April 29th, 30th, and May 1st, 2005 auction.

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2121 STORIES OF GREAT WRITERS. By Henry Gilbert, 1914, no dj, good tight copy. 50 - 60
2122 MR MIDDLETON SUGGESTS. An Information Bereau for the Gardner directed by well-known Broadcaster CH Middleton, 8 color plates, 16 plates in photogravure. Ward, Lock & Co., 1940. 20 - 30
2123 ILLUSTRATED ENGLISH SOCIAL HISTORY. Four volumes, by G M Trevelyan, 1944, illustrated edition, no d/j, very good condition. 50 - 75
2124 THE CATHEDRALS OF ENGLAND AND WALES. Being a forth edition of English cathedrals illustrated by Francis Bond, 1912. Some scuffing, but good copy. 40 - 50
2125 THE PLEASURES OF LIFE BOOK. Two books dated 1908, The Pleasures of Life, and The Use of Life. Pocket classics edition. Both are 4 1/2" x 7", good condition. 40 - 50
2126 TIME AND TIDE, DATED 1889. A Romance of the Moon, by Sir RS Ball. Very good condition. 50 - 75
2127 THE NEWCOMES, VOL 1 AND 2. Memoirs of a Mast Respected Family, by William Makepeace Thackery, edited with introduction by George Saintbury, Vo, 1 with 95 illustrations, Vol 2 with 75 illustrations, revised edition 1864. Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press. 4 1/2" x 7", red leather covers, good condition. 200 - 250
2128 KIEPERT, ATLAS ANTIQUUS. Twelve Maps of the Ancient World for Schools and Colleges, by Dr. Henry Kiepert. dated 1845, Berlin, Dietrich Reimer. Color maps throughout, good copy. 80 - 100
2129 PARIS UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION, 1889. Civil Engineering, Public Works and Architecture, by William Watson, dated 1892. Published Washington Government Printing Office. Spine and pages loose. 100 - 125
2130 COUNTY OF LONDON PLAN. Two books, one dated 1943 the other 1944. Prepared for the London County Council by JH Forshaw and Patrick Abercrombie, published by Macmillan and Co. London. no d/j, good condition. 200 - 250
2131 STATE WORTHIES, LLOYDS. Or The States-men and Favourites of England in the Reign of King Henry the VIII - Stated on first page: To The Hope of England, It's Young Gentry, In Most Humbly Dedicated The Hononur of it, Its Ancient Statesmen: A renowned Ancestry to An Honourable Posterity. No date noted, C. 1700's, Pages loose, first page piece missing (1"x1/4"). 400 - 500
2132 GEMS FROM THE POETS, C. 1860. Illustrated, from the original designs by AF Lydon, Bell and Daldy, Covent Garden. This is a beautifully illustrated book with full color illustrations - there seems to be one for each poem - as well as frontispiece. There are 26 poems by various poets including Byron, Wilson, Moore, Longfellow, and Beatty. Pages are loose, with age stains, however the illustrations are well preserved by a protective page. No specific date noted. 62 ppg, approx 9"x7". 400 - 500
2133 LEATHER BOUND BIBLE DATED 1703. Translated from the works of learned Le Sieur De Royaumont. Beautifully issustrated with 160+ woodcuts and pull outs. This is a much used Bible with pages wrinkled, corners worn, torn. Very interesting Bible, 416 ppgs. All plates are numbered, and have a form of supporters name or information. An example is Plate #215, "The Death of Ananias and Saphira his Wife" states "Samuel Criche of the Tower of London Gentleman - For Advancement of this work contributed this Plate". 700 - 800
2134 MISSION OF THE UNITED BRETHREN. History of the Mission of the United Brethren Among the Indians in North America. in Three Parts. By George Henry Loskiel, dated 1794, translated from the German by Christian Ignatius La Trobe. London: Printed for the United Brethrens Society. Still in splines, not bound, existing hard cover. 600 - 700
2135 MOUNT USHER, EH WALPOLE. No publisher noted, possible self published book, title reads "Mount Usher 1868-1928", light soiling, tight and interior tipped in color and b/w prints good. 160 - 200
2136 GARDENS AND DESIGNS, DATED 1927. 1st edition, by JC Shepherd and GA Jellicoe, 248 ppgs. Buckram soine with paper label. Good condition. 150 - 200
2137 THE NATURE BOOK. A Popular Description By Pen and Camera of the Delights and Beauties of the Open Air. Published by Cassell and Co. 1908. Spine a bit loose, owners name inside cover. 80 - 100
2138 MUIREDACH ABBOT OF MONASTERBOICE 890-923 AD. Alexandra College, Dublin, The Margaret Stokes Lectures, 1913, 85 ppg, illustrated throughout. dated 1914, published Hodges, Figgis & Co. rubbed cover, good shape throughout. 150 - 175
2139 THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD. 1890, by Oliver Goldsmith with Preface by Austin Dobson and Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. 305 ppg, plus ads, nice copy, no major problems. 150 - 200
2140 BRENDANS BEHANS ISLAND. An Irish Sketch-book by Brendan Behan with drawings by Paul Hogarth, 1962 third impression. With d/j (ripped), book is tight and fine. 100 - 150
2141 CASSELLS BOOK OF SPORTS PASTIMES. Being a compendium of outdoor and indoor amusements, with more than 900 illustrations. Cassell and Co. 1896. Beautiful leather bound edition, inscription inside cover indicates it was awarded as a prize in 1899, 973 ppg. 75 - 100
2142 SCOTTS SELECT POETRY. Vol's II, III, IV and V. Dated 1845, all 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", black leather bound, gilt spine and edges, nice engraved frontispiece in each. Vol. II; Marmion, Vol. III; Lady Of The Lake, Vol. IV; Rokeby, Vol. V; Lord of the Isles. 80 - 100
2143 PLANE AND GEODETIC SURVEYING. Vol. 1, Plane Surveying, by David Clark, 1923. Constable & Co. Cover/spine loose and falling off. Interior intact. 40 - 50
2144 IRISH LIFE AND LANDSCAPE. Written and Arranged by J. Crampton Walker, The Talbot Press, Dublin & Cork. No date noted (c.1920's). Cover loose, but interior of book is very good. 147 ppg, plus several pages of ads. 200 - 225
2145 HALF HOURS WITH THE BEST AUTHORS. By Charles Knight, London Fleet Street, 1850. In four volumes. Spines loose, some foxing. Nice set. 150 - 175
2146 FOUR HEDGES A GARDNERS CHRONICLE. Written and engraved by Clare Leighton, with 84 wood engravings. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd. 1936. Dust cover some tears, book good. 40 - 60
2147 MARCUS AURELIUS ANTONINUS. Collins Clear-Type Press, London and Glasgow, no date noted, owners name in front with date of 1908. Small leather bound embossed gilt spine and cover, gilt edges. Very good condition. 100 - 125
2148 INSECT PESTS AND PLANT DISEASES. By F Martin Duncan, with numerous illustrations frm phptographs and drawings by thr author. London: Constable and Co., 1919. Cloth cover, book good condition. 30 - 40
2149 THE COMEDIES OF SHAKESPEARE. The text of the Oxford Edition prepared by WJ Craig, frontispiece Portrait of Playwright. London: Oxford University Press, 1927. Green cloth embossed gilt, good condition. 50 - 60
2150 THE WYE, DATED 1910. Described by AG Bradley, painted by Sutton Palmer, 24 full color illustations, and fold out map of the Wye at the back of book. Rave press reviews of author and painted at the back. London: Adam and Charles Black, 1910. Decorative cloth bound cover with gilt, good condition. 80 - 90
2151 MODERN EUROPEAN BUILDINGS. By F R Yerbury, first series, published by Victor Gollancz, 1928. Black cloth, no dj, good condition. 30 - 60
2152 THE ELEPHANT, AGNES HERBERT. Illustrations by Winifred Austin, Published by Hutchinson & Co, London. No date, 284 ppg. 50 - 60
2153 THE COMPLETE WORKS OF ALFRED LORD TENNYSON. Poet Laureate, London; Macmillian and Co. 1902. Beautifully bound in leather and cloth with decorative spine, gilt spine, 900 ppg. 1,800 - 2,000
2154 THE LIFE OF LUTHER. In fourty eight historical engravings, by Gustav Koenig. With explainations by Archdeacon Hare, continued by Susanna Winkworth, 1855, nicely bound, tight copy, 141 ppg. 125 - 150
2155 RABELAIS, THREE VOLS. Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel. Translated into English by Sir Thomas Urguhart and Peter Le Motteux. Introduction by Charles Whibley. Volumes I, II, and III. Dated 1900. Published by David Nutt, Long Acre; London. Very nice hand cut paper, some still uncut. Books tight, and clean, corners bumped, and rubbed. 600 - 800
2156 MIDDLETONS CELESTIAL ATLAS. Coloured version, containing maps of the constellations visible in Great Britain, with corresponding blank maps of the stars, systematically arranged communicating a practical knowledge of the heavens. By J. Middleton, London: Whittaker and Co., C. 1840. Maps mostly protected by tissue between pages, some loose from binding. Cover separated from biding. Beautifully rendered book. 800 - 1,000
2157 THE HANSA TOWNS, 1889 By Helen Zimmern, London: T Fisher Unwin, dated 1889. There is a map of the dominion of the Hansa XIII-XV Centuries. Also some ingravings throughout. Spine loose, otherwise good. 0 - 60
2158 STAR ATLAS, 1888. Containing maps of all stars from 1 to 6.5 magnitude between North Pole and 34 degrees south declination, and of all Nebulae and Star Clusters in the same region that are visible to Telescopes of Moderate powers. Explanatory text by Dr. Hermann J Klein. Eighteen color maps and various illustrations. Dated 1888. Cloth bound with color illustrated cover. Very good condition. 90 - 100
2159 JOHN MILTONS POETICAL WORKS. A Memoir and Essay on his Poetical Genius, by Dr. Channing, together with Addison's Critique on the Paradise Lost. London: Charles Day. No date noted, but handwritten inscription is dated 1883. Beautiful red leater with embossed gilt spine and cover, gilt edge. Very good condition. 400 - 500
2160 MRS AB MARSHALLS COOKERY BOOK. Revised and enlarged edition, with 125 illustrations. Portrait of author on frontispice, handwritten recipe for "Orange Marmalade" stuck inside, no date noted. Green cloth with gilt lettering, spine loose, 576 ppg, plus 33 pages of great ads. 75 - 100
2161 HENRY OSMOND, 1852 By WM Thackeray, illustrated by AA Dixon with illustrations including frontispiece and decorated title page. London & Glasgow Collins Clear-Type Press Preface dated 1852. Good condition. 30 - 50
2162 THE LETTERS OF QUEEN VICTORIA. A selection from her Majesty's correspondence and jpurnal between the years 1886 and 1901. London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1931. Beautifully bound in good condition. 150 - 175
2163 HANDLEY CROSS, 1854. Handley Cross, or Mr. Jorrocks's Hunt. By RS Surtees, noted "new issue". With 17 colored illustrations and 100 woodcuts by John Leech. London: this edition is founded on edition published by Bradbury and Evans in 1854 but is published by Methuen & Co Ltd, 1854. Red cloth, spine has been sewn on, spine loose. 800 - 1,000
2164 THE NOBLE TALE OF THE SANGREAL. By Sir Thomas Malory, London: Philip Allen & Co, 1924. Good condition. 80 - 100
2165 THE WORKS OF OLIVER GOLDSMITH. The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, with Biographical Introduction by Professor Masson. A very comprehensive wok, engraved frontispiece. London: Macmillan and Co, 1907. Embossed cloth gilt, some pages uncut. Good condition. 500 - 600
2166 CELTIC ILLUMINATIVE ART. In the Gospel Books of Durrow, Lindisfarne, and Kells. By Rev. Stanford F H Robinson, MA. Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co. 1908. A thick heavy book (12" x 14"), beautifully bound embossed leather, profusely illustrated, 51 plates as well as frontisplate. Monor foxing, but otherwise very good condition. 200 - 250
2167 THE MERRY MEN, DATED 1911 The Merry Men and Other Fables, by Robert Louis Stevenson, Fine Paper Edition, London: Chatto & Windus. Embossed cloth binding with gilt spine. Good condition. 30 - 50
2168 BY AN UNKNOWN DISCIPLE. Printed 1933, "My humanity is the road by which men must travel.", Suso, London: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 1933. Cloth on spine separated, otherwise good. 20 - 25
2169 THE PILGRIMS PROGRESS. By John Bunyan, twenty five engravings, sixth edition, date on frontispiece portrait is 1842, no other date found. Fisher, Son & Co, London and Paris. Spine loose, some pages loose, gilt embossing on front and spine, gilt edges as well. 600 - 800
2170 ANNALS OF THE THREE CHOIRS. Origin and Progress of the Meeting of the Three Choirs of Gloucester, Worcester & Hereford. Commenced by Rev. Daniel Lysons, dated 1895, and continued by C. Lee Williams (book is signed by Lee Williams). Good condition. 60 - 75
2171 TWO BOOKS ON NAVIGATION. The ABC of Compass Adjustment, by EW Owens, with 35 illustrations, dated 1913. Also Practical Methods in Modern Navigation for the ready solution of daily problems at sea, By Comte De Miremont, dated 1905. Both in good condition with fold out diagrams. 100 - 150
2172 THE MECHANICAL PRINCIPLES OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE. Noted Second Edition, by Henry Moseley, London: Longman, Brown, Greer and Longmans, 1855. Illustrations and diagrams on most pages. Beautifully bound, marbled end papers, raised bands and gilt spine. Very good condition, with ribbon marker. 75 - 100
2173 A SMALLER LATIN ENGLISH DICTIONARY. London: WM Clowes and Sons, 1855. Leather raised bands, spine worn. 40 - 50
2174 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN BAND I. Neun Symphonien von Ludwig Van Beethoven, a book of symphonies, Ernst Eulenburg, Leipig, Jahre 1817. Very nice frontispiece engraving of Beethoven with tissue cover. Leather bound gilt spine. Good condition. 250 - 300
2175 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN BAND III Neun Symphonien von Ludwig van Beethoven. Band III, Leipzig: Ernst Eulenburg, jahre 1817. Handsomely bound in leather, with embossed gilt spine. Good condition. 250 - 300
2176 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN BAND II. Neun Symphonien von Ludwig van Beethoven, a book of symphonies, Leipzig: Ernst Eulenburg, jahre 1817. handsomly bound in leathe with gilt spine. Good condition. 250 - 300
2177 LAYS OF ANCIENT ROME. Thomas Babington Macaulay, Essays, Critical and Miscellaneous. Paris: Baudry's European Library, 1843. 572 ppg, small print, 9.75"x6", Original printers ink stain on title page, marbled cover with leather and gilt spine. Overall good condition. 1,200 - 1,400
2178 MODERN THEATRE CONSTRUCTION. By Edward Bernard Kinsila architect and theatre specialist. Fourty one pages of illustration and copious marginal reference notes. 1917. Good condition cloth with gilt. 40 - 60
2179 LETTERS TO MY CHILDREN. Written at sea during a voyage to Cape of Good Hope, in 1815. Containing a memorial of some occurrences in my past life.. By the late Rev. CI La Trobe. London: Seeleys 1851. Brown cloth with gilt title on spine. Spine loose and torn. 100 - 125
2180 THE RAMBLER IN NORTH AMERICA. By Charles Joseph Latrobe, Vol. II only. Published by Harper & Brothers, 1835. Bound in brown cloth, good condition. 300 - 350
2181 JETHRO TULL THE HUSBANDRY The Horse-Hoeing Husbandry, by Jethro Tull. Dublin: W Smith & Smith and Bruce, Book-Sellers, dated MDCCXXXIII (1733). 417 ppg, there are 6 pull out illustrations in back, part of one illustration is missing, leather bound with raised bands, part of spine loose, pages intact. 1,500 - 2,000
2182 THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MR BADMAN. By John Bunyan, London: Oxford University Press, 1928. Cloth embossed gilt with ribbon marker. Good condition. 75 - 100
2183 POETICAL WORKS OF LONGFELLOW. The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Reprinted from the Revised American Edition including his latest poems. With explanatory notes. London: Frederick Warne and Co. 1882. Green cloth with gilt portrait. Spine loose and pages loose. 100 - 150
2184 THE LIFE OF SIR EDWIN LUTYENS. By Christopher Hussey, 178 plates including frontispiece, London: Country Life Ltd. 1953. Cloth and gilt cover with dust jacket. Good condition. 75 - 100
2185 THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SELBORNE. By Rev, Gilbert White, Arranged for young persons. A new edition with notes. Dedication notes dated 1833. Frontispiece and numerous engraved illustrations. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Cloth with gold gilt, very nice copy. 700 - 800
2186 THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK. An Agony in Eight Fits, by Lewis Carroll. With nine illustrations by Henry Holiday. London: Macmillan and Co. Ltd. 1911. Red cloth with gilt, good condition. 300 - 400
2187 TWENTIETH CENTURY POETRY. By Harold Monro. Published by: Chatto and Windus; London, 1932. Embossed cloth gilt. Condition: age appropiate wear. 25 - 30
2188 THE TRAGICAL HISTORY OF DOCTOR FAUSTUS. A play written by Christopher Marlowe. Gem of a pocket edition with decorated title page and illustrated frontispiece. Published by: J.M. Dent and Co.; London, 1909. Embossed green cloth gilt. Condition: good. 25 - 35
2189 THE WEEKEND GARDENER. By Eleanour Sinclair Rhode & Eric Parker. With decorations by Beryl Irving & Anne Bullen. Published by: Seeley Service & Co., Ltd.: London, A "Week-End Library Volume", dated 1914. Decorated endpapers; cloth with dust cover intact. Condition: age appropiate wear. 25 - 40
2190 EVERY MAN'S BOOK OF GARDEN DIFFICULTIES. By William F. Rowles. With 200 illustrations. Published by: Hodder and Stoughton; London, 1906. Condition: fair. 25 - 40
2191 WORK OR PLENTY TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT. By Margaret Maria Brewster. Published by: Thomas Constable & Co.;Edinburgh, 1853. Embossed cloth gilt with all gilt edges. Condition: spine rubbed; otherwise good. 25 - 40
2192 EVANGELINE. By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Edited with notes and introduction by Lewis B. Semple. One of the Macmillian's Pocket American and English Classics Series. With maps and illustrations; a gem of a small book. Published by: Macmillian and Co., Ltd.; London, 1919. Embossed cloth bound cover. Condition: age appropiate wear. 75 - 100
2193 TREASURE ISLAND. By Robert Lewis Stevenson. A pocket edition with a map of the island. Published by: Cassell and Co., Ltd.; London, 1922. Embossed cloth gilt cover. Condition: good. 150 - 175
2194 DIE PLASTIK DER AGYPTER. By Von Hedwig Fechheimer. Mit 168 Abbildungen. Published by: Bruno Cassirer Verlag; Berlin, 1923. Cloth embossed gilt cover. Condition: some folding to cover; otherwise good. 80 - 100
2195 IRELAND AND THE ANGLO-NORMAN CHURCH. A History of Ireland and Irish Christianity From the Anglo-Norman Conquest to the Dawn of the Reformation. By the Rev. G.T. Stokes. Published by: Hodder and Stoughton; London, 1889. Cloth cover with gilt. No dust jacket. Condition: good. 75 - 85
2196 THE HYMN TUNES OF THE CHURCH OF THE BRETHERN. Now generally used in all their Chapels in the British Dominions. Arranged for four voices in score, 1824. A complete book of musical scores from the church. Marbled endpapers and cover; raised leather spine. Condition: good. 175 - 200
2197 SOME WORTHIES OF THE IRISH CHURCH. Lectures delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin. By The Late George Thomas Stokes, D.D. Edited with preference and notes by Hugh Jackson Lawlor. With 6 illustrations including frontispiece. Published by: Hodder and stoughton; London, 1900. Cloth with gilt cover. Condition: good; frontispiece loose. 25 - 35
2198 SKETCH-BOOK OF BRITISH BIRDS. By R. Bowdler Sharpe. With coloured illustrations by A.F. and C. Lydon. Published by: Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge; London, 1896. Exquisite pictures throughout. Embossed cloth cover. Condition: good. 125 - 150
2199 A BOOK OF BIRDS. By Mary Priestley. With 82 wood engravings by C.F. Tunnicliffe. Published by: Victor Gollanez, Ltd.; London, 1937. Green cloth cover. Condition: good; no dust jacket. 25 - 35
2200 TWO GARDEN BOOKS. (1) "Garden Foes...with all the latest remedies for their Eradication etc." By T.W. Sanders. Illustrated throughout. Published by: W.H. & L. Collongridge; London; 1910. Cloth cover. (2) "My Garden's Choice of Rock Plants, Trees and Flowering Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants". By Theo. A. Stephens and A.T. Johnson. Containing 24 colour plates and 144 half-tone illustrations from photographs by A.T. Johnson. Published by: My Garden 1941; London. Cloth with gilt cover. Condition: age appropiate wear. 40 - 60
2201 CUCHULAIN THE HOUND OF ULSTER. By Eleanor Hull. With 16 illustrations in colour by Stephen Reid. Published by: George G. Harp & Co.; London, 1909. Cloth embossed gilt cover. Condition: cover faded; corners bumped; otherwise good. 60 - 80
2202 THE HIGH DEEDS OF FINN. And Other Bardic Romances of Ancient Ireland. By T.W. Rolleston. With 16 illustrations by Stephen Reid. Published by: George G. Harp & Co.; London, 1910. Red cloth embossed gilt. No dust jacket. Condition: bumped but good. 40 - 60
2203 THE CULTURE OF CITIES. By Lewis Mumford. With 32 illustrations. London: Martin Seeker and Warburg Ltd., 1938. Cloth with gilt cover. No dust jacket. Condition: good. 40 - 60
2204 BORNEO PEOPLE. By The Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald. Illustrated with 44 photographs and a drawing by the author. London: Jonathan Cape; First edition; 1956. Cloth with gilt cover. No dust jacket. Condition: good. 75 - 90
2205 SECRET WATER. By Arthur Ransome. Pictorial endpapers and 40 illustrations, second impressions. London: Jonathan Cape, 1939. Embossed cloth with gilt cover. Condition: good. 100 - 150
2206 PRINCIPLES OF MODERN BUILDING. Vol. I: Walls Partitions and Chimneys. By R. Fitzmaurice. London: His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1939; A Department of Science and Industrial Research. With 19 plates, 61 figures and 44 tables. Cloth with gilt cover. Condition: good. 40 - 60
2207 THE SCENERY AND ANTIQUITIES OF IRELAND. By N.P. Willis, Esq. Illustrated from drawings by W. Henry Bartlett. The Literary Department. London: George Virtue. In 3 Volumes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarterly parts. These are Books of Illustrations, protected by protective paper. Could not find a date, but hand written inscription in each book reads 1841. There is descriptive text in the back, which just continues from one book to the next. Green boards. Condition: spines loose, minor foxing. 800 - 900
2208 THE BIRDS OF THE BRITISH ISLES. By T.A. Coward. Series One, Two and Three. First series dated 1939. Second series dated 1936. Third series dated 1934. With coloured illustrations by Archibald Thornburn and others. London: Frederick Warne & Co., Ltd. Leather embossed gilt decorated end papers, speckled edges- a handsome set of three volumes. Condition: very good. 80 - 100
2209 FRENCH CATHEDRALS. Monasteries and Abbeys and Sacred Sites of France. By Elizabeth Robins Pennell. Illustrated with 183 pictures by Joseph Pennell also with plans and diagrams. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1909. Decorated end papers. Cloth embossed gilt cover. Condition: good. 60 - 80
2210 SWALLOWS & AMAZONS. By Arthur Ransome. Illustrated by author with help from Miss Nancy Blackett. Map end papers and 24 illustrations. London: Jonathan Cape, 1951. Green embossed cloth gilt cover. No dust jacket. Condition: good. 80 - 90
2211 THE RAILWAYS OF AMERICA. Their Construction, Development, Management, and Appliances. By Various Writers. With introduction by Thomas M Cooley. With more than 200 illustrations. London: John Murray, Albermarle Stree, 1890. Comprehensive large 455 ppg book, red cloth, spine cloth has come off, a few pages loose. 300 - 350
2212 THE CHILDS BIBLE, 1800s. Old and New Testament. Richly illustrated throughout, color frontispiece, large format, embossed gilt cover with kneeling child. No date noted, but early. Spine damaged, with cover separated. 125 - 150
2213 CHAMBERS ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY. Edited by Andrew Findlater, no date, possibly early 1900's, late 1800's/ Soft cover, worn, spine separated, pages worn and bumped. 30 - 50
2214 NINE PELICAN BOOKS. Various titles dated from 1937 to 1852. All fair to good condition soft covers. Titles include: An Anthology of Animal Poetry, Common Wildflowers, Blue Angels and Whales, What Happened in History, A Short Story of the World, A History of English People, Medieval People (2), The Greeks. 40 - 60
2215 SEVEN PELICAN BOOKS. All published by Pelican, dated from 1937 to 1941. All soft cover in good condition. Titles include: Vision & Design (2), Design, Plastics, Town Planning (2). 20 - 30
2216 SET OF TWELVE PELICAN BOOKS. This set consistsof soft cover Pelican books dated from 1937 to 1950. All are in fair to good condition. Titles include: The Common Reader, My Apprenticeship, Vols I & II, Eurepean Painting and Sculpture, Practical Economics, Art in England, Ballet, After the Deluge, The Great Victorians - I, English Diaries (2), Our Language. 125 - 150
2217 TWO PELICAN BOOKS. The Hittites, by OR Gurney, dated 1964. The Way of Zen, by Alan W Watts, dated 1957. Both good condition. 25 - 35
2218 THE OXFORD BOOK OF ENGLISH VERSES 1250-1900. Chosen and edited by Arthur Quiller-Couch. Published by: At The Clarendon Press; Oxford, 1925. Embossed cloth gilt. 1083 pages. Condition: spine worn; otherwise tight. 125 - 150
2219 MOZARTS BRIEFE. By Husgemahlt und Herausgegeben von Hibert Leikmann. Published by: Grfchien im Fnfel; Berlag, 1910. A handsome leather bound book. Condition: good. 100 - 150
2220 DEVON. Sixth edition. By S. Baring-Gould. With 32 illustrations and 2 pull-out maps. One of the little guides. "Is ther a land of such supreme and perfect beauty anywhere" - Longfellow. Published by: Methuen & Co., Ltd.; London, 1922. Embossed cloth cover. Condition: age appropiate wear. 30 - 40
2221 THE BOOK OF HISTORY, VOL V. A History of all Nations from the earliest times to the present. Illustrated, contains pages 1755 - 2181. Volume V, The Near East. New York: The Grolier Society, dated 1915. 75 - 100
2222 THE BIG SIX, 1940 By Arthur Ransome. Map endpapers and 23 illustrations including frontispiece. London: Jonathan Cape, 1940. Embossed green cloth, no d/j, writing with blue ink first page, overall good. 300 - 375
2223 STARLINGS PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. Eighth Edition, Edited and revised by C Lovatt Evans, 672 illustrations, 7 in color. London: J & A Churchill Ltd, 1941. Soine separated, covers loose. 25 - 40
2224 MODERN GEOGRAPHY, 1802 A Description of the Empires, Kindoms, States and Colonies; with the Oceans, Seas, And Isles; in all parts of the world. By John Pinkerton, This is Volume I only. Dated 1802. London: T Cadell Jun and W Davies, Strand, and Longman. Front and back cover separated, foxing to pages, 666ppg. 300 - 350
2225 BYZANTINE AND ROMANESQUE ARCHITECTURE. By Thomas Graham Jackson, RA. Cambridge at the University Press, 1913. Two Volumes, liberally illustrated with photos, drawings, and plans. Leather vellum and cloth, binding with embossed gilt spine and cover. Corners bumped, a couple pages stained with a few tears. 300 - 375
2226 CONCORDANCE DATED 1835. A Complete Concordance With The Holy Scriptures Of The Old And New Testament, or a dictionary and alphabetical index to The Bible. By Alexander Cruden, the tenth edition carefully revised and corrected by the Holy Scriptures. London: Thomas Tegg and Son, Ltd. 1835. Cover and spine damaged and separated. 100 - 150
2227 MORAVIAN TUNE BOOK. Presentation Copy. Hymn Tunes for use of The Protestant Church of the United Brethern, or, Unitas Fratrum. A revised and enlarged edition. dated 1887. London: Moravian Publication Office. Spine and covers separated. 100 - 125
2228 THE MESSIAH ORATORIO. By G. F. Handel, Noted: In this edition the vocal parts are given complete and the most important of the instrumental parts, including those added by Mozart. Newly arranged for the Piano Forte, or Organ. Preface dated 1841. 200 - 300
2229 PICTORIAL FAMILY BIBLE, 1854. Two volumes as follows: The Pictorial Family Bible, being The Old and New Testaments according to the authorized version; Illustrated with many hundred woodcuts; representing the Historical Events after celebrated pictures. To which are added original notes by John Kitto, in two volumes. London: Sangster and Fletcher. Black leather large, approx 9"x12". Good condition. 300 - 400
2230 THE TABERNACLE AND ITS FURNTIURE. By John Kitto, with illustrations by W. Dickes. London: Benjamin L. Green, 1849. Brown cover with gilt, spine worn, embossed front and back. 75 - 100
2231 THE PICTORIAL SUNDAY BOOK. By John Kitto, London: George Cox, 1853. Bound in cloth. Good copy. 50 - 75
2232 THE NEW CATHEDRAL PSALTER. Containgin The Psalms of David, Together with The Canticles and Proper Psalms for certain days. London: Novello, 1923. Embossed Pocket Edition. Good condition. 20 - 25
2233 THE STORY OF THE FLUTE. By H. Macaulay Fitzgibbon, 1914, London: Walter Scott Publishing Co, Ltd. Red embossed cloth with gilt, no d/j, good condition. 50 - 75
2234 BEFORE ADAM, 1912. By Jack London, with numerous illustrations by Charles Livingston Bull. New York: Macmillan Company. Blue cloth, spine loose, and separated. 75 - 100
2237 CHRISTOPHER ROBIN STORY BOOK. By A. A. Milne, Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard. "From When we were Very Young Now We are Six Winnie-The Pooh the House at Pooh Corner". London: Methuen & Co, Ltd., noted First Published 1929. Light Blue cloth with gilt. No d/j, corners bumped, spine loose. 150 - 250
2238 ATLAS OF NATURAL PHENOMENA. Titled as The Physical Atlas A Series of Maps & Illustrations Exhibiting The Geographical Distribution of Natural Phenomena. Dated 1849 (MDCCCXLIX), Very large volume containing maps and illustrations. Approx 15" x 22", marbled end papers, cloth and leather cover, some splitting of the leather and wear to cloth. 350 - 425
2239 THE ILIAD OF HOMER, 1802. Two volume set, The Iliad of Homer, and The Odyssey of Homer, both dated 1820. Translated into English Blank Verse by the late William Cowper, Esq. The second edition, prepared for the press by the translator. London: J. Johnson. Leather bound, marbled endpapers, some deteriation of spine, corners bumped, no major problems. 400 - 500
2241 HISTORY OF EVERYDAY THINGS IN ENGLAND. A History of Everyday Things in England, 1066 = 1799, written and illustrated by Marjorie and CB Quennell, Published by Batsford, London. No date noted, cloth cover with gilt, 1924 noted on owners plate inside cover. 40 - 60
2242 THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS. A Record of the Secret Service, By Erskine Childers. Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd, London. No specific date noted, but Preface and Postscript reference 1903. Blue cloth, no d/j, corners bumped, overall good. 200 - 400
2243 IRISH LIGHTHOUSE CHART, 1926. Chart showing positions of Lighthouses, Gog Signal and other Sea Marks, under the jurisdiction of the commissioners of Irish Lights, 1926. Green cloth with gilt embossed title. Very good condition. Map is canvas backed paper (?). 400 - 500
2244 DER HAFEN VON DORTMUND. Denkschrift Zur Feier Der Hafeneinweihung, 1899. Liberally illustrated with photos and plans, 11" x 15". Green cloth with gilt, good condition. 200 - 0
2245 TWICE TOLD TALES. The Chandos Classics, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. London: Frederick Warne & Co. Embossed gilt cover and spine not attached to book. No date noted. 50 - 60
2246 MEMOIRS OF CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA. Titled: Memoirs of Her Late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta of Wales and Saxe-cobourg. By Thomas Green, Esq. London: Caxton Press, 1818. Leather binding broken, and spine and covers separated. 200 - 250
2271 GRIMMS TUNE BOOK. A hand copied Book of Tunes used in the Moravian Church from Herrnhuy, Germany. Tunes date from 1572 - 1741. This was commissioned by Sir John P. Griffith in 1885. There is a receipt in the back with complete charges and payments to A. Glitch of the Moravian Archives. 400 - 600
2360 COMPLETE CONCORDANCE, 1848. A complete concordance to the old and new testament, dated 1848. 1041 ppg. Good tight book. 100 - 125
2531 STERLING ONYX PIN. The pin has a large oval cut onyx stone set in silver. Marked: Sterling; 900; Made in Mex. Size: 3" l. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2532 COROCRAFT FISH PIN. The pin is that of a fish with an enamel head and fins studded with rhinestones and a Lucite(?) body with a sterling silver frame. Marked: Sterling; CoroCraft(Pegasus symbol). Size: 2.5" l. Condition: Lucite body has some bubbling on the edges. 50 - 100
2533 CAMEO BRACELET. The bracelet has seven carved cameos of a woman in profile attached by silver metal links. Marked: undecipherable symbol. Length: 6.5". Condition: age appropiate wear. 100 - 200
2534 STERLING FILIGREE PIN. The oval pin has a filigree border with a bow and shield motif accented by three red stones. Marked: O-B Sterling. Length: 1 5/8". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2535 CARVED CAMEO PIN. The pin is that of a woman in profile framed in silver metal with a filigree border. Unmarked. Size: 1" d., 1 1/8" l. Condition: imperfect fit in setting; minor scratches(?) on background. 50 - 100
2536 CARVED CAMEO PIN. The pin is that of a woman in profile framed in silver metal with a marcasite accented border. Unmarked. Size: 1 1/8" d., 1 1/8" l. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2537 PORTRAIT PIN. The pin is the painted portrait of a woman framed in sterling silver. Marked: Sterling; (crown symbol); 925 Fine. Size: 1 3/8" d., 2" l. Condition: minor imperfections on portrait. 100 - 200
2538 CARVED CAMEO PENDANT/PIN. The pendant/pin is that of a woman in profile framed in silver metal. Unmarked. Size: 1" d., 1 3/8" l. Condition: minor carving imperfection on piece. 60 - 120
2539 STERLING FLOWER PIN. Marked: Sterling By Jewelart. Size: 2" d. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2540 STERLING CORO PIN. The pin has a free form scrolled design with a large square cut amber colored stone. Marked: Sterling Craft by Coro. Size: 1.5" l., 1.5" w. Condition: minor scratches on silver and stone. 100 - 200
2541 CARVED CAMEO PIN. The pin has the carved profile of a woman with a pinkish hue framed in a gold border. Unmarked. Size: 1" d. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2542 CAMEO SCENE PIN. The pin has a carved Dutch(?) scene framed in a gold border. Unmarked. Size: 1 5/8". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2543 CARVED CAMEO PIN. The carved cameo pin is that of a woman in profile framed in a gold border. Unmarked. Size: 1 3/4" d., 2" l. Condition: cameo is imperfectly set in its gold frame. 100 - 200
2544 CARVED CAMEO PIN. The pin is that of a woman in profile against an orange background framed in a gold border. Unmarked. Size: 1" d., 1 1/8" l. Condition: good; except a few areas of imperfection where the piece was set in its frame. 50 - 100
2545 VICTORIAN STYLE CAMEO NECKLACE. The necklace is a lariat style with a cameo accent. Unmarked. Length: 17.5". Condition: catch to close necklace is exposed and awkward to deal with. 50 - 100
2546 CAMEO PIN/PENDANT. The carved cameo is that of a woman in profile framed in gold. Marked: 1/20; "W" symbol; 12K; G.F. Size: 1 3/8" d., 1 5/8" l. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2547 VICTORIAN STYLE CAMEO NECKLACE. The lariat type necklace has a Victorian design with a cameo accent. Unmarked. Length: 18". Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2548 VICTORIAN STYLE BAR PIN. The pin has Victorian styling with a center red stone. Unmarked. Length: 2". Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2549 THREE STICK PINS. (1) oval cut multi-colored stone set in brass(?) metal. Unmarked. Length: 3". Condition: no visible defects. (2) oval cut cat's eye stone set in brass(?) metal with a wolf's head and feathers(?) motif. Unmarked. Length: 3". Condition: stone has a ding in it. (3) oval cut cabachon stone set in brass(?) metal. Unmarked. Length: 2.5". Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2550 POCKET WATCH & CHAIN. The watch has an engraved hunter's case with a gold mesh chain. Watch face is marked: Standard; U.S.A. Inside of back case is marked: 8191145; Guaranteed Philadelphia Watch Case Co.(crown symbol); Twenty Years. Works is marked: New York Standard Watch Co. U.S.A.; 7 Jewels; BI065506. Chain length: 23". Condition: minor scratches on the case; minor scratch on watch face; appears to work. 100 - 200
2556 SILVER & GOLD LLAMA PIN. The square pin has an 18k gold llama attached to a silver Peruvian patterned background. Marked: Peru; 18K; PMS. Size: 1 5/8" l., 1 1/8" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 300
2557 MARCASITE CAMEO PIN. The pin is that of a 19th century woman in profile against a black background with a marcasite border. The carved profile is mother-of-pearl(?). Marked: 925. Size: 1 1/4" d. Condition: some scratches on silver edge; minor defects on black background. 40 - 60
2558 SILVER FLOWER PIN SET. The set consists of a silver flower stemmed flower with a purple stone bud and matching screw back earrings. Pin marked: script "DS"(?): Taxco; Sterling; 925. Earrings marked: Sterling; "MC"; Taxco. Size of pin: 2". Earrings: 1". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
2559 STERLING & ENAMEL FLOWER PIN. The pin is a sterling flower with blue enamel petals. Marked: "AM"(?); Sterling; Denmark; 925S. Size: 1.5" d. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2560 PORTRAIT PENDANT/PIN. Can be worn as a pendant or pin. Piece has the painted face of a woman on a blue background with a silver floral style border. Signed. Marked: 800. Size: 1 1/8" d. Condition: no visible defects. 50 - 100
2570 PAIR OF JESUS PAINTINGS. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Each is signed by S. Snedden. Each is after popular Jesus images: one is the highly reproduced head study against a golden backgroud; the other shows Jesus knocking at a door. Sizes framed: 24 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. and 26 1/2" h., 33" w. Condition: slight craquellure to the second Jesus oil. 300 - 325
2571 M. QUINLAN PAIR OF OILS. Early 20th c. On canvas. Signed. These show a sailboat and a nude woman posing in a forest (dated 1943). Sizes framed: 31 1/2" x 24 1/2" and 43" x 31". Condition: yellowed and crunbly varnish on the sailboat painting. 200 - 225
2572 TWO ROBERT NEWMAN PRINTS. 20th c. Colored woodcut and colored serigraph. The woodcut image shows a repeated frowning face and the serigraph is of abstract black geometric shapes and background color. Sizes framed: 13 1/2" x 39 1/2" and 17" x 30". Condition: adhesive used to attach the frowning faces to their backing paper has left a yellowish discoloration on each; frames are as is. 100 - 150
2601 BLUE CUT GLASS BOWL. Blue cut glass bowl on three feet, band of floral wheel cut decoration, top band of cross hatched decoration. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 5 1/2"Diam. top, 8"Diam. widest part, 5 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear. 60 - 120
2602 FOSTORIA HEIRLOOM HANKIE VASE. c.1959-1970. Fostoria Heirloom hankie vase, pale blue and white colorful opalescence, polished bottom. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 6 1/4"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2603 FOSTORIA HEIRLOOM EPERGNE. c.1949-1970. Fostoria Heirloom pattern epergne, two section center bowl with insert center vase form, white and blue opalescence. No mark. Size: 13 1/2"L, 8 1/2"W, 9"H. Condition: good, center insert slightly loose fit. 150 - 300
2604 FOSTORIA HEIRLOOM PLATE. c.1959-1970. Fostoria Heirloom pattern plate, ribbed petal form, white and blue opalescence, ground bottom. No mark. Size: 11 1/4"Diam. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2605 4 HEISEY SILVER OVERLAY TUMBLERS. Four Heisey silver overlay tumblers, molded glass tumblers, fluted and bull's eye decorated body, ground body, polished bottom, with acanthus and scroll silver overlay decoration by Rockwell. Marked: (impressed , acid stamped: (Shield) Rockwell. Size: 3"Diam. top, 3 1/4"H, 2"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear on bottom, silver in good condition. 80 - 160
2606 DANISH ENAMELED BEAKER. Danish sterling and enameled beaker, eight lobbed shape, scalloped top edge, aqua enameled side panels over trefoil and acanthus band decoration, silver twisted wire divisions between lobes, top center and base with horizontal raised floral, leaf and geometric decoration. Marked: (Crown) A. Michelsen Copenhagen K9 Sterling Denmark X. Size: 2 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. top, 2 1/4"Diam. base. Weight: 125.3 grams. condition: good. 200 - 400
2607 CLOISONNE VASE. Cloisonne vase, geometric and floral pattern on brass, twisted wire cloisones surround each colored enamel section, in blue, green, black, white and iron red. No mark. Size: 6 1/8"H, 1 1/2"Diam. top, 3"diam. widest part, 1 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2608 JAPANESE CLOISONNE VASE. Japanese cloisonne vase, black ground, six sided form, narrow neck, decorated with butterfly and blue hydrangia blossoms, top decorated with band of floral and geometric decoration, bottom decorated with band of ying and yang symbols in geometric field. Marked: center incised floral mark with calligraphic center. Size: 6"H, 3/4"Diam. top, 2 1/2"Diam. widest part, 1 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2609 SPIDER MUM CLOISONNE VASE. Japanese cloisonne vase, six sided form, black ground decorated with spider chrysanthemums and other flowers, narrow neck and top. No mark. size: 6"H, 1 1/4"Diam. top, 2 1/2"Diam. widest part, 1 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2610 PAIR JAPANESE DRAGON VASES. Pair of Japanese cloisonne dragon vases, mirror image decoration of dragons on blue ground with green and white wave pattern bottom, yellow and iron red band top border, on copper. No mark. Size: 4 1/4"H, 1 1/4"Diam. top, 1 1/4"diam bae, 2 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: age appropriate wear. 150 - 300
2630 MOSER STYLE PERFUME BOTTLE. Moser style mold blown cranberry glass perfume atomizer bottle, with hand painted and beaded gold and yellow enamel decoration, metal screw on atomizer top. No mark. Size: 3 3/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: glass good, bulb and sprayer missing from atomizer top. 200 - 400
2631 ART DECO PERFUME BOTTLE. Pale blue glass perfume bottle, squared body of bottle with acid etched leaf and flower decoration on each side, stopper is smaller cube shape with similar acid cut decoration on each side with original dauber wand. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 1 3/4"W, 1 3/4"D. Condition: minor fleabites on edges. 150 - 300
2632 BLUE CZECH PERFUME BOTTLE. Blue cut glass Art Deco perfume bottle, almond shaped base, notched bottom rim, geometric cut body, tall form stopper with original dauber wand attached. Marked: (acid stamped) Made in Czechoslovakia. Size: 5"H, 3 1/2"L, 2 1/4"W. Condition: minor fleabites on stopper decoration. 200 - 400
2633 CZECH PERFUME BOTTLE. Czech perfume bottle, purple glass with acid etched Art Deco geometric decoration on bottle and stopper finial, stopper with original dauber wand attached. Marked: (acid stamped) Made in Czechoslovakia. Size: 5 1/2"H, 2 1/4"W, 1 1/4"D. Condition: fleabites around top rim, small chip on top of stopper. 200 - 400
2635 DE VILBISS PERFUME BOTTLE. DeVilbiss mold blown glass perfume bottle, irridescent lustre finish, metal top rim, metal stopper with black enamel or plastic top insert and 1 3/4" long glass dauber wand. Marked: (bottom gold stamp) De Vilbiss. Size: 5 1/2"H, 2 1/4"Diam. base, 2"diam. widest part. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2636 LALIQUE L'AIR DU TEMP PERFUME BOTTLE. Lalique L'Air du Temp perfume bottle in original box, single bird stopper from Nina Ricci. Marked: (on box) NR53 1/2fl. oz. perfume, Made in France, Nina Ricci Paris, USA Dist. Jacqueline Cochran Inc, N.Y. N.Y. 10020. Size: bottle 3 1/2"H, box 4 1/4"H, 3 3/8"D, 3 3/8"W. Condition: good condition, perfume never opened. 200 - 400
2637 ART GLASS PERFUME BOTTLE Blown Art Glass perfume bottle and stopper, base and stem of clear glass, body of bottle cased speckled glass, clear over cranberry and white, ground top, stopper decorated with clear blown glass humming bird. No mark. Size: 9"H, 3"Diam. base, 3 1/4"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2638 CZECH ART DECO PERFUME BOTTLE. Czech Art Deco perfume bottle, molded black carrara glass bottle, geometric radiating pattern, with clear glass faceted jewel-like stopper with original dauber wand intact. Marked: (acid stamped) Made in Czechoslovakia. Size: 5 3/4"H, 2 1/2"W, 2"D. Condition: minor fleabites on the corners of the stopper, minor roughness around rim of bottle. 200 - 400
2640 CZECH PERFUME STOPPER. Pale yellow Czech Art Deco perfume stopper (no bottle), radiating cut decoration with clear glass dauber wand on end. No mark. Size: 5"H, 2 3/4"W, 1/2"D. condition: fleabites on edges, no perfume bottle with stopper. 100 - 200
2641 2 OCCUPIED JAPAN PERFUME BOTTLES. Two Occupied Japan perfume bottles, green molded glass pieces with diamond cut pattern sides, one perfume bottle with flower finial stopper and 1 1/2" dauber wand attached, matching bottle with atomizer top, no squeeze bulb. Marked: (raised mark) Made in Occupied Japan. Size: perfume bottle with stopper 3 1/2"H. atomizer bottle 3"H. Condition: atomizer squeeze ball missing. 100 - 200
2642 PINK GLASS PERFUME BOTTLE. Molded pink glass perfume bottle, interior swirled ribbed decoration, ball form stopper with 1 1/2" long pink glass dauber wand. No mark. Size: 5 1/4"H, 2"diam. base, 2"diam. widest part. condition: top of stopper may have been ground down. 80 - 160
2643 CZECH ART DECO PERFUME BOTTLE. Pale yellow Czech Art Deco perfume bottle with radiating stepped form, cross hatch cut decoration. Stopper designed with stylized flower basket with pierced handle, strawberry diamond cut pattern on basket, frosted cascading flowers, with clear attached dauber wand. Marked: (faint acid stamp) Made in Czechoslovakia. Size: 8 1/2"H, 4 1/2"W, 2"D. Condition: minor fleabites on rim of stopper. 250 - 500
2643 ST CLAIR PERFUME BOTTLE. St. Clair paperweight perfume bottle, clear blown glass with encased white floriforms and clear air trapped bubbles, clear ground stopper with matching white and bubble decoration. Marked: (impressed) St. Clair (on bottom). Size: 5"H with stopper, 3 1/2"diam. widest part. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2644 CZECH PERFUME BOTTLE. Czech pink glass Art Deco perfume bottle, cut cross hatch and step decoration, faceted and cut stopper with long (1") stopper end but no dauber wand. Marked: (acid stamped) Made in Czechoslovakia. Size: 4 3/4"H, 2 1/4"W, 2 1/4"D. Condition: wear and scratches on bottom surface. 150 - 300
2645 BOB ST CLAIR CANDLEHOLDER. Bob St. Clair blown glass paperweight candleholder, clear glass with encased green floriforms and clear bubbles, applied clear glass ribbed handle. Marked: (impressed) Bob St.Clair. Size: 3"H, 4"Diam., 5"L. Condition: minor wear to bottom. 150 - 300
2646 PR STAFFORDSHIRE GOATS Pair of Staffordshire pottery goats, mirror image animals, one with horns, gilt chains, oval bases with gilt bands. No mark. Size: (1) 2 1/2"H, 2 1/2"L, 1 1/4"D. (1) 2 1/4"L, 2 3/4"H, 1"D. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2647 PR STAFFORDSHIRE SPANIELS. Two Staffordshire pottery spaniels, mirror image dogs with brown spots, rough green applied decoration on rectangular bases with gilt bands. No mark. Size: 1 3/4"H, 1 3/4"L, 1 1/4"D. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2648 PR STAFFORDSHIRE COW GROUPS. Pair of Staffordshire pottery cow groups, mirror image, cow and calf at stream, oval bases, lustre gilt horns. Marked: (stamped) Made in England 54. Size: 7 1/4"H, 9 1/2"L, 4 1/2"W. Condition: one good, one with black specks (firing flaws?). 400 - 800
2661 NICK FARBACHER TAOS TRADING OIL. 2003. Oil on canvas panel. Signed. This work by the local painter Nick Farbacher (Member Oil Painters of America, Pittsburgh Society of Artists) shows the first cart used for trading from Taos, NM to Mexico. Size: 8" h., 10" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2662 NICK FARBACHER "TAOS 9AM" OIL. 2003. Oil on canvas panel. Signed lower right. Farbacher is a Pittsburgh artist who has painted in Italy, the Southwest USA, and in the Northeast. He has studied with David Lefell among others. This is a plein aire, vigorously brushed landscape. Set in a gilded frame. Size: 8" h., 10" w., framed 10 1/2" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2663 NICK FARBACHER "REFITTING, MAINE." 2001. Oil on panel. Signed. Farbacher, of Pittsburgh, used the maroger medium for the luminous, glassy surface of this image of an antique masted boat being refitted. Set in a gilded frame. Size: 10" h., 8" w., framed 15 1/2" h., 13 1/2" w. Condition: slight yellowing to the varnish; otherwise good. 400 - 450
2664 NICK FARBACHER FEELING OF CHINA. Oil on panel. Signed. This shows a blue and white Chinese vase, grapes, and pink flowers. Mr. Farbacher is a local painter and exhibitor with the Pittsburgh Society of Artists. Set in a gilded frame. Size: 14" h., 11" w., framed 21 1/2" h., 18 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 600 - 650
2665 NICK FARBACHER LUCCA, MID DAY. Oilon canvas board. Signed lower left. Set in a gilded frame. Mr. Farbacher, a Pittsburgh painter, portrays Lucca, Italy housefronts in a raking light. Size: 14" h., 11" w., framed 21" h., 17" w. Condition: no defects; frame as is. 400 - 450
2666 NICK FARBACHER SUMMER WHEAT. Oil on panel. This is an image of the Kennedy Farm in Valencia,PA. Farbacher is a member of local artist's groups and is an award winning painter. Size: 8" h., 10" w., framed 17" h., 19" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2667 NICK FARBACHER "THE GLEANING." Early 21st century. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. This shows a Butler County, Pennsylvania scene: tall, yellow grass among leaveless trees. Size: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: painted on a wraparound canvas attached to deep set stretcher bars; no frame. 400 - 450
2668 NICK FARBACHER COLLOSSO DELL OPPEM. Early 21st century. Oil on birch panel. Signed. The image, by this Pittsburgh artist, shows the Collossus carved from stone that stands in situ in the Medici Park on the Villa Demidoff in Italy. Painted in a plein air style. Size: 10" h., 8" w., framed 17" h., 15" w. Condition: no defects; set in a gilded frame. 400 - 450
2669 NICK FARBACHER ROCKPORT, MAINE. Early 21st century. Oil on panel. Signed lower left. Mr. Farbacher is a Pittsburgh artist who has shown regionally as well as in Oregon (2003 La Petite X Show, Alder Gallery). This shows a Maine harbor with a seagull perched on a post. Size: 10" h., 8" w., framed 16" h., 14" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2670 NICK FARBACHER FIESOLE. Early 21st century. Oil on birch panel. Signed. Local artist Nick Farbacher presents a view down a Fiesole, Italy street. Size: 8" h., 10" w., framed 13" h., 15" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2671 M.E. JOHNSON LANDSCAPE AND LAKE. Dated 1887. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left. Set in a massive gilded wood and plaster frame. Size: 20" h., 44" w., framed 29" h., 53" w. Condition: age appropriate craquellure throughout; small puncture at the right edge; minor chips to frame. 600 - 700
2672 DANIEL KURUNA GENESIS OIL. 1957. Oil on board. Signed lower right. Dan Kuruna is a local artist who (as an informational tag on the verso reads) has shown at the Corcoran Galleries, Wash.DC, Butler Institute, Youngstown, OH, and the University of Illinois, Urbana. This is an abstract coelscing of forms and colors. Size framed: 29" h., 33" w. Condition: slight convex warping to the surface. 200 - 250
2673 DANIEL KURUNA CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? No date. Oil on canvas. Titled on the back. Shows a man putting his hand out, in a sketchy social realist style. Size framed: 45" h., 32" w. Condition: minor wear to frame; must be shipped by a 3rd party due to its size. 140 - 200
2674 CONSOLIDATED COAL MINE PAINTING. 20th c. Oil on canvas. Perhaps monogrammed BLB. Shows this old Western PA coal mine in liquidy oil washes. Size framed: 39" h., 45" w. Condition: slightly buckled lower left. 140 - 200
2675 THREE FEMALE HEAD STUDIES. All 20th c. Oil on canvas or board. One is signed Janicik '48 and is of an African woman. The second is signed S. Navratil and is of a blond model. The third is an oil on masonite and it shows a blond woman in a green dress (this one is by local artist Daniel Kuruna). Sizes framed: 28" x 24", 24" x 20" , 25" x 20 1/2" Condition: the Navratil image looks to have either a cut off and reattached lower part or an addition to the painting (this part has the signature). 225 - 275
2680 ISADORE BONHEUR JOCKEY RESTRIKE. 20th c. Bronze. Cast after a Peyrol Foundry original. Verdigris and yellow bronze patinas. Entitled "Winner's Circle." Size: 24" h., 24" w., 10" deep. Condition: crookedly attached to the black stone base. 600 - 800
2681 4 ENGLISH STERLING NUT DISHES. 1895 Victorian sterling nut dishes, heart shaped with reticulated sides, C scroll repousse borders, on three ball feet. Marked: (C.C.) (Rampant lion) (Chester mark) M . Size: 1"H, 3"W, 3 1/2"D. Weight: 77.2 grams total. Condition: each with minor dents. 100 - 200
2682 4 WEBSTER STERLING NUT DISHES. Four Webster sterling nut dishes, reticulated lattice pierced sides, rolled edges. Marked: Sterling (Webster hallmark) size: 1"H, 3 1/4"L, 2 1/4"W. Weight: 61.9 grams total. condition: good. 50 - 100
2683 19TH C HORN SNUFF MULL. 19th century Scottish horn snuff mull, horn with silver and faceted stone lid, scrolled dark horn with lighter markings, applied shield shaped decoration (not engraved) hinged lid with repousse thistle decoration, capped with faceted pale champagne colored stone. No mark. size: 3"H, 1 3/4"Wide top. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2684 PAUL STORR STERLING CONTAINER. 1803 George III period, Paul Storr (1771-1844) sterling and glass lidded container, ovoid stepped base, ovoid body with diamond and band cutting, sterling rimmed top with fitted lid, ball finial and spoon notch. Marked: (lid marked: P.S. (rampant lion), base top rim marked: P.S. (royal portrait) (Rampant lion) (H). Size: 5 1/2"H, 3"W, 2 1/2"D. condition: two visible chips on base rim. 500 - 1,000
2685 ENGLISH RUSTIC LIDDED SERVER. 19TH C. English silverplate egg shaped curved top serving dish, rustic twig handles and X form twig legs, bright cut fern decoration on lid, ivory button handle, possibly a butter dish. Marked: FR XS S E 2483. Size: 4 3/4"H, 9"L, 6 1/2"D. condition: good. 200 - 400
2687 WHITING STERLING SERVING SPOON. Large Whiting sterling serving spoon, handle with stylized floral pattern, bowl with bright cut thistle design, monogramed on back "AFA". Marked:27 (Whiting Mfg. Co. hallmark) Sterling. Size:9 1/4"L. Weight: 124.7 grams. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2688 2 GORHAM STERLING SERVING PIECES Gorham sterling serving pieces in the "Camellia" pattern (1942 design). Includes a fork and spoon (perhaps a salad serving set). Marked: Gorham Sterling Camellia. Size: fork: 9"L. weight: 98.2 grams., spoon: 9"L. weight: 99.3 grams. condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
2689 6 DOMINICK & HAFF TRAYS. Six Dominick & Haff sterling dished trays, rolled edges, monogramed "EBH". Marked: Sterling (Dominick & Haff hallmark) 1508. Size: 6 1/2"Diam. Weight: 584.5grams. total. Condition: wear and scratches. 100 - 200
2691 1893 PEACH BLOW PEAR. 1893 New England Peach Blow souvenir blown glass pear from Chicago, Columbian Exposition, shading from white to pink, inscribed "World's Fair 1893", possibly from Mt.Washington Glass Co. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 3"Diam. widest part. Condition: minor wear to gilt decoration. 300 - 600
2692 HAWKES CUT GLASS PITCHER. Hawkes brilliant period cut glass pitcher, star cut bottom, ten side flutes edges with horizontal notches, base with band of cut diamond pattern, top band of diamond patterns centered with hobstars, top edge scalloped and dentilated, five notched spout, handles with honeycomb cut decoration. Marked: (acid stamped) Hawkes (under handle). Size: 6 1/2"H, 8"L, 5 3/4"Deep, 5 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: large chip from one scalloped top rim decoration, four other teeth damaged. 400 - 800
2693 TALL FRY CUT GLASS COMPOTE. Tall signed Fry cut glass compote, star cut base, bottom shaft fluted with notched edges, upper shaft with diamond honey comb cutting, wide shallow bowl with dentilated top rim, sides decorated with hobstars, fans and cross hatch decoration. Marked: (acid stamped) Fry (in center of bowl). Size: 11 3/4"H, 6 1/2"Diam. top, 7 3/4"Diam. widest part, 5 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: scratches on base, minor fleabites on rim. 300 - 600
2694 19TH C CUT GLASS PITCHER. 19th century European cut glass pitcher (English or Irish?), six cut hobstars in base, fluted and notched stem, flaring body with hobstar panels below band of continuous interlocking six sided forms, step cut neck and spout with large dentilated rim, handle with honeycomb cut decoration and flat top. No mark. Size: 12"H, 8"W, 6"D, 4 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: mior fleabites on decoration, no cracks. 400 - 800
2695 WARWICK CARDINAL VASE. c.1893-1898. Warwick China, Wheeling West Virginia, semiporcelain vase with decaled image of cardinal's head wearing red zucetto, background shading yellow to brown, white interior. Maked: 109A (knight's helmet) Warwick, A36 Warwick China. Size: 12"H, 6 1/2"Diam. top, 8"Diam. widest part, 6"Diam. base. Condition: spider crack in bottom, surface scratches, other age appropriate wear. 100 - 200
2696 1894 W. WOODS BISQUET JAR 1894 W. Woods ceramic bisquet jar with decaled golfing scene, raised and gilt decoration, with silverplate rim, lid and swing handle. Marked: ceramic (Crown and pretzel logo) for W. Wood & Co. Burslem, Staffordshire, Rd. No. 274274, B1303 G. (lid marked) 13391 10. Size: 7 1/2"H plus handle, 6 1/2"Diam. widest part, 4"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear, minor dings to rim of lid, crazing and scratches to surface of ceramic. 200 - 400
2697 1907 WARWICK GOLF PLATE. 1907 English ceramic plate with golf scene in center, inscribed "Golf" "Holing Out" Victor Venner, decaled landscape border. Marked: Warwick Ware England Rd.No. 516465. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: crazing and wear to rim decoration. 100 - 200
2698 LARGE WAVE CREST BOX Large Wave Crest hinged lid rectangular box with raised rocaille "C" scroll decoration, body color shading pink to white, top with hand painted blue flowers with white enamel beaded highlights. Marked: (acid stamped) Wave Crest trademark. Size: 9 1/2"L, 6"D, 4 1/2"H. Condition: age appropriate wear, original lining removed, wear to metal surface. 800 - 1,600
2699 WAVE CREST CONTAINER. Wave Crest hinge lidded container, round tapered body, shading pink to white with hand painted blue floral sprays with green leaves and brown stems. Marked: WC27/25. Size: 3"H, 3 1/4"Diam. top, 4 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: original lining in lid only, wear to metal surface, minor wear to decoration. 200 - 400
2700 CROWN MILANO CRACKER JAR. Mount Washington Art Glass Crown Milano cracker jar, blown moldeed body with turtle track ribboned decoration with raised gilt floral and glass bead decoration. Metal rim, swing handle, fluted rim, repousse decorated metal lid with floral decoration. Makred: (metal lid) MW 441 7/A. Size: 7"H with handles, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 3"Diam. opening. Condition: five glass beads missing from floral decoration. 1,500 - 3,000
2701 BRASS FAN FIRE SCREEN Empire style folding fan shaped fire screen. Nine panel pierced fan. Hairy paw foot, double scroll base with bird head and decoration. Side locks for fan arms. Mark: No mark. Size: Open - 25 1/2"h x 38"w x 6"d - closed - 9"w. Cond: Minor wear. 80 - 160
2721 KARISTAN KIRMAN CARPET. 9 x 12, pattern #717, machine made, fringe wear, otherwise good. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 125
2722 FINE PERSIAN KIRMAN RUG. 4.0 X 7.0, Minor wear, very fine carpet. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 300 - 400
2723 SEMI ANTIQUE MAHAL SAROUK. 10.6 x 13.6, very nice reds, minor wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 1,400 - 1,500
2724 C. 1930 PERSIAN RUG. 3.4 x 6.0, edge wear, and other appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 100 - 125
2725 ANTIQUE CUT RUNNER. 2.9 x 10 foot, wear to edges. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 100 - 150
2726 CLOISONNE LAMP BASE. Large cloisonne vase converted to an electric lamp base, six sided form, blue ground, large shield shaped medallions with mica backgrounds, upper register with bird medallions and floral and geometric decoration, on wooden stand, raised on brass leaf and scroll base, comes with original cream colored silk shade with black and colored embroidered band, cream colored fringe edging. No mark. Size: 18"H enamel vase, 34"H lamp with shade, 8"diam. base. Shade 20"Diam. condition: two areas of damage to enameled metal surface, other age appropriate wear, shade dirty, old wiring. 300 - 600
2727 CHINESE CLOISONNE CHARGER. Chinese cloisonne charger, center scene of butterfly and grape vines against a blue background in an Arts and Crafts style, border of cross and floral forms, back wire scrolled decoration on blue. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: age appropriate wear. 300 - 600
2728 PAIR CLOISONNE VASES. Pair of cloisonne vases, flattened ovoid form, tan ground, each with two large bird and floral segments, wide top, bottom and side geometric and floral decoration, including shimmering gold mica highlights. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5"W, 3 1/2"D. condition: age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2729 CHINESE CLOISONNE CHARGER. Chinese cloisonne charger, center design of two flying cranes and pink and blue flowers against a blue background, wide petaled border with floral decoration, back enameled in blue with scrolled wire decoration. No mark. Size: 10 3/4"Diam. Condition: age appropriate wear. 300 - 600
2730 PAIR CLOISONNE VASES. Pair of Japanese cloisonne lidded vases, flattened ovoid form, tan mottled ground with randomly scattered medallion decoration with birds and butterflies, domed lids with overall floral decoration, brass finial. No mark. size: 7 1/2"H, 5 1/4"W, 4"D. condition: age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2731 F. OUILLON CARRERE SWORD DANCER. Dated 1919. Bronze, verdigris patina, on a green stone base. Provenance: Kerrigan Family, Boulder, CO. This sculpture has been in the family since 1919, when Mr. Kerrigan served in France after the Armistice, and acquired the bronze in Paris. Size: without base 19" h., with base 22" h. Condition: slight scratches to the underside of the fingers; one corner of the stone base is chipped on its underside. 2,000 - 3,500
2732 SIGNED FRANCIS PICABIA. No date. Watercolor and/or gouache on paper. Signed lower left. Shows three silhouetted nude figures among abstract geometric shapes and primary colors. Size: 18" h., 24" w., framed 30" h., 36" w. Condition: no visible defects. 5,000 - 6,000
2733 R. MORETTI PEASANT WITH A JUG W/C. Late 19th c./early 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed lower right "R. Moretti, Roma." There is a listed artist named Prof. Moretti, signing Roma after his name. Set in a period frame with an Arts & Crafts styled gilded plaster decoration. Size: 15 1/4" h., 11 1/2" w., framed 19 1/4" h., 15 1/2" w. Condition: not examined out of the frame; frame has some chips to it. 1,200 - 1,400
2734 SCHOFIELD VIEW OF PARIS 1903. Date unverified, the painting is otherwise unmarked as to its date. Oil on canvasboard. Signed Schofield lower right in dark brown paint. This shows a view of Paris (?) from above the Seine, painted in golden yellows and mellow earthy greens. Size: 12 1/2" h., 15 1/2" w., framed 20" h., 23" w. Condition: four convex pressure marks, one of which has broken the paint surface. 10,000 - 12,000
2735 JAMES SULKOWSKI "LAKE DONEGAL, LIGONIER, PA." 2004. Oil on canvas. Signed. Shows a barn and hay bales near Lake Donegal in the Laurel Highlands. Size: 10" h., 14" w., framed 18 1/2" h., 22" w. Condition: no defects. 600 - 650
2736 SULKOWSKI ST. JOHNS CHURCH, SOUTH SIDE. 1982. Oil on panel. Signed. This is a work by James Sulkowski, a nationally known painter, and it shows a church on the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. Size: 9" h., 12" w., framed 13 1/2" h., 16 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 500 - 550
2737 JAMES SULKOWSKI "STOWE, VT., SUNLIGHT." 1981. Oil on panel. Signed. A burst of sunlight is shown across a landscape, by this nationally known Pennsylvanian painter. Size: 4 1/2" h./, 6 1/2" w., framed 14" h., 17" w. Condition: frame and mat are as is; painting has no defects. 400 - 450
2738 JAMES SULKOWSKI "SHIREY FARM, LIGONIER." 2004. Oil on canvas prepared panel. Signed. Plein air study on a pink prepared ground, painted by the nationally known realist from Canonsburg, PA. Size: 12" h., 18" w. Condition: no defects. 450 - 500
2739 JAMES SULKOWSKI LAKE CANONSBURG SUNSET. Recent. Oil on preprimed canvas. Signed. Size: 11" h., 14" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2740 SULKOWSKI LAKE CHAUTAUQUA SUNRISE. Recent. Oil on panel. Signed. This is a full study by James Sulkowski, a nationally known realist painter from Canonsburg, PA. Painted over a pink primed ground. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: very slight abrasions to the corners. 400 - 450
2741 WEDGWOOD PEARLWARE SET 21PCS. Twenty one piece Wedgwood pearlware dessert set, "Napier" pattern, iron red, green and cobalt decoration on flow blue type ceramic. Set includes: One footed centerpiece with pierced handles, two low footed serving platters with pierced handles, 18 round plates. Marked: Wedgwood Pearl V. Size: footed centerpiece: 13 1/4"L, 11 1/2"W, 7"H. low footed platters: 11 1/2"L, 8 3/4"W, 2"H. Round plates: 9 1/2"Diam. Condition: footed centerpiece: spider body crack in bowl, chp on top rim. Platters: age appropriate wear. Plates: crazing, wear to ocher edge decoration, several with minor staining. 400 - 800
2742 19TH C WEDGWOOD CANEWARE PIE DISH. Early 19th c. Wedgwood caneware pie dish with insert liner and lid, decorated top and bottom with game and grapevine swag sides. Lid with rabbit finial and dead game raised decoration. Insert liner with glazed body. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood Y. size: 7 1/4"H, 12 1/4"L, 9"W. condition: age appropriate wear, some staining in liner. See: Edwards "English Dry-bodied Stoneware, Wedgwood and Contemporary manufacturers 1744-1830" published 1998, page 71 for illustration of identical pie dish in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum, c.1815. 1,500 - 3,000
2743 19TH C WEDGWOOD CHEESE DOME. 1882 Wedgwood cheese dome, sage green jasperware, bell shaped, acorn finial, oak leaf band at top, base with wreath of oak leaves and acorns, bell decorated with three scenes. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood A + DJK. size: dome: 5 1/4"Diam, 6"H, base 7 1/2"Diam. Condition: interior staining, some exterior dirt on white decoration. 400 - 800
2744 WEDGWOOD JASPERWARE CHARGER. 19th century pale blue Wedgwood jasperware dished charger, inner and outer band of grapes and grape leaves, center scene of "Aurora". Marked: (incised) Wedgwood 10. Size: 10 1/4"Diam. Condition: stains on back, stains on front, age appropriate wear. 300 - 600
2745 19TH C WEDGWOOD CHARGER. 19th century pale blue Wedgwood jasperware dished charger, inner and outher band of grapes and grape leaves, center scene of "Psyche wounded and bound by cupids". Marked: (incised) Wedgwood B IV. size: 10 1/8"Diam. Condition: stained back, stains on rim and decoration. 300 - 600
2746 19TH C WEDGWOOD COBALT PITCHER. 19th c. Wedgwood cobalt pitcher, dark blue jasperware, Etruscan form jug with sacrifice figures, interlocking floral bands, acanthus topped handle. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood England 12. size: 8"H, 6"Diam. widest part. Condition: age appropriate wear, 1" area of roughness along top rim. 400 - 800
2747 WEDGWOOD OLIVE GREEN JUG. 19th c. Wedgwood olive green jasperware jug, Etruscan shape with sacrifice figures, interlocking floral bands, acanthus topped handle. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood England. size: 7"H, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part. conditoin: minor green bleeding on one area of decoration, handle broken and repaired. 300 - 600
2748 WEDGWOOD BLACK JASPER URN. 19th c. Wedgwood black jasper urn on plinth, body with vertical acanthus and flower decoration above four small classical scenes. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood England J. size: 7 1/4"H, 4"diam. top, 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"Base. Condition: interior staining, small chip on bottom corner of base. 300 - 600
2749 WEDGWOOD BLACK JASPER URN. c.1900 Black jasper ware Wedgwood lidded urn on plinth decorated wtih "Dancing Hours". Marked: (incised) Wedgwood England. Size: 7 1/2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"base. Condition: one handle repaired, ball on finial repaired, chip in bottom of lid. 300 - 600
2750 WEDGWOOD BUFF COVERED URN. 1929-1933 Wedgwood buff yellow colored covered urn. Buff yellow with black ornamentation, Campagna 43 shape on plinth with cover. Scenes of Sacrifice figures in landscape, acanthus decorated cover. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood Etruria England. Size: 12"H, 7"Diam. widest part, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"base. Condition: 1/2"loss to tree decoration above one handle, plinth color darker than other parts. 600 - 1,200
2751 WEDGWOOD LILAC BOWL. C.1898-1910. Large Wedgwood lilac jasper dip footed bowl, with band of vertical acanthus leaves and bell flowers, top band of acorns and oak leaves. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood Made in England 2. Size: 10"diam. top, 4 1/4"H, 5 3/8"Diam. base. Condition: interior staining, exterior staining. 600 - 1,200
2752 WEDGWOOD BLACK BASALT CREAMER. Wedgwood black basalt creamer with enamel decoration, yellow and purple iris flowers, buds and leaves. Marked: (incised) Wedgwood England (painted) C 3447 II. Size: 2 1/4"J, 3"Diam. widest part. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2753 WEDGWOOD BLACK BASALT BOWL. Wedgwood black basalt bowl decorated with four classical scenes including: "Aurora", "Muses watering Pegasus", "Bellerophon watering Pegasus", and "The Archers". Marked: (incised) Wedgwood Made in England 42 X. size: 2 1/8"H, 4"Diam. top. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2755 GOTHIC STYLE ANDIRONS Gothic style wrought iron andirons in the manner of Samuel Yellin. Hammered forged metal, paw feet, floret base shaft decoration. Shaft twisted decoration, pierced globe finials. Mark: No mark. Size: 27"h x 13"w x 11"d. Cond: Age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2756 MONUMENTAL ANDIRONS Monumental andirons extremely heavy cast iron scrolled base, squared shaft, cannon ball finials with deep log racks in back. Mark: No mark. Size: 21"h x 11 1/2"w x 30"d. Cond: Log racks well used, age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2761 1893 ROOKWOOD VASE. 1893 Rookwood American Art Pottery vase, standard glaze, hand painted under the slip painted daisys and stems by Amelia Browne Sprague. Marked: (Rookwood mark) R with 7 flames, 513 W (artist monogram for Amelia Browne Sprague) 1893. Size: 5 1/2"H, 3"Diam. top, 2"Diam. base. Condition: fine overall cracklure, minor scratches. 1,500 - 3,000
2762 1946 ROOKWOOD MAGNOLIA VASE. 1946 Rookwood American art pottery vase, ginger jar form, pale blue and cream background with magnolia blossoms, artist signed by Loretta Holtkamp. Marked: (Rookwood flame mark) XLVI 6204C (painted) 2714 LH. Size: 7"H, 3"Diam. top, 8"diam. widest part, 3 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: overall crazing. 1,000 - 2,000
2763 WELLER ART POTTERY VASE. C.1898-1910. Weller art pottery vase, aurelian line, under the slip decoration, dark brown body with jonquil blossom and leaves, artist signed "HM" (Hattie Mitchell). Marked: (incised script) Aurelian Weller 502. (artist initials on right bottom side near flowers). Size: 10"H, 3"diam. widest part, 2 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: damage and loss to top rim, crazing and scratches. 100 - 200
2764 FULPER CHAMBERSTICK. c.1922-1928, Fulper American Art Pottery chamberstick, rose and grey mottled glaze, single angular handle, dished center. Marked: vertical Fulper mark (1922-1929 mark). Size: 2 1/2"H, 5 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear, some old candle wax on surface. 200 - 400
2765 VAN BRIGGLE TULIP VASE. Van Briggle American Art Pottery tulip vase, post 1920, Art Nouveau style, four tulip blossoms and stems sensuously curving leaves, blue and green shaded finish. Marked: (incised) Van Briggle mark, Van Briggle Colo.Spgs. Size: 8 1/8"H, 3"Diam. base, 3 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: crazing. 200 - 400
2766 JAMES SULKOWSKI COPPER TEAPOT. Recent. Oil on canvas covered birch panel. Also includes a lemon, grapes and an orange. James Sulkowski utilizes tradiotional techniques in his work; the canvas is adhered with rabbit skin glue. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2767 SULKOWSKI WASHINGTON, PA STUDY. 20th century. Oil on panel. Signed. James Sulkowski painted the Washington County Courthouse and Washington & Jefferson College in the background. Size: 10" h., 16" w. Condition: the masonite panel is roughly cut, especially so in the top edge. 400 - 450
2768 JAMES SULKOWSKI "MAINE SUNSET." 20th c. Oil on cut down canvasboard. Signed. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: various dings to the right edge and lower edge. 400 - 450
2769 JAMES SULKOWSKI "OCEAN POINT, MAINE." 2004. Oil on panel. Signed. This shows Owl's Head Lighthouse in the background. Sulkowski heads painting workshops, recently in Maine. He has a national reputation as a traditional realist. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2770 JAMES SULKOWSKI OCEAN POINT STUDY. 2003. Oil on canvas covered birch panel. Signed. This is a plein air study of a rocky coast and a sailboat. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2771 SULKOWSKI VERMONT LANDSCAPE. 1990. Oil on prepared panel. Signed. This small plein air study was painted on Sulkowski's specially prepared chalk & glue ground. A small rose study is on the verso. Size: 6" h., 9" w. Condition: slightly dirty in the upper corners. 300 - 325
2772 JAMES SULKOWSKI WOMAN IN GARDEN. Oil on panel. Signed. Shows a woman in summer dress in a semi-impressionist style consistent with a study. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: no defects. 350 - 400
2773 SULKOWSKI FEMALE HEAD STUDY. 1995. Oil on panel. Signed. James Sulkowski painted this study in a traditional brown glazed ground, used creatively to render the shadows and hair. Size: 10" h., 8" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2774 SULKOWSKI "CANONSBURG LITTLE LAKE THEATER." Oil on panel. Signed. James Sulkowski represents the Little Lake Theater in summer, behind a lake. Size: 8" h., 10"w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2775 JAMES SULKOWSKI MINGO CREEK PARK STUDY. Oil on panel. Signed. This is a study for a larger studio painting by the nationally recognized Pennsylvanian realist. Mingo Creek Park is a Pennsylvanian State Park. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: slight abrasions to the corners. 400 - 450
2776 43 PC MANCHESTER STERLING FLATWARE. 43 pieces of Manchester sterling flatware, Valenciennes (1938) pattern, pierced rose decorated handles. Includes: (8) dinner knives with stainless blades, 8 3/4"L. (8) dinner forks, 7"L, 369.6 grams total. (8) sald forks, 6 3/8"L. 224.8 grams. total. (16) teaspoons, 6"L. 416 grams. total (2) serving spoons, 8"L. 113.1 grams total. (1) master butter knife, 7 1/4"L. 32 grams. (1) bon bon spoon with pierced bowl, 5"L. 19.9 grams. (1) sugar shovel, 6"L. 25.8 grams. (1) pickle fork, 6 1/4"L. 22.9 grams. (1) ladle, 6 1/8"L. 46.3 grams. Marked: (hallmark for Wm Manchester & Co. Prov. R.I.) Sterling. Condition: good. 500 - 1,000
2781 TIFFANY FAVRILE GLASS COMPOTE. Tiffany favrile art glass compote, gold irridescence, flared bowl with stretched appearence around scalloped rim. Marked: 1701 L>C>T> favrile. size: 4 1/2"H, 5 3/4"Diam. top, 3"Diam. base. Condition: good, no chips or cracks. 1,500 - 3,000
2782 QUEZAL ART GLASS SALT. Quezal art glass salt, blown ribbed form with scalloped rim edge, gold, green, blue and red irridescence, ground pontil. Marked: Quezal 1125. Size: 2"H, 2 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. 600 - 1,200
2783 LOETZ ART NOUVEAU VASE. Loetz Art Nouveau art glass vase, purple, blue and green irridescent glass cased in pierced copper with three irridescent glass peacock jewels attached to metal casing. No mark. Size: 5 1/8"H, 2 1/4"Diam. top, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
2784 GALLE ART GLASS PIN TRAY. Galle molded art glass pin tray, clear body cased with green frosted layer and raised enamel decorated leaves and blossoms, polished center, rectangular form with folded long sides. Marked: (raised) Galle. Size: 4 3/4"L, 3 1/4"W, 1 1/8"H. Condition: age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2785 STUEBEN PEACOCK VASE. Steuben hand blown art glass peacock vase, pulled irridescent threaded design in green, blue, gold and cream, with peacock feather eyes of gold and green, gold aurene interior, ground pontil. Marked: Aurene 536. Size: 11 1/4"H, 2"Diam. top, 4"diam. widest part, 3"diam. base. Condition: minor wear on base, minor uneveness in body wall. 3,000 - 6,000
2786 STEUBEN BLUE AURENE BOWL. Steuben blue aurene art glass bowl, folded rim, with white calcite bottom. Marked: 285/28,61. Size: 14 1/4"Diam, 6"Diam. base, 2"H. Condition: wear and scratches on base. 1,000 - 2,000
2787 STEUBEN TWO HANDLED VASE. Steuben hand blown two handled vase, amber body with applied blue handles and blue tendrils around body and top rim, ground top rim. Marked: (acid stamped) Steuben fleur de lis mark. Size: 3 3/4"H, 6"W, 6"d. condition: fleabites on rim. 500 - 1,000
2788 MONT JOYE CAMEO GLASS VASE. 19th Century Mont Joye French cameo art glass vase, acid cut green textured body with raised and enamel decorated violets, gilt leaves, and gilt tendril rimmed top. Produced by Monte Joye, a branch of E. S. Monot, La Villette, Paris. Marked: (gilt stamp) Mont Joye (with bishop image). Size: 13 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. top, 8"Diam. widest part, 4 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: small chip on top rim. 500 - 1,000
2789 PAUL D'AVESN SEVRES VASE. Paul D'Avesn Sevres French Art Deco blue opalescent molded glass vase with leaf decoration in the manner of Lalique. Each side with three leaf pierced handles. Marked: (raised mark) P.D'Avesn Made in France, (acid stamped) "Sevres". Size: 6 1/2"H, 7"W, 3 1/2"Deep, 3"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear. 600 - 1,200
2790 FRY GLASS COMPOTE Fry "foval" Art Glass compote, opalescent blue and white body, cobalt stem and top rim, bowl with opalescent draped decoration, ground pontil. No mark. Size: 7"H, 6"Diam. top, 3 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: good. 400 - 800
2800 KAYSERZINN ART NOUVEAU VASE. German Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) pewter vase by Kayserzinn, Germany's premier Art Nouveau period metalsmiths, tall format with organic three dimensional flower stems forming border of columbine blossoms at top, raised leaf forms at base. Marked: Kayserzinn 4229 N P 4. Size: 11"H, 3 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2801 KAYSERZINN ART NOUVEAU BASKET. Kayserzinn Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) low form pewter handled basket, organic shaped bowl with raised flower decorated center, leaf and stem form handle with metal catapiller crawling along top of handle, raised on four ball feet. Marked: Kayserzinn 4320 21. Size: 6"H, 9 1/2"L, 7 1/2"W. Condition: age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2802 AMPHORA ART NOUVEAU VASE. C.1900 Amphora Art Nouveau vase, ewer form with Art Nouveau woman with undulating drapery and grapes in a matte and burnished green gilt finish on a green blue highgloss body with Bacchus head decorated spout form, gilt highlights, white and pale blue glazed interior. Marked: (stamped) Turn E W Vienna Made in Austria, (Ernst Wahliss Porcelain Works mark), (incised) 12 Made in Austria 4569 II. Size: 11"H, 7"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear. 1,500 - 3,000
2803 ROYAL RUDOLSTADT VASE. C.1900 Royal Rudolstadt porcelain vase with reticulated outer body with pink blossoms and green leaves over tan interior body, with repousse metal top rim, gilt band base. Marked: (crown RW) Rudolstadt. Size: 8 3/4"H, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 3 1/2"Diam. top, 3"Diam. base. Condition: good. 1,000 - 2,000
2804 SEVRES HAND PAINTED CABINET PLATE. Sevres porcelain hand painted cabinet plate, center scene of 18th century lovers with maid in background, wide cobalt border with raised gilt scroll and floral swag decoration. Marked: Sevres mark with B I France, and title "Rendez-vous Galant". Scene artist signed on front "F A...lat". Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: good. 400 - 800
2805 HONG KONG PATTERN TEA SET 13 PCS. 1880. English ironstone tea set, Hong Kong pattern, iron red, cobalt and gilt decaled decoration of birds, flowers and rocks, all with matching decorated borders. Set includes 5 cups and saucers, creamer, covered sugar bowl, large dished tray on four feet. Produced by Powell, Bishop and Stonier, Hanley Staffordshire. Marked: Hong Kong PB & S, Oriental Ivory PB & S, (registry mark form Jan 28, 1880). Size: cups 2 1/2"H, 2 1/2"Diam. top, saucers: 4 3/4"Diam, creamer: 3 1/8"H, 4 1/2"L, 2 1/4"W., covered sugar bowl: 4 1/2"H, 6 3/4"W, 3 3/4"D., tray: 19 1/4"Diam. Condition: two cups with chips in top rim. one saucer with chip in rim. All others with no cracks or chips, age appropriate wear. 400 - 800
2806 H P DRESDEN CUP AND SAUCER. Hand painted Dresden porcelain handless cup and saucer, exterior of bowl painted with continuous band with two 18th century figural groups in a landscape, body of cup and saucer decorated with gilt bead, leaf and geometric decoration. Marked: (Lamb image) Dresden Germany 170 + (gold rose stamp). Size: cup: 3 1/4"H, 3 1/4"Diam. top, 1 3/4"Diam. base., saucer: 5"diam. Condition: minor wear to gilt edges. 250 - 500
2821 VICTORIAN IVORY PAGE TURNER. Victorian ivory page turner, hallmarked silver connection, handle monogramed "EJL". Marked: (hallmarked) H.M (or N or H)(R) (rampant lion) (Queen Victoria profile). Size: 17"L, @"W, 1 1/2"D. Condition: natural flaw in ivory handle tip. 300 - 600
2822 1900 SCOTTISH STERLING TANKARD 1900 Scottish repousse decorated sterling Victorian tankard, repousse decorated center band with goats, dog and donkey, top and bottom clasically decorated bands, handle with S scroll and acanthus decoration, monogramed "R.J.I", gilt interior. Marked: (hallmarked on top exterior rim right of handle) [JC & S], [Glasgow hallmark], [rampant lion], [D] (mark for 1900). Size: 3 3/4"H, 3"Diam. base. Weight: 172.2grams. Size: Age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2831 ROSEVILLE IRIS VASE. Roseville "Iris Pattern" art pottery vase (1938 design). Brown body with pierced Art Deco style handles, white flowers, green leaves. Marked: (incised) Roseville 924/9. size: 9 1/2"H, 6"diam. widest part, 4"diam. base. condition: good. 200 - 400
2832 ROSEVILLE FREESIA VASE. Roseville Freesia Pattern Art pottery vase (1945 design), brown body with white flowers, pierced handles. Marked: (raised) Roseville U.S.A. 122-8" (incised) 29. Size: 8 1/2"H, 3 "Diam. base. Condition: good. 150 - 300
2832A ROSEVILLE FREESIA VASE. Roseville Freesia vase, 1945 pattern, two small pierced side handles, brown glaze with white and yellow flowers. Marked: (raised) Roseville U.S.A. 669-6". Size: 6 1/4"H, 6 3/8"Diam. top, 9"diam. widest part. Condition: small 1/16" chip on top rim. 200 - 400
2833 ROSEVILLE MAGNOLIA PLANTER. Roseville magnolia planter (1940's design), low form planter with two pierced handles, shaped top rim, blue body with white and pink blossoms. Marked: (raised) Roseville U.S.A. 451-12". Size: 16 1/2"L, 7 1/2"W, 4"H. Condition: crazing. 200 - 400
2834 ROSEVILLE MAGNOLIA VASE. Roseville magnolia vase (1940's pattern) brown ground, white blossoms, green shading, double pierced handles. Marked: (raised) Roseville U.S.A. 96-12" (incised) 47. Size: 12 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. base. condition: good. 200 - 400
2835 ROSEVILLE CHERRY BLOSSOM PEDESTAL. Roseville Cherry blossom jardiniere pedestal, 1933 design, blue top, pink striped lower portion, pink blossoms, green leaves, brown branches. Could be turned upsidedown and used as umbrella stand. Mark: no mark, originally a paper label for this pattern. Size: 16 1/2"H, 7 3/4"Diam. top, 10 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: minor crazing around top rim. 200 - 400
2836 WELLER PITCHER Weller art pottery pitcher, body shades green to white, textured surface, yellow blosoms, pierced twig handle. Marked: (incised script) Weller R-5. Size: 6 3/4"H, 3"diam. base, 4 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2838 HAEGER LOW BOWL. Haeger art pottery low bowl, yellow glaze "S" curve shape, in body decorated sides. Marked: Haeger USA 30668. Size: 15"L, 8"W, 2 1/4"D. Condition: age appropriate wear, chip under rim. 40 - 80
2839 ROSEVILLE IMPERIAL I BOWL. Roseville American art pottery "Imperial I" (1924) pattern hanging bowl with three chains, green and brown body decoration. No mark. Size: 4 1/2"H, 8 1/2"Diam. widest part, 7 1/4"Diam. top. Conditon: original paper label missing, minor staining on interior. 200 - 400
2840 ROSEVILLE BUSHBERRY ASHTRAY. Roseville American art pottery Bushberry (1948) pattern ashtray, brown glazed body, two twig handles, four indentations on top rim for cigarettes. Marked: (raised) Roseville U.S.A. 26. Size: 7"L, 5 1/4"W, 2 5/8"H. Condition: good. 100 - 200
2841 JAMES SULKOWSKI "MIST AND SUN" STUDY. Oil on panel. Signed. This represents Lake Chautauqua at sunrise with mist over the lake. It is similar to lot 2740. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2842 SULKOWSKI PENNSYLVANIA SUNSET. Oil on panel. Signed. This is a plein air study by James Sulkowski; it shows a fiery orange sunset behind a tree. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2843 JAMES SULKOWSKI "MAYO FARM, VERMONT." 1992. Oil on panel. Known as Evening Light, this painting shows what was once a working farm but that is now a farm museum. Size: 8" h., 10" w. Condition: slight damage to the masonite along the upper left edge and the lower right corner. 400 - 450
2844 SULKOWSKI LADY IN BLACK. 1998. Oil on canvas. Signed. Nationally known realist James Sulkowski shows an elegant lady in a black dress and pearls. Size: 16" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 600 - 650
2845 JAMES SULKOWSKI STILL LIFE. 1985. Oil on canvas. Signed. Shows a green teapot, fruit, and a teacup. Size: 9" h., 12" w. Condition: slight abrasions at the lower edge and at the right edge. 130 - 160
2846 SULKOWSKI SUNSET STUDY. Oil on canvas. This is a Canonsburg Lake sunset study, characterized by very bright magenta and orange. Size: 10" h., 12" w. Condition: no defects. 200 - 225
2847 JAMES SULKOWSKI "DAYS END." 1984. Oil on canvas. Signed. This is a finished study of a rower on a stream in Canonsburg, PA painted by the nationally recognized realist James Sulkowski. Later this image became commissioned as a much larger painting for a local business. Size: 20"h., 24" w. Condition: no visible defects. 500 - 600
2848 SULKOWSKI "SAILING IN MAINE." Oil on birch panel. Signed. Shows a sailboat against a huge gray sky; painted by the Pennylvanian realist James Sulkowski. Size: 20" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2849 JAMES SULKOWSKI "STOWE, VERMONT." Oil on linen. Signed. This is a semi-impressionist style rendering of a ridge line and trees below in a valley, under raking sunlight. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 450
2850 REGINALD MARSH "MINKY'S CHORUS." 1935. Etching on buff paper. Signed in pencil lower right, titled lower left. 0 - 0
2861 ENGLISH PARIAN BUST 19th Century parian ware bust of Charles Sumner made by Robinson & Leadbetter Stoke, Staffordshire England. Male bust with classical drapery on round base. Incised in back Charles Sumner "Take Care Of My Civil Rights Bill" Published by R & L copyright. Mark: See inscription above. Size: 13"h x 8"w x 5"d. Cond: Good. 600 - 1,200
2862 ADAMS & CO. PARIAN BUST 1867 Adams & Co. Parian Bust Sculpted by E. W. Wyon. Male portrait bust in victorian garb, high collar. Mark: (on the back in impressed) Adams & Co. E W Wyon.F (fecit) (at base) published by John Stark Etruria Registered March 23, 1867. Size: 14 1/2"h x 12"w x 7"d. Cond: Minor stain on left lapel and lower back. No base exists although plug in bottom indicates earlier base. 1,000 - 2,000
2863 EDWARDIAN PORCELAIN BUST. c.1900 Edwardian style portrait bust of classical female with neoclassical hairstyle, revealing drapery and laurel wreath in the nammer of Augustus Saint Gaudens in a Renaissance revival style, on grey glazed base with delicate gilt highlights. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"H, 8 1/2"W, 4 1/2"Deep. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2864 FRENCH COBALT DISH. French cobalt dish, elongated quatrafoil shape, basket weave reticulated sides, cobalt body with hand painted gilt and enamel bead decoration, scalloped and shell edge with gilt highlights, decoration includes fleur de lis, large C with crown and bird with arrow, banderole reads "Candida Candidis". Marked: (incised) Langeais, (painted) Heraldique France. Size: 2"H, 11 1/2"L, 9"W. Condition: minor wear to gilt. 200 - 400
2865 2 KPM CUPS & SAUCERS. c.1845. Pair of KPM (Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin) cups and saucers, butterscotch panels on white ground, with gilt leaf and band decoration. Marked: (blue stamped eagles) KPM, (cross and orb mark) KPM. Size: saucer 6"Diam, cups: 3"H, 3 3/4"Diam. top. Condition: minor wear to gilt. 200 - 400
2866 KPM PLAQUE 19th Century oval form porcelain plaque with heraldic image with crest shield banderole and date on front. Crest is gold leopard and corn stalk. Shield with on blue field three gold cats, black star of david, brown cross of Lorraine, two red crescent moons. Banderole reads - Deo. Patriae. Amicis. Date 1619. Mark on back: impressed KPM H 4 and the impressed sword mark. (Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin) Size: 9"h x 6 3/4"w. Cond: Age appropriate wear, set in brass frame. 400 - 800
2867 6 LILLIAN RUSSELL PLATES. Six French Limoges porcelain asparagus plates, center dished area, side well, raised lettuce leaf and two asparagus decoration on one side. Side well decorated with gilt acanthus scroll decoration and monogramed:"LR" (for Lillian Russell) in color and gilt. Marked: (stamped) D & C ( 1879-1900 mark for R. Delinieres & Co. Limoges France). (written in script) From Lillian Russell Estate. (artist signed) H.L. Size: 9 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear to gilt. Provenance: from Lillian Russell Estate. 600 - 1,200
2868 11 WEDGWOOD PLATES Cream band with decaled and hand painted floral groups with gilt leaves, gilt scrolled and decorated bands, center medallion of flowers and gilt highlights. Mark: Wedgwood w/urn logo, Bailey Banks & Biddle Philadelphia 6004X. Size: 8 7/8"diameter. Cond: One with roughness on edge, several with minor wear to gilt. 200 - 400
2869 HAND PAINTED LIMOGES CONTAINER. c.1903. Hand painted Limoges porcelain lidded container, blank by Peroutaud Frers, bottom with lustre finish and gild rim, lid with hand painted orchid blossoms and greenery with wide scrolled gilt border, artist signed C. M. Rasche. Marked: Limoges P & P France. Painting on lid signed "C.M.Rasche". Size: 3 1/2"H, 7"Diam. widest part. Condition: wear and scratches to lower part, top with minor wear to gilt. 125 - 250
2870 AUSTRIAN PORCELAIN VASE. Victoria Austria porcelain vase, classical style, flattened vertical ovoid form on bse with two pierced handles, body shading cream to brown, decorated front and back with decaled flowers with gilt highlights, gilt decorated body, neck and handles. Marked: Victoria (crown) Austria. Size: 13 1/2"H, 7 1/2"W, 5 1/2"D. Condition: age appropriate wear. 100 - 200
2871 LENOX BELLEEK VASE. American belleek hand painted vase, Lenox blank painted in 1900 by A.B.G., vase with apple green body, figure of a nude in the waves, with raised gilt lattice and leaf decoration with white enamel bead highlights, gilt trimmed top. Marked: Lenox Belleek,(signed) A.B.G. 1900. Size: 5"H, 3"Diam. widest part, 1"Diam. top, 1 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 200 - 400
2872 ROYAL CROWN DERBY SEAGULL. Royal Crown Derby porcelain seagull, wings spread, on wave base. Marked: Royal Crown Derby Made in England XV Bone China. Size: 6 3/4"H, 7"L, 7 1/2"D. Condition: fleabite on back tail feather tip. 100 - 200
2881 JAMES SULKOWSKI "AUTUMN SPLENDOR." Oil on masonite panel. Signed. This is a scene in Hickory, PA that shows autumn trees, hills, and a fence. Size: 12" h., 16"w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 450
2882 JAMES SULKOWSKI "VERMONT STREAM." 1990. Oil on masonite panel. Signed. This plein air study shows a stream, and in the middleground brightly lit trees. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: no visible defects. 400 - 450
2883 JAMES SULKOWSKI "APPROACHING STORM." 1989. Oil on masonite panel. Signed. This is a view near Stowe, Vermont that scuttling pink and gray clouds over a field and trees. Size: 12" h., 16" w. Condition: brown stains on the left edge; otherwise no defects. 400 - 450
2884 JAMES SULKOWSKI BLONDE NUDE. Oil on panel. Signed. This is a classically painted nude female study: painted on a tinted brown ground it has been deliberately and carefully built up with glazes of thin oil paint. Size: 24" h., 18" w. Condition: slight knicks at the corners of the masonite panel. 400 - 500
2885 JAMES SULKOWSKI BRUNETTE NUDE. 1993. Oil on masonite panel. Signed. Painted in a classical tradition of a brown undertone and thin glazes of semi-opaque color. Size: 24" h., 18" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 500
2886 JAMES SULKOWSKI CIVIL WAR SOLDIER. Oil on canvas. Signed. Shows a Union soldier as a head study. Size: 10" h., 8" w. Condition: no defects. 200 - 225
2887 JAMES SULKOWSKI "DON GIOVANNI." Oil on panel. Signed. This is an imaginary portrait of the opera character Don Giovanni, made for the Pittsburgh Opera. Size: 29" h., 24" w., framed 31" h., 27" w. Condition: slight wear on the left side (wear to the plywood surface). 500 - 600
2888 NEOPOLITAN HARBOR AND HOUSES. 19th c? Oil on canvas. Unsigned. Shows a palm tree, a smoking volcano and several cursory indications of peasants. Set in a period gilded frame with the attached label "From James Earle, Earle & Sons Galleries, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia." Size: 6" h., 8" w., framed 10 1/2" h., 12 1/2" w. Condition: light craquellure; frame as is. 200 - 250
2889 MANNER OF HENNER OIL TINTED PHOTO. This shows a sultry woman with red hair, much in the manner of the Alsacian painter Jean-Jacques Henner. Size: 5" h., 3 1/2" w., framed 8 1/2" h., 6 3/4" w. Condition: none noted. 80 - 100
2890 ELISE ARNBERG MILITARY WATERCOLOR. Signed on the right side. Watercolor on cardpaper or similar surface. This shows an unidentified 19th c. man in a long beard with many medals upon his military jacket. The frame is surmounted by a crown. Size: 8 5/8" h., 7" w., framed 11 3/4" h., 9 1/2" w. Condition: none noted. 250 - 300
2901 FINE TURKISH CARPET. 20" x 31", edges worn, age appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in perrson, as all sales are final. 50 - 75
2902 EAST INDIAN RUG. 2.0 x 4.0, age appropriate minor wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 100 - 125
2903 HAMADAN CARPET. 23" x 33", edges worn. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
2904 ANTIQUE MAT, C. 1900 21" x 33", wear to center and other. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
2904 ANTIQUE MAT C. 1900 24" x 34", worn, piece missing from edge. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
2906 ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUG. 3.6 x 4.11, edges worn, minor wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 500 - 650
2932 VICTORIAN SPOOL TABLE One drawer spool table, veneered top, four turned spool legs on bracket feet, bead trimmed top drawer bottom and lower open shelf. Mark: No mark. Size: 29"h x 23"w x 16"d. Cond: Lifting to veneer on top, two cracks in lower open shelf, three areas of loss on top beading, other areas of loss on lower open shelf beading, other age appropriate wear. 150 - 300
2933 CAST IRON BENCH C. 1900 Cast iron and upholstered bench. Four cast iron legs unusual form, winged bear breasted woman tapering to cobra feet, art nouveau style. Rectangular top with original green velvet upholstery. Mark: No mark. Size: 18 1/2"h x 24"w x 14"d. Cond: Velvet upholstery worn and stained separating at corners. Metal legs with age appropriate wear. 100 - 200
2934 MAHOGANY MUSIC STAND C. 1900 - 1910 Mahogany serpentine front mahogany music stand. Hairy paw front feet, curved back feet. Front door with birds head and acanthus leaf raised decoration, brass mushroom pull, four shelf interior. Mark: No mark. Size: 38 1/2"h x 22"w x 16"d. Cond: Finish on top badly stained. Four holes indicate back top decoration missing. Two interior shelves missing. Rubbing on bottom where door closes. Other wear and scratches. 100 - 200
2935 VICTORIAN WHAT NOT SHELF Victorian what not shelf walnut (?) turned spindles, fret work back decorations, five graduated shaped shelves. Turned top finials. Mark: No mark. Size: 57 1/2"h x 27 1/2"w base tapering to 17 1/2"w top shelf x 14" deep at base. Cond: Wear to finish, age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
2941 PAIR OF MONK OILS OVER PRINTS. 19th c. or early 20th c. Oil colors are glazed over a monochromatic lithograph, on paper, mounted to stretched canvas. Show: four monks and a beer cask; also one monk at rest in a chair. Size each framed: 9 3/4" x 8 1/2" w. Condition: general wear and waviness to the surfaces. 100 - 150
2942 AMERICAN RIVER AND BRIDGE OIL. Date undertermined, late 19th c/ early 20th c? Oil on cradled wooden panel. Unsigned. Shows a landscape that appears very Western Pennsylvanian with a red tressle bridge over a wide river. Size: 11 1/2" h., 17 1/2" w., framed 14 1/2" h., 20 1/2" w. Condition: slight craquellure. 225 - 300
2943 R. JENSON PASTORAL SCENE. 19th c. (perhaps dated 1878, lower right?). Oil on canvas. Signed. This shows a house and three chickens among trees and a distant field. Attractively painted academic landscape. Size: 9" h., 12" w., framed 15" h., 18" w. Condition: one unrepaired tear 2" long in the center (backed with masking tape); otherwise only light craquellure. 300 - 375
2944 COLORED WINDMILL ETCHING. Dated 1922. Etching printed in colors. Marked "Publie par l'Estampie Moderne...Paris 1922." This shows a windmill, canal and various houses. It was printed in at least two passes through the press--the registration is slightly off, giving it a hazy quality. Size: 15 1/4" h., 23" w., framed 25 1/2" h., 32 1/2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 200
2945 BRUGES COLORED ETCHING. Early 20th c. Etching inked a la poupee. Signed in pencil, illegibly. Entitled "Coin Paigible, Bruges." This is a Belgian scene of houses facing a small canal. Size: platemark 16" h., 12" w., framed 23 1/2" h., 18 3/4" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 200
2946 LEON PESCHERET BELGIAN ETCHING. 1935. Color etching, a la poupee. Signed in pencil "Leon Pescheret" and monogrammed in plate "LRP 35." Pescheret (1892-1961) is a listed American artist who wrote "An Introduction to Color Etching" and contributed his etchings as illustrations to art magazines. This is "Fishing Boats, Ostend, Belgium." Size: 14" h., 10" w., framed 21" h., 17" w. Condition: no visible defects. 150 - 200
2947 R.H. BURFOOT LIFEBOAT IN WAVES. Late 19th c./early 20th c. Watercolor on paper. Signed. Richard Henry Burfoot (American, Pittsburgh 1866-1939) is a listed artist. He worked as a violinist and artist in Pittsburgh, had a studio and gave art lessons. He also had studios in Washington DC and New York as well as at his country retreat in Dubois, PA. Burfoot was known for landscapes and portraits (Pres. McKinley, various Senators, etc.). Size: 13 5/8" h., 26 3/4" w., framed 20 1/2" h., 33 1/2" w. Condition: no defects. 400 - 500
2948 W. HILL LANDSCAPE. 19th c. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right W.Hill (?). This shows a sailboat upon a lake, among hills and trees. Size: 20" h., 27" w., framed 24" h., 31" w. Condition: age appropriate varnish darkening; some very minor loss of paint film at the upper right corner. 600 - 700
2949 ICART CASANOVA ETCHING. 1928. Color etching. Signed in pencil. Shows Casanova romancing a masked woman while he draws aside a boudoir curtain. #268/500. This print appears in "Icart" by S. Michael Schnessel, fig. 99. Size: 21 1/4" h., 14" w., framed 30" h., 21" w. Condition: no visible defects. 750 - 1,000
2950 OBERHAUSER ROYAL WEDDING POSTER. Old, no date indicated. After an oil painting. Shows a medieval king in armor marrying a woman, while children throw flowers. Size framed: 23" h., 38" w. Condition: very slight knicks to the frame. 200 - 250
2951 OLD PERSIAN RUG. 29" x 23", both ends cut, wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
2952 SEMI ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUG. 34" x 23" repairs to edge, other minor wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
2953 MACHINE MADE CARPET. 2.1 x 3.7, good condition. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 50 - 75
2954 SMALL TURKISH RUG. 1.7 x 2.5, age appropriate wear, we recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 60 - 80
2955 SEMI ANTIQUE BALOCH RUG. 3.0 x 5.0, some wear, minor edge repairs. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 175 - 200
2956 OLD RAG RUG 2.5 x 5.5, needs cleaned, reasonable condition with appropriate wear. 25 - 50
2957 OLD RAG RUG. 2.5 x 4.5, needs cleaned, worn. 25 - 50
2976 ELECTRIC STUDENT OIL LAMP Brass double light student oil lamp with separate oil well, mold blown milk glass shades, clear glass hurricanes, center brass column with ring finial, electric. Mark: No mark. Size: 28"h x 24"w x 12"d, 9" diameter base, 11" diameter milk glass shades. Cond: Wear to finish of metal, old wiring. All lamps sold as is. 80 - 160
2977 MOLDED GLASS LAMP BASE Molded glass and brass electric lamp base, swirled ribbed body in three sections to resemble older oil lamp with silk shade. Mark: No mark. Size: 25"h x 12"shade x 6 1/2" diameter at widest part lamp base. Cond: Shade dirty, tears in silk, old wiring, glass ball finial. 50 - 100
2978 PAIR OF CERAMIC LAMPS C. 1950 pair of capodemonte style lamp bases with applied three dimensional flowers, leaves and shells, rocco style with pierced handles, hand painted floral highlights on a pierced stepped metal base with silk shades. Mark: No mark. Size: 33"h x 6 1/2 x 6 1/2" base x 15 1/2"h ceramic body. Cond: Stains, paint drips and other detractions on shades, minor losses to applied decoration, wear to metal finish. 100 - 200
2979 CHINESE METAL LAMP Cast metal lamp with five small chinese figures scattered over body of lamp. Green patinated finish, green patinated round finial, ringed base, linen shade (recent). Mark: No mark. Size: 28"h x 8" diameter base, 16 1/2" diameter shade. Cond: Good, extremely heavy. 50 - 100
2980 PAIR OF HIGHLY DECORATED LAMPS Italian provincial style lamps, brass metal and blown glass, center section with gold ribbed blown glass, brass urn support on square white marble, raised brass squared base, black pleated silk shade with hanging tassle decoration. Mark: No mark. Size: 46"h x 14" diameter widest part of base x 18" diameter shade x 18"h shade. Cond: Old wiring, other age appropriate wear. 80 - 160
2981 PIANO STOOL Victorian wooden piano stool, three turned legs with center column and turned brackets. Cast iron ball and claw feet with glass balls, adjustable height seat. Mark: The Charles Parker Co. Meriden, CT. Size: Ranges from 24"h to 19 1/2"h x 14 1/2" diameter top. Cond: Seat with two splits in wood, finish badly worn on wood, some orange peeling on top finish, wrought iron paw and claw feet rusted. Glass balls in good condition. 80 - 160
2982 MIRRORED MUSIC CABINET C. 1900 - 1910 Music cabinet with one pull out drawer, beveled mirron shelf shaped top shelf, one door music storage area with four shelves, shaped front, drawer with banded inlaid decoration and two mushroom pulls, S scroll metal handle on door. Mark: No mark. Size: 44"h x 18"w x 14"d. Cond: Veneer lifting fron top, front door finish gone, mirror with no cracks but some damage to silver. Other wear and scratches. Some splits in wood on sides. 100 - 200
2983 ONE DRAWER STAND C. 1900 (?) One drawer stand turned legs, curved drawer front with wooden mushroom pull. Mark: No mark. Size: 28"h x 20 1/2"w x 17 1/2"d. Cond: Wear to wood finish, age appropriate wear and scratches. 100 - 200
2984 WROUGHT IRON BENCH C. 1900 - 1920 Wrought iron bench with green diamond pattern upholstery. Metal in art deco frozen fountain style, cold painted green and red highlights, twisted cross bracing. Upholstery with large metal tack decoration. Mark: No mark. Size: 17"h x 24"w x 12"d. Cond: Metal good. Upholstery worn, dirty with holes. 100 - 200
2985 BARLEY TWIST PEDESTAL Barley twist pedestal round ringed base on four ball feet. A large barley twist stem. Round top. Mark: No mark. Size: 35 1/2"h x 13" diameter top x 16" diameter base. Cond: Great wear to finish on base and top. Some cracking of the wood joins. Two distressed areas on column. 80 - 160
3123 ASSORTED BAKELITE BUTTONS. Lot includes toggle, round and flower beads among others. Condition: minor scratches on some. 100 - 200
3124 THREE BAKELITE PINS. (1) white and blue swordfish in a clear ring. Size: 2.5" d. (2) clear cuffed hand. Size: 3.5" l. (3) red cuffed hand holding a bunch of cherries. Size: 3" l. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3125 FOUR BAKELITE FLOWER PINS. (1) round floral carved cranberry colored pin. Size: 2 1/4" d. (2) brown and green flower pin. Size: 2 3/4" d. (3) round yellow flower pin. Size: 2 1/4" d. (4) amber colored rose pin. Size: 1.5" d. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3126 TWO BAKELITE HAT FORM PINS. (1) amber colored hat form pin. Size: 2.5" d. (2) red hat form with a clear brim. Size: 2.5" d. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 400
3127 FOUR BAKELITE CHERRIES PINS. (1) black bunch of cherries with stems through a black bow. Size: 3.5" l. (2) red bunch of cherries with green stems through a red bow. Size: 2 3/8" l. (3) yellow bunch of cherries with stems through a white "Horn of Plenty". Size: 2.5" l. (4) red bunch of cherries with stems through a red bow. Size: 3" l. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3128 FOUR BAKELITE FRUIT PINS. (1) green bunch of cherries(?). Size: 2" l. (2) yellow bunch of bananas. Size: 3" l. (3) orange bunch of cherries(?). Size: 2.5" l. (4) amber bunch of berries. Size: 2" l. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3129 TWO BAKELITE FRUIT PINS. (1) red apple. Size: 1 3/4" l., 1 3/4" w. (2) red cherries with leaves. Size: 2.5" l., 2" w. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
3130 THREE BAKELITE FRUIT PINS. (1) strawberry bunch suspended from a wood(?) bar and chain links. Size: 2.5" l. (2) brown bunch of cocoa beans. Size: 3" l. (3) amber bunch of pears on stems. Size: 3" l. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
3131 THREE BAKELITE DOG PINS. (1) amber colored Scottie dog. Size: 2 3/4" l. Condition: no visible defects. (2) small terrier type dog. Size: 1.5" l. Condition: blue paint on body has wear(?). (3) dog head. Size: 2" l. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 300
3132 FOUR BAKELITE PINS. (1) black rhinestone studded Dolphin fish. Size: 4" l. (2) clear and black colored duck. Size: 3.5" l. (3) yellow duck. Size: 3.5" l. (4) green and brown parrot. Size: 3.5" l. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3141 FIVE BAKELITE BANGLES. All are hinged bangle bracelets with carved floral or pattern designs. Size: 2" d. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3142 THREE BAKELITE BANGLES. All three are hinged bangle bracelets with rhinestone decorations. Size: 2.5" d. Condition: no visible defects. 200 - 500
3143 FIVE BAKELITE FRUIT PINS. All five pieces are rhinestone studded and topped with gold metal stems. Size of all: approximately 2" l. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3144 FIVE PCS. BAKELITE JEWELRY. (1) pull-on beaded bracelet with a fruit motif. (2) chain link necklace with dangling fruits and leaves. (3) a pair of orange circle clip-on earrings. (4) a pair of smoky yellow-green ball and geometric wedge screw back earrings. (5) a pair of fruit motif screw back earrings. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 300
3145 BAKELITE CHERRIES JEWELRY. The lot includes a bar pin with dangling cherries and a dangling cherries necklace. Length of necklace: 15". Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
3146 BAKELITE CHERRY PINS. The two matching pins are bunches of cherries with stems on a Bakelite wood tree ring. Size: 2" l., 2" w. Condition: some parts of pins differ in color. 100 - 200
3147 FOUR BAKELITE HORSE PINS. (1) galloping horse. Size: 2 5/8" l. (2) horse head. Size: 2" l., 2" w. (3) horse head. Size: 2" l., 2" w. (4) horse head with a pair of boots and horse shoe dangling from it. Size: 2 1/4" l. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3148 SIX BAKELITE BANGLES. All are unhinged. All have a striped design. Size range for all: 2 3/4-2 7/8" d. Condition: minor scratches on all. 300 - 500
3149 TWO BAKELITE BIRD PINS. (1) black swan in a black square floral setting. Size: 2.5" l., 2" w. (2) pair of red birds in a round red floral setting. Size: 3" l., 2" d. Condition: no visible defects. 100 - 200
3150 FOUR BAKELITE BANGLES. All are unhinged. Two are round with a smoky finish and round dot design. One is round with a carved out depression design and smoky finish. One is round with square edges. Sizes for all: 3" d. Condition: no visible defects. 300 - 500
3166 TWO NATIVE AMERICAN RUGS. Both are 10" x 20", same colors but different geometric patterns, 20th c. very nice condition. 75 - 100
3167 TWO SMALL NATIVE AMERICAN RUGS. One is 14" x 15" with sewn backing (?), the other is 10" x 20", 20th c. very good shape. 75 - 100
3168 TWO NATIVE AMERICAN RUGS. One is 19" x 19" with some color bleeding, the other is 14" x 14", both are minimal wear. 75 - 100
3169 OLD TURKISH KELIM RUG. 5.9 x 3.2, strong colors, very minor wear, beautiful piece. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 450 - 550
3170 SMALL PERSIAN RUG. 100% wool, 2.2 x 4.1, minor wear. Country of origin "India". We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 60 - 80
3177 GORHAM ETRUSCAN STERLING SPOON. Gorham Etruscan (1913( pattern sterling serving spoon with gilt bowl. marked: Pat. 1913 (Gorham hallmark) Sterling. Size: 9"L. Weight: 98.2grams. Condition: good. 80 - 160
3178 WHITING STERLING POURER. Whiting sterling pourer with wooden handle, rolled edge on base and top rim. Marked: Sterling by Frank M. Whiting Co. (hallmark) 1600. Size: 85 grams (weighed with handle). Size: 8 1/2"L with handle, 2"H bowl, 4"diam. top bowl. Condition: wear to finish on wooden handle. 60 - 120
3179 7 STERLING TEASPOONS. Seven sterling teaspoons includes: (4) gorham Lansdowne pattern (1917 design), monogramed "T.T." marked: Gorham (hallmark) Pat. 1917 Sterling . (1) Whiting Pompeian 1913 pattern. Marked: T.(Whiting hallmark) Sterling Pat. 1913. (1) Alvin "Francis I" 1913 pattern. Marked: T Alvin Sterling. (1) Whiting sterling spoon. Marked: (Whiting hallmark) Sterling. Total weight for all spoons: 131.6 grams. Condition: minor wear. 60 - 120
3180 2 STERLING SERVING PIECES. Two sterling serving pieces includes: (1) State House sterling ladle, floral and scroll decorated handle. Marked: State House (hallmark) Stelring. Size: 6 1/4"L. Weight: 54.7 grams. condition: minor wear. (1) Pie server wtih gothic style decorated handle. Marked: Sterling.(on handle). Size: 9 3/4"L. condition: minor wear. 50 - 100
3211 VENETIAN GLASS DEER. Venetian blown glass deer, pink glass body, clear face and legs, gold shot and clear ears and tail, polished bottom. No mark. Size: 7"H, 6"L, 3"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3212 VENETIAN GLASS BIRD Venetian blown glass bird, blue and white under clear cased glass body, gold shot in clear top comb and beak, gold shot and clear trunklike base, polished bottom. No mark. Sizse: 9 1/2"H, 5 1/2"W, 3 1/4"D. Condition: good. 80 - 160
3213 VENETIAN GLASS SWAN. Hand blown Venetian glass swan, blue and gold speckled body in white with clear cased glass top layer, ground bottom. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 7"L, 5 3/4"W. Condition: good. 80 - 160
3214 VENETIAN GLASS DISH. Hand blown Venetian glass dish,pink threaded and gold shot spiral decoration, one folded edge. No mark. Size: 1 1/8"H, 4"W, 3 1/2"D. Condition: good. 60 - 120
3215 PR JACK IN THE PULPIT VASES. Pair of Jack in the Pulpit vases, mold blown marigold carnival glass with great irridescence. No marks. Size: 7 1/2"H, 5"W, 4 1/2"D each. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3216 IMPERIAL CRANIVAL PITCHER. Imperial glass marigold carnival glass pitcher, raised rose decoration. Marked: (paper label) Handcrafted Imperial USA. (raised logo on interior bottom). Size: 8 1/2"H, 8 1/2"L, 5"W. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3217 BLUE CARNIVAL GLASS BOWL. Carnival glass footed bowl, blue ground with purple irridescence, fluted and scalloped edge, exterior grape pattern, interior geometric pattern. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 10"Diam. top. Condition: one scallop on rim repaired. 200 - 400
3218 BLUE CARNIVAL GLASS VASE. Blue carvnival glass vase, trumpet form, fluted rim. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"Diam. top, 6"H. Condition: good. 80 - 160
3219 2 CARNIVAL GLASS PIECES Two Carnival glass pieces includes: (1) Tall Jack in the Pulpit vase, marigold over clear. No mark. Size: 9"H, 5 1/4"W, 4 1/2"D. Condition: good. (1) Low form Jack in the Pulpit vase, raised fern or pine design, marigold over clear. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 6"W, 5"D. condition: good. 100 - 200
3220 ART DECO LAMP. Art Deco metal lamp base with multi colored three dimensional star globe, base copper colored ovoid metal base with two dancing women flanking light support. No mark. Size: base: 7"H, 7"W, 4"D, globe: 6 1/2"H, 7"Diam. widest part, total height: 13"H. Condition: base finish worn, old wiring, minor chip on rim of globe (not seen when on base). 100 - 200
3231 PR NEOCLASSICAL SCENE PLATES. Pair Victoria Austria porcelain plates, with decaled neoclassical scenes in center, wide dark green border with gilt highlights. One plate with "Et in Arcadia Ego" scene, one with classical figures signed "Kaufmann" (Angelica Kaufmann). Marked: Victoria (crown) Austria. Size: 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: firing creases around image from decal leaving whtie areas, wear to gilding on edges. 100 - 200
3232 PAIR OF FRENCH GAME PLATES. c.1900. Pair of French Limoges porcelain game plates, center scenes with birds in landscape, decaled with hand painted enamel highlights, round plates with squared framing for center scenes, gilt decoration, one scene of ducks, one scene of quail. marked: (bell) T & V. (Tressemanes & Vogt, Limoges). Size: 8 3/8"Diam. Condition: wear to gilding. 100 - 200
3233 VICTORIAN MUSTACHE CUP AND SAUCER. Victorian mustache cup and saucer, whtie body with blue and gilt decoration. No mark. Size: saucer: 6"Diam, cup: 3 1/4"H, 3 1/4"Diam. top. condition: good. 80 - 160
3234 ROYAL BAYREUTH CREAMER. Small Royal Bayreuth cream pitcher, wide band of decaled roses with hand painted enamel highlights, top, bottom and handle in dark green with decaled frieze of butterflies with enamel outline highlights. Marked: Royal Bayreuth Priv.1794, Bavaria. Size: 4 1/2"H, 5"W, 4"D. Condition: wear to green on handle, other age appropriate wear. 100 - 200
3235 HALL GREEN TEAPOT. Hall pottery teapot, fluted sides, scalloped edge to lid. Marked: Hall Made in USA. Size: 5 1/2"H, 10 1/2"L, 5"W. Condition: hairline crack from base upward under spout, 1 1/2"L total. 40 - 80
3241 PALLAS ATHENA BRONZE STATUETTE. Date unknown. Bronze or brass on a gray and brown stone column. Unsigned. She is shown holding a trident. Size: 16 1/2" h., 4 1/4" w. Condition: the trident is slightly bent, general light wear to the patina. 300 - 350
3242 E. VILLANIS FLORA LAMP. Late 19th c. / first decade of the 20th c. Brass? or cast metal. Signed in the leaf base "E. Villanis." Emmanuel Villanis (French, 1858-1914) is a listed sculptor of nymphs and allegorical females. Size: 24" h. Condition: the golden finish is worn, showing a gray undertone; some verdigris oxidation on the underside. 1,500 - 1,800
3243 DECO PEGASUS METAL STATUETTE. 20th c. Brass on a slate-like base. Unsigned. Pegasus is supported by a whirled piece of brass. Finished with a copper-golden patina. Size with base: 6" h., 6" w. Condition: splotchy wear to the patina. 75 - 100
3244 CAST METAL FEMALE FACE. Cast metal patinated and painted to resemble brass. Unsigned, unmarked. Shows a woman in an 18th c. hairstyle in profile. Size: 11 1/2" h., 1/4" thick. Condition: some wear to the painted facial surface. 70 - 90
3245 A. HUHSMANN IVORY & MARBLE STATUE. Signed in the white marble. This is a combination sculpture: the female horse rider has ivory arms, feet, and head/torso, but her skirt, the horse and the support underneath the horse are white marble (with several small black inclusions). The base is cream and black variegated stone. Size: without variegated stone base 12 1/2" h., 14" long, 5" w., with variegated stone base 19 1/4" h., 7" w. Condition: the ivory has many age appropriate cracks; the right side of her face broke off from a crack and has been adhered into place; the fingers holding the mane are partly ivory and partly some cast material; the outstretched arm is a separate piece of ivory and there is some chipped wear to the joint; variegated stone base is as is. 4,500 - 5,000
3246 CAST METAL ATTILA THE HUN. Probably late 19th c. Unsigned, unmarked. Shows a mounted warrior dressed in ancient armor, wielding an axe. Some features of his armor suggest a character such as Attila. Size: 13 1/2" h., 12" w., 5" deep. Condition: the axe screws into his hand and the bit and reins are missing; worn patina and finish. 100 - 140
3251 PERSIAN HAMADAN CARPET. 2.4 x 3.10, age wear with repairs, We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 100 - 125
3252 SMALL WOOL KIRMAN RUG. 18" X 29", minor wear, we recommend viewing all rugs in person as all sales are final. 75 - 100
3253 SMALL KIRMAN CARPET. 2.0 X 3.0, minor edge wear. We receommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
3254 SMALL KIRMAN CARPET 1.6 x 2.5, wear, needs cleaned. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 50 - 75
3255 SEMI ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUG. 2.9 x 2.0, good condition. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 50 - 75
3256 PERSIAN RUG. 2.6 x 4.0, worn with repairs. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 50 - 75
3281 MEISSEN PORCELAIN PLATTER Meissen oval shaped porcelain platter, white ground with yellow animal, flowering branches and fence pattern. Gilt rim. Mark: Blue crossed swords (two lines scratched through swords). Size: 14"l x 10 1/2"w x 1 1/2"h. Cond: Good. 200 - 400
3282 MEISSEN CUP AND SAUCER Pierced twig handle, scalloped top rim, white body with yellow animal, flowering branch and fenced decoration (see lot #3281 for identical pattern). Mark: Each marked with blue crossed swords. Size: cup 2 1/2"d - top 1 3/4"h saucer 4 1/2"d x 1"h. Cond: good. 100 - 200
3283 MEISSEN PLATES Round dished plate, gilt rim, hand painted nasturshum blossom, 3 handpainted floral sprays around rim. Mark: blue crossed swords. Size: 11 3/4"d x 1 1/2"h. Cond: Wear to gilt rim. 100 - 200
3284 5 MEISSEN PLATES 3 - 7 1/4"d & 2 6 5/8"d. White ground, center handpainted rose decoration. 3 floral sprays on rim, gilt edges. Mark: Blue crossed swords (2 of larger plates with double lines scratched through swords). Cond: minor wear to gilt. 125 - 250
3285 MEISSEN BLUE ONION PLATTER Oval dished porcelain platter, blue onion floral decoration. Mark: Blue cross swords II. Size: 13 3/4"l x 10 7/8"w x 1 3/4"h. Cond: Age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
3286 MEISSEN COMPOTE A knob decorated stem with low five lobbed bowl. Hand painted with rose floral and leaf decoration, gilt highlights. Mark: Blue crossed swords and small rose colored makers mark. Size: 5 5/8"h x 5 3/4"d top x 3 1/4"d base. Cond: Good. 200 - 400
3287 MOTTAHEDEH TUREEN Mottahedeh ceramic tureen, oval form body, stepped base, 2 pierced side handles, double ring and ribbon finial on lid with decaled and hand painted bird, floral and butterfly body. Blue and gold rim bases, gilt ribbon entwined handles and finials. Mark: (paper label) A mottahedeh design. Stamped (Italy). Size: 14"l x 9"w x 9"h. Cond: Good. 200 - 400
3288 ROSEVILLE MOSTIQUE BOWL. Roseville Mostique pattern (1915 design) green glazed interior, rough textured exterior with continuous frieze of yellow and green stylized arrow forms with cobalt triangles. Marked: (incised) 72. Size: 3"H, 7"Diam. widest part, 5"diam. top, 5"diam. base. Condition: crazing on interior. 150 - 300
3289 ROSEVILLE ZEPHYR LILY VASE. Roseville Zephyr lily vase (1940's pattern), brown and green textured body with cream colored lily blossoms. Marked: (raised) Roseville U.S.A. 671-6". Size: 6 1/4"H, 6 1/4"Diam. top, 9 1/2"Diam. widest part, 4 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: minor crazing. 200 - 400
3290 WELLER JARDINIERE. c.1920s Weller American Art pottery jardiniere, ivory buff body wtih four relief panels of rose briar decoration with brown background. Marked: (stamped) Weller Ware. Size: 8 1/2"H, 9 3/4"Diam. Condition: crazing, wear to interior. 200 - 400
3291 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY Red glazed decorated bowl with greek key and triangular form bands. Mark: No mark. Size: 4 1/2" diameter top x 6 1/2" diameter widest part x 3 1/2" h. Cond: Wear to decoration. 100 - 200
3292 NATIVE AMERICAN VESSEL Red glazed native american vessel with black scrolled band decoration. Mark: No mark. Size: 4 5/8" diameter top x 6 1/4" diameter widest part x 3 1/4" h. Cond: Wear to interior, staining on parts of exterior, decoration worn. 150 - 300
3293 HOPE CERAMIC VESSEL C. 1930, yellow body hopi indian bowl, wide band of red and black geometric and line decoration. Mark: Old paper label from the hopi villages 7600. Size: 5 1/2" diameter top x 5 3/4" diameter widest part x 3"h. Cond: One area darkened during firing. 200 - 400
3294 HOPI INDIAN VESSEL C. 1931 red glazed bowl with black and white geometric and linear decoration. Mark: Old paper label from the Hopi Villages 1931 $12.56. Size: 4 1/2" diameter top x 5 1/2" diameter widest part x 2 3/4"h. Cond: minor wear on interior. 200 - 400
3295 HOPI INDIAN BOWL C. 1931 yellow glazed bowl with brown band geometric decoration. Mark: Old paper label from the Hopi Villages - pen marked 1931. Size: 4" diameter top x 5" diameter widest part x 2 1/4"h. Cond: Minor wear to interior. 200 - 400
3296 NATIVE AMERICAN RUG. 4.7 x 2.10, bright colors, minor wear, nice. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 300 - 500
3297 INDIAN YEI RUG. 4.8 x 3.8, 20th century, minimal wear, nice. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 300 - 500
3298 INDIAN YEI RUG. 4.2 x 3.5, 20th century, minor dirt. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 400 - 500
3299 NAVAJO RUG, 20TH C. 2.3 x 5.0, some color bleeding, stains. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 300 - 400
3300 CHEROKEE HORSE BLANKET. C. 1920, 5.2 x 7.2, some age wear, repair to edge, wool. 400 - 500
3301 BRONZE SYSYSPHUS BOOKENDS. 20th c. Marked "copyright J(?) Kontis." Size: 6 1/2" h., 6 1/2" w., 3 1/2" deep. Condition: slight pitting to the buttocks and thighs of one bookend. 200 - 250
3307 ROMANTIC ERA YOUNG GIRL. Dated 1835? Oil on canvas, relined. Signed lower left "W. Et..(perhaps et, or perhaps ty)." This is an oval quasi portrait of a young girl in a white chemise. The paint had been applied with some brio and technical expertise (sgraffitto effects, impasto, some glazing). A card attached to the back reads Eco-Galerie, Gemalde Antiquitaten (Vienna). Size: 12" h., 10" w., framed 14 1/4" h., 12" w. Condition: relined; some craquellure; frame as is. 600 - 800
3321 CAPODIMONTE LIDDED CONTAINER Oval form lidded container with raised putti decoration highlighted with guild banding. Lid with putti finial. Mark: 1428/455 Italy CE. Size: 10 1/4"L x 8 1/4"W x 6 1/2"h. Cond: minor wear. 100 - 200
3322 PAIR OF OLD PARIS PORCELAIN URNS Hand painted decoration, square stepped gilt bases. Classic urn shape with swan's neck and wing handles. Gilt top front decoration hand decorated peasant genre scene. Back hand painted landscape scene. Mark: Paper lable Shreve Crompt and Low Co. Boston. One also signed on bottom WAUUEX. Size: 8 3/4"h x 5 1/2"w x 3 1/2"d. Cond: Wear to gilt decoration. One urn needs tightened. 200 - 400
3323 SEVRES PORCELAIN TRAY Rectangular shaped body. Center hand painted gilt floral decoration. Additional gilt scroll highlights. Raised rim with dripping gilt band. Mark: Porcelaine de france Hand painted and sevres mark. Size: 17"l x 13"w x 1 1/4"h. Cond: minor rubbing on edges. 100 - 200
3324 ROYAL DOULTON PROVERBS PLATE Royal Doulton Proverbs Plate with decaled decoration. Center scene in Aubrey Beardsley style dressed woman and text of two proverbs. One - Absence makes the heart grow fonder and two - Out of sight out of mind. Black grapevine pattern border. Mark: Royal Doulton England 1655U. Size: 10 1/2" diameter. Cond: Chip on back rim, not noticeable from front. 80 - 160
3325 HAND PAINTED PILLOW VASE Hand painted porcelain blank, decorated front and back with pink poppies, green leaves and shaped green decoration. Mark: No mark. Size: 7 1/4"h x 7 1/4"w x 3"d. Cond: Good. 100 - 200
3326 FINE TURKISH SILK CARPET. 6.0 x 4.4, This is a very nice silk carpet, or tapestry. It has hooks sewn into the back for hanging. Very good condition. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 500 - 600
3327 INDIAN PRAYER RUG. 3.0 x 6.7, strong colors, minimal wear, very nice. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 250 - 300
3328 BALOCH CARPET. 3.10 X 6.7, minor wear throughout, we recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 200 - 250
3329 GRAVEN PERSIAN RUG. 6.8 X 9.1, overall good condition, age appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 400 - 500
3330 LARGE MACHINE MADE RUG. 8.9 x 11.10, minor age appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 100 - 125
3331 PEACH BLOW ROSE BOWL. Peach blow art glass rose bowl, satin peach blow cased over white, folded and scalloped rim. No mark. Size: 3 1/2"H, 4 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2"Diam. top, 2"diam. base. Condition: several firing flaws over body of vase. 100 - 200
3332 CRANBERRY SATIN ROSE BOWL. Cranberry satin glass rose bowl, quilted diamond pattern, shaded cranberry satin cased over white, folded and scalloped rim. No mark. Size: 5 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam. widest part, 3 1/4"Diam. top, 3"diam. base. Condition: good. 150 - 300
3333 ART GLASS LIDDED EGG. Art Glass lidded egg shaped container, Wavecrest or Crown Milano coloration. Niagara Falls souvenir with decaled bird and flower decoration, hand painted enameled highlights, gilt rim decoration. No mark. Size: 4 3/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: age appropriate wear. 125 - 250
3334 BRISTOL GLASS VASE. Victorian blown bristol glass vase, low bulbous form with tall flaring neck, tan color with decaled putti and handpainted floral and band decoration, with beaded enameled highlights, traces of gilding. No mark. Size: 11 1/4"H, 2 3/4"Diam. top, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 5"Diam. base. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3335 HAWKES COBALT VASE. Hawkes cobalt cut glass vase, tuncated trumpet shape, ground and polished bottom, decorated with wheel cut floral and beaded swag decoration. Marked: (acid stamped) Hawkes. Size: 6 1/2"H, 6 3/4"Diam. top, 2 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear on bottom. 200 - 400
3336 ART GLASS VASE Blown glass vase pink textured body shading to green at top. Fluted and crimped rim, applied pink glass handles with nubby surface. While being produced it was rolled on a marver where small particles of glass create the texture surface. Polished pontil. Mark: No mark. Size: 10 1/2"h x 3 5/8" diameter base x 6" diameter widest part. Cond: Good. 200 - 400
3337 ART NOUVEAU ART GLASS VASE. Art Nouveau art glass vase, purple irridescent hand blown vase with painted and raised gilt enamel decoration, stylized poppies over body of vase, gilt top rim. No mark. Size: 9"H, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 1 1/8"Diam. top. Condition: minor wear to gilt. 400 - 800
3338 ART NOUVEAU ART GLASS BOWL. Hand blown Art Nouveau art glass bowl, textured bubble interior surface, irridescent swirled exterior, purple irridescent tri fold rim, ground pontil. No mark. Size: 4 1/4"H, 5 3/4"Diam. top, 2 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: good. 300 - 600
3339 ART GLASS VASE. Mold blown art glass vase, cased clear over yellow and green swirled glass, irridescent finish, polished top rim. No mark. Size: 6"H, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 4 1/4"Diam. top, 3 1/2"Diam. Base. Condition: good. 250 - 500
3340 HAWKES CUT GLASS & SILVER TRAY Round glass tray, polished bottom cut ray decoration around base. Wheel cut flower and scroll band near sterling rim with twisted decoration. Mark: Hawkes Sterling S1227. Size: 10 5/8" diameter. Cond: minor wear. Provenance: 1941 wedding present. 150 - 300
3341 ROCKINGHAM STYLE PITCHER. Rockingham style pitcher, dark brown mottled glaze, raised boy with dog decoration on each side. No mark. Size: 9 1/2"H, 9"L, 7"D. Condition: three old chips/repairs on rim, spider crack in bottom, chip on handle. 100 - 200
3342 19TH C SALTGLAZE PITCHER. 19th century English salt glaze pitcher with hinged pewter lid, raised acanthus scroll, Bacchus head and grape vine body decoration, figural herm handle. Marked: (impressed anchor mark) Ridgway & Co. Size: 10"H, 9"W, 7"D. condition: good. 200 - 400
3343 LOTUS WARE VASE. c.1891-1898. Knowles, Taylor and Knowles lotus ware vase, white ceramic body with pierced scroll handles, with gilt highlights. Marked: KTK Lotus Ware. Size: 9"H, 5 1/2"Diam. widest part, 3 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: black dot firing flaws on lower portion of vase, wear to gilt on base and handles. 100 - 200
3344 PARIAN WARE EWER. Victorian Parian ware ewer, white bisque with ribbed body (alternating pink and white ribs), twisted vine handle, scalloped and folded rim, top half decorated with three dimensional applied grapes, leaves and twisted vines and stems, grapes with gloss finish. Mark: unreadable painted letters on bottom. Size: 13 1/2"H, 5"Diam. widest part, 3 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: minor loss to three dimensional decoration. 300 - 600
3345 MAJOLICA DOG PLATE. Majolica dog plate, dished center with dog, dogdish and dog house, scalloped border with leaf decoration, "C" scroll in body handles, colored in browns, greens and yellows. No mark. Size: 11"Diam. Condition: crazing, two firing flaws in glaze on back. 200 - 400
3346 ITALIAN MAJOLICA CHARGER. 19th c. Italian Renaissance style majolica charger, acanthus scroll and grotesque head border, center animal scene with beaded surround, in yellow and blue. Marked: Talavera Niveiro. Size: 10 1/2"Diam. Condition: age appropriate wear. 200 - 400
3347 ITALIAN MAJOLICA CHARGER. 19TH Century or earlier, Italian majolica charger, center with male portrait, border with C scroll, shield and bead decoration in blues and yellows. Marked: L... (shield) St Flio. Size: 10 3/8"Diam. Condition: old stappled repair on back, crazing. 200 - 400
3348 19TH C FRENCH MAJOLICA CHARGER. 19th century French majolica (faience) charger, Medieval revival style, center white field with gothic script letters A M S I J intertwined, wide Gothic style border in brown, blues and greens. No mark. Size: 10 1/4"Diam. Condition: minor wear to rim. 300 - 600
3349 FRENCH MAJOLICA CHARGER. 19th c. French majolica (faience) charger, Medieval revival style, center white field with 8 fleur de lis, large "F" and crown, wide border with scroll and bird medallions. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. Condition: wear on rim, hairline crack on back, does not extend through to front. 300 - 600
3350 14 PC ROYAL WINTON CORN SET. Fourteen pieces of Royal Winton majolica type dishes with green and yellow corn on a cream ground. Set includes: (2) large shaped platters, 11 1/2"L, 8 3/4"W, 1 1/4"H. (8) individual corn trays, 8 1/4"L, 4 1/2"W, 3/4"H. Marked: Royal Winton Grimwades Made in England. Condition: good. 250 - 500
3351 2 BREUER WASSILY CHAIRS. Two black vinyl and tubular metal chairs, originally designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1927 for the artist Wassily Kandinsky's quarters in the Bauhau, Dessau, Germany. Orignally chrome plated tubular steel, they were reproduced by Knoll International since 1968. These chairs with black vinyl (imitation leather) upholstery were probably produced in Italy. No mark but identical chairs with brown leather upholstery (lot 3352) have paper labels marked: Made in Italy. Size: 28 1/2"H, 31"W, 28"D. Condition: peeling and rubbing on black vinyl arms, wear to metal. 800 - 1,600
3352 2 BREUER WASSILY CHAIRS. Two brown leather and tubular metal chairs, originally designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1927 for the artist Wassily Kandinsky's quarters at the Bauhaus, Dessau Germany in chrome plated tubular steel. They have been reproduced by Knoll International since 1968. These two chairs were produced in Italy and upholstered with brown leather. Marked: (paper label) Made in Italy. Size: 28 1/2"H, 31"W, 28"D. condition: wear to metal, wear to leather. (see lot 3351 for two chairs with black upholstery. 1,000 - 2,000
3353 4 SAARINEN TULIP CHAIRS. Four Eero Saarinen designed tulip chairs, model no. 150, 1955-1956, produced by Knoll International. Plastic coated cast aluminum base, supporting moulded fiberglass seat shell with loose upholstered latex foam cushion, with velcro attachment strips. Marked: (on seat of chair: Knoll International 320 Park Ave. N.Y. N.Y. (on tag of cushion) Knoll International Co. 655 Madison Ave. N.Y. N.Y. Size: 31"H, 26"W, 25"D, 17"Diam. base. Conditin: wear to upholstery, age appropriate wear to chairs. 2,000 - 4,000
3354 PR EAMES STYLE BAR CHAIRS. Pair of Eames style molded fiberglass and metal bar stools, metal pedestabl base, four arm supported ring foot rest, molded fiberglass seat. Marked:(embossed) B Burke Inc. Dallas Texas 112. size: 36 1/2"H, 22 1/2"W, 18"D, 18 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: wear to metal base, no seat cushions. 400 - 800
3355 EAMES CHAIR BY HERMAN MILLER Molded fiberglass and metal chair designed by Eames and produced by Herman Miller, four leg metal pedestal base, black and white checkered upholstery fabric designed by Alexander Girard, swivel seat. Marked: (embossed) Herman Miller. Size: 31 1/2"H, 25"W, 23"D. Conditoin: minor wear. 500 - 1,000
3356 4 HARRY BERTOIA METAL CHAIRS. Four chairs designed by Harry Bertoia 1950-1952, model no. 420C, produced by Knoll since 1953. Vinyl coated bent and welded steel rod construction, originally designed with smaller loose cushion, these with larger turquoise vinyl slip cover cushion to fit entire seat. No mark. Size: 30"H, 21"W, 22"D. Condition: wear to metal finish, seat cushions have indentations from metal mesh underneath. 1,000 - 2,000
3357 BERTOIA DIAMOND CHAIR & FOOT REST. Chair and matching foot rest designed by Harry Bertoia, diamond chair, model 421 LU, designed 1950-52, vinyl coated bent and welded steel rod construction, produced by Knoll Associates since 1953. Matching foot stool, same vinyl coated bent and welded steel rod construction. No mark. Size: chair: 30 1/2"H, 33 1/2"W, 30"D. foot rest: 24"W, 16 1/2"D, 14 1/2"H. condition: rust and wear to metal surface. 500 - 1,000
3358 2 EAMES HERMAN MILLER CHAIRS. A pair of Charles Eames designed chairs, originally designed 1945-46, design LCM (Lounge chair metal), chrome plated tubular steel frame, blue/grey upholstery, plastic trim, produced by Herman Miller. Marked: (both) (embossed) Designed by Charles Eames. Herman Miller Zeeland Mich. (one also with paper label) EC127 Herman Miller 4470 HOL. Size: 30 1/2"H, 20"W, 21"D. Condition:one chair slightly more grey than the other, one chair with buckling or bubbling surface to the upholstery. 400 - 800
3369 PALACE SIZE ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUG. 13' x 16', Kirman, very good condition, minor wear in a couple spots, also small 1" tear along one edge. Beautiful carpet. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. This carpet will require pick up, or third party shipping due to it's size. 6,000 - 7,000
3370 SILK AND WOOL PERSIAN RUG. 3.6 x 3.6, Nian, very good condition, beautiful carpet. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 1,100 - 1,400
3380 FOUR MISSION WINDOW PANELS C. 1910 - 1920 Four leaded glass door panels removed from mission style house. Possibly cabinet doors. One larger pair one smaller pair, both with clear leaded panels with white glass leaded highlights. Both with original hardware still attached. Mark: No mark. Size: One pair glass size 16"w x 44"h framed size 21"w x 49h. Smaller set glass size 11 1/2"h x 13 3/4"w framed size 17 1/2"h x 18 1/2"w. Cond: Larger panels - one panel with one glass pain missing, one panel with two cracked glass panes. Smaller panels one good condition, one with one pane with fragment missing. 200 - 400
3386 GRUEBY STYLE POTTERY VASE. Classic American Art pottery vase, Arts and Crafts form, mottled green leaf body on four feet, similar to classic Grueby pottery examples. Marked: indistinct mark on bottom,possibly "Grueby". Size: 6 1/2"Diam. top, 8"diam. widest part, 6"H, 4 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: interior wear. 300 - 600
3387 ARTS & CRAFTS JARDINIERE. Arts & Crafts art pottery jardiniere, rasied stylized floral and line decoration, shading from top brown to green. No mark. Size: 9 3/4"H, 10"Diam. top, 12"Diam. widest part, 6 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: crazing, minor paint drips, two chips on bottom rim, spider crack on bottom (does not extend through). 100 - 200
3388 FOUR MISSION LIGHT FIXTURES Four hanging shades for mission light fixture. Canted squared form, brass body with scross decorated sides and textured blue, green and white slag glass inserts. Mark: No mark. Size: 5 1/4"h x 5 x 5" square base x 3 1/4" diameter top opening. Cond: Wear to metal, two fixtures with cracked glass panels. 100 - 200
3390 PAIR BEVELED GLASS WINDOWS C. 1900 - 1920 Pair of matched clear beveled glass leaded windows with original wooden frames. Decorated with diamond pattern and vertical panels. Mark: No mark. Size: glass - 13 1/2"h x 49 1/2"w - framed - 18 1/2"h x 54 1/2"w. Cond: Glass in good condition, old paint on wooden frames. 200 - 400
3401 S. CLARKE SATIN GLASS FAIRY LAMP 2 part S. Clarke quilted satin glass fairy lamp. Clear molded glass base, dome quilted pink/peach satin glass cased over white glass. Mark: (bottom impressed) S. Clarke Fairy Pyramid. Size: 2 7/8" diameter base, 2 5/8"h dome, 3 1/2" h total. Cond: Small blemish on side of dome. 250 - 500
3402 YELLOW ART GLASS FAIRY LAMP 3 part yellow art glass fairy lamp. Base clear mold blown ribbed and beaded glass, insert clear molded glass, top blown yellow and white draped satin glass dome. Mark: Clarke Trade Mark. Size: 4"diameter base x 3 1/4" h dome x 4 1/2"h total. Cond: Minor roughness around top opening of dome. 250 - 500
3403 LARGE PINK AND GILT FAIRY LAMP 2 part large pink and gilt fairy lamp. Base frosted molded blown glass with textured body, raised and gilt garland of flowers, gilt top rim, pontil mark on bottom, top mold blown shaded pink frosted glass, textured body, raised and gilt floral decoration, top with fluted and folded rim. Mark: No mark. Size: 4 3/4" diameter base x 6 3/4"h dome x 8 3/4"h total. Cond: 2 small chips on base rim, 1 small chip on bottom rim of dome. 300 - 600
3404 BRASS AND JEWEL GLASS FAIRY LAMP Brass and jewel glass fairy lamp, 3 parts base with ring handle and three feet, inset for candle and domed pierced brass top with inset faceted glass jewels in red, green, blue, amber and opalescent blue/white. Dome screws into base. Mark: No mark. Size: 4" diameter base & handle, 4"h. Cond: minor wear to metal. 200 - 400
3405 WHITING CASTLE FAIRY LAMP 2 part ceramic fairy lamp round scalloped foot base, castle form top with turrets and tower, pink, green and tan matte glaze. Mark: Oliver K Whiting & Co. Regent Street W I. Size: 5 3/4"h x 4 3/4"diameter base. Cond: Good. 200 - 400
3407 GREEN VASELINE GLASS FAIRY LAMP Green vaseline glass fairy lamp, 2 part owl form. Mark: No mark. Size: 7"h x 3 1/2" d widest part x 2 3/4" diameter base. Cond: minor flea bites on rims. 80 - 160
3409 5 VENETIAN GLASS SALTS 5 Blown Venetian glass salts, gold & silver shot pink glass scalloped edges with applied blue flowers and green leaves, scalloped green bases. Mark: No mark. Size: 1 1/2"h x 2 1/2" diameter. Cond: Good. 125 - 250
3410 CRANBERRY GLASS BELL Blown glass bell, clear glass handle, cranberry glass bell with cased white glass edge. Clear glass tear drop detachable clapper. Mark: No mark. Size: 13"h x 5 1/2"d widest part - clapper 4"l. Cond: minor roughness on clapper. 250 - 500
3426 WOOL RUNNER CARPET. 2.2 X 7.10, wear, needs a good cleaning. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 30 - 50
3427 CHINESE WOOL CARPET. 11.2 x 8.11, edge wear, needs cleaning. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 250 - 300
3428 CHINESE CARPET. 11.4 x 9.0, age appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 300 - 400
3429 MACHINE MADE RUG. 5.6 x 7.9, very little wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 75 - 100
3430 MACHINE MADE RUNNER. 23 in. x 7'-5", age appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 50 - 75
3448 JADITE ART DECO VASE Jadite art deco glass vase shaped triangular form on 3 feet each side with female nude with lattice background. Mark: No mark. Size: 8 1/2"h x 5"w x 5"d. Cond: One interior bubble flaw on top rim. 100 - 200
3451 ANTIQUE TURKISH CARPET. 2.7 x 3.6, worn areas. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 100 - 125
3452 PERSIAN RUNNER. 2.4 x 9.10, fringe gone on one side, other age wear. We recommned viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 175 - 200
3453 FINE PERSIAN CARPET. 3.7 x 6.6, minor age appropriate wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 200 - 250
3454 NICE HAMADAN CARPET. 2.4 x 4.0. minimal wear. We recommend viewing all rugs in person as all sales are final. 80 - 100
3455 PERSIAN RUNNER CARPET. 2.9 x 5.9, cut runner. wear throughout. We recommend viewing rugs in person, as all sales are final. 60 - 80
3456 PERSIAN RUG. 5.2 x 2.6, wear to edges. We recommend viewing all rugs in person, as all sales are final. 80 - 100
3457 ROYAL NIPPON VASE. 1890-1921. Royal Nishiki Nippon vase, two pierced handles, scalloped rim, hand painted grape and flower blossoms, black outline leaves, white enamel and gold bead highlights. Marked: Royal Nishiki Nippon (hand painted ) 221. Size: 12"H, 7"Diam. widest part, 3 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: chip in base rim, wear to finish on handles. 100 - 200
3458 BLUE AND WHITE CHARGER. Blue and white porcelain charger with birds and flowers, scalloped edge, back decorated with three floral decorations. No mark. Size: 12"Diam. Condition: good. 200 - 400
3459 IMARI STYLE JARDINIERE. Imari style jardiniere, iron red, cobalt and green decoraiton, four side quadrants with landscapes and bird decoration. No mark. Size: 7 1/2"H, 9 1/2"Diam. top, 5 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear, small repair in top rim. 80 - 160
3460 LARGE IMARI STYLE JARDINIERE. Large jardiniere with hand painted water garden scene in blue and iron red on lobbed body with scalloped flattened decorated top, large drainage hole in bottom. No mark. Size: 11"H, 12"Diam. top, 13"Diam. widest part, 8 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear, interior stained from use. 200 - 400
3461 TERRA COTTA DRAGON JARDINIERE. Large terra cotta dragon jardiniere with raised dragon relief on sides, dentilated decorated top rim, with black highlights. Marked: impressed Chinese Calligraphic mark. Size: 10 1/4"H, 13 1/4"Diam. widest part, 11"Diam. top. Condition: age appropriate wear, interior shows use. 200 - 400
3462 1917 ROOKWOOD VASE. 1917 Rookwood American art pottery vase, low form, flower petal decorated sides, yellow glaze. Marked: Rookwood logo, XVII 2128 P. Size: 2"H, 3 1/2"Diam. top, 4 1/2"Diam. widest part. Condition: black specks on interior glaze, crazing. 200 - 400
3463 1920 ROOKWOOD BOWL. 1920 Rookwood American art pottery footed bowl, low rounded form, raised on four feet, flattened top rim, incised band of cross and line decoration, brown glaze. Marked: Rookwood logo, XX 2162. Size: 2 3/4"H, 8"Diam. widest part, 5"Diam. top opening. Condition: age appropriate wear. 300 - 600
3464 1923 ROOKWOOD VASE. 1923 Rookwood American art pottery vase, purple shaded glaze, small incised decoration near top rim. Marked: Rookwood logo, XXIII 2112. Size: 6"H, 1 3/4"Diam. top, 3"Diam. widest part, 2 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear. 250 - 500
3465 1928 ROOKWOOD VASE. 1928 Rookwood American art pottery vase, purple matte glaze, two pierced handles. Marked: Rookwood logo, XXVIII 2562. Size: 5 1/4"H, 3"Diam. widest part, 2"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear. 250 - 500
3471 18 PC ENGLISH CHINA TEA SET. Eighteen piece Salisbury bone china tea set with decaled floral, cobalt and gilt decoration. Set includes: 6 footed teacups 3 1/2"Diam. top, 3 1/8"H, 6 matching saucers 5 1/2"Diam., 6 small luncheon or dessert plates 7"Diam. Marked: Salisbury Fine Bone China Made in England. Condition: minor wear to gilt. 60 - 120
3481 CRANBERRY COINSPOT VASE. Large mold blown cranberry coinspot vase, cased white over cranberry, coinspot pattern, fluted and crimped edge. No mark. Size: 8 1/2"H, 6 1/2"Diam.widest part, 5 1/2"Diam. top, 3 1/2"diam. base. Condition: good. 150 - 300
3482 PR CRANBERRY COINSPOT PITCHERS. Pair mold blown cranberry coinspot pitchers, cased white over cranberry, applied clear notched glass handle, fluted and crimped rim. No mark. Size: 7"H, 5"Diam. widest part, 3 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 200 - 400
3483 CRANBERRY COINSPOT VASE. Small mold blown cranberry coinspot vase, cased white over cranberry, coinspot pattern, fluted and crimped edge. No mark. Size: 7 1/8"H, 4 1/2"Diam. widest part, 2 3/4"diam. base. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3484 CRANBERRY COOINSPOT HAT. Mold blown cranberry coinspot hat, cased white over cranberry, folded and fluted rim. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 4"W, 4"D. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3485 CRANBERRY COINSPOT PITCHER. Mold blown cranberry coinspot pitcher, cased white over cranberry, coinspot body and base, clear notched applied handle, fluted and crimped top rim. No mark. Size: 8 3/4"H, 4"diam. widest part, 3 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3486 CRANBERRY COINSPOT BOWL. Mold blown cranberry coinspot bowl, cased white over cranberry, fluted and crimped edge. No mark. Size: 3 1/4"H, 7"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: good. 80 - 160
3487 CRANBERRY OPALESCENT VASE. Mold blown cranberry and blue opalescent stripe vase, lobbed body, swirled neck, ruffled and fluted top rim. No mark. Size: 8"H, 6 1/2"Diam. widest part, 3 1/4"Diam. base. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3488 CRANBERRY HOBNAIL VASE. Cranberry mold blown vase with opaleslcent edge, hobnail pattern, fluted and crimped edge. No mark. Size: 4"H, 6 3/4"Diam. widest part, 2 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: good. 100 - 200
3489 8 CRANBERRY COINSPOT LAMP PARTS. Eight mold blown cranberry coinspot miniature oil lamp parts, cranberry with cased white coinspot decoration. Includes: (2) lamp bases 2 3/4"H, 3 1/2"Diam. widest part, (6) chimneys 4 3/4"H, 3"diam. widest part. Condition: glass in good condition, no metal fittings for lamps. 100 - 200
3521 AMERICAN ART POTTERY SAND JAR. American art pottery sand jar, blue gloss glaze, two scrolled pierced handles. Marked: unreadable letter mark on bottom. Size: 18"H, 10"diam. widest part, 6 1/2"Diam. top, 6"Diam. base. Condition: some staining at bottom. 100 - 200
3522 2 ART POTTERY WALL POCKETS. Two American art pottery wall pockets, includes: (1) Rose glazed wall pocket, cone shaped with raised Art Deco floral decoration. Marked: Made in USA. Size: 7 1/2"L, 3 1/8"Diam. top. Condition: good. (1) Rustic decorated wall pocket, matte green and brown raised branch decoration. No mark. Size: 8 3/4"L, 4"W. top, 2"deep top. Condition: repaired section on one side. 40 - 80
3523 MC COY DOUBLE PLANTER. McCoy double blossoom planter, blue and white blossoms, green base. Marked: (raised) McCoy USA. Size: 10 1/2"L, 5"W, 5"H. Condition: two blemishes on lower rim. 50 - 100
3524 MC COY ART DECO VASE. McCoy American Art Deco vase, squared flaring body, two pierced handles, fan shaped leaf decoration. Marked: (raised) McCoy. Size: 8 1/4"H, 5"W, 5"D. Condition: wear on bottom corners, minor interior staining. 50 - 100
3525 PAIR AMERICAN ART POTTERY VASES. Two American art pottery vases includes: (1) Vase with two side scrolled handles, mottled green and blue glaze. (McCoy?). No mark. Size: 6"H, 9"L, 8"D. Condition: age appropriate wear. (1) Vase with mottled green matte glaze, two side scrolled handles. (McCoy?). No mark. Size: 6"H, 9"L, 8"D. Condition: age appropriate wear. 100 - 200
3526 AMERICAN ART POTTERY VASE. American art pottery vase, white drip glaze, stylized Art Deco pierced handles on ringed base. No mark. Size: 11 3/4"H, 7 1/2"Diam. top, 5 1/2"Diam. base. Condition: age appropriate wear. 80 - 160
3527 ART POTTERY VASE. Art pottery vase, mottled green matte glaze, vessel with two applied side handles. No mark. Size: 5"H, 6 1/2"W, 6 1/2"D. Condition: age appropriate wear. 40 - 80
3528 WELLER COPPERTONE VASE. Weller Americn art pottery coppertone pattern vase, mottled green over brown glaze. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"H, 2 3/4"Diam. top, 2 3/4"Diam. base. Condition: minor wear. 100 - 200
3529 ART POTTERY FLOWER FROG. Blue art pottery flower frog, domed lattice top with flowers. No mark. Size: 6 1/2"Diam. base, 2 3/4"H. Condition: good. 40 - 80
3531 ART GLASS BASKET Mold blown art glass basket, cased clear ribbed over green, pink & white speckled body. Clear applied handle. Crimped edges. Mark: No mark. Size: 11"h x 7"w x 6"d. Cond: Good. 100 - 200
3532 PAIR OF BLUE SLAG GLASS LAMPS Pair of blown mold blue and white marbelized milk glass. Six sided stepped base, six sided shaft. Mark: No mark. Size: Lamp base - 6 1/2"h x lamp base with bulb holder 9"h x 5" diameter base. Cond: Old light fixture, wires cut, comes with newer shades. 60 - 120
3533 LUSTRE WARE LAMP BASE Urn shaped pink/blue lustre ware lamp base with gilt brass colored metal base and top. Mark: No mark. Size: 16 1/2"h x 4"diameter base. Cond: Age appropriate wear, old wiring, no shade. 40 - 80
3534 GREEN MARBLE LAMP BASE 3 section green marble lamp base with pierced metal base, pierced metal finial and newer pleated shade. Mark: No mark. Size: 22"h x 10" diameter shade x 4" square base. Cond: Age appropriate wear, old wiring. 80 - 160
3535 GONE WITH THE WIND LAMP Gone with the wind oil lamp electrified blown molded base and top globe with hand painted floral decoration. Clear glass hurricane, metal base and fixture. Mark: Made in USA on oil well knob. Size: 20 1/2"h x 11"w widest diameter. Cond: Wear to metal finish, top globe and base do not match, probably a marriage. 60 - 120
3536 PAIR OF FAMILLE NOIR LAMPS A pair of Famille Noir Vases converted to electric lamps. Wooden bases, brass fittings, decoration - flowering branches & birds. Mark: No visible marks. Size: 17"h x 6 1/2"diameter bases x 7" w - widest part. Cond: Old wiring, no shades, wear to wooden vases. 100 - 200
3537 CHINESE CHAMPLEVE VASE Metal vase four bands of champleve floral and animal decoration. Two pierced animal form handles. Mark: Chinese calligraphic mark on bottom. Size: 10"h x 2 3/4"diameter base x 4 1/2" diameter widest part x 2 3/4" diameter top. Cond: Minor losses to enameled surface, bottom drilled for lamp. 100 - 200
3623 PAIR OF PLANT STANDS Copper planting pots on tripod iron bases. Similar decoration twisted supports, scrolled feet. Mark: No mark. Size: Pot - 10" diameter top 6"h - Stand - 37"h x 17" diameter base. Cond: Pots dented and green patina, bases slightly out of kilter and rust. 50 - 100
3627 GRISWOLD MAILBOX. Griswold metal mailbox, wall mount, two hinged lids, one for slot, one with key hole for security, center cross cut out decoration, painted grey. Marked: Griswold Erie Pa 105. Size: 13 1/2"H, 6"W, 3"D. conditoin: rust and peeling paint. 40 - 80
3628 COPPER & BRASS SAND URN Copper & brass sand urn, collumnar form with ribbed applied decoration on ball feet, top insert. Mark: No mark. Size: 10 1/2" diameter top x 16 1/2"h x 12" diameter base. Cond: metal pitted, great wear, one ball foot missing. 40 - 80
3629 MIDDLE EASTERN COOKING VESSEL Middle eastern brass cooking vessel on base. Four parts, large round footed metal base, hammered support with four bird feet, double handled cooking pot insert, domed fitted lid with crescent moon finial. Mark: No mark. Size: Base - 32" diameter base x 26" h x 14" diameter cooking pot. Cond: Metal base badly stained, damage to rim footed base has one damaged bird leg, wear to interior cooking pot. 80 - 160
3630 BRASS BUCKET ON TRIPOD BASE Large brass bucket forged swing handle on tripod base with three S scroll legs. Mark: The American Brass Manufactury. Size: Bucket - 17"diameter top x 19"h w/handle, Base - 15"h x 23"diameter. Cond: Wear to metal, metal base is rusted. 80 - 160

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