Size: 86"x 70". Condition: some stains, center area repaired and other patched areas. 150 - 300
1366 INTERLOCKING RING QUILT. Quilt with white ground, light blue border, interlocking ring pattern, white block background quilt pattern. Size: 80" x 82". Condition: minor soiling. 200 - 400
1367 QUILT Quilt with six sided sections forming floral patterns, white ground, green inner band. Size: 69" x76". Condition: edges fraying. (Pattern matches Lot #1368.) 150 - 300
1368 QUILT. Quilt with six sided blocks forming flowers, yellow inner band. Size: 72" x 67". Condition: edges fraying, some staining, some thinness and wear holes. (Pattern matches lot # 1367.) 150 - 300
1369 INDIAN TEMPLE FRAGMENT. Three sections of a female Hindu goddess from an Indian temple. Carved stone. No mark. Unknown source. Size: total 12 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: worn and broken. 200 - 400
1370 HINDU GODDESS SCULPTURE. Hindu goddess from Indian temple sculpture. Fragment of upper part of female torso, carved reddish stone. Source unknown. no mark. Size: 9"H, 7 1/2"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: wear to the surface of the stone. 200 - 400
1371 MEIJI SATSUMA TEA SET. (1868-1912) Signed, Fifteen pieces. A teapot, a creamer, a sugar, and six cups and saucers. Many beautifully painted human figures, with applied dragon handles and finials, gilt accents. Condition: Dragon mouth on creamer finial professionally repaired, dragon ear on teapot with a small chip, one saucer edge chipped, minor crazing, else good. Size: Teapot 7"H. Sugar bowl 6"H, Creamer 5 1/2"H. Cups: 2"H. 800 - 1,200
1372 Hanging circular porcelain key wind clock in blue and white with gilt metal details, top bird's nest finial. Enamel face. Exposed workings. Possibly European. Approx. 16'h x 11'w. Clockface: 4 1/2'D. Top crown decoration loose. 400 - 800
1373 TRIBAL AFRICAN HEAD. Wooden head wtih stylized hair patterns, facial scarification, polychromed. Country of origin unknown. Size: 14"H, 11"W, 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: one area of loss at right back neck. 200 - 400
1374 TRIBAL AFRICAN ANIMAL MASK. Polychromed wood, animal face with large rabbit-like ears and small creature at top crest between ears. Country of origin unknown. Size: 8"H, 6"W, 9"D. Condition: worn with losses. 100 - 300
1375 AFRICAN SHELL DECORATED OBJECT. Tribal African shell encrusted object, crown/hat like shape composed of small shells, glass ball, cloth and leather. 20th c. Country of origin unknown. Size: 11"H. 9"Diam. Condition: overall wear. 100 - 300
1376 TRIBAL AFRICAN VESSEL. Ceramic vessel with incised decoration. No country of origin known. No mark. Size: 18"H, 15"Diam. top. 1" diam. widest part. Condition: some minor chips in rim. 75 - 150
1377 VICTORIAN ART GLASS EPERGNE. Victorian style pressed opalescent glass epergne, base pale green/yellow lattice and hobnail decorated with base and fluted edge, three blue trumpets with lattice and hobnail decoration and fluted edge. No mark. Size: 9"H, 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: small "C" shaped flaw in center bottom of epergne. 125 - 250
1378 4 HOBNAIL GLASS ITEMS. (1) Fenton cranberry hobnail vase, ruffled edge, tipped with white opalescent highlights. Marked: Stamped: Fenton, paper label: Authentic Fenton Hand Made. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1)Fenton cranberry hobnail cruet, with white opalescent highlights, clear hobnail stopper, clear notched applied handle. Marked: stamped: Fenton. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: roughness on hobnails on stopper. (1) Green and white hobnail basket, clear applied handle. No mark. Size; 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) White and clear opalescent hobnail stoppered bottle, hobnail body, ringed neck, ball stopper. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: cork stuck in bottle. 100 - 200
1379 3 ROSEVILLE SNOWBERRY ITEMS. Three Roseville "Snowberry" (1947 pattern) items. (1) Blue double handled console bowl. Marked: Roseville U.S.A. 18L2-12 (blue script M & V mark). Size: 16"L. 7 1/2"W, 3 1/4"H. Condition: 1/8" chip in center top rim. (2) Blue double handled candlesticks. Marked:Roseville 1C52. Size: 5"H, 3 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: one with no detractions, one with 2 chips in top rim. 150 - 300
1380 "OLD PARIS" CHINA. China has a white background trimmed in gold. Lot includes the following: ten salad plates; eight saucers; seven cups; a covered suger; a creamer; a covered steaming bowl; a tea pot and two platters. Condition: steaming bowl is cracked; gold is badly worn. 100 - 200
1381 WHITE & GOLD CHINA. China is white gold rimmed and initialed pieces. Lot includes the following: seven dinner plates; eight salad plates; three dessert plates; eleven butter plates; seven soup bowls; one small bowl; five saucers; eleven cups; a gravy boat; a sauce boat; a large platter and two open oval serving dishes. Dishes have the same pattern but have different marks. Marked "RS Germany; Hukschenreuther Selb Bavaria; H & Co. Selb Bavaria; JC Portland Bavaria; Haviland France. Condition: gold is worn; chips on plates. 100 - 200
1383 HAWKES CUT GLASS PITCHER. Cut glass pitcher, hobstars, fans, applied notched handle. Marked: acid stamp under handle "Hawkes". Size: 9"H, 7 1/2"W, 5"D. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1384 EIFFEL TOWER WICKER FLOOR LAMP. Circa 1900. In hunter green paint. Size: 6' H, 30" diameter. Condition: has been rewired. 300 - 600
1385 KARASTAN CARPET 14"X 10'2". Entire carpet covered with floral pattern. Shades of red, blue, tan, teal, and pink. Condition: fringe looks to be new, minor wear, located in bedroom, not much traffic.All sales final. 300 - 600
1386 KARASTAN KIRMAN 9'X 12'. All wool, carpet with pinkish background and central medallion and floral border. Condition: fringe looks to be new, minor wear, some staining, needs to be cleaned, impressions from a water bed. All sales final. 300 - 600
1387 KARASTAN CARPET 12' X 10'. All wool carpet, with overall floral design, in shades of red, teal, beige, and greens. Condition: fringe is worn off, minor wear, all else good.All sales final. 300 - 600
1388 CROSSBANDED FEDERAL STYLE TABLE. Circa 1930. Satinwood crossbanded mahogany top with reeded edges. Two tiers raised on a reeded sphere rest on a platform with splayed legs and brass paw feet. Condition: rich finish, no detractions.size: 26"H, 24"W, 24"D. 100 - 200
1389 CROSSBANDED END TABLE. Circa 1930. Crossbanded oval top raised on spider legs with brass toe feet and castors. Condition: gently used. size: 26"H, 26"W, 30"D. 75 - 150
1390 PALACE SIZE FIGURE RUG. C. 1910. 23 ft 7 in. x 13 ft 10 in. Mystical figures, cranes and animals adorn this fabulous condition rug. Due to the highly subjective nature of carpets this statement of condition may be open to misinterpretation and cannot be considered as complete. Subtle discolorations, fine repairs, discrepancies of pattern in the making, etc. cannot always be determined or are not always apparent. We suggest that you personally inspect each lot before you bid. All sales are final. 35,000 - 50,000
1391 TAPESTRY CAMELBACK SOFA. Having a box pleated skirt. Reupholstered by Chianelli in Pittsburgh. Size: 35"H, 80"w, 32"D. 200 - 400
1392 EARLY PAINTED CORNER CUPBOARD. Pine, with a nine pane door above two paneled doors (wood pin construction). 6'5"H, takes a two foot wall. 900 - 1,800
1393 SHAKER TABLE. Removable walnut breadboard top on a base with mustard yellow painted splay legs and reddish painted apron drawers. Condition: no detractions, gently used. Size: 32"H, 46"W, 2'D. 150 - 300
1395 SIX BRUNO STYLE CHAIRS. Stainless steel tubular frames with black cushioned seats and backs. Condition: gently used, like new. Size: 30"H, 22"W, 24"D. 200 - 400
1396 ROSEVILLE WHITE ROSE VASE. Roseville "White Rose" (1940 pattern) blue double cornucopia vase. Marked: Roseville USA 145-8". Size: 8 1/2"H, 8"W, 4 3/4"D. Condition: good. 125 - 250
1397 ST. THOMAS AQUINAS SANTOS. Santos carved wooden figure of St. Thomas Aquinas, in Dominican robes, holding book with right hand raised to Heaven. Known as the Angelic Doctor of the Catholic Church, the book represents the Summa Theologica, his collected writings. The figure was originally polychromed with glas eyes. The sculpture was probably done in Latin or South America in the 18th c. Size: 23 1/2"H, 14"W, 8"D. Condition: The polychroming has been stripped off to the bare wood, one glass eye is missing, one hand is missing, the fingers on the right hand have been broken, the right hand is loose, the figure has worm holes and plugs. 1,500 - 3,000
1398 14TH C. INDIAN BOWL. South West Native American bowl, geometric cross, line and dot decoration, faintly scalloped edge, c.14thc. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"Diam., 1 3/4"H. Conditoin: early repair along top edge, another chip on rim, stress crack running through body 2" L from rim. 100 - 200
1399 AFRICAN TRIBAL ANIMAL MASK. African tribal animal mask, donkey like ears, long pierced beak, woven string covered areas to create texture. Country of origin unknown. No mark. Size: 29"L, 10"W, 6"D. Condition: some lifting of string edges, age appropriate wear. 150 - 300
1400 PAIR MALE & FEMALE FIGURES. Bisque man and woman, colorfully dressed as 18th century Italian countryfolk, leaning against flower-covered walls, standing on yellow bases. Both approx. 16" high, bases 6" x 4". Paper label: "Hand Painted Made in Japan." No apparent defects. 150 - 300
1401 4 PC. VICTORIAN SET. Lot includes a gold bangle with a flower and ribbon design; a pair of matching pierced earrings and a purple cabachon stone mounted in a round gold metal setting. Condition: some minor dents on the interior of the bangle; pin stone has a chip. 375 - 500
1402 18K MAN'S CONCORD WATCH. The "Saratoga" watch is marked "18K WATER-RESISTANT 5 ATU". The white face has roman numerals and a gold bezel. The band is genuine crocodile. Condition: brand new. 2,000 - 4,000
1403 18K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The pierced white gold earrings have a curved shape encrusted with cluster diamonds and sapphire clovers. Total diamond weight is approximately .75 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 600
1404 14K PEARL PIN. The white pearls are mounted in a round gold leaf design setting. Pin length: 1.5". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1405 SPATLING SILVER RING. The ring has a heavily included purple stone mounted in a Mexican silver style spatling setting. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 700
1406 DIAMOND BROOCH. The brooch is encrusted with cluster diamonds in an Art Deco style setting. Total diamond weight is approximately 2.0 ct. Pin is marked "750 Italy". Condition: no visible defects. 1,300 - 1,500
1407 PLATINUM DIAMOND SOLITAIRE. The marquis cut center diamond is flanked on both sides by baguettes. Total weight of the center stone is approximately 1.0 plus ct. Color: F. Clarity: VS1. Condition: no visible defects. 5,000 - 7,000
1408 14K DIAMOND CROSS N/R. The white gold cross is set with square cut diamonds. Cross length: approximately 1.5". Condition: some of the diamonds are chipped; missing a piece of one diamond. 50 - 100
1409 18K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The pierced earrings have a curved shape encrusted with cluster diamonds set in white gold. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.5 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 800
1410 ANTIQUE PLATINUM RING. The center stone is surrounded by square and round cut diamonds in an antique setting. Total weight of the center stone is approximately 1-1.25 ct. Color: I/J. Clarity: VS. Condition: no visible defects. 4,300 - 6,000
1411 14K TURQUOISE EARRINGS N/R. The pierced earrings have round cut turquoises mounted in yellow gold filigree style settings. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
1412 14K SAPPHIRE & RUBY RING. The gold ring has five natural sapphires and rubies in a filigree style setting. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 300
1413 14K DIAMOND EARRINGS. The pierced earrings have round cut diamonds mounted in yellow gold settings. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 ct. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1414 14K DIAMOND BRACELET. The white gold bracelet has square cut diamond studded links. Total diamond weight is approximately 2.0 ct. Total bracelet weight is approximately 23.7 g. Bracelet length: approximately 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 700 - 900
1415 14K DIAMOND CLUSTER RING. The ring has a center cluster of diamonds mounted in a contemporary setting. Total diamond weight is approximately 1.0 ct. Condition: minor scratches on the gold. 300 - 500
1416 14K RUBY RING. The ring has a center oval ruby surrounded by round cut diamonds. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
1417 10K BOWLING AWARD RINGS. Lot includes three rings: two are "300" game rings; one is an "800" series ring; two have small diamonds in the center. All are marked "American Bowling Congress". Total weight of all three is approximately 44.8 dwt. Condition: no visible defects. 800 - 1,000
1418 14K DIAMOND BAND. The band has a row of square cut diamonds set in yellow gold. Total diamond weight is approximately .5 plus ct. Condition: some chips and flaws in the diamonds. 200 - 400
1421 5 LITE CANDELABRA. Baroque style five light candelabra with square decorated base, four serpentine arms extending from main stem, lobed decorated candle holders. Marked: Homan Silver Plate Co. 1824 Special Metal Patent Pending (anchor hallmark) warrented quadrupleplate. ( Homan Silver Plate Co. was in Cincinnati, Ohio.) Size: 9 1/2"H, 13 1/4"W. 13 1/4"D. Condition: minor wear to plate on one corner of base and on arms. 100 - 200
1422 ROYAL CHINA DINNER PLATES. 12 china dinner plates, each with wide gold decorated border, featuring four different 18th C. French genre scenes. All marked: Royal China, Warranted 22Kt. Gold. Size: 10"diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1423 5 ORNAMENTAL HARDSTONE PIECES. 1. Decorative piece in the form of a pierced screen, glued to base; 4 applied fish with stones and seaweed. 9" high, 12 1/4" wide. The fishes' bulbous eyes are chipped; one has small chip to tail. 2. Decorative piece in the form of a pierced screen attached to wooden base; applied flowers and birds. 9 1/4" high, 9 1/4" wide. No apparent defects. 3. Fourfold hinged wooden screen, hardstone inserts. Each section 8 1/8" high, 2 3/4" wide, with differently arranged applied birds and flowers. No apparent defects. 4. Small screen, solid hardstone with applied birds and flowers. 6 3/4" high, 4 3/4" wide at base. No apparent defects. 5. Small round screen on base, solid hardstone with applied birds and flowers. 7 1/2" high, 5 1/2" wide. Small chip at side. 150 - 300
1424 DUTCH TILE SCENE. Dutch landscape scene with windmill, cows and stream painted on 21 square tiles. All marked on back Made in Holland and hand numbered for correct arrangement. Size: 15 1/2"H, 36"L. total size. Condition: good. No cracks. 200 - 400
1425 2 BISQUE PIANO BABIES. 1. Seated barefoot girl, holding naked doll. Green dress, frilled neckline, blue bows at shoulders. 11 1/2" high, 10" x 7". Good condition. 2. Little barefoot girl, seated, leaning backwards. Yellow dress, blue bow on one shoulder; butterfly landing on her leg. Very slight chipping to bow, fingers and toes. 100 - 200
1426 2 MILITARY PORTRAIT RONDELS. Two black cast material ( black basalt? ) portrait medallions of American military figures. (1) Major General Jacob Brown. (1) Major General Winfield Scott. Mounted in speckled gold wood shadow box frames. Size: 2 1/2"Diam. medallion, Frame 7"H, 6 5/8"W. Condition: interior back shedding and dirty. Marked on back with paper label: Borghese. 100 - 200
1427 2 MILITARY PORTRAIT RONDELS. Two black cast material ( black basalt? ) portrait medallions mounted in speckled gold shadow box frames. (1) Brigadier Gen. James Miller. (2) Brig. General Eleazer W. Ripley. Representations of 19th c. American military figures. SiZe: profile medallions 2 1/2"Diam. Frame 7"H, 6 5/6"W. Condition: interior has some shedding and dirt. Back has paper label marked: Borghese 100 - 200
1428 FOUR FRAMED MEDALS. (1) Honeur et Patria, five arm white enamel cross with green leaf wreath back. suspended from green wreath, blue and pink ribbon. Size: 4 1/2"L. (1) Victoria on gold colored medal, white and red ribbon with small red and white round rosette attachment. Size: 3"L. (1) Green and White enamel cross with blue enamel decoration on red and white ribbon. Marked: Kriegerverband Des KVK Infant Rgmts/ Erzwb (archbiship) Karl Stephen N:8 im Wien, Nicht Uniformiert. size: 3 1/4"L. Condition: enamel damaged. (1) Gold portrait medal of Franz Joseph suspended from red and white ribbon. Marked: Franz Joseph I Kaiser v. Osterreich, Konig v. Bohmen. etc. Apost.Konig v. Ungarn. ( Franz Joseph I Ruler of Austria, king of Bohemia, Apostolic King of Hungary.). Size: 3"L. All in black lined shadow box gilt wood frames. Frame size: 8 3/4"H. 6 1/2"W. Condition: frame joins weak, dirty. 250 - 500
1429 FOUR FRAMED MEDALS. (1) Honneur et Patria, white five arm enameled cross w. green leaves, suspended from crown below red ribbon. Size: 3 1/2"L. (1) Napoleon I Empereur, bronze crown top, suspended from red and green ribbon. 3 1/2"L. (1) Francois I (Franz Joseph) on gold four arm cross with wreath surround, suspended from red and yellow ribbon. size: 3 1/2"L. (1) In Fide Sal...., blue enamel cross suspended from crossed swords and crown, blue and yellow ribbon. size: 4 1/2"L. All mounted in gilt wood shadowbox frames. Condition: frames has weak joins, and dirt. 100 - 200
1430 2 FRAMED MEDALS. (1) George V medal, suspended from blue and white ribbon, in shadowbox gilt wood frame. Medal 3"H, frame 8 3/4"H, 6 1/2"W. (2) Red cross medal, on white enameled cross with green enamel leaf wreath on red and white ribbon. in shadowbox gilt wood frame. medal 4"H. Frame, 8 3/4"H, 6 1/2"W. Condition: both medals loose in frame, need resewn to back. Frame joins are separating. 50 - 100
1431 CHINESE SILK HANGING. Horizontal silk hanging, orange field with flowers, phoenix and cloud decoration, 4 1/2"Wide border of woven and patterend silk in blue and gold. Size: panel: 17 1/2"H,40"W, with border: 26 1/2"H, 49"W. Condition: several stains on panel, several worn areas on border. 200 - 400
1432 PR. 3 LITE GRIFFIN LAMPS. Three light grffin decorated candlestick lamps, painted and patinated bronze colored bases, three fictive candles with silk shades, center front base light switch. No mark. Size: 16 1/2"H, 10"W, 5"D. Condition: wear to metal surface, old wiring, sold as is. 150 - 300
1433 BRASS AND CRYSTAL CHANDELIER. Cast brass urn shaped frame with floral festoons having six arms, the whole hung in crystal teardrop shaped prisms. Size: 30" drop, 24" diameter. Condition: one arm slightly bent upward, no ceiling canopy, all else good. 2,000 - 3,000
1434 NEOCLASSIC GRANITE GUERIDON. Two round tiers of polished black granite in a cast brass frame supported by three scroll top legs ending in lions paw feet connected by concave stretchers surmounted by a central finial. Size: 29" H, 27.5" diameter. Condition: like new. 800 - 1,200
1435 PAIR OF BAGUES CRYSTAL SCONCES. Stamped on back "Made in France". Silver Rococo style cartouche form backplate sprouting crystal leafs and graduated beads and having two candle branches with flower heads and crystal pendants (all different shapes). Size: 15" H (not including 6" white candle sleeve), 10" W. Condition: one crystal candle cup is broken on the back. 4,000 - 6,000
1436 PAPER MACHE PLANTER. 19th century. Tole lined ebonised planter beautifully handpainted with floral and gilt decoration. Size: 32.5" H, 27" W, 15.5" D. Condition: has worm holes and has been restored with areas being repainted, has a glossy finish. 1,400 - 1,800
1437 VICTORIAN FEMALE BUST. Pot metal female bust, French woman with tricorner hat, cascading hair ribbon, off the shoulder dress, on rococo style base with floral bouquet decoration. Marked: 435-06-6854 scratched on back of base. Size: 11"H, 7"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: loss to finish on hat, hole in bottom suggest missing base. 100 - 300
1438 PAIR RUBY LUSTRES. Pair of ruby glass lustres, scalloped tops, gilt decoration, clear faceted prism drops. No mark. Size: prisms 8"L. Lustre 13"H. Condition: gilt worn on lustres, one prism loose, one lustre with chip on top rim. 250 - 500
1439 AMPHORA ART NOUVEAU VASE. Vase with mottled body in shades of green, pink and red, three dimensional chestnut leaves, branches and nut pods in assymetrical Art Nouveau design. Marked: (incised) Amphora Austria (crown) 556 58. Size: 6 1/2"H, 8"Diam. Condition: three dimensional handles, vines and pods good, minor wear to leaf edges and pod tips, 1 1/2" crack running from top front center down through body of vase. 200 - 400
1440 ART NOUVEAU GOUDA VASE. Two handled vase with pink ground, stylized black silhouette stylized floral decoration with white and yellow highlights. Marked: Regina Cambir 223 Crown WB Gouda Holland I II. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5"W. 4"D. Condition: overall crazing, 1/8" chip in base. 150 - 300
1441 29 GORHAM & OTHER PCS. (4) Gorham "Tuileries (1906) Pattern" sterling butter spreaders, monogramed " R B Mc A". Marked: Gorham Sterling. Size: 6"L. Weight: 160.5 grams. Condition: good. (8) International "Brandon (1913) Pattern" sterling butter spreaders, monogramed "H". Marked: International Sterling. Size: 5 1/4"L. Weight: 160.5 grams.Condition: good. (4) Whiting "Adam (1907) Pattern" sterling teaspoons, monogramed "RMcC". Marked: Whiting Sterling. Size: 5 3/8"L. Weight: 60.4 grams. Condition: good. (4) William B.Durgin sterling salad forks, gilt tines, monogramed on back "R B Mc A". Marked: hallmark for Durgin, Sterling, Hardy & Hayes Co. Size: 6"L. Weight: 115.7 grams. Condition: good. (1) William B. Durgin sterling serving spoon, elaborate chased floral decoration, monogramed "H". Marked: hallmark for Durgin, Sterling. Size: 5"L. Weight: 45.3 grams. Condition: dented rim. (1) Whiting "Louis XV (1891) Pattern" butter knife, monogramed "H". Marked: Whiting Hallmark, Sterling Pat. 1891. Size: 6 1/2"L. Weight: 31.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling strawberry fork. Marked: Hallmark Sterling. Size: 6 5/8"L. Weight: 16.6 grams. Conditon: good. (1) Sterling jelly spoon, monogramed "H". Marked: Sterling. Size: 5 3/8"L. Weight: 15.9 grams. condition: good. (2) Webster Sterling napkin rings. one monogramed "RNH", one monogramed "JAM". Both marked: Hallmark (Webster Co. ) Sterling. Size: one 2 1/4"L, one 2"L. Weight: 27.6 grams. total. condition: minor dents. (1) Sterling handled bottle opener, monogramed "M". Marked: Web Sterling Handle. (2) Two sterling salt spoons with repousse floral handles. Marked: A. Wallenhorst Sterling. Size: 3 1/8"L. Weight: 15.7 grams total. Condition: good. 250 - 500
1442 14K CHARM BRACELET. The double link bracelet has twelve charms. Total bracelet weight is approximately 27.9 g. Bracelet length: approximately 7.5". Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
1443 14K TRI-COLOR POCKET WATCH. The watch is heavily engraved in rose, white and yellow gold on the front and back. it has a diamond chip in the center on one side. The white face is marked "A.W.W. Co. Waltham ". The inside of one cover is marked "P. J. O'Leary 1891; 313861". Has a clasp suitable for a neck chain or a watch fob. Condition: appears to be in working order; minor scratches on the piece. 300 - 500
1444 NEOCLASSIC URN 34" HIGH. Provenance: Ernest Malapert estate, he was a designer who worked in Pittsburgh and New York. Urn has a high relief band of putti watering flowers, picking grapes, with goats, etc. Size: 34" H, 29" diameter. Condition: two metal bands have been added around the circumference to strengthen since there is a 24" crack. 2,000 - 3,000
1445 GORHAM STERLING TRAY & OTHER. (1) Round Gorham sterling tray, decorated rolled edge. Marked: Gorham (hallmark) Sterling 1173. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Weight: 268.5 grams. Condition: some scratches on top surface. (2) pair of Manchester Silver sterling salt shakers. Marked: Hallmark for Manchester Silver co. (cross through crown) Sterling 696. Size: 4 1/2"H. Weight: 66.7 grams total. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1446 ROYCROFT COPPER BOWL. Art and crafts style six petaled hand hammered copper bowl, slight rolled edge, on three metal bun feet, red patina. Marked: impressed Roycroft mark, + block letter "Roycroft". Size: 2 3/8"H, 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: patina on top bowl interior worn and stained, bottom patina good condition. 150 - 300
1447 DELDARE BOWL. Deldare bowl with interior scene of Ye village tavern. signed by W. Foster in bowl. Marked on back: dated 1908. Size: 9 1/4"Diam. 3 3/4"H. Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
1448 DELDARE TEAPOT. Deldare teapot with scenes of village life. Marked: date obscured. Size: 6"H. Condition: one minor discoloring glaze drip on one side panel, lid has minor firing flaw on underside of top rim. 1,000 - 2,000
1449 AMERICAN ART POTTERY PEDESTAL. Ceramic pedestal with four hairy paw feet on stepped base, two extending lion heads below platform for jardiniere top. Green and brown mottled glaze. no mark. No top. Size: 21"H, 10" x 10" base. Condition: chips and repairs to top portion, chip in base. 100 - 200
1450 16 STERLING ITEMS. (1) Round sterling tray, dished, repousse leaf border, rolled edge. Marked: Webster Sterling 65613. Size: 9 1/4"Diam. Weight: 204.3 grams. Condition: scratches. (1) Sterling bowl, monogramed in center KAC and inscribed on back: June 19th 1916. Marked: (hallmark) Sterling CLO89. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. 1"H. Weight: 80.9 grams. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Sterling footed compote, round base, fluted bulging column, six fan decorations on rim. Marked: Sterling (hallmark) Weighted 900. Size: 6"H, 6"Diam. top. Condition: signs of wear. (1) Footed sterling bowl, bowl with flared scalloped gadrooned rim. marked: Sterling Reinforced with cement. Size: 3 1/2"H, 5 1/4"Diam. top. Condition: interior scratches. (1) Round glass trivet with pierced sterling cover. Monogramed "P". Marked: Sterling. Size: 6"Diam. 1/4"H. condition: good sterling, glass with scratches. (1) Watson "Wentworth 1913 Pattern" serving spoon. Marked: (hallmark) sterling pat 1913. SiE: 7 7/8"L. Weight 71.3 grams. Condition: good. (1) S. Foster Sterling ladle. Monogramed "KP". Marked S. Foster Sterling. Size: 6 1/2"L. Weight: 27.2 grams. Condition: good. (1) Small sterling ladle. Marked: Sterling. Size: 4 1/2"L. weight: 15.3grams. condition: good. (1)S.Kirk & Sons sugar spoon, scalloped bowl. Marked: S. Kirk & Son Sterling. Size: 4 1/4"L. Weight: 18.9 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sardine fork. Marked: 925 Sterling 1000. Size: 5 1/4"L. Weight: 12.3 grams. Condition: good. (1) Gorham "Chantilly 1895 Pattern" flared tine fork. Marked: Pat. 1895 (Hallmark) sterling. Size: 4 1/4"L. Weight: 10 grams. Condition: good. (1) Strawberry 2 tine fork. Marked: TS Sterling H.G.Hudson. Size: 4 3/4"L. Weight: 8.4 grams. (1) Strawberry 2 tine fork. Marked: (Hallmark) 925 Sterling 1000. Size: 4 1/2"L, Weight: 6.9 grams. (1) Three tine sterling fork. Monogramed "C". Marked: (Hallmark) Sterling. Size: 4 5/8"L, Weight: 13.6 grams. Condition: good. (2) Fork and spoon with lady with fan finial. Marked: Sweden. Size: 4"L. each. Weight: 18.4grms total. condition: good. 150 - 300
1451 SOUTINE GLADIOLAS. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right Soutine. This is an image of gladiolas, done with some imapsto passages. Size: 30" h., 36" w., unframed. Condition: relined; inpainted repairs at the bottom, light abrasions at the edges where the canvas touched the rabbet of a frame. 1,500 - 2,000
1452 A. BRAGALDA VENETIAN OIL. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "A. Bragalda, Rome." This highly colorful picture of Venice features some impasto highlit areas and dramatic sky effects. Size: 19 1/2" h., 30" w., framed 25" h., 35" w. Condition: a little dirty, paint missing in small area in upper right corner; frame is as is. 800 - 1,200
1453 GOTHIC ST. JOHN SCULPTURE. Polychromed wooden sculpture, South German, c.1400. Tall, slender male figure with tunic and drapery, right foot exposed, long curly hair, sober expression, right hand extended with two fingers in traditional blessing gesture, left hand has thumb and index finger joined in priestly gesture used during Mass. Figure is carved 3/4 round with flat hollowed back usually associated with figure not seen completely in the round. The figure turns slightly to the left. The youth and posture of the figure suggest St. John the Evangelist seen in Calvary groups. Calvary groups consist of a center Christ on the cross with Mary His mother on one side and St. John, the beloved disciple on the other. Not signed. Size: 49"H. (does not include base), 13"W., 13"D. Condition: polychromed surface has age appropriate wear, faint traces survive, two fingers of the right hand have been broken and repaired, one finger on the left hand has been broken and is repaired, there are old worm holes in the wood, there are several losses in the wooden carved drapery folds. 10,000 - 15,000
1454 ALFRED FRANCIS KING STILL LIFE W/ORANGES. 19th / early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right "A.F. King." Albert Francis King (American, 1854-1945) is a well listed and documented artist from Pittsburgh; he studied with Martin Leisser and is known for his still lifes among all the paintings he produced. His other work included landscapes (probably painted around Johnstown near Scalp Level) and some portraits. His work resides in the following collections: Westmoreland Museum of American Art (Greensburg, PA), Oakland (CA) Museum of Art, Ringling MOA (Sarasota, FL), and the LaSalle University MOA (Philadelphia). This small painting is of red & white grapes in a basket with four oranges set in front. Size: 11" h., 17 1/4" w., framed 19" h., 25" w. Condition: no visible defects to the painting; chips to the period gilded frame; the frame is considered as is. 9,000 - 12,000
1455 ALEX DE ANDREIS CAVALIER. Late 19th/early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right "De Andreis." Alex de Andreis (Belgian, active 1880-1929) is a well listed artist who specialized in cavalier "portraits." The dramatic nature of his poses and his attention to detail mark this artist's work as an attractive and eclectic amalgam of Baroque subject matter and composition done in a polished academic technique. The landscape behind this beardless cavalier is almost impressionist in its brushiness. Set in a heavy black and gold frame with a picture light. Size: 31" h., 25" w., framed 40" h., 33" w. Condition: no visible defects to the painting; Dargate makes no qualitative claims on frames, glass, or other ancillary parts of an artwork, the frame is considered as is. 2,500 - 4,500
1456 KOVALEJEWSKI BRONZE. Dated 1898. Bronze on variegated red stone base. Signed in the cast. This Polish sculptor's work has an academic heroism associated with it. Well cast, no foundry mark. Size: 19" h., 6" w., 6" deep. Condition: the sword can be rotated. 800 - 1,200
1457 ANTOINE BLANCHARD PARIS SCENE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left "A. Blanchard." Antoine Blanchard (French 1910-1988) is a well listed artist. This scene of the Eiffel Tower is painted over a black gesso ground in bright, almost Fauvist colors. Blanchard's scene glows amidst vigorous brushstrokes. Size: 19" h., 9" w., framed 24" h., 14" w. Condition: no visible defects. 2,000 - 4,000
1458 ALPINE MOUNTAIN OIL. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed "A. Fir...erg (?)." Written on the canvas verso are the indistinct words "Amhernberg (?) be Maria from (?). Small alpine buildings are seen with an immense mountain rising behind them. Size: 19" h., 15" w., framed 22 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: minor craquellure at the edges. 200 - 350
1459 BOULANGER INTAGLIO. 20th c. Etching processes in several colors and black. Signed in pencil "Rodo Boulanger" and 15/100. Boulanger is a listed artist who creates whimsically designed people; this image shows three children throwing up a ball. Size: 21 1/4" h., 17" w., framed 31 1/2" h., 25" w. Condition: acid burn on the edges due to the mat. 500 - 1,000
1460 OWL JAPANESE PRINT. Late 18th c./19th c. Color blockprint. Surimono size. Unknown artist, but the consignor attributes this to Hokusai. A sleepy owl is on a branch. Size: 7 1/2" h., 7" w., matted 17" h., 15" w. Condition: slightly yellowed. 800 - 1,000
1461 GAKUTEI, LADY AND A CARP. 19th c. Color blockprint. Surimono size. Gakutei (1786-1868) created an image of a woman on a flat red decorated background opening a basket that contains a carp. Size: 8" h., 7" w., matted 17" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 1,000 - 1,200
1462 GAKUTEI, LADY ON VERANDA. 19th c. Color blockprint. Surimono size. Gakutei (1786-1868) creates very intricately cut images of courtly, elegant women. Here the lady gazes at a box with a spider web in it. Size: 8" h., 7" w., matted 17" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects. 900 - 1,100
1463 HIROSHIGE TOTO MEISHTO PRINT. 19th c. Color blockprint. Oban size. This shows a procession of ladies through town, along a bay. Size: 10" h., 14 1/2" w., unmatted, unframed. Condition: brown discolorations at the top left half edge; top edge is dogeared a little. 800 - 1,000
1464 TOYKUMI 3RD SAMURAI PRINT. 19th c. Color blockprint. Two samurai gesticulate in a formalized depiction of battle. Size: 14" h., 19 1/2" w. (actually it is a double oban; each piece is mounted on tissue and folded over); unframed. Condition: some slight abrasions upper right corner; teo small tears at the lower left edge. 600 - 800
1465 KUNICHIKA BLUE SAMURAI. 19th c. Color blockprint. Blue samurai in an asymmetrical closeup view. Size: 14 1/2" h., 9 1/2" w., unmatted, unframed. Condition: the right edge is unevenly cut from a cojoined image (now lost). 150 - 250
1466 KUNICHIKA SAMURAI. 19th c. Color blockprint. Samurai in brown threatening someone (represented by a hand). Size: 14 1/8" h., 9 3/8" w., umatted, unframed. Condition: this appears to be one part of a double oban diptych; the other half is now missing; two little holes on the right edge. 150 - 250
1467 YOSHITOSHI PRETTY WOMAN. 19th c. Color blockprint. A woman reads to a little boy holding a cat. Numerous inscriptions are printed overhead. Size: 14 1/2" h., 10" w., unmatted, unframed. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 750
1469 ROSARIO MADONNA. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Marked Ave Maria, this image of Mary (Rosario) & Jesus is complemented by the Dominican Order's saints St. Dominic and St Catharine. Consignor history relates that this artwork came from southern Italy to Pittsburgh over 100 years ago. Size: 35" h., 25" w., framed 41" h., 31" w. Condition: some abrasion to the corners of the image; under glass in an apparent homemade frame; frame is considered as is. 300 - 500
1470 DECO WOMAN AND DOGS. Early 20th c. Cast metal patinated green with bakelite (?) details on a stone base. Evidently made as a mantle decoration, this sculptural group has removable elements. Size: 15" h., 31 1/2" w., 5" deep. Condition: one dog's leg has been broken and repaired; cracks and crusting on the woman's head (which does not appear to be original to the sculpture), base is chipped. 400 - 500
1471 AUSTRIAN ART NOUVEAU VASE. Porcelain vase with hand painted flowers, three dimensional gilt flowers and leaves, pierced decoration at base, red shading to green background, yellow/tan flowers, front and back. Made by Carl Knoll Porcelain Factory, Karlsbad, Austria. Marked: (incised 1808), printed: (crown with CK logo) Karlsbad, Austria. Size: 18"H, 7"x6"base, 3"Diam. top. Condition: interior chip on top inner rim. 150 - 300
1472 DELFT WATERBURY CLOCK. Delft ceramic clock case, Waterbury Clock Co. movement. Case with blue and white Dutch landscape scenes and raised rococo style decoration with blue highlighting. Paper label on back: Parlor No. 82. Delft. Waterbury Clock Co. Waterbury, Conn. Size: 9 1/2"H, 10"W, 5"D. Condition: crazing on surface, sold as is. 700 - 1,200
1473 CHAMPLEVE ENAMEL LAMP. Metal lamp base and shade with champleve enamel decoration, shade pierced metal and enamel. Base metal on wooden carved stand. No marks. Size: lamp: 24"H. Shade: 10"H, 15 1/2"Diam. Condition: shade probably head an inner lining of glass or other material at one point (suggested by inner bottom rim). Metal framework of shade has some rewelding repairs. The wooden pierced stand for the base has broken and missing sections. 500 - 800
1474 PAIR BISQUE LADY AND GENTLEMAN. Male and female bisque figures in 18th century dress. Both 21" high, base 10 1/2" x 6 1/4". Marked "CMD Sylvan china" "Japan." The lady holds a mask. No apparent defects. 200 - 400
1475 PAW FOOT COAT RACK. Mahogany coat rack with four paw feet legs, round column, five metal coat and hat holders radiating from top round platform, turned finial with ball top. SiZe: 18"Square base, 71"H. Condition: one metal coat holder missing. 100 - 200
1476 IMPORTED ITALIAN TEACART. Made in Italy. Book matched black walnut veneers and line inlay. Serpentine front and back swivel for serving. Brass gallery and wheels. Condition: like new. 300 - 600
1477 CENTENNIAL STATUE OF LIBERTY GRANDFATHER CLOCK. 1886-1986. Limited edition #3923 made by Ridgeway. Colonial style cherry case with a broken arch pediment has a moonphase dial with the Statue of Liberty depicted and the pendulum has Lady Liberty's face on it. Condition: like new. Size: 6'10"H, 23"W, 12"D. 400 - 800
1478 LIGHTED CURIO. One tall cabinet with upper and lower sets of doors and adjustable glass shelves. Condition: like new.Size: 6'5"H, 32"W, 12"D. 250 - 500
1479 38 WHEEL ENGRAVED STEMWARE. Set includes: 7 champagne glasses.5"H, condition: good. 11 sherbet glasses, 4 1/4"H, stepped stems, etched bases. Condition: good. 8 water glasses, 6"H, condition: good. 12 juice glasses, 3 5/8"H. condition: good. 50 - 100
1480 14K ANTIQUE DINNER RING. The white gold ring has diamonds flanked on both sides by triangle cut sapphires. Total minor cut diamond weight is .36 ct. Clarity: I-1. Color: K. Total single cut diamond weight is .06 ct. Total sapphire weight is .16 ct. Hand set mounting. Comes with written appraisal of $1000.00. Condition: no visible defects. 250 - 500
1481 14K ANTIQUE DINNER RING. The ring has one brilliant cut and one European cut diamond side by side. Total diamond weight is .85 ct. Clarity: SI-1. Color: J. Total ring weight is 2.7 dwt. Mirage setting. Comes with a written appraisal of $2400.00. Condition: no visible defects. 250 - 500
1482 AFRICAN QUILL BAG. Quill decorated bag trimmed in fur, with attached chicken foot talisman, woven handle. Size: 7"L, 5 1/2"H. plus handle. Condition: wear to materials. 100 - 200
1483 3 AFRICAN ILOBU FIGURES. Three carved wooden Ilobu figures, polychromed, blue hair and metal ring attachments. Two male and one female figure. (1) male, 1 1/2"H. Condition: crack in base. (1) male, 11 1/2"H. Condition: wear. (1) female, 10 1/2"H. Condition: wear. 100 - 300
1486 SWEDISH STYLE CHANDELIER. 20th century. A neoclassic brass frame with eight rope twist arms strung with crystal chains and pendants. 36" H, 28" diameter. Condition: like new. 3,500 - 5,500
1487 BUST OF A NOBLEMAN. N/R. Small bronze bust of a nobleman, incised on the back 1600. The bottom is drilled for attachment to a base.(no base). No mark. Size: 5"H, 4"W, 2"D. Condition: signs of wear and age. 1,000 - 2,000
1488 FINE CHERRY BOOKCASE 142" L, 72" H. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Freestanding faded cherrywood cabinet, cyma molded top, fluted and rosette decorated frieze, fitted with three pairs of hinged doors (some trellised) with flanking tapered columns; the jutting lower half fitted with inset paneled doors and open shelving. Unscrews into parts for easy moving. Condition: sun faded cherry wood. 500 - 1,000
1489 DRESDEN TYPE CHANDELIER. Provenance: Allen H Berkman estate. Five branch light fixture with Dresden type porcelain flowers entwining the branches and rope loop form cast brass center. Size: 31" drop, 14" diameter. Condition: approximately 3 flowers have chips or missing petals. 600 - 1,200
1490 BRASS AND SATIN GLASS LANTERN. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. Four amber colored satin glass molded panels held by brass bands and a gilt and pea green painted highlighted brass top. Size: 16" H, 8" diameter. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 400
1491 MARBLE TOP VICTORIAN DRESSER. Circa 1850, Renaissance Revival Style. Walnut and burled walnut veneers. Spade surmounted mirror with flanking candle shelves attaches to two tier marble top dresser with two glove boxes and two long drawers. Size: 7'2"H, 45"W, 19"D. 400 - 800
1492 MEERSCHAUM PIPE SET. A Meerschaum pipe set consisting of four pipes and accessories in a presentation case. Condition: minor wear. 500 - 1,000
1493 FACE CARVED STOKING BELLOWS. Size: 44"H, 8.5"W, 2"D. Conditoin: brass tip missing screws. Leather bellows cracked. original finish. 30 - 60
1494 REN. STYLE DOUBLE BOOKSTAND. Renaissance style carved and gessoed table book stand, on three paw feet, bulbous shaft, swivel top with double book stands, side decorations, carved top. No mark. Size: 24"H, 12"W, 12"D. Condition: Chips in the gesso, one corner of book rest shelf broken, minor losses overall, one foot loose , one foot broken and repaired. 150 - 300
1495 HUGE GINGER JAR TABLE LAMP. Ceramic table lamp decorated in green and gilt depicting crysanthemums on a carved teakwood base. Size: 40"H, 19"Diam. 25 - 50
1496 WOODEN CHEST. Old wooden chest with brass corner caps, a brass center plate marked: JAP, brass keyhole surround marked: A. iron side handles, iron corner L brackets. Wooden runner feet. Interior covered with old blue peeling paper. Size: 36"W, 20 1/2"D, 19"H. Condition: wear age appropriate. 150 - 300
1497 ADAMS STYLE GILT BRONZE ANDIRONS. Flaming urn shaped finial on guilloche decorated tapering standard on base with laurel wreaths and toupie feet. Size: 20.5" H, 7.5" W. Condition: no detractions. 200 - 400
1498 9 ANGELICA KAUFFMANN PIECES. (5) Austrian plates decorated with decaled Angelica Kauffmann scenes, green and gilt border decoration. Marked: Victoria (crown) Austria. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Urn with rose and gilt decoration, ribbon handles, with two Angelica Kauffmann scenes. Marked: (beehive) Austria. SiE: 6"H, Condition: no lid, gilt worn. (1) Condensed milk holder, with underplate, holder and lid. Rose and gilt decoration, center neoclassical scene. Marked: Victoria (Crown) Austria. Size: 5 1/2"H, 5 3/4"diam. underplate. Condition: good. (1) Oval platter, blue and gilt decorative borders, center decaled: Emerald & marked: Karl Larsen. Floral decoration in border cartouches. Marked: Victoria Carlsbad Austria. Size: 16"L, 8 3/4"W, 2 1/2"H. Condition: 3" crack in rim. (1) Lidded urn, cream ground, green and gilt decoration, center scene in the manner of Angelica Kauffmann, two gilt pierced handles. Marked: Royal Saxe, E (crown) S. Germany, (behive mark) Germany. Size: 9"H. condition: lid repaired. 100 - 300
1499 MICKEY MOUSE COOKIE JAR.C.1960s Ceramic cookie jar of Mickey as marching band drummer in blue uniform resting on a large red drum. Fitted lid and glazed interior. Marked: incised bottom edge of drum: (C) Walt Disney Productions -864. Size: 11 1/4"H, 10"W, 8"W. Condition: one area of roughness on back of Mickey's coat (3/4"). 200 - 400
1500 MICKEY MOUSE PHONE. Plastic push button telephone with jack for current use. Marked: The Mickey Mouse Phone, American Tellecommunications Corp. el Monte Calif. sold by Bell of Pa. Serial # 566681, 2881c109. 79311. Size: 15"H, 8 1/2"Square base. Condition: some wear to base, cord dirty, sold as is. 100 - 200
1501 MARBLE FIGURATIVE LAMP. White marble on variegated marble base. Signed in back M. Toby (sp?). A nude woman pulls at her sandal. Size: 29 1/2" h., 10 1/2" w., 8" deep. Condition: electrified, several chips and cracks on lamp post and shade (some are repaired). 700 - 900
1502 JOHN FRANCIS MURPHY OIL. Late 19th c. /early 20th c. Oil on board. Signed "JF Murphy." John Francis Murphy (American 1853-1921) is a well listed artist who was known as the "American Corot." His pictures are atmospheric and deftly labored over to create luxorious coloristic effects in his favorite green-golds and browns. Murphy was apparently self-taught, and he became a member of the Salmagundi Club and the National Academy of Design. His work is in the collections of the Corcoran Gallery, Wash. DC, and the Met, NY. This painting shows a meadow under golden light; the brushwork is slightly impastoed. Entitled "Last Day of a Summer Afternoon" written on a Kennedy Galleries tag. Size: 13" h., 17" w., framed 20" h., 23" w. Condition: inpainting in the upper left corner & at the horizon; period frame is as is, you are bidding on the painting itself. 7,000 - 9,000
1503 NO LOT. 0 - 0
1504 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. Part of series on architectural scenes of Rothenburg, the German town. Fritz is a listed German artist. Size: 14 3/4" h., 10 1/4" w., matted 22 1/4" h., 17 1/4" w. Condition: the mat is yellowed, water damage and brown stain on one corner of the mat. 100 - 200
1505 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. All in this series are 21 of 30. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1506 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. One of a series; all are numbered 21/30. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1507 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1508 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1509 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black dryppoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1510 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1511 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1512 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1513 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1514 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1515 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1516 GEORGE FRITZ DRYPOINT. Early 20th c. Black drypoint on Japanese paper. See lot 1504 for more information. 100 - 200
1517 HARRY ROSELAND WATERCOLOR. 20th c. W/C on illustration board. Roseland, (American, 1867-1950) shows two girls with an umbrella strolling on a beach. Signed lower right. Size: 17" h., 10 1/2" w., 20" h., 14" w. Condition: one tiny tear outer lower right; the lower right corner of the illustration board is missing (does not affect the viewing area). 1,000 - 2,000
1518 BRY DRYPOINT OF LAMBS. 1906. Drypoint in black ink on paper. Signed in the plate only "Bry" and "Mars 1906." A woman is shown holding a lamb; other sheep are branded LL. Size: 7 1/8" h., 5 1/8" w., framed 16 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w. Condition: slightly darkened paper; the frame is considered as is and you are bidding upon the artwork itself. 75 - 125
1519 KNIGHT,DEATH AND THE DEVIL PRINT. Probably 19th c. Black line engraving. Albrecht Durer created the original image in 1517; this is probably from a published reprint taken from a book album. Size: 9 1/2" h., 7" w., framed 22 1/4" h., 20 1/4" w. Condition: much water damage and brown staining; large poorly repaired tear and no backing mat. 100 - 125
1520 HAMILTON ETCHING AFTER HOMER. 1887. Etching in black ink. Signed in pencil by the printmaker Hamilton Hamilton. Signed in plate "Hamilton Hamilton" and "Winslow Homer." Published by Fischer, Adler & Schwartz, NY. After a painting by Homer of a man in a rowboat with a big fish. Set in a large, period frame with attached, cast plaster nautical designs. Size: 20" h., 32" w., framed 39" h., 51" w. Condition: the print itself appears to have no defects; the mat shows brown stains; the frame's nautical designs are chipped and broken in spots. 400 - 600
1521 PAIRPOINT PUFFY SHADE. Molded glass, floral reverse painted shade. Marked: Pairpoint on lower rim. Size: 7"H. 13"Diam. Condition: chips and cracks along top rim. extensive body cracks, repairs and gluing. chips along lower rim. 75 - 150
1522 4 CUT GLASS ITEMS. (1) Hawkes floral cut vase. Marked: Hawkes. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Wheel cut tall vase, Art Deco drape design, notched top. No mark. Size: 12"H. Condition: good. (2) Decanters with acid etched decoration, polished pontil bottom. One with faceted pyramidal stopper 12"H. One with faceted ball shaped stopper 11"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
1523 WATERFORD & OTHER CUT GLASS. (1) Waterford cut glass pitcher, applied handle, diamond cut band, straight horizontal band cutting. Marked: Waterford. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Cut glass vase, tall wtih lozenge and straight cuts. No mark. Size: 12 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: good. (1) Cut glass pitcher, applied handles, straight block cuts. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 300
1524 7 WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE ITEMS. 1. Round black ashtray, white classical scene, white grapevine round rim. 4 1/4" diam. Marked "Wedgwood Made in England." Good condition. 2. Round black dish, 4 1/4" diam., white classical scene, white grapevine around rim. Marked "Wedgwood Made in England." Good condition. 3. Pair black tri-lobed ashtrays, white classical scenes, oak leaf wreath around rims. 4 1/2" x 4 1/4". Marked "Wedgwood Made in England." Good condition. 4. Round blue dish, 4 1/2" diam., 18th century gentleman in white in centre. 4 1/2" diam. "The Wedgwood Collectors society" in raised letters around rim. Marked "Wedgwood Made in England." Good condition. 5. Rectangular blue tray, classical scene in centre, wreath of leaves around edge. 6" x 3 1/4". Marked "Wedgwood Collectors society." Good condition. 6. Small flared vase, 3 3/4" high, base 2 3/4" diam. Marked "Wedgwood" "T" "Made in England." White classical scene around body of vase. Good condition. 100 - 200
1525 DELDARE SYNTAX SELLS GRIZZLE. Deldare decorative plate featuring Dr. Syntax and his horse. 1911 Buffalo Pottery Emerald Deldare Ware Underglaze. 13 1/2"Diam. Drilled for hanging by manufacturer. Condition: 1/8" chip on edge of rim, 1/2" crack in plate from rim inward,1/2" stress crack on interior dished rim of plate. 500 - 1,000
1527 PAIR CAST METAL BRACKETS. Pair of metal brackets with acron and oak leaf decoration, triangular shaped brackets with green patina and green paint. No mark. Sie; 22"L, 2"W, 31"deep. 1"Thick. Condition: rust, paint drips and paint losses. 150 - 300
1528 DUTCH WATERCOLOR. 19th c. or 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed illegibly lower left in red. A woman in wooden shoes is seen in a marshy village. Very finely painted. Size: 5 1/4" h., 8" w., framed 13" h., 15" w. Condition: no visible defects aside from a general yellowing of the paper; Dargate makes no qualitative claims about frames, mats, or glass and they are considered as is apart from the evaluation of the art. 100 - 175
1529 MITI WATERCOLOR OF VENICE. Late 19th or early 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed in red lower right "Miti." There is a listed artist named Giuseppe Maria Miti Zanetti (Italian 1859-1929) who created city and boat scenes; this attractice watercolor shows a gondola operator floating down a Venetian canal. Size: 13 1/4" h., 9 1/4" w., framed 19" h., 14 1/2" w. Condition: likely acidic mat; some slight fading to the blues; the frame, mat and glass is considered as is and you are biddinf upon the artwork itself. 900 - 1,400
1531 LOUIS ICART INTAGLIO. 1st third of the 20th c. Various etching and drypoint techniques in black and pink ink on paper. Signed in pencil "Louis Icart." Also marked in plate "Copyright 1932 Louis Icart Soc." The paper is embossed by the printer "LI Paris" with an image of a printing press wheel. Three terriers yowl while another is hugged by a slinky, semi-nude woman. Icart is a well listed and collected artist. Size: 13 1/2" h., 17 1/2" h., framed 21 1/2" h., 25 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed from acid burns at edges, due to the original(?) mat; the frame, mat and glass is considered as is, you are bidding upon the artwork itself. 1,000 - 3,000
1532 G.H. MCCORD ETCHING. Dated 1887. Etching in brown ink. Signed in plate only. George Herbert McCord (American 1849-1909) is a listed artist known for harbor and Dutch scenes. He is listed primarily as a painter and draftsman. This etching is of a Dutch style harbor by moonlight and a figure crosses a footbridge. Size: 19" h., 29" w., framed 29 1/4" h., 39 1/2" w. Condition: acid burnt; may be adhered to the black mat that surrounds it; the frame, mat and glass is as is, you are bidding upon the artwork itself. 300 - 400
1533 ELGMAN SEMENOWSKY GYPSY OIL. 1890. Oil on chamfered mahaogany panel. Signed upper left "Elgman Semenowsky Paris 1890." Semenowsky (Polish ?-1911) is a listed artist who painted gypsy / harem scenes, "beauties," etc. This pseudo portrait is really a character study in exotic loveliness: a woman with bangles in her hair and colorful dress gazes obliquely outwards. Size: 13 3/4" h., 10 1/4" w., framed 21 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: dirty; the molded frame is broken in many spots; the frame is considered as is, you are bidding upon the artwork itself. 1,200 - 1,500
1534 CHARLES PITCHER WINTER WATERCOLOR. Dated '80 (1980). Watercolor on paper. Signed lower left CC Pitcher. Charles Pitcher is known for genre and landscape and is a listed artist. Size: 8 1/2" h., 12" w., framed 16" h., 20" w. Condition: like new. 500 - 1,000
1535 CHARLES LESLIE LANDSCAPE. Dated 1877. Oil on canvas. Signed "Chas. Leslie 1877." There are several Charles Leslies listed; this is likely Charles Leslie (British 1840-1898) who is known for landscapes and waterfall paintings. Foreboding mountain terrain has a stream in the foreground. Two figures complete the Romantic era drama of this picture. Size: 19" h., 30" w., framed 27" h., 36" w. Condition: paint flaking in sky (near corners); some minor craquellure otherwise; yellowed varnish and loose in frame; frame is as is. 3,000 - 5,000
1536 BRONZE BUST OF AN ARTIST. N/R. Small bust of a man with a flowing beard, resting on a laurel wreath, set on a base. The back displays a palette in brushes in relief. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, 2 3/8"Square base. condition: bust is loose in base. 800 - 1,200
1537 BRONZE DRAPED MALE FIGURE. Bronze statuette of a draped male figure, crudely sculpted. Unreadable marks along front bottom edge suggests letters. No mark. size: 4 3/4"H, 1 1/4"W, 1 1/4"D. Condition: worn. 600 - 800
1538 2 HANDLED BRONZE CUP. N/R. Renaissance style bronze footed cup with two handles, with scenes of young and old centaurs and putti in high relief. No mark. Size: 5 1/4"H, 6 1/4"W, 5"D. Condition: signs of wear, cup is bent on base, possibly a newer reproduction.. 800 - 1,200
1539 RENAISSANCE BRONZE VESSEL. N/R. Bronze vessel with seven decorated segments, images include, birds, busts, heart and other decorative devices. No mark. Size: 4 1/4"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: signs of wear and age. 1,200 - 1,800
1540 BRONZE CARYATID FIGURE. N/R. Bronze female caryatid figure with arms upraised to support object. Figure stands on green marble base. No mark. Size: figure 4 1/2"H, 5 1/2"H on base. Base is 2 1/8"Square. Condition: figure is loose on base. 600 - 1,200
1541 EIGHT HICKORY CHAIR CO. CHAIRS. Eight mahogany chairs (two arm) in the Queen Anne style. Condition: one armchair has one loose arm which is missing a chunk where it intersects the upright stile.Size: 38"H, 27"W, 19"D. 800 - 1,200
1542 DREXEL FEDERAL STYLE 7 PC DINING SET. May not be a matched set. Mahogany, includes a Drexel double pedestal table, four Drexel Sheraton style side chairs, Drexel china cabinet, and an unmarked buffet. Size: table 30"H, 42"W, 62"L. China cabinet: 6'H, 3'W, 17"D. Buffet: 34"H, 4'10"W, 18"D. 600 - 1,200
1543 ROCOCO STYLE WALL MIRROR. Mahogany frame profusely carved in Indonesia with flora, foliate, and c-scrolls. Size: 4'6" H, 40" W, 2" D. Condition: like new. 200 - 400
1544 JAPANESE TEMPLE CARVING. c. 1300-1500 AD. Yellow sandstone. Temple carving of a monk holding a staff. Size: 21" h., 12" w., 9" deep. Condition: chips to the top of the mandorla, hole drilled into the thigh. 8,000 - 10,000
1545 JAPANESE TEMPLE CARVING. c. 1300-1500 AD. Gray sandstone. Temple carving of a monk with hands clasped in prayer. Stela-like shaped sculpture. Size: 16" h., 9" w., 5" deep. Condition: details are worn away with time. 2,500 - 3,500
1546 CLOISONNE VASE. Cloisonne vase with blue ground, chrysanthemum and butterfly decoration. No mark. Size: 7 1/4"H. Condition: area of damage 1/2" x 1/2" in center of vase on one side. 150 - 300
1547 MING CERAMIC FIGURE. Ming dynasty green glazed ceramic figure with voting tablet. No mark. Size: 7"H. Condition: signs of wear. 1,000 - 2,000
1548 METAL AND POTTERY VASE. Chinese 18th c. vase, small bse, lotus decorated base and top, ribbed body with scrafitto decoration. Size: 8"H. Condition: signs of wear. 1,000 - 2,000
1549 ANDO CLOISONNE VASE. Yellow ground cloisonne vase with peony flowers and leaves. Signed Ando. Marked: Ando. size: 5"H, 3 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 800 - 1,000
1550 JAPANESE PORCELAIN BOWL. Porcelain bowl, Meiji period, deep sided circular bowl, with underglaze cobalt blue decoraiton of landscapes with blossoming prunus trees. C. 1870. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. , 4 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. 340 - 675
1551 AMERICAN ART POTTERY JARDINIERE Green and brown mottled glaze, base with acanthus leaf and scroll decoration, top with center band of leaves, top band of descending leaves. Base marked: 115420. Top: no mark. Size: base 10 1/2"H, 8 1/2"Diam. top. Jardiniere 9 1/2"H, 10 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: base: base has some chips, chip on top edge. Top: glaze chips on edge. 100 - 200
1552 PR BAROQUE STYLE COLUMNS. c.1950 Italian made, Baroque style column pedestals. Black and gilt decoration, with modified ionic capital bases, twisted columns with gilt acanthus leaf decoration, exaggerated corinthian capital tops, in the manner of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's baldachino columns in St. Peters Basilica, Rome. Cast material. no mark. Size: 48"H, 12 1/2"square base, 12 1/2" square top. Condition: good. 1,000 - 1,500
1553 ART GLASS LEAF DISH Unmarked. Condition: no defects. Size: 2" h, 6.5" dia. 300 - 500
1554 SATSUMA TEAPOT. Japanese ceramic tea pot. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
1555 SATSUMA CABINET VASE. Urn form, two figures in landscape with gilding. No mark. Size: 1 3/4"H. Condition: good. 200 - 400
1556 AMYTHEST ELEPHANT. Carved elephant with upraised trunk. 20th c. No mark. Size: 1 3/8"H, 1 1/2"L. 5/8"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
1557 PR. VICTORIAN FAN VASES. White ceramic vases with gilt decoration, vases on raised bases with floral and vine side decoration, raised center decoration of leaves and flowers with gilding. Size: 6 1/2"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. each. Condition: gilding worn, minor chips on center front flowers and leaves of each vase. 50 - 100
1558 LLADRO "THE HELMSMAN." Painted porcelain. A shirtless fellow mans a quite decorative ship's wheel. He is dressed in purple pants, stands on an oval base decorated as planks; all of which rests on an oval wooden base. Comes with a signed plaque. Size: 20 1/2" h., 14 1/2" w., 6 1/2" deep. Condition: a slight discoloration on the man's left shoulder. 1,300 - 1,700
1559 VACHON SQUARE LIDDED VESSEL. Grey crackle glaze body, with square feet, solid color lid and finial. Size: 6"H, 3 3/4"W, 3 3/4"D. Signed: Vachon on bottom. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
1560 POMEGRANITE. N/R. Ceramic pomegranite. Marked: China. Size: 2 1/4"H, 3 3/4"L, 3 1/3"D. Condition: damage to one end. 100 - 200
1561 19TH C. MEIJI VASES. (pair) 19th c. Meiji vases, underglaze blue mark indicating Pine Studio. Square vase decorated with flowers and pine branch. Size: 12"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: wear to table rim. all else good. 1,600 - 2,200
2001 DRIED FLOWERS IN GLASS CASE. Dried floral arrangement sealed in glass container, yellow roses, yellow butterfly in lidded sealed glass container. No mark. 1960s. Size: 4 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2002 2 DANISH PORCELAIN PLATES. (1) Bing and Grondahl Mothers Day plate, 1972. Marked: B & G Mors Dag 1972, 8000/9372. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (2) George Jensen Mothers Day plate 1973 in original box. Marked: Mors Dag 1973, Georg Jensen Inc. First Issue, Made in Denmark K. Size: 6 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2003 BRASS LIDDED CENTERPIECE Round footed centerpiece, C scroll handles, topped by leaf decoration, lid with straight gadroon like decoration, artichoke finial. Marked: paper label: Decorative Crafts Inc., Made in India, and old Kaufmann's sticker. Size: 12"H, 15"W, 11 1/2"Diam. Condition: surface tarnished. 50 - 100
2004 8 ORIENTAL FIGURINES. 8 shellacked wooden figurines, each approx. 6" tall, representing the characters in the "Eight Fairies Festival" stories: Han Chung-Li, Lu Tung-Pin, Li Tieh-Kuai, Lan Tsai Ho, Tsao Kuo Chiu, Han Hslang Tzu, Chang Kuo Lao, and Ho Hsien Ku. With descriptive matter. 20th century. All good condition. 50 - 100
2005 AFRICAN SILVER NECKLACE. Hammered and punched floral and bead decoration on C shaped neck ornament, ends are tight scrolls. Unmarked> size: 7" x 7". Condition: good. 100 - 200
2006 2 METAL ITEMS. (1) Hammer metal bowl, raised center, sides of interlocking circles with animals and leaves, text around lower inner rim. Sassanian style, perhaps Middle Eastern or Russian. No mark. size: 4 3/4"Diam. 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Brass Egyptian Ankh symbol with Egyptian hieroglyphs on each side, hole in top No mark. size: 7 1/4"L, 3 3/4"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2007 FIVE PAPERWEIGHTS. (1) JFK sulphide in paperweight with six bullseye faceted windows. Polished bottom. No mark.Size; 3"H. condition: good. (1) Faceted surface paperweight, green air trapped bubble base with red, green and blue cased flowers. Polished bottom. No mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: one small ding in base. (1) Millefiori cased glass paperweight. Polished bottom. No mark. Size: 3"H. Condition: good. (1) Small millefiori cased glass paperweight. Polished bottom. No mark. Size: 1 3/4"H. Condition: several dings and chips on surface. (1) Murano millefiori glass paperweight, six faceted sides and flat window top. Polished bottom. Marked: paper label: Murano Made in Italy. Size: 2"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2008 5 PAPERWEIGHTS: ST. CLAIR, OTHER. Five marked paperweights. (1) Joe Zimmerman paperweight, clear round with three white blossoms emerging from orange base, with trapped air bubbles. Marked: center impressed: "Z". engraved in script: Joe Zimmerman. Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) St. Clair paperweight, clear with blue butterfly on multicolor base. Marked: Center impressed "St.Clair". Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) St. Clair paperweight, clear glass with 5 yellow blossoms and air bubbles emerging from white base. Marked: Center impressed "Bob St. Clair". Size: 3 1/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Pair of St. Clair paperweight candlesticks. Clear glass, white blossoms, green base, clear applied handles, ground bottom. Marked: impressed "St. Clair". Size: 2 1/2"H each. Condition: good. St.Clair pieces produced in Ellwood, Indiana. 100 - 200
2009 18K MULTI-STONE BAND N/R. Band has ruby, diamond, emerald, and turquoise stones. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2010 10K EASTERN STAR RING N/R. The ladie's ring has a white stone as the centerpiece to the star. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2011 10K PEARL RING N/R. The ring has three greyish cast pearls flanked on both sides by seed pearls in a Victorian setting. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 150
2012 PLATINUM & 14K CUFF LINKS N/R. The pair of cuff links have a platinum engraved front with a white center stone on one side with a gold back. Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2013 ASSORTED JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes an enamel segmented fish pendant; a pair of screw back 10k pearl earrings and a 14k scarab stone circle pin. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2014 9K "TWINS" NECKLACE N/R. The English necklace has a square gold pendant depicting twin figures. Chain length: 23". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2015 14K WATCH CHAIN N/R. The chain has alternating white and yellow gold links. Chain length: 14.5". Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2016 STERLING AMETHYST RING N/R. Ring has a 25 ct. amethyst center stone flanked on both sides by three white stones. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 300
2017 FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACE N/R. The pearl necklace has orange beads spaced throughout. Necklace length: 29.5". Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2018 GOLD SERPENTINE NECKLACE N/R. The gold metal necklace has a "Hear no Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" monkeys sitting atop an amber colored ball pendant. Chain length: 18". Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2019 STERLING WATCH CHAIN N/R. Hallmarked. Made in France. The chain consists of very heavy links. Chain length: 8". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2020 8 MCKEE JADITE PLATES. Eight Jadite dinner plates with raised laurel leaf band decorated rims. Marked on back McK. size: 9"Diam. Condition: minor roughness along some edges. 100 - 300
2021 JADITE SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS. Jeannette glass jadite salt and pepper shakers, round 8 ounce, light color, black lettering fading. No mark. Condition: black letters fading, caps are dented. 50 - 100
2022 3 PART CERAMIC VESSEL. Japanese lidded vessel on stand, with base, jar with dragon handles, lid with dragon finial. Decorated wtih iron red and gilt decoration, genre scenes and squeeze bag slip highlights. Marks: calligraphic mark inside base of jar, and inside lid. Size: 36"H, 20"w, 14"d. Condition: crack in base of jar extends upward through body. 150 - 300
2023 HYATT PEERLESS BILLIARD BALLS. Original set of 16 pocket billiard balls in original wooden case with original graphics. Marked on cover: Hyatt Peerless Pocket Billiard Balls, Mfd. by the Albany Billiard Ball Co. Albany, N.Y. Pat. June 23, 1903, Feb. 2, 1904, Dec. 19, 1905. size: box 10" x 10"x 2 3/4"H. Condition: balls in excellent condition, box in good condition. 250 - 500
2024 CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS BOWL. N/R. Cut and engraved glass bowl, 3 1/2" high, 8" diam. One tiny chip to rim. 30 - 60
2025 BRASS VESSEL W. IVORY HANDLE. Cast metal container with flat bottom, raised Asian decorated sides, metal handleholder ending in carved ivory figure of gentleman with fan. Size: 10"L, 4 3/4"W, 3"H. Condition: wear to metal. 150 - 300
2026 6 TRIBAL AFRICAN FIGURES. Six tribal African wooden carved figures. (1) Male figure, marked IBADIAN, 9 1.2"H. (1) Male figure with braclet and necklace, marked MODAKEKE IFE, 9 1/2"H. (1) Male figure, no mark. 9"H. (1) Female figure, no mark, 10"H. (1) Male with two necklaces, no mark. 9 1/2"H. (1) Female figure with two necklaces and three bracelets, no mark, 12"H. This figure has a rotting wooden base, all others in good condition. 100 - 300
2027 VINTAGE JEWELRY. Lot includes four multi-colored stone pins; two metal contemporary necklaces; an amber triangular stone necklace; a copper(?) and red enamel necklace with matching clip-on earrings. Amber necklace length: 15". Copper necklace length: 14". Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2028 ASSORTED PEN KNIVES. Lot includes twelve pen knives. Condition; show signs of wear; one has a broken outer covering. 25 - 50
2029 OPERA GLASSES & OTHER. c. 20th century. Lot includes a pair of binoculars in a black metal housing marked "Super Dreadnought". One pair of opera glasses in a leather case marked "A. Loch. Allegheny, PA". Black metal housing. One pair of opera glasses in a leather case marked "La Reine Paris". Silver metal hosing with Mother-of-Pearl framing the lens. Condition: age appropiate wear. 75 - 100
2030 LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE TOY. Tin litho keywind rope skipping Little Orphan Annie. Marked: harold Gray (on back). Box marked: Leapin Lizards! C'mon kids- I'll show you how to skip a rope. Box also marked: Famous Artist Syndicate Chicago USA. Size: figure: 5"H, 5 3/4"H with rope, 3 1/4"W. Box: 5 1/4"H, 3 1/4"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: toy graphics good, key missing. Sold as is. Box in poor condition. 200 - 400
2031 ROSEVILLE DONATELLO WALLPOCKET. Wall pocket in Donatello pattern, green and brown on cream ground. Veritcal oval format. Marked: blue "R" on back. Size: 10"H, 5"W. Condition: blue glaze drips on lower left front of wallpocket. The center frieze has damage center front, interior front has some ceramic loss, back has crazing on surface. 100 - 200
2032 2 CERAMIC FEMALE FIGURES. 1. Cinderella, in pink gown, losing her glass slipper as she runs down steps. 10 1/2" high, base 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". Marked "Fine porcelain" "c. 1988 The Franklin Mint." Paper label: "Crafted in Malaysia." No apparent defects. 2. Barefoot girl in white gown sitting on a rose, holding a small rose with another in her flowing hair, on wood base. Marked "Lady Rose by Jegou" "The Franklin Mint c. 1988" Paper label: Crafted in Taiwan." No apparent defects. 75 - 150
2033 TWO WELLER PIECES. (1) White and yellow glazed ewer, decorated handle. Marked: incised script: Weller Pottery Since 1872, 13. Size: 11"H. Condition: good. (1) Tassel swag decorated bowl with scalloped edge, cream color. Marked: incised script: Weller Pottery. Size: 3 1/4"H, 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2034 3 RUMRILL PIECES. (1) Low bowl, green glaze. Marked: Rumrill. Size: 9"Diam. 1 1/2"H. Condition: 3 chps in base, firing flaws on top rim. (1) Brown and green Indian basket style vase. Marked: 304 Rumrill. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. 4"H. Conditoni: hairline crack in top rim (1/2"). (1) Vase with yellow exterior and green interior, lobbed sides, button decorated top. marked: 499 Rumrill. Size: 5"H. 5 1/2"Diam. widest part. 50 - 100
2035 ART DECO MIRROR AND BRUSH. Two mirror back vanity items, each with oval mirror back with cut flower and leaf decoration set in gilt metal framework, twisted center stem handles. No mark. Size: Hand mirror: 12 1/2"L. Brush 9 1/2"L. Condition: metal surface worn down to brass color. 50 - 100
2036 PAIR EMPIRE STYLE CANDLESTICKS. Empire style silver plate candlesticks, triangular footed base, triple bird column supports, wide top base with spike for candle. No mark. Size: 10"H, 6 3/8"Diam. top. Condition: wear to plating. 50 - 100
2037 GOTHIC REVIVAL CANDLESTICK. Brass candlestick, six sided base candlestick, six arched decoration above base, acanthus decorated shaft under candle holder. No mark. Size: 21 1/2"H, 7"Diam. base. Condition: brass pitted and tarnished. 50 - 100
2038 CLOISSONNE VASE. Cloissonne vase with lion decoration. Size: 10"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2039 PAIR BLUE CERAMIC FOO DOGS. Two blue foo dogs, on bases; 8" high. base 2" x 2 3/4". One has a front foot on a ball, the other has foot on a small puppy. No defects. 50 - 100
2040 PAIR GREEN CERAMIC FOO DOGS. Pair ceramic foo dogs, green with yellow and black details. One has foot on a puppy, on has a foot on a ball. Marked "China." No defects. 75 - 150
2041 KENSINGTON WARE ITEMS. 9 aluminum items, a handled pitcher and eight tumblers by Kensington Ware of New Kensington, Pa. All marked with Kensington Ware log, & Kensington. Pitcher: 8 1/4"H, 5 3/4"Diam. top. Tumblers: 5 1/2"H, 3"Diam. top. Condition: minor scratches, overall good condition. 100 - 150
2042 2 KINSINGTON WARE ITEMS. (1) Aluminum covered cassarole with double handled fitted lid, leaf decoration in center and on handles. Marked: Kensington Ware. Size: 3 1/2"H, 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Aluminum bowl, no decoration. marked:Kensington Ware. Size: 3"H, 9"Diam. top. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2043 CERAMIC BIRD GROUP. Pair of cardinals, male and female, perched on rock-based tree stumps, on wood base. 11" high, ceramic base 8" x 4 1/2". Marked "Group of Cardinal by Andrea." Good condition. 50 - 100
2044 GERMAN LIDDED STEIN. Tall ceramic stein with hand painted cavalier blowing horn with white enamel highlights. Decorated pewter lid with finger finial. Marked: Incised mark: Crown, 2 shields, rampant lion, 183. Unknown mark. Size: 16"H, 6"Diam. base. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2045 GERMAN GLASS STEIN. Green blown glass stein, applied handle, applied band of prunts around base, hand painted enamel floral and bead decoration on body and glass lid insert, metal lid attachment with finger hold finial. Marked: "G.Th.M." on inside metal lid. Size: 8"H, 4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2046 GERMAN BEER STEIN. 20th C. blue and white diamond pattern of Bavaria, with lion crest and floral bands, metal lid made by Albert Jacob Thewalt Co.,Hohr-Granzhausen, Germany. Lid monogramed JM. Marked: West Germany, monogram (T in a Triangle) Original Thewalt. Marked on back under handle : 1279. Size: 7"H, 4 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2047 BONE NECKLACE. Necklace composed of single and multiple strands of large and small carved beads, connected with two decorative elements. No mark. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2048 ASSORTED COSTUME JEWELRY. Lot includes a silver metal bangle; two plastic bangles; a silver shell necklace and several partial stud sets. Condition: stone is missing from one cufflink. 20 - 40
2049 BISQUE FIGURAL GROUP. Woman and cherub, preceded by spread-winged gull, on shell boat. 8" high, base 8" x 4". No apparent defects. 75 - 150
2050 2 LENOX, 1 AYNSLEY PORCELAINS. Two Lenox lidded ginger jars, raised decorated surface, gilt edging. Marked: Lenox, Made in USA, Hand decorated with 24K gold.Size: 6"H, 6"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. One Aynsley Bone China vase with hand painted floral decoration. Marked: Aynsley Bone China, Made in England, Cottage Garden Pattern. Size: 7"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2051 TIN LITHO TOY FIRE TRUCK. Tin litho pumper truck, plastic nozzle with moving ball inside, animal fireman driving truck. Marked: Trade Mark T M Modern Toys, made in Japan. Size: 6 3/4"L. 4"H, 3 1/8"W. Condition: one wheel badly decomposed, graphics have minor wear, several rust marks, sold as is. 50 - 100
2052 WYANOTTE TOY STEAMSHIP. Tin litho SS America toy on wheels. Marked: Wyanotte Toys, Made in USA Reg US Pat. Off. Size: 12"L, 4"H. Condition: wear to graphics, rust around smoke stack tops, minor rust around rim, one smoke stack bent. sold as is. 75 - 150
2053 3 LINDSTROM DANCNING INDIANS. Three tin litho windup toys, Dancing Indians by Linstrom. Marked: made in USA. Size: 5 1/2"H. Condition: graphics good, sold as is. 75 - 150
2054 2 TOY HORSECARTS. 2 tin litho key wind horse carts. No mark. Size: 7"L, 3"H, 4"D. Condition: wear to graphics, sold as is. 50 - 100
2055 TOY METAL STOVE. Toy cast iron stove, swingin oven door, four top openings with inserts. Marked: American ATF on oven door. Size: 5"H, 6"W, 5"D. Condition: wear and rust to parts of metal, four small openings on top of stove indicate missing attachments. 100 - 200
2056 3 CAST IRON ITEMS. (1) Cast iron corn muffin tray, seven sections with pierced handles. Marked: 7S. Size: 12 3/4"L, 5 1/2"W, 7/8"D. Condition: rusting. (1) Cast iron metal cricket boot jack. No mark. Size: 11 1/2"L, 5 1/2"W, 3"H. Condition: minor rusting. (1) Cast iron rooster trivet, with painted details. Marked: Wilton R. Size: 12"L, 7 1.2:W, 3/4"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2057 VICTORIAN MIRROR. Metal framed table mirror with kick stand support, gilt metal with putti, flower, garland and lattice decoration, oval beveled mirror. No mark. Size: 16"W, 13"H, 5"D. Condition: gilt worn on metal, wear to back of mirror. 100 - 200
2058 COPPER COAL SKUTTLE. Copper coal skuttle with blue and white porcelain handles, brass base, handles and lion head attachments. Size: 13 1/2"H, 13 1/2"W, 11"D. Condition: good. No mark. 50 - 100
2059 2 METAL VICTORIAN DEER ITEMS. (1) Cast metal deer with two openings with inserts, pot metal with metal surface, removable antlers. No mark. Size: 10"H, 10"W, 5"D. Condition: one foot broken. (1) Cast metal deer head with antlers on round brass base. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 4 1/2"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: metal worn. 100 - 200
2060 INDIAN STYLE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes three pieces of Indian style jewelry: a copper embossed bird necklace marked "Copper Bell(with a bell symbol)" ; a sterling, black enamel and copper fish necklace and a silver stag pin. Copper chain length: 15". Sterling chain length: 17.5". Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2061 ASSORTED "BEE" JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a Kenneth Lane bee necklace; a rhinestone encrusted Joan Rivers Classics bee lapel watch and a rhinestone accented M. Jent pin. Pendant chain length: 17.5". Pendant measures 3.0" l. X 3.5" w. Pin length(each): 1.5". Condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2062 STERLING BRACELET N/R. Bracelet has criss crossing "X" links. It is marked "Sterling Danecraft". Bracelet length: 11". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2063 SILVER JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a sterling Indian bracelet with turquoise stones; a silver engraved panel bracelet and two matching silver pins with turquoise accents. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
2064 THREE PAIRS OF CUFF LINKS N/R. Lot includes a silver mesh and stone pair; a gold mesh and "figures" pair and a gold and blue stone accents pair. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
2065 MEXICAN SILVER BRACELET N/R. Bracelet has delicate filigree style metal work accented with two dark stones. Bracelet length: 7". Bracelet width: 1.5". Condition: stones are chipped. 75 - 100
2066 BILL BLASS WRISTWATCH N/R. The quartz watch has a brushed gold metal band. Stainless steel back and base metal bezel. Condition: brand new. 100 - 175
2067 ILLINOIS POCKET WATCH N/R. The open face watch is engraved on back and has a sterling watch chain. Chain length: 11.5". Condition: does not appear to work. 100 - 200
2068 VINTAGE JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a Nolan Miller basket pin with multi-colored stones; an amber and pale green stone choker and matching clip-on earrings. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2069 ERECTOR SET. c. 1940's-50's. Made by A.C. Gilbert Co. Comes in a red metal case complete with instruction booklet. Marked on the inside cover: "No. 7 1/2 Engineer's Set; Reversing Electric Boiler Parts". Condition: age appropiate wear; case warped on one side, hard to close. 50 - 75
2070 2 MILITARY SILHOUETTES Two printed military silhouettes profile views, in black and gilt frames under glass. Marked: paper label on back: Borghese. Size: 8 1/2"H, 7"W. Condition: edges of frames show distressing. 75 - 150
2071 PIANO BABY. Hand painted bisque, possibly German. Marked: 23/78 in red. Size: 5 1/2"L, 3 1/2"H, 2 1/2"W. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2072 PAIR BISQUE FIGURES. Bisque lady and gentleman in 19th century clothing; dressed for winter, lady with muff, gentleman with hands in pockets. 11 3/4" high, bases 3 1/2", roughly round. Small chip inside base of male figure, not noticeable. 50 - 100
2073 ROYAL DOULTON DON QUIXOTE. Royal Doulton character mug; Don Quixote. Marked: Royal Doulton: D6460, (c) 1956. Issued: 1957-1971. Size: 3 1/4"H, 3 1/4"W, 3"d. Condition: good,no detractions. 75 - 150
2074 4 SPODE JEWEL PLATES. Four plates with dotted swiss lace-like raised decoration, center hand painted fruit decoration. Marked: Spode's Jewel Copeland, Spode, Engld Reg. No. 72397, U.S. Pat. June 15, 1926. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: 2 with minor stains on top surface, 1 with minor stain on bottom. 50 - 100
2075 14 PLATES. 1. 8 bread & butter plates, 7 1/2" diam., different allover floral designs. Marked "Union K" in crowned wreath; "Made in Czecho-Slovakia." 2 have cracks at edge. 2. 6 small plates, rounded square shape, 6 1/8" x 6 1/8". Each has a picture and music from a different opera. French language. Marked "PV" in a circle. All good condition. 50 - 100
2076 SEVEN CERAMIC PIECES. 1. Small cream pitcher, 3 1/2" high, base 3" diam. Unsigned Roseville, "Juvenile" line, "Sunbonnet" design. Cream ground, band of orange; girl in large sunbonnet on each side. Good condition. 2. Creamer, 3" high, base 2" diam., marked "Summertime" "Grimwades Royal Ivory Winton England"; with matching open sugar bowl, 2" high, 2 3/4" diam. Both good condition. 3. Cup, allover brown & yellow stylized florals; marked "Royal Winton Grimwades England" "Made in England." Good condition. 4. Footed cup, fluted, red & yellow roses. Marked "Queen's Fine Bone China" "Made in England" "Rosina China Co. Ltd." Good condition. 5. Small cream pitcher, 3" high, 3 1/2" handle to spout, base 1 3/4". Tree & flowers on each side, green rim & handle. Marked "Royal Albert Crown China England." Good condition. 6. Majolica plate, 8 3/4" diam. Blue basketweave design around border, raised flowers and foliage. Underside crazed, darkened; glaze chipped around edge and on a few raised leaves. 150 - 300
2077 BLUE DECORATED JUG. Large hand thrown handled jug, with blue slip decoration on brown speckled surface, uneven shape (smal indentation in body). Size: 18"H, 11"Diam. base, 12"Diam. body. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2078 NEOCLASSICAL PLANTER. Decorated metal planter in the Neo Classical style, lemon yellow and gilt surface with gilt paw feet and lion ring side handles, decaled 19th c. genre scene on each long side front and back, metal lift out liner. No mark. Size: 9"H, 13"W, 8 1/4"D. Condition: paint peeling on lower portion of two sides. Some rust spots on inter. " 75 - 150
2080 CARVED JADE BOAT. Mottled green jade boat with sails and rowers transporting royal personage in center compartment, stylized waves along bottom of boat, with carved wooden base fitted for jade boat. No visible mark. Size: 8 1/2"H, 12 1/2"L. 2"D. Condition: jade boat wired to base. No visible detractions. 1,200 - 2,200
2081 LUCITE COFFEE TABLE.Size: 15.5"H, 49"W, 48"D. condition: scratches on top. 150 - 300
2082 LUCITE LAMP BASE. 2nd half 20th c. Nine stacked lucite block of alternating sizes form the base of this lamp. Tan and brown print bordered shade and lucite finial. Two light lamp. No mark. Sie: 36"H, 7 x 7" squre base. Condition: scratches on the lucite. 150 - 300
2083 FINE SHERATON GATELEG TABLE. Cherry wood with wood pin construction. Someone has antiqued it. Condition: one leaf is currently unattached. Size: 30"H, 56"W, 40"D. 250 - 500
2086 CHIPPENDALE STYLE WING CHAIR. Condition: red candle wax dripped on top left corner, brown stains on both sides of seat. Upholstered in blue and white floral fabric the undulating frame israised on marlborough legs. Made by Hickory Chair. 75 - 150
2087 SERPENTINE FRONT CAMELBACK SOFA. Raised on marlborough legs is upholstered in an off white damask. Condition: wax is drizzled on the top right corner, arms are dirty, two concentric circular stains on back. size: 34"H, 80"W, 32"D. 200 - 400
2088 2 QUILTS. (1) Quilt with giant center star pattern, shades of yellow and orange on white ground, four matching outer color bands. Size: 75" x 72". Conditoin: several replaced areas along the edge, several tears in the fabric. (1) Pink and cream colored quilt, triangular petaled edge, two center areas of cream wiht laurel wreath and leaf pattern quilted in contrasting thread, large pink areas quilted with stylized flower and leave designs. Size: 80" x 94". Condition: good. 150 - 300
2090 16 ITALIAN SILVER PLATE ITEMS. Sixteen silverplate drinking items, classic round body, simple base. Set includes: (6) wine goblets. 7"H, 3 1/2Diam. rim. (4) small brandy snifters. 2 1/2"H, 1 3/4Diam. rim. (6) tiny brandy snifters. 2 1/2"H, 1 3/8"Diam. rim. All marked: de Uberi, Italy. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2091 PAIR OF MILK GLASS TABLE LAMPS. White marble base with milk glass baluster stem and faux font. 28"H, 15"Diam. 20 - 40
2092 PAIR OF FLORAL DECORATED TABLE LAMPS. Ceramic with bands of gold and maroon. Size: 25"H, 8"Diam. 15 - 30
2093 ITALIAN CERAMIC TABLE LAMP. Ceramic body with floral decoration. Size: 3'H, 15"Diam. 15 - 30
2094 ORIENTAL DECORATED TABLE LAMP. With gray, blue, and pink floral decoration. Size: 26"H, 16"Diam. 15 - 30
2095 ORIENTAL VASE/TABLE LAMP. Condition: vase has been drilled and is crazed. 20 - 40
2096 CERAMIC TABLE LAMP. Tan color ginger jar with applied faux bamboo and leafage. Size: 30"H, 19"Diam. 15 - 30
2097 BOMBAY CO. SIDE TABLE. Looks like two drawers but is actually one drawer. Has a lower stretcher shelf between the legs. Size; 25"H, 18"W. 12"D. 25 - 50
2098 IRON FACE MASK BENCH. Bench with cast iron legs with face masks on the knees. 30 - 60
2100 METAL STOOL AND CARVED STOOL. A Victorian reproduction cast metal footstool and an Indonesian recently carved footstool. 40 - 80
2101 1953 ROYAL COPENHAGEN PLATE. 1953 Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate, scene of castle. marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, KgX. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2102 1963 ROYAL COPENHAGEN PLATE. 1963 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plate: Winter scene with windmill. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. Kai Lange: Vindmolle: windmill. size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2103 3 ROYAL COPENHAGEN PLATES. (1) 1970 Christmas plate: Christmas Rose and Cat. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. K.L. Size: 7 1/4". condition: good. (1) 1971 Christmas plate: Hare in Winter. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. K.L. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) 1972 Christmas plate: In the Desert. marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. K.L. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2104 3 ROYAL COPENHAGEN PLATES. (1) 1974 Christmas plate: Winter Twilight. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, K.L. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) 1975 Christmas plate: The Queen's Christmas Residence. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. K.L. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) 1976 Christmas plate: Vibaek Water-Mill. Marked: Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, W. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2105 COVERED COBALT MASTER SALT. Metal lidded master salt, with cobalt insert, neoclassical decoration, roses and garlands, pierced metal body. Marked: (Y in flower) Made in Japan. Size: 5 1/4"Diam. bowl. 5 1/2"H. Condition: plate worn. 50 - 100
2106 6 COBALT GLASS ITEMS. (1) hobnail footed bowl. No mark. Size: 3 3/8"H. (1) Fish vase. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H. (1) Fish dish. No mark. Size: 1 3/8"H. (1) Squared scalloped edge plate. No mark. Size: 5"Diam. (2) creamer and sugar bowl with silver overlay edging. No mark. Size: creamer 2 3/4"H, bowl 2 1/2"H. Condition: silver overlay greatly worn. 50 - 100
2107 ATLAS OAK WALL CLOCK. Key wind half hour strike, pendulum clock, carved round clock face frame, beveled and cut glass window, paper clock face. Marked: "A" on clock face, Atlas Royal Clock on paper label behind pendulum. Size: 12"Diam. clock face frame, 21 1/2"L. Condition: sold as is. 150 - 300
2108 SESSIONS BANJO CLOCK. Key wind pendulum half hour strike wall clock, reverse painted glass windows, eagle finial,with key. Marked: Sessions. Size: 35"L. 10"W. Conditoin: wooden surface worn, sold as is. 100 - 300
2110 VICTORIA STATION, LONDON REPRO CLOCK. Made by John Woods. Having a metal frame.Size: 54"H, 14"W, 14"D. 25 - 50
2111 GLOBE ALARM CLOCK. Made in germany. Clock is cased in a gold metal French Provencial "cherub" motif. Clock measures: 2.5" l. X 2.5" w. Case measures: 4.0" l. X 4.0" w. Condition: clock appears to be working; second hand does not; crystal and metal case have discolorations. 25 - 50
2112 PAIR OF CAST METAL CANDELABRA. Brass and black paint. Plinths with fluted columns with five candle branches each. Were table lamps. Size: 31"H, 9"Diam. 30 - 60
2113 QUASI SHERATON STYLE BENCH. Circa 1900. Needlepoint seat flanked by high sides with Sheraton style slats. Size: 32"H, 25"W, 16"D. 40 - 60
2114 PAIR OF THOMASVILLE CROSSBANDED END TABLES. Raised on carved Queen Anne legs. Condition: no detractions. size: 2'H. 20"W, 26"D. 150 - 250
2115 MARBLE TOP EMPIRE STYLE BACHELORS CHEST. White marble top on drawers flanked by half columns and with brass ormolu mounts. Condition: veneer missing from both column plinths.Size: 28.5"H, 28"W, 17"D. 50 - 100
2116 OAK TABLE AND CHAIRS. Oak pedestal table and four hoopback Windsor style chairs. Chairs marked Made in Yugoslavia. Size: table: 31"H, 41"Diam. 75 - 150
2117 PAIR OF WING CHAIRS. In a beige flame stitch tone on tone fabric with pinkish and teal dots. Condition: no detractions. 100 - 200
2118 FERN STAND. Wood with turned legs and paterae decoration at the tops of the legs. Size: 30"H, 13.5"Diam. 5 - 10
2119 NEEDLEPOINT PIANO BENCH. Has a lift top for storage. Size: 19"H, 3"W, 15"D. 30 - 60
2120 NEEDLEPOINT AND METAL FOOTSTOOL. Cast metal pierced legs, maroon ground with floral needlepoint decoration, brass tacked sides, green ball drop fringe around needlepoint. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 14 1/2"W. 8 1/2"D. Condition: one ball of drop fringe is missing. 40 - 80
2121 LINCOLN ROCKER. Strong walnut frame professionally reupholstered in a striated flesh colored background fabric. Size: 41"H, 23"W, 36"D. 50 - 100
2122 VICTORIAN COFFEE TABLE. Walnut oval top on curvilinear x-form legs with central finial. Size: 22"H, 31"W, 22"D. 150 - 300
2123 WICKER TABLE AND CHAIR. Vintage round table (top as is) and a recent sidechair. 20 - 40
2124 BURL WALNUT COFFEE TABLE. Curvilinear tray edged table with walnut parquetry raised on cabriole legs. Size: 17"H, 43"W, 31"D. 40 - 80
2125 BUTTON TUFTED PUFE (OTTOMAN). With boullion fringe. In tone on tone blue striped fabric. Condition: one button missing.Size: 18"H, 4'Diam. 40 - 80
2126 THREE PIECES OF BAUHAUS FURNITURE. Includes a loveseat, armchair and ottoman. Condition: dirty, orange magic marker on ottoman. All sales final.Size: 24"H, 64"W, 36"D (sofa). 30 - 60
2128 FRENCH TAPESTRY. Woven tapestry scene, forest with birds and animals, marked lower right: Jaulmes. With metal rings sewn on and hanging rod. Size: 70"H, 54"w. Condition: faded colors, worn edges, weak threads at top. 145 - 300
2129 BIGGS/KITTINGER DINING TABLE. Mahogany oval Queen Anne style dining table and one leaf. Size: 29" H, 41.5" W, 70" L. Condition: original finish, minor scratching. 600 - 1,000
2130 WALNUT MIRROR. Walnut frame with a interior gilt edge with a plate glass mirror. Size: 34"H, 29"W, 2"D. 30 - 60
2131 VINTAGE BRACELETS N/R. Lot includes a metal snake bracelet and two red Bakelite(?) bangle bracelets. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2132 MIRIAM HASKELL GOLD BANGLE N/R. The bangle bracelet has three chain link rows on a gold frame. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2133 14K DIAMOND NECKLACE N/R. The drop swirl pendant has seven diamonds on a gold box link chain. Total diamond weight is approximately .75 ct. Chain length: 15". Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 300
2134 14K PEARL BRACELET N/R. Signed "Lucient(?) Original". The bracelet spells out "I Love You" in gold spaced by pearls. Bracelet length: 7". condition: no visible defects. 75 - 100
2135 SIGNED COSTUME JEWELRY N/R. Lot includes a rhinestone encrusted mechanical butterfly (wings move); a Joan Rivers blue enamel and rhinestone necklace with matching clip-on earrings. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
2136 14K DANFERE BULL PIN. The whimsical bull has an emerald eye. Pin length: 1.5". Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 300
2137 14K PEARL STUDS N/R. The white pearls are framed by gold "petals". Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
2138 VINTAGE JEWELRY. Lot includes a rhinestone encrusted bird pin and a sterling rhinestone encrusted ring. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 75
2139 18K FLOWER PIN. Pin has brushed and polished gold leaves with an emerald surrounded by four cubic zirconium stones. Condition: emerald's setting is slightly distorted. 75 - 100
2140 SANTA CLARA DE COBRE VASE. Santa Clara de Cobre copper vase, hand hammered, twisted lobed shape vase, surface coated with preservative. No mark. Size: 11 1/2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. base, 7 1/2"Diam. widest part. Conditon: good. 100 - 300
2141 ARTS & CRAFTS BASIN SET. Losol Ware "June" pattern pitcher and basin by Keeling & Co. England. White ceramic with frieze of poppies and other flowers in red and purple with green leaves, frieze edges in blue. Marked: Losol Ware, June, (crown mark) Keeling & co. Burslem England. Size: Pitcher: 11 1/2"H, basin: 5 1/4"H, 16 1/4"Diam. Condition: both good. 200 - 400
2142 2 INCOLAY STUDIOS PLATES. Two Incolay Studios collectors plates in elaborate gilt composition frames. (1) She Walks In Beauty. 1977 from Romantic Poets Series. plate signed on front Gayle Bright Appleby. Marked: on back Pl. 31531. 1977. (1) A Thing of Beauty. 1978 from Romantic Poets Series, plate signed on front Gayle Bright Appleby. marked: on back Pl. 06115. 1978. Incolay Studios. Plates 10"Diam. relief cast. Frames: 16"H, 16"W, 3 1/2"Deep. Gilt composition material in ornate style 150 - 300
2143 DROP LEAF TABLE. C.1900, butterfly drop leaf table, one drawer, stretcher legs, egg and dart decorated edge. No mark. Size: 28 1/2"H, 34 1/2"W. 16"D closed, 16 1/2" each additional leaf. Condition: good. 100 - 300
2144 CHIPPENDALE STYLE COFFEE TABLE. Mahogany, raised on ball and claw feet. Size: 18"H, 35"W, 17.5"D. 50 - 100
2145 CZECH CRYSTAL CHANDELIER. Three lite crystal chandelier with cut prisms, strings of crystal beads, round crystal pendants; crystal cups under each light with five pendant drops per light cup, S curved glass arms. Marked: Made in Czechoslovakia (Anchor in Triangle) logo. Size: 24"H. 17"x 17"x 17" widest part. Condition: one fictive candle light sleeve has minor damage (easily replaced). 100 - 300
2146 5 CLOISONNE VASES. 1. Pair Chinese cloisonne vases, 9 1/4" high, 4 1/2" at shoulder. Blue ground, pink and white flowers, green foliage. One good, one dented on the side with few small pits in the enamel. 2. Chinese cloisonne vase, 9 1/4" high, 4 1/2" at widest part. Light blue ground, stylized florals and tendrils. Dent on one side, with small loss of enamel. 3. Japanese cloisonne vase, 6 1/4" high, 3 1/2" diam. at widest part. 2 dragons with flaming pearl, black ground. Few areas of denting. 4. Small Japanese cloisonne vase, 3 1/2" high, 2" diam. at widest part. Black ground, stylized florals. One small, unnoticeable chip. 100 - 200
2147 PEACOCK BRASS FIRESCREEN. Size: 31"H, 42"W, 8"D. Condition: no detractions. 25 - 50
2148 3 CINNABAR-TYPE PIECES. 2-9" tall vases and a 6" high covered jar, red carved lacquer over enameled metal. Blue interiors. One vase chipped at base; other vase and jar good condition. 100 - 200
2149 13 PCS. CHINESE ENAMEL. 1. 5 cloisonne ashtrays, 3 1/2" diam. 2 blue ground, 2 red ground, 1 blue-green ground; florals. One chipped on surface; all chipped on underside. 2. Pair small cloisonne bowls, 2" high, 4 1/2" diam; light blue ground, florals; green interior. One has small chip to interior. 3. Cloisonne bowl, 2 1/4" high, 5" diam. Dark blue ground, white florals; turquoise interior. Marked "China." Small chip under rim, where rim is starting to separate; base chipped. 4. Covered cloisonne bos, 3 1/2" high with lid, 4 1/2" diam. Turquoise ground, multicolored florals. Stamped "China." Small chip at edge of lid. 5. Cylindrical cloisonne lidded cigarette box, 3 1/2" high, 3" diam. Red ground, florals. Few areas of chipping to box and lid. 6. Covered cloisonne box, 3 1/2" high with lid, 5" diam. White ground, blue florals. Marked "China." No apparent defects, 7. Rectangular cloisonne box, hinged lid; 2" high, 5" x 3 1/2". Green ground, stylized florals and tendrils. Inlay missing from lid; underside of lid chipped. 8. Small round lidded champleve box, 1 3/4" high, 2 1/2" diam. Multicolored florals. Good condition. 100 - 200
2150 PR BRASS CANDELABRA. Pair of Louis XIV style brass candelabra, footed base with rampant lion and pierced work decoration, four radiating arms with C and S scroll decoration, top center light. No mark. Size: 19"H, 67 1/2"W, 7 1/2"D. Condition: good, possibly once part of clock set. 100 - 200
2151 4 NIPPON LANDSCAPE PIECES. (1) Nippon hand painted vase, two pierced handles, lake scene with trees in band on top half of vase, top and bottom yellow band wtih gilt leaf decoration. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon around "M" in wreath. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Small hand painted Nippon vase on three ball feet, continuous landscape with boats, water and windmill. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon around "M" in wreath. Size: 2 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Hand painted Nippon three lobed dish wtih three pierced handles, landscape with moon in shades of green, gilt edge decoration. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon around "M" in wreath. Size: 1 1/2"H, 6 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Hand painted Nippon shallow bowl with scalloped edge, ribbed exterior, fall landscape scene interior, edge with brown painted and raised decoration. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon around "M" in wreath. Size: 2"H, 6"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2152 4 PCS. HANDPAINTED NIPPON. 1. Square creamer, 2 1/4" high, 4 1/4" handle to spout, base 2 7/8" x 2 7/8". Band of flowers and foliage on upper half, banded in beaded gold. Good condition. 2. Covered square sugar bowl, 2 3/4" high with lid, 4 3/4" across handles, base 3 3/4" x 3 3/4". Matches #1. Good condition. 3. Pair small 2-handled vases, 5 3/4" high, 4 1/4" across handles, bases 2" x 2 1/4". Poppies on white ground, pale green bands top & bottom. Both have hairline cracks. All marked "Hand Painted Nippon." 100 - 200
2153 2 CHOCOLATE POTS. 1. Fluted, lidded chocolate pot, allover garden scene of Japanese ladies. 9 3/4" high with lid, 6" handle to spout, flared scalloped base 5" diam. No apparent defects. 2. Ornate fluted chocolate pot, design of flowers and butterflies. 9 1/4" high with lid, 6" handle to spout, base 4" diam. Small chip on spout. 100 - 200
2154 3 HANDPAINTED NIPPON VASES. 3 matching 2-handled, narrow necked bud vases. 4 1/2" high, 4" at widest part, 1 1/2" at top. IGN OF FLOWERS AND FOLIAGE< GOLD HANDLES> Marked "Handpainted Nippon." Gold wearing off handles, otherwise all good condition. 100 - 200
2155 4 OPALESCENT PRESSED PIECES. (1) Pressed footed low bowl, clear with white opalescent detail, fluted edge. No mark. Size: 9"Diam. 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Pressed footed vase, clear with white opalescent highlights. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1)Pressed footed vase, clear with white opalescent detail, ribbon candy edge, basket weave sides. No mark. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Pressed footed vase, clear with white opalescent detail, pierced stem. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, Conditoin: good. 100 - 200
2156 2 HUMMEL FIGURINES. (1) Boy and girl with basket, full bee mark (1950-59). Incised 49/0. Size: 5 1/2". Condition: good. (1) Girl knitting with bird watching, stylized bee mark, 1957-1972. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2157 3 HUMMEL FIGURINES. (1) Young doctor, full bee mark (1950-59). Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Boy with backpack. full bee mark (1950-95) 62/0. Size: 5"H. Condition: chip in hair. (1) Happy Days, stylized bee mark (1957-1972) 150 2/0. Size: 4 1/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 250
2158 TEN SLAG GLASS PIECES. Lot includes the following: one green square container; one blue oval container; one blue swirl "hand" vase; one orange and yellow swirl flower design vase; one "sombrero" topped container. Marked: Mexicali; Pickwick Cosmetic Corp.; Fifth Ave. New York". One green swirl flower design vase; one orange swirl footed flower design container; matching double horse head containers and one purple swirl egg. Condition: no chips or cracks. 50 - 100
2159 4 CERAMIC PITCHERS. 1. Commemorative pitcher, marked "Made by Mason to Commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V & Queen Mary May 6th 1935" "Mason's Patent Ironstone China" "England." 5" high, 6 3/8" handle to spout, base 3" diam. Yellow with art deco-style raised bands, head of King George on the side. Good condition. 2. Squat green pitcher, banded body; 5 1/4" high, 6 1/4" handle to spout. Marked "121" in shield, in circle. Glaze scraped at base. 3. Blue pitcher, off-white interior. 6" high, 6 1/2" handle to spout, base 3 3/4" diam. Marked "Oxford Stoneware Made - USA." Glaze offone small spot, probably from manufacture. 4. Speckled green pitcher, shading to brown at rim; 4 1/2" high, 6" handle to spout, 5" diam. Marked "Nicodemus." Chip under spout. 50 - 100
2160 LIFE OF GENERAL BOOTH. Begbie, Harold. The Life of General William Booth The Founder of the Salvation Army. 2 vols. N.Y., 1920; Macmillan. 1st. ed. Ink inscription from a Salvation Army official, about whom a newspaper clipping is pasted on the front pastedown. No d/j's, o.w. VG. 35 - 70
2161 JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY WORKS. Riley, James Whitcomb. Complete Works. 6 vols. "Biographical Edition." Indianapolis, 1913; Bobbs-Merrill. 3/4 green leather, top edge gilt, marbled endpapers. Few pages unopened. No d/j's; very good condition. 100 - 200
2162 ELOISE IN MOSCOW. Thompson, Kay. Eloise in Moscow. N.Y., 1959; Simon & Schuster. 1st. printing. D/j has large piece missing from front, and is price-clipped; book very good condition. 25 - 50
2163 AUTOBIOG. DUCHESS OF ABRANTES. Junot, Laura. The Autobiography and Recollections of Laura, Duchess of Abrantes (Widow of General Junot). 4 vols. N.Y., 1893; Charles Scribner's Sons. "A new edition with portraits." 3/4 leather on marbled boards; marbled edges and endpapers. Binding signed "Bound by Zaehnsdorf for C. Scribner's Sons New York." Edges lightly scuffed, otherwise very good condition. 35 - 70
2164 INGOLDSBY LEGENDS. Barham, R. H. Ingoldsby Legends. London, 1861; Richard Bentley. "New Edition." Full green leather, gold dec. spine. Armorial bookplate. Inner hinges cracked; leather scuffed; contents good condition. 25 - 50
2165 7 VOLS. CAMEO ART BOOKS. 7 volumes of the Cameo series of art reference books. All published London, 1969-70, Paul Hamlyn. All VG/VG. 1. The Age of Louis XV; 2. English Silver; 3. Tapestries; 4. Ivories of the West; 5. Maiolica, Delft & Faience; 6. The French Empire Style; 7. The Age of Louis XVI. 35 - 70
2167 BRAMBLE BRAE. Bridges, Robert "Droch." Bramble Brae. N.Y., 1902; Charles Scribner's Sons. 1st, printing. 99 pp. Poems. Bookplate of Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt, noted Pittsburgh bibliophile. No d/j; good condition. 25 - 50
2168 3 INTERNATIONAL BOOKS. 1. Balanenko, Yury & Berezin, Alexander. Moscow. Moscow, c. 1975. 207 pp, tall 4to. VG/VG in box. 2. Great Britain. One World: the Universal Atlas of People & Places. Symphonette Press, n.p., c. 1974. 144 pp, small 4to. No d/j. Pictorial cover. VG. 3. Fitzhugh, William W. & Crowell, Aron. Crossroads of Continents: Cultures of Siberia & alaska. Smithsonian Inst. Press, c. 1988. 360 pp. Pb, 4to. VG. 25 - 50
2169 4 MISC. ART BOOKS. 1. Lane, John R. (ed.). Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Collections Handbook. Pittsburgh, 1985. 332 pp, pb. VG. 2. Elsen, Albert E. Purposes of Art. 3rd. ed. N.Y., c. 1972; Holt, Rinehart & Winston. 488 pp, small square 4to. Pb. VG. 3. Harris, Ann Sutherland & Nochlin, Linda. Women Artists: 1550-1950. Los Angeles Co. Museum of Art/Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y., 1976. 367 pp. Square 4to, pb. VG. 4. Carnegie International 1985. Pittsburgh, 1985. 235 pp, tall 4to; pb. With supplement. VG. 25 - 50
2170 3 BOOKS OF EUROPEAN HISTORY. 1. deClinchamps, Philippe et al. The Chateaux of the Loire I Love. N.Y., c. 1970; Tudor Pub. Co. 139 pp, small square 4to. Very good in worn, torn d/j. 2. Caputo, Giacomo et al. The Buried City - Excavations at Leptis Magna. N.Y., c. 1966; Frederick A. Praeger. 126 pp, 4to. VG/VG. 3. Norwich, John Julius. A History of Venice. N.Y., 1982; Alfred A. Knopf. 673 pp. VG/VG. 25 - 50
2171 JAPANESE MORIAGE VASE. Tall ceramic Japanese vase, colorful Moriage decoration. 18 3/4" high, 7" diam. at widest part. Scenes of Japanese dignitaries, stylized designs top and bottom, pierced neck. No apparent defects. 150 - 300
2172 IMARI FRUIT BOWL. Imari bowl, 4" high, 9 3/4" diam. No mark. Chip in the base. 100 - 300
2173 JAPANESE LACQUERED TRAY. Round tray with red ground and large black calligraphics stroke design, red and black back. Mark: Calligraphic mark on back. Size: 12"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2174 BISQUE FIGURE: BOY WITH VIOLIN. Bisque figurine of boy in 18th century dress, holding violin. 12 1/2" high, base 4 1/4" x 3". Marked "Made in Germany." No defects. 40 - 80
2175 BISQUE FEMALE FIGURE. Hand painted bisque porcelain figure in 18th c. costume, yellow and pink dress with delicate painted floral decoration. no mark. Size: 13"H, 5 1/2"W. 5"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2176 3 JAPANESE PORCELAIN ITEMS. (2) 19th Century hand painted porcelain bowls, each with identical decoration of genre scene surrounded by landscape and flying cranes with cobalt and gilt painted borders. Marked: Japanese calligraphy mark in gold on iron red field. Size: 1 1/2"H., 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: no detractions. (1) Nippon hand painted dish, two pierced handles, scalloped edge, geometric decoration in pink, green and gold with raised beadwork in white and gold. Marked: green mark: Hand Painted Nippon around building logo. Size: 1 1/2"H. 7 1/4"L. 5"W. Condition: chip under one handle, not visible when viewing dish on table. 150 - 300
2179 WALL HANGING CURIO. In the Colonial style. Dentiled pediment over a nine paneled door. Size: 34"H, 22.5"W, 7"D. 35 - 70
2180 PERSIAN BEATEN COPPER TRAY ON STAND. Stand is faux stone. Condition: no detractions. Size: 18"H, 44"Diam. 100 - 200
2181 PAIR OF MILK GLASS TABLE LAMPS. With blueish flowers overall. 20 - 40
2182 BRISTOL VASE/TABLE LAMP. Milk glass vase with floral decoration and gilt edging made into a lamp. Size: 29"H, 11.5"Diam. 30 - 60
2183 TWO T'ANG TYPE HORSE LAMPS. Horses are identical but in different faux finishes. One resemble bronze, the other copper. The lampshades are different colors and fabrics as well. Size: 33"H, 16"W, 15"D. 75 - 150
2184 BALDWIN SPINET PIANO AND BENCH. 36" H, 5' W, 25" D. Condition: has been refinished. 100 - 200
2185 THREE FLOOR LAMPS. Provenance: Allen H. Berkman estate. One is Regency style with a triform base on lion paw feet, one has a table top with greek key edge, and one is brass. Condition: gently used, no detractions. 40 - 80
2186 SHOU LOU. Bamboo wood carving of Shou Lou with peach and stag, god of longevity, fruit blossoms once every 3000 years. No mark. Size: 14 1/2"H. Condition: one antler broken off stag. 150 - 300
2187 SHOU LOU Ivory carving of Shou Lou. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"H. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2188 FIVE ANIMAL STATUES. One is a grey bird perched on a branch. Marked: "Fine Bone China Crown Staffordshire England". Measures: 6.5" h. One is two brown birds perched on branches. Marked: "Stangl Pottery Birds". Measures: 6.5" h. One is a pink flamingo. Unmarked. Measures: 8" h. One is a soapstone pig with three piglets. Unmarked. Measures: 3" h. One is a starving ceramic elephant. Unmarked. Measures: 5.5" h. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2189 3 FAMOUS SCULPTURE CASTS. (1) Perseus with the head of Medusa by Cellini. Resin cast by G.Ruggeri, Made in Italy. Size: 20 1/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Labor of Hercules(after the antique). Resin cast by G. Ruggeri, Made in Italy. Size: 9 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Pauline Borghese as Venus by Canova. Resin cast by G.Ruggeri, Made in Italy. Size: 8 1/2"H. condition: good. 50 - 150
2190 VICTORIAN ART GLASS BOWL. Blown mold milk and pink art glass bowl with ruffled edge, hand painted blue and gilt floral decoration. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"Daim. 4"H. Condition: good. (Possibly art of a bride's basket, missing stand). 75 - 150
2191 VAL ST. LAMBERT DECANTER. Blown glass decanter with stopper, ground bottom. Signed: Val St. Lambert on bottom. Size: 11 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. at widest part. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2192 CUT GLASS PITCHER. Cut glass pitcher with bands of cross hatched panels, flower and leaf decorated center band, notched spout, rondel cut handle. No mark. Size: 8 1/8"H, 7 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: some chipping along rim of spout. 50 - 100
2193 MIRRORED PLATEAU. Round mirror with notched edges, and band of star decoration in repousse metal stand on four legs.No mark. Size: 12"Diam. 3"H. Condition: mirror slightly fogged. 50 - 100
2194 2 COBALT DECORATED PIECES.(1) small vessel with metal rimmed spout, hand painted floral and beaded enamel decoration, gilt top edge, no mark. Size:7"H, 5"Diam. Condition: wear to gilding and painting. (2) Small cobalt blue vase with orange and white enameled grape decoration. Size: 5"H. Condition: some wear to decoration. 40 - 80
2195 BLOWN GLASS CANE. Blown glass cane, green glass with white line twisted decoration, dimpled top, hollow with pointed bottom, rubber cap. Size:34"L. Condition: bottom tip rough. 100 - 200
2196 CZECH ART GLASS VASE. Blown glass vase, mottled random color areas on yellow field, ground top. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 3 1/4"Diam. base, 6"Diam. widest part, 3 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: several stress cracks in body of vase. 50 - 100
2197 TWELVE CARVED IVORY(?) FIGURES. One is a stag on a base; one is a Japanese woman; one is three monkeys, "Hear no Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" on a wood base; an African man; three elephants; an elephant pendant; two monkeys with one on top; an elephant on a black wood base;an African archer and a Netsuke man's face. Condition: one of the stag's antlers is broken off. 50 - 100
2198 4 OFF-WHITE CERAMIC ITEMS. 1. Porcelain vase, cream-coored, gold rim; raised design of chrysanthemums. 8 3/4" high, upper part 4 1/2" wide, base 3 3/4" x 3 1/4". Marked "Lenox" "Made in U.S.A." Good condition. 2. Cream-clored porcelain bowl, gold-rimmed, 3 1/4" high, 5 3/4" diam. Pierced design of roses around top, embossed rose inside. Marked "Lenox" "Made in U.S.A." Area of hardened glue in bottom of bowl. 3. Cream-colored fluted porcelain bowl, 2 1/2" high, 6" diam. Gold around top edge and base. Marked "Lenox" "Made in U.S.A." Good condition. 4. Bisque walrus, off-white with gray nose, eyes and flippers. 4 1/2" high, 5" long. Marked "Cybis U.S.A." 50 - 100
2199 12 TOWLE STERLING PIECES. N/R. 12 Towle "Old Colonial" pattern (1895) sterling pieces. All marked: Towle hallmark, Sterling Pat 1895 925/1000. 4 forks 7"L. Weight: 201.1grams. Condition: one fork with bend tines, two forks with monograms ( KMH) ( MH). 8 nut spoons 5 1/2"L. Weight: 206.8 grams. Condition: four spoons in good condition, two spoons with minor roughness on edge of bowl, one spoon with dings in bowl, one with major dents in bowl. 120 - 240
2200 DUMB WAITER. Wooden dumb waiter on three pad feet, fluted column, three round shelves, bottom shelf enhanced with carving along edge. Size: 40"H, Shelfs 24"Diam. 18"diam. 12"diam. Conditoin: finish is worn in spots. 75 - 150
2201 VICTORIAN VASE A. KAUFMANN DEC. Victorian vase with Angelica Kaufmann figural scene. Decal decoration marked Kaufman, ornate pierced handles. Marked: Victoria Carlsbad Austria. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2202 2 WHITE HOUSE DESSERT PLATES. Two reproduction White House pattern dessert plates. Each marked: Woodmere China (c) New Castle, Pa. (1) James Monroe 1817-1825 administration dessert plate reproduction: aubergene and gilt border, center eagle medallion. Size: 7 5/8"Diam. Condition: good. (1) James K. Polk 1845-1849 administration dessert plate, floral center, green and gilt border. Size: 7 5/8"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2204 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE 4 PIECES. 4 pieces of Moonstone pattern, Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster Ohio, 1941-46.Crystal with opalescent hobnails. Pieces include: (1) small ruffled vase. Size; 3 3/4"H. condition: good. (1) Covered cigarette box. Size: 2 1/4"H, 4 3/4"L, 3 1/2"D. condition: lid has minor flake inside. (1) Round puff box with lid. Size: 2 1/2"H. Conditin: good. (1) Covered candy dish with handles. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6"Diam. condition: chip on lid. 40 - 80
2205 DEPRESSION: MOONSTONE 10 PIECES. 10 pieces of Moonstone pattern made by Anchor Hocking Glass Co. Lancaster Ohio, 1941-456. crystal glass with opalescent hobnails. Pieces include: (5) cups Size: 32 1/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. condition: good. (5) Sherberts Size: 3 1/2"H, 3 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2206 CHERRY NIGHT STAND. Georgian style with three drawers raised on ogee bracket feet. Condition: like new.Size: 27"H, 23"W, 17"D. 35 - 70
2207 CHERRY MIRRORED TRIPLE DRESSER. Georgian style with two broken arch and finial mirrors. 84" H, 6' W, 19.5" D. Condition: like new. 60 - 120
2208 4 BLUE HOBNAIL PIECES. Four hobnail decorated glass items, all with blue body and white opalescent highlights. Includes: (2) stoppered perfume bottles. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Vase with fluted top. No mark. Size: 4"H. Condition:good. (1) covered round powder jar. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 4 1/2"Diam. condition: good. 50 - 100
2209 7 OPALESCENT GLASS ITEMS. (3) Moonstone creamers, clear with white/blue opalescent decoration. No mark. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: all good. (1) Moonstone sugar bowl with two handles. Clear with white/blue opalescent decoration. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Moonstone cigarette box (no lid). Clear with whtie/blue opalescent decoraiton. No mark. Size: 2"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: good. (1) Stoppered perfume bottle, blue body with white hobnails. No mark. Size: 6"H, 5"W. 3 1/2"D. Condition: stopper cork stuck. (1) Green opalescent creamer. Green body with white opalescent highlights. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. 80 - 160
2210 3 ROSEVILLE POTTERY PIECES. (1) Pinecone pattern two handled vase, brown exterior, blue shading to yellow interior. Marked: (incised) Roseville 704-7. Size: 7 1/2"H. 5"Diam.top. condition: good. (1) Donatello pattern flower pot. Green and brown glaze on cream ground. Marked: Donatello R.P. Co. (raised letters in circle mark). Condition: three interior stress cracks, one extending to the exterior. Interior crazing. (1) Donatello pattern round low bowl. Green and brown glaze on cream ground. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. 2 1/4"H. Condition: crazing on exterior, interior and bottom. Stain ring on interior bottom. 100 - 300
2211 3 AMERICAN POTTERY VESSELS. (1) Mottled glaze pot; green, yellow and brown mottled gloss glaze, raised floral and leaf decoration, two small handles, brown interior. Mark: incised: 274. Size: 6 1/4"H, 7 1/4"Diam. top. condition: good. (1) Black glaze pot, lobbed sides, floral band around top. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H. 9 1/2"Diam. top. Conditin: three small chips in base, sides have minor wear. (1) Mottled glaze pot; brown interior, blue, green and yellow exterior. Ringed sides. No marks. Size: 6 1/2"H. 7 1/2"Diam. top. Condition: wear on base. 75 - 150
2212 4 WELLER PIECES. (1) Baldwin vase (1919-20) no mark, Size: 6"H. Condtion": good. (1) Pannella vase (mid. 1930s) green, marked: incised script Weller. Size: 6 3/4"H. condition: small chip on bottom rim. Oak Leaf vase (1934) brown, marked: incised script Weller. Size: 6"H, condition: good. (1) Blossom vase (mid 1930s) blue, size: 6"H, condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
2213 2 BEADED VINTAGE HANDBAGS. (1) Rectangular beaded bag, Art Deco floral decoration, woven bead fringe , metal clasp and chain, pink cloth lining. Marked: Germany on interior cloth tag. Size: 12"L, 8"W. 18"Chain. condition: wear to metal surface. (1) Blue beaded bag, draw string closure, large paisley central design; blue, black and red beaded string side decoration. No mark. Size" 15"L. 6"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2214 TWO BEADED BAGS. One bag is heavily beaded in tones of copper and gold. It has a hidden gold closure. The white fabric interior is marked " Made in Hong Kong". Bag measures: 7.0" l. X 9.5" w. One bag is heavily beaded in tones of green, pink, gold, copper, blue and amber. It has large and small beads interspersed on a brocade fabric. It has a chain strap and double "lion" gold closure. Green fabric interior. Bag measures: 6.5" l. X 10" w. Condition: brocade bag is missing beads; interior needs cleaned. 75 - 150
2215 THREE EVENING BAGS. Lot includes a small gold metallic straw bag marked "Made expressly for Jana; Made in Hong Kong". Gold lame interior. Bag measures: 5.5" l. X 6.0" w. A blue sequined and beaded bag with blue fabric interior marked " Hand made in Hong Kong". Bag measures: 6.5" l. X 6.5" w. A black fabric bag with a gold closure marked "Ingber(?) made in U.S.A. Bag measures: 4.5" l. X 8.0" w. Condition: black bag has some scratches on the closure; straw bag shows wear on its closure. 25 - 75
2216 CHINESE EXPORT SAUCE BOAT. 19th c. Chinese export sauce boat, blue and white landscape decoration. no mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 7"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: wear to base and lip. 100 - 200
2217 3 JAPANESE BUD VASES. 1. Hand painted ceramic vase, 3 1/4" high, 1 3/4" at shoulder. Island scene, florals, flying bird. Hairline crack in body. 2. Satsuma-style vase, 3 3/4" high, 2" diam. at shoulder. 3 kneeling figures on one side, florals on the other. Chip under rim. 3. Satsuma-style vase, 3 1/2" high, 1 3/4" at shoulder. 4 panels, all showing figures; gold decoration at top and bottom. No apparent defects. 75 - 150
2218 COMBED SLIP DECORATED PITCHER. Blue glazed ceramic pitcher, brown handle and interior glaze, band of combed decoration around body of pitcher. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"H, 7 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2219 5 ANIMAL-FORM ITEMS. 1. Elephant-shaped teapot with small elephant forming lid handle. Blue & white, decorated with design of dots and flowers. 7" high with lid, 8 1/2" from trunk-spout to tail-handle. No defects. 2. Colorful teapot in the form of a rabbit dressed as an old-fashioned countrywoman, pink apron, holding basket of flowers. Her head and shoulders form lid, spout is one paw, the other arm is the handle. 7 1/4" high to tip of ears, 6 3/4" handle to spout. Marked "Otagiri Japan." No defects. 3. Bisque koala figure, gray and white on brown base. 5 1/2" high, base 3 3/4" x 3 1/2". Marked "Kyneton Fine China" "Made in Australia" "Artist Rita Daniel" "283." No defects. 4. Porcelain rooster, 4 3/4" high, base approx. 2" diam. Marked "Copenhagen Porcelain Made in Denmark" "B & G." No defects. 5. Clear glass unicorn, set into kidney-shaped wooden base. Base 1 1/4" high; unicorn 5 1/4" high, 7" long from tip of horn to back foot. Good condition. 75 - 150
2220 ENAMELED CARRAIGE CLOCK. Brass case with cloisonne decoraiton, side enameled scenes, beveled glass front, enameled face. Marked: Made in Peoples Republic of China, Tianjin. #011. (Battery operated clock) size: 7 1/2"H, 3 3/4"W, 3 1/4"Diam. Condition: sold as is. 75 - 150
2221 20 PORCELAIN & STERLING ITEMS. (6) English porcelain handled steak knives. Marked: A.E. Lewis & Co. Made in Sheffield England. Stainless Steel blade. Green and gilt porcelain handles. in fitted case. Size: 7 1/2"L. condition: good. (6) English porcelain handled luncheon knives. Marked. A. E. Lewis & Co. Made in Sheffield England. Stainless steel blade. Blue and gilt porcelain handles. Size: 7"L. Condition: one porcelain handle broken. (8) Sterling demitasse spoons with gilt bowls and enameled handles in various colors. Marked: D.A. Norway Sterling. Size: 3 3/4"L. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2222 PR DAFFODIL CANDELABRA. Pair of two light candelabra by Rogers Bros. Daffodil pattern, silverplate, daffodil center, leaf like branches, daffodil center shaped holder for candles. Marked: Rogers Bros. Daffodil, IS 9916. Size: 6 3/4"H, 9 1/2"W, 3 3/4"D. Condition: tarnished. 50 - 100
2223 14 ORIENTAL ITEMS. 1. Chinese cloisonne covered ginger jar, 7" high, 6" diam. at widest part. Greenground, stylized flowers and foliage. Surface lightly pitted; no serious damage. 2. Small 2-handled champleve vase, 6" high, 4 1/4" diam. at widest point. Stylized florals. Marked "Made in Japan." Good condition. 3. 6 brass bowls, swirled design inside, Greek key design around outside rim. 2" high, 4 3/4" diam. 3 good, 3 lightly dented. 4. 2 brass bowls, 2" high,5" diam. Unusual hammered designs. No apparent defects. 5. Cloisonne ashtray, 3 3/4" diam. Green ground, white florals. Marked "China." Chip on underside; small chip in design. 6. Brass picture frame, 5 1/2" x 4". Dragons and stylized florals. Goldtone finish mostly worn off. 7. 3-legged brass jar, 5 1/2" high, 4 1/2" at widest part; shaped like small cauldron on goat legs. Engraved design. Legs slightly loose; dent on one side. 8. Small brass jar, 3" high, 3 1/4" diam. Engraved design of flowers and birds. Base slightly dented. 9. Brass foo dog, 2 1/2" high, base 2 1/2" x 1 1/2". Goldtone finish wearing off. 125 - 250
2224 14 EUROPEAN 800 SILVER ITEMS. (6) Six floral handled demitasse spoons, 2 lily of the valley, 2 grape, 2 rose pattern.Monogramed DN on back. Marked:(hallmark) 800.In presentation box marked: Fritz Thiesenhusen Turulier Bremmen. Condition: good. (6) Six spoon with floral handles and gilt bowls, monogramed MN. Marked: (hallmark) 800. In gift box. condition: good. (2) two serving spoons monogramed "Dorothy" in fitted box. Marked: (hallmark 800). Condition: good. 50 - 100
2225 10 STERLING CANDLESTICKS. (4) Gorham sterling low candlesticks, gadrooned decoration on base. Marked: Gorham Sterling Cement Filled Reinforced with Rod. 667. Size: 3 1/2"H, 3 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. (2) Gorham sterling low candlesticks, plain band decoratoin on base. Marked: Gorham Sterling Cement Filled Reinforced with Rod. 661. SiZe: 3 1/2"H, 3 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. (2) Heirloom sterling low candlesticks, rose decorated base band. Marked: Damask Rose Hierloom Sterling Weighted reinforced 38. Size: 3 3/4"H, 4"Diam. base. Condition: good. (2) Small candlesticks. marked: Sterling by Laben Weighted. Size: 2 1/4"H, 2 3/4"Dia. base. Condition: good. All need to have wax removed and polished. 100 - 200
2226 STERLING CREAMER. N/R. Hinged lided creamer, monogramed, classical shape, marked: sterling 349 A Kurtzenburn & Sons. Size: 5 1/4"H. Weight: 219.6 grams. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2227 2 STERLING GOBLETS. Two sterling goblets. Marked: Sterling (hallmark) 81. Size: 6 5/8"H, 3 3/8"Diam. top. Weight: 105 grams each. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2228 6 STERLING ITEMS. (1) sterling Revere bowl. Inscribed: Junior League of Pittsburgh Volunteer of the Year 1962, Mrs. Charles R. Burke, Presented by John M. robers Son Co. Marked: B & M Sterling 281 Reproduction Paul Revere. Size: 3"H, 6"Diam. top. Weight: 231.8 grams.Condition: dents (1) Priesner Sterling dished plate. Marked: Priesner Sterling. Size: 7"Diam. Weight: 110.8 grams. Condition: dents. (1) International Stering small urn. Marked: International Sterling NHI. size: 3"H. Weight: 64.1 grams. conditon: good. (1) International Sterling small urn. Marked: International Sterling NHI Size: 3"H. Weight: 61 grams. Condition: dents. (1) Sterling double jigger. Marked: 925. Size: 3 3/4"H. Weight: 87.3 grams. Condition: dents. (1) Footed compote with pierced rim, monogramed B. Marked: Webster Sterling weighted. Condition: top broken from base. 75 - 150
2229 13 STERLING ITEMS + OTHER. (6) Wallace sterling salt shakers. Marked: Wallace Sterling 124. Size: 3 1/2"H. Weight: 270 grams. total. Condition: 5 with corroded tops. (5) Small sterling salt shakers. Marked: WC Sterling. Size: 2 1/4"H. Weight: 33.5 grms. total. Condition: all with some corrosion. (2) Unmarked silver coasters. One 3 3/4"Dia. , one 4"Diam. (1) cut glass container with silver lid and sterling spoon. (3) Spoons, with bent handles. One marked: Sterling, one marked: Silverplate, one too bent to read marks. 50 - 100
2230 COUNTRY DROP LEAF TABLE. Solid wood drop leaf table, twisted column legs, on casters. Painted green on top, red on sides and legs. table separates, leaves missing. Size: 29 1/2"H, 38"Deep, 26"Wide with leaves down, each leaf adds 10" (46" with both leaves open). Condition: rough, paint layers thick and peeling, needs work. 100 - 300
2231 BASKET WEAVE COVERED SOFA TABLE. With inlaid rectangle of brass. Size: 5'5"W. 16"D, 27"H. 40 - 80
2232 BAMBOO CHAIR AND A SLAT CHAIR. Bamboo chair has an x-form back finished in a craquellure paint. 20 - 40
2233 SMALL OCCASSIONAL TABLE. Top with a scene of a clipper ship, base is wrought iron. Size: 19"H, 12"W, 12"D. 15 - 25
2234 BANDED MAHOGANY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. Mahogany with burl walnut bands around the doors and drawers. Television platform slides out and pivots, drawer has a drop front, and pair of lower doors. Raised on ogee bracket feet. Condition: like new.size: 64"H. 38"W, 2'D. 250 - 500
2235 BLACK WALNUT VENEERED DRESSER. Circa 1900, Empire style. Serpentine top drawers over two long drawers flanked by undulating sides and scrolling feet. Condition: two small bits of veneer missing. size: 37"H, 50"W, 2'D. 200 - 400
2237 WING CHAIR RETAILED BY ED LINDER, PGH. Upholstered in a brown and black houndstooth fabric and raised on marlborough legs. Condition: gently used.Size: 44"H, 37"W, 32"D. 125 - 250
2238 HANDPAINTED SPICE CHEST. Green painted narrow tall chest with four drawers hand painted with sage, rosemary, thyme, and marjorum. Size: 41"H, 14"W, 13"D. 50 - 100
2239 PAIR OF BRASS AND FAUX MARBLE SCONCES. Having half shades. Condition: like new. 19"H, 10"W, 6"D. 20 - 40
2240 PAIR OF NEOCLASSIC STYLE TABLE LAMPS. Ceramic with three classically draped figures standing back to back.Size: 33"H, 15"Diam. 40 - 80
2241 TWO METAL FLOOR LAMPS. Primitive style, one painted black the other an iron red. 15 - 30
2242 REMBRANDT IRON FLOOR LAMP. Decorative wrought iron and brass Tudor style floor lamp with four amber satin glass panels (one broken piece missing) and roundels with towers and shields. 150 - 300
2243 RECENT WROUGHT IRON TABLE LAMP. Primitive style, nice chain stitch shade. Size: 30"H, 10"Diam. 10 - 20
2244 PR. BRASS WALL SCONCES. Pair of brass oval decorated back plate wall sconces to hold candles, S scoll bracket arm, diamond quilted shaft. Marked: paper label: Made in India. Size: 18 1/2"L, 6 1/2"W. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2245 VICTORIAN GILT MIRROR. Ornate Victorian frame with mirror (silver as-is). Size: 27"H, 22"W, 1 1/2"D. 150 - 250
2246 NEOCLASSIC MIRROR. Arched top with wreath and having a beaded interior edge. Size: 43"H, 27"W, 2"D. 50 - 100
2247 CONTEMPORARY OIL LAMP. Contemporary blue and brown glazed ceramic base with applied ribbon handle, metal fixtures (marked Made in Hong Kong), and standard clear chimney. No mark on base of lamp. Size: 17"H, 9"Diam. base. 50 - 100
2248 4 STERLING CANDLESTICKS. (2) Two candlesticks with stylize floral band at base. Marked: International Sterling "Prelude" weighted reinforced. N212. Size: 3 1/2"H. each. Condition: each with dents. (2) Pair of sterling candlesticks, round stepped base, square tapering shaft. Marked: Stering Regent Weighted. Size: 7"H. each. Condition: each with dents where shaft meets base. 50 - 100
2249 9 STERLING ITEMS. (1)Otto Reichardt Co. N.Y. sterling creamer. Marked: Sterling (OR) 833. Size: 3"H. Weight: 50.3 grams. Condition: wear. (1) Manchester Silver Co. sterling ashtray. Marked: Hallmark Sterling 1047. Size: 4 1/4"Diam. Weight: 44.6 grams. Condition: good. (1) Towle sterling coaster. Marked: Towle Sterling 501. Weight: 37.6 grams. Conditoin: good. (1) Amston Sterling candlestick with screw in glass compote top. Marked: Amston Sterling Reinforced 540. Condition: good. (1) Revere Silversmiths sterling candlestick with screw in glass compote top. Marked: Revere Silversmiths Inc. 2003. Sterling reinforced with cement. condition: good. (4) Sterling rimmed glass coasters. Marked: Frank M. Whiting Co. Sterling 04 Pat.Pend. Condition: minor dents. 75 - 150
2250 POW INLAID BOX.From Camp Knockaloe, Isle of Man, WWI. Inlaid wooden box, rectangular hinged lid, top inlaid with roses and ribbon decoration. Marked: paper label: G.Luckart No. 5193 Camp VI Hut 5 A. marked in corner of bottom: Knockaloe Camp I Made by P.O.W. 5193. Size: 13 1/4"L, 4 3/4"W, 3 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear. 200 - 400
2251 ART DECO CHANDELIER. Metal five light Art Deco chandelier with five molded frosted glass panels, stylized leaf and flower decoration in cream with brown highlights. No mark. Size: each glass panel is 9"L, 5"W. Total height of fixture is 20"H. Condition: each glass panel has minor chips of edge of glass (does not detract from total effect). 75 - 150
2252 THREE LIGHT CHANDELIER. Three branch brass fixture with center tassel drop and iridescent glass shades, bell shaped blown glass with etched acanthus decoraiton, fluted rim. No mark. Size: Shades: 4 1/2"Diam. 4 1/2"H. Chandelier: 17 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2253 FOUR LITE CHANDELIER. Brass four light chandelier with blue and white molded glass shades, in bell shape with garland and band decoration, suspended from four acanthus decorations. No mark. Size: Shades: 5"H, 4 1/2"Diam., Chandelier: 19"H. 18" x 18" W. Condition: good, shades probably not original to chandelier. 100 - 200
2254 4 LIGHT CHANDELIER. Brass four light chandelier with four milk glass bell shaped shades with satin finish, hand painted band of pink roses and green leaves. No mark. Size: Shades: 5 1/2"Diam. 4 1/2"H. Chandelier: 17"H, 18" x 18"W. Condition: good, shades probably not original to chandelier. 100 - 200
2255 HANGING LANTERN. Six sided metal lantern, with carmel slag glass inserts, behind pierced metal panels, six metal finials along the top rim. No mark. Size: 14"H, 6"Diam. glass panels 3"W, 7 1/2"H. Condition: metal worn, top loose, no wiring. 75 - 150
2256 2 LLADRO ANGEL FIGURINES. (1) Lladro seated resting angel. Marked: Lladro Hand made in Spain. Size: 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Lladro standing angel playing musical instrument. Marked: Lladro Hand made in Spain. Size: 6"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2257 2 CLOISONNE VASES. Pair 20th century Chinese cloisonne narrow-necked vases, 7 1/4" high, 4" diam. at widest part, 2 1/4" at top. Yellow ground, pink and blue chrysanthemums, green foliage; allover small cloud-shaped cloisons. One vase has a small chipped area on the side. 50 - 100
2258 7 SMALL BOXES. 1.Brass box, hinged lid; raised allover floral design. 2 1/2" high, 6" square. Marked "T & C Chicago" "F R & Co. New York" "F. H. Deknatel Copyright 1910." Good condition. 2. Lidded marble box, 2" high, 7 3/4" x 4 1/4". Paper label: UCAGCO Made in Italy." Chip to lid. 3. Small brass cigarette box, carved hardstone insert, engraved design of butterflies; medallions engraved on corners of lid. Marked "Made in China." Good condition. 4. Small dark red box, hinged lid, applied white flowers. 1 3/4" high, 4 1/8" x 3". Marked "Genuine Incolay Stone" "Handcrafted U.S.A." "R.C." engraved on lid. Good condition. 5. Round ceramic lidded Capo di Monte footed box. 5 1/2" high with lid, 5 3/4" diam. Marked "Capo di Monte Italy" with crown and "N." Lid cracked, repaired. 6. Ornate Victorian 4-legged trinket box, hinged lid. 3 3/4" high, 3 1/2" x 2 1/2". Gold finish, raised floral design, padded interior. Padding starting to deteriorate. 7. Small 4-legged ornate lidded trinket box, padded interior. 3" high, 2" x 2 1/2". Gold finish, mostly worn off; padding shredded. 100 - 200
2259 CUT GLASS DECANTER. Signed cut glass decanter with ovoid body and straight cut decoration, round ball ground stopper. Marked: Acid stamp indistinct mark. Size: 10 1/2"H, 5"Diam. widest part. Condition: small stress crack in bottom of stopper. 100 - 200
2260 CARD CASE AND COMPACT. One is a tortoise and ivory(?) card case(initialed on top). Card case measures: 3.5" l. X 2.5" w. One is a leather compact with an Art Deco motif. It has a mirror and a storage compartment. It is marked "Ondaine". Compact measures: 3.0" l. X 2.0" w. Condition: age appropiate wear; the card case's top is loose. 75 - 100
2261 MISC. VANITY ITEMS. Lot includes a black ceramic tray; a Habanita perfume bottle marked "Molinard Creation Lalique"; a Jean Patou "Joy" filled perfume bottle with box; two Norell gold metal lipstick holders and a metal perfume funnel. Condition: Joy perfume is old; one lipstick holder is dented. 50 - 100
2262 MISC. ITEMS. Lot includes a hallmarked tea strainer with bowl(silverplate over brass ?). Strainer measures: 1.5" h. X 3.5" w. X 2.5" d. A brass "caduceus" door knocker. Door knocker measures: 5.5" l. X 7.0" w. A composition(?) Oriental figure of a man and fish. Signed: "EBIS". Figure measures: 3.0" h. Condition: door knocker has red paint marks; plate worn on strainer. 25 - 75
2263 11 VANITY ITEMS. Lot includes two metal and one sterling silver headband; one "jockey" motif tie tac; two pairs of cufflinks from stud sets; two gold metal and two tortoise colored hatpins; and a yellow Wedgwood jasperware box. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2264 3 PANEL ART NOUVEAU MIRROR. 3 panel folding mirror, interior with beveled mirrors, exterior backed with raised Art Nouveau decoration. Panels can either stand on a table or be hung on a wall. No mark. Size: each panel 9"H, 7"W. Condition: age approriate wear, one back panel slight lifting. 100 - 300
2265 DEPT. 56 DOLL BENCH. Red bench has wood slats and a metal frame with a Christmas motif. Bench measures: 9.0" h. X 15" w. X 3.0" d. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2266 ROSENTHAL BOWL. Rosenthal porcelain bowl with decaled and hand painted decoration, two pierced handles, interior decoration of green grapes with blue background, gilt edging. Marked: Rosenthal Donatello Bavaria Hand Painted. Size: 10 1/2"W, 10"D, 2 1/2"H. Condition: good, minor wear to gilding. 50 - 100
2267 SIX PORCELAIN PIECES. One is a floral and gold rimmed bowl. Marked: "Limoges; Coronet France". One is a footed floral and gold compote. One is a floral and gold plate. Marked: "Dresden". One is an oval gold and green trimmed dish. Marked: "Bawo Odotten(?) Elite Works Limoges France". One is a floral and gold trimmed bowl. Marked: "418". One is a floral and gold trimmed bowl. Unmarked. Condition: minor scratches on some pieces. 50 - 100
2269 CONTEMPORARY LAMP Three white columns ascend from brass circular base, supporting a pleated tan shade. Size: 22"H, 14"D shade. Condition: good. 30 - 60
2270 HAND MADE QUILT. Quilt with cream ground, geometric alternating blocks, multicolor. size: 72"x 66". Condition: good, slight soiling. 200 - 400
2271 PR. CHINTZ LOVESEATS Two loose pillow back loveseats, with rolled arms, and ruffled skirt, upholstered in a glazed chintz fabric of blue background and pinkish flowers. Size: 32"H, 5'W, 33"D. Condition: gently used, cleaned. 70 - 150
2273 NORITAKE "TARANTELLA" CHINA. China has a white background with a floral border and gold rim. Lot includes the following: nine dinner plates; eleven salad plates; nine dessert plates; four soup bowls; nine small bowls; eleven saucers; eight cups; a sugar; a creamer; a gravy boat; two platters and an open serving dish. Dishes are marked "Noritake Tarantella 2035". Condition: gold has worn off on some dishes; lid to sugar bowl is missing; chips on gravy boat and soup bowl. 100 - 200
2274 CANNES CHINA. China has a white background with a floral border and a silver rim. Lot includes the following: seven dinner plates; eight salad plates; eight soup bowls; eight saucers; eight cups; a covered sugar; a creamer; a platter; and an open serving dish. Dishes are marked "Cannes China 8078". Condition: no chips or cracks. 100 - 200
2275 1833 SAMPLER. Sampler made by Mary A. Crandall in 1833. Features alphabets, text, landscape bottom with trees,buildings, basket. Signed: Made by Mary A. Crandall AD 1833, being in the 18th year of age. Size: 16"H, 14"W. Condition: faded and stained, in an old painted black and brown frame with rough edges. 800 - 1,000
2276 TRIBAL AFRICAN PLAQUE. Oval wooden plaque or tray, incised border decoration, face top decoration. No mark. No country of origin known. Size: 14 3/4"L, 14"H. Condition: broken in two places and reglued. 40 - 80
2277 2 WRITTEN TABLETS. (1) Gessoed wood with middle eastern writing on front and back. Monochromatic coloration. Size: 17 1/4"H, 8 3/4"W. 1/2"D. Conditoin: good. (1) Double sided polychromed writing and decoration on paper affixed to wooden panel, leather cover and strap attachement. Size: 19"L, 8 1/8"W, 3/4"D. condition: paper wearing on edges. 50 - 100
2278 SCRIMSHAW PENDANTS. Lot includes two pendants depicting pelicans in flight. Pendant length: one is 1". one is 2". Condition: minor discolorations on one. 50 - 75
2279 4 STERLING ITEMS. (1) sterling souvenir spoon of The Mansion, Mt. Vernon, Va. Marked: Sterling. Size: 5"L, Weight: 12grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling souvenir spoon of Monarch Park Colorado. marked: Sterling. Size: 4 1/8"L. Weight: 9.6 grams. condition: good. (1) Sterling baby spoon. Marked: Sterling. Size: 3 3/4"L. Weight: 11.1 grams. Condition: good. (1) Sterling tongs. Marked: Web Sterling. Size: 3 1/2"L. Weight: 15 grams. condition: good. 40 - 80
2280 2 METAL ITEMS. (1) Cast metal six sided inkwell with glass insert, each side decorated with stylized "M" pattern, removable metal lid. No mark. Size: 2"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: surface rusted, chips around interior rim of glass ink holder. (1) Twelve candle tin mold. No mark. Size: 10"H, 8"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: rust and dents, 1 small part of rim missing. 50 - 100
2281 BRONZINO REPRODUCTION. Photomechanical reproduction of Agnolo Bronzino's famous painting "Young Man with a Book." On hardboard. Size framed: 45" h., 36" w. Condition: the reproduction is slightly greenish; frame and picture light are as is. 100 - 200
2282 SOUTHWEST POSTER. Offset litho after an image of Pueblo type buildings by Amy Marke (sp?). Size: 41" h., 24" w. Condition: poster like new; frame and mat are as is. 40 - 50
2283 WOMEN OF BRITTANY POSTER. Photomechanical reproduction after an oil painting by H. Houben, touched with white watercolor. Size framed: 25" h., 33" w. Condition: some creases and an unrepaired tear in the upper right corner; frame and mat are as is. 50 - 75
2284 PAIR OF OLD FOWLHUNTING PRINTS. 19th c.? H/C black line engravings. One is marked "Lomdon, Published by B. Mofs, Leman Str, Goodman's Fields, Dec 31, 1852." Men are shown shooting at waterfowl with hunting dogs nearby. Size each: 8" h., 11 1/4" w., framed 12 1/2" h., 16" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 125
2285 FOUR CHINESE WOODEN PANELS. Decorated with incised and colored bird imagery. They can be hung. Size each: 36" h., 12" w. Condition: some chips and abrasions to all, dirty. 75 - 150
2286 GIALAMAS ABSTRACT. 20th c. Acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Signed in the middle. An orange form on a white field. Gialamas may be Fran Gialamas, a known Pittsburgh artist. Size: 48" square. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 600
2287 THREE HORSE POSTERS. Offset lithos of "The Arab Tent" after Landseer, "The Farm in Winter" by Herring, and an image by E. Voltiers. Size: variable but medium to large. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2288 IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY PRINT. 1983. Print on decorative paper. Signed Filippo 8, 84/200. This is an image of Pittsburgh's Polish Hill church by Adam, Filippo and Moran. Size: 14" h., 12" w., framed 23" h., 20" w. Condition: like new. 50 - 100
2289 COPY AFTER REMBRANDT. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. A copy from Rembrandt' slate period, showing a woman in brown looking at her hands. Size: 27" h., 22" w., unframed. Condition: very worn; extreme bubbling on left edge and bottom; adhered to wooden supports that buttress the stretchers. 50 - 100
2290 FEMALE HEAD STUDY. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas (now mounted to wood). Monogrammed HP 26. This is an academic study of a downward gazing woman. Size: 17" h., 13 1/4" w., unframed. Condition: buckled; entire right side is torn; the canvas is dry and brittle and very dirty. 25 - 50
2291 PAIR OF LANDSCAPE REPRODUCTIONS. One is a very orange reproduction on hardboard of a village path and figures; the other is a TW Benson poster of a woman on a porch. Size framed: 28" h., 34" w. and 32" h., 36" w. Condition: a chip is out of the orange hardboard artwork; both frames are as is, you are bidding on the artwork. 40 - 60
2292 FEMALE EQUESTRIAN PRINT. 19th c. Hand colored lithograph. Unsigned, unmarked. In a black mat. Size: 7 1/4" h., 5 1/2" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 11 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects to the print; frame, mat and glass are as is, you are bidding on the print only. 50 - 100
2293 SURRENDER OF CORNWALLIS PRINT. Late 19th c. Hand colored wood engraving. After a Howard Pyle illustration. Size: 14" h., 20" w., framed 23" h., 29" w. Condition: one vertical crease where it was once folded, some slight buckling and yellowing; the frame, mat and glass are as is, you are bidding on the print itself. 100 - 200
2294 BARN OIL. Late 19th c./early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Size: 20" h., 24" w. Condition: several large tears; brittle and buckled, torn away lower right edge. 10 - 25
2295 COPY AFTER GOYA. Early 20th c. Oil on canvas. Shows men at a forge, after Francesco Goya's original oil painting. Size: 24" h., 20" w., unframed. Condition: numerous abrasions to the edge and image area, creases where the stretcher bars are, loose on stretchers. 50 - 100
2296 PAIR OF WATERCOLORS. 20th c. Watercolor on paper for each. One is signed Richard Bowman 1940 and is a scene of a trainyard. The other artwork is a brightly colored abstract man. Size: 23" h., 32" w. and 36" h., 29" w. Condition: both have darkened and faded considerably and have moisture damage; frames and mats are as is. 25 - 40
2297 MAZUHE MIXED MEDIA ART. 20th c. Mixed graphic techniques on paper. Two girls in Central American costume and appearance. Size: 22' h., 15" w., framed 30" h., 23" W. Condition: no defects. 50 - 75
2298 MALE PORTRAIT DRAWING. 19th c. Charcoal or black lithograph. Unsigned. An older man is shown in late 19th c. dress; his identity is unknown though a sticker on the glass reads Dr. McCann. Size: 22" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 30 1/2" h., 26" w. Condition: no defects; the frame, mat and glass is as is , you are bidding on the artwork itself. 100 - 200
2299 PICASSO PRINT. Late 20th c. Color lithograph. Unsigned, except in the image. Numbered in pencil 69/250. Imaginary portrait from Picasso's late period; it is dated in the image 12.3.69. A certificate of authenticity from ParkWest Gallery in Michigan confirms this print. Size: 19" h., 27" w., framed 26" h., 35" w. Condition: the print is shifted in its mat; the frame, mat and glass is as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 300 - 400
2300 CHANDLER PRINT IN OPULENT FRAME. 19th c. Photomechanical print in a carved and molded oak frame. The winter scene is contained by the very decorative frame. Size frame: fits a 16 x 20 image, outside measurement 27 x 31 1/2. Condition: the dark raised decoration of the frame is separating from the upper right corner. 60 - 80
2301 EGYPTIAN REVIVAL TABLE. Beautiful mahogany veneer. Oval top on legs with ormolu mounts of female busts. Condition: three small bits of veneer missing. Size: 29"H, 41"W, 5'10"L. 700 - 1,400
2302 DUTCH MARQUETRY LIKE DESK. 20th century. Five drawers raised on tapering legs. Condition: minor cracking to veneer. Size: 30 1/2"H, 4'W, 2'D. 200 - 400
2305 8'x 10'5" MACHINE MADE RUG. Machine loomed in Belgium. Cinnamon colored background with Tree of Life pattern. Condition: worn edge on one side where doorway was located. Could use a cleaning. All sales final. 35 - 70
2306 11'4" x 8'7" MACHINE MADE RUG. Red field with floral all over design. Condition: good. All sales final. 50 - 100
2307 9'8" x 6'6" BEIGE CARPET. With two indian(?) designs in opposite corners. Condition: needs to be cleaned, minor wear. All sales final. 35 - 70
2308 11' x 7'4" USA MACHINE MADE RUG. Yarn fiber surface, jute and polyester backing. Claret colored ground with floral medallion and border. Condition: needs to be cleaned. All sales are final. 10 - 30
2309 9'X 12' MACHINE MADE BOHKARA. In beiges and browns. Condition: needs to be cleaned. All sales final. 50 - 100
2310 6'x 9' PASTEL INDO CHINESE RUG. Has central medallion. Condition: needs to be cleaned. All sales final. 40 - 80
2320 10' x 13'7" MACHINE MADE RUG. Hunter green ground with floral lattice pattern. Condition: needs to be cleaned. All sales final. 35 - 70
2321 4 CUT GLASS ITEMS. (1) Signed round cut glass dish, hobstar decoration. signed: mark for O.F. Egginton Co. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: scratching on interior surface. (1) Nappy, hobstar and fan decoration. No mark. Size: 5"Diam. Condition: chip in rim. (1) Square cut dish, hobstar decoration. No mark. SiE: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2". Condition: good. (1) Oval dish, pinwheel and cross cut decoration. NO mark. Size: 7 1/2" x 3 1/2". Condition: chip in rim. 100 - 200
2322 3 PRESSED GLASS ITEMS. Three pressed glass items, all with open work pretzel like borders. (1) pedestal cake plate. Size: 7"H, 9"Diam. top. (1) Footed bowl. Size: 3 3/4"H, 8"Diam. top. (1) Footed vase with wheel cut decoration. Size: 5"H. 4 1/2"Diam. top. No marks. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2323 4 PRESSED GLASS ITEMS. Three piecs of Paneled Thistle Pattern glass. (1) Pressed clear glass vase. No mark. Size: 9 1/4"H, 3 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. (1) Clear glass basket with applied handle. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 6 1/2"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: good. (1) Clear glass bowl with sawtooth rim. No mark. Size: 4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. condition: good. One piece of Inverted Strawberry pattern glass by Cambridge Glass Co. c. 1912-1918. (1) Clear pressed glass bowl. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. 3"H. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2324 2 CUT GLASS ITEMS. (1) Cut glass water carafe, flower and leaf cut decoration, octagonal cut neck with notiching and banding. No mark. Size: 8"H. Conditon: chips on rim. (1) Cut glass stoppered decanter, notched and faceted body, ringed neck, notched ground stopper. No mark. Size: 10 1/2"H. Condition:interior base has some fogging. 75 - 150
2325 8 AMYTHEST GLASS ITEMS. (1) footed bowl. No mark. 6 3/4"Diam. 3"H. (1) Footed tray. No mark. 8 1/2"Diam. 1"H. (1) Bowl. No mark. 5 1/2"Diam. 1 3/4"H. (1) Vase. No mark. 3 1/2"Diam. 5 3/4"H. (1) Vase. No mark. 2 1/2"Diam. 6 3/8"H. (1) Vase with mold blown decorated sides. No mark. 2 1/4"Diam. 5"H. (1) Elephant ashtray. No mark. 4"Diam. 2"H. (1) Footed vase with fitted flower frog, silver floral decorated side, Greek key band decoration. Marked: Hand Made Glassware L.E. Smith. Size: 5"H. 4 3/4"Diam. Condition: chip on rim of vase. lines in rim of vase (firing flaws (?). 150 - 300
2326 2 CASED GLASS VASES. Two mold blown cased glass vases, milk glass over pink glass with clear ruffled edges. (1) Hand painted pink roses, green leaves, purple ribbons, gilt lower border decoration. Marked: unreadable paper label remnant. Size: 8"H. Condition: good. (1) Blown molded vase with lobed body and beading. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2327 6 MERCER SERVING PIECES. Six matching serving pieces by Mercer Pottery Co. Trenton N.J. All impressed stamp: Mercer Warranted China. (1) Covered butter dish, round with lid and pierced liner. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. Condition: crazing and staining on liner. (1) Covered round cassarole, two side handles. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. Condition: overall crazing. (1) Open round serving bowl. SiZe: 8 3/4"Diam. Condition: minor inner crazing. (1) Oval tray, two pierced handles. Size: 13"L. Condition: good. (1) Small covered oval tureen, spoon notch in lid, with matching underplate. SiE: 9"L. Condition: crazing on all parts. (1) Large covered tureen, spoon notch in lid, double side handles, Size: 13"L. Condition: large crack in lid. 50 - 100
2328 ENGLISH CHINA LUNCHEON SET. 26 pieces china, most marked "Summertime" "Royal Winton Grimwades England"; allover multicolor flower design. 1. Teapot, 8" high with lid, 8" handle to spout, base 3" square. Good condition. 2. Creamer, 2 1/4" high, on saucer, 5 1/4" x 3 3/4". Both pieces good condition. 3. 6 sandwich plates, 7" square, scalloped corners. All good. 4. 6 saucers, all good. 5. 7 cups; one chipped at rim. 6. One 2-handled bouillon cup, with saucer; both good. 7. One footed cup. Good condition. 8. Small divided tray, 6" x 2 1/2", possibly for salt/pepper shakers. Good. 9. Oval serving bowl, pierced handles; 1 1/4" deep, 10 1/4" x 7 1/2". Very similar to other pieces; but marked "Apple blossom" "Made in England." Surface crackled, darkened; hairline cracks. 50 - 100
2329 16 PIECE LUNCHEON SET. 8 cups, 8 cup plates. White porcelain, gold-rimmed, decoration of fruit and foliage. 4 different fruit designs. Scalloped plates, 7 1/2" diam. Marked "Hand Painted" "Made in Japan." All pieces good condition. 50 - 100
2330 8 PORCELAIN ITEMS. 1. Covered jam pot, white ground, naturalistic plant design in green and brown. Gold bands at rim, base and lid handle. 4 3/4" high with lid, 3 3/4" diam. Marked "Royal Tara Irish Fine Bone China" "Handmade in Galway Ireland." Good condition. 2. Small cream pitcher and open sugar bowl, delicate design of flowers & foliage. Fluted pitcher 2 3/4" high, base 2 1/2" diam.; bowl 1 3/4" high, flared top 4" diam. Pitcher marked 915/7163, bowlmarked 914/7163, with unreadable signatures.Both good condition. 3. Lustre glazed flower-shaped nut dish, 5 petals, flowers and leaves around inside edge. 1 1/4" high, 3 1/2" diam. Marked "Inez." Good condition. 4. Pink porcelain creamer and open sugar bowl on matching tray. Allover rose design, gold edges. Tray 8 1/2" x 4"; creamer 3 1/4" high; sugar bowl 2" high, top 3 3/4" diam. Marked "Tuscan" "Fine English Bone China" "Made in England." All pieces good. 5. Hand painted porcelain tea strainer on base. 1 1/2" high, 3 3/4" diam. Design of forget-me-nots. Marked "to Marguerita Beers" "Inez." Good condition. 50 - 100
2331 EIGHT GLASS SERVING PIECES. Four silver rimmed small pressed glass bowls. Measures: 1.5" h. X 5" d. One silver metal rimmed serving bowl. Measures: 3" h. X 8.5" d. One clear glass bowl with a faceted border and matching round tray. Measures: 3.5" h. X 11.5" d. Tray: 1" h. X 14" d. One embossed glass "reindeer" christmas platter. Marked: "Neiman Marcus 1991". Measures: 1" h. X 13" d. Condition: no chips or cracks. 25 - 50
2332 JOHN WIDDICOMB COFFEE TABLE. In the Louis XVI style. Oval top raised on fluted tapering cylindrical legs.Size: 16"H, 5'W. 2'D. 40 - 80
2333 ENGLISH MAGAZINE RACK. Mahogany frame with brass rods to hold magazines. Condition: worm holes underneath the bottom. Size: 53"H, 16"Diam. 35 - 70
2334 SPANISH STYLE ARMCHAIR. With black leather seat (torn and as-is), backrest, and elbow pads. 5 - 10
2335 SOLID BRASS SILENT BUTLER. With rope twist central pole. Size: 58"H, 18"W, 14"D. 25 - 50
2336 KINDEL CO. TAMBOUR CABINET. Honey colored walnut cabinet in the Louis XVI style. Dressing slide over a drawer over tambour doors, the whole raised on toupie feet. Size: 28.5"H, 30"W, 16"D. 75 - 150
2337 CHINESE STYLE END TABLE. 20th century. Table with open fretwork corner brackets and ming feet is sponged to resemble tortoise shell. Condition: no detractions. Size: 15"H, 18"D, 18"W. 50 - 150
2338 PAIR OF VICTORIAN BALLOON BACK SIDECHAIRS. Walnut finger carved frames professionally reupholstered. Condition: nice finish, strong frames. Size: 33"H, 19"W, 19"D. 60 - 120
2339 ROCOCO REVIVAL COFFEE TABLE. Rococo revival style low table, with carved eagle center decoration. Top is glass tray with pierce carved border. Sie: 29 1/2"H, 34"L. 24 1/2"W. Condition: good. 250 - 500
2340 19TH CENTURY CARVED CABINET. Cabinet with one glazed door with acanthus leaf carved corners, the whole raised on castors. Size: 41"H, 22"W, 14"D. 100 - 200
2341 11 PIECES LUSTRE WARE. 1. Colorful candy dish, parrot handle; design of galleon on ocean, with gulls. 6 1/2" x 5 5/8". Marked "Noritake" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 2. 2-handled candy dish, marked "Japan." 7" diam. Naturalistic flowers. Good condition. 3. Sugar shaker, 6 1/2" high; blue body, gold top, panel of flowers. Marked "Noritake" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 4. Sugar shaker, 6 1/2" high; body has handpainted house on an island; orange top and base, blue flower on top. Marked "Noritake." Good condition. 5. Pair colorful low candlesticks, marked "Hand painted" "Made in Japan." 1 3/4" high, base 3 1/4" x 2 3/8". Good condition. 6. Pair salt and pepper shakers, marked "Japan." Scene of countryside with windmill on each. Few chips around base. 7. Pair small salt & pepper shakers, marked "Japan." 1 1/8" high. Alternating panels of yellow tulips on orange ground and vertical black lines on off-white ground. Good condition. 8. Candy dish, pierced handles; 2" high, 7 3/4" diam. Stylized floral design in centre; blue sides; orange rim. Marked "Made in Germany." Good condition. 80 - 160
2342 5 FROG CERAMICS. (1) Three singing embracing frogs, green ceramic. Marked: Japan. Size: 7 1/4"H. 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 4 1/2". Condition: good. (1) Frog beside pond. Green frog and yellow and brown pond. Marked: incised 73 83 77. Size: 6"L, 4"W, 1 1/2"H. Condition: several chips on top rim. (1) Green frog and lily pad. Marked: made in Japan. Size: 6"L. 4 3/4"W, 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) American art pottery frog with open mouth. No mark. Size: 3 3/4"H, 4 1/2"W, 41/2"D. Condition: small chip in mouth. (1) Flower frog frog. Green glaze, eight holes in back. Size: 5"L. 4"W, 2 3/4"H. Condition: one chip on holes. 50 - 100
2343 JAPANESE MORIAGE LUNCH SET. 3 cups, 3 saucers. Saucers marked "Hand Painted Nippon." Applied slip-decorated with dragon and clouds. Matched with 3 sandwich plates, 7 1/4" diam., marked "Made in Japan." All good condition. 75 - 150
2344 15 PCS. NIPPON AND JAPAN WARE. 1. Relish dish, white, green & gold floral decoration. 12 3/4" x 5 1/4",pierced handles. Marked "Hand Painted Nippon. Good condition. 2. 5 tiny dishes, miniatures of #1. 3 1/2" x 2". All good. 3. Oval dish, 1 1/4" high, 7 1/4" x 4 1/2". Scalloped edge, violets & green leaves, gold border. Marked "Hand Painted Nippon." Good. 4. Slightly flared square tray, 5 1/4" x 5 1/4"; green flowers & foliage, gold edge. Marked "The Yamato" "Nippon" "Hand Painted." Good condition. 5. Indented oval relish dish, 10 1/4" x 5". Picture of trees by a river; gray-green border. Marked "Hand Painted Made in Japan." Good. 6.6 tiny dishes, miniatures of #5. 3 1/2" x 1 3/4". One has small chip to edge. 100 - 200
2345 19 DISHES, MOSTLY NIPPON. 1. 3-footed bowl, 2" high, 4 5/8" diam. Roses and foliage in interior. Marked "Hand Painted Nippon" with crown. Good condition. 2. Listre ware 3-footed bowl, 2 1/4" high, 5" diam. Orange border, 2 patches of flower design. Marked "Noritake Handpainted" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 3. Bowl, 3" high, 5 3/4" diam.; roses & foliage, gold rim & handles. Marked "Hand Painted Nippon." Good condition. 4. Pair of small footed lidded cups, white, flower decoration around lid. 2 1/2" high with lid, 2 1/2" diam. Marked "Hand Painted Nippon." both good. 5. 14 small footed salt dishes, different designs. All marked "Hand Painted Nippon." Two have tiny chips at edge. 100 - 200
2346 6 LIMOGES FRUIT DEC. PLATES. Six decaled plates, each with a different composition of fruit on a landscape background, each image signed: A.J. Heritage. Marked: Limoges France SCOF Fabrique par Chastagner Porcelaine de Limoges France. Size: 7 3/8"Diam. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2347 11 PCS. BLUE & WHITE CERAMICS. Group of Oriental ceramic items, in blue & white; all 20th century. 1. 4 saucers, decorated with hand-painted carp. Marked "Made in China." Few chips to bases. 2. Figurine of boy holding fan. 4 1/4" high, base 4" x 3". Good. 3. Snuff bottle, 2 1/2" high. Figures of a man with fishing rod and boy with water bottle. No defects. 4. Small bottle, 5" high, 2" diam. at base, 3" at widest part. Stylized flower design. No defects. 5. Covered box, marked "Made in China." 11/2" high, 4" x 2 3/4". Mountain scene on lid. Good. 6. Small heart-shaped covered box, 1 1/4" high, 3" x 2 1/2". Stylized flower design, slightly faded on lid. 7. Gourd-shaped bud vase, 6 1/2" high, 3 1/2" at widest part. Allover stylized flower design. No defects. 8. Small covered ginger jar; paper label marked "Japan." Slight roughness to underside of lid, perhaps from manufacture. 5" tall with lid, 3 3/4" at widest part. 50 - 100
2348 14 PIECES ENGLISH CHINA. 1. Three 7" plates, 3 saucers, 3 cups. Plates & saucers are scalloped, cups scallop-edged and fluted. White with red, brown and black florals and decoration.All good. 2. Cream pitcher and large open sugar bowl, 2 3/4" high and 5 1/2" diam., matching #1. Marked "Tuscan China England" "Rd 351548." Hairline crack to bowl. 3. 7" plate, cup and saucer, similar colors to Nos. 1 & 2, but different stylized floral design, gold edged. Marked "C & E" in a crown, & "Victoria." Chip & hairline crack to plate. 40 - 80
2349 PARTIAL SET BONE CHINA. 5 small hexagonal plates, 5 saucers, 5 cups, marked "Royal Stafford Bone China England." White centres, dark red rims, gold edges. Small crack in edge of one cup; other pieces all in good condition. 50 - 100
2350 2 B & G CHRISTMAS PLATES. (1) 1968 Bing & Grondahl Christmas plate (Christmas in Church). Marked Bing & Grondahl, Denmark. Size: 7 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) 1969 Bing & Grondahl Christmas plate ( Arrival of Christmas Guest). Marked: Bing & Grondahl, Denmark 8000/9069. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2351 RAILROAD STEAM WHISTLE. Brass steam whistle, no mark. Size: 23"L. 4 1/2"Diam.body. Condition: wear to metal. 150 - 300
2352 RAILROAD STEAM WHISTLE. Brass railroad steam whistle. Marked: Lonarcam Philadelphia, Pa. on arm of whistle. Size: 12"L. Condition: wear to metal. 100 - 200
2353 TOY CANNON. Brass cannon on iron base and wheels. Marked: E in circle. on shaft of cannon. Size: cannon 7"L. Total: 13"L. 6"W, 6"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2354 8 ANTIQUE WOODEN PLANERS. Eight wooden tools, antique wood planers with metal inserts. No marks. Size: 22"L, 16"L., 15 3/4"L., 9 1/2"L, 9 1/2"L, 9 1/4"L, 9"L, 7"L. Condition: age appropriate wear. 100 - 300
2355 2 AFRICAN STOOLS. Two African tribal stools with geometric carved decoration, four legs with "V" bracing. (1) flat top, 6"H, 8"W, 9"D. (1) dished top, 6"H, 9"D, 8 1/2"W. Country of origin unknown. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2356 TRIBAL AFRICAN CERAMIC. Ceramic object, bowl like element and pyramidal element composed of protruding elements and center shaft, decorated ribbed finial. Country of origin unknown. Size: 11"Diam. 12"H. Condition: minor damage to one protruding element. 100 - 300
2357 TRIBAL AFRICAN OBJECT. Wooden vessel composed of base and top container resting on four figural caryatid-like figures. Country unknown. 20th c. No mark. Size: 9"H, 7 3/4"Diam. Condition: some damage to wooden central top bowl. 100 - 300
2358 2 WEDGWOOD FLOW BLUE PITCHERS. Two flow blue pitchers in Lucerne pattern with floral and gilt decoration. One 6 1/2"H, one 7 3/8"H. Marked: Royal Semi Porcelain, Wedgwood & Co. England "Lucerne". Condition: good. 100 - 200
2359 23 PCS. FLOW BLUE CHINA. Lot includes various patterns in blue; most trimmed in gold. (7) dinnner plates. Marked: "Dundee". (1) salad plate. Marked: "Libertas Prussia". (1) salad plate. Marked: "Allen(?) NS England Mabel". (3) dessert plates. Marked: "Limoges China". (1) dessert plate. Marked: faded symbol. (2) dessert plates. Marked: "Florida Royal semi-porcelain Johnson Bros. England". (2) saucers. Marked: "Grenada semi-pocelain Henry Alcock & Co. England". (1) saucer. Marked: "Royal semi-porcelain Wedgwood & Co. L England Roma". (1) small bowl. Unmarked. (1) creamer. Marked: "4 Lorne Ringley's". (2) serving bowls. Marked: "Lusitania Royal semi-porcelain Wood & Sons England". (1) platter. Marked: "Clarissa Royal semi-porcelain Johnson Bros. England". Condition: some chips and cracks; worn gold. 300 - 600
2360 JAPANESE PHOENIX DISHES. 24 pieces blue & white china, phoenix and floral design. Marked "Noritake Howo" "Made in Japan." 1. 4 dinner plates, 9 3/4" diam. Good condition. 2. 7 - 7 1/4" plates, all good condition. 3. Small serving platter, 9 3/4" x 9 1/2", pierced handles. Good. 4. 5 - 6 1/2" plates. All good. 5. 1 saucer, 5 1/2". Good condition. 6. 1 fruit dish, 1" high, 5" diam. Chipped at rim. 7. Oval serving dish, 11 1/2" x 8 1/2". good. 8. Teapot, 3 1/2" high, 7 1/2" handle to spout. Missing lid; spout chipped. 9. Cream pitcher, 2 1/2" high, 4 1/2" handle to spout. Handle repaired. 10. Pepper & salt shakers, 2 1/4" high, base 2" diam. Good. 11. Extra salt shaker, 2" high, 2" at widest part. Good. 50 - 100
2361 3 PIECES ROYAL CROWN DERBY. Teapot, sugar bowl and creamer, blue and white Japanese scene, gold rim. Marked "Royal Crown Derby" "Made in England" "XVI Bone China." 1. Teapot, 5" high with lid, 9" handle to spout. Spout chipped. 2. 2-handled lidded sugar bowl. Handles and interior stained. 3. Creamer. Good condition. 40 - 80
2362 6 CARNIVAL GLASS ITEMS. (1) Northwood footed rose bowl, green iridescence. 5"H. condition: fleabites on legs. (1) marigold bowl with raised rose decoration. no mark. Size: 3"H, 5 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Marigold on clear 3 footed bowl. 3"H, 8"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Blue ice three footed rose bowl, 4"H. Condition: good. (1) Marigold compote, 3 1/4"H, 6 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Marigold draped bowl. 3"H, 9"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2363 PR. WHITE GLAZED VESSELS. Pair of large urn-like vessels, Italian red clay body with white gloss glaze, applied handles. White interior and exterior. Marked: incised"Italy". size: 14"H, 11"Diam. widest part. condition: good. 50 - 100
2364 ATLAS OF THE WORLD. The Pittsburg Dispatch Universal Atlas of the World. Pittsburg, Dispatch Pub. Co./Rand,McNally, 1899. 344 pp, tall 4to. Front inner hinge cracked; back hinge starting; fingermarks throughout; few coffee stains. 50 - 100
2365 FAMOUS ART REPRODUCED. Monarch Book Co. Famous Art reproduced. Chicago/Phila., c. 1904. "A Collection of Artotype Reproductions of Noted Paintings and Sculptures by Artists of all Nations, with Critical and Descriptive Text by Michael Straus." 479 pp, tall 4to. Back free endpaper torn; fingermarks throughout. 35 - 70
2366 AROUND THE WORLD WITH A CAMERA. Leslie-Judge Co. Around the World with a Camera. N.Y., c. 1915. Small folio, unpaginated. Some finger-marking. 30 - 60
2367 AROUND THE WORLD WITH A CAMERA. Leslie-Judge Co. Around the World with a Camera. N.Y., c. 1910. Small folio, unpaginated. Finger-marked. 40 - 80
2368 THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA. Mahan, Capt. A.T. The War in South Africa. N.Y., 1900; Peter Fenelon Collier & Son. 208 pp, large oblong 4to. Profusely illustrated, black & white and color. Back free endpaper torn at tail; moderately finger-marked throughout. 100 - 200
2369 POETICAL WORKS JOHN MILTON. The complete Poetical Works of John Milton with a Life of the Poet... 2 vols. Phila., 1890; Gebbie and co. "Illustrated with 50 Photogravures from Designs by Great Artists." 323 and 319 pp, small 4to. Brown gold-decorated binding, moderately soiled; some finger soiling to contents. 100 - 200
2370 THE AMERICAN FAMILY EDUCATOR. Cary, Ferdinand Ellsworth (ed.). The American Family Educator. "Ten Great Books in One Volume." Chicago, c. 1904; A. B. Kuhlman Co. Profusely illustrated with photos of state-of-the-art artifacts and technology. 702 pp. Some soiling to cover and contents. 25 - 50
2371 VINTAGE OAK PEDESTAL TABLE. Round oak veneered table top supported by an octagonal base with four bracketed legs. Size: 28" H, 4' diameter. Condition: great shiny finish. 300 - 600
2373 3 MODERN ART POTTERY PIECES. (1) Royal Haeger double cornucopia vase in pink and blue. Marked: Royal Haeger R246 USA. Size: 8"H, 15"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: good. (1) Catalina Pottery Angel fishg vase, white exterior and blue interior. Marked: (impressed) Catalina Pottery C 363, (ink stamp) Made in USA. Size: 9 1/2"H, 10 1/2"W, 5"D. Condition: good. (1) Haeger award winning design, blue flame shaped vase. Marked: Haeger Award 1947 by R.Rush A603 Prize Design. Size: 11"H, 6"W, 4"D. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2374 S.BRASSTOF & BELLAIRE POTTERY. (1) Sascha Brasstoff footed egg shaped lidded container, ringed, gilt and blue design. Marked: on side: Sascha B. on bottom: Rooster logo, Sascha Brasstoff California, 044A. Size: 7 1/2"H. Condition: good. (1) Assymetrical bowl, pink gray and black stylized dancers, glazed ceramic. Marked: Bellaire Calif. Mardi Gras B51-15. Size: 15" x 14" x 8", 3"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2375 SASCHA BRASTOFF ITEMS. (1) Ashtray with leaf decoration. Marked: (rooster logo) Sascha Brastoff California USA C2. Size: 7 1/8"L, 5 1/2"W, 2"D. Conditoin: good. (1) Cigarette lighter with banded decoration. MArked: side: Sascha B. bottom Sascha Brastoff California USA 61. Size: 3 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Matching container. Same marks. Size: 2 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Assymetrical ashtray, ceramic. Marked: Ede California T 93-E. Size: 10"x 8"x 9". 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2376 2 CAPRICE DEPRESSION ITEMS. Two blue Cambridge Glass Co. items, Caprice pattern (1940-1957). Moonlight blue clear and frosted glass. (1) Four footted crimped bowl. No mark. Size: 12 1/2"Diam. 5"H. Condition: interior minor wear. (1) Two lite keyhole candlestick. No mark. Size: 6"H. 5 1/4"Diam. base. condition: one fleabite on shaft. 100 - 200
2377 17 DEPRESSION GLASS ITEMS. (6) Cambridge Glass Wildflower pattern (1940s) acid etched floral decorated plates. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: good. (4) Wineglasses with green stems, acid etched clear bowls. No mark. Size: 4 3/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Water goblets with green stems, acid etched clear bowls. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"H. Condition: good. (5) Small wine glasses, wide acid etched top border. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2378 4 DEPRESSION GLASS ITEMS. (1) Three part relish dish with three handles, Rosepoint, Cambridge Glass Co. 1936-53, three sectioned dish in crystal with gold and three pierced handles. No mark. Size: 8"x *", 1 1/4"H. Condition: good. (2) Pair of candlesticks, Wildflower pattern, Cambridge Glass Co. 1940-50. Pierced candlsticks with gilt top and base. Size: 5 1/4"H, 5"Diam. base. Condition: good. (1) Three piece mayonaise set, octagonal underplate with wide gilt border, octagonal footed bowl, cut floral and geometric decoration, wide gilt border to match underplate, gilt trimmed glass ladle. No marks. Size: plate: 7 1/4"Diam. , bowl: 4"H, 5 3/4"Diam. top, ladle : 5 "L. Condition: weat to gilt on edges. 100 - 200
2379 5 FRANKOMA POTTERY ITEMS. (1) Divided server, green/brown glaze, red clay base. Marked: (raised) Frankoma 94 FC. Size: 15"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Large round ashtray, three segments, each with double notched element on rim. Marked: (incised) Frankoma 458. Size: 7 1/2"Diam. 2"H. Condition: good. (3) Ashtrays with streamline design, deep bowl, 2 fan shaped opening. All marked: (incised) 455 Frankoma. Two with green predominating, one with brown predominating. Size: 5"L. 4"W, 2 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2380 5 PRESSED GLASS ITEMS. Five pieces of ribbed sawtooth pattern glass. Carafe, 8"H, interior may be fogged. Creamer, 5 1/2"H, good condition. Covered butter, 5"H, 7 1/4"Diam. good condition. Spooner, 4 1/2"H, good condition Stoppered bottle, 6 1/2"H. good condition. 100 - 200
2381 4 PRESSED GLASS ITEMS. all paneled and cross hatched decoration on squared base. Includes: Cake plate, 7 1/2"H, 10"Diam. top., large spooner, 8 1/2"H, small spooner 6"H, covered dish 6 1/4"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2382 5 CUT GLASS ITEMS. (1) Footed round bowl on three legs, floral cut decoration. No mark. Size: 4"H, 7 3/4"Diam. (1) Footed round bowl on three legs, pinwheel cut decoration. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 7 3/4"Diam. (1) Footed compote, floral cut decoration. No mark. Size: 7 3/4"H, 8"Diam. top. (1) Low bowl with floral cut decoration. No mark.Size: 2 1/4"H, 8"Diam. (1) Vase with floral cut decoration. No mark. Size: 8"H. All in good condition. minor wear. 50 - 100
2383 SATSUMA-STYLE TEA SET. 1. teapot, 7 1/2" high with handle; dragon heads form spout and lid handle. Good condition. 2. Covered creamer, 6" high with lid. Dragon heads form spout and lid handle. Good condition. 3. Covered sugar bowl, 6" high with lid. Dragon head forms lid handle. 4. 6 sandwich plates, 7 1/4" diam. One has fleabite chips to rim. 5. 6 cups, 6 saucers. One saucer has unnoticeable fleabite chip to rim. 100 - 200
2384 11 GILT PORCELAIN ITEMS. (1) Pickard footed compote, gilt pierced handles, gilt rim, three hand painted floral wreath decorations around compote with gold ribbon decoration above. Marked: Hand Painted Pickard. Sie: 2 3/4"H. 8"diam. Condition: good. (4) Gilt salt shakers in Pickard gift box. Size: 2 3/4"H. (2) Creamer and lidded sugar bowl, overall gilt decoration, band of raised gilt floral decoration. Marked: Wheeling Decorating Glass and China. Size: creamer 3 1/2"H, sugar bowl 4"H. condition: good. (4) Unmarked salt and pepper shakers, overall gilt decoration, band of raised gilt floral decoration. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2385 FIVE "VEGETABLE" PIECES. One is a ceramic lettuce leaf plate. Marked: "Trada(?) Lettuce Leaf". One is a lettuce leaf dish. Marked: "Victoria Austria". One is a covered ceramic tomato dish. Marked: "Victoria Austria". Two are covered glass tomato dishes. Unmarked. Condition: no chips or cracks. 50 - 100
2386 NIPPON SWEETMEAT SET. Scalloped 4-footed bowl, gilded flower decoration; 6 small 4-footed dishes for nuts or sweetmeats. Bowl 2 3/4" high, 7 1/2" x 6 1/4"; small dishes 1" high, 3 1/8" x 2 3/8". Marked "Hand Painted Nippon." All pieces good condition. 100 - 200
2387 2 VICTORIAN ROSE BOWLS. (1) Blown glass rose bowl, cased glass shading pale to darker blue at top, folded scalloped top, ground pontil. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 5"D. Condition: good. (1) Blue slag glass rose bowl, 8 lobed drapery panel sides between cross-hatched vertical ribs. No mark. Size: 4"H, 4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2388 3 HARDSTONE DECORATIVE PIECES. 1. Pair heavy pale green hardstone vases, 7 3/4" high; one 6" wide, one 6 1/2" wide; bases approx. 3" x 2". Applied design of flowers and bird on each side of both vases. Applied handles with attached rings. No apparent defects. 2. Small flowering hardstone tree, in container. 11 1/2" high; container 2" high, 3" x 5". No obvious defects. 100 - 200
2389 4 ORIENTAL-STYLE METAL VASES. 1. Small bronze 2-handled hexagonal vase, 6 1/2" high, 3" diam. Raised flower and bird design on all 6 sides. No defects. 2. Squat round brass vase, 5" high, 4 1/2" diam., 1" at opening. Engraved chrysanthemum design on ebonized ground, which has worn to an uneven gray tone. Dent on side. 3. Weighted brass vase, 9" high, base 3 1/4" diam. applied chrysanthemums & foliage. Dark red finish rubbed down to brass. Small dent in base. 4. Cylindrical brass vase, 10" high, base 3" diam. Raised design of country scene with windmill. Silver finish mostly worn off. Small dent at base. 150 - 300
2390 HOLY FAMILY PAINTING ON TIN. Central or South American provincial painting on metal of Holy Family group (Child Jesus between Mary and St. Joseph holding flowering branch) with God the Father in the clouds with a triangular halo signifying the Trinity. Unsigned. No frame. Size: 10"H, 7"W. Condition: hole punched in top of painting for hanging, wear and losses along bottom edge, paint losses from St. Joseph to right edge, rust on back. 100 - 300
2391 3 STERLING CANDLESTICKS. (2) Reed and Barton Candlesticks, monogramed" KAP". Marked: Hallmark (for Reed & Barton) Sterling N459. Size: 6"H. Condition: minor dents in base. (1) Candlestick, monogramed "P". Marked: Sterling 1108. Size: 5 1/4"H. Condition: minor dents in base. 50 - 100
2393 17 STERLING ITEMS. (4) Towle Sterling cordial glasses. Marked: Towle Sterling Weighted and reinforced.58. One is engraved: Longue Vue Club, Annual Invitational Tournament 1966 Runner up. Size: 3"H, 1 5/8"Diam. top. (4) Sterling coasters, dished with rolled edge. Marked: Sterling 730 The Hardy & Hayes Co. Size: 3 1/4"Diam. Weight: 112.1 grams total. Condition: minor pitting. (2) Sterling coasters, dished with petaled flat edge. marked: Mex 925 Sterling. Size: 3 1/2"H. Weight: 52.4 grams. Conditon: good. (1) European sterling jigger. Engraved "Minnie" in a cartouche. Marked: 800 6. Weight: 29.8 grams. (1) Sterling cigarette case monogramed "B" in diamond, by James E. Blake Co. Attleboro, Mass. Marked: Sterling 1252 hallmark. Weight: 111.4 grams. Conditon: good. (1) Small sterling urn, engraved: The Burkes Class A 1957. Marked: Web Sterling. (1) Divided glass dish with sterling base by R. Blackinton Co., N. Attleboro, Mass. Marked: Sterling RB CO. X851. Size: 3 1/2"Diam. base. (2) Creamer and sugar, cut glass with sterling bases. Marked: Hallmark for Watson Sterling , Sterling N 38. Size: 2 5/8"Diam. bases. (1) Mexican silver double frame. Marked: Mexico. Size: open 4"H, 6 1/4"W. 100 - 300
2394 3 MURANO GLASS BIRDS. (2) Blown glass birds with wings extended, cased body of yellow over red glass, yellow glass base, clear glass wings and tail. No mark. Size: (1) 7 1/2"H. (1) 7 1/4"H. (1) Blown glass bird with long neck, cased body of yellow over red glass, clear base. Marked: paper label: Genuine Venetian Glass, made in Murano, Italy. Size: 9"H. Condition: all in good condition. 75 - 150
2395 2 MURANO GLASS FISHES. Blown glass fish, green metallic shot glass bodies, clear base and fin decoration. No mark. C. 1950s. Size: (1) 11"H. (1) 9 1/2"H. Condition: good. 75 - 150
2396 2 CERAMIC HORSE FIGURES. 2 standing horses, one brown with white front socks, one lightly piebald. Both 11" high, 13 1/2" nose to tail. Marked "Beswick England." No defects. 100 - 200
2397 2 SETS HORSE FIGURINES. 1. Brown ceramic mare, 6 1/2" high, 9" long, ears to tail. Marked "Beswick England." No defects. 2. Brown ceramic mare, rust-colored foal, on green base. 7 1/2" high, base 9" x 4 1/4". Marked "Beswick England." No defects. 100 - 200
2398 ST. GEORGE & THE DRAGON. Provenance: Allen Berkman purchased from the Greta M. Phillips estate, Phillips Hall; Butler, PA. Listed in the C.J. Seibert inventory and appraisal on page 37, item #316. Lead sculpture depicting St. George & The dragon. Size: 28"H, 15"W, 12"D. Condition: was kept outdoors, finish weathered, tip of sword gone. 300 - 600
2400 VICTORIAN CAST METAL STAND. Reticulated metal three tiered stand in white paint. Size: 27"H, 12"Diam. 50 - 100
2401 3 TEAPOTS.. 1. Old-rose colored teapot, silver edge. 7" high with lid, 10" from handle to spout, 7" diam. Marked "Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware" "Made in U.S.A." Good condition. 2. Brown teapot, 6 1/2" high with lid, 9 1/2" from handle to spout, 5 1/2" diam. Unmarked. Chip to underside of lid. 3. Deep blue teapot, gold floral decoration. 5" high with lid, 8 1/2" from handle to spout, 5" diam. Marked "Hall 023" "6 cup." Some wear to floral design. 35 - 70
2402 4 CERAMIC ITEMS. (1) Noritake hand painted dish, two pierced handles, wide border of hand painted flowers on pale pink band, gilt handles. Marked: brown mark: Noritake, Hand painted, made in Japan, with M in wreath. Size: 7"diam. Condition: good. (1) Oval dish, poppies on orange field, raised stems and dot decoration, two holes in each side for handles. Marked: made in Japan. Size: 7 1/4"L, 4"W. Condition: 13/4"Chip from base.handle missing. (1) Rectangular dish, poppies on orange field, raised stems and dott decoration, two holes in each side for handles. Marked: made in Japan. Size: 5 3/4"L, 4 3/4"W. Condition: handles missing, no cracks or chips. (1) Hand painted porcelain poppy plate, hand painted flowers, buds and leaves in Art Nouveau design with gilt border. Marked: Limoges, France LOBC Hand Painted. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: minor wear to gilt 50 - 100
2403 9 PIECES BAVARIAN CHINA. 1. 2 sets consisting of one 7 3/4" diam. plate and a cup and saucer, orange and gray floral design on pale yellow ground. Marked "Fein Bayreuth Sophienthal Bavaria." All pieces good condition. 2. One set of 8 1/4" plate, cup and saucer, similar colors to #1 but different design, and with raised decoration around plate and saucer edge and on base of cup. Cup is marked "RK" under crown. All pieces good condition. 40 - 80
2404 PITTSBURGH COURTHOUSE PLATE. Decaled ceraic plate with scene of Allegheny County Courthouse by H.H. Richardson, three gold bands of decoration around scene, iron red band with Greek style decoration. Image identified as: Allegheny County Court House. Pittsburg, Pa. (note unusual spelling of Pittsburgh briefly used in city history). Marked on back: Dresden China. Size: 9 3/8"Diam. Condition: wear to gilding. 50 - 100
2405 TRANSFER-PRINTED WATER PITCHER. Late 19th century water pitcher, 9" high, 8 1/4" handle to spout, base 5 1/4" x 4 1/2". Brown transfer-printed decoration of birds, butterflies and flowers, with band of abstract design at top and bottom. Banded handle. Marked "May Flower" "Rd. No. 95436" "S. H. & O." No defects. 50 - 100
2406 SIX COALPORT DISHES. Set of six small dishes with fluted edges, wide gold borders and hand painted center decorations. (1) Center: landscape with ruins. (1) Center: landscape with ruins and mountains. (1) Center: bird with pink breast. (1) Center: bird in pine tree. (1) Center: brown bird. (1) Center: bird with yellow breast. All marked: Coalport. Size: 3 1/4" diam. Condition: minor wear to gilt edges. . 60 - 120
2407 5 PITTSBURGH BOOKS. 1. Opatick, Cindy (ed.). Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera - How the Dreams Came True. Pittsburgh, c. 1996; Civic Light Opera. 182 pp, tall 4to. VG/VG. 2. Peterson, Edwin L. Penn's Woods West. Pittsburgh, c. 1958; Univ. of Pittsburgh Press. 4th printing. 249 pp. VG/VG. 3. Elkus, Lenore (ed.) Famous Men & Women of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, c. 1981; Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. 208 pp, pb. First 2 preliminary pp just beginning to separate from "perfect" binding; binding rubbed at spine edges. 4. Davidson, Jo (ed.) A Picture Book of Songs and Ballads Composed and Illustrated by Robert Schmertz. Pittsburgh, c. 1976. 63 pp, 4to; pb. Slightly bent at tail; o.w. VG. 5. Alberts, Robert C. The Good Provider - H. J. Heinz and His 57 Varieties. Boston, 1973; Houghton Mifflin. 297 pp. VG/VG. 35 - 70
2408 3 TRAVEL BOOKS. 1. Bookbinder, Bernie. Long Island - People & Places Past & Present. N.Y., c. 1983; Harry N. Abrams. 264 pp, tall 4to. VG/VG. 2. Wenger, Mark R. The Story of the Virginia Plantation Carter's Grove. Williamsburg, c. 1994; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. 98 pp, 4to. VG/VG. 3. Whitehill, Walter Muir. Boston A Topographical History. 2nd. ed., enlarged. Cambridge, c. 1968; Harvard Univ. Press. 299 pp. VG/VG. 25 - 50
2409 4 BOOKS OF ART REFERENCE. 1. Canaday, John. Keys to Art. N.Y., c. 1964; Tudor Pub. co. 183 pp, 4to. D/j flap creased, o.w. VG/VG. 2. Canaday, John. Mainstreams of Modern Art, David to Picasso. 576 pp, small 4to. VG in chipped, price-clipped d/j. 3. Rewald, John. The History of Impressionism. 4th revised ed. N.Y., c. 1973; MOMA/NYGS. 672 pp. VG in clipped d/j. 4. Hughes, Robert. The Shock of the New. N.Y., 1981; Alfred A. Knopf. 423 pp., 4to. 40 - 80
2410 4 MISC. ART BOOKS. 1. Jarry, Madeleine. World Tapestry. N.Y., c. 1969; G. P. Putnam's Sons. 358 pp., tall 4to. No d/j. Pictorial binding. VG. 2. Kronenberger, Louis (ed.), Atlantic Brief Lives: A Biographical Companion to the Arts. Boston,, c. 1971; Little, Brown & Co. An Atlantic Monthly Press Book. 900 pp. VG in slightly edge-worn d/j. 3. Wills, Geoffrey & Joy, Edward T. The Collectors' Book of English Antiques. S. Brunswick & N.Y., c. 1964; A. S. Barnes & Co. 96 pp, small 4to. VG/VG. 4. Sandon, Henry. British Pottery and Porcelain for Pleasure and Investment. N.Y., c. 1969; Arco Pub. Co. 175 pp. VG/VG. 30 - 60
2411 4 BOOKS OF ART COLLECTIONS. 1. Cooper, Douglas (ed.). Great Family Collections. N.Y., c. 1965; Macmillan. 304 pp; large square 4to. VG in very slightly chipped d/j. 2. Gerstein, Marc S. Impressionism: Selections from Five American Museums. N.Y., c. 1989; Hudson Hills Press. 202 pp, small square 4to. Pb. VG. 3. Arkus, Leon Anthony (ed.). John Kane, Painter. 343 pp. VG in edge-worn d/j. 4. Clark, Kenneth (intro.). Masterpieces of Fifty Centuries - The Metropolitan Museum of Art. N.Y., c. 1970; Dutton. Small square 4to, unpaginated; 402 items listed. VG in price-clipped d/j. 40 - 80
2412 4 BOOKS ABOUT GREAT HOUSES. 1. Nash, Joseph. The Mansions of England in the Olden Time. N.Y., c. 1970; Crown Pubs./Bounty Books. 25 reproductions of 19th century lithograph plates by Joseph Nash. Small folio. VG in worn, torn d/j. 2. Cook, Olive & Smith, Edwin. The English House Through Seven Centuries. London, c. 1968; Thos. Nelson & Sons Ltd. 320 pp, tall 4to. Profusely illustrated. VG in torn d/j. 3. Nicolson, Nigel. Great Houses of Britain. London, c. 1968; Spring Books. Reprint ed. 288 pp, tall 4to. VG/VG. 4. Sitwell, Sacheverell. Great Houses of Europe. London, c. 1970; Spring Books. Reprint ed. 319 pp, tall 4to. VG/VG. 50 - 100
2413 3 BOOKS ON FURNITURE. 1. Philip, Peter. Furniture of the World. N.Y., c. 1974; Galahad Books. 125 pp + index; tall 4to. Profusely illustrated. VG/VG. 2. Hayward, Helena (ed.). World furniture: an Illustrated History. London, 1971; Hamlyn. 5th printing. 320 pp; tall 4to. No d/j (tattered flaps of d/j laid in); spine faded. 3. Winchester, Alice. The Antiques Treasury of Furniture and Other Decorative Arts. N.Y., c. 1959; Galahad books. Reprint ed. 320 pp, tall 4to. VG/VG. 30 - 60
2414 2 BOOKS ON PICASSO. 1. Gallwitz, Klaus. Picasso at 90: The Late Work. N.Y., c. 1971; Putnam. 221 pp; tall 4to. 1st. U.S. ed. VG in torn d/j. 2. Duncan, David Douglas. Picasso's Picassos. N.Y., n.d. (1961). Harper & Bros. Duncan's color photographs of Picasso's personal collection of his paintings. VG in torn d/j. 40 - 80
2415 4 BOOKS ON DECORATING & DESIGN. 1. Tweed, Katharine (ed.). The Finest Rooms by America's Great Decorators. N.Y., c. 1964; Viking. 2nd. prtg. 168pp, tall 4to. VG/VG. 2. Wilson, Jose & Leaman. Arthur. Decorating Defined: a Dictionary of Decoration & Design. N.Y., c. 1970; Simon & Schuster. 191 pp, small 4to. VG in slightly chipped d/j. 3. Stillman, Damie. Decorative Work pf Robert Adam. London/N.Y., c. 1973; Academy Editions/St. Martin's Press. 119 pp text + 173 black & white plates. VG in price-clipped d/j. 4. Gloag, John. Georgian Grace - a Social History of Design from 1660 to 1830. London, c. 1967; Spring Books. Reprint ed. 426 pp. VG in worn, torn d/j. 40 - 80
2416 JEAN-EMILE LABOUREUR ENGRAVING. 1918-1919. Black line engraving. Signed in pencil and in plate. JE Laboureur (French 1877-1943) is a listed artist: draftsman, painter and etcher. This modernist image of a bustling port town recalls the infectious enthusiaam early modernism found in the machine age-- brittle and sharp lines delineate a crazy quilt of industrial and urban activity. Size: 14" h., 21" w., framed 22" h., 29" w. Condition: bad water stains, darkening to paper, shifted in mat, no glass; frame and mat are as is. 400 - 500
2417 "INDIGENT" ENGRAVING & BRAHMS IMAGE. One hand colored engraving (unsigned) of an impoverished man eating by a fire; the second image is a photomechanical reproduction of a drawing of composer Johannes Brahms at age 20. Size: (engraving) 6"h.,5"w. Frame: 12"h.,9 1/2"w. (brahms) frame: 13"h.,11"w. Condition: minor brown spots to hand colored engraving; splotchiness. 75 - 100
2418 JAPANESE WOODCUT. 20th c. Color blockprint. A Japanese pagoda is seen by a pond. Similar in style to Hasui. Size: 14 1/2" h., 19 1/2" w., framed 22" h., 14" w. Condition: very slightly buckled, acid mat; frame mat and glass is as is, you are bidding on the print only. 300 - 400
2419 HOOD BULLFIGHTERS. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed Hood lower right. A senorita is flanked by two bullfighters; the style is semi-abstract. Size: 24 1/4" h., 20 1/4" w. Condition: some minor craquellure in the white paint; the aluminum frame is as is. 40 - 80
2420 PAIR OF ROTHENBURG ETCHINGS. 20th c. Handcolored etchings. Signed illegibly. Also written is "Rothenburg Kobolgellet (?)" and "Rothenburg Postal." Each is marked "Original Rad. (radierungen)." The picturesque German town, famed for its intact medieval architecture is colorfully pictured in these etchings. Size: 11 1/4" h., 9" w., framed 17 1/2" h., 14" w. Condition: no visible defects; frames are as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 200 - 300
2421 L. DUPRE GYPSY MAN. 20th c. oil on canvas. Signed lower right. See biography lot 2422. A gypsy man leers with a cigarette. Size: 14"h., 10"w. framed: 18"x 15". Condition: Some minor craquellurs. 100 - 200
2422 L. DUPRE GYPSY GIRL. 20th c. oil on canvas. Signed lower left. L. Dupre is a listed 20th c. artist who creates anachronistic genre art; This image is of a gypsy girl. size : 14"h., 10"w., Frame: 18"h., 15"w. Condition: some minor craquellure. 100 - 200
2423 NEST LITHOGRAPH. 20th c. Black crayon lithograph. Embossed with a GT in a circle. Signed in pencil illegibly, dated '86. Eggs are shown in a big nest. Size: 23" h., 17" w., framed 35" h., 28" w. Condition: a couple of small yellow splotches are in the upper right; frame, mat & glass are as is. 100 - 125
2424 ANTONI CLAVE LITHO POSTER. 20th c. Color lithograph. Signed Clave in the plate lower right. Antoni Clave (Spanish 1913-?) is a listed artist whose friends included Picasso. His influences were Bonnard, Vuillard, and Rouault. His collage combination technique engendered the fame that brought him a one-man retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in the 1960's. This lithographic poster was derived from drawn, collaged and monoprinted elements originally; it is an advertisement for the "Galerie Charpentier, Ecole Paris 1956." Size: 26 1/2" h., 17" w., framed 31" h., 26" w. Condition: backed with black paper, no defects; the aluminum frame is as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 500 - 700
2425 ETCHED FULL-LENGTH FEMALE IMAGE. 19th c. Etching (1860's-1870's) Signed, but indistinctly. This tiny etching is a rapidly executed character study, attractively done. Size: 3 3/4"h.,2 1/4"w. Frame: 10"h.,8"w. Condition: Yellowed, new frame; the frame is as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 100 - 150
2426 S.B. BUCKNER BY CHAS HALL. 19th c. Black line etching. "Etched by Charles B. Hall, N.Y." Pen signed S.B. Buckner, this shows a stern Civil War officer Charles Bryan Hall (1840-1896) is a listed New York portrait engraver. Size: 5"h., 3 1/2"w. Frame: 13 1/2"h., 9 1/2"w. Condition: No visual defects to the print; the frame is falling apart; frame is as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 200 - 300
2427 COPY OF REMBRANDT ETCHING. 20th c. Photomechanical copy of a 1653 Rembrandt etching. It shows Rembrandt in a cap. Size: 6 1/4"h., 4 1/2"w. Frame: 12"h.,10"w. Condition: No visible defects, frame is as is. 25 - 40
2428 DU CABINET DE MR. POULLAIN. 19th c. H/C engraving. After Adriaen Brouwer's party, engraved by Hemery. Men are shown drinking & making merry. Marked 16 upper right hand corner. Size: 7 1/2"h., 5 1/2"w. Frame: 13 1/2"h., 11 1/2"w. Condition: slightly yellowed; frame, mat glass is as is. 75 - 125
2429 ST. PETER FORT H/C LITHOGRAPH. 19th c. This historical topographical image was "presented by the state recreation committee, Guernsey 1983." It was drawn by J. Young. Size: 4"h., 7 1/2"w. Frame: 11 1/2"h.,13 1/2"w. Condition: very faint foxing upper edge of the mat window; frame is as is. 50 - 75
2430 ASSORTED LIGHTERS. Lot includes sixteen lighters and one metal match holder. Most are silver metal. Condition: signs of wear from use. 20 - 40
2431 12'10"x 9'9" MACHINE MADE RUG. Red ground with floral all over design. All sales final. 60 - 120
2432 9'X 12' CHINESE RUG. Recent. Handwoven in China. Beige background with rust and medium blue floral pattern. Condition: very plush, no wear, maybe needs a light cleaning. All sales final. 100 - 200
2433 10'10" X 8'4" ROYAL BOUKARA. Hand woven of virgin lambs wool. Beige ground with shades of brown. Condition: pile good, fringe good. Could use a cleaning. All sales final. 150 - 300
2436 2'x5'6" BOUKARA RUNNER. In earth tones. Condition: good pile and fringe. All sales final. 70 - 140
2438 EDWARDIAN DRESSER. Serpentine front and sides. Craquelure design overall. Two doors with ovals depicting woman over three drawer bottom. Condition: band of veneer missing between the bottom two drawers, 2" x 2" piece of veneer missing from left side, repairs to veneers, missing escutcheon. Size: 4'6"H, 3'1"W, 18"D. 1,000 - 1,400
2440 2'8" X 11'3" DERGAZINE RUNNER. Hand woven, 100% wool. Red ground with overall floral design. Condition: the fringe only on one end is worn, could use a cleaning. All sales are final. 60 - 120
2441 2'6" X 9'8" RUNNER. Romanian hand woven 100% wool runner. Signed on one end. Condition: fringe and pile good. Could use a cleaning. All sales final. 70 - 140
2445 CAROUSEL CO. WOOL RUG 15'X15'. 100% wool face, made by Carousel in California. Bolero quality, tweeded pattern #354. 200 - 400
2446 JAPANESE MORIAGE VASE. N/R. Footed vessel, foo dog handles, slip decoration.Iron red, green, cobalt decoration. No mark. size: 11"H. condition: missing lid, chip on rim. 150 - 300
2447 FOUR CERAMIC ORIENTAL VASES. One is white with a blue floral design overall. Marked: James Alex Imp.; Made in China for James Alex Imp. Oakhurst, N.J. 07755 U.S.A.". Measures: 10" h. One is a glazed covered jar depicting birds and flowers. Marked: with a caligraphic Chinese mark. Measures: 13.5" h. One is a yellow glazed tea caddy(?) depicting butterflies and flowers. Unmarked. Measures: 6.0" h. One is a white vase depicting Oriental figures . Sits on a footed wooden base. Unmarked. Measures: 5.0" h. X 8.0" w. Condition: no chips or cracks. 50 - 100
2448 OPALESCENT ART GLASS SHADE. Blown opalescent blue art glass globe, ribbed round body. No mark. Size: 10"H, 10"Diam. widest part, 4 3/4"Diam. opening. Condition: chip on rim which fits into light fixture. 100 - 300
2449 PAPERWEIGHTS & OTHERS. Lot includes four paperweights: an infused glass "American Academy of Family Physicians"; a blue ceramic "pill" marked "SKF SO6"; a flat metal Squibb "Corgard" and a clear square glass marked "Folding Paper Boxes, Pittsburgh Paper Box Co." Also, a Schering stainless steel letter opener in a wooden sheath; a "Xanax" hologram; a Persantine "heart" model (boxed); a Lefton China physician figure(KW01869) and a "nuts and bolts" metal physician figure. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2450 CARVED FIGURES & OTHER. Lot includes a wooden sea captain; a wooden fisherman; a wooden hiker in a glass bottle and a ceramic "gold miner" whiskey bottle marked "Heritage China 1960 FZ-6 Ezra Brooks". Sea captain height: 11". Fisherman height: 7". Hiker height: 9". Gold miner height: 10". Condition: sea captain and fisherman have a weathered appearance; plastic stopper on bottle is broken. 50 - 75
2451 VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP PARLOR TABLE. Rectangular white marble top rest on x-form base with four spindles and turned columnar center support. Size: 29" H, 19" W, 28" D. Condition: missing castors. 300 - 500
2452 CHERUB CARVED END TABLE. Size: 22"H, 24"W, 1"D. Condition: no detractions. 60 - 120
2453 LOUIS XVI STYLE BERGERE. Made by Danby Co. in New York City. Molded frame carved with shells and flowers. Down and duck feather cushion. Original fabric. Size: 39"H, 27"W, 24"D. 75 - 150
2454 MAHOGANY TILT TOP CANDLESTAND. size: 26"H, 14"W, 20"D. 50 - 100
2455 THE HOLY QURAN. Ali, A. Yusuf (ed.). The Holy Quran: Text, Translation and Commentary. 2 vols. N.Y., n.d. (c. 1938), 3rd. ed. Total 1862 pp. VG in green cloth. 25 - 50
2456 3 MUSIC-RELATED MEMOIRS. 1. Jeritza, Maria. Sunlight and Song - a Singer's Life. N.Y./London, 1924. Appleton. 262 pp. Front inner hinge cracked; piece cut out of head of title page; clipping (d/j flap?) glued to back pastedown. Interior G. 2. Maretzek, Max. Crotchets and Quavers; or, Revelations of an Opera Manager in America. N.Y., 1855. 346 pp + ads. Blue blind-stamped binding, gold-decorated spine. Spine ends and corners rubbed, o.w. VG. 3. Mapleson, J.H. The Mapleson Memoirs 1848-1888. 2 vols. Chicago, 1888. Recollections of an opera impresario. 327 and 319 pp. Spine ends and corners rubbed; some spotting to covers; interiors G. 25 - 50
2457 3 VOLS. OPERA LIBRETTOS. 1. The Authentic Librettos of the Wagner Operas. N.Y., c. 1938; Crown Pubs. 470 pp. D/j has tape marks, o.w. VG/VG. 2. The Authentic Librettos of the Italian Operas. N.Y., c. 1939; Crown Pubs. 481 pp. D/j frayed at spine ends and tape-marked; book VG. 3. The Authentic Librettos of the French and German Operas. N.Y., c. 1939; Crown Pubs. 504 pp. D/j tape-marked; book VG. 30 - 60
2458 3 VICTOR RECORDS BOOKS. 1. The Victor Book of the Opera. Camden, NJ, c. 1913. revised ed. "Stories of 100 operas with 500 illustrations and descriptions of 1000 Victor Opera Records." 480 p. Blue cloth, gold lettering, top edge gilt. Back page beginning to tear; few spots to cover. 2. The Victor Book of the Opera. Camden, NJ, c. 1936. 9th ed., 3rd. printing, 1938. 528 pp. "Stories of the operas with illustrations and descriptions of Victor Opera Records." VG in G d/j. 3. 1919 Catalogue of Victor Records. Camden, NJ, c. 1918. Soft cover, unpaginated. "With biographical sketches, opera plots, new portraits, and special red seal section." Title page and following page Scotch-taped, also a couple of interior pp. Front cover and first few pp chipped at spine tail. 25 - 50
2459 KNICKERBOCKER HISTORY OF N.Y. (Irving, Washington). Knickerbocker, Diedrich. A History of New York... London, 1825; Wm. Charlton Wright. Charlton Wright's Cabinet Edition. 312 pp, 12mo. Corners of boards somewhat crumpled, o.w. VG. 25 - 50
2460 SHAKESPEARE'S WORKS. Shakespeare, William. The Complete Works of... Garden City, 1936; Garden City Pub. Co. Illustrated by Rockwell Kent. 1527 pp. VG in torn d/j. 30 - 60
2461 2 OLD TESTAMENT-RELATED BKS. 1. Pritchard, James B. Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. Princeton, 1950; Princeton Univ. Press. 526 pp, tall 4to. Front cover and d/j gouged at centre; o.w. VG/VG. 2. Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures. Grand Rapids, 1952. Eerdmans Pub. Co. 919 pp. VG/VG. 35 - 70
2462 3 ROMAN CLASSICS. 1. Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars. N.Y., n.d. (ca. 1890's). American Book Co. 572 pp. Blind-stamped blue cloth binding. Spine ends scuffed, o.w. VG. 2. Watson, J.S. (trans.) The Anabasis... of Xenophon. London, 1883; Geo. Bell & Sons. Bohn's Classical Library. 518 pp. Inner hinges cracked. 3. The Complete Works of Tacitus. N.Y., c. 1942; Modern Library. 773 pp. VG/VG. 25 - 50
2463 2 BOOKS BABYLONIAN HISTORY. 1. Wiseman, D.J. Chronicles of the Chaldean Kings (626-556 B.C.) in the British Museum. London, 1956. 4to, 99 pp + 21 plates. Cuneiform texts with translations. VG in torn d/j. 2. Luckenbill, D.D. Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia. 2 vols. Chicago, c. 1926; Univ, of Chicago Press. 297 and 504 pp. D/j edge-worn on vol. I, book VG; Vol. II VG/VG. 50 - 100
2464 3 BOOKS ON ARABIC LANGUAGE. 1. Elias' Modern Dictionary English-Arabic. 8th ed. Cairo, c. 1951. 806 pp. VG/VG. 2. Mitchell, T.F. An Introduction to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. London, 1956; Oxford Univ. Press. 285 pp. VG/VG. 3. Wright, W. A Grammar of the Arabic Language. 3rd. ed. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1951; Cambridge Univ. Press. 317 and449 pp. D/j's lightly chipped, spotted; books VG. 35 - 70
2465 PAIR OF BURNING OILS. 20th c. oil on board. No signature. One shows black & white flop earred rabbits, the other shows two rabbits eating lettuce outside. Size each: 4 1/2"h., 6 1/2"w, framed: 9"h., 11"w. Condition: Like new. 50 - 100
2466 LYNN T. MONTGOMERY ETCHING. 1934 or 1954. Black etching. Signed in pencil "Lynn T. Morgan," lower right. Lynn Thomas Morgan (1889-?) is an listed American printmaker, he was a pupil of W. Forsyth, Wheeler and others. This intimate image of a barn is expertly bitten and printed with plate tone. Size: 4 3/4" h., 6" w., framed 9" h., 10" w. Condition: yellowed from acid mat; frame and mat as is, you are bidding on the print only. 200 - 400
2467 LAKOWSKI GOUACHE OF ROOFTOPS. 1949. Gouache on paper. Signed lower left in pencil and in paint. Size: 12" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 21 1/2" h., 26 1/2" w. Condition: homemade mat & frame. 40 - 80
2468 F.P. FAIRER FLORAL OIL. 20th c. Oil on masonite . Signed F.P. Fairer lower right. Frederick Park Fairer (British 1910-?) is a listed artist. This alla prima style floral composition recalls Dutch and Flemish precedents: a large vase of flowers on a sill rests in a niche. Size: 44" h., 24" w., framed 52" h., 31" w. Condition: no visible defects to the painting; the frame has damage (loose rabbets); the frame is as is, you are bidding on the painting itself. 300 - 400
2469 MEXICAN LITHOGRAPH. Probably early 20th c. Black litho with hand coloring. A piazza and fountain are seen with lively figures nearby. From the Cadoro Gallery, Mexico City. Size framed: 19" h., 14" w. Condition: brown acid burns from a previous mat, shifted in frame. 40 - 60
2470 E.K. SAKOIAN WATERCOLOR. Dated 1983. On paper. Signed lower left. A beach and rocky outcrop are seen at the ocean. Size framed: 23" h., 35" w. Condition: some slight paper buckling. 40 - 60
2471 P. BAILLY COWELL WOOD DESIGN. Dated 1972. Painted and stained wood. Modernist design on a wood panel. Patrick Bailly Cowell's grandfather was Picabia. Size: 29 1/2" h., 14 1/4" w. Condition: some minor scuffs to edges. 300 - 600
2473 QUALTERS SEWING ROOM LITHO. 20th c. Color lithograph. Signed "Qualters," titled "The Sewing Room," no 20/100. Robert Qualters (Pittsburgh artist) is known locally for his highly colored images of southwestern Pennsylvania scenery and life. This shows a woman in an interior. Size: 21 1/2" h., 29 1/2" w., framed 27 1/2" h., 35" w. Condition: like new. 200 - 300
2474 JJ HENNER WEEPING MAGDALENE. 19th c. or early 20th c. Old photographically made lithograph after the oil painting by Jean Jacques Henner, tinted. Signed in pencil by Henner, and embossed with the seal of Buckingham Prints. JJ Henner (Alsatian-French) was a well known artist whose work strode between academicism and erotic symbolism---his only subject was nude or semi-clothed red haired women. This is his "Weeping Magdalene." Size: 16 1/2" h., 13" w., framed 19 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: yellowed, the pretty period frame has slightly loosed miter corners; frame & glass are as is. 100 - 200
2475 CHARLES J. WRIGHT INTAGLIO. 20th c. Etching. Signed in pencil. Artist's Proof of "Circus Figures." Deep open bit etching make up this modern image. Size: 12 1/2" square, framed 21 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects; frame, mat and glass are as is, you are bidding on the print itself. 75 - 100
2476 E. MCLELLAND WATERCOLOR. 20th c. watercolor, pen, & ink. Signed lower left. A whimsical sketch of castle-like buildings is colored brightly with liquidy washes. Size: 13"h.,15"w. Frame: 23"h.,24"w. Condition: yellowed, faded, slightly buckled, acid mat (damage likely); frame, mat, as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 50 - 100
2477 VASARELY SILKSCREEN. 20th c. Silkscreen. Signed "Vasarely" in the screen. Victor Vasarely (Hungarian 1908-1997) is a well listed artist known for abstraction. He worked in many media. This image is of brightly colored cojoined cubes with circle decoration designed in isometric perspective. Size framed: 27" h., 25" w. Condition: no visible defects to the print; the frame and glass are as is. 400 - 700
2478 RHEIMS PRINT. Offset lithograph after an original etching. This image of the French cathedral is complemented by a short historical blurb printed below the image. Size framed: 22" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects to the print; frame and mat are as is. 40 - 60
2479 DALI PRINT ON FABRIC. Nude woman in a gemstone among green and yellow. 1867 / 2000. Marked copyright Demart D 1989 A.Z. I.T.C. 500 - 800
2480 19TH C. ITALIAN W/C. On paper. Signed P. Armini lower left. A gentleman reads a letter while two Neopolitan women look on. Size: 14" h., 10" w., framed 25" h., 22" w. Condition: no visible defects; under non-glare glass; the frame has loose miters. 500 - 700
2481 CESARE RICCIARDI LANDSCAPE. 1963. Oil on canvas. Signed. Ricciardi (1892-?) is a listed artist from Philadelphia whose style is semi-impressionistic. This very blue-green landscape gives a serene impression even though the technique is vigorous. Size: 24" h., 30" w., unframed. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
2482 MEZZOTINT PORTRAIT. 19th c. Black mezzotint. Engraving by Charles Turner, this portrait of John Loudon McAdam, Esq. shows the sitter in early 19th c. dress. This print also exists in the collection of the British Museum; McAdam (1756-1836) was responsible for new road technology such as raised gravel roads with improved drainage. His ideas were quickly adopted in the UK and USA. Size: 12 1/2" h., 10" w., framed 17" h., 13" w. Condition: one large brown spot in the upper edge, water stains on the old mat. 200 - 250
2483 SPOLETO FESTIVAL POSTER. Photomechanical poster after a painting, marked 04 Giugno-07 Luglio 1974. Very brightly colored, framed recently. A James Gallery, Dormont PA tag is on the back. Size framed: 52 1/2" h., 40" w. Condition: the poster is like new, frame and mat as is. 200 - 300
2484 PAIRPOINT HOT WATER STAND. Eastlake style silver plate hot water kettle on swing stand, hinged lid, pierced finial, band of Eastlake style floral decoration on kettle and stand, pierced side panels on stand. Stand with small round front extension. Marked: Pairpoint Mfg. Co.

Quadruple Plate 180 2 1/2. Size: Pot: 13"H. Stand: 19 1/2"H, 9 1/2"W, 13"D. Condition: dents in body of kettle, interior corrosion in kettle, one element missing from base.

150 - 300
2485 BRONZE STATUES & OTHERS. Lot includes three animal statues and two sets of bookends. One is a statue of two rabbits on a wood base. Marked: "The Hamilton Collection; The Audubon Bronzes by Norman & Herman Deaton". Measures: 3.5" h. X 4.5" w. One is a cheetah on rocky terrain. Marked: "Cheetah Bronze; The Franklin Mint". Measures: 2.5" h. X 5.5" w. One is thee monkeys, "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil". Unmarked. Measures: 2.0" h. X 2.5" w. One is a pair of lion bookends. Unmarked. Measures: 4.0" h. X 8" w. One is a Civil War marching corps bookends. Marked: "695 Verona". Measures: 4.0" h. X 8"w. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2486 6 BISQUE FIGURES. 1. Pair of figurines of children standing by a low fence, one holding a bird, one a rabbit. 12 1/2" high, bases approx. 4" x 4 1/2". Both good condition. 2. Pair of male & female figures, dressed as early 19th century countryfolk. 9" high, bases approx. 2" x 2 3/4". Color wearing off faces and clothing; hairline cracks in base of female figure. 3. Small pair of male & female figures, representing ancient (Classical) male & female countryfolk. The boy, a shepherd, with a sheep at his feet, plays Pan pipes; the girl, with a goat lying beside her, carries a basket of roses. Marked "Hand Painted Ardalt" "Made in Japan." One of goat's horns is broken off; girl's arm repaired. 75 - 150
2487 4 ART DECO BAR ITEMS. (1) Black, red and chrome soda dispenser by Sparklet, black body, red bands and top, chrome handle. Marked: A Product of Sparklets Corp. Pat. Des. 101421 New York. Size: 11 1/2"H. Condition: minor wear to exterior chrome, unknown interior condition. (1) Round German hipflask. Chrome and black leatherette. Marked: Tin Lines 6 oz. Reg. No. AHS 171982 Germany. Condition: good. (1) Cocktail pitcher, clear glass with red decoration, no mark. 8 3/4"H. Conditoin: good. With metal stirrer, red plastic ball top. Marked: Stainless steel. Size: 10 1/4"L. Condition: good. (1) Stoppered bottle, four sided tapered body, black plastic and cork top. Marked: 50mm. Size: 9 1/2"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2488 3 HANDCRAFTED METAL ITEMS PLUS. (1) Craftsman Studios round hinge lidded dish with applied handle, repousse floral decoraiton, and applied twisted wire stem, folded scalloped edge. marked: Craftsman Studios Hand Crafted 529. Size: 3"H, 6 3/4"Diam. Condition: some staining and wear to finish of metal. (1) Israeli hinged lidded box, stylized geometric decoration, bezel set stone. Mark: original Israeli sales tag. Sie: 8 1/8"L, 3 3/4"W. 7/8"H. Condition: wear to metal surface. (1) Metal cased nut shell on three legs, incised and metal studded decoration. Unreadable mark. SiE: 3 1/4"H, 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: interior dry. (1) Victorian hanging metal match safe, in form of two boots. No mark. Size: 7"H, 3 3/4"W, 2"D. Condition: wear to metal surface. 100 - 300
2489 9 PORCELAIN ITEMS. 1. Girl in blue, holding lilies. 9 1/4" high, base 2" x 2 1/2". Marked "Lladro" "Handmade in Spain." Good condition. 2. Small blue vase, seagulls over water. 4" high, 3" diam. at widest part, 1 1/2" diam. at top. Marked "Royal Copenhagen Denmark." Good condition. 3. Leaf-shaped dish, 1 1/2" high, 7 1/4" x 5". Cream with gold edge and handle. Marked "Lenox" "Made in U.S.A." Good condition. 4. Square ashtray, 4 1/4" x 4 1/4". Picture of an old bridge, buildings. Marked "Royal Copenhagen Denmark" "Marmordroen." Good condition. 5. Round scalloped-edge ashtray, 6" diam. Hand painted florals, gold edge. Marked with crown over "B." Good condition. 6. Pair small ashtrays or coasters, 3 1/2" diam., florals on white ground, gold edge. Marked "Ancestral" "Minton" "Bone China Made in England." Both good condition. 7. Small dish, 1/2" high, 3 3/4" diam.; white rose & foliage on white ground, gold edge. Marked "Royal Worcester Fine Bone China England." Good condition. 8. Small dish, 3/4" high, 4 1/2" diam.; green, red & black abstract design, gold edge. Marked "Royal Worcester" "Made in England." Good condition. 100 - 150
2490 ITALIAN CURIO One door hanging cabinet with arched top and finials, canted sides. Finished in silver with parcel gilt. Size: 4'2"H, 22"W, 7"D. Condition: no detractions. 125 - 250
2491 ARCHAIC CHINESE BRONZE COPY. Cast bronze, ring handled vessel with stylized bird/animal decoration, green patination, 19-20thc., marked with Chinese calligraphic marks on bottom. Size: 14"H, 9 1/2"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: wear to patination at base. 150 - 300
2492 2 SILVERPLATE WINE COOLERS. Pair of silverplate wine coolers, gadrooned base, two pierced handles with leaf edges, gadrooned top. Marked: F. B. Rogers. Size: 10 1/2"H, 5 3/4"Diam. base. 9 1/4"Diam. top. Condition: some interior wear. 75 - 150
2493 3 GILT GLASS ITEMS. (1) Purple glass vase wiht wide gold band and decaled center cartouches of 18th c. style couple, front and back. No mark. Size: 10 1/4"H, 5"diam. widest part, 2 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: good. (1) Blown glass vase, clear base and stem, green glass body, folded ruffled top edge, hand painted gilt and blue enamel flower decoration. no mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, 5 1/4"Diam. widest part, 3 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. (1) Blown glass dish, gilt scalloped decorative border, gilt floral decoration. no mark. Size: 5 1/4"Diam. 1 1/8"H. condition: gilt worn. 50 - 100
2494 3 DECORATIVE METAL ITEMS. 1. Tall lidded stein, pewter-like metal; 12 1/2" high, base 6" diam. Ornate allover raised decoration: heads of 16th century king and prince facing a shield supported by a deer's skull, surrounded by stylized florals and tendrils. Late 19th century. No apparent defects. 2. Ornate hexagonal silverplate cream pitcher, 6" high, 5" diam. at widest part. Allover raised design of florals and foliage. Stamped "T" and "M" surrounding Prince of Wales tripart feather. Silverplating worn. 3. Flared square brass vase, 8 1/2" high, body 1 1/2" square, opening flared to 4 1/2" square. Raised floral design on two sides, opposite sides have two different seaside village scenes. Finish worn. 200 - 400
2495 FIVE "PITTSBURGH" ITEMS. One is a ruby glass with a clear stem. Marked:"Masonic Temple 302 FT.; Carrie Bell Cook 1893". One is a yellow ceramic three-handled cup with a scene of the courthouse. Marked: "Courthouse Headquarters 1892; Tancred Commandery No. 48 K.T. Pittsburgh,PA 1898. Made by the American China Co. Toronto, Ohio" One is a plate depicting a woman. Marked: "1910 Pittsburgh Commandery No. 1. K.T. 31st Triennial Chicago". One is a porcelain plate depicting a woman. Marked: "1904 Pittsburgh Commandery No. 1 29th K.T.San Francisco Cal". One is a plate depicting a man and woman. Marked: "1906 Pittsburgh Commandery No. 1 K.T. 53rd Annual Conclaye". All the plates are marked "Knowles Taylor East Liverpool Ohio U.S.A." Condition: no chips or cracks. 50 - 100
2496 ROLLING ROCK ADVERTISING. Painted plaster advertisement for Rolling Rock Beer. marked: made by Silvestri Bros. Co. , Latrobe Brewing Co. Latrobe, Pa. No. 41. 146. Size: 11"H, 10 1/2"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: minor wear to paint. 50 - 100
2497 GRUNDIG SHORT WAVE RADIO. German radio, electric. Marked: Grundig Werke GMBH Furth Bayern W.Germany. In veneered wood frame, table model. Size: 22"W, 12 1/2"H, 9"D. Condition: wear to frame, small chip of veneer missing from edge, sold as is. 100 - 300
2498 53 PC. GOLD FINISHED STAINLESS. Fifty three pieces of gold finished stainless flatware in box. Charles IV pattern with rose centered decoration. Set consists of (8) knives, (8) dinner forks, (8) dessert forks, (16) teaspoons, (8) soup spoons, (1) slotted serving spoon, (1) solid serving spoon, (1) ladle, (1) sugar spoon, (1) butter knife. Marked: unknown mark, Stainless Japan Charles IV (on two pieces). Condition: like new. 40 - 80
2499 7 PC. WEEPING BRIGHT GOLD. (1) Handled serving tray, 10 1/4"Diam. (2) Salt and pepper shaker. 4"H. no mark. (2) Candleholders with 5 petaled shape. 4 1/2"Diam. no mark. (1) Bowl with scalloped edge. 7"Diam. 3 1/2"H. (1) Six sided covered dish wth round ball feet. 6"Diam. 4"H. All marked except where noted above: Hand Decorated 22K Gold USA Weeping Bright Gold. Condition, all good, tops of salt and pepper shakers slight wear. 100 - 200
2500 FIVE SHAVING ACCESSORIES. One is a white ceramic cup with gold acents. Marked: "Dos Wenger". One is a white ceramic cup with gold accents. Marked: "Avon & Co. (?)". One is a white ceramic cup with a painted scene titled "The Life Of A Fireman". One is a bone(?) handled razor with a crown symbol at the top. Marked: "KROPP". One is a bone(?) handled razor. Marked: "KROPP". Condition: some rust on blades; some discolorations on cups and worn gold. 25 - 50
2501 14 BOYDS BEARS COLLECTIBLES. Lot includes eight resin bear figurines; four resin bear figurine statue boxes; one resin frame and one "Trembles Mansion" model. Mansion comes with box. Condition: mansion has a broken smokestack. 25 - 50
2502 SEVEN BOYDS BEARS FIGURINES. Lot includes seven resin bear figurines. Six come with boxes. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 50
2503 FOURTEEN STUFFED BEARS. Lot includes the following: twelve Boyds Bears; one TY, Inc. bear and one Unipac bear. Various sizes. Condition: no visible defects. 25 - 75
2504 3 BOOKS ON CUNEIFORM. 3 foreign-language books on Assyro-Babylonian cuneiform written language. One is in German, 1912; one French, 1952; one Russian, 1957. The German and French have glossaries. All good condition. 25 - 50
2505 3 BOOKS ON ANCIENT LANGUAGES. 1. Gordon, Cyrus H. Ugaritic Handbook: Revised Grammar, Paradigms, Texts in Transliteration, Comprehensive Glossary. Rome, 1947. 283 pp, 4to. Some pencil notations; bibliography on notebook paper pasted to back pastedown; binding lightly mildewed. 2. Kent, Roland G. OLd Persian: Grammar, Texts, Lexicon. New Haven, 1950. 216 pp, 4to. Light pencilling throughout. 3. Jackson, A.V. Williams. The Avestan Alphabet and Its Transcription. Stuttgart, 1890. 112 pp. Pages browned. 40 - 80
2506 EGYPTIAN MUSEUM GUIDEBOOK. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo. A Brief Description of the Principal Monuments. Cairo, 1956. Pb, Unpaginated. With 20 postcards of Tutankhamen's treasures. VG. 20 - 40
2507 4 BOOKS ON SANSKRIT. 1. Ballantyne, James R. et al. First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar. Covina, CA, c. 1944; Theosophical University Press. 136 pp. VG. 2. Whitney, William Dwight. The Roots, Verb Forms, and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language. Supplement to Sanskrit Grammar. Leipzig, 1885. 250 pp. VG. 3. Whitney, William Dwight. Sanskrit Grammar. Cambridge, 1941; Harvard Univ. Press. 551 pp. VG. 4. Perry, Edward Delevan. A Sanskrit Primer. N.Y., c. 1936; Columbia Univ. Press. 230 pp. Front inner hinge cracked at half-title; couple of pages Scotch-taped. 40 - 80
2508 2 CALENDAR BOOKS. 1. Haig, Sir Wolseley. Comparative Tables of Muhammedan and Christian Dates. London, 1932. 32 pp. VG. 2. Taqizadeh, S.H. Old iranian Calendars. London, 1938; The Royal Asiatic Society. 57 pp. VG. 15 - 30
2509 4 MID-EASTERN GRAMMAR BOOKS. 1. Socin,A. Arabic Grammar. N.Y./Berlin, 1895. 159 pp. 3/4 leather on marbled boards. Spine leather deteriorating, corners taped; interior G. 2. Dillmann, August & Bezold, Carl. Ethiopic Grammar. 2nd. ed. London, 1907. 581 pp + foldout tables. Few scraped spots on front cover, o.w. G. 3. Speiser, E.A. Studies in Hurrian Grammar. New Haven, 1939; American Oriental Society. Reprinted from the Journal, vol. 59, pp. 289-324. Pb. G. 4. McCarus, Ernest N. A Kurdish Grammar. N.Y., 1958. 138 pp, pb. VG. 25 - 50
2510 4 MID-EASTERN LANGUAGE BOOKS. 1. Marshall, J.T. & Turner, J. Barton. Manual of Aramaic Language of the Palestinian Talmud. Leyden, 1929. 259 pp. VG. 2. Harris, Zellig S. Development of the Canaanite Dialects. New Haven, 1939. 108 pp + foldout table. VG. 3. Smith, J.M. Powis. William R. Harper's Elements of Hebrew by an Inductive Method. Revised Ed. N.Y., c. 1921; Scribner. 218 pp. VG. 4. Whitney, william Dwight. Oriental and Linguistic Studies: the Veda; the Avesta; The Science of Language. N.Y., 1873; Scribner, Armstrong & co. 416 pp + ads. Back inner hinge cracked; light dampstain affecting tail margins. 25 - 50
2511 3 BOOKS ON ANCIENT WRITING. 1. Driver, G.R. Semitic Writing from Pictograph to Alphabet. London, 1948. 222 pp + 57 plates. VG in clipped, edge-worn d/j. 2. Arberry, A.J. Specimens of Arabic and Persian Paleography. London: India Office, 1939. 48 plates + viii pp key. VG. 3. Gelb, I.J. Old Akkadian Writing and Grammar. 2nd. ed. revised and enlarged. Chicago, c. 1961; Univ. of Chicago Press. 235 pp, pb.VG. 25 - 50
2512 4 BKS. ANCIENT MID-EAST HIST. 1. Cameron, George G. History of Early Iran. Chicago, c. 1936; Univ. of Chicago Press. 260 pp. VG. 2. Herzfeld, Ernst E. Archaeological History of Iran. London, 1935; pub. for the British Academy. 112 pp + 20 plates. Slightly warped, o.w. G. 3. Lockhart, L. Nadir Shah: A Critical Study Based Mainly Upon Contemporary Sources. London, 1938. 344 pp + foldout map. Slightly warped, o.w. G. 4. Braidwood, Robert J. and Howe, Bruce. Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan. Chicago, c. 1960; Univ. of Chicago Press. 184 pp + 29 plates. Pb, 4to. VG. 25 - 50
2513 5 BKS. ANCIENT MID-EAST HIST. 1. Rogers, Robert William. A History of Ancient Persia. N.Y./London, 1929; Scribner. 393 pp. Pictorial cover, map endpapers. VG. 2. Childe, V. Gordon. The Aryans: A Study of Indo-European Origins. London, 1926. 221 pp. VG. 3. Hopkins, J.F.P. Medieval Muslim Government in Barbary. London, 1958. 169 pp. VG. 4. Contenau, Georges. Everyday Life in Babylon and Assyria. London, c. 1954. 324 pp. VG/VG. 5. Debevoise, Neilson C. A Political History of Parthia. Chicago, c. 1938; Univ. of Chicago Press. 303 pp + foldout map. VG in good but tape-marked d/j. 35 - 70
2514 3 DICTIONARIES. 1. An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon founded upon the seventh edition of Liddell & Scott's Greek-English Lexicon. N.Y., c. 1882. 909 pp. Spine ends rubbed, back free endpaper torn. 2. Hony, H. C. A Turkish-English Dictionary. Oxford, c, 1947. 397 pp. VG in clipped d/j. 3. Palmer, E. H. A Concise Dictionary of the Persian Language. London, 1944. 363 pp, 12mo. VG. 25 - 50
2515 4 BOOKS ON MID-EAST LANGUAGES. 1. Sturtevant, Edgar H. The Indo-Hittite Laryngeals. Baltimore, 1942; Linguistic Society of America. 103 pp. G. 2. Lorimer, D. L. R. The Phonology of the Bakhtiari, Badakhshani, and Madaglashti Dialects of Modern Persian. London, 1922; royal asiatic Society. 205 pp. Front cover spotted; o.w. G. 3. Albright, William Foxwell. The Vocalization of the Egyptian Syllabic Orthography. New Haven, 1934; American Oriental Society. 67 pp, pb. VG. 4. Benedict, Warren C. Urartian Phonology and Morphology. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, 1958. 222 pp. VG. 25 - 50
2516 2 BOOKS ON ISLAMIC ART. 1. Hobson, R. L. A Guide to the Islamic Pottery of the Near East. London, 1932; British Museum. 104 pp, boards. VG. 2. Dimand, M. S. A Handbook of Muhammadan art. 2nd. ed. N.Y., 1944; Met. Mus. of Art. 347 pp, pb. VG. 15 - 30
2517 6 BOOKS OF MID-EAST LITERATURE. 1. The World's Great Classics: Oriental Literature. The Literature of Persia, Part I. Revised ed. N.Y., c. 1900. 410 pp. Top edge gilt; VG. 2. Westermarck, Edward. Wit and Wisdom in Morocco: A Study of Native Proverbs. N.Y., 1931; Horace Liveright. 448 pp. Edges & corners rubbed. 3. Levy, Reuben (trans.). A Mirror for Princes. N.Y., c. 1951; E. P. Dutton. 265 pp. VG/VG. 4. Sacred Books of the East, including selections from the Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta, Dhammapada, Upanishads, the Koran, and the Life of Buddha. Revised ed. N.Y., 1945; Willey Book Co. 457 pp. VG in edge-worn d/j. 5. Lane, Edward William. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. N.Y., c. 1927; Tudor Pub. Co. VG in edge-worn d/j. 6. Barton, George A. The Royal Inscriptions of Sumer and Akkad. New Haven, 1929; Yale Univ. Press. 406 pp. No printing on binding; o.w. G. 50 - 100
2518 3 BOOKS OF MID-EAST HISTORY. 1. Gibb, H. A. R. & Bowen, Harold. Islamic Society and the West. Vol. I, Parts I and II. London, 1950; Oxford Univ. Press. Part I, 386 pp; VG in clipped, darkened d/j; Part II, 285 pp; VG/VG. 2. Ullendorff, Edward. The Ethiopians: an Introduction to Country and People. London, 1960; Oxford Univ. Press. 232 pp + foldout map. VG/VG. 3. Hitti, Philip K. History of the Arabs. 4th ed., revised. London, 1949; Macmillan. Inner hinges taped; contents VG in lightly soiled d/j. 25 - 50
2519 3 LANGUAGE BOOKS. 1. Diringer, David. The Alphabet: A Key to the History of Mankind. N.Y., c. 1948; Philosophical Library. 607 pp. VG in edge-worn d/j. 2. Lanman, Charles Rockwell. A Sanskrit Reader: Text and Vocabulary and Notes. Cambridge, 1947; Harvard Univ. Press.405 pp. VG. 3. Macdonell, Arthur A. A History of Sanskrit Literature. N.Y., 1929; D. Appleton. 472 pp, 12mo. VG. 20 - 40
2520 NILOAK & ROEVILLE POTTERY. (1) Niloak Mission ware vase with swirled brown, cream and blue coloration. Marked: (incised) NILOAK. Size: 4 1/4"H, 3"Diam. widest part, 2"Diam. top. Condition: good. (1) Roseville double handled candlestick, cream colored lily on blue ground. Marked: (raised) Roseville USA 1162-2. Size: 2"H. 3 5/8"diam. base. Condition: one burst glaze bubble on base rim. 100 - 200
2521 4 VICTORIAN METAL ITEMS. (1) Victorian pickle caster, with original pressed glass insert, matching lid, Ren. Revival decoration, pierced legs, base and handle. Marked: incised #1200 on bottom. Size: 12 1/2"H. Condition: replacement pickle fork. (1) Pairpoint silverplate Victorian flower and butterfly decorative item. Marked: Pairpoint Mfg. Co. Quadruple plate 1501. Size: 5 1/8"H, 4 1/2"W, 2 1/2"D. Condition: plate worn, glass insert missing. (1) Victorian silverplate bird ornament. Silver plated bird on footed base. Marked on bottom: incised #01847. size: 4 1/4"H, 5 1/2"Q, 4"D. Condition: one element broken off back of bird. (1) Double lidded pewter box on four paw feet. Each lid hallmarked. Size: 3 3/4"L, 2 1/2"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: worn. 100 - 300
2522 3 MAJOLICA ITEMS. 1. Milk pitcher shaped like ear of corn, with leaves. 7 1/2" high, 4 1/2" handle to spout, base 3 1/4" diam. Good condition. 2. Cream pitcher, white body, blue top, pink flowers with green foliage; brown handle. 4 1/4" high, 4 1/4" at widest part. Glaze lightly chipped at rim. 3. Colorful planter, fronted by peacock with tail displayed. 7 1/2" high, 5 1/2" wide. Couple of small chips to side of tail. 40 - 80
2523 GONE WITH THE WIND LAMP. Oil lamp converted to electricity, blown glass base and top globe, top and bottom glass handpainted red and pink roses, green field. No mark. Size: bae 14"H, globe 11 1/2"H. Condition: crack in base glass, chip in bottom rim of top globe. 100 - 200
2524 CHILD WITH DOG PAINTING. 19th c.? Oil on cardboard. Unsigned. The provincial style is reminiscent of the figurative style of some of Ohio artist Archibald Willard's work, but this work remains unattributed. A child in a green dress rests at her highchair while a dog lies at her feet. Size: 24" h., 18" w., framed 30" h., 23" w. Condition: flaking to upper edge, possible repainting in the upper background, the gilded frame has molding damage and some craquellure; frame is condsidered as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 400 - 600
2525 THREE ARCHITECTURAL VIEWS. Offset lithographs after watercolor and pen & ink drawings by Jan Korthals: Windsor Castle, Big Ben, Tower Bridge. Size: each framed 21 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w. Condition: splotchy red paint all over two of the prints' frames but no apparent defects to the artwork themselves. 75 - 100
2526 FOUR THEATER CHARACTER POSTERS. 20th c. Photomechanical reproductions after watercolors by Clancy, 1979. They are Fiordiligi Act III, Dorabella Act I, Guilemo in Albanian Disguise, and Fernando Act I. Size: each is 14 1/2" h., 10" w., framed 21" h., 16" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2527 REPRODUCTION BRITISH MINIATURE. 20th c. Photomechanical reproduction of an oil painting. A British red-coated man. Set in an ornate, heavy frame. Size framed: 13" h., 11" w. Condition: some damage to frame. 75 - 100
2528 POT OF BASIL PRINT. 19th c. /early 20th c. Old photomechanical lithograph a painting by (John White?) Alexander. It shows a woman with a pot from which grows basil. Size: 14" h., 9" w., framed 18" h., 12" w. Condition: no visible defects; frame and backing paper are as is. 50 - 75
2529 WALLACE NUTTING APPLE BLOSSOMS. Early 20th c. Old reproduction after a Nutting hand tinted photograph. This has a title in a hand similar to Nutting's. Size framed: 13" h., 10" w. Condition: crease from lower edge up 1 1/2" frame and mat are as is. 50 - 75
2530 ISLAMIC ILLUSTRATION. In the manner of the 17th c, but likely a 19th or 20th c image. Watercolor and ink on the verso of a page of script. Figures on horseback approach a garrisoned trench. Size: 8 3/4" h., 4 1/2" w., framed 14 3/4" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: light foxing; frame, mat and glass are as is, you are bidding on the art itself. 200 - 400
2531 PAIR OF U.S. WAR POSTERS. Offset lithographs, date unknown. "Over the Top" (Sydney Riesenberg, artist) and "U.S. Food Admin." (Harvey Dunn, artist). Size matted: 28" h., 20" w. & 26" h., 20" w. Condition: no visible defects (wrapped in plastic). 250 - 350
2532 PAIR OF TOPOGRAPHICAL WOOD ENGRAVINGS. 19th c. H/C wood engravings. Unsigned, titled only. "Harrisburg, from Brandts Hill, "&" Erie, from Federal Hill." Size: 5"h.,10"w., & 6"h.,9"w. Frame: 14"h.,19"w., & 14"h.,16"w. Condition: Slightly yellowed; frames are as is, you are bidding on the artwork itself. 75 - 100
2533 PAINTING ON WOODEN TILE. 19th/ 20th c. Oil on wood. Frameplate reads "T. Ostade." Done in a Dutch 17th c. manner, this shows an old man who appears to be an alchemist or an artist with an assistant and various containers around them. Size: 6" h., 5" w., framed 10" h., 9" w. Condition: very minor craquellure. 150 - 250
2534 CURRIER & IVES NARROWS NY BAY. 19th c. Black litho with color. "The Narrows New York Bay." Size: 11 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 14" h., 18" w. Condition: hole in right side margin, yellowed, white bleach mark in upper right. 250 - 500
2535 JOHN TAYLOR ARMS ETCHING. Early 20th c. Etching on buff paper. Signed in pencil. A French print shop's exterior store front is seen in a delicately produced architectural rendering. Size: 10 1/2" h., 5 1/2" w., framed 17" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 500 - 600
2536 WINTER LANDSCAPE. Late 19th - early 20th centuries. Oil on canvas. Winter landscape with a man and a dog. Rendered in brown tones. Frame of carved, molded plaster and gilt on wood. Size: view 14 1/2" h., 10 1/4" w., framed 17" h., 14 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 250 - 400
2537 AMERICAN LANDSCAPE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed RL Camerott (?). A forest and small stream and waterfalls. Size: 22" h., 26" w. Condition: one patched repair; abrasion to all edges, severe lacunae down to open canvas in the sky, three tears at upper edge. 750 - 900
2538 SARKISIAN, PAUL. 2Oth century. Oil on canvas. This abstract canvas features a harmony between black, brown, and white. Two loose, geometric forms are balanced against a torch like object. All of these elements are painted with loaded brush, impasto technique, while the background is a very thin wash of black to brown. On the verso there is a printed name and date "1958." Size: view 24"h., 16"w., framed 25 1/4"h., 16 1/2"w. Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 1,200
2539 FRAMED OIL PAINTING BY R.COLGROVE. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Signed. American, shows two women in 18th c. dress in a pastoral scene. Very bright green-golden colors. Size: 28" square, framed 35" square. Condition: some craquellure; the frame is as is. 300 - 500
2540 SAILING SHIP OIL ON CANVAS. Early 20th c. Signed illegibly. A many masted ship is seen on open water, listing to port. Size: 24" h., 17" w., framed 31" h., 24" w. Condition: craquellure and dirt (which obscures the signature). 300 - 500
2541 VAN DER MAAREL, MARINUS (1857-1921). Late 19th - early 20th centuries. Oil on canvas over artist board. Signed lower left "Marinus v d Maarel". The image is a 3/4 lifesize reclining female nude. She is sensuously draped over an ample white cloth. The large frame is molded plaster over wood and is painted gold. There is a small identification plaque at the center bottom of the frame. A brief history of the artist and exhibitions is attached to the back of the frame. Size: view 24 1/4" h., 36" w., framed 32 1/2" h., 40" w. Condition: no visible defects. 1,500 - 2,200
2542 RICCIARDI. Late 19th century or early 20th century. Oil on canvas. This is sailboat scene in a orange and blue color key. The brushstrokes are broad, done in an alla prima technique. Size: view 23 7/8"h., 35 5/8"w., framed 27"h., 39"w. Condition: there are four patches on the canvas back that reveal repairs to holes and tears, the smallest of which is 1" square; the varnish has darkened, and there are several old inpainted areas corresponding to the damage. 300 - 600
2543 PORTRAIT BY FERGUSON, HELEN M. Mid 19th century. Oil on slate. American. The portrait is of Wendell Phillips, purportedly an abolitionist. An old card affixed to the back reads " Art Department, New England Manufacturer's & Mechanics Institute, Boston, Mass." Written in script on the available lines appears "New Process Portrait Wendell Phillips, Helen M. Ferguson, ditto, ditto, Helen Ferguson, NY, NY." The frame is likely the original. Size: view 21 5/8"h., 18 3/4"w., framed 27"h., 23 11/16"w. Condition: the pupils, nostril, and mouth line have been repainted. 500 - 800
2544 NELSON, L.A.C. Late nineteenth century, American. Oil on canvas. Portrait of a woman, associated with the work lot# 1587. Signed lower left, " LAC Nelson, 1886. Wood frame in gold and black paint identical to the frame of lot# 1587. Size: view 29 1/2" h., 24" w., framed 36" h., 31" w. Condition: there is a tear repair 2" long on the dress which has been repainted; a 1" x 1/2" stroke below the chin is inpainted. Sold as a pair with lot 1587. 600 - 800
2545 NELSON, MRS. G. W. Late 19th century, American. Oil on canvas. Portrait of a man. It appears to have been painted by the subject of the associated work lot # 1586. Signed and dated lower right, "Mrs. GWNelson, 1881". Wood frame in gold and black paint, as is #2649. Size: view 29 1/2" h., x 24" w., framed 36" h., 31" w. Condition: the shadows and halftones of the face are repainted; there is a 1 1/2" square inpainted patch above the far shoulder and there are various touch-up strokes on the coat. Sold as pair with lot 1586. 600 - 800
2546 HANNEMAN, ADRIAEN (1601-1671). 17th century. Oil on canvas. Flemish. Portrait of a young man. Walnut and pine wood frame with blue felt border that has faded and shows deterioration. Size: view 27 1/2"h., 22"w., framed 33 1/2"h., 28"w. Condition: there are repairs to the canvas and darkened varnish on the paint surface. 3,000 - 4,000
2547 NATTIER, F.S. (attributed) 18th century. Oil on canvas. Portrait of a gentleman in red cloak. It is on an old stretcher and in a gilt and molded wood frame. Size: view 30" h., 22 3/4" w., framed 35 1/2" h., 28 1/4" w. Condition: there are numerous inpainted areas across the entire surface, but especially so in the hair and near the hand; the touch-ups are moderate in size. 2,500 - 3,500
2548 PORTRAIT OF AN ENGLISH JUDGE 19th century. Oil on canvas. Size: 28" h., 36" w. Condition: there are several small paint film losses from craquellure in the right middle of the image. 1,000 - 1,400
2549 GIRKHOFF. Early 20th century. Oil on canvas. The image shows a sitting romantic couple in an embrace. It is signed and indistinctly dated lower left, " Girkhoff, 191?". Molded wood frame painted gold. Size: view 35 1/2" h., 27" w., framed 39 1/2" h., 30 1/2" w. Condition: there is a 2" x 1" repainted area in the lower left edge; also there is minor craquellure. 750 - 1,000
2550 WOMAN. 17th century. Oil on canvas, mounted on new canvas and stretchers. Portrait of a lady dressed in courtly attire with coife (quoif?). Large carved and gilt wooden frame. Size: view 36" h., 25" w., framed 43" h., 32" w. Condition: inpainted areas below the lips, on the top lip, all fingertips, and a 2" square area in the upper left quadrant; age appropriate craquellure. 1,500 - 2,500
2551 MICHAEL JORDAN CARD & OTHER. (1) Michael Jordan Star Rookies Card. with guarantee of authenticity, limited to 45,000 card. in plastic sleeve. (1) Autographed photo of Alonzo Mourning, Miami Heat Center 33. LImited edition: 108 or 995. mounted on board. with Certificate of authenticity. (1) Grant Hill 1995 15 image uncut card framed. Limited ed. of 370/995. with Certificate of authenticity. 100 - 200
2552 WORLD SERIES PROGRAM 1960. Pittsburgh Pirates World Series 1960 Offical Souvenir Program. all pages complete. One inning has Pirate scores marked. all else untouched. Size: 11"H, 8 1/2"W. Condition: front cover, minor dirt, back cover some foxing, lower right corners not crisp. All else good. 100 - 200
2553 POST CARD ALBUM. c. late 19th-early 20th century. Album includes post cards, greeting and holiday cards. Condition: age appropiate wear. 50 - 75
2554 POST CARD ALBUM. c. late 19th-early 20th century. Album contains holiday, greting and post cards. Condition: age appropiate wear. 50 - 100
2555 ASSORTED POST CARDS. c. late 19th-early 20th century. Shoe box of post cards depicting flowers, animals, people, places of interest, and greetings. Condition: age appropiate wear. 50 - 100
2556 7 PC. CUT GLASS BERRY SET. Seven matching cut glass bowls, one large and six small with hobstar and fan pattern decoration, scalloped saw tooth rim. No mark. Size: large bowl: 8 1/4"Diam. 3 3/8"H. Small bowls: 4 3/4"Diam. 1 3/4"H. Condition: overall good with minor scratches. 100 - 300
2557 TWO WHITE MARBLE & ALUMINUM CANISTER LIGHTS. One has a red outer coating. Size: 11"H. 4.5"W, 10"D. 25 - 50
2558 14K VINTAGE PIN. The pin has two rows of intertwining seed pearls and turquoise stones. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2559 7 JEWELRY ITEMS. (1) Silver leaf pin, marked: Sterling. (1) Scarab bracelet, with green, red and blue scarabs. No mark. (1) Cameo ring, long oval format. No mark. (1) One Cameo earring. Marked: sterling. (1) Bezel set cameo in silver pendant. No mark. No chain. (1) Turquoise chunk stone set in silver setting. No mark. (1) Ivory cross pendant with gold cap ends. No mark, no chain. 50 - 100
2560 THREE PEACHBLOW ROSE BOWLS. Three rose bowls, all peach blow glass, one plain, one with large hand painted floral decoratoin, one with small hand painted floral decoration. No marks. Size: all 3 3/4"H. Condition: undecorated rose bowl has several chips in top rim. 300 - 600
2561 2 BRASS ITEMS. (1) Brass menorah, seven light brass candelabra, on paw feet, rectangular base, scroll arms. no mark. Size: 19"H, 16 1/2"W, 5"d. Condition: good. (1) Brass umbrella stand, shape of overturned umbrella, five large ring top to insert umbrellas and canes, decorated pierced handle. No mark. Size: 29"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2562 2 PIANO BABIES. 1. Bisque baby, white dress with purple shoulder bow, lying on stomach. 5 1/2" high, 9 1/4" long, heat to toe. Marked "23/109." Hairline crack in one knee. 2. Small bisque child, white dress, on stomach. 4" high, 4 1/4" long, head to toe. Marked "7534 by Andrea"; paper label: "Andrea by Sadek" "Made in Japan." Good condition. 40 - 80
2563 7 STERLING HANDLED KNIVES. Seven knives , 1889 pattern by Theodore B. Starr, New York, N.Y., monogramed: "CW". Marked: Sterling, Theodore B. Starr Pat. 89. blades marked: Stainless. size: 8 3/4"L. Condition: sterling handles attached to stainless blades at a later date, some joins rough. 50 - 100
2564 17 STERLING HANDLED KNIVES. 17 misc. patterns, with stainless blades and sterling handles. (12) dinner knives. (5) butter knives. Condition: all good. 100 - 200
2565 ASSORTED TABLECLOTHS. Lot includes one white Matelasse 60" X 102" oval tablecloth. Condition: never been used. Three white crocheted tablecloths and a beige crocheted tablecloth. Three are oblong and one is square. Various sizes. Condition: white ones have some stains. 25 - 50
2566 "GEORGES BRIAND" TUMBLERS. The eight glasses have a raised gilt floral decoration. Marked: "Georges Briand". Condition: no chips or cracks. 15 - 25
2567 8 AFRICAN WOVEN MATS. Eight tribal African woven mats, various sizes and colors, all circular in form. Country of origin unknown. Sizes range from 11 1/2"Diam. to 23"Diam. Condition: minor soiling, have been in storage for a number of year.s 50 - 100
2568 6 CUT GLASS & OTHER GLASS. (1) Val St. Lambert grouse ashtray. Signed: Val St.Lambert. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Wheel cut bowl with wide rim. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"Diam. condition: good. (1) Wheel cut ash tray. no mark. Size: 4 3/4"Diam. condition: good. (1) Green and amber blown glass bowl, polished bottom. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"L, 6 1/2"W, 2"H. Condition: good. (1) Faceted jewel paper weight. No mark. Size: 3"Diam. Condition: good. (1) Glass cigarette box with hand painted polo scene on lid. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"L, 3 1/2"W. 2"H. Condition: good, slight wear to painted scene. 100 - 300
2569 2 BRASS & WOOD ITEMS. (1) Oval wooden bucket with brass banding and brass handle. No mark. Size: 12"H, 13"W, 10 1/2"D. condition: good. (1) Brass and wood book shelf, wooden bae, brass side and back rails with urn finials. no mark. Size: 20"W, 10 1/2"H, 8"D. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2570 COBALT & ENAMEL JARDINIERE. Unmarked ceramic jardiniere with overall decoration of red, yellow and white enamel on cobalt ground, floral and arabesque patterns, white glazed interior. No mark. Size: 11"H, 16"Diam. Condition: minor wear. 150 - 300
2571 EARLY 19TH C. SPOON. Georgian period English spoon,c. 1809-10, monogramed W.S. Marks: hallmarked: Lion I King's head facing right, GS. Weight: 9.3Grams.Condition: signs of wear. 100 - 200
2572 BASKETBALL GOLDEN JULILEE. Souvenir magazine of : Golden Julilee of Basketball 1891-1941. Condition: signs of wear. 50 - 100
2573 1936 OLYMPICS STADIUM PLANS. Brochure put out by the Deutche Bank with the schedule of Olympic events and the plans of the Olympic venues and stadiums. Condition: good, minor staining. T.T.Abel written in ink on cover. Folds out to 17"X 24". 50 - 100
2574 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to Leichtathletik event, August 5, 1936, 10:30AM Condition: used ticket, condition good. 50 - 100
2575 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to Leichtathletik event, August 6, 1936, 10:30am Condition: used ticket, condition good. 50 - 100
2576 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to swimming event, August 8, 1936, 9:00am Condition: used ticket, good condition. 50 - 100
2577 1936 OLYMPIC EVENT TICKET. Ticket to swimming event dated August 12, 1936. 9:00am. Condition: used ticket, good condition. 50 - 100
2578 1936 OLYMPICS 3 BROCHURES. (1) XIth Olympic Games August 1-16, 1936 Berlin, French Line brochure. (2) Berlin Olympiade, take the airplane to go to the Olympic Games in Berlin, Olympia Verkehrs-und Quartieramt Berlin. (3)Ausstellung Berlin 1936, 18 July- 16 August, at the Radio Tower "Deutschland Exhibition". Condition: all show minor wear. 25 - 50
2579 DRAGNET BOARD GAME. c. 1955. Made by Transogram. Jack webb is pictured on the front of the box cover. Game comes complete with instructions. Condition: age appropiate wear; box is coming apart. 50 - 75
2580 BANDA CARPET BOWL GAME. Made in England. The game has eight miniature bowling balls, a white ball, and a green rubber place holder. Boxed. Condition: cardboard box shows wear; no instructions. 20 - 40
2581 COINSPOT LAMP BASE. Cased glass lamp base decoration, milk over green glass, in brass mounts with marble base, electrified. No mark. Size: glass 5"H, 5 1/2"Diam. Lamp: 14"H, 4 1/2"square base. Conditon: chips on corners of marble, glass good., lamp sold as is. 100 - 200
2582 FOUR HAMMERED SILVER TRAYS. One is a footed round tray. Marked: "Meridan S.P.Co.(lion symbol?)International S. Co. 738". Measures: 1" h. X 10" d. One is a round tray with a raised border. Marked: "EPNS (windmill symbol) 0904". Measures: 1" h. X 12.5"d. One is an oval with a "berry and leaf" design for the handles and border. Marked: " Norse Craft 3643 (symbol?)". Measures: 14.5" l. X 10.5" d. Interior: 6" w. One is a long rectangle with handles. Marked: " Apollo EPNS; Made in U.S.A. by Bernard Rice's Sons, Inc. 4938 ". Measures: 26" l. X 11" w. Interior: 8" w. Condition: all have scratches; dent on the oval tray. 50 - 100
2583 2 METAL VESSELS. (1) Cast of archaic Chinese bronze three legged round vessel, raised geometric patterning on exterior. No mark. Sie: 10 1/2"H, 10"Diam. top. Condition: 6" open crack in body of vessel. (1)Silvered metal vessel with applied brass decoration, brass banding at top and bottom. No mark. Size: 21"H, 9"Diam. top, 14"Diam. widest part. Condition: some decoration lifting from body of vessel 75 - 150
2584 SMALL BIRD RUG. 12"X12". Woven rug with blue bird in blosoming tree with green background, 3" long fring. Condition: good. 40 - 80
2585 SMALL CARPET 24 1/2" X 16". Red predominates with a geometric pattern. Condition: fringe worn. 40 - 80
2586 3ft X 1ft 5 ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Overall colors: Red, blue, maroon. Avakian Bros. Inc. Wool pile, Made in Iran. Condition: minor wear, fringe worn. 40 - 80
2587 BRASS HANDLED BIN. Brass bin for logs or paper, with curved body, curved handle, paw feet with leaf decorated tops. No mark. Size: 18"H, 23 1/2"L, 14"D. Condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
2588 ROUND MARBLE TOP TABLE. Round coffee table with pink marble top, fluted spade legs with brass caps, brass casters, wooden round support for marble with band of bead decoratoin, each leg topped by lion head and ring metal decoration. Marked: Weiman Quality Tables. Size: 16"H. 38"Diam. condition: good. 100 - 300
2589 6 SIDE BRASS CONTAINER. Six sided brass container wth hinged doors, slide side panels, pierced gallery, handled top, with fitted wood base on casters. No mark. Size: 28 1/2"H, 15"W, 13"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2590 PORCELAIN JARDINIERE. 10" high, 12" diam. Exterior painted black, with multicolored ducks and waterlilies; interior white ground, carp swimming among greenery. Gourd vase mark. Condition: minor scratching on side of jardiniere. 50 - 100
2591 JAPANESE ARMOR. Partial set of Japanese armor. Chain mail and other material, on wooden form. Condition: worn and incomplete. 500 - 1,000
2592 "Adams Staffordshire blue transfer platter in Spanish Convent pattern. Marked: Spanish Convent in blue mark, incised Adams. Size: 15 1/2" x12". Condition: chips on bottom rim. 100 - 200
2593 23 ROYAL DOULTON DISHES. 23 pieces of Royal Doulton "Tavistock Pattern" T.C. 1112 1975. Pattern has border of yellow, blue and orange flowers in decorated black border on white. Set includes: 5 cups, 5 saucers, 4 cereal bowls, 4 salad plates, 5 dinner plates. condition: good. 75 - 150
2594 4 SETS SLEIGH BELLS. 4 lengths of sleigh bells on leather straps. 1. 7 1/2' of leather strapping, 2 1/2' separated; total of 24 bells present (some empty spaces), including bunch of 5 wired together at one end. Leather deteriorated. 2. Double strip of 2 1/4" leather holding 4 - 3" closed bells. Leather deteriorating. 3. Single 3" closed bell on short buckled leather strap. Buckle rusted, leather deteriorated. 4. 3 leather strips wired together, 10 open brass bells. Leather deteriorated, bells pitted and discolored. 80 - 160
2595 CUPS, SAUCERS & POT: 8 PCS. 1. Bone china cup & saucer, gold-banded dark blue; roses, thistles & shamrocks inside cup. Marked "Aynsley England Bone China." Good condition. 2. Satsuma demitasse cup & saucer. Japanese mark. Good condition. 3. Demitasse cup and saucer, blue & white stylized foliage, gold detail; paper label: "Made in Japan." 4. Small stoppered flask for coffee, with saucer, matching #3. Good condition. 40 - 80
2596 LEADED GLASS TABLE LAMP. Leaded glass shade with red flowers, yellow center, dark amber border. on cast metal base much older than shade. Size: 21"H, 17"Diam. shade. Condition: shade good. Base old and worn. 200 - 300
2597 BENRUS ALARM WRISTWATCH. c. 1950-60's. The watch has a built in alarm. It is shock absorbing, waterproof and dustproof. it is marked " Series # 3021; 20 micron gold electroplated base metal bezel". It has a Speidel flexible band. Condition: everything works; some signs of wear on the bezel and crystal. 110 - 150
2598 PR. ORIENTAL WALL BRACKETS. Pair of triangular carved and gilt wood corner brackets. Carved grape, bird and rodent decoration. Size: 21" x 20 1/2" x 29". Condition: each corner bracket has been broken into two sections. 100 - 200
2599 TWO R S PRUSSIA SWAN PIECES(1) Chocolate or tea pot, with swan pattern and lid. Marked : R S Prussia. Size: 4 1/2"H. Condition: stress crack in body of the pot. mark at bottom greatly worn. (1) Matching plate or under plate for pot, swan pattern. No mark. Size: 6"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2600 RS PRUSSIA SERVING DISH. R.S. Prussia serving dish, oval with two pierced handles, white flower and red berry decoration, pearl like finish. Marked: r.S. Prussia. Size: 9 1/2"L, 4 1/2"W, 1 1/4"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2601 PR ORIENTAL WALL BRACKETS. Pair triangular carved and gilt wood wall brackets. Carved peony and bird decoration. Size: 16" x 16" x 2" each. Conditoin: both with loose pieces, one held together with wire. 100 - 200
2603 FOUR IMARI BOWLS Four assorted Japanese Imari porcelain bowls. 19th Century. Size: 6"Diam. Conditoin: one with chip in rim, one with chip on base. 75 - 100
2604 6 IMARI BOWLS. Set of six Japanese Imari porcelain bowls. 19th Century. Center leaf design. Condition: some with minor wear to gilding. 50 - 75
2605 6 IMARI BOWLS. Six pieces. Set of six Japanese Imari porcelain bowls. 19th Century. Center landscape scenes. condition: good. 60 - 90
2606 "''Majolica pottery plaque. Sticker verso reads: Rare. Norman/French majolica c. 1840. Blue,brown mottled glaze stone walls and hanging basket with unglazed figure angrily leaning out window with raised fist. No mark. Size: 12"H, 10"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: left hand of figure leaning out window has broken off. All else is age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2607 CHINESE CERAMIC BOWL. Large footed bowl, exterior blue with gilt highlights, interior top blue and iron red floral decoration, bottom center iron red flower decoration. Marked: Chinese calligraphy mark on bottom. Size: 6 1/2"H, 14"Diam. top. 50 - 100
2608 DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE. In William & Mary style case. Size: 30"h x 35"w x 18"d. 35 - 70
2609 3 AMERICAN ART POTTERY ITEMS. (1) Hull cornucopia vase, 2 pierced handles, shading pink to green with floral decoration. Marked: Hull Art USA 19-8 1/2. Size: 8 3/4"H. Condition: good. (1) Hull two handled vase, shading pink to green with floral decoration. Marked: Hull USA 127- 4 3/4. Size: 5"H. Condition: good. (1) McCoy blue vase, floral decoration. No mark. Size: 8"H. Condition: good. 50 - 100
2610 19TH C. SATSUMA CABINET VASE. signed in gold gilt Japanese characters, one side female figures, verso floral decoration, Size: 2 1/2"H. 2 1/2"Diam. Condition: no detractions or defects. 200 - 300
2611 HARRY KLUGE SKYSCAPE. Dated 1916. Oil on canvas. Kluge (Dutch) depicts sailing ships beneath stormy skies. Signed and dated in sgrafitto. Size: 16" h., 24" w., framed 21" h., 29" w. Condition: no visible defects. 600 - 800
2612 JOCKEY BRONZE, I. BONHEUR. 20th c. Bronze (with yellowish patina) on a green stone base. Signed in the bronze "ground" I. Bonheur. This modern reproduction is from a work by Isadore Bonheur (French, 1827-1901), who was a noted animal sculptor and the brother of painter Rosa Bonheur. Often he derived his subjects from his sister's work. The modelling is sensitively done and is reproduced well. Brazed stirrups and a bronze ribbon reins complete the sculpture. Size: 29" h., 31" w., 10" deep. Condition: no visible defects. 2,000 - 3,000

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